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slytherinHi all, does anyone have any sample docbook document which uses SVG image? I am trying to verify a fix for fop but I don't have any test data.11:40
mdkeslytherin: we don't, no11:46
technomenschgood afternoon all19:35
technomenschhow is everyone?19:35
DougieRichardsonvery well - you?19:47
technomenschI'm good19:56
technomenschTrying to make a decision though19:57
technomenschand I could also use someone to help me respond to Scott Kitterman's emails to me/the mailing list.19:57
Rocket2DMntechnomensch, you pinged me earlier?20:03
DougieRichardsonwhat email?20:03
DougieRichardsonabout konqueror?20:04
technomenschyea rocket.  don't remember what for though20:16
technomenschyes dougie20:16
technomenschdo you think we need to change the colors?  or any idea what he is talking about?20:23
DougieRichardsonwe're not talking about his email on https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/259436 then?20:28
technomenschI don't know if that's the same one or not.  I'm not subscribed to the bugs.  I'm talking about my correspondence with him on the mailing list.  Although, I'm betting it might be the same20:30
DougieRichardsonall thats on the list is about moin moin and the openid login problem, is there other stuff in his mails20:34
technomenschyes.  from what I gather, he wants to know why I used "brown" as the main color for the menu bar on the community team home page.  and it looked like something else about it not showing up correctly in either older versions or konqueror20:35
DougieRichardsonis this reproducable?20:36
technomenschnot from my end.  I'm currently not home and doing wiki work on Windows machines.  I CC'ed the mailing list with hopes that someone can reproduce it20:39
technomenschas for the "brown" in the menu bar, with ubuntu vs. kubuntu, I don't want to get into that argument.20:40
DougieRichardsonlol real men use twm20:40
technomenschit doesn't "go" with the kubuntu theme20:40
DougieRichardsonwhen all else fails there's twm http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a1/Twm.png20:41
DougieRichardsonoops gotta go pick up the missus, brb20:42
technomenschmdke, you in here?21:13
mdketechnomensch: yes21:19
Atamirappl are actually talking in here21:21
technomenschwe do come in to communicate with each other from time to time21:28
mdkego on then!21:32
mdketechnomensch: was there something you were going to ask me?21:41
mdketechnomensch: by the way, about my email "front page for help.ubuntu.com", I think you misunderstood: it's not about the front page of help.ubuntu.com/community, it's about the main front page for help.ubuntu.com (i.e. *not* the help wiki)21:46
technomenschso you mean help.ubuntu.com, not help.ubuntu.com/community??22:00
technomenschI see.22:00
technomenschI guess...ooops in order?22:00
technomenschyea, that definitely needs a revamp22:01
mdkeno worries22:01
mdkeit mainly needs a revamp because of the change of theme22:01
technomenschbut how do we make it so it links to the "current" version22:01
technomenschof the docs that is22:01
mdkesorry, I don't understand the question22:01
mdkeit already links to the correct version of the documents22:02
technomenschright, but when it gets upgrade to 8.1022:02
technomenschwho does that?22:03
technomenschand if you were talking about the theme itself, yea, let dougie do that.  I'm still learning css22:03
mdkeno, the theme is ok; but the contents need to change a bit22:03
mdkeI think Phil has some ideas about it22:04
technomenschbut the theme of help. doesn't match the theme on /community22:04
technomenschit still looks like the old one22:04
mdkei mean, the work on the theme has already been done22:05
mdkeyou can see it here: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/about-ubuntu/C/index.html22:05
DougieRichardsonhi matt, @techno i've just mailed you - i see matt is clearing it up22:06
technomenschyeppers.  I see that22:06
technomenschso where are the changes to the home page we are talking about being made?  on that page you just linked me?22:06
technomenschnm. I see that's for the about-us22:07
technomenschI think for this upgrade to 8.10, I'm going to stay out of this cleanup portion.22:08
technomenschbetter to let you guys who've been doing it for a while and have a handle on it...as an annoying guy here in the states says "gettr' done"22:09
technomenschand, he IS annoying :)22:09
mdkeok, we'll see what Dougie comes up with, and Phil is he is around22:10
technomenschdo you understand the email that I recieved about the wiki.ubuntu.com home page???22:10
technomenschI'll look at what you guys do and make suggestions via email.22:10
mdkejust click on this link to understand: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/22:11
DougieRichardsonmdke: What time frame are you aiming for?22:11
mdkeDougieRichardson: whenever possible, I guess. Ideally we'd get the site update out in time for the release, but I'm not confident from my side that I'll be able to get everything ready22:11
mdkeam travelling a bit on business this week and generally very busy at work22:12
mdkealso, I'm still waiting for the sysadmins to give me access to the server22:12
technomenschAH.  I SEE22:12
DougieRichardsonI'm busy but not swamped, I haven't heard from Phil in a while.22:12
technomenschOk.  the problem is, I was just using the exact same colors that it was using previously22:13
mdkeDougieRichardson: we'll just do what we can :)22:13
technomenschwhomever made the release schedule table used those same colors22:13
mdketechnomensch: oh, that's true! I guess because that table was hidden at the bottom, he never noticed it22:13
DougieRichardsonmdke: that should be our mantra ;-)22:13
mdketechnomensch: you can refer Scott to this link then: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Home?action=recall&rev=18622:14
mdkeDougieRichardson: yep22:14
mdkehmm, i see someone spammed that page with attachments22:14
* mdke gets cliccking22:15
DougieRichardsonmdke:who was the uploader22:17
mdkeDougieRichardson: https://launchpad.net/~enri75ac622:19
mdkemaybe a genuine mistake, hasn't hidden the email address22:19
technomenschI also got an email from launchpad, someone changed my information22:20
DougieRichardsonmdke: consistant with the username spambot was generating, checking launchpad22:20
technomenschsomeone called "https://launchpad.net/~myniugga"22:21
technomensch"juzzmane updated your location and time zone"22:21
technomenschnot sure if they are related to this, or not22:21
mdkeno, unrelated. launchpad allows people to set your location unless you have already set it yourself22:22
technomenschum, ok.  I have to go.  I'll check the mailing list later.  ta22:22
DougieRichardsonthat user hasn't the usual one word bug answer, it may be a mistake or a new script22:23
littleAnybody know if Technomensch has been in here recently?22:33
mdkeyeah, he left a short time ago22:33
littleDarn. He emailed me and asked if I could meet him in here. Is he coming back>22:33
mdke22:22:38 < technomensch> um, ok.  I have to go.  I'll check the mailing list later.  ta22:34
DougieRichardsondont think so22:34
littleWe've been talking about updating https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide/Formatting.22:34
littleI have an alternative layout/design of the page here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/littlergirl22:35
mdkelittle: you know, I don't believe you are really a little girl. You don't come across as little at all.22:35
jjesselol i agree i dont think either ;)22:36
littleI'm not. I'm a full grown 46 year old woman. (:22:36
littleIt's just that I'm a former truck driver and that's been my handle forever. (:22:36
mdkeI knew it!22:36
mdkeyou drove a truck as a little girl?22:36
mdkethat worries me22:36
littleYou couldn't possibly have guessed my exact age!22:36
jjessethat was your cb handle?22:36
littleNo, as a grownup. (:22:36
mdkeyes, true22:36
littleI'm small, so the handle fits. (:22:37
mdkeyeah, I had in mind that there was another meaning of "little", but it didn't fit my joke22:37
mdkeok. so formatting22:38
littleBelieve it or not, the only place anyone ever questions my username/handle is on the internet. Out in the real world it didn't bother anyone. (:22:38
littleYeah, take a look at the example I've been working on. I think it's gentler and easier to understand.22:38
mdke(it doesn't bother us either... I was just messing around)22:38
DougieRichardsonhow did you see over the wheel?22:38
littleI used tables instead of code blocks so that I could capture {{{ and }}} properly. It was terrible on the original page.22:38
littleTruck seats are adjustable. (:22:39
mdkeso that page looks excellent. the section headings are a bit screwy but otherwise it is pretty clear in terms of structure22:39
littleThe headings are only screwy because it's on my home page. Once it's on its own page, it should lay out nicely.22:39
mdkeI mean, in section number 3, you have skipped a level for the sub-sections22:39
mdkeI like the way the page is detailed without compromising on clarity, very good22:40
littleOh yes. I did that for a reason. If you do a level two header instead of level three headers, you get a line beneath each, which makes it harder to distinguish the separate sections. Is there a way to do a level two header without a line?22:41
mdkeno, but that only happens with the old theme22:41
littleI had done them like this originally: '''Header'''<<br>>22:41
mdkeyou need to use the sections sequentially, otherwise the table of contents doesn't work22:43
littleHow's this? I changed the first two headers in section three now.22:43
littleIf I use this method, there won't be a subsection in the Table of Contents under Basic Content.22:43
mdkebest to use the headings normally. It will look better with the new theme, don't worry22:43
littleOkay, let me try it and see if it still looks okay. I didn't like it. I'll let you guys decide. (:22:44
littleHow's this?22:45
littleLink, just in case: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/littlergirl#preview22:45
littleIt looks really busy with the default theme.22:46
mdkethat's the theme's fault though22:47
mdkeit's the right way to write the page :)22:48
littleThe Table of Contents table is running off the right side of the center portion of the screen for me with the ubuntunew theme. I'll play with table width to see if I can fix that.22:49
mdkeyeah, that's a pain22:49
mdkei think it's a moin bug myself22:49
littleChanging it with <tablestyle="width: 60%"> doesn't seem to do anything. Is there a new method?22:50
mdkeyou're missing a ;22:51
mdkelittle: there ya go :)23:00
littleFixed. (:23:00
littleTook me a while. I couldn't figure out what to do with the ; so I just borrowed the code I used for the table that shows the Example Page.23:01
mdkeoh, sorry.23:02
littleI know there's some stuff missing from this page, but it's the basics, and I got the impression that the Formatting page is for the basics, right? And links to more involved help are at the bottom.23:02
mdkein the thing you posted above, it goes after the %23:02
littleYeah, I tried that and it didn't fix it. It still ran off the right side of the page. I just do not like that new theme. (:23:02
mdkelittle: yes, that's right23:02
mdkelittle: sorry to hear you don't like it23:04
littleI think I'm just used to the old one, so I resist the change since it's so drastic.23:04
littleIs there any way I can grab a copy of the ubuntu theme for my personal wiki? I'm running MoinMoin in the desktop version.23:05
mdkedon't worry, I'm sure the Ubuntu website will get a redesign in the next 12 months or so anyway23:05
littleOh good. I might join in the creative efforts. (:23:05
mdkeok, keep an eye on the ubuntu-website mailing list. Canonical is recruiting designers so I guess they'll get the job, but hopefully it will be a collaborative effort23:06
littleIf nothing else, they may ask for opinions from the community even if they don't make it a collaborative effort, right?23:07
littleBy the way, you can edit the CategoryCategory page if you have access to the actual file on the server (to fix the reference to nonexistent macros).23:08
mdkelittle: hope so23:09
mdkelittle: I don't have access, but I can edit the page I think23:09
mdkewhat's the error?23:09
mdke(for the wiki themes, see https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-doc/helptheme and https://code.launchpad.net/~mdke/ubuntu-doc/helpwiki-newtheme)23:09
littleAdditionally, you can add lists of all pages which are members of that particular category to the category page using macros like this:23:10
littleThen there'23:10
littleThen there's nothing beneath it, so the colon is leading in to nothing.23:10
mdkeI'm not sure how to fix that. Because the colon is really leading to something, what the author means is that what follows the colon uses macros...23:11
mdke(the page lists are produced using macros)23:12
littleAh, then you want something like this: {{{<<PageList(@PAGE@)>>}}}23:13
littleAnd this: {{{<<FullSearchCached(category:Category@PAGE@)>>}}}23:13
littleAnd this: {{{<<FullSearch(category:Category@PAGE@)>>}}}23:13
mdkeI don't really want to put code in the page, it will look pretty awkward. I've tried to clarify the language, see what you think23:15
mdkeI've changed the language again now, on reflection23:17
littleIt looks good, although instead of "you can add" you might want to put "you can use macros to add".23:20
mdkegood idea, done23:21
littleI just took the line out entirely on my personal copy. (:23:23
littleAh, excellent, with a link to help on macros!23:23
littleI think Technomensch still has some ideas for the Formatting page. Should we wait until we feel we have a finished product and then run it by the mailing list?23:24
mdkethat would be good23:24
littleBy the way, I got three of these in email:23:26
littleYou have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Community Ubuntu Documentation" for change notification.23:26
littleEach had this reference:23:26
littleThe following page has been changed by dtl131:23:26
littleI'm not subscribed to that page...23:26
littleWho do I contact to fix it? Or should I maybe subscribe and unsubscribe to the page?23:27
mdkethat's very odd23:28
mdkeis it possible the page was renamed and you subscribed to the previous page?23:28
mdkeor that you have a subscription to a regex?23:28
littleYeah. Two came on 10/24/08 at 11:57 and 11:59 PM and one came on 10/25/08 at 02:26 AM.23:29
littleI had done a wildcard subscription to CategoryCategory. Could that have done it?23:29
mdkedon't think so, no23:29
littleI have an NVIDIA, so I wouldn't have subscribed to anything with Radeon.23:29
mdkealthough, the page contains the word "CategoryCategory", for some reason23:30
littleI also went to the page while I was logged in (like now), and it says Subscribe to this page rather than Unsubscribe to this page.23:30
littleAh, that might do it. (:23:30
mdkethat must be it, weird though that is23:30
littleAh, that's from the DocumentationTemplate page. That's the example that used to be at the bottom of it.23:31
* mdke nods23:31
littleMaybe I'll put that wildcard subscription back on and then remove those links as the emails come in notifying me of them. (:23:31
mdkethat would be a public service, thanks23:32
mdkeI'm off, thanks for the work23:34
littleIs this right? CategoryCategory.* I forget how I did the link. It might have been CategoryCategory/.*23:34
littleAny time. (:23:34
mdkeno idea, sorry23:34
littleI'll try both maybe. (:23:34

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