pooliebeuno, yes, that does look really nice00:01
evarlastanyone run bazaar multi-user server?  you using SSH?  Is there an http option?00:18
lifelessevarlast: most folk use ssh00:19
lifelessyou can use http/https00:19
evarlastdoes loggerhead get me anything there?00:20
lifelessloggerhead is unrelated to this00:20
evarlastok, thanks. I didn't know if loggerhead got me anything in terms of server writes.00:21
evarlastI think I will go the ssh route, since it seems most popular.00:21
evarlastits just we are an all windows shop, and so SSH is a little strange00:22
lifelessI know the UK NHS uses bzr on windows00:22
lifelesswith IIS doing http server for writes00:22
evarlasterr.. myabe I will do smart server via http00:22
fynnbeuno: looks like the output of "bzr log" is Yaml.00:23
lifelessawilkins that hangs here from time to time may have written up stuff about this already on the wiki00:23
fynnI can just parse that.00:23
lifelessI know he sent patches is to make it00:23
lifelessfynn: 'bzr log' ? Its not yaml00:23
spivlifeless: oh, I didn't know about that.  That's cool.00:26
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lifelessspiv: which 'that' - the git book?01:04
lifelessspiv: or the IIS stuf?01:04
spivlifeless: the IIS stuff.01:04
lifelessyah, it is cool :)01:04
spivor maybe I did and had forgotten, some thing ;)01:04
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Peng_beuno: ping?01:34
Peng_beuno: Never mind about the ping. I just filed bug 289708.01:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289708 in loggerhead "abstract_paths breaks InventoryUI: 'Container' object has no attribute 'absolutepath'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28970801:49
Peng_Oh, that should have a really trivial fix.01:58
spivpoolie: I'll call you after lunch02:03
pooliegood idea :)02:03
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spivpoolie: is now a good time to call?  skype or pots?03:23
pooliespiv, hi03:23
lifelesspoolie: gimme a call when you return04:42
poolielifeless, hi, i'm back, was on the phone to spiv05:13
poolieis it urgent or should i finish with him?05:13
lifelessnot urgent05:13
poolielifeless, want to talk?06:38
vilahi all06:59
* vila is now in winter time07:00
spivvila: hello07:04
spivvila: ah, that's why you're even later :)07:04
vilaspiv: hehe, this remark was in a large part for you :)07:05
pooliehello vila07:16
beunoPeng_, thanks08:25
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Peng_beuno: Great. Thanks for merging it. :)09:18
philni did a tarball of a branch to move it to another computer but now on the new location i get a ....NoSuchRevision: KnitPackRepository('file:///home/phil/bzr/.bzr/repository/') has no revision phil@base-....09:19
philnis there a way to fix that?09:19
Peng_philn: Maybe you tarred up the branch but not the repo?09:20
philnis there a way to resync the repo with the branch?09:20
Peng_"bzr push"? :P09:21
philnhaha :D09:22
Peng_philn: But I'm not joking.09:23
Peng_philn: You could also try again, tarring up the repo too this time.09:23
Peng_philn: Use "bzr info" inside the branch to see where the repo is.09:23
beunoif you want it to be standaole09:23
beunoyou probably want to bzr branch from it09:23
beunoso you get a standalone branch09:23
philnproblem is that the repo is at home, i don't have access until the end of the day09:24
beunoah, then you can't really work around that09:25
Peng_You should run sshd on your home machine. :D09:25
philnbzr reconcile!09:25
mwhudsoni frigging hate util.Container, fwiw09:27
Peng_mwhudson: Are you gonna make it go away during the EPIC thing? ;)09:29
* Peng_ hides09:29
mwhudsonPeng_: doubt it09:30
philngosh that reconcile thing is taking ages09:51
lukswhat are you trying to reconcile? the missing repository?09:51
philni launched it without args, so i guess... yes09:53
lukswell, it won't help you09:53
luksif you are missing some data, you are missing the data, it can't make them up09:53
philnok, so ... would it be possible to uncommit and recommit? i have like... 3 or 4 "new" commits in that branch09:58
luksok, maybe I don't understand the situation there09:59
lukscan bzr log should you the revisions?09:59
philnno, bzr log fails10:01
philni think i'll end up doing a diff and recreate the branch from scratch10:01
lukscan diff show you the revisions?10:02
spivphiln: commit and uncommit work on the repository -- the bit that you didn't copy into your tarball.10:03
spivphiln: i.e. you didn't copy any of the history.10:03
philnok, let's use the good old diff method.10:04
Peng_philn: You have *no* history. You can't do *anything*.10:04
Peng_philn: The only thing you can do is create a 100% new branch, completely unrelated to your old one.10:04
Peng_philn: There are no other options. You simply don't have the data.10:05
philnyep i'll do that, i'll do a diff between the borken branch and the upstream one10:05
Peng_Yeah, you can do that. :)10:05
Peng_Wait, you have a copy of the upstream branch? What do you mean? With history?10:06
philnyes i have the upstream branch, it has evolved a bit since then, but i can work with that10:07
Peng_Well, it's not a major catastrophe then. You could make a new branch off of the upstream, commit your current working tree, work work work, and merge it back into your original branch when you get home.10:09
Peng_It'll create some cruft in the history (especially if you created any new files), but it won't b a huge problem.10:09
Peng_Your other option is to drive home and grab the rest of your data, of course. :P10:09
Peng_Or you could just not commit any of your work today, finally doing it when you get home. Not great, but doable.10:10
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philnnah can't wait, that branch is so cool10:13
philncan i safely interrupt a bzr reconcile process?10:14
Peng_Probably. It made a backup of the repo first, so unless you deleted it..10:15
philnok, thx10:19
philnnext problem: i do bzr serve on my LAN, but my buddy fails to connect... i have no running firewall10:48
philni don't even see the socket when i do netstat -n10:53
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philnoh should work now with --port=ip:port10:54
dissonansI'm trying to create a bazaar-managed branch of an svn-repository11:49
dissonanswhat's the best way of accomplishing this?11:49
dissonansI just tried the svn-push command (of bzr-svn), which failed with an assertion error11:49
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beunolifeless, any idea on why I would get a traceback with the latest bzr-search and loggerhead?   http://paste.ubuntu.com/63208/12:00
beunoany API changes I should be aware of?12:00
Peng_Eh? Traceback? Where?12:02
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[cliff]hi all!14:17
[cliff]is there a way to merge two branches from different repositories? ie. I have two projects that I'd like to merge into one without loosing history on them14:17
Kinnison(providing certain constraints are met)14:33
KinnisonTo take project 'inner', and merge it into project 'outer' such that everything in 'inner' is inside a directory in the merged project, you could do:14:34
KinnisonIn the 'inner' tree: mkdir inside; bzr add inside; bzr mv everything_else inside/14:34
Kinnisonthen commit that14:34
Peng_That's hardly history-preserving..14:34
Kinnisonthen in the 'outer' tree: bzr merge -r 0..-1 /path/to/projects/inner14:35
KinnisonThat merges the entire of the "inner" project into the "outer" project14:35
KinnisonIf you look at the branch at http://bzr.digital-scurf.org/trees/managed/aranha/devel then you'll see that branch has several bits merged in together14:36
[cliff]Kinnison: looks good, i'll give that one a try, cheers mate14:40
Kinnisondo it in copies, in case it goes wrong :-)14:41
[cliff]Kinnison: no need, it won't break anything -- famous last words lol14:42
KinnisonAnyone here know if loom has been updated to work with modern bzr?14:46
KinnisonI just upgraded my bzr, and lo, loom stopped working14:46
thumperKinnison: ask abentley14:48
[cliff]Kinnison: it actually worked flawlessly :-) thanks a lot14:48
abentleyKinnison: See lp:~abentley/bzr-loom/stuff14:49
Kinnison[cliff]: you're welcome14:52
Kinnisonabentley: I'll give that a go, one sec14:52
Kinnisonabentley: Yay, Loom recorded.14:53
* Kinnison hugs abentley 14:53
thumperabentley: ping14:54
abentleythumper: pong14:54
thumperabentley: can I borrow you for a minutes?14:54
sven_hi! when running 'bzr gci' using the latest dev branch of bzr-gtk and the latest dev branch of bzr, i can't write per-file commit comments any more. the text box for per-file commits does not show up when i click on a file in the list to the left.16:28
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EarthLionhey if i have made a checkout18:34
EarthLionhow can i remove this?18:34
EarthLioncan i just remove the .bzr folder?18:34
EarthLionwill that have any effect on the branch i made a checkout of?18:34
VerterokEarthLion: Hi, remove what?18:37
EarthLionstop it being a checkout/branch18:38
VerterokEarthLion: bzr export /path/to/dest18:38
Verterokbut you can just remove the .bzr dir18:39
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LarstiQEarthLion: depending on what you do that may or may not be a good idea18:42
LarstiQs/you/& want to/18:42
epsyhi, I did not understand what bzr-notify from the bzr-gtk package was meant to do19:00
epsyI tried branching off launchpad to try and got no libnotify popup, which is what i expected19:00
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LarstiQepsy: there are two parts to commit notification. The listener that does the pop up (bzr-notify), and the broadcaster (lan-notify from bzr-dbus iirc)19:14
epsyah right19:16
dobeyhey. does bzr use the merge request stuff in launchpad?19:45
NfNitLoopdobey: what do you mean by that?19:47
NfNitLoopI'm pretty sure a merge request is only stored in the launchpad UI, not in bzr anywhere.19:48
beunodobey, you mean bzr the project?19:48
dobeybeuno: yes19:49
dobeyi've made a branch to use $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/bazaar as the config dir instead of ~/.bazaar, and i'd like to propose it for merging into trunk19:50
beunodobey, no, we're not19:51
beunowe use bundlebuggy through the bzr mailing list19:51
beunolet me find you a link on how to submit vode..19:51
beunodobey, http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrGivingBack19:54
LarstiQdobey: that usually resolves to ~/.config/bazaar, right?19:55
dobeyLarstiQ: yes, that is the default19:55
LarstiQdobey: cool19:55
dobeyooh. and i see there is a bug requesting it too20:00
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dav_hi, sorry for the easy question, but how can I update an existing branch with bazaar? I tried with "bzr update nameOfTheProject" but it doesn't work, what do I get wrong? Thanks20:32
Jc2kdav_: in the branch directory, just do bzr pull...20:33
dav_Jc2k, ok thanks, i'm an idiot :) cheers!20:34
Jc2kdav_: good luck :)20:40
pooliegood morning21:05
pooliejam, hi21:05
LarstiQhi poolie21:06
pooliehi there21:06
Verterokmornin' poolie21:11
pooliehello .nl :)21:11
LarstiQpoolie: are we that special? :)21:15
fullermdWell, it's nice to see you there.  Germany might have tripped in the dark overnight and stumbled into you, pushing you into the ocean.21:17
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jelmerlifeless: fwiw, bzr-search made it into experimental (and I'll request a sync for Jaunty when it's open)21:38
rockstarjelmer, aren't we in freeze?21:41
LarstiQjelmer: should I try to push a bzr-gtk import fix to lp?21:42
jelmerrockstar: Debian experimental isn't :-)21:42
rockstarjelmer, ah yes, jaunty.  I was thinking intrepid.21:42
rockstarjelmer, is there a PPA for it currently?21:42
jelmerLarstiQ: what sort of fix?21:43
jelmerLarstiQ: if it's just a simple import fix, just push21:43
LarstiQjelmer: 'import gobject' in bzr-notify21:43
LarstiQnow I just have to find my card reader21:43
jelmerLarstiQ: heh, ssh key from FSFE card?21:44
* LarstiQ nods21:44
rockstarjelmer, is also, is there a recent PPA build for bzr-svn?21:46
rockstarI can't get it installed on this machine, as its on intrepid, with bzr 1.821:46
jelmerrockstar: afaik it hasn't been uploaded to the PPA yet, there is a current package in Debian though21:47
rockstarjelmer, so you're not in control of that then?21:47
jelmerrockstar: no, I do the Debian packages (which eventually get imported into Ubuntu also), jam does the PPA21:48
lifelessjelmer: cool22:37
zokeon windows how does ssh and bzr work ?23:27
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lifelesszoke: I don't know the exact details; what sort of thing are you wanting to know23:30
zokeHow would I install ssh into my system for this to work ?23:30
zokedo I need to install it from cygwin ? do I even need it at all ?23:31
lifelessyou can use putty23:31
zokeok, I got it, apperently with the standard windows installer bzr comes with it's own stuff for ssh connnections, so I don't need to have ssh installed23:34
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