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eagles0513875hey guys14:58
eagles0513875im setting up an ubuntu-mt channel how do i register it with you guys14:59
naliothfor malta, right?15:00
eagles0513875we have a wiki as well15:00
eagles0513875i can get you the link for it15:00
eagles0513875and also on launchpad15:00
naliothplease :)15:01
eagles0513875 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaltaTeam15:01
eagles0513875im on that list as well15:01
eagles0513875nalioth: is everything ok15:05
naliothwhat do you do for the malta team, eagles0513875 ?15:05
eagles0513875me the linuxmalta.tk i provide kubuntu related support15:05
naliothdoes the team want you to run the channel?15:06
eagles0513875nalioth: hope in ubuntu-mt channel there is the sean person who setup that pg u can talk to him on there if u like15:06
eagles0513875nalioth: to answer your question yes they do want me to set it up15:09
LjLhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/Coordination https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/CreatingChannels <- useful and important pointers15:09
eagles0513875ty LjL15:09
eagles0513875nalioth: is that a good to go to setup the channel?15:10
LjLeagles0513875: if the team owner is ok with that, you can setup the channel15:12
eagles0513875ok LjL15:12
eagles0513875nalioth: how do i get the ubotu into the channel15:18
LjLi'm afraid you don't, at the time being15:18
LjLthe bot is overloaded15:18
LjLyou can however create your own if you can host it15:18
ubottuUbottu uses supybot, which is available in the main !repositories, with additional plugins that are available at http://tinyurl.com/3s8roe15:18
naliothi just put ubot3 in there15:19
eagles0513875nalioth: ty15:19
eagles0513875nalioth: can i rename it15:19
LjLyou can also request a locobot logging bot to admin at ubuntu hyphen eu dot org15:19
naliotheagles0513875: you can make your own bot ( see ljl's link above )15:20
eagles0513875the 2nd one15:20
[NikO]what kind of feature you need on the bot ?15:23
eagles0513875nalioth: how do i correct this  [482] # You need to be a channel operator to do that when i run /MODE #ChannelName -mi command15:25
eagles0513875[NikO]: not sure yet but just in case i come up with a brilliant idea for a bot lol15:25
eagles0513875nalioth: its funny cuz im the one who created the channel15:26
LjLeagles0513875, you surely do need to be a channel operator to change modes15:26
LjL /msg nickserv help15:26
naliotheagles0513875: use the correct channel name?15:26
LjLi meant /msg chanserv help15:26
eagles0513875LjL: ya15:26
eagles0513875nalioth: welcome back to our channel same to u PriceChild15:28
Picitell Altairs about wine21:51
PiciThis isn't my ubottu window21:52
NafalloPici: you are right :-)21:52

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