jameswfit seems in 8.10 the ability to connect to VPN via knetwork manager has gone away00:02
* hunger is still able to configure VPN via knetworkmanager.00:45
hungerDunno whether it will work, but I can configure it.00:45
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ScottKsbeattie: Now that I have a minute to look at it, there's no way it can work in Intrepid.  It should be removed.03:34
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smartersbeattie: and what happens if you let kdelibs4-dev(still available in the repos) and remove kdemultimedia-dev?12:01
* jussi01 waves12:02
* Hobbsee waves too12:03
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glade88hello.. kubuntu does not include an image editor by default (gimp is so much GTK, and okular and gwenview arent much help at editting images). can one be included?12:54
jussi01glade88: iirc, there are space issues...12:56
jussi01glade88: mind, if you want to just install one, go grab krita :)12:57
Hobbseenot at this point in release, i expect12:57
glade88the gimp binary is 7887KB.. why not remove one of okular or gwenview and include gimp12:57
glade88i have installed gimp.. krita may be worth a try :)12:58
glade88I shouldn't have asked this on two different channels simultaneously..12:59
Hobbseeglade88: because we are 5 days from release.13:00
glade88Hobbsee: oic.. and right.. its impossible at this stage13:00
glade88maybe jaunty?13:00
Hobbseeand gimp is gtk, and i'm fairly sure you'll have to add in other toolkit bits13:00
Hobbseeglade88: would prefer to see krita, etc, in there13:00
Hobbsee(for jaunty)13:01
glade88+1 .. I would prefer not dump my kde installation with gnome libs13:01
glade88thanks :)13:01
Hobbseeyour'e welcome13:01
smarterhmm, wth13:04
smarteraptitude is talking to me in caps lock13:04
Hobbseesmarter: ahh, you're getting hit by that too.13:05
Hobbseei don't think the cause has ever been tracked down13:05
glade88Hobbsee: is it totally pointless to add a wishlist bug asking for inclusion of Krita in jaunty?13:05
smarterand international caps lock day was three days ago :P13:06
Hobbseeglade88: not sure.  I'd imagine that's one of the things that gets evaluated every release regardless.13:06
Hobbseeso, probably13:06
glade88Hobbsee: ok13:07
glade88is there a specific reason why Konqueror does not support Ctrl+Enter? (ie, auto add www and .com to website names)- this feature is really very handy13:28
Hobbseeglade88: ask #kde or something for that.13:39
glade88Hobbsee: ok..13:40
smarterRiddelll: heya14:49
smarterapachelogger, ScottK, Riddelll: could one of you please upload this simple fix? http://smarter.free.fr/pkg/kdeaccessibility_4.1.2-0ubuntu2_to_ubuntu3.debdiff15:52
ScottKsmarter: At this point I'm nervous about any more Main uploads that aren't absolutely essential (I think that one could go in -updates).  I'd prefer to wait for Riddelll and get his opinion.15:55
smarterokay, because I'm trying to enable the accessibility stuff, and this is a bit of a problem since one of the accessibility profile use kmousetool15:57
smartermaybe I should just left all the accessibility stuff disabled15:57
ScottKMost of the stuff in queue right now is Universe and so this'll mostly jump to the front if we upload it, so waiting a bit for Riddelll shouldn't be a major issue.15:58
smartercommited my change for kdeaccessbility to trunk and 4.1.3 ;)16:33
* ScottK reads Bug 259180 and gets nervous.17:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259180 in kde-i18n-es "KDE translation packages (kde-l10n-xx) missing on Intrepid" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25918017:03
apacheloggerScottK: should I file a bug to get a FFe for http://git.quassel-irc.org/?p=quassel.git;a=commit;h=b0a1b40f41bcba8bca231235c40c9c6d9ead243217:16
* ScottK looks17:16
ScottKapachelogger: File a bug and close it debian/changelog.  As long as you test it first, you've got my motu-release ack to upload (paste this in the bug when you write it).17:17
apacheloggerok, thanks17:17
ArbyScottK: re your report bug 28501617:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285016 in kdepim "kontact crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28501617:18
Arbydo you see the crash prior to shutdown or folloowing reboot?17:18
ScottKArby: After the reboot17:18
Arbya ha interesting17:18
ScottKIt was an apport crash, so I'm not sure if it died on the way down or on the way up.17:18
ArbyScottK: does bug 287633 sound the same to you?17:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 287633 in kdepim "kontact crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28763317:19
Arbyyour's is the first I've seen that isn't on amd6417:19
ScottKAlso, here's another hint, since I started using Kmail directly and not Kontact, no crashes.17:21
ScottKIt does seem similar, but I didn't look at the traces.17:21
Arbythere's almost nothing there17:21
Arbythe entire trace is this17:21
Arby#0  0x00007f3bae875fd5 in ?? ()17:21
ArbyI'll add yours as a dupe, thanks for the input17:22
Arbykontact doesn't seem to like beingleft open between sessions17:22
apacheloggerArby: between sessions?17:24
apacheloggerwith reboot?17:24
Arbyapachelogger: not certain about the necessity of reboot17:24
Arbyapachelogger: I haven't tested if it happens with log out then log back in17:24
Arbyall the ones so far imply reboot17:25
apacheloggersounds weird17:25
Arbylet me see if I can reproduce here17:25
apacheloggermaybe ksmserver kills the kio slaves and kontact starts whining?17:25
ScottKNew wiki.ubuntu.com looks like crap in the Kubuntu style.17:27
smarterRiddelll: I have ported and reenabled the accessibility stuff of kubuntu-default-settings, it works(I'll test with a Live-CD to be sure)17:31
smarterThe only thing that I couldn't port was the kickerrc, so I renamed them to TODO_kickerrc2plasmarc17:31
smartermoderate-visual-impairment has really, really big fonts, is this intended?17:33
Arbyapachelogger: ScottK I got a kontact crash http://paste.ubuntu.com/62532/17:34
Arbynot sure if it's the same thing or not17:34
smarteralso, we need to depend/recommend on kde-icons-mono again for lesser-visual-impairment17:34
smarter(strange that moderate-visual-impairment doesn't use it too)17:35
* apachelogger thinks that is a lot of change one week before release :P17:36
* Arby reboots for further testing. biab17:39
NCommanderapachelogger, less than a week17:40
NCommanderfive days17:40
apacheloggerworkweek that was :P17:41
jameswfso on 8.10 rc1 dell vostro 1000 the hotkeys for volume control works but the screeen volume %bar does not change17:50
ScottKjameswf: That's a known issue.17:51
jameswfnm it was me being stupid, the master channel (set to front) was not changing pcm was, id10t error17:53
ScottKsmarter: Would you be able to look at http://bugs.debian.org/488041 and see if there are any relevant changes we need in Kubuntu?17:53
ScottKAh.  Well then it works better for you than for me.17:53
jameswfother than it being KDE4 it has been close to flawless, on install i had to restart X to get to the live cd17:54
jameswfi think thats a platform issue because that happened every time on the vostro but not at all on the compaq17:55
ScottKFor me mute/unmute works.  The volume keys just tell me what the volume is without changing it.18:00
jussi01hrm, Im on the way to reporting a bug, but is anyone having performance issues when using folderview or otherwise interacting with the "desktop" ?18:00
ScottKjussi01: With Konqueror?18:01
jussi01ScottK: no, folderview plasmoids18:01
ScottKOh.  No idea then.  I'm old fashioned.18:01
jussi01ie. simple stuff, right clicks, selecting etc18:02
jussi01ScottK: this is intrepid - its there by default18:02
ScottKRight, but am I using it?18:02
jussi01heh...ok then :D18:02
Arbycrash report added to 287633 if anyone has time to take a look18:08
Arbyalso, do people think this warrants importance = high ?18:09
ScottKArby: No.  Crash on exit I think is Low since you get where you wanted to go.18:09
Arbyfair enough18:11
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ScottKGood evening.18:49
ScottKRiddell: I think the only pending issues for Kubuntu are smarters RFS (see the scrollback) and more thrashing on Language packs.18:50
ScottKRiddell: Would you have a moment to do some archive stuff?18:50
Riddellcould do18:50
ScottKwe have a bit of New'ing that needs doing and quassel and lyx could use accepting.18:50
Riddellwhat's RFS mean?18:50
ScottKRequest For Sponsorship18:50
ScottKRiddell: It was http://smarter.free.fr/pkg/kdeaccessibility_4.1.2-0ubuntu2_to_ubuntu3.debdiff18:51
ScottKRiddell: For the stuff in New: Electric was removed when it shouldn't have been so we're getting -0ubuntu1 back from Debian as -1 essentially and the binary New bit saves needing transitiional packages and a diff from Debian in the future.18:52
ScottKThose are all properly approved by motu-release.18:52
ScottKI think that's it.18:53
Riddellk-d-s seems to have had a lot of work18:54
ScottKThis reminds me.  ubuntu-restricted-extras has an update yesterday.  Do we need to update the Kubuntu one?18:57
RiddellI've no idea18:57
Riddelldepends on the update I guess18:57
* ScottK looks18:57
Riddellwhat's happening with libanculus-sharp?  "libanculus-sharp" binary going away to be replaced with "libanculus0.3-cil" ?18:58
smarterRiddell: yes, I did some changes to kds, see my highlights above18:58
smarterScottK: I'll test eric418:58
RiddellScottK: so I should delete libanculus-sharp binary?18:58
ScottKsmarter: Thanks.18:58
ScottKRiddell: After newing the new one, yes.18:58
RiddellScottK: libanculus0.3-cil has no replaces or conflicts18:59
ScottKLet me go hunt someone down and get a new upload.19:00
smarterRiddell: btw, I commited my patch in kdeaccessibility -0ubuntu3 to the KDE svn19:00
* ScottK needs to head out. I pinged the person that wanted it changed.19:01
smarterScottK: eric doesn't seem to crashes here, does it crashes for you?19:02
ScottKsmarter: No.  I just wanted someone who understood this stuff better than me to see if we needed the quiscintilla (or however you spell it) changes.19:03
ScottKRiddell: New upload being prep'ed on the libanculus0.3-cil situation.19:04
RiddellScottK: groovy19:04
ScottKRiddell: I think kubuntu-restricted-extras is fine.19:04
* ScottK heads out.19:04
Riddellmdebdiff lyx_1.5.6-0ubuntu1.dsc | wc -l19:05
smarterhttp://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/q/qscintilla2/qscintilla2_2.2-4/changelog just seem to be rebuild19:06
smarterI don't know if we need to rebuild our qscintilla, since it looks like it works fine19:07
Riddellshouldn't imagine so, if he just forgot to change a build-depend version that won't affect us unless we built against an old version too19:08
smarterthere's "Build-depend on python-sip4, fix FTBFS.19:08
smarter" in -2ubuntu119:08
smarterso I guess we fixed it19:08
ScottKsmarter: Thanks.  I'll mark it off the RC bugs list then.19:09
RiddellScottK: bug 289102 ?  it's been uploaded19:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289102 in gui-ufw "Please update gui-ufw to 0.20.6 (bzr)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28910219:14
ScottKRiddell: Last I heard DktrKranz was checking that one.  If he didn't mark it OK in the bug, then I'd leave it.19:16
RiddellScottK: you're ment to be going out!19:16
Riddellstop getting distracted by your computer19:16
Riddelleverybody ignore ScottK until he goes out19:16
ScottKSorry.  Got caught up in flaming the guy who made wiki.kubuntu.org all brown.19:17
Riddelllooks blue here19:17
ScottKYou don't see http://technomensch.net/images/ubuntuwiki/kubuntuwiki.png19:18
ScottKOK, not all brown.19:18
Riddellah, I havn't looked at the front page in ages19:19
ScottKYeah.  They just changed it.19:19
Riddellsmarter: what does kuriikwsfilterrc do?19:20
ScottKRiddell: Thanks for the archive stuff.19:21
Riddellsmarter: how did you enable accessibility profiles?19:23
eagles0513875has anyone experienced that after upgrading from hardy to the intrepid rc and after booting into intrepid their resolv.conf goes completely blank. also after rebooting after filling in isp name servers it goes back to being blank19:31
smarterRiddell: kuriikwsfilterrc is used when you type something in konqueror with {http:/,ftp:/,gg:,...} in front of it19:39
smarterRiddell: with the change I made, if you type something, it will use the first result of google for the thing you typed19:40
smarterequivalent to the "I'm feeling lucky" button of Google19:40
smarterit's the same behaviour as Firefox19:40
smarterand most modern browser I suppose19:40
smarterRiddell: for enabling accessibility, I uncommented the cp from the accessibility dir, see the log19:41
smarterand I ported everything to kde419:41
smarterand found a bug in kmousetool that I fixed and commited upstream :)19:42
apacheloggersmarter: why is the tomonochrome stuff commented out?19:54
smarterapachelogger: see the log19:55
smarterit looks ugly with oxygen19:55
smarterand unreadable19:55
smarterand we don't depend on kde-icons-mono anymore19:55
apacheloggersmarter: so?19:56
apacheloggerhow is that related to mono at all?19:56
smarterit is supposed to use mono19:57
smarterso I guess it would look better withit19:57
smarterand with oxygen it doesn't improve usability at all19:57
smarterinstall mono is the best solution I think19:57
smarter(also, in hardy we only recommended it on i386, weird)19:57
apacheloggerwhy not remove that stuff then?19:58
smarterwhat stuff?19:58
smarterso that when/if kde-icons-mono is installed again with Kubuntu, we don't forget to put it back19:58
apacheloggerisn't mono supposed to be monochrome by default?19:58
smarterno idea :P19:59
apacheloggerI would assume that from the name :P19:59
smarterbut then, why did we bother to do that change?19:59
apacheloggerleft over from times we didn't use mono maybe19:59
apacheloggerneeds to be tested really19:59
apacheloggeranywho, how do the profiles get used at all? ... i.e. how does one test that stuff?20:00
* smarter installs kde-icons-mono20:00
smarterapachelogger: I tested it manually by copying the relevant files to my $KDEHOME, I don't know how it works if you select the accessibility stuff on the Live-CD, I guess it changes the rep mentioned by /etc/kde4rc20:01
apacheloggersounds stupid to me20:01
apacheloggerwhy does it not inherit from kds?20:01
smartermaybe it does, no idea what the livecd does20:01
smarterRiddell: ^ do you know how it works?20:02
apacheloggernew vbox available20:02
Arbywould it be reasonable to close bug 282151 as won't fix?20:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 282151 in kdepim "kontact crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28215120:04
Arbywhy does anybody need to be able to do that?20:05
Arbyalso I can't reproduce it.20:05
apacheloggerArby: crash is crash20:07
apacheloggerask him to get a sensible backtrace, then forward to kde and let the bug rot20:07
apacheloggersmarter: haha, in KDE 3 the kwin color was not choosen very wisely ;-)20:08
apacheloggerclashes with kdesktop color20:08
smarterand it looks like it's ignored by kwin4 or ozone20:10
smarterthe BorderSize parameter of kwinrc doesn't seem to work too20:11
apacheloggersmarter: that stuff is style specific AFAIK20:12
apachelogger_if the stuff looks in KDE 4 like it does in KDE 320:13
apachelogger_we should not upload but target an overall improvement for jaunty20:13
apachelogger_stupid konversation doesn't even fit my screen20:13
apachelogger_smarter: what widget style is it using in KDE 4?20:14
smarterI let oxygen20:14
smarternot sure if plastique would improve accessibility20:14
smarteror *let?20:14
smarter<apachelogger> clashes with kdesktop color20:16
smarter--> apachelogger_ (n=ubuntu@62-47-49-146.adsl.highway.telekom.at) a rejoint #kubuntu-devel20:16
apachelogger_smarter: there should be some special widget style20:16
apachelogger_high contrast or something20:16
smarterdoesn't looks like it has been ported to kde420:17
apachelogger_kdelibs4c2a: /usr/lib/kde3/plugins/styles/highcontrast.so20:17
apachelogger_smarter: IMHO oxygen doesn't make much sense20:18
smarteranyway, there's more than one profile for accessibility, we could disable those who don't look good and let the others20:18
smarterapachelogger: we could put CDE, it's the ugliest, but it doesn't have fancy shadows and stuff20:18
apacheloggersmarter: see above20:18
apacheloggerat least the visual stuff inherits20:19
smarterapachelogger: how did you get that line?20:19
apacheloggersmarter: kde3 livecd20:19
smarteriirc, you have more than one choice when choosing accessibility20:19
smarterit just changes the order?20:20
apacheloggerstill they seem to be connected to each other20:20
smarternot installing the one who look ugly or at least commenting out the poor colors should be enough, nop?20:21
apacheloggeralso, I guess capser, or whatever changes the kderc needs to be modified to kde4rc20:21
apacheloggerthat said20:21
apacheloggerit wouldn't work with KDE 320:21
apacheloggerwhich is horrible since we still ship konvi, k3b and amarok20:21
smartermaybe we should do like kde(4)-profile20:22
smarterand ship both20:22
apacheloggerbut what I am trying to say, is we shouldn't at all20:24
apacheloggernot with a 1 day time window20:24
smarterbut the accessibility options are probably still there in the live-cd20:25
apacheloggerthey just won't work20:25
apacheloggerI am not sure if we can turn them off20:25
smarterfirst, we should find where they are :P20:26
smarterbut isolinux config is easily tunable iirc20:26
apacheloggersmarter: #ubuntu-release :P20:26
smarterWe could disable the accessibility stuff for now, polish it in -updates, and reenable it when we make a kde 4.2 remix for Intrepid?20:28
apacheloggercould do20:29
apacheloggerthese iwl issues annoy the shit out of me20:31
apacheloggersmarter: does the accessibility stuff get installed with the current kds in intrepid?20:31
smarterit was commented out in the Makefile20:31
smarteryou can comment it again if you want20:31
apacheloggersmarter: we should avoid -updates then20:31
apacheloggerless work20:31
apacheloggerjust deploy a seperate source package with the 4.2 remix stuff20:32
apacheloggerkind of branching ;-)20:32
smarterseems good20:32
* smarter just noticed that the logo on the cover of the kubuntu 8.04 liveCD looks a lot like the oxygen konqueror icon :]20:49
apacheloggerScottK, jpds: is there some kind of requirements list on becoming a backporter?20:53
* smarter comments out the accessibility stuff in kds, again20:53
apacheloggerScottK, jpds: bug 28435521:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284355 in hardy-backports "Please backport Quassel from intrepid to hardy" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28435521:14
apacheloggerjtechidna: the bug #1 kde-systemsettings affect was removed21:20
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Won't display info)21:20
jtechidnaapachelogger: what do we do with bugs like bug 289174?21:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289174 in kde4libs "missing Icons after Update to kubuntu 8.10" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28917421:33
jtechidnaoh, somebody took care of it21:33
jtechidnanamely you21:34
* apachelogger is running 4.1 right now, so he can freak out over the 450 unread bugmails21:47
jtechidnaHmm, is it just me or does KFind have a crystal icon?21:52
smarterjtechidna: yup, it does22:13
jtechidnayou can tell how neglected a KDE app is by the type of icon it has (crystal vs Oxygen)22:14
smarterhttp://pastebin.com/m60710db0 << wth?22:15
jtechidnaoh, that's kaffiene artwork22:21
jtechidnaer, artwork for use in kaffiene22:21
kubotujtechidna doesn't exist at last.fm. Perhaps you need to: lastfm set <username>22:23
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kubotuJontheEchinda doesn't exist at last.fm. Perhaps you need to: lastfm set <username>22:23
* JontheEchinda slaps kubotu22:23
JontheEchinda~lastfm set dualscreenman22:24
kubotuincorrect usage, ask for help using 'kubotu: help lastfm'22:24
jjessekubotu help lastfm22:24
kubotulastfm [<user>] => show your or <user>'s now playing track at lastfm. np [<user>] => same as 'lastfm'. other topics: events, artist, album, track, now, set, who, compare22:24
jjessethat's cool has that aalways done it?22:24
jjesseis pandora or last.fm better?22:24
JontheEchindadunno, I haven't used pandora22:28
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apacheloggergnu - ew - poo - new23:01
apacheloggeronly 00:01 and that blog post already made my day23:01
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* a|wen is part of a scout clan called "clan the fallen gnu" ... rather fitted that post :)23:08
* apachelogger notes that hurd is hurd and no gnu either :P23:19
apacheloggerat least that is what almighty wiki says23:20

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