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KillerOrcadid anyone who updated over the network have their xubuntu install become a ubuntu one?03:16
favrothat doesn't sound good - at login is there an option to use a xfce session?03:17
KillerOrcayeah, but it didn't do anything when I tried it once03:19
KillerOrcayeah, but it didn't do anything when I tried it once03:19
favroso you tried it twice?03:19
KillerOrcasorry if double not sure on the channel03:19
KillerOrcano, when I did the restart I updated agian, logged out and selected it, but it defaulted to gnome03:20
KillerOrcaall my settings seem to be the same from what I can tell03:22
favrotry in a terminal   dpkg -l | grep xubuntu-desktop03:22
KillerOrcait gives back this: ii  xubuntu-desktop                            2.66                                                 Xubuntu desktop system03:23
favroso it wasn't removed then - that's a start03:24
KillerOrcaI had it set to autologin into xfce before the update, and it still auto-logs-in so maybe that is part of it03:25
favroyep that could be it - you can change that from gnome03:26
KillerOrcaI still want to auto-login though, andd where do I change that?03:27
favroI haven't used gnome in ages - somewhere like system login manager but that's a wild guess03:27
KillerOrcaI'll look into that, thx03:28
KillerOrcaalso do you have any experience with dd-wrt routers?03:29
favronope - I don't sorry03:29
KillerOrcahave you ever used ushare, or know how to add programs to start-up?03:31
favroin xfce it is applications-settings-settings manager - startup03:32
KillerOrcak thanks, going to try some stuff now03:33
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noniehello guys, i am having problems with my firefox on my xubuntu 8.0406:08
noniewhen i play youtube files, video motion is very slow.06:08
nonieany suggestions06:08
noniewhen i run it with windows explorer from a standard windows xp machine, video is running fine.06:09
nonieis there anything to tweak with firefox06:09
favrois it buffering alot?06:10
nonieits like its in slow motion06:12
noniestrange my ram is 1gig06:13
nonieand running with p4 running xp before.06:13
favroit might be the app you use to view shockwave flash - which did you install?06:13
noniehold on06:14
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/06:14
nonieis it in the synaptics06:14
noniei just installed the flash player under the synaptic06:16
favro!info gnash06:16
ubottugnash (source: gnash): free SWF movie player. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.2-0ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 328 kB, installed size 1000 kB06:16
noniefound it i will install it now06:17
noniestill slow.... any mor suggestions?06:26
noniethe display is adobe flash 9, does the 8.04 already uses adobe flash 9 plugin06:27
favroI think flash is proprietry - so no - there is a flash 1006:30
favrobut it seems the issue is with something else as flash9 should work ok06:30
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:31
nonieok tnx 4 the tip06:32
favroslow vid makes me think the cpu or mem is maxed out06:32
noniebtw where can i find the xubuntu 8.04 repositories because from this was online upgraded from 7.10 to 8.0406:40
nonieit seems the source repositories for 8.04 was not included06:40
favroin /etc/apt/sources.list change gutsy to hardy on all uncommented lines06:43
nonietnx a lot06:47
XFCEntralnonie: ive got something you can try, for your youtube/flash problem06:47
nonieplease i needed that06:48
XFCEntraldo you have a youtube video up right now? if not, go to one in your browser06:49
nonieok, then.06:49
noniewats next06:51
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XFCEntralright click the video area06:51
XFCEntralchoose "Settings"06:51
XFCEntralwhen you see it, uncheck the box that should say "Hardware Acceleration"06:52
XFCEntraltry playing the video again06:52
nonietried it still having the same problem.06:52
XFCEntral:/ ive read that made a difference for some with flash/youtube difficulties.06:53
XFCEntralhad to try!06:53
noniethere has to be something else bugging my system.06:54
XFCEntralsorry i couldnt help :/06:55
nonieno problem... we tried anyways./06:55
favrostill think it is h/ware - wrong xorg maybe06:57
noniethis is the one i am watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4a1z7NLnNk06:57
XFCEntralthanks--it plays smooth in firefox for me06:58
nonieill keep on trying07:00
favroseems ok here - what are your cpu/mem stats while trying to watch?07:00
nonietnx a lot guys be back later to test again.07:00
XFCEntralfavro: mine is hovering between 80-100%07:01
favromine was <1007:01
XFCEntrali often have that problem with my CPU maxing out with Flash, and can close my browser but the problem persists. only when i kill "npviewer.bin" does it go back down to 10-20%07:02
favroahh I pause it to make sure it is buffered with enough vid before playing07:03
favroonly takes 5 or so secs07:03
XFCEntralthe whole video has loaded already hmm07:04
XFCEntralplayback still puts me at ~100%07:04
nonieim back guys07:40
nonieit maybe just my pc acting up , ill just check it again sometime07:41
noniedoes the ubuntu 8.04 has wubi installer and has anyone tried wubi in a vista laptop?08:26
noniei mean the live cd of ubuntu 8.0408:26
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.08:59
favroI didn't know what was in the link...09:00
wormsxulla_hello. is there a way to force an application window to open at a given size?09:49
zoredachewormsxulla_: you could use devilspie09:52
wormsxulla_that's in synaptic?09:52
* wormsxulla_ looks09:52
wormsxulla_yes, i found it. thanks, zoredache09:54
wormsxulla_i feel such a n00b. it got installed, but i'm not finding it in any Applications menu09:59
TheSheepwormsxulla_: there is a description here: http://burtonini.com/blog/computers/devilspie10:02
TheSheepand a link to tutorial10:02
wormsxulla_i found the readme too, thank you10:03
mnemochi, any idea why I have lost (on every machine) the switch-user, suspend and hibernate icons on xubuntu+2 on yesterday's update?10:05
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nikolamI have problems with Writing files to Ubuntu-formated UDF CDRW11:20
nikolamI saved files to the disk but after re-inserting it, it cannot be mounted11:20
nikolamand to see data on disk11:20
nikolamspace is allocated but data could not re read from cdrw11:21
TheSheepUDF? is that some apple thingy?11:21
nikolamUDF file system. Read-write packet writing for optical media11:22
nikolamI can write to it. But after re-mount, is cannot be read from disk11:22
nikolamalso it cannot be ejected after umounting of udf cdrw11:23
nikolami must use eject command to eject disk11:24
mrbichelHello, I mannaged to get my macbook pro to type special chars as (at) and dollar etc. however on xubuntu I can't find the place to configure a key to enable those.11:49
mrbichelunder keyboard there is the hotkeys menu but that seems to be for applications only.11:50
mrbichelhave anyone tried this, and can you guide me in the right direction?11:51
TheSheepyou can usually type @ by pressing and holding down the shift key (sometimes also marked as a wide up-arrow) and then pressing 211:54
TheSheepat least with the us keyboard layout11:54
mrbichelnope that is " on my keyboard11:57
mrbichelI have all the secondary functions with shift: !"#¤%&/()=? ...11:57
TheSheepwhat layout is that?11:57
mrbichelbut I miss the tertiary functions, (at) is terdiary11:57
mrbichelMAC DK11:57
* TheSheep has no ideas about dutch keyboards11:58
mrbichelDanish that is - but it should be similar to most others except for a few extra chars æ ø å but they are primary and located along with the rest of the A - Z letters.11:59
TheSheepI use right alt key (labelled Alt Gr) to get the polish letters like ąęść etc.12:02
TheSheepno idea how that key is labelled on macbook12:02
TheSheepprobably apple12:02
mrbichelyeah and it's the Alt Gr kind of key im missing - on macbook it's the apple key (has an apple on it) - right now it does nothing but I want it to handle the tertiary functions12:03
TheSheepmrbichel: try running 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' and setting your keyboard there12:03
mrbichelon ubuntu gnome there was a function to assign a key to tertiary functions - but I can't find the same kind of setting now12:04
mrbichelwill that reset a bunch of other settings too?12:07
TheSheepif you don't change them, then it shouldn't12:07
TheSheepI mean the defaults are set to the current settings12:07
mrbichelTheSheep: I tried that, but didn't change anything.12:15
mrbicheldo you have any idea of a good place to search?12:18
TheSheepgoogle, forums, maybe bugs12:22
mrbichelyeah, thanks for your effort!12:23
nikolami have few things13:38
nikolami finaly made udf disk out of cdrw13:38
nikolammounted it using this way: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=12909313:38
nikolamso 1. How do I make that files that are written on udfcdrw can be also writable for other users?13:39
nikolamevery file i write to udf disc is by default read-only to other users, no matter what i set with chmod on mounted volume13:40
nikolam2. How do i desable making of .Trash* directory when deleting files on udf cdrw?13:41
nikolamand 3. Why a hack files are not written to udf cdrw when i copy/paste files?13:42
knome2. shift+del13:42
nikolamIt seems like they are written but after remounting udf cdrw, they are gone!13:43
nikolambut it seems that they occupy free space!13:43
nikolamok, now, .Trash-1001 dir is fone by itself13:44
nikolamand the files "written"13:44
nikolamdoes anyone in the World is trying to use Udf under linux for cdrw and dvd+rw....13:45
nikolamnow when i do sudo ls -la /media/cdrom1 i get ??????????  ? ?    ?         ?                ? .Trash-100113:46
knomenikolam, maybe ask vidd :P13:49
nikolamvihm, who is vidd?13:49
knomevidd = vidd13:49
nikolamhi vidd13:50
nikolamwhat is going on with udf on Ubuntu?13:50
squirrelpimpi'd like to have a hook for my bash-shell which is executed whenever i enter a directory13:52
squirrelpimpso that i can have .info files in my directories with notes-to-self and have them displayed whenever i enter the directory13:52
TheSheepsquirrelpimp: try installing devtodo13:55
TheSheepsquirrelpimp: and reading its help13:55
squirrelpimpTheSheep: thx...13:55
squirrelpimpi might even have heard that name before13:55
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squirrelpimpwon't that affect scripts that use cd?14:00
TheSheepsquirrelpimp: that's why it's not trivial14:08
squirrelpimpwhat do you mean? i could install it or not14:09
TheSheepjust installing it won't do anything to cd14:09
TheSheepyou must read its documentation for a description how to do it14:10
squirrelpimpyes, i read that... and it describes what i came up with my self: replace cd with a custom function/alias. However then each script will see that new cd-command, right?14:10
squirrelpimpor is there more docs available than on its website?14:11
TheSheepsquirrelpimp: there is a way to check in the script whether it's invoked from another script or terminal, if I remember correctly14:12
TheSheepbesides, scripts houldn't use cd :)14:13
squirrelpimpyes, that of course, but you never know14:17
squirrelpimpthanks, i'll have a look at it14:18
nikolamHey, did you know that Linux supposed to be named "Freax" :) http://linux-bangalore.org/blug/articles/bday.php14:18
tiberius0101Hi - how to remove the progress bar including xubuntu logo, which comes before the login screen16:24
tiberius0101I want to replace both with a solid black screen16:24
nikolamtiberius: use gdmsetup16:39
nikolamtiberius0101, gdmsetup16:39
nikolam(login window) in setting16:39
nikolamhmm. or not16:39
tiberius0101nikoalm: I will check that...cheers16:40
nikolamtiberius0101, use startup manager16:41
nikolampackage xubuntu-artwork-usplash is one that includes that picture16:41
viddtiberius0101, sudo update-settings --config usplash-artwork.so16:41
nikolamtiberius0101, search in synaptic for usplash16:42
viddtiberius0101, then sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-[your kernel image version number]16:43
viddyou will, of course need to add your blank image to /usr/lib/usplash16:43
viddyou might also try simply deleteing or removing the files in that folder16:44
tiberius0101thanks...I will check that - so long, cheers16:44
viddand edgy....17:09
viddkinda outdated....17:09
nikolamyes.. yes..17:09
nikolamanyway, i wanted to see in what format is that .so file17:09
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spasticteapotDoes anyone here know how to adjust brightness and contrast in VLC media player?17:36
spasticteapotI go to I go settings-> video -> filter adjust, but nothing happens.17:36
TheSheepI think you need to enable the filter17:38
spasticteapotI did.17:39
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lintelI just installed XU intrepid and the NetworkManager disappeared from the panel. Any ideas how to get it back?19:21
vinnllintel, press Alt+F2 and run "nm-applet"19:21
lintelvinnl, nothing19:23
vinnllintel, OK, how about ""killall nm-applet && nm-applet"19:24
TheSheephow about trying it in terminal and looking at the error message?19:25
vinnlOr that ^.^19:25
viddanyone know a *simple* way to set up thundaerbird to read /var/mail?19:28
lintel** (nm-applet:5802): WARNING **: No connections defined <= but I can't see it!!!19:30
TheSheeplintel: did you remove the system notification area from your panel?19:32
lintelTheSheep, nope19:32
TheSheeplintel: if so, then right-click on the panel, select "add item" and then add it back19:32
lintelPidgin is still alive here19:32
TheSheepI see19:32
viddlintel, please pastebin /etc/network/interfaces19:33
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)19:33
lintelauto lo * iface lo inet loopback * auto eth0 * iface eth0 inet dhcp19:36
viddand can you ping your gateway?19:37
lintelvidd, I am connected via eth019:37
lintelvidd, just no gui19:37
viddso when you typed "ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" you get replies?19:38
viddxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx would be the ip address of your gateway19:38
lintelvidd, no reaction in terminal19:39
viddok....so you are NOT connected via eth019:39
lintelvidd, how would I chat here?19:40
vidd[ctrl]+[c] to cancel it....19:40
viddif you cant ping your gateway, the IDK19:40
viddplease pastebin the output of "ifconfig"19:41
viddand PLEASE use pastebin19:41
lintelvidd, sorry, but I have to leave, my wife wants my attention now ;) its SAT nite here -- thanks 4 now!19:43
viddsweet....i figured out how to *easily* set up thunderbird to read /var/mail20:11
vinnlAdd it to the wiki ;-)20:13
viddIDK how20:13
viddand i dont think i have rights20:13
vinnlGo to wiki.ubuntu.com, use your Launchpad account to log in, and browse to a page20:13
vinnlThen you can create the new page if it doesn't exist yet20:13
awsoonnhi all, how can I start a vnc server?21:35
Odd-rationale!vcn | awsoonn21:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vcn21:35
Odd-rationale!vnc | awsoonn21:36
ubottuawsoonn: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX21:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about x11vnc21:36
awsoonnthanks Odd-rationale21:37
awsoonnin xubuntu, is there a way to scale everything on the screen?? Everything is pretty big, I woudl like to scalle everything by .7521:39
zoredacheare you at the largest screen resolution that your display/graphics adapter supports?21:40
zoredachechange that if you can21:41
awsoonnwell, I would like to say that I am, but I don't know that for 100%21:41
awsoonnit's a 'new' machine that I just poped xubuntu on.21:41
Odd-rationaleawsoonn: pastebin the output of xrandr21:41
awsoonnohh, that's a nice program...21:42
awsoonnso, apparently I am not.21:42
Odd-rationaleok try: xrandr -s 1600x120021:43
awsoonnthat is interesting21:44
awsoonnI wish you could see what I see, I'm most certianly runnign at that resolution now.21:45
Odd-rationaleawsoonn: does it seem like the resolution is too big for your monitor?21:46
awsoonnI have most of my screen in the upper left portion of the monitor, and black all round it. the botom and right sides are cut off a bit.21:46
awsoonnth emonitor is taking it like a camp however. no problems there I think. and I can more my mouse in the black areas ok21:46
awsoonnprobalby a restart of X will take care of it, but that's not an option atm :/21:47
Odd-rationaleawsoonn: try playing with differnt values...21:47
Odd-rationalelike 1280x102421:47
awsoonn^ thats what I am at right now, but I think it will be fine after I can reboot in 8 hours or so21:48
viddOdd-rationale, awsoonn  1600x1200 is not a sopported option....try 1600x102421:48
viddmethinks you want to use one of the options listed by xrandr's output21:49
viddany better?21:50
Odd-rationalevidd: you could right, it says my maximum is 1400x1200. but i can only get 1400x105021:50
awsoonnvidd: I caught that one, resolution is fine, it's as if the window manager's virtural desktop is not scalling up automaticly with X's resolution21:51
awsoonnI don't know if those are the right terms, but that's how it feels21:51
awsoonnbug to be looked into later. *nods* work.21:53
awsoonnhaha, one of my project teamates walked in saw 5 terminal windows open on xubuntu and was thurally impressed. Feels good. :)21:56
* awsoonn does real work now, afk21:56
Baselinedoes anyone know of any documentation that shows typical RAM usage of Xubuntu, and (since it's machine specific for the most part) compares it with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and maybe even XP?21:56
viddBaseline, RAM usage isnt machine specific....22:04
viddits program-centric22:04
viddif you open the system monitor, it should show you RAM usage22:04
Baselinehi vidd, i agree, however some machines will have diff hw (this bluetooth etc) which will invoke and run diff programs which will in turn increase the RAM consumption - yes, that can be turned off, but i guess my question was - for the ones that do not have time to run this test to figure out if Xubuntu would be benefitial move for their 256MB laptop (as an example) - is if anyone from the...22:08
Baseline...xubuntu marketing has run all 4 OSes on the same machine in quadruple-boot env and figured out the basic numbers for the OS only, Firefox only, FF+OO runing with 5 documents, and just some basic test to "sell" xubuntu vs the other ones and even compare against DSL for example... would be a selling point on the xubuntu.com home page, no?22:09
viddmy 256MB ram laptop wont boot KDE, gnome is extremely sluggish, and i wont make my machines virus magnets22:11
TheSheepBaseline: xubuntu would not come out very good I'm afraid, it's not its goal either22:11
Baselinethanks, vidd, and thesheep... i like real numbers, and i was wondering if anyone has done it, which is not a problem, since i will do it myself and see if marketing team can use it... btw, what is the goal?22:13
vidd....where is that mission statement document that cody-somerville wrote....22:15
cody-somervillevidd, on the wiki22:16
viddBaseline, look here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu22:17
viddit tells you the goal for xubuntu22:17
Baseline" with a particular focus on low memory footprint. ", no it's NOT? huh?22:18
vidd"with a focus" does not mean "with as low a footprint as possible"22:19
viddfor example, for ease of use, xubuntu uses gdm as the desktop manager rather then slim22:20
viddgdm has a higher memory footprint then slim, but slim is a lot less "intuitive" to configure22:20
viddno pre-build GUI interface for configuration, PATH modifications needed, etc22:21
viddand that is just one example22:21
Baselinei agree vidd, but show me the money!!!22:22
viddits an all-volunteer program....there is no money!22:22
Baselinehard numbers, charts, i love charts...22:22
viddwell....you make some charts, and submit it....they might even get posted to the site (i can make no guarentees)22:23
viddjust dont be surprised if there is some disclaimer attached!22:24
Baselineesp the one where xubuntu running FF3 beats Xp running IE8 by twice as less RAM, while being waaaaay faster with JavaScript...22:24
Baselinetwice as less=half as much22:24
viddok...is that boast in print somewhere?22:25
Baselineno, but one can get that impression when there are no hard numbers anywhere years into this project....22:25
viddxubuntu has been "official" for just over 2 years22:26
Baselinevidd, surprisingly factual now aren't we?22:26
viddive always been factual22:27
Baselinethen where are the numbers, fact, usages...22:27
viddbut i dont put much value on "hard numbers"22:27
viddyou almost never notice the tiny print that says "results not typical, individual results may vary"22:28
viddand they always do22:28
Baselinei know but you need at least one test to make the claim(s) ur making, no?22:29
Baselinebest effort kind a thing22:29
viddwhat claims?22:29
viddso far as i know, we havent made any claims22:30
viddbut....much as i would like to continue this....22:30
Baselinethanks man22:31
viddim done working, and i have to catch the last bus home22:31
viddif your still on, ill see ya in about 2 hours22:31
Baselineno i gotta go install everything to make the charts22:31
cody-somervilleBaseline, I'm eager to read your report.22:31
viddlook forward to seeing them!22:31
nikolamvidd have a pleasant rest22:32
viddnikolam, ty...u222:32
nikolamBaseline, Make shure you inform us somehow about results!22:32
nikolamvidd :)22:34

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