ethana2yeah, but i don't know it off the top of my head00:00
DanaGoopsie, forgot to build drm-modules-source for this kernel.00:01
sabauamein problem mit java und firefox istz gelöst, dank "icedtea" / my problem with firefox and java is solved, thanks to "icedtea"!00:01
ethana2mein problem mit java und icedtea istz gelöst, dank Frapuccino00:03
ethana2oh, that's right, i should try out java on 8.1000:04
* ethana2 tests00:04
blackvdcan someone please point me to a guide that actually works to fix pulseaudio in Ibex. Mine was working for a while till the update about two hours ago?00:05
blackvdnow i cant get sound to play at all00:06
* ethana2 is reminded that 8.10 isn't out yet00:06
DanaGOdd, nouveau is still eating lots of CPU time.00:09
DanaGAnd gnome login somehow becomes massively disk-bound.00:09
ethana2What is the recommended way to get a working java firefox plugin on 8.10?00:10
ethana2I think it asked me about it once, and i ignored it that time00:10
wgrantethana2: Find a Java site. Click install.00:10
ethana2..eww, no00:10
ethana2only stuff in repos00:11
copprothere are sun java packages00:11
wgrantI speak of the repo stuff.00:11
ethana2i don't want them if i can help it00:11
filo1234ethana2: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin00:11
ethana2thank you00:11
ethana2well actually00:11
copproyeah, filo1234 got it00:11
* ethana2 installes00:11
wgrantWhy not use the OpenJDK one?00:11
ethana2wgrant: okay, how do i do that?00:11
copprobecause a) sun's is almost entirely free anyways and b) sun's works better00:11
wgrantIt's even in main.00:12
wgrantUbufox should tell you to install it when you go to a Java-using website.00:12
wgrantAnd Sun's rarely works better now.00:12
ethana2wgrant, it did i ignored it00:12
ethana2it didn't say it would never let me use that dialog again00:12
wgrantIt should ask you each time..00:13
* ethana2 install icedtea6-plugin00:13
ethana2it should00:13
ethana2...odd that it doesn't00:13
filo1234ethana2: dpkg -l | grep iced00:13
ethana2Suggested packages:00:13
ethana2  equivs sun-java6-fonts00:13
ethana2THAT is why java never works right for me!00:14
ethana2Those are 'suggested'00:14
ethana2yeah, those are dependencies.00:14
ethana2if you want things to not not-work, you need those00:14
filo1234ethana2: ?? so you have icedtea or sun-java-plugin??00:15
ethana2i'm installing icedtea now00:15
filo1234ethana2: se it as default so00:15
ethana2there's nothing else installed, so..00:15
filo1234ethana2: sudo dpkg -l | grep java00:16
acusterhey all, is there a way to put a machine into 'sleep' mode from the command line?00:16
copprofilo1234: apt-cache search much?00:16
copproacuster: sudo suspend00:16
ethana2fileo1234: it's not done installing yet00:16
filo1234ethana2: sudo update-alternatives --config java00:17
filo1234and set what you want as default00:17
ethana2i'll get to that00:17
ethana2when i have 100:17
ethana2why am i sitting here waiting for it to install fonts for 20 languages i don't speak?00:19
ethana2what the00:20
ethana2Netx needs a location for storing cache files?00:20
ethana2..open source jnlp client..00:21
ethana2well don't ask /me/, I don't know, where do they belong?00:21
ethana2oh hey, it /doesn't/ need the sun java fonts, ok00:22
ethana2...well, java in 8.10 works where 8.04 failed; I'm happy to see that00:22
coppro8.04 failed with java?00:23
coppronever noticed00:23
ethana2fixed width fonts00:23
andresmhso I open my dvd (movie) via Places > FIGHT CLUB, I click on Open Movie Player, it opens Totem and then it quickly closes without showing any error00:23
ethana2like the typing test on hi-games.net00:23
andresmhi tried VLC and the same thing happens00:23
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
ethana2andresmh: application crashes are not acceptable00:23
andresmhhow can I play the movie?00:23
ethana2please report the crashes00:24
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:24
ethana2You can use gdb to get useful information about why they crash00:24
ethana2gahh, i want to report a bug on cheese, but it doesn't have the menu option under 'help'00:25
* ethana2 opens a web browser, goes to launchpad.net and tries to navigate to the relevant package, probably to see it's already been reported00:26
=== bascule is now known as Guest11505
andresmhthanks ethana2, i'm trying the instructions on the restricted formats page00:26
andresmheven though it says on 8.0400:26
ethana2should be the same stuff00:26
pasnoxhi guyz, i jsut updated to intrepid, all is working fine except that i can't install nvidia drivers, dkms build is failing00:29
pasnoxis there a solution ?00:29
blackvdanyone know how to remove pulsaudio and use alsa?00:33
ballzee i just put in my 8.04 cd and booted in live mode and its fast when i boot 8.10 its so slow  iv never gotten threw apt-get update yet even after 25 min anyone know what could be causing this ?00:39
ballzeecant even resolve a web page tried xchat.org toast.net nothing00:40
=== Guest11505 is now known as bascule
ethana2ballzee: Do you know what gpu and network adapter you have?00:41
pabligenoany people can helpme?00:42
keithclarkI updated to 8.10 recently and have been having some strange problems when I just noticed that my grub menu.lst was not modified.  It is still referencing 2.6.24-19-generic and not 2.6.27-7-generic.  How to correct this?00:42
=== bascule is now known as Guest9734
pabligenoi have ubuntu 8.1000:42
ethana2pabligeno: we certainly don't have enough information to do that, no00:42
pabligenoand i not see my wireless card00:42
ethana2ah, ok,00:42
pabligeno10:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)00:42
pabligenothis is my wireless card00:42
pabligenoand the modules are installed00:42
ballzeei looked in /etc/network/interfaces in 8.04 and its the same now00:43
pabligenobut in ifconfig ouput i not see my wireless card00:43
ballzeeso is /etc/resolve.conf00:43
* ethana2 just got confused00:43
ethana2i wish pidgin would have selected more different colors for the two of you00:43
pabligenohot to solve this problem?00:43
pabligenohow i can activate my wireless card?00:44
ethana2I guess... file a bug?00:44
ethana2it should Just Work00:44
ethana2if it does not, that's a Bad Thing00:44
=== Guest9734 is now known as bascule
ethana2in fact, that's probably all i can do for either of you00:44
ethana28.10 isn't out yet, it has bugs, you've run into them00:44
ethana2be sure they have been reported00:44
ethana2for workarounds, you'll need somebody who knows more than i do00:45
ballzeeill go baCK to 8.04 i guess wish i could uninstall this00:46
DanaGHmm, is there anything about the wifi card in /etc/network/interfaces?00:46
ethana2always have two installs00:46
DanaGThere shouldn't be anythign there.00:46
ethana2I had a borked intrepid in a dual boot for a while00:46
ethana2I'm going to keep 8.04.1 for quite some time along side intrepid00:46
ethana2maybe even beside jaunty00:46
ballzeeim not dual booting for anything00:47
keanuI've found one small bug and one possible bug00:47
ethana2yeah, i used to do that too, but i learned my lesson00:47
keanuXChat cleared the network list, which I'm thinking is a possible bug00:47
ethana2keanu: can you reproduce it?00:47
ballzeetakes under an houre to install i didnt waste much time00:48
keanuand when disabling the touchpad, the mouse can still move if started in the top right corner00:48
lacquii've decided to virtualize instead of dual booting00:48
keanuethana2, what am I testing?00:48
keanujust closing xchat and restarting?00:48
ethana2keanu: whatever triggered the buggy behavior00:48
ethana2if you can describe how to see the bug so someone else can verify it00:48
ethana2it'll make it easier to get it fixed00:48
keanuethana2, I installed about 100 updates and restarted my computer =/00:48
keanuI'll try restarting xchat, in case it isn't saving the settings properly00:49
ethana2'running updates' isn't very helpful as a description of what triggered behavior unless you know package names00:49
zumeI see there is #kubuntu-offtopic, but does ubuntu have an offtopic room?00:49
ethana2zume: yes.00:49
ethana2..i think00:49
zumeethana2: Wow apparently it does. Cool beans.00:50
charlie-tcazume: Ubuntu would be #ubuntu-offtopic00:51
zumecharlie-tca: yea i found it thanks :P00:51
ethana2i think i'll expand the rule i made for myself00:52
ethana2from no checking for updates less than 6 hours after checking previously..  up to 800:52
copproI have it on cron00:52
copproand yet still insist on checking every half hour or so00:53
ethana2yeah, i had to stop myself from doing that00:53
ethana2that's exactly why i made that rule00:53
ethana2to not go all OCD on update-manager00:53
copprohmm... actually, I should add pbuilder and chroot updates to the cron script00:53
copprothere done00:55
copproheh, I don't use update-manager even00:55
ethana2i have a 'check-update' and an 'update' command in my .bashrc00:56
ethana2I also have a remove function that moves files into the trash directory00:56
ethana2english words like 'unmount' 'get' 'list' 'enter' 'murder', etc..00:56
ethana2One should be able to support Ubuntu CLI with voice00:57
prometheanfireI saw that the nvidia driver in ibex doesnt work with newer nvidia cards (9800gt specificly)00:57
ethana2sudo apt-get ...  isn't english, and it confuses grandmothers and such00:57
ethana2coppro: you laugh, but if your grandma goes from using nothing to using ubuntu, and you need to provide support, you need all the simplicity you can get00:59
copproethana2: you have your grandma using the console?00:59
ethana2she's not likely to use IM, so you can count on needing to be able to provide support over the phone.00:59
ethana2coppro: Sometimes you just can't remember every odd menu option, tab, and button00:59
copproethana2: true00:59
copproalthough you're already one step ahead of me01:00
copprohaving convinced your grandmother to use linux01:00
ethana2coppro: but I'll be sure to set up remote desktop and such before I declare the machine 'ready'01:00
keanuethana2, did a reboot, and the network i added still stayed there01:00
keanuthe other default ones are gone though01:00
mib5I have a vague ibex problem. everything stutters. from the intro audio when ibex loads, to any music or video i play back01:01
mib5both audio and video makes me think it's not a soundcard or a video driver problem01:01
ethana2mib5: how is CPU usage when it does?01:01
mib51 sec i'll check01:01
keanuit isn't a big deal, just thought I'd make it known01:02
mib5ethana2: very high, but not pegged, doesn't seem to go over 60%, also mem usage never leaves +10%01:02
ethana2dual core?01:03
mib5oh thank you :) lol01:03
ethana2see, a dual core can choke without going over 60% ;)01:03
mib5i figured that was the idea :)01:04
ethana2so it peaks and stutters at the same time, right?01:04
mib5also, same issue with compiz disabled, if you were going to ask01:04
ethana2or jumps, rather i guess01:04
mib5yes, peaks and stutters at the same time, or jumps.. slowly01:04
ethana2perhaps not enough data is being written to the sound buffer by the audio system to provide seamless playback under normal usage01:05
mib5oh this is interesting, i found a way to make it just do it with the audio but have the video be ok01:05
mib5maybe it is an audio problem01:05
dystopiahow to i use inittab to set up serial console client on ubuntu?01:05
mib500:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)  <-- :)01:05
mib5Yes, an audio thing. I remember in hardy i had to adjust an alsa config file with a certain line, like options mode=auto or something similar01:07
keithclarkI'm running 8.10 with an ATI Xpress 200 graphics card along with the proprietary drivers but I cannot get Compiz to work.  In Appearance, Visual Effects, Extra it just says that The Desktop Effects Could Not Be Enabled.  Any thoughts on what to adjust/change to enable them?  They worked fine under 8.04.101:07
mib5keithclark: compiz --replace & <- in term and tell me output01:08
dystopiahow to i use inittab to set up serial console client on ubuntu?01:08
nonniiCan someone tell me, is there still known issues with gdm-guest-session, because it's not working for me. It starts new session nicely at vt9 but nothing comes up. The screen just stays brownish orange (the ubuntu colour I guess). I see that no gnome-session or anything is started for guest user, only x-window-manager or something such, can not remember now. Could try it again though.01:09
nonniiI updated from 8.04.1 BTW01:09
keithclarkmib5, http://www.pastebin.ca/123607201:10
moobagif i install the 8.10 release candidate, will i have to do a full re-install to get the full version or will it update to the full release?01:11
ethana2it'll just update01:11
esachow can i modify the configuration of the guest account? for example having firefox automatically come up, or disable certain apps ?01:11
moobaglike, update through the desktop or will i have to download it and install the update through cd ?01:12
mib5keithclark: your drivers aren't working properl, please pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log , although i;m guessing you'll have to reinstall the drivers.01:12
mib5keithclark: also, may i ask why you're using the proprietary driver? my x200 works fine with the opensource one01:13
nonniimoobag: it'll update normally from the desktop01:13
keithclarkUbuntu chose to do that01:13
moobagawesome, thanks a lot :]01:13
mib5... no it doesn't. you have to specifically ask for it, ubuntu never chooses to install a proprietary anything iirc01:13
keithclarkmib5, upon upgrade to 8.10 I tried to enable the Extra Video Effects and it came back with a window saying to install the graphics driver via the Hardware Drivers in Administration01:15
Hobbseeoh yeah, torrents!01:17
mib5that's a little odd...01:17
mib5and he left, lol01:17
pasnoxi can't compile nvidia 96.43.05 driver in intrepid, is there a workaround ?01:17
mib5keithclark: output of lspci | grep -i VGA please01:18
JontheEchidnapasnox: no, nvidia needs to update it to work with the new xorg01:18
pasnoxJontheEchidna: damn i read many forum01:18
pasnoxit's about 6 months we wait for it01:19
JontheEchidnayeah, I'm waiting too :'(01:19
pasnoxtoo bad kde4 is really to slow now :( what i can do ?01:19
danbh_intrepidanyone know if we can just retorrent the rc torrent when the final release comes out?  or do we have to redownload the whole thing?01:19
keithclarkmib5, keithclark@keithclark-desktop:~$ lspci | grep -i VGA01:19
keithclark01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 [Radeon Xpress 200G Series]01:19
wgrantpasnox: Complain to nvidia so they stop being so stupid.01:20
mib5OH. it's a 200G card. i'm an idiot.01:20
mib5keithclark: output of fglrxinfo ?01:20
pasnoxwgrant: they don't care about complains, they just take drugs, smoke and fuck us !01:21
keithclarkmib5, http://www.pastebin.ca/123608001:21
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:21
JontheEchidnaactually I think they're too busy fixing their sucky 2D acceleration with the new drivers, \o/01:22
pasnoxJontheEchidna: what u do to have a "smooth" kde4 ?01:22
mib5keithclark: your fglrx install is totally borked. i mean bad. what does it show in jockey? (system->admin->Hardware Drivers)01:23
JontheEchidnapasnox: yeah performance is ok for me01:23
pasnoxJontheEchidna: how ?01:23
JontheEchidnauh... it just is01:23
* JontheEchidna shrugs01:23
pasnoxu have a good computer ?01:23
JontheEchidnanot really01:23
JontheEchidnaSysinfo for 'jonathan-desktop': Linux 2.6.26-5-generic running KDE 4.1.2 (KDE 4.1.2), CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.50GHz at 2500 MHz (5006 bogomips), HD: 164/223GB, RAM: 604/620MB, 158 proc's, 22.18h up01:23
pasnoxi'm running an old amd athlon xp 2800+01:23
* Hobbsee grabs more images to torrent01:24
JontheEchidnawith a GeForce 4 MX 44001:24
keithclarkmib5, ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver installed and currently in use01:24
mib5oh god, all my chips are older than those lol01:24
mib5keithclark: green light?01:24
keithclarkmib5, yup, green01:24
pasnoxi havea geforce 4 ti 4200 ! and it's really slow on resize01:24
mib5keithclark: ok, sorry again for all the work, can you pastebin your Xorg.0.log01:24
keithclarkmib5, no problem!  You are helping...01:25
keithclarkmib5, http://www.pastebin.ca/123608401:26
pasnoxis there a way for choosing the monitor/lcd type in kde4 ? i can't see where to change that01:27
moobagare there many compatability issues between 64 and 32 bit versions?  I have a core2 with 2gb so id like to make the most of it and get the fastest ubuntu i can...01:27
mib5keithclark: ok, honestly this looks like a bug, i can probably fix it but it will probably happen to others. my suggestion is #compiz-fusion for a temp fix and possibly file a bug report if you get the same results after uninstalling / reinstalling the drivers through jockey01:27
moobagbut i dont want any more troubles01:27
keithclarkmib5, yes, results have already been duplicated through reinstalling.01:28
moobagso is it worth getting x64 or should i just stick with 32 for the safety?01:29
mib5i don't want to say this prematurely, but that's probably bad :/ is this an upgrade of ibex or new install?01:29
mib5keithclark: actually, here's a dumb question, you didn't use xgl on 8.04 did you?01:30
RAOFmoobag: I (mostly) don't have problems with x86-64.01:30
keithclarkmib5, Yes01:30
keithclarkmib5, I had no issues with compiz in 8.0401:31
moobaghaha what do you mean mostly? is it worth switching?01:32
Hobbseewow, there aren't a lot of people torrenting the RC images01:32
chadeldridgeCan anyone remind me how to fix compiz not restarting after a wake from suspend ?01:34
moobagaarrh im really stuck as to whether to install 64 or 32 :(01:35
filth_hmm. how would i go about changing the resolution of my bootsplash image? you know, the one at startup, where it loads ubuntu with the orange bar?01:36
filth_i want to make it smaller, it looks far too big01:36
nonniimoobag: install 64bit using separate / and /home and try it out. If it doesn't work out for you, install 32bit over your /01:37
chadeldridgefilth_: not sure there is a way to change the resolution at that screen, i would like to as well.  my normal is 1900x1280 and that screen looks 640x48001:39
filth_chadeldridge: eh.01:40
nonniifilth_ and chadeldridge, how about /etc/usplash.conf01:42
chadeldridgemine says 1920x1280 ...01:43
filth_mine says 1280x800.01:44
filth_chadeldridge: how big is your monitor?01:44
filth_probably 21"01:44
chadeldridgelaptop display on the xps m1710 laptop01:45
chadeldridgeand i have a 24" monitor as well01:45
chadeldridgeim having a complete brain fart on how to restart compiz after a resume from standby01:46
nonniiwhy can't that guest-session just work, bugs me out that I have to lend my machine to my friends who don't know anything that they are doing whilst browsing the tubes and stuff :|01:47
nonniichadeldridge: have you tried compiz --replase or whatnot?01:48
chuxxssshi all I'm trying to install MS office 2007 to make a flyer but it will not autorun or let me use the setup.exe file any help would be nice01:50
ZehRiquechuxxsss: did you check if Wine runs it?01:51
chadeldridgechuxxsss:  you will probably have to use crossover or wine to get that to install .. office 2007 is spotty support at best01:51
chadeldridgecrossover works01:51
ZehRiquechadeldridge: hmm... good.01:52
chadeldridgeim running the entire 2007 suite w/o access right now01:52
chuxxsssit did on the old box under 8.04 but I only got word and excel and publisher working01:52
chadeldridgein wine ?01:53
chadeldridgego get crossover .. its awesome01:53
chuxxssscan I use crossover for the games as well01:53
chadeldridgewow runs under it perfectly as does lots of others01:54
moobaghuh why have i never heard of crossover :(01:54
moobagwhat is it?01:54
chuxxsssthank chadeldridge01:54
chuxxsssI have01:55
chadeldridgeits about the best thing that ever happened to wine01:55
moobagoh, its not free :|01:55
moobagthat sucks01:55
chadeldridgeworth the like 30$ ... but you can get the trial to make sure it works for you, its full featured01:56
chuxxssssupport moobag not all is free people need to eat01:56
chadeldridgeif you help with regression testing and applicatnion testing for them like I am you can become an advocate and get it free .. but you have to actually put in work for them01:57
chadeldridgei gladly pay them for it though, its well worth it to see them continue01:57
moobagif i wanna use it for games etc though01:57
moobagits quite expensive01:57
chadeldridgehow so ?  40$ forever01:58
chuxxsssI think so01:58
chuxxssscan you buy one that does games and office plus autocad01:59
crimsun~ppa2 deb updated for people still experiencing bug 27499501:59
nonniichadeldridge: what's the difference between cedega and crossover?01:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274995 in alsa-utils "shutdown freeze on alsa shutdown" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27499501:59
chadeldridgeyes its the pro edition01:59
moobagyeah why not cedega?01:59
moobagwhy not just use openoffice? what do you need?02:00
chadeldridgenonnii:  i used cedega for a while . its utter crap for gaming due to lack of real directx support02:00
chuxxssslet not get into which one is best moobag it like cars02:00
moobagoh yeah i know but for money/effort etc02:01
chadeldridgecrossover seems much easier to me .. but thats just imo02:01
moobagyou have to renew crossover after a year or you stop getting updates02:02
chuxxssshow do I use it if wine is install chadeldridge02:02
nonniiI tried wine once, notepad wouldn't start so I removed it. I really have no need :P02:03
chuxxsssit not showing up02:03
thatguyso i upgraded and for some reason my sound stopped working.  Oddly enough i used to have this problem and it was fixed when i upgraded to 8.0402:03
chadeldridgechuxxsss : there are some guides around google on installing office 2007 on wine .. its not easy though, so good luck on that one02:03
xxploitnonnii: well if you look at the cedega forums anytime...the users always come off disgruntled with the their support and also unless things have changed cedega used to be subscription based, like 5$ a month i think. Plus I dont think they contribute anything back upstream to wine where as crossover does.02:03
chadeldridgexxploit: exactly right02:04
=== brett is now known as Guest538
thismamacooks200I can switch to guest session, but not login guest session or su guest session02:04
chuxxsssI get unable to find default bottle02:05
chuxxsssin crossover02:05
xxploitchuxxsss: are u trying to run an app you didnt install in crossover?02:06
xxploitalso chuxxsss #crossover02:06
nonniithismamacooks200: lucky you, I can't even get the guest session to work at all02:06
chuxxsssI trying to load MS office 2007 with crossover02:06
chuxxsssin 8.1002:06
chuxxsssxxploit, get my last02:07
nkei0heya everyone02:07
nkei0Anyone want to help me with a video playing in firefox problem?02:08
chuxxsssI havent got a autorun program when I place the disc in02:08
chadeldridgechuxxsss:  you wont in linux02:09
xxploitchuxxsss: id imagine that is listed in the supported apps whereas you can just click to install it? I've never used it for MS Office since I use Open Office. But crossover should be able to install it without a prob, you should join #crossover for any questions you have02:09
tsedreytHey guys, I've been on beta for a while now, no problems...until today when I dled the RC updates and now I have no sound. Anyone else have this problem?02:09
chuxxsssxxploit, thanks and it's not under 8.1002:09
webmarenjust ran the latest batch of upgrades and my monitor reverted to 800x60002:10
chadeldridgetsedreyt:  i think that is a known bug i saw posted earlier02:10
tsedreytyeah? so I'm not alone/ didn't do anything bad?02:10
xxploitchuxxsss: when you install crossover it places menu entrys for you, goto Install Software then in the list it should have Ms Office etc02:10
thatguytsedreyt: i have the same problem02:11
tsedreytchadeldridge: that's at least a little bit comforting...02:11
trigpinto upgrade just sudo apt-get dist upgrade ?02:11
U236Willyi had hardware drivers keep telling me to get the proprietary nvidia 71.?? drivers.. so i did... and it borked kdm02:11
tsedreytthatguy: haha kind of ironic, I deleted my windows partition today, and I switch back to linux...no sound02:12
chadeldridgetrigpin :  sudo update-manager -d  i think02:12
U236Willyi ended up using a tty and logging in and reverting the xorg.conf which worked but it's still not perfect.02:12
thatguytsedreyt: well this has happened to me before, i couldn't play sound before 7.10 and 8.04 kept constant02:12
trigpinchadeldridge,  ah thanks thats it02:12
thatguymy computer has always had sound issues as it is02:12
tsedreytwell I had sound on the beta until about 4 hours ago02:13
tsedreytdo you know what card you have?02:13
thatguyoh i just upgraded from 7.1002:13
thatguyhow do i check if i'm in beta or rc?02:14
chuxxsssno one is answering in crossover maybe they have crossover already02:14
chadeldridgechuxxsss:  do you need to download crossover ?02:14
tsedreytI'm at that awkward stage in my linux career where I know how to do everything, but I never know what to do....02:15
chadeldridgechuxxsss: http://www.codeweavers.com/products/02:15
tsedreytits like being a teenager...02:15
thatguyi'm at the novice stage where i need to learn how to use my terminal other than irssi and how to configure pidgin02:15
chuxxssschadeldridge,  I have it is now installed autorun not install it is telling me but it said that in wine first under 8.1002:15
chadeldridgetsedryt:  break things and fix them02:15
thatguyso tsedreyt how to i check if i'm in rc or beta?02:15
tsedreytpretty much if you've upgraded your system today02:16
moobagim really struggling to choose between 32 and 64 bit versions of 8.1002:16
tsedreytyou are in RC02:16
IsTI37Who is using ibex right now ? , it works or it is just like 8.04 , you need to set manually everything which should work ?02:16
xxploitchuxxsss: youll most likely need to install it using crossover, not the autorun program02:16
webmareni <3 linux, one step fix for my graphics issue02:16
chuxxsssI am02:16
chuxxsssIsTI37, I am02:16
U236Willyit works mostly well02:16
thatguytsedreyt: i started the upgrade yesterday though02:16
chadeldridgechuxxsss:  applications - crossover - install windows products - select office 2007 from the list - specify where the setup.exe file is on the cd - click go02:16
thatguyand i think it was an hour or two before rc was released02:17
U236Willyonly a few issues02:17
tsedreytupgrade again02:17
IsTI37chuxxsss I suppose that you don't have problems with the network02:17
moobag64 or 32 bit?!?!?! aaarrrgh :(02:17
tsedreytmoobag: how much RAM?02:17
chadeldridgemoobag:  every time i do 64 bit i regret it ..02:17
moobagand a core202:17
chadeldridgego 3202:17
trigpinanyone any ideas if over or under clocking possible ? there a simple way ?02:17
thatguyi also had a problem with torrentflux02:18
chadeldridge32 for sure then02:18
nkei0so, i'm having trouble playing this video...  http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/pac_ctnt_988/text/0,2829,DIY_24936_66001,00.html?videoid=74949&nl=DIY-NL_v156_2602:18
moobagthank youuu :D il just trust you haha02:18
moobaghow come?02:18
tsedreytyou have no need for 6402:18
chadeldridge^^^ yep02:18
nkei0I right click on it and it gives me the option to play with "media player" and it doesn't work either02:18
tsedreytthe problem with 32 is that it can only handle 3.7 gb of ram02:18
IsTI37try to install windows media player firefox plugin02:18
chadeldridgenkei0:  just install vlc02:19
tsedreytvlc is basically the answer for anything movie related02:19
xxploittsedreyt: yes it is!02:19
chadeldridgesadly .. it seems to be .. mplayer / totem are just meh02:19
tsedreytI uninstall them pretty quickly02:20
IsTI37chadeldridge: I have vlc and I have the same problem as him, the answer is to install the vlc firefox plugin...02:20
tsedreytanyone else loose sound with the RC?02:20
chadeldridgei just played it .. so i would assume so02:20
nkei0chadeldridge: I just did.02:20
trigpinnkei0, do not think it you im having problems watching to likly site , why you want to watch celling painting secrets would be like watching paint dry heh02:21
nkei0trigpin: I'm painting my ceilings right now...02:21
chadeldridgewill you do mine too .. the white in here is like a sanitarium02:21
tsedreytmy ceilings are cement....02:21
nkei0Or rather, about to be, I just scraped all of the popcorn off, I'm filling in all the patches and priming02:21
thatguyi guess i'll go to launchpad02:22
chuxxsssYou guys rock but the trail did work02:22
trigpinnkei0,  just applie paint to celling no secret to it02:22
thatguytsedreyt: sounds like you live in a nuclear fallout shelter02:22
chadeldridgechuxxsss :  gj02:22
nkei0trigpin: The tiniest details show up on the ceilings...02:22
tsedreytno, just a college dorm02:22
nkei0IsTI37: Where do I find the vlc plugin for firefox?02:22
chadeldridgetsedreyt ... i solved those issues in college by drinking until i forgot there was a ceiling ..02:23
tsedreytI will be getting there very shortly, don't even worry about it02:23
tsedreytbut usually I like to do that with music, so I must fix my sound first!02:23
IsTI37nkei0 just try synaptic , combine vlc with firefox = vlc firefox and you should find the mozilla-plugin-vlc plugin02:23
musikgoattsedreyt: so is a audio driver running in lspci?  assuming its an onboard sound card02:24
tsedreytmusikgoat: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)02:25
tsedreytand yes, it is onboard02:25
thatguyi have no output when i do lspci | grep audio02:26
chadeldridgeprobably wont02:26
nkei0alright, anyone want to help me tackle my problems of freezing almost as soon as i boot up unless i have acpi=off, noapic nolapic and edd=on in my menu.lst?02:26
musikgoattsedreyt: maybe check this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=92128902:26
thatguytsedreyt: in good news 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)02:26
thatguythat's my out put02:26
tsedreytokay so we are screwed together, good to know.02:27
musikgoatthatguy: next time use grep -i for case insensitive02:27
tsedreytthank you musikgoat02:27
chadeldridgemaybe its bad to say but i have the same controller and mine is working fine02:27
tsedreyt...that killed my good spirits, thank you.02:28
platiusthatguy;  what does aplay -l  show?02:28
tsedreyt**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****02:29
tsedreytcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: AD198x Analog [AD198x Analog]02:29
tsedreyt  Subdevices: 0/102:29
tsedreyt  Subdevice #0: subdevice #002:29
tsedreytcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: AD198x Digital [AD198x Digital]02:29
tsedreyt  Subdevices: 1/102:29
tsedreyt  Subdevice #0: subdevice #002:29
thatguyplatius: http://pastebin.com/m4181111102:29
tsedreytwoah, lots of posts.02:29
thatguythat's why i went to pastebin02:29
musikgoat!pastepin | tsedreyt02:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastepin02:29
chadeldridgeyeah mine is different at this stage so that may explain it02:29
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:29
musikgoatarg ubottu02:30
ilovegnulinuxhi, unable to upgrade from hardy using 'update-manager -d'02:30
chadeldridgesudo update-manager -d02:30
tsedreytnice screenname02:30
ilovegnulinuxtried that. no new version shown :(02:30
[ipc]michaelapt-get update then...02:31
thatguydo alt-f2 and then try it?02:31
musikgoatilovegnulinux: no sudo02:31
ilovegnulinuxdid that too02:31
chadeldridgewhat software sources do you have turned on ?02:31
musikgoatcheck processes, maybe one is sleeping or something02:32
nkei0Hrm, I installed VLC media player, but that video still doesn't player.02:32
nkei0play even02:32
thatguyanyway tsedreyt you think zombie mplayer is the problem?02:32
ilovegnulinuxthe hardy ones, long term support02:32
chadeldridgemain . universe . restricted . multiverse ?02:32
tsedreytI am a little biased, I think if its not called VLC, it isn't going to work.02:32
chadeldridgeupdates section ?02:33
thatguymplayerplug-in ...02:33
tsedreytI am probably the wrong person to ask...i like playing with conky...02:33
nkei0I'm attempting the mplayer one now.02:33
ilovegnulinuxhardy important and recommended02:33
ilovegnulinuxand in upgrade, long term support only02:34
chadeldridgechange that to normal02:34
chadeldridgesudo apt-get update02:34
chadeldridgesudo update-manger -d02:34
ilovegnulinuxk, ll try that02:34
chadeldridgemay want to try to change your repo location as well .. mine flaked out before and would not pull so i changed it and all was good02:35
ilovegnulinuxpossible, i use the server in my country02:36
tsedreyt...which is?02:36
chadeldridgemay want to do US just in case your local repo is not updated for some odd reason02:36
tsedreytI way too talkative for support chats.02:36
tsedreytbut seriously, id give ubuntu my life if they would just fix their sound and wireless issues02:37
Hobbseewhat issues?  :P02:37
tsedreytoh you know02:38
chadeldridgereally wireless issue still ?  mine is finally working out of box with no wrapper02:38
tsedreytthe part where they don't work02:38
Hobbseego with intel.  no more problem.02:38
Hobbseemine have worked for ages.02:38
chadeldridgebroadcom is the intel bastard stepchild though and they dont work well in ubuntu02:38
tsedreytI won my laptop...and as nice as that was, I didn't get to configure it, but its not bad except for atheros card02:38
chadeldridgeohh god02:38
chadeldridgeatheros are a pita to get working .. have you tried ndiswrapper and the windows driver ?02:39
tsedreytI swear, I have like 9 drivers installed on my hd02:39
tsedreytand yes, I have.02:39
chadeldridgei was like that with my original broadcom until i learned of fwcutter02:39
chadeldridgei guess ilovegnulinux got fixed .. lol02:40
tsedreytsupposedly the lwlwifi was supposed to be the gift of man to wireless02:40
nonniican anyone here help me with gdm-guest-session, because it is not working for me. The new session starts to vt10 (my normal user is at vt9) but the screen stays brownish orange. No gnome-session is started for the guest session, only x-window-manager and d-bus02:40
tsedreytthat worked great...02:40
chadeldridgenever heard of it actually02:41
Hobbseechadeldridge: broadcom always was a pain.  they don't opensource their stuff.02:41
Hobbseeor at least, didn't.  not sure about now02:41
chadeldridgehobbsee .. yeah i found out the really hard way02:41
Hobbseechadeldridge: stay away from marvell chipsets too, as a hint :P02:42
chadeldridgei broke down and just bought a new internal card for the laptop .. an intel02:42
Hobbseehaha, smart.02:42
ad_hey is the 64-bit beta pretty stable now?02:42
chadeldridgebest 50$ ever02:42
tsedreytit is02:42
Hobbseei bought an atheros card for the other laptop.  worked a charm.02:42
Hobbseeonly used it up to edgy, though, iirc.02:42
chadeldridgead_ I am installing it on another machine right now, but i would assume its as stable as any 64 bit ubuntu relase02:42
tsedreytwhat kind?02:42
tsedreytI have this 802.11 a/b/g02:43
ad_i thought that, not much they can update in 4 days heh02:43
=== chadeldridge is now known as zomgwifeaggrobrb
tsedreytand some wrote somewhere that it would work if I disabled the A and the B, but that's a little beyond me...02:43
tsedreyt(bummer man....)02:44
ad_so nvidia card should run fine02:44
=== zomgwifeaggrobrb is now known as chadeldridge
chuxxssshope this crossover works the trial didn't so I pay for it now02:47
chadeldridgechuxxsss:  the full just unlocks the trial02:47
chadeldridgeso if trial didnt it wont02:47
jamesishHey folks.  The ruby on rails channel is being distinctly quiet, and youse guys always seem to know the answers. Installed Ruby from source, irb works fine but script/console in rails frankly doesnt.02:47
jamesishusr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/irb/completion.rb:10:in `require': no such file to load -- readline (LoadError)02:47
chadeldridgeyou need to read the directions i think mine is working fine as well as all the other advocates of 200702:48
chuxxssschadeldridge, the trial work not work so I just pay 60 dollars au for it02:48
chadeldridgechuxxsss there is no diff between trial and full .. its the same app02:48
tsedreyt(chadelridge: is aggro short for aggravated?)02:49
nkei0so i've tried the mplayer plugin and vlc and neither on of them work, and firefox still wants to open it with totem, but what file do i need to point firefox to to play it with another program?02:49
tsedreytuninstall totem?02:49
chadeldridgetsedreyt:  yeah its her only mode02:49
chuxxssswhat happen when I get red state bar for excel02:49
nkei0tsedreyt: k, thx02:49
tsedreytchad: bummer.02:50
chadeldridgeits ok .. i ordered her food she will be distracted for an hour or so02:50
tsedreythmm, if I ever chose to get married, I will remember that tip02:51
tsedreytbut I don't have to worry about that for a while02:51
chadeldridgethe credit card works to placate the savage beast as well ... but that gets costly02:51
tsedreytanyway, back to linux!02:52
tsedreytwell, at least ubuntu is free? does that balance a little?02:52
chadeldridgelol when you get married you will realize the hilarity of that statement02:52
chadeldridgebtw has anyone tried cairo-dock .. its pretty smexxy02:53
tsedreytI was always an awn fan02:53
tsedreyttakes up less resources too02:53
chadeldridgei had graphic artifacts with awn ... so i gave up02:53
chadeldridgei still am yet to understand why dvd playback just doesnt work out of the box02:55
tsedreytyeah, I wanted to either run gnome panel or a dock02:55
tsedreytand I could never get enough out of a dock to get rid of the panel02:55
tsedreytso I just configured my panel to what I wanted02:55
chadeldridgei always had my panel setup to look exactly like a dock so it wasnt a hard stretch02:56
tsedreytI don't really do graphical launchers02:56
tsedreytI use launchy, and I love it02:56
chuxxssschadeldridge, Thanks it works fine02:56
chadeldridgevery interesting .. looking at launchy now02:57
tsedreytits really great02:57
tsedreytI hotkeyed win+space02:57
Hobbseechadeldridge: dvd playback:  because it's illegal in some countries.02:57
Hobbseeand, y'know, having ubuntu sued wouldn't be cool.02:57
tsedreytit brings up this great little window...I type F for firefox, P for pigeon, it adapts to what you use the most02:57
chadeldridgehobbsee:  yeah i figured as much, sad and annoying02:57
Hobbseebesides, afaik, the descrambled ones *do* play out of the box02:58
chadeldridgetsedreyt .. that would be awesome for my fluxbox install02:58
chadeldridgehobbsee: yeah we bought the kid a dvd tonight and i tried to play it and of course it didnt work ... so an hour of fishing later i just gave up, i can play it in vlc but no sound02:58
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:59
chadeldridgeall interlaced and nasty lookin02:59
tsedreytthat must have been a bummer for him...02:59
* Hobbsee points at https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html#dvdplayback02:59
chadeldridgeyeah i have the restricted extras installed .. thats the first thing i did but it didnt fix everything03:00
Hobbseebut the location has changed, and it's now /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh03:00
Hobbseeno, it doesn't...03:00
thatguytsedreyt: any luck yet?03:00
Hobbseerestricted extras does *not* contain libdvdcss2.03:00
chadeldridgeand its not a dpkg anymore .. contained in something else03:00
Hobbseeit's a .deb in medibuntu, which is where that script pulls it from03:01
tsedreytthatguy: not yet...03:01
chadeldridgethats awesome .. its what i was looking for but counldnt find03:01
tsedreytmy bootup time in Ibex is super long, anyone else that way?03:01
chadeldridgestill no audio though03:02
Hobbseeis it muted?03:02
nkei0christ, i cannot ge!t this video to play03:02
tsedreytI got an idea03:02
tsedreytdo sudo apt-get upgrade03:03
tsedreytthere is one that says totem-plugin03:03
tsedreytI have no idea what it does, but maybe it'll help you03:03
nkei0I uninstalle everything totem, and set everything to mplayer03:03
nkei0holy crap nevermind, it just played03:04
tsedreythm, then forget me03:04
chadeldridgenah not muted03:04
nkei0that's weird though, the video will play but i have no controls for it03:05
AirBenderanyone knows how to remove a package when it's broken?03:06
AirBenderwell, it's more than broken I think03:07
AirBenderthe postinstalation process failed03:07
thatguyhi again03:07
AirBenderand I can't remove it with synaptic/apt-get/dpkg in the normal way03:07
thatguysound still a-failin03:07
thiebaudeairbender:what about the purge command in the terminal?03:08
AirBenderErrors were encountered while processing: flex-old03:09
AirBenderE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:09
AirBenderI've reported the bug, but want to gain time...03:09
thiebaudeairbender:is the package in synaptic listed as installed?03:09
tsedreyt...sometimes I don't get ubuntu03:09
tsedreytdavid@david-laptop:/usr/bin$ Sound: Go!03:09
tsedreytbash: Sound:: command not found03:09
AirBendernope, it listed as broken03:09
thatguythe googles haven't helped03:10
thatguythough i remember someone saying this as a bug earlier03:10
AirBendersorry, it's listed as installed03:10
AirBendermmm in fact I haven't googled it, because it showed up as a bug since the instalation03:11
AirBenderwhen I installed the package, the postinst process crashed03:12
tsedreytyou know what's sad? now I do not own a windows computer and saved 150 dollars (buying vista) of parents money by putting gOS on their computer (and despite the fact I am a tight college budget) I find it perfectably acceptable to buy an ubuntu shirt.03:12
xxploitsomeone1 offhand know what the command/setting is that increases the fonts to look better, I used it a while back but cant remember what is was. This is some settings outside the font properties gui app. And it makes fonts look so great.03:12
tsedreytappearance > fonts > sub pixel smoothing03:13
chadeldridgexxploit:  cleartype ?03:13
AaronMTAnyone experience a problem where sometimes there is no usplash on boot? Other times there is..03:13
xxploitit was some terminal command I used or some setting I piped into a file.03:13
thiebaudeAirbender:hopefully that bug will be fixed soon03:14
* Hobbsee updates ubuntu-restricted-extras and friends, to more clearly point out that libdvdcss2 is *not* included.03:14
=== BaD-Laptop is now known as BaD_CrC
AirBenderHope so...03:15
chadeldridgelol salt in the wound03:15
chadeldridgehobbsee:  well i fixed sound, but none of the controls work (go to title menu or dvd menu) ... but at least it plays, looks like arse though interlaced lines if you stretch it to full scresn03:16
chadeldridgeill figure it out later though03:16
chadeldridge /agreed03:17
slestak_anyone using nm for pptp vpn succesfully?03:17
chadeldridgenetwork-manager?  yes03:18
tsedreytokay lets make a deal, someone write my paper, and ill fix their ubuntu issue03:18
slestak_i was struggling with "no valid secrets" error, but someone at launchpad answers helped me past that.  now i am past that, and the same setup I used in gutsy fails03:19
tsedreytor ever, one issue =one page.03:19
chadeldridgehobsee:  do you know if it was a feature in 8.10 to make my wireless on/off indicator light flash with activity or its just a cool circumstance that it does it now ?03:21
slestak_nm just says VPN connection failed.  var/log/messages gives nothing relevant03:22
Hobbseechadeldridge: it's intended, and tab completion is good03:22
Hobbseechadeldridge: it was a regression in hardy for a whole lot of wifi cards.03:22
slestak_chadeldridge: mine flashes steady now when its associated with wap.  used to be steady before II03:22
chadeldridgeHobbsee: interesting ...03:22
Hobbseeslestak_: yeah, that's what I thought, too...03:23
Hobbseeslestak_: now the kernel people have decided it should flash with activitity, it seems.03:23
chadeldridgeand sorry tab completion is good .. but broken left fingers right now .. hard to hit it :-D03:23
chuxxsssthis crossover has problem with publisher03:23
Hobbseeoh dear :P03:23
slestak_a littel distracting :)03:23
tsedreythas anyone had success with a Gparted liveUSB?03:24
EyesOfARaveni installed ubuntu 8.1 to a flash drive using unetboot and it booted to busybox03:24
EyesOfARaventhe desktop edition03:24
tsedreytI've gotten ubuntu to work of a usb, just not gparted03:24
EyesOfARaveni wasnt answering your question03:25
EyesOfARaveni was asking for help03:25
chadeldridgewhat is the question ?03:25
tsedreytoh, my bad.03:25
EyesOfARaveni am trying to install ubuntu 8.1 on my eee03:25
EyesOfARavenvia usb03:25
slestak_rebooting, got a new kernel installed.  brb03:25
EyesOfARavenand it booted to a busybox03:25
EyesOfARavenwith some errors03:25
=== chadeldridge is now known as afk
tsedreythave you tired ubootin?03:26
EyesOfARaventhat's what i used?03:26
=== afk is now known as chadeldridge
bigfoxIs there a way to make programs running under Wine print?03:27
EyesOfARavenprint as in to paper?03:27
EyesOfARavenit should wrap to your linux drivers03:27
EyesOfARavenassuming the printer works under linux03:27
chadeldridgebigfox yes it should by default03:27
EyesOfARavenubuntu 8.1 desktop edition should have a desktop environment03:27
bigfoxHmm.  the print dialog won't come up in Wine programs.  Works fine in linux programs.03:28
tsedreytnot it's the feature03:28
tsedreyt(yes, it should)03:28
tsedreytany change you had a faulty install to the usb? did you run the check after you booted it?03:28
bigfoxI tried in Wine notepad and it tells me I must install a printer and retry.03:29
EyesOfARavengrub didn't even come from the ubuntu install to the usb03:29
EyesOfARavenit booted to my grub on the SSD03:29
EyesOfARavenand i modified the boot lines03:29
EyesOfARavento boot to the usb03:29
saxonjfI'm giving this one more try before just reinstalling the whole shebang.  I have lost all ability to get any kind of sound.  I have no drivers recognized, and volume control won't even give me sliders.  It's just an error message.  Is there anything I can do to fix this?03:30
EyesOfARavendo you have pulse-audio installed?03:31
crimsunsaxonjf: fresh install or distribution upgrade?  also, download http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh and run it.03:31
U236Willyanyone able to point me in the right direction for getting my nvidia geforce2 (old) card working right in kde4?03:32
chadeldridgebigfox:  this may help:  http://www.winehq.org/site/docs/wineusr-guide/misc-things-to-configure#AEN42903:32
saxonjffresh install. The issue came when I upgraded03:32
admin_masu3701hello there... i have a sound problem..can anybody help me out03:32
U236Willyand ibex of course03:32
chadeldridgesaxonjf i am pretty sure thats a known bug right now and its going to fix nothing to fresh install03:33
chadeldridgelots of people are having sound issues in ibex it seems03:33
tsedreyt(me included)03:34
tsedreytat masu: did it just start when the RC came out?03:34
crimsunadmin_masu3701: / tsedreyt: please describe your sound problem.03:34
admin_masu3701no sound when i want to play youtube03:35
chadeldridgeadmin_masu3701:  do you have any sound anywhere ?03:35
EyesOfARavenshot in the dark: try running ur app from a terminal that wont make sound with "padsp <your app>"03:36
mneptokadmin_masu3701: open a terminal and type "killall pulseaudio" (no quotes) and then try YouTube again.03:36
EyesOfARavenbecause pulse-audio tends to phail :p03:37
tsedreytokay question03:37
bigfoxMaybe its because I am using the development version of wine from the winehq repo.03:37
crimsunwell, before we blame pulseaudio, we need to know which arch s/he's using and whether s/he has flashplugin-nonfree and libasound2-plugins installed03:37
tsedreytI goto sound prefecnes03:37
bigfoxI will change to the one in the ubuntu repo.03:37
mneptokcrimsun: gnash won;t even display YT videos, never mind deal with audio tracks for them03:38
tsedreytand its on autodetect, I press the test button, and it says "audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Failed to connect: Connection refused"03:38
saxonjftse, I have the same problem, but no sound at all03:39
crimsunmneptok: you may have more knowledge about admin_masu3701's issue; does s/he have gnash, adobe-flashplugin or flashplugin-nonfree installed?03:39
tsedreytI've got no sound at all either03:39
tsedreytsaxon when did that start for you03:39
saxonjfright after I upgraded03:39
mneptokcrimsun: i am assuming since the problem was described as non-functional audio that the video is viewable. that requires flashplugin-nonfree.03:39
saxonjfupgrade ---> no sound03:39
crimsuntsedreyt: ah, I bet you're hitting the pulseaudio/canberra-gtk-play race03:39
saxonjfthis morning when I rebooted03:39
slestak_chadeldridge: do you get warn[ctrlp_disp:pptp_ctrl.c:956]: Non-zero Async Control Character Maps are not supported! in daemon.log?03:39
tsedreytsaxon me too03:40
crimsuntsedreyt: try using pulseaudio -k;pulseaudio -D03:40
tsedreytcrimsum: ....what?03:40
chadeldridgeslestak_: huh ?03:40
saxonjfwould I need to put in sudo before that?03:40
AaronMTAnyone experience a problem where sometimes there is no usplash on boot? Other times there is..03:40
slestak_trying to debug my pptp failing to connect.  you said yours was working03:40
crimsuntsedreyt: there's a known race condition during GNOME session login during which the pulseaudio daemon /appears/, for all intents and purposes, to start correctly but in fact does not.  This results in the symptom you described.03:40
tsedreytpastebin | david@david-laptop:/usr/bin$ pulseaudio -k;pulseaudio -D03:41
tsedreytW: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.03:41
tsedreytW: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.03:41
tsedreytE: main.c: daemon startup failed.03:41
chadeldridgeslestak_: ahh sorry let me look03:41
admin_masu3701mneptok: i did but didnt return nothin03:41
thatguyback to getting angry due to lack of sound03:41
tsedreytthatguy: we have a lead!03:41
tsedreytcrimsum: any fix?03:41
thatguyi took the crimsun command03:41
crimsuntsedreyt: yes, a couple.  One is disabling sound events.03:41
chuxxssschadeldridge, crossover keep crashing publisher03:42
tsedreytyou mean the log in sounds?03:42
saxonjfWhen I tried that, it failed to kill daemon03:42
crimsuntsedreyt: all sound events, but sure, includes that03:42
thatguyi get everything tsedreyt gets except for the E: main.c03:42
mneptokadmin_masu3701: it won;t03:42
mneptokadmin_masu3701: try YouTube now03:42
saxonjfW: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.03:42
saxonjfE: main.c: Failed to kill daemon.03:42
saxonjfW: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.03:42
slestak_hers a pastebin of the relevant part of /var/log/daemon.log03:42
chadeldridgeslestak_: i do not seem to have those errors sorry03:43
slestak_ty for looking03:43
crimsunsaxonjf: ok, and does `paplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav' work audibly?03:44
slestak_are you running 2.6.27-7?03:44
tsedreytoh god, my inner newb is showing,....how do I do that?03:44
admin_masu3701mneptok: it aint working03:44
crimsuntsedreyt: another method is to further alter the order in which pulseaudio is started during GNOME session login03:45
crimsuntsedreyt: do what?03:45
mneptokadmin_masu3701: then PulseAudio is probably not the issue. how did you install Flash?03:45
tsedreytokay how would I alter the order?03:46
wgrantOh no, it's mneptok.03:46
chuxxssschadeldridge,  what a waste of money crossover is03:46
crimsuntsedreyt: well, the easiest method is simply to rename the file03:46
tsedreytcrimsum: I'd hate to have you walk me through all this, seeing as I am completely lost, is there a guide you could point me to?03:47
admin_masu3701mnptok: oh yet...i was having flash problem for a while...i didnt know how to install it...but after it didnt ask me to download flash03:47
chadeldridgechuxxsss:  i told you about 20 times that there was no diff between trial version and full, plus there is about 10000 pages of documentation on that site you ignored.  There was no point in buying it if trial did not work03:48
mneptokadmin_masu3701: in a terminal, "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras" (no quotes)03:48
crimsuntsedreyt: sorry, no guide, but it's fairly straightforward:  sudo mv /etc/X11/Xsession.d/70pulseaudio /etc/X11/Xsession.d/59pulseaudio03:48
crimsuntsedreyt: please log out of GNOME and back in to test.03:48
thatguywhere is the status of the sound problem03:49
tsedreytcrimsum: is that it>03:49
thatguycrimsun: i guess i shoudl follow what youa re saying to03:50
crimsuntsedreyt: sorry, what do you mean by "is that it"?03:50
admin_masu3701mneptok: what is that command?03:50
tsedreytcrim: ill be back, ill tell you how it goes.03:50
thatguyme too crimsun03:50
mneptokadmin_masu3701: it will install some software that has restrtive licenses (so Ubuntu can't inculde them by default) but that most people will want. like the Flash plugin. ;)03:51
dick-richardsonHow do I keep ubuntu from automounting removable media? It's borking up what I need to do w/the device in gparted03:51
chrono13I just upgraded my family's computer to 8.10 which fixed some lingering issues in 8.04. On the first account that I logged into, I clicked OK (instead of Upgrade) to the logout menu. I want to change this, and upgrade the logoff menu to the new style and have all of the accounts be the same. How do I bring up that upgrade option again?03:52
dick-richardsonsystem --> preferences --> removable drives and media isn't there anymore03:52
admin_masu3701mneptok: thats cool... i will take note of that03:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 288863 in ubuntu "Intrepid Ibex hangs when shutting down or restarting..." [Undecided,New]03:53
tsedreytmarry me?03:54
tsedreytwell, okay, but it worked. thank you.03:55
chadeldridgegj on that one03:55
tsedreytsaxonjf, you still here?03:55
crimsuntsedreyt: can you confirm with several addition logout-login cycles?  possibly toss in a cold boot, too?03:55
chuxxssschadeldridge,  said trial finish before it started and I needed to make a flyer for council elections mate03:56
crimsuntsedreyt: additional*03:56
tsedreytI did one logout login and one cold boot03:56
crimsuntsedreyt: the more, the merrier03:56
tsedreytill be back ot let you know how it goes03:56
crimsunnote: it doesn't fix the issue, just makes it more difficult to trigger the race03:56
crimsunwe really need pulseaudio to provide more precise information regarding sink and source connection status03:57
dick-richardsonany suggestions on preventing ubuntu from automounting my thumbdrive?03:57
freeksh0w86Why am I getting a busybox prompt trying to boot up the new Kubuntu 8.10 RC i386 on a machine with 1 GB of RAM and normal hardware that works with 8.04?03:58
crimsunfreeksh0w86: perhaps you need to regenerate the initramfs?03:58
freeksh0w86what does that mean then?03:58
mneptokfreeksh0w86: take a look in your BIOS settings, too. if you can toggle different IDE modes, try different modes and see if they work.03:59
crimsunkonam: that's a duplicate of bug 274995.  Please test my ~ppa2 deb (see the comments toward the end of the bug report page).04:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274995 in alsa-utils "shutdown freeze on alsa shutdown" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27499504:00
slestak_does NM pptp plugin source /etc/ppp/options.pptp?  It seems to contradict the setting from the NM gui...04:00
thatguycrimsun: still no sound04:00
thatguycould this have anything to do with torrentflux problems04:00
crimsunthatguy: did you rename the file from 70 to 59?04:01
thatguyi guess i missed that part04:01
crimsunthatguy: err, yeah...04:01
crimsunthatguy: 22:48 < crimsun> tsedreyt: sorry, no guide, but it's fairly straightforward:  sudo mv /etc/X11/Xsession.d/70pulseaudio /etc/X11/Xsession.d/59pulseaudio04:01
thatguysudo mv /etc/X11/Xsession.d/70pulseaudio /etc/X11/Xsession.d/59pulseaudio <--i did that before i restarted04:01
admin_masu3701mneptok: thank you ...it works now04:01
crimsunthatguy: ok, and are you still getting an invalid stream error?04:02
mneptokadmin_masu3701: smashing!04:02
thatguythis?" W: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.04:02
thatguyW: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.04:02
admin_masu3701mneptok: haha04:02
thatguywhat that04:03
crimsunthatguy: no, not that.  I mean, when you attempt something like `paplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav'04:03
slestak_thatguy: googling for that error nets lots of hits.  arch linux, ubuntu, looks kinda common04:03
thatguywhat does paplay do?04:04
crimsunthatguy: plays a wav file through pulseaudio04:04
thatguyfailed to open file04:04
freeksh0w86oh well i hope they fix the issue in the final CD. I've never had to mess with bios settings to avoid "busybox" and i'm not going to either.04:05
thatguyoh wait i was using a .ogg file04:05
crimsunthatguy: can you pastebin the entire command that you typed/pasted and its output?04:05
crimsunthatguy: ah04:05
thatguyokay i put in a wav file04:06
tsedreytstill working!04:06
thatguythe next line is the xxxx@dell04:06
crimsunthatguy: what do you mean by "nothing"?04:06
thatguyme@dell:~$ paplay '/home/me/Music/ITCrowedEmergency#.wav'04:06
thatguyinbetween that there is no sound output04:06
crimsunthatguy: do you get an actual error message resembling "invalid stream", or does it simply... ah, so it was inaudible?04:06
admin_masu3701when is ubuntu 8.10 coming out?04:06
saxonjfFailed to open file04:07
thatguyadmin_masu3701: 6 days04:07
admin_masu3701thatguy: how will we get it? I have 8.10 beta04:07
crimsunthatguy: ok, can you download http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh and run it?04:08
thatguyit'll probably say something like "partial upgrade available" on the day of the release and it will fix a few bugs04:08
thatguyalso it is at rc now04:08
saxonjfAll right, crimsun, do you think I'm a lost cause, or would a fresh reinstall help04:08
tsedreytdid you try what he told me?04:08
crimsunsaxonjf: when you run the alsa-info.sh script, does it return a long url?04:08
crimsuntsedreyt: saxonjf's issue is different04:08
thatguycrimsun: download it? i get the code04:08
saxonjfIt doesn't run any url into a website at all...04:09
thatguyor is this some wget thing i'm not aware of04:09
crimsunthatguy: yes, save it as a text file, then invoke it using bash04:09
crimsunsaxonjf: what does the script do instead?04:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 288863 in ubuntu "Intrepid Ibex hangs when shutting down or restarting... (dup-of: 274995)" [Undecided,New]04:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 274995 in alsa-utils "shutdown freeze on alsa shutdown" [Medium,Confirmed]04:10
konamsomeone has any idea?04:10
crimsunkonam: yes, I already responded to you.04:10
crimsunkonam: I.e., please try the ~ppa2 deb in my PPA.04:10
thatguycrimsun: it opens it in wine04:10
crimsunthatguy: ...in wine???04:10
konamcrimsun sorry, left the laptop for a few minutes and pick it up now and your comment wasn't reachable04:11
crimsunthatguy: um, did you save the file and then execute it using bash?04:11
thatguyi type the '/home/xxx/desktop/alsa test' and then it opens it in bash04:11
thatguyi mean in bash and it opens it in wine04:11
crimsunthatguy: err, you're supposed to save the file to your Desktop (or wherever), then execute `bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh' in a Terminal04:12
saxonjfcrimsun what's the command I would need to run with the script?  I know nothing about command lines04:13
crimsunsaxonjf: see what I just typed above to thatguy04:13
thatguycrimsun: ^^04:14
crimsunthatguy: thanks, please wait a sec04:14
saxonjfcrimsun, no such file or directory04:14
konamcrimsun daniel t chen?04:15
crimsunthatguy: please remove the model=3stack quirk04:15
crimsunkonam: yes04:15
crimsunthatguy: did you place the quirk into a file?04:15
crimsunthatguy: I.e., `grep -nH 3stack /etc/modprobe.d/*'04:16
filth_eh, i need a new wallpaper.04:16
thatguy/etc/modprobe.d/lanai-sound:1:options snd-hda-intel model=3stack04:16
crimsunthatguy: right, remove that quirk.04:16
thatguyi think i did put it in to fix a previous problem04:16
thatguyhow do i remove it?04:16
crimsunthatguy: either comment it out (place a '#' at the beginning of the line), or remove the file04:17
saxonjfcrimson, when I tried to run it, it asked me if I wanted to run it from the terminal, run it straight or just open the text rile04:17
crimsunsaxonjf: you need to open a Terminal, then execute the script04:17
thatguycrimsun: i mean what command do i type into bash in order to obtain the ability to comment it out?04:18
crimsunsaxonjf: why are you using 2.6.25-2-38604:18
td123crimsun: he probably isn't04:19
crimsunthatguy: well, you can edit the file in an editor (use gksu 'gedit /etc/modprobe.d/lanai-sound')04:19
crimsuntd123: how do you figure?  that information is culled directly from uname -r.04:20
thatguycrimsun: next?04:20
crimsunplease confirm that the line is commented by running the same grep command from prior04:21
thatguy/etc/modprobe.d/lanai-sound:1:#options snd-hda-intel model=3stack04:21
thatguy/etc/modprobe.d/lanai-sound~:1:options snd-hda-intel model=3stack04:21
crimsunthatguy: ok, now sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/lanai-sound~04:21
crimsunthatguy: (you need to erase the backup file)04:22
crimsunthatguy: now, please reboot04:22
nekostari gotta say04:23
nekostaryall are knocking this one outta the park so far04:23
nekostartho stability's not great04:23
nekostaranyone else's fast-user-switcher-applet not showing?04:23
saxonjfcrimsun, upgrading generic kernel now04:24
crimsunsaxonjf: ok04:25
saxonjflooks as though it'll take a little while.  30min or so.  I don't have the world's greatest frontside bus and only have 1.5Gb of RAM04:27
konamcrimsun it didn't work04:27
crimsunkonam: ok, can you ifdown the wifi interface(s) before rebooting/shutting down to test if that resolves the hang?04:28
konamcrimsun how do i do that?04:29
konamifdown wlan0?04:29
crimsunkonam: if wlan0 is the interface, yes04:31
konamcrimsun I'm supposed to be disconnected by now? if i was then that comment didn't work.04:32
nekostarwow you gotta love regular expressions.. so amazingly powerful04:35
* nekostar stabs crimsun hello04:35
* nekostar stabs crdlb hi too04:35
crimsunkonam: you're supposed to issue the ifdown after logging out of GNOME and into a tty04:37
saxonjfcrimsun restarting04:38
konamcrimsun killing gnome or just loging out of my session?04:38
DanaGArgh, where do I find man pages for things like glLight3fv?04:39
chowmeinedok who broke atheros04:41
chowmeinedseriously, stop messing with stuff04:41
chowmeinedthat last kernel update where you conveniently disabled the atheros driver04:41
chowmeinedyeah, that was dumb04:41
crimsunkonam: either04:42
crimsunchowmeined: the bug report # is in the linux changelog.04:42
crimsunDanaG: die.net?04:42
saxonjfcrimsun, you there?04:43
crimsunsaxonjf: yes04:43
chowmeinedcrimsun, and what about all the people using it?04:43
saxonjfcrimsun, I have audio in mp3 form04:44
saxonjfI am trying flash and youtube04:44
crimsunchowmeined: the best forum for your comments would be in said bug report04:44
crimsunchowmeined: namely, the Canonical-employed kernel team does not frequent this channel04:45
chowmeinedoh, them04:45
saxonjfcrimsun, it's looking good.  Sounds good and I am up and running04:45
chowmeinedspeaking of the kernel04:45
crimsunsaxonjf: great04:46
chowmeinedwhy is libata so broken when driving PATA controllers (specifically intel ones).. didnt anybody notice the whole 4MB/s throughput?04:46
saxonjfcimsun, is there some place I can write a testimonial for you or something.  I feel indebted.04:46
chowmeinednot only is it broken now, but its been broken since edgy eft04:46
crimsunchowmeined: seriously, these are questions best posed to either the ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing list or the #ubuntu-kernel channel04:46
chowmeinedcrimsun, they dont listen04:46
chowmeinedi just would like somebody to bash their face in for being retarded04:47
saxonjfDo you have an ubuntu wiki page where I can praise you or something?04:47
crimsunsaxonjf: no need, just enjoy your 8.10 configuration04:47
chowmeinedcrimsun, to be fair, ive already been through the bug reports04:47
saxonjfcrimsun, you went way above and beyond the call of duty, and I wish I could express some appreciation04:47
chowmeinedcrimsun, people report.. and the only responses are meta-messages from the bug tracking system04:47
crimsunchowmeined: have you considered purchasing a support contract?04:48
chowmeinedcrimsun, why would i do that?04:48
chowmeinedim not spending money on something that cant even get ATA support right (though to be fair thats not ubuntu's fault but the buggy libata implementation in the linux kernel)04:49
chowmeinedas usual, ill probably have to fix it myself04:49
DanaGcrimsun: I meant package.04:49
crimsunchowmeined: I empathize with the frustration, but venting here is unlikely to accomplish anything for 8.10.04:50
chowmeinedcrimsun, im aware of this04:50
sebsebsebis KDE3  available for  Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex from the rep, it does not seem to be available04:50
chowmeinedits too late to really do anything anyways04:50
crimsunDanaG: perhaps ping in #ubuntu-x sometime after 8.10's release?04:50
saxonjfthanks again04:50
crimsunsaxonjf: yw04:50
chowmeinedits not like they are going to fix a bug thats been around since edgy in the next hmm 6 days04:51
crimsunchowmeined: precisely04:51
chowmeinedcrimsun, exactly04:51
DanaGOpenGL man pages don't seem to be anywhere easily findable.04:52
jdsbluedevlhi, I'm experiencing an issue with the NVIDIA X server.  On startup, it gives me a smaller resolution (not sure if it's 800x600 or 1024x768), but I have to manually change it to 1280x1024.  When I try to save the configuration, the NVIDIA X server settings program crashes.  It keeps the resolution for the session, but when I reboot I have to do it all over again04:52
jdsbluedevlis this a known issue?04:52
crimsunDanaG: even opengl.org?04:53
DanaGOh, I didn't look there; I meant to use the package manager.04:54
darthanubisvery active channel now:)04:57
darthanubismy pc likes 8.1004:57
td123darthanubis: give it 2 weeks and it will be silent as a mouse05:02
jdsbluedevlhi, I'm experiencing an issue with the NVIDIA X server.  On startup, it gives me a smaller resolution (not sure if it's 800x600 or 1024x768), but I have to manually change it to 1280x1024.  When I try to save the configuration, the NVIDIA X server settings program crashes.  It keeps the resolution for the session, but when I reboot I have to do it all over again.  Is this a known issue?05:02
td123jdsbluedevl: search launchpad.05:02
td123if you can't find it, report it05:03
jdsbluedevlyeah, found it, bug #28642405:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 286424 in nvidia-settings "nvidia-settings crashes when user clicks Save To X Configuration File" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28642405:06
coheteDefault screen resolution on Ibex is too high, proper resolution not listed in resolution control panel. How do I change it?05:13
noaxihello anyone else having strange behaviour, as in system freezes unless keypressed ?05:13
noaxiwhile booting the laptop it freezes at a certain moment..05:14
crdlbcohete: video card? monitor type?05:14
darthanubiscohete, I can't seem to change it. I just make sure the xog is correct05:14
noaxifrom that moement on unless a key is pressed or the mouse is moved/mousebutton pressed the system freezes whatever is is doing05:14
darthanubisThis screen resoltion thing has never worked05:14
darthanubisnot resolution05:15
darthanubisreffresh speed05:15
cohetemonitor is the lcd on my laptop. I want 1280x800, i currently have 1920x1200. video card is nvidia, wanna say 6 series, using nvidia-glx drivers05:15
EyesOfARaveni installed the eee ubuntu support pack from http://code.google.com/p/eee-ubuntu-support/ and it borked my video drivers (i probably shuddnt hav done it as i had direct rendering and proper res already)05:15
crdlbcohete: so the screen pans to fit the that resolution now?05:16
coheteno, it fits without panning05:16
cohetewhich is really weird, since i'm pretty sure 1280x800 is the native res05:16
nekostarcohete install nvidia-settings and doublecheck your scaling05:18
EyesOfARavencan someone help me get rid of this driver05:18
nekostarhm. would someone mind telling me where editing the programs that are running in my session function is?05:18
coheteit was doing the 1920x1200 thing before i installed nvidia-glx05:18
nekostarthe one where i could set some arbitrary app that's running to say restart when crashing..05:18
darthanubisnekostar, system>session05:18
nekostardarthanubis run that05:19
nekostarnotice a missing tab or two?05:19
EyesOfARavencan someone help me05:19
nekostarEyesOfARaven one sec05:19
darthanubis!ask: EyesOfARaven05:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:19
crdlbcohete: what model laptop is it?05:20
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:20
nekostaroh ok05:21
nekostarEyesOfARaven you had to compile it?05:21
nekostarthats awesome05:21
nekostarchange into the dir you compiled it from05:21
prometheanfiredoes anyone have a nvidia 9XXX series working with RC1?05:21
nekostarand do sudo make uninstall05:21
nekostaros[Linux 2.6.27-7-generic - Debian lenny/sid - Ubuntu DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu ( http://www.ubuntu.com )] | up[19 hours, 32 minutes] | cpu[Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz SMP (4 processors), 2399.989 MHz (19200.16 bogomips)] | chipset[Intel Corporation 82G33/G31/P35/P31 Express DRAM Controller (rev 02)] | video[nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1) at 1680x1050 (32 bits)] | opengl[GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2 powered by NVIDIA Cor05:21
nekostarporation with driver 2.1.2 NVIDIA 177.80] | xchat[Version: 2.8.6] | [sysinfo-dg 1.1-DocTrax_1.46]05:21
cohetecrdlb, clevo m38aw05:21
jdsbluedevlok, resolution issue fixed.   However, I noticed that when I press the J key for the first time during login, it displays "E", but not again after that05:22
jdsbluedevlis this a known issue?05:22
EyesOfARavennekostar: i ran the installer script05:22
EyesOfARavenbut yeah i think i can find the dir it references05:22
EyesOfARavenill give that a go..05:22
EyesOfARavenit is precompiled05:23
darthanubisnekostar, where you get that script from?05:25
darthanubisnekostar, where you get that script from?05:25
nekostardarthanubis i got it from someone quite a while ago05:25
EyesOfARavennekostar: is there not just a "redetect what driver ubuntu was using when it was installed" button05:26
nekostari think it used to be in a package somewhere05:26
nekostarEyesOfARaven no there's not05:26
nekostaryou ran an installer script?05:26
nekostarok gimme bit05:26
nekostari'll grab the stuff and look05:26
EyesOfARaventhanks mate05:26
nekostari'm modding my themes rite now05:26
nekostarwhich as we all know is crucial05:26
EyesOfARavenmy display resolution and direct rendering are a bit more crucial to me05:27
nekostarok look05:27
nekostari'm thinking of punishing u05:27
nekostarclean_previous.sh sound familiar?05:27
EyesOfARaveni saw that05:27
EyesOfARaventhat fix it?05:28
EyesOfARavendidnt wanna run it blindly05:28
nekostarthats the uninstaller!05:28
nekostaropen the file05:28
nekostarlook inside05:28
EyesOfARavenwhy the hell didnt they name it uninstall05:28
nekostarrm -i /etc/rc*.d/*eee*.sh rm -i /etc/hal/fdi/policy/10-*eee*05:28
nekostarno clue05:28
nekostarbut hey on the upside05:28
nekostarthat'l prolly get all of it!!05:28
EyesOfARavenon the upside im not screwed05:28
nekostarthen you just gotta delete the nvidia driver u got05:28
EyesOfARaventhere is no nvidia driver05:28
nekostarand then run jockey-gtk etc05:28
EyesOfARavenwhat is jockey-gtk05:28
nekostaror whatever else05:28
nekostarjockey-gtk is the actual app that pops up for restricted hardware drivers!05:29
nekostari'm sure youll understand how happy i was to finally figure that out05:29
nekostari had to fix Several hardy installs by hand!!05:29
darthanubisnekostar, would you dcc me the script?05:30
nekostaroh yeah htats what i was doing05:30
noaxias soon as the fsck completes the system freezes up unless a key is pressed (example CTRL ALT or any other key)05:31
nekostarnoaxi eh?05:31
nekostardarthanubis accept ^^05:31
noaxifrom that moment on the system needs at least on key pressed to do anything at all..05:32
darthanubis:) thx05:32
nekostarjust put that in .xchat2 and your good to go next time u start it - there is also under _w_indows a script window where u can load it05:32
nekostarsaves me the trouble of pastebin05:32
nekostarnoaxi wth?05:32
noaxiI was thinking the same thing..05:32
nekostarwhat's dmesg give u05:32
noaxidmesg is frozen as well..05:33
nekostaralso check /var/logs/[sysinfo|messages]05:33
nekostarnoaxi try booting with acpi=off noacpi apic=off noapic05:33
noaxiunless any key pressed then the system continues until key released05:33
nekostarsounds wierd but they solve a lOT of pROBLEMS05:33
nekostarok lets get this right05:34
nekostarsystem hangs unless a key is being pressed actively?05:34
nekostarthen it's fine?05:34
noaxino soft is doing anything.. so no syslog  nothing..05:34
noaxino error messages..05:34
nekostarkb/mouse error likely05:34
noaxino to try noacip..05:34
nekostarwhen its working do a: tail -f /var/log/syslog05:35
nekostarthen when it quits working and starts etc etc05:35
nekostaryou should get some stdout05:35
EyesOfARaventhat did not successfully remove it05:35
EyesOfARavenit just removed the driver, didnt fix any of the stuff05:35
EyesOfARavenim gonna reinstall, as much as that sucks..05:35
nekostarEyesOfARaven what's broken?05:35
EyesOfARaventhe video driver05:35
nekostarno need to reinstall ~_~05:35
nekostaryour in intrepid rite?05:35
nekostarkk one sec05:36
nekostari'll give you something nasty05:36
noaxibtw I was running nosplash so any dmesg or any other messages should be visible as it is booting05:36
EyesOfARaveni couldnt find xorgtextcfg or xorgconfig05:36
EyesOfARavenor id've mucked with those05:36
EyesOfARaveni suppose u use x1105:36
EyesOfARavenbut i dunno shit about lowlevel configgin that05:36
nekostarWHO BROKE APT!05:36
Tim183still no support for my ar5007eg on release candidate05:36
Tim183i thought ath5k was supposed to fix that05:37
nekostarE: Regex compilation error - Invalid preceding regular expression05:37
EyesOfARaveni reckon ur regex was invalid, nekostar05:37
noaxinow It's showing normal behaviour..05:38
noaxias in it's not freezing..05:38
nekostarok now i'm getting there05:38
nekostarnoaxi that might be something to do with it05:38
noaxihmm 2.6.27 bug ?05:38
Tim183does anyone have any tips to help, ive tried every possible forum post and blog discussion for the last 3 months on hardy... i thought intrepid would be the fix, but it appears not05:38
nekostaryou should make sure mobo bios updated and whatnot05:38
nekostarTim183 ?05:39
Tim183still no support for my ar5007eg on release candidate05:39
noaxiacpi was working with 8.04.105:39
Tim183i thought ath5k was supposed to fix that05:39
noaxiath5k is disabled ..05:39
noaxi2.6.27.3 should fix ath5k05:40
Tim183ah ok05:40
noaxiit also has a fix for usb polling wich which might have something to do with the strange freeze I have05:40
Tim183how do I get that?05:40
EyesOfARavenis AR242x supposed to work?05:40
EyesOfARavenmine is detected but wont connect05:41
EyesOfARaveni can see my network05:41
Tim183mine isnt even detected05:41
nekostaroh well05:41
nekostarreinstalling would be faster05:41
nekostarhave at it05:41
EyesOfARavenit takes a long time05:41
EyesOfARavenactually, nekostar05:41
EyesOfARavena good hour05:41
EyesOfARavenim on an eeepc05:41
noaxiath5k is disabled in the current version05:41
EyesOfARavenso if u can spare me the pain05:41
EyesOfARavenplease by all means do05:41
nekostarsudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia* xserver*05:42
Tim183noaxi: so how should I approach this then?05:42
nekostarthen sudo apt-get clean05:42
nekostarthen sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop or whatever one's your fav05:42
EyesOfARavennekostar: why do u keep referring to an nvidia driver05:42
* nekostar shrugs05:42
Tim183I'm on release candiate at the moment, just running update manager at the moment05:42
nekostarnvidia or whatever else05:42
EyesOfARavenit is an intel driver05:42
noaxibe patient or be bold and compile be warned for ADVANCED users only..05:42
nekostarwhat driver?05:42
EyesOfARaventhe one that came with the scripts05:43
EyesOfARavenjust tell me how to reconfig x05:43
Tim183im not advanced05:43
EyesOfARavencuz i hav no idea, and im sure that'll fix it05:43
EyesOfARaveni just am not familiar with lowlevel x1105:43
EyesOfARavenonly xorg05:43
nekostardpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:43
nekostarat the end do medium05:43
Tim183noaxi: when will it be fixed?05:43
nekostarfrankly EyesOfARaven05:43
nekostarjust nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:44
nekostarand edit the driver05:44
nekostarbut that dpkg-reconfigure is nice too to get everything .. /me shrugs05:44
EyesOfARaventhe problem is i dont know the original one05:44
noaxiit's fixed in the most recent kernel .. so I'd think whenever it's recompiled and added to repository05:44
EyesOfARavenor i'd just do that05:44
Tim183noaxi: how long are we looking at?05:45
Tim183im considering attempting to pull the laptop apart and switching the wireless card over to a compatible one05:45
Tim183ive been trying to get this thing to work for 3 months now05:46
noaxistrangely enough ath5k is supposed to be included in kernel 2.6.27 so it should work..05:48
digdugI'm unable to see an external hard drive, that I can see fine in vista (rebooted multiple times to each OS to make sure the drive wasn't being flaky)05:49
digdugI was able to see it in 8.04 as well05:49
EyesOfARavenlol my wifi works in 8.10 while two separate eee-specific distros failed05:49
Tim183how do i check my current kernel?05:49
EyesOfARavenuname -a05:50
thatguycrimsun: thanks it works now05:50
digdugyeah, wifi seems to work well in ubuntu05:50
EyesOfARaventhe other distros were ubuntu too05:50
thatguyflash is very slow for me05:50
digdugdo they include out of the box broadcom support now, too?05:50
EyesOfARavenand packaged with drivers for my specific hardware05:50
thatguybut that's normal05:50
EyesOfARavenand they failed miserably, it makes me lol05:50
Tim1832.6.27-7-generic #1 SMP Wed Oct 22 01:30:40 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:50
EyesOfARaveni cant change my damn resolution to what i need05:51
EyesOfARavenapparently drivers are fine now05:51
EyesOfARaveni added a line for the res in xorg05:51
EyesOfARavenbut it didnt work05:51
dr_willisHmm.. Just upgraded to 8.10 - and it broke networking both wired and wireless for me.. :) on my test laptop..  Bummer.. Trying a clean install now.05:51
dr_willisEyesOfARaven,  lately ive seen a few  people with X issues that just need a proper 'modes' line in the xorg.conf.05:52
EyesOfARaveni did that tho05:52
EyesOfARavendidnt help05:53
Tim183noaxi: im on 2.6.27... so why no atheroos support?05:53
dr_willisEyesOfARaven,  i got so annoyed at X one day. I just moved the xorg.conf to xorg.conf.why_dont_you_work   and restarted X with no xorg.conf  :) and it worked....05:53
dr_willisStill not sure what hapened there.05:53
EyesOfARaventhat's a good plan05:53
EyesOfARaveni find that works with many x issues with other files05:54
EyesOfARavenwhy not the conf05:54
EyesOfARaveni shall try it05:54
dr_willisI got archives of my old xorg.conf for my old machines/releases..05:54
dr_willissome times i grab one of them.05:54
EyesOfARavendidnt work.05:55
nekostardarthanubis  http://bayimg.com/MALneAabj :>>05:55
noaxisearch in google for LP: #28814805:56
nekostaryou didnt do the dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg??????!?!05:56
EyesOfARavenyes i did05:56
nekostaras punishment u also must click on my link for the pix of my desktop!05:56
EyesOfARaventhat GAVE me the nearly blank file05:57
nekostaryou must have picked some funky options05:57
EyesOfARaveni mostly let it pick for itself05:57
Tim183noaxi: yes I did05:57
Tim183what am i looking for?05:57
* nekostar shakes head05:57
nekostarok thats it05:57
nekostargo look cauze my desktop's hawter than yours <.>05:57
EyesOfARaveni program my own shells05:57
nekostarand now i go to get properly plastered05:58
EyesOfARavenanyway im gonna reinstall ubuntu05:58
EyesOfARavenso i can just forget this ever happened05:58
EyesOfARavenooo i know05:58
EyesOfARaveni can boot the live cd05:58
EyesOfARavenrather, usb05:58
EyesOfARavenand then copy it's xorg05:58
EyesOfARaveninto mine05:58
EyesOfARavenold trick..05:58
noaxiTim183: investigate05:58
Tim183ok, but I'm a newbie :)05:59
nekostarno need to boot it06:00
nekostarjust go to terminal and pop that puppy in06:00
nekostarmanually mount if u gotta06:00
Tim183 sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-intrepid06:00
nekostarjust stop gdm while yer doing it so that when your done booom its working no installing06:00
nekostarbut that wont work i bet06:00
* dr_willis has missed the actual problem somehow...06:01
Tim183will that command work?06:02
noaxiTim183: sorry I got to go afk.. and eat some breakfast.. wont be back for some time..06:03
digdugI can't get my external hard drive to show up in 8.1006:06
dr_willisdigdug,  ive noticed an issue with exteranal vfat/ntfs thumbdrives also.. but ext2/3 worked..06:07
digdugah, it is ntfs06:07
dr_willishad a some error about wrong mount arguments. i recall06:07
digdugfdisk isn't even seeing mine06:08
digdugbut lsusb does see the usb device06:08
prometheanfireI installed nvidia-glx-177 before installing xorg-core; I then tried to remove nvidia-glx-177 and cannot becaue apt is having issues, how do you reset apt?06:08
dr_willisI just mounted them manually from the command line..  You are running fdisk as root?06:08
digdugwell, as su06:08
digdugsudo -s, I mean06:08
dr_willisif fdisk isent showing the devices.. then.. well. thats a deeper issue.06:10
digdugvista and 8.04 see it fine06:10
dr_willischeck 'dmesg' output as ya plugin/remove the device..06:10
dr_williscould its confused about it.06:10
digdughmm, didn't even need to unplug it06:11
digduglots and lots of lines about sdd06:11
digdugbasically, this repeated over and over again:06:11
digdug[ 2459.363142] sd 8:0:0:0: [sdd] Add. Sense: No additional sense information06:11
digdug[ 2459.365132] sd 8:0:0:0: [sdd] Sense Key : No Sense [current]06:11
prometheanfirehas anyone gotten a nvidia 9XXX series card working?06:13
digdughmm, buffer i/o error on device sdd when I unplug it06:14
dr_willisdigdug,  Hmm.. to be 'safest' i would boot to windows and check the filesystem on that device.. and perhaps try a different usb port.06:14
prometheanfireI take that as a no06:15
dr_willisprometheanfire,  from what i gather a lot can depend on the exact card.06:16
dr_willisI just have an 8800gtsxxx  so no personal experience.06:16
digdugalright, thanks for the tips, be back later06:16
FFForeverhow can i search the ppa for python 2.6?06:16
prometheanfirehmmm, 64bit 8.04 supported the cards but I cannot get it working in 32bit 8.1006:19
dr_willissounds like driver/version/kernel issues.06:20
dr_willis8.10 offered 2 different nvidia drivers in the  restricted drivers config tool for my laptop.. perhaps you need tot ry the other driver?06:20
prometheanfireas far as I know only 177 supports the 9000 series cards06:21
dr_willisbut wasent the older ubuntu not using 177?06:21
dr_willisI cant keep up with version #'s and the latest cards..  Im too poor. :)06:22
prometheanfireI think it was using nvidia-glx-new which was really an older version of 17706:22
noaxidr_willis: you mean your frugal enough to survice the curren crunch ;-)06:22
dr_willisnoaxi,  for now.. I work for Chrysler.. so we dont know whats going to happen.06:23
prometheanfirenow I cannot remove the 177 driver to install xserver-xorg-core (xserver wants to overwrite a file that is provided by the 177 driver that is already installed)06:23
noaxiI am frual enough to survive any crunch..06:23
dr_willisLiving on Instanat Noodles - sucks. :)06:24
prometheanfirebut it is effective06:24
noaxiinstant noodles are expensive healthwise06:27
noaxilearn to cook..06:27
dr_willisI dont use that salt package. :) i use them as a side dish with some  steemed chicken brests06:28
prometheanfirespaghetti is good enough06:28
noaxijust as long as u use the rice noodle ( mihoen ) type06:30
|Cyb3rPunk|how do i make ubuntu remember my session so when i restart and login my old session opens06:31
|Cyb3rPunk|? any one06:32
noaxiSystem->preferences->Sessions ^options06:34
|Cyb3rPunk|dont have a session menu in that section06:34
Tim183can anyone help me with my atheros card06:35
|Cyb3rPunk|why is there no session menu in there06:37
frybyeHi - how to add gweather??06:41
|Cyb3rPunk|i still got no luck with this " Session^options "06:43
|Cyb3rPunk|maybe someone can help me with the next step on my list how can i make my user acount have root permisson06:44
dr_willissudo adduser billgates06:45
|Cyb3rPunk|thats a joke right06:45
dr_willisOh wait.. you want to set up a user with root  privilages..06:45
dr_willisone alters the sudoers and groups for that.. but  i forget how.06:46
dr_willisThere was some GUI tool for it also.06:46
|Cyb3rPunk|i have a user account but want to be able to edit a file in root but dont want to have to go out and login as root06:46
dr_willis|Cyb3rPunk|,  if its the first initial user, you would use the sudo command. If that user does not have sudo rights. then you need to give them sudo rights.06:46
frybyedr_willis: looks like he dosent know about sudo etc.. or?06:47
|Cyb3rPunk|how do i do that?06:47
|Cyb3rPunk|kinda new to linux06:47
dr_willis<dr_willis> one alters the sudoers and groups for that.. but  i forget how.06:47
DanaGsudo adduser username groupname06:47
dr_willisso you no longer have your initial user you made during install?06:47
DanaGadmin group will give sudo priveliges.06:47
dr_willisah admin group. :) thats it..06:48
|Cyb3rPunk|i have my inatial user acoutn i'm in it now06:48
DanaGer, misspelled 'privileges'.  Yeah, I am obsessive-compulsive about my own spelling, but not about others'.06:48
dr_willis|Cyb3rPunk|,  then you should be able to do a 'sudo nano /file/to/edit' and edit somthing as root06:48
frybyecan sbdy tell me where the applets are in intrepid?? - I am trying to add the gweather applet but cant find it...?06:48
DanaGTry adding a location to the clock applet.06:49
DanaGClock applet does weather.06:49
|Cyb3rPunk|no easer way to do that so i can point and click :D06:49
frybyethanks DanaG06:49
|Cyb3rPunk|like i said new06:49
chowmeinedis it possible to continue t he boot process after getting dropped to initramfs shell?06:49
chowmeinedi fixed the issue06:49
dr_willisTheres some user admin tools in the menus.06:49
DanaGexits shell.06:49
DanaGIt works in other places, too -- ctrl-d gives EOF (End Of File).06:50
chowmeineder, it just says the same error again06:50
jameswfwhen i try to install a os X widget it silently fails....06:50
chowmeinedbut the error is untrue06:50
chowmeinedit says /dev/hda1 doesnt exist, except it does, and i just mounted it06:50
chowmeinedbusybox is a liar!06:50
=== BlinkyToon is now known as Don_Miguel
dr_willisbusybox is like a whole OS in one little app. :) its amazing what it can do.06:51
esachow do i modify x settings now that xorg.conf is gone ? I need to set nvidia option DPI 96x96 on my system06:52
digdugdr_willis: vista's scan disk found errors in the master file table on that drive, not sure if that fixed it or not, I still have to reboot again06:52
|Cyb3rPunk|think i give up...06:53
DanaGFew displays are actually 96 DPI... many are 86 or 99 or something.06:53
chowmeinedoh well, i guess ill just do it manually06:53
dr_willis|Cyb3rPunk|,   whats the exact issue? Im missing somthing here.. or you are...06:53
esacDanaG, on 8.04 i set it to 96x96 and it looked just fine. whatever the default was, some objects were scaled the wrong size until i did so.06:53
DanaG!google javascript dpi calculator06:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:54
dr_willissudo adduser username groupname, using the admin group as 'groupname' but your Original user is allready in the admin group06:54
DanaGYou should set it to the actual DPI of the display.06:54
DanaGif the fonts are too big...... change the font size, not the DPI setting.06:54
esacok but that still doesnt answer my question. how do i do so if xorg.conf is gone ?06:54
DanaGYou can do that in the Gnome appearance properties: the fonts tab, "Details..." button.06:54
|Cyb3rPunk|Well i want to edit the folder for amsn and have total admin rights. i also hate having to reopen and load my programs u every time i login so want them to open as sone as i login06:55
dr_willisedit the folder? in what way? one normally edits files, not folders..   Your initial user has 'sudo' rights. and can do root tasks with the sudo  or gksudo commands.06:55
predator3631was i suposed to uninstall wine before i installed cedaga?06:56
|Cyb3rPunk|well want to add files and addon  to the folder but don't know how to realy use termanal06:56
dr_willisas for the 2nd part.. the gnome sessions   settings are some wherein the menus. I saw them yesterday.. but im not on gnome at the moment so cant tell you exactly where they are at.06:56
dr_willis|Cyb3rPunk|,  i tend to cheat and isntall 'mc' and use 'sudo mc' so i have a terminalbased file manager i run as root. :)06:56
dr_willisit is worth while to learn the shell.06:57
dr_willisbut mc is very very veyr very handy to have/learn also06:57
|Cyb3rPunk|i'm thinking soo now06:57
dr_willismc is a good comprimize :)06:57
dr_willis!info mc06:57
ubottumc (source: mc): midnight commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:4.6.2~git20080311-2 (intrepid), package size 2085 kB, installed size 6256 kB06:57
|Cyb3rPunk|is there a book or a somthing for dummies06:57
dr_willisTheres literally 1000;'s of linux bookx and books/sites on learning the shell06:57
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:58
dr_willismost 'dummies' books seemto focus on just walking you through/exploring the GUI.. YOu can do that without a book06:58
dr_willislaunch every settings app and look at the options06:58
legend2440|Cyb3rPunk|: open system>preferences>startup programs and enter programs you want to start at login. at least thats how it is in hardy. i don't have intrepid installed right now06:59
esacwhere do i make changes to x settings now that xorg.conf is gone ?06:59
legend2440|Cyb3rPunk|: sorry i mean   open system>preferences>sessions>startup programs and enter programs you want to start at login. at least thats how it is in hardy. i don't have intrepid installed right now07:00
dr_willis|Cyb3rPunk|,  theres also a setting/check box somewhere to auto save sessions so when you logout - it will rember/restart any  apps you had open. but that can cause.. issues at times..07:00
|Cyb3rPunk|ok ...will look into that tomarrow... need to get some zZz... big day tomarrow thanks all for the help (again i dont seem to have this Sesionpart in my menu)07:00
predator3631n/ i got cedega working07:00
dr_willissystem -> preferances -> sessions07:01
dr_willisMy preferances menu scrolls off the bottom of the screen... :)07:01
dr_willisOptions tab07:01
dr_willistoo late...07:02
dr_willisHis loss. :)07:02
legend2440dr_willis: yes either that or he might have to enable the Sessions entry in his menu07:03
dr_willisInstall linux, thens  spend all day.. getting Cedega/wine working.. instead of learning linux... what am i missing  In this picture. heh07:03
dr_willisIm just glad that wireless and hibernate started working on my laptop under 8.1007:04
jameswfthat reminds me install winr07:04
dr_willisBeen playing Age of Empires II in wine all week07:04
dr_willisgot burnt out on Wesnoth07:05
dr_williswell i installed that mag tool using the pet i made.. but cant find the .pet now. :)07:09
dr_willismy #puppylinux chat got in the wrong channel.. bad dog.07:14
dr_willisPuppy uses .pet packages.. similer to slackware07:15
digdugdang it, didn't work, drive still isn't visible07:18
digdugI even unplugged my card reader which was showing up as /dev/sdc, then plugged in my external drive into that usb port07:18
digdugit does have an ntfs filesystem, but even if that were the problem, wouldn't the drive at the very least show up (/dev/sdd, but not /dev/sdd1)?07:21
dr_willisIYea.. sounds like there might be some  quirky hardware/kernel/driver issue going on07:21
dr_willisIt does work with ubuntu live cds ?07:22
aurachronntfs should work fine07:22
digdugsomeone earlier mentioned they were having trouble with ntfs on external drives07:22
digdugI also have an internal drive on /dev/sda1 that's ntfs that mounts fine07:22
aurachroni personally use fat32 with externals, but now that linux has decent ntfs support i don't have to worry07:22
dr_willisI have issues with Gnome auto-mounting ntfs/vfat exteranl drives.. but thats not the same issue as you are having.07:23
dr_willisif  sudo fdisk -l, isent even showing the disk.. theres a deeper issue07:23
digdugoh, gotcha; yeah, my internal disk doesn't auto-mount on boot, but gnome-mount still mounts it fine when I click on Places -> sunny07:23
digdugagreed, but I still can't figure out if it's my issue or not07:24
dr_willisdigdug,  my ntfs/vfat dont wheni do that. I gotta manually mount them.. but that maybe fixed in the recent updates07:24
digdugall 3 of my hard drives are pata; the external one is in an enclosure that goes from pata to usb, of course07:26
digdugI just plugged my card reader into the usb hub on the hard disk enclosure, and my 2gb sd card came up fine07:27
dr_willisdigdug,  Hmm.. this was a sd card on a laptops Internal card reader - you had issues with?07:28
dr_willisor am i getting confused now. :)07:28
digdugsd card was always working07:28
dr_willisi had issues in the past with laptop 'built' in readers  -07:28
digdugbut I plugged it in through the usb hub of the hard disk enclosure of the hard disk that isn't working07:29
digdugmy laptop's video card got fried last christmas07:29
digduglike 41 days out of warranty07:30
darthanubiswhat temps are you guys chip running at?07:30
digdugwhat's a good utility to check that?07:31
darthanubisI use lmsensors via gkerllm07:31
digduggkrellm any better these days; I used that years ago, but it was so ugly I stoped07:31
darthanubisI use it with the invisible glass07:32
darthanubisor just called "invisible" theme07:32
darthanubisall I see are stats on my desktop07:32
darthanubislmsensors seesm to correctly gauged my temps07:32
darthanubishardy reported a few degrees cooler07:33
digdugI really like the window themes for 8.10; is the darkroom theme brand new?07:33
darthanubisI don't know07:33
darthanubisI use the ubuntustudio theme for dark07:34
wgrantdigdug: It is new, and was the default for some of the early alphas.07:34
esachi all, just installed intrepid today. i cant seem to get libpcsclite1 to install. any ideas ?07:34
digdugit's very nice; I picked that, but then modified the colors a bit so the window was more grey with a touch of blue, and the scrollbars are blue07:35
digdugI don't like how I either have to disable effects to use workspaces, or if I turn on the "rotate cube" option in compiz, that it "flips" to the 2nd workspace instead of slides like it did before07:38
sigmabetatoothcould anyone with an atheros card offer some tech support07:39
digduggo ahead and ask your question, not sure I can help, but someone else might be able to07:40
sigmabetatoothwell i've been running ibex now pretty much since the initial beta was released07:41
sigmabetatoothbefore ibex i had been using madwifi to support my atheros ar24207:42
sigmabetatoothbut ibex WAS taking care of it for me07:42
dr_willisI find the rotate cube thing is only good for impressing windows users. :)07:42
sigmabetatoothone upgrade about 2 or 3 week back to the wifi down for about 2 or 3 days until there was a patch put in07:42
redwhitewaldowhat's this thing about debian-med?07:43
redwhitewaldodo i need it if I'm not a med student / pro?07:43
sigmabetatoothi took another upgrade today and the wifi went bye bye again07:43
sigmabetatoothany thoughts???07:44
digdugyeah, and I don't really like the rotate cube thing, I preferred it when it would slide to the next workspace, but I don't know where to set that07:44
dr_willisHmm.. one of the 100000 compiz settings. :)07:44
digdughmm, I had my wifi go out on a partial upgrade as well, but a reboot fixed that07:44
digdugatheros card as well07:44
dr_willisdisable cube and see what it does do perhaps?07:44
ArkoldThosanyone with intel problems?07:45
sigmabetatoothi've rebooted a number of times to no avail07:45
sigmabetatooththe strange thing is when i look at the hardware drivers it shows the atheros driver with the grey "this dirver is not activated" icon07:45
ArkoldThoshaha, intrepid just make my wifi works ;)07:45
dr_willisIntrepid upgrade killed my wireless and wired. :)07:46
sigmabetatoothi hit the green activate and...07:46
dr_willisOn my other laptop - wireless worked on it fine. :)07:46
sigmabetatooth"this driver was just disabled, but is still in use"07:46
ArkoldThosintrepid broke 3d acceleration, damn <.<07:47
esaci notice from apt-get packages that have {a} after them now. any idea what that means07:47
sigmabetatoothdoesn't make since considering it was saying it wasn't activated07:47
digdugdisabling the cube just makes it impossible to get to workspace 2; disabling rotate cube, makes me click on the workspaces launcher on my panel to switch07:48
digdugjust nice to be able to hit ctrl+alt+arrow key to move back and forth07:48
=== sigmabetatooth is now known as SBTooth
SBToothNo extra wireless thoughts beside way a few days till the next upgrade?07:49
dr_willismy laptop has some issues with the ctrl-arrow keys to the left it often goes 2+ spaces..  been that way for the last 2 ubuntu releases in compiz07:50
SBToothsuggestions for other rooms that might have some help07:51
ArkoldThosnobody have problems using intel graphics?07:52
ArkoldThosgoing to sleep07:56
ArkoldThosim tired07:56
SBToothsleep well07:56
penI installed RC07:59
penbut I can't add custom fonts to .fonts07:59
penI can't open ttf files07:59
dr_willishmm.. I normally just copy them to .fonts and  away i go..08:00
dr_willisYou might need to logout/in perhaps?08:00
SBToothwhat's the command to see what version you are in08:00
=== predator3631 is now known as predator363
pendr_willis: maybe08:00
penlet me try08:01
redwhitewaldohi. i'm in the middle of upgrading from 8.04 to 8.10. Should I "Replace the customized configuration file /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf"?. pastebin is at http://pastebin.com/m224d3db08:05
redwhitewaldothank you.08:05
dr_willishave you customized that config yourself? if so you may want to keep the original.. or if it was some trival change you did.. use the new. and reapply your changes08:06
redwhitewaldoi don't know/remember if i customized the file myself. 8-(08:06
dr_willisare you evenusing the dhcp server?08:06
dr_willisKeep the original then I guess.08:06
redwhitewaldodr_willis: how do i know if i'm using dhcp server?08:07
redwhitewaldoi'm a newbie08:07
redwhitewaldopoint-and-click newbie08:07
dr_willisIf you dont know.. I imagine you are not using it08:07
dr_willisYou got a lan? you got a router?08:07
redwhitewaldodr_willis: we have a wireless router.08:08
redwhitewaldodr_willis: how can i tell if we have a lan?08:08
dr_willisIts most likely working as a dhcp server also then08:08
dr_willislan = 1 or more machines networked...08:08
redwhitewaldodr_willis: i'm on wired, roommate is on wireless.08:08
dr_willisI imagine the router is working as a dhcp server then.08:08
redwhitewaldohow can we confirm whether it is in fact so?08:09
redwhitewaldoand what happens if i do NOT keep dhcp file?08:09
dr_willisturn off both machines..  power up the other.. see if it gets an ip.08:09
redwhitewaldowhich other?08:09
redwhitewaldowhat other?08:09
dr_willisI imagine it backs up any configs you changed08:09
dr_willisif you machine is working as a dhcp server..  and its off.. then its not going to be used..08:09
dr_willisI very much doubt if your machine IS being used as a dhcp server.08:10
redwhitewaldoand if my machine is NOT being used as a dhcp server, what are the implications ("so what"?)08:10
dr_willisif its not being used.. then it dosent matter much.08:10
dr_willisdhcp gives out ip#'s to other machines on the lan. the router is doing the same job.08:11
redwhitewaldothe only thing that looks familiar to me from the dhcp file is line 22 ( -prepend domain-name-servers,;) that's the opendns servers.08:11
DigitalFizso what happens to this channel in 6 days?08:11
redwhitewaldoso should i choose "replace"?08:11
dr_willisDigitalFiz,  it normally closes down for a week or 2, till the next release gets started up08:11
DigitalFizi just updated to the RC08:12
dr_willisredwhitewaldo,   looks like a DNS setting.. so it proberly wont matter.08:12
DigitalFizrunning great08:12
pendr_willis: no use08:12
redwhitewaldoso should i choose Replace or Keep?08:12
penstill can't open font files08:12
dr_willispen,  :) i can barely rember my name. what was the issue.. oh fonts.. :)08:12
dr_willispen,  installing 8.10 on a laptop next to me.. i will check there...08:13
pendid you just install 8.10?08:13
dr_willison one machine yes. :)08:13
dr_willisits rebooting now.. I goofed up and installed the server ed. on it earlier today.. doh... had to reinstall desktop ed08:13
Jordan_Uath5k breaking after the release of the release candidate along with not being able to update openjdk is a bit worrisome08:13
penthis is not normal08:15
penbecause in 8.0408:15
penI can view font files08:16
redwhitewaldoi've just upgraded. where's the default wallpaper?08:34
dr_willisI just copied some ttf fonts to my .fonts directory and gnome-terminal saw them fine08:34
pendr_willis: hm08:35
pendr_willis: gnome-terminal? I mean open them by double-clicking them08:35
dr_williswhy would you want to do that? :) i know what they look like.08:35
pendr_willis: because I can't08:36
pendr_willis: I want to know if you can08:36
dr_willisnow i got to walk across the room.. heh heh.. oh wait.. i can vnc in.. savce me taking 3 steps!08:36
penyou lazy bone08:36
redwhitewaldoi've just upgraded. where's the default wallpaper?08:38
dr_willisit loads the font viwwer app.. but that app does not appear to work.08:38
pendr_willis: so you have the same problem08:39
pendr_willis: because I can't use my custom fonts now08:39
dr_willisI can USE custome fonts.. that font previewer app seems broken08:39
peneverything under .fonts doesn't show up in appearance08:39
penyou are right08:39
penonly the app is broken08:40
penI can use my fonts too08:40
dr_willisi am testing this onmy Virytualbox install.. its not totally updated08:40
dr_willisOh wait - im on my vnc/laptop :) not vbox.. its using RC08:41
Jordan_UIs openjdk-6-jre uninstallable for anywone else?08:44
penI changed my font and my firefox crashed08:47
pendr_willis: you there?08:47
pendid you say something to me before I was cut off?08:47
digdugthe best I can find is that the feature I'm looking for is desktop wall instead of rotate cube08:49
digdugany idea where I can find that setting?08:50
pendigdug: I thought desktop wall is the default?08:50
digdugit is, but it disappeared on me08:50
digdugand the only option I can find when I installed compizconfig-settings-manager is rotate cube08:51
pendr_willis: did you find the solution to that font view problem?08:51
dr_willisnot that i noticed. :) i got parts/joins/quits hidden..08:51
pendigdug: strange08:51
dr_willisI dont recall ever really wanting to view them. I imagine that app is just broken. theres other font viewer apps out.08:51
dr_willisI was thinking at one time i got font previews in the gnome file manager..08:51
pendr_willis: but it is nicer to open fonts file and have a general preview08:52
dr_willisbut that may been in kde08:52
digdugI really prefer desktop wall, I hate the flipping animation, and I have no practical use for more than 2 workspaces08:52
penI'm using gnome-do08:52
penthe newest version08:52
penI can't open home folder directly08:52
penbut I can open other folders08:52
pendigdug: can you try to reset to default?08:52
pendigdug: in preference08:53
digdugthat disables switching workspaces entirely08:54
dr_willisi tend to just disable compiz totally08:54
pendigdug: the default disable compiz?08:55
pendigdug: I mean the default settings08:55
digdugyeah, I opened compizconfig settings manager, clicked on the preferences button, then clicked on restore default settings08:55
digdugor reset to defaults*08:55
pendigdug: try reinstall compiz08:56
pendigdug: and delete any .compiz file or configuration in your home folder08:56
ralphonot me i have emerald stuff i like bummed it only have works in kde408:56
ralphoguess some new themes will come alomg i will like08:57
pendoes it work?08:58
dr_willisI noticed the emerald theme repo-thing-tool is no longer there. :)08:58
dr_willisBut its fairly easy to make your own08:58
ilovegnulinuxcan i upgrade hardy with intrepid rc cd?08:58
Jordan_Uilovegnulinux: If it's the alternate install CD08:59
dr_willisi was thinking the alternative cd can.. but you may want to wait a few days.. till everything gets finalized..08:59
ilovegnulinux:) thanks08:59
dr_willisoterwise you may download the cd.. upgrade.. then discover you got another 200+mb of updates/upgrades08:59
Jordan_USo I assume by the fact that there are still many updates that there will be another rc ?09:00
dr_willisi belive the last release had 2.. but the release schedule would be the place to look09:01
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases09:01
dr_willishmm.. not the url i was looking for..09:01
Jordan_Udr_willis: If you schedule ahead of time that you will have a second rc then the first isn't really a release candidate is it :)09:02
dr_willisI think last time they had some big issues...09:02
dr_willisLooks like thers only one RC scheduled09:02
dr_willisi always find the 'artwork deadline, and artwork deadline2, and final artwork deadline' to be amuseing...09:03
Jordan_Udr_willis: I don't think that's updated, I think it's just the schedule as was planned however many months ago09:03
dr_willisits artwork.... :) id rather see focus on stuff then the wallpaper.09:03
digdugI fixed it without reinstalling compiz; when I opened synaptic and searched for compiz, I noticed a package titled compiz-fusion-plugins-main that wasn't installed09:03
digdugI installed that, and desktop wall showed up in the compizconfig settings manager09:04
dr_willisJordan_U,   yep - you maybe right.09:04
ilovegnulinuxdoes intrepid use empathy instead of pidgin?09:04
digdugfunny thing is I never uninstalled it; I wonder if it got removed from "apt-get autoremove"09:04
dr_willisI dont see any empathy ilovegnulinux  in the menus09:04
kulightempathy is in the repos09:05
penis it better than pidgin?09:05
dr_willisSo i guess the answer to ilovegnulinux  is 'no' it does not. :)09:05
kulightbut pidgin is better09:05
penbtw, is there any gui irc client other than xchat?09:06
digdugI'm using pidgin now; like it a lot09:06
Jordan_Uilovegnulinux: empathy isn't even in main09:06
dr_willisI hate pidgin for IRC.09:06
dr_willis!info empathy09:06
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.24.1-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 262 kB, installed size 732 kB09:06
ilovegnulinux:) anyone tried empathy? read about it in gnome 2.24 page09:06
dr_willisTelepathy - is some sort of remote admin tool ibelive09:06
penit looks almost like pidgin09:06
digdugset up pidgin to keep your IRC windows separate from msn, icq, etc. and it works really well09:06
dr_willis!info Telepathy09:06
ubottuPackage telepathy does not exist in intrepid09:06
dr_willisI will stick with xchat for IRC.09:06
digdugI just prefer to have one IM/IRC client installed and running at a time09:06
pendigdug: hm09:07
dr_willisI dont run any other IM clients. :)09:07
penxchat is the only standalone client ?09:07
penwell, I said gui09:07
penof course I know irssi09:07
Jordan_Udr_willis: There is IM outside of IRC !?09:07
AckyI'm trying to setup ICS from Vista to 8.10 aand just need to know the settings basically09:07
Ackyanyone care to lend a hand?09:08
prometheanfirevista makes me cry myself to sleep09:08
Ackyits basically so i can fiddle about and try to get my wireless card working on ubuntu09:08
Ackyprometheanfire, i've set it up[ on vista just need the IP settings for both09:08
penprometheanfire: both has it's own strength and weaknesses09:08
scopecreepi deleted the vista partition last night... i feel stangely empowered09:09
prometheanfireya, it still makes me cry myself to sleep09:09
penprometheanfire: I like vista with more gaming and some other device support09:09
digdugI would delete vista, but I have this addiction to warcraft, and ventrilo doesn't work in linux; guild requirement09:09
dr_willisJordan_U,  or so i hear.. but last i was in a Yahoo Linux room.. i couldent understand the Leet Speek09:09
digdugwarcraft, on the other hand, works perfect in wine09:09
pendigdug: you sure? one of my friends using ventrilo I think..09:09
prometheanfireI run windows in a vm for ventrillo09:10
Ackyventrilo works in linux under WINE just fine09:10
scopecreepteamspeak has linux binaries i believe09:10
Ackyas i have my own server09:10
digdugwell, ventrilo is a little weird in wine09:10
dr_willisat one time ventrillo did not work with wine... but i dont keep up with it.09:10
dr_willisand teamspeak has linux native binaries.. yes09:10
digdugyou can listen, but to talk, the window has to be in focus09:10
scopecreepim too busy dotting people to talk too much.  skillcoil.  gg.09:11
scopecreepahem sorry09:11
dr_willisI get burnt out on MMORPG's too easially...09:11
pendo you guys know why my front speaker will also sound if I plug my headphone in before X starts?09:11
digduga version of ubuntu from 2007 did that to me, even after x started, but no idea why09:12
penit's annoying09:12
penI can't tell most of the time09:12
dr_willisI would have to guess its a alsa/pulse issue.09:13
penand people would complain about my music being too loud :)09:13
digdugI had to manually go in and disable/enable which speakers I wanted to use at the time09:13
penor hotplug issue?09:13
dr_willisgotta have the heaphones in BEFOR X starts.. or ya get sound of headphones and front speakers eh?09:13
digdugworks perfect for me now with 8.1009:13
penquite the opposite09:13
penif I have my headphone before X starts09:13
pendigdug: you mean autodetection?09:14
digdugyeah, it will autodetect when I plug my headphones in09:14
digdugand I'm pretty sure I can leave them plugged in through a reboot and not have a problem09:14
digdugthough, thinking about it, I'm not sure I've actually tried that; I normally don't leave them plugged in unless I'm playing09:15
pendigdug: how about plug in before X starts?09:15
digdugthat's what I mean, I'm not sure I've tried that09:15
pendigdug: you can try later09:16
pendigdug: k09:16
penbtw, 8.10 flash-nonfree supports 64biit !!!09:16
scopecreepyep, flash was the nail in vistas coffin for me09:16
Jordan_Upen: Didn't it in hardy as well?09:16
penI don't know09:16
penthis is my first time in 64 bit09:17
penI remember09:17
scopecreepdidnt for me "easily" in hardy09:17
penpeople always complain about installing flash in 64 bit09:17
penthat's what I'm saying09:17
penadobe didn't release 64 bit version of flash09:17
peterererit worked for me09:17
kulightno they didnt09:17
Jordan_Uscopecreep: I could've sworn that in hardy it would setup nspluginwrapper automatically if you installed via the package manager09:17
penkulight: what do you mean?09:18
scopecreepJordan_U, It very well might have, but it together with no network port made hardy a pain for me, so i kinda skipped it09:18
prometheanfireanyone know why when I load X my screen blanks out (I can still control stuff but not see anything, even when pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1-6)09:18
kulightpen: adobe did no release 64bit version ( i thought u asked )09:19
digdugyeah, sound played in just the headphones09:19
Jordan_UI'm just amazed at how stable flash 10 final is. I have only encountered one site that it doesn't work with ( no crashes so far ) and it turns out that sight doesn't work with flash 10 on windows either, is it possible the linux version of flash has reached bug parody with windows ;)09:19
penkulight: yes I know09:19
scopecreepso if i have a directory on another linux box i want to share to my network (all linux) should i use samba or nfs?09:19
pendigdug: hm, maybe the new Xorg fixed that too09:19
prometheanfireit is with the nvidia driver09:19
Jordan_Uprometheanfire: Before or after logging in at the GDM?09:20
kulightbut the flash 64bir takes allot of cpu power09:20
penprometheanfire: load X? are you in ubuntu now?09:20
penkulight: really? it didn't for me. I'm watching youtube video09:20
prometheanfireJordan_U before09:20
prometheanfireI am09:20
kulightyou tube is fine but try speedtest.net09:20
Jordan_Upen: BTW, totem has a youtube browser so you don't need flash for youtube :)09:21
peterererflash on linux takes a lot of cpu power anyway09:21
petererermakes things like speedtest.net require a fast computer...09:21
kulightyes thats not nice from adobe09:22
penkulight: a little bit CPU09:22
penkulight: to like 60% average09:22
Dediyeah are there any news on a native 64bit flash plugin?09:22
kulightthats allot09:22
penJordan_U: yea, I know that, isn't that cool?09:22
prometheanfire60% with flash 10?09:22
penwhen running tests09:22
kulightits crazy amount for nothing09:23
Dediadobe sux09:23
penat least it's working09:23
penI don't go to speedtest everyday09:23
kulightwell maybe but there is nothing else09:23
Acksaw1hey guys, i've set my theme to dark room but I still need to change the taskbar and such as they havent changed, i heard you have tio change something else for that but i cant find the option?#]09:24
Jordan_Ukulight: Just because it's not displaying fancy animations doesn't mean it's doing "nothing".09:24
prometheanfireall it should be doing is downloading a file an timing it09:24
dr_willisits calculating the largest prime in the background. :)09:24
kulightJordan_U: well just showing a page is not soposed to be cpu killer09:25
Jordan_Uprometheanfire: Not sure what it does, but if that's it then flash is overkill, it should just use javascript09:25
penkulight: probably there is a bug in file transfer?09:25
kulightpen: it even if im not doing the test and it ok on XP09:26
Acksaw1how do i get the nvidia driver? Everytime i try to get it via desktop effects it says they cannot be enabled, it seems to try to download the driver09:26
Jordan_UAcksaw1: Do you have an older nvidia card?09:26
penAcksaw1: update your other packages first09:26
dr_willisAcksaw1,  some of the servers are having heavy load  at this time.. do a update/upgrade and try agian also. may help09:26
pendr_willis: that's what I did09:27
penand it works09:27
dr_willisnew install.. and had 100+mb of updates09:27
penthere is not enough updates09:27
Acksaw1dr_willis:  while you're there how do i finish changing to dark room as ive set it buts its not down the taskbars09:28
kulightdr_willis: yesterday there was allot of updates09:28
scopecreepis there a way to schedule transmission to come on when i sleep?  would i use cron for that?09:28
penAcksaw1: try dust, it's better09:28
digdugopenjdk won't update because of a ca-certificates-java dependency09:28
dr_willisAcksaw1,  never noticed.. let me look09:28
Acksaw1ill show you whats happening09:28
penAcksaw1: dust with gnome-colors icon it's a perfect combination09:29
Dedihm kde4 zoom looks soo ugly compared with gnome zoom09:29
pendigdug: then don't use that. Install sun java09:29
Jordan_Udigdug: Apparently a new ca-certificates-java is in the que09:29
dr_willisdarkroom theme - dosent seem to set the proper window decorations either.09:29
Jordan_Udigdug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-6/+bug/28794109:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 287941 in openjdk-6 "openjdk-6-jre-headless ca-certificates-java cross dependency" [Undecided,In progress]09:29
kulight!sun java09:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sun java09:30
pendr_willis: I don't understand why don't include dust09:30
digdugit's okay, I don't run anything in java, just being a little ocd when apt-get tells me it can't update something09:30
dr_willisI just set up Darkroom theme, with dust window decor. and it looks nice. :)09:30
dr_willisneither seemto set the panel colors09:31
pendr_willis: the default panel bg is good too09:31
kulightwhat is the devs channel i need to find out about a bug ?09:32
dr_willisI am vnc'd in. so the gnome-settings-deamon isent quite working right.. that may be my issue09:32
yamasI have an issue with ibex, I am running on a macbook in the bootcamp partition. When I first installed it all worked perfectly but now I am at home and have changed wifi networkwork, I boot up, it asks for the WEP which I provide. Then it asks for a password for the keychain, if I type it does not appear in the window, it does log me on correctly though. The keychain window stays active and I cannot close it!?09:32
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment09:33
kulight!dev channel09:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dev channel09:33
rvalleskdm doesn't start. It complains: Not starting K Display Manager (kdm); it is not the default display manager.09:33
rvalleshow do I set it as the default dm?09:33
penI think09:33
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:34
dr_willissudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm         --> rvalles09:34
penrvalles: why kdm?09:34
penrvalles: gdm is good too09:34
rvallespen: why gdm?09:34
rvallespen: kdm is good too09:34
Acksaw1pdigin sucks for IRC09:35
rvallesit's my bro's laptop... he had kdm, and upgrading fux0red it like this (still kdm in init.d, but gdm suddently set)09:35
rvallesprobably a bug09:35
dr_willisit seems kdm and gdm have started playing niceer together also.. used to be that if you used gdm to login to kde. you had some issues with the logout fetures. but i dident notice that under 8.1009:35
Jordan_Udr_willis: dark room sets the pannel background for me09:35
rvallesI knew something was going to fail... it would have been the first upgrade that actually just worked.09:35
Acksaw1dr_willis:  did you try darkroom? i cant upoload a screenie, taking ages09:35
dr_willisJordan_U,  may be my gnome-settings-deamon.  I keep getting an arror about it.09:35
dr_willisgnome-art just crashed. :(09:36
Hobbseekulight: what bug?09:36
Acksaw1dr_willis:  http://i38.tinypic.com/4qn4o5.png09:37
Acksaw1everything else has cahnge apart from the 2 bars09:38
kulightHobbsee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/26206609:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 262066 in linux "CPU throttled to 12% with kernel 2.6.27" [Undecided,Fix released]09:38
pendr_willis: hm09:39
Hobbseekulight: what about it?09:39
kulighti would do it myself if i knew how09:39
yamasIs there any way of closing the keychain app which is running in the background following a bug and stopping me installing anything else?09:39
joaopintohi, is the latest openjdk-6-jre upgrade supposed to work :P ?09:39
Hobbseejoaopinto: one hopes so..09:39
Jordan_Ujoaopinto: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-6/+bug/28794109:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 287941 in openjdk-6 "openjdk-6-jre-headless ca-certificates-java cross dependency" [Undecided,In progress]09:40
joaopintoah ok, it's known, tks :)09:40
kulightthey marked it as fixed but it only partialy fixed as my and a few more laptops still suffer from this09:40
Acksaw1can anyone help with this: http://i38.tinypic.com/4qn4o5.png09:40
Hobbseekulight: leann is a kernel person, and will deal with it.09:41
penAcksaw1: you have to change the panel background09:41
Hobbseemight only be in -updates, though.09:41
kulightHobbsee: i hope so thank you09:41
Acksaw1pen:  how do i go about that?09:41
nikolamjoaopinto, I would like to take part in getdeb. Also I am interested in contiuation of making packages for 8.04LTS, after 8.10 release. I am using 64-bit Xubuntu. how do I join,leark of package making and support 8.04 further?09:42
joaopintoJordan_U, on the bug report no one acknowledged the bug, they just point to a 3rd party ppa for the cause09:42
zyrorlanyone here got xwinwrap working in intrepid?09:43
joaopintonikolam, #getdeb please09:43
nikolamok :)09:43
zyrorlsays here it can't find desktop window?09:43
Hobbseehrm, that openjdk looks like a bug.09:43
penAcksaw1: right click the panel and select property09:43
penAcksaw1: background tab09:44
Acksaw1gotit working09:44
Acksaw1thanks matey09:44
penAcksaw1: show us the screeny again :)09:44
Jordan_Ujoaopinto: But he mentioned that the solution was a "new ca-certificates-java currently in the upload queue." I assume that the upload cue is for intrepid main rather than the ppa09:44
Acksaw1i need to reboot but i will09:44
HobbseeJordan_U: he's on crack.  there'snothing like that in hte queue.09:45
joaopintowell, he refers to openjdk's ppa, so clearly there is a lack of understanding that the problem is within the official repository09:46
Jordan_UHobbsee: Oh, that's probably pretty critical then with java being in the release page :)09:46
HobbseeJordan_U: well, i'm trying to nominate it, but launchpad's being a POS again.09:47
Acksaw1pen: almost got the screenie upload09:49
joaopintobreaking the JRE during RC is not good09:50
Acksaw1pen: http://i35.tinypic.com/2s7uqna.png09:51
joaopintoaren't the changes now limited to major problems with hard testing requirements ?09:51
Jordan_Ujoaopinto: On top of that ath5k is *completely missing* from the latest kernel09:52
joaopintoJordan_U, that was a decision, unlike the broken JRE, I hope :P09:53
Hobbseejoaopinto: yeah, pretty much.  doko keeps uploading at leats 1 a day, for some reason....09:53
joaopintoAccording to the bug description, ath5k had stability issues09:54
htrejhhi, i tried intrepid RC, and i see that in the gnome menus the ">" are huge, can you change this? it's ugly09:56
Jordan_Ujoaopinto: Ahh, surprised they decided that so late but I'm glad it was an actual decision09:56
joaopintoso erm, how does a package get's into the repos, without being installed ?, or someone forgot to upload the ca-certificates-java ?09:56
penAcksaw1: nice09:56
Hobbseejoaopinto: he's done the circular dependancy by accident.09:57
Hobbseeactually, i'ts possible that he's uploaded another one, but it ahsn't hit the queue yet09:57
Jordan_UHobbsee: Is it really the circular dependency that's the problem?09:57
HobbseeJordan_U: looks like it to me.09:57
HobbseeJordan_U: that and launcphad has fallen over again.09:58
joaopintoJordan_U, The ath5k change, bug 28814809:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288148 in linux-lpia "Disabling ath5k in 2.6.27" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28814809:58
Jordan_UHobbsee: I thought apt could deal with circular dependencies, but "openjdk-6-jre-headless: Depends: ca-certificates-java (>= 20080712ubuntu1) but 20080712 is to be installed" Does seem to imply that it can't09:59
* Jordan_U needs to get some sleep10:00
Hobbseehmm, well, there's certainly an updated version there10:00
Hobbseewhich needs to build.10:01
Acksaw1how do i go about getting songbird installed?10:02
penAcksaw1: just go to their website10:03
penAcksaw1: you should know where to find the instructions right?10:03
dr_willisthats what uve always done for songbird.10:03
Acksaw1im an ubuntu noob mate10:03
dr_willisI instgall it for my single user.10:03
dr_willis!info songbird10:03
ubottuPackage songbird does not exist in intrepid10:03
penAcksaw1: most of the time if you want to install something, go to their website10:04
penAcksaw1: if the package is not in the repo10:04
Acksaw1i downloaded a tar.gz from their site which i know is an arcxhive10:04
penor the version is out of date10:04
Acksaw1but it said it couldnt open it10:04
penyou should find a deb or repo right?10:04
Acksaw1doing that ATM10:04
dr_willis1) check repos.. :) 2) check medibuntu,  3) check programs homepage.,  4) check ppa, 5) if all else fails use source. :)10:04
Acksaw1i dont even know how to get to the repos ;)10:05
Acksaw1ive installed it now anyways10:05
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories10:05
pensource is usually the last resort10:06
penor if you have special needs10:06
pennow I'm in irssi10:07
joaopintoAcksaw, there is a songbird package on getdeb, but for hardy, it may work on intrepid10:07
peterererhmm, where is pulseaudio started in intrepid?10:07
pena little bit lag10:07
methodswhen does it come out?10:07
penwhat music player do most of you guys use?10:07
methodsi thought today was the release ?10:08
DistroJockeypetererer, sysvconfig will let you enable/disable pulseaudio if that what you need10:08
penmethods: no, we are only in RC10:09
DistroJockeymethods, check the homepage10:09
peterererwell, in /etc/default/pulseaudio, it's not set to start10:09
methodsthe new network manager supports evdo right?10:09
methodsis there anyway i can upgrade my network manager only?10:09
rvallesI also have this problem with stable ubuntu... cpufreq won't select the fast speed, even if set to performance governor, not even if forcing with cpufreq-set -g10:10
rvalleserr, -f10:10
rvallesis there any way to disable it completelly? (so that ubuntu doesn't load it during boot)10:10
rvallesI suspect it's just the laptop bios that is somehow wrong.10:10
peterererin hardy, gnome-power-manager has cpufreq support10:11
penrvalles: maybe it's because you enable laptop-mode?10:11
methodshm 5 days10:12
WutzHi, my metacity icons (Minimize, Close, Maximize) got switched from right to left after installing a theme, this is really annoying and I can't find out how to switch them back.10:12
methodsis there anyway for me to install the new network manager?10:12
dr_willisnot without doing a full update/upgrade you mean methods ?10:13
dr_willisI doubt it10:13
penWutz: what theme?10:14
joaopintomethods, https://launchpad.net/~network-manager/+archive10:15
penWutz: is it emerald?10:15
Wutzalthough i changed it back from it10:15
Wutzthe icons are still on the left side10:15
penWutz: are you sure it's not emerald? I'm just want to make sure you got it right10:15
Wutzit was not emerald10:16
dr_willisright to left? You mean the icons now auto-allign on the left side?10:16
Wutzall metacity themes do it too10:16
penWutz: maybe it's configured that way??10:17
penWutz: try other window border10:17
dr_willisIve mever  noticed any themes affecting that.. actually  i dont recall any settings affecting that...10:17
Wutzby window border do you mean theme?10:17
dr_williswindow borders are one part of a theme.10:18
dr_williswindow 'decoration'10:18
Wutzthe metacity theme?10:18
penyou should be able to change that in appearance10:18
Wutzi've tried switching10:18
dr_willismetacity controlls the window decorations. :) yes..10:18
Wutzeven the default ubuntu one is at the left10:18
dr_willisI dont recall ever seeing them on the right.10:19
Wutzmaybe i upload a pic?10:19
Wutzok 1 min10:20
rvallespen: no10:20
rvallesit's kernel related10:20
rvallesI need to boot without cpufreq. Is it possible?10:21
rvallesI know I can just delete the cpufreq kernel modules10:21
rvallesbut each time there's a kernel upgrade, I'll have the same problem10:21
rvallesis there any other way to just disable cpufreq completelly?10:22
marlunI'm having problems with nvidia-settings. When I try to add an external screen (I'm on a laptop) and save the settings nvidia-settings quits with a segmentation fault.10:22
dr_willisWutz,  perhaps this will help --> http://sudan.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=93709510:22
joaopintorvalles, if it's a module you can black list it10:22
dr_willisthey sort of say.. uncheck keep aligned.. drag them over.. then recheck keep aligned10:22
DistroJockeyrvalles, is powernowd related?10:24
rvallesDistroJockey: no10:24
DistroJockeyrvalles, k10:24
aatkHas anyone had any problems with their wireless in intrepid? For some reason, in gnome, nm-applet connect to it fine, but using a different wm/the console and using ifconfig iwconfig and dhclient, I seem to be unable to get leases...10:24
rvallesDistroJockey: policy is performance, cpu stays at the slow speed10:24
rvallesDistroJockey: and the max in /sys/whatever *can't* be set to the fast speed10:25
Wutzhttp://www.freewebs.com/shad0clan/Untitled.jpg - it shows on the top left that the icons are infact on the left10:25
DistroJockeyrvalles, just looking in  sysvconfig  to see what can be disabled10:25
rvallesDistroJockey: thanks10:25
rvallesDistroJockey: but I don't think it'd help10:25
rvallescpufreq autoloads on startup10:25
DistroJockeyrvalles, nope10:25
rvallesthe modules autoload, that is10:26
rvallesand the moment they load, it sticks to 800MHz and will never be 1600 again10:26
dr_willisWutz,  ahh.,. youmean the window decoration 'widgets' :)10:26
WutzWhat ever it is, i just it back to the right10:27
rvallesI've added it to blacklist10:27
rvallesI'll see if that works10:27
dr_willisWutz,  I still have to wonder if you are not using compiz instead of metacity.. try running 'metacity --replace'10:27
Wutztyped that and nothing happened10:28
Wutzcompiz isnt enabled10:28
dr_willisIve never seen a metacity theme that moved those controlls.10:29
WutzSorry, got d/ced10:30
WutzIs there anyway to change this?10:30
dr_willisHmm.. guess it is some setting.. I see some os-x themes that do have them on the left.10:30
dr_willisYou could just go hard-core and delete all your gnome settings to get back to Ubuntu defaults10:31
dr_willisbut you may loose your customazations10:31
Wutzoh hmm10:31
Wutzif this changed a setting10:32
dr_willisYou used mac4lin correct?10:32
Wutzthen there must be a command within that theme which changed it, so maybe i can find it and see what it changed10:32
Wutzthink i found it10:33
dr_willisNow navigate to: apps>metacity>general. On the right double click 'button_layout'. Delete that & type: 'close,minimize,maxmize:menu' (without quotes). Press OK and then quit. The buttons will now be on the left side of titlebar10:33
dr_willisaparently they do move the layout :) in that guide10:34
Wutzyeap, i found this in the theme too gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "close,minimize,maximize:menu"10:34
dr_willisTo restore the original layout, just replace the string by 'menu:minimize,maximize,close'.10:34
dr_willisgconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string  'menu:minimize,maximize,close'10:35
Wutzthat did it10:35
Wutzback to normal, thanks10:35
dr_willisIt pays to read the guides. :)10:35
dr_williswe just LOVE gnome and its windows-regiestry-like gconf stuff :)10:36
Wutzsometimes i'd rather shoot myself. =D10:36
affluxdo we? sounds interesting ;)10:37
* dr_willis backups/compresses/cleans/sweeps his regiestry10:37
zyrorlanyone has xwinwrap working in intrepid?10:37
dr_willis!info xwinwrap10:37
ubottuPackage xwinwrap does not exist in intrepid10:37
dr_willisnever heard of it.10:37
affluxme either10:38
DistroJockeyheard of it but don't use it10:38
zyrorlbasically wraps windows/screensavers/videos (in vlc/mplayer) as backgrounds on your desktop10:38
dr_willisgnome the :'we cant let users change those settings! it will confuse them' :  desktop10:38
zyrorlso you can have an animated desktop10:38
dr_willissounds... err... silly. :)10:38
zyrorlnot overly:P10:39
dr_willissounds like its just taking mplayer and setting it below all,  borderless.10:39
zyrorlnot just mplayer10:39
zyrorlany executable afaik10:39
dr_willisthen again.. MY vidoes are in the 2nd monitor,10:39
Wutzspeaking of which, has anyone else gotten bad video tearing in linux?10:39
dr_willisIm suprised theres not a compiz plugin for that.10:39
zyrorlie. you could have glmatrix running in the background:P10:39
dr_willisWutz,  depends on the video and the drivers.. and the player. i find.10:40
SmegzorI've upgraded to intrepid, but it had a problem with python-simplejson.    http://pastebin.com/d21b50d27   How should I fix it?10:40
Wutzall players do it for me, and i've tried a nvidia card and ati card10:40
zyrorli think the biggest little annoyance i have right now is network-manager-pptp being broken on intrepid10:40
zyrorlwont read passwords saved in keyring properly10:40
zyrorlso you have to not save a password and type it in everytime you want to vpn in10:41
zyrorlits been reported though...10:41
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
zyrorlbut no one's fixed it for weeks.10:41
Hobbseewhich #?10:42
kulightSmegzor: sudo apt-get install -f might work10:43
Smegzorok i'll try that10:44
Smegzorkulight: nah it has the same problem10:44
Smegzorreading the pastebin, its some sort of clash with lanshark.  not sure if thats a package I installed, but its about to be removed if it is.10:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lanshark10:47
kulightlan shark is a program for lan analysis so you can remove it10:48
Smegzorit was a deb I got from getdeb10:48
Hobbseei thought they said to remove any of their packages before upgrading.10:48
Smegzorits unable to be removed either atm.  I'm now trying to remove the packages that are tripping it up (fusion-icon mainly)10:48
kulightjust remove it fix the problem and if you need it install it again10:49
Smegzorit looks like I have succeeded removing stuff at least.10:50
kulightnow try the install -f command10:51
Smegzorall fixed :D10:53
kulightSmegzor: very good10:53
gaelfxcan you add a guest account to the login list? I thought I remember reading that somewhere10:54
Smegzorshould I still uninstall all the stuff I've added from getdeb etc?  Right now I have no problems.10:54
soulnafeinhello guys I got a problem with 8.10 rc10:55
soulnafeinis this the right place?10:55
pengaelfx: try go to login window under menu system|administration10:55
krzdwhy can't i pre-order ubuntu 8.10 as a 64bits edition?10:55
pensoulnafein: read the topic10:55
pen!topic | soulnafein10:55
ubottusoulnafein: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:55
kulightif u r not using it its better off than on10:55
soulnafeini've upgrade my 8.04 to 8.10 yesterday10:56
soulnafeinI'm one of the lucky guys that has an integrated intel ethernet card10:57
soulnafeinconnection doesn't work although I don't think I broke it. I started my pc with 8.04 live cd and it worked10:57
soulnafeinany help?10:58
pensoulnafein: can't connect?10:58
soulnafeinsince the upgrade I can't connect11:00
gaelfxgah, every time I try to use any of the airport-utils scripts, they just freeze, anyone else had this problem?11:00
affluxanyone knows why shipit does not offer amd64 desktop images?11:02
afflux(or know where to ask better..)11:02
wgrantBecause they decided it wasn't worth it, I would posit.11:03
soulnafeinanyone knows why my ethernet card stopped working (it is recognised but it can't connect) or what log I should read for more info?11:03
gaelfxsoulnafein: try ipconfig in terminal to see if you card is recognized by nm11:04
wgrantgaelfx: We are not Windows NT. You mean ifconfig?11:04
soulnafeinit is recognised11:05
soulnafeingaelfx: it is recognised as eth011:05
affluxwgrant: hm, a pity11:05
soulnafeinany other suggestion? Does nm keep a log somewhere?11:06
gaelfxsoulnafein: well, is wired connection enabled?11:07
soulnafeinyes when I try to connect using auto eh011:07
soulnafeinit tries for a while and then11:07
soulnafeinit says it can't connect11:07
gaelfxsoulnafein: well, that should print something to syslog11:08
gaelfxsoulnafein: not sure if dmesg would have anything in it, but give it a look11:09
rvallesblacklisting powernow-k8 did _not_ help11:09
soulnafeinnothing in it11:09
rvallesmodule still loads11:09
soulnafeinwhere is syslog11:09
rvallesand cpu is still stuck at 800MHz11:09
rvallesI need a way to disable cpufreq entirelly. For its kernel modules to _never_ load.11:09
dr_willisblacklist the modules perhaps11:10
rvallesdr_willis: I did tht11:10
soulnafeingaelfx: how to I read syslog?11:10
gaelfxsoulnafein: just try dmesg | grep eth11:10
soulnafeingaelfx: thanks11:10
rvallesdr_willis: it does _not_ help.11:10
gaelfxsyslog is viewable under System-> Administration11:10
rvallesblacklist powernow_k811:10
rvallesdr_willis: lsmod|grep powernow shows how it loaded, again, even tho blacklisted.11:11
soulnafeingaelfx: it doesn't say much, unfortunately I can't paste :)11:11
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)11:11
predator363when i try to load video in youtube all i see is a grey square no sound no vid what do i do?11:11
soulnafeingaelfx: it's on another pc11:11
soulnafeingaelfx: without internet...11:11
soulnafeingaelfx: or network connection, I'll get the usb key11:12
gaelfxwell, give us the gist of what it says11:12
gaelfxsoulnafein: that looks like it's connected? did you check syslog?11:15
soulnafeingaelfx: no, how do I access to syslog?11:15
rvallesI need a way to disable cpufreq entirelly. Blacklisting the module in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist does not work.11:15
affluxsoulnafein: /var/log/syslog11:15
gaelfxsoulnafein: System->Administration->System Log11:15
dr_willisrvalles,  i wonder if apci=off would have any effect on that.11:16
soulnafeingaelfx: checking11:16
rvallesdr_willis: no, but I certainly know it'd screw dual-core.11:16
dr_willisnever noticed it affecting my laptop..but  that was on a test live cd..11:16
soulnafeingaelfx: Syslog seems interesting, I'll paste the last part when I try a connection11:17
gaelfxsoulnafein: ok, waiting11:17
soulnafeinjust a sec :)11:19
soulnafeingaelfx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/62441/11:20
soulnafeinit seems that DHCP doesn't work11:22
gaelfxsoulnafein: yeah, that11:23
gaelfx'ss what it looks llike11:23
affluxactually, it does work11:23
affluxbut nm does not see it11:23
afflux(for whatever reason)11:23
soulnafeinI see11:23
soulnafeinso you reckong is a nm problem?11:23
gaelfxsoulnafein: I think this is a little bit above my peg rate11:23
gaelfxand I really need to go11:24
soulnafeingaelfx: no prob, thanks very much11:24
gaelfxbut I hope that now you have a better idea of what's wrong11:24
soulnafeindoes nm have an irc channel?11:24
gaelfxgood luck!11:24
soulnafeinafflux: found something11:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 262817 in network-manager "[NM 0.7 - intrepid] DHCP org.freedesktop.Dbus.Error.AccessDenied" [Undecided,New]11:26
affluxsoulnafein: I don't think that's the issue. You would have some dbus message in the syslog then11:27
soulnafeinafflux: I see11:27
soulnafeinafflux: this is more relevant http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67417811:30
DaveTarmacmorning folks11:31
DaveTarmacanyone had problems with sound output not working?11:31
DaveTarmacin the sound setup, Pulseaudio is selected and the test works, but no other sound appears to want to play11:32
soulnafeinDaveTarmac: do you have more than 1 sound card?11:34
DaveTarmacnope - just the onboard one11:37
DaveTarmacsorry - wrong system :s11:37
DaveTarmacyes, I do11:37
rconanwhich package(s) contain the modules for systemsettings?11:38
rconanI need the one which has the colours section under appearance11:38
affluxthat should gnome-control-center11:39
rconanafflux, systemsettings is the kde settings thing...11:39
DaveTarmacsoulnafein: yes, I do have more than 1 sound card in - I think I need to add a line to a file, but I can't remember what and where11:39
affluxrconan: kcontrol maybe?11:39
rconankcontrol doesn't exist anymore, it has been replaced by systemsettings, but installing systemsettings doesn't install all of the modules11:40
rconani want to know where the modules live11:40
affluxah that's beyond my knowledge, sorry11:41
afflux(huh, a package called systemsettings, now *that's* a source of confusion, isn't it?11:42
rconanindeed, kcontrol was a much more informing name11:43
affluxat least, you knew where it belonged to11:44
zecohi, can someone tell me whether something has changed for getting a wireless card to work using ndiswrapper in intrepid? My ndiswrapper lists the driver but modprobe ndiswrapper doesn't give me the wlan0 interface11:44
DaveTarmacok, soulnafein appears to be AFK at the moment, can anyone enlighten me as to how I edit settings so I have sound coming out of my speakers in the OS, and not just on the Sound Setting test?11:46
soulnafeinDaveTarmac: hello again sorry I was adk11:48
DaveTarmacno worries soulnafein11:49
soulnafeinDaveTarmac: I had a similar problem (2 sounds card)... although I didn't need one (the one integrated on mainboard) so I disabled it from the bios11:49
soulnafeinI'm sure there is a better way but that worked11:49
DaveTarmacfair enough, soulnafein. Next time I reboot I'll disable it11:50
lwolfi'm currently using intrepid, and i can not focus windows using mouse click11:54
botanicusHi there. I have problem with keyboard, after upgrade to 8.10, the11:55
botanicus    keyboard and mouse do not work in gnome at all. Touchpad works. I11:55
botanicus    can switch to console, so drivers are OK, just some bug in11:55
botanicus    Gnome. Any ideas?11:55
botanicusBTW I found11:55
botanicus    https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/59616 ... there11:55
botanicus    something 'bout accessibility settings, but it do not work for me11:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 59616 in gnome-settings-daemon "keyboard not working after logging in via gdm due to"slow keys" feature being accidentally enabled  (dup-of: 41427)" [Low,Invalid]11:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 41427 in gnome-control-center ""slow keys" can turn on surreptitiously & cause confusion." [Low,Invalid]11:55
botanicusubottu: Yep, actually I know how Google works ;) BUT 1) it's nothing with GDM, start throught startx has the issue as well 2) I do not have enabled accessibility12:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:00
dr_willisheh heh...12:09
dr_willisbotanicus,  was this a upgrade? or clean install?12:11
comicinkerLatest kernel update broke my atheros WLan. known bug?12:12
botanicusdr_willis: upgrade12:13
botanicusdr_willis: upgrade was OK, no errors, boot correctly, just this gnome issue12:13
serengetihi, how can I connect to an lpr printer in intrepid? I can only choose LPT#1, AppSocket, SAMBA or "Other" type of connection in the New Printer dialog12:13
dr_willisbotanicus,  i would try making a new user. seeif it works for them.. if so. then that points to it being some gnome setting issue12:14
serengetithere's an ubuntu question about that, but it remains unanswered: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/4616912:14
botanicusdr_willis: I've tried it already, new user + startx (so it's not GDM issue) and the same12:15
dr_willisyou mean to say the new user has the same issues...12:15
dr_willisIt works in GDM?12:15
dr_willisHmm.. ok how about another little test.. install a small window manager, like icewm and see if it works for either user in that.12:16
erle-is there ooo3 in intrepid? (maybe in some extra repos)12:16
dr_willistrying to narrow it down. :)12:16
dr_willisbotanicus,  lets just say that the upgrades ive done.. have not worked well.. clean installs have. :(12:16
botanicusdr_willis: exec openbox in .xinitrc is fine, is it? (Sorry for lame questions, actually I'm mac user and trying to setup ubuntu for my girlfriend)12:19
DaveTarmacthat's an odd one - I just tried to access my Home Folder form the Places menu, and for some reason VLC started playing all the media on my desktop12:19
DaveTarmacanyone else had similar things?12:19
dr_willisbotanicus,  testing any other wm would be a good test.. that way you can prove its a gnome issue even further.12:20
dr_willisbotanicus,  in the .xinitrc you could try the follow ing 2 lines also..   xterm &    exec metacity12:21
dr_willisthat would make a xterm. and use the metacity window manager.. see if it works in there...12:21
=== TeLLuS_ is now known as TeLLuS
botanicusdr_willis: OK, do not work in clean openbox, so it must be X.org issue I guess12:25
dr_willisbotanicus,  ahh.. now we are narrowing it down...12:25
dr_willisbotanicus,  Hmm.. as a text.. we could move the xorg.conf file to xorg.conf_ORIGINAL, thus 'removing' the xorg.conf, and try starting X with no xorg.conf (thus making X rescan/reconfigure itself)12:26
dr_willisThis is a normal keyboard? ps2/usb? not bluetooth?12:26
botanicusdr_willis: normal notebook kbd12:28
botanicusdr_willis: do not work nor when I move the xorg.conf12:30
dr_willisThat is weird...12:32
emilienneed help ubuntu ibex keeps chainging my filesystem to read only12:32
emiliendone wih both my computer now xD12:32
dr_willisemilien,  check dmesg output.. it could be the drive/filesystem has some read errors.. so its beging remounted read only as a security/safty feature12:32
botanicusemilien: what do you have in /etc/fstab?12:32
emilienhmm looking at /etc/fstab   /dev/sda3 and /dev/sda1 are commented out12:35
emilienthis normal ? should i un comment ?12:35
dr_willisare they external usb drives? internal?12:35
dr_williswhat filesystem are they?12:35
emilienmain internal ones12:36
dr_willisthen i would think they should have proper fstab entries12:37
emiliencan't change it read only file system12:38
mastermolchi tried to install kde-core on my new ubuntu 8.10 rc installation, but apt-get/synaptic say there is a conflict between version of this package and kdebase-workspace. is this a normal problem 5 days before the release date?12:39
dr_willisthis is a normal problem for most relases ive 'watched' :)12:40
dr_willisseems every time i update/ugrade. an hr later theres more updates12:40
mastermolchok, so i ll wait for a new version of this package :)12:40
emilienwhat do i do , i could boot live cd recover data , edit fstab from live cd ?12:40
emilienor can i remount ?12:41
dr_willisboot live cd. mount partitions manually.. do whatever you want..12:41
dr_williswhat filesystem are the disks? these are your / partition? or just data?12:41
emilienthe whole file system with all my data12:42
dr_willisit may be safest to be VERY paranoid.. and boot live cd. mount disk.. copy data to another fileserver/cd/drive/location12:43
dr_willisthen i would fsck the patitions. and  see if they get fixed.12:44
chowmeinedit seems my hard drive clicks every few seconds, is something wrong?12:45
dr_willisit may be in use.. it maybe going bad.. it may be getting that clickicking all the time due to powersettings problem..12:45
emilientrying recover mood not sure do anything12:47
chowmeinedsmart reports no errors, i ran seatools on it (from the dos diagnostics cd) and it said it was fine, it doesnt really sound like the regular in use clicking noise12:47
chowmeinedits sounds more like unload/reload click12:47
dr_willisthat sounds like that  'overly consertive power saving' issue that was a big deal last year.12:47
chowmeinedi thought that only applied to APM systems12:47
chowmeinedand even still, its on AC power12:48
dr_willisI thought it was the drive makers 'defaults' that the systems did not  override..12:48
dr_willisbatter/ac dident matter. because it was the 'powersaving battery mode' that just showed the problem.. not the fact you were on batteries.12:48
chowmeinedoh hmm12:49
dr_willisbattery mode - let the drive use its 'defaults' which were overly conservitive in some models12:49
dr_willisthe hdparm command could turn off the powersaving stuff...12:49
dr_willisbut i lost those notes. :)12:49
emilienok when im done running fsck , are there any comand to force remount file system ?12:51
chowmeinedand there we go12:53
chowmeineddr_willis, strange behavior though12:53
dr_willisthe filesystem must be Unmounted befor you fsck it.12:54
dr_willisthen you can remountit12:54
Runner85sxhelle. i'm using ubuntu8.10 nvidia-settings is chrashing while pressing the "Saving to X Configuration"-Button12:55
Runner85sxso what can i do?12:56
predator363wine has caused me to want to give up on linux completly and go back to windows12:57
dr_willisDo what you want predator363.12:57
TheInfinitypredator363: so do so ...12:58
dr_willisunlike MS - we are not trying to'force' you into anything.12:58
dr_williswhichis oneof the big appeals of Linux.12:58
emilienwhich ever works best for you12:58
Runner85sxhey hey. please cool down.12:58
Runner85sxso what is with my problem? i changed from debian sid to ubuntu. and i don't really know what to do. cause kde3 not gnome12:59
Runner85sx*kde3 is not gnome12:59
kijiwill openoffice 3 be in backports or only in the ppa?13:00
predator363you guys are real great linux fans lol13:02
kijidoes pulseaudio work better in intrepid than in hardy? does rhythmbox and flash work together?13:02
emiliendr_willis:  ran fsck ,got to boot , get Hal error message when x starts any ideas ?13:02
dr_willisnot really. did fsck show any problems/fix anything?13:02
emiliendr_willis:  no errors , seemed fine , however on fdisk said something about not end on cylinder boundary ?13:03
TheInfinitypredator363: we just dont any OS as religion. thats all.13:03
TheInfinitydont *have13:03
=== Teiseii is now known as Teisei
dr_williswe leave the zelotry for the OS-X people13:04
TheInfinitydr_willis: hey i use os-x and also dont have any religious feelings about it :p13:04
predator3634 days and still cant get wine to work right13:05
TheInfinitypredator363: if you use beta software it means it will be difficult ...13:05
dr_willisTheInfinity,  none that you want to admit in public...13:05
emilienpredator363:  look at playonlinux lot easy to set up also if you need to run wine maby on wrong os ?13:05
dr_williswine has never been a guarentee13:06
palwhy vmware report You cannot install on a system with KVM enabled?? What is KVM?13:06
Runner85sxi only can see: "Segmentation fault" in console when it chrashes13:06
Raven_i had never heard of playonlinux, this looks pleasant13:07
Raven_compared to installing through wine13:07
=== Raven_ is now known as EyesOfARaven
EyesOfARavenpal: kvm is a physical piece of hardware that lets you control more than one computer with the same keyboard/mouse/monitor13:09
zeco1can someone help me with ndiswrapper in Intrepid Ibex?13:09
chowmeineddr_willis, ok, got the unload issue dealt with13:09
pal<EyesOfARaven> so what I should to do to install vmware?13:10
EyesOfARavenzeco1: i'm not an expert, but i might be able to help, what's the problem13:10
chowmeineddr_willis, do you know any tricks for fixing disk speed? disk performance right now is pretty slow, doing operations with apt lags out my system13:10
EyesOfARavenpal: i dont quite understand your question13:10
wgrantEyesOfARaven: KVM is a Linux virtualisation techhnology.13:10
dr_willischowmeined,  perhaps some hdparm tweaks.. but othe rthen that.. ive never had issues13:11
zeco1EyesOfARaven: thx: I installed the proper driver in ndiswrapper and did modprobe ndiswprapper, but I don't get the wlan0-Interface13:11
EyesOfARavenwgrant: there's ANOTHER KVM? that's a confusing name then! my apologies for apparently misleading him13:11
pal<EyesOfARaven> When I execute vmware installation scrippt it reports " You canot install on a system with KVM enabled"13:11
chowmeineddr_willis, ive done a few tweaks, but haven't been able to improve it beyond 4.5MB/s13:11
EyesOfARavenzeco1: do you see it in iwconfig?13:11
EyesOfARavenpal: you will likely need to disable KVM then, apparently it is also a linux virtualization technology13:12
pal<EyesOfARaven> I just want to install vmware13:12
zeco1EyesOfARaven; no, just the other interfaces (lo, eth0)13:12
EyesOfARavenzeco1: i know this sounds trivial, but did you reboot?13:12
zeco1EyesOfARaven: of course ;)13:12
pal<EyesOfARaven> and how to do this, will it heart other components?13:12
zeco1EyesOfARaven: I'm on it since thursday (upgraded from Hardy to Intrepid RC. ndiswrapper was working in hardy)13:13
EyesOfARavenzeco1: to my knowledge, this generally means that the driver didn't work properly, there may be something else you can do, but i'm not sure what - perhaps try madwifi if that's an option for you13:13
EyesOfARavenpal: i don't know - you should ask someone else about this, as i'm not familiar with it13:13
EyesOfARavenzeco1: though it won't likely work, you could give ifconfig wlan0 up a try, see if the interface appears13:15
zeco1EyesOfARaven: "no such device"13:16
EyesOfARaventhought so13:17
EyesOfARavensorry im not sure what to do13:17
sanI upgraded from the beta to the rc and wireless networking stopped working.13:18
sanbefore I had to remove some restricted kernel modules in order to get it working in the beta13:18
sannope..  Atheros AR5007EG13:19
EyesOfARaveni've heard something about support for AR5000 support being disabled13:19
EyesOfARaventry a kernel update if you haven't13:20
sanEyesOfARaven: why disable a working driver?! And I'm already with the latest version?13:20
EyesOfARaveni don't know, perhaps it *wasn't* working on that version13:21
jaksahow i install tar.gz?13:22
kevorjaksa: it probably is a source package13:22
santar xvzf filename.tar.gz13:22
kevorfirst extract it (like san said)13:22
kevorthen go into the directory and excecute ./configure13:22
EyesOfARavenjaksa: open a terminal, and goto where the file is, "tar xzf *.tar.gz", "cd name-of-dir", "./configure", "make install clean"13:22
kevoryou can try ./configure --help to see the options13:23
kevoryou will probably need some development sources, ./configure will fail with a message of what's missing13:23
sanEyesOfARaven: where can I find more information about on this wireless driver issue?13:23
zeco1EyesOfARaven: I wonder whether this would warrant a bug report or what should I do with this. My wireless card (Dell wireless-n 1505 = broadcom BCM4328 (rev3)) isn't that uncommon. Many people will run into this come next thursday. Or where should I go with this13:23
jaksa No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.13:24
kevordid ./configure succeed?13:25
freaky_thi all. i can't play mp3 files in kubuntu Intrepid can someone help me?13:25
kevorfreaky_t: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?13:25
EyesOfARavensan: sorry, no idea, i heard what i heard in this channel13:25
freaky_tkevor: i think so. it suddenly stopped working a week or so ago13:26
EyesOfARavenzeco1: i'm unsure, tbh13:26
freaky_tkevor: yes they are installed13:27
kevorfreaky_t: do you have other sound?13:27
freaky_tkevor: yea amarok says no suitable demux plugin found for mp3s13:27
EyesOfARavenfreaky_t: try running amarok from a terminal with "padsp amarok"13:28
puremichaelhello. since intrepid it seems that i can control the mousecursor with my gamepad, but i'm not able to catch any events within sdl13:29
freaky_tEyesOfARaven: ok one moment13:29
freaky_tEyesOfARaven: doesnt help13:30
EyesOfARavendunno then, sry13:31
EyesOfARavennot an expert xD13:31
m1dn1ghthey guys.  In Hardy, because of my crappy graphics adapter, I had to use VESA driver.  Whenever I did fresh install my resolution would be capped at 800x600 and to fix I'd have to run "displayconfig-gtk" as root and manually change my monitor to LCD 1024x800.  This command doesn't seem to work in Intrepid.  Does anyone know if command has changed/not included/different workaround?13:32
freaky_ti found a solution! :D i deleted ~/.xine and ~/.gxine now it plays mp3s :DD thank you ^^13:33
EyesOfARavengreat :D13:33
Dreamannvidia mx440 driver 96 work in final ubuntu 8.1013:35
rbanffyHi folks. Kernel upgrade just broke my atheros wireless that worked like charm until this very morning. Anyone with a similar problem?13:36
rbanffyI reported it as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+bug/28910013:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 289100 in linux-meta "Kernel update to 2.6.27-7.14 broke atheros wireless on acer aspire one" [Undecided,New]13:36
rbanffyubottu: Cool!13:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cool!13:37
EyesOfARaveni've heard about AR5000 being disabled on new v13:37
EyesOfARavendunno any more, but others hav had trouble13:37
rbanffyEyesOfARaven: It _was_ working :-(13:37
EyesOfARavenroll back to old kernel? :D13:38
rbanffyEyesOfARaven: I tried. But it seems I forgot something13:38
remihey guys, is it normal that each time I login, I have to do a 'metacity --replace' in order to get any drop shadows under my gnome panels? (ubuntu 8.10 rc1)13:38
EyesOfARavenremi: mine works without needing to do that13:39
predator363hey when i try to whatch video's in firefox all i see is a grey box where the video should be what do i need to do?13:39
rbanffyremi: Same here13:39
EyesOfARavenpredator363: you need to install the proprietary flash codec13:40
rbanffyEyesOfARaven: I will try to rollback once more. Wish me luck13:40
EyesOfARavenaye gl13:41
reminevermind, I found the related bug in launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/26967013:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 269670 in metacity "Metaciy Compositing Panel Shadow (intrepid)" [Undecided,New]13:43
dreamcodercan anyone help me to get the sound working in my acer laptop please13:45
dreamcoderi have tried google but no luck13:45
rbanffydreamcoder: what model?13:45
dreamcoderaspire 6920g13:45
dreamcoderi had it wokring in hardy but intrepid doesnt like the method i used in hardy13:46
EyesOfARavendo we hav to compile compiz-fusion from source? or is there a package name i dont know13:46
EyesOfARavencompiz-fusion doesnt seem to exist13:46
m1dn1ghtthink it's just compiz13:47
EyesOfARavenAND it's already installed13:47
m1dn1ghtcompiz is the metapackage, no?13:47
EyesOfARavenyeah ur right13:47
EyesOfARavenand it doesnt like my eee atm13:48
m1dn1ghthey guys.  In Hardy, because of my crappy graphics adapter, I had to use VESA driver.  Whenever I did fresh install my resolution would be capped at 800x600 and to fix I'd have to run "displayconfig-gtk" as root and manually change my monitor to LCD 1024x800.  This command doesn't seem to work in Intrepid.  Does anyone know if command has changed/not included/different workaround?13:48
EyesOfARavenstill dont know the answer to that one, sorry lol13:48
EyesOfARavendid you try running the screen resolution tool as root? or perhaps editing your xorg.conf?13:49
nevoeirohello. just updated from hardy to ibex and now i don't have net...13:49
nevoeirocan't connect to internet13:49
dreamcoderibex would be great if i could get sound to work13:51
EyesOfARavenmine worked out of the box, im happy13:51
dreamcoderit would work on my pc probaly but my laptop doesnt like linux13:51
nevoeirosound it's working here but no net...13:51
nevoeirohelp? :(13:51
EyesOfARavenatheros 500x card, nevoeiro?13:52
dreamcoderwhat network card? or wireless etc?13:52
nevoeiroerm.. don't know, wait..13:52
dreamcoderright brb just installed alsa beta see if that does anything13:52
AirBenderthere were some chagnes last night with the RC, my atheros driver went back to ath_pci from ath5k13:53
nevoeirointel pro wireless 3945abg golan..13:53
AirBenderand the leds are blinking again =)13:53
predator363eyesofraven: sorry i took so long ...iv got the flash codec installed13:53
EyesOfARavenany luck, predator?13:54
m1dn1ghtEyesOfARaven: Sorry, was AFK before.  Yeah, tried that and no joy unfortunately ;(13:54
nevoeiroeyesofraven: ?13:54
predator363eyesofaraven: no i was saying iv had them installed for days and this only started happening today13:54
EyesOfARavennevoeiro: was talking to someone else, what happens when u type iwconfig13:55
nevoeiroEyesOfARaven: intel pro wireless 3945abg golan network connection rev 0213:55
EyesOfARavenpredator363: see if it is broken with another browser, seamonkey uses the same plugins13:55
nevoeirono wireless extensions13:55
nevoeirowas working great in hardy13:56
dreamcodernope didnt do a thing lol13:56
EyesOfARavennevoeiro: u will need to install a driver for ur wifi, try ndiswrapper (or if your card supports it, madwifi)13:56
dreamcoderwell i am going to have to go back to hardy13:56
nevoeiroand now "no wireless extensions"13:56
nevoeiroargh, why did i update, lol.. hardy was great..13:56
nevoeirooh well..13:56
predator363gotta install seamonkey13:57
AirBendernevoeiro: there should be a driver for your card, you can try booting with another kernel13:57
AirBenderfor the momment, but I think there's just a detail missing13:57
AirBenderI can't remember now the name of the modules for this wifi chipset, but you should see if they're loaded13:58
AirBenderwith lsmod13:58
nevoeirojust to test, where can i get ndiswrapper or madwifi?13:59
AirBenderare you with the release candidate?13:59
nevoeirojust updated to rc..13:59
AirBendermadwifi is for the Atheros chipsets, not suitable for your card13:59
EyesOfARavennevoeiro: ndiswrapper comes by default, you need to download the windows driver for your card, and then run the appropriate terminal commands with ndiswrapper on them14:00
AirBenderand ndiswrapper is in the repository, but this is using your winXP drivers...14:00
EyesOfARavenairbender: thanks for clearin that up, i wasnt sure what was supported by it as it's usually referred to pretty vaguely in guides14:00
nevoeirook.. thx for the support14:00
AirBenderinf fact madwifi is by default with the kernel modules in ubuntu14:02
EyesOfARavenath_pci is madwifi then?14:02
AirBenderyou just have to agree with using the ath_hal wich is restricted because it's binary for security reasons14:03
predator363eyesofaraven: actualy yes flash runs 100% flawlesly in seamonkey and sea monkey also seems to be 10000times faster then firefox! why had i not heard of this before?!?!14:03
EyesOfARavenlol i hate firefox14:03
EyesOfARaveni love seamonkey for that very reason sir14:03
EyesOfARavenfirefox has gotten bloated with age14:04
EyesOfARavenseamonkey is very old, based on ancient netscape code14:04
EyesOfARavenso it's lean14:04
predator363i used google chrome on windows14:04
predator363does seamonkey do tabs?14:05
EyesOfARavenfile->new tab if im not mistaken14:05
predator363how its not in the files menu14:05
EyesOfARavenmaybe its tabs->new tab14:05
EyesOfARavenlemme fire it up and check14:05
predator363oh yea lol it is im just used to it being right in my face14:05
EyesOfARavenyeah it's not quiiiiite as interface friendly as firefox14:06
EyesOfARavenbut imo the speed and function is worth the trade14:06
z0rhi. I'm upgrading to intrepid with update manager in a gnome session. When pam was upgraded, it asked which services it could restart. gdm was in the list. I removed it because I thought it would boot me out of gnome if it was restarted, and interrupt the installation. Would it have? Is this a bug?14:06
AirBendermay be it's a better idea to do this from the console, out of gnome with do-release-upgrade14:07
tuxanyone know is netbook remix will be released next week ?14:08
EyesOfARavenim not sure when it's planned for release, but they are working on their 8.1 variants14:09
jaksanetbook remix suks14:10
EyesOfARavenif u have a netbook14:10
EyesOfARavenit might not :p14:10
jaksaacer one14:10
EyesOfARavenin fact im thinking of getting their gnome tweaks14:10
EyesOfARaveni like how that panel's lookin14:11
jaksaibex next my One14:11
|Cyb3rPunk|question myubuntu is showing just a offwhitecolourscreen ican seemymouse butnothingelse ican getintermaniol butthats it14:11
EyesOfARaventhat's quite a grammar14:12
AirBenderit's probably a problem with compiz-fusion14:13
AirBendertry ALT+F2 metacity --replace14:13
|Cyb3rPunk|canany one help me getmydisply back14:14
EyesOfARaventhey are.. helping u..14:14
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: try ALT+F2 metacity --replace14:14
EyesOfARavenairbender: u seem the knowledgeable sort, any idea how to remove the gnome foot from nautilus? i dont like it.14:15
AirBenderhaha lol, I'm not...14:15
nevoeiroEyesOfARaven: got internet now:))14:15
EyesOfARavennevoeiro: great :D14:15
nevoeiroconnect via ethernet, download ndiswrapper from synaptic and voilà :)14:16
AirBenderwhat did you do Novell14:16
EyesOfARavenu called him novell? lol14:16
AirBenderwhat did you do nevoeiro14:16
EyesOfARavenhe did what i said :)14:16
nevoeiroyes :)14:16
nevoeirothx guys :))14:16
EyesOfARavennp mate14:16
EyesOfARavenglad i cud help14:16
AirBenderok, but give the native driver a try in some days...14:17
AirBenderor when you're not affraid of being without internet for some minutes14:18
nevoeiroAirBender: if it's working, don't fix it :P haha14:18
EyesOfARavenit'd be neat if there was an option to use windows drivers for other things besides wifi14:18
EyesOfARavenlike video, sound, etc14:18
|Cyb3rPunk|doi have toenteradisplay?14:18
nevoeirook, gotta go now.. see you later14:19
AirBenderbut you do it in a blind mode14:19
|Cyb3rPunk|whats the settingsforalaptop14:19
AirBenderok bye14:19
AirBenderwhere are you right now?14:19
AirBendera console?14:20
AirBenderbut how can you type here if you can't see anything in your display...?14:20
|Cyb3rPunk|on windows14:20
AirBenderah ok14:20
AirBenderon the same laptop?14:21
|Cyb3rPunk|no sepret14:21
AirBenderand you have your laptop turned on with the white display?14:21
|Cyb3rPunk|ya i can seethe mouseand thats it itgasve meamsg for display errororsomthingandhad crashed14:23
|Cyb3rPunk|i logedinviatermanal ctrl+alt+f114:24
AirBenderso you type: ALT+F214:24
|Cyb3rPunk|sorry keybord notworkingon mywindowslaptop14:24
AirBenderand then metacity --replace14:25
Acknixso sexy#14:25
|Cyb3rPunk|dont know what to enter - -14:25
AirBenderbut you know that ALT+F2 is for running an application right?14:26
|Cyb3rPunk|its a 17" intarnallcd14:26
|Cyb3rPunk|ahh damn what can i dothen14:26
AirBenderso, after ALT+F214:26
AirBenderyou type: metacity --replace14:26
AirBenderthat's a command to invoke the default windows manager14:26
EyesOfARavenairbender: i was JUST looking for the "run dialog" for that explict purpose so i could stop restarting X, thanks14:27
AirBenderyou're welcome14:27
Acknixautomatix availalbe for .10?14:27
dfgashmmm, wonder if updates will fix mouse problem, heh, move mouse and it turns monitor back on, but it won't take me out of screensaver, i have to hit a key on the keyboard14:27
|Cyb3rPunk|gives me unabletoopenX display14:28
ubottuAutomatix is no longer developed or supported by its creators and is not recommended, supported, or needed by Ubuntu. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubottu WorksForMe »14:28
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: so, may be it's a good idea to switch to console 1, and change the video driver in /etc/X11/xorg.conf from whatever it is to vesa14:29
EyesOfARavenacknix: automatix wasnt even available for 8.04 :p14:29
AirBenderand restart X server14:29
|Cyb3rPunk|whats thecommandeforthat?14:29
AirBenderthen you're in console 114:30
|Cyb3rPunk|ok so can youtell mewhat totype?14:30
AirBendernow you type: sudo vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:30
AirBenderwhat video card do you have?14:31
EyesOfARavenshud make sure ppl know how to use vi before u go putting them in it14:32
EyesOfARavenas those of us who don't know vi get scared14:32
AirBenderwill try to do something special14:33
AirBenderbut |Cyb3rPunk| what video card do you have? I gotta leave...14:33
|Cyb3rPunk|says new directory14:33
|Cyb3rPunk|inturnal navada???14:33
EyesOfARavenim gonna assume that means nvidia14:34
emilienhey which is latest ubuntu ibex release and where can i download ?14:34
AirBenderare you in the console again?14:34
|Cyb3rPunk|itsrightnext tome14:34
EyesOfARavenwhy dont we point him at the nvidia proprietary download14:34
EyesOfARaventhat might be easy14:34
AirBendersudo vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:34
AirBenderjust as I type14:34
|Cyb3rPunk|itwontletmetypeany thing14:35
AirBenderhave you logged in?14:35
AirBendertry console 2 CTRL+ALT+F214:35
|Cyb3rPunk|i'm logeditand now itson the screen in thetermaniol gives melike 15 lins of ~~~~~14:35
AirBenderahh ok14:36
EyesOfARaventhat's normal14:36
|Cyb3rPunk|and says new directory14:36
AirBenderso don't try to type anything14:36
EyesOfARaveni hate vi..14:36
AirBenderjust tell my if you're viewing the xorg.conf file14:36
|Cyb3rPunk|maybe.... lol says newdirectory and i canttypeordoany thing14:36
AirBendermmm ok14:37
AirBenderso type ESC14:37
AirBenderor press ESC14:37
AirBenderand then :q!14:37
AirBendertell me if you are out of vim now14:37
|Cyb3rPunk|rofl says ---insert--- when i hit type : e14:37
AirBenderpress ESC a couple of times14:38
AirBenderand the type :q!14:38
|Cyb3rPunk|nowit says recording14:38
AirBenderso you're not doing what I say14:39
ArkoldThosanyone getting problems with xorg.conf WHEN using Intel graphic cards?14:39
|Cyb3rPunk|... ok backattermaniol windows14:39
AirBendertype: cd /etc/X1114:40
AirBenderthen ls and tell me that you see a file named xorg.conf14:40
|Cyb3rPunk|says no such fileor directory14:40
AirBendertype pwd14:40
AirBenderwhat does it say?14:40
|Cyb3rPunk|says /home/shawn14:41
AirBendercd /14:41
AirBenderdo you see a folder called etc ?14:41
AirBenderyou had better to reinstall ubuntu dude14:42
|Cyb3rPunk|fuck i just crackedmycrossover14:42
AirBenderare there any folders?14:42
|Cyb3rPunk|idk how doichack lol14:42
|Cyb3rPunk|typed dir = showssome14:43
AirBenderuse ls instead of dir14:43
AirBendertype pwd14:43
AirBenderwhat does it say?14:43
|Cyb3rPunk|ifitype1s issays commandnotfound14:43
|Cyb3rPunk|says : /14:44
chadeldridgels dude .. not 1s14:44
chadeldridgewhats wrong with your crossover I can try to help14:44
|Cyb3rPunk|;) um says bin, dev, initrd, boot, ect, cdrom, home intread.img, lib, root......14:45
AirBendertype cd etc14:45
EyesOfARavencd /etc/X1114:45
|Cyb3rPunk|what i type ittellsmeno such fireor directory14:46
* EyesOfARaven looks for his decoder ring14:46
chadeldridgecap X14:46
chadeldridge not lower case14:46
AirBenderok easy...14:46
chadeldridgeeverything in unix is case sensitive14:46
AirBenderjust cd etc14:46
AirBenderwe're almost in14:47
chadeldridgewhat is his actual issue since i missed it ?14:47
AirBenderI don't know, something with the video driver14:47
AirBenderso i want him to change to vesa driver in xorg.conf14:47
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: where are you?14:48
|Cyb3rPunk|on boot up i get tothe login kinda screen but its white nothingon thewre i seethemousebut nothing elseis on the screen icanclicktypeor doanything i can hitctrl+alt+f1 and opentermanal14:48
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: type pwd and tell me what it says...14:49
AirBendercome on it's not that difficult just stay focused14:49
AirBenderor focus... lol14:49
palVirtualBox from Hardy suitable for Intrepid? Because there are no Inrepid mirror on Virtualbox official site14:49
chadeldridgepal yes14:49
|Cyb3rPunk|i type : pwd itthen givesmea newlineshowing / andthen givemesaboxtotypein again14:50
EyesOfARavenwhat's the package for installing xgl on 8.114:50
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: so now you type: cd etc14:51
|Cyb3rPunk|no file14:51
|Cyb3rPunk|this ismy3ed problemswith the ubuntu14:51
AirBenderand cd ect ?14:52
EyesOfARavenjesus christ14:52
|Cyb3rPunk|i type : cd /etc/x1114:52
scopecreepwhere are the dns setting stored? i need to switch to static ip permanently14:52
|Cyb3rPunk|cansomeonedirect conect tomyboxlol14:52
chadeldridgeEyesOfARaven: i am not finding the pkg either14:52
AirBenderand that's the reason I said type cd etc14:53
chadeldridge|Cyb3rPunk|: cd /etc/X1114:53
|Cyb3rPunk|givesme nofileor dir14:53
AirBenderthe X MUST be Upper case14:53
EyesOfARavenlet me take him14:53
EyesOfARaven|Cyb3rPunk|, what nvidia card model do u have14:53
AirBenderbut cand you go into etc?14:53
EyesOfARavenu guys work on getting me xgl package14:53
|Cyb3rPunk|ok in14:53
|Cyb3rPunk|hadsomeonesaidX isupercase14:54
AirBenderand now14:54
AirBendercd X1114:54
nicksixhi to all14:54
AirBenderare we in?14:54
|Cyb3rPunk|doi just type: cd X11 ? ? ?14:54
nicksixI've got problem in upgrade from 8.10 alpha 4 to 8.10 RC14:55
AirBenderif you typed cd etc last time14:55
|Cyb3rPunk|hmm says no fileordir...14:55
xxploitquestion, with network manager, it displays some console output while booting...like just connection info(no errors or anything like that). Is there a way I can have it suppress this information and just basically state the service is starting and that is it?14:55
|Cyb3rPunk|i type: pwdsays /etc/X1114:56
chadeldridgeEyesOfARaven: http://www.tectonic.co.za/wordpress/?p=91614:56
AirBenderyou did it14:56
chadeldridgethere you go14:56
AirBenderso now: be careful14:56
AirBendertype: sudo vim xorg.conf14:56
|Cyb3rPunk|what do i donow14:57
AirBendernothing more14:57
AirBenderdo you see the file?14:57
|Cyb3rPunk|givesmne a huge text filetoreadonmyscreen14:57
AirBendernow type: /nvidia14:58
AirBendernow the cursor is over the n of nvidia right?14:58
|Cyb3rPunk|says pattern notfoundin boldred14:58
AirBenderand /vesa ?14:59
|Cyb3rPunk|says pattern notfoundin boldred14:59
AirBendertry /nv14:59
|Cyb3rPunk|says pattern notfoundin boldred15:00
AirBendernow /"Device"15:00
|Cyb3rPunk|doileave the""15:00
AirBenderI mean type it with ""15:00
AirBenderjust as I did15:01
|Cyb3rPunk|doileave the""15:01
AirBenderwhere is the cursor?15:01
|Cyb3rPunk|again i'm in full termaniol mode15:01
AirBenderyou see some lines starting with the word Section15:02
unavailableallright guys, flash content on a web page makes firefox AND konqueror15:02
AirBenderis there one called: Section "Device" ?15:02
brunopdoes intrepid support the Intel X4500 chip ?15:03
ArkoldThosanyone got a nice xorg.conf for Intel with 3d acceleration15:03
unavailableShockwave Flash 10.0 r1215:03
unavailableis this a non fixable problem?15:03
chadeldridgeunavailable: do you have the flash plugin installed ?15:03
|Cyb3rPunk|i'm still not gettingany thing...15:03
brunopit works fine with vesa, not with intel drivers for me..15:03
unavailablechadeldridge: see above  : Shockwave Flash 10.0 r1215:04
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: let's do it easier... type ESC then :q!15:04
AirBenderyou will be in the terminal prompt again15:04
chadeldridgeunavailable: thats not the one from repo correct, thats the self compiled version ?15:04
nicksixsomeone have problems with sound?15:04
unavailablechadeldridge: i think its from adobe's site15:05
unavailablelemmie see.15:05
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: then type: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg15:05
nicksixmy audio device sounds very distorted15:05
chadeldridgeunavailable: try this    sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree15:05
|Cyb3rPunk|it wont let me esc... keepstypeingover textonthe screen15:05
unavailablechadeldridge: its removing one and installing nonfree15:06
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: type ESC 3 times15:06
AirBenderthen type ":q!"15:06
AirBenderwithout the ""15:06
|Cyb3rPunk|nowis says :/etc/X11$15:06
AirBenderthen ENTER15:06
nicksixmy nVidia HDA works bad with ALSA and pulse audio15:06
AirBendernow type the command sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg15:06
unavailableand now its even worse15:08
ArkoldThosbrunop: no clue how to make 3d acceleration?15:08
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: how is it goingÇ?15:08
|Cyb3rPunk|says warning.. overwriting....... nowi'm backat the etc/X11$15:08
unavailableallright guys, which flash plugin is the best (meaning: which one doesnt make firefox hang)15:08
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: now CTR+ALT+F7 then CTRL+ALT+Backspace15:09
AirBender(once you are in the white screeen)15:09
unavailablewhat happened to chadeldridge?15:10
|Cyb3rPunk|ok i login andnowi am where i startedagain15:10
brunopArkoldThos: nop, i cant get more than "none visual effects"15:10
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: still white?15:10
|Cyb3rPunk|yep thelovley ubuntu white15:10
unavailableflash makes firefox hang (real bad) just installed flashplugin-nonfree from the repo's and it did nothing15:10
|Cyb3rPunk|well orangeey white\15:11
ArkoldThos:/ how can i try that on kubuntu? just i want play smth :/15:11
AirBenderbut you are inside your desktop or still in the login window?15:11
|Cyb3rPunk|i'm talking on a windows pc andhave myothercomputernext tome15:11
AirBenderbut have you logged in into gnome?15:12
|Cyb3rPunk|i'm insidethe desktop15:12
AirBenderthe white screen occurs after you login?15:12
|Cyb3rPunk|butitsa orangewhite nothingdisplayednothingtoclickon15:12
AirBendermetacity --replace15:12
|Cyb3rPunk|alt f2 dosentwork... can i usectrl+alt+f215:13
AirBenderI think you just can't see it15:13
|Cyb3rPunk|can'topen alt+f215:13
AirBenderdo it blindly15:13
|Cyb3rPunk|lol nothing15:13
AirBenderbut have you typed metacity --replace ?15:14
AirBenderI'm pretty sure this should bring back your desktop15:14
|Cyb3rPunk|into the blind screen... dont even knowifany thingisopen15:14
AirBenderyes, i know15:14
unavailableif you have gnome-panel running, alt+F2 should work15:15
AirBendersome time ago I had a problem with 3D acceleration, and every time i logged in to gnome i had to type blindly ALT+F2 and then metacity --replace15:15
AirBenderand it worked15:15
AirBenderhave you pressed enter?15:16
AirBendermay be it's tome to do what EyesOfARaven said... to reinstall the nvidia driver15:16
brunopi'm unable to make a screenshot with intel drivers, the mouse pointer is smoetime like a tv square15:16
|Cyb3rPunk|how do i dothat if i cantseethe screen?15:17
AirBenderfrom the console15:17
AirBenderit's better to restart in recovery mode15:17
unavailablectrl alt f1-615:17
EyesOfARavenwe need to know what card he has15:17
EyesOfARaventhen we can give him a wget && ./blahblah sort of command to run15:17
AirBendermay be it's a good idea to restart in recovery mode15:18
EyesOfARavenand it'll just poof up an installer15:18
|Cyb3rPunk|all i knowisitsinturnal graficscardon mylaptop15:18
EyesOfARavenwhen u get to a terminal15:18
EyesOfARaventype "lspci | grep "vid"15:18
brunopi think the current intel drivers does not support correctly the X4500 GMA...15:18
EyesOfARaven'lspci | grep "vid" '15:18
|Cyb3rPunk|can i dothat from /etc/X11 ? ? ?15:19
AirBenderyes, it doesn't matter15:19
AirBenderbut I suggest you to reboot and then choose recovery mode15:19
|Cyb3rPunk|with the ""15:19
|Cyb3rPunk|andisthat a 1 or a i15:19
brunophere is the "screenshot" : http://tinyurl.com/6y2evn15:19
ArkoldThos          looks beauty xd15:20
EyesOfARavenit is an i15:21
EyesOfARavenan L, then an i15:21
|Cyb3rPunk|will try recoverymode15:21
EyesOfARavenhis are 1s15:21
|Cyb3rPunk|ahh well recovery modedid noithing15:22
AirBenderwhat did you do in recovery mode?15:22
AirBenderrecovery mode doesn't work alone15:22
|Cyb3rPunk|selected normal bootlol15:23
AirBenderthis is like nothing15:23
EyesOfARavenhow do you increase the number of virtual desktops15:23
AirBenderif you're using compiz-fusion in compizconfig-settings-manager general config DesktopSize15:23
AirBenderyou change horizontal size15:23
EyesOfARavenamazing how nooby i can be with a GUI yet know what im doing with a console, eh15:24
|Cyb3rPunk|what should i select in the recovery menu?15:24
AirBenderyou can try fix X Server15:24
AirBenderand see what it says15:25
|Cyb3rPunk|says warningoverwriting....15:25
AirBenderafter that you can try fix broken packages15:25
AirBenderif there's something wrong...15:25
AirBenderand then try normal boot15:26
AirBenderor console15:26
AirBenderthen init 515:26
OsamaKCould somebody explain this error <http://osamak.wfm.googlepages.com/errorinstallingubuntu810.jpg>, I tried re-burn the CD, MD5 is OK and the harddisk has been formatted. What can I do else to fix this problem?15:26
AirBenderor init 215:26
|Cyb3rPunk|.... wowthissucks.... nothing15:26
brunopso how can i get the 3d acceleration and/or the visual effects with Intrepid ?15:26
thegvehello - I just burned (using this same system) a intrepid system and installed with it, so I guess the recorder is fine. However, with cdrecord I now get an error "Sense Code: 0x73 Qual 0x03 (power calibration area error) Fru 0x0"15:27
thegveAre there any known issues?15:27
AirBender|Cyb3rPunk|: try reinstalling nvidia driver, but I'm tired now...  and have a lot of things to do, going to Gnome Day among them15:28
thegveThis is a HP Compaq 8510w laptop15:28
|Cyb3rPunk|i geuss i'll reinstall ubuntu again itseaserandloseevery thingagain15:28
|Cyb3rPunk|thanks foryourhelp15:28
AirBenderyou're welcoe, actually that's a good idea15:28
ArkoldThosrofl xd15:29
OsamaKCould somebody explain this error <http://osamak.wfm.googlepages.com/errorinstallingubuntu810.jpg>?15:29
unavailableallright guys15:29
thegveThis is what I get with cdrskin by the way... "cdrskin: FATAL : SCSI error on write(-150,16): key=3 asc=73h ascq=03h"15:29
thegveOsamaK, I do not "know" the error, but I think it's trying to say it cannot read the CD well.15:30
thegvescratches etc.15:30
IenorandOsamaK: Faulty CD faulty CD-drive or faulty harddrive?15:30
IenorandOsamaK: I guess is the possible causes15:31
xxploitquestion, on first boot you always get that Kinit resume image messages on the first 3 lines of boot, is this to do with some kind of suspend mode or something? And if so any way to disable it?15:34
mastermolchi m not able to install opera from canonical on my ubuntu 8.10 rc 64bit installation, i m wondering if this package exists.15:38
enauthi, I have got a problem with the new network manager in xubuntu 8.10. I have a DSL Dialup connection and it just refuses to connect :( . I tried to set up with pppoe and with the networkmanager both way are not working. where can i find a logfile or anythin of Networkmanager?15:39
webmareni am loving the speed improvements to the Kubuntu RC15:41
webmarenfor the first time since upgrade, my new system starts up faster than my old gnome15:42
enautsry focus error15:42
OsamaKthegve: I burn it twice.. I checked the MD5 and it was OK.15:45
unavailableflash plugin not working correctly15:47
unavailableneed help with flash15:47
unavailableflash 10 makes firefox hang really bad15:47
andresmhwhen I do sudo apt-cache showpkg openoffice.org, it lists oo3 and oo2.4... does that mean i have both installed? and if so, how do i get rid of oo2.4 without messing up my oo3?15:49
andresmhsynaptic only shows oo315:49
Dudehow do i set my refresh rate without the NVIDIA driver?15:53
EyesOfARavenDude: u can set it in the resolution tool, or if you mean to a specific value u have to edit xorg.conf15:54
OsamaKHello, foormea.15:54
foormeaoh #kubuntu+1 redirects here15:54
DudeEyesOfARaven: the res tool only shows 0 Hz available15:54
foormeai just installed intrepid/KDE. 2 questions: 1. no katapult in kde4?! :( 2. no quicklaunch in the taskbar?! or i'm blind and cannot find it?! :( :D15:54
DudeEyesOfARaven: how can i set it in the xorg.conf?15:55
EyesOfARavenyou have to add a mode line15:55
EyesOfARavenill get you a link, dude15:55
konamcrimsun there's a fix now for the 'alsa freezes' problem15:57
EyesOfARavendude: i can't seem to find a link that explains it too clearly, lol.... google for it15:57
andresmhhow do I uninstall openoffice completely and install it again? i see in synaptic there are tons of installed packages related to openoffice15:57
andresmhbut is there a way to just uninstall the whole thing?15:58
konamcrimsun here hoping the fix gets to the final release..15:59
OsamaKI'm still wait the answer :)15:59
OsamaKSimply, how to avoid <http://osamak.wfm.googlepages.com/errorinstallingubuntu810.jpg>?16:00
andresmhOsamaK: maybe try downloading the installer again?16:00
andresmhseems like the cd you're using is damaged16:01
OsamaKI burned it twice, this is not my first CD..16:01
andresmhmaybe the downloaded ISO file is damaged?16:01
OsamaKMD5 is OK16:02
andresmhi don't know16:02
OsamaKWell, I'll try burning the CD for third time from another computer.16:02
unavailableintrepid firefox flash not working right16:04
unavailablehangs on flash content16:04
unavailablehangs really bad16:04
unavailablearrgh   any1?16:07
MrLemurHi. I have recently upgraded to Intrepid from Hardy. My only problem is that I have no sound. The sound card is recognised, just no sound.16:08
MrLemurIt's a SiS SI7012.16:10
mastermolchare there packages in "http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu intrepid partner" for the 64bit version? i m wondering, because i dont find opera, adobe acrobat or googleearth16:13
toxygeni'm looking for package ygen: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - WARNING: lots of broken software between now and  October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for suppor16:13
toxygenbad paste :)16:13
toxygen17:11:27    toxygen  : i'm looking for former package for ubuntu intrepid: linux-headers-2.6.27-4-generic16:14
petr4hello. Where to get Alternate CD image? (I desire to test OEM installer)16:14
andresmhhow do I check the exact version of openoffice i have from the command line?16:14
toxygeni need to compile fglrx on my own, because with the new kernel wifi stopped working and i need to use old kernel16:14
MrLemurpetr4:  The Desktop CD has a OEM installer16:14
petr4MrLemur: Really? great! thank you16:15
petr4andresmh: apt-cache policy openoffice16:16
MrLemurpetr4:  http://es.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/16:16
MrLemurthere's all the iso's16:16
andresmhpetr4: thanks. why do you think it says Installed: (none) while Version table lists 3.0.0 and 2.4.116:18
andresmhand Candidate: 1:3.0.0-216:18
andresmhi am sure it is installed as i am using it and i want to know if i have 2.4 installed too16:19
andresmhso i can remove it16:19
petr4andresmh: perhaps there are more packages openoffice*16:20
petr4and you have something like openoffice-writer but not openoffice16:20
petr4or use Synaptic to get the other versions16:21
MrLemurstart openoffice and click on Help => About16:21
andresmhthanks petr4, MrLemur: synaptic only shows i have openoffice 3.016:21
MrLemurOnly openoffice 2.4 is in the official Intrepid repos16:23
MrLemurWhere did you install version 3.0 from?16:23
danbh_intrepidMrLemur: bug 26737616:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267376 in openoffice.org "Package OpenOffice.org 3.0 for Intrepid Backports" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26737616:25
LightTitanwhy do all my Translation-en repositories for Intrepid fail?? Should I remove them from my sources.list?16:29
dr_willis#1 -fail in what way.  #2. you could always comment them out if you wanted.16:30
dr_willis#3 - the servers are gettting a lot of load lately. so that may be the issue16:31
LightTitanfail as in when I am reloading in Synaptic, they all say fail while all the others say updated16:31
dr_williswhich servers specifically? could be they are overloaded.16:31
LightTitanhold on, let me grab a couple for you.16:31
MrLemurHi. I have recently upgraded to Intrepid from Hardy. My only problem is that I have no sound. The sound card is recognised, just no sound.16:32
dr_willisive seen some cases where people needed to use the alsamixer app in terminal, or otherwise to unmute things.. some how the mute got 'stuck' :)16:33
MrLemuralsamixer doesn't work16:34
MrLemurHere's the output: last post - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95832816:35
LightTitandr_willis: http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc202/dedicus/Screenshot.png16:37
LightTitanthere are the ones that are failing16:37
dr_willisi would almost bet its server load.. or updates not being done yet on all of them16:38
andresmhwhen i push the up/down volume in my laptop the volume indicator shows up but the volume doesn't change at all16:39
LightTitanok thanks dr_willis, I will try again some other time16:39
MrLemurdr_willis:  Is it a bug?16:40
andresmhthe only way to change the volume is by going to the gnome panel and use the volume control widget there16:40
dr_willisIve not had much luck with any of my intrepid Upgrades...16:40
dr_willisI ended up reinstalling  the machines.16:40
MrLemurdr_willis:  Hmm. I'll try with a hardy kernel, and see if that works16:40
unavailablewww.myspace.com/yahushuah_hamessiach    <-- this page makes firefox hang really bad16:41
unavailableany ideas?>16:41
danbh_intrepidunavailable: maybe noscript16:43
batti5kopete irc?16:44
batti5how it works16:44
MrLemurbatti5:  The kopete im program has a built in IRC plugin16:44
dr_willisEgads - that myspace site is rather.. an eyesore16:45
MrLemurGo to configure kopete => Accounts => new#16:45
MrLemurChoose IRC16:46
batti5its not thare16:47
MrLemurI'll have a quick look16:47
batti5can you recommad an alternative to konversation or kopete?16:48
dr_willisI perfer xchat for irc.16:48
MrLemurare you using KDE?16:48
EyesOfARavenevolution mail keeps popping up16:49
EyesOfARavenand asking me to set it up16:49
batti5it looks dificult "xchat"16:50
EyesOfARaveni luv xchat16:50
MrLemurbatti5:  It's not difficult16:50
dr_willisdiffuclut? you just type in text...16:50
dr_williscompared to the disaster of interfaces ive seen in some IM clients... :) its straight forwared16:50
EyesOfARavenxchat is about as easy as irc gets16:50
EyesOfARavenif u want hard, try bitchx16:51
batti5ok, i try i it16:51
=== lacqui_ is now known as lacqui
dr_willisbitchx isent hard.. just poorely documented.. :)16:52
dr_willisirssi is fun. :)16:52
=== Raven_ is now known as EyesOfARaven-Win
Novellbitchx isn't hard, try telnet16:52
=== EyesOfARaven-Win is now known as EyesOfAWin32Rave
dr_willisi have irc'd over telnet ages ago..16:52
dr_willisalso ages ago i used irc on a greenbar-printing-serial terminal. :)16:53
dr_willishardcopy of all the chatting!16:53
=== EyesOfAWin32Rave is now known as EyesOfAWin32Rvn
dr_willisirc on a 300 baud serial line! now thats hard.16:53
EyesOfARaveni wish i had all the leet xp ircing that u hav16:53
dr_williswhats scary is to google for your own name/nick and find  logs/comments/messages from your self dated 20+ years ago..16:54
Don_Miguelyikes !16:54
Don_Miguel... hope you were careful in what you said !16:54
dr_willisback then.. we talked about computers... there was no XXX chat back then.16:55
dr_willisand no spam, and no spambots..16:55
Don_Miguelsome new things are NOT a sign of 'progress'16:56
dulakany gotchas on the RC?16:56
dr_willisevery time ive ever seen some one in an IM client chat room.. it seems tobe 99% spamXXX bots.. and 2 people...16:56
FFForeverany news on the boot stalling problem?16:56
MrLemurAnyone have a problem with alsamixer?16:56
dulakcuz I'm thinking about upgrading today instead of waiting for the official release16:56
Deniseowner in oilonmars16:56
EyesOfARaveni just did something that was plausibly stupi16:56
EyesOfARaveni tried to uninstall evolution email client16:57
batti5what is a commas?16:57
EyesOfARavenand apparently it's part of the desktop16:57
rmni have a desktop machine that used to run debian etch.  it boots the alpha-6 live CD ok.  It does not start the RC correctly (after splash it blinks an underscore).  md5-sum checked.  x85_64.  any known bugs, or workarounds?16:57
dr_willisdulak,  given how sluggish the servers are.. :)  well..  go for it! but ive had bad issues with upgrades. i just did 2 clean reinstalls..16:57
dr_willisEyesOfARaven,  the 'ubuntu-desktop' package is a meta-package.. removing it wont affedt much.16:57
EyesOfARavenmeta-packages r bundles of other packages rite16:58
dr_willisa package that just 'depends' on other packages.16:58
EyesOfARavenit also wanted to remove my gnome-panel-applets16:58
dr_willisto make installing a 'suite' of related thigns easier16:58
dr_willisYou could always reinstall those./16:58
dr_willisbut why bother removing it...16:59
EyesOfARavencuz evolution keeps popping up16:59
Don_Miguelbut they are so helpful when they are THERE and we can USE them !16:59
EyesOfARavenwhen i dont even click on it16:59
EyesOfARavenasking me to set up an email account i dont have16:59
FFForeverDon_Miguel, google FTW XD16:59
EyesOfARavenhow do i get evolution to stfu17:00
FFForeverEyesOfARaven, remove it from synaptic :D17:00
dr_willisI have never seen it pop up.17:00
EyesOfARavennor have i until today17:00
EyesOfARavenbut it has done it some  5  times17:00
Don_MiguelI see that one sometimes,too .. and would like to put a stop to it !17:00
FFForeveronly time it popups for me is when i make it open by clicking an email addy :(17:00
dr_williscould bt your session got saved...17:00
EyesOfARaveni never use synaptic17:00
dr_willisor just  input fake info..17:00
EyesOfARavenwill synaptic not just remove it the same way apt-get was?17:01
dulakwell here's to upgrades, let's hope I don't spend all day today fixing stuff17:01
EyesOfARavendoes the de in ur name mean "Delaware"17:01
dr_willissynaptic=apt-get basically. :) they do the same task17:01
EyesOfARavenso it will also attack my gnome applets17:01
EyesOfARavenas i thot17:01
EyesOfARavenhow can i make evolution go away peacefully17:01
kronk2002dei have a problem with intreprid. i can't find pand anymore, but i need it for using my Internet Sharing on my HTC phone. Can anybody help me?17:02
EyesOfARavenkronk2002de: delaware?17:02
kronk2002dehi eyes17:02
kronk2002desorry, de means Germany ;)17:02
EyesOfARavendamn, thot i knew u17:02
mamershi all - 1st: thanks for the upcoming intrepid release!17:02
dulakdr_willis: servers don't seem that sluggish to me, getting about 1 meg/sec downloading right now17:02
kronk2002desorry for lazy answers ;)17:02
* Don_Miguel goes to check Evolution dependencies 17:03
dr_willisdulak,  ive had them be up/down all night. it may be the latest batch of updates going through17:03
EyesOfARavendon_miguel: ty17:03
mamersany idea if the udev-fix for is going to be included in the final release? (CD tray keeps closing after ejecting...)17:03
dr_willisI grabbed the isos via torrent faster then the serves.. but it took me 10 min/a dozen tries  to get the .torrent downloaded from a server17:03
FFForevercan i encrypt all of /home if its its own partition?17:04
FFForever(and its in use right now...)17:04
mamersOne problem I ran into after upgrading: The Network Connection on eth0 was broken. (I would have needed to manually configure it in the Network Manager - something I think many end-users might not be willing to do ...)17:05
FFForeverubuntu just downgraded my wine :(17:05
mamersI added a dhcp-line to /etc/network/interfaces, which solved the issue also.17:06
kronk2002deanother question belongs to an access problem: i would like to use a Option 3G+ PCMCIA card - in 8.04 64bit edition the needed nozomi module is broken, so i changed to intreprid on beta status. in alpha version it was recognized right, since beta i get an "device /dev/noz0 not found", but it is available :(17:06
mamersAny idea on how to have Network Manager automatically use the network settings  --  they have worked out of the box with 8.04 before!17:06
coppromamers: what did you do to get dhcp working?17:07
copproI think I need to do that!17:07
FFForevermamers, network manager auto connects for me :/17:07
copprofor me, having networkmanager running prevents me from connecting, even manually17:07
FFForevercoppro, if u killall nm-applet17:08
kronk2002dewith wired networks i haven't any problems17:08
FFForeverthen dhclient eth0 does it work?17:08
FFForeverkronk try searhing the help docs and the forums or post on the forums17:08
copproFFForever: networkmanager keeps disassociating the network card17:08
mamerscoppro: I added the lines "iface eth0 inet dhcp" and "auto eth0" to /etc/network/interfaces17:08
mamerscoppro: however, that's the *manual* kind of approach, that no end-user would do... (I don't care with my PC at home - still, it's not optimal)17:09
kronk2002deFFForever, i have searched on google and placed threads in ubuntu forum, but nobody can help me17:09
kronk2002decause of that, i hoped I'll find anybody here, who can help me17:09
FFForeveranyone know if i can remotely disable a pdf from my webserver?17:09
mamersFFForever, coppro: yes, "dhclient eth0" worked for me as well - but it's not permanent after next reboot.17:10
FFForeveri only use wifi so i cant help you :(17:10
FFForevermamers so a simple fix would to write a bash script #!/bin/bash <newline> dhclient eth0 and add that as a startup script on login for your session :)17:11
FFForevermamers you might need root to run that command though so i would use a cron script instead and have it run that as root17:11
mamersFFForever :), 'course -- but tell this my mum ... :)17:12
FFForeveri like quick and dirty fixes :D17:12
mamersWas just wondering if that's a problem others ran into as well. If so, IMHO it should be looked into for final release.17:12
mamers( lol )17:12
FFForevermamers i have a better unfixed problem :D17:13
FFForevermy boot/shutdown stalls till i hold down a key for 20secs17:13
unavailablewww.myspace.com/yahushuah_hamessiach    <-- this page makes firefox hang really bad17:13
copproI had a similar problem on 7.10 that I eventually fixed by making a script to connect and chmod -x /etc/init.d/NetworkManager17:14
coppronot at all optimal17:14
mamersFFForever, ouch! ... well, put our problems together, and a frustrated enduser (after not being able to connect to the web) can't even shut down the machine anymore !? ;)17:14
FFForeveri found out i had to hold a key after pressing and holding my shutdown button the progress bar moved LOL17:15
coppronope, that didn't help17:15
mamersany idea if so. is looking into the network thing? or whom to talk to?17:15
copprowhile networkmanager is running17:15
ratpoisonhello! ATI amd64 user. How is fglrx support on 8.10 RC1?17:15
copprothe wireless card refuses to stay associated to a network protocol17:15
coppro(iwconfig says unassociated rather than IEEE 802.11g)17:15
copproI wonder if I reconfigure network-manager17:15
kronk2002dehi ratposon17:15
kronk2002decurrently no fglrx module is available17:16
mamerscoppro, do you only use wireless? or do you have the problem with ethernet as well?17:16
coppromamers: haven't tried ethernet17:16
FFForeveri use wifi :D17:16
kronk2002debut you can use the free modules until ATI provides a new module working with ne X.org17:16
FFForevermamers when i plug my eth in it works fine for me :/17:16
FFForevermaybe its ur chipset17:16
copproI don't think it'll be a problem though, as knetworkmanager seems capable of using dhcp17:16
FFForeverwhat is the lspci for ur eth card?17:16
FFForevercoppro this is for ubuntu not kubuntu....17:17
copproFFForever: the problem is with NetworkManager, which is on both17:17
coppronothing to do with the graphical interface; it's the daemon that's the trouble17:17
ratpoisonaccording to this http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=canonical_catalyst_811&num=1 there seems to be17:17
ratpoisoncan anyone verify that?17:17
mamersFFForever, chipset is nVidia (onboard). however, if I configure it "manually" in NetworkManager, it works. also, the line in interfaces works just fine. -> the chipset is supported properly (basically at least)17:17
FFForevermamers but what is the lspci of it?17:18
mamersFFForever  nVidia Corporation MCP51 Ethernet Controller17:18
FFForevermcp :(17:18
mamersFFForever (rev a3)17:18
FFForeveri have a mcp67 :/17:19
mamerscoppro: i have no idea about wireless stuff - whether we have the same problem, I don't know ... (might be a wireless-key-configuration-issue, or sth. different?)17:19
coppromamers: no, it's not the key17:19
mamersFFForever: is that bad news?17:19
coppronetwork-manager just refuses to let the thing bind to a network properly17:20
FFForevermamers since i bought this laptop mcp has been nothing but hell for me :(17:20
FFForevermamers are you fully up2date?17:21
batti5why i can`t connect to online play with wormux17:22
mamerscoppro I got the error message "Updating connection failed: nm-ifupdown-connection.c.82 - connection update not supported (read-only).." when trying to change a different ethernet interface ... but this was statically configured in interfaces file ... perhaps this error only occurs if the device is already listed manually in interfaces ... you get a similar error?17:22
copprohmm... where did you see that?17:22
FFForeverbatti5, last time i checked wormux didn't have online support (yet...)17:23
mamersFFForever - have just updated any new packages 2 hours ago ... trying again.17:23
kronk2002deis anybody with a intrepid 64bit here?17:23
dr_williskronk2002de,  yes.. it works fine for me.. support in #ubuntu+117:23
kronk2002dehi dr_willis17:23
mamerscoppro when trying to modify "eth1" properties from "static" to "dhcp". (which I actually didn't want to do anyway, since I needed DHCP for "eth0", not "eth1"... however, found out about this later and "fixed" the eth0-problem with interfaces-entry above)17:24
kronk2002dei am in ubuntu+1 ;)17:24
FFForeverhas flash started support 64bit on ubuntu yet?17:24
dr_willisFFForever,  it works here.. for me.. support in.. oh wait......17:24
copprohmm... I'm going to try again17:24
copprothis time watching my logs17:24
kronk2002dei would like to know, if you have the pand binary available?17:24
dr_willisits using the 32bit compat libs however.17:24
FFForevertail -n FTW!17:24
dr_willispand? never heard of it.. :)17:24
mamerscoppro: this popped up in gnome as an error notification window17:24
FFForeveranyone know where i can get free binarys of john the ripper :D17:25
kronk2002deuntil 8.04 it was located in bluez-utils package17:25
dr_willisBluetooth PAN daemon version 3.2617:25
coppromamers: I'm not on gnome17:25
dr_willisits installed. :)17:25
FFForeveri wanna see how fast it can crack my password lol17:25
kronk2002dewith it i can use the Internet Sharing on my HTC phone17:25
copprotail -n? tail -f!17:25
mamersFFForever, yes, all packages are up to date - AFAIC see, no related packages have changed since I upgraded yesterday evening.17:25
kronk2002debetter to say, with it i can enter a PAN with my phone17:25
kronk2002deit IS available for you, dr_wiliis?17:26
FFForevermamers there is nothing u can do but wait :(17:26
mamerscoppro checking...17:26
dr_williskronk2002de,  its installed. it seems..17:26
mamersFFForever - can I file some information somewhere?17:26
kronk2002dedamn, could you locate the package, where it is in?17:26
dr_willisOh waiot.. thats the fileserver.. ;) its not 8.10 yet17:26
dr_willisi got the wrong ssh shell open17:26
kronk2002deno problem17:26
dr_willisthis is the reason for Vastly different/color prompts on each machine. :)17:27
FFForevermamers u could file a bug report17:27
kronk2002deyes, it can also be bad, that everything works well good together *smile*17:27
FFForeverdr_willis, i have a better one for you :), i did a ssh into an ssh into an ssh into an ssh and i wanted to install something forgetting i was on another machine....17:28
FFForeveri installed it and couldn't figure out why it still said it was uninstalled....17:28
dr_williswell on 8.10  64bit - i type 'pand' and it dont tellme where to find the command..  i just get command not found.17:28
dulakanyone have a sharp knife and a live chicken I can borrow?  upgrade is proceeding...17:28
peter771is it worth upgrading from 7.10 to 8.10 yet or waiting until the final release to make a decision?17:29
dr_willisFFForever,  dont 'ssh -X' to a machine and run syngery either....17:29
mamerscoppro can't find this exact error message in /var/log, sorry.17:29
dr_willisFFForever,  that confused things17:29
kronk2002deyes, same here - about three weeks ago it tells me, that i have to install bluez-utils package, but it was installed *grml*17:29
FFForeverdr_willis, i don't use -X17:29
mamerscoppro, don't really know how to reproduce (since my NetworkManager has disappeared from Gnome-panel after my interfaces-entries)17:29
dr_willisFFForever,  the mouse started going from one side of the screen to the middle and back real fast. :) it was amuseing.17:29
FFForeversounds fun :D17:30
dr_willissyngery  - is a neat tool17:30
FFForevermamers you could disable it :D17:30
FFForeverdr_willis, syngery is fun :D17:30
FFForeveri had 4 computers with it :D17:30
kronk2002demamers, for me the NetworkManager appears for every connection, i use - still on time i use it17:30
copprothere is nothing unusual in my logs17:31
kronk2002deso i get a new nm icon, if i just plug a network cable in17:31
copprojust with networkmanager active, the dhcp fails17:31
FFForeveranyways back to learning python :D17:31
dulakpeter771: you'll have to upgrade to 8.04 to be able to upgrade to 8.10 afaik17:31
dr_willisfor some odd reason (i have kde and gnome bothinstalled) i get 2 network manager icons on the top panel. :) and if using wirless.. i get 2 stregenth meters..17:32
dulakpeter771: unless you are gonna clean install instead of upgrade17:32
mamershmm - I don't really trust this automagical things anyway (no offense!) :)17:32
mamerstoo many issues I could misconfigure ;)17:32
peter771dulak, I'm just going to do a fresh install17:32
adz21cHi, I am having issues with my Xonar D2 sound card and interpid. Basically first time I installed it didn't (even though after upgrading to alsa 1.0.17 on hardy it worked, 1.0.17 didn't work on interpid), so I tried upgrading alsa to 1.0.18rc3, that worked for 1 boot, after reboot it failed. Then I reinstalled interpid, it was working for several boots last night. I log on now, no sound again, anyone have any ideas?17:33
peter771dulak, would you say the RC is close enough to the final version to use now?17:33
adz21c^ didn't work I mean :)17:33
dulakpeter771: I'm upgrading right now, I'll tell you in a few17:34
kronk2002dehey peter, it's better to not use non-stable releases on systems you use productive17:34
adz21coh and after reinstall it was working on 1.0.17 shipped with intrepid ... it is as if it works when it decides to.17:34
copproI do that17:34
copproI always upgrade a week or so early to avoid the rush and the overnight (or worse) downloads17:35
dulakcoppro: that's exactly why I'm upgrading today17:35
copproand it's not like much changes at this point17:35
mamerskronk2002de did you do anything special? if I check my processes, there are "NetworkManager" and "nm-system-settings" running...17:35
kronk2002debut - for first connection - i had to start networkmanager manually, then i have edited my wlan settings and it worked for me17:36
copprokronk2002de: what do you mean "edited my wlan settings?"17:37
kronk2002dedo you have more than one connection, mamers?17:37
mamersyupp, eth0 (dhcp -> stopped working with upgrade) and eth1 (statically configured for local network)17:37
kronk2002decoppro, after first upgrade to intrepid, i can't see my wlan, cause it was using channel 1317:37
copproah. That's not the problem I'm having17:38
kronk2002dethen i re-installed 8.04, found the hint that 12 and 13 are hided17:38
ali1234mamers: think i have the same problem as you17:38
kronk2002deso, i reconfigured my wlan17:38
kronk2002dethen upgraded to intrepid again, but can't see nm17:38
mamersali1234 what did you do to get your network up and running again?17:39
kronk2002deon this time, i've started networkmanager manually17:39
ali1234mamers: i disabled network manager and manually configured everything17:39
dulak12 and 13 have major problems with cordless phone interference, that's why they are not accessible by default17:39
kronk2002deconfigured my wlan settings and from this time, it works fine17:39
dulakyer basically begging for any neighbor with the right cordless phone to totally jack your wireless whenever they use the phone17:39
theunixgeekHow many wallpapers come pre-installed in the release candidate?17:39
mamersali1234 (what I did was to manually configure eth0 for DHCP in /etc/network/interfaces, but that's nothing an end-user would do ...)17:39
kronk2002dedulak, i've read, that the problem is, that, eg. the police uses the frequences17:39
mamerskronk2002de: when I manually added eth0 to the network manager, the connection worked, yes.17:40
ali1234mamers: my problem is eth0 is configured for dhcp and usb0 is static, and is not an internet connection. but whenever i plug in the usb device, it creates a default route (even though i did not specify one in the static config in /etc/network/interfaces) and it also wipes out my resolv.conf17:40
dulakI don't know about that but I thought I'd be slick and use 13 to hide my wireless from casual snooping17:40
dulakevery time my g/f would use the phone my wireless would go down17:41
mamerskronk2002de, however, I think it's a problem that the network just "stopped working" after the upgrade -- since it *did* work with 8.04 beforehand.17:41
kronk2002dehmm, does other connections works for you from then on?17:41
dulakso I was down about 60% of the day17:41
ali1234mamers: so every time i plug the usb device, i have to reconfigure eth0 etc. or just disable network manager17:41
kronk2002deyes, for wlan i can say the same for me - but i haven't checked it with wired connection17:41
mamersali1234, I can't really remember the exact route anymore, I think it was set to the local eth1-network.17:42
ali1234well this is interesting. the crash report thing says pidgin has crashed17:43
ali1234but if it's crashed, how come i'm still here?17:43
mamersali1234, however, eth0 was not listed in NetworkManager at all after the upgrade ... "ifconfig" did show the interface, but it had a wrong IP address (and the default route should have pointed to eth0-network ...)17:43
mamersali1234: AFAICT eth0 just didn't use DHCP -- which is why it could not work properly then, of course.17:44
ali1234mamers: i also did not have the problem in hardy17:44
ali1234mamers: network manager just crashed on me anyway :/17:45
mamersali1234 hmm, seems the NetworkManager might be problematic in some situations... ?17:46
ali1234seems like every time i boot up at least one program crashes before i get to desktop. usually network manager applet, but sometimes the volume control or another gtk app17:46
mamersali1234: however, I don't have a real solution for my problem ... just a manual workaround.17:46
ali1234mamers: oh yeah... very much so17:46
mamersali1234 have you tried a new user-profile already? (same problem there as well?)17:47
ali1234mamers: i dont have any per user settings for nm17:47
mamers(or does th eproblem occur even before you log in?)17:47
ali1234mamers: eth0 is still configured exactly as it was when i first installed and usb0 is configured in /etc/network/interfaces17:48
ali1234mamers: the problem occurs any time i unplug and plug in the usb device17:48
mamersali1234, I'm not sure, but the setting "[ifupdown] managed=false" in /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf might have something to do with this ...17:49
ali1234mamers: but then... the usb wouldn't come up at all when i pluged it17:49
mamersali1234 whether it means not to use NM for interfaces from /etc/network/interfaces, or the other way 'round, I don't know ...17:49
ali1234mamers: the problem is that it comes up, but then a default route gets created which i dont want17:49
ali1234mamers: and which i did not ask for. and also my resolv.conf gets wiped, because i did not specify any name servers on that interface, because there arn't any17:50
mamersali1234 you might try to tell NM *not* to handle anything with the usb-stuff.17:50
mamersali1234 as you might have guessed, i don't know about the NM either ;), ... but perhaps changing the property above from false to true or the other way round might help (!?)17:51
ali1234mamers: i will give it a try17:51
ali1234mamers: but i suspect that will be the same as disabling nm entirely ie i will have to manually ifconfig it every time17:51
copproali1234: try making a script; that's what I did17:52
peter771I'm running 7.10 and thinking about upgrading to 8.10 (fresh install), is it worth waiting until the final release or is 8.10 pretty much ready now in its RC stage?17:52
kronk2002debye @all17:53
mamersali1234, did you tell NM anything about your usb-device?17:53
mamersbye kronk2002de, thanks!17:53
ali1234mamers: no, and if i do, it forgets it all as soon as i replug it17:53
ali1234mamers: so... nm-applet has crashed17:54
td123so is the dark theme going to be the default for 8.10? just curious17:54
mamersali1234 hmm, sorry, no idea there ... thought that /usr/share/doc/network-manager/* might hold usefull information, but I'm not sure it helps.17:55
mamersali1234 need to go again ... let's hope the package maintainers can find the time to look into the NetworkManager again until the final release...17:56
mamersbye everybody17:56
ali1234coppro: what kind of script?17:58
bsnideris there an ubuntu mac channel?17:58
acksawhey guys, trying to get my wireless card working, not sure where to start, currently using a crossover from my Vista PC and ICS... my wireless card is a F5D7000 and i think the version is 101018:01
ali1234wow, i dont know if an update fixed it or something but it seems to be working now18:01
vincenzo_mlHi there, I am using intrepid under a virtual machine under windows because of broken intel wireless drivers under linux. Do some of you know how to make it access physical ext3 devices that windows does obviously not use?18:02
td123vincenzo_ml: there is no software that does what you want18:03
falstaffi installed ibex rc1 today and i have no virtual terminals. I have to say that this laptop is new, so it might be a problem which exists since a longer time...18:04
falstaffany idea?18:04
vincenzo_mltd123: what do you mean? Is there no way to map physical partitions to virtual devices in linux? did you already try to do this?18:04
falstaffCtrl+Alt+F1 shows nothing than a blank screen, no cursor, absolutely nothing...18:04
td123vincenzo_ml: actually, you could try using the ext mount utils for windows, mount them, and create a transparent folder with virtualbox pointing to the mounted ext partition.... It might just work :D18:04
falstaffI have a nvidia graphic card and use nvidia binary driver18:04
vincenzo_mltd123: that would mess up permissions!18:05
falstaffubuntuforums shows some solution, i tried this (fbcon, vga=791 kernel parameter) didnt work....18:05
falstaffAny idea?18:05
vincenzo_mltd123: however I can't believe nobody thought of this18:05
td123vincenzo_ml: I don't speak for everyone...18:05
bsniderfalstaff, what graphics card is this?18:05
falstaffbsnider: nvidia18:05
falstaffbsnider: nvidia quadro fx 77018:05
vincenzo_mltd123: ok I see. Thank you in any case18:06
td123vincenzo_ml: so what if it messes up permissions though... just don't do anything like rm -rf /18:06
vincenzo_mltd123: I want to share my home directory and there are posix permissions18:06
bsniderfalstaff, you need the 177 driver for that18:06
vincenzo_mlif I mount trough windows I don't think I can see modes18:06
td123vincenzo_ml: well windows is the problem then...18:07
falstaffbsnider: yes, i have this driver18:07
falstaffbsnider: nvidia-settings says 177.8018:07
bsniderfalstaff, and then you need a working xorg.conf file to tell x to load it18:07
vincenzo_mltd123: it is, absolutely :) however ubuntu is a bigger problem - I NEVER use windows, I never did serious work under windows for a decade. But since when intel open-sourced their drivers, I can't work anymore18:07
td123vincenzo_ml: did you try googling it?18:08
vincenzo_mltd123: yes and I will now retry :=18:08
falstaffbsnider: im pretty sure this driver is in use at the moment, nvidia-settings wouldnt work otherwise...18:08
bsniderthen you're all seet18:08
vincenzo_mlbye all, rebooting and then back18:10
falstaffbsnider: what can i check else? boot splash screen works, so framebuffer seems to work right? When i press Ctrl+Alt+F1 then he does nothing for a few seconds. Then the display switches to black (its more if the screen goes off then displaying black...)18:10
superkiwiHello, i'm installing ubuntu 8.10 rc server. Why does not 'install automatic updates' and 'basecamp (or whatever it was called (landscape?)) not have a 'go back' option like the rest of the menus?. It is complaining about inserting another cd, I don't have it and I must start ALL over again. Is there a way to go back?18:17
SBToothhowdy folks... anyone with experience with the new atheros drivers?18:18
danageSBTooth: yes, unfortunately18:19
danageplease state your problems18:19
adz21cHi, I am having issues with my Xonar D2 sound card. Basically first time I installed ubuntu interpid it didn't work at all (even though after upgrading to alsa 1.0.17 on ubuntu hardy it worked, 1.0.17 didn't work on interpid), so I tried upgrading alsa to 1.0.18rc3, that worked for 1 boot, after reboot it failed. Then I reinstalled interpid (moving me back to the 1.0.17 shipped with intrepid), it was working for several boots last18:19
adz21cnight, watched a DVD etc. I log on now, no sound again, anyone have any ideas?18:19
danageSBTooth: lspci -nv |grep 168c18:20
SBTooth01:00.0 0200: 168c:001c (rev 01)18:21
danageath5k will support it18:22
danageor wait18:22
danageSBTooth: you speak german?18:22
danageactually, both should support it but ath5k is too buggy at the moment. you can use a madwifi snapshot18:22
SBToothath5k is great when it is working18:23
danageit doesnt at the moment18:24
danagegrab a hal 10 snapshot and modprobe it in18:24
eagles0513875i just upgraded to the rc from hardy and now i have no network connection what so ever18:26
eagles0513875ifconfig is still showing i have my static ip18:27
eagles0513875anyone i need this back up urgently18:28
NET||abuse1Hey guys. i just got a eeepc 1000h, want to put ubuntu on it, was thinking of using ibex. It has no cd drive usb cd drive, how can i do this without a cd?18:29
mnemocNET||abuse1: usb stick?18:29
NET||abuse1hmm, that's a thought, how big is the install image? and can i make my usb stick bootable?18:30
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 get a usb cd drive i have worked on setting up one of those for a customer at least setting him up with audacity but i used a usb cd drive if that is an option18:30
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 u can google making my pen drive bootable18:30
eagles0513875i just upgraded from ibex using cdless upgrade and network and now i have no access to the internet after upgrading how can i fix this18:31
NET||abuse1how big is the ubuntu image?18:32
Guest77984anyone answer a questions about why xorg.conf appears to be default?18:32
mnemocGuest77984: xorg 7.4 is supposed to not need it18:33
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 not sure18:33
eagles0513875!persistence | NET||abuse118:33
ubottuNET||abuse1: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence18:33
eagles0513875!usbpersistence | NET||abuse118:33
Guest77984i load nvidia 177 and x cant find screens18:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about usbpersistence18:33
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 there was a link to where u can make a persistent install of kubuntu on a pen drive but i cant seem to be able to bring it up18:34
NET||abuse1i see18:34
freeksh0w86Is anyone getting the busybox prompt with 8.10 RC live cd? I get busybox after it does messages about "ext3" or whatever. openSUSE 11.1 beta boots just fine, however.18:34
superkiwiHello, i'm installing Ubuntu 8.10 server edition, and the text installer is telling me to insert "ubuntu-Server 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Release Candidate i386 (2008122.1)'. Ugh? It's only one cd available at the official website, and it is in the cdrom.18:35
NET||abuse1is there anyway to just load the disk image onto the hard drive, and install by mounting the disc image inline then install?18:35
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 i dunno18:35
NET||abuse1The thing has xp on it, so maybe there's a way to setup an install from the hard drive? ... naw..18:37
Guest77984doesn't appear that 7.10 likes nvidia18:37
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 im not sure tbh18:37
eagles0513875Guest77984 i have 177 install just fine18:37
Tom_Davisquestion: will the linksys wpc54g pcmcia wireless adapter work this time?18:37
NET||abuse1I lonly other question i have is,, on the eee 1000h, Hardy or Ibex?18:38
Guest77984what card are you running?18:38
eagles0513875only issue i had was my mouse and keyboard wouldnt work so i restored my backup x11.conf file over the corg.conf18:38
eagles0513875Guest77984 8800gt18:38
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 hardy18:38
NET||abuse1eagles0513875: really?18:38
superkiwiThe 8.10 server edition is fail.18:38
NET||abuse1eagles0513875: is there issues?18:38
Tom_Davisits fail?18:38
Tom_Davishow so?18:39
superkiwiit complains about putting my cd in. It's allready in18:39
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 from just upgrading from hardy to intrepid im seeing more issues with intrepid then i was with hardy18:39
danageSBTooth: you won't be very lucky then18:39
danageas they are taking ath5k out of intrepid18:39
Guest77984they only goofy thing i can think it might be is the bios sets 0:5:0 as the lead slot...sli board18:40
superkiwias I see in the console, /cdrom is empty. Seem like it's not mounted or somethn.18:40
NET||abuse1eagles0513875: oh? I'm on interpid on my desktop, loving it,, some small nvidia glitches, but i'll likely not be able to run compiz on the eee18:40
eagles0513875Guest77984 sli board as well didnt change anything in bios using default in there18:40
NET||abuse1eagles0513875: alot of updates is the only issue at the moment, 5 days to launch i suppose means it's busy18:40
NET||abuse1eagles0513875: what issues you got?18:40
eagles0513875only problem im having is no connectivity with a wired network18:40
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 no connectivity im on my laptop atm18:41
eagles0513875desktop has no connection at all18:41
eagles0513875its like the network modules were never loaded into the kernel18:41
NET||abuse1just realised the eee has an sd card slot.... can you boot from sd?18:41
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 only way to know is to try but tbh i dunno18:41
eagles0513875never tried18:41
Guest77984I'll try it again18:42
ali1234NET||abuse1: google says you can18:42
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 i would google around on www.google.com/linux18:42
eagles0513875searches all linux related websites18:43
NET||abuse1hmm, i have an 8GB SD, but i have an issue in that I still have to restore photos from that whicih I deleted on the girlf friend.18:43
ali1234NET||abuse1: it seems that to boot ubuntu you need at least 2GB SD or USB18:43
penhow to suspend susccessfully?18:43
NET||abuse1eagles0513875: hmm, nice .. worth a look18:43
penI can't resume most of the time18:43
penor I haven't successfully resume from suspend since I install 8.10 RC18:44
eagles0513875tbh compared to me ur issues arent as frustrating18:44
eagles0513875pen i have no network connectivity since i upgraded to 1018:44
ali1234NET||abuse1: a good tool for recovering deleted jpegs is called foremost18:44
eagles0513875fyi thats off topic guys18:44
peneagles0513875: what card do you have18:44
penali1234: how do you recover that? that's cool18:45
penali1234: foremost?18:45
eagles0513875pen network card is built onto mobo which is an asus p5n-d18:45
ali1234pen: it uses libmagic and greps through the raw disk image for any kind of files18:45
ali1234at least i think it uses libmagic... maybe it has it's own implementation18:46
peneagles0513875: integrated card usually work...18:46
NET||abuse1ali1234: foremost work on linux?18:46
eagles0513875pen thsi has occured since i upgraded to intrepid bout 2 hrs ago18:46
ali1234NET||abuse1: only on linux afaik18:46
NET||abuse1ohh, ok,, will it work on an sd card?18:47
peneagles0513875: maybe you shouldn't upgrade? I don't know why but ubuntu upgrade is terrible18:47
pennever in my life time I can successfully upgrade without any problems18:47
NET||abuse1ali1234: awsome,, if i get my eee installed and running, with the built in sd port... i can use that to try get photos back... awsome18:47
penit's really annoying18:47
ali1234NET||abuse1: yes it should. dont have the disk mounted while you run it though (it operates on the raw device node)18:47
NET||abuse1yeh, perfect.18:47
eagles0513875pen that makes me feel better18:48
NET||abuse1ali1234: thanks for that golden nuget :P)18:48
NET||abuse1right, have to blow outa here..18:48
peneagles0513875: lol18:48
ali1234NET||abuse1: oh one other thing, it doesnt distinguish between deleted/undeleted files...18:48
peneagles0513875: I don't understand why can't ubuntu upgrade be more graceful18:49
penbut if you install from scratch, it always work perfectly18:49
eagles0513875and i dont wanna i got tons of data on here18:50
NET||abuse1just found a 150/160GB wd passport drive,18:50
NET||abuse1take stuff off that and boot from it.18:50
NET||abuse1make it into boot drive?18:50
eagles0513875NET||abuse1 i tried that idea with a usb external drive it didnt work for me18:51
eagles0513875then again its been a while since i tried it18:51
NET||abuse1eagles0513875: awwww.18:51
DanaGYour system has to support USB boot.18:51
ali1234pxe boot is handy for these laptops with no cdrom...18:51
NET||abuse1ali1234: pxe?18:51
NET||abuse1ali1234: must google.18:51
DanaGAre you talking about installing FROM, or installing TO, USB?18:51
penNET||abuse1: it's possible18:51
eagles0513875talking bout installing kubuntu or ubuntu to an external usb hd then booting from it18:52
DanaGShould be just as easy as installing to an internal drive.18:52
DanaGYou just have to have a system that supports booting from USB.18:52
ali1234ie anything less than about 8 years old18:52
eagles0513875DanaG tried that with my other lappy which is 3 yrs old and it didnt work18:53
penit works for me18:53
mnemocit's more probable that a device support usb booting than pxe booting18:53
penyou just need your BIOS to support USB booting18:54
DanaGOn my laptop, I have to hit F12 (or was it F10?) to trigger the boot menu.18:54
mnemocon mine it's F8 :p18:55
danageeagles0513875: it is entirely possible and as DanaG said, quite easy18:55
penmine is F918:56
unavailablehow do i get kdm out of the shutdown reference?18:56
DanaGI can also set boot order, but I don't want it to always USB-boot.18:56
danageyou can also permanently configure the computer so it will boot from usb first18:56
MellowDudei need some help with KDE418:56
danageANY bios does, today18:57
MellowDudehow i edit the xor.conf18:57
unavailablei tried out kdm and didnt like it (wayy to slow, considering i have a 2.54 ghz with 4gig ram)  so I uninstalled it, but on shutdown, i still see "shutting down KDM - kdm not running"18:57
MellowDudehow i edit the xorg.conf18:57
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Tukonhi all18:58
TuxSympathiserconsidering 8.10 is in RC and I'm impatient would upgrading now instead of when it is finally released be wise?18:58
Tukoni installed kubuntu 8.10 rc18:58
unavailablei tried out kdm and didnt like it (wayy to slow, considering i have a 2.54 ghz with 4gig ram)  so I uninstalled it, but on shutdown, i still see "shutting down KDM - kdm not running"18:58
Tukonhow can i get adept to install koffice 2 beta18:59
Tukoni added the repo18:59
nevoeirohi again. a bug that was solved with hardy seems to be back again in intrepid. ksoftirqd/1 is always "eating" cpu, in this case it varies between 13% and 20%...18:59
Tukonbut koffice-kde4 isnt showing up in the package list18:59
Tukonany bright ideas anyone?19:00
unavailablehow do i remove kdm from the shutdown script19:00
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nevoeirohmm, second.. where's the pdf printer? can't find it anymore19:01
PazzoHi @ll - installed latest Intrepid upgrades today, it messed up my sound support :-( Volume, mixers etc are ok, but there are just strange noises, no sound anymore (Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook E-Series). Is anyone els experiencing the same problem?19:02
eagles0513875any network buffs here i have no connection after upgrading to rc19:06
unavailablewhats your hardware?19:07
eagles0513875the network card is integrated onto the motherboard19:07
eagles0513875and hardy evrything was working fine19:07
eagles0513875all of a sudden after upgrading to intrepid rc its no longer working19:08
eagles0513875can ping my gateway fine my isps name servers i can ping as well19:08
eagles0513875NET||abuse release client19:08
NET||abuseohh,, gotit19:08
apwrelease candidate?19:08
eagles0513875either one is right19:09
eagles0513875any ideas unavailable19:09
apweagles0513875:  lspci | grep Network ?19:09
ali1234eagles0513875: can you ping by hostname?19:10
eagles0513875ali1234 only by ip19:10
unavailableif its onboard, i would think lshw would find it19:10
unavailableset yer dns servers?19:11
ali1234eagles0513875: is /etc/resolv.conf correct?19:11
eagles0513875unavailable dont need to i have my router set to autoconfig from my isp19:11
eagles0513875ali1234 let me check19:11
unavailableset yer dns server to your router...19:12
eagles0513875unavailable im using my isps19:12
eagles0513875ali1234 what should be in the resolv.conf19:12
eagles0513875right now all it says # generated by networkmanager19:12
unavailableyes, but if your computer doesnt know where to look...19:12
ali1234eagles0513875: "nameserver <ip>"19:12
eagles0513875ali1234 the ips of both my isps ns's19:13
unavailableyou need to manually specify that the computer ask the router, which in turn asks the isp.19:13
EyesOfARaven--- evolution email client starts whenever i plug my laptop into AC power, and it's pissing me off ---19:13
eagles0513875there isnt that option on my router19:13
joaopintogrrr, I finally have skype working, need to kill pulseaudio19:13
batti5its possible to have snow or rain on the desktop?19:13
unavailableyour router is set to autoconfig - for your network your router is the dns server19:14
ali1234eagles0513875: so resolv.conf is blank apart from the # comment?19:14
eagles0513875unavailable so i need to add to resolv.conf the router ip19:14
unavailablei would give it a try.19:14
ali1234eagles0513875: if your router is doing dhcp you do not need to edit resolv.conf19:15
unavailableive had problems that were solved with that resolution before19:15
EyesOfARaven|--- I demand someone tell me how to get evolution off of my PC without ruining GNOME, as it is infuriatingly popping up whenever I plug in my laptop ---|19:15
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unavailablecan you ping google's ip addy?19:15
eagles0513875unavailable let me try restart my network here19:15
EyesOfARavenhalp mi plox19:16
unavailableany1 know how to remove the reference to kdm from the shutdown script(s)19:16
eagles0513875btw its not working with what i put in resolv.conf19:17
eagles0513875wtf there is a huge bug here19:17
eagles0513875!patience | EyesOfARaven19:17
ubottuEyesOfARaven: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines19:17
EyesOfARavenmy patience died with the fact that ive been asking three different channels for 3 hours, eagles051387519:17
copprounavailable: Remove the init.d script?19:18
unavailableand which one would it be?19:18
unavailableand where would it be located?19:19
copprodoes anyone know how to get firefox to stop using the OS theme for elements like buttons and other form fields?19:19
copprounavailable: that will also stop the startup19:19
copproand it's probably safer just to chmod -x it, so that it's still available19:20
unavailablebut i uninstalled kdm19:20
EyesOfARaven--- evolution email client starts whenever i plug my laptop into AC power, and it's pissing me off ---19:20
copproEyesOfARaven: that is bizarre19:20
copprono clue how to fix, sadly :(19:20
unavailablecoppro so if i remove kdm from init.d it will never reference kdm again??19:20
EyesOfARavenindeed it is bizarre19:20
EyesOfARaveni hate it19:20
copprounavailable: yes, probably19:21
EyesOfARavencoppro: any idea how to get rid of evolution without breaking anythin?19:21
EyesOfARaveni do NOT need or want it19:21
unavailableand why, when i totally removed kde and kdm, its still there19:21
apwEyesOfARaven:  only when you plug it in?  not when you remove it?19:21
EyesOfARaveni believe so19:21
EyesOfARavenill test that now19:21
copproEyesOfARaven: sudo apt-get remove evolution?19:21
eagles0513875EyesOfARaven report a bug on launchpad.net19:21
EyesOfARavenyes only when i plug it in19:21
EyesOfARavencoppro: that removes extra stuff19:22
ubottuRetrieve information on a package: !info <package>19:22
copproEyesOfARaven: like what?19:22
EyesOfARavenubuntu-desktop metapackage, gnome-panel-applets19:22
unimatrix9you could just remove it from the gnome menu19:22
copprothe first one doesn't matter in the slightest19:22
EyesOfARavenit is running itself19:22
copprodunno about the second19:22
batti5why wont xsnow work?19:22
copprobe right back, I have to reboot firefox19:22
PazzoHmmm... I've read large parts of todays channel log, seems that there are a lot of people (like me) with no more sound after doing upgrades between yesterday and today...19:23
EyesOfARavenit removes 128MB of 'stuff'19:23
EyesOfARavenwhich doesnt sound like an email client to me19:23
Pazzo...same thing for me, settings are fine, drivers and controls give no error - but there is no more sound. If I raise the volume I can hear some strange rumor...19:23
EyesOfARavenwell, wth, ill apt-get remove it19:24
PlutoPrimeAnyone has gotten a Pinnacle PCTV Pro HD USB Tuner working in 8.10?19:24
EyesOfARavenand if anything happens i will just reinstall it19:24
Pazzo...is here anyone aware of news / workarounds for this issues? This is really annoying19:24
alka_trashhey guys I'm having a little Intrepid bug,  "Gave up waiting for root device. " then it drop to busybox. I can boot to the hardy kernel. but this seems like a little bit of a show stopper.  any suggestions?  Thanks19:24
alka_trashI checked the uuids and they are correct19:25
EyesOfARavenwow, apparently sometime during my mucking with evolution trying to get rid of it19:25
EyesOfARaveni installed it OUTSIDE of ubuntu-desktop19:25
EyesOfARavenand now it only will uninstall itself19:25
EyesOfARaveni win19:25
alka_trashIf I manually try to boot with grub, it still kicks me out too.19:25
apwwhat is your root disk?19:26
alka_trashit's listed as /devhda ,19:27
alka_trashjust s laptop harddrive19:27
unavailablecoppro and why, when i totally removed kde and kdm, its still there19:28
alka_trashthe controller is sda though19:28
* EyesOfARaven makes firefox go away19:28
EyesOfARavenseamonkey ftw19:28
spiderwortHi guys...I'm trying to install intrepid and grub fails to install. I need to gather some information for the bug report because "it doesn't work" is useless to everyone. What logs from the installation might be of use?19:28
alka_trashthe funny thing is that I can browse to it with grub and kick off the latest kernel, but it still fails  (FAIL)19:29
copprounavailable: yeah, I've noticed the init.d scripts don't get removed for some reason19:29
copproreport a bug19:29
prometheanfirecan anyone load the nvidia module on boot?19:30
PazzoRegarding the sound issue: manually switching to OSS helps, using auto (or pulse) gives me nothing but noise. Worked fine 'til yesterday19:31
jum-chronhello, I upgraded from hardy to ibex successfully, theres one problem: sound through my usb headset and internal speakers functions, only when I plug in my external speakers no sound comes out19:31
apwPazzo: i have the same symptoms after updating in the last hour19:31
apwis there a bug filed for it?19:31
Pazzoapw: does it work for you with OSS?19:31
prometheanfireno one has nvidia working?19:32
Pazzoapw: Audio settings -> OSS -> Test19:32
alka_trashThere is already a bug for it with no fix yet, I was hoping for some Ubuntu IRC magic  :)  | the bug 25837919:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 258379 in linux "Wubi'd Hardy fails to boot after upgrading to Intrepid (dup-of: 268123)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25837919:32
U238Willyprometheanfire, not really19:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268123 in busybox "Intrepid: it is not possible to mount ntfs partitions from the initrd" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26812319:32
admin_masu3701hello there..when is 8.10 coming out?19:32
prometheanfireok, as long as it is not just me19:32
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, 6 days i believe19:32
prometheanfireyou know if you can do twinview with the nv driver?19:32
U238Willyi d/l'd the actual nvidia package from nvidia.com ran it... and saw that on the kubuntu forums someone used 2.6.27-6.. i have -719:33
U238Willyit failed to compile properly19:33
SilentDishello :)  noticed RC was out, I'd like to keep server load to a minimum.  My intent was to pull the DVD via torrents and upgrade using that.  would that be the best strategy, or would upgrading to RC then to full be the better way to go?19:33
prometheanfireok, was worth a try19:34
apwPazzo: yes oss makes the test beep work there19:34
eagles0513875how do i reconfigure my kdm19:34
eagles0513875nm i figured it out19:34
apwalsa is clicky crackle clicky19:34
EyesOfARaven<3 alsa19:34
apwPazzo: is there a bug in launchpad i can add my experience to?19:34
admin_masu3701EyesOfRaven: i have the beta version...how to get the official 1 once out?19:34
U238Willythings run now.. but not optimally19:35
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, you should be able to just update to it using apt-get, or you can download a new iso19:35
Pazzoapw: as far as I know: no. I finished on this channel, trying to find out if the problem is known...19:35
apwwill try and find out19:35
MellowDudewhats the sudo comand to install the intel i845 chips set19:35
Pazzo...after reading todays IRC log it seems that there are "a lot" of people with the same issue19:35
superkiwihow do I access the cdrom while I am installing ubuntu in text-mode? I mean what device - I want to mount it to a folder.19:36
copproyeah, I've heard a lot of sound issues19:36
apwPazzo: perhaps bug#28803919:36
PazzoI discovered 5mins ago by myself, that manually choosing OSS helps, so this workaround works for mu unless they fix it :p19:36
admin_masu3701EyesOfARaven: cool19:37
admin_masu3701I am trying to learn how to program in python..do anybody know where can i get a good tutorial for newbies?19:38
Pazzoapw: yeah, you could be right19:38
MellowDudeok intel website said to install the I915 graphics how i do that in terminal19:39
copproadmin_masu3701: the python docs have a good one19:39
copproon the python website or in the python-doc package19:39
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, i love python.. there's a tutorial right in the documentation19:40
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, after u get the basics i recommend just coding random stuff with the modules19:40
batti5whare can i find a desktop snower for linux?19:40
admin_masu3701EyesOfARaven: where to get the documentation?19:41
os2macOk this is mildly annoying. When I go to Places>Home Folder it opens filelight. how do I change that?/19:41
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, it comes with python usually, but it is also on the main site. I believe u can find it at docs.python.org19:42
dick-richardsonhow do I get my usb headset working? I plug it in and it's available in the volume controls, but I can't get sound through it19:42
os2macdoes the same thing when I click on Desktop.19:43
admin_masu3701EyesOfARaven: i am lookin at it...it looks like a good tutorial...Is python hard to learn?19:43
EyesOfARaventook me a day to start off doing things in python19:44
EyesOfARavenive been doing it for 2-3 years19:44
PazzoBye @ll!19:44
EyesOfARavenand now i can program full 3d games and custom gui apps19:44
EyesOfARaveni'd say its easy19:44
superkiwiI'd say it's easy if you know how to program.19:45
admin_masu3701EyesOfARaven: That is good..i would love to know how to program in it19:45
admin_masu3701EyesOfARaven: what would be a good way to learn it ?19:45
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, there are good help channels for third party modules, and a main python help channel at #python on this server19:45
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, i recommend going to #python to ask for suggestions, but as i already said, i learned by making programs from random python modules, once i got the basics via tutorial19:46
superkiwiI can't install ubuntu 8.10 server, it complains about putting the cd in, and mounting it to cdrom. /cdrom/ is empty when I do ctr+f2 and login and look.19:47
admin_masu3701EyesOfARaven: ok.. so should i go through the entire tutorial first..then try to write codes?19:48
superkiwiadmin_masu3701: Not to be rude, but this is not a python channel. Try #python mebbe.19:48
admin_masu3701superkiwi: i am tryin to join #python but i dont think that is the right name19:50
os2macis something going on with the repositories?19:50
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, i find it helpful to follow along typing as they explain19:50
superkiwiYou need to be identified.19:50
superkiwiRegister your nick, or whatever it means at freenode.19:51
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, yes, ur name must be registered and identified to join #python19:51
superkiwiBut seriously, noone encountered problems with installing ubuntu 8.10 rc server?19:51
admin_masu3701EyesOfARaven: how do i register?19:51
penwhat media plugin do you guys use?19:51
penI used totem and vlc19:51
pennone of them really works19:51
penfor firefox19:52
eagles0513875pen icedtea is a nice java plugin19:52
matjan_workhi, i installed intrepid beta on my thinkpad t61, and it seems that when i am on wireless, kernel panics occur (blinking caps lock light)... does anyone else have this problem? could it be related to the wireless?19:52
superkiwiI have tried installing ubuntu 8.10 rc server 4 times, each with different options (like automatic update) and lamp, but I think the installer is broken. Attleast it is for me.19:53
matjan_worki have not experienced a crash when on a lan network19:53
eagles0513875matjan_work u do internet upgrade cuz after doing that for me i lost all my connectivity19:53
matjan_workeagles0513875, no... i did a clean install19:54
peneagles0513875: Not java19:56
bsnideris compiz not working with the intel driver at the present time?19:56
peneagles0513875: I want the media player19:56
ArkoldThosintrepid is going VERY well here, just intel cards issue with 3d acceleration :>19:56
ArkoldThosbsnider: nothing is working with intel driver19:56
peneagles0513875: totem sucks, because the controls never works19:56
penvlc plugin doesn't have anything else19:57
os2macOk this is mildly annoying. When I go to Places>Home Folder it opens filelight. how do I change that?19:57
ArkoldThosbsnider: there is not a solution for this atm19:57
ArkoldThoslets wait :p19:57
admin_masu3701how do i register to join a channel?19:57
ArkoldThoswell, leaving to buy strings cya19:57
admin_masu3701i am trying to joing #python19:58
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, type /register and it will tell u in the server tab how to do it19:58
TuxSympathiseris intrepid rc near enough to final to use now?19:59
TuxSympathiseror should I wait 5 days?19:59
admin_masu3701EyesOfARaven: type /register where?19:59
admin_masu3701EyesOfARaven: nothin happen when i type that in here19:59
Tom_Davisok, I havent been reading, what is "landscape"?19:59
DanaGos2mac: right-click on a folder on the desktop, and select "properties" -- and then go to the "Open With" tab.20:00
EyesOfARavenadmin_masu3701, goto the freenodee tab in ur irc client20:01
EyesOfARavenit will say it there20:01
Ackyhow much faster is the AMD64 version of the standard one?20:03
os2macDanaG that did not correct the problem.20:04
ArkoldThosAcky: you should read this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76542820:05
DanaGYou selected "Open Folder" as the action to use?20:06
Ackyive always used the 64bit version but i need to get a wireless card working20:06
ArkoldThosand whats the problem?20:06
ArkoldThosjust work on 32?20:06
os2macDanaG nevermind... I figured it out.20:06
os2macI just went to open with instead of setting it in properties.20:06
Ackywell, ndiswrapper isn't support on amd6420:06
Tom_Daviswow, that would be truly evil, os2 on a mac20:06
will00is there a way to run irkick in intrepid?20:07
os2macTom_Davis: I agree!20:07
os2macwhich is why I would never do such a thing.20:07
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DanaGos2mac: you could do it with VirtualBox.20:12
DanaGIt supports OS X hosts.... and it supports OS/2 guests (with guest additions!).20:13
os2macBut why would you want to? I mean really...20:13
EyesOfARaveni uninstalled evolution20:13
EyesOfARavencuz it kept popping up when i plugged into AC power20:13
EyesOfARavenand now20:13
EyesOfARavenit literally is trying to run my email when i plug AC in20:14
will00does anyone know how to get irkick working in hardy or a way to easily configure a remote to work properly with different modes and such?20:14
penwhat is the best media player plugin for firefox so far?20:14
EyesOfARavenwill00: u prob want the hardy channel and not the intrepid one then20:14
EyesOfARavenpen: i like seamonkey, but VLC has plugins for all of em20:15
penEyesOfARaven: but I don't know why vlc mozilla plugin has no control20:15
will00sorry i meant intrepid, iv been using hardy since day one on this machine and i just got intrepid on it. kinda used to putting the hardy moniker in front of stuff20:15
penI can't move to the part I want to see or rewind to where I want to start20:15
cpumanazI have an nvidia fakeraid and it's being detected by Intrepid server 64bit. When I choose to use that, it does not give me any partitioning options and I cannot procede with install. Is anybody able to help with this?20:16
DanaGEyesOfARaven: check if something is bound to "launch e-mail client" in Gnome.20:18
freeksh0w86I tried using the alternate _CD_ installer for 8.10 RC, and it can't find the CD drive. that is epic FAIL.20:23
cpumanazI'm willing to try a software RAID from within setup, but I have concerns about the drive with /boot failing, notification if a drive is unhealthy etc.20:23
cpumanazI like that the fakeRAID management is straightforward20:24
penany other mozilla media plugins I didn't know of?20:26
Tom_Davisso far the ibex install is pretty straight forward20:26
freeksh0w86i hope it actually _works_, the final release. no luck here on the "shared" PC20:29
freeksh0w86in terms of compatibility, i have best luck with Dell > System76 > Compaq. Why System76 chooses to ship with proprietary sound devices is beyond all comprehension.20:30
=== bureflux is now known as afflux
edu__Is cheese working well for you?20:33
edu__I have an uvc webcam and it works with the flash plugin, but not with Cheese nor with Ekiga.20:34
Tom_Davisthats odd20:34
penedu__: it works for me too20:34
pendo anyone know any other mozilla media plugins I didn't know of?20:34
=== danage1 is now known as danage
penvlc, totem, etc20:35
edu__I think it could be related to V4L2, could it be the case?20:35
edu__Because flash player 10 supports that, and it shows my webcam video properly20:35
mlhello... can someone recommend a cheap video card20:35
cpumanazdoes "defive-mapper target type "raid45" not in kernel mean anything to anybody?20:35
edu__ml: you can find cheap video cards from nvidia and ati of their previous generations.20:36
cpumanaz~device mapper20:36
edu__I have an ati radeon 9200 which is fully supported by Xorg (3d and all) but it's a bit slow. Very cheap, though.20:36
mledu__: has to be pci express tho20:37
danage15 bucks including shipping20:37
edu__Ah, I see20:37
mli just have no idea20:37
noaxinekostar: you still there ?20:37
edu__Perhaps 15 bucks is too cheap. :P20:37
mlit's for a dell insipiron 531 that has no dvdi20:37
edu__I am not completely sure, but there may be adapters, vga to dvi.20:38
mlisn't the digital out of vic=d card dvi?20:38
noaxithe noapic was the only option actually needed to let the system boot normally20:38
edu__Talking about cheese, could I try to fix things by completely deleting the app, then reinstalling  it?20:39
edu__Do any of you have a Dell Inspiron 1520?20:39
mlhow abut that20:41
mlabout that one20:41
cpumanazI think it's because raid45 is not in the kernel on the live CD and so even if you go in afterwords and install it from the live CD it won't work20:41
admin_masu3701how can i register my nickname20:44
coppro/msg nickserv help20:45
cpumanazThis item was marked fixed in hardy, but is not fixed in intrepid20:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 220493 in linux "[Hardy][Regression] dmraid45 target missing in latest kernel" [Medium,Fix committed]20:46
cpumanazthat's how I got the dmraid working for me with intrepid RC20:46
nekostarnoaxi came so close20:47
nekostari just got back20:47
nekostarwhere do you live at?20:48
nekostarand what's your budget?20:48
nekostari sold compys for a long time...20:48
nekostari would recommend more than that20:48
nekostarif your going with an x make it like x1650 minimum20:48
nekostarok gimme sec20:49
mlyes heh20:49
nekostarwhat power supply mobo cpu ram ?20:49
nekostaros[Linux 2.6.27-7-generic - Debian lenny/sid - Ubuntu DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu ( http://www.ubuntu.com )] | up[1 days, 11 hours, 01 minutes] | cpu[Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz SMP (4 processors), 2399.989 MHz (19200.16 bogomips)] | chipset[Intel Corporation 82G33/G31/P35/P31 Express DRAM Controller (rev 02)] | video[nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1) at 1680x1050 (32 bits)] | opengl[GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2 powered by NV20:49
nekostarIDIA Corporation with driver 2.1.2 NVIDIA 177.80] | xchat[Version: 2.8.6] | [sysinfo-dg 1.1-DocTrax_1.46]20:49
nekostarsee i'm only on an 8600 ;)20:49
nekostarand intrepid runs FLAWLESSLY20:49
nekostarbut to turn EVERYTHING on u need a step up from mine..20:50
nekostar[for it all at the same time lol]20:50
mlit's for a dell insipron 53120:50
nekostarbut lemme see what i can dig up20:50
mlnvidia 430 chipset I belive20:50
nekostarare you on it by chance?20:50
mlno for a future install20:51
nekostarok then i'm getting the jist of it20:51
nekostarml what's a reasonable budget?20:51
nekostarcan we alot 75?20:51
mlwant to buy something complatible20:51
nekostaryou can get a KILLER card for that20:51
mlor less would best20:52
nekostari wanna see if we can find an ati 4xxx for that20:52
mli'm on a really tight budget20:52
mlI just need dvi out pci express20:52
nekostarhttp://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010380048 1305520549 106792627&name=Radeon HD 4000 series20:52
nekostarthere look at that20:52
nekostarMSI R4350-D256H Radeon HD 4350 256MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card - Retail 35 bucks new20:53
nekostarand retail so it comes with all cords and stuff20:53
mllooking brb20:53
noaxinekostar: you there ?20:53
nekostarhttp://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010380048 1305520549 106792627 1067944045&name=Radeon HD 467020:53
nekostarnoaxi i was just saying u just missed me20:54
nekostarml that last link is what i recommend20:54
nekostari tend to replace the rest of my compy before my vid card20:54
nekostari know it breaks the 14 point upgrade path but i dont care20:54
noaxiI did a reboot in what I thought was a ssh session.. :-P20:54
nekostari dont game much20:54
nekostarnoaxi lol20:54
nekostarnoaxi try a few things:20:54
nekostaruname -a20:54
nekostartitles on the terminals get fuzzy now and again20:55
noaxianyhow back to my true problem20:55
noaxiwithout apic the system runs normally..20:55
nekostarso yeah ml i recommend the 4650 or higher ok?20:55
mlnekostar: that link takes to listing but I think you mean this one.......20:55
nekostarnoaxi really?20:55
admin_masu3701do anybody know how to register a nickname20:56
nekostar MSI R4650-D512 Radeon HD 4650 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail20:56
pendo anyone know any other mozilla media plugins I didn't know of?20:56
mlok I C20:56
penvlc, totem, etc20:56
noaxieither without apic or by keeping depressed Ctrl or Alt20:56
nekostarml now go to tomshardwareguide and xbit and anandtech and read some reviews ok?20:56
nekostarnoaxi its still doing that?20:56
mlthank you for your help20:57
nekostarwithout the apic?20:57
noaxiunless I use noapic on boot..20:57
nekostarhttp://bayimg.com/MALneAabj http://bayimg.com/MALneAabj20:57
nekostarcheck those out ml20:57
foormeahey, i'm under intrepid/kde. i cannot find a quick launcher for the task bar. is it normal, or am i blind?20:57
nekostarnoaxi ok lemme google some20:57
nekostaru should too20:57
nekostarfoormea not sure20:57
nekostarfoormea is it kde4?20:57
foormeanekostar: yeah kde4.120:57
nekostar#kubuntu-kde4 might be able to help20:58
noaxiI googled it allready and found one alpha 5/6 mention when booted from dvd..20:58
nekostaroh i think its up to .3 or something20:58
nekostardefinately go to that chan and ask a bit i'd day20:58
mlnekostar: nice setup20:58
foormeanekostar: thanks i didn't know about that chan20:58
foormeanekostar: i'll ask there :)20:58
nekostarfoormea np ;) and idle here too b/c it's intrepid20:58
foormeanekostar: thing is, #kubuntu+1 points here20:58
noaxionly he did not find the noapic possibillity or the key-pressed solution20:58
nekostarer foormea20:58
pendo anyone know any other mozilla media plugins I didn't know of?20:59
penvlc, totem, etc20:59
nekostarpen apt-cache search moz plug20:59
nekostarand yes there's plugins from totemgstreamer/xine / xine / vlc20:59
nekostarok ok ok21:01
nekostarlets back up a bit21:01
nekostarnoaxi i'm gonna ask a few stupid q's sorry.21:01
nekostar1. whats the mobo/cpu/ram/vid/keyboard/mouse types21:01
noaxino q's stupid ever..21:01
nekostar2. i assume the problems are when your trying to actually type into the machine21:03
nekostarwhat about from a shell session? does it ping when kb is being wierd?21:03
nekostaroh and have you patched bios on mobo21:04
nekostaroh oh oh oh21:04
nekostarhey noaxi21:04
nekostarits got sata hdd's and devices?21:04
nekostari wonder what ahci or w/e it is in the bios setting is~!21:04
noaxito be specific I am checking the toshiba tech support..21:05
nekostargo into bios set sata to compatable or enhanced... then ide type for the connect21:05
admin_masu3701do anybody know how to register a nickname....cause the system keep sayin that my nickname is not a registered nickname21:05
nekostarprobably need to reinstall..21:05
nekostaradmin_masu3701 #freenode21:05
nekostar/ns help register21:05
nekostaror /msg nickserve help register21:05
admin_masu3701nekostar: i didnt get that21:05
nekostaror /msg nickserv help register21:05
nekostar/msg nickserv register somenicknamehere somepasshere someemail@here21:06
noaxilatest bios..21:06
nekostaradmin_masu3701 i meant join that chan but no need now just folloow that format21:06
nekostarnoaxi ok21:06
noaxinot a hdd problem21:06
nekostarnoaxi dell?21:06
nekostaron the book do this:21:07
nekostarsudo nano /boot/grub/menu<tab>21:07
admin_masu3701nekostar: what is freenode chennel?21:07
nekostarthen in there: ctrl+w defo21:07
nekostaradmin_masu3701 that one i gave to you #freenode thats where network support is ^^21:07
nekostarnoaxi for the defo == default options for grub replace the quiet, silent or w/e and put in this:21:08
nekostaracpi=off noacpi apic=off noapic21:08
noaxiprefer vi an / defo but what about it ?21:08
nekostarthe four of them21:08
nekostarsure adapt to your fav ed21:08
nekostarthen when thats done:21:08
admin_masu3701nekostar: ok21:08
nekostarsudo update-grub21:08
nekostaradmin_masu3701 np ;)21:09
noaxidid that.. and in the meantime with noapic the system boots ok21:09
noaxibut this is not the way the resolve the ubutnu BUG21:09
nekostarnoaxi both noapic and apic=off and then both noacpi acpi=off21:09
nekostarthose are actually different21:09
nekostardude i'm not writing code21:09
nekostari'm not shelled in on it21:09
nekostari'm making it work.21:09
noaxinoapic solved the probelm but does not remove the bug21:09
nekostarsolution: some motherboard/cpu/ram/hdd/opticaldrive combos just need to be done that way21:10
nekostarfor better stuff you might need a dev bro21:10
noaxinekostar: it's a intrepid ibex only problem21:10
nekostarthen compile a diff kernel21:11
noaxiBusy with that..21:11
nekostarsay 2.6.2621:11
nekostargo down one21:11
nekostaror up a couple ;D21:11
noaxiI saw a bugfix for a usb option that would look solving this problem21:12
digdugactually, that's not a bad suggestion for me to try getting my usb drive working21:12
nekostardigdug eh?21:12
digdugtrying to compile a new kernel, I mean21:12
nekostarnoaxi yeah see latest kernel prolly has some uglyish bug21:12
nekostardigdug oh thats really easy21:12
nekostargo to #debian21:12
nekostar<dpkg> To compile a kernel The Debian Way(tm) "apt-get install kernel-package build-essential libncurses5-dev" and follow the instructions in /usr/share/doc/kernel-package/README.gz; You should also ask me about <make-kpkg> and <kp mantra>, or just http://newbiedoc.sourceforge.net/system/kernel-pkg.html.en, or <kernel build-deps>21:13
nekostar<nekostar> make-kpkg21:13
nekostar<dpkg> well, make-kpkg is the tool that you use for compiling the kernel the Debian Way (tm). It makes a package for your custom kernel which you can install and remove easily using dpkg. See http://www.debian.org/doc/FAQ/ch-kernel.html  man make-kpkg and ask me about <kernel compile> <kp mantra> <kernel build-deps>.21:13
nekostar<nekostar> kp mantra21:13
nekostar<dpkg> kp mantra is probably make-kpkg clean ; export VER=$(date +'%Y%m%d') NAMEEXT="-$(hostname)-$(dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_ARCH)"; make-kpkg --revision=$VER --append-to-version=$NAMEEXT --rootcmd fakeroot kernel_image modules_image . Add --initrd before kernel_image if you need an initrd.21:13
nekostarworx every time21:13
DJonesDoes the nv driver still exist in Intrepid? if I try to update from hardy I get the warning that a driver for my nvidia card doesn't exist at the moment (old geforce2go in a laptop), as long as the nv still works, I know i can still get my 1600x1200 resolution, but if I had to drop to the vesa driver, I'm not sure if I'd be able to get that resolution21:13
nekostarDJones yeah21:13
nekostarapt-cache search nvidia glx21:13
nekostarDJones also make sure you have jockey-gtk installed and just run that21:14
DJonesnekostar: Thanks, I'd been putting off upgrading because of that21:14
bsniderthe nvidia driver won't work with that old thing. the nv driver is still there and installed by default21:14
penDJones: why nv?21:14
sorush20hi is it possible to find out how to print a pdf file please..21:15
DJonespen: I know the nv driver so far has been happy running at 1600x1200 which is my preferred resolution21:15
sorush20this file dosen't seem to want to pront21:15
sorush20can I email it to anyone its a science file publication in pdf and its not being printed21:15
sorush20I can print everything else but I can't print this21:16
sorush20any help21:16
Tom_Davistry opening it with a different pdf reader?21:16
pendo anyone know why21:16
penOpenoffice is still 2.4 in RC?21:16
bsnideryeah, because they haven't had time to fix all of the bugs in 3.021:17
bsniderit will be backported in the next month or two21:17
EyesOfAWin32Rvnwhat is the absolute fastest and simplest to set up FTP server you can think of - all it needs to do is share one directory using built-in linux auth21:17
sanI have a notebook with an atheros wireless device. In the beta I could use the wireless after I removed the linux-restricted-modules* packages. Now I updated to the RC I lost my wireless driver.. anyone got a clue??21:19
bsnidersan, ath5k has been disabled in the regular kernel in favour of a newer version in the backports package21:20
sorush20Tom_Davis: done kpdf and okular anyone else21:20
sanbsnider: so I have to enable backports to get my wifi working again?21:20
bsnidersan, install the linux-backports package from synaptic21:21
sanbsnider: Do you know where can I find information like this in the future?21:22
bsnideri found it on launchpad21:22
bsniderand the mailing list showing changes made to packaes21:22
sanbsnider: ah you've got the same issue :)21:22
noaxiI have yet another problem , of less importance, since most fb devices are blacklisted..21:23
bsnideri use a different card now, but the ath5k driver was causing a hard lockup on this system. presumably the newer one doesn't have that issue21:23
noaxiwhen booting on a laptop a trident chipset with splash the tridentfb doesn't load..21:24
keithclarkHow can I get rid of the ATI proprietary drivers and install the open drivers for an ATI Xpress 200 card?21:24
noaxieven after removing both vesafb and tridentfb from the blacklist21:24
noaxiwith nosplash the tridentfb does load..21:25
sorush20Hi again.. is it possible if I can send the file to someone here?21:32
sorush20so that they can see if they can print it?21:32
sorush20I have used adobe acrobat and its no use.21:32
EyesOfARavenu can use dcc21:33
EyesOfARavenbut u hav to find someone who wants to try it21:33
sorush20what is that?21:36
Ferratsorush20, DCC is just to send a file via irc21:37
sorush20I'm sending you rht eile21:43
sorush20what do you want to send me the fiel?21:43
* pen like that idea21:43
Ayabaraalsamixer now only shows pulseaudio. is there a way I can make it show me front/pcm/headset ++ ?21:43
sorush20there is something wrong with the file21:43
sorush20i'm sure21:43
sorush20but I just printed it in html format21:44
AyabaraIn the volume control applet in gnome I have Master, PCM and Front, and want to find out what they are called in kmixer21:44
wgrantAyabara: alsamixer -c 021:44
Ayabarawgrant: thanks a lot!21:46
eagles0513875does anyoen know why or what keeps nerfing my resolv.conf after rebooting and even after a while of using the net the resolv.conf gets nerfed21:48
wgranteagles0513875: NetworkManager. It has done so for several releases now.21:50
eagles0513875this is the first time this has happened to me though21:51
eagles0513875was doing this in hardy to a degree now in intrepid its completely nerfing the resolv.conf21:51
wgrantThen you are probably wrong.21:51
eagles0513875maybe but now im noticing there is a problem with dns21:52
wgrantYou're *not meant to edit resolv.conf if you are using NetworkManager*21:52
wgrantThe comment at the top of the file tells you that.21:52
eagles0513875then where do i tell knetwork manager what name servers to use21:52
Tom_Davisif youre using dhcp its automagic21:52
eagles0513875im not21:52
eagles0513875im using static ips on internal net21:52
wgrantThen edit the connection settings and choose your DNS servers.21:53
Tom_Davisunless they changed it, just edit /etc/network/interfaces and tell it21:53
eagles0513875whats funny though after upgrading from hardy21:53
eagles0513875interfaces file still has my ip and everything21:53
wgrantWhy would an upgrade replace a user-modified config file silently?21:53
wgrantThat would be stupid.21:54
chadeldridgewhy would it have gone away21:54
eagles0513875what my resolv.conf21:54
Tom_Davisresolf.conf is not user modified21:54
eagles0513875there is something really buggy with this upgrade21:55
wgrantRead the first couple of lines of resolv.conf.21:55
eagles0513875there is only one line21:55
wgrantIt's not that hard to work out that things are going to clobber it.21:55
eagles0513875but now i created a new wired connection but for some reason it didnt appear in the list21:56
wgrantWhich list?21:56
eagles0513875knetowork manager connections list which u configure21:56
wgrantI'm aware.21:57
eagles0513875is that a known bug out there21:58
eagles0513875im out for now guys21:58
wgrantWhat bug!?21:59
wgrantI fail to see how listing connections can be regarded as a bug.21:59
freeksh0w86I notice that in Kubuntu 8.10 I am getting black bars around the display running Sauerbraten even though 1280x800 IS a pixel-perfect mode for my screen. This is an nvidia 8500 gt. latest nvidia driver from repos.21:59
freeksh0w86i did not have this issue in 8.0421:59
freeksh0w86and desktop effects are turned off21:59
=== Gumby` is now known as Gumby
rippsYo, what's up y'all22:03
freeksh0w86Isn't there an nvidia tool where one can manually adjust screen modes?22:03
freeksh0w86This is dumb. I hate all graphics card vendors at this point.22:04
danbh_intrepidfreeksh0w86: I think so22:04
rippsI wants my mpd back... ;_;22:05
U238Willyi want my old adept back22:05
wgrantripps: What's wrong with the new one?22:06
danbh_intrepidripps: Multiple Personality Disorder?   :p22:06
rippsmpd has been broken for a couple of days now22:06
rippsboth ubuntu package and my svn built one don't work.22:07
EyesOfAWin32Rvnsimplest most lightweight FTPd u can think of please?22:07
EyesOfAWin32Rvnone that works out of box preferably22:07
joaopintoEyesOfARaven, vsftpd22:08
rippsEyesOfAWin32Rvn: I like Filezilla myself22:08
joaopintoripps, filezilla has an linux ftpd  :)?22:08
EyesOfAWin32Rvni think they might22:08
EyesOfAWin32Rvnim tryin vsftpd22:08
EyesOfAWin32Rvnsounds unixier22:09
EyesOfAWin32Rvnthis ftp server is anonymous only22:09
joaopintothey have filezilla server, the last time I have checked it was windows only :P22:09
EyesOfAWin32Rvncant connect22:09
joaopintovsftpd is not22:09
joaopintois a regular ftpd22:09
freeksh0w86I found nvidia-settings but is there a way to add screen resolution modes?22:09
joaopintoI don't know an anonymous only ftpd, maybe you didn't set it up for regular accounts ?22:09
wgrantYou want an anonymous-only ftpd...22:09
freeksh0w861280x800 should be perfectly valid, and I know it is it's worked before.22:10
wgrantYou really, really, really don't want to be transmitting your UNIX password across the Internet, unencrypted.22:10
joaopintoif he wants anonymous only, the password is not relevant :P22:10
EyesOfAWin32Rvnwgrant, it's for my lan22:10
EyesOfAWin32Rvninternal only22:10
wgrantjoaopinto: He said that he didn't want it anonymous.22:10
EyesOfAWin32Rvni wouldnt mind if it was anonymous if i could log into it and stick files in my home dir22:11
EyesOfAWin32Rvnbut i cant even connect due to this22:11
sanbsnider: well it didn't work with the backports package (atheros issue)22:11
lastelement0hello all, i just recently updated to Ibex, and now my vbox is broken. i've tried uninstalling and then reinstalling but i can't even get it to open. what should i do?22:11
sanCould someone help me with me Atheros driver issue? (more info on: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=958686 )22:11
os2macWhat is the command to mount an ecryptfs volume?22:12
penanyone know stickies for ubuntu?22:12
penlike sticky note22:12
sanpen try 'tomboy'22:12
sanpen it's included already22:13
rippsI've started using the linux-image-server kernel, and my desktop hasn't frozen once yet, but It does stall occasionally. I hope they fix the 2.6.27 latency issues soon.22:13
wgrantripps: Do we know about these issues?22:13
sanpen: Applications -> Accesoires ->Tomboy Notes22:13
pensan: I don't like tomboy somehow22:13
joaopintosan, have you tried manually setting the mode with iwconfig ?22:13
bsnidersan, what do you mean "it doesn't work"?22:13
pensan: I have tried xpad and others, but none of them really suit my taste22:13
rippsThe lantency issues are mentioned on the testing/810rc details page22:14
sanbsnider: It doesn't list networks, I can't connect to my network if I set it22:14
sanjoaopinto: doesn't work either :(22:15
bsnidersan, try sudo modprobe -r ath5k, and hten sudo modprobe ath5k22:16
bsnideryou did try rebooting right?22:16
sanbsnider: yes I did a reboot22:16
sanbsnider: but even "iwlist wlan0 scan" doesn't show anything22:18
rippsOk, I have a real question that maybe somebody can help me with. I'm unable to connect to one of my computer using ssh, but I'm too ssh out of that computer. I guessing it's a firewall/router issue. Can someone help me figure this out?22:18
pwnguinripps: ssh is not sshd22:19
EyesOfAWin32Rvnjoaopinto, how do i restart vsftpd22:19
rippspwnguin: both computers have openssh-client and openssh-server installed22:19
EyesOfAWin32Rvni guess i can killall22:19