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jerrykAnybody willing to field a Launchpad web servies API question?00:32
persiajerryk, It's almost always better just just ask, although for language bindings I suspect it's likely to be a matter of generating your own based on the WSDL, unless you're using python.00:34
jerrykpersia:   Thanks, my question's fairly general and I could start w/ the Python bindings.  Is it possible to query for all bugs updated since a specific time?00:35
* persia has no idea, and hopes someone else knows the answer :)00:35
jerrykpersia:   Gotcha....  thanks for listening. :)00:37
mthaddonjerryk, https://help.launchpad.net/API/Hacking might help with general questions but not sure specifically00:37
mthaddonjerryk, and within that there's a "Using the reference documentation" section which might be more help with specifics00:38
jerrykmthaddon:   Thanks.  I remember reading that query for bugs (with features not quite spelled out) was a "coming soon" feature a little while ago... but wasn't sure what hte current state of the art is on it.00:39
mthaddonjerryk, it looks from that like you can query for bugs, but not sure about restricting to updated since a specific time00:39
jerrykmthaddon:   gothca.  will keep prowling.00:40
mthaddonjerryk, I know they're looking for input on what things people are interested in being able to do, so if you don't find what you're after, be sure to file a bug asking for it :)00:40
jerrykmthaddon:   Good idea!  Will do.00:41
jerrykI'm no Python expert also, so in some cases I may be unaware of a standard idiom used to slice arrays or faux arrays backed by WS retrieved data.00:41
mthaddonme neither, I'm afraid00:42
jerrykmthaddon:  Gotcha... thanks for the info though.  I'm very new (< 1 day) to the Launchpad API stuff, so I'm just fumbling my way around.00:44
mthaddonokey doke - good luck with it!00:45
jerrykmthaddon:   my goal would be to have a tool that would every day pull down the bugs that have been updated in the last day.00:45
jerrykmthaddon:  easy to do in the browser, would like to automate it.00:45
mthaddonjerryk, I'm sure that's something a lot of people would be interested in - seems like a very reasonable request00:45
jerrykmthaddon:  'll look about and see if anybody else has made the request and submit it if not.00:47
wgrantA/.win 800:51
* wgrant kicks g-s-d00:51
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Hobbseehey!  what happened to the search bar for bzr branches?03:04
Hobbseehmmm, i'm sure this used to be in bzr...but i can't find it03:08
wgrantWhat is it?03:08
Hobbseealthough i seem to remember this happening last time03:15
wgrantIt did.03:20
smgood evening all. Is there someone who could approve https://translations.launchpad.net/zwiki/trunk/+imports ?06:00
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Hobbseeoh, FFS launchpad!09:45
Hobbseeit's broken *again*09:45
jb3I used dput to upload a package I created to my PPA, dput says all good, but nothing shows up on my ppa page, any ideas?09:46
Hobbseejb3: did you get a mail about it?09:46
jb3Hobbsee: nope09:46
Hobbseejb3: did you sign it?09:47
jb3Hobbsee: yes09:47
Hobbseejb3: oh, seeing as launchpad has broken *again* (I think it's at least the 4th time in the last 7 days), you probably won't get a mail for a while.09:47
Hobbseeit will eventually go throught09:47
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jb3Hobbsee: ok, I thought there was an upload queue somewhere and it would take some time b4 the update09:48
Hobbseejb3: there is, but it's very little normally09:48
jb3Hobbsee: thx09:48
HobbseeBroken on edge and production.  Brilliant.09:50
geserHobbsee: and it's weekend too09:52
Hobbseegeser: yeah.  that's normal.09:52
Hobbseegeser: i've requested mdz_ call someone09:52
Hobbseetimeout on the queues as well.09:54
Hobbseetis dead as a doornail.09:54
* geser fears the christmas time when everybody is on vacation and LP breaks again09:55
Hobbseegeser: that's normal.  But no one will really care then (well, not so much), as we won't have a release to do that week...or a RC!09:56
Hobbseeat least we don't have ~700 builds to get through this weekend.09:56
geserare the buildds broken too? https://edge.launchpad.net/+builds/ reports 1 build queued for i386 and 3 idle buildds10:00
geserwhat is still working? bugs?10:02
Hobbseeassuming you don't wnat to nominate them, yes, it seems so.10:02
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ftastrangely, lp failed to reflect the status change of a gnome bug. See bug 25166911:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251669 in totem-pl-parser "totem no longer able to play m3u playlists" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25166911:15
kikofta, might be a failure in the watch updater script, will have a look11:27
ftakiko, thanks. not sure if it's related but i changed the gnome bug linked to this bug ~2 weeks ago, the previous bug linked was reported as fixed. could it be the cause?11:30
kikofta, in theory no because the bug watch updater always looks at the current link11:30
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* kiko shakes head11:32
Hobbseekiko: sorry - i'm not sure if people will ask agan about their uploads being delayed.11:33
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glade88hi.. can I upload 4 attachments together, rather than each with a separate coment to a bug?12:27
persiaglade88, Not easily, or without lots of prearrangment.  Just go for the 4 attachments for now.12:29
glade88persia: but how does the apport bot do that?12:30
persiaglade88, The hard way, with lots of prearrangement.12:30
glade88persia:  ok.. thanks :) I'll upload them one by one then..12:30
FlimmHow can I delete a blueprint?13:09
FlimmHow can I delete a blueprint?13:30
FlimmHow can I mark a blueprint as refused?13:42
FlimmDoes launchpad have a forum?13:50
wgrantFlimm: One cannot delete blueprints.13:54
wgrantWhat purpose would this forum serve?13:54
Romariohey folks, is there an easy way to get all translators and the related languages from one translation template?14:11
Romarioit takes ages to cycle through every language an get all the people and languages if you want to list them in an about dialog14:12
FlimmA forum for launchpad would discuss various workflows on launchpad, feature requests, ...14:24
HobbseeFlimm: the launchpad-users mailing list, found linked from lists.ubuntu.com?14:26
Hobbseeand it has it's own bug tracker, etc.14:26
FlimmMailing lists are not as user-friendly as forums, but OK14:44
Nafallodepends on the user.14:45
epsyis there a way to filter bugs so one can only see bugs that were not fixed at all (ie. open minus Fix committed)14:45
Nafallofor me it's the reverse.14:45
epsyit's a bit of a harsh work to spot bugs that were not fixed14:46
FlimmCan I read messages on a mailing list without subscribing?14:49
epsyFlimm, possible14:49
epsysome provide discussion logs14:50
FlimmDoes lists.ubuntu.com provide logs? (for launchpad discussions)14:50
epsyyes, see https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-users14:51
epsyso search, better use google14:53
FlimmThanks epsy14:53
Flimmepsy: that link is for ubuntu, here's the launchpad link: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/launchpad-users/14:54
epsyoh, sorry, indeed14:54
FlimmHere's a link for filtered bug search results for Ubuntu project, I don't know if you could modify it to suit your needs14:57
epsyyeah, you can always use the search engine, but that's not very efficiant14:58
FlimmAlso try advanced search: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?advanced=114:58
FlimmEfficient for whom? The long link I sent you is used by Ubuntu bug triagers, they find it useful14:59
epsywhat is the point of not having it near built-in filters?15:00
FlimmJust do an advanced search and save it as a bookmark15:14
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JordanCAhoy; can someone point me to the page for adding my SSH keys?17:04
JordanCI forgot where it is; can't find it on my profile17:04
JordanCAh, found it :)17:06
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MTecknologyHow can I remove a contact email address from a group?18:47
MTecknologyI need to take a short nap - but please let me know if you can help. I have 2 old emails on https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-southdakota that I would very much like to have removed.18:55
jb3am getting an email back with this when uploading a package to my ppa: pidgin-twitter_0.8.0beta1-0~ppa1.dsc: Section '-' is not valid19:23
jb3anybody got any idea?19:28
jb3I thought the version format might be at fault, but I can19:28
jb3't see what's wrong19:29
cprovjb3: what are you using as 'Section' in you debian/control source stanza ?20:09
jb3At first, I used unknown, I updated to 'net' as another similar official package uses20:10
jb3But it doesn't make any difference20:11
cprovjb3: you have to set 'Section: net' for the source as well20:15
cprovjb3: and you should not upload the i386 binary.20:15
jb3right, lemme try this20:16
cprovjb3: `debuild -S -sa`20:16
jb3am using bzr buildeb, but essentially the same then20:17
cprovjb3: you can use something similar to `bzr builddeb --source --builder debuild -S -sa`, I guess20:20
jb3I used bzr bd --source and uploaded the result, that works now (got the confirmation email). Thanks for the help!20:21
cprovjb3: great, enjoy lp ppa.20:22
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nhandlerIs there any documentation about interacting with the Launchpad API through perl? Or if there is no documenation, is there any project that interacts with Launchpad using perl (so I could look at some code)?20:38
rockstarnhandler, it's a rest interface.20:40
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nhandlerrockstar: Are there any perl projects that use interact with Launchpad using the rest interface?20:46
rockstarNot that I know of.20:48
rockstarnhandler, all you need to do is parse the wadl file.  It's the exact same process of working with the Amazon's web services.20:50
rockstarSo if you have a perl rest interface, it should be fairly straightforward.20:50
nhandlerrockstar: Then it looks like I am going to have a lot of reading to do. I don't have any experience of dealing with rest interfaces.20:53
FlimmI need some help with bzr22:02
mdkeFlimm: normally #bzr is the best place for that, unless it's a specific Launchpad issue. But in either case, you need to give more details22:03
FlimmI want to have a branch with just two revisions, with all the revisions from another branch inbetween22:03
FlimmOK, thanks22:04
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