Eeyore-Jrsbalneav: still around?00:34
Eeyore-Jrswapped memory out, and ltsp server is up and running and i'm chattting from a 533mhz celeron with 256 mem00:34
Eeyore-Jrprograms seem to work well, except chromium00:35
Eeyore-Jris this normal or based on the video00:35
Eeyore-Jrer, video memory00:36
Eeyore-Jrbtw, dhcp is # out in interfaces after rebooting preventing the server from accessing the router00:39
Eeyore-Jron the RC00:39
Eeyore-Jrwhich seems to be a bug ?00:40
Eeyore-Jrhrm, this is slow.  is it because of the machine ?  or the network connection ?00:40
Eeyore-Jranyone home?00:57
Eeyore-Jrwhat is the demand on the processor on the client?01:08
Eeyore-Jrwould getting new pci video cards help the client?01:08
Eeyore-Jrdoes the client need 3d Graphics cards to run 3D type of games?01:09
Eeyore-Jrug.  client came to a crawl and stopped.  now it's going again01:17
Eeyore-Jrback to a crawl01:20
Eeyore-Jrk, i pulled the cable from the pc and swapped computers.  i don't think the ltsp server understood what happened and continued to allow the other processes hang out there even though the thin client had been disconnected01:38
Eeyore-Jrthe other computer i plugged into, has 512mb ram and a 2.0ghz processor01:38
Eeyore-Jrtried ri-li and chromium on it, but neither one worked.01:38
Eeyore-Jrah, yes, and a video card with 128mb ram.  so it appears that ltsp is very limited on what apps it will serve01:39
Eeyore-Jrso anything with graphics is out?01:41
Eeyore-Jrhow does edubuntu run kids games, like tux01:41
Eeyore-Jrhrm, guess i'm stuck with a choice01:45
Eeyore-Jrjust found nubea's fat client, which appears what i'm looking for02:21
Eeyore-Jri recall in college, using a DG Unix server and doing graphics on it.  large graphics, for GIS.  is linux this far behind?02:21
Eeyore-Jron the fat client, how does it konw to use the system?  the fat-client side02:23
Eeyore-Jris there a msg bot here?  i'd like to leave a msg for nubae02:26
Eeyore-Jri have some questions about his fat client02:26
Eeyore-Jr  flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound02:29
Eeyore-JrE: Package libflashsupport has no installation candidate02:29
Eeyore-Jrerror: LTSP client installation ended abnormally02:29
rhce7322what the the debian/ubuntu equiv of 'rpm -ql <pkg>'    or    'rpm -qf <file>'  ?02:50
rhce7322rpm -ql lists contents of a pkg02:50
rhce7322rpm -qf tells you what pkg a file came from02:50
LaserJockrhce7322: one sec02:55
LaserJockrhce7322: rpm -qf would be dpkg -S <file>02:56
LaserJockrhce7322: dpkg -c <file>.deb will show you the contents of a .deb file02:56
Eeyore-Jrk, xubuntu on ltsp was fast.  ubuntu was slow.  i've not tried kubuntu.  e was blazing fast.  is edubuntu any different than ubuntu?02:59
LaserJocknot in terms of speed03:00
* Eeyore-Jr should get a physch exam, as i'm always talking to myself03:00
LaserJockbecause it uses Gnome03:00
LaserJockbut you can use xfce with Edubuntu too if you want03:00
Eeyore-Jrso why in the @#$# is ubuntu using ubnuntu for ltsp clients03:00
Eeyore-Jrthat does not make sense03:00
Eeyore-Jrif the goal is to use older pcs on the network already03:00
LaserJockthe goal is to use LTSP03:01
Eeyore-Jri thought kubuntu 8.10 (kde4) would be heavy, but it's not.  it seems lighter than ubuntu even in ltsp03:22
Eeyore-Jrkde uses alsa.  will it also use pulseaudio?  i tried hydrogen and get no sound from kubuntu03:24
Eeyore-Jrhrm, now how to figure out to set default menus for each *untu03:26
Eeyore-Jrwell, my testing is done with the exception of the fat client03:43
Eeyore-Jri'm a little uneasy as it did not perform as expected, and i'm hoping i can work the kinks out before getting fired03:43
Eeyore-Jris there a way to customize the user's login screen?  i noticed that when i installed kubuntu-desktop it asked me to choose gdm or kdm03:48
Eeyore-Jris there a ltsp dm?03:48
Eeyore-JrVideo conferencing with Ekiga - how is this possible if it won't run a simple game?03:54
Eeyore-Jri've noticed in the docs03:54
rhce7322LaserJock: Thanks 4 dpkg nfo.  Sorry, housework dragged me away.05:03
rhce7322LaserJock: Is there a database of installed debs that can be queried, or do I need to track down a phys .deb file if I want to know its contents eg, I want to find out where named stuffs its stuff, but don't have a bind9-n.n-n.deb anywhere handy.05:09
rhce7322looks like you can use /var/cache/apt/archive... as long as you don't flush...05:15
stgraberrhce7322: dpkg -L <package>05:21
rhce7322Hmmmmmmm.  Debian stuffs bind zone files in /etc ???  I guess someone must have had a reason...05:26
LaserJockEeyore-Jr: a better answer to the "why is gnome used for Edubuntu" is that when Edubuntu was started Xubuntu didn't exist05:34
LaserJockEeyore-Jr: and Edubuntu used to ship xfce4 but it was moved to Universe so we don't anymore05:35
LaserJockEeyore-Jr: and LTSP uses ldm instead of gdm or kdm. It's made specifically for LTSP05:36
LaserJockEeyore-Jr: what you can run with LTSP depends largely on the LTSP server and network05:37
LaserJockEeyore-Jr: Edubuntu is capable of doing video conferencing, but you would need a pretty nice server/network to do much of it05:38
stgraberLaserJock: or my latest localapp hack :) We do fullscreen skype conferencing on our thin clients at the office.05:39
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Eeyore-Jrsooo, a quad4 intel and 4G ram and gigabyte ethernet and 7200 rpm drives with 32mb cache ram would do it?11:31
Eeyore-JrNubae: !12:04
Eeyore-Jrhi. i have some questions for you12:04
Eeyore-Jri was following your blog entry, and used hardy on intrepid.  is there a way to "undo" this?12:04
Eeyore-Jralso, does the client pick how it boots on it's own?  how does it know to be a thin or a fat client?12:05
NubaeEeyore-Jr: sure, just delete /opt/ltsp/fati386, and then download the intrepid version12:08
Nubaeu need to install nfs on the server and export home too.12:08
Nubaesudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server nfs-common portmap12:09
Nubaeand then edit /etc/exports and include this line: /home,no_root_squash,async)12:12
Nubaefinally do sudo exportfs -a12:12
Eeyore-Jrok.  is that in your blog or did i miss something?12:13
Eeyore-Jrcan i mix fat and thin clients on the same server?12:14
NubaeWell no, I assume people usually have nfs server installed, but I will add it, as it is sort of essential12:14
Eeyore-Jryes, some of us are not as smart as you are :)12:15
Nubaeyeah sure... for that take a look at step 5 here (adding fat client details to dhcp) here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPFatClients12:15
Nubaeheh, its not about being smart, its just about routine... I've done this many times so I know what I am looking for. If I was smart I would not assume people have nfs and dhcp settings already set for fat client12:15
Nubaethats why people like yourself testing this is so imporant ;-)12:16
Eeyore-Jrit looks like i have a lot of work ahead of me.  i still am unclear, if i put two pcs on the network, one fat, and one thin, the server just knows or the client?  do i have to hard code the mac addresses?12:20
Eeyore-Jr{i skimed the doc}12:20
Eeyore-Jror does it boot, and then go "oh, i see i have resources to work with" and boot fat12:21
Eeyore-Jrheh, sounds like me in the morning with breakfast12:23
Nubaeits not much work, u just have to tell the client (by mac address) which image to load12:26
Nubaeso the best way is to have 2 seperate sections like the dhcp entry on that page, one for fat clients, one for thin clients... this is useful for seperating off multiple chroots (you can also use that to seperate other customised chroots (amd64, mac chroot, kubuntu chroots, etc)12:27
Eeyore-Jrok, that makes sense12:28
Eeyore-Jri'll see what kind of headway i make on the test server12:28
Eeyore-Jri working against the clock so to speak.  need by next wednesday and i don't quite understand everything that is going on yet12:29
Nubaewell, Im here... so ask away if u have questions...12:34
Eeyore-Jrok, thx.  i'm going to look at some cheap fat clients today12:34
Nubaebut I definitely suggest using Intrepid, as it is the stablest LTSP so far12:34
Eeyore-Jrsomething i tried last evening was putting kubuntu, ubuntu, xubuntu, and e on ... e was by far the fasted12:36
Eeyore-Jrer fastest12:36
Nubaeyeah... its quite easy to make an E17 fat client... If I get some time today or tomrrow, I'll create a script to do that... should just be a couple of changes12:37
Eeyore-Jri prefer kubuntu, but e was great for the thin client12:37
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ograstgraber, ooohm you got a rt2680 dirver for me ...14:17
* ogra hugs stgraber 14:17
berriopJust to say that I have applied for the Edubuntu Members and the Edubuntu BugSquad teams, I have been working with Ubuntu and LTSP for a while so I hope to contribute as much as I can16:55
stgraberogra: :)19:57
stgraberogra: was fun to play with dkms and quite easy to do. Just too bad it didn't get included (shouldn't need that much change to be good for inclusion but it was quite late in the release cycle)19:58
stgraberhighvoltage: oh, your own company, sounds cool :)20:42

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