persiaWell, offsets things such that you're not exposing the race.  Generally better to guard arguments anyway, or wrap in an exception handler if there's no safe way to guard or the common case needs timing optimisation.00:00
persia(under the assumption that you're using a language that only passes control to the exception handler in the case of a fault of some sort, rather than one that implements as a conditional)00:01
james_wyeah, I will, I just don't know what the race is yet00:01
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avoinethere is a way to "kill" a build in my ppa of launchpad?00:21
avoineI have a compilation that is running for 2 hours that should take like 10min00:22
wgrantavoine: There is not.00:23
avoineI guest it should timeout someday00:23
jdongavoine: if you are really concerned IIRC #launchpad has people that can terminate a build for it00:55
avoineok thanks jdong00:57
HobbseeScottK: sweet - but i don't have removal powers.00:58
StevenKHobbsee, ScottK: I'll bin kio-sword after I've dealt with the lpia kernel01:13
HobbseeStevenK: you could smash launchpad to bits as well, if you liked...01:13
jdongwhat is the relationship between flashplugin-nonfree and adobe-flashplugin?01:21
wgrantjdong: The latter has the actual plugin in it, and is in partner.01:21
jdongwgrant: so does f-n fetch a-f? or are they independent / interchangeable packages?01:22
wgrantjdong: They are completely unrelated.01:22
wgrantExcept for being means to install the same piece of software.01:23
jdongok, gotcha01:23
csilkIf upstream of aa requested package 'bug'  already has deb packages, would I just take their package and make sure it conforms to our policues or would I package the source afresh?03:32
Hobbseewell, ubuntu only accepts sources, not debs.03:33
Hobbseeso, if you can grab their source, make sure it conforms to our policies and such, then get it in, that would work.03:33
Hobbseeor do it completely from scratch03:33
csilkHobbsee,  they only provide the tarballed source code and binary deb files03:33
csilkso I guess I should just package from scratch then03:34
csilkOk, thanks03:34
G__81Hi everyone08:30
G__81i just got into this team by subscribing to the motu list and am gonna start off with my contributions :)08:31
G__81to just get a feel of how things happen, i would like to start off with bug triaging08:31
hemanthhello MOTU08:32
hemanthi previously tired packing this08:32
hemanthand failed doing so08:33
hemanthplz can anyone help me08:33
NCommanderhemanth, you need to package the source code of a program, not the binaries of it08:34
G__81Hi NCommander08:34
NCommanderG__81, hi08:34
hemanthNCommander, the link gives be the source code08:34
NCommanderhemanth, no, the link lead me to a red hat package08:35
G__81i just subscribed to motu mailing list and have sent an introduction mail to the team :)08:35
NCommanderG__81, I saw08:35
hemanthNCommander, its mentioned there08:35
hemanthNCommander, Other Linux distributions such as Debian may work with NCTUns because they use the same Linux kernel as Fedora08:35
G__81fedora ?08:36
hemanthNCommander,  It is the user's responsibility to adjust configurations and settings if he (she) would like to install the latest NCTUns 5.0 on a different Linux distribution than Fedora 908:36
NCommanderI can read.08:36
NCommanderhemanth, why did you fail to package this the first time around08:36
NCommanderG__81, anyway, we're more bug fixing than triaging now (Intrepid releases in less than two weeks, its extremely late in the cycle)08:36
hemanthNCommander, i followed the steps ...made a deb file ...ran it ...it spoiled the dkpg08:37
NCommanderhemanth, I highly recommend that if you are serious about becoming involved with Ubuntu development you work on similar tasks. Although creating a new package is relatively straightforward, it is not trival by any means08:37
NCommanderG__81, #ubuntu-bugs can help you get started with triaging and fixing08:38
hemanthNCommander, i m very serious08:38
hemanthNCommander, i tried making few same packages ..i did it easily08:38
hemanthNCommander, but this one is too very complicated as it modifies the kernel08:39
G__81NCommander, Yeah true i agree08:39
NCommanderhemanth, modifies the kernel, or includes a kernel module?08:39
hemanthNCommander, can u plz download the file and have a look08:39
hemanthNCommander, it tries to overwrite08:39
NCommanderIt's unacceptable for Ubuntu then08:39
hemanthNCommander, it has a Kernel module08:40
NCommanderNo package can install its own kernel08:40
hemanthNCommander, after installing actually it should appear in the boot menu08:40
hemanthNCommander, m very upset08:41
hemanthNCommander, i tired GNS3 also08:41
NCommanderhemanth, that's extremely non-trival to package08:41
hemanthNCommander, its not satisfying my needs08:41
NCommanderhemanth, since you need to hook to grub and do a LOT of things to make that even remotely packagable08:41
hemanthNCommander, i tired virtualbox...no use08:41
NCommanderBut looking on their site, I can't even determine what license its under08:41
hemanthNCommander, yeah ...i know ....i wouldn have done it , if it were not in my syllabus ..and will surely help loads of students08:42
NCommanderhemanth, even if this package was more trival, it can't be included in Ubuntu at this time08:43
NCommanderThe archive has been in feature freeze, no new packages are accepted until Jaunty opens08:43
hemanthNCommander, o no ...ok at least is it possible for me to install it on my ubuntu08:44
NCommanderGenerally speaking, I'm going to say I don't know. Someone else involved with NSL may be able to help you with it, but its not me08:45
hemanthNCommander, o ok ...thank u for sparing ur time :)08:46
Devastatoriusopps, sorry09:00
slytherindoes anyone know where are the Debian changelogs gone? There is nothing here - http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/s/ and hence requestsync fails.09:58
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geserslytherin: have you tried asking in #debian-devel on OFTC?10:08
slytheringeser: No. I thought someone here might already be knowing it.10:09
G__81i ve read the wiki page on what it needs to be done to become a ubuntu developer10:22
G__81i am aware of the fact that Ibex is 13 days from release now at this point of time what could i do to start off my contribution10:22
slytherinG__81: look at any bug fixes.10:24
G__81i am new to LP so can you provide me the link please10:25
slytherinG__81: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu10:26
G__81thanks slytherin so should i triage some bugs ?10:28
G__81from the list ?10:28
slytherinG__81: yes and if you know fixes of the bugs you can try submitting diff10:28
G__81slytherin, ok now i have doubt if you see in that list, the gedit component has 1 corresponding to it but when i click on it it says no bugs found10:31
G__81or should i click on 8.04 for example and look into the 8.04 bugs ?10:32
slytherinG__81: that is not component, it is a tag. I am not exactly aware of how tags work.10:33
geserI ignore tags as they are in the current implementation useless10:36
Hobbseedarn, exaile has made a new release.10:36
RainCTgeser: there's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy for 8.04 bugs, but those showing up there have usually already been triaged10:36
G__81Hi RainCT10:37
* RainCT looks at Hobbsee the mighty op :P10:37
G__81if i want to fix a bug which is trivial to start off with , which should be the link in LP with respect to 8.0410:37
HobbseeRainCT: muhahahaha!10:37
RainCTG__81: bugs should be fixed in Intrepid, not Hardy (unless tehy are critical or security related)10:38
G__81Oh so its only in 8.10 that i should focus on is it ?10:39
G__81so how do you people generally test the beta releases ? some kind of virtualization stuff ?10:39
G__81can i use qemu for it ?10:40
RainCTG__81: yes, especially when you start as Hardy (and already released distros in general) have more complicated procedures10:41
G__81RainCT, Ok so what do you suggest me ?10:41
G__81if i want to start off with ?10:41
RainCT(you can use qemu, kvm, virtualbox, a separate partition, whatever you want)10:42
G__81ok thats great10:42
G__81and have one question how does the karma value get increased ?10:42
Hobbseeby doing stuff with launchpad10:42
wgrantIt's cached, so you'll only see it update daily.10:43
RainCTHobbsee: lol, I had written exactly the same sentence :P10:43
G__81Hobbsee, since i am new is it like if i triage a bug does the karma value get increased?10:43
wgrantG__81: Yes.10:43
HobbseeG__81: that's one optoin10:44
G__81Interesting !! whats the other one ?10:44
RainCTSolving questions on Launchpad Answers, commiting to bzr branches (well, not sure about this one, but creating a new branch gives points), writing/modifying specifications on LP, etc.10:45
G__81RainCT, Great i guess this is what fedora is lacking :) i am really happy to see this10:46
G__81i hope the Ubuntu team is friendly in answering my questions :) so that i get to learn things :) and help the ubuntu project10:46
G__81i have read through triaging too but there are no bugs to triage :(10:47
G__81i believe at this point10:47
G__81right ?10:47
lagathere are :)10:47
RainCTG__81: http://tinyurl.com/triageubuntu10:48
RainCTtry there10:48
* G__81 initiates the 8.10 download 10:48
G__81RainCT, i selected the newest first option in that page but i get no bugs found10:49
RainCToh, wrong link that gives no results xD10:49
RainCTlet me start firefox, I have a working link there..10:50
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RainCTG__81: http://tinyurl.com/ubuntu-triage10:51
RainCTG__81: If you'd like to get help with triaging, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/GettingInvolved. For bug fixing or packaging you can try if there's something on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize or else just look for something that annoys you10:55
G__81oh RainCT Thanks a lot10:56
G__81i did go through it and am doing it again10:56
G__81just trying to triage the first bug10:56
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 31285 in ubuntu "Add repository dialog doesn't close" [Undecided,New]10:56
G__81this is what i am trying to triage10:56
G__81RainCT, This does not show the version of the distro right ?10:57
G__81or are these for 8.10 ?10:57
G__81so thats implicit is it ?10:57
HobbseeG__81: that particular bug willoccur on any version where a user has botched their own sources.list10:58
RainCTit's unknown what version they are (unless they were filed using some bug filling software, which then adds "DistroRelease: Ubuntu XX" to the description)10:58
G__81ok so shouldnt that info be part of the bug ?10:58
RainCTG__81: not if they filed it manually10:58
G__81so should i add a comment saying that that information is needed or something like that ?10:58
* Hobbsee adds to that bug10:59
G__81its needed only if its filed manually right ? coz if its done automatically wont the software itself take the distro version ?10:59
RainCTG__81: no, the first thing is to check if the problem is reproducible on Intrepid10:59
RainCTG__81: and if you can't reproduce it ask for more information (including what release they use). if in the end it's fixed in Intrepid, mark it as fixed, if it isn't then add any missing information and mark it as confirmed11:02
RainCTG__81: but that's just rougly explained, the wiki has much more information11:02
G__81oh ok11:02
RainCTG__81: about this particular bug, I think hobbsee is looking at it11:02
G__81i thought i can open my Karma account :)11:03
G__81its 0 :)11:03
RainCTG__81: found a new bug? :)11:15
* NCommander pokes asac 11:16
slytheringeser: As per discussion on #ubuntu-devel, something went wrong with importer in Debian. Whole archive is affected.11:19
G__81RainCT, I am trying to if you can help me out it would be really good11:20
G__81to start off with11:20
RainCTG__81: uhm.. there's for example bug #285739.. you can try to reproduce that one and if it's valid look for duplicates on LP, GNOME's Bug Tracker and if there aren't forward the bug to GNOME (file the bug there and include a link to LP) and add a link to it in LP using the "+ Also affects project"11:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285739 in nautilus "search is case sensitive and can't change that" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28573911:26
RainCTG__81: and there's bug #285720, where you could ask if running it from the terminal gives any output11:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285720 in ubuntu "Screens and Graphics won't start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28572011:27
RainCTG__81: and let's better go to #ubuntu-bugs before someone screems :P11:28
orly_owlIs Firefox going to have a EULA?11:47
RainCTorly_owl: I didn't really look much at it but iirc it's more of an informative page now (explaining that Fx is Free Software and saying that it uses Google and that you can disable that if you want)11:49
RainCTasac: btw, why does the "click here for info" bar hide if you close a tab?11:50
orly_owlDo you have to click "I agree"?11:50
RainCTorly_owl: no11:51
homyhello. I'm creating a file that defines a new mimetype. I don't see where I can specify the icon of files of that mime type and the associated application=?12:37
homyI looked in http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/AddingMIMETutor?action=show&redirect=Standards%2FAddingMIMETutor, but it doesn't say how to achieve that.12:37
homypersia, maybe you can help me again? I'm stuck :)12:41
homygnomefreak, can you help me?12:47
gnomefreakhomy: i dont know, can i?12:47
gnomefreakhomy: ask and we shall see12:48
homyI created a new mime-type definition file, and it works (I mean, nautilus shows me the correct mime type). How do I specify the icon for files of that mimetype?12:48
homyI mean, in the definition file, not manually.12:48
homyI checked http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/AddingMIMETutor?action=show&redirect=Standards%2FAddingMIMETutor, but it doesn't talk about that.12:49
homygnomefreak: can you help me?12:50
gnomefreakgive me a minute im reading and talking to someone about an issue i working on but im reading your link12:50
homygnomefreak: the link doesn't answer my question, thats the problem.12:51
gnomefreakhomy: all you want is to add icon for it?12:52
homygnomefreak: first, yes :) but not manually: later I want a .deb to install the new mime type + icon automatically.12:53
gnomefreakok homy off hand i dont know how you would go about that12:56
homygnomefreak: ok. Can you help me with associating the mime type with my program? I.e. If I double-click an appropriate file, it should be opened with my program?12:58
gnomefreakhomy: that would depend on what you are using to open them. you can set a default for just about everything12:59
homygnomefreak: If I double-click my file in nautilus/on the desktop, how do I make it open with my application?13:00
gnomefreakhomy: right click "open with" you can set default but without searching through my $HOME i cant tell you. i use nautilus very little lately13:01
homyCan somebody help me to set a specific mime type to open automatically with a programm (when opened in nautilus)?13:07
slytherinhomy: when no one answers then there are 2 possibilities. 1. Those who know are not active in channel. 2. Those who are active don't know the answer.13:09
homyslytherin: where can i ask then?13:10
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james_wwoo, finally squished it13:23
G__81is it mandatory that a prospective contributor knows how to package stuff ?13:49
NCommanderG__81, yes.13:50
NCommanderMOTU requires equivelent knowledge of a Debian Developer13:50
G__81NCommander, MOTU is the second level right. If i want to become a contributor i can get my Ubuntu Membership after the process mentioned there in the website right13:51
NCommanderG__81, well13:51
G__81thats the first step right ? Getting my ubuntu membership13:51
NCommanderNot quite13:51
NCommanderWe have what's called Ubuntu Universe Contributor13:51
NCommanderIt gives you membership when you gain that13:51
G__81so if i need ubuntu membership, is it mandatory that i ve to package stuff ?13:52
G__81lets say i test ibex and give bug reports or test the bugs mentioned already and see whether those are valid and fix some ?13:52
G__81wont i be eligible for it ?13:53
NCommanderG__81, nope13:53
G__81then ?13:53
NCommanderG__81, membership isn't even needed for MOTUship. Membership just gives you an @ubuntu.com email, and the ability to post on Planet Ubuntu13:53
NCommanderG__81, what you need is ubuntu-bugsquad13:53
NCommanderG__81, which lets you set bugs to triaged and nominate bugs for release13:54
G__81Ok how do i get ubuntu membership13:54
NCommanderG__81, no, you need to earn membership via contributions13:54
G__81yeah exactly13:54
G__81so for that should i package things ?13:54
G__81or can i do bug triaging, testing and fixing13:55
StevenKThat's one way.13:55
G__81is that enough13:55
StevenKAnother way is bug triage, or translations13:55
RainCTG__81: Any "substantial contribution to Ubuntu" is good for membership13:56
* NCommander could have probably gotten membership via rewriting REVU13:57
NCommanderRainCT, that reminds me13:57
RainCTG__81: so if you do loads of bug triaging you can indeed get a member that way, though perhaps it's easier to get it also doing packaging stuff13:57
G__81NCommander, you have the membership ?13:57
G__81Oh Ok i ll try to do both :13:57
NCommanderG__81, via Kubuntu Membership, and Ubuntu Universe COntributors13:57
* NCommander has membership in more teams then should be legally allowed13:58
G__81I am installing Ibex and let me do some triaging and also some packaging13:58
G__81i ve not done packaging13:58
* G__81 is nervous about packaging 13:58
* StevenK counts13:58
NCommanderIT's relatively hard to shoot yourself in the foot13:58
StevenK18 direct, 30 direct + indirect13:59
RainCTG__81: my advise is that you first do some triaging so that you learn how Launchpad, etc. work and once you start to get bored at that have a look at packaging13:59
cbx33hey all14:01
G__81RainCT, yeah exactly14:01
RainCThi cbx33 :)14:02
cbx33man anyone know if apache is ipv6 enabled ?14:02
cbx33Hi RainCT14:02
cbx33been having terrible troubles with it today :(14:02
G__81cbx33, if your linux has got IPv6 enabled then your apache should work14:02
G__81coz HTTP is an application level protocol14:03
G__81your routing L3 protocol should have that basically14:03
cbx33yeh that's what I thought14:03
cbx33I think there is possibly a bug14:03
cbx33Listen 80 should let it listen on ipv4 and 614:03
cbx33but it's not14:03
G__81RainCT, i have installed 8.04 in Virtual Box and i am upgrading to 8.10 so with that i can do bug triaging right ?14:03
cbx33ssh and dns do14:03
G__81testing the bugs reported14:03
G__81right ?14:03
RainCTG__81: yea14:04
G__81RainCT, How about this mentoring, Can someone mentor me ?> :)14:04
RainCTG__81: I don't think there is a mentoring programe for bug triaging, but there are "Hug Days" from time to time where people meet in #ubuntu-bugs.. there was one 2 days ago, not sure when the next one is14:06
G__8121st i believe14:07
G__81:) waiting for it but anyways i could start off on bug triaging without mentoring but generally i saw some mentoring programmes so was curious to know about it14:07
RainCTyes, but those are for packaging14:08
cbx33ahhh packaging, that's where the fun begins14:08
porthoseG__81: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Mentoring14:08
G__81i really like these processes i guess these are the reasons why there are more contributors in Ubuntu when compared to fedora14:11
G__81i believe14:11
G__81when i installed Ubuntu some months back i signed the code of conduct and became Ubuntero and i generated the PGP keys and then after many months i installed ubuntu again yesterday since i had fedora these months. Now today i installed 5-a-day applet and i tried to use bzr login from the command line but i couldnt14:16
G__81how do i again generate the SSH keys14:16
RainCTG__81: ssh-keygen14:16
G__81how do i export this to LP14:19
G__81i ve done ssh-keygen14:19
RainCTG__81: https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+editsshkeys14:19
porthoseG__81: https://help.launchpad.net/14:23
G__81i have subscribed to motu mailing list is that enough ?14:27
G__81i ve sent an introduction mail to the list too :)14:27
RainCTG__81: you may also want to join ubuntu-motu-mentors@14:29
G__81oh ok14:30
G__81now today i triaged one bug so what should i do with that 5 a day applet ?14:30
G__81am not able to use that14:30
G__81What should be the user name to be given with bzr launchpad-login ?14:32
G__81i use the email address to login into LP14:32
G__81should that be given ?14:32
RainCTyour LP username, ie, that what's displayed after the ~ in the URL if you visit https://launchpad.net/+people/me14:33
RainCT* https://launchpad.net/people/+me14:33
G__81oh thanks too many things14:34
G__81to learn :)14:34
G__81am upgrading to 8.10 now14:40
G__81in my Virtual Box partition14:40
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MetaMorfoziSHi all. Does anybody can anybody tell me the reason that why sun-java6-plugin depends on firefox3.0?16:27
MetaMorfoziSanybody -16:27
geserMetaMorfoziS: why should a java plugin for firefox (and other mozilla based browsers) not depend on it?16:29
MetaMorfoziSopera and konqueror for example uses the same16:29
MetaMorfoziSand what if i have firefox not from repos?16:30
lagaodd, i seem to have two versions of that package. one is meta package which depends on all browsers, the other one doesn't16:30
MetaMorfoziShow can i install the other?16:31
geserif you work outside the package management system (installing firefox on your own) you are on your own16:32
MetaMorfoziSi get it16:32
MetaMorfoziSgeser > that's not a good aproach, imho.16:32
MetaMorfoziSthe repos not always contains every programs, or the version us need16:33
geserMetaMorfoziS: how should we know if you've the required version installed or not?16:33
MetaMorfoziSgeser > easy, don't make forward dependencies16:33
MetaMorfoziSa lot of program can be the user of the java plugin, that's all...16:34
MetaMorfoziSif i need java plugin, nobody says i need firefox3 from the repos16:34
MetaMorfoziSbut i don't want to reform ubuntu, i just came here to get the reason of this stuff...16:34
RainCTMetaMorfoziS: on Intrepid it desn't depend on firefox16:37
geserMetaMorfoziS: if you know that the java plugin also works with other packages please file a bug16:37
RainCTfirefox | firefox-2 | iceweasel | mozilla-firefox | iceape-browser | mozilla-browser | epiphany-gecko | epiphany-webkit | epiphany-browser | galeon | midbrowser | xulrunner16:37
MetaMorfoziSas laga said, there are another version of that metapkg, i have installed that and the problem looks solved16:38
geserlaga: both are coming from the ubuntu archive?16:38
MetaMorfoziSgeser > then every browser that can handle java will be installed with sun-java6-plugin ?16:38
RainCTMetaMorfoziS: no, the any of them will be enough16:40
lagageser: no clue. ;)16:40
G__81hi RainCT I am almost done with Ibex upgrade in VBox instance. I hope it starts properly and i start off with my work :)16:42
RainCTgeser: that one in hardy depends on xulrunner-1.9, the one in hardy-updates and in intrepid alternatively depends on the list I pasted above16:42
antpeterHi All!17:23
antpeterI have a question about uploading updated package17:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:25
antpeterI've build an updatetd package of nmap (nmap-4.76). Where to upload it?17:26
roccohey all17:26
roccoantpeter, awesome, one that actually works with ipv617:26
antpeter!ask How to upload an updated nmap-4.76?17:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:28
antpeterHow to upload to REVU?17:29
=== rocco is now known as cbx33
cbx33hey all17:30
sebner!revu | antpeter17:30
ubottuantpeter: REVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU17:30
cbx33so.....if there is a question that #ubuntu can't answer where do people go :p17:31
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-motu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots17:33
ubottumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU17:33
RainCTantpeter: Hi. Go to http://revu.ubuntuwire.com and log in17:38
RainCTantpeter: after that, if you have a __source.changes file for that package you can just upload it doing "dput revu <filename>"17:39
RainCTcbx33: still trying to get apache working with IPv6?17:39
nhandlerantpeter: You can also access ubottu's factoids through /msg17:39
cbx33and failing17:39
RainCTcbx33: have you tried in #ubuntu-server?17:39
cbx33firefox doesn't like ::1 as an address either17:40
cbx33lemme try17:40
Laneyisn't it [::117:40
antpeterdput revu nmap_4.76-0ubuntu1_i386.changes17:40
antpeterCan't open /home/petr/nmap/nmap_4.76-0ubuntu1_i386.changes17:40
cbx33Laney, nope17:41
Laney[::1], even17:41
Laneybah, /me shrugs17:41
cbx33ahh that's is17:41
cbx33: think17:41
cbx33still fails17:42
RainCThere it works with [::1]17:42
cbx33apache works?17:42
cbx33can you paste me netstat -ltu17:42
RainCTcbx33: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59753/17:43
cbx33tcp6       0      0 [::]:www                [::]:*                  LISTEN17:43
cbx33seei don't have that17:43
cbx33what version of ubuntu?17:43
* RainCT is on Intrepid17:43
cbx33maybe that's why17:44
sebnerRainCT: and running?17:44
RainCTcbx33: there's some IPv6 stuff in /etc/apache2, if you want I can mail you the folder17:44
cbx33yes please17:44
RainCTsebner: Well, GNOME still doesn't start. But as I use Openbox I don't really mind17:45
cbx33when's release?17:45
RainCTcbx33: 30th17:45
cbx33RainCT, silentkeystroke@googlemail.com17:45
sebnerRainCT: rofl. that's why I use unstable stuff as default. When you start with it everything is running. In the end everything is b0rken but still running. so I won compared to you :P17:45
RainCTcbx33: Sent. Note that httpd.conf and sites-available/default have custom modifications.17:47
cbx33where di yo usee ipv6 stuff?17:48
RainCTI don't, it comes by default :)17:49
cbx33<RainCT> cbx33: there's some IPv6 stuff in /etc/apache2, if you want I can mail you the folder17:49
RainCTwait, now I don't see it17:49
RainCTdamn, seems like I dreamed it LOL17:50
cbx33oh RainCT !!17:50
RainCTHeh, no, it's the SSL stuff then.. I also saw IPv6 stuff somewhere, but I don't remember where o.O17:51
cbx33i see an allow from ::117:51
cbx33this is annoying17:51
cbx33funny RainCT it doesn't show apache running on ipv4 on your machine17:54
antpeterI have a problem with uploading to REVU. The dput crashed while I trying to upload. See: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5976018:06
RainCTif he comes back, that's bug #18362418:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 183624 in dput "dput EOFError on ftp uploads" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18362418:22
antpeterIs it possible to upload by another method?18:29
RainCTantpeter: not that I know off, but I've just realised that you don't want to upload it to revu anyway :P18:30
RainCTantpeter: updates are handled on Launchpad, not REVU18:30
RainCTantpeter: so just file a bug, upload the .diff.gz and include a link to the .tar.gz on upstream's pag18:30
antpeterRainCT: thank you18:33
antpeterRainCT: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nmap/+bug/268996 is it right?18:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268996 in nmap "Update nmap to version 4.75" [Wishlist,Fix committed]18:40
nhandlerantpeter: Why is it marked Fix committed?18:40
antpeterI don't know why, I'm newb.18:41
RainCTnhandler: "Fix Commited" means "already uploaded to Ubuntu"18:41
RainCTnhandler: "Some changes in debian/ dir" isn't a good changelog entry, you have to explain all the changes you've done and when it ins't obvious also why18:42
nhandlerRainCT: I know what fix commited means. But look at the bug report. Nothing has been uploaded or committed to a vcs18:42
RainCTnhandler: yes, that was ment for antpeter. sorry18:43
RainCTantpeter: further note that this won't be looked at after until Intrepid has been released18:44
antpeterMay be  I try to edit changelog and then reupload the new .diff.gz?18:45
RainCT(It's not allowed to get new versions -unless for some special cases- into released versions -ie, Hardy-, and for Intrepid it's already too late)18:45
RainCTantpeter: yes, please do this18:46
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* jdong notices how portdb -Fu is possibly the most aptly named command on FreeBSD...21:03
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directhexyou mean evening! silly people in silly simezones... *grumble*22:23
tuxmaniacajmitch: morning! But I havent yet gone to sleep. Its still Sunday Evening :D22:23
geserHi ajmitch22:25
ajmitchsome of us have already started at work for the week22:29
geserlucky you :)22:30
ajmitchyes, quite... :)22:30
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lfaraoneHey, where do yelp docs exepct to be placed in the FS?23:03
RainCTlfaraone: /usr/share/gnome/help/23:06
lfaraoneRainCT: ok, what is the subdir C? /usr/share/gnome/help/*/C23:13
lfaraoneRainCT: (cause yelp doesn't seem to like it when I put it in there normally23:13
RainCTlfaraone: I don't know, but I guess you have to register the files with yelp or something23:16
lfaraoneRainCT: hrm...23:18
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