Nafalloslangasek: hi :-)00:09
slangasekNafallo: hey-o00:10
Nafalloslangasek: I haz release question :-)00:10
slangasekI haz release answers!00:11
Nafalloslangasek: since we are pushing this 3G thing quite a lot in the release notes, would a small update to hal-info be able to make it into the archive before final is made?00:11
slangasekit has a chance, at least00:12
Nafallobasically adding four usb device ids and have support for four popular nokia phones.00:12
Nafallotheir flagship N96 being one of them. that one is on every damn advertisement incl. mobiles in the UK right now :-)00:12
Nafalloso support OOTB would be handy :-)00:13
Nafalloslangasek: what do you think. should I prep a debdiff for it? :-)00:14
slangasekNafallo: sure00:15
Nafalloslangasek: perfect. I'll go to work right now with it :-)00:15
superm1Nafallo, while you're at it, if hal-info is being uploaded, squeeze 288888 in too maybe?00:15
superm1bug 288888 that is00:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288888 in hal-info "Dell 5720 Sprint device not detected by NetworkManager" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28888800:16
superm1i already got it landed upstream00:16
* Nafallo looks00:16
wgrantI'd imagine that hal-info will be getting a bit of SRUing.00:16
Nafallowgrant: we should support as much as possible, and if each new device comes of a cost of 5 character whitelisting I can't see a reason not too include something that cheap.00:18
wgrantNafallo: Yep.00:18
superm1does hal have facilities for pulling fdi files from /etc too?  I'm thinking maybe a session about discussing a tool for generating an FDI file for testing purposes, and then filing a bug to get it added if it works properly00:20
wgrantsuperm1: /etc/hal/fdi/policy00:20
wgrantYou can drop whatever you want in there.00:20
wgrantI think I've altered all wiki docs to put things there rather than /usr.00:20
superm1wgrant, yup that'd be exactly what I was thinking.  I'll think more about this type of tool and what would be involved then00:21
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calcdoes anyone know what kind of restrictions the guest account has? for some reason under the guest account OOo can't run00:34
wgrantcalc: They're very nasty. See /etc/apparmor.d/gdm-guest-session00:38
StevenKWoot. NBS is empty00:44
Nafallosuperm1: ehrm. the dell usbid is different from the bug and in that commit you link to. can you confirm if it's 34 or 44?00:45
superm1Nafallo, woops, that's a typo from when i made the patch to submit00:48
superm1Nafallo, the one in the bug is right00:48
superm1i'll send an email up to the ML00:48
Nafallosuperm1: ta.00:49
superm1Nafallo, good eyes on that catch :)00:52
Nafalloslangasek: thoughts on bug 284961 ?00:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284961 in network-manager "Option 3G USB Modem (Gio225) not recognized, solution included" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28496100:55
Nafalloslangasek: worth adding and hoping for testers before we release?00:56
slangasekNafallo: adding to what package?  The bug seems to be filed against two packages00:57
Nafalloslangasek: hal-info00:57
Nafalloslangasek: basically get it recognised as a modem and not support mode switching.00:57
slangasek"not support mode switching"? what does that mean?00:58
calcslangasek: it switches between mass storage and modem (aiui?)00:58
calci vaguely recall arne talking about them at uds00:58
slangasekand we're going to include an .fdi file that prohibits using the device in the other mode?00:59
calcthe mass storage side has the windows driver in it, iirc00:59
slangasekwell, are we sure of that?00:59
calci'm not... ask arne :)00:59
slangasekthis doesn't sound like an obvious regression-free change to me00:59
* calc reading bug now00:59
slangasekNafallo: if you're not confident in the correctness of the fix per se, then please leave it for SRU01:00
calcslangasek: i'd ask arne to review that bug01:00
* Nafallo checks up on ReZero01:00
calcsince he seemed to be heading up the 3g modem stuff at least used to be01:00
Nafalloslangasek: oki. I agree :-)01:01
sistpotyKeybuk | mdz: mind moderating my post to ubuntu-devel-announce?01:01
Nafallorezero is a utility to disable the ZeroCD (fake USB CD-Rom)01:01
Nafallotemporarily at run time for Option 3G cards.01:01
Nafalloslangasek: ^-- I think I'll let go of that one :-)01:01
slangasekok :)01:02
Nafallothree bugs less \o/01:02
Nafalloand four nokias and a dell card supported :-)01:03
asacright, we shouldnt try to tackle modeswitch devices right before release ;) ... in future drivers should support that properly. only solutions available are hacky and not suitable for mass-rollout01:03
persiaI have two modeswitch devices : hardlocking in either mode would be very annoying.01:05
persia(mine pass different USB device IDs, so I'm not affected by the bug, but I do use the use-case)01:06
Nafalloslangasek: http://home.nafallo.info/bugs/hal-info_20081013-0ubuntu3.debdiff01:18
Nafalloslangasek: also uploaded to my PPA01:18
Nafalloalready building -)01:19
Nafalloon a 5U server ;-)01:19
directhex5u is a bad thing O_o01:25
Nafallono necessarily :-)01:26
directhexwhat makes good use of a 5u chassis?01:26
Nafallothat box :-)01:27
Nafalloanyway. forget I said anything :-P01:27
directhexlast 5u box i had was crashy junk :/01:28
slangasekyou're generalizing about servers based on their size? :)01:29
Nafalloehrm. where did my binary go...01:31
wgrantNafallo: You'll see it in 8 minutes, or you can hack URLs.01:32
NafalloOct 25 01:36:35 wizard pppd[3332]: remote IP address
NafalloOct 25 01:36:35 wizard pppd[3332]: remote IP address
Nafallooops. sorry for double paste01:37
Nafallobut yea. it works :-)01:38
Nafalloslangasek: want to sponsor? :-)01:38
slangasekNafallo: the RM is about the last person you should be looking for sponsorship from on release week..01:39
Nafalloslangasek: hehe. I know. but you're like the only core-dev I can see awake ;-)01:39
slangaseksince that means either one fewer set of eyeballs on the upload than normal, or it means reducing the pool of available reviewers01:39
slangasekasac: are you awake?01:40
Nafallowent to bed a while ago :-)01:40
slangasekhe was up 40 minutes ago01:40
slangasekcalc: hi01:40
Nafalloflatmate is choking outbound with torrents :-/01:49
Nafalloslangasek: I'm probably better of tracking down one tomorrow and sleep nowisch. :-)02:01
slangasekok - 'night :)02:11
keescjwatson_: hrm... for intrepid+1 it looks like we need to set "ENCRYPT_METHOD SHA512" in /etc/login.defs and then stop forcing md5 on installer users.  (I just added some details to bug 51551)02:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 51551 in ubiquity "newusers uses crypt insted of md5" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5155102:37
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Nafalloslangasek: kees will sponsor. just to re-iterate, upload okay? :-)02:43
keesah-ha!  I can read scroll-back.... yeowch I'm tired.  :)02:44
Nafallogood it's a simple debdiff then ;-)02:44
keesyeah, looks fine, I'm shoving it now.  thanks!02:44
NafalloI kind of only had energy drinks at home... so I had three :-)02:45
Nafalloperfect. thank you :-)02:45
keeshehe   okay, g'night!02:45
Nafallokees: gnight :-)02:46
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Nafalloslangasek: hal-info waiting for approval. and with that, I'm going to sleep.03:22
ScottKStevenK: If you have a moment, I'd appreciate you doing the removals in Bug #288949.  The package is in the joyous position of being neither installable nor buildable and it'd need to be completely ported to KDE4 to get out of that position.03:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288949 in boson-music "Please remove boson, boson-data, and boson-music source and binary: Boson is uninstallable and unbuildable in Intrepid" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28894903:50
StevenKScottK: Will do, when I stop getting distracted03:50
ScottKStevenK: Thanks.03:51
ScottKI figured you might need a break for some fun.03:51
calcif a source package builds lots of binary packages and one of the binary packages goes away in a new version shouldn't the old version of the binary package not be there to install either?03:53
wgrantNo, it just becomes NBS.03:54
wgrantAnd an archive admin needs to remove it.03:54
wgrantBut I thought it was said that NBS was empty a few hours ago.03:54
ScottKIt is empty.03:55
calcopenoffice.org-ogltrans on amd64 shouldn't still be installable on intrepid03:55
* wgrant checks.03:55
calcunless i am misunderstanding something03:55
wgrantIt's arch-specific?03:55
calcthere is a version for i386 still but the amd64 version is broken03:55
calcso it went away for the newer builds03:56
wgrantBug #276629, perhaps.03:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276629 in soyuz "archive-cruft-checker doesn't pick up all cruft" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27662903:56
persiaThe NBS script doesn't work for arch-specific : that requires a special "Please remove" bug.03:56
persia(or just nudging an archive-admin)03:56
calcoh ok, any archive admins around that can remove it? :)03:56
wgrantOr a poke-StevenK.03:56
calcStevenK: poke-ing you :)03:57
ScottKStevenK: Also for you list, vm-builder is hung up in binary New.  zul will buy the beer for that one.03:59
StevenKScottK: All done.04:11
* StevenK looks at NEW04:11
StevenKScottK, zul: vm-builder ACCEPTed04:12
NCommanderpersia, ping04:15
NCommanderpersia, I can confirm the cegui-mk4 maintainer has no clue what they are doing04:17
NCommanderpersia, SILLY still isn't compiled in the latest upstream.04:17
persiaNCommander, You're saying it's complex enough that you think it needs an SRU rather than a quickfix?04:17
NCommanderUnless i'm mistaken04:18
NCommanderThis is backports realm because we need a new library in intrepid04:18
* NCommander is still making sure the missing codec actually isn't packaged04:18
persiaNCommander, Thanks for looking.  Please comment at http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/04:18
NCommanderpersia, there is a second work around04:18
NCommanderHold on04:19
NCommanderAs long as a PNG supported backend is compiled04:19
NCommandersmc can be made to work04:19
NCommanderGiven the list of codecs that support PNG04:19
persiaminimally invasive workarounds are where we are today :)04:19
NCommanderThis can be fixed04:19
NCommanderpersia, well, if this workaround holds water so the speak, we can fix this bug04:19
* NCommander first opens the debian bug, and points the maintainer to the build log04:19
* NCommander looks up how to re-open a bug04:20
StevenKNCommander: For debbugs? found <number> <version>04:21
* NCommander nods04:21
persiaDoes it need to be reopened in Debian?04:22
NCommanderpersia, I'm cooking a fix now04:22
NCommanderpersia, yeah04:22
NCommanderpersia, not the smc one04:22
NCommandera bug in cegui04:22
NCommanderThe maintainer is smoking crack since SILLY wasn't uploaded, and there are warnings in the build log about it04:22
NCommanderBut I can fix smc in intrepid04:23
NCommanderpersia, was there an Ubuntu bug?04:23
crimsunTheMuso: #274124 likely needs another fix; at least one person has confirmed that 70pulseaudio fails whereas 59pulseaudio does not fail04:24
persiaNCommander, Not that I saw : just an entry on the RCbugs list.04:25
TheMusocrimsun: Trouble is that will cause pulse to run before dbus, and pulse/hal etc uses dbus.04:25
NCommanderpersia, ok, we need an ack from release because this adds a new feature (the library is compiled with an additional codec),04:25
NCommanderpersia, and well, an ack in general since its final freeze04:25
crimsunTheMuso: hmm, currently, is dbus invoked via the GNOME session script or via 75dbus_dbus-launch?04:26
TheMusocrimsun: by the latter.04:26
crimsunTheMuso: ok, so we're currently counting on 75dbus_dbus-launch completing before 70pulseaudio does?04:27
persiaNCommander, Then we need a bug, with a patch, and request to MOTU-Release.04:27
NCommanderpersia, well, there are no code fixes, just a build-dep added04:27
* NCommander looks up what he needs in the FFe04:27
NCommanderAfter I confirm this fix work04:27
TheMusocrimsun: it doesn't quite work like that. Each script adds their executable to the STARTUP variable, which the last file executes: 99x11-common_start04:28
NCommanderScottK, what are your bug?04:28
NCommanderpersia, woooo, cegui FTBFS :-)04:29
ScottKNCommander: Mine was Bug #28893104:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288931 in clamav "clamd crashed with SIGSEGV in tcpserver()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28893104:30
NCommanderOh right04:30
crimsunTheMuso: right, but we're still looking at a timing issue :-(04:30
NCommanderScottK, the backtrace is kinda O_o;04:31
TheMusocrimsun: Yes, but I'm not sure if pulse's functionality would be broken should we run pulse prior to dbus.04:31
crimsunit doesn't appear to have broken, but I'll gather more testers in the next day04:31
ScottKNCommander: I'd at least like to distill what's there into as reasonable an upstream bug as we can.  They're releasing a new version in a week and a half and their RCs don't usually get a lot of testing, so this is likely news for them.04:34
NCommanderScottK, can you reproduce?04:34
NCommanderThe backtrace is giving me very little so to speak04:34
NCommander(it looks like thunderbird and clamav's talk to each other over sockets, and thunderbird sent a bad command causing the segfault)04:35
NCommanderBut thats just specuation without some serious debugging04:35
ScottKI haven't had any crashes here, but I don't have Thunderbird or said plugin.04:35
NCommanderHas that plugin been binary rebuilt against the new API/ABI?04:35
ScottKIt's a non-packaged plugin, but the clamd API is pretty stable.04:36
ScottKIt's libclamav that's all over the map.04:36
NCommanderI don't think this plugin compiles against any clam protocol04:37
ScottKNo.  It just talks across the socket.04:37
NCommanderMy guess? Bad data04:37
NCommanderThat shouldn't cause a segfault04:38
ScottKCrashes are by definition bugs.04:38
* NCommander grumbles04:38
NCommanderI have no real interest in weeding bugs out of clamav, but I can help improve the bug report if I can reproduce it04:38
ScottKI'm less after a fix than I am an actionable bug report.04:39
ScottKLet me see what I can do with reproducing.04:39
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esacany idea what happened to class_device_create in 2.6.27 ? my smart card driver is no longer compiling since it seems this function is no longer declared? or did ubuntu intrepid just screw something up in the default kernel config?08:07
esacnevermind, i fixed it08:22
pittisuperm1: hal-info> I don't use tags, I just set them to fix committed10:13
HobbseeIf anyone's trying to nominate bugs, but can't, please mention them in -release or something.10:14
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mdkekwwii: we don't have any screenshots of the desktop in the documentation11:04
mdkeMirv: the string comes from the gnome-user-docs package, unfortunately it has quite a few problems in Rosetta at the moment so I think the translation will have to come post-release11:04
mdkeslangasek: saw your comment on the bug, that's fine yeah11:05
cjwatsonkees: md5 acknowledged for jaunty but I don't think we have time to fix and test it for intrepid now11:09
kwwiimdke: cool, that's less work :-)11:19
ograogra@osiris:~$ grep "Name\[de\]" /usr/share/applications/cheese.desktop12:34
ograhmm, so why does my menu properly say "Cheese" in german ?12:35
asacwas für ein Käse ;)12:35
asacKäse-Website (doesn't sound better for me)12:36
TreenaksWebcam in German is Website?12:36
ograi'm just curious why that translation doesnt show up in my menu12:36
ograTraxer, definately not12:36
ograerr Treenaks ^^^12:37
ograsorry Traxer12:37
Treenaksogra: is there a more specific de-DE entry also in the .desktop file?12:37
ograogra@osiris:~$ grep "Name\[de" /usr/share/applications/cheese.desktop12:37
ograand the geneic one is Name=Cheese Webcam Booth12:38
Treenaksmaybe the "-" is special?12:38
ograi have entries with a - in them in the menu, i doubt that12:39
ograi mean its great that that broken translation doesnt show up, but i dont get why it doesnt12:40
asacogra: for me cheese doesnt show up at all here12:42
ograogra@osiris:~$ ls .local/share/applications/cheese.desktop12:43
* ogra removes12:43
asacogra: yeah. that was expected12:44
ograand now i see Cheese-Website12:44
ograasac, should be in Graphics12:44
asaci still dont see it at all ... but i will remove that now ;)12:44
* ogra files a bug about the broken translation12:45
asacogra: just fix it ;)12:45
asacok out for a while.12:46
slytherinpitti: is it possible to revert the deletion of electric? You seem to have missed the fact that the package was updated in Ubuntu at version 8.07-0ubuntu1 and the orphaned version in Debian was 6.05-4.13:42
psypointeri'm in trouble with kubuntu 8.10. i'm getting dependency problems when installing kde. kdebase-workspace-data 4.xxx-ubuntu11 is installable, ...-ubuntu12 is needed. what can i do to install it with version 11?13:51
psypointeror is this a known bug and i just have to wait till the repos are updated?13:52
ScottKpsypointer: 12 was uploaded last night.  Just wait.14:03
psypointerScottK: oh okay, just waiting for mirror sync, right? :>)14:04
ScottKpsypointer: Yes.  I have it in my updates here.14:06
psypointerhmm okay. how often are the mirrors synced?14:07
ScottKNo good answer for this.  The most correct one I could give you is 'It depends'.14:07
ScottKThe build is still pending for sparc.  I assume you aren't on sparc?14:08
psypointeryou're right. i'm on amd64@de.archive.ubuntu.com :)14:09
psypointerwell, i'll just retry it in an hour. thanks for your help ScottK14:09
ScottKamd64 is built, but it was after i386.  Good luck.14:09
psypointerthanks, good bye14:10
psypointerScottK: on archive.ubuntu.com it's the actual version, works perfect, thanks14:11
bandie91hi all15:28
bandie91help, i wish to create a bootable live cd, with specific packages installed, and personalized dotfiles15:29
bandie91is there any livecd-creator?15:29
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keescjwatson: yeah, I have no interest in touching login.defs (or the installer) this late.  :)16:50
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NCommanderhey BenC17:04
BenCNCommander: hey....have you tried out your zinc account yet?17:05
NCommanderBenC, I can login, but I haven't pushed any source yet (been spending the weekend w/ mom)17:06
BenCNCommander: As long as you can login, I'm happy17:08
NCommanderBenC, https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel-team - out of curiosity, how do I get membership in this team ;-)17:09
ScottKNCommander: I think I got my answer on the clamav crash.17:15
ScottKResponses from the reporter included "I tried to install the Dazuko modules.  I'm not sure if I removed them or not."17:16
NCommanderScottK, Dazuko?17:16
ScottKIt's a set of kernel modules to enable on-access file scanning.17:17
ScottKIt's used by some other Linux A/V products.17:17
NCommanderOh I see17:17
ScottKAnd last I checked, there was no easy way to make it work right with our kernel.17:18
NCommanderScottK, ah good. GOt any more bug reports for me?17:20
ScottKNCommander: Whacking stuff off the RC bug list is my best suggestion.17:21
BenCNCommander: request it17:22
NCommanderBenC, request it how?17:22
* NCommander already applied to the team17:22
BenCNCommander: ok, I'll check the member requests later today17:24
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PazzoHi @ll - installed latest Intrepid upgrades today, it messed up my sound support :-( Volume, mixers etc are ok, but there are just strange noises, no sound anymore (Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook E-Series). Is anyone els experiencing the same problem?18:58
PazzoSorry, wrong channel19:00
lukehasnonamebug #1641119:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 16411 in partman-lvm "Installer doesn't warn about unbootable config (/boot on LVM)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1641119:17
lukehasnonamecjwatson: LILO apparently CAN'T boot into LVM'ed /boot. This bug occurred with me yesterday, and only because I tried installing Fedora did I get a warning about what I had been doing wrong.19:18
loolHmmpf [212572.448858] Xvfb[13814]: segfault at 2 ip 0000000000507665 sp 00007fffbdf60630 error 4 in Xvfb[400000+1b3000]20:31
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loolcjwatson: I guess mbr built fine in a lpia chroot for you?20:35
loolHmm and now klogd taking 100% CPU20:42
NCommanderStevenK, poke?20:43
cjwatsonlool: I can't say I remember, it was a long time ago20:44
cjwatsonI think I did try but I really can't remember how I set up the chroot20:44
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wgrantkwwii: Erm, why did you steal my panel background?22:07
wgrantRemoving it by default, sure.22:07
wgrantBut removing the actual file wasn't necessary.22:08
wgrantNow my panels look crap again.22:08
elementzhi everybody22:08
elementzi am trying to change the position of the windows created by the notification-daemon. to my understanding, this is only possible through the app that is calling the daemon right? does the api actually offer means of placing the popups by coordinates?22:09
Nafalloelementz: hi. please look at the /topic :-)22:10
elementzNafallo: k thx22:11
elementzNafallo: ubuntu-moto would be the proper channel then?22:11
Nafalloelementz: #ubuntu22:11
LaneyIs there a hardy ppa for usb-creator?22:22
philsfI'd like to file a bug against the graphical installer. what package should I use in lp?22:38
slangasekphilsf: if you mean the installer itself, ubiquity.  If you mean the liveCD environment, I'd have to think22:38
philsfslangasek: the installer itself. I thought ubiquity was only the windows one?22:39
slangasekubiquity is the graphical installer in the liveCD22:39
philsfok, thanks22:39
slangasekthe windows one is "wubi"22:39
philsfbtw, it's a only a wishlist bug, no worries for intrepid :)22:40
philsfwubi, that's right22:40
kwwiiwgrant: because it was not easily editable by a newbie23:28
kwwiianyway...time for sleep23:28
wgrantYou could at least have kept the file in the package...23:30

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