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SilentKillerIs there any way to install alternate xubuntu 8.10 from inside the regular xubuntu 8.04.1?00:09
SilentKillerI dont have another blank cd that I know of..00:09
SilentKillerBack.. Did anyone answer?00:10
df--could boot it on a USB stick instead of a CD SilentKiller00:21
df--pretty sure it's possible, anyway00:21
nolochemicalhey :D00:28
nolochemical..just wondering how someone would change L2 cache configuration..00:29
nolochemicalany one home ?00:31
df--I am, but with no idea what you're referring to nolochemical :P If it isn't a xubuntu specific question you might try the main channel (#ubuntu). More people around there00:36
nolochemicaldf--: thanks for the heads up heading over there now.. :)00:50
SilentKillerFound a cd :)01:17
SilentKillerOk so I burned xubuntu 8.10 alternative cd..01:17
SilentKillerUsing the burning program thats already installed on xubuntu..01:17
SilentKillerSo now when I start up from cd.. I get a black screen with..01:17
SilentKillerUp in the top left corner..01:18
SilentKillerAnyone know what to do?01:22
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SilentKillerCan anyone help me?01:52
nraicDoes anyone know that name of that app people use in gnome for monitoring cpu, network etc. It sits on the task bar usually has 4 boxes02:39
wormsxullagkrellm ?02:43
wormsxullaoh. in the task bar... then not gkrellm02:45
nraicIts in the bottom task bar in that screen shot02:49
acalbazaanyone able to play presentations on parleys.com using xubuntu and ff3.0.3?  mine freeze after 2-3 seconds.... wondering if its a flex thing.02:55
acalbazajoin #ubuntu02:56
william56hey everyone. i was just going to install xubuntu, and selecting 'install' brought me to a command prompt labelled (initramfs); anyone care to provide me with info on what i should read or do next?04:36
william56i can't seem to find any information on installing xubuntu04:38
ballis it practical to build Xubuntu on an Ubuntu machine and then install it over the top of the existing OS?04:40
ball(I have an Ubuntu machine here with no optical drive)04:40
* ball waves to emma_04:45
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wormsxullahello. how can i stop the network manager from trying to connect to a network? i tried man network-manager, but found no manual04:58
william56anyone know how to read through logs from the console? vim and nano don't seem to be accessible05:02
ballwilliam56 cat foo|less ?05:07
ballyou're welcome05:08
SuperMario1776Hello. I deleted Panel 2 from my new Xubuntu installation thinking it was workspace 2. How can I restore it?07:44
SuperMario1776The panel at the bottom of this image http://www.thecodingstudio.com/opensource/linux/screenshots/scaled/Xubuntu%208.04%20Hardy%20Heron%20LTS/7.gif07:45
SuperMario1776nm, got it07:54
ciapsadmHi, what you get cable from the network card you get back is not going, just after the restart give.09:07
knomeeehh... what?09:14
nikolamciapsadm, go to the system>network>unlock> and set dns and ip adress for your network card09:20
WooDo you guys have an FTP server that works for Xubuntu that is easy to install and understand? I have tried VSFTPD and GPROFTPD.09:38
ciapsadmHow do when I get on my Linux to automatically start an application?09:51
ciapsadmFor exemple: pidgin09:51
knomeciapsadm, when logging out/etc. save a session with pidgin open09:52
knomeciapsadm, there's a checkbox in the shutdown dialog09:52
knomeWoo, i use proftpd and it's quite straightforward09:53
floatingother possibility is to add a command to start it up with autostarted applications09:54
floatingbut actually my pidgin starts automatically with each session as knome described09:55
floatingthat way*09:55
ciapsadmfloating: How do I add to the autostart?09:57
knomeciapsadm, settins>settings manager>autostarted apps09:58
ciapsadmAnd in order that write to add Pidgin?10:02
ciapsadmWrite pidgin?10:02
WooKnome: Is that the same I have? First it was whining that I did not have a certificate, but I had never enabled any SSL/whatever things.10:03
knomeWoo, i think gproftpd is different from proftpd10:03
WooSo... it is less g? ^^10:05
knomedon't know10:08
ciapsadmXchat use and do not know how to do I automatically saved channels.10:08
ciapsadmEvery time I come in Xchat have to write / server and / join # xubuntu10:09
knomeciapsadm, try asking #xchat10:10
ciapsadmHow do you get in my program automatically on the server and channel?10:10
Woo" sudo apt-get install vsftpd" how do i reverse this, and uninstall it?10:10
knomeWoo, sudo apt-get remove vsftpd10:10
TheSheepsudo apt-get --purge remove vsftpd10:11
knomeWoo, use TheSheep one ^10:11
knomeTheSheep, hello sir10:11
WooThank you.10:11
ciapsadmI blocked a program10:12
ciapsadmHow do you get?10:12
knomeciapsadm, use synaptic to install?10:13
knomeciapsadm, sudo apt-get install amarok ?10:13
ciapsadmI blocked so amarok.10:14
ciapsadmI do not want to install it, I want to get out of the program.10:14
knomeciapsadm, right-click the amarok systray icon and select quit.10:15
TheSheepalt+ctrl+esc and then click on the program's window10:15
WooHey that is a nice thing in Linux... It killed the process that was running before it uninstalled it. I expected problems with it. :-)10:17
floatingi hate linux sometimes10:17
floatingafter i have used it for awhile the love start to fade10:18
floatingand i dont pay attention to it10:18
floatingand some programs like firefox and one java program i use a lot are slower10:18
TheSheepfloating: slower than what?10:21
ciapsadmI pressed Ctrl + Alt + esc and now I no longer panels10:21
floatingon xubuntu that on windows xp10:21
floatingciap lol10:21
knomeciapsadm, alt+f2 > xfce4-panel10:21
ciapsadmNot working10:22
ciapsadmSays canot open display10:23
nikolamciapsadm, is your desktop working?10:27
nikolamright-click on it and desktop settings10:27
nikolamtehn behavior tab and select desktop menu on right click10:28
nikolamthen on right click open terminal from accesories10:28
nikolamthen run xfce4-panel &10:29
floatingtell me something interesting i could do with linux10:39
WooReally learn your password10:39
Wooor send the signals from your mouse to your hard drive10:40
floatingi want to discover something new10:40
knomefloating, play bastet10:40
ciapsadmNot working click right10:46
ciapsadmNow go, but if you give it everything I restart occurs10:48
ciapsadmI now appears panel, but I do not appear icons10:49
ciapsadmWhat to do?10:50
ciapsadmI gave everything and restart not working.11:07
TheSheepciapsadm: do you have free space on your disk?11:08
ciapsadmSo I appear.11:08
ciapsadmSince I gave Ctrl + Alt + esc to ruin11:09
WooRight, I will try to install proftpd now. Does it have a GUI I can control it with?11:09
ciapsadmIf you give me xfce4 panel appears panels, but not programs.11:10
knomeWoo, no... ;)11:10
knomeciapsadm, yes, that's the way it is supposed to work.11:10
WooOk, can I control it with something else?11:11
knomeWoo, config files11:11
knomeWoo, you are asked some basic info at installation11:11
WooEven adding users?11:11
WooBecause all I want is something that lets me log in, upload and delete files so I can back up my documents from my laptop. I've spent hours with this. =/11:12
knomeWoo, proftpd uses xubuntu users - you just give them permission or not to use ftp11:12
WooOh, does it?11:12
knomeproftpd might be a bit overkill for your usecase though11:13
knomedo you have a lot to transfer?11:13
TheSheepciapsadm: does it work when you create a new user?11:13
ciapsadmTheSheep: I do not know11:14
ciapsadmWell now, and what should I do?11:15
ciapsadmBack to defend my desktop.11:15
WooNo, I have a 1,9GB disk I wanted to use for this. ^^11:16
WooWhat would you recomend?11:16
ciapsadmI do not know11:17
TheSheepciapsadm: alt+f2 and type 'xfdesktop'11:17
ciapsadmSo go see desktopu11:19
ciapsadmBut if you give restart no longer works: (11:19
ciapsadmIf write-in terminal xfce4 panel and xfdesktop is still on track, unless removed from the terminal again not working11:22
TheSheepciapsadm: try deleting your saed session from ~/.cache/sessions/11:30
TheSheepciapsadm: just delete all files from that directory11:31
knomeWoo, you might try ssh. the transfer is slower because of the encryption, but set up is easier11:32
ciapsadmYes, I xfdesktop to add applications to start and we've added xfce4-panel and now everything goes well, that at first11:32
WooKnome: Alright, is it anything like FTP? What software would you recomend for it? And proftpd would not install: http://bildr.no/view/273104.11:34
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/11:35
ubottuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd11:36
ubottuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP11:36
ciapsadmThank you very much, now go11:47
ciapsadmWithout adding to autostarted11:48
ciapsadmI deleted those now in session and go;)11:48
drownerhello everyone12:21
drownerIs there anyone here to help me?12:21
ciapsadmTell problem12:22
ciapsadmCan you help me12:23
drowneryou want me to tell the problem?12:23
drownerI have a gnome default setup, but i prefer the xfce window manager. However, when i select a session that is not gnome (same thing happened with flux) i get booted out after about 30-60 mins. Its weird. How can I troubleshoot? Dmesg? Anything i should search for?12:24
venomebooted out = exactly?12:44
venomedrowner: in what way does it happen?12:45
drownereverything stops12:45
drownerand, its back to log in12:45
drownerso, the kernel doesn't stop - just the WM, it seems12:45
venomethat sounds like the xserver gets an error and crashes12:46
venometry to look thru /var/log/Xorg*12:46
drowneri'm in xfce now12:49
drownerso, if it happens, goodbye, and thanks for all the fish :D12:49
drowneri'll have a squizz there if i get booted again12:50
venomebtw. try to edit the scripts that starts your session, and make it write the errors to file12:51
drownergood idea12:52
drownerlets say i wanted to do that12:52
drownerhow would i do that ;) ?12:52
venomethe scripts are located in /usr/share/xsessions/12:53
venomeyour one would likely be xfce.desktop12:53
venomethere is an exec part in that file12:53
venomethat is the script that is run when you start the session12:54
venomeedit that one12:54
venome(like edit the target script)12:54
venomeno problem :)12:54
drownerof course12:55
drownernow its not happening12:55
venomeyea, that's quite usual :)12:56
drownerunreproducable errors12:56
drownerdamn you!12:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ftpc13:01
ubottuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd13:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:01
ubottuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP13:02
BlueFridayTrying to learn Linux atm, I havent been this confused in a long time13:10
drownerBlueFriday: Any particular problems someone can help you with13:10
BlueFridayIt's just general stuff really. For example, I'm used to windows with installed programs ending up in C:\Program Files\ProgramName13:11
BlueFridayIn linux, do the files get split into all the different folders or how does it work?13:11
knomeBlueFriday, basically yes, binaries are most of the time in /usr/bin or /bin13:12
knomeBlueFriday, but you don't have to worry about file locations in linux once software is installed - the package manager keeps track of the files, that's synaptic (apt) in xubuntu13:13
knomeBlueFriday, and you usually can call the binaries from anywhere13:13
DFlamethink of Synaptic Package Manager as Add/Remove programs, except better :)13:14
BlueFridayYeah I installed irssi, xchat and some other stuff13:14
BlueFridayseems easy enough13:14
drownerdebian is hot.13:15
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BlueFridaySo much to read up on, seems really nice though13:17
drownerit will come13:22
drownerjust use it13:22
drownerand it will come13:22
drowneri mean, it hasn't to me13:22
drownerbut i assume it will13:22
BlueFridayexperimenting a bit. When instructions say that i should write PREFIX/bin/apachectl -k start, what does 'prefix' mean?13:32
drownerdo you know where apachectl is?13:35
BlueFridayNo idea tbh, is there a way to check? I just installed through synaptic13:36
BlueFriday(sorry for the stupid questions :F)13:36
drownerits proabably in either /bin/13:37
drowneror /usr/bin13:37
drownerdude, i don't even know what i'm talking about13:38
drownerthose instructions - are they just asking you to start a program a certain way?13:38
BlueFridaypretty much13:38
drownerhave you tried just saying 'apachectl -k start'13:39
drowneryou don't usually have to put the /usr/bin in there13:39
drownerwhen you type a program, if its in bin or /usr/bin (which it will be) it will just run13:39
drownerwherever you are13:40
TheSheepif you have apache installed, it is started automatically at boot13:40
DFlame^indeed. I keep a photo album on a small server upstairs. Can view the pics via the Wii on the big TV :)13:40
BlueFridayah yes, "It Works"13:40
BlueFridayI'm a bit confused though. What's the difference between /usr/bin/, /usr/local/bin and /bin/?13:42
BlueFridayactually, nevermind, I'll stop pestering you guys and I'll use the power of google instead13:44
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DFlameyou'll get better answers in #ubuntu for general questions. More people hang around there, BlueFriday13:47
BlueFridayalright, thanks13:48
DFlameXubuntu specific stuff like XFCE etc tend to be better answered here13:48
DFlameand have fun learning. It's both frustrating and enjoyable ;)13:49
BlueFridayyeah :)13:51
viddOdd-rationale, PM me when you get up?14:39
ciapsadmWhat program to use the web?14:43
ciapsadmAnd to be god14:43
ciapsadmI use midori14:44
viddciapsadm, ?14:46
ciapsadmWhat program to use the web?14:46
ciapsadmFirefox, Midori...etc14:46
TheSheepfirefox is pretty much the standard, although it's very heavy, epiphany is lighter and simpler, midori is not finished yet14:47
vidddefault in x/ubuntu is firefox14:47
TheSheepthere is also opera14:47
knomeand lynx14:48
charlie-tcadillo, too14:48
viddciapsadm, plus....browsing is not the only thing you do with the web....14:50
* charlie-tca thinks too many choices14:50
viddthose were just a small sampling of browsers available14:50
viddthen there is email, chat clients, bittorrents....etc!14:51
ciapsadmHow do you lock your desktop?15:12
Odd-rationaleciapsadm: ctrl+alt+del i think is the default...15:13
Odd-rationaleciapsadm: you have to have xlock, xscreensaver, or gnome-screensaver for it to work though...15:13
ciapsadmDid not find the package xlock15:19
viddciapsadm, xlockmore15:20
viddor xlockmore-gl15:20
ciapsadmOk, now go15:22
ciapsadmI deleted Firefox, but everything I have in the computer.15:41
ciapsadmI used the command sudo apt-get purge firefox15:41
ciapsadmAnd was not delete15:42
viddciapsadm, sudo apt-get remove --purge [app]15:42
ciapsadmNot go :(15:45
vidddid you replace [app] with the application you wissh to remove?15:45
vidddid it claim to remove the meta-package firefox?15:48
ciapsadmE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?15:48
viddso ...close whatever application is using it (like synaptic)15:48
vidddid you even bother to read what the error said?15:50
viddi can tell15:50
ciapsadmI need a iceweasel15:50
ciapsadmAnd not go sudo apt-get install iceweasel15:50
viddthat is because iceweasel is not in the repos15:52
viddyou will need to find the .deb for it and download it15:52
ciapsadmAnd how shall. Deb?15:55
ciapsadmOn www.geticeweasel.org not find15:55
viddciapsadm, read this http://www.debianadmin.com/install-iceweasel-web-browser-in-debian-and-ubuntu.html15:56
viddALL of it15:56
viddwhere it says "#wget...." it means "run wget as root"15:57
viddwhat that means to you is replace "#" with "sudo "15:57
viddciapsadm, whenever you read instructions, "#" means "as root" and "$" means "as unprivleged user"15:59
viddto run something as root in ubuntu, you use "sudo [command]"15:59
knomevidd, there was an ubuntu tutorial later on that page anyway :P16:00
viddknome, thats why i told hime to read it ALL16:01
knomeyes :P16:01
knomebut that does explaining the # and $ unnecessary16:01
viddbut i dont really expect him to16:01
knomehe should learn to read everything16:01
viddpfft....he should learn to read16:02
knomethis way you'll end taking him to shower and telling him where the soap is and how to use it16:02
viddhe got an error b4 that dpkg was in use16:02
knomeand you DON'T want that16:02
knomewe shouldn't give obvious user support...16:02
knomebut tell them to read properly and try to learn things by themselves16:03
viddyesterday i told him i wasnt going to go to his house and install his graphics card for him16:03
knomeyes ;)16:03
knomeit's better to teach users to understand what is going on16:03
knomerather than just rushing out commands for them16:04
knomewell usually at least.16:04
ciapsadmciapsadm@Ciapsa:~$ sudo dpkg -i iceweasel_1.5.0.8pre-2.deb16:04
ciapsadmdpkg: cu privire la iceweasel_1.5.0.8pre-2.deb conținând iceweasel:16:04
ciapsadm hunspell-en-us în conflict cu iceweasel (<<
ciapsadm  iceweasel (versiunea este pe cale să fie instalat.16:04
ciapsadmdpkg: eroare la procesarea iceweasel_1.5.0.8pre-2.deb (--install):16:04
ciapsadm conflict între pachete - nu se instalează iceweasel16:04
ciapsadmErori întâlnite în timpul prelucrării:16:04
ciapsadm iceweasel_1.5.0.8pre-2.deb16:04
ciapsadmciapsadm@Ciapsa:~$ iceweasel16:04
ciapsadmbash: iceweasel: command not found16:04
ciapsadmBlock minodori and not paste to pastebin.ca16:04
vidd!past | ciapsadm16:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about past16:04
vidd!paste | ciapsadm16:04
ubottuciapsadm: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)16:04
knomeciapsadm, did you read the output dpkg gave you?16:04
bassboigoddamn it, ktorrent is messing with me. at first it tells me theres 4 hours left... then i have to logout and back in cuz of an error, and it's done... i know it can't be true so i remove it, but keep the data, and reload the .torrent, and it's starting over.16:05
mib_l33ktry 7 : http://l33k.wordpress.com/ Xubuntu based distro16:05
vinnl!swear | bassboi16:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about swear16:05
vinnlToo bad :P16:05
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.16:05
vinnlAh ^.^16:05
knomemib_l33k, this is not an advertising (tv) channel16:05
bassboi!language | vinnl16:06
ubottuvinnl: please see above16:06
bassboismart bot16:06
vinnlHeh, nice16:06
* charlie-tca nods16:06
knomecalm down people, plese.16:06
mib_l33kanyone knows the BeOS Tracker ?16:07
viddmib_l33k, what about it?16:07
mib_l33kit had a nice right click context menu16:07
ciapsadmI read and I give erroare when I do what I have read16:08
mib_l33kenabled you to browse through your filesystem very easily16:08
mib_l33kI would like to something like this in Thunar too16:08
mib_l33k*to see16:09
viddciapsadm, can you translate the error you got into english then?16:09
viddi believe the error is saying you have a version conflict...but i only speak/read english16:10
ciapsadmErrors were encountered while processing: iceweasel_1.5.0.8pre-2.deb16:11
viddyou need to get a more up-to date version16:11
viddmethinks the latest version is 3.[something]16:12
ciapsadmWhat should I do?16:13
viddciapsadm, http://packages.debian.org/stable/web/iceweasel16:20
ciapsadmWhy a lion there, I find iceweasel16:23
ciapsadmHere: Download iceweasel16:25
ciapsadmCan not download16:25
viddwhich link did you click?16:26
ciapsadmI gave click16:27
viddthere are 11 different packages to choose from, based on what achetecure you are using....16:27
viddwich one did you click?16:27
ciapsadmAnd not find download16:30
knomeciapsadm, why are you downloading aptitude ?!16:31
viddknome, because he cant follow instructions or read16:32
knomeciapsadm, isn't there anybody who can help you at #ubuntu-ro ?16:32
viddciapsadm, you chose i386 on the http://packages.debian.org/stable/web/iceweasel page16:34
viddthat brings you to http://packages.debian.org/etch/i386/iceweasel/download16:35
viddthen what did you click on?16:39
viddciapsadm, then what did you click on?16:42
vinnlciapsadm, I'd really give it a try in #ubuntu-ro if I were you16:42
viddor are you just opening the pages as i get them and not bothering to read what the pages say?16:42
BlueFridayhow much performance do I lost running xubuntu through vmware btw16:44
knomeBlueFriday, that's not xubuntu specific16:49
vinnlI suppose that would depend on how you configure VMWare16:50
vinnlBut you're probably best off in, say, #vmware16:50
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RandyboYI have a ubuntu machine here which earlier was xubuntu, what do i do to revert to xubuntu and remove all of the ubuntuthings installed with the ubuntu when i installedit?18:03
viddRandyboY, HOW did you install ubuntu over xubuntu?18:04
RandyboYapt-get install ubuntu-desktop18:05
viddthen sudo apt-get remove --purge ubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get autoremove --purge18:05
viddthis SHOULD get rid of all the extra stuff that ubuntu added that xubuntu doesnt need18:06
RandyboYok, so xubuntus xfce is still there?18:06
viddthere is always the possibility that a package here or there might get left18:06
RandyboYyeah, as long as it gets most of it18:07
viddthe --purge gets rid of config files as well as the applications18:07
RandyboYyeah, great ill try :)18:07
charlie-tcaDoes anyone know why the LiveCD has a 10 second countdown on the login screen?18:18
viddcharlie-tca, so the livecd loads the desktop for the user18:23
charlie-tcaCould it be 2 or 3 seconds instead?18:24
viddthat would be for the -devel group =]18:24
viddbut if you hit your enter key, it should launch for you18:25
viddi assume its to give the user time to change default config (language, etc) before it auto-launches18:25
charlie-tcaI figured if I hit enter, it'll go to 30 and wait for my name and password!18:26
viddhave you tried it?18:27
charlie-tcanot yet, but I will on the next restart18:27
* vidd doesnt use livecd's so he cant be 100% possitive18:28
charlie-tcaI have been testing them, so I can try it18:28
william56http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2065160&postcount=10 anyone know how i can access what that guy was talking about in xubuntu?18:35
charlie-tcawilliam56: should be the same way. You should have the speaker on the top panel, right side.18:37
william56there isn't one18:37
william56all i've got up there is a pidgin icon, the network status icon, the time, and that quit button18:38
charlie-tcatry right click on the panel, add new item, Volume Control18:39
viddwilliam56, right-click on one of your panels and add "volume manger"18:39
viddcontrol...not manager18:39
william56ah, hell yea. thanks18:39
viddwilliam56, also....if you use more then one media application (like toem for movies and something else for music) check those apps for volume levels18:40
viddfor example, i use gxine for movies....18:41
viddi had the volume set to about medium, and my pidgin audio was reduced...even though volume control had everything set to max18:41
william56well, i had everything maxed in both my media player and alsamixer.. i have to set the volume to headphone in windows too18:43
viddso windows is jacked up too?18:43
viddor did we help you fix it already?18:44
william56uhh, windows is working fine.. theres a panel in it that came from the driver cd that lets me choose headphone for a volume boost, making it sound normal.. selecting headphone in xubuntu, though, seems to be making the sound more quiet, though18:45
viddwilliam56, so even with the volume control you still having issue?18:46
viddare you using headphones?18:46
william56i'm using a pair of speakers with nothing but a cord to connect to my pc18:47
viddif you right-click the volume icon and choose "properties"....18:47
viddwhat choices do you have under "device"18:48
william56just this: #0: HDA ATI SB18:48
viddand what is selected for "Wannabe Master"?18:48
william56the master was originally selected18:48
william56changing that doesnt seem to affect anything18:50
viddsorry...im at work and a call came in19:11
william56no problem19:11
viddim at a loss....19:12
viddlooks like ALSA has your right card selected'19:13
viddand its configured correctly19:13
viddactually...what is the issue? no sound or quite?19:14
william56it's quiet with everything in alsamixer at 100%19:14
viddsilly question.....are the speakers plugged into the correct jack?19:15
william56yep.. i believe so19:15
william56it's the green jack in the back of my pc19:15
viddhow many jacks are there?19:15
william566 i think19:16
william56plus two in the front19:16
william56actually there are 5 and a square one19:16
viddtry plugging the speakers into the headphone jack on the front19:16
viddany better?19:17
william56can't hear anything now; lemme check alsamixer19:17
viddset headphone to max19:17
william56it's already maxed, i just needed to re-enable it. it's louder than using the back, but it still isn't very loud. and now i'm noticing a lot of static19:18
viddyou have a dolby 5.1 surround sound sound-card19:19
william56btw "cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec" returns "Codec: Realtek ALC883"19:19
viddand you are using speakers that dont support it....19:20
viddplug the speakers into the black jack on the back19:20
viddany better?19:20
william56no sound at all now19:20
viddmove the speakers from jack to jack19:21
viddone of them is the mono-out19:21
viddit will produce the best sound19:22
viddare these speakers powered?19:22
viddthen dont expect to get all that great sound out of them19:22
william56well, in windows, at least, i can get clear loud sound19:23
viddin windows, you can stupify the card19:23
viddyour best bet will likely be the headphone selection19:24
viddor you can invest in some 5.1 compatable speakers19:24
william56huh, i just plugged a pair of headphones into the green jack, and there's static without any sound playing19:24
william56though the sound is louder this way19:24
viddsince your speakers are not powered, there is no volume control on them19:26
viddif ya get some better speakers (or at least powered speakers) you would see improvement19:27
viddhello volo20:05
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wuestimoin, moin!22:04
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu22:16
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - UDS December 8th-12th in Mountain View, CA, USA22:18
JannoTTThat's funny name22:19
Zerothishow do i increase my virtual using xrandr? I'd like a 1024x768 next to a 1024x768, I currently have a 640x480>640x480. Getting a 'screen cannot be larger than 1280x1200' error. manually adding "virtual 1664 768" to my xorg.conf boots to console23:56
vagab0ndcan anyone help me configure my wireless?23:57
Odd-rationale!wireless | vagab0nd23:59
ubottuvagab0nd: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:59

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