stgraberpersia: you around ?00:22
stgraberwell, I don't expect you to be around that early (your time). When you get back, can you please update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases with Ubuntu Mobile/MID cases ? I want the changes to be ready for the update on Monday00:23
emmaWhat is the task of an ubuntu tester?00:26
stgraberpersia: ping04:25
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PrivateVoidI am reading up on the e1000e issues with Intrepid... and I would like to check for understanding... the bug has been fixed; right?14:05
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PrivateVoidI am reading up on the e1000e issues with Intrepid... and I would like to check for understanding... the bug has been fixed; right?14:58
* PrivateVoid knocks on the table15:15
charlie-tcaIs the bug number given?15:23
charlie-tcaPrivateVoid: I believe the issues have been worked. Does the information give the bug number?15:27
PrivateVoidI believe it to be fixed too... let me find the information again15:32
ubot5`Launchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,Fix released]15:33
PrivateVoid1sorry got a discon there15:33
charlie-tcanp, let me see15:34
PrivateVoid1http://lwn.net/Articles/303390/ - that is an article about the FIX upstream15:34
charlie-tcaIt says fix Released, so yes, it's good now15:35
PrivateVoid1and from what I can tell Ubuntu is patching the issue with the 2.6.27 kernel as opposed to using the kernel15:35
PrivateVoid1that is the part I am fuzzy on...15:35
charlie-tcaYea, we're up to now15:35
PrivateVoid1what is the difference between the 2.6.27-# notation and 2.6.27.# ?15:36
PrivateVoid1just sematics?15:36
charlie-tcathe changes made without changing the basic kernel15:36
charlie-tcathe kernel is the 2.6.27, the rest of the numbers reflect the changes to what is added/loaded with it15:37
PrivateVoid1but is there a difference between 2.6.27-7 and
PrivateVoid1sorry that I am not following...15:38
charlie-tcano, they are both the same numbers. The problem was before the 2.6.27 kernel15:40
charlie-tcaIn, the bug was disabled15:41
charlie-tcaIn 2.6.27, it is still disabled, I believe15:41
charlie-tcaIt will re-enable in 2.6.2815:42
charlie-tcaI don't really understand all the digits, but the 27 and 28 matter15:42
PrivateVoid1only been using Linux for a year so trying to understand everything15:43
PrivateVoid1would hate to brick my hardware...15:43
charlie-tcaYea, I know that feeling. I don't think i'll ever understand it. You won't brick it15:43
charlie-tcaunless you load an old version of Intrepid. Even the beta is okay15:44
PrivateVoid1thanks... I will try the daily builds (as of today)15:44
PrivateVoid1the beta just blacklisted the e1000e cards15:45
PrivateVoid1so I had no internet15:45
charlie-tcaMight be the same now. I still show the .27 kernel in use15:45
PrivateVoid1the beta was .27?15:45
charlie-tcaYea, 2.6.27.?15:46
PrivateVoid1well... I will live boot and give it a go... if it doesn't work I will stay with 8.04 for a while15:46
PrivateVoid1thanks for the help15:46
charlie-tcaThat's it.15:46
charlie-tcaYou're welcome15:46
ubuntu__hey charlie-tca the latest builds - at least the option - has the e1000e working16:07
charlie-tcaThat's great.16:07
ubuntu__yeah... some other nice fixes with 8.10 too16:07
ubuntu__resource manager actually reports the file system properly16:07
charlie-tcaNow if we can get manual partitions to work, hey.16:08
ubuntu__that would help16:08
nanomad_mhh...just upgraded from 8.04 and i've got no keyb or mouse in X20:54
nanomad_while i can use them in the other PC20:54
nanomad_are there any known bugs with the latest version of xorg?20:54
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