soundrayowen1: better than ratpoison?00:00
* soundray reading (PriceChild)00:00
RidehHelminthe: i guess i'm wondering if i can create an image i like in vmware, and then distribute that?00:00
titan_My audio is low. I have it turned all the way up in system settings and on my DVD player... any suggestions?00:00
owen1soundray: leaner. less functionality.00:00
exodus_MSrunning ubuntu 8.0.4 on windows via vmware server 1.0.6. on a alienware notebook. need help configuring belkin wireless N pcmcia card f5d8013 ver 100000:00
saykouwhy i cant install any SO's in my HP laptop00:01
soundrayowen1: will remember it for my 300MHz Thinkpad00:01
owen1soundray: never tried ratpoison. i treid xmonad and others.00:01
owen1soundray: can i automate the mount?00:01
Monkey_Hello, anyone know why I can't seem to see the Broadcom STA Wireless Driver from my Hardware Drivers Menu?00:02
SpinachHeadis there someone i can IM that knows about the installation cd?00:02
soundrayPriceChild: thanks for that, very nice.00:02
Monkey_I see the B43 one, but it isn't the one I want00:03
exodus_MSno one wants to tackle the wireless issue, i see, it is a bit redundant but I assure you i have done my homework00:03
soundrayowen1: I'm sure it's possible, but I have no experience with automounting removable devices outside of Gnome00:03
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PriceChildSpinachHead: ask the real questino00:03
Monkey_exodus, I see you're also having a wireless issue00:03
Ridehgrr i need more ram :( 2gb isnt cutting it for 2 clients 1 server (ubuntu) xp client on a vista host :(00:03
rainabbaI'm trying to do a netBoot install using a local Apache server using the ubuntu-8.04.1-server-i386 distro. Which folder (from the ISO) should be the root of the HTTP server in order for this to work? (I've already got the PXE side of things working).00:04
SpinachHeadokay, I need to install hardy without internet. Does the cd have all the packages or does the istallation process dl the packages as the install goes?00:04
owen1soundray: get it. created a 1 line script, called it usb-drive.00:04
jribSpinachHead: the desktop cd has all the packages you need to install00:04
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jonasfadoes anybody knows why my user is not listed in the System > Administration > Users and Groups dialog? i'm running hardy00:05
owen1soundray: to mount it.00:05
exodus_MSSpinachHead, yes, the cd will download a working OS but you will need an Internet connection to "fetch" updates and packages not avail on the cd00:05
soundrayowen1: that's a good way00:05
titan_Are there any settings I can use to raise the audio on Ubuntu past the default max? I can bearly hear my audio of movies even with it maxxed.00:05
Monkey_tgitan, doubleclick on the audio panel on the top bar, and adjust the far right bar00:06
SpinachHeadokay, so i did the alternate cd disk.  I got to configre intenet.  since i dont have, i said later.  Then when installing packages in the next step it said error. and I assumed it was because o lack of connetctionl  i did the md5sum on the cd and everything was fine. so why would it stop installing ?00:06
soundraytitan_: double click the volume icon to get the mixer and make sure that both Master volume and PCM are turned up00:06
HelmintheRideh: short answer - yes :)00:06
Monkey_titan, you can also maybe change the 'Front' level00:06
titan_ok checking soundray00:07
jribSpinachHead: you would need to tell us the error.  You ran "check the cd for defects"?  Not just md5sum on the iso?00:07
titan_ah! Headphone audio was down! Thanks :)00:07
joe_ho appena installato ubuntu00:07
RidehHelminthe: hehe just having trouble finding good resources, i dont mind rtfm as long as i'm looking at the right one00:07
joe_ma vedo la schermata di login gigantesca00:07
joe_come devo cfvare'00:07
titan_Oh ya, there we go, alot of different ones were too low00:07
jonasfadoes anybody knows why my user is not listed in the System > Administration > Users and Groups dialog? there is only the root user in the list :(00:08
SpinachHeadokay, ill check for defects....00:08
soundrayjoe_: is that Italian?00:08
exodus_MSSpinachHead, have you tried the live cd, running ubuntu on your exsisting OS before installing00:08
soundrayjoe_: is that *rude* Italian?00:08
SpinachHeadthe live cd wont run with my card i guess I tried it before00:08
SpinachHeadjust freezes00:09
SpinachHeadi have the same prob with every disto. x never work unless istall drivers from command line00:10
jonasfadoes anybody knows why my user is not listed in the System > Administration > Users and Groups dialog? there is only the root user in the list :(00:10
SpinachHeadadd a user00:10
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Jowijonasfa, in a terminal type "id" and hopefully your uid is not "root"00:10
scientus_does making su unexecutable remove the possibility of a user changing userrs?00:10
exodus_MSsoundray, could use your help00:11
nonix4Hrm... any way to make out-of-hd-space work more gracefully for "normal users"?00:11
jonasfaJowi: i'm not using the root user :(00:11
KenBW2jonasfa: maybe youre thining to root user is you. its not - root is hidden in ubuntu00:11
Jowinight all00:11
scientus_i use root all the time00:11
scientus_sudo bash or sudo -i00:11
soundrayexodus_MS: please ask the channel. If I can help, I will00:11
jonasfaKenBW2: the root user is listed in the 'Users and Groups' dialog, but my user, jonas, is not00:11
soundrayscientus_: be careful with sudo bash00:11
exodus_MSrunning ubuntu 8.0.4 on windows via vmware server 1.0.6. on a alienware notebook. need help configuring belkin wireless N pcmcia card f5d8013 ver 100000:11
soundray!rootshell | scientus_00:12
ubottuscientus_: Using !sudo with single commands is preferable in most circumstances. However, if you really need a root shell, use « sudo -i » (other variants of this commands are redundant and/or potentially dangerous)00:12
scientus_not being able to log into a user does not meen you cant use it00:12
nonix4(mainly happens w/ everything-at-defaults virtual machine installations w/ small-ish hd allocation after couple updates)00:12
bcxhi ! i got a network question - i run ubuntu in a vm and it often disconnects my hosts wlan connection - tried roaming and static - but when i open a network path from host system it disconnects my hosts wlan00:12
scientus_what would be dangerous, bash doesnt change any config files by default00:12
soundrayexodus_MS: why don't you configure WLAN in the host system and use NAT to Ubuntu?00:13
scientus_itts not dependant on $HOME, etc00:13
exodus_MSSpinachHead, i wish i could help. there are many linux savy folks on this channel, maybe one of them will take the time to help you. dont give up and hang in there00:13
nathan-_scientus_: good question, i've wondered this too.  Same as the addage 'guns don't kill people, people do'.. i.e. bash won't destroy your system, only you as the one who runs it will00:14
nathan-_if you don't know what you are doing00:14
exodus_MSsoundray, tried that, ubuntu doesnt regonise my card00:14
RakataPrimeI just installed linux a couple days ago, my cd rom drive isn't working.  hwd -s doesn't say anything about it, so I don't know if it is even being detected. Any suggestions?00:14
bcxim using bridged netowrk currently00:14
R0b0t1Does anyone have any suggestions as how to get Java applets to work correctly in firefox? The default does not work, and I have tried ubottu's link, which did not work. I had it working on the same install before, but for some reason it just now decided to fail.00:14
roganhow do i get amarok to play m4a format? and read the id3s correctly?00:14
soundrayscientus_: running a root shell, you may have certain expectations about where variables point, e.g. $HOME. sudo bash and sudo -i are different in that respect00:15
KenBW2R0b0t1: could be because ubuntu doesnt include the official Java00:15
tarelerulzDo any of you have a media player the use the mtp protocol ?  Is good management program for device that use it .  So you can add songs , movies , picture easy00:15
jribR0b0t1: you need to give details.  What exactly did you do that did not work?  And how exactly did it not work?00:15
soundrayexodus_MS: it doesn't have to if it's recognized in the host system00:15
jorfffftry this dumpbin command using the kernel32.lib file00:15
scientus_ahh, programs make assume root sheel and $HOME=/root etc are constant, i can see that00:15
KenBW2tarelerulz: Rhythmbox has a plugin or MTP00:15
R0b0t1Well, OK. I dealt with this problem a while back and fixed.00:15
R0b0t1What I did was change the default java by using the replace-alternatives, etc.00:16
jrib!enter | R0b0t100:16
ubottuR0b0t1: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:16
R0b0t1But now that will not work.00:16
nonix4nathan-_: most preinstalled linux systems can be crashed in the store with a 12-character bash command.00:16
scientus_but soundray i did point out my not thinking that---big thing is i like my working directory to stay the same or i wont use it00:16
jribR0b0t1: don't say "doesn't work", say what exactly happens00:16
jorfffftry this dumpbin command using the kernel32.lib file00:16
R0b0t1jrib: Nothing.00:16
exodus_MSsoundray, ok, im on the host system right now and ubuntu is running in vmware, but i still cannot connect to internet from ubuntu00:16
R0b0t1Nothing happens when something should be happening.00:16
tarelerulzKenBW2 ,  do you just drag over the files you want to have on the player and the player read the tags and organize it right.00:17
nonix4(because they have no ulimits set and ridiculously bad OOM handling)00:17
soundrayexodus_MS: have you configured VMware to share its connection with the virtual machine?00:17
dtechrunning Hardy, need to run gksu displayconfig-gtk .... ERROR: GtK-WARNING **: cannot open display00:17
jribR0b0t1: great, I have no understanding of what your issue is. You're goal is to install the sun java plugin in firefox?00:17
R0b0t1However, when I do try to change the default Java, it says everything worked, but after restarting and then using "java -version" it still says it is OpneJDK.00:17
R0b0t1jrib: Actually, its to get that, and allow java applications to run.00:18
nathan-_nonix4: ok you can destroy a system if you do know what you are doing also.  But it all implies that the user is an idiot (i.e. has no idea and could break a system unknowingly, or does know what they are doing and breaks a system intentionally - both are idiots)00:18
bcxis it a problem if i used 2 bridged networks in a vm for xp and ubuntu ?00:18
exodus_MSsoundray, im using NAT00:18
jribR0b0t1: the java you get from running "java" and the java that runs in your browser are two different things.  So which of those do you want to work on?00:18
R0b0t1jrib: Lets work on the non-browser right now, thanks :)00:19
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jribR0b0t1: pastebin 'update-java-alternatives -l'00:19
R0b0t1jrib: http://pastebin.com/me2ef81d00:20
soundrayexodus_MS: have you tried pinging the outside world from Ubuntu?00:20
jonasfadoes anybody knows why my user is not listed in the System > Administration > Users and Groups dialog? there is only the root user in the list, and i'm not logged in as root00:20
jribR0b0t1: which one of those do you wish to make default?00:20
jribR0b0t1: sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun00:21
R0b0t1jrib: I've done it before, but sure ;)00:21
R0b0t1Is that all?00:22
jribR0b0t1: sure.  Check 'java -version'00:22
R0b0t1Why didn't it work before?00:22
jribR0b0t1: jrib's magic touch00:22
R0b0t1jrib: Do you think you could help me set up the browser, now, if you have time?00:22
nonix4nathan-_: well on a properly configured system a fork bomb shouldn't really do anything more than consume a bit of cpu :)00:23
jribR0b0t1: what's wrong with the browser one?00:23
SpinachHeadconfigureing apt sources...  withouth network connection will that cause installation errors?00:23
nylaxfor a system with  AMD Athlon x2 5400 and 4GB ram and a nvidia 8600GT card with 512MB which version of ubuntu would be  best to install on such a machine ?00:23
R0b0t1Applets won't run, so I'm trying to use the sun Java, because that worked in the past.00:23
jribR0b0t1: output of 'uname -m'?00:23
* jonasfa is testing00:24
soundraynylax: how are you planning to use it?00:24
jonasfadoes anybody knows why my user is not listed in the System > Administration > Users and Groups dialog? there is only the root user in the list, and i'm not logged in as root00:24
jribR0b0t1: sun does not make a 64bit java.  You must run an open java plugin like with the gcjwebplugin package or install 32bit firefox like in the !java64 factoid00:24
jrib!who | R0b0t100:24
ubottuR0b0t1: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:24
nonix4nylax: nothing wrong w/ 8.04 for that00:25
nylaxsoundray: coding (php,python,postgresql,mysql and mono ) ,surfing web,listening to music00:25
exodus_MSsoundray, 30 packets trans, 30 rec, 0% packet loss, time 41325ms00:25
jonasfamy user is not listed in the System > Administration > Users and Groups dialog. what can i do?00:25
exodus_MSsoundray, ^^ from "guest" ubuntu00:26
R0b0t1jrib: Oh, I get it. Does that package have known compatibility issues, or am I just unlucky?00:26
KenBW2jonasfa: why does it need to be?00:26
soundraynylax: if it was my machine, I'd put Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64 on it. There is a slight issue with java in 64bit, so you may prefer i38600:26
jribR0b0t1: sun is just lazy (or whatever).  The bug on their tracker is several years old, but they don't release a 64bit plugin00:26
nonix4nylax: btw that video card is overkill for the mentioned usage :)00:26
jonasfaKenBW2: i want to manage my user's groups00:26
soundrayexodus_MS: so it's working00:26
jorffffyou must delete user mackein00:27
soundraynonix4: all computers since 1997 have been overkill for that kind of usage00:27
exodus_MSsoundray, yeah, its working... sorry00:27
nylaxnonix4:it was a gaming machine :)00:27
exodus_MSsoundray, microsft conditioned, always assuming the worst :-)00:28
sledgehow can i end a software process in ubuntu ultimate, DEBIAN..00:28
jorffffdelete mackein user and republican group they are virusç00:28
dekkongnylax: hey i wanna trade my  geforce 6800GT with yours :D :D :D00:28
dekkongnylax: :)00:28
bcxhow should i config the network in a vm with a xp system running as host and another xp in vm same time ?00:29
nonix4soundray: yeah indeed. My 1998 p2c300a oc'd to 450MHz is still good enough for almost anything, including video playback... actually it can even do q3a00:29
bcxroaming doesnt seem to be the best for that00:29
vadi2How can I cancel a print job in ubuntu?00:30
jonasfaKenBW2: any clue?00:30
exodus_MSnonix4, curious about "anything"00:30
KenBW2jonasfa: sorry, no00:30
jonasfaKenBW2: thanks :/00:30
dekkongI wanna buy a new computer but my wallet is so thin atm :)00:30
DanskmandHi :-) - someone here using fcpci ?00:31
KenBW2dekkong: why buy a new one?00:31
soundrayDanskmand: not you again...00:31
soundrayDanskmand: just kidding. Welcome back :)00:31
sledgehow can i end a software process in ubuntu ultimate, DEBIAN..00:32
dekkongKenBW2: this AMD3200+ Geforce 6800 GT 512 RAM is getting old but i orderd 2gb more ram on tuesday00:32
kjetil1001where can I find daily builds of intrepid beta iso CDś ?? I cant find anything newer than 3.10.0800:32
soundrayvadi2: 'sudo lpq' to get a list of current jobs, 'sudo lprm num' to delete it by job number00:32
nonix4is there a bug report on hd full handling of "default install" systems already? IMHO when using the (stupid) layout with only / partition, /var/cache/apt/archives should be cleaned automatically when it uses more than 50% of the hd space and there's 0% free...00:32
wesku_What was the command for reconfiguring xorg?00:32
soundraykjetil1001: ask in #ubuntu+1 please00:32
isilionhelp plz read the 2 last posts of this thread and help me. its about installing ATI propietary driver ->>>>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=766699&page=400:32
EruditeHermitsledge: comfortable with commandline? or you want a GUI?00:32
soundraywesku_: since hardy, 'gksudo displayconfig-gtk'00:33
KenBW2dekkong: similar to mine then00:33
kjetil1001There are NOBODY but me in #ubuntu+1!!!00:33
hspaanswesku_: dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg00:33
dekkongKenBW2: ok what do u have? :)00:33
sledgeEruditeHermit:  yeah commandline is fine00:33
soundraykjetil1001: there are over 200 logged on. Just ask your question there00:33
KenBW2512MB RAM, 3.4 Single Core P4, 160GB HDD00:33
soundraykjetil1001: here, it is offtopic00:34
EruditeHermitsledge: try top for commandline or gnome-system-monitor for GUI00:34
jonasfamy user 'jonas' is not listed in the System > Administration > Users and Groups dialog. does anybody knows why?00:34
dekkongKenBW2: you could also need abit more ram i guess :)00:34
kjetil1001OK!! wrote the name bad?? Why no errormeg about non-existing channel?00:34
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KenBW2dekkong: it wouldnt go amiss00:34
EruditeHermitsledge: gnome-system-monitor is self explanatory. In top you need to hit k to kill a process, supply the process ID number and the kill level (9) is what I normally use.00:35
m1revening all00:35
EruditeHermitsledge: hit q to exit top00:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 813900:35
dekkonghtop looks nice00:36
nonix4kjetil1001: heh, when you join channel that didn't exist, you create one...00:36
EruditeHermitsledge: gnome-system-monitor is probably easier though if you aren't used to top00:36
EruditeHermitsledge: more intuitive00:36
LynetIs there an equivalent of 'top' in the ubuntu repositories that shows which programs are doing io? I am aware of iotop, but it seems there is no ubuntu .deb for it.00:36
jonasfamy user 'jonas' is not listed in the System > Administration > Users and Groups dialog. does anybody knows why?00:36
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m1ri have two realtek 8139 cards and both reporting error , using ubuntu 8.04 x64. any tips how to get them working ?00:37
soundrayjonasfa: apparently not. Please stop repeating your question at this frequency00:37
isilionread the 2 last posts of this thread and help me plz ->>>http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=766699&page=4 (after correct installation of ATI propietar driver, fglrxinfo shows that mesa is installed)00:37
KenBW2jonasfa: i dont thin anyone knows. try the forums00:37
dekkongKenBW2: I have a dual core AMD 3800 + at home but i dont have a dual core motherboard :(00:37
wesku_What's going on, as my gnome starts there is just some random colors coming and some of them are blinking00:37
wizizijoin irc.rizon.net00:37
bcxnobody can help me with that netowrk problem ? :(00:38
wizizi#join irc.rizon.net00:38
KenBW2shameless advert: http://tech.kenbw2.co.uk/blog00:38
EruditeHermitwesku_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg00:39
wesku_Tried that00:39
chadderCurious what direction I may have to look in to learn how to mount a HDD of type "FreeBSD" on my ubuntu comp here00:40
saykouany one has a pavilion and cant install new OS's00:40
EruditeHermitwesku_: copy output from /var/log/Xorg.0.log and paste at rafb.net/paste00:40
chadderHoping it won't be a pain in the @ss. Just need to take some files off it00:41
soundraysaykou: describe your real problem00:41
wesku_EruditeHermit: Im running on console and no other OS installed00:41
EruditeHermitwesku_: know how to use w3m?00:41
PeakerWhy can only one device use ALSA at a time? isn't ALSA's whole point its ability to mix stuff?00:41
m1rnetwork card error on 3 realtek cards in ubuntu 8.04 ? Interrupt:251/18/17 Base address:0xe00000:41
EruditeHermitwesku_: or links browser or something like that?00:41
wesku_nope.. But I'm able to upload the log file somewhere00:42
EruditeHermitwesku_: thats fine00:42
isilionplease read the last 2 posts in this thread and tell me what to do http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=766699&page=400:42
EruditeHermitwesku_: upload and give me a link00:42
isilionim sure its a easy solution error00:42
saykouthe thing is this soundray i bought a new HP laptop pavilion today and it comes with vista wich sucks, and i want to install xp and ubuntu ... but they at HP have a new protection system that cant allow to install So i wanna know if any could change i bet some one could00:42
wesku_EruditeHermit: do you remember what was the command for making these pc speaker beeps go away?00:42
Eggbirdwhat's the best way to develop .Net apps on ubuntu ? using a VM with visual studio or something else ?00:43
EruditeHermitisilion: from a terminal window type lsmod | grep fglrx00:43
isilionEruditeHermit:  not response00:43
EruditeHermitwesku_: sudo modprobe -r pcspkr00:44
soundraysaykou: what's the effect of this protection system when you try to install Ubuntu?00:44
isilionEruditeHermit:  nothing happens00:44
hspaansisilion: you're using mplayer?00:44
EruditeHermitisilion: sudo dkms status00:44
isilionhspaans: yes00:44
soundray!hi | Rovin00:44
ubottuRovin: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:44
isilionEruditeHermit: fglrx, 8.542, 2.6.24-21-generic, i686: installed (original_module exists)00:44
RovinThank you ubottu. :)00:45
hspaansisilion: you tried different video-output from mplayer?00:45
saykousoundray i didnt gone all the way with ubuntu just tried xp for now,00:45
chadderHow do you mount type "FreeBSD" ?00:45
EruditeHermitisilion: sudo gedit /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common and tell me what you see00:45
isilionhspaans: mplayer isnot the problem. its about ati driver00:45
RovinIt took me a while to get Java working on Firefox, but I managed it00:45
soundraysaykou: try Ubuntu and see what happens. Any errors, search the web or come back here and ask.00:45
EruditeHermitisilion: post contents of that to rafb.net/paste00:46
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Guest51769anyone know how to access free WoW servers in Ubuntu?00:46
isilionEruditeHermit:  DISABLED_MODULES="fglrx"00:46
hspaansisilion: as you wish00:46
soundrayRovin: well done00:46
isilionEruditeHermit:  after commented lines nothing more than that line00:47
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EruditeHermitisilion: sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-local post contents to rafb.net/paste00:48
EruditeHermitisilion: or just tell me what it says00:49
wesku_How I'm able to take pc speaker beeps off?00:49
soundraywesku_: System-Preferences-Sound -- third tab00:49
wesku_what about the command?00:50
EruditeHermitwesku_: I already told you above00:50
nolochemicalHail :)00:50
wesku_Oh, I'm sorry i missed that :)00:50
isilionEruditeHermit:  only has this line : blacklist fglrx00:50
semanticpcwhere can i post config files ??00:50
EruditeHermitisilion: put a # infront of that line00:50
cabrioleurwesku_, sudo rmmod pcspkr00:50
nolochemical..just wondering if there is a way to configure the L2 cache.. or an app to adjust low level setting00:50
EruditeHermitisilion: so it reads: #blacklist fglrx00:51
soundray!pastebin > semanticpc00:51
ubottusemanticpc, please see my private message00:51
isilionEruditeHermit: done. reboot needed?00:51
semanticpcthank u00:51
EruditeHermitisilion: reboot and try00:51
wesku_EruditeHermit: Do I give the link for Xorg.0.log in here or in query?00:51
EruditeHermitwesku_: in here is fine if its not too long00:51
MyyogaHey folks, I installed Emerald and now im interested in removing it and going back to the basic Human interface. How do I get it off00:52
EruditeHermitwesku_: what exactly is happening? describe the boot process00:53
wesku_There comes Ubuntu loading screen and after that there is just massive pixel color things and some of them are flashing00:53
Dreamgliderhah! the dual monitor setting is done in the screen resolution drop down list !00:53
DanskmandHi soundray 8-) - Sorry for only anwering now....but I've been carrying concrete andtearing down walls the whole day...00:53
Dreamglideri just set it to 3840 by 1200 and what do you know :)00:54
EruditeHermitwesku_: is it red, white, green, blue solid colours?00:54
jorfffftry this dumpbin command using the kernel32.lib file00:54
EruditeHermitwesku_: or something like that00:54
wesku_yes solid colours00:54
soundrayDanskmand: that is NO excuse00:54
DanskmandHaha :-)00:54
lakituhey - just installed some updates that required a reboot, & now i have a black desktop & no desktop icons00:54
soundrayDanskmand: :)00:55
EruditeHermitwesku_: did you change your xorg.conf in any way?00:55
EruditeHermitwesku_: did it ever work properly?00:55
Danskmand...but I fell asleep at the keyboard :-)00:55
wesku_fresh install00:55
EruditeHermitwesku_: hmm interesting00:55
wesku_server one and then ubuntu-desktop00:55
DanskmandMan, O am fucked up !00:55
stickmastai need help with my booting00:55
LjLDanskmand: language please00:55
DanskmandI even cant write errorfree..00:56
EruditeHermitwesku_: you installed ubuntu server and then tried installing ubuntu-desktop metapackage?00:56
wesku_EruditeHermit: Yes I installed the ubuntu-desktop package00:56
stickmasta:D help?00:56
soundraylakitu: is that straight after booting, or after logging in?00:56
lakitusoundray, after logging in00:56
lakitulogin was fine00:56
rainabbaI'm trying to do a netBoot install using a local Apache server using the ubuntu-8.04.1-server-i386 distro. Which folder (from the ISO) should be the root of the HTTP server in order for this to work? (I've already got the PXE side of things working).00:56
stickmastathis is the 4th room and still no help00:57
EruditeHermitwesku_:  you have an nvidia card? did you ever install nvidia binary driver with this?00:57
BitbybitHow can I find out if I'm using the 32bit or 64bit version of Ubuntu 8.04?00:57
isilionEruditeHermit: SUCCESS THANX SUCCESS THANX!!! fglrxinfo now shows ATI and radeon 9800. glxgears runs at 9160 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1832.000 FPS. its normal? i think its a bit slow. im on a p4 2.8 1.5ram (ati 9800 pro)00:57
soundraylakitu: do a Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and see if it works if you log into a Failsafe Gnome session00:57
wesku_EruditeHermit: Yes, I have ti4200 and didn't install drivers00:57
stickmastacan i have help with my huge problem?00:57
lakitufailsafe gnome is fine00:58
EruditeHermitisilion: if fglrxinfo shows fglrx and you can fgl_glxgears from commandline, then it is working00:58
nolochemicalhey :)00:58
rainabbastickmasta: YOu might want to ask a real question.00:58
stickmastamy ubuntu says "Error Loading Operating System" then hangs00:58
wesku_EruditeHermit: shall I try installing the drivers then?00:58
EruditeHermitwesku_: no00:58
soundraylakitu: would it be terrible if you had to reset your entire gnome configuration?00:58
nolochemical..does anyone a way to adjust low level configurations like the L2 Cache that ubunutu use00:58
nolochemical*ubuntu uses00:59
EruditeHermitwesku_: do you want 3D and fancy stuff?00:59
lakitusoundray, what are the ramifications of that - what would i lose?00:59
wesku_EruditeHermit: nah00:59
stickmastamy ubuntu says "Error Loading Operating System" then hangs00:59
stickmasta, can i have help help?00:59
wesku_im fine without00:59
EruditeHermitwesku_: don't bother then00:59
Dreamgliderstickmasta ask you question00:59
soundraylakitu: things like your panel configuration, preferences settings etc.00:59
jorfffftry this dumpbin command using the kernel32.lib file00:59
EruditeHermitwesku_: do you need the ubuntu server stuff? I would recommend just installing ubuntu from a normal user CD00:59
isilionEruditeHermit: 2952 frames in 5.0 seconds = 590.400 FPS thats better. supose i was using wrong trial01:00
lakitusoundray, i'd rather not. is there a way to "rollback" this update?01:00
rainabbaWhen Ubuntu Netboot connects to a mirror to look for packages, what file(s) is it seeking to determine if the mirror is valid?01:00
stickmastamay someone help me with my hanging screen please?01:00
wesku_EruditeHermit: Well, no.01:00
LjLrainabba: define "valid"01:00
Rovinhmm, is there an update on OpenOffice 3.0 yet?01:00
isilionEruditeHermit:  could repeat me all the commands so i post it for if that could help someone more?01:00
soundraylakitu: downgrading is generally not supported. Do you know exactly what caused the problem?01:00
EruditeHermitisilion: glxgears and fgl_glxgears numbers don't really mean anything. It doesn't test how fast your card is really. The only thing they are good for is to show that GL is enabled01:00
Bitbybiti need to know if i'm using 32bit or 64bit01:01
lakitusoundray, just some updates that i had let go for awhile. they required rebooting01:01
stickmastacan some help me with my ubuntu, it says "Error Loading Operating System" then hangs01:01
rainabbaLjL: "Valid" meaning, the installed doesn't come back saying "Bad archive mirror"01:01
EruditeHermitwesku_: no, you don't need the server stuff or no you can't reinstall?01:01
thiebauderovin:i think i have 3.0 in 8.10 i would need to check01:01
lakitusoundray, so, no, not exactly01:01
LjLBitbybit: type "uname -a"01:01
Rovinok thanks thiebaude.01:01
wesku_EruditeHermit: I don't need the server stuff. This was only install media that I had near my hands ;)01:01
hspaansthiebaude: 8.10 is still on 2.4.101:02
EruditeHermitisilion: the only thing that is missing in the previous post from yours is sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-local and comment the line in there01:02
stickmastacan some help me with my ubuntu, it says "Error Loading Operating System" then hangs01:02
EruditeHermitwesku_: hang on a sec before I tell you to do that01:02
rainabbaLjL: "Valid" meaning, the installer doesn't come back saying "Bad archive mirror"01:02
EruditeHermitwesku_: that will be the last resort01:02
EruditeHermitwesku_: I have never used ubuntu server edition so I don't know what it does01:02
lakitusoundray, is there a way to tell why i'm getting a blackout in place of a desktop?01:03
stickmastacan some help me with my ubuntu, it says "Error Loading Operating System" then hangs01:03
Bitbybitstickmasta: are you able to boot to recovery from grub menu?01:03
LjLrainabba: "Bad archive mirror - The specified ubuntu archive mirror is either not available, or does not have a valid Release file on it."01:03
Rovincan I update to 8.10 when released from wubi?01:03
hspaansand to be honest, 3.0 is not really a great improvement01:03
soundraylakitu: you could examine ~/.xsession-errors for clues01:03
wesku_EruditeHermit: I think it's just install of ubuntu without the software packages and GUI01:03
EruditeHermitwesku_: can you ctrl+alt+F1 into a terminal01:03
stickmastaBitbyBit: No01:03
wesku_EruditeHermit: yes, I'm in terminal currently01:03
rainabbaLjL: Ok, so what is a "Valid Release file"?01:03
isilionEruditeHermit:  at least tell me what was the file i edited01:03
thiebaudehspaans:are you on 8.10?01:03
LjLrainabba: well, for starters if no "Release" file exists at all, then it's hardly valid01:03
hspaansthiebaude: yes01:03
Bitbybitstickmasta: check the disk for errors with a live disk perhaps?01:04
MyyogaHey folks, I installed Emerald and now im interested in removing it.How do I get it off my comp?01:04
Helminthestickmasta: your problem is not related to ubuntu or linux at all, what you said looks like a bios error message01:04
EruditeHermitisilion: I did. scroll up01:04
EruditeHermitisilion: I just told you01:04
jribMyyoga: how did you install it?01:04
Danskmandsoundray - do you think my fcpci can be healed ?01:04
rainabbaLjL: So a "valid Release file" is a file named "Release"?01:04
Myyogathrough synaptic01:04
EruditeHermitwesku_: can you startx from it?01:04
jribMyyoga: you remove it the same way01:04
LjLrainabba: well, and that contains the right stuff. just look at http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/Release , i don't have the specifications01:04
wesku_EruditeHermit: already active on display 001:04
rainabbaLjL: Thank you01:05
soundrayDanskmand: sorry, I haven't had to deal with ISDN for over 10 years (and am quite glad for it)01:05
vmsstickmasta: bios says that when it doesn't find anything bootable on MBR, your best bet is to boot a live cd and (re)install grub01:05
EruditeHermitwesku_: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop and then try startx01:05
Myyogahmmmmm, good point. so then when I go back into the desktop effects tab, U cab choose normal or extra and emerald will not stat up?01:05
stickmastaBitbyBit: well i shows the screen with my systems stuff on it then it looks from a boot record from cd, then it says ok, then tells me something about my hard drive then says "Error loading operating system"01:05
Danskmandsoundray: What do you use for saxing then ?01:05
jribMyyoga: it shouldn't.  That should be all you have to do assuming you didn't configure it anywhere else for your user01:05
soundrayDanskmand: faxing?01:06
EruditeHermitisilion: the only thing that is missing in the previous post from yours is sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-local and comment the line in there01:06
wesku_EruditeHermit: is there way to scroll terminal up and down?01:06
Helminthe.. who could I ask for a shortcut like "!nul" that would say "your problem is not related to ubuntu or linux at all"?01:06
EruditeHermitwesku_: what do you mean? scroll up to see previously entered commands?01:06
Helminthei'm getting tired of typing this :)01:06
LjL!bot > Helminthe    (Helminthe, see the private message from Ubotu)01:06
ubottuHelminthe, please see my private message01:06
wesku_EruditeHermit: yes01:06
jribHelminthe: we have !ot or !offtopic for that01:06
EruditeHermitwesku_: hitting the up arrow key should do it?01:07
jorffffwesku_ delete republican group is a virus01:07
DanskmandHehe :-) - I mean that technique from the 80's before email was there ;-)01:07
wesku_EruditeHermit: oh not the command the text that there is in terminal01:07
EruditeHermitwesku_: I don't think so =(01:07
soundrayDanskmand: I use faxtastic for "saxing"01:07
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Blue112
wesku_EruditeHermit: ah, ok :/ But after stopping gdm, it still gives same error01:08
EruditeHermitwesku_: not that I know of01:08
lakitusoundray, hmm01:08
EruditeHermitwesku_: what do you mean the same error?01:08
EruditeHermitwesku_: when you try to startx it flashes different colours?01:08
wesku_EruditeHermit: "Server is already active for display 0"01:08
GaMbi_DKin kubuntu.. where to put command "compiz --replace --only-current-screen & disown" so that it runes on every start up?01:08
MyyogaI no longer have title bar, its completely see through01:08
EruditeHermitwesku_: startx DISPLAY=:101:09
Myyogathats with the visual effects set on normal01:09
unop!startup > GaMbi_DK01:09
ubottuGaMbi_DK, please see my private message01:09
jribMyyoga: try logging out and back in.   Come back here if you still have trouble01:09
Helminthejrib: doesn't seem like I could add a "factoid" from the instructions in there..01:09
Myyogaalright, thanks01:09
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot01:09
wesku_EruditeHermit: what is command for delete a file?01:09
jribHelminthe: you can.  You just say: foo is blah      to ubottu01:09
DanskmandSoundray: "saxing".....Is that something done NOT in #ubuntu *blush* ? ;-)01:09
MalfermitaKodoHi Ubuntistoj!01:10
EruditeHermitwesku_: rm <file>01:10
soundrayDanskmand: I'm referring to your typo ^^01:10
EruditeHermitwesku_: what are you deleting?01:10
GaMbi_DKusing kde :)01:10
MalfermitaKodoHow can I find out what device a USB mouse (well, trackball) is using?01:10
wesku_EruditeHermit: X0-lock01:10
wesku_EruditeHermit: still colours flashing on the screen01:10
Danskmandsoundray: Hehe :-) - Ping-pong ;-)01:11
mongolaiwesku_, also, you can "scroll" the screen in a non X session by hitting shift+PgUp01:11
Killer--Tuxi am tring to install battlefield 2 on ubuntu and when it asked for cd i try to eject the cd and it says can not unmount volume and dosent let me eject it01:11
EruditeHermitwesku_: what type of panel is it?01:11
lucaxis intrepid ibex going to have clear intrepid as default theme? or its just some theme thats on beta ??01:11
Helminthejrib: thanks, you're right, I had to wait for moderator approval too01:11
wesku_EruditeHermit: huh?01:11
lakitusoundray: http://pastebin.com/m6e4f985b01:11
EruditeHermitwesku_: what resolution, is it CRT, LCD etc01:11
wesku_EruditeHermit: CRT01:11
EruditeHermitwesku_: what is the optimal resolution?01:12
dean0nulli'm having problems connecting my intel 5100agn with the internet01:12
jribHelminthe: but as I said, isn't your !nul covered by !offtopic?01:12
lakitusoundray,  my .xsession-errors file01:12
dean0nullwhat's the easiest way to connect to th01:12
dean0nulle internet?01:12
wesku_EruditeHermit: 1024x I think01:12
=== brandon__ is now known as gen2
soundraylakitu: compiz might be the culprit. While you're still in failsafe, do a 'mv ~/.compiz ~/compizconfig-backup' and try logging into a normal session01:13
vmsKiller--Tux: make sure you don't have any file browsers browsing the cd or terminals (or any programs)01:13
EruditeHermitwesku_: can you post your xorg.conf somewhere?01:13
Helminthejrib: the ot message is not helpful in any way for someone who cannot discern what part of their computer is not working01:13
EruditeHermitisilion: you figure it out?01:13
MalfermitaKodoI know it's strange, but the mouse runs but needs an entry in the Xorg.conf to work really well01:14
dean0nullwhat program would be the easiest way to get connected to my online network?01:14
nylaxwhats an optimal swap partition size for a system with 4GB of ram ?01:14
mongolaican someone point me to a tutorial in getting pulseaudio to stream sound to a different in hardy?01:14
MalfermitaKodonylax: do you need swap at all then ;)01:14
mongolai*different computer01:14
alph4__I'm having a problem with my 80211 subsystem, http://pastie.org/29549201:15
EruditeHermitnylax: anything over 4GB if you want to hibernate it01:15
Killer--Tuxvms  i dont have any programs open01:15
alph4__Can someone please assist?01:15
soundraynylax: it depends on whether you need hibernation. With, it would be 4.1GB, without, 512MB would be enough01:15
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info01:15
XiXaQis there any movieclip manager with similar features as rhythmbox? For instance, if you have music videos, you might want to arrange different playlists, give ratings to clips and play the your favorite clips manually, etc?01:15
Danskmandsoundray: ...So youre living in the UK....Maybe I can find something like it here in Germany....01:15
hspaansswap can make a system faster?01:16
isilionEruditeHermit: post is updated, hope it can help more ati-ubuntu users. once again, thanx. now im deeply happy with my computer01:16
mib_9nn3owHi, how do you reset the configuration file for a program in Ubuntu? My XChat is messed up and I just want to go through the first walkthrough01:16
EruditeHermitisilion: cool01:16
XiXaQhspaans, yes.01:16
MalfermitaKodohspaans: nah, only prevent it from crashing!01:16
soundrayDanskmand: web.de does something similar (can't really recommend them from a customer experience point of view, though)01:16
jribmib_9nn3ow: mv ~/.xchat2/ ~/.xchat2.backup01:16
nylaxthanks  guys01:17
vmsKiller--Tux: tried unmounting from a terminal: umount /media/cdrom01:17
d2tehpwhat was the command to find the uuid of a hard drive, anyone remember?01:17
hspaansXiXaQ: time for rereading my Solaris Internals books I expect01:17
isilionEruditeHermit: one more thing. i saw a video showing a cube linux desktop.  id like to try that. do you know what application is responsable?01:18
unopd2tehp, sudo blkid01:18
Danskmandsoundray: Maybe my provider can do that....The thing is that I own a 1-person company and I cant use something that adds some kind of advertising or address-rewriting on the faxes...01:18
d2tehpah, thx unop01:18
=== dellubuntu is now known as DIL
lakitusoundray, didn't work, but good try01:18
mib_9nn3owHi, how do you reset the configuration file for a program in Ubuntu? My XChat is messed up and I just want to go through the first setup/walkthrough01:19
hspaansDanskmand: is efax.com nothing for you?01:19
alph4__Halp me: http://pastie.org/29549201:19
unopmib_9nn3ow, did you not see what jrib said to you??01:19
lakitusoundray: altho i noticed compiz was still in effect when i logged back in - shouldn't it've been off?01:19
* MalfermitaKodo is kinda annoyed with the setting01:19
soundraylakitu: no, moving its config doesn't disable it. It just recreates a default .compiz dir when you start it again01:20
mib_9nn3owi didnt, unop. sorry about that, and thank you jrib!01:20
naknomikIs there a way to install an app again? I lost some files, and I want to reinstall the package01:20
EruditeHermitisilion: compiz01:21
lakitusoundray, ok01:21
unopnaknomik,  sudo aptitude reinstall package_name01:21
Killer--Tuxvms what would be the best application to install the game cedega or wine01:21
EruditeHermitisilion: go to System-->Preferences->Appearance-->Visual Effects choose advanced01:21
gleesondhow do I ignore updates for a particular pkg?01:21
mib_9nn3owlast question, how do you install wine easiest?01:22
sacamanomib_9nn3ow, Applications->Add/Remove01:22
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mib_9nn3owty sacamano01:22
EruditeHermitisilion: or rather, choose Extra in Visual Effects01:22
lakitusoundray - what should i do?01:22
vmsKiller--Tux: first, i would wine app db at winehq.org, if it's not supported check cedega's db01:22
soundraylakitu: in case you decide to reset your gnome configuration, the command is 'gconftool --recursive-unset /'01:23
vmsKiller--Tux: use wine if it's supported, if not then you have to check cedega01:23
Killer--Tuxvms supported by both but the only thing is that i have no sound with wine01:23
MalfermitaKodoOkay, let me rephrase it: the first mouse is normally /dev/psaux... even if is it USB, fsor... what is the 2nd mouse?01:23
lakitusoundray, so e.g., i'd lose what.. theme - compiz configuration - what? what are some big things i'd lose -- i don't fully understand what gnome all encompasses01:23
unopgleesond,  echo "package_name hold" | sudo dpkg --set-selections01:24
nociveHi all! I have a weird synaptics touchpad behaviour with Ubuntu Hardy. The right click button also activated vertical scroll (down). Is there a way to remap the right touchpad button? Ideas? :)01:24
soundraylakitu: essentially everything you set via System-Preferences (what you set through System-Administration will be preserved)01:24
Helminthegleesond: good question, especially if holding back one package breaks dependencies for others..01:24
vmsKiller--Tux: run winecfg then and play with the sound settings.. if they say in the appdb the sound works im sure you can get it working01:25
gleesondHelminthe: I'm pretty sure screen is not a dependency for other pkgs01:25
lakitusoundray, ok - good explanation. i can handle that.01:25
MalfermitaKodonocive: do you happen to have an Acer Aspire One?01:25
EruditeHermitwesku_: still around?01:25
nociveHi all! I have a weird synaptics touchpad behaviour with Ubuntu Hardy. The right click button also activates vertical scroll down and the left button activates vertical scroll up. Is there a way to remap the right touchpad button? Ideas? :)01:25
nociveMalfermitaKodo: LG X100 (netbook also)01:25
Killer--Tuxvms i get audio test faild01:26
unopHelminthe, if a package is held - other packages that depend on it will be held back as well01:26
nociveMalfermitaKodo: is there a workaround for acer aspire one? maybe they have the same touchpads.01:26
chris__can someone help me (that is not idle) with ibex?01:26
lakitucool, it's back.01:26
MalfermitaKodonot really, my workaround is to use my external trackball01:26
lakitugood work soundray01:26
* lakitu busy preferring01:26
unop!8.10 | chris__01:26
ubottuchris__: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu01:26
soundraychris__: you need to ask in #ubuntu+101:26
chris__i did :( everyone is idle.....01:27
soundraylakitu: glad it worked01:27
eriscohow can I directly link two ubuntu computers together via ethernet?01:27
soundraychris__: it's still offtopic here01:27
MalfermitaKodoUbuntu+1? I'd expected ubuntu++ ;)01:27
nociveMalfermitaKodo: my solution is using the touchpad a standard mouse. I loose vertical scroll and all accidental taps are reported as clicks...01:27
hspaanschris__: very short question?01:27
d2tehpi ssh to my ubuntu box alot, and theres like a 4 second pause between when i type my username and when it prompts for the password, anyone know how to remove that delay?01:27
unoperisco, you'll need a special cross-over cable, if you have one, it's just a matter of assigning IP addresses to both machines.01:27
nociveI was hoping there could be some workaround or hack to remap the 2 click buttons.. :(01:28
eriscounop, a special cable? I just have a chunk of cat501:28
EruditeHermitisilion: you get it working?01:28
Helmintheunop: thanks, good to know. a suse-like "provides" without version info might have been useful too, for instances like me insisting on using firefox 1.5. don't ask why :)01:28
chris__yeah i cant enable my gfx because i can only load in safe gfx mode so it cant reconfigure my xorg config file...01:28
MalfermitaKodonocive: well, I have issues with touchpads anyways...01:28
jribd2tehp: no, but I would just use ssh keys and not be bothered with typing passwords01:28
nociveMalfermitaKodo: I don't like them either, but with a 10.6 " netbook it isn't very handy carrying an extra mouse around :X01:28
hspaanschris__: I don't do restricted drivers sorry01:29
Refeferhi guys, just updated ubuntu and it required a reset.  Now grub is throwing an Error 18 after I select my kernel version.  any ideas what happened?01:29
unoperisco,  a cross-over cable is a catX cable - just that it has a few wires crossed over on one end  -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethernet_crossover_cable01:29
eriscounop, can I use two chunks of cat5 and a hub?01:29
chris__hspaans, i don't care what it is as long as i can get something higher then 800x600 lol01:29
eriscounop, I have to work with what I have01:29
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
unoperisco, sure - that's what a hub is for01:29
soundraychris__: try 'gksudo displayconfig-gtk' and select an appropriate display type under Model:01:30
eriscounop, okay thanks01:30
naknomikI lost cupsd.conf from the cups package, how do I recover it?01:30
vmsKiller--Tux: can't help you with that, maybe some wine users here who can help01:30
naknomiknot the edited file, but the original01:30
Refeferany ideas?01:30
soundraynaknomik: 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall cupsys' should recover it01:31
Killer--Tuxvms thanks01:31
timetrapCan I ask a question?01:31
DanskmandSoundray: Ok.....I'm giving up for today...I fell asleep again !01:31
[Stythys]timetrap: hiya01:31
chris__soundray, invalid command01:31
timetrap[Stythys]: Hi! I have a question . . .01:31
[Stythys]fire away01:31
soundraynaknomik: if not, 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall cupsys-common'01:32
timetrap[Stythys]:okay I installed ubutnu01:32
timetrap[Stythys]: and I can't get my ipod to work01:32
soundraychris__: works in hardy...01:32
Danskmandsoundray: We'll meet tomorrow - fresh and smiling :-)01:32
timetrap[Stythys]: it sayz like, ipod not working . .01:32
soundray!ipod | timetrap01:32
ubottutimetrap: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod01:32
Helminthechris__: try downloading the latest beta driver from http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=14 run their installer and blacklist nv01:32
soundrayDanskmand: I wouldn't bet on it...01:32
soundrayDanskmand: quick pm?01:32
DanskmandSure !01:33
rainabbaI'm thinking my approach is fundamentally flawed. I have the Ubuntu Server Alt Disk and I'm trying to use it with Apache and Netboot to do a netboot install from a local mirror. Given the proper configuration, is that possible, or do I need another image/more packages?01:33
DanskmandWE'll do that !01:33
MalfermitaKodoOkay, let me rephrase it: the first mouse is normally /dev/psaux... even if is it USB, fsor... what is the 2nd mouse, which device?01:34
rainabbaPXE boot goes fine and I get far enough to specify a mirror manually, but then I get "Bad archive mirror". My Apache server is rooted at "\mnt\ubuntu-8.04.1-server-i386\dists\hardy" which contains a Release file, Release.gpg file, and the folders main and restricted.01:34
roganNo suitable demux plugin. This often means that the file format is not supported.   // i dont understand why amarok will only play selected mp4s but i have about 2000 songs that give me that error and id3 tags are all fucked up01:35
=== Craihhgney is now known as MothOnLovesLight
rainabbaWhen prompted for the "archive mirror directory" in the installer, the default is "/ubuntu/" which doesn't exist in the ISO image at all. What's up with this?01:36
MothOnLovesLightdoes anyone here use JanusVM?01:36
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: try 'grep event /var/log/Xorg.0.log'01:36
=== MothOnLovesLight is now known as MothOnLovesFlame
hspaansrogan: search on google for "id3v2 tag"01:36
MothOnLovesFlamedoes anyone here use JanusVM?01:36
[Stythys]Come! Use Arch! All your dreams will come true!01:36
FluFFy`Hello, I need some serious help. :)01:37
jspp_TELL US!!!01:37
FluFFy`I just tried installing Ubuntu. Or actually, I did install it, in dual boot mode. Now the problem is that it doesn't boot, and theres a small hint in what direction I need to be looking..01:37
jspp_What is the error message?01:38
godmode117does anyone know if Mondo can backup to DVDRs?01:38
FluFFy`As currently my RAID1 drive is rebuilding..01:38
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: I do not see any mentioning of the trackball01:38
MothOnLovesFlamedoes anyone here use JanusVM?01:38
bugalooguys, I have a eeepc (asus 701) running ubuntu-eee but I can't do my webcam works.. can anybody help me?01:38
roganhspaans: is there a plugin for amarok?01:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about janusvm01:38
FluFFy`I have RAID0 and RAID1 partitions in windows..this is a problem..right? It says status" failed on startup for those raid partitions..01:39
[TiZ]Startup-manager keeps changing the names of my grub menu entries! How do I make it stop?01:39
maestrolinuxhttp://s2.ar.bitefight.org/c.php?uid=19732 hello --!!! hola alguien me ayuda con esto01:39
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: anything hooked on /dev/input/event* there?01:39
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rainabbaFluFFy`: What raid controller?01:40
ogscbugaloo: is your webcam enabled in the bios? i've found that to be the case (inexplicably) on my 1000h and have heard that elsewhere01:40
TonnoHelp... I can open the terminal01:40
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: things like janusvm don't make sense when you only have one uplink for example01:40
FluFFy`Intel raid controller.01:40
MalfermitaKodo(--) Synaptics Touchpad auto-dev sets device to /dev/input/event701:40
MalfermitaKodo(**) Option "Device" "/dev/input/event7"01:40
WDCI am trying to switch desktops with Cntrl Alt right or left but it just moves the active window. It doesn't change the desktop01:40
MothOnLovesFlamewhat's an uplink?01:41
MalfermitaKodothat repeated several times01:41
WDCTonno: control alt backspace, then relogin01:41
rainabbaFluFFy`: More specific?01:41
[TiZ]Okay, one more time. Startup Manager keeps changing the names of my grub menu entries. How do I make it stop?01:41
FluFFy`My RAID1 fails when I boot up.01:41
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: connections to the internet01:41
MalfermitaKodosorry if that violated anti-flood policy01:41
rainabbaFluFFy`: The Raid controller, which one? (Intel makes and integrates many)01:41
hspaansFluFFy`: you mean ich-raid?01:41
TonnoWDC , what? :S01:41
Naaaatananyone managed to get knewz installed on Ubuntu?01:41
FluFFy`Oh right, let me check that.01:41
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: didn't see all your earlier messages, what type of controller is yours? usb?01:42
WDCTonno: Not that hard. On the keyboard hit Control + Alt + Backspace and then relogin and it should work01:42
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bobertdos[TiZ]: How exactly have they been changing?01:42
MothOnLovesFlamehspaans: can janusvm run java programs through tor?01:42
FluFFy`Intell Matrix Storage Console 7.601:42
rainabbaFluFFy`: ICH-Raid is known an Fake-raid in Linux because Linux doesn't recognize it as a "real" RAID controller. It isn't supported.01:42
Refeferhmm, ok, so why won't grub throw an error when I use a previous kernel version?   It's not like my hd changes sizes01:42
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: I have no clue how the touchpad is connected, but it uses /dev/psaux, the trackball, I want to configure uses USB01:42
TonnoWDC , ohh ok I get it now...01:43
rainabbaFluFFy`: If you tried to install to one of those arrays, you likely overwrote a single disk (or more) and killed the array.01:43
jspp_ime pallejas01:43
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: tor is one network you don't want to connect with01:43
bugalooogsc: webcam is ON01:43
FluFFy`rainabba, yes I probably did, it's being rebuild roght now.01:43
[TiZ]bobertdos: I used to have just 4 entries: Ubuntu 8.04.1, Ubuntu 8.04.1 (recovery), memtest86+, and Windows XP. Whenever I startup the Startup Manager, it changes the names of the first three to Debian GNU/Linux, kernel blah blah blah whatever, and adds a separator before the WinXP entry.01:43
MothOnLovesFlamehspaans:  why is that?01:43
bugalooogsc: I even tried to disable it and enable it again01:43
bugaloobut nothing01:43
rainabbaThen it's not failed, but degraded.01:43
bobertdosRefefer: Do you mean why WOULD it throw an error? (Just double checking)01:43
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: unplug the trackball, plug it back in, and check the last lines of 'dmesg' output. should give you some hint01:44
rainabbaFluFFy`:I've been through that issue a few times. Finally broke down and bought an SRCSAS18E off eBay for a few bucks.01:44
Refeferbobertdos: I just upgraded some packages in my distro and prior to that, ubunt was working fine01:44
ogscbugaloo: does the green light come on when you start cheese?01:44
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: less then 1% is legal and every security service is connected01:44
bugalooogsc: no01:44
FluFFy`rainabba, what is that?01:44
rainabbaFluFFy`: For pure Linux systems, Linux Software Raid is great.01:44
Refefernow when I load it up, it refuses the boot with the two most recent kernels claiming cylindor problems on the hd01:44
Refeferhowever, a less recent kernel still works fine01:44
rainabbaFluFFy`: Dedicated "Hardware" Raid controller that is 8channel and does SAS and SATAII01:44
rainabbagotta run01:45
MothOnLovesFlamehspaans:  what do you mean every security service is connected?01:45
FluFFy`Hmm, I actually wanted to make it a dual boot system. So then my best bet would be to get a hardware controller?01:45
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: and as long you don't have multiple uplinks connected to true different networks and internet exchanges then it's fake security01:46
ogscbugaloo: what is the output of 'cat /proc/acpi/asus/camera'?01:46
bugalooogsc: 101:47
MothOnLovesFlamehspaans: what security services are connected01:47
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: every secret service has multiple nodes running in the tor network01:47
Refeferanyone have any ideas?01:47
MothOnLovesFlamehspaans: most nodes are in central and northern europe01:47
drogI have my own secret service01:48
drogthat's how awesome I am01:48
jspp_No you dont01:48
drogNo, I don't01:48
chaddyRefefer: load up a kernel that works and fsck?01:48
Refeferhmm, time to reboot01:49
MothOnLovesFlamehspaans: but i dont know much about this, do  you know WHICH security services are connected?01:49
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: http://www.pastebin.ca/123060601:49
[TiZ]Okay, one more time. Startup Manager keeps changing the names of my grub menu entries. How do I make it stop?01:49
bugalooogsc: just for your consideration, the webcam used to work on windows01:50
MalfermitaKodoTiZ... how are things changed?01:50
After_Mathwhy cant I telnet to an open port on my localhost?01:50
RYknowAnyone here using a G15 Keyboard?01:50
Shakedownis there a GUI SSH client packaged in 8.04?01:50
chadderHarryR: do I need to mount my /swap partition from this old FreeBSD drive, will anything from that impact the previous setup?01:50
[TiZ]MalfermitaKodo: I used to have just 4 entries: Ubuntu 8.04.1, Ubuntu 8.04.1 (recovery), memtest86+, and Windows XP. Whenever I startup the Startup Manager, it changes the names of the first three to Debian GNU/Linux, kernel blah blah blah whatever, and adds a separator before the WinXP entry.01:50
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
MothOnLovesFlamehspaans: how about freenet?01:50
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: I'm not going to answer for more than one reason01:50
[TiZ]I want it to stop doing that.01:51
usserShakedown, putty, gftp01:51
MalfermitaKodotiz pastebin your menu.lst?01:51
MothOnLovesFlamehspaans: what reasons?01:51
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: and nothing about it in Xorg.0.log ?01:51
Shakedownusser: do those come with 8.04?01:51
After_MathHow can I telnet to an open port on my computer?01:51
[TiZ]MalfermitaKodo: You mean the one before startup manager changed the names, or the one after?01:51
RYknowhow can I change the output on the LCD of my G15 keybaord?01:52
RYknowI have G15composer...how do I use it? and do I need anything else?01:52
ogscbugaloo: i'm not sure what is going on. i'd try to check your uvcvideo driver installation, and if installed, update it to the latest version01:52
[TiZ]I backed up my menu.lst before I loaded startup manager, 'cos I was afraid it would do this. I can pastebin my old one, or my current one.01:52
csilkis there a way to tell ubuntu what nameserver to query?01:53
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: nothing01:53
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: there are enough papers on why networks like tor don't work in the Internet we now live in01:53
MothOnLovesFlamehspaans: what about things like freenet, I2P and GNUnet01:53
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ShakedownSo, I'm on my desktop and I SSH into my university's server. Now, I have a file on the server that I want to copy to my desktop, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to use scp in this situation. Anybody know of a good tutorial or able to walk me through a bit of it?01:54
ZEEROcan anyone help me? i cant open regedit in wine01:54
[TiZ]MalfermitaKodo: http://pastebin.com/f5293fcbc The menu.lst before startup manager changed it01:54
dtechis there any way to configure the display/screen/monitor settings in Hardy?01:54
ZEEROhow do i open regedit?01:54
csilkZEERO,  why would you want to use regedit?01:54
ZEEROcsilk, i need regedit to get ubuntu to run on wine01:55
csilkOh, i wasn't aware wine required ubuntu -_-01:55
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: when you have at least three connections and change them every four to six months maybe, but then other people start to ask questions01:55
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: no idea then, I was expecting you to see something like "config/hal: Adding input device Logitech USB Trackball"01:55
mongolaiShakedown, for hardy, you can go to Places>Connect To Server... and get an sftp session in nautilus01:55
ZEEROso can ANYONE help me use regedit?01:55
techqbertAnybody have Asus 1000 running 8.04 in here?01:56
[TiZ]ZEERO, what are you trying to do? "make ubuntu run on wine"? Don't you mean the other way around?01:56
ogsctechqbert: 1000h. does that count?01:56
MothOnLovesFlamehspaans:  do you care to elaborate in private?01:57
ZEERO[tiz] i meant world of warcraft01:57
ZEEROi need to use regedit to get wow running01:57
[TiZ]Oh. Hit alt+f2 and do "wine regedit"01:57
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: what is hal?01:57
ZEERO[TiZ] i tired it in a terminal and it didnt work\01:58
=== RiovaneGhost is now known as Riovane
[TiZ]Do you have wine installed?01:58
ZEERO[TiZ], yeah, its installed01:58
HEATHZhey... i instaled the ubuntu 8.0.401:58
Dreamglidercan anyone help me get youtube and ebaumsworld and such video sites to show video with out jerking ? i use firefor and ubuntu 8.0401:58
[TiZ]Well, running "wine regedit" from the run dialog should work.01:59
ZEERODreamglider, turn off hardware acceleration it the setup01:59
bugaloouvcvideo... ok, I'll try it01:59
[TiZ]Maybe you need a more up-to-date version, from the wine website01:59
techqbertogsc: yeah.  that does count ;) Could you tell me how playback is with HD content on vimeo.  Of the many clips, I recently stumbled on this one. www.shortner.com/24o will forward you there.01:59
ogscbugaloo: something along these lines... http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?pid=247477#p24747701:59
bugalooogsc: synaptic doesn't find any uvcvideo01:59
ZEERO[TiZ], i have the newest version01:59
bugaloois it normal?01:59
ogsctechqbert: just a sec, i'll check it out01:59
[TiZ]Well, I don't know what to tell you then. I'm sorry.01:59
ZEEROnow its working01:59
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: no I'm bound to certain rules, but search for electronic blow whistle and there are enough pdf's that will explain the situation to start with02:00
HEATHZhey... i instaled the ubuntu 8.04 but i'm without internet connection at home... anybody knows where can i download an image with the video and audio (mp3) codecs?02:00
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: a service that should be running on your system and that watches for input devices among others. what does " ps auxw | grep hald-addon-input" say?02:00
trueboskoHi there, anyone have any tips on playing HUGE files with VLC in Ubuntu? I notice on Ubuntu when I try to play an 8gb .mkv file it is choppy, but is fine on Windows02:00
hspaansMothOnLovesFlame: and now back to on-topic again02:00
GoanHi. How do I setup classpath for my Java02:00
Goanand MySQL JDBC02:00
bugalooogsc: thanks, I ll take a look02:00
techqberttruebosko: how did you get the .mkv file to play in VLC?  Last time I tried, I learned that the ubuntu devs don't compile .mkv into VLC.  I have to bring up my gentoo machine to watch the particular file02:01
Dreamglidercan anyone help me get youtube and ebaumsworld and such video sites to show video with out jerking ? hardware acceleration is off but itś still jerky02:01
[ICR]Hey. I'm trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server Edition. I don't have a CD writer to hand, so I can't burn the CD. I do, however, have an old Ubuntu Desktop Live CD. I managed to copy the iso to a small partition and get it to boot from the partition using grub. However, it now fails during the install when it tries to mount and check the CD drive. Any suggestions?02:02
GoanAlso, I have two jvm':  java-6-sun, and java-6-sun-
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: root      5192  0.0  0.2   3416  1152 ?        S    01:21   0:00 hald-addon-input: Listening on /dev/input/event8 /dev/input/event1 /dev/input/event3 /dev/input/event4 /dev/input/event5 /dev/input/event602:02
[ICR]step 8 and 9 from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=316093 doesn't work02:02
dexterviphow do i add an user ftp on pureftp?02:02
Dreamgliderlaptop is 2x2GHz 2Gb RAM and 256Mb ATI radio graphic card so it's fast enough02:03
Blue112Hello, can I have a little help ?02:03
ortsvorsteher !ask02:03
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:03
techqbertogsc: any luck with playback?  ever play a 720p vid on your 1000h?02:03
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: from your output earlier in pastebin, the trackball is on input10. can you try the old fashioned reboot with the device plugged in? no other ideas02:03
MalfermitaKodoHEATHZ: I think you can download the deb packages02:04
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: okay, I'll do it like in Windows!02:04
trueboskotechqbert: I dunno .. it just plays it out of the box :)02:04
ogsctechqbert: it was choppy...really choppy. i've tried watching a 720p of star trek nemesis and it didn't do too well. choppy as well02:04
Blue112I'm with irssi cause my gnome doesn't works, the gnome-panel freeze, then the entire desktop, and then, the screen go orange, then nothing. When I restart X and login again, I have just an gray rectangle at the top left of the screen (with nothing inside).02:05
MalfermitaKodoshould I write it in my xorg.conf or should I comment it02:05
csilkdextervip, please use google for simple question before running to IRC.. > http://download.pureftpd.org/pub/pure-ftpd/doc/README.Virtual-Users02:05
HEATHZMalfermitaKodo yeah... but download one by one and than try to install at home... after that i notice that theres a lot of dependences to install too...02:05
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: don't change xorg.conf yet02:05
MalfermitaKodoBlue112: mv your .gnome ?02:05
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Blue112MalfermitaKodo: What's inside ?02:06
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: okay, so I'll commentthe changes!02:06
HEATHZMalfermitaKodo 'cause of this i want an iso with the packages and dependecies02:06
trueboskohmm, trying Movie playet to play the .mkv02:06
MalfermitaKodoBlue112: your GNOME configuration02:06
Blue112MalfermitaKodo: (and with is .gnome2 ?)02:06
Blue112what is*02:06
Dreamglidermore info: playback on youtube, ebaumsworld, snuffx, youporn (All video sites) is jerky, i have firefox 303 Ubuntu 8.04 and use the adobe flash plugin, the pc is 2x2GHz 2Gb ram and 256Mb ati radeon graphic card. the video loads fast so that's not the problem.02:06
Blue112not with, sorry.02:06
Goanjava.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver ... can someone please tell me how to set the classpath for this driver?02:07
techqbertogsc: ah that was my fear.02:07
Dreamglideroh and hardware acceleration is off02:07
techqberttruebosko: out of the box with an intel-atom ubuntu 8.04 machine?02:07
techqbertogsc: thanks for testing for me02:07
ogsctechqbert: are you running a 1000?02:07
trueboskotechqbert: I'm using the ATI drivers02:08
hspaansGoan: http://www.google.nl/search?q=unix+mysql+classpath02:08
trueboskoAnd it seems that movie player so far is not skipping where VLC was02:08
trueboskoIt's a good movie too, I wanna watch it :)02:08
techqbertogsc: nope.  old p4 with 64-bit graphics card that skips VLC on 720p and skips on vimeo02:08
nraicWhat is the name of that gnome app that monitors that network traffic, cpu usage, and something else02:08
nraicit has 3 or 4 black boxes02:09
Refeferugh, no such luck02:09
Refefermy partition is fine02:09
trueboskoheh, when I browse am edia heavy website the video begins slowing. You can tell an 8gb file is tough :)02:09
HEATHZhey... i instaled the ubuntu 8.04 but i'm without internet connection at home... anybody knows where can i download an image with the video and audio (mp3) codecs?02:09
techqbertogsc: why do you think the asus 1000h skips on vimeo and 720p?02:09
* techqbert has seen 720p play well under windows through youtube videos users put up02:09
Helminthenraic: gnome-system-monitor - Process viewer and system resource monitor for GNOME 202:10
Refeferany grub gurus out there?02:10
ogsctechqbert: i'm not real sure...we use vimeo for playback at work and i've found it to require more 'juice' to run than other online providers02:10
CoRnJuLiOxhey, to install kubuntu from gnome, you just install the kubuntu-desktop package from synaptic, right?02:11
trueboskoOk, real question. I removed kde from my package manager but now my Ubuntu update manager wants me to install 200+ kde related packages02:11
racquadhi guys! I have ubuntu 8.04 installed on an acer one and I just upgraded to 8.10. the thing is that the video is strange, too slow. to move a window is a pain.02:11
trueboskoI dont want KDE so .. what should I do?02:11
nraicHelminthe, does it already come with ubuntu02:11
ogsctechqbert: that may have something to do with it...but i'm not an expert :)02:11
racquadthe chipset is intel 945. on 8.04 it worked very gently, but on 8.10 its too slow02:11
HelmintheRefefer: only two in total alive, I think :) please detail your problem02:11
nylaxhello guys02:11
Helminthenraic: of course, that is the package name02:12
nylaxcurrently in Ubuntu 6402:12
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sayersHow do I have an apache userdir ( ) ?02:12
racquadto scroll firefox, for example, is a really pain. very slow02:12
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RefeferHelminthe: I recently did a routine update using the update utility on my laptop.  As of that point it was working perfeclty fine.  It requested that I reboot the machine and after I did, I can only get an older kernel, 16, to booth02:13
Refeferer, boot02:13
MalfermitaKodo http://pastebin.ca/123062102:13
Refeferotherwise I get an Error 18 - Cylindor problem02:13
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: that's what it says now02:13
techqbertogsc: thanks for all the assistance bro02:13
ogsctechqbert: no problem, any time02:14
trueboskoAnyone know how Gnome Movie player finds subtitles? I have an .srt file in the same directory but it's not recognizing it02:14
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: so it ignores your trackpad completely02:14
trueboskoah found it .. requires command line02:14
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: well, not, the trackball works...02:15
ReyReyHey guys.. I want to install a new ROM on my windows smartphone but needs windows activesync, is there a way to install my ROM on Ubuntu? I read that activesync on wine has a 'garbage' rating btw02:15
nraicHelminthe, I am talking about one that sits on top menu bar02:15
racquadany idea, anyone?02:15
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: I just want to setup it to be able to scroll02:15
Refefertruebosko: I h ave no idea if it will, but I know VLC player plays subtitles perfectly02:16
mongolaican anyone point me to a tutorial to get pulseaudio to redirect audio over the LAN on hardy?02:16
Blue112I'm with irssi cause my gnome doesn't works, the gnome-panel freeze, then the entire desktop, and then, the screen go orange, then nothing. When I restart X and login again, I have just an gray rectangle at the top left of the screen (with nothing inside). I have exactly the same issue with a new user.02:16
Dreamglideris there any way to get ubuntu to speed up CPU i am currently running at 50%  !02:17
MTecknologyBlue112: can you pastebin your .xsession-errors ?02:17
Blue112MTecknology: I can't, i'm in tty >_<02:17
MalfermitaKodoBlue112: lynx?02:17
MTecknologyDreamglider: dual core?02:17
Blue112MalfermitaKodo, MTecknology, there's no errors into.02:18
RefeferDreamglider: you machine is possibly scaling the cpu based on how much you need, or as MTecknology said it could be a dual core machine02:18
DreamgliderMTecknology, yes02:18
MTecknologyBlue112: Can you login to a failsafe gnome or a failsafe terminal?02:18
ReyReyHey guys.. I want to install a new ROM on my windows smartphone but needs windows activesync, is there a way to install my ROM on Ubuntu? I read that activesync on wine has a 'garbage' rating btw02:18
RefeferDreamglider: you're probably running a program which can only use 1 core02:18
Blue112MTecknology: I don't know what do you mean.02:18
MTecknologyDreamglider: then you have one process that's eating upu one proc, and the other proc is serving other processes02:18
jioyoif your life without computer02:19
MTecknologyBlue112: in the gnome login you have an option to log into a different session, try failsafe gnome02:19
Dreamglideri have "CPU Freq monitor" on my panel it says the pcu is running at 1GHz02:19
Blue112MTecknology: The failsafe gnome has the same issue :(02:19
Dreamglidercant i manualy set it to run at full speed ?02:20
RefeferDreamglider: sure, but there would be no point02:20
MalfermitaKodo http://pastebin.ca/123063002:20
GaMbi_DKanyone who can tell me how to / if it is possible to drag a window from my monitor onto my TV (using Separate X screen) - I need this so I can use my desktops and watching a movie on TV-out at the same time02:20
MTecknologyDreamglider: If you want to get ambitious, you can try to recompile the application to support dual core - if they coded it02:20
MalfermitaKodoThat's my xorg.conf02:20
nraicDoes anyone know that name of a application that sits on the top menu bar in gnome and monitors the cpu, network etc02:20
MTecknologyBlue112: what about failsafe terminal?02:20
RefeferUbuntu automatically scales it (assuming default settings) so that if you need more cpu power, they'll make it run faster02:20
Blue112MTecknology: I'm trying.02:20
FFEMTcJis anyone familiar with rsnapshot? i want to set it up.. but the server im wanting to set it up on, I can't modify anything in the /etc dir. Is it possible to put the conifg file in another folder and run it?02:21
DreamgliderMTecknology, that's way to complicated for a newb like me.02:21
Blue112MTecknology: It works.02:21
onexusedMy brother started to save a document with open office on his USB flash drive, then pulled the drive before it was done (no unmount).  OOffice froze, lagging the computer and wouldn't shut off even with sudo kill -9.  I rebooted.  What can I do next time?02:21
jioyowho can tell me if your life without computer02:21
MTecknologyBlue112: You may be able to mv ~/.gnome ~/.gnome-bak to make it work...02:21
nraicWhat is the application name that create the 4 boxes on the bottom task bar02:21
chadderif i wanted to do a 'cp' on the /var/lib/mysql folders which options do i use to copy all the required files successfully?02:21
NaRcZeasy to way to share ubuntu and vista?02:21
MTecknologyBlue112: this will partially let you start from scratch...02:21
chaddersometimes i get overloaded with the man lol02:21
csilkNaRcZ,  share?02:22
onexusedNaRcZ: Share files between?  a FAT32 partition.02:22
NaRcZexchange files, samba?02:22
Blue112MTecknology: I've already moved a lot of directories to bak, I even created a new user, but it still doesn't work.02:22
MTecknologyNaRcZ: I make an extra NTFS partition that I let windows and ubuntu mount as read/write02:22
NaRcZno network, between 2 computers on a network02:22
OntologIs there any service I can restart to fix the sound system when it goes to hell?02:22
csilk<NaRcZ> no network, between 2 computers on a network      ????????/02:22
Blue112MTecknology: (i'm currently on tty with irssi)02:22
MTecknologyBlue112: useradd -m -s /bin/bash newuser ??02:22
bruenigOntolog: are you talking about alsa?02:23
onexusedNaRcZ: When I had a Windows comp, I shared a folder from it and used samba from this one.  That worked well for me.02:23
NaRcZi meant no, network, i want to exchange files between an ubuntu and a vista on the same network02:23
MTecknologyBlue112: if You don't use -m then they can't log into a session02:23
Blue112MTecknology: I've done sudo adduser newuser, isn't that good ?02:23
csilkNaRcZ,  you are saying there is no network but both machines are on the same network?02:23
MTecknologyBlue112: -m makes a home directory - the user can't log in without it02:23
Dreamgliderone more question: playback on youtube, ebaumsworld, snuffx, youporn (All video sites) is jerky, i have firefox 303 Ubuntu 8.04 and use the adobe flash plugin, the pc is 2x2GHz(Running at 50% apparently) 2Gb ram and 256Mb ati radeon graphic card. the video loads fast so that's not the problem, i have disabled the hardware acceleration also but no luck, anyone know what i can do to fix this ?02:23
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
BCM34csilk: no network yet02:24
csilkMTecknology,  youporn??? lol02:24
Blue112MTecknology: It has a home directory, and I've logued with it. The issue is the same.02:24
NaRcZvery simple problem, I am on a network with 2 cpus. One being vista the other ubuntu, I want to exchange .mp3's02:24
Ontologbruenig: i don't know which sound system is being used02:24
MTecknologycsilk: what?02:24
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: is it possible just to uncomment the part in my xorg.conf relating to the trackball?02:24
MTecknologyBlue112: and no .xsession-errors ??02:24
Blue112MTecknology: The file exists, but contains no errors.02:24
MalfermitaKodoNaRcZ: Samba? Ftp?02:25
DigitalFizDreamglider, try flash player 10 seems to be fixing a lot of peoples problems its still beta but seems to perform better then 902:25
NaRcZi right clicked on folder and clicked share, installed samba, but vista can not find the folder02:25
MTecknologyBlue112: 8.10 or 8.0402:25
HelmintheMalfermitaKodo: of course02:25
bruenigOntolog: well nonetheless, sound is typically a kernel thing so02:25
Blue112MTecknology: 8.04 :)02:25
BCM34DigitalFiz: I think it is out of beta now02:25
DigitalFizDreamglider, its a real easy upgrad too its a simple file replace02:25
DigitalFizBCM34, havent checked since i installed it maybe i should get the newest hehe02:26
NaRcZWhat more do you do, after right clicking on a folder, clicking share, installing samba...why is the folder on ubuntu not discoverable from a vista machine02:26
csilkDreamglider, youporn, lol....02:26
MTecknologyBlue112: I'm not sure...02:26
renegade420how can i mount and write to a removable fat32 disk02:26
MTecknologyBlue112: when did this happen?02:26
kwyjiboi accidentally removed some video codecs somehow, and attempted to reinstall them, but now there is pixelation and banding. how can i reset it to ubuntu factory default video playback?02:26
Refefercsilk: can't fault honesty ;)02:26
Blue112MTecknology: Today >_<02:27
d2tehpin ubuntu 8.04 how can i make gdm not start at boot?02:27
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: okay... expect X11 to go up in flames in 302:27
mongolaiI just discovered a strange bug -- I'm currently logged onto a remote computer (with my own account) through a remote X-session and when the *other* user inserted an audio CD, Rythymbox window popped up here...02:27
MTecknologyBlue112: after any updates or anything?02:27
NaRcZNobody has ever had the issue of network sharing an ubuntu with an xp family, etc. wow02:27
Blue112MTecknology: About 4 hours ago. I've puted a livecd, and use it for fsck, but nothing.02:27
d2tehpNaRcZ did you install samba02:27
MalfermitaKodod2tehp: remove the symlink to gdm in /etc/rc5d.02:27
NaRcZsamba installed02:27
MTecknologyBlue112: did this happen after fsck or before?02:28
d2tehpNaRcZ both computers in same workgroup? can you see the ubuntu box?02:28
Blue112MTecknology: I've removed pulseaudio, but I don't think it's linked.02:28
renegade420how can i mount and write to a removable fat32 disk?02:28
Blue112MTecknology: Before02:28
NaRcZd2tehp: ubuntu box?02:28
kwyjibocan someone please help me put gnome video playback packages to ubuntu installation defaults? :<02:28
Dreamglidercsilk, youporn, redtube, snuffx, whatever site they are all jerky as in video is lagging :P02:28
MalfermitaKodorenegade420: not working defaultly?02:28
MTecknologyBlue112: how long have it been running ok?02:28
d2tehpNaRcZ can you see the ubuntu machine from the vista machine?02:29
MTecknology!o4o | Dreamglider02:29
ubottuDreamglider: Some things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)02:29
Blue112MTecknology: About 1 year >_<02:29
NaRcZd2tehp: no thats the problem02:29
renegade420MalfermitaKodo, nope ihave to mount manually02:29
MalfermitaKodoDreamglider: say godtube ;)02:29
Dreamgliderplyahh !02:29
Helmintherenegade420: this should be handled automagically by ubuntu. if not, mount -tvfat /dev/xxx somefolder -o rw,umask=000002:29
DreamgliderGoodtube perhaps02:29
d2tehpNaRcZ edit your /etc/samba/smb.conf and make sure you are in the same workgroup, there may be a gui way to do this, i always use command line02:30
NaRcZd2tehp: ok im gonna check it02:30
MTecknologyBlue112: So it was running fine for a year. You didn't do any updates. You haven't altered anything other than removing pulseaudio. And it just happened after turning on your computer a few hours ago. ??02:30
kwyjibosurely this is an easy problem? setting some packages back to installation defaults?02:30
d2tehpalso see if you can get to the ubuntu machine by ip, on vista hold the windows key and hit r then type \\ip.of.ubuntu.box\02:31
FFEMTcJis anyone familiar with rsnapshot? i want to set it up.. but the server im wanting to set it up on, I can't modify anything in the /etc dir. Is it possible to put the conifg file in another folder and run it?02:31
Blue112MTecknology: I've done the ubuntu's security upgrade, as usual. But that's it, i really don't know why that happens >_< maybe a broken file.02:31
MTecknologyBlue112: can you do sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade02:32
DigitalFizBCM34, your right its out of beta now02:32
Blue112MTecknology: Ok.02:32
{alejandro}hey I did the latest upgrades for today and restarted my computer and now my sound card isn't reading02:32
Blue112MTecknology: It says that it has nothing to do (with full-upgrade)02:33
MTecknologyBlue112: You're using aptitude, not full-upgrade, right?02:33
Blue112MTecknology: ?02:33
XiXaQdoes anyone know if gimmie is still being developed or if it's died?02:33
MTecknologyI can see the upgrades available right now because vmware is messing with me02:33
Blue112Usually I use apt-get >_<02:34
MTecknologyBlue112: do exactly what I wrote above02:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about convert02:34
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!02:34
Bhavesheasy way to convert debian 4.0 to Ubunbu?02:34
{alejandro}What should my first step be if my sound card just stopped working?02:34
Blue112MTecknology: That's what I've done. sudo aptitude update give me a lot a lines, but no errors. sudo aptitude full-upgrade gives me also a lot of line, which says that it has nothing to do >_<02:35
MTecknologyBhavesh: do you have your /home on a separate partition?02:35
GaMbi_DKhow do i drag a window from monitor to TV using separate X screen?02:35
MalfermitaKodo{alejandro}: dmesg |tail02:35
BhaveshMTecknology: yes.. actually i just installed debian 4.0 3 hrs a go02:35
kwyjibocan someone please help me put gnome video playback packages to ubuntu installation defaults? mine is broken somehow. pixellated, colour banding. :<02:35
=== ERROR_SUCCESS is now known as less_annoying
demismI added an ext3 partition to my disc, I can't get it to automount when I reboot. It is my new /home02:35
MalfermitaKodoHelminthe: Thanks! it works now!02:35
MTecknologyBlue112: what happens if you try to reinstall pulseaudio02:36
{alejandro}MalfermitaKodo I don't see any info on sound...02:36
MTecknologyBlue112: I have one more idea after that, but you won't completely like it02:36
{alejandro}hm without tail...02:36
Bhaveshdemism: did you edit /etc/fstab with new information?02:36
Blue112MTecknology: Hum, I really don't think it's linked, but I'm trying...02:36
MTecknologyBlue112: I wouldn't think so - but perhaps....02:36
kwyjiboso frustrating02:36
demismBhavesh: yes I copied the parameters of my / directory and just added auto to it02:36
Blue112MTecknology: Ok, I have an error message when I start gnome \o/02:36
Bhaveshdemism: you may also need to change the file system type from ext2 or whatever it was before to ext302:37
MTecknologyBlue112: what exactly does it say?02:37
demismBhavesh: I just added auto though, before it didn't work without it02:37
Blue112MTecknology: Its says that there is an error while trying to load gnome pref daemon (approximative traduction, it's in french...)02:37
Blue112MTecknology: "did not receive a reply..."02:37
Bhaveshbest way to convert is just to reinstall/install ubuntu?02:38
MTecknologyBhavesh: if you have /home on a different partition, then install ubuntu normally, point /home at the partition, and don't format it02:38
BhaveshMTecknology:  but no easy way to convert a fresh install of Debian to ubuntu?02:38
MTecknologyBhavesh: no - they're different distros ;)02:38
BhaveshMTecknology: darn i was hoping i can just update sources.list and go from there :)02:39
demismIs there a gui app that helps me reconfigure my fstab?02:39
chaddyBhavesh: chroot02:39
Bhaveshchaddy: what about chroot?02:39
MTecknologydemism: no02:39
chaddydepending what you want to do in ubuntu chroot might be enough, Bhavesh02:39
Bhaveshchaddy:  convert my exciting debian distro into ubuntu02:40
MTecknologyBlue112: If it's an issue with an installed application, you could try making a backup of installed apps, reinstall ubuntu, make sure to leave /home unformatted. Hopefully you always keep it on its own partition02:40
chaddyseperate /home partition and reinstall for that02:40
{alejandro}MalfermitaKodo I think this may indicate the problem - my kernel might be bad (I just updated it today) http://paste.ubuntu.com/59533/02:40
demismwhat is this new uuid format, and how can I find ti for one of my partitions?02:41
{alejandro}oh wait they left02:41
Bhaveshgot to see which version of desktop cd i have02:41
Bhaveshgot ubuntu desktop 8.04 CD will that work?02:41
chaddydemism: ls /dev/disk/by-uuid/ -ah02:41
MTecknologyBlue112: I'm sure there's a way to fix what happened, but if I were you, that would probably be the fastest/easiest way to get things working again02:41
MTecknologyBhavesh: yup02:41
unop!uuid | demism02:41
ubottudemism: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)02:41
Blue112MTecknology: I have only one partition... And I can't reinstall ubuntu, there are dell drivers on it, they will gone if I format :/ And, even if I reinstall, the 8.10 is coming soon... so install the 8.04 isn't a loose of time ?02:42
Bhaveshdoes ubuntu 8.04 or 8.10 have KDE 4?02:42
MTecknologyBlue112: If you have drivers that are only available for dell, there's a chance they will work in Ubuntu - but you can't directly convert from one distro to another02:43
MTecknologyBhavesh: Kubuntu 8.10 will have KDE402:43
{alejandro}I just updated to kernel version 2.6.24 - could that be the problem02:43
{alejandro}ah wait here it is02:43
Blue112MTecknology: I've buy this laptop with ubuntu. So everthing were on it >_< I rather fix it than reinstall :/02:44
DigitalFizwhats the ubuntu random chat channel?02:44
BhaveshMTecknology:  one last question.. easy to update 8.04 -> 8.10?02:44
MTecknologyBhavesh: sudo update-manager -d02:44
MTecknologyBhavesh: incredibly easy02:44
DigitalFizMTecknology, is there an actual release date for 8.10 yet?02:45
MTecknologyBlue112: I'm not sure what else to tell you :(02:45
BhaveshMTecknology: thank you.. be back in a bit with Ubuntu running :)02:45
MTecknologyDigitalFiz: has been for a while02:45
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu02:45
Bhaveshand i promise i will help others :)02:45
Blue112MTecknology: Can't I do something with the gnome settings daemon ?02:45
DigitalFizgetting close :D02:45
MTecknologyBlue112: if you used aptitude you could look back and uninstall the updates you installed to see if that helps02:45
MTecknologyBlue112: You could try to reinstall it02:46
Blue112MTecknology: How ?02:46
Blue112(reinstall it)02:46
MTecknologyBlue112: hrm.... aptitude install xubuntu-desktop02:46
MTecknologytry that02:46
Blue112xubuntu O_o ?02:46
MTecknologyit won't use gnome-settings-daemon02:46
MTecknologyand it's light weight02:47
MothOnLovesFlameanyone in here use JanusVM, I2P, GNUnet, Freenet?02:47
Blue112But I like gnome :(02:47
MTecknologyBlue112: just to try02:47
MTecknologyBlue112: you can remove it later ;)02:47
Blue112MTecknology: It's installing...02:48
keystr0kwhat's the best way to synchronize two directories? (bi-directionally)02:48
=== GM-Cosmo_PW is now known as cosmo18
MTecknologykeystr0k: rsync -ru02:48
meoblast001hi.... im setting up ardour on my sisters computer and it wont record, i turned on alsa and i can hear the sound comming in to the speakers02:48
keystr0kMTecknology, thanks!02:48
MTecknologykeystr0k: oh02:48
MTecknologykeystr0k: also --delete02:48
MTecknologykeystr0k: rsync -ru --delete   | recurse, update, delete files that no longer exist02:49
keystr0kMTecknology, Thanks for the explanation. Just finished reading the man page entries... That will be bi-directional though? I feel like it only modifies the target02:50
Blue112keystr0k: Make it twice \o/02:50
MTecknologykeystr0k: ya - that's target only... leave out --delete to make it sync both ways02:50
MTecknologywait.. no02:51
keystr0kMTecknology, if a file exists in the target, I want it to be copied to the source...02:51
MTecknologyrsync -ru remote-ip:/path/to/source /path/to/dest02:51
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MTecknologykeystr0k: you can make a script that does two different rsync commands, one to local, one to remote02:53
MTecknologyBlue112: how's it working?02:53
keystr0kMTecknology, yes... I was JUSt thinking that! Sounds great.02:53
blue112MTecknology: Hello again :p02:54
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blue112I'm on xubuntu, with konversation02:54
MothOnLovesFlamedoes anyone here have any advice for proxying Azureus? Do I just need to proxy the tracker?02:55
GeForce88bruenig, can i help you ?02:55
davidfHello, I'm having a dependency problem when trying to upgrade... I get errors that python2.4 is not configured yet, but it is installed, and I can't re-install it for the same reason.  Could anyone help with this?02:55
DigitalKiwihe can't talk ^_^02:55
MTecknologyblue112: unfortunately I need to go soon...02:56
danbh_intrepiddavidf: can you pastebin the error?02:56
* Robb_M peeks in and looks at bruenig....do you need something? you just ctcp versioned i think every person in this room....02:56
MTecknologyblue112: Try to open synaptic and reinstall gnome-settings-manger02:56
blue112MTecknology: It's a good solution for one moment :)02:56
MalfermitaKodogah! another issue with the selme system!02:56
davidfdanbh_intrepid, sure. Thanks.02:57
acalbazaanyone able to play presentations on parleys.com using ubuntu and ff3.0.3?  mine freeze after 2-3 seconds.... wondering if its a flex thing.02:57
cs_studentanyone here know how to get compiz fusion on hardy heron (not getting  any help on #compiz-fusion02:57
blue112MTecknology: Can't I install Ubuntu 8.10 Beta, then upgrade to stable when it released ?02:57
MTecknologyblue112: I need to go - I'll try to be back later - but at minimum, you could start a launchpad query or update to 8.10 when it comes out02:57
MTecknologyblue112: that works too02:57
blue112MTecknology: Thanks for help !02:57
MTecknologygood luck, let me know how it works and I'll help you more if I can02:57
Robb_Mcs_student: compiz-fusion is in hardy by default....02:58
cs_studentRobb_M, what about the window manager?02:58
Robb_Mcs_student: what do you mean?02:59
chaddycs_student: you might want to install compizconfig-settings-manager02:59
cs_studentie window themes and stuff (last time I used ubuntu I thought it had a theme manager as well)02:59
chaddyemerald themes are a bit harder to get, I think03:00
chaddyI had to get a feisty repo last I used them03:00
DigitalKiwignome-look.org or something03:00
Robb_Mcs_student, go to system, preferences, appearance....i believe it is...sorry...im in Kubuntu ATM...not much help.03:00
cs_studentRobb_M, yea, I just switched over from debian-kde today03:00
LoitererI accidently my ubuntu.03:00
chaddyvery good, Loiterer03:01
DigitalKiwiwhy would you do that cs_student ? :/03:01
chaddywe've had this before, haven't we, Loiterer?03:01
LoitererI switched to Windows.03:01
LoitererGood or bad?03:01
Robb_Mguys, not to sound rude, but can we move all non essential, (Non support) chatter elsewhere (preferably #ubuntu-offtopic)03:02
chaddydepends on your needs, Loiterer03:02
cs_studentDigitalKiwi, sick of the idea that everything has to be 100% open source or not supported03:02
chaddyLoiterer: in theory it should mean one less troll?03:02
DigitalKiwifair enough03:02
davidfdanbh_intrepid,  http://pastebin.com/d2152bfa3 This same thing happens when I try to upgrade anything.03:02
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cs_studentDigitalKiwi, I had to use a mix of the testing / unstable branch just to get support for my graphics driver, and it was a pain to install (from source) as well as most every other proprietary driver.03:03
who_amI am who_am.03:03
who_amHOW R U DOIN?03:03
xiamxhad anyone tried  apache+mono to run asp.net?  i have apache mono xsp modmono installed, but it just cant run aspx files03:04
cs_studentand I don't like my browser being called iceweasel =P03:04
danbh_intrepiddavidf: why are you installing python 2.4?03:04
quang1ehi guys. is there an easy way to upgrade to nspluginwrapper 1.1.2 on hardy? (I want to get windowless to work in flash 10)03:04
DigitalKiwiiceweasel is a good browser03:04
Dreami'm looking for backup/sync my computers through FTP, SHH, services or others? does anyone knew a good software/solution to do it on ubuntu pls?03:05
davidfdanbh_intrepid,  well, I'm not really. I just wanted to do a system update, and found nothing dependent on python2.4 (which is practically everything) will not update.03:05
xiamxhad anyone tried  apache+mono to run asp.net?  i have apache mono xsp modmono installed, but it just cant run aspx files03:05
Dreamfiles crypted would be a great +03:05
cs_studentDigitalKiwi, it is firefox03:05
alph4__I'm having a problem setting my wep key for a connection :<03:05
xiamxDream, write a bash script and set it as cron job easy03:05
alph4__Whenever I attempt to set a wep key I get the following: SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported.03:06
Dreamxiamx: hu hu, dont have too many time to do it ;)03:06
Dreamxiamx: then to crypt/ sync, ...03:06
bugalooguys... I have an asus eeepc (4g 701) and I'm having some problems with its webcam... I'm using uvcvideo module, and after some time I can get some video using luvcview software, but it's not working on cheese or skype... any ideas?03:07
xiamxDream, sync is kinda wast of time03:07
davidfdanbh_intrepid,  I meant nothing WILL update. Due to dependencies. So I thought about uninstalling pyton2.4 and reinstalling, but that would require removing about 130 programs along with it.03:07
danbh_intrepiddavidf: try this: sudo apt-get --purge remove python2.4 python2.4-minimal python2.4-dev python2.4-gdbm python2.4-tk03:07
Dreamxiamx: it could be not as simple as write few lines of bash code i think so :p03:07
danbh_intrepiddavidf: wrong command03:07
Dreamxiamx: why?03:07
xiamxDream, have you tried any online backup solution?03:07
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:07
Dreamxiamx: not ATM03:07
hiptobecubicI'm trying to apply a patch to the pidgin src and it doesn't seem like anything is happening. Here is the patch ( http://developer.pidgin.im/attachment/ticket/6604/6604.diff ) and i'm running it from the bottom of the source tree with: "patch -p0 6044.diff"03:08
davidfdanbh_intrepid,  ok....03:08
danbh_intrepiddavidf: sudo dpkg --purge remove python2.4 python2.4-minimal python2.4-dev python2.4-gdbm python2.4-tk03:08
Dreamxiamx: looked onto dropbox03:08
Dreamxiamx: but it's not crypted03:08
dmsupermanI have 2 X screens running, is it possible to move an application to another screen without closing it?03:08
davidfdanbh_intrepid, will that affect anything that depends on python2.4, like evolution, eg.?03:08
Dreamxiamx: and not really designed for linux03:08
danbh_intrepiddavidf: then sudo apt-get clean, and then try again maybe03:08
xiamxDream, yeah right03:09
Dreamxiamx: can't automatically sync my tomboys' notes eg03:09
danbh_intrepiddavidf: I think it will leave it in a broken state, btw, are you running hardy?03:09
xiamxDream,take a look on sourceforge03:09
Dreamxiamx: ok03:09
davidfdanbh_intrepid,  I didn't understand 'sudo apt-get clean?03:09
Dreamxiamx: do you know one good project?03:09
danbh_intrepiddavidf: its another command, that you run on a terminal03:10
Dreamxiamx: that you would recommand to me? :)03:10
davidfdanbh_intrepid, 6.06 LTS03:10
H3870... sorry, I am new to linux, knows someone tell me why an address ms-sql-s ping me on port 1433? Ubuntu 8.04, ADSL VOIP and broadband ...03:10
DIFH-iceroothow can i fix this error (on a sd-card) http://paste.ubuntu.com/59539/03:10
xiamxDream, nop03:10
Dreamxiamx: ok03:10
Dreamxiamx: thanks for your help ;)03:10
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu03:10
xiamxDream, np03:10
alph4__Whenever I attempt to set a wep key I get the following: SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported.03:11
danbh_intrepiddavidf: ah, well, give it a go, then install ubuntu-desktop and linux-generic.  If you need help with the commands for those, I can help there too.  And you should think about upgrading to hardy03:11
xiamxhave anyone tried  apache + mono ==> asp.net   I have a problem with it03:11
DIFH-icerootalph4__: sorry but why do you need WEP-Key? WEP is very very unsafe03:11
scunizialph4__, wep is hardly worth the effort.. but you'd probably have the same issues with wpa.. try wicd or wifi radar to do wireless.03:12
alph4__Yes I do need a wepkey, its the only access point.03:12
superspongewhat could possibly make apt-get show 404s when I try updating?03:12
alph4__Im not concerned with the security. WPA is no more secure.03:12
alph4__So, again.03:12
alph4__Whenever I attempt to set a wep key I get the following: SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported.03:12
DigitalKiwiwhat are you trying to set it with?03:12
superspongethe source mirrors aren't down and I can ping other things03:12
user03BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: )  :(  :D BBYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!03:13
davidfdanbh_intrepid, I'm not very knowlegeable. Install linux generic? desktop? BTW I have a great deal of important stuff on this box I can't afford to lose...03:13
Goanwhere i can find my jdk installation directory03:13
CVirusthat's what you get when we develop distros for n00bs03:13
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:14
scuniziGoan, sudo updatedb.... locate jkd03:14
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes03:14
DigitalKiwisolution: convert the noobs to real linux users03:14
fxtgearanyone else experiencing no sound in zsnes after recent update? maybe the kernel update broke it?03:14
danbh_intrepiddavidf: both of those packages are essential for the operation of your system03:15
guineais there a way to disable the "new login" button in xscreensaver without recompiling it? I am not using gdm...03:15
ubottuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", only for Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers03:16
danbh_intrepiddavidf: also, you may want a separate /home.  I dunno03:16
Goanscunizi, sudo updated?03:16
scuniziGoan, sudo updatedb03:16
ronzillacan i boot from my windows partition with VM ware or do i need to create a new build03:16
Goanwhen I run it.. it does not give me anything03:17
scuniziGoan, no it won't but it reindexes directories.. then after that "locate jdk" to get a list of all locations of jdk03:17
Goantks scunizi :-)03:18
scuniziGoan, handy tool.. np03:18
theCzarhey, does anyone know how I can start a background process in BASH?03:19
scuniziGoan, there's also "find" but I tend to like locate better.03:19
Goanscunizi this is the output http://pastebin.ca/123066903:19
Goani can find 2-3 jdks03:19
MalfermitaKodotheCzar: just add a & after its name03:19
FloodBot3user03: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:19
DigitalKiwidoes cron run by default? does it run updatedb?03:19
scuniziGoan, ok.. those are all the locations of the three letters "jdk".. what are you trying to do03:20
theCzarMalfermitaKodo: thanks03:20
davidfdanbh_intrepid, I can't remove python 2.4 because lots of other things depend on it. The command doesn't work. Same thing. Can't remove it, can't upgrade it. ARGHH!03:20
GoanI want to put a mysql jdbc jar file into my packages root folder03:20
XiXaQthis annoying thing that makes it difficult to have two applications use the audio interface.. Is there any fix for that?03:20
euzaofinalmente aprendi voz passiva!03:20
scuniziGoan, hang on..03:21
crlcan81I've already looked on the forums, left a request there, have yet to get an answer. Just wondering how exactly you get the Kildclient spelling setup. I got the libraries I was made aware of needing installed already.03:21
Goansure scunizi03:21
dimeanyone have a gui ftp client they'd like to suggest?03:22
Kr0ntabdime: gftp03:22
XiXaQdime, gnome has built-in support for it, you know?03:22
crlcan81I hate having to ask such a simple question. That's the only thing that bugs me about Kildclient. No idea how to setup the spellcheck.03:22
XiXaQdime, places > connect to.. > ftp03:22
scuniziGoan, you may find some tips here.. sorry I don't know more about java locations.. however if this is for a web server it may also be under /var/www someplace.. http://radio.javaranch.com/balajidl/2006/03/08/1141811168533.html03:23
dimei'm trying out gftp now03:23
dimeand i must say.. it's a piece of shit03:23
XiXaQdime, then make it better...03:23
scunizi!language | dime03:23
ubottudime: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:23
dimefirst thing was when i tried to download a dir, it created a dir that was d--------- so i had to go and chmod it03:24
crlcan81Only reason it's lacking is there's not always viable support or interest in such programs. Only way to make it better is just that.03:24
dimethen, the 2nd thing was even more odd03:25
Ghone_Hi guys.  I ran into a problem today and couldn't decide whether or not it's worth reporting as a bug so close to the next release which might well not have the bug.03:25
dimei was able to download some files in the directory, but not others03:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about remotedesktop03:25
ronzilla!remote desktop03:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about remote desktop03:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rdc03:25
dimei pasted the log there03:25
chadderBeen having problems installing Flash for Firefox.. non of the apt0get's don't work. I'm using an older 5.10 version.03:25
crlcan81you using gui or terminal?03:25
Goanscunizi, tks for the tips. I am checking this document.03:25
chadderany ifeas?03:25
MarcCanybody know why my DVD icon won't disappear after I unmount it?03:26
scuniziGoan, np. I hope it helps03:26
dimei have no idea why it can download 1 file but nothe the other?03:26
chadderbetter yet, how do I enable the Multiverse repository?03:26
lexrexi have a windows nas share on my network -- i was just transfering some files and now i can't get to the mount -- i get 'host not available' my terminal window is SUPER slow (like 5 minutes for an ls) what is going on here, can i do anything?03:26
crlcan81again dime, you using gui or terminal?03:26
dimegui gftp03:26
thiebaudechadder:software sources03:26
lexrexand i am on a pretty fast computer (brand new)03:27
Ghone_The kernel update that I got through update manager very recently... Is this the new kernel that will be used in Intrepid?03:27
thiebaudeghone_:which kernel is it?03:28
lexrexis there any fix for 'host is down'03:28
ElazarAnyone know why YouTube videos wouldn't show up on an updated install of Hardy?03:28
dimeit's not just the log file i downloaded03:28
dimei downloaded a .log, .m3u, several .jpg's, some .txt files and a .cue file all from that same directory03:28
chadderthiebaude: I don't have software sources, Under System > Administration ?03:28
dimebut it won't let me download the .flac files03:29
danbh_intrepiddavidf: try this : sudo dpkg --force-depends --purge python2.4-minimal python2.4 python2.4-dev python2.4-gdbm python2.4-tk && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get -f install03:29
lexrexis there a log file, web-page -- i was connected to my nas, now i can't ls in the directory -- 'host is down' is all i get03:29
lexrextried the help files/wiki, anyone point me in the right direction?03:30
lexrexnew to linux and really want to make this work03:30
thiebaudeGhone:I'am using the latest kernel on 8.10, 2.6.27-7 generic03:30
thiebaudechadder:can you add it03:30
Ghone_Is 2.6.27 the kernel used in Intrepid?03:31
dimeso.. no one has any suggestions for a gui ftp client? i mean, gftp looks ok, but i don't really feel like continuing to use it when i seem to encounter 2 pretty obvious bugs the first time i use it to do the simple task of downloading something03:32
thiebaudechadder:if you don't have it you would have to edit the menu then add it03:33
kenoisdime: how about filezilla?03:34
dimehrmm.. yeah.. will try that.. i've used filezilla on windows before so presuming it works, it'll be a friendly and familiar face..03:34
=== ggeecko_ is now known as ggeecko
unopdime,  I usually use ncftp, tho it's a command line util - if I really have to use a GUI client, it's nautilus03:36
kenoisdime: i've had no issues with it (hardy heron)03:36
dandrummersomebody brazil people03:36
MarcCdandrummer: #ubuntu-br03:36
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:36
droopsta915is there a way to burn an ubuntu disk with my current configs? I dont feel like looking for all the proper codecs everytime i install.03:36
dimewith gftp, you mean?03:37
unopdroopsta915, do you install codecs manually??03:37
droopsta915unop: yes03:37
dimeunop, i use cli when it suits me too, but there's just stuff that i insist on gui for.. directories with spaces or ()'s come to mind03:37
dimeor ascii in the filenames03:38
unopdroopsta915, that's a bit harsh on yourself - but sure, there are plenty of ways to !backup03:38
unopdime, if you quote filenames properly - you shouldn't have an issue03:38
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC03:39
mertherAsus has video card drivers for the integrated video for linux called ati_drv.o and radeon_drv.o and I'm supposed to replace the ones in the system with those but I can only find ati_drv.so and radeon_drv.so.  What's the difference and should I rename the .o to .so?03:39
droopsta915unop: how do u install all the codecs needed? sounds like im working to hard, lol.03:40
dimeexcept when i'm downloading 300 gigs of music files, i don't want to have to type or quote any filenames03:40
BlackGAWas wondering if someone could help me with a Distribution Upgrade problem?03:41
bill_how do i get compiz-settings?03:41
droopsta915whats a good backup app?03:41
unopdroopsta915, I generally use the w32codecs package from medibuntu - it has a majority of the popular codecs (if not all of them) -- on systems where w32codecs is not available I use the mplayer codec pack (which essentially has the same codecs)03:41
unopdroopsta915, http://www.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/codecs/03:42
droopsta915unop: can i find that in my applications?03:42
BlackGAWas wondering if someone could help me with a Distribution Upgrade problem?03:42
bill_anyone know how to get compiz-settings?03:42
unopdroopsta915, i'm not sure what you mean03:42
Gnea!info tikiwiki03:42
ubottuPackage tikiwiki does not exist in hardy03:42
K_DallasGood evening folks! Q: Is there a version of ubuntu which is optimized for intel dual core architectures? Thanks03:43
=== Tim-away is now known as TimStarling
droopsta915unop: how can i get w32codecs packages?03:43
smil3yBlackGA>  whats the question?03:43
unopdroopsta915, enable the medibuntu repository - then install w32codecs03:43
unop!w32codecs | droopsta91503:43
ubottudroopsta915: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:43
droopsta915unop: thanks03:44
dimewow, i get the exact same error with filezilla that i did with gftp.. so this is not a client issue.. something's wrong here03:44
merthershould I rename the ati_drv.o to ati_drv.so and replace the old ati_drv.so?03:44
Kr0ntabce_chantiq: hola03:46
ce_chantiqkrontab:lahohap jg................03:46
Kr0ntabce_chantiq: ah.. you don't say.  :-)03:46
ce_chantiqkrontab:ehmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yy pux fs g?????????????????????????????03:47
ce_chantiqkrontab:klo pux add q dunk...........................03:47
dexterviphow do i remove a group?03:47
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
Dave_VKmy ubuntu upgrade crapped itself.03:48
droopsta915bill: u still here?03:48
BlackGAI installed Ubuntu 8.10 Beta, and started the Distribution upgrade. Everything went fine with it, until it got the the Cleaning Up stage. It had to remove 2 packages. (linux-headers- and linux-headers- It has sat on removing linux-headers- for about 2 hours, and has not done anything. What should I do?03:48
techqbertogsc: so standby works on your asus 1000 right?  you said you're running eee ubuntu or just adam's kernel?03:48
unopdextervip,  groupdel perhaps?03:48
chadderthiebaude, im having troubles with the source of the non-free source - any chance you know the direct cmd or whatever?03:48
Kr0ntabBlackGA: join #Ubuntu+103:48
unopchadder, non-free means source isn't always available (and mostly not available)03:49
thiebaudechadder:I sure don't03:49
unopchadder, but ..   apt-get source package_name03:49
droopsta915bill: go to synaptic and install Compiz configuration settings manager03:49
dextervipdelgruop command not found03:50
chadderapt-get source flashplugin-mozilla03:50
NaaaatanWhen I right click a download in Firefox and click open containing folder, it opens in Nautilus instead of Dolphin, anyone know how to change this behaviour?03:50
mertherI'm trying to install drivers for my video card supplied by asus for linux can somebody assist?03:52
dimeyou've got to be kidding me03:55
dimeso i found out what was wrong03:55
crlcan81I still have the same question. Of how one sets up the kildclient's spellcheck. I already put a forum post in, a while ago, and it's yet to be answered. Just wondering what can be done to set up the spell checking for Kildclient, already have the spelling libraries installed.03:55
jrossaany one here help me set up a proxy03:55
dimeand why i couldn't download those files from filezilla or gftp03:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cruft03:55
bertodseracan anyone point me to a channel where I can get assistance for me to add a layout to X?03:55
crlcan81It was weeks ago that I posted it.03:55
MrTacowhat kind of proxy?03:55
dimeit's because the idiot who created those files03:55
jrossaweb proxy03:55
MrTacocgi, ssh?03:55
crlcan81do a search for tor.03:56
dimeput a whitepsace at the beginning of all the filenames03:56
=== MrTaco is now known as MisterTaco
donjr_KShow can I burn an ISO to a CD? the option doesn't pop up when I right click the immage, and no popup when I put in a blank CD03:56
nowimprovedOut of the blue, it seems as though my installation is destroyed, firefox doesn't work, X doesn't work with gnome desktop, it takes 10 minutes for firefox to open, what could possibly be going on?03:56
jrossasetting up a home proxy to bypass websense at work03:56
dimeand apparently, neither gftp or filezilla can handle that03:56
MisterTacoWhat OS are you running at home03:56
MisterTacoWhat OS at work?03:57
jrossai have it running on the network03:57
MisterTacoIM me.03:57
jrossabut i cant access it from outside of my network03:57
MisterTacoYou need to hook the router up03:57
jrossaworks fine at home auth and everything03:57
MisterTacoOpen the port redirection03:57
jrossai did03:57
MothOnLovesFlamedoes anyone here have any advice for proxying Azureus? Do I just need to proxy the tracker?03:57
MothOnLovesFlameanyone in here use JanusVM, I2P, GNUnet, Freenet?03:57
csilkMothOnLovesFlame, wouldnt that make your download extremely slow?03:58
MisterTacoOk, so you're trying to SSH tunnel to your home PC?03:58
MisterTacoFrom work?03:58
MothOnLovesFlamenot to proxy the tracker03:58
Asa_AI have a bluetooth headset and bluetooth dongle, I got the two to pair using whatever the default tool is (I just plugged in the dongle and the icon showed up on my bar). Now that I have my headset and computer paired, how do I get it to show up in PulseAudio so I can redirect my sound?03:58
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:58
crlcan81Any know anything about Kildclient?03:58
MisterTacocan you ssh to it from work?03:58
jrossait just keeps telling my  proxy server refusing connections03:59
MisterTacoCan you SSH to it from work...?03:59
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:59
jrossawindows at work   ubuntut at home  no shh at work03:59
MisterTacoOk, so you're using putty04:00
yoyonedjrossa: putty04:00
MothOnLovesFlameoff-topic question any females in here04:00
jrossai have firefox portable on a flash drive with my proxy setting04:01
crlcan81Hey.. no offtopic.04:01
MisterTacoAnd what is your proxy setting exactly?04:01
crlcan81there's a offtopic ubuntu channel04:01
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:01
jrossanot that04:01
GreedyBwhere are fonts stored in ubuntu?04:02
MisterTacoshould be (or whatever port you set)04:02
MisterTacolocal loop back04:02
jrossaport is 808004:02
MisterTacoIt's confusing at first, but once you get it, it all makes sense.04:02
MisterTacoDid you setup putty to proxy?04:02
crlcan81Wahahahah. Kildclient is a pain to setup spelles.04:03
crlcan81I got the aspell and gtk libs.04:03
jrossadont know what putty is04:03
MisterTacoOk, then that's your problem.04:03
MisterTacoOk, here goes...04:03
millertime_018hey one of my programs won't open it's own files by default04:04
dr_willisGreedyB,  for my 'user' i put extra fonts in .fonts  the X fonts can be kept in many places. i belive kde and gnome file managers have a fonts:// location that shows them as well04:04
yoyonedjrossa: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/04:04
MisterTacoYou need to get putty http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html04:04
MisterTacoYeah, that04:04
GreedyBdr_willis: thank you!04:04
Bhaveshinstallation is stuck at 80% "Configuring wvdial" for about 10 mins04:04
MisterTacoonce you get that, let us know.04:04
Bhaveshany suggestion?04:04
jrossawill that run on a flash drive?04:04
MisterTacoyes, the standalone one04:05
jrossais that for my home  or work04:05
MisterTacoStand alone one04:05
crlcan81Any suggestions for a mud client? I've used kildclient gmud and kmuddy.04:05
MisterTacohola. como se va?04:06
jrossaok i have putty04:06
MisterTacoOk, you need to change the command line of putty to create a ssh tunnel...04:07
jrossanote   i cannot install on work computer04:07
MisterTacothe easiest way is to use a .bat file04:07
tscmgaafter spend a day on configure ubuntu and many day on reinstall ubuntu ,i want to say fuck to all the ubuntu devolpes04:07
=== VorteX is now known as CapTech
tscmgaand after spend a hour on configure sudo , i want to say fuck to sudo develpers04:07
tscmgais this ubuntu channel04:07
MisterTacoCreate a txt file and put this in it "putty -D 8080 -P 22 -ssh " YOUR SERVER04:07
MisterTacono qoutes04:08
Bhaveshi am begining NOT to like this already04:08
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:08
danbh_intrepidtscmga: why were you configuring sudo?04:08
tscmgadanbh_intrepid: i have a scrip in my $HOME/bin , sudo can not find it04:09
tscmgai am too lazy to type sudo $HOME/bin/...04:09
yoyonedtscmga: did you add ~/bin to your path04:09
gTeaI'm looking for a way to fetch a package's required disk space from the terminal. I checked the apt man pages, but failed to find anything. Is this possible, and if so, please point me in the right direction.04:09
ronzilla_I installed the nvidia drivers via Hardware Drivers.  But i cant get the 2nd monitor to enable.  It was at least cloning the monitor before they were installed.  any ideas?04:09
MisterTacojrossa I IM u04:09
tscmgayoyoned: yes04:09
jeff__has anyone tried to use blender on ubuntu04:09
sjea_hi all04:09
danbh_intrepidtscmga: hmmm, yeah, I don't know much about linux paths either04:09
richardustrying to resize an NTFS partition with Vista on it, gparted is spending forever on "real resize" ntfsresize command.  is this normal?04:10
aba-alias command="sudo ~/bin/command"04:10
yoyonedtscmga: is the file executable04:10
jrossawhy dont i have to do this with any other proxy i use?04:10
angusthefuzzronzilla_: have you tried the proprietary nvidia config utility?04:11
tscmgaaba-: yes . it is a solution . haha . better than mine . i move the script to the home directry . i think alias it better04:11
tscmganow i am happy now , after say some fucks.04:12
ubottutscmga:: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:12
nowimprovedPlease, anyone with any similar experiences, Out of the blue, it seems as though my installation is destroyed, firefox doesn't work, X doesn't work with gnome desktop, it takes 10 minutes for firefox to open, what could possibly be going on?04:12
ronzilla_angus, im not sure how to run it to be honest04:13
nowimprovedI don't think any family would want to deal with linux, lol04:13
ronzilla_I tired downloading the drivers and running them with x server disabled but i was getting an error i did not write down04:13
ronzilla_thnk it was something with kernal04:14
cjsSo, how do I install skype? I have this .deb file....04:14
tscmgai am chinese. my english is not good . but complation(complation, or a words ) at english channel , i am happier than chinese channel .04:14
CapTechnowimproved: I had something sort of like that happen.04:14
dr_willisnowimproved,  ive had 10x the # of issues with windows then i have with linux. :) but at least linux lets you trouble shoot...04:14
angusthefuzzronzilla_: have you had the drivers working in the past?04:14
CapTechcjs: Type: sudo apt-get install skype04:14
nowimprovedCapTech, what did you do?04:14
Azlxive been trying to create a static ip, and everytime i do, it screws up my router and my modem, i need lots of help....04:14
nowimproveddr_willis, i used gentoo for three years04:14
dr_willisnowimproved,   I would suggest booting a live cd, and fscking the filesystems for a start to verify they are not currupted.04:14
ronzilla_nah, i had them working with openSUSE but i switched over04:14
CapTechnowimproved: I ended up having to delete: ~/.mozilla, and starting over with it.04:14
yoyonedcjs sudo dpkg -i skype.deb04:15
dr_willisnowimproved,  - i would also suggest making a NEW user and see if everything works with them with default settings.04:15
nowimprovedCapTech, yah i did that it seems anything that has to do with gnome is messed up04:15
nowimproveddr_willis, alright04:15
angusthefuzzronzilla_: can you use a pastebin service and let me know what is in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?04:15
dr_willisnowimproved,  if you are lucky its just some gnome setting confusions. (had that happenbefor)04:15
CapTechnowimproved: I agree with dr_willis.04:15
cjsCapTech, nope. "Couldn't find package skype." I was trying to use the deb file. yoyoned, thanks.04:15
CapTechnowimproved: What desktop are you using right now?04:16
yoyonedcjs: are you chris04:16
CapTechcjs: Yeah, sorry, missed that whole part where you said you had the deb file.  LOL.04:16
nowimprovedCapTech, right now I'm on fluxbox desktop...and I don't know what firefox has to do with gnome04:16
Dave|idanyone feel like helping me get a webcam working?? id is 045e:00f704:16
cjsHm. So it needs libqt4gui, but "apt-get install libqt4-gui" doesn't automatically bring in the dependencies. I need an option or something?04:16
CapTechnowimproved: Nothing.  It should work in any desktop.  Sounds like you have a hosed install.04:16
nowimprovedCaptech, but everything seems to work besides gnome stuff and I can't get into the gnome desktop...so I'm assuming its a gnome problem04:16
cjsyoyoned, No, I'm Curt. From Tokyo.04:17
nowimprovedCapTech, lol, seriously I can look at my last 10 commands, I rebooted the computer and this started happened, maybe their is corruption04:17
Gloomhi there04:17
nowimprovedBut I doubt it, I thought that a million times on gentoo04:17
CapTechnowimproved: What were you doing before you rebooted?04:18
ronzilla_angus, is there a section of the log file you need?04:18
CapTechnowimproved: I also noticed a package addon I did changed the default kernel from generic to server, which caused me a ton of problems.  You might want to check that too.04:18
angusthefuzzronzilla_: I just need any errors, most likely towards the end of the file04:18
GloomI'm trying to configure a RAID0 on my comp. The mobo has Nforce4 chipset. What should I use, dmraid or mdadm? Any performance difference? Any advantage?04:18
Dreamglideris it possible to have tree screens with ubuntu, my laptop has a VGA and a DVI(With a VGA adaptor on) can i use two vga screens, one on each side and the LCD at the same time ?04:18
blah561Why is it that after long usage time (a few hours), Firefox does not open, and Terminal does not open (It opens, however, it looks like it is attempting to open, however, it's inactive, and if you click on it, it asks you to "Force Quit."  Other applications such as OpenOffice.org and such still open, however.04:18
Azlxlooking for help with static ip's.04:19
cjsGrr...now it's telling me I have a broken package....04:19
CapTechcjs: Try running: sudo dpkg --configure -a04:19
yoyonedcjs: paste thee error04:19
cjsIt's some graphical thing, the update manager, I think.04:20
solid_liqah HAH!04:20
ronzilla_angus, not seeing any errors in the log file, its not very long either04:20
ronzilla_only one actuualy04:20
ronzilla_arkers: (--) probed, (**) from config file, (==) default setting,04:20
ronzilla_(++) from command line, (!!) notice, (II) informational,04:20
ronzilla_(WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.04:20
angusthefuzzronzilla_: are you in X or are you at a terminal?04:20
FloodBot2ronzilla_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:20
nowimprovedCapTech, like anything to do with gnome finally opens but then freezes04:20
blah561 Why is it that after long usage time (a few hours), Firefox does not open, and Terminal does not open (It opens, however, it looks like it is attempting to open, however, it's inactive, and if you click on it, it asks you to "Force Quit."  Other applications such as OpenOffice.org and such still open, however.04:20
cjsBut back to my original question, just for a sec, what do I need to do to get apt-get to install dependencies. I thought it would do that automatically with "apt-get install blah".04:20
nowimprovedWhereas anything kde and what not is fine04:21
ronzilla_right now im in X04:21
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto04:21
cjsOh, huh, it did install it; I wonder why I got the complaints?04:21
yoyonedcjs: apt-get -f update04:21
angusthefuzzronzilla_: you need to get the package nvidia-settings04:21
yoyonedcjs:  I meant to say apt-get -f upgrade04:21
ronzilla_nvidia-xconfig-1.0  ???04:22
angusthefuzzronzilla_: it can be run from the system->administrators menu and it will help you configure dual monitors04:22
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:22
blah561 Why is it that after long usage time (a few hours), Firefox does not open, and Terminal does not open (It opens, however, it looks like it is attempting to open, however, it's inactive, and if you click on it, it asks you to "Force Quit."  Other applications such as OpenOffice.org and such still open, however.04:22
angusthefuzzronzilla_: no, it is called "nvidia-settings"04:22
ubottublah561: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:22
CapTechnowimproved: Hmmm.  You could try to create a new login, then try to log in with that username and password, and see if things work for you there.04:23
scunizironzilla, from terminal sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings then sudo nvidia-settings to start and configure.04:23
nowimprovedCapTech, i'm looking that up right now04:23
CapTechnowimproved: If they don't, then it's highly likely you have a hosed install.04:23
ronzilla_run it from synaptic?04:23
* CapTech runs xubuntu.04:23
CapTechxfce FTW!04:23
thiebaudefrom a terminal04:23
Monkey_Anyone know why I'm not seeing the Broadcom STA driver?04:24
Monkey_In my Hardware Drivers window?04:24
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ajhtiredwolfHey, I have a network drive that is automatically mounted on start up, problem is it seems that it trys to mount it before the network starts, it also seems to have trouble unmounting it when shutting down the computer, it can cause it to hang for a very unreasonably long time, is there a way to specify that t he drive should be mounted AFTER the network is started?04:25
hmlwhat's broken in ubuntu beta? deciginb between ubuntu 8.04 vs 8.10beta04:25
eitreachhml: Might as well wait to the RC - it's in four days.04:25
dr_willishml,  wait 2 weeks to use 8.10 -  Unless ya really really gotta have it..04:26
=== qwerfd is now known as keram
thiebaudenothing broke for me04:26
hmleitreach dr_willis : suggestion is to use 8.04 instead?04:26
ronzilla_thanks for you help guys, I will try it out04:26
hmleitreach dr_willis : or will it be trivial to upgrade from 8.10 beta?04:26
eitreachhml: But, there are some redraw-issues. That's pretty much what I've experienced.04:26
scunizihml, are you thinking of installing for the first time? or upgrading?04:26
eitreachhml: I already like 8.10 better than 8.04, although it's only in beta. PulseAudio works much better.04:26
dr_willishml,  proberly..  If you got a fast connection and dont mind updates every day.. go with 8.10 -04:27
thiebaudeeitreach:I agree04:27
yoyonedajhtiredwolf: try http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=2&url=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntuforums.org%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D40543&ei=1Kj6SLzKNpDs1gbv4qgi&usg=AFQjCNFgZ9qhbx85JTVNWXQ5KYgp6um0Nw&sig2=BqqvpQ77RpMT2jMKB48EeA04:27
dr_willishml,  seems im getting 200+mb of updates every day for the last 2 days.04:27
hmli'm a grad student w/ fast internet connection and too much free time04:27
ronzilla_<angusthefuzz> ronzilla_: you need to get the package nvidia-settings04:27
eitreachIbex is going to be a killer release - but that's offtopic.04:27
ronzilla_E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)04:27
ronzilla_E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?04:27
thiebaudeme too, dr_willis04:27
yoyonedronzilla using sudo?04:28
eitreachhml: hop on 8.10 then - it feels extremely solid already, and it has some nice features and rather nice hardware support - and PA works wonderfully, as mentioned.04:28
angusthefuzzronzilla_: close synaptic04:28
scunizironzilla_, you have another program open that's using apt. like synaptic? add/remove?04:28
thiebaudei like the new search in synaptic04:28
eitreachand tabs in nautilus..04:28
nowimprovedBy the way, does this mean anything to anybody, [libslab_get_gconf_value: error getting /desktop/gnome/applications/main-menu/lock-down/user_modifiable_apps]04:29
nathan_Do you know if 8.10 has any better support for Atheros Wireless Cards?04:29
ajhtiredwolfyoyoned, has a good idea but no explenation >_<04:29
ronzilla_yeah that was it lol thanks04:29
ronzilla_ok thats installed04:29
scunizinathan-_, might ... there is a new atheros linux driver released...04:29
MisterTacoI get wacky characters in aptitude menu and my keyboard gets squirrely in VMWare, is there a setting I should be changing or something?04:29
eitreachnathan: I haven't tried, but wireless is a rather hyped feature - it should work better than in 8.04 in all cases.04:29
MisterTacoLike switching some encoding or what not?04:30
nathan_eitreach : : I heard, but I wasn't sure if it was included in the kernel yet04:30
nathan_Oops meant scunizi04:31
scuniziMisterTaco, you may be talking about two different things .. in vmware you have to install vmware tools to get better mouse/keyboard support.04:31
scunizinathan_, not sure but my bet is it will be.04:31
eitreachnathan-: best place to ask is #ubuntu+104:32
nathan_Ok think I will thanks04:32
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jonaskoelkerhi all.  Kernel 2.6.24-21 seems to have no ipw2200 firmware for my Intel 2915 ABG card.  Where can I find that?04:32
=== Guest73772 is now known as JustinRyan
=== JustinRyan is now known as Guest79704
RoadHazardI know this room is gnomish by nature, but maybe you can answer this, what is the kde app for burning an iso?04:33
jonaskoelker[taking a step back: my wireless nic fails to work with 2.6.24-21; it works with -18; /lib/firmware/2.6.24*18/.../ipw2200* exists, /lib/firmware/2.6.24*21/.../ipw2200* doesn't]04:33
jonaskoelkerRoadHazard: k3b04:33
angusthefuzzRoadHazard: k3b04:33
=== Guest79704 is now known as JustinRyan
CapTech'lo, cooldude1323304:33
ronzilla_guys, again thanks for your help...its working now :D04:33
cjsHm. So sound playback works (simultaneously through the speakers plugged into the back output and the headphones plugged into the front output), but recording (through a mic plugged into the front input on my case) doesn't work. thoughts?04:33
jonaskoelkerRoadHazard: welcomie :)04:33
cjs(Yes, I checked the mic. switch.)04:34
Lordcormugh, anyone know if 8.10 is going to fix some of the sound issues with the Intel HDA chip?04:34
Dalem50Does anyone know how to fix a problem I have? Ubuntu isn't booting, it keeps on saying the hard drive corrupted04:34
RoadHazarddoes the mic work plugged in the back of the machine?04:34
jonaskoelkerDalem50: do you have a live CD?04:34
cjsHow do I even test the mic? The "Sound capture" section of "Sound Preferences" seems, odd...04:34
CineScopeis there anyway to control a laptops fan with ubuntu? it runs all the time now, much louder than vista.04:35
Dalem50jonaskoelker:Not with me, no, but I do have a USB flash drive with Ubuntu what's bootable04:35
usserCineScope, yes sure what kind of cpu u have?04:35
=== steve_ is now known as smil3y
jonaskoelkerDalem50: so you have a LiveStick? ;)04:35
usserCineScope, can you post the contents of cat /proc/cpuinfo command?04:35
CapTechI'm not sure about the rest of you all, but I had nothing but problems on 8.04 with Pulse, I switched to OSS mode, and it works perfect.04:35
RoadHazardcjs: might try installing audacity and trying a mic recording04:36
CineScopeintel p860004:36
Dalem50jonaskoelker: I guess you could call it that. What I need to do is try to fix the partition because it won't boot. Vista on the other-hand works still.04:36
dr_willisCapTech,  havent had any sound issues at all..  But i hear it can depend on your sound card a great deal04:36
usserCineScope, right can open terminal and type sudo modprobe p4-clockmod04:36
usserCineScope, what does it say?04:36
CapTechYeah, I have the nvidia board with the built in sound... I need to get a sound card, just too cheap to do it.04:37
Anzahow can I delete an user and leave only mine working?04:37
newguyokay guys. im trying to install xubuntu and the when i get to the formatting part it freezes. i know its not an "ubuntu specific" question but i figured it'd be close04:37
newguyany ideas?04:37
CineScopesudo modprobe p4-clockmod04:38
* CapTech runs xubuntu.04:38
jonaskoelkerDalem50: what do you know works / is correctly structured?  The partition?  The file system(s)?  The boot sector?04:38
CineScopeFATAL: Module p4_clockmod not found.04:38
CapTechnewguy: What are you trying to format it as?04:38
newguyif anyone needs me to elaborate i can04:38
CapTechnewguy: Please do.04:38
thiebaudenewguy:how much memory does your computer have?04:38
Dalem50jonaskoelker: GRUB is working, but when I select Ubuntu, it loads, except it has a kernel panic when it's running bottom04:38
usserCineScope, right how about sudo modprobe speedstep-centrino04:39
RoadHazardanza: deluser username04:39
Dalem50jonaskoelker: Everything else is perfectly intact. That's why it's possible that I'm running Vista right now, on the same exact computer.04:39
RoadHazardanza err, sudo deluser username04:39
CineScopeFATAL: Module speedstep_centrino not found.04:39
cjsRoadHazard, actually, I just tried it with the built-in Sound Recorder application, and it didn't work; will Audacity make a difference?04:39
jonaskoelkerDalem50: "That's why it's possible that I'm running Vista" --- it could be that the file system that houses your linux install was corrupted, which wouldn't affect Vista04:40
maskrosQuestion: Wanna replace a Windows Server with a Linux dist. I actually only run Win for the Microsoft SQL Server which is needed for the one app we use on same server. But can I run Microsoft SQL Server in a Linux dist? Want to get away from the costly Win license..04:40
thiebaudenewguy:are you dual-booting?04:40
RoadHazardcjs: did you try in the back of the machine?04:40
jonaskoelkerDalem50: what's the kernel panic message?04:40
cjsRoadHazard, yes, same result.04:40
scunizicjs, are you running Hardy?  if so open a terminal and type .. killall pulseaudio .. then try again to record04:40
RoadHazardcjs: but it is making sound, sounds like the mic is muted in software somewhere04:41
Dalem50jonaskoelker: I don't remember exactly, except all I know is that it doesn't boot. Do you think I should run fsck from my "LiveStick"?04:41
usserCineScope, hm thats weird04:41
PovAddictmaskros: I'd think SQL Server is quite tied to Windows features (in such a way that wouldn't run on Wine)04:41
AnzaRoadHazard, I did it, and it says in the terminal its done, but the folder is still there04:41
cjsmaskros, No, you cannot run SQL server on Linux. I know a lot about this sort of database stuff, though; /m me or let's find a channel where it wont' be off topic if you want to chat about it.04:41
CineScopeusser: according to powertop it is running at 800Mhz 98.5% of the time  but the fan is still running04:41
cjsI did find it off on the mixer a while back, but that's now fixed.04:41
RoadHazardanza: sudo rm -R /home/username04:41
cjsI've got line-in and mic-in both full up and unmuted.04:41
csilkis there a standard ubuntu opengl packacge?04:42
jonaskoelkerDalem50: I don't think there are any indicators for fsck.  Could you run Linux and post the panic message in a pastebin?04:42
scunizicsilk, you mean an opengl video driver.. generic?04:43
Dalem50jonaskoelker: Allright, I guess I could do that. Let me check with other people to see what else I can doo.04:43
AnzaRoadHazard, lovely! its gone... Thank you. Do you know about a very good guide to install Age of empires III on ubuntu? I tried once but it didnt work, so I am dling a new torrent with the game and plan to try again04:43
usserCineScope, thats weird so it does scale? can u double check that by adding a cpu scaling applet to your panel and see if it lists different available frequencies04:43
RoadHazardanza: www.winehq.org04:43
cjsRoadHazard: Or I'm recording from something other than the mic. I've tried the various other inputs also available in Sound Recorder.04:43
csilkscunizi,  configure: error: this package requires OpenGL library04:43
ubuntu_toddhow to get the bluetooth information? I can just use hcitool dev to get little information of my bluetooth04:43
PovAddictAnza: buy the thing04:44
=== ensarman is now known as delfomaru
scunizicsilk, what kind of video card do you have?04:44
jonaskoelkerDalem50: how many options does grub give you?  Do they all panic?04:44
CineScopeusser, yep running at 80004:44
jonaskoelkerDalem50: it may be useful for those helping you to see your grub config files04:44
Dalem50jonaskoelker: Correct, they all panic04:44
csilkscunizi,  yeah i was hoping it wouldnt be video card specific, that pretty much makes it impossible to package this software04:44
AnzaPovAddict, Thanks for the advise04:44
cjsWell, I give up; I'll get my sysadmin to look at it another day. *Sigh*.04:45
scunizicsilk, so what kind of card?04:45
usserCineScope, when u click on it does it list other available frequencies04:45
PovAddictAnza: check Wine appdb04:45
Dalem50jonaskoelker: I'm pretty sure it's not the grub configuration files, I think it's the partition and it has bad blocks for some unknown reason.04:45
shoryukenhow do i remove firefox completely, as if it was never on here?04:45
PovAddictAnza: it lists reports by user saying if apps work or not04:45
daleachI have no sound, not since I reinstalled with hardy, any ideas, I tried sudo alsa force-reload but didn't seem to help.04:45
jonaskoelkerDalem50: have you shuffled any of the disks around [i.e. moved the IDE cables between them, added some or remove some]?04:45
csilkscunizi,  i have radeon 2400 hd04:45
jonaskoelkerDalem50: why do you think it's bad blocks?04:45
CineScopeusser, yes - 800, 1600, 240004:46
shoryukenhow do i remove firefox completely, as if it was never on here?04:46
dr_willisshoryuken,  remove the package with the purge option.. but that will NOT remove the users  settings for firefox.04:46
shoryukendr_willis: how do i purge?04:46
RelegatedWould anyone be able to help me get Counter Strike: Source sound working in Intrepid Ibex?04:46
CineScopeusser, switched it to performance and shot to 2400 but the fan speed stayed the same04:46
Dalem50jonaskoelker: I remember running fsck earlier before this. There were some errors, and I hit y. No, I had not moved the hard drive around, or that would have affected Vista as well.04:46
CapTechshoryuken: Do you also use Thunderbird?04:46
shoryukenCapTech: no04:47
dr_willisshoryuken,  the pakage manger has buttons/options for it i think.. or sudo apt-get remove --purge Packagename04:47
CapTechshoryuken: Try: sudo apt-get purge firefox && rm -Rf ~/.firefox ~/.mozilla04:47
MTecknologyfor i in /home/*; do rm -R $i/.mozilla; done04:47
PovAddictAnza: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=379504:47
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:47
jonaskoelkerDalem50: so fsck said something about bad blocks?04:47
RoadHazardRelegated: check if it works on www.winehq.org in the appdb section04:47
CineScopeusser, just wasn't sure if there was anyway to say don't run the fan so much04:47
usserCineScope, hm that is really strange. do you have all acpi modules installed sudo apt-get install acpi acpid acpi-support04:47
Dalem50jonaskoelker: Yes, fsck did.04:47
dr_willisremoving the users settings for 'firefox' is a bit of a different problem :)04:47
scunizicsilk, kinda sounds like you're compiling a program.. which I don't do yet.. however the packages from a correctly installed driver for your radeon might allow you to do what you need.. unfortunatly I'm running nvidia and not well versed in ATI..04:47
newguyCapTech,  sorry i got sidetracked im at a wedding. it freezes before openening partition manager and same with gparted. it says its in read only mode04:48
jonaskoelkerDalem50: Do you remember what?  Can you perhaps find out the exact message with a bit of help from google?04:48
brando1i'm trying to use samba for file sharing but i can't get root in the var/lib/samba/usershare file, what do i do?04:48
usserCineScope, no it should just spin slower if cpu scales down04:48
Dalem50jonaskoelker: Be a bit more specfic.04:48
CapTechnewguy: You mean, it is doing that on install?04:48
CineScopeusser, all three are installed.04:48
newguyCapTech,  install and gparted04:48
shoryukenalright awesome, thanks04:48
dr_willisbrando1,  what are you trying to do exactly? i dont rember ever needing to mess with /var/lib/samba/ANYTHING  befor.04:49
usserCineScope, im sorry i dont what the problem is04:49
jonaskoelkerDalem50: you said fsck said something about bad blocks.  What did it say, exactly?  [See above message from me]04:49
RoadHazardbleh, 2 hours to download hardy04:49
CineScopeusser, thanks for the assist anyway04:49
brando1im just trying to create a shared folder but I keep getting an error because i cant write to that folder, so i need to get wrote to change permissions but i dont know how04:49
Dalem50jonaskoelker: All I remember was a LOT of error messages, so that doesn't really help.04:50
jonaskoelkerI see04:50
brando1*root not wrote04:50
RelegatedRoadHazard, It has to do with Pulse Audio04:50
newguyCapTech,  any ideas04:50
Dalem50jonaskoelker: How about a fresh install of 8.10? I can deal with formatting it.04:50
RelegatedSome have gotten it to work but I duno04:50
RelegatedIt would be the same issue in hardy04:50
JosdellHey everybody, I just installed mupen64, and some random parts on object are weird colors or black, like all the butts of characters are black lol, any help is appreciated :) btw, am i supposed to use different plugins?04:50
CapTechnewguy: Have you ever installed ubuntu on this system before?04:50
Dalem50jonaskoelker: Though, I'd have to admit, it'd be much better if I could recover those files before formatting04:51
scunizibrando1, sudo chmod 777 <path/directory> .. for universal access04:51
newguyCapTech,  nope its for a friend04:51
ubottuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", only for Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers04:51
CapTechnewguy: Someone else asked, how much RAM is on the system?04:51
brando1scunizi, thanks04:51
jonaskoelkerDalem50: what file system are you using on the linux partition? you only have one, correct?04:51
scunizironzilla, do you have vmware installed? or just interested?04:51
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications04:51
newguyCapTech,  how do i check?04:52
scunizibrando1, np04:52
Dalem50jonaskoelker: I'm pretty sure I was using ext304:52
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.04:52
CapTechnewguy: Are you able to get to a command line?04:52
nathan-_how would I do ssh tunnels from multiple ports on the client to multiple servers, where the servers had the same ports in use, simultaneously?04:52
MTecknologyronzilla: I use virtualbox - high performance04:52
ronzillaim every interested actually04:52
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:52
newguyCapTech,  ive got terminal open04:52
ronzillabasically, i dont know much about it04:52
CapTechnewguy: Type: free04:52
ronzillaI am hoping to run my windows partition from within ubuntu04:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bootcamp04:53
ronzillaonly because i have some work related apps that i need to run04:53
shishiohi guys, i got a noob question. how do i set a process to a very high priority through terminal?04:53
PovAddictronzilla: don't04:53
newguyCapTech, Mem:        385000     379220       5780          0      25072     17916804:53
OmoikaneAlright, I want to try and tackle this one again. Every time I boot up my Kubuntu computer the login flash screen loads and I type in the correct password only to have it blink for a moment and reload the login flash screen, over and over. I have no idea why it's doing this and really need to get access to this computer.04:53
nathan-_shishio: nice04:53
ronzillawhat do you recommend?04:53
PovAddictronzilla: don't run a whole Windows partition in a virtual machine (even less in Wine)04:53
yoyonedshishio: man nice04:53
PovAddictif you have to use a Windows app, copy that into your Linux system, and run it on Wine04:54
RoadHazardOmoikane: youre entering username then password right?04:54
shishionathan : u know ?04:54
scunizironzilla, virtualbox is good but get it from their site if you're going to install.. also vmware is good but there are 2 versions.. 1.x.x and 2.x.x beta.. I've used both and prefer 2.x.x because it gives me access to the vm from any other machine without having to install anything else on the other machines..04:54
nathan-_shishio: nice04:54
PovAddictif you have to use a whole Windows system, install it from scratch on a VM (like virtualbox)04:54
brando1Ok, I tried "sudo chmod 777 var/lib/samba/usershare" and it said no such path, what am i missing?04:54
jonaskoelkerDalem50: there's an ext2 driver for windows.  You can use that to recover the files.  Or you can boot your LiveStick and access the file system.04:54
MTecknologyronzilla: first try wine - then go with virtualbox04:54
ronzillaalright, I'll try04:54
nathan-_shishio: nice is what sets process priority04:54
jonaskoelkerDalem50: that is, if you can mount the file system.  If not, maybe testdisk can help04:54
OmoikaneRoadhazard, yes. Both are correct. In fact I can login via ctrl+alt+f1 command line and was able to ssh into it.04:55
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.04:55
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox04:55
CapTechnewguy: Have you tried to verify the install disk is good?04:55
Dalem50jonaskoelker: Thanks, I'll look into it04:55
newguyCapTech,  yeah04:55
shishionathan: ok how to set up the nice?04:55
BlackGACan anyone help me installing ATI drivers? I have tried, and tried...04:55
CapTechnewguy: Do you have a regular Ubuntu install disk?04:55
RoadHazardBlackGA: Tried envy?04:55
ronzillasee what i would like to run is a program that requires SYbase and MS SQL server04:56
newguyCapTech,  just the live cd one. think thats the issue?04:56
lancerockehi all04:56
jonaskoelkerDalem50: yw04:56
ronzillacan wine do that?04:56
OmoikaneRoadhazard so you can see my confusion. I was thinking it might be an xserver issue.04:56
CapTechnewguy: As far as I'm aware, the live CD's are install CDs.04:56
csilkBlackGA, i run ati, what card you got?04:56
BlackGAYeah. When I used Envy, it gave a blank screen on reboot, and could not access anything.04:56
PovAddictronzilla: search the appdb to see if those programs are supported04:56
BlackGAI have an older 9200SE.04:56
RoadHazardOmoikane: yes I see, this is local xserver or remote?04:56
PovAddictronzilla: I quite doubt it :)04:56
Omoikaneroadhazard local.04:57
csilkBlackGA,  I'm assuming ubuntu didnt find the driver for you then?04:57
ronzillayeah its an inhouse application (Thomson ONE) and (baseline)04:57
newguyCapTech,  yeah i meant the "alternative" disk04:57
BlackGAI don't think so, how would I be able to find out if it did?04:57
CapTechnewguy: I'd recommend trying to install Ubuntu, and if it installs successfully, installing xubuntu-desktop04:57
=== Awang is now known as naruto
csilkBlackGA,  ahh, it appears the driver i was going to link you to only supports as far back as the radeon 950004:58
ronzillamaybe the best thing to do is just set up a seperate box for it lol04:58
shishionathan : ok, how will i set up a nice value on a program run by wine?04:58
ronzillaand remote in04:58
shishioanyone know how will i set up a nice value on a program run by wine?04:58
PovAddictshishio: nice wine program.exe04:59
lancerockeim having an issue with one of my HDDs automounting with ntfs configuration tool. when i open ntfs configuration tool and check the hdd i get an error message saying http://www.imagebam.com/image/ccfd1c16147666 "An error occured when trying to configure /media/298GB Music, please retry. Thanks04:59
shishioPovAddict: no sudo?04:59
CoRnJuLiOxjust exactly how accurate is Ubuntu's laptop battery power meter? it says i've got an hour and 40 minutes of charge on this battery04:59
PovAddictwhy would you want to run it as root?04:59
CapTechlancerocke: Are you using ntfs-3g?04:59
newguyCapTech,  so theres no way to get it to work?04:59
CoRnJuLiOxi could easily get 2+ hours out of this on windows04:59
=== Awang is now known as naruto
lancerockeCapTech: yes05:00
CapTechnewguy: Without being able to see exactly what it's doing, I'm not sure what to advise you.05:00
BlackGAI found xorg-driver-fglrx, and installed it, but I can't get aticonfig to run.05:00
shishioPovAddict: justin case05:00
secret901I'm using a Dell laptop with volume control but the volume buttons don't work in Gnome.  They don't change the volume even though it shows that the volume is up or down.05:00
csilkBlackGA,  that dirver doesnt support anything before the 950005:00
Dalem50jonaskoelker: Aw, thanks, it's working! I installed ext2IFS, it works fine :D05:00
PovAddict"just in case" you run it with full privileges over your computer?05:00
brando1ok im trying to get root access to a file and it says that i can't since im the owner, i tried sudo chmod 777 and no luck, now what?05:00
newguyCapTech,  when its detecting filesystem it just stays thinking. doesnt setect any hdd05:01
RoadHazardbrando sudo chown root /path05:01
maskrosRon: I just wanna run an application that requires MSSQL.. Let us hope there's a way to do it without the need for Windows as it is what I wanna get out from..05:01
trueboskoI removed kde from my package manager but now my Ubuntu update manager wants me to install 200+ kde related packages05:01
BlackGAThis is taken from the Synaptic Package Manager... This version of the ATI driver officially supports:05:01
BlackGA * RADEON X1300, X1600, X1800, X190005:01
BlackGA * RADEON 8500, 9000, 9100, 9200, 9500, 9550, 9600, 9700, 980005:01
BlackGAI'm not saying your wrong, but are you sure this doesn't???05:01
FloodBot2BlackGA: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:01
trueboskoAny idea how I can prevent this? I use Gnome05:01
nathan-_shishio: have you tried RTFM?05:01
PovAddictmaskros: Microsoft lock-in doing its job05:01
CapTechnewguy: Unfortunately, I've not seen that error before.  You might try googling the exact error message.05:01
shishioPovAddict: ya05:02
=== Andrijeski is now known as andrijeski
ronzillais virtualbox only going to utilize one CPU in a duo core?05:02
CapTechlancerocke: When you first installed it, what permissions did you give your NTFS volumes?05:02
shishionathan: hmmm nope05:02
csilkBlackGA,   http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/xorg-driver-fglrx05:02
brando1ok what is the exact syntax for the file path b/c it keeps saying cannot find05:02
newguyCapTech,  thats the problem there is no error. it just sops working05:02
ubottuAcronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.05:02
dr_willisronzilla,  virtualbox with linux hers. shows a dualcore cpu05:02
jonaskoelkerDalem50: cool :)05:02
brando1i put "sudo chown root /var/lib/samba/usershare05:02
shishioPovAddict: cozim having trouble with some programs in wine end up crashing05:02
CapTechnewguy: As in complete freeze, or can you still CTRL - C out?05:03
nathan-_noob is an acronym?05:03
Anzahow do I delete files from the trash that couldnt be deleted normally? I mean, I click on: "empty deleted items" but doesnt work05:03
RoadHazardbrando1: yes05:03
dr_willisAcronyms or statements05:03
newguyi can still ctrl- c out05:03
brando1so that should work?05:03
jonaskoelkerDalem50: I think it's best if you only read from the fs, not write, since ext2ifs probably doesn't know about the ext3 features... but that's your plan anyways, right?05:03
nathan-_skim reading05:03
n8tuserAnza be as root with sudo then delete the files you wanted05:03
lancerockeCapTech: i didnt touch them. i didnt give tthem any permissions manually. i installed ntfs-3g and it took care of automounting them. i can mount the one that is having the ntfs-3g issue when i click on it in nautilus. when i mounted it the very first time i had to put my admin password in05:03
Dalem50jonaskoelker: Erm, sort've, just copy some important stuff. The main goal was to get it to boot though xD05:04
RoadHazardbrando1: then sudo chmod 777 /path05:04
CapTechlancerocke: Odd.05:04
jonaskoelkerof course :)05:04
newlifeI'am trying to learn how to use the "Terminal" and ran following command - " sudo apt-get install astronomical-almanac " - So I do not really want this installed - What command would I use to " Uninstall " this ? ? ?05:04
RoadHazardthen sudo chown username /path05:04
Anzan8tuser, sudo nautilus?05:04
ronzillaoh wow05:04
ronzillathis is niiiiiiiice05:04
brando1ok i figured it out thanks all05:04
ronzillabrb reboot05:04
CapTechnewguy: Hmmm.  I'm not sure what to suggest.05:04
scunizinewlife, sudo apt-get purge astroxxxxxxxx05:05
lancerockeCapTech: http://www.imagebam.com/image/6e50f11614780505:05
Dalem50jonaskoelker: Great, some files aren't opening, at least I got what I needed onto my Vista partiton :-/05:05
newlifescunizi: Thank you - off I go .......05:05
CapTechlancerocke: Ewww, tiny drives.  LOL.05:05
brando1damn, ok i got root and then i went to share again and i got this error... "net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. The connection was refused. Maybe smbd is not running."05:06
CapTechlancerocke: I'm not seeing anything there that suggests an error.  What am I looking for on that screenshot?05:06
scunizinewlife, also  you can always "man <name>"  like man apt-get05:06
Anzait says the folder cannot be displayed when using sudo nautilus05:06
Oni_of_z_AsHHi guys! Got a very urgent question to ask..Please help me..Iv installed PCSX2 in ubuntu..Iv configured it as well..But when a insert a dvd..and click on run cd, nothing happens..am i missing something?? Please help me guys..05:06
scuniziAnza, you should use gksudo nautilus..05:07
lancerockeCapTech: just the fact that i have 2 ntfs volumes named 298GB Music that were named that way via Winblows.05:07
lancerockeCapTech: may tha tbe the issue?05:07
bobertdosAnza: and also, directly address the person you're talking to05:07
dr_willisOni_of_z_AsH,  best thing to do would be to find the pcsx2 web site and see what docs/guides they got. YOu may need to enable some plugin, or set the settings to find the cd05:07
CapTechlancerocke: Shoulding be.  Ubuntu uses the UUID.05:07
CapTechlancerocke: Those are unique.05:07
lancerockeCaptech: linux gave one of them an underscore. 298GB Music_ and 298GB Music05:07
lancerockei see05:07
CapTechOops, shouldn't be.05:07
Anzascunizi, same: "the folder contents could not be displayed"05:07
CapTechWhat's your /etc/fstab show for those two?05:08
lancerockeCaptech: what might be the issue then?05:08
unopCapTech, the UUID isn't always used05:08
Oni_of_z_AsHok thanks man!05:08
CapTechunop: Yeah, I just thought about that too.05:08
dr_willislancerocke,  ive seen where if it automounts  and dosent unmount/remopve the /media/whatever dir..next time it automounts it adds a _05:08
unopCapTech, especially when mounting volumes05:08
dr_willislancerocke,  you can unmount the thing and remove the redundant directories in /media is what i had to do05:08
* CapTech pulls out his gun, and shoots Billy Gates in da head.05:08
secret9011My volume control buttons stopped working in Gnome even though the volume control in the applet panel still works.  When I press on the buttons they act as if it's working but the volume doesn't change.05:09
* unop will bet windows did not give the volume that label05:09
CapTechlancerocke: Yeah, that sounds reasonable.  I've never had the issue.  I only have one NTFS volume on my 'puter.05:09
bobertdosAnza: What are you attempting to do?05:09
lancerockethanks guys05:09
CapTechThank dr_willis.  :)05:10
Anzabobertdos, its just that it was weird I tried to empty the trash but it didnt work05:10
angusthefuzzsecret9011: your buttons are probably mapped to a volume control that has no effect on your sound, for example your buttons might control master mono, but you want them to control PCM05:10
bobertdosAnza: You've already tried via the terminal, I assume?05:10
secret9011angusthefuzz: how do I map it to what I want?05:11
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
Anzabobertdos, yes, gksudo nautilus, and it says "the folder contents couldnt be displayed05:11
angusthefuzzsecret9011: its been so long, i have no idea, i just thought I would explain the problem, im sure someone here can help you05:12
unopAnza, you could use this.   sudo rm -r ~/.local/share/Trash/*05:12
bobertdosAnza: Actually, I'd just do it from the terminal, personally. cd into .local/share/Trash and then rm -rf *05:13
newlifeIs there another good command line terminal app - other than the stock one that comes with Gnome Hardy Heron ? ?05:13
angusthefuzzsecret9011: nevermind, i found it: System->Preferences->Sound->Default mixer tracks - This is where you can select what setting(s) the volume keys should control in Gnome.05:13
CapTechnewlife: You might try konsole05:13
angusthefuzzsecret9011: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8273305:13
CapTechnewlife: It's KDE's terminal app.05:13
unopnewlife, there are plenty - rxvt, urxvt, xterm, eterm, etc05:14
newlifeCapTech: Is that designed to run better on KDE desktop or will it work well with Gnome ?05:14
CapTechnewlife: To run better, yes, however it will work with Gnome.  apt-get will install the absolute dependencies to get it working.05:15
unopnewlife, it will work on gnome - but it's a bit of overkill05:15
secret9011angusthefuzz: what do I set it to?05:15
newlifeunop: Which of the one's you listed is best suited to run under Gnome?05:15
CapTechunop: Depends on what he wants it to do.05:15
ronzillahow can i save my dual screen settings to set on reboot.  I had to re-enable it05:15
Anzaunop, bobertdos: unop thing in the terminal worked, thank you guys.05:15
=== ghost is now known as Guest9225
unopnewlife, all of them work - they don't depend on gnome or KDE - they are general X applications05:16
angusthefuzzsecret9011: you will need to experiment, its different for different setups, just play in the mixer with some sound playing and see which slider makes the sound louder05:16
scunizinewlife, gksudo nautilus then ctrl+h to make hidden directories visable.. or applications/accessories/terminal.. konsole and terminal are pretty much the same..05:16
unopnewlife, I prefer urxvt (rxvt-unicode)05:16
angusthefuzzronzilla: the nvidia-settings has a save X config button05:16
ronzillaUnable to create new X config backup file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'.05:17
newlifeunop: Ahh ... becoming clearer now - thx - Is there one you are privy to over another?05:17
chrisbrl88hey... I need to know how to apply a single shell command to all subdirectories of a given directory05:17
scunizironzilla, you have to run nvidia-settings as root to save.. start it from terminal with sudo nvidia-settings05:17
angusthefuzzronzilla: I found that i needed to save the xorg config that nvidia-settings makes and overwrite the default myself05:17
CapTechnewlife: That's totally subjective.05:18
secret9011angusthefuzz: great, now it works, but the volume manager in the applet panel stopped working05:18
secret9011angusthefuzz: how do I fix that?05:18
dr_willischrisbrl88,  creative use of the 'find' command is often used for that.05:18
unopnewlife, yea, urxvt has support for unicode, transparency, search-back, tabs even and a few other interesting things - and it's lightweight (compared to the gnome-terminal)05:18
CapTechnewlife: I was totally a Konsole guy for a long time, but terminal has grown on me.05:18
bobertdoschrisbrl88: Depending on the command, -r or -R arguments for recursion.05:18
CapTechnewlife: What are you trying to accomplish that just isn't being met for you yet?05:18
ronzillahow do i mount newly added hardrives05:18
chrisbrl88I recently switched my webserver to ubuntu from slackware, but it messed up all the directory permissions... I need to chmod all the subdirectories but not the files in them...05:19
angusthefuzzsecret9011: right click on the volume manager and change the preferences to point to the correct volume device05:19
bobertdos!mount | ronzilla05:19
ubotturonzilla: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QTParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap05:19
unopchrisbrl88, find /someplace -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;05:19
xTheGoat121xHi everybody05:19
secret9011angusthefuzz: excellent, now they're synchronized05:20
angusthefuzzsecret9011: youre welcome05:20
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
secret9011angusthefuzz: what's the diff between master and PCM?05:20
chrisbrl88unop: missing argument to -exec05:21
xTheGoat121xI've noticed that my sound in Ubuntu is significantly lower than it is when I boot into Windows on the same hardware... the volume is all the way up -- I've checked every volume control I can think of.05:21
ronzillaok so basically.  I unplugged 3 of my harddrives when doing the install for ubuntu and windows cause i was having an issue with selecting a primary HD to be used.  SO i just turned the PC off and then plugged them back in.   I haves on them that I dont want to loose they are all in NTFS format05:21
urban_ryog1Hi, is open office 3.0 in an official distro?05:21
ronzillahave files on them*05:21
unopchrisbrl88, you're probably missing something - show us the exact command you have.05:21
newlifeCapTech: I came across a terminal app about year ago like the one "unop" mentioned with tabs - and it was very nice to use.05:22
dr_willisronzilla,   basically you edit the fstab file and mount them to mountpoints you create.05:22
CapTechnewlife: I just use the default term app in xubuntu, which works perfect for me.05:22
dr_willisronzilla,   the 'ntfs-3g' docs/guides detail this. :)05:22
devili try 8.10 beta but they have open office 2.405:22
CapTechI wish I could move the tabs to the bottom, but it still works.05:22
Anzaunop: now it seems empty but whem I pass the mouse by the icon it says there is 22 files there :S    I checked the option of show hidden files, but nothing!05:23
chrisbrl88unop: find /var/www/music -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \:05:23
ronzillai kinda wish i didnt bother to even partition this drive now05:23
unopchrisbrl88, the last thing is a semi-colon not a colon   i.e. \;  not \:05:24
bobertdosronzilla: It's not so bad. After you make one fstab entry, it's almost copy and paste for the ohters.05:24
newlifeCapTech: I have used that I like it - But would like to try the " urxvt" as well possibly - have to check it out. Thanks05:24
newlifeunop: Thanks for info on other terms out there as well.......05:25
CapTechnewlife: Like I said, it's all subjective.  Everyone has different tastes.  The correct answer, is the one that fits your needs.05:25
chrisbrl88unop: awesome... thank you05:25
ronzillabob, can you point me in the direction of learning about this?05:25
Anzabobertdos, now it seems empty but whem I pass the mouse by the icon it says there is 22 files there :S    I checked the option of show hidden files, but nothing!05:25
ronzillanvm found it on the forums05:25
unopAnza,  what does   du -sh ~/.local/share/Trash   give you?05:25
dr_willisronzilla,  learning how linux mounts filesystems.. is a must learn skill to increase your linux-karma level :)05:25
Anzaunop, 4.0K/home/maro/.local/share/Trash05:26
bobertdosronzilla: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab05:26
unopAnza,  hmm.  how about this?    find ~/.local/share/Trash/05:26
ronzillai might want to wait till tomorrow when my rum and cokes wear off05:26
ronzillarum + coke + linux = duh?!?!?!05:27
Anzaunop, /home/maro/.local/share/Trash/05:27
unopAnza, sound like nautilus is giving you a false-positive - try restarting it perhaps?05:27
newlifeCapTech: Well said - and at this point in time I'm searching & exploring - Like I was at one time trying to find a Linux distro that works best for me - Which at this point in time is Ubuntu - Hardy - Gnome - Hands down. Thanks for your comments I appreciate it.....05:28
Anzaunop, ok, I will restart the system05:28
unopAnza, a logout should be enough05:28
ronzillaif i would of formatted and installed the drive while the others were plugged in would i have ran into this problem?05:28
rdw200169anyone in here using IPv6?05:29
bobertdosronzilla: It is LIKELY that fstab entries would have been created for you, but oh well.05:29
Parsonsyanghi guys05:29
ronzillaor can i boot in windows to add them then reboot into linux to have a successful mount?05:29
ronzillacause i dont mind reformatting cause im not to far into my configuration05:30
unopronzilla, what are you trying to do?05:30
TannI am working on building a computer, and I am wondering how well supported the NVIDIA chipsets are.05:30
ronzillasee hard drives that i had unplugged that have files on them05:30
ronzillain NTFS format05:31
bobertdosronzilla: You don't need to do that. Okay, obviously, you're not very comfortable, so we'll just talk you through this, k? :)05:31
TannHow well the NVIDIA chipsets are supported.**05:31
ronzillasure thing05:31
rdw200169Tann: they're supported pretty well05:31
Tannrdw200169: Thanks.,05:31
mikefhow can i burn an iso please <305:31
=== mikef is now known as GumBall
bobertdosronzilla: Go into a terminal and type sudo fdisk -l05:31
memeemeeei need help with fglrx!05:31
rdw200169Tann: what do you have?05:31
nathan_Tann not bad Envy does a good job05:31
ronzillai dont want to format the disk though05:32
scuniziyou won't05:32
memeemeeeseriously or at least changing my xorg.conf file05:32
rdw200169Tann: 8.04 just upgraded the nvidia_new driver to 169...05:32
GumBallhow can i burn an iso please =(05:32
unopronzilla, that just lists partitions05:32
rdw200169Tann: so it should support the newer cards05:32
Tannrdw200169: ok, I was just wondering, because a mother board I am looking at has an NVIDIA chipset05:32
nathan_I Downloaded and used Envy on my Acer.05:32
rdw200169Tann: the Nvidia chipsets, compared to AMD, are MUCH better supported05:33
GumBallcan somebody help me please x(05:33
dr_willisGumBall,  under ubuntu? just double clicking should launch the burner progra,m05:33
nathan_Tann : 8600 and below I'm pretty certain are no biggie05:33
GumBalldouble click the iso?05:33
rdw200169Tann: yeah, they're fine05:33
ronzillaok i have the list05:33
rdw200169Tann: I'm using the Nvidia driver with dual monitors05:33
Anzaunop, yes, I restarted and now it seems empty, weird shit... thanks05:33
dr_willisGumBall,  thats what i said. :)05:33
rdw200169Tann: and I'm not having any major difficulties05:33
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto05:34
GumBallnothing happens05:34
rdw200169Tann: with 8.10, there's supposed to be X autoconfiguration, so no more xorg.conf file mangling\05:34
bobertdosronzilla: Okay, so take note of the device paths /dev/something of the ones that are NTFS05:34
dr_willisGumBall,  then try manually launching brasero perhaps.05:34
Tannrdw200169: ok. Thanks. I knew the NVIDIA graphics cards were supported, but I mean like the motherboard chipsets.05:34
ronzilla  Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System05:34
ronzilla/dev/sdb1               1       30515   245111706    7  HPFS/NTFS05:34
unopAnza, it's probably the fact that the deletions weren't registered with gvfs (which would happen if you deleted them via nautilus or such)05:34
ronzilla   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System05:34
GumBallbash: brasero: command not found05:34
ronzilla/dev/sdc1               1     1453518   732573040+   7  HPFS/NTFS05:34
rdw200169Tann: I'm talking about those too; I've got Nforce4 i think05:34
unopronzilla, don't paste here05:34
nathan_Tann yeah. Most are05:34
ronzillaok sorry05:35
rdw200169Tann; the Nforce chipsets should not be a big deal at all05:35
dr_willisGumBall,  perhaps install/try any of the following the bot said  gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast05:35
unopronzilla, all you have to do is mount /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdc1 now05:35
rdw200169Tann: I've got the network ports working, audio, everything05:35
dr_willisGumBall,  i perfer k3b. but its a kde app.. 'sudo apt-get install k3b' and run with k3b05:35
GumBalli try apt-fet install k3b05:35
rdw200169Tann: haven't tried SLI, though05:35
FloodBot2GumBall: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:35
* GumBall bites FloodBot2 05:36
Anzadoes anyone uses ManDvd? its not working well, when I click "generate video structure" it finishes it in about a minute and does nothing!05:36
GumBalldr_willis, yoo use kde? x)05:36
nathan_Tann: That Envy Program make it pretty easy if your not supported right out of the box.05:36
SlackWhere does ubuntu store its iptables05:36
Mikenolike*cough* I am very stupid and need help with writing my xorg.conf file.  I have a Dell C840 and I have the sily black screen problem.  I already know the 2 lines I need to enter but whenever I try to save the file with the corrections it just says that the file/directory does not exist.05:36
rdw200169Slack: that depends05:36
Slackrdw200169: on05:36
rdw200169Slack: /usr/sbin/iptables05:36
rdw200169Slack: is the executable05:37
rdw200169Slack: but what firewall frontend do you want to use?05:37
Tannnathan_ and rdw200169: Thanks05:37
rdw200169Tann: no problem05:37
scuniziMikenolike, gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to open the file and save successfully.05:37
nathan_Tann: No problem05:37
dr_willisGumBall,  some times.05:37
Slackrdw200169: if i use any, firestarter05:37
rdw200169Slack: then it stores the firewall in /etc/firestarter/05:37
Mikenolikeooo? seriously?  all the other things said sudo nano05:37
bobertdosronzilla: and if you want them to automount, follow the fstab guide and add a couple lines like this: /dev/sdb1 /media/disk ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.utf8 0 0 (media/dis) has to exist ahead of time)05:38
rdw200169Slack: but you shouldn'05:38
MikenolikeI cant even edit it in root (please dont yell at me for doing it in root)05:38
GumBalldr_willis, kay05:38
rdw200169Slack: t ever have to mess with those files; firestarter is pretty good at what it does!05:38
scuniziMikenolike, if you only have a text based system then nano works too.. gedit is a gui app. either will work..05:38
GumBallim so loney05:38
MisterTacoWhere do I set the 3-button mode and the scroll for my touch point now that xorg.conf is depricated?05:38
nathan_Tann: Do understand they aren't all supported right out of the box though...05:38
Slackrdw200169: sounds good, ill give it a shot, im using it to try to allow connections to my apache server05:39
MikenolikeI will probably ask for more help in like 20 seconds, this has been destroying me every time I try to use linix05:39
rdw200169Slack: shouldn't be a big deal at all; just look up how to allow incoming ports on the firestarter help website05:39
rdw200169Slack; it's REALLY easy05:39
Tannnathan_: yes. I've worked with NVIDIA cards, I was just wondering about the motherboard chipsets.05:39
scuniziMisterTaco, you'd add the appropriate lines to xorg.conf.. I haven't heard that xorg is depriciated .. just that video isn't using it much unless you need to tweek it..05:39
Slackrdw200169: lol, thats what i hear, and also thats why im getting confused as to why it wont work05:40
rdw200169Slack: are you using it right now?  i can help05:40
nathan_just wasn't sure what your experience level is05:40
rdw200169Slack: do you have the gui application for firestarter open?05:40
Slackrdw200169: i do05:40
rdw200169Slack: and, are you behind a NAT network?05:40
Slackrdw200169: correct05:40
=== bruenig_ is now known as bruenig
rdw200169Slack: do you have port forwarding from you router to your webserver enabled?05:41
Slackrdw200169: actually it might not be now05:41
Anzawhats the difference between: sudo nautilus, and gksudo nautilus?05:41
bobertdos!gksudo | Anza05:41
ubottuAnza: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:41
rdw200169Anza: gksudo is a gtk frontend for sudo05:41
Slackrdw200169: how do i check if NAT is enables05:42
Mikenolikescunizi, same problem05:42
rdw200169Slack: what i mean is: are you behind a router05:42
Slackrdw200169: yes05:42
rdw200169Slack: so you're using a Linksys wireless router or something right?05:42
Mikenolikecant use graphical as the display is already fubar without the 2 lines05:42
Slackrdw200169: yezzir05:42
scuniziMikenolike, when you open the file is there anything at all in it or is it totally blank?05:42
nathan_Hope everyone has a good night. er.. Morning.  Bye05:42
rdw200169Slack: what you need to do, then, is port forwarding in the router05:43
Mikenolikewhenever i use text base it says it cant find the file/directory05:43
Slackrdw200169: somehow i cant seem to get access to my routers config page where all that stuff is05:43
scuniziMikenolike, probably because what you're typing isn't correct.. tell me exactly what you're typing to open the file.05:43
rdw200169Slack: so you set up port forwarding for ports 80 and 443 (http and https) to the ip address you were assigned by the router05:44
rdw200169Slack: can you get into the configuration for the router, at least?05:44
Mikenolikewhen I am in root I use nano ect/x11/xorg.conf05:44
Mikenolikeand it opens the file fine05:44
Slackrdw200169: no can do05:44
mandarkhey i have just heard abt php nd i just wanted 2 know wats the differencxe between php and JSP05:44
Slackrdw200169: wouldnt it be the same thing if i did it from iptables05:44
Mikenolikewhenever I go to save it gives me the error05:44
rdw200169Slack: well, that's gonna be your first step no matter what05:44
ronzillaim lost on this mounting thing05:44
rdw200169Slack; your webserver will never be visible to the real world until the port is forwarded to your webserver05:45
rdw200169Slack; otherwise, all that traffic stops at the router05:45
bobertdosronzilla: In the terminal, type sudo nano /etc/fstab05:45
rdw200169Slack; the router doesn't know where to send it05:45
Slackrdw200169: ok, i gotchya05:45
scuniziMikenolike, well.. if you're actually in a root account instead of using sudo or actually using sudo then there should be a / in front of etc.. and x11 is X11 (capitalized) as in ... nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:46
ronzillaok then what05:46
=== gord_ is now known as drog
rdw200169Slack; The router is performing NAT translation for you; from a real internet IP address (assigned by your ISP) to the local network; likely
ronzillaim not seeing the HD's listed05:46
flourishvery sorry to ask such question here. i want to convert my ape audio files to flac format, but i can not find monkeys-audio, can some one help me05:46
flourishmy system is ubuntu 8.04 amd6405:47
bruenigflourish: you are using the 64 bit version?05:47
rdw200169Slack; how are you trying to access your router?05:47
Slackthrough the web browser05:47
rdw200169Slack; i.e. what are you typing in the address bar of your web browswer05:47
flourishbruenig:  yes05:47
scuniziMikenolike, did that make a difference?05:47
Mikenolikescun, ill report back in like 2 mins with more failure.  I probably had it right for opening as it opened the file correctly, I just left those like that as I am unfamiliar with using text based editing05:47
Slackrdw200169: just got access nvm05:48
Mikenolikescunizi, this is the bane of my existance05:48
rdw200169Slack: excellent!05:48
Slackrdw200169: :D05:48
bobertdosronzilla: PM me if you want. I can tell you're confused, so let's cut the noise.05:48
TheMaverick`free bruenig?05:49
Slackrdw200169: which, under the port forwarding tab, their already is a dyndns option05:49
Mikenolikeif I use sudo nano /ect/X11/xorg.conf it opens a new file05:49
flourishbruenig: Do you know where to find the package i need05:49
MikenolikeI want to stab my eyes out and just put windows back on05:49
rdw200169it should be a page that asks for port numbers and IP address05:49
bruenigflourish: no05:49
flourishbruenig: oh, thanks05:49
scuniziMikenolike, you're typo-ing again.. not /ect but /etc05:49
dr_willisIn Linux, Spelling counts..05:50
Mikenolikeetc? dear god05:50
bruenigdr_willis has been lowercased, he is no longer authoritative05:50
dr_willisdont forget Linux is Case Senesitive also.05:50
scuniziMikenolike, welcome to symantics :)05:50
TheMaverick`dr_willis: lies...05:50
=== dr_willis is now known as Dr_WiLlIS
TheMaverick`OH SNAP!05:50
Mikenolikeok if this works ill put it in my hat of why linux is where it is today05:51
Mikenolikeretards like me will never adopt if it takes all this to make your display work05:51
GumBallmy cdr has ben erasin fer liek 20 mins pls05:51
scuniziMikenolike, naw.. it's just getting use to it.. I remember pounding away at '80's DOS machines with just as much frustration. this is much more powerful..05:51
flourishcan some one help me, I need the package monkeys-audio of ubuntu 8.04 amd64, but i cannot find it everywhere05:51
AnzaDoes anyone recommend a better app than ManDvd to make dvd movies?05:51
Dr_WiLlISMikenolike,  you dont want to get me started on some of the weirdness ive had to go through to get things working in windows befor.. :)05:52
Dr_WiLlISAnza,  DeVeDe perhaps?05:52
GumBallDr_WiLlIS, help me pls <305:52
Mikenolikedid you have to goto text editing to make it work?05:52
scuniziMikenolike, just consider that the underlying system commands have been around much longer than windows and dos05:52
AnzaDr_WiLlIS, never heard about that05:52
apathadeusis someone being unhappy with ubuntu?05:53
Mikenolikeoverall I love it, its just a pain to make graphics work right05:53
Dr_WiLlISGumBall,  what do you expect me to do about it?05:53
csilkMikenolike,  for you maybe05:53
Mikenolikeand yes, if the companies would play nice it would be a lot better05:53
csilkfor me it worked out of the box05:53
scuniziMikenolike, you use the arrow keys in nano to get to the area that you want to type and then just type.... when done ctrl+o then enter then ctrl+x enter to exit.05:53
apathadeusI switched from xp to ubuntu and I like it05:53
MikenolikeI do as well, thats why I am trying to make it work05:53
Dr_WiLlISAnza,  ive usedit to convert  single video files/movies to dvd format befor.. it worked ok.. not a lot of features.. but i worked05:54
AnzaDr_WiLlIS, Can you add subtitles and all that with that app?05:54
Dr_WiLlISAnza,  no idea. I never wanted to.05:54
Dr_WiLlISAnza,  you could use the various mencoder and other tools to add them  then use the devede tool05:55
Mikenolikeok rebooting...05:55
the_dudehi, i cant boot from the cd to install ubuntu, i can only install inside windows...05:55
=== SyN_AcK is now known as syn_ack
MisterTacoAnyone snag one of those Dell mini 9 notebooks?05:56
scuniziMikenolike, no need justs log out and then ctrl+alt+backspace05:56
apathadeusthe_dude, why?05:56
CapTechthe_dude: Can't as in you won't do it, or can't as in the system won't allow you to?05:56
the_dudeapathadeus, i try to boot and the screen says - please insert a CD05:56
apathadeusthe_dude, i see, i've never encountered that05:57
GumBallidk Dr_WiLlIS05:57
the_dudeapathadeus, yeah yeah, ill see that...05:57
GumBallilu :)05:57
Mikenolikewell my display works again05:57
the_dudeapathadeus, i can live with that hehehe05:57
Mikenolikenvidia blows chunks again however with the driver set05:57
apathadeusthe_dude, do you have multiple cd drives?05:57
the_dudeapathadeus, man do you know how do i format only the ubuntu partition05:58
spasticteapotShould I buy ATi or Nvidia if I want to run Linux?05:58
the_dudeapathadeus, yes, a dvd and a cd driver05:58
spasticteapotIt used to be nvidia or bust.05:58
scuniziMikenolike, you mean the resolution is messed up05:58
MikenolikeScunizi, ty very much for correcting the little ect-etc error05:58
apathadeusthe_dude, i think that MAY be the cause05:58
scuniziMikenolike, np..  hows the resolution?05:58
CapTechapathadeus: I agree.  Have him put the disk in the other drive.05:58
apathadeusthe_dude, the ubuntu cd has a partitioner inside, or you can use magic partition in windows05:58
the_dudeapathadeus, yeh maybe, and the cd has an option, Help to Boot...05:58
Mikenolikehaha trying to see if I can fix it now05:59
the_dudeapathadeus, i install and then he misses one file05:59
Mikenolikeif this works I get to see if I can fail my way around installing warcraft05:59
the_dudeapathadeus, yeah man im on ubuntu, i got it from install inside windows, and i chose the other partition05:59
scuniziMikenolike, might help to install nvidia-settings..05:59
Mikenolikethats french to me....06:00
apathadeusthe_dude, i've never used the boot-from-windows feature. I think if you install it from windows, you can't install it as a partition. at least I haven't figured that out06:00
Anzahow do I use emacs to change mandvd interface language?06:00
scuniziMikenolike, is the gui so large that you really can't do anything with it?06:00
the_dudeman, i got 2 partition, 1 with xp, and the other empty, got it? when i installed ubuntu, i chose the empty one ;)06:01
the_dudeapathadeus, man, i got 2 partition, 1 with xp, and the other empty, got it? when i installed ubuntu, i chose the empty one ;)06:01
Mikenolikeno the right 2 inches of my screen is a nice assortment of colors in verticle bars06:01
Mikenolikeand the lower 1 1/5 inch is a mirror of the top of my display06:01
rangzyhello Ubuntu team06:01
newlifeWhere do I change the default application that starts when you click on a file - Example: I click on .mp3 file and Audacious runs - I would like to change to " Exaile " ? ?06:01
rangzyI am unable to install Ubuntu 8.04 as a guest OS in my Sun-Virtualbox VM.06:02
lancerockecan anyone here help me with mpd? i dont think anyone is in the #mpd room.06:02
rangzyI could install it fine in VmWare though. but there is a 30day limit for Vmware.06:02
apathadeusthe_dude, i don't know about installing from windows, i thought it only installed the emulated version of ubuntu06:03
william56anyone know what i should do about the xubuntu installer dropping me into a terminal labelled (initramfs) ?06:03
lancerockeim having an issue. i changed the max  library songs in mpd.conf from 16k to 50k and for some reason mpd is still only seeing 16k songs. ive tried restarting mpd and doing a create-db but nothing seems to work06:03
rangzyso I need to start using Ubuntu from inside XVM (Sun virtualbox)06:03
unitedpotsmokershello guys, how to configure advanced desktop effect setting? i need some tutorial to make my ubuntu look very cool...06:03
Dr_WiLlISrangzy,  theres a free vmware-server you can get.. ive ran ubuntu under virtualbox also. no problems06:03
scuniziMikenolike, sounds like bad resolution or refresh rate..  ok.. maybe this will help.. ctrl+alt+F7 is where the gui lives.. remember that.. now ctrl+alt+f2 will get you a text screen you have to  log into... once there.. sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings.. then back to the gui with ctrl+alt+F7 and get to a terminal and sudo nvidia-settings.. cange things there.06:03
Dr_WiLlISrangzy,  using 8.10 in virtualbox under vista right now.06:03
itaihi, whats the command that removes unnecessary packages? apt-get autoclean?06:04
bobertdositai: yes06:04
bobertdositai: remember to use sudo06:04
rangzyDr_WiLlIS: thanks for the response. the same virtualbox installer & ubuntu iso file works fine in my friend's Vsita, but not in mine.06:04
unitedpotsmokersitai, im using ubuntu-tweak to remove temporary files download06:04
rangzyI tried several times, but no help. any ide on what could be the reason?06:04
itaibobertdos, thanks, is there anything else i can do to free space in my / partition?06:05
Dr_WiLlISrangzy,  i did have a issue with virtualbox the other day and had to reinstall it.. I think some vista update broke somthing06:05
unitedpotsmokersuse ubuntu-tweak, it is very easy and safe06:05
itaiunitedpotsmokers, i will try ,is that whats it for? is it in the repos (gutsy)?06:05
rangzyDr_WiLlIS: oh I see. and is it fine if I use VirtualBox2.02 ?06:06
=== |Aryn| is now known as aRyn
cjsAnybody here know how to get xchat to use emacs-style editing? E.g., ^W to delete a word, rather than close the window?06:06
Dr_WiLlISrangzy,  i just reinstalled vbox yesterday.. lets se what version i got06:06
newlifeWhere do you change default program to a different one ? ?06:06
Dr_WiLlISrangzy,  2.0.2 here.06:06
bruenigcjs: vim xchat.c, edit, save, recompile06:06
GizmoWondering if anyone here has got a serial gemtek rm100 working in ubuntu before?06:06
william56okay, so the ubuntu 8.04 installer is dropping me into a terminal named (initramfs), and 'cat casper.log' says "unable to find a medium containing a live file system'06:07
darksiferhi everyone06:07
cjsbruenig, That's one way, yes. There's another, since I've managed to do it before without recompiling.06:07
rangzyDr_WiLlIS: okay. and, I need to mention this too: I am able to install fedora fine in the virtualbox.06:07
newlifemp3 Files open with Audacious - would like to open with Exaile everytime I click on it.06:07
unitedpotsmokersitai, im using hardy heron. i think it is 3rd party software and it is nice. i used this application to do some tweak, to update, or to remove like temporary files, packages06:07
bobertdosnewlife: Go into the Properties menu of an mp3 and change it from Open With06:08
rangzythanks Dr_WiLlIS, I shall try to reinstall the xvm. (I have done that around 3-4 times already, though)06:08
Dr_WiLlISrangzy,  could be a bad iso file..06:08
darksiferi have installed ubuntu in many computers and i want to update them06:08
itaiunitedpotsmokers, i just googled it and they have their own repos , i'll give it a try, thanks06:08
darksifersome of which dont have internet connection06:08
unitedpotsmokersyes... u try first, maybe it is suitable for u...06:09
rangzyDr_WiLlIS: the same iso file worked fine with my friend's pc. thats what surprises me06:09
darksifercan some one tell me how to provide06:09
darksifercan some one tell me how to proceed06:09
FloodBot2darksifer: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:09
newlifebobertdos: Thanks was just reading a post I found in Ubuntu forums from a google search - THanks much.06:09
scunizi!enter | darksifer06:09
Mikenolikescunuzi, you have no idea how upsetting this is06:09
ubottudarksifer: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:09
Dr_WiLlIS!aptoncd | darksifer06:09
ubottudarksifer: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers06:09
cjsAh, it's a gtk setting, not an xchat setting.06:10
rangzyand, one query to the whole team here. I installed Ubuntu8.04 from Wubi in my HP Dv5z series laptop. the wifi is not working. I searched, and did the ndiswrapper setup.06:10
cjsWell, that would have changed it for everything. This could be exciting.06:11
rangzyI did the madwifi procedure as well. now, my wifi is being detected by ubuntu, but ubuntu is unable to switch it "on'06:11
Mikenolikescunizi, can I show you what it looks like and you can laugh and point at me?06:13
scuniziMikenolike, sure06:13
unitedpotsmokershi guys, i have a simple question, what is a command to kill freeze application..? for example how to kill firefox in terminal?06:13
Mikenolikebad driver?06:14
rangzycould someone direct me to the right forum to get doubts on wifi+ubuntu clarified ?06:15
scuniziMikenolike, which card do you have?.. by the way.. the print screen button on the keyboard will take a snapshot of your screen and save it to the desktop. better than a digital camera :)06:15
MikenolikeI wasnt about to mess with that on ubuntu, just making the display work is a problem for me06:16
bobertdos!wubi | rangzy06:16
ubotturangzy: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.06:16
Mikenolikealso it doesnt show it right06:16
Mikenolikei just tried06:16
hmlwhat's the easiest way to setup a firewall on ubuntj, basically wnat i want is --- outgoing: allow, incoming:: establiashed, related, allow; all else, reject06:16
scuniziMikenolike, so what kind of card is installed nvidia xxxxx06:17
hmlwhat's the easiest way to setup a firewall on ubuntj, basically wnat i want is --- outgoing: allow, incoming:: establiashed, related, allow; all else, reject [but i'd prefer to not have to muck around with adding stuff to /etc/rc2.d ... so if there's some auto pacakgage/script that does this, so much the better]06:17
MikenolikenVidia GeForce4 440 go 32MB06:17
bobertdoshml: try firestarter, it's a frontend for itables06:17
scuniziMikenolike, and how did you install the driver for it?06:17
bobertdoshml: *iptables06:17
hmlbobertdos: iptables requires i add stuff to /etc/rc2.d to have it called on startup, no?06:17
dannyk hay  aqui de nuevo06:18
Level15hi all. I am installing ubuntu server 8.04LTS into virtualbox, but it has been frozen for a while now on 34% of  "unpacking required packages" any ideas?06:18
bobertdoshml: I think firestarter should handle that..........06:18
rangzyubottu: , thanks for that.06:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:18
Kr0ntabhml: the ubuntu team suggests the use of ufw for basic firewall needs... there's a nifty front end that works well called gufw.  http://gufw.tuxfamily.org/index.html06:18
Kr0ntaba lot simpler than firestarter...06:19
rangzyubottu: I think wubi installation doesnt affect the wifi by any way..06:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:19
hmlbobertdos , Kr0ntab : thanks06:19
bobertdosdanny: nada mucho, pero por favor vaya al canal ubuntu-es si necesitas apoyo de ubuntu06:19
rangzyubottu: really ?!06:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about really ?!06:19
rangzyubottu: which is the right forum to ask about wifi issuses with linux ?06:19
scunizi!wifi | rangzy06:20
ubotturangzy: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:20
extorDoes anyone use gnome-osd?06:20
rangzyscunizi: could you help me with that ?06:20
Level15has anyone installed ubuntu server to virtual box?06:20
jamesishLevel15: I've installed to vmware, not to virtual box though.06:20
scunizirangzy, sorry.. wireless I"m not good at..06:20
dannyquien habla español aqui06:20
extorI have to a physical bawx06:20
rangzyLevel15: I am unable to install it in my virtual box. mine is the desktop version though06:20
jamesish!el | danny06:20
ubottudanny: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes06:21
n8tuserLevel15-> desktop is pretty much similar as server,06:21
jamesishhm, less helpful than I had hoped.06:21
Anzadoes anyone knows about an app that allows me to add more than one subtitles track to my dvds?06:21
rangzyscunizi: okay, no probs. I saw your reply... thats why asked you..06:21
jamesish!es | danny06:21
ubottudanny: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:21
scunizirangzy, i saw you playing with the bot and thought I'd have it give you a link.. it might have some answers to your issues06:22
Dr_WiLlISAnza,  proberly will have to get creative and read up on the mencoder docs/guides..    and the mplayer docs/guides - it can proberly be done. but ive not seen any click a few times and its done.. apps.06:22
rangzyscunizi: Oh I see. I didnt know that the abc ! usename means requesting the bot.06:22
rangzyscunizi: is that a new feature in irc? I havent used irc in the past 3 years. I was using it for a long time before that.06:23
rangzy!testing  | rangzy06:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about testing06:23
rangzy!installation | rangzy06:23
ubotturangzy, please see my private message06:24
scunizirangzy, not new.. just not available everywere.. it's used here to help answer some of the most common problems and issues.. or at least direct people to the appropriate documentation.06:24
rangzyscunizi: ok, I got the point. thanks !06:24
scunizirangzy, np06:24
Mikenolikeholy tapdancing jesus this is aggrevating06:25
jamesishWhat you got goin' on, mikenolike?06:25
scuniziMikenolike, there's something that you can try. hang on and I'll get you the command.06:25
Mikenolikescunizi fom what I have seen its a driver problem06:26
Mikenolikeread a bunch of posts on it06:26
MikenolikeI have the driver I need but it wants root06:26
tavishcan dos applications work in wine/??06:26
scuniziMikenolike, the 440 is older and should work like a champ.. how did you install the driver for it? or did you?06:26
Mikenolikemay the lords be gentle and use lube this time06:26
jamesishtavish: sometimes, I think,but try dosbox instead.06:26
Omoikane_This computer is killing me, I forwarded port 8080 and 22 the computer's name is Yahweh Local ip is WAN ip is username is nickolaus pass is nickojo could someone try and login?06:26
Mikenolikescunizi, its a well documented problem on this laptop06:27
Mikenolikec840 dell06:27
ubottuitunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee06:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about palyers06:27
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs06:27
rangzyMikenolike: do you refer to the wifi issue ?06:27
scuniziMikenolike, ah.. I'm using a vostro 1400 right now.. were there any work-a-rounds?06:27
Kr0ntabOmoikane_: prolly not a good idea to give that out mate...06:27
ronzillaif anyone has the iphone is there an app i can use in linux for syncing my data and adding files...06:28
scuniziMikenolike, also when reading those posts.. look at the date.. if they are older you might be able to ignore them.06:28
Mikenolikewifi is fine, no installs needed or anything I made sure I had a card that works with it06:28
Omoikane_Kr0ntab nothing on that computer to break.06:28
jamesishOmoikane_: connection refused.06:28
Mikenolikeits ONLY display that haunts me like a bad prom date you shove into the trunk of your car before you push it into the lake06:29
Kr0ntabOmoikane_: connection refused which means that the port is closed... not filtered...06:29
Kr0ntabOmoikane_: netstat -an | grep 2206:29
therealnanotubei'm on feisty, know that it will be out of support at the end of october. should i upgrade now to hardy, or better to wait until intrepid. (in other words - does intrepid look like it's going to be stable and solid? or is it more "experimental", like edgy was)06:29
Kr0ntabdoes it show "LISTENING" ?06:30
scuniziMikenolike, have you tried.... sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg06:30
Kr0ntabLISTEN I mean06:30
iceswordwhat the topic mean in offtopic06:30
iceswordwhat the topic mean in offtopic06:30
iceswordwhat the topic mean in offtopic06:30
therealnanotubeMikenolike: lol :)06:31
Omoikane_Kr0ntab what am I looking for?06:31
hmllol; there are users named FloodBot ?06:31
rangzywhat happened to icesword ?06:31
attickidis it possible to download all files in a directory with wget?06:31
therealnanotubeattickid: yes?06:31
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:32
Kr0ntabOmoikane_: I'm assuming you've turned on port forwarding for an SSH server begind yer firewall... and you wannt to make sure that the server is actually listening on port 2206:32
attickidtherealnonotube:I dont know,Im trying to download all files which are in a directory of a webserver instead of clicking each of them manually06:32
kambiz_my ctrl key is not functioning like a control key, for example when i try to make individual selections from a html selectbox form, i either have to select all or none - can't select a subset.06:32
therealnanotubeattickid: "man wget" to learn about the options for wget.06:32
rangzyattickid: if it is ftp, try using filezilla06:33
Mikenolikeoh dandy, it wants me to turn off x before I can install06:33
rangzyI think there is a linux version of filezilla06:33
jamesishThere's a linux version; I use it every now and then.06:33
kambiz_what can i do to make my ctrl function like a control key and not like a shift when selecting items06:33
therealnanotubeattickid: specifically, the "-r" option for recursive get is probably what you're looking for.06:33
ghhfghdoes anyone know how to change my alias in this chat?06:33
attickidtherealnonotube: yeah:Dthanks I just figured out:D06:34
Omoikane_Kr0ntab it says cp               0          0           0.0;0.0:37221*           Listen            cp6          0                    0 : : :22  : : :*    LISTEN06:34
a1leni want to dive into coding. i read and have been advised that running ubuntu linux would be a good idea. should i go ahead and run that from now on instead of vista?06:34
therealnanotubeattickid: cool :)06:34
scuniziMikenolike, remember ctrl+alt+F2? do that and then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop... that will stop x ... but what are you trying to install?06:34
Kr0ntabOmoikane_: dont paste here06:34
ghhfgha1en > yes!!!06:34
Mikenolikeolder display drivers06:34
Mikenolikeits a finicky thing06:34
Mikenolikethis is my last resort06:34
attickidtherealnanotube: Im new to linux :D and I lvoe the fact I dont have to do such repetitive job :D definetely I LOVE IT:D06:35
ghhfghmiken what you trying to install?06:35
Chris_Fostera1len: yea, trust me. Linux is way better for coding than windows. And with linux, you'll learn alot more along the way and wont have to resort to dirty tricks in windows to do stuff06:35
Mikenolikeolder display drivers for my laptop06:35
therealnanotubeattickid: excellent. :)06:35
scuniziMikenolike, you should be able to do that from synaptic or a terminal.. synaptic is under Sytem/Admin or from terminal type sudo apt-cache nvidia for a list of drivers.06:35
Chris_Fostera1len: the posibilities are endless, aslong as your willing to learn06:35
jamesishMikenolike: installing drivers for video is teh satan. Just breath in slowly, then set fire to the sodding thing.06:35
mynameistuxmy logitech mouse stopped working, and I don't remember what I was doing before it stopped. I have confirmed it is not the battery, it is wireless06:36
therealnanotubeattickid: that said, there /is/ a wget for windows... it just doesn't come by default. :) but there are plenty of reasons to like linux. :)06:36
Mikenolikescunizi, if this fails I am just giving up.  its really not worh the effort anymore06:36
MikenolikeI am about to go jamesish route as well06:36
Monkey_Anyone know how to get the STA drivers from broadcom to show up in my hardware drivers window to use?06:36
scuniziMikenolike, such a little thing :).. once fixed it's done06:36
jamesishMikenolike: if it helps, I've written x configs by hand and been exactly where you are now. We can help.06:36
therealnanotubeMikenolike: what's your video card?06:36
mynameistuxis there a way to reset the usb dongle on logitech mice06:37
MikenolikenVidia GeForce4 440 go 32MB on a dell c84006:37
therealnanotubemynameistux: pull it out and stick it back in? :)06:37
=== [Mau_Restor] is now known as mau_restor
mynameistuxyeah, tried that :P06:37
ghhfghi've just ordered a mx400!! getting it del on monday06:37
Mikenolikethe picture of what my display looks like is this http://members.cox.net/mikenolike1/DSC00643.JPG06:37
mynameistuxmaybe if I leave it out for a bit?06:37
Mikenolikewhen I use printscreen it shows up as a normal display06:37
therealnanotubeMikenolike: ah... and you are using the foss nv driver? or the closed-source nvidia?06:37
Mikenolikeclosed source06:38
mynameistuxnope, still dosn't work06:38
jamesishmikenolike: I've generally found that the nvidia drivers are reliable once they're loaded, but their custom x configs can sometimes be hairy. If you need help, really, talk to us. I've read the nvidia config docs a few times, and they're relatively painless.06:38
Monkey_Anyone know what the package names is for the STA drivers from Broadcom are? THey aren't showing up in my hardware drivers window.06:38
TonnoCan I sent voice clip in the amsn at the same time that im listening music in amarok or other media?06:38
apathadeusMikenolike, seems like a resolution problem06:38
Mikenolikeits set to native resolution06:38
scunizijamesish, he needs one of the older drivers.. his machine has reported problems with the stock drivers.06:38
apathadeusMikenolike, have you tried resetting resolutions06:38
Mikenolikeall other resolutions have the same efect06:38
mynameistuxgah I paid 40 bucks for this mouse, and now it has stopped working, less than a week after I got it !06:38
therealnanotubeMikenolike: tried the nv driver?06:38
apathadeusi see06:38
jamesishscunizi: there's a meta package for old drivers on teh nvidia website.06:39
rangzymynameistux: oh! 40 bucks is too expensive. I bought one for 9 bucks. and it rocks06:39
therealnanotubemynameistux: well... the good news is that you can probably return it... :)06:39
Mikenolikenormal setting without using restricted drivers yield a normal display06:39
scunizijamesish, here's his link for a screen shot. http://members.cox.net/mikenolike1/DSC00643.JPG06:39
mynameistuxits a good mouse06:39
jamesishscunizi: but installing the driver isn't the end of it. The x-config that it generates only works some of the time.06:39
Mikenolikeusing the restricted driver provided gives me the black screen of death06:39
TonnoCan I sent voice clip in the amsn at the same time that im listening music in amarok or other media?06:39
mynameistuxwas a good mouse06:39
therealnanotubeMikenolike: so why not use the opensource driver?06:39
Mikenolikeediting xorg.conf gives me the picture I gave you06:39
Monkey_Anyone know anything related to the Broadcom STA driver here?06:39
MikenolikeI hate opensource, bleh06:39
ghhfghmike > 1) try envy 2) try nvidia-glx, then nvidia-config then nvidia-settings 3) try system > admin > restricted drivers06:40
jamesishscunizi: or, rather, the x=config that nvidia-config or whatever the command is generates. Sometimes it's not good.06:40
binarymutantanyone know where I can find a good wallpaper for a transparent terminal?06:40
scunizijamesish, if you can walk him through it that would be great.. I've gotta find my pillow.06:40
siimohi, anyone know if microsoft wireless desktop 700 will work on ubuntu?06:40
scuniziMikenolike, jamesish should be able to help.. I've gotta sleep .. :) good luck06:40
ghhfghbinary > the black vista wallpaper is pretty good for that06:40
TonnoCan I sent voice clip in the amsn at the same time that im listening music in amarok or other media?06:41
Mikenolikenight scunizi, ty for getting me this far!06:41
therealnanotubesiimo: looks like "yes" : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89569606:41
binarymutantggeecko: thanks i've seen the unbranded one before06:41
apathadeusyou can try catting different files and send it to /dev/dsp :)06:42
therealnanotubeMikenolike: heh06:42
Mikenolikewhat the open source remark?06:42
therealnanotubeMikenolike: yea :)06:42
mynameistuxmy logitech mouse stopped working, and I don't remember what I was doing before it stopped. I have confirmed it is not the battery, it is wireless06:42
jamesishMikenolike: We'll get you through this, no worries. Just be aware I'll be leaving for about forty minutes in about ten minutes. I'll be back later, though.06:43
Mikenolikewell they dont release full specs on things right?06:43
jamesishMikenolike: you sure you got the right driver, first? There're several, and one covers legacy hardware one covers new. If you have the wrong one, it won't install and it'll TELL you that it's not supporting your card.06:43
therealnanotubeMikenolike: yea, that's why the oss driver lacks some features... but it should be perfectly fine for regular 2-d stuff.06:43
ghhfghhe needs the lagacy one06:43
ghhfghlegacy! :)06:44
therealnanotubemynameistux: have you tried websearching for your mouse model number to see if others come up with similar problems?06:44
mynameistuxwell, uh, no.06:44
mynameistux*opens google*06:44
Dabbillwhen i do apt-get upgrade i am geting "The following packages have been kept back: bind9-host dnsutils libbind9-30 libdns35 libisccc30 libisccfg30"06:45
Mikenolikegod I want to kill myself06:45
crushyerror on ispconfig installtion over ubuntuserver06:45
therealnanotubemynameistux: try it, maybe sometghing will come up and someone has already solved the problem. :) what's your mouse model number? i'll help too06:45
=== Slack__ is now known as Slack
jamesishmikenolike: it sounded earlier like you have the driver, you've just got to drop X windows and then run the installer. Is that the case? Once that's done, if something goes wrong UBuntu'll back up your old x-config and offer to restore it after a few bad attempts to start X.06:45
therealnanotubeMikenolike: heh, pretty fragile, if a videodriver can get you so. :)06:45
crushyanybody who can install ispconfig :-s06:46
ghhfghmike > get newer hardware and use envy, it'll install it no probs. it's only cos its old hardware and they didn't plan for doing ubuntu drivers06:46
Mikenolikeit would have been more cost effective by now for me to toss this into the garbage and buy a new laptop06:46
jamesishIf it makes any odds to you, I normally charge sixty five per hour ;)06:46
rangzythanks everyone. bye06:46
therealnanotubeMikenolike: or you could just use the default nv driver. heh. why exactly were you unhappy with it in the first place?06:46
Mikenolikethen I could have bought 2 new laptops06:47
jamesishIt was screwing his display up.06:47
therealnanotubecrushy: there's probably plenty of documentation on ispconfig.org06:47
jamesishMikenolike: where are you in the process? Are you ready to kill X and do the hardcore command line install?06:47
crushyi checked and followed all but i dont know why am getting this error:(06:48
mynameistuxI think its a v200 or somthing like taht06:48
Mikenolikeyeah kill x again06:48
Mikenolikefun times06:48
Mikenolikewell probably just kill the laptop06:49
cjsSo, ash (the BSD bourne shell) will execute my .shrc (to set up aliases, etc.) when I, e.g., run a program from vi with ":!blah". But bash ignores my .bashrc in this case. Any thoughts on how to deal with this?06:49
therealnanotubejamesish: ah, i misread some stuff earlier - i thought the nvidia driver was screwing it up, but nv has not been tried... ok06:49
smm289I have a website with numerous pdfs on it.  I would rather have a application that will go to the address and automatically download all pdfs for me, that way I do not have to click on each one.  Is there an app out there that can do this06:51
jamesishI'm gonna toddle for a little while, but I'll return. But, before I go. cjs: you sure that the BSD bourne shell is ash? Because ...it's not.06:51
cjsOh? What is it?06:51
adam7smm289: down them all, a firefox extension. wget can probably do it too, but I don't know how.06:51
jamesishsmm289: the first application I ever wrote in ruby did that. Took me ten minutes to learn enough ruby to write it.06:51
mokzhi all, i need to update my pidgin, what version should i download ? for windows, for source or ?06:51
adam7mokz: do they have a .deb?06:51
jamesishcjs: it's actual bourne shell. Genuine real deal. check out ##freebsd and hang with those guys to be yelled at about it.06:51
Mikenolikesigh how do I install a driver in shell....06:52
smm289I tried wget and did not seem to work06:52
smm289down them all hu06:52
MikenolikeI am completely lost06:52
smm289I will try06:52
jamesishcjs: ##freebsd is awesome, incidentally. Love the channel.06:52
cjsMaybe they're using a different one from NetBSD.06:52
Mikenolikesudo sh /home/username/desktop/file.run?06:52
jamesishmikenolike: it's a .run package. You type in sudo ./<name>.run and it'll take care of itself from there. Assuming you're in the same directory as it.06:52
Dr_WiLlISsmm289,  wget has extensive command lineoptions you may need to look at, or find a gui for it.. theres also other web site mirror tools. like htttrack (SP?_06:52
cjsLooking at the source, there's a file in there called TOUR, which inside it says: "A Tour through Ash" "Copyright 1989 by Kenneth Almquist."06:52
mokzadam7, i dont know ? i just visited their site and there were different versions06:53
cjsI wonder where they got the real one? That's Bell Labs, stuff.06:53
therealnanotubecjs: from "man bash", when it is started in noninteractive mode, it looks for contents of variable "BASH_ENV", and uses that as its rcfile. check your BASH_ENV variable.06:53
cjsYet another thing that needs a name change. *Sigh*.06:53
adam7mokz: can you compile stuff? if you can, use the source. Otherwise, you need to find a debian package. There is one in the intrepid repos, and getdeb.net has one.06:53
mokzdebian = translator or emulator ?06:54
therealnanotubecjs: man to the rescue again. :)06:54
therealnanotubesmm289: use wget with "-r" option06:54
adam7mokz: Debian is a Linux distro?06:55
therealnanotubekingsofleon: sup? :)06:55
cjsWeird, I am setting BASH_ENV.06:55
cjsOr I'm not, though I should be. Hm.06:56
therealnanotubekongove: hi06:56
cjsHm. Turns out that $BASH_VERSION is not set when .profile is run. Weird.06:56
mokzhmmm i'm newby in ubuntu and other unix systems, i downloaded pidgin for source (cause there was no one for linux)... how can i install it ? or how can i compile it ? (command gcc works only with *.c *cpp or ?)06:57
siimohi, anyone know if microsoft wireless desktop 700 will work on linux? i need to get me wireless kdb + mouse06:57
Kr0ntabyikes mokz... you running Ubuntu 8.04?06:57
adam7mokz: it's a lot easier just to grab a .deb for it06:57
mokzno, i have 706:58
adam7mokz: 7.10 or 7.04?06:58
mokzthink 7,10 where can i see it ?06:58
adam7mokz: cat /etc/issue (run that in a terminal)06:59
MikenolikeI failed06:59
adam7siimo: if it's just a normal usb mouse and keyboard, it should. it's possible not all features will work, but it should type and point07:00
siimoadam7: well these things have a RF receiver that plugs into USB. no sepraate connectors for kbd and mouse07:01
adam7siimo: the easiest way to tell is to plug it in, but if you can't do that, find the exact model number and google it. I have something similar from Logitech that works perfectly.07:02
mokz if i download .deb file, what should i do next ?07:02
tirilinhello everyone! help! y have wifi problems with the 2.6.24-21 kernel!!! please help07:02
adam7mokz: double click it07:03
mokzwill it install automatical or i wiil need to type smth in terminal ?07:03
adam7!wireless | tirilin07:03
ubottutirilin: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:03
adam7mokz: should be automatic07:03
mokzok thx :)07:03
adam7mokz: not sure where you'll find a deb for 7.10 though07:04
adam7mokz: it's not hard to compile, if that fails07:04
mokzheh another problem )07:06
mokz32 or 64 ? =)07:06
adam7mokz: well, what are you running?07:06
adam7mokz: run uname -a07:06
adam7if it says x86_64, use 64, otherwise use 3207:06
GizmoLooking for anyone with experience in Gemtek radio cards07:07
adam7Gizmo: what chipset?07:07
mokzLinux mo 2.6.22-15-generic #1 SMP Wed Aug 20 18:39:13 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux07:07
adam7mokz: 3207:07
Gizmoit's a rm100 I'll find the chipset........07:08
Meganplease check it out <307:08
mokzwhat symbol says it is 32 ? )07:08
quinn i68607:08
mokzand what will be for 64 ?07:09
Gizmoadam7: it's a sony cxa1238m according to bttv gallery07:09
adam7Gizmo: is it a wifi card or bluetooth?07:09
Gizmoit's an FM radio card ^_^'07:10
GizmoSo neither07:10
adam7mokz: Linux mydesktop 2.6.27-7-generic #1 SMP Tue Oct 14 18:38:59 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:10
adam7mokz: that's for 6407:10
therealnanotubemokz: x86_64 if it's a 6407:10
adam7Gizmo: ah, sorry, I've only used Gemtek wifi cards07:10
cafuegoMind you, that identifies the ekrnel arch. Even with a 64bit kernel, userspace can be 32bit.07:11
Gizmoadam7: http://dg3aaf.no-ip.com:8080/sites/bttv%20gallery-Dateien/Gemtek_Radioman_serial.jpg07:11
therealnanotubeGizmo: so, i'm just curious... what would you do with that fm radio card?07:11
adam7cafuego: if you have all the 32bit libs07:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bmon07:11
adam7Gizmo: can't access no-ip sites here, sorry07:12
cafuegoadam7: No, not with compat libs. You can run a complete 32bit userspace07:12
mokzthere 3 files on getdeb.net -  pidgin  (559.1 kB)  , pidgin-data  (6.9 MB) , libpurple0 (1.5 MB), from what should i start ?07:12
adam7mokz: getdeb.net only has them for 8.04 I think07:12
Gizmotherealnanotube: I'm using it to listen to the analog radio stations on my linux box :)07:12
adam7mokz: you can try it, though. Just download them all07:12
Gizmotherealnanotube: and stream the stations over the net07:13
jim_pmokz: download them all and install libpurple then pidgin-data then pidgin07:13
mokzwill try )07:13
bonez45welcome emma07:14
GizmoAnyone else know how to setup the radio-gemtek module and configure it or mount the device?07:16
umarzukihi all07:17
drhe|lapthere anyway to autostart samba sharing, without having to log in??07:17
umarzukionce i got fsck failed on boot up07:18
cjsIs .profile executed on gdm login?07:18
umarzukinow my ubuntu getting crazy07:18
umarzukiit won't detect sound device07:18
spoonationdoes anyone have any comments on the new release of 8.10 beta?07:18
spoonationthinking of trying it out but would like to know some?07:19
drhe|lapcjs, talking to me?07:19
Dr_WiLlISspoonation,  may as well wait 2 weeks for the thing to get actually released07:19
mokzthink i need to uninstall my pidgin before install newone... how can i uninstall ?07:19
drogsudo apt-get remove pidgin07:19
Dr_WiLlISmokz,  if using the package manager, you dont need to.. if you want.. fire up synaptic and remove it.07:19
spoonationDr_WiLlIS:  I figured as much... thanks :)07:20
therealnanotubeGizmo: cool :)07:20
wartalkermy network manager does not show the ap list, how to do?07:21
therealnanotubewartalker: run "iwlist wlan0 scan" and see if anything shows up (replace wlan0 with name of your wifi interface)07:22
* MANIAKA7000 good morning!07:22
=== el_macnifico is now known as delfo
cjsActually, anyone.07:22
therealnanotubecjs: i don't think so, but not sure.07:23
wartalkertherealnanotube:thanks, it show the ap, and can connect to the internet, but i want to show in the panel07:23
marcelcan her speak german07:24
therealnanotubewartalker: hm, well... no idea, then. sorry. :)07:24
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de07:24
theobyhi.how do i exit gnome and load fluxbox?07:24
MeganPlease check out my site MeganLikesIt.NotLong.Com <307:24
marceljoin #ubunut-de07:24
OmoikaneKr0ntab the fw is killing my conn07:24
marceljoin #ubuntu-de07:25
therealnanotubecjs: check out /etc/environment07:25
therealnanotubemarcel: type "/join #ubuntu-de"07:25
cjsHm. So how does ENV get set for me, if my .profile is the only thing that sets it?07:25
marcel"/join #ubuntu-de"07:26
umarzukimarcel: without " "07:26
GNUixnetworkmanager was designed for a group of twitters in a netcafe in the mall.. how the heck do I configure a static ip with it or get rid of it all together. Its wearing my nerves now07:26
diabolixyou disable roaming mode.07:26
Polygon89i think there is some bug with the beta that it doesnt configure the static ips07:26
chilli00hello all07:27
diabolixoh, your using beta...07:27
GNUixdiabolix: yea.. doesn't work07:27
zirodayGNUix: by left clicking on the icon and going to manual configuration?07:27
marcelthank you :)07:27
GNUixPolygon89: of course, because everybody uses DHCP07:27
GNUixziroday: doesnt' work07:27
therealnanotubemarcel: you're welcome. :)07:27
chilli00can anyone help me to enable direct rendering ive got a Radion x130007:27
Polygon89GNUix, NetworkManager 0.7 as included in Ubuntu 8.10 Beta is not compatible with static network configuration in /etc/network/interfaces. New installations are not affected by this issue because NetworkManager will manage all interfaces by default. Users upgrading from previous Ubuntu releases can work around this issue by disabling NetworkManager at startup. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/25605407:27
billamonsterGNUnix: wicd is nice =)07:27
GNUixziroday: I can configure it for a static ip.. but it doesn't use it07:27
zirodayGNUix: which version of ubuntu are you using?07:27
ziroday!intrepid | GNUix07:28
therealnanotubecjs: what do you mean? your env gets set every time you open a shell. but it doesn't get set when you just log into gdm.07:28
ubottuGNUix: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu07:28
diabolixGNUix, ifconfig <interface> <ip_address>07:28
GNUixziroday: 8.1007:28
GNUixdiabolix: thanks, thats what I needed07:28
chilli00can anyone help me to enable direct rendering ive got a Radion x1300 pm if u can help07:28
j800rhey, can anyone help with locating drivers for an nvidia gx 260 graphics card. it won't work from the nvidia site.07:28
diabolixGNUix, are you behind a router?07:29
cjsNot my "env"; the "ENV" environment variable. It's set explicitly by me in my .profile.07:32
cjsSo the question is, if my .profile's not executed, how did ENV get set? Hmmm.07:32
diabolixwhat makes you think .profile isn't getting executed?07:33
GNUixdiabolix: sorry, didn't see your question, I'm behind a custom built router yes. I have no DHCP server on my LAN and don't want one either.07:34
jamesishcjs: env is inherited from /etc/profile, too.07:34
j800ri'm assuming my graphics card is too recent to be compatible with ubuntu? :\07:34
diabolixGNUix, you also need to use the route comand then. i believe its: route add gw <router ip>07:35
GNUixdiabolix: right07:35
=== natacha is now known as Natoux
j800rcan anyone tell me if i'm right in thinking i can't use ubuntu with my graphics card :|07:36
GNUixdiabolix: I just wish that distributions would stop going to nm by default, its nice if your a wifi nut but sucks for the rest of us.07:36
jamesishj8oor: wat wireless card you got?07:37
j800ri don't use wireless :\07:37
j800ri was talking bout my graphics card07:37
jamesishOh, jeez. Typo, sorry. What graphics card?07:38
chilli00can anyone help me get direct rendering on radion x130007:38
j800rnvidia gx26007:38
chilli00can anyone help me get direct rendering on radion x1300 ?07:39
chilli00help me pleae07:39
apinuntCannot access Internet after having MB replaced in Compaq notebook. We can ping the router, and ping the ADSL modem but cannot ping anything on the WAN. Any ideas where we might begin to look?07:39
jamesishj8oor: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=708529 first link on google if you search for "nvidia gx260 ubuntu"07:40
Dr_WiLlIS!ati | chilli0007:40
ubottuchilli00: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:40
Dr_WiLlISThats all i know on ATI chilli0007:40
a1lenAren't manufacturers obligated to send you backup OS discs if you weren07:40
sele_redet hier jemand deutsch?07:40
chilli00i went there and it didnt help07:40
a1len't given one at original purchase.07:40
jamesish!de | sele_07:40
ubottusele_: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de07:40
Dr_WiLlISchilli00,  thenyou could perhaps give more details to the channel aboyut what you have done, and how you installed the fglrx drivers and so forth..  I dont use ati.. so cant help much.07:41
jamesishThis is an official ubuntu support channel. Are there any canonical employees here?07:41
Dr_WiLlISchilli00,  if the repo drivers dont work.. then ya could try the envyng tool.07:41
legend2440chilli00: are the ati drivers enabled in   system>admin>hardware drivers?07:41
j800rjamesish, thanks for the help, but that isn't what i'm looking for. that's just some random stuff about a dell model07:41
chilli00yes they are07:42
chilli00it says this07:42
legend2440chilli00: ok to pm?07:42
chilli00direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)07:42
chilli00sure pm me07:42
jamesishj8oor: it did discuss the correct settings in the BIOS for a motherboard and then said that it works fine if you ensure your BIOS is set up correctly.07:42
j800rif i screw about with my bios though, i risk having problems for booting into windows :\07:43
Vic1ousHey Guys, I was just wondering whats new in 8.1007:43
Vic1ousi looked online couldnt find much info07:44
j800rubuntu doesn't have drivers for my card, and the nvidia official install doesn't allow running from x07:44
Polygon89Vic1ous, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta07:44
delfickhello. Is openoffice.org3 available through ubuntu hardy repoes ? :)07:44
jamesishj8oor: a good thing to do, then, in all honesty is to write down your BIOS settings on each screen as they stand right now. Then if you screw them up, you have a record.07:44
jp91help, everything is blurry and it's giving me a headache07:44
Polygon89delfick, no.07:44
delfickPolygon89: k then, thnx07:44
jamesishjp91: go to sleep, you'll be sober in the morning.07:45
cjsHey, where do I go to get things like pidgin 2.4.3?07:45
jp91it acts like my resolution is wrong but I only have one option07:45
j800rhmm...too much of a workaround to be honest. i think i'll stick with vista for now as my pc is so powerful it runs it with ease. lol, ironic really, my pc is just too powerful and state-of-the-art for ubuntu :\07:45
Polygon89cjs, the latest version of pidgin is 2.5.1....07:45
jamesishj8oor: No, it's not.07:46
cjsOh. Ok, I guess I could go for that...07:46
ivangarciaoutbackwifi, hello07:46
jp91there's something wrong with my hz07:46
cjsI just wanted to fix the icon size issue; 2.4.1 ignores my DPI settings and produces huge icons.07:46
Polygon89cjs, you can either compile pidgin or get it from getdeb.net07:46
jamesishj8oor: when other folks are getting the hardware to work, then it's not. You're just not setting the BIOS up as per other folks' discoveries. But that's okay, you don't HAVE to use ubuntu.07:46
cjsgetdeb.net is the place to go for all of the latest stuff?07:46
Polygon89cjs, only two ways to get it without upgrading to intrepid07:46
jamesishcjs: Might be a nice idea to install from source. Flex the ol' skkills.07:47
Polygon89cjs, yeah, but then the debs are not made by offical people, so they *might* cause problems havent for me though.07:47
cjsI have flexed so much of those skills over the last 25 years that I will be happy to avoid it once in a while.07:47
Polygon89jamesish, compiling pidgin with the right options is hard >.>07:47
jamesishpolygon89: O07:47
cjsBut speaking of installing from source, is there some way to tell this thing "just install all of the g*d d**m -dev packages already?"07:48
Polygon89jamesish, look at the offical ubuntu version (pidgin > about) and look at all the options it comes compiled with =)07:48
jp91somebody help me, my eyeballs are going to shrivel up07:48
jamesishpolygon89: It's not something I've had issues with, really.07:48
cjsEvery time I turn around, I'm missing 80 KB of header files.07:48
j800rjamesish, nah, it's fine. tbh, ubuntu is great and runs better than windows. but with a pc as powerful as mine i don't have to worry about slowdowns, so no worries. i'm just gonna boot back into vista and call it a day. thanks for the help though07:48
etagHi i have installed tomcat but i cant login to tomcat manager keep saying wrong password07:49
etagacn any one tlel me what possibly could be problem07:49
=== hiptobecubic is now known as hiptobecubic-afk
diabolixcjs, i don't think there is. i always thought there should be, but whenever i asked, everyone tried to tell me that it wasn't what i really wanted.07:49
indian_munndahi can anyone tell ma any software package to resize partitions of the hard disk07:50
jamesishcjs: try out something like apt-cache search -dev, then use awk to parse out the name line and just use a while read loop to install the packages, I guess.07:50
diabolixthere should be a way to always incude the -dev and -doc packages.07:50
outbackwifiindian_munnda: qparted07:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qparted07:50
outbackwifi!info gparted07:50
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.5-1ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 339 kB, installed size 2100 kB07:51
cjsWell, it's not. What you really want is for that 324 KB readline package to just bite the bullet, grow by 20%, and include the 80K of header files.07:51
etagcan any one tell me ?07:51
outbackwifiit 'g' not 'q'07:51
cjsBut that's not going to happen any time soon.07:51
indian_munndaoutbackwifi: should i install gparted or qparted??07:51
=== proptcp is now known as porptcp
outbackwifiindian_munnda: theres nothing called qparted07:51
indian_munndaoutbackwifi: oh ok07:51
Dr_WiLlISqtparted, and gparted07:51
indian_munndathank you07:51
jamesishcjs: fair enough :)07:51
cjsJust be glad they bother to include gcc and /usr/include. :-)07:53
diabolixcjs, i guess its less annoying than compiling dependancies yourself.07:53
diabolixcjs, arch linux is the only distro i know of that does what your asking.07:54
cjsI'm kinda tempted by it, actually.07:54
jp91i'm going to go blind07:54
cjsBut I've now put something like 30 hours into this changeover from NetBSD....07:54
outbackwifijp91: whats the issue07:54
diabolixslackware includes all headers, but there is no dependancy resolution.07:54
cjs(Though, to be sure, most of it was learning to deal with Gnome.)07:54
jamesishcjs: I've never used NetBSD. Got stuck on FreeBSD. How's pkg src for managing dependencies?07:55
jp91outbackwifi, my screen is really blurry like i need a driver or the hz are wrong07:55
cjspkgsrc is pretty damn good, in that respect.07:55
cjsIn many respects, actually.07:55
diabolixcjs, oh, if your a bsd guy you should just use pkgsrc on top of slackware.07:55
jamesishcjs: and are there automated tools for doing an upgrade once your ports tree is updated? FreeBSD has portmaster and portupgrade, which both rule.07:56
parfuj debian#07:56
cjsjamesish, Yes, of various sorts.07:56
cjsI have two basic issues with pkgsrc, one inherent, one just due to the way they build binary packages.07:56
outbackwifijp91: can you shift to a lower resolution using ctl+alt+-07:56
cjsInherently, the damn thing is written as some 12,000 lines of make. Ouch.07:56
jamesishFreeBSD has the makefiles distributed throughout the ports tree; I just assumed it worked similarly.07:57
jp91outback yes, now i can only see a tiny portion of the screen07:57
cjsOh, they are distributed through out the tree, except for a bunch of included stuff. I'm sure FreeBSD is pretty much the same.)07:57
jp91like i'm zoomed in, but it looks clear07:57
outbackwifijp91: keep doing that till you get to a resolution that suits07:57
jamesishAh, I know what you're talking about, yeah. Included variables and the like are set up centrally for the ports tree, yeah.07:58
ubottuingsoc: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!07:58
cjsAnyway, BSD folks (except for me) like make, and like to use it fairly badly. I tried to start fixing this around '96, when I joined the NetBSD project, and it will never happen for political reasons.07:58
cjsjamesish, More than just that. Have a look at what's probably in the "mk" directory off the top level of the tree.07:58
jamesishIs your real name Theo De Raadt? ;)07:58
ingsoc... XD any one care to lend ahand with some sound card issues? been going at it for last 14 hours and fianly gave in to ask for some  help07:59
outbackwifimore likely curt sampson07:59
jp91outbackwifi, i went through all the resolutions and some of them are really clear but they are all still zoomed in07:59
cjsAnyway, the other issue, that's anything with the 'standard' binary builds, is that all config files go into /usr/pkg/etc. So you upgrade bind, and your config moves from /etc to /usr/pkg/etc. Then you upgrade NetBSD, upgarding bind again (and removing the package), and your config moves back to /etc. Very annoying.07:59
outbackwifiingsoc: go ahead we'll all try07:59
cjsBut not everything does this; ssh does not, for example.07:59
cjsYes, Curt Sampson.07:59
jamesishYou can't pin it?07:59
cjsI've had dealing with theo, though. :-)07:59
ingsocXD thanks08:00
jp91outbackwifi, the screen moves and follows my mouse when i go to the edge08:00
cjsWell, I do, but you have to rebuild from source. So I can't use the standard binaries. Not such a huge deal now that I have a custom build setup I use for packages for all my servers, but stil....08:00
ingsocIve gone thorugh the comprihenive sound guide and then some. and still cant seem to get my soudn card working08:00
ingsocI followed all instructions to the T and every thing seems to go as they say but still yet.08:01
cjsAnyway, for desktop stuff, I just figured I wanted Flash and Skype and all that stuff working without too many hassles, so here I am.08:01
ingsocI cant get any alsamixer or any type of mixers to open08:01
ingsoc00:10.1 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio (rev a2)08:02
ingsocSubsystem: nVidia Corporation A8N-VM CSM Mainboard08:02
ingsocFlags: 66MHz, fast devsel, IRQ 2208:02
ingsocMemory at fe024000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16K]08:02
ingsocCapabilities: <access denied>08:02
jamesishK\I've been trying to work out if there's a good way to ask a piece of source what libraries it will need to update. If I can work that out, I'm pretty sure I can make a nice build tool that'll let an abitrary system build software for another abitrary system.08:02
jp91i need an intel driver i think08:02
apinuntDisregard earlier question, I think I've determined the problem.08:03
ingsocsp91: you resolution and all that good stuff right?08:03
outbackwifijp91: what driver is your xorg.conf using right now?08:04
jp91ingsoc i have the resolution set to the native resolution for the monitor08:04
chilli00i got it guys08:04
jp91outbackwifi what's the command to show me that08:05
outbackwifijp91: you can use gedit to open /etc/X11/xorg.conf (or if you prefer cli, vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf)08:05
cjsSo does getdeb.net do a "repository" that one can add to one's local package manager?08:06
ingsocgksudo displayconfig-gtk    i jkut had some monitor issues .. not sure if it will help but "gksudo displayconfig-gtk"  has some cool options in it.08:06
legend2440chilli00: its working?08:06
jp91Section "Device"08:06
jp91Identifier"Configured Video Device"08:06
chilli00thanks mate08:06
chilli00so will my compiz still work?08:06
jp91Section "Monitor" Identifier"Configured Monitor"08:06
outbackwifiingsoc: i wouldnt use displayconfig-gtk, it really messed up my xorg when i tried to use it for dual monitors; in fact its listed on the xrandr site08:06
kongoveIs there anybody use python?08:07
chilli00i do kongove08:07
bradonheadi am new to ubuntu which command i can get installation software online08:07
outbackwifibradonhead: www.ubuntu.com08:07
kongovechilli00: how long have you used it?08:07
chilli00not to long08:07
chilli00but i know how to use it well08:07
bradonheadjust downloaded and installed08:07
jp91ingsoc i've been using that and my monitor is in the list and it's selected and everything08:07
kongoveWhat are you doing with this language?08:07
ingsocI see. XD my mistake. heheh ill keep my advice to my self for the time being.08:08
chilli00making games programs08:08
outbackwifibradonhead: and ...08:08
chilli00well atm im working on a massive irc bot08:08
kongoveWhich os are you use?  just ubuntu?08:08
chilli00and windows08:09
chilli00but not for programin08:09
outbackwifiingsoc: np, in fact i had to use grandr to configure dual-hea08:09
jp91outbackwifi my xorg.conf file says Section "Device"08:09
jp91Identifier"Configured Video Device"   Section "Monitor"08:09
jp91Identifier"Configured Monitor"08:09
chilli00i use ubuutu yes08:09
kongovechili00: I'm a Chinese, where are you from?08:09
ingsocWould my sonbord sound card be shot if it showed up in "lspci -v"?08:09
bradonheaddesktop version, it does not have ssh server08:10
outbackwifijp91: if your card is an intel (like mine is) you can insert a line called Driver     "intel"08:10
chilli00kongove:  im from Australia08:11
mokzhow can i add russian print to pidgin ?08:11
jp91outbackwifi just put Driver     "intel" in there somewhere?08:11
=== gord__ is now known as drog
outbackwifijp91: like this --> http://pastebin.com/f68f9faae08:11
lundhThis is getting rediculis. I got the ubuntu installer booting using unetbootin but now it wont detect my hard drives, which even debian lenny does08:11
ingsoc... *dance* no input on sound card?08:12
outbackwifiingsoc: what does alsamixer tell you?08:12
ingsocjust wont open08:12
ingsocits there08:13
outbackwifiingsoc: it must be spitting out some error :008:13
ingsoci hit alt+f2 to try open "alsamixer" and it just acts like i never did any thing.08:13
ingsoctry it in applications same shindig08:13
outbackwifiingsoc: can you do it inside a terminal?08:14
extorSo how is the new vmware 6.5, anyone in love with it yet?08:14
ingsocalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory..08:15
firestormHi there. Running gnome and want to know how I can start an application (eg mythfrontend) automatically in the 2nd workspace instead of the current/default workspace?08:15
ingsocLooked through forums and i belive some one was mentioning adding a line or two when installing the alsa packaged, but it came installed already08:16
Nallepfirestorm you can look into devilspie08:17
Nallep!devilspie | firestorm08:18
ubottufirestorm: devilspie is a tool that performs actions on windows in GNOME's metacity such as resizing, positioning, and pinning.  Usage information can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie08:18
legend2440ingsoc: alsamixer is included in   alsa-utils package  do you have it installed?08:18
firestormNallep: excellent I am bringing down the DEB now to check it out08:18
ingsocI got all the alsa packages installed08:18
firestormNallep: wow, s-expressions...haven't seen those since my lisp AI days!08:19
ingsocWould that cause any conflics?08:19
jp91i saved that and restarted and ubuntu went into low graphics mode08:19
Nallepfirestorm: ya, it takes some scripting, but you can really set up all your windows automagically any way you want08:19
jp91i can't get a resolution over 640 x 480 now but at least it's not blurry right now ugh my brain08:20
ingsocHeheh yeah i just delt with that.... some how trying to test my sounds froze my machine and when i reboted wouldnt let me go past 640 48008:21
K-4Ugood morning, anyone here who can tell me what the system requirements are of the Kubuntu KDE4 8.04?08:22
ikonia"modern" cpu, 256 ram08:22
drogK-4U, what system are you running?08:22
K-4Udrog: Pentium 2, 266 Mhz, 192 MB ram08:22
ikoniaK-4U: thats official, but to be usable, I think you'd be looking at a solid video card with supported drivers and 512 ram08:22
ikoniaK-4U: thats going to be lacking08:23
K-4Uim thinking about using openbox as a window manager, but i need a good base08:23
K-4U(no, i do not want to try DSL)08:23
ikoniaK-4U: your lacking ram for ubuntu modern releases to be honest08:23
drogK-4U, I'm trashing 2 systems that are exponentially better, if you want to swing by and pick them up I'd be more than happy to donate adequate hardware to your cause08:23
macoK-4U: you just described my debian system08:24
drogK-4U, you're lacking cpu power and ram for modern software in general08:24
Stupendousstevedrog, modern software runs fine on 233MHz... just depends what you define as modern08:24
K-4Udrog: i already had Xubuntu 8.04 running, with openbox as WM08:25
macoK-4U: i have debian etch (a bit lighter than ubuntu) with enlightenment 17 that i compiled for it08:25
StupendoussteveK-4U, why change? It will not like KDE much08:25
macoK-4U: on the same hardware08:25
ingsocoutbackwifi ?08:25
bustaplzAnyone know any good open source PDF editors?08:26
drogK-4U, I will seriously give you, free of charge, a 1.8Ghz athlonxp on an a7v8x with roughly 1.5GB ram08:26
ikoniadrog: he's in a different country08:26
ingsocdrog XD almost better then my machine08:26
StupendoussteveHoly crap that's better than my other system08:26
drogwhy do you people have such horrid hardware?08:27
StupendoussteveWhich is forced to run icemw08:27
K-4Udrog: yes, i'm from another country, but thnx for the offer ;)08:27
ingsocSpend all my money on my offroading machine XD08:27
Stupendousstevepoor 24mb ram08:27
drogI'm running a c2d E6300 @ 2.8Ghz w/ 4gb ram and I'm still behind the times08:27
ingsoc1.2gig ram XD08:27
tobiasunew hardware - the reason why ubuntu is so ugly and bloated08:28
ingsocsopose i should fill in thoes other 2 bays08:28
drogtobiasu, old hardware - the reason why people think software is bloated08:28
ikoniagents, lets not discuss this08:28
drogif you want less features, use fluxbox or openbox or icewm or xfce08:29
ingsocSeriously give any one here a dollar if they find the coprate to my no sound issue XD08:29
ingsoc...Well a us dollar aint worth much any more but still.....08:29
dexterjsp is the best08:29
StupendoussteveYeah by the time we get it it'll be worth 50 cents08:29
ingsocThiunk you can get it done in a minut?08:29
ingsochehehe hats of to you08:30
sorsisif maxmimum packet size is tweaked too high, does that allos DoS?08:30
ikoniasorsis: depends on he exploit08:30
drogbut seriously, if some one wants to take 2 athlonxp's 1.6+1.8Ghz with 2 socket a boards with around 2 gb ram total, pm me08:31
jp91my video is still blurry, sharper near the left and ride sides, blurry in the middle08:32
zirodaydrog: please ask in #ubuntu-offtopic08:33
simplewant to ask a question08:33
Flannel!ask | simple08:33
ubottusimple: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:33
ikoniasimple: please ask08:33
sorsissimple: don't ask to ask. just ask.08:34
simplehave you using Linuxqq ?08:34
ikoniasimple: linuxqq ?08:34
* memeemeee is away: drooling on the keyboard again08:34
ikonia!away > memeemeee08:34
ubottumemeemeee, please see my private message08:34
simplewhen linuxqq went to background ,how can I get it out?08:34
ikoniasimple: what is linuxqq ?08:35
jp91help i can't fix my blurry screen problem08:35
pranithanyone using ubuntu on a dell xps laptop herE?08:35
tdawgedoggcan someone help me im upgrading to 8.10 beta and it says to do this To upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04, press Alt+F2 and type in "update-manager -d" (without the quotes) into the command box. Update Manager should open up and tell you: New distribution release '8.10' is available. Click Upgrade and follow the on-screen instructions.08:35
ikoniapranith: yes08:35
ikonia!ibex > tdawgedogg08:35
ubottutdawgedogg, please see my private message08:35
pranithingsoc, hello08:35
drogpranith, yes, it's my media center for my tv downstairs08:35
sorsisjp91: is it just with video, not with other applications?08:35
pranithdrog, laptop?08:36
jp91sorsis it's everything08:36
kk_ubuntuhello i have a message file system check failed08:36
* memeemeee is back (gone 00:01:41)08:36
ikoniaParaselene_: I'm on an M1330 now08:36
sorsisjp91: are you using CRT?08:36
simplehow can I get the sleep programe out?08:36
pranithmy laptop kinds gets hot after using it for 10min or so...08:36
kk_ubuntucan some one tell me how can I do a check disk kind of a command on the root prompt?08:36
praniththis doesnt happen under vista08:36
jp91sorsis: i think so, it's a big bulky crt with a flat screen08:36
zirodaysimple: you mean that you ran it in a terminal and sent it to the background?08:36
ronzillawhats the exact command to instal the nvidia settings?08:37
Flannelkk_ubuntu: the easiest way is to do it on boot. to force one: `sudo touch /forcefsck` and then the next time you boot, you'll check the disks08:37
zirodayronzilla: sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings08:37
ikoniaronzilla: open the package manager and install the nvidia-settings package08:37
indian_munndacan anyone tell much gparted normally takes in resizing a partition????08:37
=== hax0r_ is now known as LogicalThought
digitalfallacysudo get-apt install glx-new08:37
indian_munndacan anyone tell me howmuch gparted normally takes in resizing a partition????08:37
ikoniaindian_munnda: pardon ?08:37
sorsisjp91: is it only in linux or is it also in other operating systems? could it be that you screen is a bit old and problem is hardware related?08:37
ikoniaindian_munnda: how much what ?08:37
indian_munndaikonia: i men time08:37
digitalfallacysorry sudo apt-get install glx-new08:37
simplewhen program sleeped ,how can I week it up?08:38
digitalfallacythis is the command08:38
jp91sorsis: no it was very clear in xp08:38
ikoniaindian_munnda: depends on the speed of the machine, the size of the disk and how full it is08:38
WIGGMPkindian_munnda: depends on the size of the partition, speed of the drive, system stats08:38
tdawgedoggis alt f2 supposed to open run application?08:38
Flanneltdawgedogg: It does, yes.08:38
vertisvasis there a script or program that will clean the grub menu of missing kernels?08:38
rdw200169tdawgedogg: yup08:38
zirodaytdawgedogg: yes, if you have the run apple08:38
Flannelvertisvas: missing?08:38
ikoniavertisvas: removing the kernels via the package manager should clean it08:38
tdawgedoggit tells me to type update-manager-d to update08:38
digitalfallacyindian_munnda: hiii ... asl plz08:38
sorsisjp91: have you tried same resolution, refreshrate and color bitrate settings as you are using in windows?08:38
simplewhen a program sleeped ,how can week it up?08:38
ikonia!ibex tdawgedogg08:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ibex tdawgedogg08:38
Flanneltdawgedogg: please take intrepid questions to #ubuntu+108:39
tdawgedoggCould not open location 'file:///home/tyler/update%20manager-d'08:39
ikoniatdawgedogg: please see the message from ubottu08:39
knut_hi, is there another graphical way to edit FSTAB? i mean GUI ?????08:39
ikoniatdawgedogg: stop08:39
ikoniaknut_: any graphical text editor08:39
ikoniaknut_: gedit, gvim etc etc08:39
droggedit ftw08:39
unitedpotsmokershi all, how to remove shortcut in start menu? i used wine to open windows application, but since i uninstall some softwares, the problem is their short cut still in menu...08:39
drogright click the menu and hit edit menu08:39
vertisvasFlannel: ikonia : maybe I missed something, I will check again, but I removed several kernels and they still show up on my boot menu08:39
knut_ikonia: i want something that looks like gparted or so08:39
ikoniaknut_: no then08:39
Flannelvertisvas: How did you remove them?08:39
jp91sorsis: in monitor resolution settings it says unknown, but it's set to the native resolution but i'm not sure what the resolution is08:39
vertisvasFlannel: I removed them via synaptic08:40
drogunitedpotsmokers, my previous comment was for you08:40
Flannelvertisvas: hmm, well, it should remove them.  If they're still there, let me know and we'll take a look at everything.08:40
jp91sorsis: when i press the menu button on the front of the monitor it says 87hz but there is no option for 87hz in the resolution settings in ubuntu08:40
indian_munndaikonia: i have 220gb partition and 2 gb RAM on the laptop and i m using livesession for resizing the parttion. And partition has 45 gb of free space and i am extracting a 30 gb partion from it. Now what do u think how much will it take???08:40
simplehelp !help08:40
ingsocTry this again. I have no sound.... Ubuntu detects that I have a soudn card but wont list it as installed. I belive that the ALSA drivers are up-to-date and installed correctly. When I try to open mixer(gstreamr) tells me I dont have right plugins/ sound card not configured. alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory08:40
knut_ikonia, where do i find the fstab file?08:40
ikoniaknut_: /etc08:40
indian_munndadigitalfallacy: why u wanna know that08:41
knut_ikonia : thx08:41
ikoniaindian_munnda: no idea, it depends08:41
indian_munndadigitalfallacy: its not a ordinary chatr channel08:41
unitedpotsmokersthanks drog , but when i right click in wine section, nothing happen...08:41
zirodayunitedpotsmokers: you can go to System > Preferences > Main Menu to edit the menu08:41
indian_munndaANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA?? i have 220gb partition and 2 gb RAM on the laptop and i m using livesession for resizing the parttion. And partition has 45 gb of free space and i am extracting a 30 gb partion from it. Now what do u think how much will it take???08:41
GregerHi, I got a new computer yesterday (new for me)08:42
jp91sorsis: it seems like the refresh rate is wrong but it only gives me one option and it says monitor unknown08:42
sorsisjp91: your problem seems quite surreal since afaik old screens should get blurry from the sides and be quite sharp from the midle.08:42
zirodayindian_munnda: the time it takes depends on variety of factors and is nearly impossible to calculate, your question will not be answered08:42
GregerBut it's a graphic-card in the computer08:42
Gregerdoes it work with linux?08:42
zirodayGreger: what model is it?08:42
sorsisGreger: you mean integrated GPU?08:43
ikoniaindian_munnda: don't use caps lock, we don't need to see captial letters to read08:43
knut_ikonia: can u assist me a lil because im trying to edit the fstab by gedit....08:43
ikoniaknut_: what do you want to do ?08:43
indian_munndaikonia: it stopped and said that there is some error08:43
jp91sorsis i don't think the driver ubuntu is using for this computer is the right one08:43
Gregerziroday, I dont know. It's win xp on08:43
ikoniaindian_munnda: ok, so we need to know the error08:43
knut_ikonia: i want to add my ntfs drives to autmatically mounted08:43
ikoniaknut_: ok, that should be quite straight forward08:43
unitedpotsmokersthanks ziroday  it is work..!08:44
zirodayGreger: well we need to know what type of graphics card it is to check :), you can try out the livecd and see if it has any issues08:44
GregerZambezi: dxdiag says: Intel(R) 82815 Graphics Controller08:44
simplewhen a programme  sleeped how can i week it up?08:44
simplenow the linuxqq is oftern sleeping ,08:44
simplehow can i week it up?08:44
jp91sorsis: i had this same problem on a newer machine that had an nvidia card and the screen was blurry until i installed the nvidia drivers08:44
ikoniaknut_: you need to copy the line for your / file system, change the uuid to the id of your ntfs disk, and change the file system dtiver from ext3 to ntfs-3g08:44
zirodayGreger: that card will work great in linux08:44
Gregerzaggynl: Main driver i81xdnt5.dll08:44
digitalfallacyindian_munnda : you  new here ??08:44
ikoniasimple: linuxqq i for achlinux08:44
knut_ikonia: puh.... :) sounds like hard work08:44
ikoniaknut_: 30 seconds work08:44
knut_ikonia: for me08:44
GregerZambezi: Okay, it didn't look like that when i tried to boot ubuntu live.08:45
ingsoc  /sigh I sopose its off to another 14 horus of no sound work for me XD08:45
wartalke1networkmanager do not show the wireless, i have edited the /etc/network/interface?08:45
vertisvashmm I did a search in synaptic and it looks like I forgot to remove a component of each kernel, whoops, fixed08:45
zirodayGreger: what issues did you get, note my nick is ziroday :)08:45
knut_ikonia: you suggest doing it in terminal?08:45
ikoniaknut_: any text editor08:45
knut_ikonia: because i need to find out the ids?08:45
Mezwartalke1: generally, you shouldnt need to with NM - does ifconfig / iwconfig show your wireless interface?08:45
Gregerziroday: sorry, wrong tab..08:46
gandalfcomeI installed new open office 3 on my gfs laptop but it seems to be installed in /opt/openoffice3/.... and not accesible via the menu. my gf is complaining, which I can understand. Why is openoffice 3 not inthe repos and if I install it is not in the menus.08:46
simplewhen a program sleeping how can I wake it up?08:46
ikoniasimple: linuxqq is for achlinux08:46
indian_munndaikonia: it says an error occured while applying operation,see details  for more information08:46
zirodayGreger: no problem, the card should work fine under linux but you said you had some issues with it in the livecd, what were they?08:46
ikoniaindian_munnda: need more information08:46
Mezgandalfcome: It's not in the archives because 1) It's new 2) we're in freeze.08:46
simplelinuxqq  is for achlinux ?08:47
simpleI don't understand08:47
ikoniasimple: do you mean the package builder ?08:47
zirodayikonia: nope, they have ubuntu packages http://im.qq.com/qq/linux/download.shtml08:47
Gregerziroday: First of all I had to little memory but the screen resolution must have been very low08:47
Gregercan be that08:47
zirodaysimple: please see http://im.qq.com/qq/linux/help.shtml to get help from the linuxqq developers08:47
ikoniaziroday: ithis is what I'm trying to understand what he wants08:47
Mez!info linuxqq08:47
ubottuPackage linuxqq does not exist in hardy08:47
Mez!info linuxqq intrepid08:47
ubottuPackage linuxqq does not exist in intrepid08:47
simpleo,I 'll see08:48
a1lenAnyone know where any good newbie tutorials are for booting both ubuntu and vista?08:48
zirodayikonia: unfortunatly the site is all in chinese and my chinese is extremely rudimentary08:48
ikonia!dualboot > a1len08:48
ubottua1len, please see my private message08:48
Mez!dualboot | alle08:48
ubottualle: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:48
newlifeIs there a good client use with LastFM ?08:48
wartalke1Mez:the wireless work, but the networkmanager does not show the wireless, and i have to use manual configuration to connect, and after that, the /etc/network/interface has changed.08:48
gandalfcomeMez: It's now a week old, but debs have existed for very long time (of course only beta or rc but you could see whats it is doing from there). what do you mean by freeze?08:48
zirodayGreger: well please try again and feel free to ask again here08:48
ikonianewlife: the last fm client works08:48
Meznewlife: amarok has good support for it.08:48
zirodaynewlife: you can use banshee08:48
knut_where can i get a complete overview of my partition system? IDs and so on08:49
Mezgandalfcome: we tend not to package RC stuff, and debs from upstream dont get into ubuntu, ubuntu/debian have to package it ourselves08:49
sorsis!intrepid > sorsis08:49
ubottusorsis, please see my private message08:49
newlifeikonia: You mean the one from LastFM website?08:49
a1lenthanks >ikonia08:49
rdw200169newlife: foobar2000!!!08:49
Mez!msgthebot | sorsis08:49
ubottusorsis: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".08:49
ikonianewlife: yes08:49
bimberi!uuid | knut_08:49
ubottuknut_: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)08:49
jp91aren't I supposed to be able to change resolution settings using sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?08:50
digitalfallacyMy video is not getting shown with proper colours .... What can be the problem ???08:50
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:50
newlifeikonia: Hadn't tried it yet - will give it a whirl - also have Banshee installed on here as well.08:50
simpleI just see the help08:50
ikoniasimple: read the help08:50
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:50
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simplebut it din't mention the bug08:51
ikoniasimple: linuxqq is nothing to do with ubuntu - contact the people who make it08:51
ikoniasimple: ubuntu doesn't make it / support it08:51
newliferdw200169: foobar2000 - Is this a media player ? Haven't heard of this...08:51
zirodaysimple: that program is (from what I can tell) proprietary, you need to get support from them08:51
indian_munndaikonia: see this is the error report http://paste.ubuntu.com/59608/08:51
zirodaynewlife: you can get the lastfm client by doing sudo apt-get install lastfm08:52
ikoniaindian_munnda: you need to boot into windows and do a chkdisk on the windows partition first08:52
Meznewlife: have you tried amarok?08:52
newlifeziroday: Ahh - I can do this - easy stuff - Thanks :o)08:52
indian_munndaikonia: then will it be partitioned08:52
ikoniaindian_munnda: you can try to repartition it once you've chkdisk'd it08:53
indian_munndagoing to do it now08:53
newlifeMez: Running Gnome in Hardy - Tried it before but had allot issues with it - Better for KDE I believe. Thanks08:53
reeeh2000hey, i've been losing my feed when playing flash movies recently, any ideas?08:54
Meznewlife: it works well inb Gnome too... I'm (currently, due to dislike of KDE4) running gnome myself... no issues at all08:54
gandalfcomeMez: to compete with windows. these big opensource packages should be added into ubuntu a few days later, even if they are upstream. My GF says, on windows I could just download and install the new version and, its hard to compete with that :D. Isn't it possible to make a temporary solution until the new version comes out?08:54
ikoniagandalfcome: don't talk nonsense08:55
zirodayreeeh2000: what do you mean by feed?08:55
cjsSheesh; Ubuntu sure stores a lot of crap in one's home dir. I'm going to have to stop backingn it up.08:55
gandalfcomeikonia: what?08:55
rdw200169that's right, folks, foobar2000 works in ubuntu08:55
reeeh2000ziroday, the download stream08:55
ikoniacjs: such as ?08:55
rdw200169and it smacks the snot out of amarok, exaile, xmms, etc...08:56
zirodayreeeh2000: that is most probably an issue with either your internet connection or the server on the other end08:56
Mezgandalfcome: create a menu link for what you've installed?08:56
reeeh2000ziroday: i still have internet, thr stream just stops randomly08:56
ziroday!offtopic | rdw20016908:56
ubotturdw200169: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:56
zirodayreeeh2000: you mean the video is still loading?08:56
ingsocTry this again. I have no sound.... Ubuntu detects that I have a soudn card but wont list it as installed. I belive that the ALSA drivers are up-to-date and installed correctly. When I try to open mixer(gstreamr) tells me I dont have right plugins/ sound card not configured. alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory08:56
reeeh2000ziroday: no, it just stops08:56
zirodayreeeh2000: and refuses to resume?08:57
reeeh2000ziroday: but everything else still goes08:57
newlifeMez: Not sure - but tried Amarok - and had problems - Really do like it - Used to use it quite a bit when I was running a different distro. Pretty well settled in on Hardy.08:57
reeeh2000ziroday: yeah, i have to refresh to restart08:57
zirodayreeeh2000: which video are you trying to watch? Also what version of flash do you have?08:57
Meznewlife: what kind of problems?08:57
rdw200169ziroday: foobar2000 is a music player08:57
cjsHm. Firefox cache. Firefox urlclassifier3.sqlite. Etc. Etc.08:57
=== Adler is now known as HB9TWF
ikoniacjs: so thats not ubuntu - thats filefox08:58
reeeh2000ziroday: any flash video on the web does it, including sites like youtube and adultswim08:58
cjsMy home dir, which has about 15 MB of "my stuff" in it (including a lot of configuration I keep in subversion) is 165 MB.08:58
rdw200169ziroday; i was referring to newlife 's convo08:58
Mezikonia: s/l/r/08:58
zirodayreeeh2000: have you recently updated your flash version?08:58
reeeh2000ziroday: i think i have the non-free fl;ash08:58
cjsikonia, you can say that about anything: "It's not ubuntu; it's gnome." or whatever.08:58
reeeh2000ziroday: unless it was a ubuntu update, no08:59
cjsThe point is, it seems that in the general case, when I use Ubuntu, I can expect to have a lot of stuff that one doesn't really want to back up in my home dir.08:59
ikoniacjs: firefox would store it's information such as cache in your home directory on linux/windows/mac, so it's nothing to do with ubuntu08:59
Mezcjs: just dont backup dotfiles/folders08:59
cjsFormally, I always just backed up the whole thing daily. Now, I think I probably don't want to do that.09:00
MezWhere would you think user settings should be stored09:00
Mezcjs: and backing up config is VERY useful09:00
gandalfcomeMez: thats what I'm going to do, but this only works if people know that it installs in /opt/.... and that it doesnt just create links. I'm suggesting making it easier for newbies to get new opensource software packages like openoffice. I guess that is one of the widest used opensource packages. well anyway, not having to have a virus scanner and a quick os will hopefully convince her to stay on ubuntu :D09:01
cjsMez, indeed. Keeping it in revision control is even more useful.09:01
ikonia!offtopic | gandalfcome09:01
ubottugandalfcome: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!09:01
newlifeMez: Might try it again - I can't recall issues I had as of now - Maybe was missing some dependencies - not sure - might reinstall again - this is a new install of Hardy - I blew up my last Hardy I was using since it came out with the final version. Had allot junk installed - this is going to be a simpler install this time, if know what I mean....09:01
gandalfcomeikonia: its not offtopic09:01
z0ranyone here tried to setup mutt with gmail?09:01
cjsAnd actually, a backup containing all one's config, and cache files, and all sorts of other random junk is less useful; it makes things harder to sort out.09:01
ikoniagandalfcome: it is09:01
Mezgandalfcome: yeah, that's the fault of the OOo packagers though. This is why it takes time for ubuntu - quality control. We only opackage stable stuff09:02
gandalfcomeikonia: no.  and i'm not talking to you but to mez.09:02
ikoniagandalfcome: your talking to the channel about it - it's offtopic09:02
cjsAnyway, everybody's real quiet over on the firefox channel; does anybody here have any thoughts on how I can get my firefox bookmarks into revision control? I used to just keep a cleaned-up version of bookmarks.html in subversion.09:03
cjsWell, and other parts of firefox config, too, ideally.09:03
Oricany vim plugin for 'html"?09:03
Mezcjs: FF doesnt use a .html file anymore. It uses sqlite09:03
cjsHm. Maybe I can dump that db, filter out the history, and keep only the bookmarks?09:04
gandalfcomeMez: I didnt mean including betas or rcs, im talking about the final release (the 13th of oct one). So if OOo would make a ubuntu package you would include it or not?09:04
gandalfcomeMez: Or is it olicy to compile it from source?09:05
velkoz0r, what do you mean by that? mutt does not handle receiving/sending of mail directly. it's just a mail reader/composer/organizer09:05
newlifeziroday: Got the LastFM aptget - looks pretty good - thanks for tip.....09:05
ikoniagandalfcome: ubuntu developers will package the software they believe it stable for you09:05
Mezgandalfcome: It's policy for it to be compiled from source on our buildds... so a debian packager or an ubuntu packager has to make a package, ubuntu specific patches have to be applied, etc etc. PLUS, intrepid is near release. We froze a month ago. Please, feel free to go consult the developer documentation09:06
zirodaynewlife: have fun :)09:06
Mezactually, probably more than a month ago09:06
gandalfcomeMez: will openoffice 3 come on hardy? after intrepids release?09:07
jp91could someone help me fix my blurry resolution problem09:07
newlifeziroday: Yup - thats what ubuntu is all about - lots of new adventures - computing is fun again.09:07
Mezgandalfcome: hardy is before intrepid. Only security updates are applied to older versions of ubuntu09:07
Mezgandalfcome: we actually froze back in june...09:08
sorsisgandalfcome: prove security problems in hardys open office and you might get open office 3 to it09:08
gandalfcomesorsis: I guess thats a way :D09:08
Mezgandalfcome: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases <-- please read, this conversation is getting beyond the scope of this channel.09:09
Gregerziroday, I used google and found linux drivers RPM :o09:09
GregerFor my gfx09:09
jp91my screen is only blurry running ubuntu from the hdd, not from the live cd09:10
=== Dr_WiLlIS is now known as Dr_Willis
zirodayGreger: drivers for your card are already packaged and should be automatically installed for you card, I strongly discourage you from downloading and using random drivers09:10
jp91my screen is only clear in 800 x 600 resolution, but my native resolution is 1600 x 120009:11
sorsisjp91: read /etc/xorg.conf to compare display settings and find the difference.09:11
sorsisjp91: are you sure that you sreen is fine with those resolutions in windows?09:11
gandalfcomeMez: This suggestion adding OO3 as soon as it comes out (creating an exception). wheres the best place to discuss this? Is there a suggestion box ;-)09:11
wartalkeram i online09:11
jp91sorsis yes, and this monitor is clear hooked up to my laptop also09:12
zirodaygandalfcome: you can vote for your idea on ubuntu brainstorm at brainstorm.ubuntu.com09:12
zirodaywartalker: no09:12
gTeaAre minor spelling corrections welcomed in the documentation? If so, does one report them here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-doc/+bugs ? (excuse duplicate question from #ubuntu-doc)09:12
Gregerziroday: but isn't that a 3d card?09:12
a1lenOnce you dual-boot ubuntu and vista, do you have to reinstall programs like java, firefox and python onto ubuntu. or is there a way to transfer them?09:12
zirodayGreger: yes, and the drivers are installed automatically for it09:12
Gregerin ubuntu?09:12
wgrantgTea: We're unfortunately past string freeze for Intrepid, but please file it so it can be fixed for Jaunty.09:12
zirodaya1len: you have to reinstall them09:12
Mezgandalfcome: read what the exceptions are generally for - please, I'm not here to do your research for you, your answer has been given.09:13
a1lensiro: thanks09:13
Virushi all, what programm is best, pidgin or xchat?09:13
wgranta1len: They are completely different formats, so you'll need to reinstall.09:13
ziroday!best > Virus09:13
ubottuVirus, please see my private message09:13
medwedkkoврот мне ноги)))09:13
sorsisjp91: i think that you display device has to be tweaked to remember some sreen sharpnes settings for your wanted resolution, refresrate and bitrate setting.09:13
zirodayGreger: yes in ubuntu the graphic drivers for your card are automatically installed09:13
redDEADman whats with the busybox error i get when trying to install ubuntu 8.10?09:14
ziroday!ru | medwedkko09:14
ubottumedwedkko: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:14
zirodayredDEAD: whats the error?09:14
Mezgandalfcome: and the final freeze was 3 days ago. It's bugfixes and ONLY bugfixes now09:14
wgrantVery minimal bugfixes, at that.09:14
gandalfcomeMez: okay09:15
alanbshepard77I just bought a new high precision 4 way scroll mouse and I can't get all the features to work with Ubuntu. Is there any way I can get ubuntu to scroll sideways and read the extra buttons on the mouse?09:15
Viruskick obuttu, is a bot09:15
zirodayVirus: he is an official bot09:15
Virusa, ok09:15
jelleAny javadevelopers in this room?09:15
zirodayjelle: ask in ##java09:15
VirusI usually join in ubuntu-es09:15
langleyohi folks, anyone know samba connect problems?09:15
jelleziroday, thanks.09:15
digitalfallacyis Ubuntu 8.10 in its beta phase ... or is it the final release09:16
Mez!anyone | langleyo09:16
ubottulangleyo: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:16
wgrant!intrepid | digitalfallacy09:16
ubottudigitalfallacy: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu09:16
zirodaydigital_: its nearing RC stage, ask in #ubuntu+1 for more info09:16
Mezdigitalfallacy: release is on the 30th09:16
redDEADziroday, acpi: ec: GPE storm detected09:16
alanbshepard77does ubuntu support side scrolling09:16
ingsocAny reason i shouldnt be able to acsess sudo alsaconf?  :command not found09:17
digitalfallacyk .09:17
zirodayredDEAD: try start the installer with the extra option off "acpi=off"09:17
Mezingsoc: that means the command isnt installed09:17
jp91soris, when i use this command (sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg) isn't that supposed to have an option somewhere along the way to chang resolution?09:17
redDEADalanbshepard77, you want side scrolling in firefox right?09:17
redDEADziroday, will do!09:18
ingsocGot all the packages installed XD some one telling me they took it out of ubuntu "alsaconfig"09:18
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
alanbshepard77redDEAD: Yea for the most part. I like to use the feature at other times though.09:18
hharveyi have a problem that i can't watch certain videos online09:18
FlynsarmyHow do i find out which program is stopping my usb drive from being unmounted?09:18
redDEADalanbshepard77, you have to turn in on in preferences09:18
Mezingsoc: what are you trying to run - alsaconfig isnt a program AFAIK09:18
zirodayhharvey: example of one of those videos?09:18
ingsocTring to run any mixer.09:19
wgrantingsoc: alsamixer09:19
gidnathe sound level is low but the barr is at the maximum09:19
ingsocCant get any mixers up to even see if i can get my sound card working XD09:19
gidnawhat can I do?09:19
hharveyziroday:idk just certain website videos appear with a silver icon over them and dont play09:19
ingsocalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory09:19
zirodayhharvey: can you give me an example of one of those videos please?09:20
alanbshepard77redDEAD: Thanks I think that did the trick.09:20
langleyoubuntu HH networking broken...after a purged fresh install of samba...sudo nautilus then share folder, i get this: 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Logon failure. any clues please?09:20
tzdhey guys and girls! A friend of mine just installed ubuntu and he's wondering whether it's possible to change "locale settings" in a gui instead of changing directly in cfg files? Also, does ubuntu 8.04 comes with a default irc client please?09:20
redDEADalanbshepard77, scroll sideway is usually program specific09:20
hharveythey are mpg files09:20
hharveyziroday: ^09:20
zirodaytzd: the default irc client is pidgin09:20
jp91anyone? doesn't (sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg) usually have options to configure the video resolution, etc.09:20
ikoniajp91: no09:20
ikoniajp91: it's dynamic now09:21
zirodaytzd: you can change locale in System > Administration > Language09:21
zirodayhharvey: okay, have you installed the .mpg codec?09:21
tab_shiftjp91: xrandr is the prefererd way now09:21
hharveyziroday: I dont think so, I never needed a codec before09:21
wgrantjp91: Does System->Preferences->Screen Resolution not give the right options?09:21
tzdziroday: i see... any plans on implementing a dedicated irc client?09:22
zirodaytzd: no09:22
jp91wgrant: everything is blurry unless i have it on 800 x 60009:22
alanbshepard77redDEAD: Well the touchpad now side scrolls but my new optical mouse won't/can't do it. The mouse does have the 4 way scroll feature09:22
tzdziroday: and that doesn't just change the language? It also changes currency etc?09:22
rdw200169audifahrer: hi!09:22
langleyoMy Ubuntu HH networking broken...after a purged fresh install of samba...sudo nautilus then sharing folder, i get this: 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Logon failure. any clues please? This is infuriating =)09:23
zirodayhharvey: try install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras and see if it works after that09:23
jelleWhen installing java, do you need the add the /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/bin to the $PATH or is this not nessecary?09:23
zirodaytzd: correct09:23
gidnanobody can help me09:23
audifahrerhas anyone an idea when cairomm in ubuntu is updated to a newer one?09:23
ziroday!anyone > gidna09:23
ubottugidna, please see my private message09:23
ikoniajelle: when you install the package it should be all done for you09:23
tzdziroday: great, thanks! He was moaning about this issue so now i can tell him hopw superior linux is to windows haha :)09:23
audifahrerI have 1.4.2, but need 1.4.409:23
Ujjwolwhich ubuntu like [PC (Intel x86) desktop CD] or [64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD] shall i download to get 64-bit ubuntu to run under core 2 duo09:24
mgolischaudifahrer: maybe with the enxt release09:24
rdw200169gidna: what was your problem again?09:24
zirodaytzd: no problem. have fun!09:24
ikoniaUjjwol: amd6409:24
jelleikonia, where does it do that? I'm setting my env vars in the /etc/environment file09:24
wgrantaudifahrer: Ubuntu 8.10 will have cairomm 1.6.409:24
ikoniajelle: when you apt-get/synaptic the package it should set it up with symlinks09:24
gidnathe sound level is low respect the usual.. but the barr is at the maximum09:24
rdw200169gidna: can you explain more?09:25
audifahrerwgrant: is there an easy way to replace 1.4.2 with 1.4.4 without installing it over the package from source09:25
tzdanyone with a good gui html website creator please? Had one before but can't remember what it was called. Pretty simple program but perfect for my needs.09:25
jelleikonia, the softlinks are ok, but the vars aren't ok, i can call java from my terminal when I add the bin folder from java to the path, else it cannot find it09:25
audifahrertzd: nvc09:25
wgrantaudifahrer: No. Why do you need it?09:25
zirodaytzd: kompozer?09:25
tzdkompozer!!! yes you saved me once again ziroday :D09:26
Ujjwolikonai, even for intel 64 -bit09:26
tzdaudifahrer: thanks for your help :)09:26
ikoniaUjjwol: yes09:26
Ujjwolr u sure09:26
ikoniajelle: that's quite worrying09:26
ikoniaUjjwol: yes09:26
audifahrertzd: hm, the name was similar, but maybe not nvc09:26
ikoniajelle: look at /etc/alternatives and look at what's setup for java09:26
gidnathe sound level is very low I don't know how to rise it09:26
=== Ujjwol is now known as Anurag
rdw200169gidna: did anything change since this happened?09:26
Anuragis there any way to download the totem bbc plugin of ubuntu InterpidIblex and install in hardy09:27
langleyoUbuntu HH networking broken...after a purged fresh install of samba...sudo nautilus then share folder, i get this: 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Logon failure. any clues please? Cant see anything else on net at all unless i use IP addresses09:27
rdw200169gidna: or has it always been this way?09:27
gidnaI don't see anymore the update icon..09:27
wgrantlangleyo: Please repeat your question less often.09:27
hharveyziroday: k ty my problem has been solved...one more question...does my dvd drive need a driver in order for it to recognize my dvds09:27
ikoniaAnurag no09:27
gidnaNo since yestarday09:27
audifahrertzd: nvu was the name09:27
audifahrerwgrant: mapnik from SVN09:27
zirodayhharvey: yes its in the package libdvdcss209:27
jelleikonia, I think i found the root of my problem there09:28
velkogidna, you may try to bring up the mixer interface (right click on the volume control) and make sure the channels "master" _and_ "pcm" are set to maximum09:28
ziroday!dvd > hharvey09:28
ubottuhharvey, please see my private message09:28
tzdaudifahrer: ah ok, well i've found the program i was using (kompozer) but thanks anyway!09:28
jelleikonia, the softlink is pointing at the wrong folder09:28
rdw200169velko, good call09:28
ikoniajelle: there we go09:28
MrD1Hi and good morning to every one. A few questions if you dont mind. I have ubuntu 8.04 will it update to the new version 8.10 on its own when its stable. or do i have to reinstall ubuntu again, also if i download 8.10 now on a other computer when its stable will it update as well and last question sorry, i installed 8.04 on a pc and after boot it has starange lines all over the screen lots of questions sorry09:28
rdw200169gidna: the master volume (or PCM volume) might be low09:28
zirodayhharvey: you might wnat to read this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats09:28
rdw200169gidna: they're usually related09:28
jelleikonia, what does the alternatives folder do exactly?09:28
rdw200169gidna: and the volume applet on the taskbar will only adjust one of them09:29
gidnaat Sound preferences?09:29
ikoniajelle: map versions to commands eg: you could have 4 vesions of java installed, this tells you which to use, or if you have sendmail/postfix/exim installed it will say which mta to use09:29
defryskdoubleclick the volume applet to fix it09:29
zirodayMrD1: answer to your first few is that yes, when the new release of ubuntu comes out you can update to it09:29
rdw200169gidna: yeah, just double click the speaker icon on the taskbar09:29
MrD1ziroday, thank you09:30
rdw200169gidna: and make sure all the appropriate volume levels are up09:30
jelleikonia, that makes it even more clear why it failed, netbeans suddenly added java5 to my system, and probably changed it there09:30
jp91how come displayconfig-gtk wont save my screen setting?09:30
jelleikonia, then I removed the java5 but I did not changed it there09:30
=== socketbind is now known as szalonna
tab_shiftjp91:  did you sacrifice the live animal and do the rain dance as it says in the manual ?09:31
a1lenOne last thing before I do this. On the tutorials that I read it doesn't say anything about what to do with the vista partition after you back it up onto a cd. Is it safe to just delete the backup saved on the partition altogether?09:31
jelleikonia, thanks09:31
gidnalook here http://img356.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotma1.png09:32
jp91i've been working on this for almost 8 hours and my eyes are dying09:32
gidnait seems to be at the maximum09:32
jp91if it were as simple as a sacrifice and a rain dance i would be done09:32
tab_shiftjp91: :-)09:32
rdw200169gidna: go to Edit and click all the options09:33
tab_shiftjp91: put the settings in xorg.conf09:33
rdw200169gidna: in preferences09:33
tab_shiftjp91: ....then sacrifice , I know its a newbie mistake09:33
rdw200169gidna: and thanks for the Screenshot; makes things easy!09:34
AnuragFEDORA is far more better than ubuntu09:34
defryskfar more better is poor englsh09:34
gidnawas the pcm absent09:34
tab_shiftAnurag: just bend over...so we can get this over with09:35
Dr_WillisAnurag,  goodie for you..09:35
gidnanow it's ok09:35
rdw200169gidna: is everything fixed???09:35
jp91tab_shift: in xorg.conf it's all there.. still at the login screen i can only see part of the screen area, it looks zoomed in, until i log in and the resolution is right but it's all blurry, ugh09:35
gidnayes thank you09:35
rdw200169gidna: excellent!09:35
audifahrercould anyone explain why cairomm-1.4.2 is libcairomm-1.0-1 in ubtuntu09:36
lepinecairon is a library.09:37
langleyohow long do i leave before posting my question again lest it gets forgotten please? i need a samba guru! sorry dont mean to be pushy i know youre busy=)09:37
jp91it's a different resolution every time i log in :/09:37
pabixHello! I just installed a fresh Hardy and gnome-keyboard-properties is not functioning well; I can add new kbd layouts BUT they are uneffective, ie not taken in account09:37
tab_shiftjp91: have you tried dpkg-reconfigure -plow xserver-xorg09:38
audifahrerlepine: sure, but where is the version number in the source package. There is only one source package with number 1.4.209:39
jp91tab_shift: so many times, it doesn't give me any options to configure the graphics09:39
devslashnullwhat can i safely delete to save space on my file system09:40
jp91tab_shift: except for the first question (Use kernel framebuffer device interface?)09:40
tab_shiftjp91: have you tried dpkg-reconfigure -plow xserver-xorg , try it with -plow now09:40
jp91tab_shift: the rest of the questions are mostly about the keyboard.. is that normal?09:40
jp91tab_shift: i tried that and it's still the same, a whole lot of questions about configuring the keyboard09:41
devslashnullany recommendations09:41
tab_shiftjp91: output of xrandr -q09:42
velkodevslashnull, you better first find out what is eating your space. use something like baobab for example to pinpoint the space eaters and after that decide what to remove09:42
devslashnullwell i am using an eeepc so i only have 4GB of total space and i am at 87% disk used09:43
Stupendousstevedevslashnull, found the culpret. It's this "Ubuntu" thing09:43
velkodevslashnull, you can delete safely old log files for example. but you'll gain something only if their are big enough09:44
rdw200169Stupendoussteve: no bashing ubuntu09:44
jp91tab_shift i pasted that in a pm09:44
Lilinalltehow to register nickname?09:45
Stupendoussteverdw200169, there was no bashing. It installs a lot and takes up space, not so good on a small filesystem09:45
lepineLilinallte: /nickserv register password09:45
tab_shiftjp91: got it mate, just a min.09:45
rdw200169Stupendoussteve: what about ubuntu mobile09:45
StupendoussteveNice never seen that09:46
rdw200169Stupendoussteve: http://www.eeebuntu.org/09:46
jp91how come xorg.conf lists my monitor correctly but in system/preferences/screen resolution it has a big "unknown" over the image of the monitor where the real name should be?09:46
tab_shiftjp91: try switching to the highest resolution via xrandr then report back09:46
jp91tab_shift what is xrandr?09:47
toomaihi all09:48
rdw200169toomai: howdy!09:48
toomaianyone got a lenovo thinpad x200 with x4500 graphics running with intrepid (or hardy)? It runs, but it looks a tad blurry (its only 1024x768, could be better)09:48
Reenenmy nautilus is broken (broken = When i change a directory, it crashes)09:49
tab_shiftjp91: X now auto detects everything, so to change the resolution type xrandr in a command prompt09:49
devslashnullvelko, i ran disk analyzer and it shows /usr is using 1.7GB09:50
DanskmandGoood morning :-) - How can I upgrade the installed fcpci on ubuntu from "does not support faxing" to full-featured ?09:50
velkodevslashnull, yep. but don't delete anything there09:50
devslashnulli know09:50
gadsokДобрый день, может ктонибуть знает в чем проблема? поставил на ubuntu server 8.04 apt-cacher на 3142 порт c удаленных машин на  этот порт не подключается=( посидел почитал форум не укого подобной проблемы небыло =(09:50
jp91tab_shift is there a command? when i enter xrandr it lists the same thing i pasted to you a minute ago09:50
rdw200169devslashnull: you could probably uninstall stuff you don't use09:50
tab_shiftjp91: xrandr -q09:50
velko!ru > gadsok09:50
ubottugadsok, please see my private message09:51
tab_shiftjp91:  thats the info i wanted in the first place09:51
tab_shiftjp91: xrandr -mode 1600x120009:51
tab_shiftjp91: otherwise see the man xrandr i don't remember exactly09:51
NewhoaDoes anyone have a second for a few quick questions about the Ubuntu Artwork Wiki?09:52
tab_shiftjp91: which gfx card do you have ?09:52
ReenenNewhoa: I have a second, but I know nothing about it. :-)09:53
ikoniaNewhoa: you may find more in-tune people in #ubuntu-artwork09:53
ReenenNewhoa: but what do you want to know... "topic says" don't ask to ask, just ask...09:53
Reenenoh, topic doesn't say that anymore09:54
NewhoaI tried ubuntu-artwork and didn09:54
jp91tab_shift it's an oldie, 82845g integrated intel extreme09:54
Newhoa't get a response09:54
NewhoaI'm just kind of new to it. I wasn't sure if just anyone can edit it.09:54
ikoniaNewhoa if your signed up should be ble to09:54
NewhoaLike if I had a comment or whatever, would I just edit the wiki to include my comment?09:55
rdw200169Newhoa: you just create an account09:55
rdw200169Newhoa: and edit away, that's kinda the point to WIki's09:55
NewhoaOr if I wanted to add a remix to an existing submission, would I just attach it and edit the wiki to include it?09:55
NewhoaCool! I wasn't sure if I needed to be part of the Artwork team or on the mailing list or whatever. I mean, I know I CAN, but I wasn't sure if I should!09:56
rdw200169Newhoa: if it's helpful i don't see why it would be a problem09:56
devslashnulli have 2 folders in /usr/src named linux-headers-2.6.27-7 and linux-headers-2.6.27-7-headers. which is the one i need to keep ?09:57
ikoniadevslashnull: your using ubuntu 8.1009:57
tab_shiftjp91: could it be a bug like this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/21220609:57
rdw200169Newhoa: just don't change pages that have a notice on them that beg you not to change them09:57
ikoniadevslashnull: ubuntu 8.10 support is in the #ubuntu+1 channel09:57
jayanHi all09:57
devslashnullno 8.0409:57
tab_shiftjp91: check if its fixed in latest X, i.e intrepid09:57
velkodevslashnull, do you compile your kernel or kernel modules for your kernel for yourself?09:57
ikoniadevslashnull: 8.04 doesnt have a 2.6.27 kernel09:57
jayanany body configured Exchange 2007 on Evolution???09:57
NewhoaOk, thanks you guys!09:57
a1lenIn infra-recorder, I can get away with only allocating the smallest amount of space because the Ubuntu file isn't that big, right?09:58
cjsHey, how do I get rid of the little network icon in the what's-it-called area in my toolbar?09:58
jp91tab_shift I did xrandr -s 1856x1392 and it got even more blurry i almost can't read text09:58
devslashnullvelko, ikonia  i am using an eee pc with 2.6.27-709:58
syskhow do u install new drivers in ubuntu??09:58
ikoniadevslashnull: show me "lsb_release -a"09:58
cjsAh, the "notification area."09:58
tab_shiftjp91: this is probably a known xorg issue, try the latest release to see if they fixed it09:58
rdw200169cjs: sudo apt-get remove network-manager09:59
ikoniasysk: you shouldn't need to09:59
defryskcjs: unselect is in sessions09:59
velkodevslashnull, if you don't compile the kernel or kernel modules you can deinstall the kernel source packages (which installed these folders)09:59
cjsWow, that's pretty hash. (The apt-get remove, I mean.)09:59
rdw200169cjs; that gets rid of anything that has to do with that application09:59
d0c5i5is there a how-to or prefered way to setup WINE to use the dlls/etc from my windows partition? or is that not really needed? (i'm just starting to get some of my windows apps running, and some stuff is acting up...).... I am, however, paying for / using Cedega for a couple games (this is my first exposure to it)09:59
devslashnullvelko no lsb modulls description: ubuntu 8.04 release: 8.04 codename: hardy09:59
jp91tab_shift i just downloaded ubuntu from the ubuntu website today and updated after installing09:59
rdw200169cjs: it's just a garbage front end to ifconfig09:59
d0c5i5right now i'm just trying to get pain to run, and i'm not sure if it's mad that it doesn't have some native DLLs or if it's some kind of 32/64bit conflict10:00
rdw200169cjs; it works ok for wireless, but that's about it10:00
jp91tab_shift i still need the latest release of xorg from somewhere?10:00
rdw200169cjs i got rid of it ages ago10:00
ikoniadevslashnull: I find that very dubious, as it should say 8.04.1 release10:00
velkodevslashnull, this was ikonia's question. i don't care about it. i was asking you something completely different10:00
jayanany idea about configuring Exchange 2007 with Evolution10:01
rdw200169cjs: unless you do a lot of wireless roaming, it's kinda pointless10:01
tab_shiftjp91: XORG releases are very far stretched, you'll need to try the bete/testing version LIVEcd , copy the image to a usb drive etc10:01
velkoikonia, obviously he has the preinstalled version on the eee pc. maybe customized ubuntu install10:01
tab_shiftjp91: there is however a PPA available here https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive10:01
ikoniavelko: I doubt that as 2.6.27 is too new10:01
rdw200169cjs: System -> Administration -> Network does the same thing10:01
cjsRight. Well, off it is. Had to kill the thing, too.10:02
tab_shiftjayan: just configure imap and youare goog to go10:02
rdw200169cjs: as far as setting up ip's is concerned10:02
cjsIt is a pretty rubbishy front-end, though the location stuff looks like it could be handy on a laptop.10:02
jayantab_shift: let me try it10:02
jp91tab_shift did i mention i'm new to linux10:02
rdw200169cjs: it's got a ways to go...10:03
devslashnullvelko, i tried compiling this kernel module but i guess i dont need it so no i dont need to compile it myself10:03
cjsOk, and this is something that's also been bugging me; every time someone mentions my name in xchat, my cursor jumps to it.10:03
rdw200169cjs: you could try IRC with pidgin10:03
jp91i don't know what that webpage wants me to do tab_shift, this is way over my head now10:03
cjsI don't see any obvious setting in the xchat config; is this a gnome thing of some sort?10:03
rdw200169cjs: that's what i use10:03
rdw200169cjs: i don't get all the fancy IRC features Xchat has, but it's simple and conservative10:04
velkodevslashnull, if this is the case you can deinstall trough synaptic/apt-get/aptitude the kernel sources or headers. be careful not to remove the kernel image itself though ;-)10:04
rdw200169cjs: and has worked pretty well thus far10:04
devslashnullvelko, where is the kernel image stored10:04
velkodevslashnull, /boot10:05
devslashnullvelko, oh ok10:05
cjsWell, rather that switching programs, I wouldn't mind just getting rid of the one annoyance.10:05
devslashnullvelko i have a 4GB sdhc card and i am moving it to there10:05
jayantab_shift: i tried to configure using IMAP10:05
rdw200169cjs: i don't know then...10:05
cjsPidgin has its own issues.10:05
jayantab_shift: its giving me connection refused10:05
rdw200169cjs: try Vim's IRC then !10:06
znikmy trackpad is not working properly.However when i connect an external mouse then the cursor works properly. what should i do?10:06
velkodevslashnull, do you know how to use synaptic? my suggestion is to use it for deinstallation instead of randomly deleting folders10:06
d0c5i5are there any other "start' menu's besides the ubuntu "native" menu and the "vista/xp" clone that are worth looking into? i'm not thrilled with the default ubuntu one, and the vista/xp one is basically a image with links (it's not very modular).... just fishing for ideas on how to make it more relevant10:06
rdw200169cjs: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=93110:06
cjsSwitching to and learning a whole new IRC program to fix one small problem seems overkill.10:07
cjsAfter all, I encounter another small problem there, and I'll just have to switch again. :-/10:07
rdw200169cjs: so many options, darn this linux!10:07
cjsI'm thinking that this is probably gnome-related, since it didn't happen to me on my NetBSD+fvwm1 system.10:08
rdw200169cjs: it could be an obscure gconf optoin10:08
rdw200169cjs: *option10:08
cjsYeah. gconf is a whole new world.10:09
cjsI wonder if it was the tray icon or taskbar blinking option?10:10
jp91how come when i click a link to download an rpm in firefox it tries to open in firefox as a video? this is a new installation10:12
defryskrp also stands for realplayer10:13
defryskso it thinks it a realplay file10:14
defryskjp91: just rightclick it and select save as10:14
jp91defrysk, i only have save link as10:15
karexHI, PROBLEM: after i close blender, its interface stay on the screen, but when i click it's 'fake'. Any suggestion?10:15
znikhow can i reinstall my mouse forr hardy?10:15
defrysk!ops flooding10:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ops flooding10:16
rdw200169what was that?10:16
qweqweqwea fool10:16
alanbshepard77How do I get btnx to work? I've installed it and configured it for my mouse but the keys don't trigger an event like they're supposed to.10:16
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.10:17
paul68BlueEagle: goodmorning are you present at this time;-))10:19
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unenoughhi, there was a page abuot how to debug stuff before reporting a bug10:21
unenoughcan anyone link me to it?10:21
velkounenough, google strace?10:22
DanskmandSo....does someone here know how to upgrade a driver thats in the kernel ?10:22
unenoughvelko, no, i know how to use strace. there was something about a standard list of things that are helpful when reporting a bug10:23
jp91i can't believe i think i've almost solved this problem but i can't get the rpm because firefox keeps trying to open it as a video10:23
paco__salut atous10:24
velkounenough,  http://www.ubuntu.com/community/reportproblem (find trough google, sigh)10:24
unenoughvelko, no, i found that already.10:25
unenoughvelko, never mind, got it10:25
velkounenough, :-P10:25
ykphuahis gkrellm still alive or is there a replacement for it now for ubuntu?10:25
paul68!fr |paco__10:27
ubottupaco__: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr10:27
tsrepadminHi. I installes Ubuntu yesterday by the installation disk from the official website. After installing, Ubuntu doesn't start but show up "GRUB", and that's it. I have a RAID1 system10:28
tsrepadminanybody got an idea what's the problem could be?10:28
alanbshepard77I need help getting btnx to work. I have a microsoft mouse which I think is supported10:30
Dr_Willisalanbshepard77,  check the btnx homepage yet? it has some good docs last i looked.10:30
=== LSD|Ninj2 is now known as LSD|Ninja
spazmhey, in which packages are setupterm och tgetent included? I need one of them to compile BitchX... I get this error when I try..10:31
alanbshepard77Dr_Willis: Yea I've looked there. bynx detects all my mouse buttons but never seems to trigger the event I assgined to them. Ior btnx. did make sure the button was enabled f10:31
spazmconfigure: WARNING: cannot find setupterm - trying tgetent10:31
spazmchecking for tgetent in -ltermlib... no10:31
spazmchecking for tgetent in -ltermcap... no10:31
spazmchecking for tgetent in -lcurses... no10:31
spazmconfigure: error: cannot find setupterm or tgetent10:31
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bosjoHi all. Where in Ubuntu 8.4 can i find a device manager?10:35
ikoniabosjo: what do you want to do10:35
=== fouad_ is now known as fouad
bosjoikonia: find my WebCam, old Laptop, cant remember what is in it10:36
ikoniabosjo: lspci or lsusb will show it10:36
bosjoikonia: ok10:37
Lilinalltebosjo: there is an unsupported package called 'device manager', which installs under 'System Tools'...10:37
bosjoLilinallte: thanks for that one too10:38
magnetronbosjo→ it's in the "gnome-device-manager" package10:39
bosjomagnetron: thanks, it's on it way10:40
paco__y a t'il quelqu'un qui parle francais10:41
blue112!francais paco__10:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about francais paco__10:41
blue112Arf xD10:41
blue112paco__: Va sur #ubuntu-fr10:41
paco__oui blue11210:41
paco__je cherche de l'aide10:41
paco__ok merci10:42
paco__tchao a tous10:42
paco__good bye10:42
Jaguar48hHello all10:42
Jaguar48hiam new here10:43
karexHI, could audacity import ogg-video?10:43
Jaguar48hhi karex10:43
karexJaguar48h: hi10:43
rdw200169karex: audacity only does audio10:44
|Dreams|can anyone help me my laptop is suddenly gone amazingl slow even though it was working fine last night10:44
falstaffI can't log into my MySpace home account with Ubuntu 8.04 ... using firefox ...10:44
alanbshepard77Dr_Willis: Ok I got btnx to work once. I reinstalled it and the config I tried using for one of the buttons worked until I tried to set the config for other buttons. I've tried reinstalling about but no dice10:44
cafuegofalstaff: That's good right, not a problem?10:45
karexrdw200169: do you know how to extract sound from ogg-video?10:45
Dr_Willisalanbshepard77,  reinstallingis windows thinking  :)   sounds like its missconfigured.. if you remove it with the 'purge' option - that would remove all the system configs..but NOT the user configs10:45
rdw200169karex: reluctantly, no10:46
falstaffcafuego ... no it is not good!  I should be able to access my own website!10:46
|Dreams|do you have flash installed10:46
alanbshepard77Dr_Willis: I never uninstalled I just reran the make lol. I know it seems stupid but when I configured it and tried to restart btnx using the button provided in btnx config it said not installed correctly and thats why I reinstalled. Then it worked, briefly.10:47
Jaguar48hdoes anyone  use programming software for  c++  under ubuntu ?10:47
|Dreams|kdevelope is pretty good10:47
Dr_Willisalanbshepard77,  make? oh you installed from source..10:47
Dr_Willisalanbshepard77,  could be some miss confgiured config now..10:48
mr_louWhat's the fileexplorer in Ubuntu called?10:48
Jaguar48hHi Dr Willis10:48
alanbshepard77Dr_Willis: I'm performing a make uninstall now and then I'll try installing the binary packages.10:49
falstaffMr Lou there are several file manager applications for linux system PC man in system tools is good.10:50
cafuegoalanbshepard77: if you do source installs, at the very least run them through `checkinstall'.10:51
mr_loufalstaff: Yea, I could have just looked in the About popup. I just needed to do a sudo nautilus. Being used to thunar from Arch Linux.10:51
werscan i use a gif as a wallpaper?:)10:51
alanbshepard77cafuego: Thanks for the suggestion but to be honest I have no idea what that is :-/10:52
falstaffMr lou also if you go to places you can use the folder browser to move file from folder to folder.10:52
cafuegoalanbshepard77: It records what 'make install' does and packagaes the installed files into a .deb for easy management.10:54
falstaffbut why can't get myspace to recognise my username and password??10:54
alanbshepard77cafuego: oh nice, sounds like something I need to really pay attention to, thanks.10:55
newlifeWhat's a .avi player for ubuntu?10:56
newlifea good*10:56
magnetronnewlife→ i think Totem is nice. VLC is nice too.10:57
wershow do i use .gif as a moving wallpaper?10:57
spazmhey, in which packages are setupterm och tgetent included? I need one of them to compile BitchX... I get this error when I try..10:57
CoRnJuLiOxhey, i've got synaptic running in a terminal, and its downloading updates, how do i stop it safely?10:58
Dr_Williswers,  i dont think you can.10:58
magnetronnewlife→ just double click on the .avi file and in most cases you will be just fine10:58
newlifemagnetron: Cool - I had forgotten about using VLC - one of my trusty stand by favs.......10:58
jimmie32Hey all10:58
newlifejimmie32: how's it goin?10:59
magnetronnewlife→ remember to install it the official ubuntu way, Applications > Add/Remove (or synaptic)10:59
jimmie32newlife: Great, thanks :) Installed Ubuntu 4 weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE IT :D10:59
magnetron!yay | jimmie3211:00
ubottujimmie32: Glad you made it! :-)11:00
newlifemagnetron: I could also use " sudo apt-get install "file name" " as well correct?11:00
magnetronnewlife→ yes, exactly.11:00
magnetronnewlife→ "sudo apt-get install vlc" in this case11:00
alanbshepard77Dr_Willis, cafuego; Thanks I got it all working now, you two rock.11:01
newlifejimmie32: Cool - yea Ubuntu is pretty great distro - no complaints here - beats the heck outta spyware woa's on the ol windows box (which never gets turn on much anymore)11:02
emilienwas here yesterday trying to sort out sound card i checked bios , maded a thread at ubuntu forums http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95173211:02
Ujjwolhow to install .ttf fonts under ubuntu hardyt11:02
newlifemagnetron: yea - That works for me - Thanks much....11:03
magnetronnewlife→ cheers11:03
newlifemagnetron: u 211:03
jimmie32newlife -> If we compare linux/windows, you will find windows full of crosses and linux full of ticks :D11:03
newlifejimmie32: point well taken....11:04
Jaguar48hhi everyone11:04
Jaguar48hcan anyone see me ?11:04
velkoJaguar48h, yep11:05
newlifejimmie32: How'd you hear about Ubuntu?11:05
Jaguar48hthnx god11:05
Jaguar48hI cant understand this vhat here !11:05
Jaguar48hVelko how are you ?11:05
newlifeJaguar48h: Yea - you're show'n up fine.11:05
velkoJaguar48h, it's a support channel. you can ask technical questions. off topic chats are not welcome11:06
=== nigel is now known as nigeltatschner19
nigeltatschner19a xcv[]11:07
WildSoftHola =) I'm having some problems with installing Ubuntu. The installation fails when trying to change the partition. Any help is much welcome. English or nordic language =)11:07
Jaguar48hOk velko! will i do have a lots of quistons !11:07
newlifevelko: What is best Ubuntu channel to use for off-topic?11:07
hateball!ot | newlife11:07
ubottunewlife: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!11:07
scuserhi all, does anyone how to check if an interface card is up or down11:07
nigeltatschner19sorry my kb is for some reason sticking in ubumtu11:07
jimmie32newlife: I found out Ubuntu early 2007, but never installed it, for some reason11:08
hateballscuser» ifconfig11:08
jimmie32then I forgot it11:08
hateballscuser» if they show... they're up11:08
magnetronscuser→ network? if you are comfortable with the command line, use ifconfig11:08
jimmie32but now a friend of mine told me about it and I decided to install. I don't regret it :)11:08
magnetronhateball→ Mr Big Arrow!11:08
DanskmandCan someone -please- help me with my problem ?11:09
Jaguar48hhi newlife. recently I decided to learn c++ , I installes anjuta , but i have a lot of difficult even writing my first HelloWorld program on it. can any one help me?11:09
hateballmagnetron» Mr Lil Arrow!11:09
newlifehateball: Have seen term you typed " !ot " - not sure exactly how to use - It's a way to search is it ?11:09
klimywhat is best current practise for determining the file encoding?11:09
magnetronDanskmand→ all you need to do is ask. if anyone knows the answer, they will ansewr.11:09
hateball!list | newlife11:09
ubottunewlife: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots11:09
magnetronklimy→ use the "file" command11:09
klimymagnetron: tried that ;)11:09
Fueleduber-noob needs help with dual-boot problem11:10
magnetronklimy→ it's the best practices11:10
magnetron!ask | Fueled11:10
ubottuFueled: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)11:10
WildSoftI also have a dual-boot problem =)11:10
DanskmandEverywhere in google they talk about that ISDN doesnt work on ubuntu and that they switch to debian just bacause of this ! - I've been looking on it for weeks now !11:10
magnetroneveryone: if you have a problem, just ask a question. don't wait for anyone to step up to say that they can help you11:10
newlifehateball: Is that used in a Terminal session ? Sorry not understanding.11:11
Jaguar48hI need help with c++11:11
nigeltatschner19anyone here know how to sort out a issues with 8.04 wifi not being recognised its a realtek 818511:11
ikoniaJaguar48h: c++ is a better channel then11:11
ikoniaJaguar48h: #c++11:12
rockyrockhey guys, I want a C/C++ IDE. I don't have a lot of RAM in my laptop (256) so plz consider the memory consuming.11:12
ikoniaor ##c++11:12
magnetronnewlife→ read the link ubottu gave you11:12
ikoniarockyrock: eclipse is the one most people go for, but it will run slow with 25611:12
ikoniarockyrock: most people with 256/less dont use an ide11:12
rockyrockikonia: yeah i know that's why i'm asking11:12
newlifemagnetron: Will do - have it bookmarked - thanks - so much to learn - so little time - heh heh11:12
FueledI have just installed Ubuntu 8.04, with a previous installation of Windows XP. I want to dual-boot. I can start Ubuntu just fine, but I have the "Hal.dll" problem when trying to start Windows. I have searched on Google for answers, but since I'm super new to Ubuntu, most are too cryptic for me. I need tailored help :-(11:12
magnetronrockyrock→ some use Anjuta, but i haven't tried it11:12
rockyrockikonia: what about anjuta11:13
ikoniarockyrock: try it11:13
WildSoftWhen installing Ubuntu, you get the option to change the size of your patition for dual-boot. This fails for some reason and gives me an error message. Sizechange failed.11:13
klimymagnetron: somehow file just tells me that my file is a tex file. actually i knew that ;)11:13
ikoniaFueled: that error is normally (not normally) associated with the windows partition not being defragged/chkdisked before partitioning for the ubuntu install11:13
ikoniaFueled: using the windows repair cd will normally fix it11:13
rockyrocki would like to use gcc to compile the C files but i doesn't show any errors if the code contains errors! Does it?11:14
Fueledikonia: I did a Defrag just before installing Ubuntu, like suggetsed11:14
ikoniarockyrock: of course it does11:14
ikoniarockyrock: it shows warnings11:14
klimymagnetron: can you give me a hint? i looked at man but did not find the parameter i needed11:14
magnetronklimy→ ok, then it's probably a TeX file. what more do you want to know about it?11:14
ikoniarockyrock: it's a compiler11:14
ikoniaFueled: thats the normal cause11:14
velkoWildSoft, i'm not very familiar with this but maybe you have to boot first into windows and defragment the partition you are trying to resize11:14
klimymagnetron: encoding.11:14
DanskmandI have installed with apt-get the kernel-headers and the restricted modules....then I copied the Fritz drivers to "/usr/src/AVM-Fritz/fcpci-3.11.07" and executed the make in there. This is what I got: make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-19-server' and make[1]: Makefile: No such file or directory11:14
* shandooo off dodjem za 20 min Jelena :********************8811:14
magnetronklimy→ oh you mean utf-8 or iso-latin1?11:14
ikoniaDanskmand: there is no makefile in that directory11:14
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klimymagnetron: like utf8, ascii11:14
ikonia!awak > shandooo11:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about awak11:14
Fueledikonia: I also tried with the Windows Recovery Console, to "bootcfg /rebuild"11:14
klimymagnetron: yeah11:14
ikonia!away > shandooo11:14
ubottushandooo, please see my private message11:14
ikoniaFueled: it's no the bootcfg11:15
WildSoftvelko I've installed ubuntu on other computers aswell. It should do it auto.11:15
ikoniaFueled: boot is handled by grub now11:15
rockyrockikonia: i doesn't with me!!! I tried to compile a file with a syntax error but it didn't show any warnings!11:15
spazmhey, in which packages are setupterm och tgetent included? I need one of them to compile BitchX... I get this error when I try..11:15
ReelBigDickconnect irc.chatnet.ru/666711:15
Fueledikonia: but I read on forums that the boot.ini file is probably the problem11:15
cafuegospazm: libncurses5-dev11:15
klimyis there some neat tool that does some guessing of file encodings?11:15
magnetronklimy→ by default, text files in ubuntu are encoded utf-811:15
Fueledikonia: but I'm not able to edit it from within Ubuntu11:16
klimymagnetron: i downloaded the file. it is not utf811:16
ikoniaFueled: possible, you need to boot ubuntu, mount your windows partition and look at the file11:16
ikoniaFueled: you should be able to11:16
velkoWildSoft, maybe the partitions you resized successfully wasn't badly fragmented? just a guess though11:16
Fueledikonia: that's where I need help, since it's all new to me11:16
* cafuego pokes jhesketh with a sharp shovel11:16
nigeltatschner19can anyone help me with my wifi problem11:16
ikoniaFueled: what part are you having issues11:16
Danskmandikonia: Well, there is a Makefile....But it just points to itself ?? : "lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root     35 2008-10-19 11:57 Makefile -> ../linux-headers-2.6.24-19/Makefile"11:16
ikoniaDanskmand: then there is no makefile11:16
Danskmandikonia: Whats wrong there ?11:17
magnetronklimy→ you can install the "uni2ascii" package11:17
ikoniaDanskmand: there is no makefile11:17
Fueledikonia: I can see the Windows drive in the "File Browser", but I can't see the boot.ini file11:17
nigeltatschner19i have a realtek 8185 and it will not show11:17
jheskethand hi to you cafuego11:17
magnetronklimy→ "tcs" looks like a good tool too11:17
ikoniaFueled: it's a hidden file normally11:17
Fueledikonia: even with "Show Hidden Files" enabled11:17
ikoniaFueled: or it not being there maybe the problem11:17
rockyrockikonia: how can i run the compiled file after the compliation?11:18
ikoniarockyrock: ./11:18
ikoniarockyrock: it's a binary11:18
Danskmandikonia: There are several files - init, ipc, kbuild, kernel and so on.....But they all are links and pointing to themselves11:18
TuniX12ikonia: the windows hidden files are not hidden under Linux11:18
rockyrockikonia: ./hello-world?? like this only?11:18
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ikoniarockyrock: yup11:18
ikoniaDanskmand: then it's setup wrong11:18
nigeltatschner19can anyone see my messages11:19
=== sk_ is now known as _sk
ikonianigeltatschner19: yes11:19
Fueledikonia: yeah, I'm pretty clueless as to why I can't see it11:19
ikoniaFueled: maybe it's not there11:19
WildSoftvelko: Thats the problem, it don't rezise it. When trying to in the Ubuntu installation it fails. Giving me an error message. An error has occured when writing to the disk. Sizechange has cancled - Something like that, translated from Swedish ^^11:19
rockyrockikonia: i compiled this file like this: gcc hello-world.c >> then i tried to run it using this command: ./hello-world >> and i got this: bash: ./hello-world: No such file or directory11:19
TuniX12!wifi > nigeltatschner1911:20
ubottunigeltatschner19, please see my private message11:20
klimyman... emacs is so powerful, sometimes it even scares me...11:20
ikoniarockyrock: does hello-world exist ?11:20
ikoniarockyrock: it's normally outputing to a.out11:20
velkoWildSoft, i already saw your problem. ikonia asked you to repeat ;-)11:20
klimyhow can something so mighty even exist?11:20
Fueledikonia: what would you suggest I do to recreate it? I already tried "bootcfg /rebuild"11:20
rockyrockikonia: oh yeah it's a.out. How can i tell gcc to compile it with the name it has?11:20
ikoniaFueled: someone in ##windows may be able to help rebuild it11:20
magnetronklimy→ please join #ubuntu-offtopic , i want to discuss this with you11:20
ikoniarockyrock: read up on how to use the compiler and c++11:20
Fueledikonia: ok I'll look there11:21
rockyrockikonia: where to read?11:21
Fueledikonia: thanks!11:21
klimymagnetron: emacs save the day... again ;) just needed C-uC-x= ;)11:21
ikoniarockyrock: anywhere that teaches gcc/c++11:21
WildSoftvelko: I'm a bit slow atm. No breakfast =)11:21
klimymagnetron: thanks for your effort11:21
magnetronklimy→ i still need to check out tcs11:21
jimmie32sorry for this silly question, but where is the /public_html folder (apache) in Ubuntu?11:24
ikoniajimmie32: you have to make it11:25
ikoniajimmie32: it's normally created in a users home dir11:25
ikoniajimmie32: if your using mod_user dir11:25
ikoniamod_user module sorry11:25
icewatermanis there a way to read a variables content from stdin on a shell without using "read" ?11:25
jimmie32I make a directory like /home/jimmie32/apache/ ?11:25
ikoniajimmie32: /home/jimmie32/public_html11:25
magnetronicewaterman→ you can read command line arguments as $1 $2 etc11:26
ikoniajimmie32: then what ?11:26
Danskmandikonia: Do you have a hint for where to look whats wrong ?11:26
icewatermanmagnetron: no, i need it from stdin11:26
jimmie32ikonia: I made a folder called /home/jimmie/public_html11:26
icewatermanlike the user needs to type it#