heatherhas anyone tried blackice?00:00
MellowDudeheather im talking about kubuntu 8.10 nt ubuntu 8.100:00
heatheri was talking about 8.400:00
heathereither way that is how i fixed mine and got it to load00:01
MellowDudei have no problems with 8.04 never did00:01
heatheri could never get it to load on this pc00:01
heatherits old00:02
MellowDudehow old is it00:02
maxagazhow to configure facebook in kopete ?00:03
heatheramd duron00:04
MellowDudedont konw dont use facebook00:04
heatherok time to see if the mac will boot with this image00:05
MellowDudewhat image healther00:06
heatherinrepid - desktop powerpc00:08
heathercould get it to run off any ubuntu iso's00:08
MellowDudei thought about trying to out mac os on my pc00:08
heatheryou can find a old mac 3 cheap00:08
heatherand i just want it to play movies00:09
MellowDudeo i just like doing things to see can i heather00:09
heatherya me too00:09
heatherok be back in 1000:10
MellowDudei seen it done on youtube a guy put the mac os on a pc ever scen i seen that i thought about trying it00:10
MellowDudeok hb00:10
heathergoing to load the mac up00:10
coreymon77MellowDude: not worth it00:11
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MellowDudei know its not but i just liek to try it once to see if i can do it00:11
* coreymon77 just has a real mac00:12
MellowDudeis the mac os 10 any good at all00:13
coreymon77MellowDude: yes00:13
MellowDudewell thats theone i would try to put on it then00:14
MellowDudeif i try it i dont know if i will or not00:14
coreymon77its still not worth it00:14
coreymon77hackintosh boxes are quite buggy00:15
powertool08coreymon77: are hackintoshes better on old hardware or new?00:16
coreymon77powertool08: neither00:16
powertool08coreymon77: so the same bugginess on both?00:17
grendal_primeshortcut key to show desktop?00:17
coreymon77this is offtopic though00:17
powertool08grendal_prime: ctrl+alt+D00:17
DaSkreechpowertool08: As I recall grendal_prime wants a mouse button for that00:19
powertool08DaSkreech: oh ya. That was hours ago, I forgot00:19
DaSkreechmaxagaz: Not that I know of00:20
DaSkreechMellowDude: Back00:21
DaSkreechOk so 8.10 freezes on bootup00:22
DaSkreechwhat's the current status of the machine?00:22
DaSkreechvonkleist: Did you tell ubottu about the new compiz?00:23
vonkleistDaSkreech, it happens I'm not sure what Desktop effects uses KDE 3.5 (on kubuntu 8.04, i.e.) :P00:24
MellowDudeim not at my house00:25
MellowDudeim at a female friends house00:25
vonkleistDaSkreech, ha... it's good I didn't tell that to ubottu00:25
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MellowDudebut like i said it will not go pass boot00:26
pasnoxhi guyz, i just upgraded to kubuntu intrepid00:27
powertool08grendal_prime: it requires compiz but a possible solution http://tennessee.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=76249200:27
MellowDudei shows the little box and stuff00:27
pasnoxall is woking fine execpt i can't install nvidia drivers, the dkms build fails00:27
pasnoxis there a workaround  ?00:27
DaSkreechMellowDude: I'd drop to console and run a install kubuntu-desktop00:28
DaSkreechMight force a X upgrade00:28
werenerdLord Jebus thank you!00:28
DaSkreechpasnox: #ubuntu+100:28
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pasnoxDaSkreech: thanks00:28
MellowDudeso that would work00:28
SatanClausheyho, I'm having problems with the look of some java apps: it seems as if the text in these apps is misplaced, any hints?00:29
werenerdJust in case anyone wants to have a static address, screw knetworkmanager, just open up /etc/network/interfaces and do it by hand00:29
DaSkreechMellowDude: Do you know how to go to a virutal Terminal ?00:29
SatanClauslooks like this: http://rs22gc2.rapidshare.com/files/157255704/1187734/Misplacement1.png00:29
MellowDudebut it does the same thing with the live cd00:29
DaSkreechMellowDude: Yeah  I know00:29
DaSkreechMellowDude: I'm saying it's the same packages I'd update the packages to see if there was a fix00:29
MellowDudeand yes i know how do the recover and drop down to it00:29
DaSkreechMellowDude: No need for a recover You can Press alt+Ctrl+F1 to get a command line only terminal and alt+ctrl+F7 to get back to the GUI00:30
powertool08SatanClaus: you can use imagebin.org and it will load in browser without the need to download00:30
maxagazhow to drop down all the open windows of the desktop ?00:30
DaSkreechgrendal_prime: Thats your cue00:31
SatanClauspowertool08: oh nice, thx00:31
MellowDudeto much work i wait until next week see if they fix it if not i just go with sabayon00:31
DaSkreechMellowDude: Ok?? It's just doing a normal update00:32
powertool08DaSkreech: I don't think grendal_prime is around right now...00:32
SatanClausok, so it looks like this: http://imagebin.org/2942100:32
powertool08maxagaz: ctrl+alt+D00:32
DaSkreechmaxagaz: alt+ctrl+d00:32
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maxagazDaSkreech: it doesn't work00:34
maxagazDaSkreech: i'M USING KDE4 ON INTREPID00:34
maxagazDaSkreech: sorry for upper case00:34
DaSkreechmaxagaz: Did you install compiz?00:35
maxagazDaSkreech: yes, but for gnome00:35
MellowDudeso the KDE 4 has a few problems still00:35
DaSkreechI think alt+ctrl+D should work there as well00:35
DaSkreechMellowDude: For some definition of problems00:36
DaSkreechMellowDude: That's an X issue I would think00:36
maxagazDaSkreech: i installed ubuntu 8.04, and just migrated to kubuntu 8.10 from it00:36
DaSkreechMellowDude: kwin starts and loads the composite driver and X freezes00:36
DaSkreechMellowDude: What happens if you start the Cd on safe graphics?00:36
DaSkreechmaxagaz: ok cool00:36
MellowDudewell in safe mode it goes pass the bootlog thing but black screen then stright back to the bootlogo00:37
werenerdnow this is weird. firefox and Konversation are still connected, anything else00:39
MellowDudeits a either a graphic problem or for some reason the desktop isnt intalling right00:39
DaSkreechMellowDude: If it's the second one the update will fix it if it's the first an update might but it's too easy to not try it00:40
maxagazDaSkreech: I tried kde many times because i was upset of some features of gnome, but each time I was disappointed by kde, but i'm really impressed by kde400:41
MellowDudefirst i try to update stright from 8.04 to 8.10 it happen so i downloaded the live cd still happen then i downloaded the altenitvie cd and still00:41
MellowDudeso i dont know00:41
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DaSkreechWell let us know where you aren't impressed so it can be noted to fix it :)00:41
maxagazDaSkreech: I'm discovering it though...00:42
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DaSkreechMellowDude: I'd probably disable kwin to see if it's that. I would highly suspect that00:42
maxagazisn't there a button to drop all windows down ?00:42
DaSkreechDesktopeefects are turned on by default in 8.1000:42
maxagazlike in gnome ?00:42
DaSkreechmaxagaz: Yes I forget if it's on there by default00:42
DaSkreechI rearranged mine. I would certainly have taken it off as I always do00:43
maxagazDaSkreech: i guess it's not 'cause i can't see it00:43
DaSkreechIt's in the applets menu00:43
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!00:43
maxagazwhat's the applet menu ?00:43
tony__je cherche un plugin wmp pour firefox...quelqun peut m'aider?00:44
maxagaz!applet menu00:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about applet menu00:44
maxagazme neither00:44
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tony__je cherche un plugin wmp pour firefox...quelqun peut m'aider?00:45
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr00:45
DaSkreechno wait00:45
DaSkreechtony__: what language is that?00:46
tony__je cherche un plugin wmp pour firefox...quelqun peut m'aider?00:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch00:46
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:47
MellowDudemaxagaz when did u up grade to 8.1000:47
|0sts0u|That language was indeed french.00:48
maxagazMellowDude: a few hours ago00:50
DaSkreechtony__: #kubuntu-fr00:51
DaSkreechThough it's a firefox question00:51
MellowDudeso the realesae one they brought out today is good then00:51
DaSkreechMellowDude: Doubtful :-) The same thing happened to me on a machine00:52
DaSkreechI had to mess with the drivers first00:52
DaSkreechThe easier thing to do would be turn off effects in kwin00:53
DaSkreechNot saying that's your issue00:53
DaSkreech just seems likely00:53
DaSkreechThe fact it starts up all the way to KDe and partially loads then freezes sounds like an X freeze a00:53
DaSkreechAnd something must be loading up pretty far after X has loaded to freeze it00:53
DaSkreechMy culprit of Choice is 3D effects00:54
maxagazhow to get rid of gnome and all its applications properly after migrating to kde ?00:54
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »00:55
maxagazhow can i size up the DPI of font in kde ?00:56
DaSkreechhi Roger_Klotz00:56
Roger_Klotzhey skreech00:56
maxagazI have a good screen resolution but my screen is big, i need to enlarge all fonts00:57
DaSkreechsystemsettings I would think00:58
Roger_Klotzi have a program to install, its built for linux and everything, but the download was a tarball with more tarballs inside it. It didnt come with an ./install or make or config. do i just extract all tarballs or what?00:58
DaSkreechRoger_Klotz: It's a virus run!!!00:59
DaSkreechWhat program?00:59
Roger_Klotz3d animation00:59
djdarkmanhello, can I connect two laptops using the wireless cards_00:59
DaSkreech!find xsi00:59
ubottuFound: xsidplay00:59
DaSkreech!info xsidisplay01:00
DaSkreech!info xsidplay01:00
ubottuPackage xsidisplay does not exist in hardy01:00
ubottuxsidplay (source: xsidplay): Music player for tunes from C64. In component universe, is extra. Version (hardy), package size 208 kB, installed size 636 kB01:00
DaSkreechHa ha that rocks :)01:00
Roger_Klotznope XSi isnt music player: softimage.com01:00
Roger_Klotzi got it from there, its the 30 day trial and they didnt give me any install instructions01:00
djdarkmancan I host a wireless network with a simple wireless card"?01:01
Roger_KlotzYAY http://softimage.wiki.avid.com/index.php/Install_XSI_on_Linux_from_the_command-line_without_any_GUI01:02
|0sts0u|Roger_Klotz Online docs are here http://softimage.wiki.avid.com/index.php/Category:Documentation01:03
MellowDudeDaSkreech how i turn off the desktop effect and the boot01:03
DaSkreechMellowDude: edit the ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc file01:04
MellowDudeedit it like sudo kate the tha tright01:04
MellowDudeon the live cd is there a doot sting i can put it to turn it oof on it01:05
MellowDudewell boot code01:05
DaSkreechWell kate wouldn't work since there would be no GUI :)01:06
DaSkreechsudo nano01:06
maximilian-schrohi. i have got a problem during installation of kubuntu 8.10. may i ask here or which is the correct channel?01:07
Roger_Klotzhmmm im getting "bash: setup: command not found"01:07
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!01:08
DaSkreechRoger_Klotz: is there a setup in the directory ?01:09
Roger_Klotznope thats whats so weird. im gonna extract all those tarballs01:09
DaSkreechmaximilian-schro: Certainly01:09
DaSkreechthough #ubuntu+1 would be better01:10
maximilian-schroI tried to install out of thje live cd. during installation process the window turns completly black. and nothinghappens01:10
maximilian-schroheard of this before?01:10
Roger_Klotzmust be a graphics issue. whats your card01:11
MellowDudei think i might have found something that might help me01:11
maximilian-schroato radeon 700xl01:11
maximilian-schrobut only the window of the installation turns black01:11
maximilian-schrothe rest works fine01:12
MellowDudexforcevesa  i could us that right force it to start up01:12
Roger_Klotzso your rebooting then picking live cd then install? try rebooting and picking install from the boot menu01:12
Roger_Klotzdont load the live cd, go straight to installing.01:12
maximilian-schroi tried to. noting happens.01:13
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maximilian-schrois there any special option i might use for booting?01:13
MellowDudewould that work Da01:13
MellowDudeadding xforcevesa  to the boot code01:13
DaSkreechMellowDude: Should make a difference. Can't hurt to try :)01:14
MellowDudeim going to try it01:14
MellowDudefrom live cd here at my ladies house and see if it boot up if so its a chipset error right01:15
MellowDudewell a graphice error01:16
maxagazwhen setting the zoom parameters, i can activate it by Super+mouseMiddleButton...01:17
maxagazis there a way to do that ?01:18
favromaxagaz: is that in compiz?01:19
maxagazfavro: i don't know, probably, it's in kde401:19
favrotry in #kubuntu-kde4 maybe?01:19
MellowDudeDa can i add two boot codes01:19
gkffjcsis there a way to configure to chroot any user logged on, so that the user doesn't have access to the rest of the file system?01:19
MellowDudei want to usa vga=792 and the xforcevesa01:20
favroMellowDude: you can use many if you want01:20
MellowDudebut them two combine will they both work is what im asking01:21
favroI don't know - one way to find out...01:22
MellowDudei try it in a min01:23
MellowDudebut if that works and it boots what do i have do to fix the install to work right01:23
favrojust add the commands to the end of the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst01:25
MellowDudelike edit like this sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst01:25
MellowDudethen add it right01:26
favroto the end of the kernel line01:26
MellowDudeim takeing notes makeing sure i get every thing right01:26
favroand there is a line near the top of that file for default options - add the boot parameters there as well01:27
MellowDudeok ty01:27
MellowDudeany other things i should try01:36
Roger_Klotzhow do i manage partitions in kubuntu01:36
granadosme alegro de verles01:41
MellowDudeRoger install qtparted to manage partitions in kubuntu01:42
Roger_Klotznvm i was gonna ask for an apt-get but i found it01:44
MellowDudeits ok01:44
MellowDudejust glade i can help someone01:44
DaSkreechMellowDude: How'd the boot up go?01:45
giraoinstalled ubuntu 8.04 what to do first01:45
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MellowDudeu have it installed01:46
MellowDudeu have cableintern01:47
MellowDudeif u do i say tweak the settings get it where it be fast turn off ipv6 and any other thing u dont need01:47
giraoyes i installed on hd01:48
Ceasarneed assist whit wifi01:48
MellowDudei google ubuntu internet connection tewaks01:49
MellowDudethen do them01:49
=== Ceasar is now known as ThaJammu
MellowDudethen do the tweaks for performance01:49
MellowDudeand stuff01:49
MellowDudeceasar whaat wrong01:50
ThaJammunot working and im a noob01:50
MellowDudewhat wifi card u have01:50
ThaJammuatheros i thnik01:50
MellowDudegive me a sec i findout ok01:52
Roger_Klotzjammu i just did that01:52
Roger_Klotzinstall ndiswrapper01:52
coreymon77lol ndis01:52
coreymon77my atheros chip card worked ootb01:52
ThaJammuhi corey01:52
Roger_Klotzcoreymon77: it works for me...01:52
MellowDudeApplications–>Accessories–>Terminal and copy the following command01:53
MellowDudesudo apt-get install build-essential01:53
MellowDudewget http://snapshots.madwifi.org/special/madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007.tar.gz01:53
coreymon77MellowDude: wait a sec01:53
MellowDudetar xfz madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007.tar.gz01:53
coreymon77MellowDude: first we gotta verify what card he has01:53
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:54
coreymon77MellowDude: he says he thinks01:54
Roger_Klotzfor the most part madwifi can handle any atheros card01:54
MellowDudethat what he said01:54
coreymon77MellowDude: it doesnt hurt to make sure there is not an easier way01:54
ThaJammucorey helpped me whit this a while back01:54
coreymon77ThaJammu: type lspci in a terminal and pastebin it01:55
ThaJammuwhat is pastebin?01:55
coreymon77!pastebin | ThaJammu01:56
ubottuThaJammu: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)01:56
ThaJammu Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter01:57
MellowDudesee i was telling him right then01:57
coreymon77MellowDude: continue then01:58
DaSkreechMellowDude: Checking saves lots of time and frustration01:58
coreymon77MellowDude: it never hurts to double check01:58
MellowDudeto shorten it go here it tell u how01:58
* DaSkreech lines up for 20101:58
DaSkreechthismamacooks200: Update your nick :)01:58
MellowDudetell me if that works Thajammu02:00
ThaJammuok MellowDude02:00
coreymon77man it pays to do a little research02:01
thismamacooks200nick I don't know. I can switch to guest but not login guest or su guest. have Intrepid02:02
coreymon77last time i had to get a new wifi card for my linux box, i did research beforehand to make sure it was an easily working card02:02
coreymon77my atheros chip card works ootb02:02
coreymon77MellowDude: thats what i mean by it pays to do reasearch02:02
andy_Hi - Distribution Upgrade from Feisty->Gutsy just hung .. it's at 66% what should I do :o02:02
coreymon77andy_: leave it02:03
andy_.. it's remained motionless at 66% for about ten minutes now.02:03
Roger_Klotzkeep it there andy02:03
coreymon77andy_: leave it02:03
andy_it gave me error messages saying it couuld not install the linux kernel02:03
Roger_Klotzmost installers hang....02:03
andy_and kernel modules02:03
andy_then hung02:03
Roger_Klotzoh well then thats different :D02:04
coreymon77oh, thats a problem02:04
Roger_Klotzwhy not upgrade to hardy heron?02:04
andy_:) .. so my question is.. what should I do02:04
andy_I just want a stable release02:04
andy_and a stable machine02:04
ThaJammuMellow does that link stuf work whit 64bit?02:04
Roger_Klotzfrom what ive seen hardy heron is very stable02:04
DaSkreechandy_: chroot I would guess02:05
andy_Isn't Gutsy the most stable at the moment?02:05
coreymon77ThaJammu: look further down02:05
coreymon77ThaJammu: there is a link for 64 bit02:05
Roger_Klotzprobably true andy02:05
coreymon77andy_: nope02:05
coreymon77andy_: hardy02:05
andy_I thought hardy was like experimental?02:05
Roger_Klotzbut linux stability vs vista stability02:05
ThaJammujust checking02:05
coreymon77andy_: no, thats intrepid02:05
Roger_Klotzibex is a stable release already compared to vista02:06
killermachI"m not using my wlan0 interface .. PCI wireless N card, but something keeps starting it and it connects to my neighbor network and corrupts my /etc/resolv.conf02:06
coreymon77Roger_Klotz: anything is02:06
eamonhow do i share my files onmy ubuntu machine with my windows machines02:06
Roger_Klotzblacklist it killer mach02:06
DaSkreechRoger_Klotz: You run vista?02:06
killermachI have Kubuntu 8.04.102:06
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209802:06
MellowDudekillermach disable the card02:07
Roger_Klotzi have it on this machine. im in the process of converting to linux though :D02:07
coreymon77ThaJammu: right under what to do for 32 bit is a link for a 64 bit thread02:07
Roger_Klotzmy desktop is on linux now02:07
coreymon77Roger_Klotz: intrepid is currently still in development though02:07
coreymon77Roger_Klotz: hardy is stable02:07
U236Willywhere should I join to get more info on kubuntu 8.10rc (w/kde4) and nvidia driver issues02:07
andy_erm, so guys what should I do with this hung distribution upgrade ?02:07
Roger_Klotzi know corey :D02:07
Roger_Klotzim on hardy just to be safe02:08
MellowDudebut thajammu do the top part its for all version then do the one for 6402:08
killermachMellowDude: I goto Network Settings and choose disable. restart reset my resolv.conf and internet works fine, then later I find I cannot resolve DNS.. check my resolv.conf only to find wrong ISP info and also my wlan0 is up02:08
killermachMellowDude: how to make it stay disabled02:08
Roger_Klotzkillermach use bios02:09
killermachMellowDude: I want to eventually use the wlan0 as my access point for my laptop to connect wireless to my workstation02:09
killermachRoger_Klotz: I could take the card out of the machine.. but then I could not use it at all02:10
MellowDudeok just go in there and disable the other one02:10
andy_Please :o ... What should one do with a Hung distribution upgrade? Any advice much appreciated!02:10
Roger_Klotzuse bios. select wireless card. disable. when you decide you want it just turn it back on.02:10
killermachRoger_Klotz: it's a PCI card, bios does not have option for this02:11
MellowDudeor u cant edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and add the card u dont want to it02:11
killermachRoger_Klotz: also I'd like to setup the wlan0 to provide wireless access for my laptop to connect to my network via kubuntu, wireless card is PCI in a PC machine not laptop02:12
DaSkreechandy_:  is this the live CD ?02:12
andy_I don't know02:12
killermachmore importantly.. why is my network adjusting itself?02:12
andy_I used Adept's Distribution Upgrade thing02:12
andy_by clicking on 'Version Upgrade'02:12
MellowDudekillermach do this02:13
Roger_Klotzhmm shouldve used apt-get i think02:13
killermachI'm trying to locate the process that makes changes without my confirmation02:13
andy_so what steps shuld I take?02:13
MellowDudesudo modprobe -r modulename in teminl02:13
andy_shall I kill the Distribution Upgrade thing, and run apt-get ?02:13
killermachMellowDude: I like to set everthing static.. autoscripts are for boot time, if I'm not booting.. I don't need some script hosing purposefully set configs02:13
MellowDudethen find out the cards name then edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist (cardname here)02:14
MellowDudethen save restart and it will not connect agin02:14
killermachMellowDude: hmm.. but I would like the card on.. but not on my neighbor network02:15
killermachlet me try that .. I'll just set it static for my network02:15
MellowDudewell i dont know then02:15
MellowDudeset the dns and stuff to ur isp then02:15
killermachI have cellular wireless ppp0 for main connections02:15
=== richard is now known as Guest92857
MellowDudewell go in and set the card to it02:16
killermachand I would like to use the wlan0 to be an access point for my laptop to gateway via my workstation to the internet02:16
killermachMellowDude: trying that now02:16
DaSkreechandy_: Oh02:16
DaSkreechandy_: Umm02:16
DaSkreechyou have a terminal open ?02:16
DaSkreechdo up still have an update_manager ?02:17
andy_? well my 'Distribution Upgrade' applet is still open02:17
andy_(and hung at 66%)02:18
killermachMellowDude: I get error "Gateway is invalid"02:18
andy_It seems strange to include the possibility for a Version Upgrade in Kubuntu, when it can hang...02:18
andy_Slightly dissapointing.02:19
killermachMellowDude: IP:, netmask, broadcast, gateway
killermachthese are correct02:19
killermachbut network settings complains.02:19
andy_DaSkreech: ...?02:20
DaSkreechandy_: I know I want to know if it's replaced the one on the disk yet02:20
MellowDudeit will not let u apply the settings to it02:20
LjLandy_, if it were me, i'd kill everything and apt-get dist-upgrade, see what gets stuck, and use a hammer02:20
DaSkreechandy_: There are over 27000 programs in Kubuntu It's impossible to manage them all02:21
MellowDudedont use a hammer02:21
andy_I just want to know what it's best to do02:21
andy_I'm a Cambridge student and it's 2:21AM here02:21
DaSkreechLjL: no use update_manager -d02:21
andy_I would quite like to get this sorted ASAP02:21
andy_so I can go to bed :)02:21
DaSkreechandy_: run kdesudo update_manager -d02:21
andy_ok I'll kill this applet first02:21
andy_The hung one02:21
DaSkreechcheck if you can run that one first02:22
U236Willyprobably will tell him the db is locked02:22
andy_update_manager: command not found02:22
LjLDaSkreech: err, i think that's what crashed on him in the first place...?02:22
andy_nah, it's something adept has LjL02:22
andy_What you get when you click on 'Version Upgrade' ?02:23
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:23
killermachMellowDude: hmm.. so you think a hammer is not the answer, well that saves me a trip down to the basement ;)02:24
andy_so should I kill 'Distribution UPgrade' and run apt-get dist-upgrade ?02:24
Roger_Klotzapt-get full release i thought02:25
jayI had a question at a job interview and would like to know if i got it right, is the correct sequence power on PC > POST > Boot > OS?02:25
Roger_Klotzif your kernel is broken wouldnt you need a full?02:25
andy_I don't know02:25
LjLjay: sure02:25
andy_I'm not an expert by any means02:25
LjLit's also not a Kubuntu question, but sure02:26
Roger_Klotzi think youd want apt-get full release. wait for skreech or someone else02:26
DaSkreechandy_: ok you are updating to ibex ?02:26
powertool08sounds like an A+ question02:26
andy_I kina just want some advice as to what to type to fix my kubuntu installation right now02:26
DaSkreechRoger_Klotz: He's good as long as he doesn't reboot02:26
jayyeah its for a tech support job for dell02:26
andy_I don't know what ibex is02:26
andy_Gutsy Gibbon is what I wanted02:26
DaSkreech8.10 ?02:26
andy_7.06 --> 7.1002:26
aurachronHi everyone... I just installed 8.10... wondering if anyone had a good source of information regarding setting up a LAMP/mail/file server02:26
andy_since I gather that in stable02:27
powertool08Is there any way to update the kernel without a full reboot?02:27
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:27
Roger_Klotzhardy heron is most stable people have said this before02:27
jayi run hardy heron its great02:27
DaSkreechandy_: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core02:27
LjLpowertool08: no02:27
andy_DaSkreech: shall I kill this applet first?02:27
aurachronthanks powertool... will check that out. been googling around for a decent, up-to-date guide02:27
Roger_Klotzim on heron too its pimptastic02:27
powertool08LjL: i didn't think so but one can always hope..02:27
killermachMellowDude: I just set it in the /etc/network/interfaces02:28
MellowDudedid it work02:28
jayfor some reason i keep coming back to konversation for irc chat, xchat seems to be harder to work with02:28
killermachMellowDude: it shows up.. and does not corrupt my network02:28
jayor too cluttered and hard to see whos talking to who02:28
killermachMellowDude: now to config dhcp to answer on it02:29
killermachMellowDude: I've had a few people complain the network manager is broke02:29
andy_Errors were encountered while processing:linux-image-2.6.22-15-386 inux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-15-386 linux-image-386 inux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-15-386 inux-restricted-modules-386 linux-386 nvidia-glx02:29
MellowDudeo ok hang on02:29
andy_DaSkreech: those errors prevent it from installing02:30
jayLjL; its not an A+ question? kind of off topic but do you know any good links to take a free *curennt* practice exam?02:30
inaetyHello, I am trying to install OOo3 on my kubuntu 7.04.  it installs just fine and i completely removed version two, but when i run it says "02:30
inaety[Java framework]sunjavaplugin.so could not load Java runtime library:02:30
LjLmore than kind of02:30
DaSkreechandy_: Right. Bloody hell :-)02:30
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!02:30
inaetyI'll put that in a pastebin02:30
jayok thanks02:30
DaSkreechandy_: apt-get -f install02:30
LjLandy_: is there a specific reason why you have the -386 kernel installed?02:30
aurachronAnother quick question (hopefully) -- After installing 8.10, i enabled desktop effects. now when i log in it flashes a white screen, and a dark screen. are there any ways via command line to undo desktop effects? thanks!02:30
DaSkreechyou'll have to kill the upgrade for that02:30
LjL!8.10 | aurachron02:31
ubottuaurachron: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!02:31
Roger_Klotzcan i install to /home?02:31
=== nelsonstreet is now known as Bones122
DaSkreechaurachron: nano ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc02:31
DaSkreechRoger_Klotz: from where?02:31
MellowDudekiller u there02:31
Roger_Klotzlike could i install a program to /home02:32
matthew_yo whats up all02:32
killermachMellowDude: yep02:32
MellowDudehttp://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/network.html go here read02:32
andy_DaSkreech: have you got my pvt messages? I can't remember if I need to register for that to work02:32
Roger_Klotzi guess it would be from /home/ as well because thats where the installer lives02:32
andy_LjL:  no02:32
matthew_doesn any one know how to hack02:32
aurachronalrighty, looking at kwinrc.02:32
MellowDudeand killermatch here a nother site to that might help http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch08_:_Configuring_the_DHCP_Server02:32
LjLandy_: then i'd suggest trying to remove the entire -386 thing (after making sure you do have -generic installed, check it all with "dpkg -l | grep whatever") first02:33
andy_Before I ran the dist upgrade I removed the contents of /boot/02:33
andy_because it was complaining about space there02:34
andy_I copied the files accross02:34
andy_perhaps this is the root of the problem?02:34
LjLdoesn't sound entirely like a good idea...02:34
killermachMellowDude: good info.. thanks02:34
MellowDudeur welcome02:34
andy_well I figured it shouldn't matter for this, but perhaps I was wrong02:34
killermachMellowDude: any links on turning my wireless interface into an access point in Kubuntu?02:34
U236Willyyou're kidding....02:34
MellowDudelol hang on killermach02:35
andy_perhaps I should selectively copy accross the files from my backup /BOOT/ that may be necessary for this distribution upgrade?02:35
andy_maybe it wanted to merge my old kernel config with a new one?02:35
killermachMellowDude: http://sudan.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=73826302:36
andy_I see it's allready chucked in new kernel files02:36
MellowDudekillermatch here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17937202:36
killermachI think I need to set the network mode to ad-hoc to be an access point02:37
Roger_Klotzi have gparted running, it wont let me resize partitions though. do i need to boot from disc for gparted to f02:37
Roger_Klotzfully function*02:37
killermachMellowDude: I already have iptables setup for NAT masquade. this works02:38
MellowDudeshould but dont know02:38
MellowDudecant really find any info on makeing it an access point on kubuntu02:39
andy_http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/hardy/ --> this best place for alternate CD ?02:39
killermachMellowDude: thanks.. I'm googling too02:39
killermachMellowDude: man iwconfig .... snippet  set "mode" to02:41
killermachMaster (the node is the synchronisation master or acts as an Access02:41
killermach              Point),02:41
MellowDudeu have it set to that02:41
MellowDudeit should act as an access point02:41
eamonhow do i install java on my ubuntu02:42
killermachMellowDude: don't have it set yet.. still reading02:42
MellowDudein ur wireless router there should be a setting for it02:42
DaSkreechandy_: how are you partitions arranged?02:42
MellowDudethen set up ips and mac's up for the access point02:43
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
killermachI already have dhcpd-server running and working02:43
killermachrouting works, NAT works02:43
andy_I use LVM02:43
MellowDudeand i would do the mac filter thing so people dont get on ur wireless router02:44
andy_it's all split up02:44
eamonhow do i install java on my unbunt box02:44
andy_so I have a /home/ ... /boot/ .... / ... etc02:44
andy_I mean  I guess in principle maybe the best thing is just to install hardy heron from scratch02:44
andy_and wipe my / directory ?02:45
killermachMellowDude:  yep.. setup my phone, laptop, SkyAngel IPTV box in the mac settings02:45
DaSkreechandy_: What's the list of things preventing it installing /02:45
andy_how does LVM work, is there a mini partition somewhere that tells stuff where everything is02:45
DaSkreechDo you have those?02:45
DaSkreechtry install those by themselves02:45
manoelgente disinstalei o amsn 0.97 kurumin pois não funcionava. Instalei o 0.98 e este não inicia. Alguem pode me ajudar?02:46
andy_Setting up linux-image-2.6.22-15-386 (2.6.22-15.58) ..02:46
andy_guys can I do a sanity check02:46
andy_my LVM partitions are not in risk of being lost02:47
andy_by removing stuff in /boot/ are they?02:47
andy_ahh how stupid02:48
andy_I think it was simply the lack of a /boot/grub directory that messed everhing up02:48
Bones122andy_: looks like maybe your sane02:48
DaSkreechandy_: no02:48
andy_well.. I created one and now the update is proceeding02:49
DaSkreechha ha02:49
andy_this update-manager install02:49
andy_yes, it's run02:49
andy_hmm.. should I just wipe everthing and install hardy heron from CD ?02:49
andy_or continue with this fangled upgrade from 7.6 to 7.1002:49
Bones122Evening DaSkreech nice to see you in here again02:50
Roger_Klotzwhat is the command to run shell files02:50
andy_sh ./file ?02:50
DaSkreechHi Bones12202:51
DaSkreechandy_: no02:51
aurachronin kde 4.1, is there a way to put widgets such that they only show up when the dashboard is invoked?02:52
DaSkreechaurachron: no. It's noted and the plasma team is brainstorming a way to have that work02:52
DaSkreechThough in theory it should be easy to do just make a new container02:52
aurachronah ok, didn't really understand the purpose of the dashboard haha02:52
andy_so what should I do: continue with this upgrade or install hardy heron from scratch?02:53
geekandy_: personally i'd go for the latter02:53
aurachronandy_: i typically prefer to start from scratch02:53
andy_this is me being a bit stupid but..02:53
DaSkreechaurachron: It's just a way to bring the desktop forward easily02:53
DaSkreechandy_: I'd continue02:54
andy_given that I have all these partitions in my /home /blah blah .. how do I install from scratch02:54
andy_why DaSkreech ?02:54
DaSkreechcause so far it's working02:54
andy_yeah, I think I probably could get it to work02:54
geekandy_: backup, delete all the partitions, reinstall?02:54
andy_but even if I make 7.10, then mightn'y hardy heron be better anyway?02:54
DaSkreechit's faster to install from scratch but then you have to remember all the programs you installed etc02:54
andy_and to be fair I had dapper originally I think02:55
geekandy_: or wait a week and get intrepid ;p02:55
andy_hardy heron is LTS02:55
andy_would upgrading to 7.10 then to hardy heron work?02:55
Roger_Klotzgo straight to heron?02:57
aurachrondaskreech: ah, i see. thanks for the tip02:57
andy_how would I remove stuff in / without removing stuff in my other partitions02:58
andy_ie.. how should I install from scratch02:58
andy_will the alternate CD give me the option of formating the ROOT partition02:58
killermachupdate for all.. I could not set iwconfig wlan0 mode Master, but I did set Ad-hoc, and now my wlan0 PCI is acting as access point02:58
MellowDudeok i try the xforcecesa and stuff from live cd on this comuter here but it still does the same stuff its like starting it with safe graphics02:59
killermachMellowDude:  I got it working02:59
aaron_Advice, approx or apt-proxy?  and I don't see how to make a list of backup repositories if one is down.. any search terms for me?02:59
killermachI could not set to "mode Master" but "mode ad-hoc" works02:59
DaSkreechandy_: custom partitioning03:00
killermachMellowDude: thanks for the help03:00
MellowDudeur welcome03:00
l2trace99anyone running 8.10 on dell inspiron 1721  ?03:04
MellowDudei cant get 8.10 to run at all03:04
Roger_Klotzwhats a good extracting program? arc doesnt work too well for me03:05
CeasarMellow no bonus03:05
Ceasarwhat part was i suppossed to do in the first link?03:07
aaron_Ive got about 5 boxes I need to update, and a laptop that needs to go with me... I want the laptop to update from my desktop when at home, but when i'm gone for a week or so, I want to to grab from the internet03:07
eamonhow to install03:08
MellowDudeeamon add/remove03:09
MellowDudeand find it in there03:09
aaron_i have apt-proxy installed, and I guess it might be simply switching the sources dependent on the link...03:09
eamoni dont spose you know the appt command tho do you03:09
MellowDudehang on eamon03:10
MellowDudesudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts <<<that in terminal03:11
Roger_Klotznice mellow ty03:11
MellowDudeur welcome03:11
Roger_Klotzwhere do you find all the apt-gets? is there a good list or anything?03:11
MellowDudepeople goole is ur frined us it03:11
Roger_Klotzso u google "apt-get java" and stuff? thats it?03:12
Roger_Klotzive found a few on my own doing that, like sudo apt-get install gparted03:12
MellowDudeno i goolge how to install java in kubuntu03:12
Roger_Klotzi see03:12
favrothere's apt-cache search as well03:13
favroe.g. apt-cache search java03:14
eamontheres always the aptitdude search03:14
MellowDudeu get it installed emon03:14
DaSkreechMellowDude: Sorry 1/2 asleep did you try the vesa at your friends house ?03:15
MellowDudeit did the same thing that safe graphic did03:15
MellowDudeso no luck03:15
Ceasarmy wifi not work03:16
aurachronI take it kmenuedit doesn't do anything anymore in 4.1?  I tried adding key shortcuts, and they didn't work. didn't know if i should try reporting as a bug?03:16
Roger_Klotzwhat kind is it ceasar03:16
MellowDudeCeasar what is ur wifi card03:16
DaSkreechMellowDude: did you try alt+ctrl+F1 when it did that?03:16
MellowDudeno not on the live cd03:16
DaSkreechaurachron: probably03:16
Ceasarmellow u gave me that link03:16
MellowDudei can do tha twith the live cd03:16
DaSkreechMellowDude: Yep03:16
Roger_Klotzok skreech so my program actually has a setup file, do i run it in python if its colored or what03:17
MellowDudei need to try that03:17
aurachrondaskreech: thanks03:17
DaSkreechI used to do it on low memory machines so that i didn't have to deal with X03:17
MellowDudewhat i put after i do that03:17
DaSkreechRoger_Klotz: I have no idea :) is there a README ?03:17
DaSkreechMellowDude: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:17
Roger_Klotzlike 2 sorta readmes03:17
DaSkreechINSTALL ?03:17
MellowDudeok i try it in a few03:19
MellowDudebut that will install kde4 right03:20
MellowDudewith out 3D effects right03:20
DaSkreechNo that would03:21
MellowDudeim kinda scared to do that on this computer if it not work i have to reinstall 8.0403:21
DaSkreechsudo nano ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc would turn off effects03:21
DaSkreechMellowDude: huh? this is from the live CD right ?03:21
geekMellowDude: you could back up first...03:21
* geek has a 130 gb disk image of his hardy and XP installs... in case03:22
Roger_Klotzsays "cannot stat 'setup': no such file or directory"03:22
DaSkreechRoger_Klotz: how are you getting that message?03:22
Roger_Klotzbut im at the folder in terminal and directing it to the install path03:22
Roger_Klotzsudo install setup /home/user/Programs/XSI03:23
Roger_Klotzand the install files are at /Programs/Temp03:23
favrois there an install.sh?03:24
Roger_Klotzno just "setup"03:24
Roger_Klotzmaybe i have to extract more03:24
MellowDudeDaSkreech will that install KDE4 on this computer03:25
DaSkreechMellowDude: no03:25
DaSkreechMellowDude: Run the sudo nano first03:25
DaSkreechfind effects enabled=true and change to false03:26
MrInternetUbuntu includes this annoying 'apport' thing that makes exceptions take forever. How do I kill it?03:26
DaSkreech then sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart03:26
Roger_Klotzi have an executable actually and it asks me what file to open it with03:26
DaSkreechRoger_Klotz: install ?03:26
aaron_MrInternet:  man apport?  (you got me curious)03:27
aaron_no man page :(03:27
eamonis there a system requirement for kde4??03:28
aurachronanyone happen to know off hand if theres a synaptic package for firefox 3.1 with tracemonkey?03:28
eamonwill it run on thi,  its ap4 1.7  512 ram03:28
crimsunaurachron: fabien maintains one in his ppa03:28
DaSkreechaurachron: not in the main repos03:28
DaSkreechap4 ?03:28
eamonits a  p403:28
DaSkreechshould work03:28
eamonpentium 403:28
DaSkreechmay want to turn off some services03:29
eamondose it matter that i and using gnome at the moment03:29
DaSkreechI'm on a AMD 1.2 Ghz with 700+ MB03:29
DaSkreechYou would most likely be using one or the other03:29
eamongnone or kde03:30
eamoncani change from gnone to kde03:30
ubottuk/ed/x/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.03:30
DaSkreecheamon: Sure when you login just choose which you want03:31
notriddleFrom the display manager you can choose a desktop.03:31
amani cant upgrade to 4.1? software sources are not updating?03:34
eamonhey compiz has some cool effects for gnome which one do i install.  i sea03:35
MellowDudeaman ur noth the only one haveing problems with it03:35
notriddle'apt-get update' doesn't work? What errors does it produce?03:36
amanMellowDude: YES I HAVE DONE IT manually, thank you very much though03:36
eamontry apt-get install03:36
amanMellowDude: can i help you with something?03:36
MellowDudeyeah i cant get it too boot03:37
roganAny help in resolving this issue would be great. Thanks http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3098507.003:37
amanMellowDude: what you talking about? your plasma crashed or something else?03:37
MellowDudeit get to the screen where id shows the little hard drive imaig then it no where else it stops03:37
DaSkreechMellowDude: you tried the kwinrc ?03:38
MellowDudenot ye im going ot03:38
MellowDudebut i like to find out other ideas also03:38
amanMellowDude: listen to DaSkreech, you have problem with your oxygen splash screen03:38
amanMellowDude: you can go through kde4 or 3.1 if you have them and manually edit the files, thanks03:39
DaSkreechMellowDude: You don't seem to have the paitence to walk through it but you can run the startkde script explicitly to see where it dies03:39
notriddleaman: Who's using 3.1 nowadays.03:39
amannotriddle: i do for stability reasons :)03:40
notriddleaman: Okay.03:40
DaSkreechWindows 3.1 the revolution in personal electronic computing!03:40
DaSkreechaman: Where do you get it?03:40
notriddleDaSkreech: Isn't Windows 3.1 older than KDE 3.1.03:40
MellowDudewindows 3.1 older than dirt03:41
mr---t-is it cga?03:41
amanno windows , please...its linux03:41
DaSkreechaman: Yeah where do you get KDE 3.1 from ?03:42
MellowDudewhat version is 8.04 KDE03:42
dudehello, question, why is it that my desktop cube is not working, i already installed compiz03:43
* notriddle thinks that 3.1 would mean KDE 3.1 on Kubuntu...03:44
amanDaSkreech: i dont think its available anymore i have it ever since it was released03:44
MellowDudedude u have in enable03:44
dudeMellowDude: ya, i think so03:44
notriddleaman: k03:44
MellowDudewell i dont know then dude03:45
mr---t-MellowDude: kde 3.39 or kde403:45
notriddleMellowDude: It support 3.59 or 4.0.03:45
coreymon77mr---t-: 3.5.10 actually03:45
MellowDudekde4 is on 8.10 mr03:45
coreymon77MellowDude: actually its both03:46
coreymon77MellowDude: there is hardy with kde3 and hardy with kde403:46
notriddle4.0 as a remix03:46
mr---t-when did it go to 10?03:46
dudeMellowDude: compiz have their own  configuration right? and desktop system settings03:46
coreymon77mr---t-: little while ago03:46
MellowDudedude u have to go into compiz manager and enable the effects03:47
mr---t-hmm I'm going to have to check my updates03:47
Roger_Klotzhow would i extract 48 .bz2 files to the same directory?03:47
Roger_Klotzin the easiest way possible :P03:47
dudeMellowDude: do i have to enable both configuration03:47
MellowDudeyeah for the cube thing to work03:47
DaSkreechRoger_Klotz: tar xjf *bz2 /path/to/place03:47
DaSkreechnotriddle: Kubuntu has never offered KDE 3.1 as far as I know03:48
Roger_Klotzis that per file skreech?03:48
DaSkreechRoger_Klotz: * means all03:49
DaSkreechthat will work on all bz203:49
DaSkreechI'm assuming that you don't want to exclude any?03:49
DaSkreechthat does it then03:50
Roger_Klotzfor the paths can i still use /? like /home/user/programs/to/home/user/programs03:51
=== anon is now known as bloodboy
DaSkreechwhy are there two homes there ?03:51
Roger_Klotzits going from a directory in home to another directory in home03:51
mr---t-hmm seems I'm still at 3.5903:53
MellowDudewell im going to try this be back in a few03:55
notriddlemr---t-: Maybe you need to switch session...03:58
aurachronOk, i'm getting some random horizontal black lines, real small.  occur when i type.  also, desktop effects won't work03:58
mr---t-I'm checking into it now03:58
aurachronin kubuntu 4.1 ibex03:58
aurachronare there drivers I should install for my card? nvidia 7900GTS03:59
Ceasardamn wifi03:59
=== Ceasar is now known as ThaCeasar
PovAddicthow do I enable apport?04:00
PovAddict"In Gnome, update-notifier keeps an inotify watch on /var/crash", in KDE, it seems I have to run apport-qt by hand after a crash04:00
aurachronon top of my video card issue, how can i get addl screen savers?04:00
ThaCeasarcan somebody help me whit my wifi04:01
aurachronthaceasar: what issues are you experiencing?04:01
ThaCeasarnot working04:02
aurachronthaceasar: what version of kubuntu are you running?04:02
PovAddictThaCeasar: "not working" is not enough information for anything04:02
ThaCeasarUbuntu 8.04 i cant connect to my router04:03
ThaCeasarit just cee04:04
ThaCeasarits just askin me for a passcode04:04
Roger_Klotzskreech its finding all my files but its telling me "not found in archive" for every .bz204:04
ThaCeasarany ideas anyone?04:06
mr---t-Roger_Klotz:  if you use his full nick he will probably see the message sooner04:06
mr---t-did you see my tip on auto complete last night?04:06
geniiThaCeasar: Sounds like maybe it wants your WEP or WPA password04:06
Roger_Klotzyeah i couldnt find it though. the machine i talk to  you guys on runs vista right now04:06
mr---t-oh ok04:07
mr---t-my sympathies04:07
ThaCeasargenii i think thats it04:08
mr---t-well depending on his irc client , many flag when thier nick comes up that way they can monitor several channels04:08
Roger_Klotzany ideas though mr t?04:09
mr---t-thus the whole nick suggestion04:09
mr---t-looks like we had a net split04:09
Roger_Klotzcan i make arc extract a bunch of files at once?04:09
mr---t-Roger_Klotz: repost your original question ,genii may know04:10
ThaCeasarwireless network key04:11
Roger_Klotzwhats the easiest way to extract 48 .bz2 files at once, same directory for input and output04:11
Roger_Klotzim trying "tar xjf *bz2 /home/user/Programs/temp/04:13
PovAddictthat won't work04:13
PovAddictit will expand to tar xjf somefile.bz2 anotherfile.bz2 foobar.bz2 /home/user/Programs/temp/04:13
PovAddictand only the first will be passed as argument to -f04:14
PovAddictif using bash:04:14
Roger_Klotzyeah i want it to be all files to the same directory their in04:14
PovAddictfor file in *.bz2; do tar xjf $file /home/user/Programs/temp/; done04:14
PovAddictwhat exactly is "/home/user/Programs/temp/" though?04:15
Roger_Klotzwhere im going to install my program to04:15
PovAddictyou said same directory for input and output...04:15
notriddle/home/user/Programs/temp/ doesn't sound like anything I've used in Kubuntu before.....04:15
PovAddictI don't really know what tar does with a pathname when extracting04:15
Roger_Klotzi need to extract these files then the installer is in there, so im putting it all in home because theres more space on there04:16
Roger_Klotzit still gives me "not found in archive"04:18
dudeis it ok to use compiz under kubuntu04:19
amarnathi don't know how to install software pls guid me04:19
MellowDudeok back04:19
PovAddictdude: I am04:19
amarnathi don't know how to install software pls guid me04:19
notriddledude: Sure. Kubuntu "Intrepid" includes software to automatically install Compiz.04:19
MellowDudeok its done the flashing black screen that time Da04:19
PovAddictdon't repeat yourself amarnath04:19
ThaCeasarmellow no wifi 4 me04:19
notriddleamarnath: A few ways. Try K->Add/Remove Programs.04:20
mr---t-notriddle: 8.04 does also04:20
MellowDudethink i might need to just download and burn ther relase that came out today04:20
notriddlemr---t-: "Hardy"...04:20
dudenotriddle: im just comfused, in kubuntu there's a built in desktop effects, do i have to download compiz?04:21
notriddledude: Are you talking about KDE3 Kubuntu or KDE4.04:21
PovAddictdude: I think that *is* compiz04:21
PovAddictenable it and it will be installed04:22
notriddledude: Compiz is not shipped with Kubuntu. Enabling it will install it.04:22
dudePovAddict: KDE404:22
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion04:22
notriddledude: In KDE4, yes it comes with built-in desktop effects that are not provided with compiz. KDE4 does not, however, come with Desktop Cube effects (will in a newer version).04:23
dudenotriddle: i dont know if compiz is working right now, coz i enable desktop effect as well04:26
notriddleThe Desktop Settings dialog allows for you to use a custom configuration.04:26
dudenotriddle: i tried disabling desktop settings and use compiz but no luck, it seems that its not doing anything04:28
MellowDudewhats a good program to erase a dvd-rw in kubuntu04:29
Roger_Klotzso it has every file in the temp directory and im getting "tar: /home/user/Programs/temp/somefile.tar.bz2:Not found in archive"04:30
Roger_Klotzwhere somefile is actually ever file i have in the folder04:30
notriddleMellowDude: I recommend K3B.04:30
MellowDudeit will not format the dvd try it04:31
PovAddictRoger_Klotz: "tar xjf archive.tar.bz2 somepath" tells it to extract somepath from inside the archive04:32
PovAddictnot to extract the contents of the archive into somepath04:32
PovAddict'cd' to where you want it extracted, then use the absolute path to where the .bz2 is04:33
genii -C somepath04:33
PovAddict...or that04:33
eamonwhich compiz apt do i have to get to get all the cool stuff like a cube desktop04:33
eamon?? anyone04:34
notriddleeamon: apt-get install compiz-kde compizconfig-settings-manager04:34
eamondose it matter that i dont have kde04:35
eamoni have gnome04:35
MellowDudenvm im doing the dvd+rw-format -force /dev/dvd im command04:35
notriddleeamon: and set cube to enabled in Settings->Advanced Desktop Effects04:35
=== alberto is now known as Guest89088
=== ubuntu is now known as Mamono
Mamonohopefully someone can help me...I recently rebooted after an update and when the system came back up it was stuck right after post...this has happened before and it has been a corrupt MBR04:45
MellowDudeim redownloading the iso agin04:46
MamonoI'm trying to restore my MBR but when I go into grb and type "find /boot/grub/stage1" I get "Error 15: File not found"04:46
Mamonobut when I look in /boot/grub stage1 is there (this is done after mounting my partitions and chrooting to my install04:46
Mamonoanyone have any idea what is wrong with grub?04:46
favrodid you sudo grub before find?04:47
Mamonobtw, I am running Kubuntu Hardy04:47
Mamonofavro: yes04:47
MellowDudemamono reinstall the grub then04:47
MamonoMellowDude: I tried sudo grub-install /dev/sda but that says something else...hold on04:48
MellowDudehope that works for u mamono04:54
sebsebsebseems there is no KDE3 in the Ibex repo?04:56
notriddlesebsebseb: Yup. No KDE3 in Ibex repository. No KDE3 in Ibex.05:00
sebsebsebwhy not?05:00
sebsebsebI just want a few KDE apps really,  but  KDE3 not even an option hummmmmmmmm  in the repo.  a repo for hardy or whatever could be used for it though?05:01
notriddlesebsebseb: Kubuntu is rather undermanned. No one to maintain the packages. Of course, you probably could use the Hardy packages or compile yourself...05:01
sebsebsebwell  yeah there are other distros  that do KDE3 better05:02
ThaCeasarMellow can u help?05:02
notriddlesebsebseb: What applications do you need?05:02
sebsebsebwell this is nice to know,  I get more of an excuse to  do KDE3 hardy in VM now.  something I been thinking about doing.   I just done my computer again you see sorted loads of stuff out.05:02
sebsebsebthis is a new install of  Ubuntu.  I could have put the RC on, but since I only had beta Live CD.05:03
sebsebsebI just did all the updatess05:03
ThaCeasarany one here good whit wifi?05:03
sebsebsebnot really need as such,  I just like some of the apps,  and I can get those in Ibex anyway and newer versions if they are KDE405:03
notriddleThaCeasar: I'm afraid I don't know that many... You may ask on #ubuntu? :|05:04
sebsebsebnotriddle: hummmmmmmmm  KDE3 Kubuntu hardly being suppouretd, and since new KDE4 they are trying to push that on people in Ibex?05:04
notriddlesebsebseb: Ubuntu Hardy is LTS. Kubuntu was never extremely well supported...05:05
sebsebsebah ha Kubuntu  is not LTS?05:05
sebsebsebKubuntu hardy is not LTS?05:05
notriddlesebsebseb: I05:06
sebsebsebwas that a yes it's not LTS?05:06
ThaCeasarthanks empty chanel05:06
MellowDudei think there going to make the 8.10LTS05:06
notriddlesebsebseb: I'm not sure if KDE3 Kubuntu is LTS or not, but KDE4 for sure isn't.05:06
notriddleAnd the previous one was a type (on my keyboard, ' is next to return).05:07
favrohardy is lts wether k/x/ed/ubuntu or ubuntu05:07
notriddleThaCeasar: Sorry. I'm no good with wi/fi and I don't hear anyone else...05:08
sebsebsebhttp://www.kubuntu.org and it's about the RC for Kubuntu 8.10 at the moment.  well then wtf why is not in the repo for Ubuntu Ibex?05:08
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:08
notriddlefavro: I already mentioned that I wasn't sure if Kubuntu KDE3 Hardy was LTS. I know that Kubuntu KDE4 Hardy was not, could not, be LTS.05:08
favroany hardy - kde4 or not - is lts05:09
sebsebseboh that's for KDE405:09
mr---t-no only ubuntu not kubuntu05:10
favroit is hardy that is lts - the desktop environment doesn't matter05:11
mr---t-ubuntu hardy is LTS kubuntu hardy is not05:11
mr---t-the kde apps make it not05:12
favrodo you know kubuntu is ubuntu with kde instead of gnome?05:12
favrothe de doesn't matter05:12
notriddlefavro: Can you prove it? I remember hearing that Kubuntu KDE4 was not going to be LTS. I'm pretty sure KDE3 would be, but KDE 4.0 was not really in a state for a LTS release.05:12
mr---t-it does to caniocle the support team05:13
favromy point is the base is lts - whatever you use as a desktop environment doesn't stop that05:13
mr---t-I read the link last night let me find it for you05:13
notriddlefavro: Of course package updates will come in, since Kubuntu and Ubuntu share the same base. However, they will not support software that was never really stable (KDE4.0).05:13
favrothere's #kubuntu-kde4...how's that not suppoting it?05:14
notriddlefavro: #kubunt-kde4 is community-based, isn't it? I'm idling on the channel right now and it seems dead.05:15
favroit nearly always is dead afaik05:16
notriddlefavro: Many unsupported *buntu distributions are supported by the community..05:17
favrobut they don't have "official" channels05:17
favrobut again the de doesn't matter05:18
notriddlefavro: No, because they weren't released by Canonical. I guess the question is, can you prove that Kubuntu KDE4 is LTS. Tell me how Canonical can support KDE4.0 throughout Hardy's lifetime, a piece of software that is already abandoned by the developers in favor of KDE4.1?05:19
favronotriddle: you seem to be missing the point that I'm making05:19
izzybIs there a way I can get a more current version of kvm and lib-virt without installing from source on my kubuntu hardy system?05:20
favroit is kde that supports kde - gnome that supports gnome etc05:20
izzybI checked updates and backports but looks like the latest kvm is 62 and kurrent is 7705:20
izzyb62 was released back in february05:21
mr---t-favro: check the link^05:21
favroizzyb: there might be a deb on the net for it but if it isn't in the repos then it isn't in the repos05:21
apartamentosomebody speak spanish05:21
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:22
izzybis there a way to install from source without loosing package management on it05:22
favroizzyb: yep - use checkinstall instead of make05:22
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!05:22
favrooops - use checkinstall instead of make install05:23
mr---t-coreymon77: are you still here?05:23
notriddlefavro: Of course Canonical will continue to support the components besides KDE4, producing updates and such, but they cannot support KDE4 itself.05:23
izzybhmm, thanks.05:23
izzybif a debian managed upgrade becomes available will it get installed?  and do I need to uninstall the current version before doing this?05:27
notriddleizzyb: This depends on the version you label your package with. Checkinstall should let you change it.05:27
favroizzyb: you shouldn't use debian packages in any ubuntu05:27
notriddlefavro: I think that he meant ubuntu packages...05:28
* izzyb did05:28
favroahh a .deb not a debian package then?05:28
notriddlefavro: a .deb is a (deb)ian package.05:28
izzybI use debian for my servers and kubuntu for my desktops05:29
favroa debian package is for debian afaik...05:29
izzybso it was probably just a slip05:29
notriddleizzyb: So you would be used to referring to them as debian packages.05:29
* izzyb nods05:29
* notriddle still thinks a .deb is a debian package.... even though it's not provided by debian.05:30
favrothat could cause issues for the uninitiated05:30
izzybyeah, in the same way an rpm is a readhat package, even if it comes from another distro05:30
notriddleizzyb: On another note: yes, if Ubuntu provides an upgrade, apt should do it.05:30
izzybto say the least! :)05:30
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!05:30
favrowas all I was saying05:31
* notriddle thinks that, yes, an rpm is a redhat package for the redhat package manager, even if it's not for redhat itself. Of course, it's confusing...05:32
izzybyeah, and the strange spin of debian apt tools being used in other distros05:33
notriddleizzyb: Yes, confusing... Of course, it'd be better if things weren't so confusing. Note that it's probably easier to refer to them as .debs.05:34
izzybbut then unix/linux is full off all kinds of oddities like recursive acronyms and plays on words etc05:35
notriddleizzyb: Oddly enough, I've actually been pretty successful when I've had reason to install a Debian-provided .deb in Ubuntu.05:35
notriddleizzyb: LINUX = LINus's UniX.... daemon != demon...05:36
izzybGNU = GNU is not Unix.  less/more, moretif/lesstif05:37
notriddleThis is off-topic a bit.... Does checkinstall seem to be working, izzyb.05:37
* izzyb downloading source still05:37
notriddleizzyb: k.05:37
* notriddle ignores a grammar mistake ;).05:39
* sackiolis just installed linux for the first time05:41
favrowell done05:41
sackiolisso how do i hack?05:41
sackiolisi wanna fuck shit up.05:42
notriddlesackiolis: What do you mean?05:42
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:42
notriddlesackiolis: Please no curse words... And please give more details.05:42
sackioliswhere's the button where i can send an email, forging the 'From'?  i want to email my high schools network admin as my math teacher, asking to fix the printer for sexual favors.05:43
favrosackiolis: wrong channel05:43
sackiolisbut... im reading a hacking book. it said to install liniggz05:44
notriddlesackiolis: Woa! Way wrong section of the internet. This is not the place for computer cracking........05:44
sackiolisthe hacking book.05:45
favrowe don't support that sort of enterprise here05:45
favro!topic | sackiolis05:45
ubottusackiolis: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:45
sackiolisi thought liniggz is about tear'n it up in Quake and fuck'n peoples computers up and shit.05:46
notriddlesackiolis: I see your point. It is true that out of all the available OSs, Linux is probably the easiest system to use for cracking, since it provides low-level stuff.05:46
favro!language | sackiolis05:46
ubottusackiolis: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:46
sackiolisi thought you guys were cool.05:46
dr_willisThere was a big 'issue/debate' with xp when it came out. about it allowing low level access to a lot of things also.05:46
notriddlesackiolis: However, the people who made Linux do not themselves support that type of enterprise.05:47
UbuntuN00Bcoreymon77: u here???05:47
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: It doesn't look like he's here...05:49
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: Okay. Now I see him in the list....05:49
* notriddle blushes.05:50
UbuntuN00Bhe is there but not here05:50
mr---t-he didn't answer me a little while ago...05:51
mr---t-but I think I found my answer05:51
notriddlemr---t-: What do you mean?05:51
notriddleubuntu: Hello?05:52
mr---t-coreymon77:  wasn't answering earlier05:52
=== ubuntu is now known as Mabo
notriddleMabo: What do you mean by "um"?05:53
notriddleMabo: Okay.05:53
UbuntuN00Bi really need some help whit my wifi05:56
notriddleUbuntuN00B: What's the problem with your wi/fi?05:57
dr_willisI will be the first to admit.. ive just about given up on wireless... but under 8.10 - the thing WORKED... i was amazified.. :)05:57
UbuntuN00Bwell now i have none05:57
notriddleUbuntuN00B: What card?05:57
dr_willisof course now on the other laptop.. i set up wireless and it dident work  and killed the wired networking  :P doh.05:57
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: Has it worked in any previous versions?05:58
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: Atheros cards are generally pretty well-supported.05:58
UbuntuN00Byes coreymon got it working05:58
UbuntuN00Bhe just guided me step by step05:59
* notriddle thinks that would explain why he wanted to speak to him. 05:59
notriddleUbuntuN00B: So you had it working at one time?05:59
UbuntuN00Bbut i had to format my pc06:00
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: Do you remember anything about how you got it working?06:00
UbuntuN00Binstall and the other stuf06:00
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: Okay. So does the proprietary drivers manager give any mention of madwifi?06:00
notriddleIn the system tray or in K->System->Hardware Divers manager.06:01
UbuntuN00Bum i have ubuntu06:02
UbuntuN00Bthere is support for atheros06:03
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: Okay. So NetworkManager doesn't list your card at all?06:03
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:04
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: k.06:04
UbuntuN00Blooks like i dont have the drivers any more06:06
izzybwow! that was painless :)  Had to install a few -dev packages but the update is in! :) thanks favro and notriddle06:08
favronp :)06:08
izzybnow for updating libvirt and virt-manager :)06:08
notriddleizzyb: npaa ;P06:08
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: Okay. Try "sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`".06:09
notriddleizzyb: No Problem At All.06:10
izzybah, of course :)06:10
* notriddle made up npaa himself.06:10
UbuntuN00Ball 006:10
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: all 0 meaning that it's already installed?06:11
UbuntuN00Blinux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-19-generic is already the newest version06:11
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: Meaning that it's already installed...06:12
UbuntuN00Byes i think06:12
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: Okay. Try "lspci"06:13
UbuntuN00Bok and then?06:14
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: What Atheros hardware does it mention.06:14
UbuntuN00BEthernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)06:16
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros For the HAL your card needs.06:18
UbuntuN00Bpart 1 or 2?06:19
notriddlePart 1 first. If it doesn't work, undo it and try part 2. I don't have a card myself so I don't really know for sure, but you are using an ath5xxx-type card, so both seem to fit.06:21
UbuntuN00Bok and 1 other thing06:22
UbuntuN00Bthere is someting wierd whit my cube06:23
notriddleWhat exactly is it doing...06:23
UbuntuN00Bwell not the cube but the litle thing that shows how many work spaces u have06:24
UbuntuN00Bi have 4 but it shows i have 806:24
UbuntuN00Bi can send a pic06:25
Hadrianoh man i am so stressed out and pissed off at linux and my understanding of it06:26
notriddleYou mean the pager? It'd sit on the bottom of the screen and give a list of spaces?06:26
Hadriani cant get this program sound converter to work06:26
dr_willisusing compiz can confuse that pager at times.06:26
Hadriani put it in root and console does not reconise it, add/remove programs has no sign of it, its a tar.gz06:26
UbuntuN00Bif its on in the right corner then yes06:27
favroHadrian: you need to unpack it first - and /usr/bin is where most apps go06:27
UbuntuN00Bbottom corner06:27
Hadrianunpack with ark?06:27
favroHadrian: it is in the repos - why not use that one?06:28
notriddleUbuntuNOOB: Yep, it's the pager... I cannot help with that, having no experience with GNOME.06:28
favro!info soundconverter06:28
ubottusoundconverter (source: soundconverter): GNOME application to convert audio files into other formats. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 82 kB, installed size 704 kB06:28
Hadriani dont even know what the repos is06:28
favro!repos | Hadrian06:28
ubottuHadrian: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories06:28
Hadriani just want to convert these flac files06:28
favroHadrian: try   sudp apt-get install soundconverter06:29
Hadriancouldnt find the package06:32
Hadriani've unpacked it06:32
favroHadrian: is there an executable or do you need to compile it?06:33
Hadrianno exe in sight06:34
favroHadrian: it won't be a .exe that is windows - it will have a diff icon for the executable06:34
Hadrianthen i have no idea06:35
favroHadrian: it is in the universe repo - open the adept package manager06:35
favroit will be easier06:35
Hadrianhow do i find this universe repo? i dont have a list of catagories06:38
notriddleHadrian: K Menu->System->Adept Manger06:40
notriddleFile->Manage Repositories06:41
Hadriani went there06:41
favrocheck the first four boxes06:42
favrounder kubuntu software06:42
Hadrianthe add remove manager has a universe repos06:42
Hadrianbut only orca screen reader is listed06:43
Hadrianwould kaudiocreator be able to convert FLAC audio files?06:44
notriddleHadrian: In Manage Repositories, is Community-maintained checked?06:45
notriddleHadrian: I believe so, yes.06:45
Hadrianit wasnt06:46
notriddleHadrian: Check it then. That's universe.06:46
Hadrianfound sound converter :D06:47
notriddleHadrian: Great!06:48
Hadriannow i can go to sleep listening to a beautiful african harp06:49
notriddleHadrian: goodnight.06:49
* notriddle decides now is a good time...06:49
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aurachrondoes anyone happen to know how to download new screensavers for kde 4.1? such as electricsheep07:19
aurachroni apt-get installed electricsheep, but it doesn't show up in the screensavers listing07:19
favrosomeone in #kubuntu-kde4 might know :)07:20
=== |Aryn| is now known as aRyn
aurachronanyone happen to know how to get screensavers installed in kub ibex? thanks!07:35
MellowDudeok i got it to work off the new iso i burn but have to do it safe graphic07:42
favroweren't you going to use vga=792 or something MellowDude07:43
MellowDudei was going to but it work fine with safe graphic but a little slow though but it is from dvd though07:43
MellowDudeso if i install it like that will i have to do any thing special07:44
favroI would install then sort out the driver - there might be web links for your h/ware in k/ubuntu07:45
MilhousePunkRockGood morning everyone!07:50
Natanaielhow can I install kde 4 in ubuntu 8.10 RC ?07:56
MilhousePunkRockWhere would I find the settings for GTK integration again? Both GIMP and Firefox3 look like on windows 95 on my Hardy System with KDE 3.507:56
DaSkreechNatanaiel: KDE4 is already there07:57
DaSkreech!find qt-gtk07:57
ubottuPlease use http://packages.ubuntu.com/07:57
NatanaielDaSkreech: no, I have ubuntu 8.10 with gnome, I want to install kde 4 on it07:57
DaSkreechNatanaiel: kubuntu-desktop07:58
MilhousePunkRockDaSkreech: The package is called gtk-qt ;)07:58
NatanaielDaSkreech: doesn't it install kde 3.5?07:58
DaSkreech!info gtk-qt-engine | MilhousePunkRock07:59
dr_willis8.10 has kde4 not 307:59
ubottumilhousepunkrock: gtk-qt-engine (source: gtk-qt-engine): theme engine using Qt for GTK+ 2.x. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.8-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 100 kB, installed size 476 kB07:59
DaSkreechNatanaiel: There is no KDE3 in 8.1007:59
NatanaielDaSkreech: so can't I install kde 3 in 8.10?08:04
dr_willisIve not seen kde3 packages in 8.10 - but i havent really looked.08:04
=== ZeroGravity is now known as Tagliato
MilhousePunkRockDaSkreech: It says it is the newest version already. And I do not find the settings for it in system settings08:11
favroI had to edit the two .qt* fi08:12
favroI had to edit the two .qt* files in my home folder to get gtk working for thunar08:12
Natanaielwhy when I install every package I see this : http://paste.pocoo.org/show/89033/08:43
DaSkreechNatanaiel: Never seen that before08:52
MellowDudeme either08:54
dr_willissomthing like  /usr/lib/libamrnb.so.3  would normally be a link to the actual file/version like   /usr/lib/libamrnb.so.3---> /usr/lib/libamrnb.so.
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ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:15
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dr_willissomeone expecting a fileserver? :)09:23
dwidmanndr_willis: seems it, though that someone left09:24
dr_willispssshhhtt.. hay buddy... want a pre-release version of 8.10! everyone wants it... :)09:25
dr_willisonly $509:25
* powertool08 is interested >_>09:26
MellowDudeok im going to ask u all something09:27
MellowDudedoesnt ipv6 slow the internet down09:27
dr_willisi wouldent think so.. if it was being implementd everywhere..  from what i gather the slowdown onmany pc's are that its doing ipv6 first and not gettting the  info.. then it falls back to ipv409:28
MellowDudethats what i told this guy in frostwire chat he said i was wrong09:29
dr_willisask for 'citation needed' :)09:32
MellowDudeif u need divx09:35
MellowDudeu need to go in add/remove09:35
MellowDudefind gstreamers  i think thats what its call09:35
MellowDudeand click them all and install them09:35
MellowDudeu will not need it no ore09:36
=== pvandewyngaerde is now known as Guest17374
nigskkibug reports?09:52
dr_willisI just tend to install w32codecs and the kubuntu-restricted-extras :) it seems to grab everything i need.09:55
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wtffffhi how do i install nVidia Corporation GeForce 8400 GS in my new kubuntu?10:19
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:21
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!10:24
dr_willisthe little restricted-manager tool should ask/let you install them :)10:24
dr_willisor whatever its called now10:24
etfbI disabled Ctrl+Alt+Backspace because I hate the MSDOS-2ishness of it, but now I keep needing to reset my X server for various reasons.  Is there a command-line equivalent that does the same thing without needing to log out first?  Ideally, one that doesn't require me to log in again too, but that's optional.10:39
dr_willisrestart the gdm/kdm service..10:40
dr_willisit will instantly kill/restart X10:40
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dr_willisno need to log out..it will force you to.10:40
dr_willis:) ie: all apps get forced to close10:40
* dr_willis dosent see how alt-ctrl-backspace is 'msdos-2ishness' :)10:41
DaSkreechdr_willis: Well you still have it so obviosly10:44
DarkSmokems-dos has a ctrl-alt-backspace restart x server shortcut too?10:44
DarkSmokei never knew this :/10:44
* dr_willis goes back to playing nethack.exe10:45
DarkSmokebut, when the ms-dos started to use x11  ? :|10:45
Kohlrabiwrong window10:45
Kohlrabijust checking out launchpad for bugs concerning Samsung Laptops10:46
Kohlrabisince 8.10 would only boot randomly here :O10:46
krypto_i installed the new 8.10 rc on my laptop... the only thing thats bothering me is that bluetooth isnt working10:49
Kohlrabilucky you :P10:49
DaSkreechkrypto_: Did you read the release notes?10:50
krypto_not yet :)10:50
DaSkreechWell wait a few weeks after installing something to read up the release notes10:51
DaSkreechthat's good practice10:51
krypto_yeah well, theres nothing in it regarding my problem....10:52
asincronoI'm spanish and I have and old nasty problem.10:53
moppedHey, I've got a USB headset and I'm unable to hear anything, how can I diagnose this/fix this?10:53
etfbdr_willis: It's the sheer unavoidableness (unavoidability? unavoidanceism? whatever) of the keypress, just like in the pre-Windoze days when you'd press Ctrl+Alt+Del and the PC would reset, no matter what you were doing.  I much prefer the modern way, where you get a chance to say "oops, I meant Ctrl+Del, sorry about about that" and carry on.10:54
asincronoI lost accents. In kde 4.1 and gnome.10:54
krypto_DaSkreech: ok youre right... bluetooth is broken in kubuntu... I only read the ubuntu release notes10:54
etfbSo how does one restart kdm?  Just sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart?10:55
asincronoI just can write '´a' instead accent over the character.10:55
dr_willisI cant recall ever accidentlly hitting alt-ctrl-backspace. :) but I guess im special10:55
dr_willisetfb,  yes..10:55
asincronoI can just after I instaled kubuntu, but sothing change and I can't write accents now.10:55
DaSkreechnote also that the fix will be out out shortly after release10:55
asincronoany idea?10:55
etfbdr_willis: I've done it often enough to cause near-fatal flashbacks to the days of 8.3 filenames and Turbo Pascal...10:55
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etfbWhat's the traditional Linuxy place to put one's own shellscripts?  /usr/local/bin?10:56
dr_willisrather unix/linux - oldskool standard10:57
etfbThen I have to call them as ~/foo instead of foo, which is silly.10:57
dr_willisYou set bin to be in your default path10:57
dr_williswhich is perfically logical10:57
dr_willisIn fact i think the default .bashrc checks for /home/username/bin10:57
dr_willisa bin 'directory'  if im not clear on that. :)10:58
dr_willisIn .bashrc10:58
dr_willistheres statements that auto add a users bin directory  to the default path.10:59
etfbdr_willis: Can't see any mention of the path in .bashrc10:59
dr_willisIts in mine here..10:59
etfbI did see something about setting a colour prompt though, which is good: I've been wanting something like that...11:00
dr_willisthen again., I may be keepiong my old home/.bashrcs also11:00
dr_willistheres also the .bash_profile scrit11:00
krypto_DaSkreech: yeah, I just read the bug descri. in launchpad.... I'll try it with bluez-gnome11:00
aes52hi, how do I install Kubuntu on an EXISTING LVM setup ?11:00
aes52(Using the Alternate CD)11:00
dr_willislast 3 lines of my .bashrc set the bin to be in the path.11:01
dr_willisif [ -f /etc/bash_completion ]; then11:01
dr_willis    . /etc/bash_completion11:01
dr_willisoops wrong paste. :) lets see11:01
dr_willisif [ -d ~/bin ] ; then11:02
dr_willis    PATH=~/bin:"${PATH}"11:02
aes52In the partition manager I have the option of selecting 'USE LVM' on the relevant disk.. it's default is 'USE AS: NONE' then the option to 'configure LVM' comes up, but it asks me to write changes to the disk first. I'm cocnerned I might lose my LVM paritions if I do this.. any thoughts?11:02
etfbdr_willis: Oh, is that all; pretty straightforward.11:02
etfb,,, and it worked.  And I have a pretty green prompt now too, which makes reading the terminal much easier.  A productive evening all round!11:03
asincronoI can't remeber the last time I get some help asking in an irc channel... and I keep comming.11:05
etfbaes52: What's an LVM in this context?  I don't know the term.11:05
asincronomy fault after all.11:05
dr_willisasincrono,  proper attitude helps.11:05
etfbasincrono: I find you get good answers if dr_willis is around...11:05
aes52Logical Volume Manager11:06
etfbaes52: Sounds scary-complicated.  What's it for?11:06
aes52It would appear that support for it in the alternate-CD parrition smanager is suspicous11:06
dr_willisi have no knwledge of forgien languages/accents however. since i use american english11:06
asincronodr_willis: sorry I lost my "attitude" time ago after many trys etc.11:06
aes52Having parritions which can easily be resized or changed11:06
asincronoand I'm not against anyone... just against me.11:06
etfbaes52: Cool idea.  Where does the tech come from?11:07
asincronomy problems are mine and must stay with me...11:07
dr_willisasincrono,  proper positive attitude helps.  :) positive about everyone/thing/including yourself.11:07
etfbasincrono: Since it's a Spanish question, have you asked on the Spanish Ubuntu channel?  Let's see...11:07
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.11:07
aes52no idea, it's a linux concept11:07
etfbaes52: Really? In the immortal words of Zaphod Beebelbrox, "See what you miss if you don't stay alert?"  I'd never heard of it.11:08
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geekaes52: well you need to create a PV and LVs to start with11:08
aes52geek: I have done11:08
geekif you understand LVM it will hardly seem suspecious ;p11:08
aes52I already have LVM volumes SET UP11:09
geekaes52: then?11:09
aes52I'm trying to get the partition manager set up to install Kubuntu INTO my Lvm partition11:09
aes52I have a / partition .. I'm trying to a) wipe it.. b) install hardy heron!11:09
aes52I need to do this in the partition manager11:09
aes52when the disk comes up in partition manager it has USE AS: None11:10
aes52I can select USE AS: LVM disk... but then it wants to write changes to disk11:10
aes52and I'm slightly nervous about doing that, I don't know if its right11:10
krypto_why does adept doesnt show my gnome packages? i.e. when I search for bluez-gnome it doesnt get any result but when I install the package via apt it works11:18
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aes52surely somebody knows about LVM + Kubuntu here :p11:30
schlangenhow can i reinstall dbus?11:32
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pierrick__i'm looking for some help about Klibido11:38
pierrick__anyone uses Newsgroups ?11:39
etfbpierrick__: "KLibido", huh?  Cute name.  I use Emacs gnus for that, but Usenet is pretty hopeless nowadays: too much spam.  What's on there that is still worth looking at?11:42
pierrick__hi, so i don't even have any Spams with Usenets :p, but Emacs working Well ? always available ?11:43
etfbEmacs is an acquired taste; it may not be what you're used to.  But there are plenty of newsreaders around; if KLibido isn't working for you, there must be alternatives.  Or: have you checked for forums and mailing lists on the KLibido site?11:46
pierrick__No, Klibido works, but there is probleme with the Queue ... it's not a big problem but it's happened many times ... sometimes it works well sometimes it's the BAD :p11:48
pierrick__and i'm looking for some users of it because i don't wanna change11:49
aes52Is there ANYONE who knows about Using LVM here ?11:49
aes52I'm trying to install Kubuntu on an EXISTING LVM volume group11:49
pierrick__no sorry, i'm on the other channel too :p11:51
etfbaes52: When all else fails: back up everything to external hard drives, then just dive in.  The worst that can happen is you cause your hard disks to explode, which burns down your house and kills your family.11:54
ubuntoilYesterday I compiled vlc 0.9.4 on a kubuntu linux...works great11:57
ubuntoiljust wanna know...can I have embedded video ??11:57
jussi01ubuntoil: in firefox/konqueror?11:58
ubuntoilnow embedded in the main vlc windows11:59
ubuntoilwell, in fact, I've just read a post saying that this has been disable to avoid some crash...12:00
schlangenhow can i reconfigure or reinstall dbus?12:02
schlangenand is there a config-file that i could edit?12:03
_Ivohey.  Since I updated to KDE 3.5.10 (in Hardy) my DVD drive stopped working in the desktop environment.  It doesn't show on media:/ and K3B can't record a thing.  I still can mount it through the shell but this is far from ideal.  Anyone else experiencing this?12:03
_Ivoit had been working in 3.5.6, 3.5.8 and 3.5.9 so I suspect it's a regression, but I'd pretty surprised if no one else is experiencing a similar behavior12:07
TuniX12not me :D12:08
jussi01_Ivo: Ive not seen it, but Id report a bug anywya12:08
ubuntoilsame, not me12:08
_Ivooh well, thanks anyway12:09
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_IvoI wouldn't mind reporting a bug; it's just in my experience KDE developers rarely bother to fix anything.  They usually just tell me to "upgrade to KDE 4.x where that's fixed".12:10
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jussi01_Ivo: Id also check your fstab config, just to see it didnt get corrupted somwhere along the line12:11
_Ivojussi01: as I have mentioned, I can mount it through the shell, which means it's just fine12:13
_Ivothanks for your time, guys.  I'm off.12:14
tzdwill the main repos be updated with openoffice 3 please?12:18
TuniX12tzd: i dont think12:19
dr_willisI imagine the forums will have some info on that tzd  - i would be suprised12:19
TuniX12only backport12:19
dr_willisof course theres always backports and the PPA repos.12:19
tzdhmm ok. So if i want the 3rd version I'd have to uninstall v2.4 first and then install oo3 via .deb files right?12:20
tzdthanks for the info TuniX12 and dr_willis12:20
dr_willisI was thinking in the OOOo review i saw the other day..you could install 3 alongside 212:20
dr_willisbut it would depend on how its packaged12:21
emilsedghOOOo ?12:21
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emilsedgh'O's are still counting?12:21
dr_willisooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000000 :)12:22
amerigohow can i do to check if my video driver is the best for my video card ...?12:22
amerigoand if it is working properly?12:23
dr_willis'best' depends. :)  then again the options for nvidia/ati drivers are a bit limited.. when in doubt try to use whats in the repos even if its not the latest.12:23
TuniX12amerigo there is one driver for your card and it's the best cause there is no other one!!12:24
TuniX12i mean open source drivers12:24
schlangendoes anyone know where the path to the dbus-machine-id is saved?12:24
amerigoyes, but i got a problem with a game...12:24
TuniX12amerogo with wine?12:24
amerigothe driver that before run at 120 fps12:24
dr_willisMore details are always helpfull.....12:25
amerigonoe runs at 10 fps12:25
amerigono SL12:25
amerigoSecond Life12:25
dr_willis sounds like you have no 3d drivers setup then.12:25
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:25
amerigoyes it sounds me too12:26
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)12:27
amerigoI got this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/62456/12:28
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dr_willisnow try...12:28
dr_willisgrep /etc/X11/xorg.conf driver12:29
dr_willisoops Upper case D12:29
dr_willisgrep /etc/X11/xorg.conf Driver12:29
dr_willisand im backwards.. on tghe grep lol...12:29
amerigomay be grep | ....12:30
favroso  grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:30
dr_willisno reverese pattern and file name. :)12:30
dr_willisI cant get vnc to cut/paste right for me. :(12:31
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ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:31
amerigoi have installed nvidia-glx-new on kubuntu 8.0412:33
amerigodr_willis:  there's a way to test the freme rate and 3d rendering???12:35
dr_willistry glxgears perhaps12:35
amerigoi haven't it on reposities12:36
dr_willis!find glxgears12:36
ubottuPlease use http://packages.ubuntu.com/12:36
favrotry just typing   glxgears   in a konsole12:36
TuniX12!info glxgears12:36
ubottuPackage glxgears does not exist in hardy12:36
dr_willisits in mesa-utils12:36
jannottHow i change volume? lol? :D12:37
dr_willislittle speaker at  the panel?12:37
dr_willisor run kmix if its not showing12:37
jannottnow its there. Thanks12:38
amerigodr_willis: i had to reboot after installation?12:43
amerigoor run X restart?12:43
dr_willisreinstalling the nvidia driver normally it best to reboot afterwards12:44
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glade88'lo.. which image editor is included by default in kubuntu intrepid? I dont have gimp, and okular and gwenview aren't of much use when actually "editting" them..12:47
amerigodr_willis:  it seems to work fine12:47
amerigobut i've to try it on the game12:48
dr_willisglade88,  install gimp if you like it12:55
glade88dr_willis: isnt it so much GTK? i can do that, but is there a reason why isnt it included by default12:56
TuniX12yes there is12:58
ubuntu_every body12:58
ubuntu_i'm a boy from tunisia12:58
dr_willisgimp uses gtk.. in fact i was thinking  GTK was made origianlly for/with gimp12:58
dr_willissoit uses gtk.. big deal..lots of apps use gtk12:59
TuniX12ubuntu_ me too12:59
dr_willislots of stuff are not included by default - due to the cd-size limit12:59
ubuntu_ok ay well12:59
ubuntu_hi tunix1212:59
ubuntu_nice to meet you12:59
TuniX12ubuntu_ join #ubuntu-tn13:00
ubuntu_there is it here any girl13:00
dr_willisubuntu_,  lots of them in #gentoo13:01
dr_willisthey all are.. even if they say they are not.. they all are secetly girls...13:02
glade88dr_willis: thanks. I asked also at #kubuntu-devel .. I'll try out krita but gimp. thanks for the reply though :)13:02
ubuntu_ok thanks13:03
dr_willisglade88,  i recall there being some other image editors out -but i cant rember their names.. some were windows/linux both13:03
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alarmhey there. i got an issue with dolphin file browser. when i try to enter into directories with 1000+ files (generally many files), dolphin crashes. is there some way to fix that ?13:07
dr_willisother then 'use konqueror' ? :)13:08
alarmwell why not dolphin ? to be integrated it means that it is also good, or not ? :)13:09
tadej_Hello all. I don't know if this is the right place to be asking this, but I have just bought a new computer with preinstalled FreeDos and I would like to know how to remove that and install kubuntu13:10
dr_willisI dont see how its really integrated any more then konqueror.. and its missing a lot ofthe fetures i liked13:10
TuniX12tadej_: insert your ubuntu CD and install that's all13:11
dr_willisfreedos. :) weee...13:12
tadej_yeah, the problem is that the cd does not run13:12
dr_willisinsert cd.. power up...13:12
dr_willisget a cd that works.. or make a bootable thumbdrive..13:12
TuniX12insert Cd and reboot13:12
dr_willishow did you burn the cd?13:12
tadej_yes I did it worked just fine with my other computer13:13
tadej_OK, i've got it working13:13
tadej_don't know why that didn't workd 5 min ago13:13
tadej_thanky guys13:13
bhshow to join another channel?13:19
bhsplz teach me that anyguyz13:19
favrotry /j #newbie13:21
bhsyou know change another server ?13:22
bhsi wanna connect irc.hanirc.org13:22
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[|Liam|]Hi when I play music on Amarok (on Kubuntu) i seem to be getting alot of bass in the background, how do i get rid of it?13:43
freaky_ti love kubuntu! :D13:50
melanieHi, how can I install kdeprint in kubuntu 8.10?13:57
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anpucan somebody plz tell me how to install driver for my audio card?14:06
wtffffhi i have 3 tv cards, the first video is at /dev/video0 , but the audio is at /dev/dsp1.. how to make it /dev/dsp0?14:13
wtffffhi i have 3 tv cards, the first video is at /dev/video0 , but the audio is at /dev/dsp1.. how to make it /dev/dsp0?14:19
maxbaldwinis kdesu the right word?14:22
maxbaldwinbecause it says it's not. :|14:22
jbiseniushello there14:23
jbiseniusanyone else had any issues with their kubuntu 8.10 after the recent upgrades?14:23
maxbaldwinno, what problems did you have?14:24
jbiseniuswell, it started with my external HDs not being recoginzed anymore, and then loads of weird messages on startup that unfortunately I neither understand nor remember :(14:25
jbiseniushave re-installed 8.04 now, and upgrading again, so no worries...might have been from my side..just wondering if it were a general issue..14:26
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djiezeshi, any good tips/links for a freshly Kubuntu 8.10 RC 64-bit install?14:27
maxbaldwindijiezes: www.google.com14:32
maxbaldwinjbisenius: Think it's your end. If it was 8.04 it would've been solved by now. :p14:33
spencerI'm running kubuntu in a vm and for some reason the fonts are really tiny14:42
Reptilevm ?14:43
spencervirtual machine14:43
Reptilehave u tried to change system settings14:44
maxbaldwinIt should be under the system setting, or resolution, spencer.14:47
koperton---> need of terster for this http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=9181714:49
eagles0513875i have a question i am making an ubuntu irc channel for malta ubuntu lug how do i register my channel with kubuntu14:58
eagles0513875nm wrong channel14:58
blip-hi all,  on kubuntu 8.04 is it compiled with the Xinerama USE flag ?  thanks15:14
bielI'm having trouble with kubuntu hardy, kwin weird behaviour15:23
bielWhen I enter for the first time (boot), window frames don't work, and I have to enter the session again15:24
kopertonmaybe graphic card15:28
onur_how do i disable adept_notifier?15:28
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bielgraphic card, koperton?15:34
kopertonbiel: I dunno but that problems i think means you have some troubles with your graphic card , have you ati ?15:36
=== x_ is now known as enaut
biellet's see15:38
bielit's a friend's pc, :)15:38
bielVGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GME965/GLE960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)15:39
biel00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GME965/GLE960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)15:39
bielkoperton, it'an intel15:39
bielthe pc is a laptop15:39
bielhp 55015:39
geekvery common graphics adaptor ;p15:39
kopertonmm i have 94515:40
kopertoni knew some issues on that card15:40
kopertonbut i really don't remember15:40
geekIIRC the x3100 didn't work well with compiz ;p15:41
geekleast the one that was optional with hardy15:41
geeki'd check but i upgraded to intrepid yesterday15:41
kopertonyes there are problems maybe in the forums there are solutions15:42
kopertontry to search there15:43
kopertonmaybe here there is something http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/cs-010512.htm15:46
scribbleswhat do I do with a .bundle file? The copy of VMPlayer I downloaded is .bundle15:48
bielthanx, koperton15:49
freaky_t5 days to go :D15:49
kopertoni will stay with hardy15:49
kopertoni will repeat xD15:50
freaky_tim on intrepid allready :D15:50
kopertonsomeone wants test this : http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=9181715:50
eagles0513875freaky_t: ask in #ubuntu+115:52
eagles0513875thats intrepid support15:52
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impaladalguien de de la sala sabe algo de opencoffe15:53
freaky_teagles0513875: i was not asking anything ,p15:53
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.15:54
eagles0513875any intrepid support if u need any is in that channel15:54
freaky_teagles0513875: i know :P15:54
freaky_ti need no support atm15:54
freaky_ti was just chatting ;D15:54
eagles0513875freaky_t: make sure its support related15:55
freaky_tno if i want to say something i say it ;D15:56
=== jong is now known as gm
freaky_tand now im away ;D15:56
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scribblesI downloaded VMWare Player as a .rpm and as a .bundle, alien conversion of the rpm gives me a scripts error, what do I do with a .bundle?16:05
scribblesis it an executable?16:05
emilsedghHowdy BluesKaj :P16:15
BluesKajhi emilsedgh16:15
batti5i need help with kopete16:21
batti5how use as irc client?16:22
dr_willisHmm.. Run it, check its  help docs? :)16:23
dr_willisI dont recall it being too hard to figure out. BUt i perfer xchat for irc16:24
ign0ramushey guys... my firefox is slow as heck now, and I realized it's because it spends 2-3 seconds "looking up sitename.com..." before beginning to connect.  How can i fix this?16:24
fgutierrhi, i'm having problems with kernel 2.6.27 and my wireless adapter ipw394516:31
geekign0ramus: sounds like your DNS server16:31
fgutierri've tried the backport thing, and ndiswrapper16:31
fgutierrbut nothing worked fine until now16:31
fgutierrcan you help me?16:31
ign0ramusgeeK: yep, i'm checking now... i generally use the Level3 DNS (, etc), but i may go back to OpenDNS16:32
ign0ramusfgutierr: fwiw, i had the same problem.  that kernel worked fine with wireless on Intrepid, but not on Hardy for me (?)16:33
* MikHel is unhappy with 8.10 printing....16:34
fgutierri have intrepid right now, bue on hardy it wasn't working either16:34
batti5any help please, how to use kopete as irc?16:37
maxbaldwinuse Konversation16:37
MikHelAnybody got experience with printing on Intrepid? It is a disaster for me!16:38
maxbaldwinMikHel: Did you check the community docx?16:38
batti5maxbaldwin: i dont like konversation16:38
maxbaldwinNo, no idea.16:39
coreymon77batti5: i do16:39
MikHelmaxbaldwin: No, but before I even do that, let me ask this: I installed Intrepid before RC1 and have installed all the updates. Does it mean I effectively have RC1 installed?16:39
batti5but, no emotions here16:40
geekMikHel: yes16:40
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TimSI have connected a joystick, but I'm not sure where its connected to, it shows up as Bus 001 Device 007 when I lsusb16:41
MikHelThanks geek. Well the pdftopdf is a total disaster! I have a 200 page pdf file that I want to print and pdftopdf takes almost 2GB of ram to process it and then nothing comes out....16:41
MikHel:( I prefered the old postscript based printing....16:41
MikHelAt least it worked....16:41
geekMikHel: ouch. i hardly print on linux so... i can't help there16:42
dr_willisI cant recall any printing issues under linux.. so cant help much either.16:43
MikHelgeek: I figured ... this is a very narrow scope problem....16:43
dr_willisand ive rarely used pdf stuff16:44
TimSMindfield is ffaaaaasst16:44
TimSIt can load gmail in less than a second :p16:44
bielkoperton, I've found that /etc/X11/xorg.conf does not contain any Driver item.16:47
bielshould I put a Driver  "intel" option?16:47
=== winterelf is now known as winterelf_
dr_willisX tends to 'auto configure' itself a lot these days..16:54
pronoyI just downloaded kde4.0.3 and i have a problem with mplayer audio....other players work fine....how can i fix it ?17:01
zbyszekhi i have a huge problem, while booting up the system, i can see problem while starting bluetooth, there is an information "starting bluetooth" and thats it, i can do nothing else17:03
zbyszekcan you help?17:03
zbyszekhi i have a huge problem, while booting up the system, i can see problem while starting bluetooth, there is an information "starting bluetooth" and thats it, i can do nothing else17:03
zbyszekhi i have a huge problem, while booting up the system, i can see problem while starting bluetooth, there is an information "starting bluetooth" and thats it, i can do nothing else17:03
winterelfhi, anyone here knows why i can't find bitchx? can't we use bitchx hardy 8.04?17:04
bazhangtry irrsi17:04
pronoyI just downloaded kde4.0.3 and i have a problem with mplayer audio....other players work fine....how can i fix it ?17:05
bazhang!info irrsi17:05
ubottuPackage irrsi does not exist in hardy17:05
bazhang!info irssi17:05
ubottuirssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.12-3ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 1050 kB, installed size 2840 kB17:05
pronoyzbyszek: can you help with the problem ?17:06
winterelfsorry i got offline, i'll repeat17:06
bazhangtry irssi winterelf17:06
winterelfhi, anyone here knows why i can't find bitchx? can't we use bitchx hardy 8.04?17:07
zbyszekpronoy try vaious option with -ao switch17:07
zbyszekall i can say17:07
winterelfu ment ircii no?17:07
dr_willisits not in the repos  i think.. try irssi if you want a text based irc client17:07
pronoyzbyszek: repeat please...total noob here17:07
dr_willisor the bitchX source17:07
Schuenemannhey, where does firefox store my history? I need a page I visited a few minutes ago17:07
zbyszekok pronoy try this17:08
zbyszekclick right on video window17:08
zbyszekchoos preferences17:08
zbyszekgo to audio17:08
zbyszekand try with other audio17:08
zbyszekremeber to restart mplayer after each change17:09
pronoyzbyszek : cool works...thanks a lot17:09
Mr-Sfor bitchX, check: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=40112217:10
MikHelzbyszek: I see you are talking about video.... mplayer does not display anything anymore since I upgraded to Intrepid...17:10
=== root is now known as Guest20973
coubeatczechhello, do anyone know how to shut KDE down and continue working only in shell?17:17
dr_williscoubeatczech,  stop the kdm/gdm service17:17
dr_willissudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop17:17
coubeatczechok thanks17:17
portalhellou there, please can somebody  help me with the wireless  network??17:19
dr_willistotally depends on the exact problem/chipset...17:20
dr_willisand i know very little about wireless.. :)17:20
dr_willisso state the chipset of the card, and the exact problem to the channel for starters.17:20
emilsedgh!ask | portal17:21
ubottuportal: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:21
portalhow to get that wifi system??17:22
Mr-Sopen a terminal and type: sudo lspci | grep "Wireless"17:23
Mr-Sit should return something like this: ...BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller ...17:24
portalumm .. there says ethernet controller..17:25
MellowDudehi all how is everyone today17:25
Mr-Sdo you have a laptop or a desktop computer ?17:26
Mr-Swich brand and model ?17:26
portalumm fujitsu siemens amilo17:26
Mr-Sok then doing the lspci command, what does the terminal say exactly ?17:27
Mr-Slspci ( it will list all devices including the wireless card )17:29
portalwhat command do i type in there17:29
coreymon77portal: open a terminal and type lspci and press entre17:29
coreymon77portal: that command displays all hardware attatched to your comptuer17:30
coreymon77portal: copy the output from it and paste it on www.pastebin.ca17:30
portaltheres says command not found17:30
coreymon77lspci not found?17:30
Mr-Stry sudo lspci17:30
jussi01portal: copy-paste it - its an l not a 117:30
jussi01Mr-S: no, please dont suggest that17:31
jozekczy to wszyscy piszą po angielsku17:31
coreymon77Mr-S: there is no need to use sudo for that17:31
jussi01!pl | jozek17:31
ubottujozek: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl17:31
Mr-Sjust in case .... ( i know )17:31
coreymon77jussi01: why in the world is he getting command not found for lspci17:32
portali dont know17:32
jussi01coreymon77: could be he mistyped it, caps maybe?17:32
dr_willisusing a l for an i, or a 1.17:32
dr_willisor his path is incorrect17:32
jussi01yeah, could be that17:32
jussi01so portal did you try just copying it into the terminal from your irc client?17:33
portali tried all of those and nothing17:33
=== anderson is now known as compiz_e_kwin_ow
=== compiz_e_kwin_ow is now known as kwin_owna_o_aero
jussi01portal: please copy whats in your teminal now to a pastebin for me17:34
dr_willisit may be wiorth wile to install the 'pastebinit' command.17:34
portalthere just says  command not found in everything what i put there17:34
dr_willisand learn to use it.. of course.. :)17:34
kwin_owna_o_aeroalguem poderia me citar algumas modificações que o Kubuntu vai ter na versão 8.10? (fora ter o KDE4.1.2 por padrão)17:35
jussi01portal: please do what i say ;) copy everything, including what you typed17:35
Mr-Stype ls into the terminal, what happends17:35
jussi01!es | kwin_owna_o_aero17:35
ubottukwin_owna_o_aero: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:35
portalportal@portal-laptop:~$ sudo Ispci17:35
portalsudo: Ispci: command not found17:35
portalportal@portal-laptop:~$ 1spci17:35
portalbash: 1spci: command not found17:35
portalportal@portal-laptop:~$ ispci17:35
portalbash: ispci: command not found17:35
jussi01portal: no, its lspci17:35
kwin_owna_o_aeroi'm not speak english17:36
jcfp!pt | kwin_owna_o_aero17:36
jussi01with an l, not an I17:36
ubottukwin_owna_o_aero: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.17:36
portalhaa xD17:36
portalwhat tthen17:37
andy22Can anyone help me with Quake3 / Doom3...? Neither work now that I've upgraded to Hardy Heron17:37
andy22I get Sys_Error: Couldn't load default.cfg with doom317:37
jussi01portal: copy everything to a pastebin this time17:37
jussi01!paste | portal17:37
ubottuportal: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)17:37
jussi01coreymon77: all yours... ;)17:37
coreymon77jussi01: depending on what care we are talking, i may not actually have the time to do this17:38
aes52Can anyone help me with Doom3 / Quake3? After upgrading to HArdy Heron they no longer work17:40
coreymon77portal: so, did you pastebin it17:42
portali don't know how -_-''17:43
coreymon77portal: select the entire output, and copy it, then go to www.pastebin.ca and paste it17:44
coreymon77then post the thing on the pastebin and give us the url it tells you17:44
coreymon77holy netsplit batman!17:44
portali got an error17:45
Mr-Saes52: have you tried re-installing quake3 ?17:45
=== delove is now known as starpollo
aes52no, but why should that be nedcessary Mr-S ?17:46
coreymon77portal: whats it this tme17:46
Mr-Sbecasue you have most likely upgraded the kernel and compiler as well17:46
portali tried to go on that one link and it started to load something and then it got an error17:47
Mr-Ssomtimes upgrading kernel means re-installing games ( software )17:47
aes52ok Mr-S I'm trying that17:47
aes52I'm suspicous though17:47
coreymon77okay then17:47
coreymon77portal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/17:48
Mr-Sjust try first with quake3, if successfull, do it with doom3. If not, we start the troubleshooting17:48
starpollohmm, how to make dreamweaver work in ubuntu? :O help for a noob?17:48
coreymon77portal: do it there17:48
coreymon77starpollo: cs3?17:48
portalokay i pasted  it and  what then??17:48
coreymon77portal: did you press the paste button?17:49
coreymon77it gave you a url right?17:49
geekstarpollo: you will probably need to install wine17:49
Mr-Swith the info of lspci, we can see wich wifi card you are using.17:49
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.17:49
coreymon77portal: copy the url from your browser and paste it here17:50
portalumm...  no i quess17:50
coreymon77copy the thing in the address bar or your browser17:50
coreymon77and paste it here17:51
tadej_Hi all, I'm trying to download classical eclipse (ganymede version), but if I install it through adept manager I only get the old version (3.2). I really need the new one so I downloaded it manually and unzipped it. It "kinda" works but in kosole it's still saying that eclipse is not installed. How should I install it?17:51
coreymon77oh boy17:51
coreymon77this might take a while17:51
Mr-Sok he is using the Atheros chip.17:52
portalok..  is it bad??17:52
Mr-Sshould be this one auto installed by kubuntu ?17:52
coreymon77jussi01: i really dont have te time for this card17:53
coreymon77Mr-S: not this one17:53
Mr-Sohhhhh ....17:53
coreymon77Mr-S: most, yes, but not this one17:53
Mr-Sknow how that feels ( bcm43 chip set here )17:54
Bones122This Atheros chip is a bugger17:54
coreymon77jussi01: its an AR242x, and i really dont have the time to take care of this particular job (have to be somewhere in an hour), can you take care of it17:54
coreymon77ya, i know17:54
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:54
coreymon77most atheros chips are easy17:54
jussi01nope, Im gone17:54
coreymon77mine worked ootb17:54
coreymon77but this one is a bugger17:54
portalmy man tried to get the wireless connection to work but now  he put me to do it...17:55
Bones122coreymon77: checkout that link17:55
coreymon77Bones122: trust me, i know, wireless problems are typically what i deal with17:55
portalwhat i do17:56
coreymonyou do this17:56
Mr-Sthis link should work17:56
aes52No, problem is still there17:56
aes52I think it's a library or graphics card drivers problem17:57
aes52since Quake3, doom3 and Tribes2 neither work17:57
aes52glxgears runs fine17:58
Mr-Sok for this one, start a terminal and start doom3 ( or any other game)17:58
Mr-Sthe game will not start, but the terminal will tell us ( hopefully ) what is going on17:58
aes52..Locking assertion failure.  Backtrace:17:59
aes52#0 /usr/lib/libxcb-xlib.so.0 [0xb7c0e767]17:59
aes52I'm suspecting it's some kind of lib problem17:59
Mr-Sone moment.. checking oon something17:59
jannott__tuxkart is hard :O18:00
Mr-Sthis might be helpfull: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-782765.html18:01
wolfieso knetworkmanager doesn't seem to be scanning for wireless networks or anything. my wireless card sems to be active but i don't know how to find and connect to wireless networks (i'm new to kde)18:02
aes52Sys_LoadDll(/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/uii386.so) failed:18:02
zabbadapphuh? reading digg, won't OOo 3 be included in 8.10?18:02
aes52Mr-S: It's a system wide problem I'm having18:02
=== jannott__ is now known as JannoT
=== JannoT is now known as JannoTT
coreymon77wolfie: which card18:03
Mr-Sdefine system wide, other applications are not starting as well ?18:03
wolfiecoreymon: uh, lets see. i got a lenovo t60p i'm not sure what the card is, how do i check that?18:03
coreymon77wolfie: lspci in terminal18:04
coreymon77wolfie: then pastebin it on http://paste.ubuntu.com/18:05
zabbadappany organisation or individual that want maximum stability in the environment won't upgrade from 8.04 LTS anyway ... and the rest must wait another 0.5 years before OO3.018:05
coreymon77zabbadapp: 8.04 isnt an lts for kubuntu18:05
wolfiecoreymone: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02)18:05
freaky_ti want oo3 in my kubuntu :(18:05
coreymon77zabbadapp: and ooo 3.0 will be just a simple apt-get away18:05
zabbadappwill it?18:06
coreymon77zabbadapp: why wouldnt it?18:06
freaky_tim eating an apple :D18:06
coreymon77wolfie: type iwconfig pastebin what you get18:06
coreymon77wolfie: type iwconfig and pastebin what you get*18:07
zabbadappwon't i have to add a new source for it first18:07
wolfiecoreymon: http://paste.ubuntu.com/62547/18:07
coreymon77zabbadapp: i wouldnt think so18:07
portalit jammed at that cd madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007 patr18:07
coreymon77zabbadapp: just because its not included doesnt mean it wont be in the repos18:08
zabbadappok, then I retract my previous whining :-)18:08
wolfiecoremon: whoops pasted too much. jus see bottom :-)18:08
coreymon77portal: what do you mean by jammed18:08
coreymon77wolfie: no worries, do you use wep encryption?18:08
wolfiecoremon: yes18:08
portali put that command to the terminal and then it  want something  more ...??18:09
coreymon77wolfie: that makes things alot easier18:09
wolfiecoreymone: nice :-D18:09
coreymon77portal: it brings you back to a prompt right?18:09
aes52MR-S you were right it seems18:10
aes52but I don't understand why18:10
Mr-Swhat happend ?18:10
aes52reinstalling quake3 fixed it18:10
aes52Nothing is compiled18:10
aes52so I'm really confused by thsi18:10
Mr-Shere is my theory: you have upgarded the kernel and the gcc compiler. This means that quake3 will think nothing has changed.18:11
wolfiecoreymon77: so, any help?18:11
Mr-Sbut the new kernel and compiler will create a new enviroment with new links ans paths ...18:11
coreymon77wolfie: yup, you know the essid and wep key im assuming?18:11
coreymon77portal: you messed up18:11
wolfiecoreymon77: no doubt.18:11
=== anderson is now known as kwin_owna_o_aero
Mr-Sas reslt: quake3 and the others were going to the wrong libary paths. re-installing solves this18:13
kwin_owna_o_aerosudo rm -f /18:13
djiezesfreaky, ooo3 has repositories for kubuntu, i just installed them on 8.10 rc, 64-bit. work fine.18:13
coreymon77portal:hmm, wait a sec18:14
portalthis is the entire thing http://paste.ubuntu.com/62554/18:14
aes52I see18:14
wolfiecoreymon77: i do know the essid and wep key18:14
aes52so There are some settings somewhere to library files etc18:14
aes52when I install18:14
Mr-Sthis is why upgrading makes me nervous :)18:14
coreymon77wolfie: okay, type this, replacing the [] with your info18:15
coreymon77wolfie: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid [youressid] key [yourwepkey]18:15
coreymon77wolfie: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid blah key blah18:15
wolfiecoreymon77: that seems to have worked. i don't want to disconnect my ethernet quite yet just in case it didn't. now, in gnome there was a nice panel app that did all that for me. it even scanned for all available networks. any such thing in kde?18:17
coreymon77wolfie: knetworkmanager is awful, sorry18:18
coreymon77portal: ah, i see, you actually were fine18:19
wolfiecoreymon77: can i use gnome's network manager in kde then?18:19
coreymon77but, if you looked in the file you unzipped, then you would have realized what i am gonna tell you18:19
wolfiecoreymon77: or is there an alternative to knetworkmanager?18:19
coreymon77wolfie: you can use gnomes18:20
portalwhat i do18:20
coreymon77portal: type cd into a termina18:20
wolfiecoreymon77: just sudo apt-get gnome-network-manager?18:20
nejodewolfie, take a look at this: http://wicd.sourceforge.net/18:20
rootirssi rules!18:20
wolfienejode: will do18:20
rootsame as bitchx!18:20
=== root is now known as Guest59137
wolfienejode: will i have to remove knetworkmanager before installing wicd?18:21
coreymonportal: did you type cd into terminal18:21
nejodewolfie: yes18:22
coreymonportal: good, now18:22
portalwhat then18:22
coreymonportal: wget http://snapshots.madwifi.org/madwifi-hal-
wolfienejode: how am i supposed to install using apt-get if after i remove knetworkmanager i no longer have an internet connection?18:23
aes52Has anyone seen Konqueror crash when surfing the net?18:23
aes52I have :P18:23
nejodewolfie: download it first18:23
wolfienejode: just download the .deb package?18:24
nejodewolfie: http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/reviews/6527/1/18:24
coreymonportal: done?18:24
wolfienejode: thanks18:24
portalhow do i get that open that link18:24
coreymonportal: just type wget http://snapshots.madwifi.org/madwifi-hal- into terminal18:25
Mr-Syep ... konqueror is not a perfect web browser :(18:25
coreymonportal: copy and paste wget http://snapshots.madwifi.org/madwifi-hal- into terminal18:25
freaky_tfirefox keeps crashing on me :(18:25
DaSkreechMr-S: No browser is18:25
Mr-Syou do have a point there18:25
DaSkreechIf they were I could download hardware :-(18:26
coreymonportal: is it done?18:26
coreymonportal: i have to go soon, so hurry18:26
Mr-Stried doing so myself, but the dvd burner was to big for my download/directroy :)18:27
portalit saved something18:27
=== kde4 is now known as jirik
coreymontar xfz madwifi-hal-
portalinto terminal??18:28
coreymoneverything in terminal18:29
portalok then what18:29
coreymoncd madwifi-hal-
coreymonthen sudo make18:29
coreymonthen sudo make install18:29
coreymonthen sudo modprobe ath_pci18:29
coreymonthen reboot and you should be good to go18:30
nejodewolfie: you can use the -d option in apt-get to download only the required packages...18:30
portalok thanks18:30
nejode...and then install fron cache18:30
pronoyhow do i download the kdm theme manager using terminal ?18:31
coreymonportal: now i have to go, if you still have problems, ask someone else18:31
aes52how do I make konqueror the default file browsing application18:33
aes52so that when I click on System-> storage fore xample, it opens up konqueror NOT dolphin18:34
aes52also.. is it safe to remove dolphin?18:34
Mr-Saes52: you are using KDE4 ?18:34
aes52don't think so18:34
Mr-Sdo you have a black task tray and a strange logo on the upper right corner of your desktop ?18:35
[ifroog]Quick, Whats the command to free the apt-get/adept database lock?18:35
aes52I think it's kde 3.5418:36
aes52or something18:36
Mr-Sthan you are not running KDE$ but the normal one .. one moment ..18:36
Mr-Skonqueror is the default file browser, not sure yet how to set dolphin as the standard browser18:39
aes52you know the icon that you can click 2nd from the left18:40
aes52where you can click 'Home folder' etc18:40
aes52I want that to open up Konqeuror, not Dolphin18:40
aes52also, I don't know why my Documents folder has an exclamation mark18:40
humehow can I create program icons in a panel in kde4 as I used to do in kde3?18:41
Mr-Scheck this out:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48389718:41
Mr-Smake sure konqueror is set on the top level18:42
Mr-Sor simply uninstall dolphin ...)18:43
=== Fieldy is now known as FieldySnuts
aes52thanks for your assistance Mr-S!18:44
Mr-Sno problem18:44
=== Riddelll is now known as Riddell
MellowDudehi up all18:49
MellowDudeok i got the kubuntu 8.10 to work18:50
LjLno, i'll keep sitting down, thanks18:50
LjL!8.10 | MellowDude18:50
ubottuMellowDude: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!18:50
MellowDudei need to config the xserver18:50
MellowDudebut when i try it dont give an option to pick a graphice what i do18:51
freeksh0w86Is it possible to configure the screen resolution for kdm and all users?18:53
MellowDudeit will not let me pick my chip set though18:54
Mr-SMellowDude: KDE4 is not supported here, only KDE3.x. You can check #ubuntu+1 (irc) or edit your xorg.conf18:56
Tukonhi all18:56
Tukoni'm running intrepid RC18:56
BluesKajMellowDude:  perhaps the #ubuntu+1 chat will help you...the discussion there is about 8.10 and KDE418:56
Tukonhow can i get adept to install koffice 2 beta?18:57
Tukoni added the repo to the third party software tab, but koffice-kde4 doesnt show in the package list18:57
BluesKajbeta's are seldom list listed in the source repos18:58
Mr-SKoffice 2 beta: check http://www.kubuntu.org/news/koffice-2-beta-218:58
TukonMr-S: i did that, but the koffice-kde4 package isnt showing up in the package list =(19:00
DaSkreechTukon: known bug sorry about that. run sudo /usr/sbin/update-apt-xapian-index19:01
DaSkreechhi MellowDude19:01
BluesKajTukon:  did you copy and paste this into your sources.list ? deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu intrepid main19:01
DaSkreechBluesKaj: he did but adept didn't rebuild the package cache19:02
Tukonthx daskreech19:02
DaSkreechIf he tries to install it from CLI it will work19:02
Tukonlemme try it19:02
BluesKajyou have to copy the whole repos line from deb to main19:02
DaSkreechassuming Tukon is a he :)19:02
BluesKajthen sudo apt-get update19:03
Mr-Ssorry, i was checking in Koffice 2 beta ... looks nice ..19:03
TukonDaSkreech: THANKS! Koffice 2 beta installing now...19:05
MellowDudei just need to know how to edit the Xorg.confg in kubuntu on how to intall the drivers for the i845g/gl chipset or the 915 chip set19:06
kopertoni am disperate :) i can't find out a guys to test my new mencoder ffmepg ffmpeg2theora slider software19:09
Mr-Sif i understand you correclty: you will need to set Driver "i810" in xorg.conf, video devie section19:10
Mr-Scheck : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88876 | there is an xorg.conf example19:10
Mr-Sjust open /etc/X11/xorg.conf and edit the driver line yourself. restart X ( ctrl alt backspace ) and check19:12
pronoyhelp please....i seemed to have closed the lower panel on kde 4.0.3 environment and now i can't access any applications19:12
pronoyhelp please....i seemed to have closed the lower panel on kde 4.0.3 environment and now i can't access any applications19:13
Idzmejust add a panel19:14
Idzmeright mouse klick-add panel19:14
batti5its possible to have snow or rain on the desktop?19:14
pronoyIdzme: ill be right back19:14
Idzmethen select add widget and select the application launcher19:14
Idzmeok, that will fix it :)19:14
pronoy_Idzme: no such option..19:16
pronoy_just says configure desktop19:16
Idzmeon you're right mouse menu-you can select add widget and add panel19:16
pronoy_i'll try19:17
Idzmemaybe firsat Unlock you're widgets19:17
pronoyIdzme: nope..no such widget19:18
Idzmepronoy: why do you logg off\19:18
pronoybecause kde is on this machine19:19
pronoyand i have to switch between gnome and kde4 sessions19:19
Idzmeok, first click with you;re right mouse button on you're desktop and choose Unlcok widgets19:19
Idzmewhy?? you can use irc on kde alkso19:19
pronoyIdzme: to access IRC i need that panel19:19
Idzmethen type in youre irc client19:20
Idzmesorry, that's gnome19:20
pronoyi'll switch over and talk to you ..brb...and sorry i am a total noob :)19:20
humeanyone can point to instructions on how to create program icons in a panel in kde4?19:20
pronoyIdzme: ya done19:21
pronoyIdzme: no such option of unlock widgets19:21
Idzmehume: yes, start you're application launcher, right click on wanted programm and then add to panel19:21
Idzmewhat do you see under the right mouse menu??19:21
Idzmeunder kde419:22
humeIdzme, ok.. but if I want it on a second panel, not the main panel?19:22
Idzmefirst put the application-launcher widget in that new panel and do teh same19:22
pronoyrun command, configure desktop, add widgets, align horizontally, align vertically, lock widgets, lock screen and logout19:22
Idzmethat's who I did it :)19:22
pronoyIdzme:run command, configure desktop, add widgets, align horizontally, align vertically, lock widgets, lock screen and logout19:23
pronoythats all i got19:23
pronoyand the main panel was exactly what i was talking about19:23
Idzmeok so no add panel, starnge, ia have al you're op[tions and teh add panel option19:23
batti5need help with xsnow19:23
pronoyIdzme: is there any way i can make it all default ?19:24
Idzmepronoy, sorry i don't know why that option is not there, it shopuld be19:24
pronoycan anyone else help me ??19:25
Idzmepronoy, sorry...maybe google in gnome?? there should be some option to start a terminal with short keys (alt-F2 in gnome)19:25
humeIdzme, this might sound strang, but my KDE is in swedish - which one is "Application Launcher"? The K meny?19:26
Idzme=have to go now, good luck, sorry i could't help you19:26
Idzmehume: yes19:26
* Idzme is leaving19:26
Mr-Si think i can help. In the widget appletm are 2 K icons19:26
Mr-S1 K for the new KDE4 menu, and 1 for the tradional. Be aware of the red signs ( - and + ) next to them.19:27
Mr-Sbe sure there are no red - or +. Then add 1 K button19:28
pronoyMr-S: i am not quite sure...what youi mean ?19:31
Mr-SI am not at my KDE4 box now, but when moving the mouse in the black panel, right mouse click-> add widget19:32
pronoygo on19:32
Mr-Sa new box appaers with joices, there you will find the K launcher buttons19:33
pronoy nope19:33
pronoyjust widgets19:33
Mr-Sdo you have a new box ?19:33
Mr-Swhat does the drop down list box say ?19:33
pronoycategories and all widgets19:33
Mr-Sok, make that box bigger19:34
Mr-Sno wyou should be able to see different icons19:34
pronoyfull screen19:34
Mr-Sjust resize the box to be bigger19:34
pronoyi just have all the widgets and the search field and a drop down menu19:34
Mr-Sok now scroll through the widgets.19:35
Mr-SAt some point a K ( blue icon with a white K in it ) should be visible19:35
pronoyits an application launcher widget19:36
pronoyand aplication to launcher menu19:36
Mr-Syep, this is the one. Next to it, can you see anything which might be a + sign or a - sign ?19:36
Mr-Sor anything in red ?19:36
pronoyyes its activated so red19:37
Mr-Sok click on it an make sure no red signscan be seen19:37
pronoyok done19:37
Mr-Snow select the K buttun and add this one19:37
Mr-Snow you should see the icon in the panel ( left hand side )19:38
Mr-Sklick on it, and the Menu should expand19:38
pronoythere is just this widget having a menu of all my applications...now i want the main panel back....the taskbar as we know it windows19:39
pronoyhaving the start menu and stuff19:39
MellowDudeok intel website said to install the I915 graphics how i do that in terminal19:39
pronoyMr-S: but still the problem isn't solved19:39
Mr-Sgo back to the add widget panel and seach fotr Taskbar .( BE aware. KDE4 is quite nasty with these widgets)19:39
pronoyyes but the taskbar panel isn't there19:40
Mr-Sok start a program ( it is ofthe shrunk so small, nothing can be seen. Been there myself )19:40
pronoyMr-S: it has  a taskmanager...19:40
batti5whare can i find a desktop snower for linux?19:40
Mr-Ssorry than we need to add the ... dang forgot how it was named ...19:41
pronoyyes ?19:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jasper19:41
Mr-Sthe thing is you need to play wih teh wigets. they are quite unstable, it took me quite some time to get these little bastards up and running19:41
pronoyyes...but the original panel...the one that comes up with the first launch having the clock and the desktops isn't there...how do i bring that19:42
Mr-Sxsnoe : check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=547119:42
Mr-Swelcome to KDE4 ... its playing with the widget19:43
pronoyo man !19:43
Mr-Sand of course the little red signs next to the widget icons19:43
Mr-SKDE4 widgets are not so stable and easy to use19:43
pronoyi tried googling it but what should i write in the field ?? whats that basic panel called ?19:44
Mr-Stook me 20 min to get them back running like the first time. and still ...... ( arrrggggggg)19:44
Mr-Sone more tip, create a new account and log into that one19:45
Mr-S( that was my sollution )O19:45
pronoyhow will that help19:45
pronoythe administrator account being the one i use on my gnome interface19:45
Mr-Snew account means that the panel will be original as the first time used. it is complete19:45
pronoyyes but the i don't need an extra account hanging around19:46
pronoythe same thing happened on ubuntu 8.04 without the kde and i was able to reset that19:47
Mr-Sin this case you will have to play with the panel settings and the widgets. its also funny that you cannot drag the widgets in the pannel around19:47
moppedHow can I find/search for files/directories/parts of etc, from terminal?19:47
pronoybut how do i do it in Kubuntu ??19:47
Mr-Sso the order to add widgets is quite important19:47
Mr-Slike i described. the panel in gnome is completly different from the one in KDE19:48
aes52how do I make my alsamixer settings permanent?19:48
aes52asactl store does not seem to work19:48
pronoythe now active programmes where do they show ?? i mean i don't see that panel19:48
Mr-SI was under the impression we were working in KDE4 all the time ... )19:49
pronoykde 4.0.3 over ubuntu 8.0419:49
Mr-Sits all the same ....19:50
rossI prefer kde19:50
Mr-Sbut i think you should ask the #ububntu+1 channel here ....19:50
rossI like kde4, but I lose some functionality19:50
Mr-SI really need my KDe4 box to explain every single step, but i am at my laptop now19:51
rossspecifically, my panel doesn't span two monitors19:51
rossI really like the extra room to spread the icons out19:51
Mr-Skde4 is like having 3 mothers in law staying for more than 1 week19:51
pronoyMr-S: hahah.....well put19:52
rossbut, I've lost my association for text files (not when I double-click on a txt file, xboard opens up): can anyone tell me how to fix that?19:52
rossI wish gvim would open when I open a txt file from a file browser19:53
Mr-Sright mouse click on the file, select Open with -> enter/or brows to the text editor, make sure to remember the settings. Click OK19:53
rossMr-S: Thanks--that's been bugging me for awhile now19:53
Mr-Snp m8 )19:53
mrunagican someone explain to me what ./configure is19:53
pronoyMr-S: how do i get kubuntu 8.10 ?19:54
chris__pronoy:  update-manager -d19:55
Mr-Ssorry wrong link19:55
rosswhen I use "Open with:", what is the "Run in terminal" option?19:55
Mr-Sinstruction Kubuntu 8.1 can be found her : http://www.kubuntu.org/news/8.10-rc19:56
Mr-SWOrd of caution: its beta !19:56
Mr-Sross: this means the terminal will be used to run this command. you do not need this one now19:57
DaSkreechbatti5: yes19:59
ljuwaidahi used kubuntu for a while but i really hated the fact that there is no root user and i can't seem to get how you do it19:59
ljuwaidahso i shifted to fedora19:59
SlimeyPete"sudo passwd"19:59
DarkSmokelol @ no root user19:59
SlimeyPetethat'll set up a root account.19:59
ljuwaidahbut i'm willing to give kubuntu another shot if i get it19:59
ljuwaidahwell, it was pretty confusing19:59
SlimeyPetebut jus tusing sudo is generally better19:59
batti5DaSkreech: yes what?19:59
rossI really like kubuntu--I tried gentoo but it was too much werk19:59
batti5or you mean desktop snow?20:00
DarkSmokeljuwaidah: there is root user you just have to set the password for it by doing , sudo passwd root , and then use "su" and enter the password you setted20:00
Darthfrog /msg ljuwaidah "sudo su -" then "passwd" will enable the root account.20:00
ljuwaidahross: i used gentoo for 6 months, 3 days of which was innstalling it :(20:00
rossI was installing it for 3 months20:00
ljuwaidahand a total of a whole week building kde from source :(20:00
DarkSmokeyou do use slow computers :/20:00
DarkSmokei installed gento in 2hours20:01
chris__<-quad core 8gb ram20:01
DarkSmokeand compiled kde in 8hours20:01
rosswell, I kept backing myself into corners---I'm a linux newbie20:01
ljuwaidahDarkSmoke: why don't you have an option to set it during installation?20:01
DarkSmokeand by kde i mean kde-meta, all of the kde progs20:01
rossI have a fast system20:01
ljuwaidahDarkWizzard: my old comp was slow20:01
ljuwaidahi'm not sure about this one20:01
DarkSmokeljuwaidah: because kubuntu doesn't use "su" by default it uses "sudo <command>"20:01
rossI'm running Pentium 3.41ghz Intell with 4 gb RAM20:02
ljuwaidahross: why do you need 4gb? i have 2 gb and it's more than enough, what do you run?20:02
ljuwaidahDarkSmoke: humm... that makes a lot of sense20:03
ljuwaidahi'm giving it another shot :20:03
ljuwaidahwhen is 8.10 going to be released?20:03
DarkSmokeif you want to run konqueror as roo20:03
SlimeyPeteljuwaidah: end of the month20:03
rossljuwaidah: I appreciate your argument, most of my OS's don't even recognize the full 4 gb, I just bought it because I didn't know better20:03
DarkSmokei mean20:03
DarkSmokeif you would like to cp a file as root, you would do "sudo mv file"20:03
rossalthough I think it really does help with Vista20:03
ljuwaidahless than 6 days remaining, woohoo!20:03
DarkSmokeand that gives you as much permisions as root20:03
ljuwaidahross: i see20:04
rossI probably never use it all in Linux20:04
=== hanno is now known as Guest63872
rossWindows Server 03 doesn't seem to use it well at all20:05
ljuwaidahbtw, you do have a 64-bit version, right?20:05
rossIts a total dog20:05
rossljuwaidah: no, I'm only in 32 bits, but I don't regret it20:05
ljuwaidahhaha, i was asking about kubuntu ;)20:05
rossljuwaidah: I guess my cpu emulates 64 bits, but I never tried it20:06
ljuwaidah*sigh* i was asking whether there is a 64 bit version of kubuntu20:06
ljuwaidahYes, there is :)20:07
rossljuwaidah: I don't know about that--I wasn't even sure you were talking to me :)20:07
ljuwaidahwhat's this option for? Check here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer.20:08
Bones12264-PC (AMD64)20:08
Mr-Swho wanted to know about root account un kubuntu ?20:09
ljuwaidahMr-S: that'll be me20:09
Mr-Scheck : http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/default-root-password-371203/?highlight=root+password20:10
ljuwaidahbut i got my answer already, thanks :)20:10
Mr-Sits all there20:10
ljuwaidahhold on a sec, you don't have torrent downloads?20:10
Mr-Soh sorry ... ) well better twice than nether at all20:10
Bones122http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download download the 64 bit version here20:11
ljuwaidahBones122: I think i'm gonna wait for 8.10 to be released20:11
Mr-Sok who has stolen my cookie !20:11
Bones122That is 8.1020:11
ljuwaidahit's still in beta,right?20:12
rossMr-S: that'd be me, I was really hungry20:12
ljuwaidahyou guys work in the same place or something?20:13
Mr-Snopw cant be you, I see my cat with a big big smile... not again )20:13
ljuwaidahseriously guys, do you have a torrent download? 'cause the internet connection is pretty unstable here20:15
ljuwaidahand it's not cheap either20:15
rossI had my mouse in the wrong window :(20:16
ljuwaidahYou don't talk much here, do you?20:21
Mr-Swell this is a support channel20:22
ljuwaidahMr-S: So?20:23
Bones122ljuwaidah: seriously people have trie20:23
ljuwaidahBones122: But they disappeared and nobody heard from them ever again?20:24
Mr-Sactually you have a point there20:24
Bones122so seriously try downloading it'20:24
pronoy_i need help with kde4.0.3..i just uninstalled it and i cant get the inital boot screen of ubuntu and the login screen of ubuntu....i deleted the kde package..how do i get the settings back ?20:24
Mr-Sbut i am bussy remapping my laptop keybaord layout20:24
pronoy_Mr-S:i need help with kde4.0.3..i just uninstalled it and i cant get the inital boot screen of ubuntu and the login screen of ubuntu....i deleted the kde package..how do i get the settings back ?20:25
ljuwaidahBones122: i'm not sure we're on the same page20:25
pronoy_Bones122: nope20:25
Bones122oops caps20:25
ljuwaidahMr-S: Yipee! You're switching to dvorak?20:25
pronoy_Bones122: any ideas..how i can get everything back before installing kde 4.0.320:26
Mr-Sno just remapping the FN buttons and special keys to fit my needs20:26
Alpha_Clusterpronoy_: is it booting at least?20:26
Darthfrogpronoy_: What do you see when the machine finishes booting?20:27
pronoy_i see the kde login screen..but it boots into gnome environment20:27
ljuwaidahI don't see why people don't switch to dvorak, i mean it really is faster than querty20:28
pronoy_and the login screen is of kubuntu...intially it was ubuntu20:28
DarthfrogThen at the login screen (i.e. kdm chooser), go down to the bottom and in the "Session" choose "KDE".20:28
ljuwaidahsometimes i type so fast that it feels like a made a mistake when i actually haven't20:28
Mr-SI guess it depends on the needs and skills. not everyone knows how to switch the layout20:28
ljuwaidahMr-S: i really doubt that's the problem20:29
pronoy_Darthfrog: removed Kde...so no session20:29
Darthfrogljuwaidah: I can touch type in QWERTY. :-)20:29
Mr-Smy tyoing speed depends on the amount of coffee, and so do the typos20:29
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: more like some times people cnanot access the settings to chage to davork20:29
Darthfrogpronoy_: THen use Synaptic to install "kde-desktop".20:29
ljuwaidahdo you think if people knew that switching the layout is easy they'll all shift to dvorak? i doubt it20:29
ljuwaidahDarthfrog: i can touch type in dvorak ;)20:29
Mr-Smost likely, this is true.20:29
Darthfrogljuwaidah: But I'd have to learn Dvorak.  This is a barrier to entry. :-)20:30
Alpha_Clusterbesides ljuwaidah eveyone is switching to colemak now remember?20:30
ljuwaidahwtf is colemak?20:30
Alpha_Clusterlol its the one that one the contest to remove the caps lock key20:30
Mr-Sin myh case i alter the Xmodmap files, and create my own xmodmap20:30
ljuwaidahWTF? yet another keyboard layout?20:30
Mr-Sthere are so many variants for keyboards ....20:31
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout#Colemak20:31
tadej__hi could someone please help me installing eclipse... After untaring it I'm stuck...20:31
Alpha_Clustertadej__: have you tried the eclipse in the repos its generally easy to use20:32
Mr-Sfor eclipe try this one first : http://flurdy.com/docs/eclipse/install.html20:32
tadej__yes, the problem is that I need the newest version20:32
Mr-Swhen doing source install20:32
tadej__I'm new to kubuntu and that is some scary stuff. :)20:33
pronoy_Darthfrog: i don't want kubuntu up again just the old ubuntu look20:33
ljuwaidahWTF? why does colemak have r on the home row instead of u? u is a fucking vowel!20:34
Alpha_Clusterpronoy_:  did you remove kubuntu-desktop and install ubuntu-desktop?20:34
[|Liam|]My music isnt playing in Amarok, says Xine parameters how do i fix this?20:34
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah:  because its point is to switch as few keys from qwerty as possible while still being better for your typing20:34
pronoy_Alpha_Cluster: why do i need to install ubuntu-desktop ?? why can't it be done back to default the way i left it upon installing kubuntu ?20:35
Mr-SLiam : fresh kubuntu install and trying to play mp3 files ?20:35
Darthfrogpronoy_: Then edit the file /etc/X11/default-display-manager and change it to "/usr/sbin/gdm".20:35
ljuwaidahbut that doesn't make it better than dvorak, it just makes the transition easier20:35
[|Liam|]No Mr-S20:35
Alpha_Clusterpronoy_:  ubuntu-desktop will pull gdm (the gnome login manager) and the proper boot screen20:35
[|Liam|]it only lets me play music20:35
[|Liam|]when i load up Amarok before i load up firefox20:35
[|Liam|]its weir20:35
Mr-Sok what codec is in use and can xine play it itself ?20:35
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah:  which is the #1 problem with dvorak which btw ive tried to switch to probably 5 times now all failed20:35
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: how come i could?20:36
ljuwaidahi'm using it right now20:36
tadej__Mr-S: what is the purpose of Tomcat20:36
Darthfrog!usplash | pronoy_20:36
ubottupronoy_: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork20:36
Alpha_Clusteroh i know people use it i just get frustrated with typeing slow20:36
ljuwaidahi know it sucks in the beginning but it's not impossible20:36
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah:  i got angry learning to touch type qwerty at first  lol20:37
pronoy_Darthfrog: i can't cd to the file you mentioned20:37
[|Liam|]'Xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers'20:37
Alpha_Clusterbtw ljuwaidah colemak has backspace on caps lock which i think dvorak needs too20:37
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: so have you succeeded in switching to colemak?20:37
Darthfrogpronoy_: Then put "sudo" in front of the commands.20:37
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah:  nah i just wanted to show it to you from what you were saying20:37
Mr-Sok usually kubuntu is unable to play mp3 out of the box, it needs to download some files.20:38
Alpha_Clusteri use qwerty myself right now i plan to someday hopefully get to dvorak with backspace on caps lock20:38
ljuwaidahAlpha_Clusterz: you can map the caps lock to backspace if you want to :/20:38
pronoy_Darthfrog: it says it is not a directory20:38
Darthfrogpronoy_: I did say edit the *file*.20:38
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: yeah cept on bad keyboards that force the capslock key at the keyboard level20:38
Mr-SWhen using amarok, a notification should alert you to download them, and offers you to do so.20:38
Darthfrogpronoy_: the dir is /etc/X11.20:38
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: so you DO believe that dvorak is better/faster than colemak20:39
Mr-Sas alternatief: check the repository: apt-get for xine and its codecs20:39
Alpha_Cluster[|Liam|]: did you download the xine libraries?20:39
Mr-Sthan its wiered !20:39
pronoy_Darthfrog: how do i edit it ??!?!20:39
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: i think dvorak might be a bit better its more that windows (which i will be needing at work) doesnt support colemak20:40
Darthfrogpronoy_: You're in GNOME,right?  Use "sudo gedit /etc/X11/default-display-manager".20:40
pronoy_Darthfrog: done..should i restart ?20:41
Darthfrogpronoy_: Sure.  That'll bring you back to the GNOME login screen.20:41
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: i see20:41
ljuwaidahWTF? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout#Other_original_layouts_and_layout_design_software20:42
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah:  actually that remindes me i really wish i could use "programmer dvorak"20:43
ljuwaidahi think the difference is only in the punctuation marks20:44
Alpha_Clusteri know but im a Software Engineer20:44
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: i'm a programmer20:44
Alpha_Clusterexactly then you understand why its a bit better20:44
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: that depends on the language you use ;)20:45
Alpha_Clustertrue i am a C/C++/C# guy20:46
ljuwaidahI'm a big-time actionscript fan20:46
Alpha_Clusternever touched it20:46
Mr-Saction script is fun20:47
ljuwaidahare you kidding me? it's so high-level!20:47
Alpha_Clusterive never been a big web programmer20:48
Mr-Si used to program VHDL hardware level ....20:48
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: you can develop normal apps with adobe air20:48
ljuwaidahwhich runs on both mac, windows, and linux20:48
Alpha_Clusteryeah but your still writting "normal apps" like web apps plus adobe air is evil20:48
ljuwaidahhumm... i think i like the developer devorak20:48
ljuwaidahit switches the - + and {} back20:49
ljuwaidah' too20:49
Mr-Swhat do think of Quanta ?20:49
ljuwaidahMr-S: me?20:49
ljuwaidahi've used it to write my website20:49
Mr-Si love it ...20:50
ljuwaidahme too, it has just enough features :)20:50
ljuwaidahI think i'm giving programmer dvorak a shot20:50
Mr-SI think there is almost noting left ( except flash ) it can handle20:50
* ljuwaidah is switching his keyboard layout20:50
ljuwaidahwhen i last used it its graphical designer wasn't that good so i ended up writing it myself20:52
ljuwaidahi kept using it because it made uploading easy :P20:52
ubottuOn IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>20:52
Mr-Safk for a moment20:53
ljuwaidahi wanna make a keyboard like this: http://www.computerhistory.org/collections/accession/10263586820:53
ljuwaidahi forgot who made it20:54
Alpha_Clusteri got my IBM model M so i dont need anything else20:54
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: let me find the page in that book, it can take a while20:55
ljuwaidahwhat's that?20:55
=== loxeneba is now known as loxeneba_
Alpha_Clusterthe model M?20:55
Alpha_Clusterits like the tank of keyboards it is indistructable has keycaps and clicky keys20:55
Mr-Si guess this keyboards make 10 finger writing more economical :)20:55
pronoyDarthforg: hey man that command totally screwed up my system...the login screens not there anymore and i run through cli now !!20:55
ljuwaidahis mjbt38 a bot?20:56
pronoyDarthfrog: hey man that command totally screwed up my system...the login screens not there anymore and i run through cli now !!20:56
mjbt38sorry bout that20:56
Mr-Spronoy: what do you see on the screen now ?20:56
mjbt38im still not used to the middle mouse button20:56
Darthfrogpronoy: Sounds like you don't have gdm installed.  Install it.20:57
pronoyMr-S: i started x again....and now i on a gui20:57
pronoybut it goes out again.20:57
pronoyDarthfrog: how do i install gdm ??20:57
ljuwaidahwhat's the name of the dude that invented the mouse?20:57
Alpha_Clusterlike i said pronoy try installing ubuntu-desktop20:57
Mr-Sok no worries, you can get GUI login back again by editing /etc/inittab20:57
ljuwaidahhe invented that keyboard20:57
Darthfrogpronoy: sudo apt-get install gdm20:58
pronoyAlpha_Cluster: command to install it...i am a total noob20:58
Mr-Syou should set it to runlevel 4 or 520:58
ljuwaidahDouglas Engelbart20:58
pronoyDarthfrog: says here its already to its newest version20:58
Alpha_Clusterpronoy: sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop20:58
Guest59137hi, i'm using hardy 8.04 kde, does anybody have any idea how can i change the login screen, it's the regular blue screan, which is very ugly20:59
DarthfrogMr-S: Runlevel 2 in Debian systems.20:59
=== eagles1 is now known as eagles0513875
Darthfrogpronoy: Do as Alpha_Cluster suggests.21:00
pronoyDarthfrog: this command sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm gives a strange output21:00
linuserwhat does apparmor do exactly other than log to the syslog?21:00
pronoyAlpha_Cluster: installing it21:00
Darthfrogsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop21:00
Mr-Sto change the login screen, install KDM theme manager from the repository21:01
Mr-Syou can download login screen from kde-look.org21:01
linuserwhat does apparmor do exactly other than log to the syslog?21:01
linuserwhat does apparmor do exactly other than log to the syslog? where is the set permissions like they have in vista? windows defender21:02
Alpha_Clusterlinuser: it watches communications between apps and the files on your computer21:02
pronoyAlpha_Cluster: done...how do i access it ?21:02
ljuwaidahGuest63872: me! :P21:03
Alpha_Clusterpronoy:  try tyuping /etc/init.d/gdm restart21:03
linuserAlpha_Cluster and when something fishy happens, then what?21:03
Alpha_Clusterlinuser: i dont know i havent messed with it much i know that YaST has a whole section for it in SUSE but i never touched it myself when i used SUSE21:03
pronoyAlpha_Cluster: says its not the default display manager21:03
ljuwaidahGuest65285: <Mr-S> to change the login screen, install KDM theme manager from the repository21:04
Darthfrogpronoy: What's strange about the reconfigure output?21:04
linuserAlpha_Cluster SUSE does not support dial ups21:04
Alpha_Clusterpronoy: try sudo apt-get remove kdm21:04
linuserAlpha_Cluster SUSE does not support dial ups....at least the opensuse 1121:04
Alpha_Clusterlinuser: the only reason i brought it up was cause apparmor was started by Novell i belive21:05
ljuwaidahGuest59137: <Mr-S> to change the login screen, install KDM theme manager from the repository21:05
pronoyAlpha_Cluster: says its already removed..hang on i am guessing it requires a restart21:05
=== ljuwaidah is now known as root
Alpha_Clusterpronoy: that might help.. i dont know why thought21:05
* root has banned you21:05
linuserAlpha_Cluster yes it was it is their answer to windows defender21:05
wesleyi cant get my /dev/sda3 mounted its gives me errors, where can i find the mount file where the mount points stands?21:05
=== root is now known as Guest13075
Guest59137ljuwaidah: thanks21:06
=== Guest13075 is now known as ljuwaidah
Alpha_Clusterlinuser: its much better hten windows defender it found out that for some reason skype was scanning /etc/password21:06
Darthfrogwesley: What kind of errors?21:06
ljuwaidahGuest59137: np21:06
Darthfrogwesley: The file is /etc/fstab but *be careful*.21:06
wesleywrong file system or like that21:06
ljuwaidahthank Mr-S21:06
Darthfrogwesley: What file system is it?21:07
linuserAlpha_Cluster yes it was they should bring a class action law suit against Skype21:07
ljuwaidahhow come i can't change my nick to 'you'?21:07
Alpha_Clusterlinuser: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor21:08
Alpha_Clusterit this what you were looking for?21:08
wesleyDarthfog i though jfs21:09
Alpha_Clusterwesley to you have jfsutils or whatever its called installed?21:09
ljuwaidahdomn it! windows doesn't have dvorak programmer :(21:10
Mixed432ljuwaidan, because you need to register it, and that nick is already taken21:10
Alpha_Clusterwesley:  does it say jfs in the /etc/fstab file?21:10
Mr-Swhat DOES windows have ?21:10
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: yeah nothing actually has it setup21:10
=== erwin__ is now known as vaiursch
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: not colemak but odes have simplefied dvorak21:11
ljuwaidahMixed432: i don't think that's the prob, i think it's prohibited or something, if i try to change my nick to a registered name it tells me that and asks me to identify myself21:11
Mr-Ssorry .. that was ment sacastically. I am not a fan of windows ( anymore )21:11
ljuwaidahbut it doesn't do that with 'you'21:11
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: not even on linux?21:11
Alpha_Clusterwhat Mr-S your not excited for Windows 7 with kernel 6.1?21:12
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: not that i know of you might find a keylayout for it someone on the interwebs though21:12
wesleyAlpha_Cluster that pastebin is my stab21:12
ljuwaidahwhat is windows 7 supposed to have?21:12
Mr-Slet me first experience Windows 7. than we will see. It will still be built an Vistas kernel21:13
pronoyAlpha_Cluster: that totally solved all problems...infact something strange is that eventhough i removed kde4 i still am able to use it21:13
ljuwaidahi doubt many people will switch to windows 721:13
pronoyi am actually using it right now21:13
ljuwaidahthe lifecycle of vista is too short21:13
jannottWindous 8 will have new kernel. Or so they say21:13
ljuwaidahthey can't do that with windows21:14
Mr-Shard to tell. Windows 7 will be lighter and more *nix like in setup.21:14
wesleyI will try windos 7 if i can21:14
ljuwaidahit's fucking paid!21:14
mjbt38gnome vs. KDE ?21:14
Alpha_Clusterwesley:  try on the last line where it says auto chaning it to jfs21:14
ljuwaidahMr-S: more *nix like? how?21:14
Alpha_Clusteryah they already made the "user" folder which is clearly a home folder21:15
maelcumhi. how is bluetooth support nowadays? any risk of buying an unsupported (us dongle) device?21:15
maelcum*usb dongle21:15
ljuwaidahmjbt38: you're in a kde-based distro's channel, you're expecting to find gnome supporters? :P21:15
Mr-SThe filesystem, will be more like a ext3 journaling system, the mult-user under the hood will have resemblems, and more flexibility21:15
Alpha_Clusterwait thye are actually guna rlease a new FS?21:15
Alpha_Clusterwho wants to bet they rip off zfs or something21:15
mjbt38my point exactly to someone in this chan21:15
ljuwaidahMr-S: can i read about it somewhere?21:15
mjbt38kde much better than gnome21:16
mjbt38they just dont belive21:16
pronoyAlpha_Cluster: how do i install new themes on kde ?21:16
Mr-Syou need to google for it ... and have a large pot of coffee next to you.21:16
wesleyAlpha_Cluster i still dont get it mount21:16
ljuwaidahbtw, what happened to that tag-based fs?21:16
Mr-Sbut there are blogs of developers, and teh first RC canidates will be released before 200921:16
Alpha_Clusterwesley: what command are you using to mount it21:16
wesleymount /dev/sda3 /media/sda321:17
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: rumor out of Redmond says internal planned release date for Win7 is June 3, 200921:17
Alpha_Clusterwesley:  did you try with sudo?21:17
Mr-Syep, for the RC1 canidates. THey will be shipped to the alpha/beta testers21:17
Alpha_Clustercan i get a pastebin of the error message?21:17
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: no i believe for final release is what they were saying21:18
wesleywait i trying to get the error fixed21:18
Mr-Sthe final release is planned witin 14 months21:18
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: devs are guna get the first beta next week at Microsoft PDC21:18
linuserljuwaidah dongle? why dongle? that is cheap hardware21:18
Mr-Swell watta you know. Redmond is fast21:19
Alpha_Clusterwell it shouldnt be that hard to patch vista and then resell it with a different name and multi touch21:19
Mr-SMy guess is Windows 7 will be a mix if MAC OS with Windows, with a tiny flavor of linux21:19
ljuwaidahlinuser: wrong person21:20
Alpha_Clustermy guess is its Vista gain21:20
ljuwaidahbtw, what do you guys think of webtops?21:20
Mr-Sin a certain sense. But vista is not that bad, its just the hardware specs which are redicculous21:20
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah:  i got a nettop a AAO its not bad21:20
ljuwaidahwhat's that?21:21
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: its not that bad but its not as good as ubuntu21:21
linuserljuwaidah oh hahah21:21
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: Acer Aspire One21:21
Mr-Severything has its pros and cons. I like ubuntu but it will always be my second OS21:21
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: i'm sorry, what?21:21
wesleyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/62595/  here fstab21:22
ljuwaidahwhat's that got to do with webtops?21:22
Alpha_Clusterwesley: can i get error message?21:22
wesleyits in dutch21:22
linuserljuwaidah what is the differnece between a webtop and a netbook21:22
Alpha_Clusteryeah i thought htey are the same21:22
Alpha_Clusterunless your talking about stuff like eye-os21:22
Mr-Snetbook is topless ? :)21:22
ljuwaidahlinuser: webtop is an online desktop21:22
ljuwaidahyou can use it from any computer21:23
Alpha_Clusterlol its a joke21:23
Alpha_Clusterthat is all21:23
ljuwaidahcome on!21:23
Mr-Seyes os is for the consumer market. Just like compiz-fusion. I like some features, but in the end it drives me mad21:23
ljuwaidahit's just that no good ones have been made yet21:23
Alpha_Clustergh.o.st and eye-os lack all the features and speed of a convential os21:23
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: cloud computing is guna die i mean microsoft is making an OS for it so it must be dying now21:23
Mr-Sjust take the application switcher for a change, nice looking but slow ....21:24
Mr-Sfrom all the windows systems I have been using, in the end i liked windows 2000 very much21:24
Alpha_Clusterwesley: i dont know what is wrong anymore i mean i cannot actually read the message but ive never got that ending to it with dlmesg | tail21:25
ljuwaidahi realyl think if a good one is made it'll be the next windows (if made by someone other than ms it'll be super uber cool, if it's made by ms it'll be doomsday)21:25
Mr-Sin my case, i will be a slacky for life21:25
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: actually i doubt anyone can make a really good one and i think Microsoft is guna be saved by something else21:26
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: slackware?21:26
ljuwaidahAlpha_Cluster: why not?21:26
Mr-Syes, i love slackware21:26
Alpha_Clusterlol your the first level headed slackware user i have met21:26
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: i think 3D is more likely to save Microsoft21:27
Mr-Si can imagine, many slackers are bit strange21:27
Alpha_Clusterim talking 3D in the sense of real 3d btw21:27
ljuwaidahyou mean a 3d os?21:27
ljuwaidahyou do realize that can be an online os21:27
ljuwaidahlet's face it21:27
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: what do you mean you take the friendly ness of the ubuntu people and make it xenophobia instead21:27
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: no i mean like 3d in the sense of hologram like stuff21:28
Mr-S:) nice one21:28
ljuwaidahcan we generate holograms yet?21:28
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: non-free ways of viewing 3d graphics taht would kill computing21:28
ljuwaidahyou remind me of the movie "the first 20 million dollars is always the hardest"21:28
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: im talking desktop screens that can display them prefectly21:28
Mr-Si just like slackware, but I also like kubuntu. well monogamy was nether my thing21:28
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: hey at least your not as bad as me i change linux falvors weekly sometimes and do windows stints randomly21:29
ljuwaidahthey were challenged to make a competer that costs less than 99$21:29
Alpha_Clusteroh im not saying cheap yet but viewing stuff in 3d would kill linux in the medical industry unless they can get open drivers21:30
ljuwaidahso to cut on the cost the removed the screen, they removed the keyboard, they removed the mouse, they removed the hd, and they used holograms, lasers and cloud computing :|21:30
Alpha_Clusterbut since companies like adobe are behind the computer stuff and nvidia i am not holding my breath21:30
Alpha_Clusterljuwaidah: and behind it is OSX?21:30
Mr-Swas at that point my self, gentoo, fedora, PClinuxOS, red hat, suse,...they all are nice in some way. But i feel most at home with slack. Simple, easy, user friendely ( ok this might be a paradox ), fast, reliable21:30
Alpha_ClusterMr-S:  how is slack simple or easy or user friendly?21:31
ljuwaidahhahaha, the dude could gather everything in 70 lines of code!!!!!!!!!!!21:31
Alpha_Clusterbtw Mr-S i got a slackware manual printed out someowhere around here and have used it a bit myself21:31
Mr-Sand then there was the sexy kubuntu, easy, relaxed, zen level, but just liek a woman, complicated21:32
pronoyi installed kdm theme manager...now how do i run it ??21:32
Alpha_Clusterits in the settings21:32
ljuwaidahfuck! it's so annoying!21:33
pronoyi don't see anything...just emerald theme manager21:33
Mr-Spronoy: Control Center -> System Administration -> KDM Manager21:33
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: i think that is pretty accurite especialy wiht 8.10 RC im loving Kubuntu again i left it about 2 releases ago because KDE 4.0 was so pretty but bugy and 3 was to old for me21:33
Mr-SKDE4 is like a young, vergin. If you wait some more time, it will be much more fun.21:34
ljuwaidahMr-S: ?21:34
pronoyMr-S: i am using kde 4.0.3 and there is no control centre there21:34
Mr-Soh KDE4 .. sorry..21:34
pronoyAlpha_Cluster: any ideas ?21:35
ljuwaidahhow can a young vigin get more fun?21:35
Mr-Sklick on the kde button, and enter control center in the typ box. It will come up21:35
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!21:35
Mr-She is right ... wuit off topic now21:35
pronoyMr-S: nope....there is no control centre21:35
ljuwaidahthere aren't as many people there21:36
Mr-Sno control center ? that is srange, or am i missing here something?21:36
pronoyMr-S: i searched for it21:36
pronoyand i can't find it21:36
Mr-Sthen search for KDM21:37
ljuwaidahbtw, don't you think botuntu is a better name for ubottu?21:37
pronoythere is however system settings21:37
Mr-Smhhhh. dang that i am not at my KDE4 box. one minute ...21:37
ljuwaidahwill i get kicked if i keep talking about off topic stuff?21:38
Mr-Scheck system settings21:38
* ljuwaidah is checking system settings21:38
ljuwaidahnothing there :(21:38
pronoyya found it21:39
ljuwaidahugh, i can't get any work done when i'm on irc21:40
ljuwaidahthank y'all21:40
Mr-Ssorry... looks like kdm for KDE4.x is quite a handfull. check the ubunttu forum or linuxquestion.org about it.21:41
Mr-Si thought you were having KDE3.x21:42
aeonorisWhat's it called when Kubuntu opens up everything that you had open when you last logged off/shutdown?  I'm trying to disable it but I don't know what it's called so Googling it doesn't help much.21:52
pronoyMr-S: i can't seem to install the theme..its in .tar.gz format21:52
Mr-Sin this case untar the files and check for a readme.txt file.Or try to install the file, with KDM.21:53
Mr-SPlease remember, KDE4 is still not supported here. I will try my best to help you, but its no guarantee21:53
Alpha_ClusterMr-S:  not till next week lol21:54
Mr-Smy kdm themes are also in tar.gz format21:54
aeonorisNevermind, it's session management...21:55
Mr-Snext week, please dont remind me of next week, will be hell !21:55
Alpha_ClusterMr-S: hey im using hte RC and i have no problems with 4.1.221:56
Mr-Syou lucky one !21:57
Alpha_Clusterof course i know wtf im doing which probably helps21:57
Mr-Si second that lol21:57
Lanoxxwill it be possible to install 8.10 with kde3.5?21:58
Alpha_Clusteri dont believe so...21:58
mrunagiis kde 4 finished?21:59
mrunagiand bug freeish?21:59
Mr-Snope. KDE4 has gone a long way, but still not there21:59
Alpha_Clusterim using KDE 4.1.2 and kubuntu 8.10 right now and i have no bugs... well besides the fact akrogator doesnt grabe my goggle reader feed21:59
Darthfrogmrunagi: KDE 4 won't be finished until KDE 5 comes out. :-)21:59
jannottKDE4 is total re-write or how so many bugs got in?21:59
LanoxxAlpha_Cluster: its not about bugs21:59
Mr-Sdetails, details, details, .... :)22:00
Lanoxxits more about features that are std in 3.5 and not yet in 4.1.222:00
Lanoxxsome will be in 4.222:00
Alpha_Clusterlol actualy its more like 4.2 i think they are looking at for "bug-free"22:00
mrunagican anyone point me to a bash script22:00
Alpha_ClusterLanoxx: i thought KDE 4.2 was supposed to be "feature complete"22:00
mrunagior tell me what it is i have to do to get a bash script to run.........like #! or something22:00
Darthfrogmrunagi: Anything in /etc/init.d/22:00
Mr-Smu guess with KDE4.3 everything will be "perfect"22:00
Alpha_Clustermrunagi: um what do you mean?22:00
mrunagii want to make my own bash script22:01
Alpha_Clustermrunagi: has tit been made exicutable "chmod +x"22:01
mrunagii havent made it yet22:01
favromrunagi: the first line in a bash script is   #!/bin/bash22:01
mrunagithere we go22:01
mrunagithank you22:01
Alpha_Clusterbtw im doubting htere will be a KDE5 for a long time22:01
Darthfrogmrunagi: You can either "chmod +x <scriptname>" if the first line in the script is "#! /bin/sh".22:01
DarthfrogOr "bash <scriptname>".22:01
Mr-Ssome basic info on bash scripting, can be found here : http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO.html22:02
penguiniatormrunagi: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/22:02
Lanoxxkde5 +6 years or more i think22:02
ubottuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information and installation instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer22:02
Lanoxxanyway, for exable there is still now multirow task bar in 4.1.222:02
Alpha_ClusterLanoxx: thta could be seen as a feature22:04
zabbadappyeah, and it's not possible to have a very low profile, no background, taskbar either ...22:04
LanoxxAlpha_Cluster: that depends on definition, for a programmes side of view everything that concerns useability might be a feature, while a users generally wants a system that "just works" if such things are not included he will probably rather think of it as a bug22:06
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Mr-Sits time to go ... have fun22:14
raylitalocan anyone help me with the "find" syntax?  I've always been confused by it--if it works for me it's more luck than anything...22:15
raylitalocan anyone help me with the "find" syntax?  I've always been confused by it--if it works for me it's more luck than anything...22:20
byteme_how can I back up my dvds?22:22
raylitalobyteme_: burn copies?22:23
byteme_windows has dvd shrink, but not sure about linux22:23
byteme_of store movies22:23
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:23
byteme_I just got the hulk today and my kids are already wanting to eat it22:24
byteme_cool thanks22:24
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byteme_sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh22:30
byteme_I get a bad command22:30
byteme_I guess the commands are the same for ubuntu as Kubuntu22:31
favrothat file might not be executable22:32
NamShubbyteme: its /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh22:32
NamShub(no "examples")22:32
byteme_missed that that22:32
byteme_cool, something happened22:34
linuserwhat happened?22:35
byteme_able to play dvds22:40
byteme_now I will be able to copy them22:40
byteme_I just need a descent program that you guys recommend22:41
byteme_you use vocopy?22:43
byteme_sweet, it appears that we have DVD Shrink for linux as well22:44
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Guest30801Anyone know what 'encodeDlg' is?22:48
TecumsehGuest, I guess that it's an encode dialog22:48
Guest30801thank you tecumseh22:49
linuserusing apparmor how big does your syslog get?22:55
linuseras if the constant connection attempts dont make you log big enough apparmor makes it 3x bigger22:55
mr---t-coreymon77: I figured out why Iwas only at 3.5.9, I didn't have the backports enabled.23:01
mr---t-all better now23:01
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Under_WrapsGood evening23:03
Under_Wrapshow do I remote access Gutsy from Windows 2000 they are on the same LAN23:04
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209823:04
notriddleUnder_Wraps: There are a few ways, depending on what your requirements are.23:04
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX23:04
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/23:05
Under_WrapsI guess it's remote desktop that I need, several programmes cause Gutsy to 'crash' but the HD light still flashes23:05
notriddleUnder_Wraps: VNC can be used to remotely access a complete desktop, whereas SSH can be used to remotely run individual applications.23:06
Under_WrapsI can't use the keyboard or mouse23:06
linuserubottu SSH has security problems23:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:07
Under_Wrapsdo I install SSH then VNC?23:07
linuserUnder_Wraps google SSH security then install23:08
notriddleUnder_Wraps: One is not dependent of exclusive of the other.23:08
Under_Wrapsmany thank linuser and notriddle :)23:09
notriddleUnder_Wraps: To access a Linux system through SSH, install openssh-server and install a client on the Windows system.23:10
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notriddleUnder_Wraps: To access a Linux system with VNC, install tightvncserver, though I don't know as much about VNC as SSH.23:12
ardchoilleKonqueror keeps asking me to install flash for some websites, but I really don't want to use flash. How do I stop konqueror from reminding me to install flash?23:13
=== EvilDaemon is now known as Q-Bot
notriddleardchoille: Is Flash installed, or do you simply not want to install Flash and don't want to be asked about it.23:16
ardchoilleI don't want to install flash and I'd like to not be asked about it23:17
ardchoilleit's not currently installed23:18
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mrunagiis it possible to autorun a script at startup?23:22
ardchoillemrunagi: you can put an autostart item in  ~/.kde/Autostart23:22
aurachronis there anything different about setting up a static ip between hardy and ibex?23:24
mrunagioh awesome thank you23:26
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ardchoilleyw :)23:26
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pulaskiHi, I have two machines.  One is running Hardy 8.04 server and the Hardu 8.04 desktop.  I am trying to config NFS on server.  After installng nfs-common, nfs-kernel-server, /ect/hosts.allow, /hosts.deny and  /etc/exports, then run either "exportfs -ra" or when I try to start the NFS server using "sudo nfs-kernel-server start" I get the following error: "* Exporting directories for NFS kernel daemon...  exportfs: /etc/exports:1:23:30
pulaskisyntax error: bad option list".  My /etc/exports file is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/62611/.  I'd appreciate any suggestions including links to helpful docs and NIS info..23:30
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favropulaski: try   sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start23:35
nejodepulaski: there can't be spaces after the comas23:35
blip-hi all,  i want to use Kpowermanager instead of the default powermanager utility on kubuntu 8.04... but i can't seem to find the package in in adept so i can remove it.  anyone know the package name ?    thanks23:37
nejodeblip: kpowersave23:40
blip-nejode: sorry i got the names mixed up... the tool i installed is called Kpowersave... but kununu 8.04 has a little green battery icon which lets one specify brightness and cpu speed.  thats the one i want to remove23:42
blip-nejode: the About of it says PowerManager 0.823:42
nejodeblip: powernowd23:43
blip-i'll check that out.  thanks23:44
nejodeblip: I'm not sure, but I was having problems on a desktop machine, removed powernowd and all OK23:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about powernowd23:47
blip-nejode: a similar question please,  you know the Software Sources menu which lets you select mirrors for the repositores ?  I currently open it up through clicking Adept->Manage Repositories after starting up Adept power manager.. is there a way to open it manually from a console ?  Because i want to uninstall Adept and use Synaptic23:47
nejodeblip: you can use both without problems, sudo apt-get install synaptic23:50
notriddleblip: Should be software-properties-kde.23:51
jannottnejode, that command will not work, just tryd :D23:51
blip-thanks.   i'm gonna uninstall Adept now through Synaptic :D23:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:52
nejodeblip: sorry, I don't get it... you want to edit your sources.list manually?23:53
blip-nejode: it's good now.  i wanted the software-properties-kde command.  thanks23:53
notriddleblip: software-properties-kde will allow you to edit your sources list without Adept.23:53
blip-oops,  Kubuntu-desktop depends on Adept Manager... i'm stuck with Adept for ever :(23:54
ardchoillejannott: Why won't that command work?23:54
ardchoilleblip-: kubuntu-desktop is only a metapackage, it can be safely removed. But you might want to keep it or re-install it before any upgrades23:55
jannotttry yourself23:55
ardchoillejannott: I did, and it worked for me23:55
nejodeblip: remove it fron your K menu23:55
notriddleblip: Uninstalling kubuntu-desktop is safe.23:55
MellowDudei got a question23:55
notriddleMellowDude: What is it?23:55
nejode...at least you won't see it23:55
blip-oh i see.  k i'll remove it.23:55
MellowDudewhen i click on a pic on the net and try set it as desktop back ground it does nothing y23:56
notriddleMellowDude: Download the image, then set it as the background.23:56
MellowDudetheres no other way23:57
notriddleMellowDude: The image has to sometime be downloaded to view it at all. If you want it as your background, you probably want it in a permanent location so it won't be downloaded every time you start your computer.23:58
jameswfi save all my images to "wallpaper then it auto cycles through em23:58

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