sbalneavEvening all02:06
HedgeMagehi, sbalneav02:07
Eeyore-Srhi sbalneav03:10
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admin__what is this05:54
HedgeMagehello, admin__05:55
HedgeMagethis is Edubuntu chat -- support, dev, the whole ball of wax05:55
admin__can you help me with kubuntu05:55
HedgeMagetry #kubuntu or #ubuntu :)05:56
HedgeMageand don't private message people for help, it's very rude and will ensure folks don't want to help you05:56
HedgeMage /join #kubuntu05:56
kwak_hi, 8.10 is 3 days away. will there be big problems if i use it for server now and install the current education addon07:10
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Eeyore-Srkwak_: i've been running 8.10 RC13:20
Eeyore-Srin a test situation, but it appears to be doing ok13:20
sbalneavMorning all13:39
berriopit is possible to use the compiz 3d desktop in the thin clients??14:26
berriopin the server is working ok but in the clients i cannot use it!!14:26
berriopooops sorry i dint update the image14:28
Eeyore-Srberriop: u need a fat clinet14:29
ograEeyore-Jr, it should work on TCs as well14:29
ograat least on clients with intel cards14:29
ograbut you need to somehow circumvent the local tests for composite support compiz does on startup (i.e. it looks into Xorg.0.log of the server and checks the server HW ... behavior you dont want on on a thin client)14:31
berriopso do u have compiz working in your clients??14:32
Eeyore-Srogra: really?  now i am confused14:37
berriopsorry I have to left d computer for a while14:42
berriopso how can I make compiz to work in the clients?14:43
berriopnow I am using a laptop as a server, a Acer aspire with intel drivers, i guess14:43
ograberriop, we played with it in gutsy in the ltsp team ... i havent tried it since but there are surely ways to make it work14:45
berriopogra: do you know about any documentation or howto where i can look a?14:46
berriopogra: were u able to set up the 3d desktop cube in the clients?14:48
ograyes, there should be some videos on the net somewhere using a classmate PC as thin client14:48
ograbut dont ask me about the setup :)14:48
berriopok, thanks14:49
stgraberI managed to have compiz running as a localapp, works quite well but it's clearly not something I'm spending a lot of time on :)14:49
berriopwhy compiz is not enable on the clients???14:49
stgraberogra: btw, http://www.stgraber.org/download/italc-ltsp.png :)14:49
ograbecause most thin client hardware doesnt have composite capable cards14:50
stgraberthat's our ltspdemo server running in Seattle14:50
ograthats a lot of clients14:50
stgraber43 clients running on a QuadCore 2.5Ghz with 4GB of RAM, running the whole ltsp-cluster infrastructure (in OpenVZ)14:50
ograan a lot of irssi windows as well :P14:50
stgraberiTalc is running locally and they all have localapps support (firefox, blender, audacity, celestia and skype)14:51
stgraberyeah, Intrepid really rocks for LTSP14:52
ograit has the quality i had wished for hardy14:52
stgraberyeah, and we initialy planned to have Intrepid as a devel-only release for ltsp-cluster but things may change, it's really stable and provides some long-awaited features14:53
berriopheyy that looks nice14:53
berriopwhich manager are you using??14:53
ograyeah, intrepid is definately the best ltsp we have atm14:54
berriopnice to see intrepid is really suitable for ltsp14:56
berriopok i can see is italc, but what other manager are there for ltsp admin?14:58
berriopi need a simple one, not teaching oriented, just showing the clients connected and a few more options14:59
stgraberltsp cluster has a configuration manager too, but this one is a bit broken and is pending a complete rewrite14:59
ograthere is think-client-manager which does a very low level job of user management (like a very cut down italc) and is unmaintained14:59
stgraberwell, then for just showing the clients, iTalc should be good14:59
ograitalc is the thing you want15:00
berriopok, i ll try italc15:00
berriopand another quest. is anyone working in enable wireless pxe booting??15:01
ograask the hardware manufacturers :)15:01
berriopdo u know any wifi card with pxe enabled?15:02
stgraberwireless pxe is not possible, you can do fake PXE boot using an initrd with a minimal wireless-aware system but that'll still require a harddisk/ssd/flash/whatever other block device15:02
ograyou can surely set up a minimal system to boot from a local disk and get up wlan etc ... but pxe happens on a hardware level in the NIC15:02
stgraberberriop: there's none, that's the problem15:02
stgraberberriop: you'd need a wireless card with a BIOS that lets you configure your wireless, then PXE boot, but that doesn't exist15:03
berriopwe should make one then :)15:03
stgraberif you do one, I'd buy one for sure :)15:04
ograi think there is a way to use ethernet bridges, with that you can use normal ltsp with a PXE nic thats attached to the bridge15:04
stgraberyeah, I've done that in a school15:05
stgraberthough you'll need a really good wireless network to do PXE booting15:05
ograand/or ltsp :)15:06
ogra54Mbit are not really performant15:06
stgraberespecially the X11 data15:06
stgraberif you're then using NX/RDP or similar stuff it's fine though15:06
ograbut requires a lot of hacking to ltsp as well15:07
berriopyep i knew about the bridge but i didnt try it yet15:07
Eeyore-Srstgraber: i'm about to purchase a quadcore 2.4 with 4g ram15:39
Eeyore-Srirssi windows?15:39
berriopi am trying to set up italc, i am following this manual http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70243715:39
stgraberEeyore-Sr: for how many clients ?15:40
berriopwhen I run the ica command says "errorÑ port 5800" already in use"15:40
berriopin the client15:40
Eeyore-Srstgraber: 715:41
berriophow can i set up italc with ltsp?15:41
stgraberEeyore-Sr: oh, only, that'll be fine then :)15:43
Eeyore-Srmy problem is running high end graphics, which i didn't realize was going to be a rpoblem and i was going to need thick clients15:45
berriopthe ltsp section in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/iTalc is empty15:46
Eeyore-Srwow, what pic did you send.  it looks like an overview of every desktop?!15:46
berriophow can i install and run italc with ltsp, I will update the info into the wiki...15:46
Eeyore-Sris that italc?  i'd love that abilty15:47
berriopI am running italc in the server when I run the ica command in the client says "errorÑ port 5800" already in use"15:59
berriophow can i change the port that the clients use for ica??15:59
stgrabersorry I'm doing ISO testing15:59
berriopits ok16:00
berriopif you can help me in another time, please let me know it16:00
ograif you help iso testing you can speed up stgraber  ;)16:04
berriophow can i do iso testing16:05
berriopi would be glad to give u a hand16:05
berriopok i ll have a look at that16:06
berriopok, ubuntu server i386 downloading... :)16:20
LnsI have a question about removing some individual clipart pics from the Ubuntu openclipart-png/-svg .. I've tried manually removing the files but they still show up in the OOo gallery preview. Any cleaner ways to do this?17:42
LnsSome of them are deemed inappropriate at the elementary schools I work for17:42
Eeyore-Jrogra: i can help do iso testing17:43
ograEeyore-Jr, go ahead then :)17:44
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Eeyore-Jri've got another questions.  virtual machine with windows on it.19:13
Eeyore-Jrwill it come through the pipe19:14
Eeyore-Jror online movies?19:14
sbalneavEeyore-Jr: Will what come though the pipe?19:18
Eeyore-Jronline movies to the fat client19:18
Eeyore-Jror thin client19:18
sbalneavDepends on how you set it up.19:19
sbalneavWhat online movies are we talking about?  Youtube?19:19
Eeyore-Jrno, netflix19:19
Eeyore-Jrthin client --> server --> virtualbox --> windows --> netflix19:19
Eeyore-Jror, thin client --> server --> virutalbox --> autodesk19:20
sbalneavUsually, any kind of fullscreen multimedia application isn't a good fit for a thin client.19:20
Eeyore-Jrthough i don't suppose the people using autodesk should be the same people using online movie viewing19:20
Eeyore-Jrthat's where the fat client comes in.  is there a way to offload the processing to the server but the video to the client?19:21
Eeyore-Jror on a fat client must both the processing and the video be done on the fat client?19:21
sbalneavWell, that's what a thin client is: processing on the server, video on the thin client.19:21
sbalneavbut that means you have to push the video out to the thin client over the wire.19:22
sbalneavIf you want fast video, you'll have to do the processing down on a fat client.19:22
Eeyore-Jrhrm, i was thinking that everything was happening on the server and then the video was getting pushed over the wire to the client and the client was only doing the display19:22
sbalneavthat's right.19:22
Eeyore-Jrwith new video cards, they won't processes the video alone?19:23
sbalneavNo, they never do.19:23
* Eeyore-Jr starts looking at my stock19:23
sbalneavYour video card doesn't know anything about avi or mpg4 files.19:23
Eeyore-Jrah.  me is wondering when the day will be that processing happens on the video card :)19:24
sbalneavthe processor has to decode them, and produces full frames, and sends them to a video card.19:24
Eeyore-Jrok.  well, that clears up the picture for me19:24
sbalneavin the case of a thin client, the full frame then has to be sent across the network.19:24
Eeyore-Jrso will you be getting the "fat client" script done before the release, or will this be an after thingy19:25
Eeyore-Jrsbalneav: that makes sense19:25
Eeyore-Jrnow i understand what's going on19:25
sbalneavTypically, anything very graphics intensive, such as fullscreen video, or OpenGL games (like, say, quake) aren't a good fit for thin clients.19:25
sbalneavI'm not doing the fat client script.  I only work on the thin client side of things.19:26
sbalneavNo interest in fat clients :)19:26
sbalneavSorry, that wasn't clear.  *I* have no interest in fat clients.19:27
sbalneavCertainly other people are.19:27
Eeyore-Jrah.  i thought you were doing something late last week with the server knowing the difference between fat and thin clients19:28
sbalneavNo, I think Nubae's working on fat clients.19:29
* Eeyore-Jr will have to check logs at home19:29
Eeyore-Jri recall you talking to LaserJock about something ?19:29
sbalneavAbout what?19:30
* Eeyore-Jr forgets19:31
Eeyore-Jri forget a lot of stuff19:31
Eeyore-Jrah, lstp.conf something19:31
sbalneavProbably, what did you want to know about?19:32
Eeyore-Jrlet me review my irc logs and make sure i was understanding everything19:33
Eeyore-Jrah, something about getting certian things like blender, etc. to work better19:33
sbalneavWell, you'd probably want to make sure that X isn't being encrypted, whick is the default.19:34
sbalneavSo, you'd want to put in LDM_DIRECTX=true into your lts.conf19:34
Eeyore-Jron a side note, with the monitoring application you mentioned, what kind of privacy laws surround it?19:38
sbalneavWhat monitoring application?  You mean italc?19:39
sbalneavWell, the privacy laws where *I* am are probably quite distinct from the privacy laws where *YOU* are.  Since IANAL, I'd suggest checking with your local lawyer/boss/schoolboard/etc.19:46
Eeyore-Jrhttp://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815101001 - i think this is windows only, as it uses a "virutal" driver20:01
Eeyore-Jrshould i be using cat5e or cat6?20:03
sbalneavWhich, for that product?20:05
sbalneavIt doesn't use a network connection at all.  It's a usb -> vga adapter20:05
Eeyore-Jrno, for the network.  gigabyte network nics and switch20:08
Eeyore-Jrnm, let me do my research20:08
Eeyore-Jrcat6 is what i need20:09
sbalneavlol, you gotta stop handing me non-sequitors20:10
Eeyore-Jrthe edubuntu rc is a "addon" iso ?20:44
Eeyore-Jris there a way to "freeze" the menu of a particular flavor of *untu20:44
sbalneavYes, Edubuntu is an addon cd20:45
Eeyore-Jrsbalneav: not the ltsp server?20:45
Eeyore-Jrso i need a flavor first and then the addon20:45
sbalneavUsually, you'd install Ubuntu, then add on the Edubuntu cd.20:45
sbalneavSabayon is the tool you'd use to lock down desktops.20:46
Eeyore-Jrah, kewl for the info on sabyon.  that is part of the "add-on" cd20:46
Eeyore-Jrso somebody said something about ldm vs gdm or kdm20:47
* Eeyore-Jr hrm, i was thinking saboyon was a linux flavor20:48
Eeyore-Jrk, nm, found it21:00
Eeyore-Jri found an artilce that suggests that kde kiosk has better tools?21:00
sbalneavDunno, I never use KDE.21:01
sbalneavlooks too much like windows.21:01
sbalneavGave that bad habit up years ago.21:04
sbalneavWindows 98 was the last version of Windows I ran.21:04
sbalneavDiscovered Linux in '93, ran both 'till '99, been running without windows at all since Late '9921:05
sbalneavnext year will be my 10th anniversary.21:05
Lnssbalneav: *party* !21:51
* Lns has been running various Linux distros since ~9521:51
Lnsand I'd say I'm MS free (besides quickbooks, which mostly my accountant uses) since ...eh... 2004? It's hard when your business is partly supporting M$ users =p21:54
Eeyore-Jrsame here.  however, i've been pretty much a user since 200321:57
Eeyore-Jrall of my people are windows.  this will be the first *nix network21:58
LnsEeyore-Jr: congrats!21:58
Lnsand good luck with all of the resistance ;)21:59
Eeyore-Jrit's a test lab, we will see22:02
Eeyore-Jri've been looking for way to intergrate windows apps.  i'm scared i might have stuck myself out on a limb so to speak22:02
LnsEeyore-Jr: what windows apps do you need?22:07
Eeyore-Jrsome piano learning software22:10
Lnshmm...autodesk would be difficult to run in a linux env, let alone TC env22:12
Lnspretty damn intensive and tied up w/MS stuff...i don't think cxoffice even supports that22:12
Eeyore-Jrvirtualbox & windows xp pro22:17
Lnsthere ya go22:22
* Lns almost always prefers Virtualization over wine/friends22:23
Eeyore-Sru can run vbox via ltsp ?22:35
Eeyore-Srer over?22:35
LnsI tried vbox before, ran into some networking issues...I like vmware *ducks* it's free and works very well.22:46

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