jefferyhow do I get my initial myth database setup? I install the alternative cd and when I launch the mythtv-setup it says could not connect to the database. I checked the database and the mythtv database is not there02:09
MythbuntuGuest20hiya.  i dont have any sound after an upgrade to mythbuntu 8.1002:53
=== MythbuntuGuest20 is now known as stevetv
stevetvhaha.. sorry wrong nick. again. no sound after fresh install of 8.1002:54
stevetvi don't really know where to start looking to fix it02:54
wilberfanoccasionally i get an .avi where the sound is out of sync when i play it in myth...but is fine if i play it in, say, VLC03:24
wilberfanany idea what that's about--or how to re-sync it in myth?03:24
stevetvwilberfan.. what player are you uSING for avi files?03:47
wilberfanyou mean in myth?   I don't remember 'selecting' one...which one is 'standard'?03:47
wilberfanit's been several months since i configured it (probably when 'heron' came out?)...i don't remember specifically03:55
ajhtiredwolfHey, anyone that is good with lirc, I am trying to configure a button to launch mythtv, but it doesnt seem to work right, most of the sample configs i see launch a script instead of just the program ,is there a public script available that anyone knows about?04:26
rhpot1991ajhtiredwolf: I may be of some assistance04:42
Zinnwhen pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.04:42
rhpot1991that goes in: /usr/bin/start-myth04:42
rhpot1991goes at the end of your ~/.lirc/mythtv04:43
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, awesome one sec let me check that out04:44
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, hmm I dont have a file named start-myth,04:45
rhpot1991make it04:46
rhpot1991I am checking to see if anything has to be setup for irexec04:46
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, I think that I have a problem with irexec as well, I think that the daemon must keep crashing, I have to start it manually, and after I do it doesnt seem to work for long04:47
hadsrhpot1991: Did you know that if you use 'grep mythfronten[d]' you will only need the one grep.04:48
rhpot1991hads: nope, I didn't write that either :)04:49
rhpot1991tgm4883 got it from somewhere and passed it on04:50
ajhtiredwolfhmm that config didnt seem to work for me04:50
rhpot1991ajhtiredwolf: wait a minute, I'm still checking something04:50
hadsrhpot1991: Cool, just like sharing little tips.04:50
ajhtiredwolfno problemo04:50
ajhtiredwolfI just installed vista through Virtualbox and it about blue my sox off, the features that virtual box offers for vista are so cool, not to mention everyhting just worked native :p04:51
ajhtiredwolfsorry had to share04:51
ajhtiredwolfbe right back, two seconds04:53
wilberfanwhat kind of features does VB offer for vista?04:57
rhpot1991ajhtiredwolf: did it work at all or what happened?04:58
rhpot1991I thought I had to do something to enable irexec or make it work, but I can't seem to find what04:59
hadsYou should just need to start it when you login from memory.04:59
ajhtiredwolfnahhh didnt do anything when i press the button set to launch it04:59
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, well it has this semless mode, where you keep your ubuntu background but the taskbar stays as vista, and you can drag and drop files between vista and linux, its very strange but cool and probably will be usefull05:00
rhpot1991ajhtiredwolf: I think it does that with xp as well05:01
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, possibly, I might have just not been able to get it to work with xp05:01
rhpot1991have you verified you mapped the correct button for your config and so on, your button might not be the same as mine05:01
wilberfanI have xp running virtual on my Sidux box...  Ironically, it was Vista that made me switch to Ubuntu!  :)05:01
ajhtiredwolfhate of vist? :p05:02
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, yeah minei s power too05:02
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, everyhting i set it as my remote and my button05:02
ajhtiredwolfremote = mceusb205:02
ajhtiredwolfbutton = power05:02
wilberfanwhen i heard that you could only install it 3 times, i threw up my hands and said, "That's it!!  I'm done!"05:03
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, well I feel so retarded.. I bought it... I dont know why, but i did, i had already been using ubuntu pretty much all together, then i foudn out that i get it for free through my university05:04
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, makes me feel sick to my stomach hah05:04
wilberfani gave up on Vista BEFORE it was released...  :)  Mid-'07, I think...05:04
wilberfanStarted with Ubuntu, but then discovered Sidux...05:05
wilberfanBut I LOVE my MythBuntu!!05:05
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, I havent heard of Sidux, what are its adventages?05:05
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, I dunno man it just seems like lirc wont work for me hah, ive tinkered with it for so long05:05
wilberfanIt's Debian based, like 'buntu...but it's easier to keep it almost cutting-edge in terms of updates, etc...05:06
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, I like how easy to use ubuntu is.05:06
wilberfanPlus, it's got the friendliest, most-helpful irc channel i've ever been in...05:07
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, that is a nice twist on linux support hah :P, people in ubuntu and here are pretty nice05:07
ajhtiredwolfbut have you ever been in say... #mythtv ?05:07
wilberfanUbuntu worked so well, and was so easy to use...i found i was getting a little bored with it!05:07
dojesuperm1: you around? - we talked about a control panel for LCDproc05:07
wilberfanOh, the Ubuntu *Forums* are awesome...05:08
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, EVERY single time i have gone into mythtv, ive gotten that " I am god because I have more time to waste on mythtv and know more than you, how dare you ask a question to me"05:08
ajhtiredwolfI just get called noob allot in so many linux places05:08
rhpot1991#mythtv is just too busy05:09
wilberfani usually confess to being a noob before they can throw that at me...05:09
ajhtiredwolfI am a noob undoubtfully but ... im confused as to how that is a bad thing? Linux attracting new people must be a very bad thing..05:09
ajhtiredwolfwe wouldnt want it to spread and grow now would we? :-P05:09
wilberfanBut, yeah...i hate that attitude of "what do you mean you don't understand my instruction?  what are you, stupid?"05:09
hadsSome channels are just angry places.05:10
wilberfanboy, howdy...05:10
ajhtiredwolfyeah, you ask a question to clarify something and they call you a moron05:10
wilberfannow that this room has woken up a bit, i'd like to ask my question again:05:11
wilberfanI occasionally get .avi's (downloads) where the sound is a second or two behind the picture...05:11
ajhtiredwolfanyway, rhpot1991 I just changed the config = line to gedit instead, and it was able to launch gedit05:11
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, " although I had to start the irexec daemon manually again05:11
rhpot1991ajhtiredwolf: interesting, so the irexec is actually launching it05:12
wilberfan...when played in mythbuntu...  but they're fine if I play them outside of myth (say, with VLC)...05:12
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, which program are you using to veiw them?05:12
rhpot1991well try to run start-myth by hand05:12
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, I had that problem until I told mythbuntu to use xine instead05:12
wilberfanwhatever one is 'standard' with mythbuntu hardy?05:12
rhpot1991it will only start if the frontend isn;t currently running05:12
wilberfanit's been so long since i've configured it...do you remember where to find that configure screen...?05:13
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, its not, and .. huh it says command not found, but it IS there05:13
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, yar i do, one second05:13
rhpot1991ajhtiredwolf: verify it is in /usr/bin/start-myth05:13
rhpot1991and the names match up05:13
wilberfanwhat does myth use by default?  mplayer, or...??05:13
rhpot1991john@ultramagnus:~$ ls -la /usr/bin/start-myth05:14
rhpot1991-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 222 2008-05-18 17:35 /usr/bin/start-myth05:14
rhpot1991check your perms so they are that ^05:14
rhpot1991wilberfan: internal player05:14
wilberfanis that the config option, or what the default player is called..?05:14
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, movie player i think05:15
ajhtiredwolfalright it is in05:15
rhpot1991internal player is normally used by most things in myth, its the built in mythtv player05:16
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, utilities setup      setup          media settings        video settings     player settings05:16
rhpot1991some things like mythvideo may use different players05:16
rhpot1991like mplayer for avi I think is default05:16
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, then if you wnat to use xine, xine -pfhq --no-splash worked for me05:16
hadsI use Internal for everything myself05:16
rhpot1991I use internal for everything as well05:17
rhpot1991I like having the same look and feel for all my stuff, plus internal is much improved anymore05:17
rhpot1991I used to use xine for my iso's05:17
wilberfanyou guys never have the sound-sync problem...?05:17
rhpot1991wilberfan: in what recordings/videoes?05:17
hadsHaven't come across it no.05:17
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, yeah its in there sudo gedit /usr/bin/start-myth brought it up05:17
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, usually it only happens in very large avi files05:18
wilberfanrhpot1991: downloaded .avi's...05:18
rhpot1991ajhtiredwolf: it might be persmissions if it wont run then05:18
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, probably, let me change them sec05:18
rhpot1991wilberfan: I don't do much of them, mostly recordings and iso's here05:18
wilberfanajhtiredwolf: i've got one that's just a 28 minute tv episode...05:18
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, I mostly noticed it on large xvid avis05:18
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, but that was just my experience05:19
wilberfani download a lot of tv episodes, and about 1 in 10 has the sync problem...05:19
wilberfani COULD just watch it on the puter monitor (with VLC, where it's fine)--but i wondered if there was something i could do in myth to prevent that problem...05:19
wilberfana 'slider' to adjust the timing would be great!  ;)05:20
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, there actually is one in mplayer05:21
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, but its annoying having to do that all the time :P xine fixed the probelm for me05:21
wilberfanlet me drag the keyboard and mouse in here and see if i can find that config setting...05:21
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, ok i got the permissions set right, what was it ? start-myth& ?05:22
rhpot1991just try start-mythtv05:23
rhpot1991errr start-myth05:23
rhpot1991just typing that should start it or at least tell you something05:24
ajhtiredwolfoh yeah it starts now05:24
ajhtiredwolfbut i mean in the config file05:24
wilberfanare those xine settings in the front end or back end?05:24
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, front05:25
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, k yeah that let me launch it thank you :), but ims sitll running into two problem I was before, I have to start the irexec -d manually and there seems to be a delay from the button press... actually more than a delay, it makes it freeze temporarily05:26
rhpot1991ajhtiredwolf: here it takes a second or two to launch, but no problems other than that05:28
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, i seem to have the problem no matter what, before i had irexec launch it. like if im turning up the volume, each time i press it the picture will freeze for a moment, or if im moving up or down selecting somehting, it is delayed05:29
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, tell me if xine starts at min volume for you when you use it in myth, i have that problem05:29
wilberfanalright...i'm just about to test...05:30
rhpot1991ajhtiredwolf: weird sounds like maybe lirc is hogging cpu or something?05:30
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, mmmm I guess maybe, but like if im using xine, it doesnt do that05:31
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, and do you have to start irexec -d when your computer starts too?05:32
wilberfanajhtiredwolf: woah...  no problem with the volume on THIS vid!!05:32
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, lol, well did the audio sync problem go away?05:32
wilberfanthat's next... hang on...05:32
wilberfanwell, the lord giveth...and the lord taketh away...05:34
wilberfanit fixed the sync problem...but i can't jump forward or back now!05:34
ajhtiredwolflol, well at least some good news, xine has weird bindings05:34
wilberfanAND the sound started at zero volume...05:34
ajhtiredwolfI think that forward is..05:34
ajhtiredwolfwell the config is     config = SeekRelative+1505:35
wilberfanjeez...now it IS jumping foward and back...05:35
ajhtiredwolfever feel like you just cant win? :p05:35
wilberfanmplayer responded to two buttons foward and two back...it looks like xine only has 1 each...?05:36
ajhtiredwolfI guess it is oru own fault htough, we ARE trying to watch tv on our computer by using a community built dvr05:36
wilberfani ain't complaining!  (well, not MUCH anyway...)05:37
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, want me to send you my xine config?05:37
wilberfanuh...sure   what do i do with it?05:37
ajhtiredwolfwilberfan, oh wait you arent using a remote are you? hah05:37
wilberfana remote, like a remote control..? yes i am...!05:38
wilberfani'm using a hauppage...god, what is it...a 350?05:38
ajhtiredwolfalright yeah, so take this http://pastebin.com/m62bb4ee205:39
ajhtiredwolfand put it in either your lircrc, or make a seperaite file and include that file in your lircrc05:39
ajhtiredwolfyou will have to tune it to your buttons too05:39
ajhtiredwolfhave you ever used elisa?05:40
wilberfanit's been awhile since i've done any of that!  MythHardy has been very reliable!05:40
wilberfanelisa?  me...?  no...05:40
ajhtiredwolfwell first make sure that you dont already have a xine config open sudo pico ~/.lircrc05:41
ajhtiredwolfcheck and see if there is a xine config file listed in there05:41
wilberfani do see an 'include ~./xine line there...05:44
ajhtiredwolfalrighy, look in that file05:45
ajhtiredwolfYou can add any of the options that are in my config in there to increase functionality05:45
ajhtiredwolfas for xine starting at 0 volume, if you ever figure out how to fix that make certain you tell me :p05:46
wilberfancan i just tack your list onto the end of mine, or do i have to pick and choose...?05:47
ajhtiredwolfYou cna but you will have to change some things reguardless05:47
ajhtiredwolfwhere it says button =05:47
ajhtiredwolfthe name wont be the same05:47
ajhtiredwolfyou can check the names of your buttons by typign irw in a terminal05:47
wilberfanwill this all change in a couple of weeks when Ibex is out??05:48
wilberfanand more importantly:05:49
wilberfanwill i be able to update...or will i have to re-install????05:49
ajhtiredwolfNo idea what ibex is haha05:49
hadsThe next version of Ubuntu05:49
ajhtiredwolfthe new version of ubuntu05:49
hadsAnd yes you can upgrade05:49
wilberfani've always heard dicey results with upgrades...05:49
ajhtiredwolfyeah I dont think that lirc would change05:49
wilberfanguess it's worth a try!05:50
ajhtiredwolfI dont think that it is necessarily the upgrade05:50
ajhtiredwolfjust that when it first comes out its bound to have issues05:50
ajhtiredwolfso if you wait a month or so after it has been released you will probably be safer05:50
ajhtiredwolfThat is what I always did with fedora05:50
hadsMy desktop is a Dapper -> Edgy -> Fiesty -> Gutsy -> Hardy -> Intrepid upgrade.05:51
wilberfanwonder how that will work... will the update manager let me know when ibex is ready, or...?05:51
ajhtiredwolfI would have never switched to ubuntu if fedora had not neglected to support my onboard lan05:51
hadsI believe update-manager will notify you yes.05:52
wilberfando i change my repos after the end of the month...?  i've always just done a clean-install...05:52
wilberfanAh... "Dapper"... that was my first buntu!  :)05:52
ajhtiredwolfHardy is my first true try at ubuntu :p05:52
ajhtiredwolfI like fedora in the passed, and one thing I do kinda miss is KDE05:52
ajhtiredwolfkde kinda blows monkey chunks in ubuntu05:52
wilberfanKDE is 'native' in Sidux...05:53
wilberfanand (drumroll) it only takes 7 1/2 minutes to install!  :)05:53
ajhtiredwolfInstalling KDE in ubuntu vs just doing kubuntu was a big ****** mistake05:53
* wilberfan goes to see if his porn runs with xine05:55
ajhtiredwolfgeeze this stupid delay is annoying05:56
ajhtiredwolfrhpot1991, do you know how to check how much cpu lirc might be using and more importantly how to limit it?05:57
wilberfanboy, it sure got quiet in here in a hurry!06:18
wilberfanthanks, everyone, for your help...06:21
FisherPriceUm I'm trying to import a DVD, I'm using mythbuntu 8.04 and I've checked the /dev/dvd link and it's pointing to /dev/scd0 but I can't seem to transcode anything07:51
ZinnSorry I don't know about upgrade12:42
ZinnSorry I don't know about update12:42
xukunhoi is it possible to upgrade from mythbuntu 8.04 to 8.10?12:42
MythbuntuGuest60Hello. Trying to install Mythbuntu 8.10 but the installation stalls at the screen where i select the keyboard layout.14:15
MythbuntuGuest60When i press next the clock cursor comes up but nothing more is happening14:16
=== bogus is now known as Guest6307
dick-richardsonI have a ga-73PVM and can't get audio through the optical out...where should I be looking?17:36
hansoffateHi, my oldrecorded mysql database needs to be repaired.18:18
hansoffatei usually just repair/optimize tables through the webui18:18
hansoffatedoes anyone have any suggestion?18:19
hansoffateHi, my 'oldrecorded' mysql database needs to be repaired, which usually i repair/optimize with the mythweb ui.18:37
hansoffatehowever, i can't even access the website, is there a way to do it within the mysql shell?18:38
MythbuntuGuest90Is it posible to install a TV tuner in a backend server, and access it for several frontend servers, simultaneusly. The purpose, watch TV in several TVs simultaneously using one TV tuner.18:40
MacNeanwas wondering if anyone could help me with 2 things, i recently installed mythbuntu on an AppleTV but I have no sound still, also after a period of time with no activity the AppleTV seems to go to sleep, my TV says no signal, i can VNC into it and if i change display settings it will come backc up, i just don't want it to go to sleep ever18:49
MacNeanwas wondering if anyone could help me with 2 things, i recently installed mythbuntu on an AppleTV but I have no sound still, also after a period of time with no activity the AppleTV seems to go to sleep, my TV says no signal, i can VNC into it and if i change display settings it will come backc up, i just don't want it to go to sleep ever18:55
mlesterGood day mythbuntu channel is anyone active at the moment19:33
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ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/19:36
mlesterQuestion: what is a solid cheap tv card I could use for a mythbuntu system19:37
MacNeani use the pvr50019:58
MacNeanwell actually i have 2 pvr250's and 1pvr500 for4 recordings19:59
MacNeanbut that's only analog/cable19:59
MacNeanif you want HD diff story19:59
MacNeanit pulls 720x480 and my wife things it looks just like watching normal tv, i only use HD for sports anyways19:59
MacNeanthinks not things19:59
mlestergotcha which card does hd19:59
MacNeanmost only do OTA20:00
MacNeanlook at HDHomeRUn20:00
MacNeanHauppauge has a new device20:00
MacNeanthat will pull the HD from the cable box over component20:00
mlesterbecause I don't have hd at the moment20:00
MacNeandepends what you think cheap is tho, both those run around $200 IIRC20:00
mlesterbut I am just thinking in advanced20:00
mlesterI am thinking more less than 8020:01
MacNeanmy father bought a pvr 500 cause it pulls 2 channels from 1 input20:01
mlesterah thats pretty cook20:01
MacNeanproblem is i odn't know if they make them anymore, and I haven't kept on the ivtv development (the linux drivers to run the hauppauge cards) to know if the newer cards are supported20:03
mlesterI see20:04
MacNeanalso I know pinaccle has a card that does HD over cable/air (unencrptyed) and i think also pulls normal channels20:04
mlesterwhats it called20:05
mlesteror what would be equivalent to the pvr50020:06
MacNeanit's pctv hd but don't know about linux support20:07
mlesteryeah and the pinnacle card looks like it gets bad reviews on newegg20:07
MacNeanthere's also some pvr500's on ebay usually20:07
MacNeani bout a pvr250 on ebay, and it went bad like 8 months later, hauupage replaced it free (i just had to ship it to em)20:07
mlesterthats cool20:08
MacNeani really like hauppage, they've replaced 2 bad cards, like one was 2 years after i bought it new20:08
MacNeanno problems for my father and me with the pvr500's we have20:08
MacNeananyways back to hacking my appletv20:08
mlesterhave u heard anything about http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681512200820:08
MacNeani can't figure out how to get it not to go to sleep20:08
MacNeanno sorry20:09
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hansoffateanyone know how to fix the mysql db?21:17
hansoffateFatal Error at /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/objects/Database/Query/mysql.php, line 83:21:17
hansoffateSQL Error: Table './mythconverg/oldrecorded' is marked as crashed and should be repaired [#145]21:17
Arthurhi people. I have horizontal lines while watching my analog TV on mythtv. any ideas why?21:22
rhpot1991hansoffate: run /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/optimize_mythdb.pl22:35
hansoffate rhpot1991 i'm in the contrib folder, there is no optimize_mythdb.pl22:37
rhpot1991it might be compressed see if there is anything with a similiar name22:38
hadshads@snowman:~$ dpkg -S /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/optimize_mythdb.pl22:38
hansoffatenevermind.  i found it with locate.  i ran it with: perl optimize_mythdb.pl22:38
hadsmythtv-backend: /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/optimize_mythdb.pl22:38
hansoffatebut it said cannot connect to database22:39
hadshmysqlcheck will do the same thing22:39
hadserm, mysqlcheck22:39
hadsAre you running it as a user that can run mythtv?22:40
hansoffatehads: i found optimie_mythdb.pl22:40
baggar11updated system to 2.6.27-7 and now I lost sound. alsamixer seems to be pointing to saa7134 audio instead of onboard audio. Any help?22:40
hansoffatesudo perl optimize_mythdb.pl22:40
hansoffateDBI connect('database=mythconverg:host=localhost;port=3306','mythtv',...) failed: Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: YES) at /usr/share/perl5/MythTV.pm line 33722:40
hansoffateCannot connect to database:22:40
hansoffatei just tried it with sudo, and it gave the same error22:40
hadsYeah sudo won't help22:41
hadsI'm not sure why you would be able to run mythfrontend but not that though I don't know how the perl bindings does it's lookup.22:41
hansoffatei can just connect to the myswl database and run the commands it says in the script though22:41
hadsYeah but you would have to do it for each table.22:42
hansoffatei'll login with the mysql root account and run the Repair and Optimize table on the table thats having the issue22:42
hads`mysqlcheck -r mythconverg` will do it.22:42
hansoffatei'm only getting a problem with the "oldrecorded" table22:42
hadsIt's worthwhile running over all the tables though, if one is corrupt then chances are others are.22:43
hansoffatei ran it with `mysqlcheck -u root -p -r mythconverg`  instead so i can login22:45
rhpot1991I wonder if your mysql isn't running, it can crash and stop running if the hard drive gets filled or other problems happen22:45
hansoffatehads:  thanks, that command worked.  It fixed the oldrecorded table( only one) and now mythweb works22:46
hansoffategood to know that mysqlcheck command too, i'm sure ti'll come in handy later22:46
hadsCool. Not sure why the perl bindings can't connect on your system though.22:47

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