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alesteris there anything more verbose about running my own server than http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/index.html#running-a-smart-server ?05:05
Peng_alester: It's not very complicated, so probably not.05:08
Peng_alester: The docs for an HTTP smart server are elsewhere in that page.05:08
alesterit's basically "you have a dir and everything goes thru bzr+ssh"05:08
alesterI've already got a /bzr/drizzle/trunk set up05:10
alesterI'll just need to init-repo at /bzr/newproject ?05:10
alesterI guess what I don't get is what init-repo is actually doin'05:21
alesterAnd, the diff between bzr branch and bzr checkout.05:25
alesterThat's the one that's always stumped me.  Can you explain, Peng_?05:26
* Peng_ vaguely gestures to the docs.05:31
alesterYeah, I have indeed read them.05:40
alesteroh ewll.05:40
Peng_Sorry, but I'm bad at explaining things.05:43
alesterOne is bound, the other isn't05:44
alesterbut that doesn't help me. :-)05:44
alesteroooh, now it does.05:44
pickscrapealester: if a branch is bound it means when you commit to it, the commit also goes to the branch it is bound to05:44
alesterand you have to be online to do so?05:44
pickscrapeAnd update gets revisions from the upstream branch.05:44
pickscrapeIf the upstream branch is online, yes.05:45
pickscrapeThough you can unbind and make it into a normal branch.05:45
alesterso I can't use a checkout repo in airplane mode05:45
alesterwhich is my key need here on this one.05:45
pickscrapeYes, just unbind it05:45
alesterso in a checkout, you can only commit to one place05:46
pickscrapeSay you have upstream branch A, and you do bzr checkout A B to create checkout B.05:46
pickscrapeThis is the same as doing bzr branch A B, except that the new branch is bound to A05:47
pickscrapeThis means that when you commit in B, the commit also goes to A.05:47
pickscrapeYou could get the same effect by doing bzr branch A B, and then doing bzr bind A from within B05:47
alesterMine is going to be central, just me.05:48
alesterbut what you're saying is switching between bind and unbind is the diff between a checkout and a branch05:48
alesterand I can switch between them as necessary05:48
pickscrapeCheckouts basically give you a centralised workflow, svn style. With the added flexibility that you can unbind it at will.05:48
alesteroK, thank you05:49
pickscrapeBest thing for you to do really is to experiment checking out a local branch. Doesn't have to be over a network.05:49
alesterI've been using bzr for a while on launchpad, but have not set up my own projects utnil now05:51
pickscrapeJust use bzr init A anywhere, create a file in it, commit, then bzr  checkout A B and start experimenting etc.05:52
alesterI need to get bzr-svn not looking in my home directory.06:04
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SkellusIt might sound not entirely legible (as for all these repository kind of things I am total newbie) but how can a repository be unpacked?10:45
Peng_What's your goal and what do you mean?10:50
SkellusI mean10:51
Skellusthat there is a OGG Vorbis "codec" for Actionscript10:51
Skellusand it can be10:51
Skellusdownlaoded from10:51
Skelluswhich is Bazaar repository10:51
Skellusthe guy says I have to use a command set like this10:52
Skellusbzr branch http://people.xiph.org/~arek/bzr/fogg.dev fogg10:52
Skellusbut inside there iss no source files10:52
Skellussome odd files which seem to be logs10:52
Skellusand one ~450 kb file which has extension .PACK10:52
Skelluswhich I suppose has to be the source10:52
Skellusbut I have less than no idea what to do with that thing10:52
SkellusBut due to my limited knowledge about it10:54
Skellusthe problem might be as well lying somewhere else10:54
Peng_Skellus: "bzr co"?10:57
Peng_Skellus: That is, cd to fogg and run "bzr co"/10:58
Peng_Err, without the slash. :P10:58
SkellusYou mean10:58
Peng_Wait, what are we talking about?10:58
SkellusI should go into10:58
SkellusI mean10:58
Skelluscommand line10:58
Peng_Skellus: Have you run "bzr branch http://people.xiph.org/~arek/bzr/fogg.dev"?10:58
Skellus(got confused here for a second)10:59
SkellusYes, I run10:59
Skellusbzr branch http://people.xiph.org/~arek/bzr/fogg.dev fogg10:59
Skellusthis to be precise11:00
Peng_What's in "fogg"?11:00
Skellushidden .bzr directory11:00
Skellusand nothing else11:01
Peng_Skellus: Locally? After you branched it?11:16
Peng_Skellus: If so, run "bzr co" inside it.11:16
Peng_But...I don't get it. That shouldn't happen.11:16
Peng_Working trees are created by default.11:16
Skellusso you mean in command line I should get to that directory and run "Bzr co", right?11:17
SkellusI did it11:17
Skellusand it told me11:17
SkellusFile exists11:17
Skelluscan't open file11:17
Skellusnot open11:17
SkellusAh, nevermind11:22
SkellusI've used11:22
Skellusbzr co "" bla11:22
Skellusand now it tells me11:22
SkellusUnable to create symlink 'test.swf' on this platform11:22
Skellusbut I guess that's not the cause of Bazaar this time11:23
SkellusPeng_: But thanks either way :)11:25
bhyHi, why bazaar always tend to consume all my memory?14:49
bhyI just did a commit with removal of serveral files, but got a MemoryError14:50
stbuehlercan please someone tell me how to merge a branch in rich-root format back to a launchpad repo?15:25
fullermdWell, there's nothing special about being on launchpad.  But you can't merge from rich-root to non-rich-root.15:26
stbuehlerand let me guess: i cannot update the launchpad branch to rich-root?15:27
fullermdAs far as I know, you can.15:27
stbuehleri tried: bzr upgrade --rich-root lp:~lighttpd/lighttpd/sandbox15:28
fullermdWell, you almost certainly want --rich-root-pack rather than --rich-root.  But that's peripheral.15:28
stbuehlertried that one too...15:28
fullermdAt one time you had to do upgrade over sftp for LP; I THOUGHT that was taken care of some time ago, but I don't know.15:29
stbuehler"bzr: ERROR: The branch format Bazaar-NG meta directory, format 1 is already at the most recent format."15:29
LarstiQwhat does bzr info say it is?15:30
stbuehleri see nothing helpful in the output... "Standalone branch (format: unnamed)"15:30
stbuehlerlaunchpad says it is "Packs containing knits without subtree support"15:31
* LarstiQ blinks15:31
fullermdUsing lp: will do that since it walks over the SS which doesn't reveal format info.15:31
fullermdIt's pack-0.92.15:31
LarstiQstbuehler: it is pack-0.9215:31
stbuehlerso what is right way to access lp branches, if lp:... is not?15:31
fullermdlp: is.  But going over the SS has certain side effects, and one of them is that you can't directly see the remote format.15:32
fullermd       control: bzr remote bzrdir15:32
fullermd        branch: Remote BZR Branch15:32
fullermd    repository: bzr remote repository15:32
fullermdSwitching to sftp, it shows the real formats.15:32
LarstiQstbuehler: for upgrading, you could try sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lighttpd/lighttpd/sandbox instead15:32
mwhudson(also nosmart+bzr+ssh...)15:37
fullermdAlso WHAT?15:38
fullermdThat's the most ridiculous sounding thing I've read in at least 2 hours.15:38
* mwhudson bows15:38
stbuehlerthx for your help, it looks like it at least does something now. but i don't think i will use bzr or launchpad for new projects - such problems are not really acceptable.15:41
fullermdOur mother dresses us funny too.15:53
LarstiQstbuehler: one of the remote transports launchpad offers doesn't work for upgrading is an unacceptable problem for using bzr?15:56
stbuehlerunacceptable is: a) that there is an incompability (and no warning for it) b) i didn't find anything helpful in manuals+google16:02
Peng_What does nosmart+bzr+ssh do exactly?16:14
Peng_Oh, SFTP.16:14
Peng_That's awesome.16:14
* fullermd boggles.16:14
fullermdIt broke my brain enough when I thought it was a _joke_...16:14
fullermdAnyway, I have a hard time feeling too disgusted with a guy pissed about tripping over an incompatibility from the default format that we've been discussing round and round doing away with for a year and a half now.16:16
Peng_upgrade doesn't work over lp:?16:17
Peng_fullermd: Well, he doesn't know that.16:18
fullermd*I* do.16:18
beunothere's the plan to be able to upgrade branches via launchpad UI16:19
beunoso, that doesn't completely solve anything16:19
fullermdThere's the lots of plans to do the lots of things that aren't.16:20
beunobut it's a start16:20
fullermdFor the human-friendly VCS with the easy UI, we've got a lot of half-wired panels hanging out with sharp edges on the UI.16:20
beunoyeah, I agree16:21
Peng_jam: FWIW, with the attribute lookup thing on the mailing list, I get similar results on Linux.16:45
Peng_(Only it's all twice as slow for me. What kind of computer do you have?!)16:46
* Peng_ gets depressed16:46
fullermdOh, you haven't seen depressed 'till you've used a PPro to pull updates to bzr.dev in weaves.16:47
Peng_(My other computer is twice as slow again!)16:47
fullermdOn a good day, there weren't any changes, so it only took a couple minutes.16:47
fullermdIf there were any...  well, half hour would be the absolute minimum.16:47
abentleyPeng_: nosmart+bzr+ssh is similar to sftp, but will work on systems that don't support sftp.16:57
Peng_abentley: ...How does that work? It does VFS operations over bzr+ssh?17:42
abentleyPeng_: Yes.  bzr+ssh has a VFS layer it can use when there's no corresponding "smart" operation.17:43
Peng_Yeah, I know. Interesting.17:43
Peng_Was supporting nosmart+bzr+ssh intentional?17:44
abentleyPeng_: I have no reason to think it wasn't intentional.17:44
Peng_What's the point? Debugging RPC/smart method/whatever-they're-called issues?17:45
abentleyPeng_: Not having to switch protocols when a smart operation doesn't do what you want.17:46
epsyhi, how do I disable a plugin?17:46
Peng_abentley: What do you mean?17:47
Peng_(Are we talking about the VFS in general or nosmart+bzr+ssh specifically?)17:47
Peng_When would a smart operation not do what you want?17:48
* Peng_ is confused.17:48
abentleyPeng_: bzr info doesn't report useful format information when bzr+ssh is used.17:48
abentleyPeng_: I have occasionally worked around other bugs using nosmart.17:49
abentleyepsy: move it into a different directory.17:50
Peng_Would sftp be faster than nosmart+bzr+ssh? I mean, OpenSSH is C...17:50
epsyhm, then i got a problem..: http://pastebin.com/m7a70f89e17:51
Peng_You can disable all plugins temporarily by running with --no-plugins.17:53
abentleyPeng_: C or not C is pretty irrelevant if you're using the internet.  I would expect bzr+ssh to have a high startup cost, and sftp to be less efficient overall.17:53
Peng_bzr's VFS is more efficient than sftp?17:55
Peng_Neat. :)17:55
abentleyPeng: I believe so.  There isn't a 1:1 mapping of VFS operations to SFTP operations.  So some VFS operations require more than one SFTP operation.17:56
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beunoPeng_, ping19:10
beunotell me about https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mnordhoff/loggerhead/valid-html when you havee time  :019:11
beunoseems like something I'd want to merge19:12
Peng_beuno: I ran a couple pages through the HTML validator and fixed some of the simplest things. There's no reason not to merge it, but it's nothing major.19:35
beunoPeng_, cool, I'll merge19:35
beunoI didn't want you to think I was code-stalking you19:39
beunojust happened to see it19:39
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strkhow do I produce a diff which includes file renames and new files and all ?22:33
strkif I can at all...22:33
strkI received a "merge-diff" once, even contained commit logs22:33
Verterokstrk: bzr send -o <output-file.patch>22:44
Verterokstrk: also, check bzr help send for more options22:44
strkVerterok: thanks!22:48
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