sistpotyScottK, TheMuso: announcement about "last uploads to intrepid" (or anyone else who wants to proofread)00:13
sistpotyslangasek: ^^ I included some (hopefully correct) notes about main as well, ok with it?00:13
slangaseklooks sane to me00:16
sistpotyok, any other reviews? *g*00:17
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persiasistpoty, Could you stick something in there about specifically extra-avoiding updates that will land on any of the distribution images without confirmation with the relevant release team?00:19
sistpotypersia: I thought distribution building will start only after the archive is frozen?00:22
sistpotypersia: or maybe you can just change the pastebin with what you're aiming at?00:23
persiasistpoty, Dunno, but as a tester for 60% of the universe flavours, it would make my life easier if the images didn't change that much more.00:23
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copproso when would it be appropriate to start bugging MOTUs about REVU again? I always forget whether the best time is after a release or halfway in between00:24
sistpotycoppro: after the release please ;)00:24
copprowell, I know to wait for Intrepid00:24
copproI just can't remember whether I should wait a month or two00:24
sistpotycoppro: one week will do00:25
copprook, cool!00:25
persiasistpoty, would http://paste.ubuntu.com/62262/ be acceptable?  It's mostly that if someone uploads the java plugin, I don't want it to break MID, and if someone uploads a new sound plugin, I don't want it to break Studio, etc.00:26
persiacoppro, I'd recommend waiting until after open week, as by then the developers are often anxiously awaiting archive open, and looking for something to do.  During open week, many of the developers are glad to take a bit of a break.00:27
coppropersia: oh, ok, cool00:27
* coppro hopes to finally have a package in the repos come Jaunty00:28
sistpotypersia: ah, I see... may I add some whitespace plus a small change? http://paste.ubuntu.com/62263/00:28
persiacoppro, You've got them ready, lintian clean for source/binary, and met most of the common objections?00:28
coppropersia: yes, think so. But there's at least 3 more packages that could be made out of the source package (different language bindings), so I want to get all of those made00:29
persiasistpoty, That seems perfect.  It's only about test targets, as just because something works in one place doesn't mean it works in another, and for the images, that matters.00:29
copprobut I want to get the rest right first00:29
sistpotypersia: ok, thanks for your input! :) sending mail now00:29
* persia waits harder for pam_mount, and anxiously awaits better tools00:33
sistpotypersia: btw.: what happened to ubuntustudio-menu?00:35
persiasistpoty, ScottK provisionally accepted it.  I'll get _MMA_ to back the call up as soon as he can get online.00:35
sistpotypersia: ah, I see... (just curious, since queuebot in ubuntu-release wrote "removed package")00:36
persia"removed package" means either accepted or rejected.00:36
sistpotyah, good to know, thanks persia00:36
persiaSomeone probably needs to teach queuebot to tell the difference, as it seems a common source of confusion.00:36
sistpotythinking again, it does make some sense (removed from queue)00:37
persiaPrecisely :)  It's just that the semantics aren't obvious to the casual observer.  "New package" was confusing to me when I first saw it as well.00:38
persiaAnyone feel like cherrypicking?  smc needs more than I can give it.00:43
* persia is somewhat baffled by Debian bug #502353, which seems unfixed in intrepid (according to the changelog).00:44
ubottuDebian bug 502353 in jhead "jhead: Security issues fixed in 2.84" [Grave,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/50235300:44
sistpotyzul: I'm unsure about bug #284762, if ScottK actually ACK'd it as ubuntu-server delegate, or just gave ack 1... any clue?00:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284762 in vm-builder "[FFE] ec2 plugin should be shipped as a separate package" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28476200:45
persiajdong, jdstrand_ What should happen to jhead?00:46
ScottKsistpoty: I thought I was acking a bug fix.00:47
sistpotyScottK: ah, thanks. wasn't clear for me from reading the bug00:47
jdongpersia: well the biggest problem with buffer overflows in all the parsers is fixed00:48
persiajdong, Not in intrepid.00:49
jdongpersia: I still have concerns with them using snprintf and directly-read EXIF fields to build system() calls00:49
jdongpersia: oh do we not have 2.84?00:49
jdongpersia: stupid me00:49
persiajdong, Nope, and we've an angry Debian.  See the bug above.00:49
persiajdong, Please fix :)00:49
jdongpersia: ok, I will test out the sync00:50
jdongpersia: Debian version looks good here; I will file a sync request00:56
persiajdong, Thanks.  Don't forget all the release targeting and getting appropriate approvals.  Also, please try to soothe the DM : having them mad at us for a bug that wasn't fixed in our repos just seems extra wrong.00:56
persiaEspecially because we're relying on their work to fix it.00:57
persia(well, technically they're mad at Canonical, but that's mostly due to ignorance, I suspect)00:58
jdongpersia: yeah, writing up e-mail atm01:01
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wgrantWait, are we being complained at for responsibly disclosing security vulnerabilities to upstream?01:50
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zulsistpoty: scottk acked it03:14
sistpotyzul: yes, thanks, he already told me :)03:15
* sistpoty must get some sleep now... gn8 everyone03:27
persiawgrant, Yes.03:29
persiazul, Comments on Debian bug #499282?  Do we need that for intrepid?03:29
ubottuDebian bug 499282 in xen-tools "xen-tools: must use hvc0 and xvda by default" [Grave,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/49928203:29
zulubottu: superseeded by vmbuilder03:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:30
zulpersia: vmbuilder is the prefered program these days03:30
persiazul, OK, so we want a release note, or we want to drop xen-tools from the archive, or we want to fix the bug?03:31
ScottKzul: True, but that doesn't make it wrong to try and make the other tool work, right?03:31
persiaIt is even a bug?  For hardy lots of xen stuff was different from Debian and we had lots of RC non-bugs.03:31
zulpersia: it should already be in the release notes under new features :)03:31
persiazul, It's the Errata that concerns me.03:32
persiazul, To ask differently : is xen-tools broken?03:32
persiaIf it's broken, what are we doing about it?03:32
zulpersia: i would drop it, it doesnt really work properly03:32
persiaPlease file a removal bug, and subscribe motu-release and the archive-admins.03:32
persiaThanks :)03:32
persiaAnyone have any suggestions on how to test Debian bug #298364?  The changes are from upstream, and targeted fixes to improve Lenny.  The package compiles for intrepid without many errors.  checkrdepends says there aren't any.03:38
ubottuDebian bug 298364 in gkrellm "gkrellm: lack frequency scaling support" [Wishlist,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/29836403:38
persiaErr.  Debian bug #49836403:39
ubottuDebian bug 498364 in soqt "=?utf-8?q?soqt=3A_The_examples_crash_and_the_menus_doesn=27t_work=0D=0AHi_St?=" [Important,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/49836403:39
NCommanderthe bot seriously managed that title ....03:39
persiaTeach the bot about encoding :)03:40
persiaNCommander, Space on your plate?03:40
NCommanderoh no, if I start hacking on the bot, months will go by, and jaunty+1 will be released03:40
NCommanderpersia, nope, my plate is currently is as full as I want it to be with wiggle room incase of $CRISIS03:41
persiaNot for that :)  Someone needs to cherrypick the fix for Debian bug #491590, and it's merged in with all sorts of other stuff.03:41
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Debian bugtracker: global name 'ls' is not defined (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=491590;mbox=yes)03:41
NCommanderpersia, do you just happen to choose bugs that break the bot?03:42
* persia has a special list of bugs03:42
* NCommander winces03:42
NCommanderBackporting fixes without a clear patch03:43
persiaNCommander, Which is why I think of you :)03:44
* NCommander is reading through the bug03:44
NCommanderpersia, it seems the segfault is caused by cegui vs smc itself03:45
NCommanderI could probably with enough force get cegui to build the misisng module03:47
NCommanderBut I'm not sure I want to force this into intrepid so close to release03:47
* NCommander notes that there is a chance of regressions since this appears to have been disabled for some reason upstream03:47
persiaYou think it's SRU material?03:47
NCommandersegfaults are classified as SRU03:47
* NCommander is currently reading through the changelog to make sense of what this maintianer was doing03:48
persiaCertainly.  I just try to avoid SRUs where we can :)  It's a judgement call as to whether it's something that needs the extra testing of -proposed.03:48
* NCommander looks at cegui's rdepends to see how bad things could break03:49
persiaSeems we don't even ship the soqt examples.  syncing because upstream is usually right.03:49
NCommanderwell, smc is the only rdepend03:49
NCommanderSo I guess if we break something03:49
NCommanderIts only going to break something already broken03:50
NCommanderMy maintainer just did the one thing to raise my bloodpressure faster than anything else03:50
NCommandercdbs's repack tarball function :-/03:50
persiaSee, this is part of why I suggest cherrypick :)03:51
NCommanderWell, I don't think the new upstream is actually necessary03:51
persiaThat's another part of it :)03:52
NCommanderimagemagick's API been stable for a very long time, so I can't see why that would FTBFS03:52
ScottKNCommander: Got time to look at another bug while you're here?03:53
NCommanderScottK, its a FIFO queue, so if you don't mind waiting03:53
NCommanderpersia, I think the maintainer simply didn't figure out how to enable the SILLY plugin build-depends03:54
NCommanderScottK, what's the bug?03:54
ScottKOK.  It's Bug #288931 and since we have an RC and upstream is releasing shortly, it'd be nice to give them a fix or at least a good hint.03:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288931 in clamav "clamd crashed with SIGSEGV in tcpserver()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28893103:54
NCommanderIs it fixed upstream, and just needs a backport?03:54
NCommanderor is it something more sinister?03:55
NCommanderpersia, ugh, I think we're missing libsilly in Ubuntu03:56
persiaNCommander, One way to fix the bug is to verify that intrepid isn't affected :)03:57
NCommanderpersia, intrepid is affected by this bug because we're missing the plugin the game runtime requires03:57
NCommander(hence the crash)03:57
NCommanderI think03:57
NCommanderpersia, once I figure out what the SILLY plugin needs, I can enable it03:59
persiaCould someone from MOTU Release please review bug #288978?03:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288978 in soqt "Please sync soqt 1.4.1-6 (universe) from Debian main (unstable)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28897803:59
* ScottK looks03:59
NCommanderpersia, ugh, this is UGLY04:01
ScottKpersia: Approved.04:01
ScottKpersia: You get to hunt down your own archive-admin to do the sync.  I just piled on StevenK a bunch.04:02
NCommandernetsplit :-P04:03
* NCommander waits for persia's return04:04
NCommanderwb persia04:04
ScottKNCommander: In your free time I'd appreciate it if you'd explain how you tested Bug 260642?04:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260642 in hardy-backports "please backport freevo" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26064204:07
persiaAnyone good with python & Qt4?  I think that for Debian bug #488041, we need to apply a patch from the BTS to qscintilla 2.2-4 and update, but I'd like a pair of eyes familiar with the technologies involved to confirm.04:08
ubottuDebian bug 488041 in eric "eric: Eric4 crashes at startup" [Grave,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/48804104:08
NCommanderScottK, errrr .... hrm ....04:09
ScottKpersia: For that one, nixternal is probably the best person who's likely to be awake right now.04:09
persianixternal?  rdepends seem small enough that it probably doesn't need to wait for SRU, and crashes are bad :)04:10
ScottKI have some vague recollections of qscintilla being picky, so I'd be nervous about touching it.04:10
persiaEspecially since the version in sid FTBFS, and so it's pulling patches from the BTS.04:11
ScottKI'm going to try fiddling with our Eric and see how it does.04:12
StevenKpersia: What sync did you want done?04:13
persiaStevenK, jhead and xmoto have the right approvals.  I'm still waiting for MOTU Release about soqt.04:15
ScottKpersia: jhead is done04:15
ScottKpersia: soqt is approved.04:15
StevenKBug numbers?04:15
persiaAh.  271020 still has ubuntu-archive subscribed.  MY mistake.04:15
persia288938 is xmoto04:16
persia288978 is soqt04:16
persiaScottK, Thanks.04:16
ScottKI saw jhead sitting in the build queue, so I know it's done.04:17
ScottKStevenK: It looks like ubuntu-restricted-extras could use accepting too.  I'd thought Hobbsee got that one before she left for work.04:18
StevenKI didn't see it in NEW04:19
StevenKOr it's in unapproved?04:19
wgrant13:15:44 < Hobbsee> oh, lovely,soyuz fell over *again* did it?04:19
wgrant13:16:10 < Hobbsee> can someone who isn't me accept u-r-e please?04:19
StevenKOh, right04:19
StevenKI see it04:19
StevenKu-r-e ACCEPTed04:20
wgrantSoyuz isn't hanging Launchpad again? How boring.04:20
StevenKAre you done using me as your proxy on cocoplum? :-P04:20
StevenKI'm not sure what was going on there04:21
ScottKStevenK: I need to have kaa-base backported to Hardy to fix an installability bug in hardy-backports.  I'm filling out the bug right now.04:21
* StevenK has never done a backport before04:21
ScottKThere's a magic script you run.  IIRC the archive wiki page has instructions.  Up for it?04:22
wgranthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration describes it fairly badly.04:22
ScottKAlternatively, I can upload it as a source backport and you could just accept it?04:22
StevenKI've had it explained, I've just not done it04:23
StevenKScottK: Bug number?04:23
ScottKBug 28898504:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288985 in hardy-backports "Please backport kaa-base 0.4.0-1 from Intrepid to Hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28898504:24
StevenKScottK: Done04:27
* ScottK notes that TheMuso is awake and can also be harrassed for motu-release acks.04:27
ScottKStevenK: Thanks.04:27
* persia appreciates that MOTU Release is spread over all three regions this cycle : it has made for significantly better throughput04:29
ScottKStevenK: You might want to unsubscribe ubuntu-archive from 271020 or it'll sit on the bug list with a bunch of open tasks that don't have any archive-admin action.04:29
StevenKScottK: Done04:30
ScottKGreat.  Appreciate all the help.04:31
StevenKScottK: Good. Now you can come to UDS and buy me beer :-P04:31
ScottKStevenK: NCommander is going.  He the one that owes beer for kaa-base.04:38
* NCommander buys ScottK a root bear04:39
NCommanderpersia,   smc: Depends: libcegui-mk2-dev (>= 0.5.0-2) but it is not going to be installed04:39
jdongNCommander: is that like smokey the bear only for security practices rather than fire prevention?04:39
NCommanderIf that does not shout bug, I dunno what does04:39
persiaNCommander, Yep.  smc is *all sorts* of broken.  That's how things end up in the RCbugs list.04:40
NCommanderDo we want to fix that?04:40
* NCommander assumes so04:40
persiaIdeally, we want a package that actually works.04:40
NCommanderI'm testing that now04:40
persiaNot necessarily bug-free, but at least not known to be an SRU candidate when it releases.04:40
ScottKNCommander: We want to fix everything.  We don't always get what we want.04:40
NCommanderpersia, two debdiffs coming up04:40
NCommanderpersia, Reason : Couldn't find matching GLX visual04:41
NCommanderpersia, do you have a graphics card that supports OpenGL?04:41
persiaNCommander, I can't do much with them.  subscribe MOTU Release.  Get an ACK, and get back to me.  Put the bug number on the RCbugs page.04:41
persiaI can test OpenGl stuff.04:41
* NCommander has opengl issues on this laptop04:41
NCommanderpersia, http://pastebin.ca/123618604:43
persiaMOTU Release : any thoughts on me sponsoring bug #261962?04:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261962 in twiki "Merge twiki 4.1.2-4 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26196204:43
NCommanderpersia, I'm going to see if I can make openGL do SOMETHING on this machine, BRB04:43
persiaNCommander, I haven't been able to route to pastebin.ca for months.  Please put it in a bug.04:43
persiaBother.  timing.  Anyone who can route willing to put that on paste.ubuntu.com or something?04:44
wgrantpersia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/62336/04:46
persiawgrant, Thank you.l04:46
wgrantMy routing to them sometimes works.04:46
wgrantToday was a good day, it seems.04:46
persiaIt breaks for you sometimes?  Would it be about 20% of the time?04:46
ScottKpersia: If it's technically the right fix, go for it (twiki).04:47
wgrantI find that more often that not I won't be able to get there.04:47
wgrantOr it'll take a few minutes.04:48
persiaHmm.  more often than not probably means it's not just Japan <-> Canada, as most of your packets shouldn't come here, most of the time.04:49
persiaScottK, Thanks.  Looking more deeply, I suspect I need to confer with sebner.04:52
ScottKpersia: I looked at it earlier and scratched my head.04:52
persiaScottK, That's about where I am now.  It looked tempting, but it can wait a few hours while I look at other bugs, and sebner wakes up.04:53
persiaNCommander, FYI : I can't reliably get to pastebin.ca.  Anyway, I have your patch.  Looks reasonable, but I'm curious how this fixes the smc issue.04:55
persia3 minutes just isn't long enough sometimes.04:55
persiaNCommander, FYI : I can't reliably get to pastebin.ca.  Anyway, I have your patch.  Looks reasonable, but I'm curious how this fixes the smc issue05:00
NCommanderpersia, back05:00
NCommanderpersia, with acceleration05:00
NCommanderpersia, the smc issue is that libcegui lacks PNG support05:00
NCommanderso the game crash and burns when cegui throws an exception about not being able to option png files05:00
NCommanderAdding PNG support magicially fixes smc05:00
NCommander(I just played through the first level, so it works)05:00
persiamagic is good :)  Now it just needs a bug report and the appropriate approvals, and a comment in rcbugs, and I'll upload.  Thanks for looking into that.05:01
NCommanderpersia, smc probably shouldn't depend on the -dev package05:01
* ScottK sprinles holy water on the fix.05:01
NCommanderThat pulls in a whole nasty chain of dependencies05:01
ScottK... sprinkles ...05:02
NCommanderScottK, no, I don't get normal bugs do I :-)05:02
persiaNCommander, It depends on why.  Sometimes people put odd things in -dev packages.  Changing the package split is probably more bad than having smc have a large dependency chain for intrepid.05:03
* NCommander looks at libcegui's dev package05:03
NCommanderIf smc depends on development headers05:04
NCommanderI think I'd run in fear05:04
persiaNCommander, Well, you check, and I'll watch you, and when you start sprinting, I'll know the dependency is correct.05:04
NCommanderLets just get libcegui fixed first05:05
* NCommander rather get the RC bug nailed05:05
persiaThat's the spirit :)05:06
* NCommander takes off sprinting05:06
NCommanderThat makes me said05:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 93961 in cegui-mk2 "Library packaging problem" [Medium,In progress]05:06
persia102 files changed, 11920 insertions(+), 7337 deletions(-) : Well, we don't need gossip to conserve bandwidth and CPU time anyway.05:07
NCommanderpersia, o_o;05:09
NCommanderpersia, do I need an MOTU to ACK my change before subscribing -release?05:10
* NCommander remembers what happened with archive and doesn't really care for a repeat05:10
ScottKFricking Thunderbird plugin works great here.05:13
NCommanderScottK, I'll test tommorow, if we can't reproduce, then the segfault must be some other crazyness05:13
NCommanderScottK, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cegui-mk2/+bug/288990 - care to overlook this and provide some sort ACK?05:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 288990 in cegui-mk2 "Patch to add PNG support to correct segfault in smc" [Undecided,New]05:14
NCommanderpersia, I'm going to guess that Hardy is also effected05:15
NCommanderScottK, do you have a Hardy box?05:22
ScottKYes.  My kids PC is Hardy.05:23
NCommanderScottK, any chance I can get you to verify a bug on Hardy?05:24
NCommanderhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cegui-mk2/+bug/288990 - mainly, install smc, and then see if it segfaults?05:24
StevenKScottK: Kubuntu?05:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 288990 in cegui-mk2 "Patch to add PNG support to correct segfault in smc" [High,In progress]05:24
StevenKScottK: Ah, and if it's Kubuntu, KDE 3 or 4?05:24
ScottKKubuntu KDE305:25
StevenKYou don't even give them choice of Gnome? :-P05:25
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ScottKStevenK: They get that at the library.05:26
NCommanderScottK, I'd appreciate it if you could test that for me :-)05:26
ScottKThe public library in the county I live in has all Ubuntu for their public computers.05:26
ScottKNCommander: the png thingy is ack'ed.05:27
ScottKStevenK: Besides, it just feels wrong to me.05:27
* StevenK ponders if his amd64 box will require 'all_generic_ide irqpoll' to boot05:28
StevenK(On Intrepid)05:28
ScottKActually I was at a new local Python interest group meeting last night and the presenter was using Ubuntu Hardy.05:28
ScottKI thought it looked kind of tired next to my KDE4 Intrepid.05:28
* NCommander has seen Ubuntu in the wild more and more often05:28
ScottKThere were ~15 people at the meeting and only two of them were willing to confess using Windows for their Python programming.05:30
crimsunScottK: yes, KDE4 Intrepid looks nice05:30
* StevenK has never used Windows for Python05:30
NCommanderAnyone in the mood to upload something?05:31
* StevenK is fixing somethig05:31
stgraberStevenK: works quite well if you like to ship 30MB of library and other stuff with your 1k python script :) (that was my try with gtk+gstreamer (cairo and all other dependencies included))05:31
NCommanderScottK, ?05:32
StevenKstgraber: Haha05:32
StevenKstgraber: libgtk on Windows is so horrid, though05:32
NCommanderStevenK, its not quite as bad as it used to be05:32
ScottKNCommander: Do I need to walk over to the box or can I ssh in and do it that way?05:32
NCommanderScottK, probably walk over and do it since it requires a GL terminal05:32
NCommanderScottK, you can upload the fix for intrepid instead05:33
StevenKScottK: ssh -X for the win05:33
ScottKNo.  I'm really tired, so I don't want to do any uploading right now.05:33
NCommanderStevenK, won't work for OpenGL applications05:33
stgraberStevenK: I basically had to ship my own gtk (+ cairo, pango, ...), then my own gstreamer (and all the modules), then python and some other .dll. But well, then I had a big .zip that once extracted was able to run my python script without any change :)05:33
ScottKNCommander: Does it matter what kind of video I have in the box?05:34
NCommanderScottK, it needs to support 2D acceleration05:34
stgraberthe problem is when you have gstreamer needing a specific gtk and the gimp on the same box needs another, then it becomes funny05:34
NCommanderstgraber, I realize python's slogan is Batteries Included, but that sounds like pure hell on Windows05:34
ScottKNCommander: It's an Intel 965 something integrated graphics card.05:34
NCommanderScottK, your millage may vary then ;-)05:34
ScottKSo if it doesn't crash that doesn't tell you anything.05:35
NCommanderScottK, it just won't run without acceleration05:35
ScottKOK.  I'll go try it.05:35
NCommanderthank you scottk05:35
ScottKsmc is the binary package?05:35
StevenKI'm sitting in front of a Hardy amd64 machine with some Nvidia card05:36
NCommanderStevenK, apt-get install smc && smc05:36
* ScottK waits.05:36
StevenKTrying to find a bug05:37
StevenKSo I can get ScottK to approve an upload05:37
StevenKI need to sift through the 19,000 messages in my inbox05:38
ScottKpersia: Are you uploading NCommander's png fix?05:39
StevenKScottK: Bug 28887605:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288876 in asterisk-spandsp-plugins "asterisk-app-fax is uninstallable due to conflict on libspandsp1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28887605:39
persiaScottK, I'm available to upload stuff : I'm happier if someone else tests right now.05:40
ScottKStevenK: Go for it.05:41
ScottKpersia: OK.  I'm just about to go collapse.05:41
persiaScottK, Sleep well.05:41
StevenKScottK: Do you want a debdiff, or can I take your "Go for it" as a "Just approve any fix you see fit" ?05:42
NCommanderpersia, I tested it on intrepid, but I think it also affects Hardy05:42
persiaNCommander, OK.  Missed that.  BTW, bug #28890 is against tzsetup and server-install.  Is that the correct bug number?05:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 28890 in tzsetup "timezones restricted to those matching the location" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2889005:43
NCommanderbug #28899005:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288990 in cegui-mk2 "Patch to add PNG support to correct segfault in smc" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28899005:43
NCommander^- persia05:43
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persiaNCommander, I'm approving the Hardy task only so it doesn't disappear.  Be prepared for motu-SRU to be annoyed if you can't trace it soonsih.05:46
NCommanderpersia, either StevenK or ScottK will be able to make sure it exists05:46
persiaNCommander, Quite likely : it's just yours to make sure that happens :)05:46
NCommander(its the same package versions of smc and cegui)05:46
NCommanderRight, I'm just saying its extremely unlikely the bug does not exist05:47
persiaThat's my impression as well :)05:47
StevenKScottK: Bug 288876 updated with a debdiff05:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288876 in asterisk-spandsp-plugins "asterisk-app-fax is uninstallable due to conflict on libspandsp1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28887605:47
ScottKI totally can't reproduce this clamav crash.05:47
ScottKStevenK: OK.05:48
NCommanderpersia, so does this also mean the patch is getting uploaded for intrepid?05:48
persiaNCommander, Well, it means I'm currently reviewing the patch with the intent of uploading it to intrepid.  I'll let you know if I find any reason to reject it.05:49
* NCommander nods05:49
* NCommander can't believe its only 5 days to release05:52
NCommanderWTH did October go?05:52
copproit was eaten by a halloween monster05:52
NCommanderI need to make sure my travel arrangements for UDS are up to date05:52
NCommanderSince I just got the last day cleared :-/05:53
* NCommander figures he tries to change it for an entire month, and then the day after he gets confirmed ....05:53
NCommanderStory of my life05:53
ScottKWell it looks like https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/6663 is a decent plugin.  Someone ought to package it.05:56
NCommanderScottK, it almost sounds like you changed your mail reader ...05:56
persiafile a bug against mozilla-extensions : that team seems to be mostly on top of things.05:56
ScottKNCommander: For the purposes of testing, yes.05:56
NCommanderScottK, I'm going to guess your a mutt user, aren't you :-P05:57
* NCommander runs05:57
ScottKNCommander: No.  Kmail.05:57
* NCommander uses (al)pine until relatively recently05:57
csilkIf an app ships with .class (bytecode) files with .jar files and no plain text source, is this app violating the GPLv2 under which it's released?05:58
persiacsilk, Not as long as it comes with an offer of the source : read the GPL.05:59
csilk.class files within .jar files05:59
* NCommander looks forward to dapper leaving desktop support in less than a year05:59
ScottKHowever offer of the source is not good enough to get it into the main repositories.05:59
persiaScottK, It is if exercised, and the source is included when uploaded to the main repos.06:00
* csilk reading the gpl06:00
persiaThere are a few packages like that in the archive.06:00
csilk"that you receive source code or can get it06:01
csilkif you want it,"06:01
csilkLooks like I need to check if I can get it then06:01
ScottKpersia: Is mozilla-extensions a package or a project?06:01
ScottKpersia: Actually that team just claims to do Firefox.  This is Thunderbird.06:03
persiaScottK, Hrm.  I'm just parroting.  It seems to be a team.06:03
ScottKI found it as a team, but just for FF.06:03
persiaI thought I saw asac tell someone to "file a bug against mozilla extensions" for a thunderbird plugin recently.  Maybe #ubuntu-mozillateam has a better pointer?06:04
ScottKI think I'm going to go to bed.06:04
ScottKAny last ack requests?06:04
persiaGo to bed.  There are other M-R people.06:04
StevenKReally? Who? :-)06:05
ScottKHopefully TheMuso.06:06
* StevenK prods TheMuso 06:08
ScottKI'm still here if you need something else.06:08
StevenKScottK: You didn't ack my bug :-)06:08
ScottKBTW, there are buildd's idle.06:08
* TheMuso is around.06:09
ScottKOh, you want me to actually mark it in the bug?06:09
StevenKScottK: Isn't that the usual?06:09
ScottKIt depends.06:10
ScottKI did mark it in the bug.06:10
ScottKUsually I go with vague mutterings on IRC that people can interpret how they like and selectively copy/paste into the bug to justify their actions.06:10
StevenKScottK: I don't, since I'm going to ssh to cocoplum and accept it06:11
StevenKScottK: Hence wanting your blessing06:11
ScottKTheMuso: Bug 274062 is looking for a second ack.06:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274062 in jd "[FFe] Please sync jd 2.0.2-080919-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27406206:11
ScottKHave a good night everyone.06:12
StevenKScottK: Night06:12
NCommanderpersia, do you need anything else from me on smc? (I'm debating lying down)06:14
persiaNCommander, Nothing.  Sleep well.06:32
persiaNCommander, uploaded.w06:37
persia50 files changed, 7151 insertions(+), 3091 deletions(-) : spamassassin isn't going to protect against images containing words as well as it might.06:46
persiaDoes anyone understand the intracacies of strtol() vs. atoi() ?  I think we just want the small patch from Debian bug #502072, but I don't really understand what it's doing.07:00
ubottuDebian bug 502072 in apt-cacher-ng "apt-cacher-ng refuses to start via init script" [Grave,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/50207207:00
persiaCould someone from MOTU Release please check bug #289008 ?07:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289008 in dansguardian "Please sync dansguardian (universe) from Debian main (lenny)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28900807:11
persiadidrocks, Good morning.  Do you already have a pet bug, or would you like to adopt an orphan?07:19
TheMusopersia: ACK.07:25
persiaOutstanding grave bugs reviewed.  eric needs someone familiar with qscintilla2, apt-cacher-ng needs someone familiar with strtol() vs. atoi().  There's a couple SRU candidates, but those can wait.07:25
persiaTheMuso, On dansguardian?07:25
TheMusopersia: yes.07:25
persiaThank you.07:25
TheMusoI didn't subscribe ubuntu-archive07:26
persiaIf I understand the process correctly, I'm supposed to do that, so no worries :)07:26
persia(it's now done).07:26
didrockspersia: hum, no, and I can give some love to one, if you want :)07:33
persiadidrocks, Great.  http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ has a list of all the RC bugs fixed in Debian for which Ubuntu has an older version.07:33
persiaI've been going through them to check to see if 1) they apply to Ubuntu, 2) We already applied the fix, 3) there's a reasonable patch that might get approved by the release team.07:34
persiaThe grave ones are all set : either pending, or I'm certain that we can't fix them for intrepid (or I'm waiting for sebner), but there's a bunch of serious ones that need investigation.07:35
didrockspersia: ok, so, the idea is to try to build the new debian version, merge eventually and check that everything seems to work07:35
persiaWell, kinda.  Take a look at the bug.  Sometimes you want to sync, sometimes you want to sync against a special lenny version, sometimes you want to merge, sometimes you want to cherrypick the fix from Debian, and backport it to the Ubuntu package.07:35
persiaThe idea is to verify we have the bug, and then find the way to fix it with the least chance of causing any issues.07:36
didrockspersia: understood. I will just take a shower first, update a chapter of my book and then jump it into :)07:37
persiadidrocks, No worries.  Thanks for helping.07:38
persiaCould someone from MOTU release please review bug #289017 ?08:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289017 in mumble "Please sync mumble 1.1.4-4+lenny1 (universe) from Debian main (lenny)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28901708:23
didrockspersia: I am back (I had an issue with my LaTeX didn't want to compile, but I win the match ;))09:18
didrocksso, I choose any bug without a commentary ?09:18
HobbseeScottK: i uploaded u-r-e, so...09:25
persiadidrocks, Sorry.  I was away a bit.  Everything going fine?10:07
didrockspersia: Yes, I am working on sympa ATM10:08
sebnerpersia: saw in the backlog that you said my name. did I miss something?10:08
persiasebner, Yes.  I need help with bug #261962.  From bug traffic it looks incomplete.  Leaving it undone would be bad.  What should happen, and why?10:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261962 in twiki "Merge twiki 4.1.2-4 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26196210:10
sebnerpersia: that's the question now. We are generally unsure what to do (there was a talk in the irc). So I'm trying to get other MOTUs to look at it (but no response yet).10:11
persiasebner, OK.  I'm looking at it now.  ScottK looked at it.  StevenK looked at it.  None of us are sure.  You've looked at it more than anyone else.  What do you think should be done?10:11
didrockspersia: I think that bug #190668 can be a side effect of bug http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=501605 in debian10:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 190668 in sympa "Installing sympa fails with password that contain unusual chars" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19066810:12
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Debian bugtracker: global name 'ls' is not defined (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=501605;mbox=yes)10:12
Hobbseepersia: well, nothing currently :P10:13
persiaHobbsee, context?  Is this a sneaky way of saying you'll help close the outstanding serious bugs?10:14
sebnerpersia: zitat james_w: Perhaps we are better off dropping mini-httpd support. It's not even10:14
sebnerlisted as an alternative in the depends, so you have to install apache10:14
sebneranyway. // We discussed that on irc and it's not a *graet* solution but to me it seems the best we have10:14
Hobbseepersia: unfortunately not10:14
persiadidrocks, I think you're right.  sync, merge, or cherrypick?10:15
persiasebner, OK.  Do you want to prepare a debdiff that does that?10:16
didrockspersia: I think we can merge (we only have one diff), but I am unsure about the 6.1 versionning (is . > u and so, will remplace the ubuntu package?)10:16
sebnerpersia: I can try but as I said we tried to get other opinions ... Another solution would be if I prepare an update for our version with just the fixes ..10:16
didrocks(to be clear, the ubuntu version is 6ubuntu... and debian one 6.1)10:17
persiadidrocks, Have you asked dpkg --compare-versions ?10:17
sebnerdidrocks: 6.1 is higher10:17
didrockssebner: ok, but I will try the --compare-versions as I didn't know it. Thx both :)10:17
sebnerdidrocks: welcome10:18
didrockspersia: I will proceed the merge so :)10:18
persiadidrocks, Thanks.  Please put the merge bug here, and solicit motu-release approval.  I'm happy to upload if approved.10:18
persiaErr. put the merge bug on the RCBugs page :)10:19
didrockspersia: ok, noted :)10:19
didrockspersia: I reckon this is a manuel merge, no use of MoM for last minute merge? (I am unfamiliar with this process)10:20
persiadidrocks, Yep.10:20
persiadidrocks, DaD might be able to help - it's better about not being shut off.10:21
didrockspersia: hum, the merge is very small there, so, no problem ;)10:21
persiadidrocks, Yep.  Most of these are tiny changes :)10:22
sebnerpersia: so?10:25
persiasebner, Your call.  Time to get more opinions is rapidly shrinking.  The fixes are important.  If you think it's better to backport fixes, please do that.  If you think it's better to merge and disable mini-httpd, please do that.10:28
sebnerpersia: you are right. At least I'll do something today xD =)10:28
persiasebner OK.  I'm willing to sponsor anything on RCbugs immediately on request for the next few hours.10:29
didrockspersia: I close the ubuntu bug in the changelog that we think is a side effect ?10:32
persiadidrocks, Well, test that you can break it with the unfixed one, and that the fix fixes it.10:32
sebnerpersia: kk, I'll do my best =)10:33
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persiasebner, Cool.  Ask for help here if you need it.10:34
didrockspersia: is there a simplier way to test an post* script without installing all packages (for get in further testing). If I try bash ./postinst install in the debian directory, I do not see any debconf strings10:42
persiadidrocks, you really want to do the install.  I tend to do them in a chroot to keep my system clean.10:44
persiadidrocks, Best practice for maintainer script changes is to test all of install, upgrade, remove, and purge.10:45
didrockspersia: I am in a VM with snapshotting :)10:45
persiadidrocks, VM works too :)10:46
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didrockspersia: yes, I got used to them and then go back to my last snapshot :)10:46
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sebnerpersia: I now decided to backport the fixes and a debdiff will be ready before you leave =)11:12
persiasebner, Thanks.11:12
slytherinpersia: First give back to Debian. http://packages.qa.debian.org/e/electric.html :-)11:14
persiaslytherin, Nice!11:16
sebnerpersia: Is there a way to get a Debian .dsc if it's a) not on the ftp-server anymore b) d.snapshots has this version not c) google cache also isn't useful?11:17
persiaMoM sometimes has them.11:17
persiaAnd sometimes you can reconstruct them from stuff on patches.ubuntu.com and stuff from launchpad.11:18
sebnerpersia: I'll try, thx11:18
persiaslytherin, How are you for time this afternoon?11:19
sebnerpersia: MoM had it :D but DaD not :\ . However THANKS :D11:19
persiasebner, DaD uses snapshot.debian.net like everyone else.  MoM has a special archive.11:20
slytherinpersia: I am sitting in office. :-D11:20
persiaslytherin, Do you think you'd have time to look at how Ubuntu should solve Debian bug #467486?  I've gotten to the point of downloading local kaffe, but got distracted first by the grave bugs, and then by being unsure how to best test the changes.11:21
ubottuDebian bug 467486 in kaffe "kaffe: Builds broken package with gcc-4.3" [Important,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/46748611:21
slytherinpersia: I have seen that bug. I think there were some FTBFS in Ubuntu due to broken kaffe. I don't exactly remember which packages.11:22
slytherinpersia: IIRC, the fix is as simple as compiling kaffe with gcc-4.211:23
persiaslytherin, That's about where my memory is as well, and doing the recursive test to make sure things work smoothly is the trick.11:23
persiaThat's the patch in Debian.  Do you think the same thing ought be done in Ubuntu?11:23
slytherinpersia: The first question is that are the packages that build-dep on kaffe are so critical that we want to fix this problem.11:24
persiadidrocks, You probably want to retitle the bug to identify the real issue (broken option parsing), and make sure to get motu-release approval.11:25
persiaslytherin, Well, it's either fix it now, or have it on the SRU list.  I think the more interesting question is "Are there any package that would break from fixing kaffe that might affect the release".11:25
persiaPersonally, I think we're pretty much settled on openjdk as *the* JVM/JRE for Ubuntu, so kaffe *shouldn't* be so important we can't update it, but I've not done the deep check.11:26
didrockspersia: is this one better, bug #289053?11:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289053 in sympa "Broken password parsing for sympa. Fixed in 5.3.4-6.1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28905311:27
persiadidrocks, Much better.11:27
didrockspersia: FYI, all my test pass successfully11:27
didrocksok, so, I will try to poke some people for motu release team11:27
slytherinpersia: My answer to more interesting question is "I don't think so". Most of packages use other better java compilers.11:27
persiadidrocks, Cool.  Please attach a debdiff against current *ubuntu* and get approval.  I'm happy to upload.11:27
didrockspersia: debdiff attached, search for approval ;)11:28
persiaslytherin, OK.  Would you have time to avoid the SRU later today?11:28
persiadidrocks, mention the bug here and ask.  I'm not sure if TheMuso has left for the day, or if sistpoty is up yet.11:28
slytherinpersia: Yes. I also plan to close fop bug today.11:28
persiaMaybe dktrkranz or norsetto can fill in.11:29
didrocksTheMuso is idle for 4 hours :/11:29
persiaslytherin, Cool.  Thanks.  I think your day will go later than mine, so I'll look for fop and kaffe in the morning if nobody gets to them first.11:29
didrocksDktrKranz: do you have some time to take a look at bug #289053, persia will upload it if you give an ACK.11:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289053 in sympa "Broken password parsing for sympa. Fixed in 5.3.4-6.1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28905311:31
slytherinpersia: sure11:31
slytherinpersia: Any idea if any of the help files used in Ubuntu use SVG images?11:36
persiaDunno.  I'd suggest asking in #ubuntu-doc11:37
didrocksI am giving a look at dhelp11:40
DktrKranzdidrocks, sorry. I was away for lunch. Could you please pastebin a debdiff between two ubuntu versions?11:41
persiaDktrKranz, Should be in the bug.11:41
persiadidrocks, *really* should be in the bug!11:42
DktrKranzpersia, it's just the ubuntu deltas11:42
DktrKranzI can figure it out by debdiffing myself, though11:42
persiaDktrKranz, When you're done with sympa, could you take a look at bug #289017 ?11:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289017 in mumble "Please sync mumble 1.1.4-4+lenny1 (universe) from Debian main (lenny)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28901711:45
didrockspersia: DktrKranz : it's in it, no ?11:45
persiadidrocks, That's debdiff against Debian.  Needs debdiff against current archive for release-team review/approval.11:46
DktrKranzdidrocks, this contains ubuntu deltas, I'm more interested to see which changes have been introduced by Debian11:46
persiadidrocks, The debdiff against debian makes it easier for me to sponsor it, but doesn't help the release team.11:46
DktrKranze.g.  pull-debian-debdiff sympa 5.3.4-6.111:47
didrocksoh, against debian, I read against last ubuntu versoin11:47
didrockssorry :/11:47
slytherinpersia: is 'mistake in debian/copyright file' good enough reason to sync from Debian?11:48
DktrKranzpersia, didrocks, I'll comment on the bug report, but I'm fine with it11:49
persiaslytherin, What kind of mistake?11:49
persiaDktrKranz, that's sympa?11:49
didrockspersia, DktrKranz : ok, the debdiff against debian is attached now11:49
DktrKranzpersia, yep11:49
slytherinpersia: One of the copyright holder abosent and wrong license version. GPL v2 instead of GPL v311:49
persiaslytherin, Yeah.  That's important.  If someone complained, Ubuntu could lose the right to distribute the package.11:50
slytherinpersia: Ok. I will file a sync request for electric then.11:50
* slytherin blames LucidFox for missing this when doing review in Ubuntu.11:51
didrockspersia: first debdiff is against last ubuntu version, and DktrKranz wanted a debdiff against debian (which is the one I added)11:51
persiaslytherin, How many rdepends?  That's a big version jump : you think motu-release will accept?11:53
DktrKranzdidrocks, I usually like to see both, just to make sure I can understand new changes and which ones we are carrying11:53
slytherinpersia: no rdepends. I could skip the sync and simply change copyright file.11:53
didrocksDktrKranz: Ok, understood. Thanks for the ACK. I hope you had a good lunch as persia wants to make you work hard :)11:53
persiaslytherin, Let's do that : it's safer.11:53
DktrKranzpersia, mumble ACKed11:53
slytherinpersia: apart from that rmadison says electric is not in intrepid. I wonder if soyuz ate it too.11:53
persiaDktrKranz, Thanks.11:53
DktrKranzdidrocks, not bad... rice and ham ;)11:54
persiaslytherin, It probably did.  Do we need it for intrepid?11:54
didrocksDktrKranz: thanks for the hidden advice, I have also to think about it, right now ^^11:54
persiaslytherin, Wait : I see source in intrepid.  Please fix.11:54
DktrKranzdidrocks, you're welcome :)11:54
slytherinpersia: yes, that is what I was going to say.11:55
persiadidrocks, Your merge debdiffs are eating the Debian changelog entry.  Do you want to reinsert it or shall I?11:59
* DktrKranz is going to review and upload LyX in a couple of hours (bug 253196) unless there are other interested parties willing to do it12:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 253196 in lyx "Bugfix upstream release of Lyx (1.5.6)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25319612:00
didrockspersia: how can I proceed ? by doing a regular diff (without N)?12:04
persiadidrocks, You'd have to reconstruct debian/changelog : you should include the Debian entry between the last Ubuntu entry and your new entry.12:08
didrockspersia: ok, will try12:08
persiaCould a member of MOTU Release please review bug #289066 ?12:08
slytherinpersia: filed bug 289067. Won't get time for some more hours. Are you free enough to take it up? If in doubt, you can simply copy the copyright file from Debian.12:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289066 in games-thumbnails "Please sync games-thumbnails 20080922 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28906612:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289067 in electric "Problems in debian/copyright file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28906712:09
persiadidrocks, If you get frustrated, let me know, and I'll do it.12:09
didrockspersia: no no, no problem :)12:09
didrocksdget seems to be pretty easy, I will continue just after12:09
persiaslytherin, I'm not really free except for uploading stuff already reviewed by others tonight : I'm a little tired.  If you still haven't had a chance by my morning, I'll probably push it.12:10
slytherinpersia: No. By morning I will fix it.12:11
persiaslytherin, OK.  If it's there and has MOTU Release approval, and isn't uploaded by morning, I'll fix the last bit.12:12
persia54 bugs still left on the RC list, and many fewer hours to hit them all.  Grab a bug from http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ and make a call.12:14
* persia looks at gammu12:15
slytherinpersia: for rc bugs, should we do sync or patch ubuntu version?12:17
Hobbseepersia: erm, how do I use that?12:18
persiaslytherin, Whichever is less disruptive.12:18
Hobbseepersia: do i hit demote to drop a bug to the unimportant list?12:18
persiaHobbsee, You review the Debian bug, and determine how it affects Ubuntu.12:18
Hobbseeah, yes.12:18
persiaIf it's something we *never* want for intrepid, demote it.12:18
Hobbseepersia: I figured that, it was just the "hwo do i get something to demote" problem.12:19
persiaIf it's SRU stuff, just say so.12:19
persiaOh.  Press the green arrow :)12:19
Hobbseethen I found the button (which unfortunately has no tooltip)12:19
Hobbseeright. :)12:19
* Hobbsee drops greasemonkey12:19
persiaYeah.  We're not doing the xulrunner transition :)12:19
persia125 files changed, 12405 insertions(+), 4915 deletions(-) : what are people thinking!12:21
asacScottK: persia: yes, the same team also deals with tbird extensions.12:23
didrockspersia: it should be ok now (bug #289053). I may have been tired to forget to copy and paste the debian changes12:23
persiaasac, Thanks for the confirmation.  When requesting new ones, does one just subscribe the team to a needs-packaging bug?12:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289053 in sympa "Broken password parsing for sympa. Fixed in 5.3.4-6.1" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28905312:23
persiadidrocks, That's what I thought : it was a minor thing.  I'll do a final build test and push now.12:23
asacpersia: yeah. that would work. we have the firefox-extensions "upstream" project for new firefox extensions, but nothing similar yet for tbird12:24
didrockspersia: ok :)12:24
asac(and subscription should be enough i think)12:24
* Hobbsee eyes xorp.12:25
persiaasac, Thanks.12:25
slytherinpersia: I will take a look at antlr3 later. It intriduces -gcj package and dependency on -jre-headless so in my opinion it is worth syncing.12:25
slytherinBut I have to make sure that it builds.12:26
persiaslytherin, Say so in a comment on rcbugs so everyone knows.12:26
* Hobbsee throws another one off12:28
slytherinjigdo might not be worth it since it switched from libdb4.4 to 4.6 and we have too less time to check if that change doesn't break it.12:29
persiajigdo is *so* likely to break things.12:30
* Hobbsee puts a lock on acidlab12:31
* persia uploads sympa12:33
Hobbseepersia: i presume these bugs vanish if a sync's been done?12:34
persiaCould someone on i386 please check to make sure Ubuntu isn't affected by Debian bug #446960 ?12:34
ubottuDebian bug 446960 in axiom "i386 build of axiom is missing all shlibs dependencies" [Serious,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/44696012:34
persiaHobbsee, After the sync is done, and the update runs, yes.12:34
persiaChecking axiom is just running apt-cache show axiom on intrepid.12:35
HobbseeDepends: libc6 (>= 2.5-0ubuntu1), libgmp3c2, libice6, libncurses5 (>= 5.4-5), libreadline5 (>= 5.2), libsm6, libx11-6, libxaw7, libxext6, libxmu6, libxt6, axiom-databases (= 20050901-9ubuntu1)12:35
Hobbseelooks fine to me, persia12:36
* persia drops it from RCbugs12:36
persiaWhat's the acidlab sync bug number?12:36
* Hobbsee is waiting for it12:37
Hobbseei left it waiting for input :(12:37
HobbseeStevenK: can you do https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acidlab/+bug/289078 please?12:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 289078 in acidlab "Please sync acidlab 0.9.6b20-24 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed]12:37
StevenKHobbsee: Probably.12:37
HobbseeStevenK: thankyou.12:38
Hobbseewith a bit of luck, it'll close all outstanding bugs against it, too12:38
didrockspersia: we are not affected by the dhelp bug as it has been introduced in 0.6.13 and the ubuntu version is 0.6.1212:38
StevenKHobbsee: Done.12:39
HobbseeStevenK: thanks12:39
persiadidrocks, Report that to RCbugs, and mark it unimportant :)12:39
persiaStevenK, If you're in a syncing mood, there are a few more in the queue.12:39
StevenKpersia: Tell me numbers12:39
persia289017 28900812:40
persiaThe rest seem to have been hit already.12:40
StevenKpersia: Done12:43
* Hobbsee kills another off there12:45
Hobbseeand another12:48
persiaStevenK, Thank you.12:48
Hobbseedie, RC list, die!12:48
StevenKAny thing I can do to help the list12:48
HobbseeStevenK: fix bugs on it?12:48
persiaStevenK, Sure.  Fix or reject bugs that appear.12:48
StevenKI meant, are any bugs blocked on -archive ?12:48
persiaNot as of 8 minutes ago.12:48
persiaErr.  5 minutes ago.12:49
persiaMore will become blocked by archive, but it takes time for review & test.12:49
persiaHobbsee, About xorp : it's currently FTBFS, right?12:50
slytherinpersia: should I demote jigdo?12:50
Hobbseepersia: well, we have binaries at the moment.12:50
persiaslytherin, Unless you think it's safe.  I fear that any jigdo update will break image distribution.12:50
Hobbseepersia: it probably ftbfs if built again, though12:50
slytherinpersia: yes that is what my opinion is.12:50
persiaHobbsee, Right.  I'm just thinking SRU, rather than maybe-sync12:50
slytherinit is not safe12:50
HobbseeStevenK: can you do https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/games-thumbnails/+bug/289066 too please?12:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 289066 in games-thumbnails "Please sync games-thumbnails 20080922 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New]12:51
Hobbseelooks safe enough for a release ack12:51
* StevenK motions with his hands that he had in fact, just logged out of cocoplum12:51
persiaHobbsee, Add the release ACK then :)12:51
HobbseeStevenK: that was silly...12:51
StevenKIf I stayed logged in, I might do something bad, like purge something -mid needs12:52
StevenK(But dislike)12:52
persiaStevenK, You can do that in two weeks.12:52
persia(or maybe three, depending)12:53
StevenKDunno if I can sit on my hands that long :_P12:53
HobbseeStevenK: gdc-4.2 too please.12:54
StevenKHobbsee: Bug number12:55
HobbseeStevenK: waiting on launchpad to accept it.12:55
persiaAnyone from MOTU SWAT about?  I'm not sure if the fix for Debian Bug #499421 is important enough to push.  I'd go for SRU, but it mentions security concerns.12:55
ubottuDebian bug 499421 in ecasound "ecasound: manpage contains garbage" [Normal,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/49942112:55
StevenKHobbsee: If it's quick, I can process it before the publisher12:55
persiaHobbsee, Can you do unapproved -> approved, or does that require shell?12:56
* Hobbsee taps foot, and waits for launchpad12:56
Hobbseepersia: i can do it12:56
Hobbseethat's one of the few that i can do :P12:56
persiaCould you push sympa?  Has ACK.  RCbug.12:56
* Hobbsee pokes it12:57
Hobbseeypu, that's gone12:57
* StevenK just syncs gdc-4.212:57
HobbseeStevenK: thanks.  did you find the bug #?12:57
StevenKI'll do it manually12:58
StevenKThere, beat the publisher12:58
StevenKHobbsee: What's the bug number so I can close it?12:58
HobbseeStevenK: ah, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdc-4.2/+bug/28908412:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 289084 in gdc-4.2 "Please sync gdc-4.2 0.25-4.2.4-3.1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed]12:59
Hobbseegdc-4.1 should also be synced, but there's more changes there somewhere.12:59
StevenKHobbsee: Bug nailed shut12:59
persiajdong, You're a reprepro person, right?  What do you think about Debian bug #442668?12:59
ubottuDebian bug 442668 in reprepro "reprepro: newer BDB" [Unknown,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/44266812:59
Hobbseei'm trying to figure out what they are, but debian (or upstream, not surewhich) has decided to go with a strange versioning scheme12:59
* persia chases roxen-fonts-iso8859-113:01
slicerAbout bug #289017; if I understand the mail I just got correctly, it was just updated from 1.1.4-4 to 1.1.6-3, though the request was to update it to 1.1.4-4+lenny1.13:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289017 in mumble "Please sync mumble 1.1.4-4+lenny1 (universe) from Debian main (lenny)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28901713:01
persiaThat would be unfortunate, as 1.1.6-3 wasn't tested.13:01
persiaStevenK ?13:01
slytherinpersia: looking at libxpp3-java, the bug fixed is some class loading conflict when using groovy. If groovy is the only rdepends that is affected then we should defer it till someone actually reports it as error i.e. in other words "SRU".13:01
slicer1.1.6 is the most recent release, and I'd certainly like to see it in intrepid, but I thought that broke the freeze policy?13:01
StevenKUm. I just pointed the syncer at it13:02
persiaslytherin, Just put "Needs SRU review" on RCbugs.13:02
StevenKI was assuming the latest was fine :-/13:02
slicerIt got pulled from unstable, which has 1.1.6 :) Lenny is frozen, or it would have 1.1.6 too.13:02
persiaStevenK, No.  At least half the syncs I've been filing were against lenny, as unstable has some new upstream.13:02
StevenKpersia: Then explicity state that13:03
persiaI did.13:03
StevenKIn IRC13:03
persiaAh.  Sorry.13:03
persiaI thought you were looking at the bugs.13:03
* persia checks bugs to see what happened13:03
* Hobbsee glares13:04
Hobbseethere are no good alternatives on this one, methinsk.13:04
slicerUhm.. I don't really think having 1.1.6 hurts us, btw. It's been used as a PPA for some time and there haven't been any bugs (well, not against the Linux side of it).13:04
persiaLooks like only mumble and dansguardian got hit by this.13:05
persiaslicer, No, but it's that our process broke.  We're all tired and stressed, and chasing a release, but we should have been more careful.13:05
persiaDktrKranz, Any thoughts?13:06
slicerpersia: I know it breaks policy, which is why I brought it up :)13:06
persiaslicer, Thanks for raising it.13:06
DktrKranzpersia, sorry... right back. What's the matter?13:07
persiaDktrKranz, We had a bit of confusion and pushed mumble and dansguardian from unstable, rather than lenny.13:07
persiaSo, we need guidance on what to do next.13:07
DktrKranzare there major differences between lenny version and unstable version?13:08
DktrKranzif they're minimal or nonintrusive, they can be suitable as well13:09
persiaLarge enough diffs that I didn't want to review them (>1000 lines)13:09
* DktrKranz looks13:09
StevenKHobbsee: Please look at Kourou in unapproved13:09
StevenKHobbsee: If you want to, that is :-)13:09
StevenKcprov: Can we unaccept stuff?13:10
DktrKranzsympa is fine: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18884642/sympa_5.3.4-6ubuntu1_5.3.4-6.1ubuntu1.diff.gz13:10
DktrKranzoh, sympa wasn't on the list13:10
HobbseeStevenK: don't think so.13:10
persiaNo, sympa went well.13:10
HobbseeStevenK: you could remove it, then sync it, though.13:11
Hobbseemight make the publisher blow up, and it's certainly not the recommended way to do things13:11
persiaNeed to do that quick though, before the next publisher run, or it leaks to user systems.13:11
Hobbseewaving the same package as we were supposed to get wouldn't be overly evil...13:11
Hobbseepersia: exactly.13:11
StevenKHobbsee, persia: That is evil enough that I'd rather not do it13:12
Hobbseeif done quickly enough, though, I don't think it'd be *that* problematic13:12
wgrantPublisher has run... it's surely too late.13:12
wgrantAnd once the binaries are accepted, you're screwed.13:12
persiawgrant, source is published : binaries aren't published yet.13:12
wgrantIt won't accept older binaries.13:12
Hobbseeother alternatives are epochs, etc.13:12
wgrantThe binary publishing doesn't matter, just that they're accepted.13:12
persiaHobbsee, Can't do that : these are sync packages.13:12
StevenKHobbsee: That makes syncing much harder13:12
StevenKI think we just need to deal13:13
Hobbseewell, yeah...13:13
persiaStevenK, So how does the sync tool work?  You just feed it a bug number, and it does it's trick?13:13
Hobbseepersia: a URL, i expect13:14
StevenKpersia: That, or it can be done manually13:14
persiaStevenK, So for != unstable, it needs to be done manually?13:14
StevenKWell, the tool needs to be told13:14
StevenKSince it will just assume unstabke13:14
* Hobbsee sticks a lock on ketm13:15
persiaBut the tool takes a bug number, rather than a package name?13:15
StevenKpersia: Right13:15
DktrKranzpersia, re mumble, there are some translation updates, several bugfixes and some non-UNIX specific changes. There are some new features though, but since it has no rdepends, I guess it's OK13:15
slytherinis there any automated way to check what all binaries soyuz has eaten?13:16
persiaDktrKranz, Thanks for the doublecheck.  I'll leave that one alone, rather uploading a revert candidate.13:16
wgrantSoyuz hasn't eaten binaries for a few months now, has it?13:16
persiaslytherin, I think britney can do that.13:16
Hobbseeslytherin: err...wouldn't think so13:16
wgrantIt leaves some around, but doesn't eat any more.13:17
Hobbseehm, maybe, then:)13:17
persiawgrant, No, it eats them sometimes, just not as often.13:17
* Hobbsee feeds soyuz some corn chips13:17
persiacomponent changes within publisher cycles.13:17
Hobbseeah yes, they're always good.13:17
wgrantI thought that one got fixed.13:17
StevenKI saw it happen recently13:17
wgrantWon't that just cause the build to fail to upload?13:18
Hobbseewgrant: I was thinking that...but i think it was just that people consciously learned not to doit13:18
StevenKlibgnutls13 got demoted to universe13:18
Hobbseewgrant: yes13:18
persiaI think it got fixed for arch:any, but is still outstanding for arch:all13:18
StevenKSo Soyuz demoted libgnutls26's binary packages to universe too13:18
wgrantFailing to upload is noticable, so doesn't count as eating.13:18
persiawgrant, For some of the multiverse->universe Java bugs slytherin was doing, there was no upload : it was just archive-admin action, which caused the appetite.13:19
slytherinin case of 'electric' there was no component change still the binary is missing.13:19
wgrantI haven't seen it silently inappropriately dominate things for a while.13:19
* wgrant looks.13:19
wgrantslytherin: Which is missing?13:19
slytherinwgrant: 'electric', source is present, binary is missing. binary name is same as source.13:20
wgrantThe binary is still published...13:20
wgrantWhich distroseriesarch?13:20
HobbseeStevenK: will grab you a ketm sync request in a min, fyi13:21
slytherinwgrant: wait, looks like even source is missing. I am talking about version 8.07-0ubuntu1 in intrepid.13:21
wgrantThe source was deleted.13:21
slytherinwgrant: why? when?13:22
wgrant(From Debian) RoQA; orphaned >3years, no recent interest, only meta-pkg rdepends13:22
wgrantBut then...13:22
slytherinwgrant: I updated it in Ubuntu - check https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/electric13:22
wgrantwhy the heck are the binaries still published, and not in NBS?13:22
wgrantslytherin: Then somebody blindly removed it.13:22
slytherinwgrant: and then I updated it in Debian as well. - http://packages.qa.debian.org/electric13:23
slytherindamn, now I have no option but to sync from Debian.13:23
DktrKranzpersia, re dansguardian, it has some adjustments, especially some related to ClamAV. Upstream notes it's stable enough, but I'd double-check it with ScottK just to make sure its rdependencies are good.13:23
wgrantslytherin: You can get the old one republished.13:23
slytherinwgrant: how? from where?13:23
wgrantBy poking an archive admin to copy it back.13:24
persiaDktrKranz, I'm off in a bit.  Would you mind double-checking with him when he appears?  I'm happy to upload a reversion if appropriate (or don't mind if anyone else does).13:24
slytherinany archive admins here? if not I will ask on 3ubuntu-devel13:25
Hobbseeslytherin: StevenK is (andi'm apowerlessone)13:25
* StevenK is hiding13:25
wgrantThe better question is why the binaries didn't show up in NBS. archive-cruft-checker has now lost all of my trust.13:25
* persia heads to bed to avoid more mistakes. Good luck with RC chasing, and I'll be happy to upload anything left on the RC list when I'm back.13:25
Hobbseepersia: would be helpful for you to send the link to the list, saying "this is what people should be working on" or something, too.13:26
wgrantMaybe stick it in the topic.13:26
slytherinStevenK: Can you put back 'electric' in archive?13:26
DktrKranzpersia, sure. Thanks.13:26
didrockspersia: I will continue to chase 2 or 3 ;)13:26
slytherinplease ...13:26
StevenKslytherin: I'm not sure. Where did it go?13:26
didrockspersia: have a good night13:27
wgrantStevenK: pitti deleted it 1.5 months ago.13:27
wgrantStevenK: It just needs a copy from Intrepid back to Intrepid.13:27
StevenKThat's hard, you can't copy from Intrepid to Intrepid13:27
wgrantAre you sure?13:27
wgrantYou can with PPAs, and I presume it's a similar setup..13:28
StevenKwgrant: Yup13:28
slytherinStevenK: removed since it was removed in Debian (and even though it was updated in Ubuntu).13:28
HobbseeStevenK: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ketm/+bug/289097 & https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/iodine/+bug/289099 please13:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 289097 in ketm "Please sync ketm 0.0.6-21 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed]13:28
StevenKHobbsee: Are they from unstable?13:28
=== persia changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Intrepid Final Freeze: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2008-October/000508.html, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess | FIX THE RC BUGS from http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/rcbugs | Next MOTU meeting: Fri, October 31st 04:00 UTC
wgrantSounds like we need a new upload then.13:28
StevenKYup. And I think you might be too late13:29
slytherinStevenK: This is bad. I put lot of effort in updating that package and getting it to Debian. :-(13:29
HobbseeStevenK: afaik, yes.13:30
HobbseeStevenK: kipi-plugins too, please..13:30
StevenKHobbsee: What's the bug number for kipi-plugins?13:31
Hobbseeoh, wait.  ubuntu changes, dammit.13:31
* Hobbsee has this vague feeling that she's made the changes, too.13:31
slytherinStevenK: wgrant: should I ping pitti about this?13:31
HobbseeStevenK: hrm, i'll need to check this further, sorry13:32
* wgrant files an RC bug against persia's rcbugs URL.13:34
=== wgrant changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Intrepid Final Freeze: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2008-October/000508.html, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess | FIX THE RC BUGS from http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs | Next MOTU meeting: Fri, October 31st 04:00 UTC
slytherinwgrant: StevenK: tell me something about electric. A sync from Debian is an option. Should I file a bug?13:37
* wgrant knows nothing.13:37
slytherinwgrant: where can I find log of removals?13:38
Hobbseefromubuntu or debian?13:38
wgrantslytherin: On the publishing history page of the source.13:38
wgranthttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/electric/+publishinghistory, in this case.13:39
slytheringreat, the package was deleted one month after the major version update. :-(13:40
didrocksok, checked done on mimetic. Taking some rest now13:57
ScottKDktrKranz and persia: From following the discussions in Debian with the dansguardian maintainer, I think we are fine wrt clamav integration.  The dansguardian maintainer is reasonably active, so without looking, I'd guess it's generally in good shape.13:59
slytherinScottK: need some advice. Is 'accidental removal from archive' good enough reason to do a sync? And would you approve that sync as motu-release team member?14:01
ScottKslytherin: Yes.14:02
slytherinScottK: Thanks, I will have bug ready in five minutes.14:04
LaneyWhat do people think to libanculus-sharp? It basically boils down to a Debian CIL policy violation (package with no rdepends renamed)14:08
ScottKLaney: Does the package also exist in Hardy?14:09
LaneyScottK: No14:09
Laney(at least according to rmadison)14:09
ScottKMake sure.14:10
LaneyI now have, it's not14:10
Laneyfirst release was in May14:10
LaneySo, worth a sync?14:10
ScottKHow big a build is it?  Since it's not in the LTS release, we'd only need transitional packages for Jaunty is we keep it.14:11
ScottKThere's a lot of stuff in queue to be built on the ports architectures, so if it's big, I think we should probably pass.14:12
LaneyHold, just doing the testbuild14:12
DktrKranzScottK, agreed then.14:13
LaneyScottK: The actual build took about five seconds14:13
ScottKLaney: In that case, I think it's fine.  It'll save us having to make an Ubuntu unique package for transition in Jaunty.14:14
LaneyScottK: Excellent - expect a bug asap14:14
LaneyScottK: Bug #28911614:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289116 in libanculus-sharp "Please sync libanculus-sharp 0.3.1-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28911614:17
slytherinScottK: bug #28906714:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289067 in electric "Please sync version 8.07-1 from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28906714:17
ScottKStevenK: Are you still alive for doing sync's?14:25
StevenKScottK: Upset at myself for not checking some, so ish14:25
ScottKStevenK: 268692 is from Sid, so it should be fine.14:26
ScottKStevenK: 289116 and 289067 have New implications.  I think they'd be good to do if you can from an archive perspective.14:27
StevenKScottK: I will, soonish14:28
StevenKScottK: All three?14:29
ScottKStevenK: 268692 is definitely good.14:30
ScottKLet me do some double checking on the others.14:30
ScottKStevenK: 289097 and 289099 are also good to do right now.  Both from Sid.14:31
sebnerScottK: you are totally right with boson but in this case I want to protect myself (here or in query?)14:32
ScottKsebner: Here please.14:33
ScottKsebner: /query OK, I suppose.14:35
sebnerScottK: ^^, so here or query?14:35
ScottKI'd prefer here, but am willing to do query.14:35
sebnerScottK: np, here than.14:36
sebnerScottK: I made the fakesync and yes it was working (I usually test stuff ;) ), the problem was that no one sponsored it for quite a long time and meanwhile there was this qt3->qt4 thing which broke boson. I tried to find a solution with kubuntu and debian-games guys but no luck. I also couldn't find a usuable/buildable qt4 stack of boson. besides last release was 2006 and in the last cvs commit (also for the qt4 port) is months, months ago14:38
ScottKsebner: Actually your problem was KDE3 -> KDE4, not QT as we have both.14:38
sebnerScottK: ah right14:39
sebnerScottK: just wanted to clearify that it was not my intention to break it and I hard tried to find a solution ...14:39
ScottKSo the fakesync built when you proposed it, but not when it finally got sponsored?14:39
sebnerScottK: exactly14:40
ScottKOK.  Please go slap RainCT around for me then.14:40
ScottKsebner: Also you shouldn't have left a non-buildable/non-installable package.  It had to be removed.14:40
LaneyIs fixing an FTBFS a decent reason for a sync now?14:42
slytherinScottK: about electric bug, do I need to subscribe archive team?14:42
sebnerScottK: Ok, I'm sry for that. As I said, I tried to find a solution for some time and then thought maybe debian guys will suffer from the same issue once they update their kde stuff and we automatically would get the fix then. I somehow didn't know what to do else ... sry :(14:42
ScottKslytherin: You aren't MOTU are you?14:42
slytherinScottK: no14:42
ScottKslytherin: I'm testing it now.  I'll take care of it.14:43
ScottKsebner: I got it removed yesterday.14:43
ScottKsebner: The trouble is that we can't do removals post release.14:43
slytherinScottK: Thanks.14:43
sebnerScottK: ok thx, I just thought that automatically the last working version would be enough14:44
ScottKsebner: No.  We got to the point where because of the KDE transition it couldn't be built and because of the library transition it wasn't installable.14:46
ScottKStevenK: 289116 is good.  It'll need binary Newing after it builds.14:47
sebnerScottK: ok thx again, I wasn't used to that kind of issue. But really I tried everything to find a solution for the non-build thing :\14:48
StevenKScottK: Still a little distracted14:49
ScottKStevenK: No trouble.  Let me know when you're ready and I'll give you the complete list.14:49
LaneyScottK: I think bug #289128 is worthwhile, but would like your opinion. Feel free to invalidate.14:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289128 in libconfig-augeas-perl "Please sync libconfig-augeas-perl 0.301-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28912814:52
* ScottK looks14:52
ScottKDktrKranz: Would you please look at Bug #289128 for a 2nd ack?15:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289128 in libconfig-augeas-perl "Please sync libconfig-augeas-perl 0.301-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28912815:01
DktrKranzScottK, approved15:04
DktrKranzI'm subscribing ubuntu-archive15:04
ScottKDktrKranz: OK.  I'm adding it to my list for $tevenK once he's not distracted.15:05
* Laney hunts moar rcbugs15:11
bobbocan we sync packages from Debian lenny, if they have a "xxx.xxx-1+lenny1" version number?15:13
LaneyI don't see why not15:14
ScottKbobbo: You can, but you have to explicitly request that.15:14
bobboScottK, Laney: thanks15:15
bobboScottK: re Bug #264735 would it be better to use this upload to lenny instead of the proposed sid package (which has more changes)? http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/procinfo/news/20081015T233202Z.html15:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264735 in procinfo "Please sync procinfo 1:2.0.217-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26473515:16
Laneyhttp://search.cpan.org/src/NUFFIN/Test-TAP-HTMLMatrix-0.09/Changes - what a lovely changelog15:16
ScottKbobbo: IIRC procinfo in Lenny is very obsolete and unlikely to work well with our kernel (I may be misremembering the package).  I'd test them both and see what works.15:17
bobboScottK: ok. I am running the sid version at the moment and not having any problems, but the RC bug concerned amd64 arch, which I dont have to test on15:18
DktrKranzbobbo, I can have a amd64 box handy, need some testing there?15:18
Laneybobbo: I can test if you tell me what to do15:18
Laneyoh, ^15:19
ScottKbobbo: Right, but Sid is 2.6.26 and we have 2.6.27, so it really needs Ubuntu specific testing.15:19
bobboDktrKranz, Laney15:19
bobboScottK: ok15:19
DktrKranzLaney, do you have intrepid? because base version of "my" box is hardy15:19
LaneyDktrKranz: Yep, it runs 8.1015:20
DktrKranzI'll leave up to you, if you don't mind15:20
DktrKranzwe need to test it with intrepid kernels15:20
* Laney nods15:20
Laneybobbo: Just b/i/r sid's procinfo and see if it works?15:21
bobboLaney: yeah15:21
bobboLaney: the current Ubuntu version segfaults on amd64 (Bug #217624), and sids should fix it15:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 217624 in procinfo "procinfo segfaults" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21762415:21
* Laney wishes for a pull-debian-source in u-d-t15:22
Laneybobbo: Works15:25
bobboLaney: thanks alot :)15:25
* Laney bows15:25
ScottKdfiloni: You're supposed to get the FFe for a new upstream before you upload.15:32
dfiloniScottK: it is a bug fix only release15:32
ScottKdfiloni: OK.  All uploads need motu-release ack currently.  Why do we need this then?15:33
DktrKranzScottK, I'm checking it for compatibility with azureus (and it's new binary)15:33
ScottKDktrKranz: Great.15:33
ScottKDktrKranz: I'll leave that one to you to decide then.15:34
DktrKranzmostly bugfixes and translation updates, though15:34
DktrKranzbut I'd like to see that azureus thingie before15:34
dfiloniScottK: new translations, it fixes a bug using deluge the first time, fix the desktop file to make it valid... The question should be "why shouldn't we upload it?":)15:35
ScottKdfiloni: No.  Right now we're getting into the territory where I have doubts on some archs if everything we've already uploaded will build before the final freeze.15:36
* DktrKranz is doing a hardy -> intrepid upgrade test on azureus in the meantime15:36
ScottKIt's arch:all, and i386 is in good shape, so that's not a particular concern for this package, but we are trying to be careful.15:37
dfiloniScottK: yes of sure, but I think this is not the case15:37
DktrKranzScottK, has it been decided final deadline?15:38
ScottKDktrKranz: Not sure.  I thought sistpoty wrote to u-d-a, but I don't see the message out yet.15:39
* DktrKranz neither15:39
ScottKDktrKranz: According to my IRC logs it'll be around Monday 0600 UTC, but there's a big language pack update supposed to hit tomorrow.15:41
DktrKranzlangpacks have lower priority, IIRC15:41
DktrKranzwasting buildd time is not smart...15:41
ScottKDktrKranz: Depends on the language packs.  For KDE we have, for example, no .de langpack at all.15:42
DktrKranznot built? or other issues? .de is quite important, IMO15:43
ScottKIt's a long painful story that involved the excessively complex translation process we have because of Rosetta, late template approvals, bugs in Rossetta, and some odd stuff new in the KDE4 langpacks from upstream.15:45
ScottKThere are a few others, but that's the most important one.15:46
* DktrKranz will be back in a hour15:50
StevenKScottK: I have 289097 289099 268692 289116, are they okay, and any others?15:51
ScottKStevenK: I have Straight syncs: 268692 289097 289099 289128 | 289116 will need binary New | 289067 will need source and binary New (but it just puts back something we already had)15:52
ScottKLet's see.15:52
ScottKSo all the ones you had are good15:52
ScottKI've accumulated a few more.15:52
ScottKStevenK: Your list plus 289128 289067  if I'm reading it right.15:53
StevenKScottK: You have syncs16:49
ScottKStevenK: Thank you.16:49
keesScottK: oh! are you coming to UDS?16:51
ScottKkees: Not currently planning to, no.16:51
keesScottK: ah, dang.16:51
=== lacqui_ is now known as lacqui
keesScottK: I wanted to get a brain-dump from you about filtering in postfix16:51
keesScottK: a long time ago, when implementing MIMEDefang, postfix didn't have "real" support for it, and I went with sendmail.16:52
keesI'd really like to switch to postfix and I was hoping to get a jump-start on the learning curve.  :)16:52
ScottKUnfortunately it's a week off of work I can't really afford right now.16:53
ScottKStevenK: lyx could do with accepting too.  It has motu-release approval.16:56
* NCommander lost the link tot he RC bug list17:28
ScottKNCommander should read /topic then.17:31
slytherinScottK: StevenK: thanks for processing electric so fast. :-)17:35
ScottKslytherin: It still have to get through New (unless he did that too), so no guarantees.17:50
ScottKStevenK: If it makes you feel any better about one of your syncs earlier, just had a user report the exact problem we were trying to fix and that the new package fixes it for them.17:56
ScottKDktrKranz: I just threw Bug #282146 your way with your SRU hat on.18:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 282146 in havp "chown: cannot access `/var/run/havp': No such file or directory " [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28214618:03
DktrKranztmpfs issues? again? gah18:04
ScottKYep.  Easy enough to fix.18:05
* DktrKranz wonders if there's an easy way to discover such bugs all in once18:05
ScottKI think we've dealt with most of them now.  They were really common several releases ago.18:06
slytherinScottK: who do I have to talk to about clearing it from new queue. I am sure I won't need any more convincing than just link to the accidental removal.18:06
ScottKslytherin: It's more a question of the time it takes and what other issues may have to take priority.  I'm hoping StevenK will take care of it, but he's got a lot going on right now.18:07
slytherinScottK: No issues, I will wait for one more day and if it is not done by then then I will bug pitti since he was the one who removed it in first place. :-P18:08
DktrKranzScottK, ACKed. If you want, go ahead (but it could be a good targets for some contributors willing to experience SRU beauty)18:08
ScottKDktrKranz: Please find someone.18:08
ScottKslytherin: He's not often around on the weekend and by Monday AM it will be too late.18:09
slytherinScottK: Ok. So I will bug someone here only.18:09
ScottKLaney: [13:59] <Riddell> ScottK: libanculus0.3-cil has no replaces or conflicts19:01
ScottKIt needs to do that or there will be trouble on upgrades.19:01
LaneyScottK: You mean Intrepid upgrades? I didn't think we had to do it for those19:03
ScottKLaney: Yep.19:03
Laneysure thing19:03
ScottKLaney: I need to head out, so please prep an upload and find someone to sponsor it.19:04
LaneyDktrKranz: Around for ack of the above? bug #28921719:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289217 in libanculus-sharp "Should conflict/replace on old binary package name libanculus-sharp" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28921719:14
DktrKranzLaney, I was just asking you, telepathy ;)19:14
DktrKranzLaney, have you already a sponsor? I can upload it if you want19:16
LaneyDktrKranz: No, I was hoping you'd do that too ;)19:17
* Laney high fives19:17
DktrKranzI'm not sure debian guys are affected, but it's worth investigating19:18
ScottKDebian tends to lean harder towards 'people running the development release should know what they are doing' than we do.19:19
LaneyWell I might as well submit it and let them decide19:20
DktrKranzugh, my mirror is not up-to-date... blame on Italy19:20
LaneyDktrKranz: pull-lp-source!19:20
DktrKranzalready done ;)19:21
DktrKranzLaney, has monodoc-anculus-manual any conflicts?19:25
LaneyNo, only the one was renamed19:25
DktrKranzok then19:25
lukehasnonamehow do we file SRU for universe packages?19:25
DktrKranzlukehasnoname, wiki.ubuntu.com/SRU has the procedure19:26
LaneyDktrKranz: Actually, I see that that package was added in the synced upload too. I guess it should also conflict.19:26
DktrKranzLaney, just to make sure, I'll try it19:26
LaneySeems OK to me actually.19:29
DktrKranzLaney, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/62571/19:33
DktrKranzit lacks monodoc-browser19:33
* Laney rolleyes19:33
DktrKranzbut it has no conflicts19:34
LaneyI guess I had that installed already19:34
DktrKranzI just run it on a fresh pbuilder19:34
LaneyDo you want to add the depends?19:34
DktrKranzno problems19:35
DktrKranzI leave credit to you for the upload19:35
Laneyas you wish19:35
DktrKranzLaney, ACKed and uploaded. Thanks ;)19:42
Laneynice work!19:44
DktrKranzI didn't want to manage it as a SRU ;(19:46
DktrKranzit's just me or Firefox homepage links to Ubuntu 8.04 content?19:48
LaneyHaha, just got an email from someone in pkg-cli-libs saying that the rejection email was sent to him19:48
LaneyI wonder if soyuz should only send them to ones with ubuntu addresses19:49
DktrKranzbut now he *knows* his package needs some love :)19:49
LaneyThey added the conflicts/replaces :D19:50
DktrKranzpoint them to my pastebin19:50
DktrKranzthey're interested parties as well19:50
LaneyI am doing19:51
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=== eagles1 is now known as eagles0513875
FAJhi wondering how to get a package added to the repositories?22:35
nhandlerFAJ: I would suggest reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages22:37
nhandler!revu | FAJ (Once you have it packaged)22:38
ubottuFAJ (Once you have it packaged): REVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU22:38
FAJnhandler:  what if it is not my package... per se?22:38
nhandlerFAJ: That does not matter. Depending on the application you might want to consider asking the application developer if they are planning on packaging it for ubuntu/debian. If they aren't, you can go ahead and package it for them.22:39
FAJnhandler: i was thinking about tryin to get wicd into the repos22:39
FAJthat is how to add the package to the repos22:43
FAJbut i think it should be a package in the repos.... nhandler can you help me through that?  this would be my fist time doing this, and the urls' you gave were a little confusing ;)22:43
nhandlerFAJ: It appears that there is an ITP (Intent To Package) bug on the Debian BTS (Debian BTS Bug #455325). David Paleino <d.paleino@gmail.com> is working on it. His last comment was made in February. I would suggest contacting him to see if he is still working on it before you do anything22:44
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 455325 could not be found22:44
FAJnhandler:  if it already comes as a .deb, then how could i upload it from there?22:45
geserFAJ: you need the source package (.dsc, .diff.gz, .orig.tar.gz)22:46
nhandlerFAJ: However, you can use the deb that they provide as a base22:47
geseroften projects which provide (binary) debs don't provide the Debian source packages for them22:47
FAJnhandler:  how can i use the .deb for a base?22:47
directhexdavid paleino?22:47
directhex2 secs...22:48
FAJok so i have the package already installed (per how the wicd site says to)  so how can i now get the .deb for it?22:48
hanskadirecthex: here22:49
directhexFAJ, ask and ye shall receive. hanska is who you want to talk to22:50
FAJhanska:  hello :)22:50
FAJi am trying to get wicd into the repos22:50
hanskaFAJ: here I am :)22:50
hanskaFAJ: sure.22:50
hanskait's in NEW in Debian22:50
FAJhaha :)  ok to me that means nothing ;)  i am (relatively) new at this, and have never uploaded packages before22:51
hanskaFAJ: :)22:51
hanskait simply means it's in the "NEW" (packages) queue in Debian...22:51
hanskait means that as soon as it finishes that queue, it will enter the repositories22:52
FAJin debian and ubuntu?22:52
hanskaand Ubuntu will simply sync from Debian... and you'll get your wicd ;)22:52
FAJoh haha ok cool22:52
FAJhow long does that normally take?22:52
hanskaFAJ: it depends :)22:52
hanskausually it takes not too long..22:52
FAJah as all good things doo :)22:52
hanskabut now Debian is in freeze, and NEW packages have very low priority :(22:53
FAJok cool awesome, thanks hanska that's really cool, it is really nice to have the alternative (especially when network manager doesn't work :P)22:53
hanskathat's been in NEW for 3 weeks now22:53
hanskabut there are packages stuck there for 4 months :S22:53
hanskafreeze-time is not really good for new packages to enter the repositories ;)22:53
FAJhaha ya hence the name freeze-time22:54
FAJwhen does debian come out of freeze time22:54
nhandlerBut FAJ, keep in mind, the package will not make it into Intrepid (which is being released in under a week.) You have a fair ammount of time to get it into Jaunty22:54
geserif it doesn't get NEWed before jaunty FF we can get it into Ubuntu directly too22:54
hanskageser: right :)22:55
hanskabut why increase the delta between we and you? ;)22:55
hanskageser: my (small) knowledge of Ubuntu release cycle is... jaunty -> 9.04? April 2009?22:56
FAJwill it possibly make it into intrepid-updates?22:56
geserhanska: we can use the package you (?) uploaded to Debian, so no delta (besides an changelog entry)22:56
hanskaI believe my package will end NEW before that time ;)22:56
geserFAJ: no, but intrepid-backports might be an option once it's in jaunty22:56
FAJwhat is freeze-time?  and when does it stop lol?22:57
hanskaFAJ: it's the time in Debian when we prepare a new stable release, and all (we hope ;) ) bugs get caught22:58
hanskawhen RC (Release Critical) bugs go down to 0 (ahah -- more realistically, under a certain limit) we release the distribution as "stable"22:58
hanskaI believe Ubuntu has something similar, no?22:58
FAJhaha ok cool.  ya it does22:59
FAJhow long normally does that start before a release?22:59
hanskauhm, months before :)22:59
FAJhaha how can that work if new releases (of ubuntu) come out every six months?22:59
hanskawe have "gradual" freezes... in March (IIRC) we freezed the "base system" (i.e. libc and some other base things)22:59
hanskaFAJ: we release when it's ready. ;)22:59
FAJo ok23:00
FAJok cool, so it's getting there :)23:00
hanskathere are still 27 bugs open, if I'm right.23:00
FAJin debian?23:00
hanskain Debian Lenny, yes.23:01
hanska(but I might be wrong, I've been offline for two weeks :( )23:01
FAJo that sucks23:02
hanskaI'm looking for some updated info ;)23:02
geserare the linux firmware bugs resolved already?23:03
FAJhow 'dangerous'  is the proposed updates in ubuntu?23:04
FAJi know that i turned them off once b/c it messed my up kernel-wise, and haven't reenabled it23:05
gesercheck the debian-devel ML and look for the threads about DFSG violations23:05
hanskauhm, yes, that huge thread :)23:05
geserFAJ: -proposed contains updated packages which end in -updates when no bugs/regressions are found23:07
hanskaaren't they tagged lenny-ignore?23:07
hanskaisn't that self-explaining?23:07
FAJhanska:  it means nothing to me :P23:08
geserthe discussion is about if the RM are allowed to tag them lenny-ignore or not23:08
hanskageser: yes, I'm reading the whole thread again23:08
geserI've haven't finished reading it yet23:08
hanskaI read it this morning (it took a while, really)23:09
ethana2has anyone here /ever/ seen ogle actually work?23:27
ethana2I suppose to nominate it for immediate removal from repositories I'd have to file a bug..23:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 289297 in ogle "I nominate ogle for immediate removal from Ubuntu repositories." [Undecided,New]23:38
ethana2in the future, is all the basic functionality of apps going to be tested in an automated fashion?23:43
ethana2..and if so, is it going to be tested for everything in universe, or just main?23:43
geserethana2: who is going to provide the needed tests to judge if an app works or not?23:50
emetgeser, what if the project making the app is simply dead?23:51
emetgeser, and the functionality of the app is already in other apps?23:51
emetI mean wasn't XMMS removed? XMMS actually worked. :P23:52
wgrantThen that would be irrelevant to geser's question.23:52
ethana2geser: it's dead.23:52
ethana2geser: sudo apt-get install ogle23:52
ethana2tell it to play a disc23:53
ethana2it will crash immediately23:53
ethana2It depends on OSS and it was last developed for like suse 823:53
emetOgle is old school23:54
emetI think I remember using it in like 2000ish23:54
emetThe last stable release was 1811 days ago23:56

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