patkohello I did cp /boot/config-2.6.27-7-generic && make oldconfig && make gconfig, and  ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support is not set, is it normal?01:37
patkothis was not really what I did but you see what I mean01:39
patkoI'm trying to find the good 2.6.27 config for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/18936801:42
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jdonggrr stupid kernel!03:04
* jdong just spent 2.5 hours compiling and patching his Intrepid kernel for a.... 100mW power savings.03:04
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snikkeri've got a problem with minicom and kernel 2.6.24. Minicom (with kernel 2.6.24) doesn't accept input from keyboard. how can i fix this?14:54
snikkerit's a kernel bug?14:57
Vuokkosnikker: I believe your device isn't echoing your input15:26
snikkerVuokko: no, i'm shure that don't grab the keyboard input...15:29
Vuokkothen it's propably minicom bug. So you have tried with other serial communication software?15:30
Vuokkoand the communication settings are same in every terminalsoftware and device?15:31
snikkerVuokko: minicom worked fine in feisty... do you know another serial comunication software like minicom?16:39
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jdongaww no sound on iMac 8,1.17:21
NCommanderjdong, we're working on a new ports kernel to help improve that17:30
jdongNCommander: ports kernel? for the Intel iMac?17:31
NCommanderoh, Intel :-P17:32
jdongyeah looks like an ALSA 1.0.15 ish thing17:32
jdongI didn't have too much RAM to play with it on the LiveCD17:32
jdongit was being occupied by a 2.4GB Ut2004 squashfs image17:32
jdong*cough* ;-)17:32
jdongyay compcache?17:35
jdongit's a shame Ubuntu disables the bluetooth HID proxy shortly before X starts17:35
jdongI had to actaully dig through boxes for a wired keyboard17:36
matjan_workhi, i am not sure if it is appropriate to report here but i installed intrepid beta on my thinkpad t61, and it seems that when i am on wireless, kernel panics occur (blinking caps lock light)...20:08

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