thorwilgrrr. made the mistake to look into the forum again. smartboyathome: "Mark came out with his goons late in the art cycle, and said that we (the community) no longer work on the default themes, his people do. So I am kind of saddened that Mark doesn't use community themes, but there ARE a lot of program-related bugs with the themes that need fixing first"19:00
thorwil"Community can only do so much and have it be professionally, and while I do agree with Mark saying that his people should do the default artwork, I do not agree with him saying that we shouldn't try to make artwork which is good enough for default."19:02
* karmaferit hopes they don't smudge orange over everything like the human icons19:04
thorwilkarmaferit: just to be very clear. the point is that what smartboyathome writes is not quite correct19:12
thorwilthe forum suffers from this kind of rumors and half-truths quite a lot, i think19:12
karmaferitthorwil: oh i imagine so19:13
karmaferitpitty that the artwork is in limbo though19:13
karmaferitfedora never has this issue19:14
thorwilkwwii: seen http://anotherubuntu.blogspot.com/?19:14
* thorwil summons rsc19:15
kwwiithorwil: nope, didn't see that yet19:21
kwwiihe told me he was making some stuff, never saw it though19:21
kwwiihe is the guy who made the sounds for intrepid (which I had to remove)19:21
thorwilkwwii: also the one who made reasonable countdown banners and who is involved with the 8.10 start page and the wanted project, i think19:23
thorwilsebastian strikes again :)19:24
Cimikwwii, why you had to remove those sounds19:27
Cimithey are amaxing19:27
kwwiiCimi: apparently they are very close to vista19:29
kwwiibut they are still on my system :p19:29
kwwiiand in my ppa I might add19:30
kwwiimads had contact with another guy who has done a work for big-time cell phone companies, he wants to make sounds for +119:31
kwwiihopefully someone who has worked for samsung and nokia can make something mark likes :p19:32
* karmaferit always thought it was odd that mark has the final say when it comes to the artwork, is he qualified in any way?19:33
thorwilkwwii: sure, if he can make it sound orange and glossy ;)19:33
thorwilkarmaferit: he has the money ... ;)19:34
karmaferitgolden rule, he who has the gold makes the rule19:34
kwwiikarmaferit: in our new team we also have a new boss (also from a big company and with lots of experience)19:34
karmaferitgood to hear :)19:34
kwwiiso in the future mark will no longer deal with details, which should allow us more freedom19:35
kwwiiI'll be joining the new team sometime early next month...can't wait!19:35
thorwilkwwii: the boss is from which field?19:35
thorwilwill the desktop team cease existance?19:36
karmaferitwell that is good, ubuntu's artworks been rather embarrassing compared to fedora's and suse's (SLED)19:36
kwwiithorwil: he was the lead creative director for Orange19:37
* thorwil giggles19:37
kwwiithorwil: no, we are forming a new team which only concerns artwork (platform and marketing)19:37
kwwiino more micro-managing-millionares :p19:38
karmaferitkwwii: how bad is it having him manage things?19:39
kwwiialthough I have been offered to decide whether to work on that team as platform artwork lead or to switch to our new desktop-experience team and do more technical work19:39
kwwiikarmaferit: hard to explain and keep my job :p19:40
karmaferitok whos the one that likes the orange19:41
thorwilkarmaferit: from what little insight i have, i'd say a big problem is that Mark is only available in small slices. yet is required for decisions19:41
thorwilkwwii: oh, all the time i thought the experience team is also about artwork19:41
kwwiithorwil: nope, the experience team is about developing new desktop tech19:46
kwwiithorwil: that sums up the problem exactly19:46
thorwilkwwii: a shame. thought it was a holistic approach, taking the term experience quite literal :)19:47
kwwiithorwil: yes it is but not on an artwork level19:49
kwwiithis is really about developing totally new thing for the desktop19:49
kwwiinew ways of using your computer, etc19:49
kwwiilots of super-secret stuff :p19:49
thorwilbwaha :)19:50
thorwilgreet _MMA_ from me if he shows up here :)  good night!21:05
kwwii_MMA_ !!!!!!21:09
_MMA_yo yo21:10
kwwii_MMA_: how's life, man? good, I hope!21:10
kwwiiI'd add a funny mexican saying but I guess you have heard enough of that language lately :p21:11
_MMA_kwwii: I'm doing fine. 1 more week in Mexico.21:11
kwwiibet you can't wait to get home, eh?21:11
_MMA_Neither can my wife. ;)21:11
kwwiilol, I bet21:11
kwwiibetter have someone watch the kids for day or two after your return21:12
_MMA_Already taken care of. :P21:12
kwwiibeing away from home probably makes her appreciate you even more21:12
kwwiigood to see that you still have enough strength and will to spend time in stupid art chat :p21:13
_MMA_No. She knows why I'm the best. :) She just likes me a whole lot and wants me home.21:13
kwwiigood for you ;-)21:13
kwwiimaybe I should go to mexico as well :p21:13
_MMA_Well I get off @noon on Saturdays. No work Sunday. 1 more 60hr week.21:13
_MMA_I get back to Raleigh next Saturday.21:14
_MMA_On Sunday or Monday I hope to get some art done.21:14
kwwiiwell, I got emails from mark this morning asking me if I look at the bug list and expecting changes so I deal with the same stuff, really21:14
kwwiionly I don't sweat that much at work :p21:14
_MMA_I think I've lost 10lbs.21:15
kwwiiI can imagine21:15
kwwiiit would be good for me :p21:15
_MMA_Somewhat due to less eating. Im scared of getting sick from something I would eat.21:15
kwwiiactually, I have lost quite a few pounds in the last months21:15
kwwiithank god21:15
_MMA_Maybe I'll see at the next UDS. (not MTV)21:16
kwwiithat sucks21:16
kwwiinot seeing you in ca, I mean21:16
_MMA_I told Jono that this one was a no-go because of work.21:16
kwwiifair enough...real life comes first21:17
kwwiiI wish I could say that21:17
_MMA_One of my 1st things I'll be doing is a product manual. In addition to learning AutoCAD.21:17
kwwiihehe, if you need any help with AutoCAD let me know...I have a lot of experience with it21:17
_MMA_I just might. I gotta look at classes as well.21:18
kwwiiI learned drafting the hard way first and then did CAD21:18
kwwiione or two good classes will really help21:18
kwwiiit is not hard, there are just some basic ideas you need to understand first21:18
kwwiiwhen I went back to college (after flunking out on my scholarship to study music) I started doing a two-year degree in drafting, from which I sprung to a four year degree in engineering21:20
_MMA_killer :)21:20
* _MMA_ goes to eat lunch. bbs.21:20
kwwiibueno appetito21:21
b_mindI'm learning gtkrc syntax and trying to customize some application via gtkrc file, for now I found how to customize Gedit - widget_class "*edit*" ... but next what I need is gnome-terminal how can i find name of widget_class for gnome terminal? can somebody help me?22:30
b_mindor maybe someone know if I have application, how could I find out all it gtk structure... maybe there is some tool for analyzing bin file and show GTK tree or smth?22:43

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