bonez45is there any downside , other than space taken up, by installing things like Xserver-xorg on an Ubuntu server box?01:19
bonez45I am learning my way around, but I think it'd be easier to manage, with some of the GUI tools I know better.. than the command prompt...01:20
Eeyore-Jrhi.  i'm running ltsp server/client structure, and wondered if it was possible to play chromium?02:08
Eeyore-Jrthere is ltsp server which provides for centralized login services, /home directories, and program management.  is there another way to achieve this function?02:24
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bonez45How can I get X to load up.. I installed gdm which installed a host of other files. and I installed xserver-xorg on my server....and i know it installed X11 too.. but I can't get it to boot up and load the GUI.. what am I missing here?03:05
ubottuUbuntu server does not install a desktop environment or X11 by default in order to enhance security, efficiency and performance.  !eBox provides a GUI system management option via a web interface.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI for more background and options.03:06
sommerbonez45: that link should get you going03:06
bonez45thanks... sommer03:07
Eeyore-Jrhow does one use ebox?03:10
bonez45sommer: ebox, eh? do you use that? I don't want to compromise this new server... so I'll try ebox..03:11
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/03:11
sommerthere's a section in the serverguide about ebox03:11
sommerbasically sudo apt-get install ebox, then go to https://servername03:12
sommerebox has multiple modules to handle varius server applications03:12
bonez45sommer: the install for ebox is run on the server machine right?03:13
Eeyore-Jrserver name as in localhost?03:13
Eeyore-Jrah, nm, https03:13
sommerbonez45: yep03:13
sommerEeyore-Jr: it'll be localhost if you're accessing on the machine you've installed box on03:13
Eeyore-Jrhrm, can't get there03:14
Eeyore-Jrwith localhost.  did "sudo aptitude install ebox"03:14
sommermmm, you might try the ip then03:14
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sommeror the hostname03:15
bonez45sommer: I have ebox installed and I have even logged in to it..03:41
bonez45but the interface has none of the features, mentioned in the documentation.03:41
bonez45could I have installed it incorrectly?03:41
sommerbonez45: which modules do you have installed?03:42
sommerthe default doesn't do much, but depending on what type of server would dictate which ones you'll want to install03:42
bonez45I haven't installed any, nor does the interface show any that I can..03:42
sommerapt-cache search ebox will give you a list03:42
bonez45well, I need printing, and samba.. and file server.....03:43
sommerbonez45: you'll need to use the cli to install the others03:43
bonez45oh, so I have to install those.. manually .. ok03:43
sommernewer versions of ebox will allow you to install additional modules from the web interface03:43
sommerat least that's how I understand it :)03:43
bonez45sommer: lots to learn with this..03:47
sommerya, it's best to run it on a test machine to learn the ropes03:47
bonez45this is a test machine.. it's not production anything03:48
bonez45if I get it working, and can hook up all my printers to it.. and scanner, and other stuff.. and have it serve it all up.. I'll be happy..03:48
bonez45I want to move my email server.. and apache2 to it too03:48
bonez45my needs are modest at this point...03:49
sommershould be able to do most of that... not sure of the scanner though03:49
sommerdon't have one myself03:49
jarrettwoldHey I've got a quick question about building mcrypt.  I have all dependencies built.  however when I run configure I get "checking for mhash_keygen in -lmhash....no   ideas?04:53
Tumiemy server doesn't connects with the router11:22
Tumiei think some settings are wrong..11:22
Tumiedoes anybody know what i should do if the server doesn't connects with router??11:24
uvirtbotNew bug: #289060 in bind9 (main) "named bind9 apparmor profile error " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28906012:02
J-_Can I increase the memory_limit for php higher than 16mb? Will it affect anything?12:45
Weasel[DK]J-_, yes, it will affect you php applications...;)  config is normally located here -> /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini13:33
sandstromI wanted to allow my server to lookup hostnames. Tried this: ufw allow domain13:56
sandstromWhich results in the following rules: 53:tcp ALLOW  Anywhere & 53:udp ALLOW  Anywhere13:57
sandstromWhich, to me, is allowing the server do receive data on port 53, but not to send.13:58
sandstromHow can I solve this?13:58
J-_Weasel[DK]:  thank you thank you. :D What should I increase it to? I only have 256mb RAM. If that's dependant of the RAM?14:27
Weasel[DK]J-_, depends what your application needs.. if applications need more RAM than available the it starts swapping.... but that is slow...14:31
Weasel[DK]J-_, try 64 an see if your app will run14:32
J-_Well, I'm using wordpress. I already have it up to 32M and it runs, still quite slow though. But, that could be my internet connection being crappiola14:34
J-_is it proper that mysqld is running at 7.3 CPU percentage?14:38
J-_seems kind of odd14:38
J-_it's not doing anything14:38
sandstromJ-_: same for me14:41
sandstromon a default installation14:41
J-_So I guess it's normal?14:41
J-_Must be :)14:41
J-_Weasel[DK]:  64M is a lot better :D14:46
Weasel[DK]Great :)14:47
sandstromJ-_: I was wrong, it's the memory that stays around 7%, CPU is 0 by default.14:59
* J-_ shrugs. This is probably the best it'll work unless I use something equivalent to apache like lighttpc or whatever the heck it is :)15:06
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keithclarkI get the following errors when trying to start dansguardian...any ideas on how to correct? http://www.pastebin.ca/123649916:37
ScottKWhich release are you on?16:39
ScottKkeithclark: We just sync'ed a new version with a fix for that a few hours ago.  Wait for it to build and hit the mirrors and upgrade.16:50
keithclarkScottK, Excellent and thanks!16:50
keithclarkScottK, will that be an automatic update, or will I have to go in and reinstall dansguardian angain?16:51
ScottKShould be a regular update.16:52
keithclarkGreat, thanks again.16:52
keithclarkScottK, downloaded dansguardian update and all is working again just fine.  Thanks.17:55
sorenkees: For filtering in postfix, I pretty much just installed amavisd-new and followed its instructions for integration with postfix, installed clamav and spamassassin, and enabled virus and spam filtering in amavisd. I think that was all.18:03
mawdoes anyone use solidcore file integrity monitoring with Server 8.04?18:54
glukiany body can help me with ubuntu server 8.04 + LAMP  + ispconfig + oracle???20:07
osmosisany way to force a reboot when the reboot command doesn't work?21:15
Stephen|SFLCpower button :P21:18
azteechhave you tried "shutdown" from a terminal window?21:19
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cpumanazHello, is there a way to install ubuntu-server from the live CD?21:59
cpumanazI was not able to get my fake-raid working without it, but do not want all the extras of the desktop version.21:59
sommercpumanaz: here's some instructions for intrepid: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html22:04
cpumanazthank you sommer. I'm having a hard time, and am just lost at this point. I couldn't get the dm-raid4-5 module to load correctly with the ash shell in the alternate install, and I couldn't do the server from the destkop live cd install.22:06
sommercpumanaz: I'd recommend using the server iso cd22:07
sommerat least I've never had an issue with it :022:07
cpumanazI'm trying to dual-boot which is why I would prefer dmraid but I can try the alternate, that is a good article and it goes over many of my concerns22:08
sommercool, if anything is unclear or incorrect feel free to file a but against the ubuntu serverguide22:09
sommererr bug22:09
cpumanazI think dmraid may be just a bit immature, or did not have good community involvement to work well in intrepid, it's there but not perfect and may have to wait till next spring.22:10
sommeris dmraid different from software raid22:10
RachedTNhello every body, I have asterik installed on debian and it works perfect, so I tried asterisk on Ubuntu server 8.04 but it doesn't work correctly, did any body knows what are the right versions of libpri+zaptel+asterisk that works on ubuntu ?22:10
sommerI guess I assumed you were talking about the raid software raid optin22:11
cpumanazIt is software, but looks like it may be more commonly refered to as "fakeraid"22:11
sommerthe raid available in the kernel?22:12
sommeror more specifically managed by mdadm?22:12
cpumanazit's not in the live cd22:16
cpumanazyou have to install dmraid package and modprobe dm-raid4-5 before you can dmraid -ay to activate it22:17
cpumanazonce done the installer will see your fakeraid partitions22:17
sommerya, the live cd doesn't have advanced disk options because gparted doesn't support it that well... or something like that, from what I underdatand22:17
sommererr understand22:17
cpumanazI'm not sure how to get the server CD to do those things because it's not designed to be a live installer.22:18
sommerright it's a menu driven approach, but the link I posted earlier should walk you through the process22:19
sommerit may take a couple of installs before you have it down though22:19
sommerat least every time I try new disk layout options I end up doing it more than one :-)22:19
cpumanazI think I'll go that way, I did try once  setting all 3 drives to RAID type and then creating 1 raid device22:20
cpumanazIt would only let me put 1 partition on it22:20
azteechcpumanaz: server cd is also menu driven, because it doesn't include GUI's out of the box. Not that they can't be installed, but are not included on the cd ...22:20
cpumanazI'm not familiar enough with the limited console to do those things22:20
cpumanazI know it uses an ash shell, and the installed environment is different including some commands I'm used to not being installed.22:21
cpumanazI think sommer is onto the right Idea22:22
cpumanazWhat I found when creating drives that way is it could not install the boot loader22:22
cpumanazDo I need to have a non raid partition set as /boot?22:22
cpumanazif so, how can the system truely be redundant?22:22
azteechcpumanaz: agreed, sommer has definetly pointed you onto the right direction ...22:23
azteechdon't believe you need to have a non-RAID partition set up - if you did that, I believe you would defeat the purpose of RAID ....22:25
cpumanazokay I'll try this again22:27
cpumanazThis is something good to learn22:27
azteechyep :)22:28
azteechany further problems, you can always come back here for more help :)22:28
cpumanazokay changed back to ACHI22:32
centaur5If I deleted the compat entries and replaced them with ldap in nsswitch.conf and can't get to root login from rescue mode is that machine screwed?22:33
thepeonI was wondering if anyone can help with a proxy gateway problem??22:34
thepeonI am trying to set my server up as a firewall.  My other linux box on the system can get to the internet with no problems, but my vista laptop is having dificulties22:36
cpumanazOkay, I now have sda,sdb,sdc  3 primary partitions on ech22:42
cpumanazokay going to configure raid with the 9 partitions22:43
azteechcpumanaz: good luck :)22:45
cpumanazthat's much easier I've got the mount points and the raid partitions, now let's see how install goes22:51
cpumanazI got a warning about rebooting because the kernel does not know about my raid partitons23:10
cpumanazat what point is it safe to do so?23:10
cpumanazit immediately went to formatting23:10
avri210984Hi guys i have a problem with postfix configuration23:12
avri210984is anyone available to help ?23:12
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)23:18
avri210984When I run sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix23:21
avri210984when it asks for a local address extention I tried + and anything else i could think of but it still gives me an error and it dosent create the mail.cf file :(23:22
avri210984it tells me that its a bad recipient delimiter23:23
cpumanazazteech: The install finished without error, but I don't believe it's locating grub.23:25
riddleboxis there a default firewall that is installed in server?23:28
hadsufw is installed by default I believe23:29
hadsBut nothing is blocked by default if that is what you are asking.23:29
riddleboxhads, yeah I installed asterisk on it, and I cannot get a sip client from the net to connect but local clients can23:30
hadsQuite possibly an Asterisk config issue.23:30
riddleboxhads, I have everything setup "correctly" and my router firewall has been forwarded and it all worked, before...23:31
cpumanazazteech: I believe if your going to do software raid, your /boot has to be on one of the drives (not in a raid)23:39
cpumanazIt  won't boot for me23:40
cpumanazThe only thing I can think of is to take the /boot out of the array23:42
cpumanazI can duplicate it on all 3 drives23:43
cpumanazbut any kernel updates will only happen once place so again, not redundant23:43
cpumanazIs there a linux raid channel?23:43
cpumanazthe only crappy option I have now is using Alpha 6 live CD, and my fakeraid23:44
cpumanazinstall and then upgrade and start removing crap23:44
cpumanazbecause I happen to have one of those nvidia cards :P23:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #289299 in samba (main) "winbind (samba 3.2) does not populate pw_gecos information for domain users" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28929923:51

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