mneptokMac_Taylor: from what has been said, it appears you are evading a k: line.00:04
mneptokthat is, as we say in the IRC racket, "way uncool"00:04
mneptok<3 subtlety00:10
naliothyou scairt him00:13
mneptoknalioth: blasphemy from a customer in Ala-gawddam-bama ...01:40
mneptok"You're good people, Kurt. Ya know, for a Yankee an' all ..."01:40
LjLhello is there a channel that works as outlet for frustration and i can whine, swear and insult random people in?01:56
Seeker`anyone had to do an online C test for a job before?02:34
Seeker`i have to do one tomorrow; am trying to work out whether it will be a "write code to do x, y, z", "find the bugs in this code" or "what does this declaration mean? how about this one?"02:40
mneptokLjL: try EFnet. that's what it's for.03:18
mneptokvbvirus: please change your ident before using Ubuntu namespace IRC channels03:29
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:58
geniiGood evening/morning/afternoon03:58
mneptokgenii: /msg NickServ identify .....04:00
ompaulelkbuntu, LjL pm?07:29
jussi01argh, I hate the million guestxxx niks...10:20
jussi01hi juliux11:14
juliuxdamn i missed ompaul11:15
jussi01he wil likely be back...11:16
Onefieldhey I am a newbie in ubuntu. I have just installed virtualbox and windows xp pro, but cannot find vrdp under settings i virtualbox which i need11:49
jussi01Onefield: support is in #ubuntu11:49
jussi01Onefield: This channel is only for Operator questions11:50
jussi01!idle | Onefield11:51
ubottuOnefield: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.11:51
jussi01bazhang: what do you think, violet is a bot? been repeating this for a bit... [13:49:48] <violet_> Q^U^R^A^I^^S^Y11:52
bazhangjussi01, could be, though the klien may indicate he/she is Chinese11:52
bazhangie the name klien@11:52
jussi01althought the -5 looks suspicious to me11:53
bazhangwill PM him/her if he joins again :)11:53
jussi01Onefield: please respond, do you have an operator/abuse query?11:53
Mez@bansearch bush14:46
ubottuNo matches found for bush!*@* in any channel14:46
Mez@bansearch georgewbush14:46
ubottuNo matches found for georgewbush!*@* in any channel14:46
naliothMez: it's a troll.14:48
Meznalioth: I know ;) I was just looking through to see where his bans were on here (know him from another channels banhistory, and just noticed some very... bad... comments by him in the QDB over there14:50
Mezand to be honest, I don't think he tries to be a troll... he's just an idiot14:54
naliothdeity help us if he tries . . .14:55
elkbuntuthat wikipage is comedy central15:10
elkbuntu#  In 2002 he spent £100/month for approx. 3 months on an unmetered dialup internet connection primarily in order to receive 24-hour streamed news from Canada. This was paid for by state benefits.15:11
naliothit's not the same guy15:13
elkbuntunalioth, you mean more than one troll tries to name himself after the current US president? no wai15:22
* nalioth is afraid it is so . . . :(15:22
ubottuIn ubottu, ompaul said: forget mikem*18:01
ubottuIn ubottu, ompaul said: forget mikem*18:01
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:01
ompaulsilly bot18:01
jdongin soviet russia, mikem* forget YOU?18:03
LjLi wish18:03
maxbaldwinWould having a google function for ubottu be a good idea?21:26
maxbaldwinI've seen it in other bots, and if ubottu couldn't provide help with a factoid, he could google it...?21:27
maxbaldwinThere's already a !google, but It could be replaced21:29
Flannelmaxbaldwin: It would be a bad idea, way too much noise21:29
Flannelmaxbaldwin: Also, all of the factoids have been checked out, etc, we know they're giving good information.  With google, that wouldn't be the case.21:29
Picimaxbaldwin: What wrong with that person actually opening up a browser and using goole then?21:29
maxbaldwinSeems that people go to irc, then google.21:30
maxbaldwinBut yeah, it probably would create more trouble than it's worth.21:30
PriceChilda bot can only send so much to a channel without flooding21:41
PriceChildand google search results are quite large21:41
maxbaldwinhrm, the one I've seen just sends the first result's link.21:42
PriceChildi can also see that being abused21:42
maxbaldwinWell, yeah.21:45
PriceChildstarscalling in -kde4.... for a minute i thought he was saying that in -devel and was a little scared22:03
Flannelmaxbaldwin: anything else we can help you with?22:03
jussi01maxbaldwin: we have thought about that before, and supybot has a plugin for it, just we have chosen not to implement it22:04
maxbaldwinFlannel: Nope, I'm good.22:18
FlannelWhy are bots not echoing here?22:33
PriceChildFlannel: not echoing what? ops calls?22:34
FlannelPriceChild: yeah22:34
PriceChildI don't see any bans or mutes in place.22:36
naliothFlannel: ubot3 doesn't echo anything in here except requests for factoids and is not in #ubuntu or #kubuntu to echo !ops calls from those places22:37
Flannelnalioth: Floodbots usually echo ops calls here.... hmmm, no floodbots here.22:38
FlannelOr is it ubotu who does? I don't remember22:38
PiciFlannel: Its ubottu22:38
FlannelEither way, it's not happening currently.22:38
PiciI'm pretty sure we mentioned this the other day22:38
FlannelPici: I know I mentioned it the other day, but did I miss some announcement?22:39
FlannelHow its not happening anymore or something?22:39
PiciFlannel: I think jussi01 was looking into it... or I'm making this up.22:40
Picior stid22:40
Picistdin, rather22:40
Flanneleither way, they're both pinged now, so hopefully it'll get sorted.22:41
jussi01yeah, I forgot to look, looking now, if I could just remember the variable name...22:42
jussi01is it only in -ops monitor? or other places also?22:46
jussi01this is quite weird22:47
Flanneljussi01: #ubuntu as well22:49
Flanneljussi01: Or at least, I've noticed the lack of it happeniing in -monitor and #u22:49
Q-BotSo I screwed up when I tried to register this account, and sent it to the wrong email23:22
Q-Botand now it won't let me change it23:23
Q-Botcan anyone help me?23:23
FlannelQ-Bot: you need freenode staff, try #freenode and http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#helpfromstaff23:23
=== Q-Bot is now known as maxbaldwin

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