Slackbzou: my problem is solved, thank you anyways00:00
liquidTom_Davis: Is there away to reinstall or check the imlib2?00:00
D3JAVUi wont to generate00:00
dulakkansan: it should be fairly simple to do, and any of the long time users in here can help with any problems you run into00:00
D3JAVUfrom dvd00:00
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:00
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Stormx2m-m-m-m-monster kill00:00
Tom_Davisliquid: sudo apt-get purge libimlib2 then sudo apt-get install libimlib200:00
steve_any one know what i can do to get a happauge win-tv q950 usb adapter to work with me tv?00:00
Tom_Davisliquid did you get that?00:00
stevenw9Okay, someone PLEASE help me with my GeForce 8200, I can't use most of my programs atm without some graphics acceleration >.<00:01
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bzouslack : where do you work at this time ? 23:00 GMT ?00:01
liquidTom_Davis: Yeah I got it already did it and same error00:01
ballzeei think this 8.10 hates me00:01
steve_I am getting this error here are no usable channels in the channels.conf file.00:01
sabauamein problem mit java und firefox istz gelöst, dank "icedtea" / my problem with firefox and java is solved, thanks to "icedtea"!00:01
liquidTom_Davis: Whats this in the error mean AM_PROG_LIBTOOL00:02
Tom_Davisthats the call its making to libimlib2 that libimlib2 is not handling properly00:02
mongolaitvanover:  you might have better luck here: http://forum.eeeuser.com/00:02
steve_any takers?00:03
stevenw9question: Enabling the proprietary driver for my GeForce 8200 makes Ubuntu 8.01 LTS unusable due to graphical artifacts. Nothing can be seen at that point. Can someone help me fix this please? ._.00:03
ReignHello. Can anyone help me with a wlan0 issue?00:03
D3JAVUheeey who can help me with dvd iso00:03
keithclarkWhen using a BitTorrent client, all seems well for several hours, then all of a sudden my net access slows to a crawl and I can no longer get to any websites without resetting both my cable modem and my router.  Does this sound like a router being overwhelmed problem or something else?00:03
D3JAVUi say simple question00:04
stevenw9I fixed that issue once, I forget how, gah00:04
stevenw9Leme phone a friend, maybe I can help you.00:04
ballzeemy update and add and remove software just sit there anyone else have that trouble00:04
Tom_DavisD3JAVU: install gnomebaker and burn the iso as a dvd image00:04
pupuser10a382D3JAVU  well, just dl the iso and burn it at slowest speed maybe?00:04
ReignMy wlan0 won't show up in iwconfig00:04
liquidTom_Davis: please use m4_pattern_allow. whats that mean?00:04
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Tom_Davisor use nero for winders00:04
pupuser10a382also maybe set your bios too boot from CD drive00:04
pupuser10a382but hey thats what i would do00:04
Tom_Davisthats another call liquid, I am kind out of my depth on this now00:05
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steve_i get this error on me tv  there are no usable channels in the channels.conf file.00:05
stevenw9keithclark: Do you have this issue on any other internet connected items in your household?00:05
steve_anyone know how 2 fix it?00:05
liquidTom_Davis: Thanks for the help00:05
D3JAVU:) noo i wont create iso disk of ubuntu with terminal and mount it !!!00:05
Tom_Daviswish I could help more00:05
pupuser10a382D3JAVU  have you tried nero?00:05
keithclarkstevenw9, yes, everything slows to a crawl.00:05
liquidTom_Davis: Its fine00:06
pupuser10a382or tried re-downloading the iso?00:06
pupuser10a382could of been corrupted00:06
stevenw9keithclark: Then this rules out your network adapter being the problem. Have you had this issue without your router?00:06
Tom_Davisd3 then just sudo md /mnt/iso then sudo mount -o loop isoname.iso /mnt/iso00:06
Tom_Daviserr mkdir00:06
Tom_Davisnot md00:06
keithclarkstevenw9, I've never tried hooking the modem up direct before.00:06
D3JAVUi dont wont nero i wont now semple comand in terminal :)00:07
mongolaikeithclark:  that's tricky issue... you probably need to take that up with your ISP, but there is the linux kernel command sysctl that has many options regarding the operation of the linux kernel. networking is one of those...00:07
stevenw9keithclark: You should. If you still have this issue, I advise talking to your ISP about getting a replacement modem.00:07
ReignMy wlan0 won't show up in iwconfig. I've tried using ndiswrapper to no avail. Please help me with this00:07
stevenw9keithclark: However if you DON'T have the issue, then we know it's a router issue. Thus you can come back here after that.00:07
keithclarkstevenw9, or maybe this is an issue with throttling?  Although I've limited the speed of the bittorrent client to something reasonable compared to my connection00:07
stevenw9keithclark: It might be, it might not be. Hence why I suggest trying with your modem directly connected.00:08
bzoudonc, meme pas unr tite info sur les branleurs qui nike les ssh mal configurés ? les LinuxCrackerws ? pas des RG ou tout bitin, juste l'envie de m'amuser. si ya des volontaires...00:08
stevenw9keithclark: Also00:08
stevenw9keithclark: Encryption settings may work on your torrent program. Comcast for example, cripples speeds if you torrent without encryption.00:08
stevenw9keithclark: But that's another discusison :)00:09
rob3ranyone have any experience with installing Request Tracker 3.8.1 on Ubuntu server?00:09
stevenw9scuse my typos00:09
stevenw9question: Enabling the proprietary driver for my GeForce 8200 makes Ubuntu 8.01 LTS unusable due to graphical artifacts. Nothing can be seen at that point. Can someone help me fix this please? ._.00:09
keithclarkstevenw9, Ok, that is a couple of things to try.  Now, when I look at the security log of my router I see DOS blockages at a rate of about 2 per second.  Is this unreasonable for a router to handle?00:09
ReignMy wlan0 won't show up in iwconfig. I've tried using ndiswrapper to no avail. Please help me with this00:10
bzourobert, that the name of the computer i installed to the hous of my sister00:10
stevenw9keithclark: I'm not too sure about that.00:10
HRJ123does any know why my ADD\REMOVE wont't work00:10
blackvdcan someone please point me to a guide that actually works to get pulseaudio working? Stupid update 2 hours ago broke my audio. running ibex.00:10
zumeWoohoo! Update on Festival TextToSpeech! It's finally working, as far as I can tell. I have to use it through Terminal beacuse none of the Graphical programs are working. I installed Festivle through Synaptic Package Manager. Then in terminal typed "festival" to start the program. then typed this to make it speak:   (SayText "Hello")00:10
stevenw9keithclark: I'm not a real techy, my experience only goes so far :(00:10
bzou@reign : what is your card ?00:10
keithclarkstevenw9, no problem!  I was just wondering what a normal load for a router would be.  I have no idea.00:11
pupuser10a382brb booting Ubuntu00:11
stevenw9keithclark: last time I had the issue you're having, it was my network adapter though, and indeed was a throttle setting issue.00:11
stevenw9keithclark: but your symptoms are a tad bit different.00:11
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mongolaizume:  lemme know how that goes. It'seems to be scriptable, so you should be able to get some kind of reader out of it00:12
HRJ123My ADD REMOVE wont work can anyone help?00:12
Kr0ntabHRJ123: Do you get an error?00:12
keithclarkstevenw9, Well, you've given me a couple of things to try out.  Thanks, let me go give them a shot now.00:12
blackvdso no one else had their sound system smashed by the last update?00:12
stevenw9keithclark: no problem00:13
Curtisi have a wireless router that has a cox cable that comes from the street and i want to move the router up staris how can i do this without having to get that cable moved up stairs?00:13
Kr0ntabHRJ123: tell us what you experience then...00:13
keithclarkblackvd, nope, all is well here.00:13
stevenw9question: Enabling the proprietary driver for my GeForce 8200 makes Ubuntu 8.01 LTS unusable due to graphical artifacts. Nothing can be seen at that point. Can someone help me fix this please? ._.00:13
blackvdhm well ive followed two guides to get it working with no success00:13
HRJ123I click the ADD REMOVE button and nothing happens00:13
zumemongolai:  it's working quite well in terminal, but i cant get it to say big text files. i hope a script would indeed make a graphical interface work. i saw a command to tell festival to speak a text document, so im trying to figure that out. the command is:    (tts "FILENAME" nil)00:14
wizizi#join irc.1st-assylum.org00:14
stevenw9I just realized i'm stating the wrong version00:14
blackvdi almost wanna say pulseaudio sucks worse than alsa00:14
Tom_DavisCurtis: you kinda need that cable attached to the router for it to work00:14
bzou@stevenw9 : I will have a look for you00:14
keithclarkblackvd, Ah, that may be why.....I'm using ALSA00:14
stevenw9bzou: Thanks, and it's 8.04 btw. lol00:14
zumemongolai: here is the site i got the command from: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TextToSpeech00:15
CurtisTom_Davis, what other options do i have other then getting that cable moved up staris?00:15
mongolaiblackvd:  is there a reason you need to use pulseaudio?00:15
Kr0ntabHRJ123: from a terminal... type in gnome-app-install  and see if you get errors00:15
blackvdi just want sound00:15
Tom_DavisCurtis: wireless, or network cable upstairs00:15
blackvdi switched sound preferences back to alsa and rebooted but got nothing00:15
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mongolaiblackvd:  you *should* be able to use vanilla ALSA, no?00:15
CurtisTom_Davis, i tried getting connected to the router from upstaris in ubuntu and it would not connect but at the same time i have wireless working on the laptop00:16
mongolaizume:  thanks for the link..00:16
blackvdis all i need to do is switch to alsa in sound prefs?00:16
deniz_is shipit still shipping 64 bit? im asking because i cant find 64 bit in the shipping request online form00:16
aprilharekbrosnan, changing the default font didn't seem to do the job - still experiencing font kerning problems printing from firefox 300:16
Tom_Davis!wireless | Curtis00:16
ubottuCurtis: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:16
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blackvdgonna restartx and see what happens00:17
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mongolaiblackvd:  OK, I'm just saying, but if you get no answers here, try #pulseaudio  they can be a llittle more rough though00:17
HRJ123I get"ImportError: cannot import Widget from gtk"00:17
sparkeyi keep getting "ERROR: problem running init script" when trying to enable ufw. Anyone know a fix to this?00:17
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Kr0ntabHRJ123: copy and paste all of the output into http://pastebin.ubuntu.com00:19
spence#ubuntu i've been referred here from ##linux00:19
bzou@stevenw9 : did you ever install binary from nvidia, without condition of your distrbution ? what is the nvidia driver you use for linux ?00:19
Kr0ntabspence: welcome.  :-)00:19
stevenw9Bzou: I didn't do anything except enable the proprietary driver as prompted to for graphics acceleration by Ubuntu.00:19
stevenw9bzou: I'm an ubuntu newbie, lol00:20
Tom_Davisever see hardy shoot craps in the installer on "scanning the mirror"? if so, please help00:20
bzoucool :)00:20
spenceKr0ntab: thank you. i'm having an issue with Windows after I've installed Ubuntu. I foolishly told Ubuntu it could use the Windows partition as swap space. thinking that 60gb of free space would be enough for an occasional memory swap out00:20
stevenw9bzou: Vista's memory hog kinda... sent me this way, but yeah, what do I do then?00:20
Kr0ntabspence: doh!00:21
dsfargeganyone have experience installing gdl/00:21
spenceexactly how i felt last night. i'd like to try and save it if possible00:21
Tom_Davisspence: perhaps you have done yerself badly, it formats the swap partition00:21
dsfargegi keep having an error on the make.00:21
bzouyou need to have a more ecplicication bug00:21
yoyonedspence: is the windows partition formatted ntfs00:22
Kr0ntabspence: yikes... well if you've formatted the partition already... which is the default for any installation... you may be out of luck...00:22
spenceTom_Davis: that's possible, however I've been told it is possible that the data is still safe providing that I haven't used the swap space00:22
stevenw9bzou: o.O What?00:22
sirjoebobspence: I have used Hiren's boot cd before to restore a completely trashed partition00:22
HRJ123ok, now what?00:22
Tom_Davisspence: fraid not, it formats the swap partition as swap00:22
bzourun xgears00:22
spenceyoyoned: I'm not really sure what it is now00:22
Kr0ntabHRJ123: after you've submitted it... it will give you a URL you can share...00:22
Kr0ntabHRJ123: give us the URL...00:23
sirjoebobspence: http://soft.softoogle.com/ap/hiren-s-bootcd-download-6916.shtml00:23
yoyonedspence: if you refomated the partition as swap, the data is lost00:23
spencegparted listed is as Solaris / Linux swap space00:23
Kr0ntabspence:  yup...  sorry to hear that mate...00:23
stevenw9I'm so lost.00:23
Tom_Davisspence: I console you on your loss00:23
sirjoebobspence: that has a download to the hiren's boot cd iso. it may be able to recover the partition, I have done something similar before.. takes a while though00:23
yoyonedspence: sorry, but it's gone00:23
spencewell the Windows XP CD says the drive is safe and healthy, and when I added XP manually via Grub's menu.lst it stated NTLDR not present00:23
CydeAwesome, upgrade to 8.10 worked flawlessly (relatively).00:23
spencei am not giving up guys00:23
CydePulseaudio is still not starting automatically with my system though; anyone have any ideas?00:24
CydeI think it tried this time, but crashed.00:24
TheZealotis it easy to install PHP on my ubuntu webserver? Do I just get it through apt-get?00:24
spencethank you for the link sirjoebob, i'll read it now00:24
Tom_Daviszealot: back up your websites and install the lamp server from scratch, much easier00:24
yoyonedspence: good luck, but I don't have a lot of hope.  You did a backup right?00:24
zumeUpdate on Festival: I'm trying to get it to speak a file. It says it cant find the file. So I'm wondering where it wants me to place the file??00:24
sirjoebobTheZealot: http://lamphowto.com/00:24
TheZealotlamp server?00:25
stevenw9And how do I run that? Remember, i'm a complete nub to anything near Linux :(00:25
bzouqui parle francais, la ?00:25
sirjoebobTheZealot: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP00:25
carlos__alguien habla español00:25
Tom_Davislinux apache mysql php00:25
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr00:25
spence yoyoned: all my files are on the aforementioned second partition. which linux detects as NTFS00:25
Tom_Davisand all the sordid apache mod php stuff00:25
TheZealotI already have all of those installed, except for php00:25
jaksapor favor00:25
spencebut i need access to XP for gamez00:26
HRJ123Kr0ntab: thanks for helping but snaptec package manager still works and ill just use that and work on ADD REMOVE later.00:26
sirjoebobTheZealot: follow the part of the link i sent pertaining to PHP00:26
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bzoua bientot00:26
carlos__alguien que hable españoĺ00:26
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:26
stevenw9So what's GLXGear? >>00:27
Tom_Davisquestion: how to stop ubuntu from looking for a floppy drive when you cant shut it off in bios, but its unplugged?00:27
Tom_Davison a laptop, so disassemble johnny 5 is not really an option00:27
spencebuy a MacBook Air00:27
carlos__como hago para desinstalar este sistema operativo00:27
Tom_Davis!es | carlos00:28
ubottucarlos: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:28
ubottucarlos_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:28
favroTom_Davis: tried removing the line for the floppy in /etc/fstab?00:28
Tom_Davisits hanging in the install: goes looking for floppy and goes all recursive00:28
cloud-eSmart Bot00:29
Tom_Davisso fstab doesnt exist yet00:29
filthpighi, I'm looking for a well-performing but affordable AMD-chipset mobo. Preferably from one of the big names, ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte..00:29
Curtischrisaw, PM?00:29
Tom_Davisfilthpig: asus makes a nice amd board, what proc?00:29
solexious[Q] What do I have to install to enable as many audio and video codes as i can? *going to be with out internet for a few weeks*00:29
filthpigTom_Davis, I'm thinking about a tricore phenom or smth00:30
Tom_Davisfilthpig: I swear by asus, and tyan, check their sites00:30
pipegeeksolexious: check out debian-multimedia.org00:30
^Cheekyhello, iam trying to uninstall windows xp on my vmware, i loged into the vmware and i removed the installation of windows xp, but my hard disk space didnt change is there anyway i can tell if it was completely removed ?00:31
stevenw9Through careful examination I have learned, the 8200 will not work on Ubuntu 8.04 due to the kernal version.. :(00:31
filthpigI haven't used AMD for ages, so I'm not sure which cpu/chipset provides the most for my money00:31
solexiouspipegeek, thank you00:31
pipegeeknp :)00:31
Tom_Davisstevenw9: so wait a few days and ibex it00:31
stevenw9Your fancy terms throw this ex-windows user off00:31
pipegeekshare firefox 3.1 won't make ibex00:31
kthef^cheeky: you have to go and delete the whole folder and files that it used00:32
spenceoh also, i just mounted my mobile phone using mount. but it says i can't add any .mp3s because i'm not root. can i fix this issue?00:32
blackvdwas in here earlier trying to change to alsa. How do I remove pulseaudio and use alsa only?00:32
stevenw9Apparently it'll work with 8.10 as far as the kernal is concerned though.00:32
SlackWhen a person multi-tasks, does their processor do more then one thing at a time or does it just appear that way00:32
pipegeekstevenw9: ibex == 8.10 ;)00:32
^Cheekykthef, man, is there one way just remove everything, the software  and windows as well ?00:32
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu00:32
stevenw9I should maybe upgrade then00:32
Tom_Davisnot yet00:32
stevenw9Otherwise I can't use 80% of my programs00:32
blackvdjoin #ubuntu+100:33
kthef^cheeky: not that I know of00:33
Tom_Davisread that Warning: know it, live it00:33
stevenw9Lots of broken software pre-installed on Ubuntu00:33
kthef^cheeky: delete it from the console, then you have to go rm -dr the folder00:33
stevenw9Or just newer stuff?00:33
^Cheekykthef, where can i find where my installation of windows is ?00:33
solexiouspipegeek, do you have a list for the ubuntu repos?00:33
pipegeeksolexious: hmm?00:33
Tom_Davisbad things happen right before the release, always has, always will00:33
stevenw9I see00:33
^Cheekykthef, what if i run the instaLLer of the vmware ?00:33
stevenw9So then I have to sit here and cry till the 30th? That sucks, lol00:34
Tom_Davisbeen at this since breezy, same thing every time00:34
pipegeekTom_Davis: and right after00:34
Tom_Davispipegeek: this is true also00:34
kthef^cheeky: create a new vm and then see where it is trying to store the files00:35
filthpigerr, can I use AM2+ cpus on AM2 slots. or was that vice versa?00:35
Tom_Daviskthef: I believe it puts them in ~/.vmware00:35
ballzeei just put in my 8.04 cd and booted in live mode and its fast when i boot 8.10 its so slow  iv never gotten threw apt-get update yet even after 25 min anyone know what could be causing this ?00:36
kthef^cheeky: then there will be a folder there with the name of the VM you deleted00:36
pabligenoany else?00:36
^Cheekyhmm when i try to install it asks to uninstall !00:36
Tom_Davisballzee: 1: thats coming off a beta server, 2: alot of people are hitting it00:36
ballzeejust seems like everything is slow network wise00:37
Tom_Davissee also00:37
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu00:38
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:38
pabligenoim from chile00:38
keithclarkI've upgraded to 8.10, but my menu.lst points to the kernal from 8.04 still.  It didnt' seem to change the kernal to 2.6.27-1700:38
pabligenomy name is pablo00:38
FloodBot3pabligeno: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:39
spencehow do i root?00:39
keithclarkI seem to be stuck on kernal 2.6.24-19-generic00:39
spencethanks, sorry i knew that00:39
* spence brain farts etc00:39
^Cheekyspence, sudo00:39
pabligenotoday i installed ubuntu 8.1000:39
Tom_Davispabligeno: this is a support channel, please state the nature of your issue00:40
pabligenoand the output of ifconfig is not show me my wireless card00:40
Tom_Davistry iwconfig00:40
Kr0ntab!intrepid | keithclark pabligeno00:40
ubottukeithclark pabligeno: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu00:40
pabligenolspci tell me this00:40
pabligeno10:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)00:41
pabligenothis is my wifi card00:41
pineheadwhat config file do i work with to fix00:41
pinehead64 bytes from localhost ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.057 ms00:41
pineheadso it doesn't use the internal ip address to ping?00:41
musikgoatpabligeno: ask for help in #ubuntu+100:41
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kitchepinehead: well it won't if you ping an external ip00:42
Kr0ntabpinehead: this is not broken behavior.. what our you pinging?  Localhost?  hostname?00:42
Tom_Davispinehead: tell it to ping somewhere else. like ping www.discovery.com00:42
spencecan i sudo in the GUI? i'm just trying to put some files on my phone.. to have to mount and copy files with sudo would be a real pain00:43
Tom_Davisaugggh, I do not want ufw, I do not like ufw, but installer says, no iptables for you, you get ufw00:43
kthefspence:  sudo nautilus00:44
cs_studentIn installed the frostwire package from the site but it isn't working for some reason.  When I click on the shortcut it doesn't open up00:44
kitcheTom_Davis: huh considering ufw still uses iptables00:44
kthefspence: will start nautilus as root00:44
=== Guest9734 is now known as bascule
Tom_Davisyes but I do not like ufw, I like old school iptables00:44
spencekthef: i appreciate it, i will be careful00:44
cs_studento, I need to install java00:44
kitcheTom_Davis: so use iptables it doesn't matter what you use to write the rules00:45
Kr0ntabpinehead: you can also specify which interface IP address you want to ping from...   ping -I source_ip destination_ip00:45
Tom_Daviscs_student: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre00:45
Tom_Davisor jdk depending on your needs00:45
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=== poseidon is now known as cs_student
msaulWas wondering if anyone could help me get Dlink wireless DWA542 network adaptor working on my 64-bit ubuntu 8.04 distro...00:48
msaulI did searching and saw madwifi, but setup didn't work.00:49
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:49
spencehow do i get a drive to unmount which i mounted manually?00:50
spenceumount says it's busy00:50
anders_close all programs accessing files on the device00:50
Tom_Davisspence: cd out of that drive and sudo umount /path00:50
hotmonkeyluvI have 3 lcd monitors, two which have vga, and one has dvi and vga. what combination of video cards will allow me to play games (WoW, CS:S, Nexuix, Tremulous, Alien Arena, Minesweeper, etc...) Is there a way to attach 2 monitors to one DVI output? I've heard of DVI-D or DVI-I and one of them is a dual link, does that mean that I can run 4 displays off of one dual dvi out card? I want this to work in windows and, more importantly, Linux00:50
hotmonkeyluv(preferably Ubuntu, but I'll use whatever)00:50
spencesilly me, i had another nautilus open on my other desktop. thank you anders, Tom_Davis Davis00:51
Tom_Davisany time00:51
curtis_Desktopcan i download updates from a laptop and burn them to a cd and install them in ubuntu?00:51
anders_no worries spence00:51
spenceLinux can be a pain at times, with external drives00:51
filthpigspence, so can windows ;)00:52
msaulI did the command lspci -v | less and saw the device listed00:52
spencemy UNIX tutor tries to spin them in good ways. but the idea of say a file is transferred.. when in fact it might not be is flawed to me00:52
spencei'm used to just pulling it out when the transfer dialog is gone00:52
msaulThe network controller for DWA 542 is Atheros , should I be trying out madwifi direction?00:53
Tom_Davisisnt atheros a ndiswrapper candidate?00:53
kthefspenc: you can go to a terminal window and type sync to sync the disks before you remove them00:54
msaulDo you have a link to a good ndiswrapper howto?00:54
kitcheTom_Davis: no it's more of a madwifi/ath5k candidate00:54
kthefspence: you shouldn't be yanking the drives out of a windoze box either....hehehehe00:54
curtis_Desktopwhen does digsby come out for linux?00:54
msaulFrom my reading, it seems that madwifi is the direction to take00:55
spencecurtis_Desktop: i tried it on Windows. i didn't think it was all that fantastic personally, but i was missing Pidgin00:55
msaulThere was mention also of madwifi-ng but didn't really know what that meant00:55
curtis_Desktopspence, you can install pidgin in windows00:55
spenceoh yes, i meant Adium. freudian slip00:56
spencechanged OS three times in a year00:56
kitchecurtis_Desktop: ask the digsby developers when and you'll probably hear never00:56
msaulI did try from a HOWTO to install the madwifi for Atheros, but didn't work...00:56
curtis_Desktopspence, that is it... i change my os about 3 times in a week00:56
yoyonedcurtis_Desktop: spence I think I average 3 times a month00:57
msaulOne thing I noticed is that madwifi-tools were on repository, but needed madwifi-source as well, but couldn't obtain it...00:57
spencewow you guys00:57
stinkmanfiring a mount command, i get this "mount.nfs: mount to NFS server 'rpcbind' failed: RPC Error: Program not registered"   already installed nfs-common, what else?00:57
curtis_Desktopyoyoned, i am about to install vista and dual boot it with ubuntu on my laptop :)00:57
yoyonedstinkman: install portmap00:58
favrostinkman: portmap is necessary00:58
ascottanybody ever use dmidecode before?00:58
kthefI have been using Ubuntu exclusively for over 2 years now00:58
curtis_Desktopspence, you can install Adium in ubuntu?00:58
stinkmannfs-common installed portmap and the service is running?00:58
kthefeven at work00:58
curtis_Desktopkthef, hey anyone have themes that they have made00:58
stinkmanSetting up portmap (6.0-4) ...00:58
stinkman * Starting portmap daemon...                                            [ OK ]00:58
ascottdoes dmidecode show the real max capacity of RAM of a board or the chips max capacity?00:58
spencecurtis_Desktop: i don't think so00:58
stinkmanreason i'm here, nfs-common didin't fix my problem :)00:59
kthefat work I run a vmware instance of the corporate Windoze platform00:59
curtis_Desktopspence, okay, are you using pidgin in ubuntu right now?00:59
kthefcurtis_Desktop, not me, don't change the defaults00:59
^Cheekykthef, hey man got rid of it00:59
spenceanyway 1am. i need to go, have a good weekend #ubuntu. i think i might just start a new install. curtis_Desktop yes Pidgin atm00:59
khmer42_Will the final version of intrepid appear on any mirrors or be available for download anywhere ahead of the 30th? I need to do some testing for work before I go on holiday.00:59
TheZealotis PHP5 hard to install if I already have apache2 installed and running?00:59
rainbowinfinityplease help me...I'm a newbie and I can't figure out why my pogo games won't work...i get an error message that says it can't connect to server.01:00
curtis_Desktopspence, can you change the theme?01:00
curtis_Desktopof pidgin?01:00
kthef^Cheeky, got rid of what?01:00
spencecurtis_Desktop: i don't know. i just use it to type01:00
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: but you can get online?  isn't pogo games a website?01:00
stinkmanfavro, says portmap is already the newest version.01:00
curtis_Desktopspence, me to lol have a nice night sleep01:00
^Cheekykthef, vmware, and virtualbox01:00
=== recon__ is now known as recon
kthef^Cheeky, cool01:00
kthef^Cheeky, found the folder eh?01:01
favrostinkman: I don't use rpc..01:01
dystopiahow to i use inittab to set up serial console client on ubuntu?01:01
^Cheekykthef,  yeah .. i logged into the console of vmware looked at past tasks and checked out the directory,01:01
stinkmanfavro, techincally, it's for nfs01:01
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:01
rainbowinfinityyes..pogo games is a website, and yes I can get online, but when in try to go into a game room, it says it can't connect01:01
stinkmanfavro, mount -t nfs x.x.x.x:/path01:02
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:02
favrostinkman: you have portmap on the server and client?01:02
stinkmanserver doesn't seem to give the problems, client is.01:02
kthef^Cheeky, see, you can delete the vm out of the console, but import it into another machine01:02
stinkmanfavro, server is freebsd, been untouched for months. this ubutnu is a clean install.01:02
kthef^Cheeky, I think that is why you have to manually delete, in case you want to use it elsewhere01:03
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: doesn't work for me either, its using java applets, i think that could be related to the problem01:03
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!01:04
^Cheekykthef, to uninstall or remove programs i would type this in the commad line : sudo apt-remove amsn  --purge  ?01:04
Tom_Davissudo apt-get purge amsn01:04
favrostinkman: is the server hostname in /etc/hosts?01:04
kthef^Cheeky, yep, or autoremove01:04
rainbowinfinityis there anything that i can do about it??01:04
jyosephcan someone help? I'm using xmodmap to map my keys on an apple keyboard (I am so used to using command instead of control). Everything works but command+C and command+V, how could that be?01:04
curtis_Desktopanyone want a nice theme for ubuntu?01:04
stinkmanfavro, never needed it lasttime, i suppose it's a shot...ping works01:04
curtis_Desktopthis is the best theme that i have ever seen?01:04
dystopiahow to i use inittab to set up serial console client on ubuntu?01:04
^Cheekykthef, there is nothing after purge ?01:04
danbh_intrepidkhmer42_: thats what the RC is for01:04
^Cheekykthef, how can i get the list of my programs i have install on my root /?01:05
jyosephwhy would command+ any key but "C" and "V" work?01:05
stinkmanfavro, btw, it also says mount.nfs: internal error01:05
^Cheekykthef, i need to uninstall all the files i dont need to use !01:05
kthef^Cheeky,  purge01:05
kthef           purge is identical to remove except that packages are removed and01:05
kthef           purged.01:05
darkhammevery time i click on some source in places menu,in intrepid, it runs totem, how can i change this with nautilus?01:05
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: do you have sun-java6-jre installed?01:05
kthef^Cheeky,  man apt-get01:05
kthefsee tom's post above01:05
danbh_intrepiddarkhamm: right click01:06
kitche!intrepid | darkhamm01:06
ubottudarkhamm: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu01:06
perilluxI want to put a small minimal windows installation onto a separate partition on this computer.  What I'm wondering is.. could I possibly use an installation CD that was made for another computer on this computer?  I'm thinking that CD will install video drivers and everything for that other comp.. would I still be able to at least use it so I can install the proper drivers, will this work at all??01:06
rainbowinfinityi've tried installing and reinstalling java, but i'm never sure if it works or not...the test never works, but never says it didn't work either01:06
stinkmanfavro, added it to /hosts, no progress01:06
danbh_intrepidperillux: try #windows01:06
Tom_Davisperillux you will need either a retail or oem copy01:06
jyosephanybody? experience w/ xmodmap?01:06
* jyoseph sighs01:06
perilluxTom_Davis: what is an oem copy?01:06
favrostinkman: you prob have to restart the network01:06
joshualhey folks can anyone tell me how to login to gnome as root? I want to use gparted to resize /home partition... and I can't if I'm logged into gnome as user, because I would be in the /home partition01:07
favrostinkman: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart01:07
Scuniziperillux: is this for games or something else?01:07
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: one moment, checking something01:07
darkhammdanbh_intrepid: in "Places", i can't click right mouse button01:07
Tom_Davisone that a builder would include with a system,  not a dell, ibm, everex, hp restore disk01:07
stinkmanbrb if no go01:07
kitchejoshual: use gksu gparted to start gparted with root powers01:07
perilluxScunizi: probably will be used mostly for windows games01:07
kthefjoshual, just go to terminal window and type sudo gparted01:07
joshualkitche: I would still be in /home partition01:07
stinkmanhaha, nothing restarted01:07
danbh_intrepidjoshual: try booting into recovery mode01:07
stinkmanthat bad?01:07
moobagif i install the 8.10 release candidate, will i have to do a full re-install to get the full version or will it update to the full release?01:08
curtis_Desktopi will be back soon01:08
joshualand I cant resize the /home partition if I'm, in it01:08
darkhammdanbh_intrepid: when i can change some preference of the menu bar?01:08
zumemongolai: I got Festival to speak a long text document. I save an ebook to my desktop, then i open terminal and type "festival" (without quotes) to start the program. then  i tell it to say the file by typing this exactly:     (tts "/home/zume/Desktop/TESTLIPS" nil)01:08
danbh_intrepiddarkhamm: are you clicking video files?01:08
dystopiahow to i use inittab to set up serial console client on ubuntu?01:08
joshualdanbh_intrepid: I wouldnt be able to log into gnome that way01:08
sistpotymoobag: it will update01:08
moobagif i install the 8.10 release candidate, will i have to do a full re-install to get the full version or will it update to the full release?01:08
kthefjoshual, boot from a live cd and then use gparted to do what you need01:08
danbh_intrepiddarkhamm: I would locate the files, and then right click.  Change the default that way01:09
kitchejoshual: and what's your point since you can resize the partition all you want if your still inside the partition if you wanted to you could even delete partitions when your still in them I do it all the time01:09
darkhammdanbh_intrepid: i go in "places" , i click on "desktop" and it runs totem01:09
joshualthats a good idea01:09
danbh_intrepid!intrepid > moobag01:09
ubottumoobag, please see my private message01:09
Scuniziperillux: like Tom_Davis said.. to install you'll need a retail copy or oem copy (cheaper from places like tigerdirect). If you try to use one designed for a specific Mfgr. then you may be out of luck.  Either way, once installed you won't have access to Ubuntu again until you fix Grub, the boot loader.. because windows will overwrite it.01:09
joshualkitche: NO you cannot resize the partition if its mounted01:09
kitchejoshual: I know that01:09
hasanibrahimhi: if pc lock (freezee) in ubuntu, what can i do01:09
lunafreestatewhat is the best command line bittorrent program - do any of them work01:09
hasanibrahimis there anything as ctrl alt delete01:09
danbh_intrepidjoshual: you cant start x in recovery mode?  maybe just run gdm?01:10
danbh_intrepidjoshual: I dunno.  I always just use the livecd01:10
kitchejoshual: but technially when you gksu your not in /home since you gain root powers but why not just use a live cd01:10
sistpotyjoshual: you sure can resize the partiation (as in partition table) but not the file system on top of it01:10
darkhammdanbh_intrepid: yes , it works, thank you!01:10
perilluxScunizi: I'm sure there's plenty of tutorials on how to do that...?   Also, this comp originally had window but instead of a recovery CD the cheap manufacturers made a recovery partition, which I overwrote when installing ubuntu01:11
kitcheI m a bit tired of people thinking you can't do certain stuff when you can01:11
lunafreestateany one have any luck using btpd01:11
hasanibrahimhelp pleae :(01:11
DCPomis there a point in installing ubuntu-desktop on Ubuntu server?01:11
Scuniziperillux: a good arguement for partimage.. it's like ghost.. it'll make a copy of the partition so you can put it back later.01:11
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: unfortunately I have the same problem as this person: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/36489  which I just tried installing the java development kit as a test and that also didn't resolve the problem,  but you don't have the same problem as me.   try going to terminal and typing sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk01:11
ScuniziDCPom: only if you want a gui and then you might consider xubuntu instead.01:12
perilluxScunizi: wait.. are you saying that I can still access that windows recovery partition?01:12
danbh_intrepidkitche: the problem is if he logs in with gnome at all, /home has to be mounted, and files become in use.  Thus, he can't easily unmount the partition.01:12
msaulAre there any N Band Wireless cards that anyone would recommend for 64-bit Ubuntu 8.04 for the easiest install (i.e. without madwifi or ndiswrapper?)... Thanks01:12
dystopiahow to i use inittab to set up serial console client on ubuntu?01:12
Scuniziperillux: no.. only if you imaged it with partimage01:12
DCPomScunizi, so the lack of GUI is just for speed?01:12
perilluxScunizi: oh, I didn't01:12
kitchedanbh_intrepid: umm what I umount /home all the time01:13
ScuniziDCPom: no.. most who work with server do it from terminal.  They don't need a gui.. but some of us, me included. like to have it around01:13
perilluxScunizi: anyways, so do you think using the installation cd for that other laptop will work on this laptop?  Also I don't intend to ever use that other laptop again so there shouldn't be any lagality problems or anything... right?  not that I care, really.01:13
curtis_Desktopi have 2 gigs of music and i want to have it all open in one player so that i can go threw the songs and select the one that i want to listen to what is a good player that will do that?01:13
DCPomScunizi, why do you recommend xubuntu over ubuntu? (i do run xub on my desktop partition)01:14
rainbowinfinityi think something is happening...hold on01:14
danbh_intrepidkitche: then maybe he he doesnt need to login as root.  I dunno01:14
Scuniziperillux: if you received the install cd with the other laptop it might work .. it might not.. you won't know until you try.01:14
sistpotydystopia: look for serial, and uncomment what you need to get a login shell on serial console login (ttyS0=first serial port ttyS1=second one)01:14
Tom_Davisperillux if that disk says anything about the manufacturer of the laptop on it, I would bet a dollar to a donut against it working01:14
lunafreestateI have a headless file server and I ma trying to set up a bit torrent client on it - any one have any luck doing this01:14
dystopiasistpoty: but i dont have inittab :S01:14
ScuniziDCPom: xubuntu is lighter weight.. fast and configurable.. but if you have resources and are use to ubuntu and gnome.. do that.01:14
kitchedanbh_intrepid: all he needed was to use root shell since he would not be able to go back to the user shell until after the resize01:14
sistpotydystopia: sure you have... /etc/inittab01:15
perilluxTom_Davis: ya, I think it says "toshiba" on it01:15
Tom_Davisperillux: not gonna happen01:15
ScuniziDCPom: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ... or ... sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop01:15
ScuniziDCPom: of course you could have both if you want  :)01:15
Tom_Davisdcpom: xubuntu is much lighter on resources01:15
dystopiasistpoty: nope it isn't there01:15
rainbowinfinitynope...no luck01:15
DCPomScunizi, i know the packages ;) i think i'm going to stick with the terminal for now. I was just curious if it was possible01:16
sistpotydystopia: that's erm... pretty bad then... what ubuntu version are you using?01:16
ScuniziDCPom: np.. have fun01:16
Tom_Davisdcpom: I only use the server iso, and have run pretty much all the window managers at one time or another01:16
cs_studentwhen trying to run frostwire I get OOPS, you don't seem to have a valid JRE. FrostWire works best with Sun JRE available at http://www.java.com01:16
kitchecs_student: did you install sun-java6-jre?01:17
Tom_Davisdcpom if you need a gui and wanna be really light about it, sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg xorg xdm fluxbox01:17
cs_studentjava --version returns "java version "1.5.0"01:17
cs_studentgij (GNU libgcj) version 4.2.4 (Ubuntu 4.2.4-1ubuntu3)01:17
kitchecs_student: then you would need to run something like dpkg-configure java or something like that I don't know the exact syntax for the java vm switch command01:17
DCPomTom_Davis, that's lighter than standard xub packages?01:17
dystopiasistpoty: intrepid01:18
kitchecs_student: well your using gij not sun java01:18
sistpotydystopia: let me check in which package it *should* be01:18
cs_studenthow do I use sun java?01:18
Tom_Davisdcpom yup, the desktop metapackages load all sorts of extraneous crud01:18
dystopiasistpoty: im trying to set up client, not server01:18
DCPomTom_Davis, cool, thanks for all the info01:19
=== cs_student is now known as poseidon
sistpotydystopia: still, I doubt that not having an inittab would be planned... give me a sec please01:19
kitchesistpoty: intrepid doesn't really need a inittab since it doesn't follow SysV really01:20
=== woody86_ is now known as woody86
rainbowinfinity<musikgoat>...if it helps any, the last thing in the terminal before it went back to me was that the java license had already been accepted01:20
Tom_Davisthat is normal01:20
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: so its installed, if there were no errors reported, as you say, try closing FF and trying again01:20
dystopiasistpoty: all i want to do is talk to a computer over rs232... e.g. using minicomn....01:21
Tom_Davisrainbowinfinity: or go to a website requiring java and firefox will fix you up01:21
perilluxis there anything like VMware that doesn't require you to already have a copy of windows?01:21
sistpotykitche: good hint (but it still is mainly sysv... at least I don't know counter-examples)01:21
sistpotydystopia: do you have sysvinit installed?01:22
mwalkeriiI just go IRC configed in Opera01:22
sistpotydystopia: sorry, wrong hint, that's not hte package01:22
QSi have a small problem... i had problems with my sound card and ubuntu disabled the sound... now it's okay, but on the taskbar, the volume controller is muted, if i turn up the volume and restart the computer, it's muted again... how can i save the volume settings?01:22
sistpotydystopia: upstart-compat-sysv ?01:23
thiebaudeTom_Davis:is that a normal fluxbox installation , I need to use the least system resources01:23
rainbowinfinity<musikgoat> no, it's still telling me it can't connect to server01:23
dystopiasistpoty: thats installed01:23
Tom_Davisthiebaude: yes, you need xserver-xorg xorg xdm and fluxbox for it to work01:24
dystopiasistpoty: but i dont want to run a server, i have an ubuntu machine running, i want to use it to log in on SRM console of Alpha01:24
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: do you have the java plugin?  check in FF -> tools -> Addons -> plugins01:24
=== recon_etc is now known as recon
thiebaudethanks for that command, Tom_Davis, just choose it at  a new log-in?01:25
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: and also do you have gcj plugin?01:25
Tom_Davisthiebaude: yessir remember sudo01:25
thiebaudei sure will Tom_Davis01:25
=== Milos_ is now known as Milos
Tom_Davisnext caller :)01:25
Tom_Davishmm celeron 466 512M ram seems to like fluxbox just fine01:27
[biabia]who invented the first computer ever and when was it01:27
rainbowinfinity<musikgoat> I have the gcj plug in, but i can't find anything resembling a java plug in...where would i get that (sorry...REALLY new)01:27
StevenxHey guys, where can I find the setting for line spacing in Open Office 2.4?01:27
Tom_Davischarles babbage the analytical engine...01:27
kthefGeorge Washington Carver, made it out of a peanut01:27
StevenxI need it to be double-spaced.01:27
kthefdidn't you see undercover brother?01:27
sistpotydystopia: aha, seems like inittab is nowadays migrated to /etc/event.d... so I maybe creating a ttyS0 similar to tty0 might do the trikc?01:27
Raylz[biabia]: konrad zuse in germany :D01:27
[biabia]Raylz, thanks01:28
Tom_Davisrainbowinfinity: point firefox at a website that requires java, itll install the plugin01:28
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: you would have seen it in the same list if it was installed,  head to the "Get add-ons" tab in that same area, and search for java, and try installing the java 1.5 version01:28
woody86can anyone help me get my wireless card working? I can't use a lan cable, but I have another computer I can download things on, and a USB stick??01:28
mongolaiTom_Davis:  Ok. What is the procedure to get pulse audio to pipe sound to an arbitrary machine on the LAN for only the user intended --ie -- in a multi user configuration with the user in question logging in via a remote X session, while the local user remains local01:28
Raylz[biabia]: there were many parallel developers though01:28
dystopiasistpoty: i got ttyS001:28
marc_I a a question,  I have an Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 and I am trying to install the drivers from nvidia but it says I need to stop the x window how would I go about that?01:28
kitcherainbowinfinity: install sun-java6-plugin01:29
musikgoatmarc_: why are you trying to install drivers from nvidia?01:29
Raylzmarc_: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop01:29
Tom_Davissorry, pulseaudio is not in my arsenal of useless knowledge01:29
kthefmarc_, sudo apt-get install envy01:29
sistpotydystopia: oh, just read your last message now... you want to log in from your ubuntu box to an alpha via serial line=?01:29
marc_because the ones I tried to use from the synaptics didnt work01:29
trigpinif i run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:29
trigpin will it update to beta ubuntu or official release ?01:29
[biabia]Raylz, like who else that you can think of01:29
dystopiasistpoty: yes01:29
kthefmarc_, also sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings01:29
musikgoatmarc_: follow kthef's advice01:29
Raylzmarc_: manual instalations suck ;)01:29
cs_studentwhen I type in java --version it gives me v 1.5.8 but with "gij (GNU libgcj) version 4.2.4 (Ubuntu 4.2.4-1ubuntu3)" even though I installed sun-java6-jre01:30
cs_studentwhen I try to run frostwire I get "OOPS, you don't seem to have a valid JRE. FrostWire works best with Sun JRE available at http://www.java.com"01:30
mongolaiTom_Davis:  I was sort of kidding when you said "Next caller :)"01:30
kthefmarc_, after you install and reboot, you can go to terminal window and type sudo nvidia-settings and configure it how you want01:30
kitchetrigpin: it will do nothing but update packages for the version of ubuntu your on01:30
Raylz[biabia]: the americans claimed to have invented the computer too01:30
sistpotydystopia: if the alpha is offering a serial console, that would be just "screen /dev/ttyS0" (or ttyS1 depending where you connected it)01:30
Tom_Davisguys does ubuntu-alternatives still work?01:30
hotmonkeyluvI have 3 lcd monitors, two which have vga, and one has dvi and vga. what combination of video cards will allow me to play games (WoW, CS:S, Nexuix, Tremulous, Alien Arena, Minesweeper, etc...) Is there a way to attach 2 monitors to one DVI output? I've heard of DVI-D or DVI-I and one of them is a dual link, does that mean that I can run 4 displays off of one dual dvi out card?01:30
marc_ok thankt kthef01:30
Raylz[biabia]: depends on how you define a computer^^01:30
trigpinkitche,  could i not just change my hardy source list to intrepid N01:30
kthefmarc_, np01:31
Raylz[biabia]: we learned that zuse was the founder, first machine was called Z101:31
kitchetrigpin: yes if you want to01:31
woody86how can I change the screen resolution to what I need?01:31
stage3woody86, system->preferences->screen resolution01:32
[biabia]raylz ok im reading the wiki on him01:32
dystopiasistpoty: well, its supposed to be ttyS0 but i should also et the speed correct, i think yo 9600 baud01:32
woody86stage3- well my correct resolution isn't on the list01:32
Tom_Davisbiabia: search charles babbage01:32
Raylz[biabia]: first machine was destroyed in the WW2 ;)01:32
stage3woody86, what video card have you got?01:33
favrowoody86: in terminal   xrandr   to find available sizes then   xrandr -s size01:33
woody86an MSI NX9600GT (nvidia)01:33
[biabia]raylz thanks!01:33
sistpotydystopia: if you're lucky the kernel will do that for you... others than that I suggest looking at the screen manpage (there *is* an option, somwhere;))01:33
cs_studentWhats a good music manager for linux (like itunes)?01:33
theDtTvB2I just downloaded Flash Player 10 .deb for Ubuntu 8.04+ Must I uninstall "flashplugin-nonfree" before installing the new "adobe-flashplugin?"01:33
stage3woody86,  did you install nvidia driver?01:33
dystopiasistpoty: which kernel?01:33
Tom_Davisflashplugin-nonfree downloads from adobe01:34
woody86stage3- not yet, that was my other question01:34
sistpotydystopia: the linux kernel... at least it always worked for me01:34
liquidWhen I go to places and network it tells me nautilus cant display networks, how would I go about fixing this01:34
Raylzcs_student: nothing beats amarok01:34
Raylz[biabia]: at least, thats what we learned at university ;)01:34
woody86stage3- I can't get the wireless working on it01:34
rainbowinfinityi have installed the java 6 plug in...restarted my browser, gone to pogo, and it still says it can't connect to server01:34
dystopiasistpoty: well... i dont see why, cause im not running any OS on the alpha yet01:35
theDtTvB2Tom_Davis, how do I get the latest version then?01:35
stage3woody86, look at system -> administration->hardware Drivers01:35
Tom_Davisrainbowinfinity: can you get any website?01:35
moobagif i install the 8.10 release candidate, will i have to do a full re-install to get the full version or will it update to the full release01:35
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: I've tried all the options i suggested, and cannot get it to run...  i think the problem is with FF3 and Sun's version of java...  If I leave GCJ enabled, the game attempts to start, but if I disable GCJ, i get the problem you have01:35
Tom_DavistheDtTvB2: it should give you the newest01:35
moobagaarrh im really stuck as to whether to install 64 or 32 :(01:35
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: and i have installed all the sun java plugins01:35
rainbowinfinityyeah.....but pretty much anything that requires a java applet doesn't work...the only online game site i've been able to really get to is runescape.com01:36
musikgoatrainbowinfinity: unfortunately, i don't have any other suggestions01:36
Raylzmoobag: you just update and its fine01:36
stage3woody86,  in a console run lspci01:36
sistpotydystopia: oh, then what exactly do you want to achieve? (I mean you can't connect to a "dead" box ;)) (back in 5 minutes, out for a cigarette)01:37
theDtTvB2I still have Flash Player 9.... I typed "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" and it says that it is already the newest version.01:37
stage3woody86,  pasteebin it01:37
Tom_Davisbleh, an hour to install xubuntu-desktop01:37
liquidWhen I go to places and network it tells me nautilus cant display networks, how would I go about fixing this01:37
ark3qqqWhat's the right way to install KDE 4.1 on Hardy?01:37
Raylzark3qqq: at the repos on kubuntu.org01:37
n8tuserliquid what are you expecting to display?01:38
theDtTvB2Oh, looks like the deb file downloaded from adobe will do it...01:38
theDtTvB2dpkg: yes, will remove flashplugin-nonfree in favour of adobe-flashplugin.01:38
ark3qqqRaylz: Ah, there seems to be a FAQ there too. Thanks.01:38
liquidn8tuser: Im expecting it to display windows networks, like it used too I dont know what happened01:39
theDtTvB2Ok, thanks!01:39
stage3woody if you not have allredy install pciutils, do: sudo apt-get install pciutils01:39
theDtTvB2Got it to work.01:39
n8tuserliquid like it used to? you have a windows network ?01:39
marc_ok so I guess it is working now but my resolution got worse.  I had 800x600 before now I only have the option for 640x480 and 320x24001:39
stage3woody86,  if you not have allredy install pciutils, do: sudo apt-get install pciutils01:39
liquidn8tuser: Yes kinda, it never did display the windows computer but when I went to it it would say would say windows network and now it says cant display that01:40
marc_I know my monitor can handle over 2000xsomething01:40
woody86stage3- well, the computer with the wrong resolution can't connect to the internet :(01:40
n8tuserliquid-> kinda? do you have windows host in your subnet?01:40
liquidn8tuser: No01:41
liquidn8tuser: How would I put a windows host in my subnet, is that why it couldnt connect01:41
n8tuserliquid then why expect a windows network if you dont have a host spewing out windows protocols?01:41
HorizonX1hey, i just used an 8.04 live cd on my cousin's laptop. any reason why i'd have to log in? if so, what's the default user name?01:41
stage3woody did you know what wi-fi card is?01:41
liquidn8tuser: Im new to this whole linux thing im still learning01:41
n8tuserliquid  umm please do a tutorial on samba and networking01:42
stage3woody86,  did you know what wi-fi card is?01:42
untermenschHow would I know if I had an incompatible video card? and what should I do about it?01:42
WDCHey hey! In Bittorrent I am getting this error about every 8 seconds, but the download is generally unaffected. http://pastebin.ca/123609801:42
liquidn8tuser: Okay I have samba01:42
woody86stage3- Linksys wmp11001:42
n8tuserliquid you are also new to networking so do a tutorial on that01:42
ark3qqqRaylz: Err, I take it back... How do I figure out what to add to my sources.list from kubuntu.org?01:42
Raylzuntermensch: there is a black and whitelist on www.ubuntuusers.de01:42
Raylzuntermensch: go to the wiki01:42
untermenschRaylz: ok thank you. what should i do about it if it is bad?01:43
=== simo is now known as Guest34885
liquidn8tuser: Im not too new to networking but in a linux enviroment I am01:43
malubankudianyone that knows what the hell /dev/sdXZ is PM me please01:43
HorizonX1hey, i just used an 8.04 live cd on my cousin's laptop. any reason why i'd have to log in? if so, what's the default user name?01:43
=== HorizonX1 is now known as HorizonXP
=== hwilde2 is now known as hwilde
WDChwilde2: shouldn't have to log ijn01:43
Guest34885hi can any1 plz tell me how to install a tar.gz file (using Ubuntu 8.10)01:43
WDChwilde: From CLI or GUI?01:43
WDCGuest34885: PM Me01:43
Raylzark3qqq: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.201:44
n8tuserliquid okay, how come you expect windows network in a subnet if there are no windows host spewing netbios or whatever you call those windows protocols01:44
Tom_Davisisnt it casper?01:44
ark3qqqRaylz: Sweet! Thanks.01:44
IsTI37Good night everyone...01:44
liquidn8tuser: I cant answer that, I have to read about this01:44
Raylzuntermensch: what videocard have you got?01:44
dystopiasistpoty: simply there is no output, i am using on my motherboard an output which should give it a ttyS0 interface, and it is all found my BIOS, and enabled, yet there is no output from the alpha01:44
n8tuserliquid okay, do the tutorials and then come back anytime01:45
z0rmorning all! So, you know how you can mount an alternate CD ISO and run the upgrade from there (cdupgrade), is there a way to do that with a live CD? hardy -> intrepid01:45
IsTI37Someone here knows why my user cannot shutdown or reboot from the gui ?01:45
stage3woody86, perhaps your wi-fi can work if you use the “ndiswrapper”. http://www.ubuntu-es.org/index.php?q=node/8099101:45
hwildeGuest34885, click on it01:45
Raylzz0r: yes, add the cdrom sources in software sources01:45
dystopiasistpoty: besides this null modem cable, i could try a rs232 <-> rj45 too, or rs232 <-> lpt.. but i never used those..01:45
untermenschRaylz: it's an intel01:45
Tom_DavisIsTI37: tried sudo shutdown -t now?01:45
untermenschRaylz: not sure what exact kind honestly.01:45
Raylzuntermensch: intel are generally well supported01:45
IsTI37I am shutting it down with sudo shutdown 0 usually01:46
stage3woody86, if is necessary I will translate it01:46
IsTI37or -r01:46
WDCHey hey! In Bittorrent I am getting this error about every 8 seconds, but the download is generally unaffected. http://pastebin.ca/123609801:46
n8tuserIsTI37-> is your user in the group that is allowed to shutdown?01:46
Raylzuntermensch: gimme the output of lspci | grep VGA01:46
untermenschRaylz: i can't speak german tho... :(01:46
Tom_Daviscan you sudo anything? possibly broke sudo?01:46
liquidn8tuser: Thanks always a big help :)01:46
Raylzuntermensch: i thought because of your nick ;)01:46
untermenschRaylz: ok hang on.. my friend thought it'd be a good idea to check the cd for defects (even tho i already did that)01:46
sistpotydystopia: sorry, I don't really understand... you connect your ubuntu box via null-modem cable to the alpha, and from which box do you want to use for which?01:46
untermenschRaylz: lol wow, no i speak some. but not that fluent.01:46
n8tuserliquid you're welcome, come back anytime and we can troubleshoot your network01:47
dystopiasistpoty: the alpha is ds10l i can only talk to it over rs232 so im using my ubuntu box to talk to it01:47
IsTI37What group is that ? n8tuser ?01:47
untermenschRaylz: is there a english wiki?01:47
sistpotydystopia: ok, so the alpha is the one which should provide a serial terminal, and the ubuntu box which you want to access the serial terminal?01:47
woody86stage3-  that should be ok, thanks, let me try it out :)01:47
Raylzuntermensch: lspci | grep VGA01:48
n8tuserIsTI37-> admin ?  look at the sudoers file01:48
Raylzuntermensch: what does it say?01:48
stage3woody86,  here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3192601:48
dystopiasistpoty: yeah01:48
untermenschRaylz: booting up the comp right now..01:48
trigpingetting this error have no other package manger open http://pastebin.com/me71bb9001:48
sistpotydystopia: oh, ok... then you'd want to do screen /dev/ttyS0 on your ubuntu box01:48
Raylzuntermensch: intel might be the best supported hardware on linux ;)01:49
sistpotydystopia: which however doesn't mean that your alpha will also *provide* a serial terminal01:49
musikgoattrigpin: using sudo?01:49
untermenschRaylz: if that's the case i have bigger problems01:49
sistpotydystopia: (and with an alpha I can't really help you, sorry)01:49
trigpinmusikgoat, yes01:49
Raylzuntermensch: burning errors are quite frequently01:49
Raylzuntermensch: if the livecd works fine, its generally well supported^^01:50
liquidn8tuser: I can ping the windows box, but im guessing that doesnt mean anything01:50
untermenschRaylz: i've used the cd for other instalations01:50
untermenschRaylz: no, the livecd wont boot.01:50
dystopiasistpoty: thats true but i also have a ultra 5 which should also provide output01:50
sistpotydystopia: and does it?01:50
dystopiasistpoty: nope01:51
nico_hi, i have cloned the contents of a raid 5 array (mdadm) ( / and /home ) to a single hd. After changing grub settings and fstab, I can't boot on the single drive, i'm having a kernel panic, unable to mount root fs on unknown block / the kernel is still looking for /md0 / what should I do ?01:51
musikgoattrigpin: maybe an update manager or synaptic is hanging, check ps01:51
sistpotydystopia: the only thing I could think of, would be that the ttyS0 is already used by providing a serial console... does dmesg shed any light on this?01:51
n8tuserdystopia-> does your alpha have another port so you can perhaps go from one port looped into the 2nd port?01:51
dystopiasistpoty: maybe i can use my paralel port... but i dont know what it must be set to in BIOS01:51
IsTI37I checked some things and I cannot figure out what is the problem, why my shutdown and reboot button is not appearing01:51
musikgoattrigpin: in terminal type ps -aux01:51
untermenschRaylz: 00 : 02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corperation Cantiga intergrated graphics controller (rev 07)01:51
IsTI37admin is in sudoers %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL01:51
IsTI37and I am part of the admin group01:52
z0rRaylz: thanks, looking in to it01:52
trigpinmusikgoat,  pastebin it ?01:52
dystopiasistpoty: nope, not in use01:52
musikgoattrigpin: sure01:52
sistpotydystopia: then I'm as puzzled as you, sorry01:52
IsTI37Someone knows how I enable the shutdown and reboot button ?01:52
dystopian8tuser: which port? it has 2 serial output, i can try either one...01:52
PuppyAntone here no kismet ?01:53
n8tuser!who | IsTI3701:53
ubottuIsTI37: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:53
dystopiabut now i have a sun machine, it doesn't output anything either while i have a null modem cable plugged in on it01:53
Raylzuntermensch: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=90318201:53
trigpinmusikgoat,  http://pastebin.com/m5b0bfb0b01:53
Raylzuntermensch: did you try ibex yet?01:53
ScuniziIsTI37: point at the top bar and right mouse click .. choose Add and you'll find it in the resulting menu01:53
untermenschRaylz: no, should I?01:53
n8tuserdystopia-> yeah, on your alpha, you can loop port 1 to port 2 to just test if you can even log in via serial into itself01:54
musikgoatn8tuser: i think he was asking a question to the channel01:54
Raylzuntermensch: it seems to need a new mesa version, which is included in ibex01:54
marc_well for those that helped me a little while ago I jsut figured out what the problem was01:54
dystopian8tuser: i canst see any output on the alpha so thats useless01:54
liquidn8tuser: im editing the smb.conf file and should I change the bind interface to the gateway address?01:54
n8tusermusikgoat-> if you are referring to IsTI37 i was advising him about admin group membership01:54
=== recon_etc is now known as recon
WDCHey hey! In Bittorrent I am getting this error about every 8 seconds, but the download is generally unaffected. http://pastebin.ca/123609801:54
can-o-wormsCan someone tell me why you can open up 2 instances of evolution, and is there anyway to stop it?01:54
trigpinmusikgoat,  is that a list of comands ive made in last couple days ?01:54
TheZealotanyone use PHProxy?01:55
musikgoattrigpin: no, your running processes01:55
marc_I had it hooked in through a KVM switch and for some reason Linux only see's the KVM as being able to handle 800x600 max01:55
n8tuserdystopia-> your alpha does not have a display?01:55
trigpinmusikgoat,  oh i see , there is a dist-upgrade running num 16601:55
untermenschRaylz: o wow really? If i had a blank CD on me i'd burn it now :(01:55
musikgoattrigpin: thats it01:56
Tyrathwhen I try to access windows files I get the message IOPL not enabled. how do I get around this?01:56
n8tuserliquid-> try it, but am not sure what you consider the gateway address01:56
marc_so I couldnt get higher than that.    I hooked directly to my monitor and am getting 2048x153601:56
Puppyno one here any good with kismet ?01:56
trigpinmusikgoat,  have no windows open though . weird01:56
thiebaudehi puppy01:56
IsTI37n8tuser I figured it out, my bro has customized the login screen and he has unchecked show actions menu01:56
Raylzuntermensch: you can boot from an usb stick01:56
Raylzuntermensch: did that yesterday01:56
can-o-wormsDoesn't anyone use evolution or does it just not bother people when you end up with 2 instances of the damn thing competing with each other?01:56
elementzhi everybpdy01:57
untermenschRaylz: didn't bring that with me either :( I feel so unprepared.01:57
n8tuserIsTI37-> konk your bro in the head for giving you headaches..lol01:57
trigpinmusikgoat,  checked tty not there where the hell is it ? heh01:57
woody86stage3- well for some reason I'm not able to mount my USB drive??01:57
musikgoattrigpin: status: T - Stopped, either by a job control signal or because it is being traced.01:57
Tyrathanyone? how do I enable IOPL?01:57
elementzfor some reason my hardware buttons for audiocontrol don't work anymore. i am on ubuntu hardy, running on a thinkpad x61. the only way i can change sound settings is via alsamixer01:57
Raylzuntermensch: np01:57
dystopiasistpoty: thanks for trying :-)01:57
elementzi already asked in #alsa but that room is really quet01:58
dystopian8tuser: nope, its a DS10L01:58
thiebaudecan-o--worms:open up system monitor and check out the processes01:58
musikgoattrigpin: sudo killall dist-upgrade01:58
sistpotynp dystopia ;)01:58
thismamacooks200there's no guest session on my login screen and I can't su guest01:58
n8tuserdystopia-> oh well..01:58
ryan5620any1 know how to revert back to default boot screen01:58
woody86anyone help me out "Invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume" when I insert USB??01:59
n8tuserthismamacooks200-> you can create a user called guest01:59
trigpinmusikgoat,  didn't die01:59
ryan5620well i new and changed my boot screen which came out crappy so i just want the old one back01:59
liquidHow do you restart samba?02:00
LjLliquid: sudo invoke-rc.d samba restart02:00
liquidLjL: thanks02:00
sugiI have TeamSpeak client installed and I can't get my mic working. i even installed the aoss drivers02:00
trigpinmusikgoat,  il restart x02:00
sistpotyryan5620: as in sudo apt-get install --reinstall usplash-theme-ubuntu ?02:01
thismamacooks200I have intrepid. I can switch to guest, but no login and no su02:01
sugidoes anyone know if ubuntu even detects my mic and is there anyway of testing it to see if it works?02:01
ryan5620well from mya point that looks right02:01
liquidWhen ever I try to open nautilus is says cant display what ever im trying to open02:01
LjL!intrepid > thismamacooks200    (thismamacooks200, see the private message from Ubotu)02:01
ubottuthismamacooks200, please see my private message02:01
IsTI37sugi you installed your sound card's driver ?02:01
musikgoattrigpin: try that02:02
sugiIsTI37: came out of the box. i wouldn't even know what to install to make them work "more" i guess02:02
thiebaudeliquid:can you sudo nautilus?02:02
TurboBeehow do I get sendmail to send mail to other servers?   when I do rcpt to: on my sendmail to an external email address it says User unknown02:02
ryan5620sistpoty would that reset my boot screen back to the default orange and black loading bar02:02
liquidlet me try02:02
liquidthiebaude: Yes02:03
sistpotyryan5620: I guess so, but no guarantee02:03
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IsTI37sugi also check Alsa mixer for the Microphone, usually the microphone is on mute02:03
Tyrathi installed wine but it doesn't show up in applications02:03
liquidthiebaude: seahorse nautilus module initialized, what does that mean02:03
Tyrathhow can I get it to?02:04
stage3woody86,  what laptop have you got?02:04
m1dn1ghtCould someone please give me the terminal command to make my Music folder (and all it's subdirs) Read Only for all users?02:04
sistpotyryan5620: but at least it won't do any harm (at least if you use ubuntu (as in gnome)), since it will just reinstall the original packet02:04
thiebaudeliquid:i'am not sure02:04
sugiIsTI37: checking now02:04
Tyrathcause if I mount a folder, I get an IOPL error when I try to open files02:04
ryan5620ya well i could just reinstall ubuntu lol but i already installed my wireless drivers so i dont rlly feel like digging those up again02:04
LjLTyrath: that's because you don't start WINE. WINE wouldn't have the slightest idea what to do once you start it, if you give it no Windows program to start. so, start a Windows program02:04
ryan5620ok ya i'll try02:04
woody86stage3- it's a desktop with a wireless card02:04
=== brett is now known as Guest538
musikgoatm1dn1ght: sudo chmod a+r directory02:04
malubankudicp -r /mnt/distroiso <this is where i want to extract contents of the iso>distro im trying to do a non-cd install where will the iso be extracted02:04
stage3woody86,  what matherboard ?02:04
woody86an ASUS02:04
balzwhen I go to "apt-get update" i get the following error message:  "Unable to write mmap - msync (5 Input/output error)  The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened"02:04
TyrathLjL: when I start a windows program I get an ' IOPL not enabled' message02:05
curtis_Desktopwhat is a good program to rip a home made dvd to my desktop as an .avi file?02:05
untermenschRaylz: ok yea.. that didn't work.02:05
untermenschRaylz: my X server is SCREWED. I think.02:05
trigpinmusikgoat, that did it thanks for your help that did it , and for the nice command normally use top but ps -aux looks more detailed02:05
cs_studentbanshee won't let me play mp3's for some reason.  I installed w32codec02:05
musikgoattrigpin: yes, good02:05
=== Malganis is now known as T-Virus
Raylzuntermensch: just get ibex ;)02:05
malubankudicp -r /mnt/distroiso <this is where i want to extract contents of the iso>distro im trying to do a non-cd install where will the iso be extracted02:05
sistpotybalz: that sounds bad... can you check dmesg if there are any input/output errors?  (would look like a broken hdd then)02:05
TyrathLjL: when I look up that error on google all it comes up with are wine fixes :( hence why I'm thinking install wine02:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about htop02:05
=== T-Virus is now known as Enfection
Raylzcs_student: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras02:06
WDCHey hey! In Bittorrent I am getting this error about every 8 seconds, but the download is generally unaffected. http://pastebin.ca/123609802:06
Puppyanyoen aircrack ? anyone ?02:06
heyitsJill_I just installed my display drivers (they had to be compiled), but I don't have compositing or working 3D games yet. How do I get that to work?02:06
sugiIsTI37: I was an idoit, it was muted, but teamspeak isn't picking up my mic02:06
cs_studentRaylz, I have that as well02:06
Puppywhere can i set root password ?02:06
LjLTyrath, try installing the version of WINE from the winehq repositories02:06
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.02:06
LjL!root > puppy    (puppy, see the private message from Ubotu)02:06
ubottupuppy, please see my private message02:06
ryan5620i just did it so ill restart sistpoty thank you02:07
IsTI37sugi: check if you have set alsa as your main input/output in teamspeak02:07
balzsistpoty:   what command should I use?02:07
sistpotyryan5620: thank me only if it works ;)02:07
sistpotybalz: dmesg02:07
ryan5620lol ok i'll be back in 5 sec anyway02:07
balzsistpoty:  Oh. lol duh =)  okay hang on02:07
tsedreythey guys, I just installed the RC and my sound died, any one else have this problem?02:07
LjL!intrepid | tsedreyt02:08
ubottutsedreyt: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu02:08
tsedreytthank you02:08
Decepticonis there a on screen keyboard i can use02:08
IsTI37Deception just write keyboard in synaptic02:09
sugiIsTI37: i am hunting around. thanks for hte tip on the mix. lol02:09
LjL!info gok | Decepticon02:09
ubottudecepticon: gok (source: gok): GNOME Onscreen Keyboard. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.7-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 1492 kB, installed size 12404 kB02:09
* Tyrath trying something02:09
ballzeewell i switched back to 8.0402:09
Tyrathi'll come back if I'm still having trouble02:09
Tyraththanks LjL02:09
dystopiasistpoty, n8tuser: got it working by listening on ttyS1 on a sun box, with rs232.. apparently the PC has a funky rs232...02:09
=== Pulpie_ is now known as Pulpie
balzsistpoty:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/62298/  here's the output of dmesg02:10
cs_studentso anyone know why mp3's might not be working for me even though I have restricted extras and w32codecs installed?02:11
stage3woody86,  your MB is an intel micro?02:11
Puppy(VAP cannot be put in monitor mode)02:11
Decepticonwhy is my wlan0 only connected at 1Mb/s02:11
Puppyhow do i use iwconfig to remove wifi0 ?02:11
stage3woody86, can you be more specific?02:12
sistpotybalz: that doesn't look too good, if you ask me. either it's a kernel problem (though I doubt this), or it means that your hard disk (sda) is failing02:12
flakratIs KDE 4.1 included with Ubuntu 8.10?02:12
woody86stage3- my CPU?02:12
stage3woody86, yes, where I could see what cpu is?02:12
Decepticonwhy is my wlan0 only connected at 1Mb/s ? its supposed to be 54Mb/s02:12
ryan5620sistpoty it didnt work but idk i'll look around02:12
woody86stage3- my cpu is an AMD X2 64 4600+02:13
Decepticonmy wifi is working, but its only working at 1Mb/s instead of 54Mb/s02:13
flakratoh yeah now I remember, it comes with both 3 and 4.102:13
balzsistpoty:  That sounds bad ... it seems to be working now.  Is there a way to do a sector-by-sector check of the harddrive?02:13
ryan5620Decepticon mine always says that02:13
Decepticonryan5620 its noticably slower than wired, also02:14
stage3woody86,  your MB have you any idea?02:14
Decepticonboth wired/wireless connect to same router... so i dont understand the speed difference02:14
ryan5620o wow mine is always mine but it never says 54mb/s02:14
sistpotyryan5620: sorry to hear about the failure02:15
Puppysomeone can help with (VAP cannot be put in monitor mode)02:15
Decepticonwhat is the tool that makes wifi drivers ridiculously easy now02:15
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jlewis__I have a MacBook with Parallels, which I used for Windows so far, but I want to try out Ubuntu and I think I can just install it as a new virtual machine, any insight?02:16
Tom_Davisa hammer02:16
ryan5620sistpoty ya but its not the end of the world, i installed a splash screen with like a scan of your hand it looked pretty cool but now it diplayes everything cept for like a big black box oveit02:16
sistpotybalz: yes, there is: easiest one is dd if=/dev/sda of=/where/you/want/your/disk/image conv=noerror (and make sure you have enough space)02:17
woody86stage3- it's an ASUS M3A02:17
NoezGuys, I have a question02:17
balzsistpoty:  okay thanks02:17
ryan5620well anyway does anyone know how to save a theme. i apply a theme in emerald themer but reboot and it changes02:18
stage3woody86,  what ubuntu's version did you install?02:18
NoezOk..well I'm trying to install Beryl and my friend told my to type sudo apt-get beryl in Terminal, which I did, but it replies back "E: Invalid operation beryl"...any help please? >.<02:18
ThePandemic82This might be a stupid question, but im gonn ask it:  When I upgrade to ubuntu 8.10..will I keep all of my files or will all my files get deleted during the upgrade?02:18
woody86stage3- 8.04 64 bit02:19
LjLThePandemic82: they will be kept, if you *upgrade* (as opposed to install fresh)02:19
ThePandemic82ok,,,well how bout this; will I have to reinstall my nvidia display driver?02:19
ThePandemic82ty for answering02:19
liquidI was reading there was a problem gvfs and thats why nautilus cant display info is there a fix for this?02:20
ng0ntrying to overwrite a new install with my old one .02:20
ng0ngksudo nautilus02:20
woody86ThePandemic82- you'll want to make a backup of any important files just to be safe :) either on a CD, USB, etc02:20
ng0nwhat folder do i need to overwrite ?02:20
ThePandemic82ok,,,what about nvidia display driver??02:21
LjLThePandemic82: if you installed them through the official Ubuntu means, absolutely not.02:21
ng0nhome for sure.  everything ?02:21
LjLotherwise, shame on you :)02:21
ThePandemic82well, i used envy02:21
ThePandemic82how do i install by official ubuntu means?02:21
LjL!beryl | Noez02:21
ubottuNoez: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz02:21
kyubini tmpat ap sih?02:21
LjL!nvidia | ThePandemic8202:21
ubottuThePandemic82: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:21
ng0npandemic.. easiest is from CD02:21
LjL!en | kyubi02:21
ubottukyubi: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat02:21
ThePandemic82thanks..this room is so helpful02:22
kyubiya knp?02:22
ng0npan. burn the cd.  run install.02:22
NoezOk..well I'm trying to install Beryl and my friend told my to type sudo apt-get beryl in Terminal, which I did, but it replies back "E: Invalid operation beryl"...any help please? >.<02:22
ng0nis that not helpful ?02:22
LjL!beryl | Noez02:22
ubottuNoez: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz02:23
ThePandemic82um,,i was complimenting the room02:23
bazhangNoez, there is no beryl02:23
ng0no good.02:23
bazhangNoez, it is compiz-fusion now02:23
NoezHow long ago?02:23
mongolaiNoez:  it's also installed by default02:23
ThePandemic82to be honest,,i tried fedora the other day..didnt like it02:23
NoezRawr.. I don't think I have it02:23
ng0nit's ok. a bit more obscure.02:24
NoezOr..where..would I find it?02:24
ThePandemic82takes too much work to get stuff to work correctly02:24
pidsAnyone got a clue why all of the sudden my numeric pad keys cause x to restart? Nothing has chenged other then updates.02:24
LjLNoez: "apt-cache policy compiz"02:24
ng0nubuntu is very easy.02:24
bazhang!ccsm | Noez02:24
ubottuNoez: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion02:24
ThePandemic82for sure02:24
mongolaipids:  does your num-lock key stay on when gnome loads?02:24
ThePandemic82I mean..linux IS linux02:24
NoezThank you :302:24
pidsmongolai, no02:24
mongolaipids:  is it on when gnome is loaded?02:25
ThePandemic82How many Ubuntu users are there worldwide??02:25
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:25
ThePandemic82any way to keep track?02:25
Kr0ntab1270 in the room02:25
pidsno, not by default. but if I press it is on. I still get the same behavior if its on or off.02:25
runman4 ubuntu users here02:26
pidsmongolai, however it does not cause the problem if I'm at login02:26
ilovegnulinuxhi, i am not able to update to intrepid using update-manager. tried 'update-manager -d', but it doesn't show the new version :( help please..02:26
mongolaipids:  hmmm.  what kind of keyboard do you have? is it a full keyboard, or an "international" keyboard, a laptop keyboard?02:26
pidslaptop but full, has a separate keypad, 17" laptop02:27
bazhangilovegnulinux, wait until oct 30; #ubuntu+1 for more02:27
mongolaipids:  it seems to be a keymap setting somewhere...02:27
hotmonkeyluvi'm trying to transfer about 10 gb of music from one computer (wireless connenction) to another (wired to the wireless router) and I'm only getting about 2 mbps, I thought that the g standard wireless was 54mbps, and I know the wired is faster than that, so, what's up with the slow transfer02:27
runmanilovegnulinux: could be broken package, I just installed intrepid a couple of days and have been running updates regularly02:27
pidschanging the keymapping in gnome-control has no effect02:27
pidsand its all the numeric keys do the same thing.02:27
mongolaipids:  I mean some underlying keymapping problem...02:28
ng0nhotmonkey: encryption, security02:28
jxw002Just want to confirm if I want to compile a C++ sour code with a header file do I do following: g++ -Wall test.h test.c -o test02:28
ilovegnulinuxthanks guys..02:28
pidsmongolai, I agree but I cant find it.02:28
pidsunless its a compviz one.02:28
hotmonkeyluvng0n:  would that really take that much % of the speed out?02:28
LjLjxw002: no, you don't. you use the #include instruction in the .c file.02:28
[ipc]michaelso i upgraded to Intrepid last night, and spent today reinstalling Hardy. The nvidia issue is a show stopper.02:28
ng0ni don't know. guessing.02:28
hotmonkeyluvng0n:  I do have wpa202:28
LjLjxw002: also, if it's C++, the file shouldn't have a ".c" extension in the first place.02:28
runmanhotmonkeyluv: low signal strenght means slower connection02:28
mongolaipids:  do you have compiz enabled?02:28
pidsmongolai, yes02:28
ng0ni run wpa2 with a 63 bit key02:29
hotmonkeyluvrunman:  i'm 1.5 feet away from my router02:29
ng0nit slows things.02:29
Decepticonwhat do i need to do to get youtube to work?02:29
jxw002LjL: it's .C right?02:29
pidsI looked through the bindings and cant find one that could cause the issue.02:29
ng0ngotta run.02:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about youtube02:29
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:29
[ipc]michaelDecepticon install flash02:29
LjLjxw002: or .cpp, or .cxx, depending who you ask02:29
ryan5620i heard if ur testing things being to close to your router is bad02:29
mongolaipids:  well, there *might* be some conflict there -- and please don't be too quick to dismiss that. Compiz key-clashings can be hard to track down02:29
LjLjxw002: i use .cpp02:29
runmanwhat is signal strenght , i'm fairly close and only have 67%02:29
sonic_maelstrom_hello is anyone familiar with disk partitioning?02:29
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:30
Kr0ntabdisk what?02:30
stage3woody86, your MB is this http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductReview.aspx?Item=N82E16813131289     ?02:30
sonic_maelstrom_hard drive02:30
pidsmongolai, I agree its really buggin me whenever I am typing along and go to enter an IP and x restarts. :)02:30
ryan5620runman depends if u have to go through a bunch of walls that degrades signal strenght02:31
mlinsHi, my sound ceased to work after an update.  My sound works on the LiveCD just fine (hardy).  Is there anything I can gather from the LiveCD to help my installed version gain back sound? I compared the alsa-base and they're identical..02:31
Decepticonhow do i install flash on ubuntu02:31
jxw002LjL: without including .h files, when I complie, i get undefine reference errors02:31
mongolaipids:  is it one key in particular, just any keypad key, or is it some combination?02:31
Decepticonhow do i install flash so it plays youtube with sound properly for firefox 3 and opera both02:31
[ipc]michaelDecepticon, got to adobe.com/flash and download the installer02:31
LjLjxw002: but you DID put #include <filename> in the C++ file?02:31
pidsmongolai, any key on the keypad.02:32
jxw002LjL: yes02:32
Decepticon[ipc]michael are you serious? theres no native ubuntu way to do it02:32
jxw002LjL: is my messaged sent to you red highlighted?02:32
runmancorrect, several things can affect signal, interferance, antennas not on same plane02:32
pidsmongolai, do you know where does compviz keep its keybindings?02:32
mongolaipids:  last "stupid" question, are you on a laptop/netbook computer?02:32
LjLjxw002: at the beginning of the file? without an extension, like C++ requires? with the < > included?02:32
LjLjxw002: no02:32
jxw002LjL: how do I make it red highlighted like your messages appear on my screen02:33
mongolaipids:  Usually in ~/.compiz/02:33
pidsmongolai, laptop, but its a full size keyboard with a separate numeric pad.02:33
Tyrathok, what is the exact location of the wineHQ repository? - i can't find it anywhere02:33
mongolaipids:  have you enabled the "Compiz Fusion Icon"?02:33
LjLjwx002: you don't, because i'm not using the same client as you are, and nothing is red highlighted here. however, including my nickname in the message definitely does the trick of notifying me about it.02:33
stage3woody86, perhaps you should install x86 ubuntu version, there isn't different and is less headache than 64bit version02:33
pidsmongolai, thats what I thought but its just session info.02:34
jxw002LjL: i did do #include "myheader.h" at the beginning02:34
sheetisAnyone know why I wouldn't be able to talk to /dev/input/by-id/usb-Logitech_Logitech_USB_Keyboard-event-kbd or /dev/input/event2 (same device) from X with an application?  It works from a console when X is not running, but what I am trying to get to work is ventriloctrl so that my push-to-talk works on ventrilo from wine when the window doesn't have focus.02:34
sheetisI have already set udev permissions02:34
woody86stage3- this is my motherboard: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681313123402:34
mongolaipids:  that's not what I meant -- if you can switch back to the Metacity window manager, can you repeat your problem?02:34
stage3woody86, 64 bit version didn't recognized some chipset02:34
Tyrathif I follow the web instructions all I get is OpenPGP not found02:35
Tyrathif I go to the community site It merely tells me how to add repositories02:35
csilkwoody86,  you having hard disk problems?02:35
Tyrathbut it doesn't tell me where the wineHQ repository is02:35
pidsmongolai, negative on the fusion icon and thats what I am going to try next. disabling compviz02:35
jxw002LjL: so i have 3 files in total, A.cpp, A.h, B.cpp, B.cpp is the file i test A.cpp function02:35
woody86csilk- nope02:35
csilkwoody86,  ok sorry, i saw on ASUS motherboard, didn't see your otiginal question so assumed ASUS mb sata related issues, never mind ;)02:36
mongolaipids:  please restate your original problem again in case someone else has something else to add to our discussion.02:36
woody86csilk- nope, but thank you :)02:36
csilkjust been outside, my hands are freezing, typoing is a mission02:36
pidsAnyone got a clue why all of the sudden my numeric pad keys cause x to restart? Nothing has changed other then updates.02:36
bruenigpids: it shouldn't do that02:37
Tyrathis this it: http://wine.sourceforge.net/apt binary ?02:37
LjLjxw002: then of course you should do gcc A.cpp B.cpp, with B.cpp including A.h02:37
pidsbruenig, I know that :)02:37
cat1205123pids: Is there a difference between when you have numlock on or not?02:37
pidscat1205123, none02:37
sistpotyjxw002: if you got undefined reference errors, that means that you fail to link against s.th.02:38
jxw002LjL: what is the exact command to complie my files: gcc -Wall A.cpp B.cpp -o B?02:38
LjLjxw002: yes02:38
rhce7322what is the deb equivilent of RPM?02:38
jxw002LjL: let me try thx02:38
LjLrhce7322: ...02:39
jxw002sistpoty: thanks02:39
LjL.deb ?02:39
mongolaipids:  what IRC client have you? did you see my /msg  ?02:39
=== DRNK-E is now known as QR-E
=== QR-E is now known as DRNK-E
sistpotyjxw002: though if you pastebin the error ouptut, I might give you more insight ;)02:39
rhce7322LjL: ubuntu is install from *.deb packages - ?02:40
Mr_Cool59does anyone know how to get suspend working in 8.04 with an nvidia graphics card02:40
LjLrhce7322: yes02:40
LjL!software > rhce7322    (rhce7322, see the private message from Ubotu)02:40
ubotturhce7322, please see my private message02:40
jxw002LjL: it works perfectly thanks02:41
jxw002sistpoty: it works, thanks02:41
sistpotylxw002: thank LjL, not me ;)02:42
rhce7322RH/frdora is built from rpms.  the rpm cmd has lotsa switches to list all installed rpms, list contents of an installed rpm, tell me what rpm a file came from etc...  Has ubuntu got anythig that gives the same functionality at the cmd prompt?02:42
deathtechHeya Guys, need some help getting my audio setup, when i try to run alsamixer, it just says no elems found, no audio comes out at all and applications that seem to rely on it are crashing. I have an Asus K8N4-E deluxe Motherboard, with an Nforce4 Chipset. Im tolf the chip is a realtek ac9702:43
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
stage3woody86, http://www.linux-tested.com/results/asus_m3a.html02:43
runmanrhce7322: yes, apt-get02:44
stage3woody86,  that MB should work with ubuntu x8602:44
sistpotyrhce7322: dpkg can tell you even more02:44
runmanapt-get install package, apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, etc...02:44
sistpoty(than apt-get)02:44
QwellIs there some new way to disable 3-button emulation in xorg?  I have Option "Emulate3Buttons" "no", but left+right clicking = middle-click02:44
woody86 stage3 - ok, now how can I get my USB working? :)02:44
runmanthanks sistpoty02:45
deniz_Qwell, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?02:45
sistpotyrunman: for me, dpkg -S filename comes especially handy, to determine which package a file belongs to ;)02:45
stage3woody86, if you  internetconnection don't work,  you won't install anythings02:46
Qwelldeniz_: gives me no such option02:46
runmanapt-get resolves dependencies, dpkg doesn't02:46
deniz_Qwell, i think that worked only below ubuntu 8.04 im not sure tho, sry02:46
woody86stage3- yeah, but I can download drivers and things on this computer and put them on that one if I can get my USB to work02:46
sistpotyrunman: yes, apt(-get) is built on top of dpkg actually02:47
csilkwoody86, assuming you can get all the dependencies on your usb stick02:47
runmanthats what i'm reading, apt-get uses dpkg02:47
woody86stage3- the bad part is, my wireless card works perfectly in 8.10, but everything else is REALLY unstable :(02:47
deathtechHeya Guys, need some help getting my audio setup, when i try to run alsamixer, it just says no elems found, no audio comes out at all and applications that seem to rely on it are crashing. I have an Asus K8N4-E deluxe Motherboard, with an Nforce4 Chipset. Im tolf the chip is a realtek ac97. can anyone help ? that is pretty much the last piece of the puzzle for my install :p02:48
stage3woody86, in x86 version?02:48
woody86csilk- well I downloaded the ndiswrapper from sourceforge, and I have the driver here, too, I just need to get it onto my other comp02:48
woody86stage3- yep :)02:49
Decepticonwhats the correct method to install flash on 8.1002:50
csilkwoody86, Check what dependencies the driver has and make sure they exist on the target machine. I had that problem a while ago, jsut moved into a new house, just upgraded to hardy, went to uni to get the grfx drivers, got home only to find out they had several dependencies.02:50
cat1205123Decepticon: x86 or AMD64 (or other)?02:51
Decepticoni am x8602:51
cat1205123You should be able to get it straight from Adobe.02:51
* Tonno crying...02:52
sistpotywasn't there s.th. like !flash02:52
sistpotyLjL: ?02:52
deathtechANyone familiar with getting a realtek ac97 on an nvidia nforce4 borad funcionting ?02:53
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:53
owen1i have issues installing adobe flash player. i get this: adobe-flash plugin: Depends: libcurl3 but it is not installable02:53
woody86stage3- would there be any way to boot up in 8.10, and then save whatever makes the wireless card to a USB, and then transfer that back to 8.04?02:53
flakratwhen I plug in my ipod it automatically launches Rythmbox, how do I change the default app to something else?02:54
stage3woody86,  you can boot with a live cd02:54
tesseract85owen1: go to synaptic and install ubuntu-restricted-extras02:54
woody86stage3- I have an 8.10 live cd, but what would I need to save to my USB?02:54
owen1tesseract85: i don't have synaptic. only terminal..02:55
stage3woody86, then you can use chroot enviroment02:55
owen1tesseract85: i am doing it with aptitude. thanks02:55
woody86stage3- what would I have to type in?02:56
stage3woody86,  similar to gentoo install02:56
LightTitancan't play dvds... what is that package I need to install? the one that is like lss or css or something like that?02:56
tesseract85owen1: 10-4. you shoudl be in buisness02:56
deathtechbrb reboot02:56
tesseract85hola toto02:56
Lucifer_hey, got sort of a really quick general question: If I have an external modem, connected to one computer with ethernet, and another with USB, will both computers share internet?02:56
totoque tal de donde eres02:57
Lucifer_Muy bien!02:57
et3_how do I get rid of the gnome-panel?02:57
Lucifer_Soy de China, pero vivo en Estados unidos02:57
tesseract85toto- i am from us and only speak english02:57
Tom_Davis!es | lucifer02:57
ubottulucifer: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:57
woody86LightTitan- libdvdcss2, libdvdnav3 or 4, and libdvdread02:57
stage3woody86, chroot /mnt/ubuntu_partition  /bin/bash02:57
tesseract85hablo espanol mas poco02:58
Lucifer_I can speak both.02:58
LightTitanwoody86, thanks!02:58
stage3woody86, before you have to mount ubuntu partition02:58
totoi speak italian02:58
flakratI speak Texan, y'all02:59
totoor spanish and you02:59
tesseract85the last time i spoke spanish was 6 years ago in highschool02:59
stage3woody86, and copy /etc/resolv.conf02:59
pineheadwhat should be in resolv.conf?02:59
Lucifer_anyway...if I have an external modem--can I have internet w/two computers if I connect through ethernet AND USB?02:59
ReAn[Laptop]how do i figure out what DNS servers my server is using? it'02:59
ReAn[Laptop]it's configured to use DHCP03:00
Tom_DavisReAn[Laptop]: ifconfig03:00
stage3woody86,  if the live cd can connected you will "share" it03:00
flakratpinehead, resolv.conf will automatically get populated by NetworkManager03:00
ReAn[Laptop]Tom_Davis: Just tells me the current ip/mask/bcast03:00
ReAn[Laptop]nothing in there for dns03:00
woody86stage3- ok, so I just need to boot from live cd, or do this from 8.04 with the live cd in the computer?03:00
pineheadhow do you echo a message to another user in shell as root?03:01
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pineheador send out a system message?03:01
LightTitanwhat is Medibuntu?03:01
flakratpinehead, if you aren't using NetworkManager, you can add entries to /etc/resolv.conf manually "nameserver" and entries like that point to your dns servers03:01
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stage3woody86,  yes but the system have to be 64 bit03:01
woody86LightTitan- repositories, to get packages03:01
flakratpinehead, man wall03:01
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runmanpinehead: try  echo "message" | wall03:01
woody86my live cd is 64 bit, and my 8.04 installation is 64 as well03:02
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stage3woody86, the same that you run chroot enviroment03:02
owen1what is the minimum i need to control audio? alsa-utils?03:02
Tom_Davissorry, had braindamage for a sec03:02
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flakratif you just run:  wall03:02
LightTitanwoody86, thanks again :)03:02
flakratyou can type a message with carriage returns, send the message using CTRL D03:03
woody86stage3- ok, im in 8.10 live cd, now chroot?03:03
stage3woody86, because 64 bit don't work in to 32 bit interpreter03:03
pineheadhow do you boot a user thats in your system?03:03
runmanthanks flakrat, I never used it that way03:03
stage3woody86,  mount the partition03:03
flakratpinehead, "skill -9 -u username"03:03
woody86stage3- my USB?03:04
stage3woody86,  no03:04
flakratrunman, I've not used the pipe method, that's a good way too :-)03:04
stage3woody86, where is installed your ubuntu03:04
flakratpinehead, "sudo skill -9 -u username" rather03:04
PuppyAnyone any good with aircrack ?03:04
mikegriffinso is grsec supported by ubuntu? i see gradm2 but no kernel-patch-grsecurity203:04
pineheadcan you select which tty?03:05
woody86stage3-  oh, ok03:05
lan_alguem do brasil aew?03:05
woody86stage3- ok it should be mounted, it's displayed on my desktop03:05
Musashimaruhello all. I'm looking for a web (or remote working on windows) frontend for KVM and libvirt to allow users without a shell access to the server to run virtual machines to proceed to test. Any suggestions? I haven't been able to run enomalism and ovirt correctely.03:05
stage3woody86,  yes, but it have to be rw mounted03:06
woody86stage3- how do I do that?03:06
stage3woody86, you have to umont before03:07
stage3woody86, and next mount with03:07
stage3woody86,  mount /dev/sdaX /mnt/ubuntu_particion03:07
stage3woody86, X is the partition number03:08
stage3woody86,  and /mnt/ubuntu_partition is a directory that you have to create03:08
woody86stage3- crap, ok, is there an easy way to find the partition #? I can't remember what it was03:08
Tom_Davisfdisk -l03:08
stage3woody86,  yes fdisk -l03:09
stinkmanstill having nfs problems. still resulting with 'tpcbind' failed. RPC error: Program not registered \\ mount.nfs: internal error03:09
Tom_Davissorry forgot the who03:09
flakratpinehead, what exactly are you attempting to accomplish?03:09
brizbenanyone using anjuta here?03:09
woody86stage3-  ok I ran that, but it says "Cannot open /dev/sda"03:10
Tom_Daviswoody maybe /dev/sda1?03:10
kthefwoody86, SUDO fdisk -l03:10
stage3woody86, did you ran it as sudo?03:10
kthef-l is L03:10
woody86stage3- ah, ok, thx03:11
stage3woody86, sudo su -03:11
brizbencan some one tell me the channel for c developers03:11
dino``i was thinking about ordering a live cd off of the ubuntu site. they are going to ship a copy of ubuntu 8.10, not the 8.10 beta right?03:11
stage3brizben, ##c03:12
brizbenstage3, thanks03:12
woody86stage3- ok, it shows sda1,2,3,5?03:12
flakratIs rythmbox the best media player for the ipod on Ubuntu?03:13
stage3woody there is any linux partition?03:13
woody86stage3-  ok, I just found it03:13
stage3woody86, did yuo do with l option?03:14
kthefflakrat, gtkpod I thought is what people use...03:14
aaronDoes sharing an internet connection with Firestarter well?03:14
stage3woody86,  did you install other linux?03:14
flakratkthef, thanks03:15
=== BaD-Laptop is now known as BaD_CrC
stinkmanis ubuntu 8.08 nfs client not comptaible with freebsd nfs servers?03:15
woody86stage3- nope, it's sda3 :)03:15
stage3woody86, because ubuntu use 2 partition 1 linux and other swap linux03:15
woody86yeah, sda5 is my swap03:16
stage3woody86, ok  sda3  is03:16
Tom_Davisthat was strange, my laptop went to sleep during dpkg03:16
owen1why do i need java as part of ubuntu-restricted-extras ?03:17
stage3woody86,  it is mounted?03:17
woody86stage3- but when I run "sudo mount /dev......" it says "mount: mount point mnt/ubuntu_partition does not exist"03:17
vbabiyCan any one help me write a bash script to open all files with VI that is returned by grep?03:17
stage3woody86,  do this: sudo su -03:17
kthefvbabiy, why vi, have you ever used nano?03:18
stage3woody86,  then mkdir /mnt/ubuntu03:18
kthefvbabiy, much more user friendly03:18
vbabiykthef: Yeah, I have been using vi for about 2 years now03:18
vbabiyand I love it03:18
Tom_Davissudo mkdir /mnt/ubuntu03:18
runmanI love vi also03:18
runmanactually vim03:18
woody86stage3- ok, it didn't give me any output03:18
stage3woody86, mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/ubuntu03:18
vbabiyI meant vim also03:18
zigzagshi could someone help me with the windows-side setup of a cygwin nfs mount? Windows is the server, and I have it installed and I can mount the entire cygwin install folder, but Im having trouble setting up the /etc/exports file correctly.03:18
stage3woody86, yes it is ok03:19
runmanyou want to open all files in vim at the same time03:19
woody86stage3- ok, again, no output03:19
kthefvbabiy, I think you can just grep blah | vi03:19
woody86stage3- but it shows sda3 as mounted now on my desktop :)03:19
stage3woody86, sudo su - is for be root user, tha will able you to run any command without sudo03:19
woody86nice :)03:19
pineheaddoes bind look at resolv.conf?03:20
stage3woody86, can you see with nautilus that partition?03:20
vbabiykthef: I don't think that will work, well first I need to find a way for grep to only return file names03:20
woody86stage3- yup :)03:20
stage3woody86,  cp /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/ubuntu/etc/03:21
woody86  stage3 it says "no such file or directory"03:21
Tom_Davisgotta mkdir /mnt/ubuntu/etc03:22
stage3woody86,  do: ls /etc/res*03:22
woody86  stage3 ok "update-libs.d03:23
stage3woody86,  you can connect to interte from live cd?03:24
kthefvbabiy, I am working on it, have it for you in a sec03:24
runmangrep -l returns file names03:24
vbabiykthef: thanks so much03:24
vbabiyrunman: yeah I got that03:24
woody86stage3- yep03:24
kthefvbabiy, grep pattern files -l will return JUST the file names with that match03:24
kthef-l as in L03:24
vbabiyYeah now I need to use something like awk to feed it in to vim03:25
vbabiyvim -003:25
vbabiyvim -o03:25
stage3woody86, well. mount -t proc none /mnt/ubuntu/proc03:25
froduntuquestion, I had a process running in a terminal, closed it, and the process is still running, how could I bring that job to my current terminal03:25
kiyikois there somewere that i can download packages, without going through the Synaptic Package Manager? i am looking to install somehting on a computer that does not have internet access03:25
admin_masu3701j /#ubuntu+103:26
=== root is now known as Guest69327
admin_masu3701hello there03:26
binarymutantfroduntu, with killall -903:26
woody86stage3- ok03:26
admin_masu3701how do i join ubuntu+103:26
musikgoatkiyiko: yes, you can get anything you want, and put it in the apt cache03:26
Entrancedbinarymutant, bueheh03:26
thiebaudekiyiko:usally sudo apt-get03:26
Qwellso is there some other file that ubuntu looks for besides xorg.conf?03:26
musikgoat /j #ubuntu+103:26
stage3woody86, mount -o bind /dev /mnt/ubuntu/dev03:26
Qwelleverything I'm reading is saying that this option should be disablable03:26
binarymutantfroduntu, srry didn't read it all :(03:26
kiyikobut where do i find the files to install, i am looking for "gtk+-2.0.pc"03:26
woody86stage3- ok03:27
stage3woody86,  chroot /mnt/ubuntu /bin/bash03:27
froduntubinarymutant, yeah, I was googling your suggestion03:27
binarymutantfroduntu, did you close the terminal?03:27
thiebaudekiyiko:try sudo apt-get install gtk+-2.0.pc03:27
binarymutantfroduntu, and are you using screen?03:27
woody86stage3- ok03:27
stage3woody86, apt-get update03:28
froduntuok I was running a "nohup wget http.etc.etc" in konsole03:28
Entrancedfroduntu, usually when you place process in background you can get it back with fg03:28
ubottuIrssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help.03:28
favrowhere do I change gdm to autologin please03:28
froduntuso I accidentally closed console03:28
kiyikobut my computer does not have internet access, i need to get the files from another computer03:28
froduntuI wanted to bring that process in to the current console03:28
Puppywhy wont ubuntu play my misuc03:28
tehferretbasically i am linux retarded ... i need some help and i think its the ubuntu and not boxee but i dont know. I am needing it to auto mount my extra internal hard drives with out them needing to be authenticated on start up i guess because within boxee it will let me access my external hdd which appears on the desktop...03:28
Puppyit did earlier03:28
thiebaudekiyiko, oh ok, i'am not sure how to do that.03:29
woody86stage3- some index files failed to download, you may want to run apt-get update to correct03:29
froduntuEntranced, can you fg specifying a pid as opposed to a job list?03:29
admin_masu3701how to join ubuntu+103:29
ballzeeis vuze 4.0 in a repo yet ?03:29
binarymutantfroduntu, type jobs03:29
Entrancedfroduntu, I would man fg03:29
stage3woody86, if there isn't /etc/resolv.conf file I don't know how enable the internet connection03:29
EntrancedI haven't tried it before03:29
admin_masu3701i type /j #ubuntu+1 but i dont see it on the left panel03:29
froduntuyeah, but since I closed the console jobs no longer displays the jobs for my previous session in konsole03:29
froduntuwhen I reopened konsole there is not a tty# associated to anyone03:30
stage3woody86, do ping -c 4 www.google.com03:30
Entrancedfroduntu, fg: usage: fg [job_spec]03:30
froduntuno such job03:31
froduntuEntranced, I'm not able to reference a PID using fg, I can do fg if they would show up with "jobs"03:31
binarymutantfroduntu, idk since you closed the terminal, if you did it with screen you could bring it back easily03:31
froduntu 6814 ?        00:00:08 wget03:32
woody86stage3- unknown host www.google.com03:32
stage3woody86, yes don't share the connection03:32
froduntuthat is what I get associated with the particular task I'm trying to bring into my konsole session03:32
woody86stage3- it's not going to work?03:32
stage3woody86, wait me a moment I will search03:32
woody86stage3-  thank you very much for helping me out so much :D03:33
hoenswhere does mingw get installed to?03:33
davidnogalright im about to shoot myself, i just booted gparted, and resized my ext3 partition, and at some point the program starts executing an action called "move filesystem to the right" (what the hell is that in the first place?) and then after 2 hours, it finally finishes, TO START AGAIN, :(03:33
KillerOrcaanyone use dd-wrt?03:34
runmanKillerOrca: I do03:34
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
kthefvbabiy, grep pattern files -l > list_of_files | cat list_of_files | xargs vim    try that03:34
binarymutantfroduntu, you can continue the wget command if you kill it though with wget -c file03:34
flakratanyone here have firefox + flash cause 100% cpu utilization in hardy?03:35
woody86stage3-  while my internet works on the live cd, can I download what I need (drivers, ndiswrapper) and transfer it to my 8.04 partition??03:35
kthefvbabiy,    grep asdf ./test* -l > test.3 | cat test.3 | xargs vim03:35
froduntubinarymutant,  the wget is still working in the background03:35
vbabiythanks kthef03:35
kthefKillerOrca, yes, used it for years, awesome03:35
kthefvbabiy, you may have to tweak it a little03:35
froduntuit is just that I've wanted to be able to move processes to different konsole sessions or between terminals and I finally have the time to ask about it03:35
kthefvbabiy, make sure you have the right version of the router before you attempt...mine is an old version 203:36
froduntubinarymutant, but thank you for proposing answers03:36
Entrancedfroduntu, maybe just wait until wget is done03:36
stage3woody86, yes you can download then and nex copy to the partition03:36
binarymutantfroduntu, thats what screen is best for03:36
KillerOrcarunman: I have a minor issue with it, I just flashed my router to use it succesfully, and I set it up as a client to wirelessly get the web, but now that my box is behind it I can't seem to ssh in03:36
kthefvbabiy, not you, sorry, should be for KillerOrca03:36
KillerOrcakthef: have it running, just can't ssh to box using it as wireless adaptor03:37
kthefKillerOrca, you set it up as a wireless bridge?03:37
roganAny help in resolving this issue would be great. Thanks http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3098507.003:37
ramjanehi, i want to lauch screen from launcher03:37
froduntuyeah, I'll wait till I'm done I'm covered as far as the process doing what I intended it to03:37
KillerOrcayeah, primarily for my 360, too far away for cables03:37
froduntuthank you guys I'll let you continue helping with some real issues03:37
woody86stage3- ok, any idea where i can find the 64 bit driver I need? I couldn't find my specific model?03:37
ballzeecan you make a bz2 into a .deb ?03:37
kthefKillerOrca, once you set it up as a bridge, it takes on an IP from a main router and kind of loses its identity03:38
stage3woody86, you should use lspci03:38
Entrancedfroduntu, next time you could run wget http://blahblah/ &03:38
tesseract85i need some help, i have ubuntu installed and for some reason i cannot get network manager up and running, can anyone assist03:38
KillerOrcakthef: does that mean I can't ssh into the box behind the router/bridge?03:38
kthefKillerOrca, you trying to ssh to it from the Inet? or from INSIDE your network?03:39
stinkmani'm having problems mounting nfs, client is ubuntu, server is freebsd, nothing is being logged anywhere when the error happens. wtf?03:39
asathoortesseract85 >> is it a wifi?03:39
froduntuEntranced, the process is running and doing what I want it to, because I started it with "nohup" (no hang up) so if the konsole session ends the process continues03:39
tesseract85and wired03:39
kthefKillerOrca, I think that once you set it as a wireless bridge, it loses its normal router functions.03:39
tesseract85i had ubuntustudio installed then i installed ubuntu base03:39
KillerOrcakthef:not really sure how it is being treated by the ssh program(putty)03:39
froduntuI was just wondering how to bring it back to my current ttty03:39
stage3woody86, can you look at /etc directory of live cd03:39
Entrancedfroduntu, yeah... I guess just wait until it's done :) ...or just restart it without "nohup"03:40
kthefKillerOrca, are you trying to ssh to it from your internal network or are you like at work trying to hit it while it is at home?03:40
ramjaneho to open screen without opening gnome-terminal and typing screen03:40
stage3woody86,  there is the resolv.conf file?03:40
froduntuEntranced, thanks for helping03:40
Entrancedfroduntu, I guess there is no good answer for that :) hehe03:40
woody86stage3 I checked it already, it's not in there :(03:40
froduntuEntranced, appreciate the sentiment03:40
KillerOrcakthef: I'm trying this strictly at home, and I've run ifconfig to find the new ip addr of the box03:40
kthefKillerOrca, can you hit it with a web browser?03:41
KillerOrcakthef: from a different comp or the same one?03:41
kthefKillerOrca, any computer03:41
woody86stage3- if I install 8.10 on my computer, would it make that file?03:41
curtis_Desktopanyone have ssh installed?03:41
stinkmancurtis_Desktop, everyone should have ssh installed.03:42
kthefcurtis_Desktop, I live on ssh....hehehehe03:42
Entrancedcurtis_Desktop,  hehe03:42
froduntucurtis_Desktop, yeah I do03:42
stage3woody86, I suppose that03:42
curtis_Desktopwhat does the person trying to connect to you have to have installed on there comptuer?03:42
kthefcurtis_Desktop, that is how I circumvent my works orwellian internet policies! hehehe03:42
stage3woody86, unluckily I have never work with wi-fi connection03:42
KillerOrcakthef: when I type in the ip addr into firefox I get an it works message03:42
froduntucurtis_Desktop, the person trying to connect is using windows or linux?03:43
kthefKillerOrca, so is the ssh service still configured there?03:43
runmanKillerOrca: that is the ip for ubuntu, not dd-wrt03:43
KillerOrcakthef: not sure how to check03:43
tesseract85i still need help with network manager. can anyone assist?03:43
KillerOrcarunman: yes03:43
curtis_Desktopno im sorry he is running windows03:43
kthefKillerOrca, mine is in my mobile bag of tricks...hehehe, I don't use it but when needed so can't get in there03:44
froduntucurtis_Desktop, have them install putty03:44
woody86stage3- well you're still doing a LOT better than anything I could have done alone :D03:44
tesseract85i cant run it through alt+f2 & network-manager03:44
tesseract85what is the command for the program?03:44
runmanonce you set it to be a wireless client it pretty much loses all other functions,03:44
kthefKillerOrca, you can do a sudo nmap ip_of_router -p 22 and see if the port is being serviced03:44
tesseract85i dont even have the program up and running03:44
DigitalFizis there a way via cli to see what version of ubuntu is installed?03:44
runmanif you want it ssh into it it needs to be set up as a router03:44
kthefKillerOrca, if you have nmap installed.....  sudo apt-get install nmap03:44
tesseract85i need to know what the command is03:44
Entrancedcurtis_Desktop, CTRL+ALT+F203:44
stage3woody86, I do: ifwconfig03:44
stage3woody86, in the live cd03:45
=== suparjo_parmin is now known as ce_sesil
froduntucurtis_Desktop,  (just to confirm) the computer you are trying to connect to is in linux right?03:45
KillerOrcakthef: the router that is not in bridge mode?03:46
kthefKillerOrca, right03:46
slestak_having trouble getting pptp plugin to work with II.  discussed this over at +1, but no joy.  anyone here using pptp with nm succefully?03:47
kthefKillerOrca,  you can use netcat instead of nmap.....     nc -v -w2 -z ip_of_bridge_router 2203:47
kthefKillerOrca, it should show open if the daemon is running right03:47
woody86stage3-  "bash: ifwconfig: command not found"03:47
stage3woody86, I do: iwconfig03:48
woody86stage3- ah03:48
KillerOrcakthef: just installed nmap03:48
kthefKillerOrca, you can use the nc command too03:48
kthefquicker, already installed most likely03:48
woody86stage3- ok, what part of the output do you need?03:49
stage3woody86, could you pastebin it?03:49
stage3woody86,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/03:49
KillerOrcakthef: got this:Warning: forward host lookup failed for BRIDGE: Unknown host : Connection timed out03:50
KillerOrcaBRIDGE [] 22 (ssh) : Connection refused03:50
kthefKillerOrca, you used the IP address?03:51
=== anon is now known as bloodboy
froduntuok penguins, have a nice one, I'm going to hit the hay03:51
KillerOrcakthef: yeah, I used the ip that I type in to access the client's web settings03:51
kthefKillerOrca,     nc -v -w2 -z ipaddress 2203:51
woody86stage3-  http://paste.ubuntu.com/62314/03:51
kthefKillerOrca, odd...03:52
SmegzorI have a problem with grub.  I have two partitions (Fedora and Ubuntu).  Both installed grub and for ages only the Ubuntu grub booted which was fine.  Recently they somehow changed so that now only the Fedora grub boots.  I want to format the Fedora partition, but I'm worried that I will make my computer unbootable. How do I tell it which Grub to use? If I can get it booting Ubuntu's grub again, I can probably format Fedora safely.03:52
Tyrathok, I think I've updated the wineHQ repositories. I did that, then installed wine. but i typed wine --version and it told be I was using wine 1.003:52
KillerOrcakthef: here was the nmap result:Interesting ports on
KillerOrcaPORT   STATE  SERVICE03:52
KillerOrca22/tcp closed ssh03:52
KillerOrcaNmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.310 seconds03:52
FloodBot3KillerOrca: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:52
Tyrath- surely that isn't right...03:52
kthefKillerOrca, the service isn't running03:53
afkeane95is this aim?03:53
KillerOrcakthef: on my machine or the router or both?03:53
kthefKillerOrca, the router03:53
kthefKillerOrca, the bridge to be more specific03:54
kthefKillerOrca, you may lose that functionality after you make it a bridge03:54
izinucsWhen I use sudo with anything... before the password entry I get "unable to resolve host laptop".. how do I fix this..?03:54
KillerOrcakthef: no that was the router not bridge that I nmaped03:54
kthefizap, fixt your hosts file03:54
KillerOrcakthef: maybe I need to enable on both?03:54
kthefizap, fix that is....03:54
stage3woody86,  do: ifconfig all03:54
kc8pxy_i'm having trouble getting sound for ET on an amd64 install of hardy. if i cat /dev/urandom at /dev/dsp i get sound,  but nothign else is giving me sound.03:55
kthefizap, put this in your hosts file:     laptop03:55
ThePandemic82What do I have to install to manage ubuntu firewall?03:55
kthefizap, you probably deleted that local loopback by accident, or you don't have an /etc/hosts file at all03:55
woody86stage3- all: error fetching interface information: Device not found03:55
stage3woody86,  do: ifconfig03:55
kthefizap, gksudo gedit /etc/hosts03:55
kc8pxy_i can get the game to run fine, but no sound. game init says it can't mmap /dev/dsp03:55
izinucskthef, where is the hosts file?03:55
tyler_wylieHey, anyone here able to get HDAPS working on a T61?  It worked in Windows(Actually tested it there to make sure).  Seems the accelerometer is detected, but there is no protect file in /sys/block/sda/queue/ for hdapsd to modify03:56
kthefKillerOrca, no, I think ssh server doesn't work when you put it in bridge mode03:56
izinucskthef, where do I find the hosts file?03:56
kthefizap, /etc/hosts03:56
kthefizap, if it aint there, then create it03:56
KillerOrcakthef: ugh, that's terrible, I don't want a monitor on this thing03:57
N0nam3can someone tell me if it's possible to start sshd from ubuntu 8.0.4 live cd? I want to grab lspci and lsmod info03:57
kthefKillerOrca, you talking about the bridge? it doesn't have a monitor?03:57
KillerOrcakthef: the bridge is just the modofied router, I don't want my ubuntu box to have a monitor, before I sshed in and did commands03:58
kthefKillerOrca,  oh, you trying to ssh into the UBUNTU box? or the ROUTER?03:59
kthefKillerOrca, I guess I didn't understand you03:59
izinucskthef, ok.. found and done.. now don't I have to restart the network.. something like sudo /etc/init.d/network restart or something similar?03:59
kthefizinucs, no, it will work without rebooting03:59
ktheffirst line should be localhost03:59
kthefsecond line should be    laptop04:00
kthefizinucs, or the name of your machine04:00
stage3woody86, do: route04:00
matheusubuntu 8.10 have style Murrine native with transparency ??????04:00
izinucskthef, thanks.04:00
kthefizinucs, did that fix it?04:00
DR_K13windowstyle haveblue or bluelight or something04:01
izinucskthef, yep.. BIG thanks to you.. aren't there two files that have to match? if so what's the other?04:01
woody86stage3- http://paste.ubuntu.com/62320/04:01
matheusbut style Murrine ???? is beautiful, but dont get install in 8.0404:02
marc_hi  anyone know if its possible to get my KVM switch to do better than 800x600 when I have my Computer with Ubuntu hooked up to it?04:02
kthefizinucs, you are thinking of lmosts from windoze04:02
kthefizinucs, hehehe04:02
KillerOrcakthef: the ubuntu box04:02
stage3woody86,  do: echo "nameserver" >> /mount/ubuntu/etc/resolv.conf04:02
izinucskthef, no. I was thinking of something to do with the network.. domain name or something.04:02
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* csilk is splitting your nets04:03
stage3woody86, can you readme?04:03
marc_hey Kthef what you had me do before worked but my KVM switch was holding me back from getting better resolution04:04
Puppylol split04:04
supaplex_worst than a blowout in stalker :p04:04
kthefKillerOrca, run that nc command on your ubuntu box, you can do it FROM the ubuntu box using:   nc -v -w2 -z localhost 2204:04
PovAddicthow do I enable apport in Kubuntu?04:04
kthefKillerOrca, make sure it is open04:04
PovAddictwiki says "In Gnome, update-notifier keeps an inotify watch on /var/crash", but in KDE, it seems I have to run apport-qt by hand after a crash04:04
* Joe_Shmoe can has cheezburger04:05
DigitalFizanyone know if freenode has an ssl server?04:05
PovAddictit does DigitalFiz04:05
KillerOrcakthef: says ssh is open04:05
maokkswhat's a word for "briefly explained" ?04:05
DigitalFizPovAddict, do you know which one it is and can you tell me? :P04:06
juniechohow can i install sound driver on ubuntu 8.04?04:06
stage3woody86, dis you do?: echo "nameserver" >> /mnt/ubuntu/etc/resolv.conf04:06
kthefKillerOrca, can you ping your ubuntu box from another machine on the network?  does it have a valid IP address on the network?04:06
PovAddictDigitalFiz: I don't remember the port number; searching...04:06
DigitalFizPovAddict, default is 9999 but that wont work04:06
=== rebel_kid|zZzZ is now known as rebel_kid
woody86stage3- bash: /mnt/ubuntu/etc/resolv.conf: No such file or directory04:06
juniechoi installed ubuntu, then fully updated the system but i have no sound04:07
PovAddictDigitalFiz: ah found info: it doesn't04:07
KillerOrcakthef: I'm on it now so I know it can get to the web, don't know how to ping from my other windows boxes04:07
woody86stage3- sry about that04:07
DigitalFizPovAddict, ah i didnt think i found anything04:07
stage3woody86, echo "nameserver"  >> /mnt/ubuntu/etc/resolv.conf04:07
DigitalFizthey really should provide ssl :P04:07
PovAddictDigitalFiz: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#sslaccess04:07
Gnea!sound | juniecho04:07
ubottujuniecho: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:07
stage3woody86, the echo included04:07
kthefKillerOrca, can you do:    ssh yourusername@localhost  ?04:07
woody86I did04:07
kthefKillerOrca, from that same machine?04:08
KillerOrcakthef:  I can04:08
kthefKillerOrca, what are you trying to do?  ssh from a windoze box to this ubuntu box?04:09
woody86stage3-  I did include the echo04:09
stage3woody86, or this: echo nameserver > /mnt/ubuntu/etc/resolv.conf04:09
KillerOrcakthef: yes, the goal is to have the ubuntu box stream media to my 360 and I not have to have a monitor attached to it by sshing in to run any commands I need04:10
woody86stage3- same result04:10
Tonnocan someone can give me a channel that people give support of this application called Wubi? ( For windows )04:10
stage3in the chrot enviromen do this: echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf04:10
kthefKillerOrca, so go to a windoze box and see if you can ssh yourusername@ubuntu_box_ip_addr04:11
stage3woody86,  in the chrot enviromen do this: echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf04:11
kthefKillerOrca, I assume you are going to use Putty.exe?04:11
KillerOrcakthef: I did that and putty just times out04:11
TonnoPovAddict, i tried that... is not that :S04:12
KillerOrcakthef: somehow I am using the wrong ip as far as I can tell04:12
woody86stage3- ok, that one went through :)04:12
tyler_wylieI do have to give props to the Ubuntu team for 8.10, using RC and it looks to be a solid release.  It probably won't replace Fedora as my primary OS, but I think kudos is in order.  I'm definitely impressed.04:12
stage3woody86,  try again: apt-get update04:12
kthefKillerOrca, go to terminal prompt on the ubuntu machine and type:   ifconfig  and see what IP it is using04:12
juniechoi ensured ALSA is selected, i think ubuntu recognizes my sound card but all i get is just beep sound04:12
stage3woody86,  in the chroot enviroment04:12
KillerOrcakthef: that is how I got the ip04:12
woody86stage3- ok, now it worked :)04:12
kthefKillerOrca, can you ping the ubuntu IP from a windoze box?04:13
stage3woody86,  now: apt-get install lspci04:13
kthefKillerOrca, do the windoze boxes have the same subnet address as the ubuntu box?  192.168.1.x?04:13
stage3woody86,  excuse me : apt-get install pciutils04:13
izinucssudo apt-get install <package name>04:13
Tonnocan someone can give me a channel that people give support of this application called Wubi? ( For windows )04:14
kthefKillerOrca, you have the ubuntu box plugged into one of the LAN ports and not the WAN port on the ddwrt router right?04:14
juniechoi have REALTEK HD AUDIO, lspci-v said I have nVidia Corporation MCPS1 High Definition Audio (rev a2)04:14
pjzhowdy all04:14
kthefKillerOrca, can you ping the ubuntu box from a windoze box?04:14
pjzjust upgraded to intrepid04:14
KillerOrcakthef: not sure which is which, but I just got a call and got to go04:15
kthefKillerOrca, ok04:15
woody86stage3- apt-get update gave me some errors "could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_hardy-......"04:15
pjzhow do I tell which vid driver xorg is using?04:15
juniechois my sound card currently disabled? :)04:15
KillerOrcakthef: thanks for all the help, guess it'll have to wait04:15
kthefKillerOrca, np04:15
droopsta915is there a PuTTY.exe for ubuntu?04:16
N0nam3kthef: can you turn sshd on within the 8.0.4 live cd?04:16
woody86stage3- and then "some index files failed..." "W: Not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock"04:16
PovAddictdroopsta915: no, just use ssh04:16
Gneajuniecho: yeah, lspci tells you what the actual chipset is04:16
kthefdroopsta915, no, but it runs in wine quite well04:16
Gneajuniecho: is it a laptop?04:16
pjzdroopsta915: what do you need putty for?04:16
juniechoyes it is a laptop, hp tx2015au tablet pc.04:17
kthefN0nam3, sudo apt-get install openssh-server04:17
PovAddictwhat does the *server* have to do with putty?04:17
hardcoreis it possible to have a background behind the compiz cube? if so how?04:17
N0nam3kthef: thanks04:17
kthefN0nam3, I think you can install it on the live cd04:17
stage3woody86: sudo apt-get update04:17
izinucshardcore, I think you can do that using compiz-config-settings-manager04:18
N0nam3I just want to pull lspci and lsmod txt to my windows box to try and figure out why my wireless wont work04:18
droopsta915pjz: im doing homework using vmware, at school we use ssh on PuTTY, instaed of the terminal i use PuTTY04:18
woody86stage3- same thing, and I'm still in root mode04:18
juniechoGnea: actually i installed ubuntu today, this is the first day i use ubuntu so i'm a terrible newbie04:18
pjzanyone know how I can tell which vid driver xorg is using?04:19
N0nam3kthef: it's appearntly using proprietary atheros drivers. They work on the livecd but I can't find them once I'm booted into ubuntu without livecd04:19
pjzit doesn't seem to be in my xorg.conf anymore04:19
Gneajuniecho: that's okay, there's a first time for everything :) are you familiar with other linux distributions or are you new to linux in general?04:20
izinucsN0nam3, check the hardware manager under System/Admin and see if the drivers are listed there.04:20
hardcoreizinucs, what option? do ya know?04:20
stage3woody86, it complete the update?04:20
izinucshardcore, hang on.. I'll look here..04:20
N0nam3izinucs: ok.. thanks04:20
juniechoi'm new to linux in general.04:20
woody86stage3- no, it gave me the same errors04:20
juniechoso i downloaded HD Audio driver from realtek website, it has NO executable file (like .exe) or04:20
Gneajuniecho: okay - then i'll go into ultra-patient mode (warning: if i break, i'll say something)04:21
juniecho.deb package so i can just double-click and install04:21
stage3woody86, the error is only some specific repository?04:21
juniechothanks gnea04:21
stage3woody86, coul you pastebin it'04:21
stage3woody86, could you pastebin it ?04:21
woody86stage3- restricted, multiverse, universe, main, it looks like all of them04:21
izinucshardcore, catagory Desktop > Desktop Cube > Appearance04:22
Gneajuniecho: okay, first things first: don't download anything off of their webpage. with ubuntu, just about everything is available in the distribution itself - very rarely should you ever need to resort to the manufacturer site - reason being, is that their source is usually outdated pretty quickly04:22
hardcoreizinucs, thanks man04:22
N0nam3izinucs: did you mean "Hardware Drivers"? Yes I see them listed when booted into the livecd but not when booted normal.04:22
juniechooops... yeah, i didn't install it, but just unpacked it so it would have no impact on system.04:23
stage3woody86, do in the chroot enviroment: ping -c 4 www.google.com04:23
hardcoreizinucs, is it skydome image?04:23
izinucsN0nam3, yes.. hardware drivers..  sorry I don't know how to get them back..04:23
izinucshardcore, I think that's it.04:23
woody86stage3- ping worked04:23
Gneajuniecho: therefore, i'm going to get you acquainted with some simple tools to get the problem solved and help you better familiarize yourself with ubuntu04:23
juniechoall right thanks... so what's the first step?04:24
Gneajuniecho: heh, that's fine - but don't delete it yet, it's good that you didn't try to install it yet04:24
juniechoyeah it had some 'install' file, but it did NOTHING so what a relief.04:24
Gneajuniecho: first step is to open up a commandline terminal.  Applications->Accessories->Terminal04:24
juniechoi already opened one04:25
Gneaah - 'install' is usually a text file :)04:25
izinucshardcore, where'd you find the skydome image option?04:25
bob_Someone has my primary nick...wow.04:25
bob_anybody around?04:25
hardcoreizinucs, appearance04:26
rebel_kidmy evolution mail "send and recieve" button is grayed out, but i have a perfect internet connection04:26
Gnuyenhow can I disable boot failure if fsck is unable to run on boot?04:26
izinucshardcore, ah.. thanks.04:26
bob_oh ok04:26
GnuyenI have some encrypted shares in fstab that can't be fscked04:26
juniechoso i opened the console04:26
Gneaawesome. okay, next thing is that you're going to want to be able to have a simple tool installed to get some information about your system so that we can get a better idea of what the actual problem is04:26
Gnuyenand they're preventing boot up04:26
hardcoreizinucs, your welcome04:26
izinucsbob_, you might just be "ghosted"04:26
jDiiis there any way to network boot an iso image?04:26
juniechoyeah what should i type in04:26
Gnuyeni'd rather it just not mount those shares which are already set noauto04:26
geniijDii: Yes04:26
Gneajuniecho: sudo apt-get install pastebinit04:26
bob_i don't know what to do about that, izinucs04:26
woody86stage3- I'll be right back04:26
izinucs!ghost | bob_04:27
ubottubob_: On IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>04:27
stage3woody86,  ok04:27
jDiigenii: how do i do this?04:27
juniechounable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?04:27
geniijDii: A fairly comprehensive site here for that: https://wiki.koeln.ccc.de/index.php/Ubuntu_PXE_Install04:27
juniechooops sorry, it was synaptic package manager04:28
Gneajuniecho: do you have a software update going on?04:28
bob_oh, i don't own a nick.04:28
jDiii should clarify, is there any way to do this for iso images in general04:28
juniechoi closed it and installed pastebinit04:28
jDiibut let me look at this maybe it will help04:28
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=== superJabier is now known as bicho
bob_anybody know if it is possible to use a newer version of the nvidia driver than 173.14.12 on ubuntu?04:29
bullgard4What is the default value of 'maximum mount count' in an ext2- or ext3-partition?04:29
geniijDii: Yes basic process is just loopmount the iso on the tftp/pxe server and then point the tftpboot stuff to that dir04:29
izinucsbob_, you can but do you really NEED to?04:29
Gneajuniecho: now:  dmesg | pastebinit04:29
bob_i don't need to izinucs, but i think that even with 173.14.12 i still get better performance with counter-strike on windows than i do on linux and i was wondering if it could be improved.04:30
SmegzorI have two distros installed in two partitions on the same drive.  If I run qtparted, I see that the wrong partition is labelled /   How do make the other partition /?  I can't seem to do it from qtparted.04:30
ThePandemic82I'm getting really bad HDD performance when copying data to different dirs.  I'm averaging 4.4MB/s...is there anything i can do to fix this??04:30
izinucsbob_, you might find by installing nvidia-settings you'll be able to tweek what's there for better performance.. sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings then you'll find it under System/Admin04:31
bob_oh, i have that izinucs.04:31
juniechothat's the result, oh that was the easiest way to upload pastebin04:31
bob_izinucs: i'll check that one out.04:31
izinucsbob_, turn off anit-aliasing and see what happens04:32
=== droberts is now known as Ademan
juniechoin the past i MANUALLY copy-pasted all the messages into pastebin, what a waste of time :)04:32
izinucsjuniecho, you using pastebinit?  :) quite a time saver..04:33
bob_thanks izinucs!04:33
N0nam3juniecho: so all he had to do was do that command and click the link and it automatically uploaded the txt output?04:33
Gnuyenanyone know how to disable fsck on boot?04:33
izinucsbob_, I hope it works!04:33
=== Ademan is now known as Ademan[not_home]
juniechoyea gnea told me to install pastebinit (...)04:33
bullgard4ThePandemic82: First run sudo hdparm -tT /dev/sda to see if the values are correct.04:33
juniechoactually i've used pastebin several times and this is the sweetest.04:33
csilkGnuyen,  it should only happen every 30 boots or so04:34
N0nam3I'm watching to see If I can learn something04:34
Gnuyencsilk: I know, but because I have encrypted partitions it fails and stops the boot on my server04:34
woody86stage3- ok, I'm back04:34
stage3woody86, ok04:34
juniechocan't wait to watch some AVGN videos when I get the sound card working :)04:34
hardcorei just discovered somethin crazy04:35
bullgard4Gnuyen: A bad idea.04:35
csilkGnuyen,  ahh rite, I'm pretty sure fsck has some option like "still boot on fail" not sure how to do it though04:35
izinucshardcore, ?04:35
hardcoreyou can get the view of inside the cube04:35
N0nam3juniecho: are you booted into live cd or already installed and on live system?04:35
ThePandemic82 Timing cached reads:   1822 MB in  2.00 seconds = 911.06 MB/sec04:35
ThePandemic82 Timing buffered disk reads:   58 MB in  3.01 seconds =  19.27 MB/sec04:35
ThePandemic82I was also hashing files while that was running04:35
Gneajuniecho: hrm..04:35
izinucshardcore, and you can put "gears" in there too!04:35
juniechoN0nam3: completely installed ubuntu 8.04 and fully updated the system04:35
stage3woody86, I haven't  understand what is happening yet04:35
hardcorei don't like gears04:35
N0nam3ahh.. ok04:35
izinucshardcore, me either..04:36
hardcorecube caps never work04:36
stage3woody86, do:  ls -al /var/lib/dpkg/lock04:36
hardcoreall i get is the compiz logos04:36
juniechoit was hard getting wireless lan to work, thanks to those broadcom guys04:36
izinucshardcore, you have to change the graphic.. worked for me in the past.04:36
N0nam3anyone no where's the best link to find old monitor specs?04:36
hardcoreizinucs, change the graphic? how?04:37
woody86stage3- ok04:37
stage3woody86, in the chroot enviroment04:37
Gneajuniecho: do you get anything from this command?  cat /proc/asound/cards04:37
juniechohad to install fwcutter and wait through all the update process... anyway hmm04:37
SmegzorI have two distros in two partitions and I need to change the partition labels so that the / label is changed from one to the other partition.  How do I do this? Anyone?04:37
izinucshardcore, there's a setting in there where you can point to a graphic/photo you have.04:37
woody86stage3- ok, I did04:37
stage3woody86, cou you copy here?04:37
hardcorei changed to pictures, but it still don't change04:37
juniechoyes i get some result04:38
juniecho 0 [NVidia         ]: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia04:38
juniecho                      HDA NVidia at 0xc3020000 irq 2204:38
izinucshardcore, not sure I haven't done it in a year04:38
bullgard4ThePandemic82: The Timing buffered disk reads is not super but you can live with it. So the basic function is provided. You will need to describe your problem more exactly.04:38
PredaGRhello people, my /proc/bus/usb does not have any devices and cannot find some usbdevfs and usbfs modules I think04:38
woody86stage3- -rw-r----- 1 root root 0 2008-10-24 21:28 /var/lib/dpkg/lock04:38
Gneajuniecho: do you have a little speaker-like icon on the top bar toward the right-side near the time/date?04:38
Gneajuniecho: if so, double-click on it04:38
juniechoyep volume control04:39
stage3woody86,  it is ok04:39
Gneaokay, up the master all the way and bring the PCM up04:39
juniechoit is NOT muted04:39
ezzieyguywufis it better to do a fresh install of ibex or will an upgrade from a fresh install of hardy be the same? i just fresh installed hardy before i realize that theres 6 days left till ibex. i don't really want to download a whole new iso etc... if it would be the same as upgrading04:39
Gnuyenso anyone know how to disable single user mode boot when fsck fails?04:39
ThePandemic82Well, I was copying data from my home directory to my videos directory.  The data size was around 2gb.  The copy rate was around 4.4mb/s04:39
juniechoyes they're max volume04:39
ThePandemic82is there anyway I can improve performance?04:39
Gneaokay, now try this:  cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp04:40
type_tSmegzor grub /dev/hde ... then update-grub and then pico /boot/grub.menu.lst and  .. set the root=/dev/yournew root for that boot session ...04:40
Gneashould hear static04:40
rwwezzieyguywuf: I'd recommend doing a fresh install of Ibex. Theoretically, though, there won't be too much difference.04:40
ezzieyguywufThePandemic: they're both local? i.e. neither of those directories are on external drives?04:40
Smegzortype_t: thanks04:40
ThePandemic82they are local04:40
ezzieyguywufrww: thanks for your imput04:40
izinucshardcore, they have to be png or svg files.04:40
juniechonope i hear nothing04:40
ThePandemic82I have really good hardware too04:40
peabodyhello everyone04:40
ezzieyguywufthepandemic: i've done huge file transfers like that locally before it was done in like a second. i dunno what is boggin it down for you04:40
rww!hi | peabody04:41
ubottupeabody: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:41
peabodyI am trying to find someone to help me with my wireless networking.04:41
Smegzortype_t: I'm currently in the live cd, does that matter?04:41
peabodyhello rww04:41
woody86my fuckbuddy is here]\04:41
stage3woody86, are you sure that the apt-get update command was into chroot enviroment ?04:41
woody86im so sorry,04:41
izinucs!language | woody8604:41
ubottuwoody86: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:41
Gneajuniecho: one moment...04:41
woody86yeah someone else was kind enough to type that for me >:(04:42
hardcorehow do i make them png or svg?04:42
peabodyAnyone care to take a stab at it?04:42
izinucshardcore, are they jpg right now?04:42
woody86stage3- yep, i've been in chroot the whole time04:42
juniechoall right, btw i got somewhat curious: IS ubottu A BOT?04:42
Tom_Davishardcore: load em up in gimp and save them as png04:42
jarrettwoldHey I've got a quick question about building mcrypt.  I have all dependencies built.  however when I run configure I get "checking for mhash_keygen in -lmhash....no   any ideas?04:42
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.04:42
hardcoreoh ok thanks04:42
rwwjuniecho: yeah, it is :)04:42
izinucshardcore, like Tom_Davis said..04:43
juniechoholy... oh man now this is funny04:43
N0nam3Smart BOT04:43
type_tSmegzor no it doesnt matter04:43
roganhow do i check what my static ip is?04:43
N0nam3ifconfig all04:44
juniechowow that's smart... anyway, there is something i noticed right now04:44
rwwrogan: use ifconfig, or http://www.whatismyip.com/ ;)04:44
juniechomy laptop has volume buttons, volume down/up/mute,04:44
pretenderAnyone from Thailand?04:44
peabodyanyone know how to set up a wireless network adhoc?04:45
rwwjuniecho: my wireless keyboard does too. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they work in Intrepid :D04:45
juniechoactually the BUTTONS ARE WORKING! when i press the buttons it displays volume thing appears04:45
Gneajuniecho: slightly off to the side... i'm noticing that this laptop is only available in asia..04:45
N0nam3juniecho: I want to see how Gnea troubleshoots this04:45
hardcoreit's already png04:46
peabodysomeone assure me that i am not talking to myself please.04:46
Tom_Davisyoure not04:46
GneaN0nam3: nothing to troubleshoot, poblem solved :P04:46
juniechoand when i press mute button it toggles, and when i press volume up/down it changes the volume. (of course it DOES NOT give me any sound)04:46
peabodythanks Tom_Davis04:46
N0nam3really.. sweet.. what happened?04:46
juniechoGnea: oh problem solved? SWEET yeah04:46
bullgard4peabody: I could read your message.04:46
* Gnea retracts that statement04:46
N0nam3your doing good04:47
Gneadon't have to tell me :P04:47
peabodythis is my second day attempting to get someone to help me, and I always feel like i am being ignored.04:47
N0nam3your isolation skills are nice. what's next?04:47
type_tpeabody - iwconfig yourIPaddress ad-hoc04:47
juniechoanyway this is strange: volume control buttons are WORKING, and without any sound?04:47
hardcoreizinucs, its already png04:47
hardcorecompiz error maybe?04:47
bullgard4peabody: You better analyze what is wrong with your attitude in the channel.04:47
Gneajuniecho: do you have any external speakers you could hook up to it?04:47
juniechoGnea: and your pointing out this laptop is only available in asia... is right, i'm now in south korea04:47
izinucsI'll try mine here.04:48
juniechoexternal? i have some earphones04:48
Gneajuniecho: is this it? http://tinyurl.com/5thzzm04:48
izinucshardcore ^__^04:48
juniechoyeah this is it04:48
bullgard4What is the default value of 'maximum mount count' in an ext2- or ext3-partition?04:49
hardcorethey were already png to begin with04:49
GneaN0nam3: mind if i ask your interest in this?04:49
stage3woody86, apt-get -d pciutils04:50
N0nam3Gnea: I'm trying to get some help but I'm bored and am watch a few threads. That's how I learn04:50
GneaN0nam3: awesome :)04:50
N0nam3Gnea: I like to watch pro's at work.04:50
PredaGRhello all, my /proc/bus/usb does not have any devices and cannot find some usbdevfs and usbfs modules I think04:51
woody86stage3-  E: Invalid operation pciutils04:51
=== PEAKTOP is now known as PEAKTOP^work
Gneajuniecho: i'm checking out the manual... http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/prodinfoCategory?lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&product=3659298#04:52
stage3woody86,  apt-get -d install pciutils04:52
bullgard4PredaGR: You can leave out the " hello all,". But you should put here a question with a question-mark at the end.04:52
Gneajuniecho: yeah, i live in the states, that's a pretty sweet system.04:52
PredaGRinstalled an usb token, it assigns some device /dev/if0 I think, but usbdevfs is not there04:52
PredaGRohh sorry04:53
juniechoyeah except the processor... TL60 doesn't have enough processing power i think04:53
juniechoanyway it is sweet a lot04:53
Gneawell it depends what you want to do, i suppose04:54
juniechoyep... so do you think i have the right driver installed already?04:54
PredaGRhello all, my /proc/bus/usb does not have any devices and cannot find usbfs, tried to mount it manually, but mount: unknown filesystem type 'usbdevfs', how can I fix this?04:54
peabodyok im back now04:54
woody86stage3- sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu04:54
Gneajuniecho: i think so... is ubuntu the only OS on there or are you dual-booting?04:55
type_tits usbfs now not usbdevfs04:55
juniechoand about external speaker, i tried my earphones and it didn't work04:55
izinucshardcore  mine didn't work either.. not sure why unless you have to restart gdm04:55
juniechodual-booting, with windows vista x6404:55
Gneajuniecho: does the sound work if you boot it back into vista?04:55
juniechowindows vista has no problem, with sound, and with tablet support04:55
juniechoyes the sound works in vista04:56
stage3woody86, do: ping -c 4 www.ubuntu.com04:56
Gneasomething's not sticking then...04:56
izinucsjuniecho, that's because manufactures develop drivers for windows.. not linux all the time04:56
Gneajuniecho: alright, try this then:  update-pciids && lspci | grep audio04:56
juniechoizinucs: but it seems ubuntu recognizes the device04:56
juniechoyeah a moment04:56
peabodytype_t, I get a iwconfig: unknown command ad-hoc04:56
brad_Hey, my samba worked yesterday, not workin  today04:57
izinucsjuniecho, what is the device?04:57
peabodyI have been trying to use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/ShareEthernetConnectionThroughWireless04:57
type_tiwlist mode04:57
woody86stage3- ping unknown host www.ubuntu.com04:57
juniechoizinucs: sound. realtek hd audio04:57
stage3woody86,  is a DNS problem04:58
woody86stage3- my computer still shows I'm connected to the network, but firefox won't open websites, either04:58
Gneaizinucs: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c01343334.pdf  here's the system he's using04:58
type_tiwconfig mode ad-hoc ??..04:58
juniechoGnea: it resulted04:58
stage3woody86, do: route04:58
izinucsjuniecho, just because it can identify it doesn't mean it knows what to do with it.. same with my Microteck scanner.. it knows it there but won't use it because there are no drivers available for it.04:58
juniecholike... /usr/share/misc/pci.ids.gz.new: Permission denied04:58
juniechoupdate-pciids: download failed04:58
stage3woody86, pastebin it04:58
mbrigdanhey guys, I'm trying to get the linux demo of Multiwinia working, but I get this error when I run the setup thing: "error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"04:58
Gneajuniecho: anything new?04:59
stage3woody86, do it in the live cd04:59
juniechognea: it resulted 'permission denied' and download has failed04:59
juniechodo i have to put sudo in front of it?04:59
woody86stage3- I can't use pastebin, as I can't open webpages now, but it looks the same as last time04:59
stage3woody86, the live cd lost the connection05:00
juniechooh it's downloading,05:00
Gneajuniecho: hrm, possibly05:00
Gneaah cool05:00
woody86stage3-  yeah, it's still connected to network, but can't open wepages05:00
juniechoyeah it required admin right05:00
izinucsjuniecho, have you seen this ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69512005:00
peabodyfail... no such device05:00
brainfogwhen I hook  my laptop up to my 1080p tv, my font is flippin tiny!?05:01
stage3woody86, into the live cd desktop there some icon?05:01
stage3woody86, in the menu panel05:01
juniechoizinucs: not yet, so how do i do that...05:01
woody86stage3- yes, it shows it connected to network05:01
izinucsjuniecho, you mean open the link?  right mouse click05:02
stage3woody86,  do: ping -c 4 www.google.com05:02
Gneajuniecho: hrm... sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base05:02
juniechothis is kinda hard, i SWEAR i'll make a ghost image on this when i get these cards working...05:02
stage3woody86,  in the live cd05:02
roganIf I have EX: Computer A on a wireless network and Computer B connected to Computer A via ethernet sharing internet .. how can Computer B run an app that needs a poort to be forwarded .. I have my router set to forward a port with Computer A but B needs it(wich is not directly connected to the router05:02
peabody..... grrr this is wireless network is irritating.05:02
=== PLinux is now known as Ravi`s
juniechognea: i'm not familiar with vi, can i open it with gksu gedit?05:02
Gneajuniecho: sure05:02
woody86stage3- ping didn't go through in live cd05:02
peabodycs_student, you are close to me lol05:02
Gneaizinucs: nice find05:02
izinucsGnea, amazing what google can find.. it was the first link05:03
juniechognea, i opened the file05:03
brad_someone help with samba please?05:03
stage3woody86,  try:  /etc/init.d/networking restart05:03
stage3woody86,  in the live cd05:04
Ascorbic_Acidrogan: You make me have to guess that if computer B is using the internet from the router computer A is on... You can access your router from computer B and config it there.05:04
Gneajuniecho: according to this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4323620&postcount=4  add options snd-hda-intel model=3stack  to the bottom05:04
juniechooptions snd-hda-intel model=3stack ?05:05
roganAscorbic_acid: I said a is connected Via wifi and B is connected to A (B is leeching internet from A)05:05
woody86stage3-  failed to open: no such file or directory05:05
devvyHi would anyone mind helping me get my ATI RV280 dual monitor setup working? I have tried modifying the xorg.conf many different ways, but the best I can seam to achieve is both displays on, but the mirror each other instead of being one big desktop. Any advice is appreciated...05:05
Gneaizinucs: it's possible it might not work, seeing as how it's developed for a certain region05:05
stage3woody86, do: ls /etc/init.d/net*05:06
mervathow about if u dont have internet05:06
woody86stage3- ok05:06
joshuxhow to check the sshd's log05:06
izinucsGnea, sound is still a mystery for me.. works on one install on a computer and not on an upgrade on the same computer..05:06
Ascorbic_Acidrogan: sorry i can't read05:07
joshuxI want to see who has connected to my ssh server05:07
juniechognea: i edited and saved it, so is it effective immediatly?05:07
Ascorbic_Acidrogan: sounds like it should be easy... what have you tried to do?05:07
Gneajuniecho: for something like this, a reboot is in order05:07
devvyjoshux: grep "Invalid user" /var/log/messages should do the trick05:08
juniechoall right, i'm rebooting the system05:08
stage3woody86, we have to reinit the connection with out reboot the live cd05:08
rebel_kidthe send and recieve button in evolution mail is grayed out, it has worked in the post and i do have a stable connection05:08
juniechoi'll be right back05:08
roganAscorbic_Acid: In my router I set the port to be forwarded properly via the one connected to wifi however the computer leeching the internet is not picking that up05:08
Gneacross fingers05:08
izinucsrebel_kid, check the bottom left corner and see if it's online..05:08
Ascorbic_Acidrogan: hook B up to the router and forward some ports then switch them...... im way over my head here but im only trying to help lmao and stoned out my mind05:09
mbrigdanhey guys, I'm trying to get the linux demo of Multiwinia working, but I get this error when I run the setup thing: "error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"05:09
rebel_kidascorbic_acid it is not05:09
woody86stage3- ok, how do we do that?05:09
izinucsmbrigdan, search synaptic for libgtk-1.2.yada yada05:09
roganAscorbic_Acid: I have 4 roomates and the router is in the living room :((05:09
Ascorbic_Acidrogan: ok i have an idea05:10
Ascorbic_Acidrogan: if you don't have a wireless router go buy one05:10
noaxianyone chatting about intrepid ibex in here ?05:10
roganAscorbic_Acid ok your drunk...05:10
izinucsnoaxi, ubuntu+105:10
bullgard4What is the default value of 'maximum mount count' in an ext2- or ext3-partition?05:11
Ascorbic_Acidrogan i wish05:11
EyesOfARavenwhen i install the driver for my eee's video it switches into low graphics mode saying it failed to load the .sio, failed to load the module 'intel', no drivers avail05:11
noaxiokay thankd05:11
stage3woody86,  I can do it with: /etc/init.d/networking restart05:11
stage3woody86,  but it seems not work in the live cd05:11
coheteDefault screen resolution on Ibex is too high, proper resolution not listed in resolution control panel. How do I change it?05:12
mbrigdanizinucs: I seem to have it installed, maybe this is because i'm using amd64?05:12
binarykungfumbrigdan: Please refer to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47479005:12
izinucscohete, ibex conversation is in #ubuntu+1 please05:12
EyesOfARavencohete: edit xorg.conf?05:12
darthanubiscohete, /join #ubuntu+105:12
izinucsmbrigdan, are you using the 64 bit version of ubuntu?05:13
mbrigdanizinucs: yes, i'll try what biniarykungfu suggested05:13
juniechohi, i'm back05:13
juniechothe sound works!!!!! yeah!!05:13
izinucsmbrigdan, k.. I don't know much about the 64 bit version except it's sometimes hard to get 32 bit stuff working.05:14
kilowhiskyhello anyone05:14
stage3woody86,  try with: ifdown an next ifup05:14
izinucs!ask | kilowhisky05:14
ubottukilowhisky: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:14
woody86stage3- ok, well that's not good, I tried to close and then reopen the internet connection on the live cd, and when I tried to reconnect, it disconnected my other computer from the network as well05:14
juniechognea, izinucs, you are awesome05:14
stage3woody86, the sudo  /etc/init.d/networking restart05:15
izinucsjuniecho, now you gotta pass the help along.. maybe write up a how to and post it to the forums.05:15
stage3I forget the sudo command in the live cd05:15
kilowhiskyi wish to setup an irc server (vps - hardy heron installed), but i do not have any in-depth knowledge. i've read a tutorial up on ubuntu wiki, but i'm looking for something more thorough05:15
izinucsstage3, you don't need it.05:15
binarykungfuI'm running 64bit05:15
juniechonow i have the sound, well, the mute button is still red even when it is unmuted, but not a big deal i think05:16
woody86stage3- still same result with sudo05:16
stage3izinucs, thanks05:16
Adremelech|Laptokilowhisky: what do you need to know?05:16
izinucsstage3, np05:16
=== Adremelech|Lapto is now known as Adremelech
juniechothanks anyway, wow this is fantastic, hmm i have one more question: how do i auto-mount a volume?05:16
kilowhiskyfrom the scratch.. T_T05:16
stage3woody86, try to see the icon on the panel05:16
Adremelechkilowhisky: can i pm?05:17
kilowhiskyi was hoping to find a lengthy tutorial but none of them were based on 8.0405:17
kilowhiskyplease, thank you05:17
juniechohere is my configuration, [vista partition][personal files][ubuntu][swap partition]05:17
stage3woody86, it should reinit the conexion05:17
juniechoso now i have to manually mount the personal files partition every time i boot, can it be done automatically?05:17
Gneajuniecho: cheers :)05:17
woody86stage3- ok, I had to put my password back in, but it worked05:18
Gneajuniecho: hrm... usually when you plug something in, it will either automount or show up in Places->somewhere05:18
stage3woody86,  do: ping -c 4 www.google.com05:18
woody86stage3- internet's working, too05:18
Gneajuniecho: other partitions usually show up in the same place05:18
stage3woody86, do: route05:18
stage3woody86, and pastebin it05:19
juniechognea: i know, but it is a local partition, not a removable usb hard drive... but it does not mount until i click on locations -> 111.7GB Media05:19
stage3woody86, or try to do ping -c 4 www.google.com from chroot enviroment05:19
juniechoactually something weird happened: when i first mounted this volume, it asked me for my authorization or something, mentioning some policy restrictions.05:20
mbrigdanbiniarykungfu: Thanks for that post, but it seems that it can't find libglib1.2, I've checked synaptic, and the package gives me an error about not actually existing or something...05:20
Gneajuniecho: you can put an entry in /etc/fstab for it05:22
Gnea!fstab | juniecho05:22
ubottujuniecho: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:22
stage3woody86, work ping command into the chroot enviroment?05:22
juniechofstab? oh yeah...05:22
Gneajuniecho: what it doesn't explain is how to create the UUID - use the uuidgen command05:22
woody86stage3- yeah, ping worked05:23
Gneauuidgen /dev/sda1  <-- like that05:23
Gneajuniecho: it'll make sense once you edit fstab05:23
dr_willisI hought one can set the uuid with the tune2fs command also.05:23
stage3woody86, ping -c 4 www.ubuntu.com05:23
izinucsGnea juniecho you can also just type blkid05:23
juniechoYeah... i'm opening fstab05:23
juniechowhat the ...05:24
woody86stage3- yup, it went through05:24
Gneaizinucs: hrm... looks a bit intense05:24
stage3woody86, apt-get update05:24
izinucsGnea, just list the uuid of all the drives.05:24
juniechoso i'm looking in fstab, and it's now mounting just sda3(ubuntu), sda4(swap)05:24
juniechoso here do i have to add sda2 right?05:25
Gneaizinucs: hrm, only works under sudo - nice05:25
woody86stage3- same errors as last time05:25
Gneajuniecho: yup05:25
juniechognea: when i type uuidgen in console, it's like generating random code, what should i do?05:25
Gneajuniecho: make sure you type:  uuidgen /dev/sda205:26
Gneajuniecho: then just copy the code from that as your UUID for that device05:26
=== ensarman is now known as bicho
juniechoyeah, it's like d56d38c2-8fdb-400a-9fd1-d2328c5fed15.05:26
GneaUUID=whatever   /mount/point   ntfs-3g defaults 0 0   something like that05:27
juniechowhat about # /dev/sda2?05:27
juniechois this important?05:27
stage3woody86, In the live cd do apt-get update05:27
Gneathe # is just a comment - it helps tell you what it actually is05:27
Gneajuniecho: yeah, i'd keep it above it to be safe05:28
bigcx2hey all05:28
juniechognea, what is a mount point?05:28
bigcx2i have a somewhat intricate question05:28
izinucsGnea, forgot about sudo when using it.05:28
bigcx2i have an ubuntu install with a ext3 filesystem w/ some random stuff on it05:29
bigcx2i want to get a new hard drive of a different size05:29
Gneajuniecho: an empty directory that the partition gets mounted to - for instance, /dev/sda3 is mounted to /05:29
bigcx2and copy everything over05:29
bigcx2on the new hard drive05:29
bigcx2i've run fdisk and ran mkfs.ext305:29
Gneajuniecho: if you plug a usb pendrive it, it probably gets mounted as /dev/sdb1 to /mnt/disk05:29
izinucsbigcx2, do you have an external usb drive?05:29
bigcx2and done a cp -a to get all my files over to the new drive05:29
juniechoso you mean this 'drive' becomes a sub-folder in linux?05:29
bigcx2but i can't get it to boot?05:30
Gneajuniecho: yes, it's how linux reads it. there are no drive letters.05:30
juniechooh so everything is under /, the root partition i specified05:30
bigcx2what special stuff should i have to do to get a ext3 partition to be bootable05:30
juniechonow i get the picture05:30
izinucsbigcx2, well if you've copied all the files over then you have to make sure the drive is flagged as a boot drive and you might need to reinstall grub05:30
juniechoso, the question is, do i have to create the folder manually?05:31
bigcx2izinucs: i used fdisk to do that, and i sort of thought i might have to re-install grub05:31
kimagureError 18: Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS - anyone - installed new HD from old computer into new05:31
bigcx2izinucs: but i tried to do it by hand and it wasn't pretty05:31
bigcx2izinucs: maybe it would be better to do it with apt you mean?05:31
Gneajuniecho: yes. i would keep it simple:  sudo mkdir /mnt/vista   and then something like this:   UUID=d56d38c2-8fdb-400a-9fd1-d2328c5fed15   /mnt/vista  ntfs-3g  defaults  0 005:31
juniechoso can it be like /data or something like that?05:31
juniechounder mnt?05:32
AaqilHow to fix this problem in synaptic package manager and update manager? http://paste.ubuntu.com/62351/05:32
juniechoi have 'media' folder and 'mnt' folder05:32
Gneayeah, /mnt is a generally safe 'mount' directory05:32
juniechocdrom is under media right now05:32
Gneayeah, /media/vista05:32
bullgard4What is the default value of 'maximum mount count' in an ext2 or ext3 partition?05:32
Gneasorry, somehow my brain was in installation mode :)05:32
Gneabullgard4: what it's set to.05:33
bullgard4Gnea: o_O05:33
=== munoz` is now known as munoz
Gneabullgard4: or do you mean, before it gets fscked?05:33
izinucsbigcx2, grub is not done with apt.. what you might consider is 3 partitons on the new drive.. one for root (/) about 8-12 gigs... one for swap (/swap) about 1 gig... and the rest for /home (where your data lives..  copy /home from the old drive to the new drive and then just reinstall fresh without formatting /home05:33
bullgard4Gnea: Yes.05:33
AaqilHow to fix this problem in synaptic package manager and update manager? http://paste.ubuntu.com/62351/05:34
juniechoso gnea, this is what i added:05:34
juniecho# /dev/sda2 (data)05:34
juniechoUUID=d56d38c2-8fdb-400a-9fd1-d2328c5fed15 /media/data ntfs-3g defaults 0 005:34
juniecho# /dev/sda1 (vista)05:34
juniechoUUID=3265d635-d607-4b59-b879-51d05117422f /media/vista ntfs-3g defaults 0 005:34
FloodBot3juniecho: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:34
Gneabullgard4: okay, sorry about that. :) i think it's 32...05:34
mbrigdancan someone help me get the 32-bit version of libgmodule-1.2 on amd64? No packages seem to have it, and one of my programs needs it.05:34
Gneajuniecho: aaaah! pastebinit!!! :)05:34
juniechosorry for the mess05:34
Gnealol np05:34
bigcx2izinucs: do you think this is possible to do without a re-install?05:34
juniechoso anyway will it work if i add those lines?05:35
bigcx2izinucs: that's what i'm shooting for05:35
bullgard4Aaqil: You should send an error report to Launchpad.05:35
bigcx2izinucs: i figured grub had some pre or post install hooks at install time that did some magic05:35
izinucsbigcx2, I'm not really the one to ask .. never done it the way you're attempting..  often times you're not catching everything in the copy.05:35
Uplinki need a proxy socks tester app05:35
izinucs!grub | bigcx205:35
ubottubigcx2: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:35
stage3woody86  I sorry, unluckily I don't know what we could do05:35
jrgpUplink, telnet05:36
kimagurecan anyone help with: Error 18: Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS05:36
juniechohmm i think it's gonna work... last question, does ubuntu support tablet pcs?05:36
Aaqilbullgard4: last time that happened and here i came, they said to re install ubuntu :((,, now again? during updates or installations if electricity load shedding happens that thing occurs.. ubuntu team should fix that thing we get often load shedding.05:36
bigcx2izinucs: alright well thanks anyway05:36
bullgard4Aaqil: Who is "they"?05:36
Uplinkjrgp: what if im checking more than 200?05:36
juniechohey ubottu, does ubuntu support tablet pcs?05:36
Aaqilbullgard4: here ppl in this IRC like you05:36
tischsup man05:37
munozjust making trouble05:37
izinucs!tablet | juniecho05:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tablet05:37
juniecho...i thought the bot was smart yeah05:37
Gneajuniecho: should be fine05:37
Beta-guy_when wil Ubuntu 8.10 be out?05:37
juniechowhat do you mean by !tablet?05:37
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - WARNING: lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu05:37
Aaqilbullgard4: how to send report to launchpad?05:37
bullgard4Aaqil: Ah, understood. -- What is "electricity load shedding"?05:38
Tom_Davisbullgard4: turn the lights off05:38
RetrogradeCulturUplink: i think quite possibly a port scanner might do that..but then, that might also be illegal where you are so i probably wouldn't be able to reccomend such a thing05:39
RetrogradeCulturhypothetically speaking05:39
Uplinki need a proxy tester tool05:39
Aaqilbullgard4: sorry my bad english... we have electricity problem in whole Pakistan, due to less power productions etc.. so all the day often electricity goes off for some hours.05:39
munozhi everyone! is it common for firefox to run slow (ie. "grey out" for a couple seconds occasionally) with ~10-15 tabs open? similarily, is it common for firefox to crap out when you have two youtubve windows open?05:40
juniechoizinucs: what do you mean by !tablet?05:40
RetrogradeCulturmunoz it may be possible if you have mem restraints05:40
Gneabullgard4: okay, i'm finding some conflicting information... a site says it's 30, my system is saying 31.... anyway, you can find out what yours is:  dumpe2fs /dev/<whatever>05:40
munoz2GB here.05:41
izinucsjuniecho, when you use an asterisk and a word you are directing a question to the ubottu bot.. I was looking to see if ubottu knew anything about tablets.05:41
juniechooh thanks05:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tablet05:41
izinucs!hello | juniecho05:41
ubottujuniecho: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:41
Aaqilbullgard4: how to report that problem in launchpade?05:41
woody86stage3- it's no problem, I really appreciate you helping me out :)05:41
juniechooops he says he doesn't know anything about it05:41
munozRetrogradeCultur: I'm using the Adobe flash player, is that the standard around here?05:41
woody86stage3- but I've got to log off for the night anyways, thank you very much again for all your help :D05:42
Gnea!laptop | izinucs05:42
ubottuizinucs: Laptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org05:42
bullgard4Aaqil: To send an error report to Launchpad is a little bit complicated. But it i necessary to get help in your case, I believe. First call in your web browser https://bugs.launchpad.net/ and get registered there.05:42
stage3woody86, thank, see you later I have to go now05:42
izinucsGnea, now why would you send me that? just wondering.05:42
woody86stage3- thanks again :)05:43
Aaqilbullgard4: i am here .. trying https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu05:43
RetrogradeCulturmunoz: not sure05:43
bullgard4Aaqil: Did you already register with Launchpad?05:43
=== dian is now known as aniyta_21
Aaqilbullgard4: yup05:43
bullgard4Aaqil: Ok, fine. Just a moment...05:44
munozok, thanks =)05:44
Gneaizinucs: because it includes tablet support05:44
izinucsGnea, Ah.... now i get it.. you found the right location. ubottu hasn't been clued into !tablet yet.05:45
bullgard4Aaqil: Press the button 'Report a bug'.05:46
Gneaizinucs: well, they're still technically laptops - they use the same components - they just have a touchscreen05:46
Aaqilbullgard4: did05:47
juniechognea: thanks i'm looking into the tx2000 series howto.05:47
izinucsGnea, k.. I gotta ask cause your nick is about as unusual as mine.. are you a gal originating from Minnesota?05:47
Aaqilbullgard4: what to type in summary?05:47
juniechooh what the heck... this is way too complicated, gotta spend some time :)05:48
wsaizinucs: where do you get 'minnesota' out of 'gnea'?05:48
izinucswsa, wife's extended family05:48
bullgard4Aaqil: "_cache->open() failed"05:48
kastonmy firefox 3 does not show some flash pages properly.  is there some upgrade i need to get?05:48
Aaqilbullgard4: how do u know :-s how u learnt all ubuntu05:49
izinucskaston, have you install the "flash-nonfree" package in synaptic?05:49
Aaqilbullgard4: typed that and pressed continue button05:50
tonI can't install printer panasonic kx-p362605:50
tonhow to05:50
bullgard4Aaqil: I have been asking many questions in this channel und in #ubuntu-de05:50
Aaqiloh ur brain big05:50
Gneaizinucs: no, I'm a guy originating from Iowa05:50
wsaizinucs: ah well gnea is in CDT05:50
ktheflook at the big brain on brad!05:51
kastonlet me check05:51
* wsa hails from MN05:51
izinucsGnea, haha.. phonetically Gnea is like Genea  my  wife's cousin05:51
kastonyep i have that installed05:51
bullgard4Aaqil: Somewhat later you will be asked what 'project' your problem belongs to. I would try to answer: "dpkg". I hope Launchpad will accept that. And then you please tell all specifics that you encountered and saw on your computer regarding the error.05:52
Gneaizinucs: interesting - the 'G' is silent for what i've been used to - like 'knee-ah', or just 'knee', depending on who's saying it ;)05:52
izinucskaston, do you also have gnash installed?05:52
Aaqilbullgard4: ok05:52
EyesOfARaveni need 1024x600 resolution, i borked my drivers then fixed them... but now only have 640x480 and 800x600 - i also tried adding the display subsection in xorg.conf but no go05:52
kthefEyesOfARaven, what video card you got?05:52
izinucsGnea, that's what I get for hanging out with a bunch of Minnesota-ians :)05:52
kastonnope.  what's gnash and how was i supposed to know to install that?05:52
juniechoizinucs, after updating the kernel, GRUB shows FIVE entries for ubuntu, two for new kernel(normal, safemode), two for old kernel, and memtest. does this mean i still have the old, unused kernel in my system?05:53
Gneaizinucs: rofl05:53
EyesOfARavensome intel integrated05:53
EyesOfARavenit's an eee05:53
izinucskaston, you don't .. it's one or the other.. not both.05:53
kthefEyesOfARaven, ooops, don't know nuttin bout that one! hehehehe05:53
EyesOfARavenit worked when i installed ubuntu05:53
kastonoh ok05:53
izinucsjuniecho, yes.. just use the system for a while and if it works ok then use synaptic to uninstall the old kernel.05:53
kthefEyesOfARaven, you can edit the xorg.conf file05:53
dsdeizif i first installed ubuntu then installed windows, which boot loader (is that the correct terM? hehehe) would be on top? ubuntu's or window's?05:53
wsajuniecho: yes you should05:53
kastonso any idea why it isnt working?05:54
EyesOfARavenkthef: i did.05:54
wsajuniecho: check /boot05:54
izinucskaston, sorry no..05:54
dsdeizanyone? anyone? hehehe05:54
kthefEyesOfARaven, add in some of the res settings, or sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:54
Gneadsdeiz: the boot loader installed by the recently-installed OS. in your case, windows, or ntloader05:54
EyesOfARavenkthef: i did both of those already05:54
izinucs!grub | dsdeiz05:55
ubottudsdeiz: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:55
Gnea!dualboot | dsdeiz05:55
ubottudsdeiz: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:55
kthefEyesOfARaven, did you put the right video driver in there?05:55
EyesOfARaveni kinda left it blank cuz i have no bloody clue whaT to use05:55
dsdeizi see. though is there a way to make ubuntu's boot loader (which I guess is grub) go on top?05:55
EyesOfARaventhe conf is nearly empty cept structure05:55
wsahmm.  coming from a certain *other* distro, does apt handle old kernel versions?  if juniecho wants to get rid of old kernels, should he just delete the images, or use apt to remove them?05:55
EyesOfARavenisnt there a "redetect my hardware" option, kthef?05:55
kastoni also have a logitech usb headset that i used to be able to plug and play when i was running windows but now i can't do that.  how can i fix this?05:55
EyesOfARavenit worked when i installed ubuntu05:55
izinucs!grub | dsdeiz05:55
ubottudsdeiz: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:55
kthefEyesOfARaven, try:  sudo lshw > myhardware.txt   then view the myhardware.txt looking for the video card info05:55
Gneadsdeiz: yeah, see the url about RestoreGrub05:55
dsdeizhehe thanks ;)05:56
juniechoyeah how can i remove the old kernel? well i understand i can just remove the old kernel entries from GRUB, but i think old kernel is not quite necessary05:56
kthefEyesOfARaven, then google the card info and ubuntu05:56
izinucsjuniecho, go to synaptic and search for "kernel" and you'll see it in there.05:57
juniechothere are way too many kernel-related entries here :)05:58
wsaalso where the hell does ubuntu stick its grub.conf05:58
izinucsjuniecho, look for the ones that have at reen or colored box next to them.. those are the ones that are installed.05:58
wsafind / -iname "grub.conf" returns nothing05:59
kthefwsa,  cat /boot/grub/menu.lst05:59
juniechooh right... so it is like removing everything marked 2.6.24-1605:59
kthefwsa, take out the cat05:59
izinucswsa, /boot/grub/boot.lst05:59
izinucswsa, sorry menu.lst05:59
izinucsjuniecho, yep. if that is the kernel that is the oldest..06:00
juniechowhat is linux-ubuntu-modules?06:00
wsaless /boot/grub/menu.lst, thanks06:00
wsaless is more06:00
kthefwsa, sudo nano -w /boot/grub/menu.lst06:01
lynda2k5good morning06:01
wsavi /boot/grub/menu.lst06:01
wsaas root!06:01
izinucslynda2k5, morning?  you gotta be in the east european countries someplace..06:01
kthefwsa, I don't like the vi06:02
kthefjust say no to vi06:02
dr_willisvi - 'Very Imporntant' :)06:02
kthefvery irritating06:02
wsaone of the cool things I am noticing about ubuntu is that vi is not aliased to vim06:02
dr_willisevery time i reread my books on VI i discover yet another new feature id frogotten about...06:02
dr_williswsa,  err.. vi by default is 'vim-tiny' i do belive. in a normal install...06:03
dr_willisone of the first things I do is install the vim-full package06:03
li|2jklhi, i'm not quite sure what's the difference between the "standard pc" and "64bit AMD and Intel computers" that is being asked when installing ubuntu.. any information would be much appreciated06:06
wsali|2jkl: what is the CPU of the machine that you are installing to?06:07
li|2jklit's an intel core duo in my laptop06:07
wsali|2jkl: you have one of the "64 bit AMD and Intel computers"06:07
=== techgeek is now known as techgeek40
li|2jklreally? dang. i downloaded the other onef06:08
wsaubuntu installs a multilib system on x86_64 by default, right?06:08
dr_willisli|2jkl,  you can use either one.. the 32bit disrto will work fine.06:08
dr_williswsa,  im not sure it did.. but i am just testing 64bit on the new laptop . I think some packages I installed DID grab that stuff however.. so06:09
dr_williswsa,  it installed it very soon after i installed. :) if it wasent there by default06:09
li|2jkloh okay.. so any will do right?06:10
munozhas anyone ever done something like gcc main.c -o main.c06:10
wsali|2jkl: you won't be taking advantage of all of the capabilities of your CPU with the one you downloaded06:11
techgeek40I am running Ubuntu 8.04 on a VM machine (xVM VirtualBox) and I would like to be able to see my USB drive - is there a way to do that?06:11
Tom_Daviswhat needs to be installed to make the ibm trackpoint work?06:11
dr_willisli|2jkl,  i tend to use 32bit on my mahcines.. i am only now testing out 64bit..so far its worked very well under 8.10   - just a few issues06:11
wsali|2jkl: whether this is important to you is a value judgement06:11
li|2jkli see.. but i guess i could still experience ubuntu with any.. i just wanted to know why many people like this linux distro06:12
wsadr_willis: what issues? I just installed 64 bit ubuntu clandestinely on a work laptop (core 2)06:12
dr_willistechgeek40,  dependind on what you want to do - you could set up a 'shared' directory and let the host OS share it with virtualbox.06:12
wsaflash is buggy linux flash as usual but that's the only issue I've encountered so far06:13
dr_williswsa,  i  hear theres no 64bit skype yet.. but other then that.. ive not really had many issues.. I am testing 8.10 so. my issues coule be 8.10 related. not 64bit related. :)06:13
wsaah, ok06:13
dr_williswsa,  i have rarely had flash issues. :) but i dont YouTube much06:13
juniechocan anyone help with configuring tablet screen - http://mirosol.kapsi.fi/tx2020/tx2000howto.htm i'm following this guide06:14
dr_williswsa,  I do think it was the ubuntu-restrcted-extras package that grabbed flash and those compatiablity libs. :)06:14
wsaprobably same here06:14
favrowhat are we using for youtube video these days?06:14
juniechoi don't get where i get rotation to work with xrandr -o left/right/inverted/normal commands06:14
=== spastic_teapot is now known as spasticteapot
dr_willisfavro,  i just dont utube. :) flash 10 seems to work for me most of the time however06:15
lynda2k5good morning06:16
favrodr_willis: I set it up ages ago and can't remember what i did hehe06:16
mouseboyxYou can also just download them in flv format and watch them in something besides a browser...06:16
dr_willisYea - there is a stand alone flash player for linux.. but tracking it down is a bit hard..  the flash company seems to want to hide it.06:16
wsajuniecho: uh well it looks like you get to be creative about what input triggers the rotations06:17
favrodr_willis: is it gnash maybe?06:17
mouseboyxI mean, you can watch flv in totem or mplayer too.06:17
Tom_Davisok, ubuntu.com says trackpoint should "just work" but I aint getting it06:17
Mixed432I  get a lot of distortion when I route my appz through JACK, anyone had the same problem???06:17
wsajuniecho: does the laptop have an accelerometer that would ordinarily do this?06:17
dr_willisfavro,  ive beenusing flash 10 lately.06:17
favrok thnx06:17
juniechowhat is an accelerometer? sorry06:18
extorHow do I create a "loopback interface" in linux which I can give my own ip addy and subnet? Do I just add it as a subinterface to the lo interface?06:18
dr_willisjuniecho,  a device that measures acceleration.  i belive.06:18
sleepsteranyone know of a program that will convert divx to dvd?06:18
wsaas in, you physically rotate the laptop, and the screen rotates06:18
juniechoyou mean when i flip the screen?06:18
|Cyb3rPunk|hey how can i get ubuntu to remember my settings06:18
mouseboyxflash 9 works for me flawlessly, it used to crash all the time.06:18
Tom_Davisalright, a mouse works but trackpoint is no joy, help?06:18
dr_willissleepster,  DeVeDe can make dvd videos from other video files.. theres proerly otehr tools also.06:19
wsaoooooh okay a switch in the hinge or something06:19
juniechooh yeah, it works with windows so i think this laptop has it06:19
sleepsterthanks dr_willis06:19
wsaoh wait -- 'Yes, quickplay, because "original" rotation-button doesn't give any keycode. aka. doesn't work06:19
bullgard4Gnea: Thank you for your help.06:19
dr_willisaccelerometer is a sensor ibelive used so when you drop the laptop - it sees its going to hit.. and auto-parks the hard drive. :)06:19
juniechobut i don't need that auto-rotate thing, what i need is instead of rotating the screen by 90 degrees, i want to rotate the screen by 180 degrees at the push of a button06:20
|Cyb3rPunk|how do I get ubuntu to rember my settings so when I log back on after restart it auto opends every back up06:20
wsajuniecho: it looks like the howto is telling you to copy a shell script from the howto and bind it to a key06:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sessions06:20
juniechoyes so i edited the shell script myself like this: http://pastebin.com/m7e09d9f106:20
|Cyb3rPunk|can it be done?06:21
dr_willis|Cyb3rPunk|,  gnome has a 'sessions' settings control tool that has a check bos for that - i belive.06:21
juniechoso it could get to inverted straight when i press the button, instead of 90 degrees rotation06:21
|Cyb3rPunk|where do i fin d that?06:21
juniechowhat i don't understand is this: rotation="$(xrandr -q --verbose | sed -n '2 {p;q}' | cut -d' ' -f5)"06:22
XavuraI'm guessing all these programs beginning with k aren't really needed06:22
Xavuraand are leftovers from kubuntu?06:22
dr_willis|Cyb3rPunk|,  check the settings/admin menus.06:22
Akazawawhats a good visio alternative for ubuntu?06:22
juniechoso could i just leave the line as it is and get the 180 degrees rotation?06:22
dr_willisXavura,  depens on the app.06:22
Gneabullgard4: cheers06:22
legend2440|Cyb3rPunk|: do you mean auto login? so you dont have to enter name and password?06:23
wsajuniecho: huh, it looks like it gets information about the current orientation of the screen and stores it as ${rotation}06:23
Polygon89where can i get ahold of an op?06:24
|Cyb3rPunk|no i got that want to make it so when i log in every thing reopens like what i had open in my last session fedora had somting in admin settings but cant find it in here06:24
GneaPolygon89: why?06:24
Polygon89oj maid pmed me with an advertisement the second i joined06:24
GneaPolygon89: report it to #freenode06:24
kharnovMe too.06:24
Xavuradr_willis: kthreadd ksoftirqd/0 khelper kblockd/0 kacpid kacpi_notify kseriod kswapd0 ksuspend_usbd kjournald kpsmoused kgameportd kondemand/0 klogd06:24
juniechohmm if that's so nothing to worry about i think06:24
dr_willisXavura,  its very likely those are Kernel processes...06:25
Xavurahow likely is very likely?06:25
wsajuniecho: keeping in mind that I don't actually know anything, it looks like the cases for 'normal' and 'inverted' are absolute and not relative transformations06:25
kharnovOkay, I kinda need some help here. Usually, I can run Tremulous just fine, but now if I try to run it, I get a black screen telling me that the screen resolution can't be displayed or something like that.06:25
dr_willisXavura,  i would say most all of them are.. they seem familer to me - google the specific names and see to be 100% sure.06:25
dr_willisXavura,  i rember looking up some of them ages ago when i noticed them in the process tree.06:26
legend2440|Cyb3rPunk|: open system>preferences>sessions>session options tab06:26
Xavuraok also dr_willis when I run top it says 2 users, but I am the only user???06:26
Xavuraor anyone06:26
wsajuniecho: you'll be in trouble, removing the sections of code that you removed, if for any reason your screen is stuck at 90 or 27006:26
dr_willisXavura,   You could be logged in several different times/processes so its counting each one as a user06:27
Polygon89Hi.....i think windows xp killed my cd drive,...and now it wont even open in ubuntu, it says its not responding to a dbus call or something......any suggestions? =/06:27
juniechoso how could i get my screen stuck at 0 or 180?06:27
Xavuradr_willis: How can I check, looks funky to me06:27
kharnovEr, wait, lemme rephrase my problem.06:27
|Cyb3rPunk|every thing gose good untill the lst step06:27
juniechobecause i don't want 90 or 270 yeah...06:27
Xavuradr_willis: I just logged in like 10 minutes ago.. no one else is logged in06:27
dr_willisXavura,  try the 'who' command.06:27
XavuraI see tty and pts/006:28
XavuraBoth on my name06:28
XavuraThat ok then?06:28
kharnovIf I try to run a game, I get a black screen telling me I can't run at a certain resolution, but I already am running at that resolution, but with a different frequency. However, I can't switch to that frequency for some reason.06:28
wsajuniecho: well there is no case for 90 or 270 in your script now -- so if something causes the screen to be in that orientation, the button won't do anything06:28
|Cyb3rPunk|no "session" menu06:28
wsajuniecho: hang on06:28
dr_willisXavura,  now go to a consle and log in again.. then check who again. :) and see if its now 306:28
juniechooh i understand...06:28
Xavuradr_willis: Ah I see, ok06:29
legend2440|Cyb3rPunk|: are you using hardy or intrepid?06:29
WintervenomI've been using OpenMPT under Wine for the last two years or so for composing music.  What are some native (and potentially faster and easier ways) to compose music under Linux?06:29
juniechohmm so then i have to remove the part where the script detects the current screen orientation i guess06:29
legend2440|Cyb3rPunk|: channel #ubuntu+1 is for intrepid support06:30
Tazz_NBHello Tazz_NB please visit our website at http://ubuntukbqu817up97qk2kv7k2d7222.saleperfect.info/ ??06:30
DigitalFizOJ_Maid spammer06:30
Polygon89Hi, my cd drive won't open....are there any other things i can try besides 'eject' in console?06:30
wsajuniecho: you want this: http://pastebin.com/m3a702ad406:30
Gnea!ops | OJ_Maid is on-join spamming/advertising06:30
ubottuOJ_Maid is on-join spamming/advertising: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!06:30
juniechowsa this is so sweet thank you06:31
wsaPolygon89: paperclip in the little hole when power is off06:31
Polygon89wsa, as in....it works but it won't respond to eject calls06:31
Polygon89wsa, well it works in windows at least06:31
GneaPolygon89: you can do it while the power is on too... won't hurt anything06:31
wsaPolygon89: aaaaaah nevermind06:31
GneaPolygon89: unless it's mounted06:32
Polygon89wsa, Gnea i think windows xp killed my cd drive...literally...which is why im asking06:32
GneaPolygon89: if the cdrom is mounted, it's not going to eject until you unmount it06:32
Polygon89Gnea, there is nothing in the drive06:32
GneaPolygon89: try the paperclip - might just need that extra kick to open once to be okay again06:32
wsaPolygon89: can you read from / mount a cd?06:32
|Cyb3rPunk|that chan is dead...06:32
Polygon89Gnea, i tried and it still doesnt work, it just sits there with the status light on06:33
GneaPolygon89: did you push it in far enough?06:33
GneaPolygon89: you should hit something solid - when you do, keep pushing06:33
Polygon89wsa, it doesn't even open...and in windows it freezes the computer if i put a cd in...06:33
Polygon89Gnea, it opens, but then i close it again and it still doesn't fix it.06:33
GneaPolygon89: ah okay... i'd hit up pricewatch.com :)06:34
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:34
Sonjahow safe is it to change my partition sizes using a tool like testdisk ? do i still have to backup because of risk of losing data?06:34
Polygon89Gnea, this drive is literally _brand new_ it cant be dead06:34
Sonjahow safe is it to change my partition sizes using a tool like gparted or testdisk ? do i still have to backup because of risk of losing data?06:34
juniechowsa, how do i change the permission of a script file? it needs to be executable06:35
GneaSonja: I would backup to be on the safe side. testdisk is pretty safe for the most part06:35
Sonjabacking up is such a hassle06:35
GneaSonja: ltns, btw06:35
eekrano_laptopjuniecho: chmod a+x filename06:35
GneaPolygon89: why not? are you sure the cable isn't old?06:35
GneaSonja: better than losing everything and having to recreate from scratch06:36
legend2440Polygon89: my dvd "died" the other day. i had to open case and unplug power connector and plug it back in. that fixed it06:36
SonjaGnea true! :/06:36
Gneaalthough sometimes that's not always a bad thing ;)06:36
Sonjaso a backup is still required if i use testdisk eh06:36
juniechoeekrano_laptop: it says operation is not permitted, what have i done wrong?06:36
wsajuniecho: uuh 'chmod 755 <file>'06:36
GneaSonja: s/required/recommended/g06:36
Sonjai'm running a risk otherwise06:37
lapis there a way to get lame3.98 instead of lame3.97 in hardy ?06:37
eekrano_laptopjuniecho: you probably dont have permissions, sudo it06:37
bullgard4What programs do use the data put in the dialog 'About Me'? (You can call it by clicking System > Preferences > About Me.)06:37
Gneai'd go for the backup06:37
juniechooh right... sudo did it06:37
wsajuniecho: chown it over to root and put it in /usr/local/bin06:38
juniechowsa: the file is not visible in nautilus, how do i make it visible?06:38
juniechoi clearly remember putting the file in my home folder06:39
wsajuniecho: forget what I said about /usr/local/bin, just follow the howto06:39
juniechowell, but the thing is that the script is not working without reboot06:39
juniechoso... gotta reboot06:40
juniechoi'll be right back thanks06:40
wsayou can't see it in nautilius because in unices files that begin with '.' are hidden06:40
=== Raymond_CN is now known as Raymond_CN_away
wsaum you shouldn't need to reboot . . .06:40
juniechohmm? after modifying xorg.conf?06:40
wsaooooooh! restart x06:40
wsaokay yeah do that06:40
juniechocan i just restart only x?06:40
wsa:) indeed06:41
juniechoctrl+alt+esc ?06:41
juniechonope backspace?06:41
wsaoh yeah forgot to mention all the child processes die too06:41
juniechoohhhhhh sweet!!!!! rotation works with the script!!!!!!!06:43
wsajuniecho: right on, ^506:43
juniechonow let's map the button on this script... well...06:43
juniechoso sweet... yeah hehehehehe06:44
Tazz_NBI just noted something quite "funny" - in ubuntu 8.04, if I turn on desktop effects (compiz) skype can't record my mic, and it looses my startup session - anyone else noted this ?06:44
WUSTEFISHChello, is there anyone that can help me please?06:44
ubottuWUSTEFISHC: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:45
wsa /last WUSTEFISHC06:45
wsayeah okay don't ask to ask just ask06:46
juniechooh i'm kinda stuck here, the guide says apps>compiz>general>allscreens>options> in gconfeditor06:46
juniechowhere the heck is that... oh no06:47
WUSTEFISHCdear friend, i purchased a dell mini 9 with ubuntu and i was switching my drivers for the video card.  Upon switching, i noticed slight lag, so i tried to fix it but setting it back on the other option didnt work. after restarting my screen is showing the display like a MESSED UP display.  I tried "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" but my password is not being accepted.  HOW CAN I RESET THE PASSWORD THROUGH CONSOLE?06:47
WUSTEFISHCThanks peoples :D06:47
* wsa facepalms06:47
Tazz_NBWUSTEFISHC, did you type *your* password ?06:48
wsajuniecho: I think you have to install gconfeditor?  i don't seem to have it either06:48
wsajuniecho: oh no just do 'gconf-editor'06:49
juniechoalt+f2 and gconf-editor?06:49
wsayeah that'll do06:49
WUSTEFISHCtazz: yess06:49
juniechooh sweet06:50
WUSTEFISHCdont worry people, i will brb06:50
wsahaha lol @ h4xx0r06:50
jim_pdoes someone got a spam messaga as soon as he got in? because i just did!06:50
Tazz_NBjim_p, happened to me too06:51
Tazz_NBnot a good thing....06:51
Tazz_NBbut hey06:51
wsa'hi #ubuntu how do i change/reset/access passwords on unix systems?'06:51
=== BlinkyToon is now known as Don_Miguel
forcescan help me with this http://www.ihateyoujulia.com/?id=10dcf12b6802de1a76ab990fdf7317ea06:51
jim_ptime to stop it. what can an admin do for me?06:51
dr_williswsa,  sudo passwd USERNAME     is what i normally do06:51
Tazz_NBI dont know if there is an admin here06:52
bullgard4What programs do use the data put in the dialog 'About Me'? (You can call it by clicking System > Preferences > About Me.)06:52
juniechoguess i have to restart x again06:52
=== Raymond_CN_away is now known as Raymond_CN
jim_pspeaking os spam, forces popped up!06:52
juniechobrb :)06:52
wsadr_willis: no I was just making fun of WHATSHISNAME who obviously was asking for help taking over someone ELSE's machine06:52
dr_williswsa,  :) ok.. that sort of thing often gets lost in translation on irc. :)06:53
carpediemlap: still looking for Lame 3.98?  you could try a deb from intrepid.  not sure if it will work, but you could try.  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+package/lame06:53
jim_pwhere do i set my dns servers in? its somewhere in /etc but where?06:53
Tazz_NBjim_p, /etc/resolv.conf06:53
jim_pTazz_NB: thanks mate06:54
wsawelllll wait a minute does this box have a static ip jim_p?06:54
* jim_p makes a big letter note06:54
wsadhcpcd should populate resolv.conf with nameservers automagically . . .06:54
jim_pwsa: i need to set my isps dns servers and i use static ip on my lan06:54
wsajim_p: this may be overkill for you, but i might recommend running tinydns or dnsmasq on your router, naming your isps nameservers as nexthops, and doing static leases06:56
Tazz_NBwsa, haha - I was typing up the same06:56
wsagreat minds lol06:56
Tazz_NBjim_p, assuming you are an adsl/dsl user, it might even pay to run a local proxy with something like tinydns etc06:57
Tazz_NBI do it at home and it saves me a good couple of meg every month06:57
jim_pwsa: kill me as in...? i use static ip on my lan, and i simply set my isps dns servers there and i am fine. this pc i am on now has all this and its working perfectly06:57
Tazz_NBjim_p, dns lookup make up quite a "bit" of network traffic etc, having a local dns "cache" helps quite a bit06:58
wsawhat Tazz_NB said06:58
jim_pTazz_NB: oh come on. its like ...2 ips!06:59
wsaalso if you EVER get an IP address dynamically you will probably lose what is in resolv.conf06:59
wsabut yeah what you are doing will work so long as you never change anything06:59
jim_pwsa: dynamically from the isp? i get a new ip almost daily06:59
Tazz_NBjim_p, you wanna tell me you only connect to two servers ?06:59
wsajim_p: no I just mean the box in question -- from the router -- like i said it might be overkill -- if your configuration is static you can just edit resolv.conf07:01
=== Raymond_CN is now known as Raymond_CN_away
jim_pTazz_NB + wsa: here is the deal. i am on adsl. i use an adsl router to connect to my isp. that router has its own ip and my pc has its own ip too, both static. however i need to state my isps dns servers (on my pc, on the router they are already set) for better "results"07:02
z0rhi! I'm trying to upgrade to Intrepid using a live CD .iso mounted at /cdrom. When I tried using apt-cdrom to add it as a source, it wouldn't recognise it because the Packages file is actually called Packages.gz07:03
Tazz_NBok - jim_p - your router can most likely run a dns server no ?07:03
=== _Kwitschibo is now known as Kwitschibo
jim_pTazz_NB + wsa now i need to do the same thing on the laptop07:03
lapcarpediem: thanks : )07:03
jim_pTazz_NB: be a dns server itself? i think so. it can dhcp though07:04
z0ri thought upgrading apt to the version in Intrepid would help, so I've done that. Now it adds the sources, but ignores them. Here's the output of apt-cdrom -a -m -d /cdrom add: http://paste.ubuntu.com/62379/07:04
z0rhow can i get apt to recognise those sources?07:04
Tazz_NBjim_p, it should be able to07:05
jim_pz0r: i am not 100% sure, but i think that you need the alternative cd to do so. only the alternative can be recognised as sources07:05
z0rjim_p: oh, ok. Someone in here earlier said the live cd would work too07:06
jim_pz0r: i an not sure though07:06
wsaz0r: not enough bandwidth to use an online repo to upgrade?07:08
wsacan you use an online repo to upgrade?07:08
z0rwsa: that's why I've been avoiding it, yeah07:08
z0rbut i guess i could07:08
wsawell for my part if you are going to download the cd it's generally better to download the smallest image a distro offers and then go from there07:10
wsabut you probably got mailed something, no?07:11
z0rwsa: i downloaded the iso last night when bandwidth was off peak. I thought it would be a good way to go, but apparently i got the wrong image07:12
WildBill_I'm running 8.10 but have an AMD64 dual system. Does anyone know if I can do an upgrade to the AMD64 version without having to do a fresh install?07:12
favroWildBill: afaik they are diff os's07:13
jim_pWildBill: change your sources.list to ibex and do a apt-get dist-upgrade07:13
jim_pWildBill_: change your sources.list to ibex and do a apt-get dist-upgrade07:14
favro32 vs 6407:14
dr_willisWildBill_,  You dont upgrade from a 32bit to 64bit release.. but you can upgrade  from 32bit to 32bit of course...07:14
PlutoPrimeHi, I'm setting up Ubuntu as a Media center desktop ... I've always had the problem where the Screen Resolution is detected correctly on my LCD HDTV, however the ubuntu desktop is stretched too much and the Task Bars appear out of the TV boundaries. In Windows, Nvidia drivers have a calibration tool to set the corners of the TV correctly, but how do I solve this in Linux?07:14
riddleboxis there a firewall on ubuntu-server by default?07:14
legend2440WildBill_: you cant. if you installed the x32 version but want the x64 version you have to reinstall.07:14
WildBill_ I kind of knew that, but was hoping I could cheat a bit.07:14
jim_priddlebox: iptables07:14
favroRiddell: there is always iptables07:15
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).07:15
wsaf*** yeah iptables07:15
riddleboxjim_p, well I am not sure, but for some reason my sip connections from outside the network dont hit the server, but inside they do, I have all the ports forwarded on my firewall07:15
riddleboxon my router that is07:15
Gneawsa: obfuscating it doesn't mean we can't read it, please don't.07:15
WildBill_Thanks anyways all, and good night07:16
jim_priddlebox: try opening a port on the iptables and retry07:16
pretenderHow do i display minimised apps in the avant window navigator.  Also  anyone  from Thailand?07:17
tyleranyone know what it means when during boot it goes to a busybox shell screen?07:19
stickboyi'm on hardy 64bit and i'm trying to get gShutdown to work. Instead of turning off my laptop it will only log out of current user. Any idea on how to fix it?07:19
=== ihateuid2000 is now known as galtoid
wsathis is the question I joined tonight to ask: do I want to ditch an -omg-optimized gentoo box as a server for ubuntu server edition.  in short, what are peoples' experiences with the performance of ubuntu server and its kernel07:21
juniechoyeah great, almost everything is working07:22
juniechothanks wsa07:22
wsaof course juniecho anytime07:22
juniechoah but do you know how to build with make install command?07:23
jim_pwsa: i think its better to install debian since its a server07:23
jim_pwsa: mind if i ask about its duties?07:23
juniechoi'm trying to get the tablet pen work, the guide said i need some patched driver07:23
dr_willisI imagine it depends on the 'server' tasks. also07:23
wsatyler: that behaviour is usually the behaviour of some safe mode boot option, or some errant early userspace init checkpoint.  are you selecting the correct boot option?07:23
juniechoso i downloaded the driver and patched it, but i cannot compile this so cannot install this thing07:24
tylerwsa: yes its really weird, sometimes it boots perfectly ok, and sometimes it goes into busyshell, ide say its about 50 50, i just reboot it again and it boots fine...it also did this in debian with the updated kernel....could be reacting to my hardware i guess07:24
dr_willistyler,  i had an olkder box that had tobe rebooted  after failing to boot from a powered off state.. never have figured out why.   but its old/backup/spare -07:25
wsajim_p: of course, it is a layer-3 router for a very small lan, offering dhcp, dns, ntp, and some file shares and a local cvs repository, also it offers smtp, imap, pop3, and http to the wan (oh and ntp too)07:26
=== |Aryn| is now known as aRyn
tyleri think it has to do with the 2.6.24 kernal or whatever the updated one is...cause before that update everything was fine07:26
neztitiguys how i can Update K3b to 1.0.5 and backport to hardy07:26
jim_pwsa: simply wow! better use debian07:26
juniechowsa, do you have any clue on this?07:27
dan_hello :) anybody here who is using irssi now?07:27
wsatyler: it is more likely that it is the initramfs that was built with your kernel.  not knowing anything about the ubuntu initramfs, i'd poke around in the bb shell, try to find out if you are in early userspace or in real userspace, and look for some kind of log and post the results07:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about busybox07:29
wsajuniecho: hang on let me go back to that guide07:29
neztitiguys how i can Update K3b to 1.0.5 and backport to hardy07:29
Forbr4d3anyone ever get a pinnacle pctv hd pro stick working?07:30
jim_pneztiti: isnt it on backports repo? then dont compile yourself!07:31
wsajuniecho: where are you erroring and what is the error?07:31
dr_willisneztiti,  you may want to clarify what it is you are trying to do..   if k3b is an older version in the repos.. you would need tocheck the PPA repos perhaps for a newer version, or use source.07:31
dr_willisyea. or in the backports repos..07:31
jim_pForbr4d3: what does lsusb say for it?07:31
ubottumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU07:31
neztitidr_willis: ok m807:31
wartalkerupdate-manager -d : Authenticating the upgrade failed. There may be a problem with the network or with the server.   help?07:31
dr_williswartalker,  servers are very loaded right now.. it maybe a server issue07:32
juniechofrom the point i typed ./configure --enable-wacom07:32
juniechoit slightly differed from the example07:32
DigitalFizdid cube caps disapear in intrepid?07:32
juniechoand with make command it showed several errors07:33
Forbr4d3its version 407:33
Forbr4d3Bus 002 Device 004: ID 2304:023a Pinnacle Systems, Inc. [hex]07:33
Forbr4d3i just bought it at best buy heh07:33
juniecholike... error: token something :) saying binary whatever is missing before (07:34
Forbr4d3im on my third driver build and ive gotten errors each time07:34
wsajuniecho: pastebin it?07:34
Forbr4d3any thoughts?07:34
jim_pForbr4d3: let me think07:34
wsajuniecho: i am seeing that the howto didn't tell you to install kernel sources, and you are building a kernel module here . . . this might be the problem07:35
juniechothis is it07:36
willwhhi folks I am looking for some help with setting up a bridge for a VM07:36
willwhhost has a static ip07:36
willwhvm currently dhcping an address07:36
willwhwhen I try to add a br0 interface on the host machine and restart the networking daemon07:36
Tom_Davisany ideas how to make the thinkpad trackpoint work with hardy and fluxbox?07:36
willwhit fails to bring up br007:36
willwhTom_Davis: pretty sure there will be something on it here07:37
willwhif not, try the flux folks :)07:37
willwhthat is an sweoms esite07:37
breezeIs there anyone in buaa?07:38
willwhbreeze: where?07:38
juniechoand "`install-exec-am' &#47484; &#50948;&#54644; &#54624; &#51068;&#51060; &#50630;&#49845;&#45768;&#45796;" means that "there is nothing to do for install-exec-am"07:38
juniechoi'm on korean language environment so this could be kinda confusing07:38
breezeBei hang07:38
wsajuniecho: this is the output of make . . . and I can't see any errors . . .07:38
wsaoh that's good07:39
chervais there an editor that can edit text files over ftp or ssh (I don't want to X forward it)07:39
=== willwh is now known as willwh|afk
wsajuniecho: yeah it looks like this installed07:40
breezeWhy don't you speak in Chinese?07:40
juniechoyou mean i sucessfully installed this?07:41
wsajuniecho: it appears that you did in fact successfully install that07:41
breezePractise our English?07:41
blah561What is the directory that applications in Ubuntu are installed?  For example, on Windows, this directory is:  C:\Windows\Program Files07:41
wsatry copying the module over as the howto says07:41
wsa'sudo cp src/2. . . .'07:42
dr_willischerva,   you could alwahs ssh to the box and run a text based  editor. :) but yes. I do think theres some GUI exitors that can edit over ftp/ssh but i  dont rember what ones.. emacs proberly can..it can do everything else.  gedit might have the feature, also geany might.07:42
wsaand try the next steps of the howto (inserting the module, et cetera)07:42
bullgard4blah561: There are several. One important is /usr/share/applications/07:42
chervadr_willis: gedit can't edit them there is no save button when I open a file in the ftp mount07:43
blah561bullgard4:  Thanks07:43
dr_willischerva,  you could use that fuseftp filesystem tool. then the ftp site will appear as a local directory to all apps. Butive not used that in ages either.07:43
chervadr_willis: ok first I'll try to mount the server with ssh and see if gedit can save then I'll try fuseftp07:44
wsajim_p: well it's like I don't know gentoo on the desktop with encrypted disks is a PITA and so I am thinking of ubuntu there and have this preference that everything is the same07:44
dr_willischerva,  sshfs is handy also. :)07:45
wsajim_p: I don't think I would switch to debian07:45
Forbr4d3anyone help with the pinnacle pctv hd pro usb stick?07:45
=== willwh|afk is now known as willwh
Forbr4d3how do i tell if the dvb server is working correctly?07:45
willwhForbr4d3: sounds like a question you should be asking pinnacle07:46
willwhI work for a streaming media company07:46
willwhI hate pinnacle stuff07:46
Forbr4d3xawtv says no video grabber device is available07:46
willwhit's terrible07:46
Forbr4d3are you serious?07:46
wsagaaaaaaaaaagh yes07:46
Forbr4d3what works best then?07:46
willwhwhat are you trying to capture?07:46
juniechoholy... wsa you're right, it's working but very very inaccurate07:46
wsaForbr4d3 does that have a conexant chip in it?07:46
Forbr4d3i just picked this thing up at best buy tonight07:46
Forbr4d3i dunno man07:46
jim_pwsa: in a pita? so you dunp debian server for ubuntu server?!07:46
willwhForbr4d3: lscpi07:47
willwhor lsusb07:47
chervadr_willis: niceee linux rule them all gedit can save when mounted over ssh07:47
dr_willisForbr4d3,  the #mythbuntu channel and web site/forums ahve huge discussions of tv tuners for linux.07:47
willwhyes, dr_willis good point.07:47
juniechoso i think editing xorg.conf will solve the problem, but can you identify the part that controls 'TOUCHSCREEN' (i mean finger touch) part? because i don't want to activate touchscreen function, i only want to use my pen.07:47
dr_willischerva,  yea. i use sshfs a lot.  and the smbfuse stuff.. i find the apps work better with them. then with the gnome/share/ftp browser method.07:47
wsajim_p: that server runs gentoo now, i'm considering switching to ubuntu server07:48
=== jklyekai_ is now known as jklyekai
wsajim_p: because i want everything to be the same, and gentoo on a desktop is a painful (but rewarding) experience07:48
juniechowell i suspect Inputdevicewhole part that contains "Synaptics Touchpad" is the thing but just want to be sure before saving it07:48
chervadr_willis: what is the "Edit menus" command (right click on Apps->Edit menus) to start it from a console because it starts whenever she wants......07:49
stickboyi'm on hardy 64bit and i'm trying to get gShutdown to work. Instead of turning off my laptop it will only log out of current user. Any idea on how to fix it?07:49
jim_pwsa: so you need a desktop too? try debian lenny then07:49
dr_willischerva,  i think thats calling the app 'alacarte' or somthing like that07:50
jim_pwsa: i suggest lenny, because etch packages are like... as ancient as the parthenon07:51
chervadr_willis: it is alacarte indeed07:51
Majestromoin moin07:51
Majestrokann mir jemand mit kaffeine helfen ?07:53
Tom_Davisany help with the thinkpad trackpoint and hardy?07:53
wsajuniecho: I would just follow the howto to the letter at this point and then see if the pointer is still erratic07:53
asathoorMajestro >> welches problem hast Du mit Kaffeine?07:53
wsathe hard part should be over07:53
Majestroirgendwie bekomme ich keine hd sender zum laufen und nach ner kurzen zeit gibbts bildhänger07:54
Majestroschüssel ist optimal ausgerichtet07:54
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de07:54
jim_p!de | Majestro07:55
ubottuMajestro: please see above07:55
wsaoh, and save the source and patch for this kernel module -- you're going to have to re-compile and re-install every time you get a new kernel through the updates07:55
juniechoyeah thanks07:56
juniechoi'll restart x and see what happens07:56
SmegzorI'm about to back up my root by copying it.  I'm skipping home, mnt, media.  Are there any other folders I do not want to include in my backup?  My home is in a different partition.07:57
SBToothany action in here... not much going on with the ibex07:58
jim_pSmegzor: i suggest fstab, xorg.conf, menu.lst and any specific one you may need like samba or network interfaces07:58
jim_pSmegzor: all the others are trivial in front of these 307:58
Jordan_U_jim_p: He asked for what *not* to include07:59
jim_pSmegzor: and sources.list ! 4 then07:59
Smegzori'm already including those07:59
jim_pJordan_U_: well these sum to like ...100kb! much much less than an entire copy of the partition07:59
SBToothi'm looking for some assistance with with an atheros card on intrepid... anyone up for the challenge08:00
Smegzori'm pretty sure I'm supposed to include the other folders in my backup.  I'm aware that some folders are virtual? but I'm not sure which ones.08:00
Jordan_U_SBTooth: What's the problem?08:00
SBToothmy atheros was working nicely with the new drivers coming with intrepid08:00
Jordan_U_Smegzor: /proc for instance08:01
SBTooththen i took the latest upgrade and no more wireless08:01
Smegzorthanks.  what about dev?  skip it?08:01
Jordan_U_Smegzor: You can tell cp to stick withing one file system when backing up, or use a purpose built backup utility08:01
Jordan_U_Smegzor: Yes08:01
jim_pSBTooth: what module did ti use?08:02
SBToothath5k i think08:02
SBToothnot 100% sure08:02
Smegzori'm about to resize my root partition, but NOT before attempting a backup :)08:02
SBToothi know just enough to be dangerous on this thing :(08:02
Jordan_U_SBTooth: Try enabling the madwifi drivers via System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers, but note that ath5k will probably work after upcoming updates ( it's been working for me for most of the life of Intrepid and broke with an update today )08:04
sinanWhen using a pipe, the second application is only run when the first one finishes. Is there a way to make them run together, and just feed the output of the first to the second "as it occurs"?08:04
dr_willissinan,  thats what 'fifo's are for I think.08:05
SBToothjordan that has been my experience too08:05
Jordan_U_sinan: That is in fact what happens, it's just that the data is buffered so it may not seem that way in certain circumstances. What are you trying to accomplish?08:05
SBToothjust wondered if there was anything else i could do08:05
sinanJordan_U_: I have one application which generates an infinte sequence of data it its stdout, this data is used by a second application when to create a "movie" of plots.08:06
sinanJordan_U_: I have control over both applications, so I can make them communicate in a different way if needed08:06
WIGGMPkWhy is it every time I execute "sudo alsa force-reload" the default Ubuntu login theme plays when I specified a different sound in Sound Preferences (or no sound at all). Another related question, if I specify a sound in Sound Preferences for login, it doesnt play. But if I specify it in Login Window under the accessibility tab, it plays when I log in.08:08
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
rob__hey guys.  i'm a freelance developer.  i run an ubuntu server out of my house.  im having a hell of a time trying to get sendmail working.  i'm assuming this has something to do wth a combination of my isp blocking ports and my server not having a domain name pointing to it.  is there any way for me to get this going?08:09
rob__i'd really like to get it going for development purposes08:10
WIGGMPkrob__: who's your ISP?08:10
rob__road runner08:10
rob__im also running dd-wrt firmware on my linksys router08:10
WIGGMPkrob__: not familiar with them.. Are they a cable provider?08:10
=== willwh is now known as willwh|afk
rob__time warner cable08:11
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - WARNING: lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu08:11
Stupendoussteverob__, chances are they want you to forward through one of their mail servers08:11
rob__a 'smarthost'?08:11
WIGGMPkrob__: they most likely block the outgoing smtp ports or require authentication. have you tried calling them about it?08:11
rob__can sendmail be configured this way?08:11
rob__no, i haven't contacted them08:11
rob__is that my best option?08:12
Stupendoussteverob__, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=10192508:12
=== willwh|afk is now known as willwh
WIGGMPkrob__: sendmail would have to be configured that way. Unless you provide your own internet service your going to have to use someone's smtp ports08:12
Stupendoussteverob__, sendmail should support a relay server08:12
rob__Stupendoussteve, thank i saw that link but im not using postfix, im using sendmail08:13
rob__does this make a different08:13
rob__<--- total n00b08:13
Stupendoussteverob__, yes the configuration will be different...08:14
WIGGMPkrob__: even though you want to use this as "development or testing" you might be breaking your ISP agreement by setting such a server up. I wouldnt want to see you get in trouble for this, so I would advise you speak with your ISP on the matter. I believe this has something to do with the patriot act (logging ISP of all people sending e-mails) something about spammers08:14
Tom_Davisyou know if you install hardy on a thinkpad with the trackpoint unplugged it does not install the driver with no hope of recovery?08:14
StupendoussteveWIGGMPk, this is untrue, it has to do with spammers getting their domains blocked08:15
rob__i gues ill have to contact the ISP08:15
rob__thanks for your time and help08:15
Stupendoussteverob__, http://www.ozzu.com/unix-linux-forum/how-setup-relay-host-sendmail-t29690.html08:15
WIGGMPkStupendoussteve: hmm, maybe I got two articles mixed up, did you see this reply rob__08:16
Stupendoussteverob__, however most ISPs do not want you hosting any type of server, because they want you to get a business account and pay them more08:16
lesshastedoes anyone use a voip client except for skype? I am looking for a recommendation08:16
lesshastedo any of the instant messaging clients have voip in linux for example?08:16
Stupendoussteverob__, the post by Daemonguy in the link I gave seems to give the information08:17
WIGGMPklesshaste: Skype08:17
trendhow can you grep for item A or item B?08:17
WIGGMPklesshaste: oops, didnt see the above message from you08:17
lesshasteWIGGMPk, :)08:17
lesshasteWIGGMPk, I don't like skype08:17
WIGGMPklesshaste: thats the only one I can think of off the top of my head08:17
ardydoes anyone know how to make 'virtual' parallel ports over USB?08:18
SmegzorI'm backing up root and this error popped up..  "Error reading from file: File descriptor in bad state"  while copying a lib file called tun.  What should I do about it?  fsck?08:18
Frogzootrend: egrep08:18
lesshasteWIGGMPk, ok.. shame... I can't believe there isn't anything else08:18
wsarob__: don't know about roadrunner; comcast makes you use one of their smtps as a relay08:18
trendfrog, cool thanks.. you know how to use it toegrep for A or B ?08:18
WIGGMPkSmegzor: fsck -f (i would recommend) but you might not want to do it while you have the partition mounted in read/write08:18
rob__Stupendoussteve, thanks ill take a look08:19
Smegzori'll just touch the file that forces an fsck on next reboot and reboot :)08:19
WIGGMPklesshaste: yea, sometimes its hard to believe there isnt a slew of applications for one particular thing.. but hey... its "illegal" to watch a DVD in linux.. welcome to the world of idiots08:19
lesshasteWIGGMPk, :) looks like there are SIP clients such as ekiga08:20
lesshasteWIGGMPk, and maybe google talk can be made to work with voice.. I'll have a play08:20
WIGGMPklesshaste: i didnt think Ekiga did IM's08:20
lesshasteWIGGMPk, ok.. if it does voice that would be a good start08:20
trendFrogzoo got it.. thanks buddy08:21
WIGGMPklesshaste: yes it does voice. But im almost certain you have to pay.. not sure on that.. but good luck08:21
lesshasteWIGGMPk, oh you think you have to pay?!08:21
Jordan_Usinan: Why do you think that one is only running after the other has completed? Maybe you want to disable buffering08:21
WIGGMPkWhy is it every time I execute "sudo alsa force-reload" the default Ubuntu login theme plays when I specified a different sound in Sound Preferences (or no sound at all). Another related question, if I specify a sound in Sound Preferences for login, it doesnt play. But if I specify it in Login Window under the accessibility tab, it plays when I log in.08:21
WIGGMPklesshaste: I cant remember, its been a long time.. i think its installed by default on Ubuntu08:21
lesshasteWIGGMPk, of course I need someone to talk to now :)08:22
=== Raymond_CN_away is now known as Raymond_CN
WIGGMPklesshaste: lol08:22
lesshastedamn, why didn't I think of that before :)08:22
Stupendousstevelesshaste, Ekiga you don't have to pay08:22
lesshasteStupendoussteve, I see you  can get a SIP address for free apparently08:23
WIGGMPkStupendoussteve: thanks... Sorry lesshaste, I wasnt sure08:23
FlynsarmyHas anyone else noticed that when things are fading in and out in firefox, it freezes the browser for ages?08:23
lesshasteaha.. empathy should work with google talk apparently! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=511837508:24
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WIGGMPklesshaste: so is Ekiga free to call PC to Phone? unlike Skype?08:27
lesshasteWIGGMPk, no that can't be free can it?08:27
lesshasteWIGGMPk, I mean, someone has to pay the telecoms company08:28
lesshasteWIGGMPk, I am just looking for PC to PC08:28
WIGGMPklesshaste: *shrug* it leaves it kinda vague on the wiki08:28
lesshasteWIGGMPk, empathy looks intriguing08:30
bullgard4[GNOME] How can I make a menu item for OpenOffice Drawing? I cannot find it in alacarte.08:30
Jordan_Ubullgard4: Do you have it installed?08:31
WIGGMPkbullgard4: its not under Graphics?08:31
bullgard4Jordan_U: Yes.08:31
WIGGMPkJordan_U: pretty sure its installed by default08:31
WUSTEFISHChow do you change your password if you dont know what it is and you can only access the non-gui stuff08:31
esachow do i create a diff file for patching ?08:31
Jordan_UWUSTEFISHC: Boot into recovery mode and run "passwd <your user name here>"08:32
outbackwifi!hi there08:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi there08:32
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:32
WIGGMPkbullgard4: did you find it?08:33
bullgard4Jordan_U, WIGGMPk: I made a mistake. I would like to know how to install OpenOffice Formula and an associated menu item.08:34
WUSTEFISHCjordan_u: how to u boot into recovery mode?08:35
Jordan_UWUSTEFISHC: Reboot and when you see "GRUB" on the screen hit escape to get a menu, from there choose recovery mode08:35
bullgard4WUSTEFISHC: Restart your computer and choose it by hand in grub's menu.08:36
WIGGMPkbullgard4: open up synaptic package manager, search for openoffice and it will give you all the available installs. it should automatically install the icons08:36
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bullgard4WIGGMPk: "~$ oofice -math %U; javaldx failed!" Openoffice.org 2.4 responds: "/home/<username>/%U does not exist. OK" How to procees?08:43
WIGGMPkbullgard4: im not exactly sure on that... I never rand into that problem08:44
bullgard4WIGGMPk: Ok.08:44
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Fire-HorseBoa ich bin echt sowas von bescheuert08:50
WUSTEFISHCJordan_U: how do you change how long grub stays on your screen before booting?  (i am currently in console in my logged ins tate without the gui cuz my gui is f'ed cuz i messed with my vid drivers )08:50
Tom_DavisWUSTEFISHC: theres a setting for timeout in /boot/grub/menu.lst08:51
Jordan_UWUSTEFISHC: sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst08:51
Jordan_UWUSTEFISHC: Change "timeout 3" to whatever number of seconds you want it to stay08:52
Jordan_UWUSTEFISHC: You may also want to comment out hiddenmenu so that you don't have to hit escape to see the menu08:53
dr_willisand enable the purty colors for Grub. :)08:54
Jordan_UWUSTEFISHC: But, if you can edit files owned by root... have you solved the problem with resetting your password?08:54
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EeyoreHi, when I insert my GPS receiver using my USB port, I can see it being recognised but I don't know what device is assigned (there is no /dev/ttyUSB0). dmesg says: '[  194.039526] usb 4-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 3 / [  194.056288] usb 4-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice'08:58
EeyoreHow can I attach a device to it?08:58
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sharp_eyeshow are u all09:03
lesshasteand you?09:04
Daremonaihow come this: http://pastebin.com/d2d7d6ea doesn't work? it gives me undefined reference, it's as if it's nto linking!09:04
Ackycan someone give me hand setting up an internet share via crossover from Vista to Ubuntu 8.10?09:05
outbackwifi!intrepid | Acky09:06
ubottuAcky: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - WARNING: lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu09:06
Ackyty outbackwifi09:07
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rummyhello all09:11
magnetronrummy→ hi09:11
outbackwifi!hi | rummy09:12
ubotturummy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!09:12
Tom_Davisstate the nature of your ubuntu emergency09:12
rummyI can't start my webcam, pleas look here http://paste.ubuntu.com/62410/09:13
dr_willisrummy,  its best ti sumarize the problem a bit more - not everyonehas a web browser to  read pasted09:14
rummyOS: Ubutnu 8.04  lsusb = Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0ac8:303b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. ZC0303 WebCam  (camorama:10212): GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed.09:15
abchirkfor a small simple forum which should I take? phpBB joomla?09:15
abchirkany else?09:15
EvilDragonHi there :) Anybody who could try to help me with WINE and printing?09:15
rummyso, anyone can help?09:16
Tom_Davisrummy: http://blog.myfenris.net/?p=37709:16
nnullfor some reason on 2 different 8.04.1 installs when i try to shutdown i comes up with a blue screen that eventually returns me back to login... ?09:19
Tom_Davisthat work for ya rummy09:19
powertool08Does anyone know how to get flash to behave? Fullscreen is unwatchable, youtube sized take 75%+ cpu09:19
cloud-eHello... I just installed 8.04.1 and am getting static from my sound card. It is an Creative Sound Blaster Live! Wave card. This is an oldie but goodie. I know it works with OpenSuse 11 coz I tried it on my virtual machine. Please help! :(09:20
nnullsee you upgrade and its like BREAK09:21
nnulleverytime lol09:21
cloud-eHehe :p09:21
nikolampowertool08, I can`t watch in full screen too. Idownload *.flv with firefox extension and then I watch it with vlc player09:21
cloud-eAnyone have any ideas, why I am getting static from my Creative SoundBlaster Live! sound card?09:22
outbackwificloud-e: fire up a terminal, type alsamixer, move all sliders to max09:22
powertool08nikolam: The forums suggested installing from adobe's website, in feisty I did that and it helped, this time didn't see much change09:22
nikolamcloud-e, maybe you need to get sound up a little> try alsamixergui09:23
nnullfor some reason on 2 different 8.04.1 installs when i try to shutdown i comes up with a blue screen that eventually returns me back to login... ?09:23
nnullthe screen has random options09:23
nnullnone of which are to shutdown09:23
nikolampowertool08, As I am saying, flash as a technology is closed source and broken. Download your video from firefox extension and watch it loccaly09:23
CaptainMorgananyone know why "physical volume from Raid" is no longer a choice in the installer's "Use as:" option in the Create a new partition dialog /09:23
EvilDragonJust upgraded to Intrepid RC. Now WINE can't find any printers. Printers do work from every other program.09:24
EvilDragonAny ideas?09:24
rummyThanks, problebs was in permissions :-)09:24
nikolamCaptainMorgan, Are you installing from alternate disc?09:24
powertool08nikolam: alright, thanks09:24
CaptainMorgannikolam, I'm not familar with the term...09:24
cloud-eOutbackwifi, Nicolam... I did the terminal alsamixer, turned up the volume on it and all I hear is static.09:24
D3JAVUhi all09:24
`TonYhello ...09:25
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1/ubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso.torrent09:25
D3JAVUwho can help me with ati drivers09:25
forestpixiecloud-e: check if there is a digital/analog switch - it defaults to digital09:25
nnullanyone know why when i try to shutdown it doesnt shutdown, it goes to a blue screen with options instead of shutting down, this is happening on both 2 different installs of 8.04.1 1 upgraded, 1 fresh installed HELP09:25
nikolamCaptainMorgan, There is 2 releases of u/k/xubuntu install cd`s Besides you ned to choose architecture (32/64) desktop or server, you can choose live or alternate text-install cd09:25
outbackwificloud-e: are you on a laptop or desktop? if desktop, check whether speaker connector is plugged in the correct jack (i.e lineout and not mic)09:26
nikolamCaptainMorgan, I always use alternate install cd09:26
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ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com09:26
outbackwifinnull: i have never seen a blue screen with options in ubuntu; could you paste a pic of  the screen on pastebin?09:26
nikolamcloud-e, Then you should check ubuntuforums for a help or try to see what modules are loaded with lsmod etc09:27
cloud-eForest: I do not know where to check for that digital analogue switch. I looked in the volume preferences and switched to the SB Live! Alsa value and still hear static09:27
nikolamoutbackwifi, Yes, cloud-e should check that too09:27
D3JAVUati ati09:27
cloud-eOutback, I am on a Desktop. I am running from a dual boot Windows Xp and this card words in XP.09:27
nnulloutbackwifi¬ it comes up after it has umm turned off ubuntu so to speak? like i click Shutdown or terminal sudo shutdown now, it does the normal shutdown procedure but instead of turning off, it comes up with this blue screen of options?09:27
nnulloutbackwifi¬ if this is no clue i will do it now i come back with the options09:28
outbackwifinnull: this was known as the Blue Screen of Death on windoze machines09:28
nikolamcloud-e, He is saying where you are listening the sound, on the card itself..09:28
yamasCan anyone help with an Ibex issue?09:28
forestpixiecloud-e: double click volume icon - should be tabs - if there's a switches one it'll be there or edit - preferences and look for analog/digital output jack09:28
nnulloutbackwifi¬ yea i remember this, but you were still in windows when that happened, when this happens, ubuntu has turned everything off09:28
D3JAVUwho now sam like ati channel09:28
nnulloutbackwifi¬ except the PC itself09:28
Tom_Davisyamas: in #ubuntu+109:28
cloud-eNicolam, the cable is plugged into the right place.09:29
Tom_Davisnote to self, switch the 2 keyboard cables on a thinkpad and the thing dont work09:30
nikolamcloud-e, Then try to search ubuntuforums or google.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=11455109:30
nnulli still remember when the blue screen came up on gates during an showday, couldn't of paid him to do that lawl09:30
outbackwifinnull: can you take a pic with a camera and paste it? i still havent  got  a  clue what you're talking about09:31
`TonYcloud-e, i might help you up, please repeat your question / issue09:31
nnulloutbackwifi¬ nar i dont have a camera :x09:31
nikolam`TonY, he is trying to use Live sound card and he gets static09:31
nnulloutbackwifi¬ i can shutdown and come back with the options09:31
outbackwifinnull: not even a cameraphone?09:31
cloud-eForestpixie, I am familiar with what you saying but I can not find that option in the volume preferences09:31
outbackwifinnull: ok09:31
nnulloutbackwifi¬ nope dont have a phone09:31
nnullok brb09:32
ronr_laptophi, i run ubuntu on my asus r1e laptop, sometimes (usually during boot and the first 30 minutes the laptop runs), the fan suddenly starts to run loud and the laptop turns off altogether, I think it's a heat issue. I can't find anything in syslog, any clue on how to fix this?09:32
forestpixieoh ok - if it's not there then I guess you've not the option :(09:32
CaptainMorgannikolam, I've got one disk with an installed ubuntu... I have extra disk that I want to use as a mirrored raid 1, there's no data on the primary disk... should I just start over with the alternate cd or should I try to install software raid and include the second disk ?09:32
outbackwifironr_laptop: take it back to asus; you might end up frying the motherboard09:32
cloud-eTy for the link Nicolam09:33
`TonYronr_laptop, do you have this issue on other OS ?09:33
nikolamCaptainMorgan, I always use alternate cd. So i don`t have a clue about installing on raid from desktop cd.09:33
nikolamCaptainMorgan, I have multiple raid0, raid1 raid0 setup on 2 sata hdd`s,09:33
scopecreepronr might be the video card if its nvidia also09:33
cloud-eTony, I just installed 8.04.1 and ran all my updates. I have a Creative Sound Blaster Live! Wave card that works in XP and OpenSuse but not Ubuntu. I get nothing but static.09:34
ronr_laptop`TonY: I had it to a lesser extend with the shipped vista (it looks like ubuntu does 'catch' the problem and makes it a cleaner shutdown, vista has crashed beyond repair by now)09:34
jim_pmajor haxxor question!!! how can i tell ls to list the files in order of modification? i want to make a list of the 15 newet files and dump it on a txt. like so    ls -someparameter | tail 20 > recent.txt09:34
outbackwificloud-e: can you pastebin your lspci?09:34
__coredump__cloud-e, use alsa soundsystem instead of pulseaudio09:34
CaptainMorgannikolam, and it was easiest for you with the alternate cd to setup your raid system? did you follow a guide you can recommend ?09:34
nikolamCaptainMorgan, Dont forget After installing on Raid1 to Check with mdadm does raid1 reely USE 2 disks in raid1.. Turn the other on, i had situation where second one was no active by default..09:35
outbackwifijim_p: ls -ltr09:35
deepakcrwhen is the latest version of ubuntu is being released?09:35
__coredump__in 5 days deepakcr09:35
ubottudeepakcr: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - WARNING: lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu09:35
ronr_laptopscopecreep: it's a intel integrated mobile gm965 (according to lspci)09:35
cloud-eCoredump, is alsa not set up to be my default?09:35
nikolamCaptainMorgan, I first make raid partitions then restart, make raid and then install on it. all within setup from cd09:35
scopecreepronr_laptop, nevermind that part then, i have a dying nvidia laptopcard here myself09:36
__coredump__cloud-e, hardy uses pulseaudio as default09:36
jim_poutbackwifi: thanks a million09:36
cloud-eOutback, I know what paste bin is but what is lspci? list peripheral component interfact? and how do i get that?09:36
`TonYronr_laptop, then as they told you before, take it to asus09:36
nikolamcloud-e, I already told you solution page for Live!: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=11455109:36
CaptainMorgannikolam, and then when you came off the cd, ie: booted into the system for the first time, with the exception you just mentioned, everything worked as planned?09:36
outbackwificloud-e: type lspci in a terminal09:37
DIFH-icerooti am using a fake-raid1 but ubuntu 8.04 is only detecting sda and sdb and not my raid-array at installation, how can i tell ubuntu that i am using a fake-raid1-array?09:37
nnulloutbackwifi¬ lawl it actually shutdown.. i must be performing the sudo shutdown command wrongly or something because it says the computer is shutting down for maintenance and then goes that screen if i do it that way09:37
cloud-eNikolam, I am going to try your fix. I will BRB09:37
nikolamCaptainMorgan, Yes, just check is the second volume in raid reely active and activate it from mdadm09:37
ronr_laptop`TonY: they told me before?? will check with asus though09:37
outbackwifinnull: arent you shutting down from gnome?09:37
nikolamcloud-e, Try to search ubuntuforums/google, that is what i mostly do..09:37
`TonYronr_laptop, i mean helpers here <outbackwifi> ronr_laptop: take it back to asus; you might end up frying the motherboard09:38
MartEenzi gotta go09:38
nnulloutbackwifi¬ i did then, and it worked, but before i was shutting down from a terminal, and i think what im typing in the terminal to shutdown must be wrong09:38
ronr_laptop`TonY: ah, I missed that one09:38
outbackwifinnull: i would still be interested in knowing what that blue screen was :)09:39
`TonYronr_laptop, np09:39
nnulloutbackwifi¬ you running 8.04.1 ?09:39
nnulloutbackwifi¬ type "sudo shutdown TIME" TIME being the time in 24hrs u want to shutdown, so do it for a minutes time, and it should take you there heh09:40
outbackwifinnull: 8.04 apparently (whats the 1 at the end for?)09:40
nnulloutbackwifi¬ its a upgrade09:40
outbackwifinnull: lemme try that09:40
nnulltheres 8.04 and 8.04.109:40
DIFH-icerootoutbackwifi: the .1 is a new 8.04 version with ssl-fix09:40
outbackwifinnull: uhuh, shouldve happened automatically09:41
DIFH-icerootoutbackwifi: if you are using 8.04 and make an upgrade (apt-get upgrade) you have the fix from 8.04.109:41
outbackwifinnull: my lsb_release -a says 8.04.109:41
nnulloutbackwifi¬ well there you go09:41
rummyI can't mount usb flash drive: invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume09:41
outbackwifirummy: how are you mounting it/09:42
DIFH-icerootrummy: post your mount command09:42
cloud-eOkay... My sound card is09:42
* outbackwifi is going to try nnulll's shutdown command09:42
cloud-eSound card: EMU10K1 - SBLive! Value [CT4871]09:42
cloud-e                      SBLive! Value [CT4871] (rev.7, serial:0x80321102) at 0xa4009:42
cloud-eFrom terminal09:43
rummywhen I put in drive get that error, I don't type nothing09:43
nnulloutbackwifi¬ so if the time is 11am TIME would = 11:0009:43
outbackwifirummy: if you click on 'details' it will tell you09:43
=== jklyekai_ is now known as jklyekai
nnullactually i think u can just type +109:43
rummyI don't have detail button here09:44
outbackwifiits going down in 1 minute09:44
nnullcool cool09:44
outbackwifirummy: pastebin the last few lines of dmesg09:44
nnullfor maintenance tho outbackwifi does it say that?09:44
outbackwifiit says going down for maintenance09:44
nnullhope it works lawl09:44
nikolamcloud-e, yes? :)09:46
cloud-eNikolam, check your PM please.09:46
ballzee i have to keep going into /home/user/vuze and typing ./azureus how do i get away from that its always running in my console   anyone know how to fix09:47
* outbackwifi is back09:48
outbackwifinnull: yes, it drops you to the recovery console09:48
nnullbuttta whyyyy </borat>09:48
outbackwifinnull: not *the* bsod09:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about shutdown09:48
outbackwifinnull: no one knows :)09:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bsod09:49
nnullhow usefull a shutdown command that doesnt actually shutdown lawl09:49
nnullmaybe if i type dropmetorecoveryconsole now it will shutdown09:49
nnullthink its koz im not using the -H switch09:50
outbackwifinnull: i normally use reboot or halt09:50
Stupendousstevennull, use halt?09:50
`TonYnnull, how about reboot and poweroff commands ?09:50
outbackwifinnull: stopped using shutdown since i moved from SCO09:50
nnullah never used halt ill have a look at that09:51
`TonYcloud-e ?09:51
* outbackwifi is touched09:51
cloud-eDo you have a minute or do you need to eat?09:51
ShitalLinto have openoffice, jre is necessary??09:52
`TonYeating while had to answer09:52
outbackwifiShitalLin: no09:52
nnullShitalLin¬ nope09:52
outbackwifi!hi | slimm09:52
`TonYwho is using shutdown anyway these days  ?09:52
ubottuslimm: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!09:52
praetorian_069hey guys09:52
outbackwifi!hi | praetorian_06909:52
ubottupraetorian_069: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!09:52
* nnull blushes09:52
travHey praetorian, First time/?09:53
praetorian_069yah... that obvious huh lol09:53
SliMMthe network manager can't use WiFi anymore, even thouh it shows up when I use iwconfig09:53
travNot at all mine aswell09:53
outbackwifislimm: when you right click on the nm, is wireless enabled?09:54
travWhat distro you on/?09:54
`TonYSliMM, NetworkManager is good, but i would use wicd instead09:54
praetorian_069i started using ubuntu today and i am having a hell of a time installing the video card driver09:54
SliMMoutbackwifi: oh... the shame... it wasn't (though i don't remember disabeling it)09:55
outbackwifipraetorian_069: i dontt suppose you have an nvidia card09:55
* outbackwifi rests his case09:55
ShitalLinoutbackwifi: but i installed openoffice and i tried to execute a binary "javaldx" in /usr/bin/openoffice/program/ it says Could not found JRE09:55
`TonYpraetorian_069, lspci | grep VGA09:55
praetorian_069noooooooo i have an ati 165009:55
SlackDoes anyone know how or where to get Gtkmozembed09:55
outbackwifiShitalLin: jre is not required for normal usage; it is essential if you need to use macros and such; why did you try to execute javaldx?09:56
Oprtzwhen i want to change the screen resoultion from 1280 X 1024 to 1024 X 768, the screen start flickering, what is the soultion for this kind of problem ?09:56
`TonYpraetorian_069, try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg-video-ati09:56
rummyoutbackwifi, can you help me?09:56
ubotturummy: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)09:56
SliMMoutbackwifi: well, thanks, I never would have checked that09:56
nnullOprtz¬ how many hertz your running09:56
outbackwifiSliMM: yw09:56
Oprtz60 hz09:56
nnullOprtz¬ screen refresh rate would be your culprit09:56
rummyoutbackwifi, I pasted output of dmesg, did you see it?09:57
ShitalLinbecause if i try ooffice command it says not found09:57
travDoes anybody know how i can take a table from .pdf and put  in excel/?09:57
nnullOprtz¬ or maybe you have a old monitor?09:57
outbackwifirummy: nope, can you post the url please? i was busy shutting down09:57
travim trying to formulate an equation from it09:57
Oprtznnull: so i change to 70 or 80 hz?09:57
outbackwifitrav: this is an ubuntu channel; excel does not natively run on ubuntu09:57
`TonYShitalLin, try openoffice command09:57
nnullOprtz¬ the lower the better, then work ure way up as high as you can before it begins flickering09:58
nnullOprtz¬ you want high hertz, but your monitor maybe does allow it09:58
outbackwifirummy: youve inserted a 1GB stick right?09:58
outbackwifirummy: what is the filesystem on the stick?09:59
nnullOprtz¬ 60hertz on any of the resolutions you listed should work even on the older monitors09:59
Oprtznnull:  i have 2 users, 1 user can run on the same 1024X768 on 60hz without problem, but when i want to change the resoution for 2nd user, the screen start flickering09:59
nnullOprtz¬ it would be that when u change the resolution the hertz changes, or your monitor doesnt support that resolution09:59
outbackwifirummy: ahem10:00
Oprtzi had the same problem with the 1st user, in the very same channel, one guy told me some sudo apt get command and that works for me :)10:00
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:00
outbackwifirummy: ok can you fire up a terminal and run some commands?10:00
nnullOprtz¬ is your card nvidia?10:00
Oprtzno, its Intel 94610:01
Oprtzheehe what happend :)10:01
outbackwifirummy: ok type this sudo mkdir /media/usb-disk10:01
outbackwifirummy: then type sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/usb-disk10:01
rummyfrom root I can mount it10:02
=== `TonY is now known as [admin]
Oprtznnull:  can u wait for me, i will be right back within 5 minutes, thanks10:02
outbackwifirummy: ok then you need to install pmount and allow other uses in /etc/pmount.allow10:02
outbackwifirummy: sudo apt-get install pmount10:02
rummyoki, I installed it10:03
praetorian_069anyone have any idea why my screen turn white when i try to change the visual effect to "normal" or "extra"? i have an ati x1650 video card10:05
byhoohow to chang the NO.of the Desktops?  I can't change the NO10:05
outbackwifirummy: did you add your username in /etc/pmount.allow10:05
outbackwifibyhoo: what do you mean by NO?10:05
byhooNumber of Desktops10:05
dr_willisbyhoo,  if using compiz - install the ccsm tool and its in the general tab settings10:06
outbackwifirummy: if you take out the stick  and insert again, it should work10:06
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion10:06
byhooI do it10:06
byhoobut it is not changed10:06
byhooonly be ONE10:06
vallhalla81can anyone advise on a gui dvd to avi converter?10:06
dr_willisvallhalla81,  dvd::rip can do that.10:07
rummyyep, it works :-)) thanks10:07
dr_willisvallhalla81,  there may be others.10:07
outbackwifirummy: yw10:07
vallhalla81dr_willis: thank you i will look it up now10:07
outbackwifibyhoo: if you press ctl+alt+rightarrow, your desktop should change10:07
nnullhow does ubuntu dvd ripping stand against say dvdshrink for windows etc, can ubuntu do everything you can do in windows for that? what i mean is like are there good programs for ubuntu like dvdshrink?10:08
methodsnnull:  i dont think anyone in here would support this but you can run dvdshrinki through wine10:08
zirodaynnull: yes, take a look at dvd::rip, acidrip and ogmrip10:08
dr_willisnnull,  -  most use mencoder to transcode the dvd to avi or whatever.. in fact many of the tools i see under wiujndows use  mencoder I belive..10:08
byhooyes it can jump to anther Desktop   but I can't change the number10:09
dr_willisTheres 'ripping a dvd to avi' then theres 'taking a dvd and making it smaller to dvd format' :)10:09
outbackwifibyhoo: if you tweak ccsm then you can add as many desktops as you want10:09
dr_willisk9copy can copy/shrink a dvd nicely for backup10:09
greggeIs 8.10 much better than 8.04?10:09
dr_willisgregge,  i find it is.10:10
WutzHi, my metacity icons got switched from right to left after installing a theme, this is really annoying and I can't find out how to switch them back.10:10
=== chili is now known as Guest84286
joaopintogregge, check the release notes, but the proper channel for 8.10 is #ubuntu+110:10
nnullgah K!10:10
greggedr_willis: Nice! any specific reasons?10:10
byhoooutbackwifi  How to do it10:10
Guest84286Hello - George Bush - stole the 2004 election - what should I do?10:10
dr_willisgregge,  its got a bigger version #. :) and my wireless works with it10:10
greggeok joaopinto!10:11
dr_willisGuest84286,  take it to someplace where they care? :)10:11
Guest84286ha - ok.10:11
greggedr_willis: haha, well that's a pretty god reason... I had issues with my atheros, maybe it works too then :)10:11
dr_willisgregge,  yea. My laptops wireless went from pain. to .. click.. download.. it works10:11
bassottoneubuntu .it?10:12
hateball!it | bassottone10:12
ubottubassottone: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)10:12
ShitalLinwhen i try the openoffice command it says not found and if i try soffice command it says "no suitable windowing system found existing" can any one tell me wats the problem??10:13
bassottoneubattu grazie10:13
scurlhi, i'm having network issues in ubuntu 8.04 64bit and was wondering if this was a place where i could get some help10:13
methodscan i get newer network manager builds ?10:13
foges_hey guys. I am using PuTTy and  have an ubuntu server set up (with ssh). I connect fine, but i dont know how to copy files over in either direction, i tries using scp, but i firstly dont know my current directory on my local machine  (with PuTTy) and i dont know from where to where i am copying with scp10:13
Oprtznnull:  i m back!10:14
Guest84286hey guys - i want to do a general shout out - nice job on PPC ubuntu10:14
dr_willisfoges_,  you may want to check out the winscp tool for windows.. it makes copying files back/forht easy10:14
nnullOprtz¬ yay! :x ;)10:14
Oprtznnull: :)10:14
WutzHi, my metacity icons (Minimize, Close, Maximize) got switched from right to left after installing a theme, this is really annoying and I can't find out how to switch them back.10:14
nnullfoges_¬ use sftp10:14
Oprtzcan i pm u for a short period of time?10:14
greggedr_willis: Sounds great.. But my greatest concern is actually if they have proper support for my gfx card gf 8400... But I doubt the ubuntu-team can do anything about that :/10:14
dr_willisfoges_,  you could just give the full path when copying stuff also10:14
dr_willisgregge,  no idea. My 8800gtsxxx works fine10:14
travAnybody know how i can put a table from pdf into OOorg Calc/?10:15
Guest84286so the big question is _ how do I find the hookers and action on IRC?  you guys did a nice job of making this work10:15
Guest84286but where are the the drugs whores and porno?10:16
fariahow r u all10:16
foges_ill check out winscp, thanks. i dont really want to have to deal with sftp. @dr_willis, how would i give in the full path? eg foges@foges-srv:/home/ ? what would the full path be of my windows computer??10:16
joaopinto!ops | Guest1689683 off topic10:16
ubottuGuest1689683 off topic: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!10:16
jussi01!ohmy | guest1234110:16
dr_willisfoges_,   if you are copying stuff to the linux box.. use the full path /home/username/stfuff10:16
ubottuguest12341: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:16
nnullfoges_¬ yea that sftp is a real ***** to setup.... lawl10:17
joaopintonnull, hum ? sftp relies on ssh, you just need to install it10:17
nnulljoaopinto¬ i know this10:17
* nnull takes off sarcasm hat10:17
nnulli tried to tell him to use sftp, which is like there waiting to be used10:18
Guest84286i guess the word "whore" and "porno" are unfamily-freindly10:18
nnulldunno why u need scp unless your programming/scripting10:18
Guest84286*friendly (assuming spelling is bad too)10:18
jussi01Guest84286: they sure are. please keep mon the topic of ubuntu support10:18
scurlrecently my computer just started randomly dropping from the network, only it says it's still connected. i installed wicd and it still happens, but at least i can hit the isconnect and then connect button and it works again. can anyone help me with finding out whats up with that?10:18
Guest84286ok - cool10:18
FloodBot2cloud-e: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:19
cloud-eOkay sorry to flood the room with my happiness.10:19
foges_dr_willis: so if i do: scp /home/foges/hi.txt c:\hi.txt , PuTTy will be able to interpret that i want to copy from the remote server to my local computer?10:19
cloud-eSound on!10:19
cloud-eNikolam, Tony! Thank you both!10:19
[admin]cloud-e, most welcome10:19
dr_willisfoges_,  no idea. try it and see..  putty is not a ssh server i thought it was just a client.10:19
nikolamcloud-e, We are all preased it worked for you :)10:20
joaopintofoges: scp copies between paths, ever local, or remote using ssh, it does not allow you to copy a file from a server on a putty session to your local system10:20
joaopintofoges_, for that you need to use an scp/sftp capable client10:20
foges_dr_wllis, yeah im just using it as my ssh client on my windows computer. ill give it a try10:21
cloud-eAwesome.. okay so I disabled my onboard card on the bios and started Ubuntu up and nearly gave myself a heart attack with the speakers being so loud!10:21
joaopintofoges_, use filezilla or winscp10:21
[admin]foges_, search for winscp10:21
Some_uxI have a bit of a problem, most of the help i find for ubuntu management is GUI based. but I run everything in commandline. I need some help in how to setup a hdcp and routing (with firewall)10:21
foges_jaoipinto, ok, ill use winscp then, thanks.10:21
cloud-eNikolam, I do do that command you gave me to create that sound file. Both of you were awesome! How much do I owe you guys? :p10:22
Daremonaihow can i send the 'end of file' in echo? (inside a makefile) I want to do: echo "1 2 3" | ./a.out where a.out takes 1 stdin input. so it should run 3 times, with 1 2 3 and then stop running10:22
nikolamcloud-e, you own us that you will help, too someone else, sometimes :)10:22
cloud-eNikolam, that sounds like a plan. I am a Uber Ubuntu noob though :P.10:23
=== sean is now known as Guest77591
[admin]cloud-e, nikolam is right, you have to share your knowledge :)10:23
nikolamcloud-e, Me too, I use ubuntuforums, mostly ;)10:23
[admin]me 310:23
Some_uxI need a good tutorial on how to setup my ubuntu as a router and dhcp server. The box has two eth ports, but is not connected to a monitor. I use ssh to login remotely.10:23
cloud-eI have another issue accessing my ntfs partition.. let me pastbin10:24
cloud-elol Tony10:24
cloud-eSomething tells me doods are uber smart.10:24
[admin]Some_ux, search for iptables chains, and use dhcp3-server10:24
byhoohow can i play QQgame linux10:24
cloud-eyou doods10:25
Shirakawasunahi!  I have a friend and installed ubuntu 8.04 on one of their old (not generally in use) laptops a little while ago, now when it boots it can't mount the root partition.  I haven't been able to properly do any diagnosis as I didn't have a linux disc with me, but it's claiming to not find /dev/disk/by-uuid/<the uuid for the disk>.  Is this a common problem anyone's heard about, so I can be prepared for success or failure when I try10:25
[admin]Some_ux, iptables is not easy though , you have to learn alot10:25
cloud-eAhh its late10:25
nikolamsome_ux maybe you could try to use tightvncserver and port forward through ssh to log to is with gui, too?10:25
Some_uxI log from a vista machine, I use putty10:25
ShirakawasunaI've had /dev/disk/by-uuid fail before, I think on a cd-rom drive, so I'm hoping it's a glitch and not a borked HD10:25
molgrumany idea how to play windows media 9 .wma in ubuntu?10:26
nikolamcloud-e, You can use ntfs-3g for that and list partition in /etc/fstab10:26
[admin]Shirakawasuna, use paste.ubuntu.com and paste there your /boot/grub/menu.list10:26
andycasI cant use autocomplete function when i use sudo prefix in terminal. Whats wrong?10:26
[admin]molgrum, mplayer10:26
Some_uxI will look into iptables10:27
[admin]molgrum, with win32 codecs10:27
molgrum[admin]: what package is that?10:27
cloud-eNikolam, I am not sure how to do that, I am reading this link on how to do it.  http://www.arsgeek.com/2006/09/25/ubuntu-tricks-how-to-mount-your-windows-partition-and-make-it-readwritable/10:27
[admin]andycas, sudo apt-get install bash-completion10:27
nikolammolgrum, with vlc?10:27
[admin]molgrum, sudo apt-get install mplayer10:27
Some_uxOh, I also installed webmin10:28
molgrum[admin]: i have mplayer installed but it doesn't recognize the format10:28
molgrumnikolam: same thing with vlc10:28
[admin]molgrum, goto mplayer.hu and search for all-xxxxxx-codecs.tar.bz10:28
Some_uxSo maybe webmin is a bit more user friendly than iptables ?10:28
andycas[admin]: i have bash-completion, and it works as long as i dont use sudo in front of the command10:28
nikolamcloud-e, you should also install ntfsprogs10:28
[admin]molgrum, through command line, mplayer [media_file] and paste me the error10:28
nikolamcloud-e, that is too old10:29
molgrum[admin]: http://rafb.net/p/YIVRX538.html10:29
cloud-eShould I not follow that tutorial for accessing the ntfs partition, Nikolam?10:29
[admin]andycas, bash-completion doesn't work when using su , though it works using sudo from your regular login, but if it doesn't complete, then the command you're typing is wrong10:29
nikolamcloud-e, all you need to do is install ntfs-3g, ntfs-config and ntfsprogs10:29
nikolamcloud-e, and add partition in /etc/fstab10:29
nikolami think no10:30
cloud-eNikolam, let me look those apps up.10:30
[admin]molgrum, it says : Audio: no sound Video: no video, does it really work on other operating systems ?10:31
[admin]molgrum, it seems the file is damaged10:31
[admin]molgrum, could you check the size of the file please10:31
molgrum[admin]: it says something about codecs not available too10:31
molgrum6,7M squeaky1.wma10:31
methodshow do i make a script run when a certain device is plugged in ??  my u727 evdo device comes up as a cdrom1 and i have to eject it so it then reassigns it self... is there perhaps another way?10:32
hateballmolgrum☠ It might be one of those wma's with the new wmp11 codec10:32
hateballmolgrum☠ Which, there is no decoder for on Linux as of yet10:32
molgrumhmm then maybe that's the case :/10:33
molgrumso there's nothing i can do?10:33
skyviperHow to enable universe and multiverse repos?10:33
[admin]molgrum, wait please im figuring i out10:33
andycas[admin]: no, the command is correct. I use sudo from my normal login. Works fine for my laptop, but not on my server box10:33
molgrumok thanks10:33
outbackwifiskyviper: in system-administration-software sources10:34
[admin]andycas, please paste the command10:34
jagshi guys, after reading that 'why arn't you there' post for a while10:34
joaquinmhi guys10:34
jagsfinally i got Xchat10:34
icewatermani did try to upgrade to 8.10rc but for some reason it only downloads 2 files and then stops10:35
joaquinmdoes anyone have an ubuntu server for sharing internet with iptables ? i need an advice10:35
jagsbtw is this the same as #ubuntuforums  ??10:35
andycas[admin]: "sudo apt-get" for example, oh and it doesnt work for package names either - with or without sudo prefix, for example "apt-get install awstats"10:35
dr_willisjags,  not really10:35
skyviperoutbackwifi I am there, but don't see any repos called that way or at least any list?10:35
Shirakawasuna[admin]: I can't right now, I don't have access to their computer.10:35
vinantihello I Have a strange problem with my bluetooth connection.  I have a nokia3230 handset i run internet from that handset but my lenovo n3000 laptop does not get the internet through the bluetooth on the  handset10:35
outbackwifijoaquinm: use the default firewall.rc script on the iptables home page10:35
tylerhey whats the name of the default vnc client that comes with ubuntu...under internet section?10:35
Shirakawasuna[admin]: I can get into the initramfs10:35
rohani want to install ubuntu from an usb pen drive, without burning a CD. how do i do that?10:36
Shirakawasuna(not immediately available, of course)10:36
Shirakawasunarohan: there are guides, but I *think* you only need to copy the files over to the usb drive and make sure your computer can boot from usb.10:36
dr_willisrohan,  i use that 'unetbootin' tool to make a bootable usb stick from a iso image.10:36
skyviperoutbackwifi I am there, but don't see any repos called that way or at least any list?10:36
outbackwifiskyviper: options 2 and 4 have universe and multiverse in brackets10:36
dr_willisrohan,  it makes it easy.10:36
rohanShirakawasuna: there is no straight forward way, like fedora has? i think this was supposed to be one of the goals of intrepid ibex10:37
vinantimy version of ubuntu is 8.04 and i am trying to connect to gprs from my laptop via bluetooth10:37
[admin]Shirakawasuna, just when u r there, use the e key for edit, and instead of root=label=.... or root=UUID=.... use root=/dev/sdxx where sdxx is the correct root10:37
tylerrohan: yes unetbootin  has worked for me everytime10:37
axel_shi, is it possible to change the priority of a running process?10:37
tylerwhats the name of the vnc client that is installed by default with ubuntu?10:37
outbackwifiaxel_s: yes use renice10:37
axel_soutbackwifi, thanks10:37
joaquinmoutbackwifi, im trying to do something, but i was googling a lot but i really couldnt find info about that, i want to limit the bandwidth for some computers but in a smart way for example limit the bandwidht to like 256kbps but if nobodyelse is using the internet assing like the total bandwidth10:37
Shirakawasunarohan: I'm not up on my ubuntu, sorry :).  The others have better answers.10:37
outbackwifityler: vino10:37
magnetrontyler→ vinaegre or similar10:37
magnetronoutbackwifi→ it was changed in hardy10:38
outbackwifijoaquinm: use wondershaper to do that10:38
outbackwifimagnetron: oh ok didnt notice :)10:38
skyviperoutbackwifi and one more quest: I don't have deb command. How to get it?10:38
Shirakawasuna[admin]: indeed10:38
rohanok, but unetbootin is not an official ubuntu tool right? there is no "official" way to do it?10:38
outbackwifiskyviper: no one has; deb is the extension of the package files10:38
joaquinmoutbackwifi, is that the best option ?10:38
icewatermanwhat does this mean:  update-manager -d10:38
icewatermanextracting 'intrepid.tar.gz'10:38
icewatermanauthenticate 'intrepid.tar.gz' against 'intrepid.tar.gz.gpg'?10:38
tyleryes vinagre...thank you magnetron10:38
Shirakawasunarohan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick10:38
icewatermanthen it simply terminates update-manager10:38
skyviperoutbackwifi thanks for answrs.10:39
outbackwifiicewaterman: for one thing, it means you are in the wrong channel10:39
outbackwifi!intrepid| icewaterman10:39
ubottuicewaterman: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - WARNING: lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu10:39
jagsdoes any1 know any remote connecting for a laptop? recently there was a news article on Slashdot.. if a lappy gets stolen you can login remotely10:39
CaptainMorgannikolam, I like the alternate cd... wow... thank you for this... I like specifically setting things like this... and surprisingly, RAID was super easy to set up. Cheers.10:39
jagsremotley connetcting software10:39
tylerjags: just install some kind of vnc server and have it run as a process...10:40
[admin]molgrum, download this http://www.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/codecs/essential-20071007.tar.bz2 extract the bz2, sudo mkdir /usr/lib/win32/ , move everything extracted in tht directory, and try playing it again10:40
andycasIm getting: "dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 12792: invalid package name ( E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)" when trying to install anything from aptitude10:40
outbackwifijags: you mean if someone stole my laptop which had windows on it, and they installed ubuntu on it, i could still login remotely?10:41
jagsbut then how u log in to it without any input from a lppy side10:41
tylerjags, as far as logging in you would have to know the ip so nevermind that wouldnt work10:41
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
nikolamCaptainMorgan, Glad you could make it . I always use alternate to install, cheers :)10:41
tylerapple makes some great apps for that10:41
molgrum[admin]: will try, thanks!10:41
jags@ outbackwifi: no if they format obviously it won't work10:41
* outbackwifi thinks steve jobs is an evil witch10:41
[admin]molgrum, most wlecome, hope that helps10:41
outbackwifijags: so isnt that the first thing someone would do?10:42
jagsyea, but not the dummies, i guess as a laptop owner caught thieg exactly that way. it was in NYTimes and slashdot10:43
=== francesco is now known as Guest82295
outbackwifijags: well good for them, so whats the question about ubuntu again?10:43
jagsthere was a long discussion on /. but no one new how to solve the IP problem10:43
vinantihello any one who could help me solve my bluetooth problem?  I can't access my gprs internet from my laptop via bluetooth.10:44
jagsis there a vnc software can do that10:44
molgrum[admin]: same problem still :(10:44
ArvanCan anyone tell me what this means??..The computer iis runing fine...but i cant ad or remove apps... E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.10:44
ArvanE: _cache->open() failed, please report.10:44
outbackwifijags: short answer : no10:45
Ziggyzxxylmy printer stopped responding. If I try to cancel a job it says "CUPS server error10:45
ZiggyzxxylThere was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-not-possible'."10:45
jagsthanks outback10:45
nmh-j2grawjags: you can have your laptop phone home periodically10:45
jagsand how can i do that10:45
tylerhey this is in my exports file on my server...how would i modify it from just one ip to all ips?    /media/television,no_root_squash,async)10:46
ubottuAb3L: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!10:46
outbackwifityler: by putting a wildcard?10:46
[admin]molgrum, try searching for ffmpeg wmv9 to flv or to anything you want10:46
[admin]molgrum, this might help10:46
nmh-j2grawjags: however you please.  One example would involve a webserver wtih a very small file and a script on the laptop that fetches it every so often.10:46
Ziggyzxxyl my printer stopped responding. If I try to cancel a job it says "CUPS server error There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-not-possible'."10:46
tyleroutbackwifi: a wildcard10:47
axel_shi, my flash video performance in FF browser is very jerky, full screen is not usable at all... e.g. youtube10:47
axel_swhat could I do about that?10:47
outbackwifityler: yes10:47
jags@ nmh  is there a guide or something a newbee can look at, plz10:47
CaptainMorgannikolam, is it normal for the base system installation to fail? I'm assuming no...10:47
Ziggyzxxylswitched the computer and printer off and it still says "processing" .. the printer is totally lifeless and the activity light on the printer is not flashing or anything10:48
Ziggyzxxylit was working a couple of days ago10:48
tyleroutbackwifi: could you be a little more decriptive...couldnt i just go like or something so it would allow from 52-57 to connect?10:48
outbackwifiZiggyzxxyl: if you switched both off, what says processing?10:48
moppedHow can I install the divx plugin for firefox on ubuntu?10:48
djcb_does anyone know where the debug kernel images have gone for intrepid (2.6.27)?10:49
Ziggyzxxyloutbackwifi: under system > admin > Printers and printer status10:49
nmh-j2grawjags: I don't know of any offhand.  If you want to set this up, you need to figure out how to get all the parts, and then just put them together.  Do you have a public webserver?10:49
outbackwifityler: you can do this --> The host may also be specified using an IP address range in the form address/netmask10:49
jagsthnks nmh10:50
nmh-j2grawmaybe you can setup your computer to send an email to you (if you can stand it)10:50
outbackwifiZiggyzxxyl: on another PC which was still on when these two were switched off?10:50
jagsok and how can i setup that10:50
[admin]tyler, what is the subnetmask of your desired IP range ?10:51
nikolamCaptainMorgan, No, it is not :) Something is wrong there.. Did you check your CD and is it installing on clean partition?10:51
nmh-j2grawjags: lookup cron and mail for the obvious way.10:51
Ziggyzxxyloutbackwifi: I restarted the computer and the printer after I switched both off.10:51
jagsoh okk.. thanks nmh10:51
tyler[admin] its standard...
outbackwifiZiggyzxxyl: oh ok, you had me there for a moment10:51
[admin]then use
=== ntinos_ is now known as papatrexas
tyler[admin] why the number 24 can you explain that to me?10:52
al-maisanHi there! When my laptop resumes from "suspend to RAM" the Advanced Power Management level (hdparm -B) for my hard drive is set to 128 but I want it to be set to 196. Where do I configure that?10:52
CaptainMorganI didn't check the cd but the disks are not formatted... i was expecting the installer to wipe it out...10:52
outbackwifityler: google for CIDR notations10:52
=== papatrexas is now known as ntinos_
[admin]tyler, = to
[admin]tyler, /24 =
krzdwhy can't i pre-order the 64bits edition of ubuntu 8.10?10:52
tyler[admin] makes a lot of sense now thank you10:53
[admin]tyler, most welcome10:53
ZiggyzxxylWhy is my printer apparently dead?10:53
soulnafeinhello everyone10:53
moppedHey, I've got a USB headset and I'm unable to hear anything, how can I diagnose this/fix this?10:53
soulnafeinis this the right channel to talk about the 8.10 RC?10:54
=== _un\a\ffiliate is now known as un\a\ffiliate
outbackwifiZiggyzxxyl: is it setup correctly? is CUPS working? what errors does the cups log give10:54
ubottusoulnafein: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - WARNING: lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu10:54
Daremonaihow can i send the end of file character in echo?10:54
[admin]Ziggyzxxyl, sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys start , open firefox, open and manage your printer there10:54
Ziggyzxxyloutbackwifi: I can't remember how to get to CUPS log or browser page10:55
Ziggyzxxyloh thanks [admin]\10:55
[admin]Ziggyzxxyl, most welcome10:55
outbackwifiZiggyzxxyl: /var/log/cups/error_log10:55
cloud-eNikolam left :(10:55
[admin]cloud-e, can i help though ?10:55
cloud-eAhh TY Tony10:55
cloud-eTony, here is my pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/62431/10:56
[admin]cloud-e, damn long reading , wait10:56
moppedAnything special I need to apt-get to get sound to work?10:56
cloud-eNikolam was helping me with accessing my ntfs partition. I just got back from rebooting my machine.10:56
cloud-elol sorry :p10:56
outbackwificloud-e: you should mount it with the -o force option10:56
outbackwifimopped: nope10:57
[admin]cloud-e, sudo dpkg -l ntfs-3g10:57
=== russo_ is now known as russo
ThedjatclubrockWhat packages would I install on an AFS server, and an AFS client ox10:58
outbackwificloud-e: as is told in line 84 of your pasttebin --> mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/sda1 -o force10:58
Ziggyzxxyloutbackwifi: it won't let me open the error log.10:58
nmh-j2grawThedjatclubrock: you have an AFS server or you want one?10:58
outbackwifiZiggyzxxyl: do a sudo tail -f /var/log/cups/error_log in a terminal while you try to print10:59
[admin]is that there ?10:59
stinkmanguys, ls -lh has some NASTY colors, like light blue text with yellow background, depending on the file type/directory, or file attributes. some hard to read. how do i change it? using bash...10:59
[admin]with ii ?10:59
[admin]cloud-e, use this mkdir /media/usb , sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o force /dev/sdxx /media/usb, and wait for messages, when it finishes, it should be on ur desktop10:59
[admin]sudo mkdir /media/usb though10:59
russoi got a quick question, could someone tell me what to search for in google? Basically i have an RTL8111/8168B and i want to compile the module from source to allow me to use jumboframes (not working atm). I know theres a specific way to do it in Ubuntu, but i can't remember how and i forgot what i searched for to find it last time.10:59
FloodBot2[admin]: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:59
[admin]sorry, i was lagged10:59
cloud-eOutback, it mounted 20GB partition but not my 100GB partition10:59
nmh-j2grawThedjatclubrock: have you already tried all the openafs-* packages?11:00
Ziggyzxxyloutbackwifi: also in the CUPS browser control panel page it is asking me for a username/password for everything...11:00
ThedjatclubrockNo, as I was wondering which were servers, and which were clients. Also, I want kerberos support11:00
nmh-j2grawThedjatclubrock: haha, well iirc, it has gotten better recently.  Really, you want the servers AND the client on your server (for testing if nothing else).  Do you already have a kdc?11:01
ThedjatclubrockKDC = Kerberos server part?11:02
ThedjatclubrockI will in  sec11:02
[admin]cloud-e, did it work for you ?11:02
Ziggyzxxyloutbackwifi: here is the tail stub of my error log - http://paste.ubuntu.com/62433/11:02
nmh-j2grawThedjatclubrock: depending on what you want to do, you have various options.  You could use the kaserver (afs kerberos, basically), or you could use a separate kdc (say mit, himdal, etc..)11:02
cloud-eCrap... how do I umm... check to see all the partitions on my system? What Nikolam helped me do and Outbacks suggestion to do the -0 Force command published a 20GB partition but not the one with all the files. So I am thinking these steps need to be done to my 100GB partition, I just dont know how to find out where it is?11:03
outbackwificloud-e: sudo fdisk -l should list all partitions11:03
CaptainMorgannope, bad cd... shooot11:03
Thedjatclubrocknmh-j2graw: MIT sounds good. I'd like to add LDAP/Kerberos lofin lter too.11:03
Thedjatclubrocklogin later*11:03
nmh-j2grawThedjatclubrock: I am unfamiliar with using the kaserver for anything but afs (are little at that).  I have used heimdal for afs, there is a bit of setup, but if you are doing kerberos (or afs) you should be ready for that.11:03
ThedjatclubrockSure :)11:04
[Michelangelo]Hi guys, how can I understand if an hacker has hacked my system?11:04
outbackwifiZiggyzxxyl: that looks bad; what did you do just before everything stopped working?11:04
[Michelangelo]is there a troubleshoot?11:04
nmh-j2grawThedjatclubrock:  you can use the kaserver for logins, I think - but that is about it.11:05
[Michelangelo]exists a irc channel about system configuration?11:05
outbackwifi[Michelangelo]: unless you know the problem how will you troubleshoot11:05
nmh-j2grawThedjatclubrock: what are you trying to setup, if you don't mind my prying?11:05
Ziggyzxxyloutbackwifi: ok - I worked out the CUPS browser control panel wants my root password. I cleared the funky print job from the queue and the printer sprang back to life... I just tried to print a 300dpi 210mmx297mm image - that is what choked it.11:05
[Michelangelo]outbackwifi, I know that the server has been hacked, but I need a confirm11:06
outbackwifiZiggyzxxyl: is everything hunky dory now?11:06
bhindihow i can open nmap in window form11:06
outbackwifi[Michelangelo]: and how do you know that?11:06
Ziggyzxxyloutbackwifi: I think so... a test page printed.11:06
outbackwifibhindi: nmap-fe11:06
outbackwifiZiggyzxxyl: good11:06
[Michelangelo]outbackwifi, my site has been defaced11:07
=== paco__ is now known as montoro
cloud-eOkay I found the partition I needed to mount and tried to mount it and received this error message, sudo mount /dev/sdb211:07
cloud-emount: can't find /dev/sdb2 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab11:07
[admin]cloud-e, use this mkdir /media/usb , sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o force /dev/sdxx /media/usb, and wait for messages, when it finishes, it should be on ur desktop11:07
bhindino this is not11:07
bhinditell me another 111:07
outbackwifi[Michelangelo]: oh ok, so you need to first check your /var/log/auth.log to see if there is any login from an unknown IP11:07
freakabcdhi all11:08
[Michelangelo]outbackwifi, ok I am going there11:08
outbackwifibhindi: http://nmap.org/SoC/NmapFE.html11:08
freakabcdi added deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ubuntu hardy main11:08
freakabcdto my sources.list11:09
bhindii found11:09
bhindiits zenmap11:09
freakabcdand i still cannot see any OO.o 3.0 packages.11:09
Zeesterhi all, i've installed ubuntu hardy LTS server edition, everything goes well except that when I enter a .htaccess file with deny from all in /var/www/test it will not read the .htaccess, how come?11:09
[Michelangelo]there is no  /var/log/auth.log11:09
freakabcdis there something wrong that i have done11:09
[admin]freakabcd, have you done sudo apt-get update ?11:10
outbackwifi[Michelangelo]: there is, on my machine11:10
freakabcd[admin], yes. and also from synaptic11:10
outbackwifi[Michelangelo]: are you on ubuntu?11:10
[admin]what r u searching for ?11:10
[admin]freakabcd, what are you searching for ?11:10
cloud-eLet me see if I cant figure out my fluff here. AFK11:10
freakabcdin synaptic, if i click on the 'Origin' button, i cannot "see" the ppa repo11:10
freakabcd[admin], OO.o 3.0 pkgs11:10
freakabcdif i go to the url, i can see the packages though11:11
ericsomeHi everyone11:11
outbackwifi[Michelangelo]: next step is to close all ports other than ssh and there too allow only public key authentication (especially not root login)11:12
BM-Solidhow can I edit my OS select menu?11:12
outbackwifiBM-Solid: /boot/grub/menu.lst11:12
[Michelangelo]outbackwifi ok11:12
extorOut of openvz, xen and vserver which virtualization do webhosts usually prefer if they want to chroot different versions of apache and php from each other? Which is the least resource intensive?11:12
erki!grub | BM-Solid11:13
ubottuBM-Solid: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto11:13
aes52_Hi - does anyone know about installing using the ALTERNATE-CD onto AN ALREADY EXISTING LVM configuration ?11:13
BM-Solidno I want to change default OS in Grub11:13
outbackwifiBM-Solid: edit that file11:13
ThedjatclubrockZeester: Has your qestion been answered yet?11:13
dr_willisBM-Solid,  grub has a default setting as to what entry to boot automatiuclaly11:13
aes52_I want to wipe my /root/ partition and install Hardy Heron onto that (reinstalling ubuntu)11:13
BM-Solidis there any app. to edit?11:14
aes52_but I'm having difficulty getting the partition manager to show up my LVM partitions.11:14
freakabcd[admin], any idea why its not the ppa openoffice repo isn;t showing up in my origin list?11:14
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, no not yet11:14
outbackwifiBM-Solid: gedit or vi or nano11:14
nmh-j2grawis there a nice way to add something to the application menu (default 8.04 install)?11:14
dr_willisBM-Solid,  i just use a text editor. there maybe some gui grub tools.. but ive not used them11:14
ThedjatclubrockZeester: You need to edit a line in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default11:14
dr_willisBM-Solid,  sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst    one of the first lines --> default 011:15
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, ok, mine has the name default not 000-default11:15
dr_willisBM-Solid,  grub starts counting at ZERO.. :)11:15
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, do you know which line?11:15
ThedjatclubrockLet me look11:15
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, k11:15
ThedjatclubrockZeester: What line starts as AllowOverride11:15
Thedjatclubrockshow me11:15
ericsomeI have a quick question im dual booting vista with kubuntu I have a Zte 622 modem wich works on great on pay as you go on vista but cant seem to get it working on kubuntu, any ideas, have searched web followed instructions best i can but still no result, guess im thick !11:16
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, i will have a look11:16
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, http://pastebin.com/d6e0ef13711:17
outbackwifiericsome: is that a usb modem?11:18
ThedjatclubrockZeester: AllowOverride All11:18
lakituhey, i got a black desktop, with no icons - i had this once before, what's the command to restore default preferences?11:18
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, all the entries?11:18
ericsomeHi Outback yes usb on three pay as you go11:19
ThedjatclubrockZeester: In whichever dirs you want11:19
Deadboyswhats the diffrence between the "beta" and release candidate11:19
outbackwifiericsome: wvdialconf to set it up and wvdial to connect if you are familiar with terminals11:20
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, i will restart apache nog, a moment11:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wvdial11:20
outbackwifi!info wvdial11:20
ubottuwvdial (source: wvdial): PPP dialer with built-in intelligence. In component main, is optional. Version 1.60.1 (hardy), package size 99 kB, installed size 316 kB11:20
cloud-eThis is kicking my butt.11:20
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, i doesn't work11:21
lakituany ideas?11:21
ericsomeOk sorry Im already lost How do i do do that ?11:21
[admin]freakabcd, nop sorry11:21
cloud-eDid Tony leave?11:21
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, http://pastebin.com/m18d2030b11:22
[admin]cloud-e, still here , but please use my nick name so i get notified you called me11:22
ThedjatclubrockZeester: http://pastebin.com/m6d67ec6f11:22
[admin]cloud-e, i have pasted you a command to mount, didn't that work for you ?11:22
ThedjatclubrockZeester: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart11:22
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, ok moment11:22
cloud-eTony, I may not be following it properly11:23
cloud-elet me check it again11:23
freakabcd[admin], is there some key os something that i haven't added and hence why it is refusing to get the pkg lists or something?11:24
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, it works! thanks, what had you changed in the file?11:24
ThedjatclubrockZeester: Maybe another dir.11:24
ZeesterThedjatclubrock, ok11:24
Thedjatclubrocknmh-j2graw: Do I need DNS to get KErberos working?11:25
ThedjatclubrockOr can I fake a Domain11:25
nmh-j2grawThedjatclubrock: probably forward, almost certainly reverse.  unless you use the hosts file (bad idea, imho)11:25
Thedjatclubrocknmh-j2graw: Hmm, I need to read up on Kerberos, thanks!11:26
nmh-j2grawThedjatclubrock: you can point all the machines that you will be using at your own nameserver.11:26
guestïðèâåò íàðîä11:27
ThedjatclubrockMore config?!11:27
guesthi ppl11:27
ThedjatclubrockHello guest11:27
aes52_surely somebody here knows about installing Ubuntu onto an already existing LVM ?11:27
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit11:27
guesti have a trouble linux installation11:27
ericsomeHi outBack give me the step by step please mate so I can write it down on Vista at moment Thanks !11:27
nmh-j2grawThedjatclubrock: it isn't really that hard, but more involved than unix passwords...11:28
ThedjatclubrockI've been using Ubbuntu since 7.1011:28
rconanhow do i get the options to change colours in systemsettings?11:29
guesti wanna install ubuntu on my PC but i can't after install it writes that monitor is out of range11:29
=== guest is now known as daemon205
stinkmanhow do i change what colors are using when issuing a ls command?11:29
=== daemon205 is now known as daemon2054
=== Wanderer_ is now known as Wanderer
[admin]guest, seems you have an ati or nvidia vga card11:30
daemon2054i have nvidia 6800GT11:31
daemon2054can i solve this problem anyhow?11:31
PspWhat does autoclean remove?11:31
erUSULPsp: old version packages11:32
[admin]wait until ubuntu loads , and a notification icon will appear saying something about restricted drivers11:32
erUSULPsp: from cache11:32
[admin]just enable your card there11:32
TuniX12cached packages11:32
PspIt's safe to run?11:32
erUSULPsp: yep11:32
TuniX12Psp yes and no!11:32
[admin]and everything will run smooth11:32
PspAnd no?11:32
daemon2054i installed it and monitor says out of range11:32
[admin]still ?11:33
daemon2054no i waited for 20 min11:33
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto11:33
daemon2054but monitor was still out of range11:33
daemon2054i load it11:33
daemon2054ubuntu icon load and then monitor says out of range11:34
PspWhat's dangerous in autoclean command?11:34
lakitublack desktop, no icons, what should i do?11:34
[admin]use sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg-video-nv11:34
daemon2054mm how?11:35
lakituno right click, either, on desktop11:35
daemon2054and where11:35
TuniX12Psp not dangerous dont worry11:35
[admin]daemon2054, for sure u're not using that pc, so on that pc press CTRL+ALT+F1 then login then run the command11:36
[admin]daemon2054, then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart or press CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE11:36
daemon2054okay thanks i'll try11:36
pierrick_i'm looking for some help about Klibido11:36
daemon2054i'll report11:36
[admin]most welcome11:37
daemon2054linux sucks11:37
[admin]r u sure ?11:37
daemon2054yep :)11:37
DatabaseProbably not the best thing to say in a Linux chatroom, y'know :P11:37
daemon2054i have xp on my PC and vista at work11:37
ericsomeSorry have to pop out back soon11:37
__doc__linux rocks... except for cross platform app developers11:37
blake-how would I run my Vista partition from inside Ubuntu? VMWare?11:37
daemon2054XP is much better11:37
aes52_erm - do you guys know about installing onto LVM ?11:38
daemon2054and linux i think the best11:38
daemon2054after the video i've seen11:38
TuniX12its a blasphemy :P daemon205411:38
DatabaseUh-huh. Yet you still find me using Ubuntu for everything except games. :P11:38
aes52_Ubuntu + LVM... anyone!? :P11:38
pierrick_and also some Ubuntu games are Funny11:38
pierrick_no sorry11:38
[admin]daemon2054, would you like a scrambled screen over loosing-you-information-OS ?11:38
lakituhow do i restore gnome to default? or preferences? someone told me once, & that fixed this11:39
pierrick_Anyone Uses Newsgroups ?11:39
Onefieldjoin #ubuntu-dk11:39
[admin]though i can write a small batch file for XP to format its C drive, injecting it , while XP saying you're using a genuine XP11:39
bhindiusing dirc proxy11:40
bhindiany 1 tell me how11:40
pierrick_lol stop talking about XP, what are you doing here ?? :p11:40
=== gnu is now known as Guest44632
__doc__[admin]: you can also du sudo rm -rf / if you feel fancy...11:40
bhindihelp me11:41
pierrick_so anyone know about Newsgroups and using klibido ?11:41
Database[admin], so can I. fdisk /dev/sda1. ;)11:41
bhindiand tell me using dircproxy11:41
RetrogradeCulturand the purpose of that would be?11:41
=== paco__ is now known as montoro
bhindiwho me11:41
RetrogradeCulturthe rf -rf ing your root dir i mean11:41
AchothHello. I don't really know what channel to post this in, but Freenode tells me I've got one new "memo", how do I read it? The help page doesn't answer my question11:41
jussi01__doc__: DO NOT use that command in here!11:42
Guest44632Hi all. Guys, i need a quick tip. What do i specify in fstab? to automount data partition on a unpriviledged user? plz, ty. :)11:42
[admin]__doc__, Database wouldn't you have to learn them first ? who would teach you about virus freeing your xp without money ?11:42
[admin]__doc__, Database wouldn't you trade all that nonsense with linux OS ?11:43
[admin]hi back11:43
xXoh... s*it! My Nick is brocken!11:44
DatabaseI will engage in no conversation for and against any particular OS.11:44
* pierrick_ mange11:44
=== arsen is now known as Guest78699
=== xX is now known as xxxXXXIII
pierrick_jsut a test :p11:44
__doc__[admin]: you a chatbot?11:44
[admin]Database, you seems like a political person11:44
xxxXXXIIII no11:44
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!11:44
[admin]__doc__, nop11:44
DatabaseThe opposite, actually. :P11:44
RetrogradeCulturheh i haven't used win once, personally, since i switched full-on over to ubuntu11:45
* Database dislikes OS wars.11:45
RetrogradeCulturwhich was only a week ago or so11:45
[admin]__doc__, energy to spread knowledge to the open source11:45
lakituah, i googled.. remove .gnome* & .gconf11:45
* Database uses Ubuntu because he likes it. Other people, however, may not.11:45
* pierrick_ Pee on Xp11:45
__doc__[admin]: energy is a problem these days, do you know my squirrel?11:45
jussi01[admin]: __doc__ Database RetrogradeCultur PLease take the offtopic chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic - this channel is stictly support only11:46
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=== Guest44632 is now known as gnu
[admin]jussi01, do you think we are here to chat ?11:46
=== xxxXXXIII is now known as Daniel_xXx
[admin]jussi01, haven't you scroll up lately and see how we helped ?11:46
cloud-enick cloudie11:46
=== cloud-e is now known as cloudie
=== gnu is now known as Guest48954
[admin]cloudie, use the / slash11:47
Onefieldhey I am a newbie in ubuntu. I have just installed virtualbox and windows xp pro, but cannot find vrdp under settings i virtualbox which i need11:47
jussi01[admin]: that still doesnt mean you should use this channel for chatter11:47
Onefieldplz help11:47
[admin]jussi01, we are not11:47
Guest48954Guys, anyone? Is this right? # Partition shared by Windows and Linux11:47
[admin]jussi01,  this was a topic from a helpee11:47
jussi01[admin]: if you want to discus it, please join #ubuntu-ops, and keep this channel free for support.11:47
blake-how would I run my Vista partition from inside Ubuntu? VMWare?11:48
[admin]blake-, never heard of that, you have to reboot and run it from the begining11:49
pierrick_don't do it :p11:49
TuniX12blake-: xen i think11:50
pierrick_so noone use Usenets ??11:50
bazhang!en | violet_11:50
ubottuviolet_: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat11:50
aes52_Anyone know about LVM + Ubuntu install here?11:50
RanyAlbegHi all11:50
pierrick_ I know i don't speak well En but ...11:50
TuniX12aes52_ your problem?11:51
cloudieTony, do you have a ubuntuforums ID??? I would like to refer you.11:51
chadIt is best to install XP or Vista first then install Ubuntu11:51
blake-[admin]: bah. surely there must be a way. could I just make a virtual image of the second partition?11:51
aes52_TuniX12: I want to know how to use the alternate cd to install onto my already existing ROOT logical parittion11:51
[admin]blake-, vmware and xens uses their own filesystem file to hold the os11:51
kriI have reinstalled my ubuntu system since i really had to install windows for a poker game that wouldnt start with wine and i didnt had time with vmware etc.11:51
pierrick_Yes because  Grub is taking the lead in boot option11:52
[admin]blake-, though i told you that11:52
RanyAlbegim trying to do an alias interlist='firefox web1,web2,web3...'. its all ok , but when i use it and close the terminal it exits. how can i make this shortcut?11:52
ballzeei have to keep going into /home/user/vuze and typing ./azureus how do i get away from that its always running in my console11:52
pierrick_it's remplacing others ...11:52
kriI really want windowmaker this time is there any guide whatsoever on how to install windowmaker step by step?11:52
aes52_It's quite a straightforward task, but I'm finding it practically impossible. Surely installing Ubuntu on to an already set up LVM volunme group is possible?11:52
TuniX12aes52_: try this link http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-over-lvm-filesystem11:52
=== Henkules is now known as henkules_AFK
pierrick_so always no one for Usenets ??11:53
aes52_that just tells you how to set up LVM11:53
aes52_then install ubuntu11:53
aes52_I want to install it with LVM already set up11:53
[admin]ballzee, try changing that in ~/.bashrc11:53
pierrick_it's a begining ;)11:53
RanyAlbegim trying to do an alias interlist='firefox web1,web2,web3...'. its all ok , but when i use it and close the terminal it exits. how can i make this shortcut?11:53
botanicusHi there. I have problem with keyboard, after upgrade to 8.10, the keyboard and mouse do not work in gnome at all. Touchpad works. I can switch to console, so drivers are OK, just some bug in Gnome. Any ideas?11:53
pierrick_reboot  X11:54
aes52_[admin]: do you know about LVM and ubuntu ?11:54
bazhangbotanicus, #ubuntu+1 for that11:54
kriWould this 'tutorial' work today to http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-85363.html (Guide to Window Maker).11:54
botanicusBTW I found https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/59616 ... there something 'bout accessibility settings, but it do not work for me11:54
[admin]RandyboY, either at the end of the alias add the & , or run it using ALT+F211:54
[admin]aes52_, sorry can't help with that11:54
TuniX12aes52_ LVM already root??!!11:54
aes52_TuniX12: ? I already have Ubuntu + LVM set up. I want to upgrade my ubuntu installation to hardy heron ON my /root/ LVM parittion11:55
RanyAlbegi'lltry that11:55
montorohow the channel is called ubuntu in Spanish?11:55
CharismaticBaptiI *LOVE* Ubuntu !!!   I have NEVER seen a Linux OS that was as easy to configure, found all the hardware as well as it did, and is as easy to get updates and applications for..   I -- AM -- IMPRESSED !!!11:55
aes52_so I want to a) wipe /root/ and b) install into /root/11:55
[admin]RandyboY, most welcome11:55
jussi01!es | montoro11:55
ubottumontoro: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.11:55
nadhello, is anybody here nice enough to point out to me something which is not ubuntu related and not redirect me to somewhere where someone would not probably help me? its simple - i'm using xchat and i dont want it to show people joining quitting or changing their names. this is prolly my only shot where i cud get a decent answer thanks :)11:55
TuniX12ares52_ you cant11:56
montoroubottu,  gracias bot...jeje11:56
aes52_TuniX12: !!!....11:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:56
bazhangnad, right click channel name and select11:56
aes52_I doudbt that's true11:56
aes52_it's just a case of knowing how11:56
nadbazhang: thank you kind sir. i am truly grateful :)11:56
botanicusCharismaticBapti: LOL11:56
aes52_It would be insane if you had to set up LVM every time you wanted to install another UBUNTU11:56
RanyAlbegim RanyAlbeg :) nm11:57
[admin]nad, goto Settings -> Advanced -> Text Evenets , and change the undesired evenets to null11:57
TuniX12aes52_ you have ubuntu already installed over LVM and you want to upgrade it? using that partition?11:57
nadadmin: thanks :) fixed it i love the ubuntu spirit :) i am who i am, because of who we all are :) thanks11:58
[admin]most welcome nad11:58
aes52_yes TuniX1211:58
pierrick_can i have the link for Kubuntu FR please ?11:58
jussi01!fr | pierrick_11:59
ubottupierrick_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr11:59
pierrick_IRC channel i mean ;o11:59
TuniX12#kubuntu-fr ??11:59
ballzeeno idea what that would do11:59
aes52_TuniX12: In the alternate cd I have the option of selecting Use as: K LVM .. but I'm not sure if I want to write changed to disk I'm concerned I might lose my LVM parititons then11:59
RanyAlbeg[admin]: No still when i close the terminal firefox is killed.11:59
nadpierrick_: www.kubuntu-fr.org11:59
aes52_I think this might be the correct way to proceed but I'm not sure11:59
[admin]RandyboY, then try ALT+F211:59
pierrick_thx bye11:59
aes52_the alternative is me using the LIVE-CD11:59
nadpierrick_: yw :)12:00
[admin]RandyboY, or add a cutom launcher to the panel having the command of the alias12:00
RanyAlbeg[admin]: the same12:00
=== nad is now known as dannybuntu
RanyAlbeg[admin]: seems like the launcher will work, i'll try that12:00
saykouhy does any one have a laptop HP pavilion ???12:01
[admin]RandyboY, when you use ALT+F2, just type the alias command , not gnome-terminal and the the alias command12:01
krido anyone running window maker?12:01
OxDeadC0desaykou I run a dv9010us with ubuntu 8.10 since 7.0412:02
saykouOxDeadC0de, did you find problems to partion the hardrive?12:03
saykouhow long do you the laptop12:03
OxDeadC0deno, but I had media center xp instead of vista12:03
saykouhow long do you the laptop OxDeadC0de12:03
OxDeadC0deit's about 1 year old, a little more12:03
peter_gHello, I can only play one audio source at a time, how do I solve this problem?12:04
saykoui have one month year old and its hard to partion it, it comes with vista12:04
RanyAlbeg[admin]: solved it , thanks!12:04
[admin]RandyboY, most welcome12:04
OxDeadC0devista doesn't like resized hard drive partitions unless it does it itself, xp didn't care12:04
[admin]OxDeadC0de, disk check might help12:05
peter_gI could play a video game, but the audio wont work on teamspeak, I could listen to some music on amarok, but I couldn't play a flash game with sound, but I can listen to multiple youtube videos12:05
Aaron_Masonhey all, got an issue with a bluetooth dongle, I put it into my system and it won't come up at all, lspci, hciconfig and lsmod outputs at http://paste.linuxassist.net/2076012:05
OxDeadC0de[admin] it's saykou having problems, my laptop is perfect (mostly) :)12:06
[admin]OxDeadC0de, sorry, just saying a note12:06
saykouyeah my laptop its new and it comes with vista hard protected to change or partion it12:06
[admin]saykou, you can use a resizer12:07
saykouyeah but i think HP has unistalled it12:07
[admin]saykou, i mean, any resizer12:07
[admin]saykou, like partition magic12:07
[admin]on vista12:07
saykoui dont even know if i can change the software ... because of the warranty12:07
saykouyeah i tried it, cant detect the harddrive12:08
[admin]how about a live cd12:08
saykoulike what ?12:08
[admin]ubuntu live cd12:08
peter_gplease help :( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95820812:09
saykouto partion it ?12:09
saykouoh ok12:09
[admin]to edit the partition and resize it12:09
saykoui have a ubuntu live cd12:09
saykoui have ubuntu 7.04 it is also live cd, dosent come with gparted ?12:09
saykoubut i want to keep vista just in case of the warranty12:10
saykoucan i do it12:10
atc-Hi all. I'm a long-time Vim user. Can someone tell me how to stop it from starting in insert mode in Ubuntu hardy?12:10
krisaykou: there is a program to get your serial and save it12:10
krilater on you can restore it12:10
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[admin]saykou, all live cds has gparted or atleast parted, keeping the vista partition is done when editing the partition to resize it, not deleting nor formaing12:11
krii have done that and saved it on my ipod i have lost the information though12:11
[admin]formating *12:11
saykouok thanks for the help i will try it12:11
[admin]atc-, vim /etc/vimrc12:11
saykoucan i also install ubunut under c:\ of vista?12:11
atc-[admin]: indeed, but what setting?12:11
peter_ghelp me or you will get aids http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95820812:12
[admin]atc-, paste it on paste.ubuntu.com12:12
[admin]peter_g, LOL12:12
comicinker!language | peter_g12:13
ubottupeter_g: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.12:13
peter_gI meant aid in sorting out ubuntu issues, what did you mean?12:13
comicinkerah. sorry12:14
[admin]peter_g, then what did you mean by will get aids ???????12:14
stevej678whats the apt command to upgrade python to ver 2.6 in hardy 8.04?12:14
[admin]LOL , hazardous12:14
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[admin]stevej678, use the update-manager, deselecting everything else12:14
peter_gI am from a place where we randomly add plurals to the end of words, sorry. So can you help me?12:14
alarmhello there, which would be a good html/xml editor for ubuntu ? or linux generaly12:15
[admin]peter_g, from the symptoms your pc have, it seems like your sound card is not compatible with parallel sound sources12:15
__doc__I'm from a place where you get somethings if you you don't receive immediate help upon demand12:15
[admin]alarm, screem12:16
peter_gadmin, I have been able to play multipul sound sorces on here before12:16
[admin]peter_g, have you updated your system (alsa) recently ?12:16
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peter_gI'm not sure12:17
alarmbluefish, i think i used that once. will i have any problem with any xml support on it ? sorry if that question is stupid, but never used xml so i do not really know what is required to support that language.12:17
[admin]any update ? apt-get upgrade ? update-manager ?12:17
stevej678admin, it says my system is up to date, nothing is offered to deselect12:17
[admin]alarm, no , quanta+ is optimal for developers12:17
peter_galarm, probably not, but if you do you can try KATE12:17
[admin]stevej678,  then you have to wait till it is a release update to your system12:18
alarmkate the editor ? well i thought of an IDE that would had to give me more than just a text editor12:18
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sebrockdoes anyonw know how to do a Makefile that goes recursively into ALL subdirs?12:18
SaberZhello everyone12:18
[admin]alarm, you know that gedit has it all ? syntax coloring, and script addons ?12:18
alarmadmin as peter_g  said , Kate, it also has lots of things. but why would i use nano for c programming if i can use a more desent tool ?12:19
[admin]alarm, that depends on you, we have all given you choices, try them12:20
takoskisalve raga ho un problema...ci siente?12:20
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alarmokie, thank you a lot :)12:21
alarmone last question cause i just saw about bluefish online . whats the connection between bluefish and openoffice ?12:21
[admin]!en| takoski12:21
ubottutakoski: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat12:21
tylerwhats the deb source i have to add to get the very newest compiz plugins?12:22
[admin]alarm, no more than integration, file saving formats12:22
alarmi see12:22
[admin]alarm, though you can develop something for openoffice12:23
alarmfor the moment i'll hung on the basics :)12:23
SaberZfinally made the full switch from MS to Ubuntu12:25
[admin]SaberZ, congrats12:25
SaberZonly sad thing is using virtualbox for XP to get my Zune to synch :(12:25
SaberZbut its the only thing, but I am loving this12:25
Reanmachinestupid question but what's the command line to unzip a .tar.bz2? i've only done .tar.gz and am at a loss12:25
[admin]SaberZ, you could've kept two OS on your pc12:26
SaberZyeah i dont like dual-booting12:26
[admin]Reanmachine, tar jxf [tarball_file]12:26
SaberZeverytime I dual-booted, I'd end up using Windows.12:26
JeruvyReanmachine: tar with 'z'12:26
dr_willisReanmachine,  i normally install the 'unp' command also. :)12:27
dr_willis!info unp12:27
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.14 (hardy), package size 9 kB, installed size 68 kB12:27
SaberZbut after 10 years of dualboot I just jumped right in. And its not bad at all. I have World of warcraft running beautifully with wine, etc.12:27
serengetiis there a way to answer an Ubuntu Question closed by the janitor? i'm new to launchpad12:27
alarmi know its not the right place to ask , but does ccs require a different tool or i can be used throught those editors as well12:27
alarmcss sorry12:27
[admin]alarm, you could, thorugh quanta+ and screem12:28
[admin]also through gedit12:28