superm1i'd imagine so00:00
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lukehasnonameMajor effing flaw in the alternate installer06:43
persialukehasnoname, More detail and less emotion leads to better response :)06:44
lukehasnonamepersia: I've spent all day trying to figure the problem and only attempting a Fedora install led me to realize the problem:06:44
lukehasnonameI was allowed to partition my drive in such a way that my bootable partition was on LVM06:45
lukehasnonameso it tried installing LILO06:45
lukehasnonamewhich didn't work06:45
lukehasnonamethen I thought it was a JFS problem06:45
lukehasnonameso I reinstalled with a different fs06:45
lukehasnonamestill didn't work, Tried installing grub from a rescue disc. Failed. Figured this might be some remnant of the encrypted partitions I had, among other things, and so I reinstalled both Vista AND ubuntu.06:46
lukehasnonamedidn't fix the problem. FINALLY I tried installing Fedora, which threw a warning when I put a bootable partition on LVM06:46
lukehasnonamethus I remembered that you can't do that.06:47
lukehasnonameSO might I suggest it be added to the installer a warning when someone has their /boot on an LVM, at least until grub overcomes that issue06:48
persiaYes.  You'd want to file a bug.  I'd probably start by filing it against partman-lvm, although it might be something else that ends up being the solution.06:49
lukehasnonameseriously. I resinstalled Ubuntu 4 times and Vista once06:50
lukehasnonameand fedora .2 times06:50
persiaI understand your pain, but there's no quick fix really.06:51
lukehasnonameif (/boot is on LVM) alert("NOOOOOOOOOO");06:51
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CIA-1ubiquity: cjwatson * r2922 ubiquity/scripts/install.py: sort difference set (easier to follow while debugging, and matches what I tested)21:24
CIA-1ubiquity: cjwatson * r2923 ubiquity/debian/changelog: whitespace21:30
xivulon_cjwatson, it occurred to me that the metalink.md5.gpg for mythbuntu has to be signed with the cdimage key21:56
xivulon_the mythbuntu guys will not be able to do that, but is it something that can be organized?21:57
cjwatsonno, they'll need to arrange to sign it with some other key, which wubi should trust if that's needed23:30
cjwatsonunless there's a metalink.md5.gpg built on cdimage.ubuntu.com23:31
cjwatsonI'm not willing to have that key sign things we didn't build23:31

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