ftaasac, did you read this thread ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94460000:10
asacmost likely not :)00:10
asac(unless you alrady posted)00:10
ftaasac, ... but i lost access to some sites like google, youtube, flicker after a reboot yesterday, I thought it was the network so i waited, but today, same thing. 2h ago, i tried on my laptop, it was fine.. so i rebooted my desktop. everything is fine again. strangest thing ever00:16
ftai so hate reboots00:17
asacdns problem in france?00:40
ftait was something on my desktop00:41
asacyeah. but mtu is still a bit of a mystery00:41
asaci mean that thats a regression00:42
ftawe had several kernels in the last few days, so difficult to say00:44
asaccant believe that we see a kernel regression in something so old00:45
NCommanderhey asac01:53
NCommanderfta, ping?02:17
ftaNCommander, yes?02:20
NCommanderfta, would you have any interest in making the mozilla package suite be lintian mean ;-)?02:20
ftawhat do you mean?02:21
NCommanderever run lintian on say the icedove binaries?02:21
ftanot recently02:21
ftai'm not working on icedove02:23
ftabut most seems easy to fix02:23
NCommanderfta, I think also firefox packages have the same lintian bugs02:43
ftafirefox 3 ?02:43
NCommanderunless I'm mistaken02:49
ftaasac, Jazzva: I just packaged Instantbird: http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/Instantbird.png03:00
ftaasac, i had to heavily tweak it to turn it into a xul app using my xulapp.mk in mozilla-devscript. they based their build system on comm-central instead of mozilla-central, which is imho the worse choice ever.03:05
ftaand they bundle libpurple + libpurple-xpcom03:05
ftathey also have a few patches for xul, which i didn't use: http://hg.instantbird.org/file/a878698abe61/tools/patches/03:06
[reed]what is with all you embedders05:55
[reed]you never upstream your patches05:55
NCommanderfta, why is that ubuntu-mozilla-team in Launchpad is unregistered?06:26
[reed]NCommander: we're just "mozillateam"08:29
NCommanderI discovered that ;-)08:30
NCommander[reed], do we manage iceweasel in Debian?09:14
[reed]no, that's Mike Hommey (glandium)09:14
* NCommander is getting his feet wet with Mozilla on Debian/Ubuntu ;-)09:21
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* NCommander palpates asac for a pulse11:48
NCommanderasac, when you get back, please check -release, there is an important email that needs your attention12:00
NCommander(issue resolved, but we also have another oops moment with the icedove upload)12:30
gnomefreakanyone here?12:48
NCommandergnomefreak, yup12:52
gnomefreakNCommander: do you have sunbird installed?12:53
NCommandergnomefreak, I can install it12:53
gnomefreakNCommander: can you install it from sunbird site and look for a calendar-*.xpi after install12:53
NCommanderyou mean the offical sunbird release, not the Ubuntu one?12:54
gnomefreaki think its calendaar-timezone.xpi but cant recall off hand12:54
gnomefreakNCommander: right12:54
gnomefreakNCommander: 0.912:54
* NCommander thought he had a reason to ask you something gnomefreak, but I can't remember what it was :-P12:54
gnomefreakNCommander: you will remember12:54
NCommandergnomefreak, it was something involving either iceweasel or icedove12:54
gnomefreakeh those are easy questions ;)12:55
gnomefreaksame as firefox and tbird :P12:55
NCommandergnomefreak, no, I mean the Debian specific packages12:55
* NCommander helped do an upload of icedove to Debian12:55
NCommandergnomefreak, no calendar*-xpi files12:56
gnomefreakNCommander: does it error when you open it?12:56
gnomefreakNCommander: i cant uploda to debian or Ubuntu for that matter.12:57
gnomefreakNCommander: fuck12:57
* NCommander notes the font sizes look weird12:58
gnomefreaki wonder how the upload works on that if .xpi is generated once than pushed to all mirrors or if they use souce to build it each time12:59
* gnomefreak forsees a long day of work13:00
NCommandergnomefreak, what's broken in th sunbird ;-)?13:00
gnomefreakNCommander: it builds but errors once ran. it has to do with timezones i will let you know in about 20 minutes the error13:02
NCommandergnomefreak, that's really really bad13:04
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fta[reed], about the embedders, don't ask me. i discovered instantbird yesterday on planet mozilla. never heard of it before. I wanted to give it a try, it worked, but it's still young13:14
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NCommanderwhats instantbird fta13:19
gnomefreaka free version of tbird maybe?13:20
gnomefreakyep looks like it13:21
gnomefreakfta: i love it ;)13:21
ftait's just an IM client13:21
gnomefreakoh its not wtf is it13:21
NCommanderInstantbird sounds like you can drop gecko into something and get an instant platform to build a GUI around13:22
gnomefreakwe plan on shipping that?13:22
ftaNCommander, it uses gecko as a platform13:22
* NCommander would never want to try and embed gecko into something13:23
NCommanderThat sounds painfully wrong13:23
ftagnomefreak, no idea, i just packaged it for fun13:23
ftawell, as with my firefox 3.1, xulrunner 1.9.1, thunderbird 3, seamonkey 2, flock 2, songbird, fennec, etc, it's just one more package not in the archive, i no longer care13:28
gnomefreakgnomefreak@Development:~/test/sunbird/extensions$ ls13:32
gnomefreakcalendar-timezones@mozilla.org  {972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}13:32
gnomefreaktalkback@mozilla.org            {e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}13:32
gnomefreakthat was the .xpi13:32
* gnomefreak has bad feeling13:34
gnomefreakok ill be back in a bit to test this13:36
* gnomefreak hopes "+nobinonly" isnt removing those 2 .xpis13:38
gnomefreakwell dont care about talkback13:44
gnomefreakNCommander: removes win shit for most part as i recall13:45
gnomefreakwell anything we dont need from source13:46
NCommandergnomefreak, the timezones one was removed from the linux sunbird upstream package13:47
gnomefreakNCommander: im checking atm13:47
gnomefreakNCommander: nobinonly is ran when we build source using mozilla-devscripts13:47
NCommandergnomefreak, oh, you work on mozilla upstream?13:47
gnomefreakso we dont have to run script and add it to source13:48
gnomefreakNCommander: moz upstream has the .xpi13:48
NCommandernot mcasadevall@blacksteel:~/Desktop/sunbird$ find . -name *.xpi13:48
NCommandermcasadevall@blacksteel:~/Desktop/sunbird$ ls13:48
gnomefreakNCommander: its in source13:48
NCommanderoh, in the source13:48
NCommanderyou said the binaries :-P13:48
gnomefreak.:08:32:40:. <      gnomefreak > gnomefreak@Development:~/test/sunbird/extensions$ ls13:49
gnomefreak.:08:32:40:. <      gnomefreak > calendar-timezones@mozilla.org   {972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}13:49
gnomefreak.:08:32:41:. <      gnomefreak > talkback@mozilla.org             {e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}13:49
gnomefreakNCommander: the nobinonly script is ubuntus script ran at time of generating spurce13:49
gnomefreak$ sh /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/mozclient/remove.binonly.sh > REMOVED+nobinonly.txt 2>&113:49
gnomefreak$ cd ../..13:49
gnomefreak$ cd mozclient-tmp13:49
gnomefreak$ tversion=`tail -1 mozilla/calendar/sunbird/config/version.txt | sed -e 's/pre//; s/\([ab]\)\([0-9]*\)/~\1\2/'` # => 0.913:50
gnomefreak$ cd ..than it repacks tarball13:50
gnomefreakthan i unpack and look for them13:50
ftathis will be useful: http://mozillalinks.org/wp/2008/10/finer-session-restore-for-firefox-31/13:51
gnomefreakWARNING: Failed to parse default value `??????????? ?????? ;gtk-theme-selector.desktop,???????????? ??????????? ???;default-applications.desktop,??????????? ????;gnome-cups-manager.desktop]' for schema (/schemas/apps/control-center/cc_actions_list)13:51
gnomefreakdont like ????????13:51
gnomefreaki agree only if it doesnt cause lock up or slowdown since people hate that now13:53
gnomefreaklots of "my firefox is too damn slow" bugs13:53
gnomefreakNCommander: if you grab source from http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/calendar/sunbird/nightly/latest-mozilla1.8/ unpack it and cd into extensions dir you will see them both there13:54
NCommanderoh ok13:54
NCommanderOh, I checked 0.913:54
NCommanderYOu should have been more specific on what binary to check ;-)13:55
gnomefreaksorry still kind of early for me on a weekend13:56
NCommanderI should go to bed actually13:56
gnomefreaktoo many tarballs when we run script13:57
gnomefreakfta: any reason we use both tarballs? source-tree==calendar-0.9-source.tar.bz2 asnd that is pacakge in lightning-sunbird... than packed into tar.gz13:58
ftacalendar in the mozilla app name, lightning-sunbird is a debian name13:59
ftathe name of the embedded tarball doesn't matter much, i decided to always use the upstream name14:00
gnomefreakit just makes source that much bigger14:00
gnomefreakwhat couple of MB14:00
ftaeh? on the contrary14:00
ftaembedded tar.bz2 saves you 20 to 30%14:01
gnomefreaksunbird == bigger bzr branch than ff or tb14:01
ftadid you ever commit a tarball in that branch ?14:02
gnomefreak7ever time i push it pushes tarball14:02
gnomefreakits the embedded tarball14:03
gnomefreaki think i found the problem14:03
gnomefreakfta: where is stdout for sh nobinonly.sh14:03
ftayou have the trace in REMOVED+nobinonly.txt14:04
gnomefreakit just gives 2>&114:04
gnomefreaksh /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/mozclient/remove.binonly.sh > REMOVED+nobinonly.txt 2>&114:04
ftayes, look into the src dir, you have REMOVED+nobinonly.txt if something has been removed14:05
gnomefreakshouldnt 2>&1 == stdout and shouldnt it be before file name14:05
gnomefreaki found it thanks14:05
ftain shell, redirections are evaluated in reverse order14:06
gnomefreakthat would be a goiod reason14:07
gnomefreakgood even14:07
gnomefreakok this bothers me now14:09
gnomefreakthe patch that i used from upsrream source is not same patch as our source at all14:09
gnomefreakthat isnt in our packaked source14:10
gnomefreakwait maybe just found it14:11
gnomefreakhttp://pastebin.mozilla.org/557490 fta i need to find the 2 id numbers from top post. not sure where in bottom i should look since im in identical dirs.14:14
cwilluwho wants a one line patch?14:15
gnomefreakcwillu: would depend on what package i would assume14:15
cwillunsSessionStore.js, line 1896, should read >> this._writeFile(this._sessionFile, "(" + this._toJSONString(oState) + ")"); << instead of > this._writeFile(this._sessionFile, oState.toSource());  <<14:16
cwillunormally doesn't make any difference, but on very large sessions, it causes an error that break session saving14:16
gnomefreakwont help me until i run into it. atm session is borked14:17
cwilluevery other location that stringifies the session state in that file uses a helper function that does exactly that14:17
cwillusss_saveState doesn't, because it adds an addition variable to the state (oState.session) before it writes it out.  It looks like it just didn't get updated when the other helper got changed14:18
cwilluthose ns_component_not_available errors in jsSessionStore.js that you occasionally see are caused by this14:19
gnomefreakfta: original error is http://pastebin.mozilla.org/557493  i was told to look for calendar-*.xpi so that is where i have been focused14:20
cwilluns_error_not_available, rather)14:20
gnomefreakim fairly certain nobinonly didnt touch extensions dir14:31
gnomefreakremoved `./extensions/manticore/resources/manticore.psd'14:32
gnomefreakremoved `./extensions/universalchardet/doc/UniversalCharsetDetection.doc'14:32
gnomefreakthat shouldnt have removed them14:32
gnomefreakthose files yes but not what im looking for14:32
gnomefreaksunbird ships chatzilla for some damn reason14:37
gnomefreakfta: is it possible mozclient is leaving dirs/files for timezone out of source?14:44
ftai don't think so14:45
gnomefreaki dont see anything related to timezone14:45
gnomefreakincluding the ID nubmers/addresses above14:45
gnomefreakonce i find out why our source is so much different from upstreams i can figure out what went wrong14:46
ftawhere is your upstream reference ?14:51
gnomefreaki in the files that are calling errors but its garbage14:54
gnomefreakseems the line numbers given are just the error call lines14:55
gnomefreakthat is exactly what the errors give me are the numbers where the error is called not triggered14:57
gnomefreakfor upstream source?15:04
ftaurl pointed to what you are comparing from15:05
gnomefreakfta: they would be the sources. from ours to upstreams source15:05
ftayou said this is totally different. i know what our mozclient does, i designed it, i want to know what you used from upstream to compare with15:06
gnomefreaki downloaded and unpacked ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/calendar/sunbird/nightly/latest-mozilla1.8/sunbird-0.9.en-US.linux-i686.tar.gz if you look in extensions you will see the 2 id numbers from above15:08
gnomefreakthe errors make little sense since they are failing to update timezone (from db) but upstreams package works ours doesnt15:09
ftaok, so this is not source but a linux binary package15:09
gnomefreakit is?15:09
ftathat's why it's totally different15:10
thunderstruckheres source ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/calendar/sunbird/releases/0.9/source/lightning-sunbird-0.9-source.tar.bz215:10
ftathis one should be similar then15:11
thunderstruckthe errors tell me its failing to update timezone db however it shouldnt stop everything from running IMHO15:13
ftadid you search for a bug in bugzilla? i don't know anything about sunbird15:14
thunderstruckno bug yet. this started on calendar-dev-mailinglist i was seeing what they were seeing but they were using upstream i wasnt15:15
thunderstruckupstream seems to work15:15
fta$ tar jtvf lightning-sunbird-0.9-source.tar.bz2 | grep -c timezone15:16
ftatry that on your embedded tarball15:16
thunderstruckfta: errors of all kinds15:17
thunderstrucknope wrong dir15:18
thunderstruckits thinking/looking/.running15:18
thunderstruckfta: you have 20 more than me15:19
thunderstruckyou on our source and me on enbedded source15:19
thunderstruckgnomefreak@Development:~/tmp/lightning-sunbird-0.9+nobinonly$ tar jtvf calendar-0.9-source.tar.bz2 | grep -c timezone15:20
ftayeah, cvs, hold on15:21
fta$ tar jtvf lightning-sunbird-0.9-source.tar.bz2 | grep -Ev '(^d|/CVS/)' | grep -c timezone15:21
ftabut i seriously doubt the tarball is the cause15:22
thunderstrucki dont see how people are not on ubuntu/debian are seeing this issue just from upstream source. im not sure how to build it without ./configure15:24
thunderstruckif i can figure that out i will know if its us not linking right but i dont see how that would be cause15:25
thunderstruckwithout cvs its 98 here as well15:25
thunderstruckwell ill let you know tomorrow what i found im building upstream atm see if they hav issue still15:56
poningruwoah mconnor is on here20:24
poningruoh no [reed] is on here20:25
[reed]hi, poningru. What brings you here? :)20:25
poningrujust trying to figure out if 3.1 beta is going to be uploaded to the mozteam ppa20:25
poningruand if tbird 3.0 alpha would be there20:26
ftai didn't plan to push them there. they mostly live in my own ppa: https://edge.launchpad.net/~fta/+archive20:28
poningruwhy not dude? cause alpha2 is on there20:29
poningruand iirc you put it there20:29
poningruI think a lot of people would like to do the next gen ff and tbird builds20:29
ftabecause it was a candidate for intrepid, it didn't make it for political reasons20:29
poningrubut they cant building it themselves...20:31
poningruoh hmm20:31
poningrupolitical reason?20:31
poningrulink to the discussion?20:31
ftamy ppa has >300 users just for ff3.1 so it's enough for previews. pushing to mozteam ppa is just an extra effort i make sometimes, here, there's no point, the game is lost.20:32
ftaBug 27418720:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274187 in ubuntu "FFe - firefox 3.1 and xulrunner 1.9.1 for intrepid/universe" [Wishlist,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27418720:32
fta[reed], is instantbird supported by mozilla in any way, or is it an independent project?20:34
poningrufta, iirc its a seperate project20:39
RainCTWhere does abrowser look for extensions? Same as the branded Firefox (/usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions)?22:07
ftaRainCT, abrowser is just a branding, the browser is still firefox, and gecko is still the engine22:10
RainCTfta: Alright, that's what I thought but just to be sure :). Thanks.22:11
* RainCT goes back to his cave and continues reading about how to write extensions for Epiphany :P22:13
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saivannasac : Can you tell me how to see the context for the ubufox-alt* translations? What is exactly ubufox alt?22:43
saivannasac : I need to see the context for these translations22:43
saivannasac : I pushed the translation branch for ubufox. This branch still have zh-CN translations missing because the original files contained encoding problems, I'm waiting for a answer from the contributor23:16
saivannasac : It is proposed for merging with your main branch23:16
saivannasac : I reviewed all locales and all locales works. However I didn't find how to verify translations in ubufox-alt.dtd, ubufox-alt.properties and ubufox-restart.properties, so if you can give me some clue. It's the last thing that needs testing23:18
asacsaivann: thanks23:27
asacsaivann: alt == visit a page with a plugin and push the white plugin symbol on the status bar23:28
saivannasac : Mmh, can you give me a example? youtube.com uses the flashplugin-nonfree plugin for example, where can I find the white plugin symbol?23:43
saivannasac : Found23:50

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