* djdarkman goes to make a coffe as hard as h3ll00:03
quinnCan someone help me? I'm connected but I can't get Konqueror to load web00:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about konqueror00:09
cuzntwell crap00:09
quinnok, wierd though.  this is working but can't use a browser. thanks anyway00:11
cuzntwell try settings>configure Konqueror>proxy00:12
cuzntmake sure connect to internet directly is chosen00:12
quinnyes it is00:15
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emmahey i have what might be a pretty easy question :)00:55
emmahow do I make the digital clock in the taskbar read in am/pm format?00:55
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tehkdeIn kde4 how do I edit text control keyboard shortcuts like "Select all" and "goto beginning of the line" Like I could in kde301:09
favrotehkde: try asking in #kubuntu-kde4 :)01:10
ytooxwhat package brings kcontrol on ubuntu?01:16
ardchoilleytoox: apt-cache search --names only kcontrol01:22
ardchoilleytoox: sorry,  apt-cache search --names-only kcontrol01:23
ytooxit only shows kcontrol autostart01:23
ardchoilleThat'll also show you how to search for stuff in the future01:23
ardchoilleytoox: are you in kde4?01:24
ytooxI need kde301:24
ytooxI installed some kde3 apps on ubuntu but the fonts are too big01:24
ardchoilleI'm in Kubuntu 8.04 (kde3) and kcontrol is in the repos01:25
ardchoilleBut I heard that kcontrol is gone starting in kde401:25
ytooxdo you know what package brings it up?01:25
ardchoillethe package is kcontrol01:25
ytooxmaybe I need another repo01:26
ytooxlike the kubuntu repo01:26
ardchoilleit's in main01:26
ardchoillekubuntu and ubuntu use the same repos01:26
ytooxweird cuz I don't see kcontrol anywhere01:26
ardchoillecan you pastebin your source.list file?01:27
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)01:27
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ytooxwhere do I find that file01:27
ytooxhold on01:28
ardchoilleytoox: use pastebin01:28
ardchoilleytoox: you're on intrepid?01:29
ardchoilleI think that is kde4 only01:29
ardchoilleif you're on kde4, then kcontrol is no longer in the repos01:29
ardchoilleuse systemsettings instead01:29
ytooxsystemsettings can't change kde 3 stuff01:30
ytooxI installed basket note pads01:30
ardchoillesystemsettings is a kde app01:30
ytooxyes, but it does not change kde3 apps01:31
ardchoilletry this: kcmshell fonts01:31
ytooxbasket note pads is only for kde301:31
schuyler_EVERYTHING is huge, can anyone help me resise it?01:31
ardchoilleschuyler_: you mean fonts?01:32
ardchoilleytoox: did that work for you?01:32
schuyler_as in01:32
schuyler_Taskbar, windows, everything01:32
ardchoilleI'm afraid I don't know much about the new kde401:32
ardchoilleytoox: try asking in #kubuntu-kde401:33
ytooxI help kde but right now I am testing ubuntu01:33
ardchoilleschuyler_: You on intrepid?01:33
schuyler_no, KDE401:33
ardchoilleschuyler_:  try asking in #kubuntu-kde401:34
ardchoilleintrepid is kde401:34
schuyler_oh xD01:34
ytooxyeah, I noticed01:34
ardchoilleytoox: But, your sources.list file looks good01:35
ytooxI know01:36
Alan_LockwoodIs here someone that use Listen (music player) ?01:39
ncfi1013_is kde3 still supported, namely k3b? or is everything kde4 now?01:39
Alan_LockwoodListen use Xine, GStreamer or Mplayer? please, help.01:40
ardchoillencfi1013_: kde3 will be supported as long as Hardy is supported01:41
ncfi1013_then why can't i get k3b to burn discs on either a dvdr or dvdrw?01:42
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ncfi1013_then why can't i get k3b to burn discs on either a dvdr or dvdrw?01:44
favro!info dvdrtools | ncfi1013_01:45
ubottuncfi1013_: dvdrtools (source: dvdrtools): DVD writing program. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.3.1-4 (hardy), package size 129 kB, installed size 304 kB01:45
favro!info dvd+rw-tools01:46
ubottudvd+rw-tools (source: dvd+rw-tools): DVD+-RW/R tools. In component main, is optional. Version 7.0-9ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 144 kB, installed size 412 kB01:46
ncfi1013_ubottu, what does that mean? find it in adept?01:47
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:47
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ncfi1013_well can somebody else help me01:48
Guest365448.10 current release candidate is running extreemly slow reminds me of win 95 any ideas on why this is?01:48
quinnstill looking for help with Konqueror not connecting01:50
Guest36544does anyone know if this issue effects only kubuntu of if ubuntu is equally hobbled ?01:51
favroncfi1013_: to write dvds you need to install the dvd+rw-tools package - you can use adept or konsole and apt-get install01:52
favroGuest36544: you should ask that in #ubuntu+101:53
KDeskwitch is the best software to encode a dvd (vob files) to xvid?01:54
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acee12345has anyone had issues with kubuntu 8.10(current release candidate) running extremely slow ?02:05
KDeskacee12345: maybe it is a related problem with you graphics and the 2d acceleration, witch graphics card do you have?02:07
acee12345ati x140002:08
acee12345install fglrx?02:08
acee12345<KDesk>  what driver do you recommend ?02:10
KDeskacee12345: I am not very sure, but I think the free radeon driver should be ok02:14
KDeskacee12345: are the graphics slow or the overall performance?02:15
SnowballWhat happens,  when I install Kubuntu 8.10 RELEASE CANDIDATE(!)  on a PC and next weeks comes the final release.... Do I then have to install from new ??02:15
acee12345<KDesk> when i try to open konsole there is a 5 -7 sec lag before it comes up02:15
KDeskSnowball: no, you can upgrade from internet02:15
acee12345<KDesk>how do i install the radeon drivers02:15
KDeskacee12345: I think you are using them right now.02:16
SnowballKDesk, Will the update affect all packages or just some packages?02:16
SnowballI am afraid of issues like mixing up  testing and stable packages on debian02:16
acee12345<KDesk> so why is 8.10 goint 10x slower than 8.04?02:17
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KDeskSnowball: you will only have to uodate your system like allways02:18
acee12345<KDesk> im not even running compiz02:18
KDeskacee12345: I dont know, sorry.02:18
KDeskacee12345: and the kwin4 compositor?02:18
SnowballKDesk, and 8.10 only uses KDE 4,  no more KDE 3, right?02:18
ardchoilleacee12345: Did you run "top" in a terminal and see if there's an app slowing the system down?02:18
ardchoilleSnowball: Correct02:18
Snowballardchoille, no chance to get KDE 3 ?02:19
acee12345nothing is hogging resources02:19
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acee12345cpu usage at 5% total Ram at 15%02:19
Snowballwhen I gave KDE 4 a try I really disliked it a lot02:19
ardchoilleSnowball: You can install Hardy, but in Intrepid, kde4 is the only choice for kde02:19
KDeskSnowball: dont you like 4.1, or do you need 3.5?02:19
SnowballKDesk, first ... I dislike 4.102:19
ardchoilleSnowball: Me too, I'll be staying in Hardy until it's no longer supported02:19
Snowballardchoille, what chance will we have in the future?02:20
Snowballardchoille, I feel like WinXP -> Win Vista02:20
KDeskwhy you both dislike kde 4.1?02:20
SnowballKDE 3 -> KDE 4 is kinda same shock02:20
ardchoilleSnowball: There are dozens of other window managers. I plan to switch to Window Maker or fluxbox when Hardy is no longer supported02:20
acee12345<KDesk> i guess i go back to 8.04 or even 7.10 untill these issues are fixed02:20
SnowballKDesk, just because *g*  (+100 more reasons)02:21
ardchoilleSnowball: http://xwinman.org/02:21
Snowballthank you ardchoille02:21
aitdI use both 3.5 and 4.1 Mostly use the 3.5 because 4.1 crashes during some rather critical points.02:21
KDeskSnowball: Hardy will be suported with kde 3 12 months more, still then kde 4.3 will be out, and I think it will be very good.02:21
aitdCan't have that... :(02:21
SnowballKDesk, well when I tried KDE 4 the last time,  I did not even get a chance to edit the height of the "kicker"02:22
ardchoilleKDesk: you have a good point, I may try kde4 in 12months, things should have quieted down by then02:22
SnowballI wanted 2 rows of minimized windows02:22
Snowballand there was no chance to,  only 1 row02:22
Snowballand all the simple preferences and options like in KDE 3 were gone02:23
Snowballit was so annoying02:23
KDeskSnowball: did you used kde 4.0? 4.1 is much better, and kde 4.2 will be ok to replace 3.5 I think.02:23
ardchoilleSnowball: Oh, didn't know that. I don't even use a taskbar02:23
Snowballardchoille, no need for minimizing windows?02:23
KDeskSnowball: Now it is posible with and plasmoid from kde-look.org02:23
Snowballguys, gimme a tip please....  Kubuntu 8.04 or 8.10 ?02:24
SnowballI need to install now or in 6 hours02:24
Snowballbut no chance for a later installation02:24
KDeskMaybe if you tray K 8.10...02:24
KDesktray the live cd a few minutes02:24
Snowballacee12345, I have an ATI chip in my laptop :)02:25
ardchoilleSnowball: If you install Interpid now and keep it up to date, then you will have the same system as when it's released as stable02:26
KDeskacee12345: but that is with fglrx I think with the free/normal driver it *should* be ok.02:26
acee12345KDesk so how do i track the issue none of my resources seem hogged02:27
KDeskI have a friend that uses kde 4.1 with also no panels and with many plasmoids in the dashboard, it is also useful02:27
Snowballardchoille, I am not sure how I can think of that .... in debian times it would be like installing from "testing"  and later install "stable" packages02:27
ardchoilleSnowball: This is no debian ;)02:27
KDeskSnowball: only change the hardy with intrepid in the sources.list02:27
ardchoilleSnowball: The repos used for the RC will be the same repos used for the stable, the only thing is that the repos will be updated with new packages so you only need to update your system to keep up02:28
KDeskacee12345: ok, lets, see. run this in a konsole:02:28
KDeskx11perf -aa10text02:28
Snowballgood,  I think the best option is:  Hardy for _now_  and when I have a fast enough internet connection again,  I will set up 8.10 in about 3 month02:29
ardchoilleSnowball: Sounds like a good plan02:29
KDeskSnowball: can you now download both?02:29
KDeskIf I were you I would burn both and test both live cds.02:30
SnowballKDesk, yes,  but the thing is ... lemme explain:02:30
ardchoilleKDesk: his internet connection may be a problem02:30
Snowballthe system I plan to set up is very complex,  and I have a protocoll of 7.04 from about 300 packages I installed02:30
acee12345KDesk http://pastebin.com/m70071bd502:30
Snowball(additionally installed)02:30
SnowballI guess it would take too much time to try around with 8.1002:31
Snowballbecause I am leaving for 3 month by tomorrow02:31
schuyler_what is the address for KDE4 irc02:31
KDeskSnowball: aah. Then kde 3.5 will be easer. :)02:31
Snowballgood,  I am about to download now02:31
ardchoilleschuyler_: you mean #kubuntu-kde4 ?02:32
Snowballguys, thank you very much for the nice conversation and the tips02:32
KDeskacee12345: It seems to be ok.02:32
ardchoillegood luck Snowball02:32
schuyler_ardchoille: yeah thanks02:32
KDeskyes, good luck!02:32
KDeskacee12345: tray running the compiz check script.. maybe It shows something broken in you system.02:33
KDeskacee12345: http://forlong.blogage.de/entries/pages/Compiz-Check02:34
acee12345KDesk http://pastebin.com/m36d7a61102:37
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Hand_SoloSup guys02:38
KDeskacee12345: again is every thing ok...02:38
KDeskacee12345: maybe the if you have installed from a cd it was damaged or the data was corrupt. have you made a md5sum check or something similar?02:39
acee12345i did checksum on both burn and install02:40
cefekyo is there any update manager for kubuntu like there's that one in ubuntu?02:40
KDeskacee12345: it is strainge. Some one has in the forum the x1400 with no problems http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94258402:40
KDeskcefek: adept is one.02:41
KDeskcefek:  in kubuntu 8.04?02:41
cefek8.10 rc02:41
acee12345KDesktop it just seems that a 12 second delay to open konsole is a bit excessive02:41
cefekjust checking out whether kde4.2 is worth anything02:42
cefekand funny, 8.10 starts faster on one disk than vista on raid...02:42
KDeskvista is crap...02:43
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acee12345KDEsk seems to be a memory leak02:44
cefekyeah I know that already, been with linux since slackware in '97, however i am a gamer...02:44
KDeskacee12345: yes, it is to much.02:44
KDeskcefek: oh, slackware, I haven't tried that one.02:44
acee12345KDesk im watching my ram disappear02:44
cefekyeah don't bother if you don't like command line02:45
BluesKajKDesk:  we don't need to knock other OS's , we just help with kubuntu if we can02:45
KDeskacee12345: hmm, that is strainge! Do you know witch process is that?02:45
KDeskBluesKaj: ?02:45
KDeskacee12345: maybe it is you chipset. or a bad RAM, have you made a RAM test?02:46
acee12345KDesk i have like 200 instances of scim-panel-gtk .... wtf02:46
KDeskgtk? hmm02:47
KDeskhmm, how to know with package provides scim-panel-gtk ?02:48
KDeskacee12345: have you killed scim-panel-gtk?02:48
KDeskkillall scim-panel-gtk02:48
acee12345i did kill all and the ram when back to norm02:48
KDeskacee12345: and the response time?02:49
epAfter using 3d my nvidia 5200 fx for weeks, it suddenly stopped working.  Everything is fine using the generic 'nv' driver.  Can a video card just go halfway bad, e.g.  2d will work but 3d wont?  The reason I suspect this is that I now get a black screen booting into win2k and this used to work as well.  Any ideas on what th problem could be?02:49
acee12345KDesk so i installed something it didnt like and i now have no clue what02:50
KDeskacee12345: hehe, tray searching for all the installed gtk packages.02:50
ardchoilleep: If it's doing the same thing in two different OS's, chances are you need a new card02:51
ardchoilleI mean, these are two completely different OS's and you're getting the same symptoms02:52
acee12345KDesk wow there is a lot of gtk and i dont remember installing any of it02:52
ardchoilleacee12345: may be deps from a package you installled02:53
KDeskacee12345: maybe dependencies or default installed package to have native them in gtk apps in kde02:53
acee12345 <ardchoille> so how do i undo this without breaking the system?02:53
ardchoilleacee12345: scim-panel giving you problems?02:54
KDeskacee12345: I think there is a apt log, but dont know where.02:54
acee12345 <ardchoille> yes its like rabbits in australia02:54
ardchoilleacee12345: The safest thing to do would be to make sure scim is not being started as a service02:55
ardchoilleupon bootup02:55
ardchoilleI'm not sure which package you should uninstall because there are a lot of scim packages and none named "scim-panel"02:56
KDeskacee12345: tray with:  dpkg -S /usr/lib/scim-1.0/scim-panel-gtk02:56
ubuntu__Hey everyone, I'm trying to help a friend save the data from his windows computer.  I've got the kubutu live cd in and I just need to know how to mount the drive so I can pull the data onto a flash drive02:58
KDeskmaybe also with dpkg-query02:58
acee12345KDesk syntax02:59
KDeskdpkg -S /usr/lib/scim-1.0/scim-panel-gtk ?02:59
KDeskwith dpkg-query also with -S02:59
acee12345KDesk returned scim03:01
KDeskacee12345: but that is strainge...03:02
KDeskacee12345: do you need scim?03:03
ArkoldThosscim-gtk got installed with update thingy on ibex03:04
ArkoldThosno clue why03:04
KDeskhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid it includes a gtk program03:04
acee12345joy so update killed me03:06
ubuntu__Can anyone tell me how to mount the hard drive from the computer I'm on?  I'm running from the live CD and I need to get some of the files off03:10
ardchoilleubuntu__: First you need a mount point:  sudo mkdir /mnt/wintmp03:11
favroit might be mounted already in /media03:11
glade88hello.. after the latest update, I could not at all use kernel-- the system starts, but I cannot launch any apps, and it takes forever.. Using the oldest does work, but when I launch any app (say dolphin), there is an unneeded and unnecessary lag to launch the app for about 3-4 secs..03:12
ubuntu__I checked media...it's not...ok, directory made03:12
ardchoilleThen you need to mount the drive to the mount point.. it's likely /dev/sda1. so try: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/wintmp03:12
glade88ubuntu__: sudo mkdir /media/disk && sudo mount /dev/sdax /media/disk -- where /dev/sdax is the device link to the drive displayed by typing "sudo fdisk -l"03:13
Chanihow do I install kde4.1 in hardy? I seem to still have 4.0.303:14
ubottuKDE 4.1.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.2 - Support in #kubuntu-kde403:14
ArkoldThosChani: you should wait until intrepid release03:14
ArkoldThosor just update to intrepid rc03:14
Chanikonqueror just stopped loading kubuntu.org... *sigh*03:14
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Chani...is that url syupposed to have spaces? where does the url end?03:15
Chanieeeew. I'd forgotten how unstable 4.0 was03:16
Chaniardchoille: that url doesn't get me anything useful03:16
glade88oh and additional info to my problem, while booting into, I get a keyboard icon at the systray, idk what's it for.. I didn't have that earlier/dont have it with 26.403:16
glade88Chani: http://www.vibgyorlife.com/Tech/article.aspx?xcatid=5703:17
Chaniall there is is an announcement saying 4.1.2 was released and linking to the dot03:17
ardchoilleChani: Support in #kubuntu-kde4 ?03:17
Chanithat doesn'03:17
Chanithat doesn't tell me how to *install* it03:17
ardchoilleno, but that will get you to the channel where the kde4 support is03:18
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic03:18
Chaniohh, I see now. I pared it wrong03:18
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ubuntu__Ok, got everything he needed.  Thank you all so much...it was a couple of years ago when a similiar situation happened to me that I moved to Kubuntu...maybe tonight will create another convert03:23
ardchoilleubuntu__: Hopefully :)03:23
ubuntu__Thanks again03:23
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metbsdmy kubuntu live cd taking forever to load03:24
Chanimetbsd: cds are slow. how long has "forever" been so far?03:26
metbsdit's been 10 minutes03:26
ardchoille10 minutes is too long, sounds like something went wrong. you might try restarting it.03:27
metbsdwhat if it still freeze03:29
adminsHi, can I ask Kubuntu questions here?03:33
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:34
adminsI'm running Kubuntu 8.04 on an IBM laptop and have installed KLaptop to work as my battery/power management. But in the bottom right I still show Kubuntu's original 'Power Manger' running. This means I have 2 similar utilities running at the same time. I prefer KLaptop. Is there any way to permanently uninstall/delete  Power Manager? Tks03:37
emmaHow do you make the digital clock in the system tray read am/pm rather than 24 hour time?03:43
metbsdkubuntu cd says Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 22801603:43
jdnewmilemma: right click on it and look at the date/time format03:44
emmajdnewmil: no such option.03:45
commie_carywhy is kde better then gnome?03:45
emmajdnewmil: there is something there that says digital clock settings, but it also has no option for date/time format03:46
jdnewmilcommie_cary: why is green better than blue?03:46
mr---t-emma: kde 3?03:46
metbsdkubuntu cd says Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 228016, what should i do?03:46
emmamr---t-: no this is kde403:46
ubottuKDE 4.1.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.2 - Support in #kubuntu-kde403:47
mr---t-try asking in ther03:47
cilkayHello. How can I make my USB headset the default for sound output? The headset works fine for Skype but Skype has its own configuration control panel for setting the default output.03:49
cilkayI'm using Hardy, if that makes any difference.03:49
emmamr---t-: eventually this channel must be for kubuntu intrepid support right?03:50
emmaI'm afraid all the people who know what they are talking about aren't going to use kde4 and no one will be able to help new people. :)03:50
mr---t-yeah but I 'm not running it so I can't help you  :-)03:53
mr---t-the answer given above works in kde303:54
adminsHow do I create a new .rules file in /etc/udev/rules.d/ ?03:54
Stroud:^) hello - to one & all..03:56
corigoAnyone know why OpenOffice3.0 isn't in the repositories yet?03:57
StroudI have no idea.03:58
StroudI only have 2.403:58
ArkoldThosstarted to use launchpad03:59
ArkoldThosi like it03:59
Stroudhello Lurkan03:59
StroudI really like launchpad 2.03:59
corigoWhat's it for?03:59
adminsIs there a similar channel where (newbie) questions regarding Kubuntu might get answered?04:10
mr---t-this is the place , but you are at a time when there is low activity04:11
adminsI see. Thanks. Any chance you know how to create a new .rules file? I'm trying to get laptop volume keys working.04:12
mr---t-sorry no04:12
ardchoillecorigo: repos for Hardy?04:12
corigoYes Hardy 8.1004:18
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ardchoillecorigo: Once the distro is released, the only things that change in the repos are bug fixes and security updates. We don't usually see new software after release.04:21
ardchoilleYou'd have to wait for the next release (Intrepid)04:21
KDeskWhich is the best software to transform a DVD (vob files) to xvid?04:21
ardchoillecorigo: btw, Hardy is 8.0404:21
stdinsometimes -backports will have new releases backported from the latest development release04:21
ardchoillestdin: Ah, that's true, thanks04:21
ardchoilleForgot about backports04:22
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Skiithere's a friend of mine trying to send me a pic through yahoo through kopete and she is using window's but i don't know why the pic wont open, can anyone help?04:37
Skiithere's a friend of mine trying to send me a pic through yahoo through kopete and she is using window's but i don't know why the pic wont open, can anyone help me out?04:38
Skiiwtf i need help why wont anyone help me out???04:39
Skiiwhat the hell is everyone in hear can't help thoughs in need or just don't wanna help anyone out and be dick's!!!04:40
BluesKaj!PATIENCE | Skii04:42
ubottuSkii: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:42
Skiii will have patience when someone start's to help me out with what i need help with.04:42
Skiithere's a friend of mine trying to send me a pic through yahoo through kopete and she is using window's but i don't know why the pic wont open, can anyone help me out?04:43
Skiithat's my problem04:43
ardchoilleSkii: Not everyone in the channel knows everything there is to know about the entire distro04:44
ardchoilleAnd not everyone is watching their screen every second04:44
Skiiok then fuck ya very much04:45
KDeskWhich is the best software to converte a DVD (vob files) to xvid?04:47
ardchoilleKDesk: The only thing I can think of is k9copy, have you tried that?04:48
ardchoillek9copy is good for copying a dvd9 to dvd5, if that helps any04:49
KDeskardchoille: no, but I will install it, thanks.04:49
ardchoilleKDesk: Also..04:51
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:51
ardchoilleI keep forgetting we have a nice bot here04:51
DarthfrogKDesk: Also have a look at dvd::rip.  I think it'll rip a DVD to MPEG-4.04:52
KDeskardchoille: k9copy seams to only copy dvds, I have already the vob files.04:52
ardchoilleKDesk: Oh, ok04:53
KDeskDarthfrog: thanks, I will also install that to see if it works.04:53
DarthfrogKDesk: Have fun. :-)04:53
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DarthfrogIt might be in the Medibuntu repository.04:54
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:54
ardchoilledvdrip is in multiverse04:55
KDeskintrepid comes with JDK1.7?04:56
Tukonhey all, just wanted to say ibex 8.10 is looking GREAT. excellent work to all devs!05:14
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apparleall the desktop effects are enabled by default, Isn't it so??05:16
Tukonyes with nvidia drivers enabled05:18
Tukonalthough some of the effects are a bit slow05:18
Tukonwobbly windows doesnt work too well when you try to scale the window05:18
emilsedghif KWin detects your graphic card supports them, they will be enabled automatically afaik05:18
apparleI have an onboard ATI radeon05:36
morphineso if I want to install older packages than the ones in the repos, how would I do that?05:39
morphineThe one I want used to be in the repos, but has been replaced by the newer bersion05:39
ardchoillemorphine: You would have to compile the app yourself. But, keep in mind you might run into dependency problems with currently install packages.05:40
morphinesure do05:40
ardchoillemorphine: Also..05:41
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:41
morphineyeah, I know, but I am not about to deal with the dependency problems05:42
morphinethat is just endless05:42
ardchoillemorphine: Which app is it?05:43
morphineMy backend is 0.20, and the frontend needs to be exactly the same version05:44
ardchoilleI can only imagine the deps for that05:44
morphineYes, it is a nightmare05:44
admin__my cd / dvd burner is not recongised05:44
admin__can someone help me please??????????05:46
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:46
admin__hi i just got cut off05:50
admin__what is the website to download ubuntu05:52
ubottuKubuntu can be downloaded in various formats from here: http://kubuntu.org/download.php05:53
apparledoes 8.10 have OSS sound support06:03
ardchoilleapparle: questions about 8.10 might be better answered in #kubuntu-kde406:04
stdinno, #ubuntu+106:04
ardchoillestdin: Ah, thanks06:04
stdinOSS support should still be about, it's built-in to the kernel06:05
ardchoillestdin: #ubuntu+1 is for both ubuntu and kubuntu?06:05
stdinif you try to join #kubuntu+1 it will actually forward you there too06:06
ardchoilleright, but I wonder why #kubuntu-kde4 was created06:06
stdinfor KDE 4 support (hint is in the name ;)06:07
ardchoillethat can get confusing for newbies06:07
stdinit was created when we released 8.04 remix with KDE 406:07
admin__what is the remix06:07
ardchoilleah, that explains it06:07
stdinit'll merge here in a few days anyway06:08
ardchoille8.04 with kde406:08
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admin__where can i get free good sercurity06:13
ardchoilleadmin__: Security for what? viruses? Firewall?06:14
admin__viruss and if you can firewall06:14
ardchoilleadmin__: Kubuntu comes with a firewall but it isn't configured. You can install one of the several iptables gui's to configure the firewall06:15
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).06:15
ubottuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2106:15
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ralphoav linux software is so you dont foward virus to windows users you may email ect.06:19
admin__i get reloading postfix configurating with black background then it goes to login screen what is this, i have kde 406:19
admin__help me http://paste.ubuntu.com/63136/06:28
shiraHow do I get Descent?  I have the CD for the dos version, but so far I can't find a linux version that works with the data files06:32
Greeneryvideo being played flickered even on mplayer, any idea how to fix this?06:43
admin__how do u get red text on this irc06:45
tapasin what format do i need to specify a "resource location" for a korganizer calender?06:47
geekadmin__: 'this irc'?06:47
geekwhat client?06:47
tapasi have ssh/sftp access to the diretory with the calender06:47
tapasthe manual just speaks of "remote resource location" and that's that06:48
tapasas if there weeren't one million different ways to specify one :)06:48
admin__admin__: yes06:49
shiratalking to yourself?06:49
admin__ha ha06:50
tapasand if i enter something like06:50
tapassftp://username@server/homes/username i get an error dialog without a message on every "/" i type06:50
tapastotally annoying06:50
admin__how do i become channel operaer06:52
geekadmin__: i make it a policy not to answer PMs. if it so happens i don't know the answer someone else might be able to help. what client? if its konversation it should be insert then irc colour06:52
tapasok, once entered it even kinda works06:52
admin__ admin_ just testing colour06:53
tapasgreat and now it crashes everytime i open it06:53
admin__how can i add more storage to a parttion i still have unallocated space07:07
shiraadmin:  Some may bash me for this but I suggest usage of LVM07:10
Tm_Tshira: oh we will bash you anyway (;)07:11
admin__how do i become a channel operator07:14
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Logi_KhooHi Guys, am new KUBUNTU user!!!08:04
Logi_Khooany mentor here to hold my lil hand?08:04
Logi_KhooAfter looking around google for steps to get lamp installed, i'm stucked08:06
jussi01Logi_Khoo: usually lots of people to help :)08:06
jussi01Logi_Khoo: can you use the commandline at all?08:06
Logi_Khoothe prob is... I can't add folders manually using dolpin08:06
Logi_KhooI can use the command-line, if there's a step by step =p08:07
jussi01Logi_Khoo: please tell us what ypou have done so far08:07
Logi_Khoowithin these 3 days, i understood sudo su apt-get etc08:07
Guest64252Guest64252 is UbuntuHelper08:07
Guest51694Good Evening everyone, I'm having some problems getting Kubuntu or Compiz to give me anymore than a single Desktop, I'm running a Dual Monitor Nvidia Card, The other Desktop effects work fine? any ideas? I have come over to Kubuntu from PCLOS, same hardware and PCLOS had 4 virtual dektops in compiz, so must be something I'm not doing right. Any Ideas?08:07
Logi_Khoook, i have got kubunu running08:07
=== Guest64252 is now known as UbuntuHelper
Logi_Khoocouldn't get it connected with wrieless, but got it online with eth08:08
Logi_Khooi have a LAMP installed, looking into webmin08:08
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.08:09
Logi_Khoobut now the prob is... i can't put files in from the desktop, like windows08:09
Logi_Khooyup that;s the prob ubottu08:09
jussi01!ebox | Logi_Khoo08:09
ubottuLogi_Khoo: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox08:09
Logi_Khooi tried ebox, but none of the commands are getting the package08:09
jussi01ubottu:  is a bot08:09
ubottuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.08:09
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Logi_Khoooh opps08:09
=== patrick__ is now known as com_h
Logi_Khoothe terminal says the package is broken or something like that08:10
MellowDudewhat linux has a big ballon on the desktop ask default background08:10
jussi01Logi_Khoo: go have a read of the ebox wiki page listed there, if you havent already08:10
jussi01MellowDude: no idea08:10
Logi_Khooyup, i did the apt-cache + ^ebox*"08:11
Logi_Khoospent almost 6 hours on ebox now =(08:11
MellowDudemy freind in japan im try to help her with her computer but she not no what linux she has08:11
=== U is now known as ubuntu
MellowDudei told her it could be about any kind08:12
jussi01Logi_Khoo: please do the following and tell me the results: sudo apt-get install ?^ebox-.*08:12
Logi_Khoois there any clear step by step for ebox someone can point me to?08:12
jussi01Logi_Khoo: copy paste them into a pastebin08:12
Logi_Khoolet me login from kubuntu station08:12
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)08:12
Logi_Khooyup, understood, i'm from drupal btw =)08:12
geekMellowDude:  lsb_release --all08:14
UbuntuHelperbye everyone08:15
Logi_Khoojussi01: sry this is the 3rd time i did hard reboot on kubuntu08:16
Logi_Khoojussi01: rebooting kubuntu, 1 sec08:16
geekMellowDude: that should work on most LSB compliant linux distros08:16
MellowDudeok ty08:17
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Logi_Khoojussi01: the err= E: Regex compilation error - Invalid preceding regular expression08:19
jussi01Logi_Khoo: hrm ok. 1 sec08:19
Logi_Khooi have edit source.list as shown in the wiki08:20
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:20
Logi_Khoodid an apt-get update08:20
UbuntuHelpermp3 player mplayer comes up error08:20
jussi01Logi_Khoo: try just manually installing all the ebox packages08:21
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Logi_Khoook, i have the iso image08:22
Logi_Khoobut i'm trying to move it over to my vista on a lan network08:22
Logi_Khoogot samba installed08:22
Logi_Khoobut i am stucked from here08:22
Logi_Khoovista can only see "printers"08:23
Logi_Khoomy aim is to get vista to see the "Desktop" folder, so i can move the iso over to burn08:23
Logi_Khooam i making this too comlicated?08:24
jussi01Logi_Khoo: to be honest, you are likely better off asking this stuff in #ubuntu-server - with ebox they are likely to have a better knowledge08:24
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Logi_Khoojussi01: ok08:26
UbuntuHelperi have kde 4 and it comes up black screen then goes back to logon08:27
UbuntuHelperi have kde 4 and it comes up black screen then goes back to logon08:28
Logi_Khoowho is ubuntuhelper?08:28
MellowDudewell did u down load the new realase for kd408:28
UbuntuHelpercan i downgrade from 8.10 kde4 to latest stable08:28
UbuntuHelperlogi_Khoo hi08:29
UbuntuHelper hi08:29
jazman just updated to kde 4 how do i get i ging in hardy it still looks like kde 3.508:30
UbuntuHelper hi08:30
MellowDudehit alt+Ctrl+F1  at logon08:30
UbuntuHelper can i downgrade kubuntu 8.10  to 8.0408:30
MellowDudethen in the prompt type sudo apt-get update08:30
Logi_Khooanyone can guide/point me to setting up a network sharing folder with vista to ubuntu?08:31
MellowDudeand no u cant downgrade08:31
jazmanthank uy mellow08:31
MellowDudeif u read on the site it say u can not downgrade 8.1008:32
jazmanany one used intrepid08:32
UbuntuHelperMellowDude Where08:32
jazmanany one used intrepid08:33
UbuntuHelperyes jazman08:33
jazmanwhat u think08:34
jazmanu got beta08:34
jazmanor rc08:34
Logi_Khooi realised, when it comes to e-box... no ones answering, not even #ubuntu-server08:34
t4edrc + kde4 lol08:34
Logi_Khooubuntuhelper, you are using WUBI?08:35
UbuntuHelperlogi_khoo yes08:36
charolastra_hi, could someone tell me where to change the shortcut for yakuake (where it drops down)? i can't find it in the shortcut config of yakuake :/08:38
Logi_KhooUbuntuHelper: how's the performance?08:38
stdincharolastra_: Configure Global Shortcuts08:39
UbuntuHelperpretty good08:39
charolastra_stdin: where's that?08:40
stdincharolastra_: do you see the arrow icon by the '+' in the bottom right?08:41
charolastra_yes, and the "configure shortcuts" only mentios "open/retract yakuake" which has no effect on it08:43
stdinthat is the setting for it08:44
charolastra_also, the key which it is mapped to, isn't mentioned there08:44
charolastra_that setting was empty but it was mapped to scrolllock (i set that when it asked me on the first run; now i want to change it)08:45
UbuntuHelper how do you in IRC make the other user see text as red08:45
stdincharolastra_: click the settings, then the button to set the new key08:46
stdinUbuntuHelper: just insert the nick in the line08:46
charolastra_stdin: i did; and as i said, it has abolutly no effect ...08:46
stdinwell, that is the setting for it08:46
stdintry closing yakuake and starting it again maybe08:47
UbuntuHelper how do you in IRC make the other user see text as red08:47
charolastra_still mapped to scolllock :(08:47
geekUbuntuHelper: insert, irc colour08:49
UbuntuHelperbut in the tabs it should change color not green RED08:50
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sd5tUbuntuHelper: what client are you using08:50
stdincharolastra_: you can try editing ~/.kde/share/config/yakuakerc and adding "AccessKey=F12" under "[Global Shortcuts]" (if you want to set it to F12)08:50
UbuntuHelpersdft KONVERSTION08:50
sd5tsettings ->cofigure konversation -> colours UbuntuHelper08:51
jazmani have got kde 4 on my system how do i get it going08:51
charolastra_stdin: yes, but there is no "[Global Shortcuts]" and the all there is, is a08:51
stdinyou can just add it08:52
stdinor set "firstrun=true" under "[Options]" to make it ask again08:52
Logi_KhooKubuntu vs KDE4, which is better?08:55
charolastra_stdin: are you using kde4 or 3? but thanks, the firstrun= finally worked08:55
stdincharolastra_: I have both08:55
stdinLogi_Khoo: Kubuntu comes with either KDE 3 or KDE 408:56
UbuntuHelper hi08:56
charolastra_well, here it was in ~/.kde4/.. and the structure of the yakuake config file is different; firstrun is under [Dialogs] here08:57
Logi_Khoostdin: oh, dumb me08:57
stdinI guessed you meant the KDE 3 one, seeing as you asked here08:57
UbuntuHelper 08:58
Logi_KhooI have been trying to write "index.html" in the /var/www/ folder, but Kubuntu says that the docu could not be saved, as it was not possible to write to /var/www/index.html.08:59
charolastra_uhm, where am i supposed to ask for kde4 stuff? i got it when i installed kubuntu from cd08:59
stdinuntil Intrepid is released #kubuntu-kde4 is the KDE 4 support channel for Kubuntu08:59
jazmanand itd quit09:00
charolastra_ah, ok09:00
stdinLogi_Khoo: /var/www/ is owned by root, you need to start the editor as root. "kdesu kate" would start kate as root09:00
Logi_Khoostdin: ok, understood, thanks alot!09:02
UbuntuHelper%c4 hi09:03
UbuntuHelper HELLO09:03
stdinUbuntuHelper: color is disabled in this channel, so there's no point trying to send any colors09:04
Logi_Khoostdin: i have tried doing: kdesu kate in terminal, but nothing is happening =(09:04
UbuntuHelperhow did you make that color09:04
stdinLogi_Khoo: it should popup a dialog asking for your password to start kate09:05
Logi_Khoodo i have to instal kdesu?09:05
stdinit should be pre-installed in Kubuntu09:05
UbuntuHelperStdin how did you do that color then09:05
Logi_Khooit say no such command09:05
stdinUbuntuHelper: you just include the persons nick in the line you send, like this one09:05
stdinLogi_Khoo: what version of Kubuntu do you have?09:06
UbuntuHelperstdin tell me if this works09:06
stdinit does09:06
Logi_Khooi assume it's the latest09:06
Logi_Khoohold on09:06
Logi_Khoooh, how do i check? lol09:06
UbuntuHelpersend me what you type for the color09:06
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stdin!version | Logi_Khoo09:06
ubottuLogi_Khoo: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »09:06
stdinUbuntuHelper: I just include your nick in the text, _your_ client adds the color09:07
Logi_Khoostdin: it's ubuntu 8.1009:07
Logi_Khoodistro Kubuntu09:07
UbuntuHelperon the bottom of my window it goes red when you do type that09:08
stdinLogi_Khoo: use "kdesudo kwrite" then09:08
stdinUbuntuHelper: yes, it happens when anyone types your nick or you get a private message09:08
UbuntuHelperok cool09:08
Logi_Khoostdin: No protocol specified,kdesodo: cannot connect to x-server :009:09
UbuntuHelperdoes /msg UbuntuHelper09:09
stdinLogi_Khoo: are you in a root shell?09:10
Logi_Khooyup. it says: root@username: /home/username#09:10
stdinkdesudo needs to be ran as you, not root. just press Alt-F2 and put in "kdesudo kwrite" or "kdesudo kate"09:10
UbuntuHelperHow do you use KICK IN IRC KONVERSATION09:11
stdinUbuntuHelper: you can't unless you are an operator, you can ask general IRC questions in #freenode09:11
Logi_Khooomg, stdin: thanks alot man09:13
Logi_Khooi'll be coding away from here, thanks alot!!09:14
Logi_Khoocan i leech more knowledge from u?09:14
stdindepends on what you want to know09:14
Logi_Khooi'm currently using vista on the other laptop, i wanna use it to remotely access this KDE via GUI to edit files on the lamp09:15
Logi_Khooso i assume webi is the one09:15
Logi_Khooi have tried VPN remote desktop, but it's too buggy09:15
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stdinyou have a few options, VPN, VNC, SSH or Samba09:16
Logi_Khooi have the "window eye already", so am looking for a way to access this kubuntu server solely by ssh and some GUI file brower09:16
=== alsh__ is now known as alsh
stdinVNC will let you share the X session on another system. with SSH you can run application on the server from another system. and Samba will let you share directories over the LAN09:17
Logi_Khoohmm, then i guess i'll go research on samba abit09:17
Logi_Khoooh ya, VNC09:17
Logi_Khooit's kinda laggy though09:18
stdinI'd say ssh is probably easiest. you can just run one application09:18
Logi_Khoooh ya, one more step i forgot09:18
Logi_Khoothat's copying the files into root09:19
Logi_Khoousually in windows, i'd just open the tarball and winrar will show me the files, which i;d drag and drop them either in a network folder or ftp09:19
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Logi_Khooi have looked into the scp/wget in commandline, but still...09:20
Logi_Khooi kinda work faster with drag and drop now =p09:20
stdinto copy files from where to where?09:20
sd5tdf -h09:21
Logi_Khoofrom a browser download09:22
Logi_Khooyou know drupal?09:22
stdinnever used it :) are you trying to extract from an archive or just copy files?09:23
Logi_Khoousually the php modules, will be opened by winrar str8 from the browser, which then i'll drop it from winrar to the server via explorer in windows09:23
Logi_Khooin kubuntu, i'm kinda lost how to go about doing it the fastest way09:23
stdindrupal is available in the repositories09:24
stdin!info drupal509:24
Logi_Khoooh, again. I'm 3 day's old Kubuntu user =)09:24
ubottudrupal5 (source: drupal5): a fully-featured content management framework. In component universe, is extra. Version 5.7-1ubuntu1.1 (hardy), package size 754 kB, installed size 3352 kB09:24
Logi_Khooohhhh, IC09:24
stdinit'll be less trouble getting it setup when you use the packages09:25
Logi_Khoostdin, point me in the right direction to fully ultilise it man09:25
Logi_Khooi see it now09:25
stdinjust install the package then set it up however you normally do09:25
Logi_Khoothere's a command that copies it from the cvs to the folder i want it to go?09:25
Logi_Khoooh, not only that, the modules too09:26
stdincvs export <url> /place/to/save09:26
=== U is now known as Guest58639
Logi_Khootry try that09:26
stdinprefix with sudo to extract outside your home dir09:26
Logi_Khoothanks again man09:26
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ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild,  Pici or jussi01!09:29
jussi01UbuntuHelper: dont abuse the ops call!!09:30
jussi01UbuntuHelper: if you do that again without good reason, I will ban you from here. The call is only for emergency use.09:31
chris_Hi - When I try and use a java applet firefox uses a whole CPU and firefox freezes...any tips on getting it to work?09:31
chris_I have sun-java6-bin, sun-java6-jre, sun-java6-plugin installed09:32
geekchris_: sounds like the applet is badly written09:36
=== U is now known as Guest84368
chris_geek: hmm I don't think so - its a commercial program for virtual machines09:44
chris_geek: also, I can get it working on another machine09:44
Logi_Khoostdin: thank you so much, u opened the path to linux for me =)09:52
Logi_Khooimma go figure out how to install ebox b4 i move on =)09:52
ActionParsnipyo yo yo09:55
sd5twhere is the config file that sets the path to write in /var/log/authlog on ssh log in10:04
ActionParsnipsd5t: hmm, not sure10:07
ActionParsnipso you want to change the location of sshd logins log?10:07
sd5tyes ActionParsnip should be in /etc/ssh/sshd_config or10:08
ActionParsnipsd5t: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95897110:10
ActionParsnipsd5t: any good to you?10:11
ActionParsnipsd5t: you could always symlink the file to where you want it to appear10:11
ActionParsnipwhich is probably easier10:11
sd5tyes thanks too easy ... didn't even think about that one :)10:12
ActionParsnipnp man10:12
zarlinohi all, can i use the usb installion utility in Ubuntu to create a Kubuntu usb setup?10:15
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:20
Zharfhi, is there a netinstall image?10:33
Zharfor preferrably for USB stick10:33
bazhang_!usb | Zharf10:33
ubottuZharf: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:33
alarmhello there, i need some help with an application that autostarts without knowing how :)10:33
Zharfbazhang_, thanks10:34
alarm it is about compiz-fusion . first i did create an executable sh file in the Autostart dir10:34
alarmand it did start. after removing the file compiz was still running on every boot.10:34
alarmremoved also every entry from ksmserverrc , but still the same, compiz starts10:34
bazhang_alarm, how about setting visual settings to none10:35
alarmhow do i do that ?10:35
alarmi mean on which part ? compiz , kcontrol ? where is that setting10:35
bazhang_alarm, I am currently on gnome; the quickest answer would be found in #compiz-fusion10:36
alarmthey do not know , at least not the users that are now in the channel :)10:37
bazhang_well I can take a guess then :)10:37
charolastradoes the audio preview in konqueror need any special packages?10:41
bazhang_alarm, does alt f2 kwin --replace turn off compiz?10:42
alarmstopping it is not a problem10:44
alarmthe problem is that it starts on every log in10:44
bazhang_there should be a setting for visual effects; you need to set that to none10:45
alarmand i want to change that for the moment at least, as something is going wrong with systray icons and i want to check one by one10:45
alarmwhere is that ?10:45
alarmkcontrol ?10:45
bazhang_alarm, the only thing I can suggest is go into adept package manager and remove all compiz stuff10:47
bazhang_the alternative is wait for someone running kde to come and help out :)10:47
alarmehe ok . i did some changes, lets see what happening10:48
Zharfmy box loads the linux from the USB stick and then boots again <.<11:23
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=== Tizz_ is now known as Tizz
dr_willisHmm.. someone remove compiz again and goof things up?11:30
adminsCan anyone help me uninstall/remove 'Power Manager' program/icon from my taskbar on 8.04? I have KLaptop running and don't need both. Tks!11:31
n3glv_hello gent12:12
n3glv_quick question, running 64bit kernel etc, (studio 64bit) what's the pkg for 32bit backwards compat?12:13
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hateballn3glv_» ia32libs or something like that (not on 64bit atm)12:15
glade88is this official? http://www.kubuntuforums.net o.O12:20
Dragnslcrglade88- yes12:23
ross;/ just checking what my nick is12:23
DarkTanhow do i get my sound card working? it's an onboard12:23
glade88Dragnslcr: strange.. I though all questions regarding *ubuntu distros are addresses at ubuntuforums.org -- (topic tags->kubuntu)12:24
Zharfis kde4 stable enough for a really newb user who has never uused a computer?12:24
Zharf(I don't use kde/gnome/xfce)12:24
DragnslcrZharf- for what they'd probably be doing, sure12:25
ZharfDragnslcr, browsing the internet :)12:25
DragnslcrFirefox works fine for me12:25
ZharfI hate how firefox keeps creating ~/Desktop12:26
ZharfI do NOT want that <.<12:26
knioletkonqueror 4 is much better on a lot of sites than 3 was12:27
knioletthats what i use as my normal browser12:27
ZharfI have to use firefox since there's no vimperator for any other browser12:30
glade88kniolet: can I get konqueror to support Gmail and other google services like Orkut?12:31
n3glv_tnx hateball12:31
knioletglade88: not sure, i have never used those sites12:31
dr_williskonqueror worked with gmail last i tried it.12:31
glade88kniolet: ok.. ty12:32
glade88dr_willis: it works only as basic html view12:32
glade88dr_willis: not with the enhanced interface..12:32
dr_willisnever noticed.. :) i may have my normal page set to basic..12:32
dr_willisi dont do a lot of gmail. :) but then again.. gmail does support pop3 i belive dont it.12:32
glade88dr_willis: yes.. but I'd prefer not to download my 80000 mails to my disk :)12:33
DarkTananyone know how to install a sound card?12:33
dr_willisglade88,  one normally deletes those spam. :)12:33
dr_willisthats how my mail is.. 3 mail.. 800000000 spam12:33
glade88dr_willis: even do I :)12:33
roothi i have a problem with connectiong to the wifi12:34
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glade88dr_willis: mine is somewhat an old account.. and I have every mail within the All Mail (Archived) folder.. spam goes unnoticed.12:34
glade88dr_willis: with all other mail like ubuntu mail directed to my mailbox, I have plenty everyday12:35
dr_willisand somedays you even read it! :)12:35
chris_Hi guys... Can Linux Kubuntu read the Memory Sticks of the camera?12:35
glade88dr_willis: often.. just the relevant ones.. :)12:36
glade88rest go straight to arvhives..12:36
dr_willisarchive them and  never read them... :)12:37
glade88dr_willis: maybe lol12:37
knioletchris_: do you mean if you take the memory stick out of the camera or if you plug the camera in directly?12:38
chris_kniolet: without the usb cable. I used to put the card in the computer directly and read it with window$, but I can't with linux. Is there a command?12:40
Guest35688hi, i have a problem with connecting to wifi network, i know essid name, thereis no encryption, but when i try to write manually wireles, s-essid to /etc/network/interfaces, i can only see dhcp discover, no ip granted12:41
knioletchris_: normally it would pop-up and tell you there is a new drive plugged in if it worked, but not all internal card readers work with linux unfortunately. any usb card reader should work though. (i know, not a good solution)12:43
knioletchris_: also, it may work plugging the camera in via usb, depending on the camera12:44
chris_kniolet: I lost the usb cable :-(((((12:44
knioletchris_: :-/12:44
jjdiamondis #ubuntu down?12:50
OxDeadC0decan anyone tell me what the cpu frequency scaling applet for kde4/ubuntu ibex is? (I installed kubuntu-desktop via synaptic from regular ubuntu)12:51
jjdiamondcan someone help me with network connection12:57
* DarkTan twiddles his thumbs13:00
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GoanHow to use networked printers on kubuntu?13:15
payamHow can I install .Deb flash plugin13:15
payamon ubuntu13:15
genii!flash | payam13:15
ubottupayam: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash13:15
payamInstall the package flashplugin-nonfree.13:17
payamhow can i do that?13:17
payamwhere can i find  package flashplugin-nonfree.13:18
DarkTanstilll need sounds card help13:20
dr_willisfire up the package manager, search/install payam13:21
dr_willispayam,  or just install the kubuntu-restricted-extras package.. it grabs a lot of things you may want13:21
payamokej thank you13:23
Goandr_willis, any help on configuring a network printer on kubuntu - using ip address13:25
dr_willisI normally install the gnome cups-manager tool and use its gui. :) its a little easier to use the the kde one13:25
dr_willisdepends on what kind of networked printer/service its using also..13:25
dr_willisOr try the cups web interface13:25
Cephisus!es | Cephisus13:29
ubottuCephisus, please see my private message13:29
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kexmani wanted to install xchat13:39
kexmanand i got back some stuff13:39
kexman  xchat: Depends: libsexy2 (>= 0.1.8) but it is not going to be installed13:40
kexman         Depends: tcl8.4 (>= 8.4.5) but it is not going to be installed13:40
kexman         Depends: xchat-common (= 2.8.4-0ubuntu7) but it is not going to be inst13:40
geniikexman: Please don't flood the channel13:40
genii!pastebin | kexman13:41
ubottukexman: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)13:41
jannottWhat is wrong with kde4 desktop icons? Its shows icons for files i dont even have anymore :/13:56
the_darkside_986What would make Kubuntu 8.04.1 run too slowly on a desktop machine in which Ubuntu 8.04.1 runs normally? It has 1 GB of RAM and Nvidia binary drivers enabled...13:56
the_darkside_986I suspect the IDE drive but I can't put the SATA drive in until I find my SATA cables.13:57
the_darkside_986The liveCD runs at a normal speed though.13:58
the_darkside_986The post-installation desktop runs at nearly 5 fps (mouse movement)13:58
bukomaybe java eats up all resources13:59
glade88the_darkside_986: disabling effects make it normal? system settings-14:04
glade88the_darkside_986: system settings->desktop-> disable effects14:04
W_Sthe_darkside_986: try to $dxdiag | grep render14:05
rohani installed kde4 on kubuntu 8.04 using the PPA packages. now i want to remove it. how do i do that?14:05
glade88hi.. I need urgent help.. I set my openGL method to fallback and as I clicked on Apply, I cannot log in further.14:19
glade88im in via tty1 using irssi ;)14:20
glade88how do I reset the graphics settings?14:22
eagles0513875LjL: hey i cannot say anything in offtopic14:28
eagles0513875LjL:  [404] #ubuntu-offtopic Cannot send to channel14:28
LjLeagles0513875: i've forwarded you to ##fix_your_connection, you were joining and parting quickly.14:29
eagles0513875LjL: that channel is dead14:30
LjLof course it's dead, it's just intended to give you the message that you should fix your connection.14:30
Logi_KhooHi, i tried using wubi to install kubuntu kde4 on my vista14:35
Logi_Khoounfortunately it encountered some error and couldn't download14:35
Logi_Khooanyone faced this problem?14:35
Logi_Khoothe sad thing is... i chose Ubuntu desktop instead =\14:36
DarkTancan anyone help with finding my sound card?14:40
BluesKajwubi is ok on xp but it encounters more hardware probs on vista, Logi_Khoo14:40
geekDarkTan: lspci or lshw (preferably the latter) and pastebin it?14:41
Logi_Khooomg, i am using vista... it's like contracting a deadly flu virus14:42
geekDarkTan: also sudo lshw | grep Audio14:42
buko_DarkTan: sudo asoundconf list14:43
BluesKajDarkTan: in thebterminal , lspci | grep audio14:43
knioletlol 3 different commands to get the same info14:44
geekkniolet: lovely innit ;p14:44
DarkTanhere's lspci: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63270/14:44
geeknone of them are wrong ;p14:44
ingo86hi all14:45
buko_ingo86 ello14:45
DarkTanlspci | grep audio gets me this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/63270/14:45
DarkTanwait no14:45
DarkTanthis: 00:0c.0 Multimedia audio controller: Ensoniq ES1371 [AudioPCI-97] (rev 04)14:45
geekDarkTan: thats your soundcard14:46
DarkTanok, how do i make it work14:46
BluesKajDarkTan: asoundconf set-default-card "Ensoniq ES1371"14:46
ingo86i don't know if this is something not yet implemented or a bug, however, when i add something to the panel, such a clock, i can define how much size of the panel it takes, also i can't put it into the right side of the panel, it stays in middle14:46
ingo86anyone has an idea?14:47
buko_ingo86: you're using kde4?14:47
ingo86buko_: yes, kubuntu 8.10 rc14:47
BluesKajingo86: right click and drag the icon , then click when you place it14:47
buko_yeah, that should do the trick14:48
BluesKajoops , disregard my advice there ingo8614:48
BluesKajthat doesn't work in kde414:48
buko_in kde4, gotta unlock the panel, the you can move everything14:49
ingo86buko_: this doesn't work for me14:50
ingo86i deleted the panel accidentally, now when trying to re-add the common things to the new panel i can't giva a good positioning14:50
buko_gotta add the panel, from the widgets menu14:51
DarkTanok i drops to the next line ">" is all it says14:53
jannottIs there a way to get rid off those ghost icons on my desktop? KDE shows icons for files that i dont even have anymore.14:55
rohanhow do i remove all packages related to kde4?14:56
rohani want to remove kde4 which i installed using ppa14:56
jannottremove kde-desktop?14:56
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »14:57
Tm_Thmm, no, not that one14:57
buko_remove kubuntu-kde4-desktop14:57
jussi01just search for and remove all packages you have in stalled which have kde4 in the name14:57
rohanbuko_: removing that doesn't removing the dependent packages14:57
geniijussi01: Won't do much for kdelibs5    for instance :)14:58
jussi01genii: true, but usually removing all of them will trigger a lovely list on apt-get autoremove ;)14:59
rohanis there any way of doing "aptitude remove *kde4*" ?14:59
buko_rohan: sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-kde4-desktop15:00
Tm_Tsure but you have to be careful with it15:00
rohanbuko_: 20:27 < rohan> buko_: removing that doesn't removing the dependent packages15:00
sfearsdoes anyone know how i can get my wireless interenet connection to push through to my ethernet port to hook up a computer without a wireless card??15:00
sfearsi have a crossover cable15:00
buko_rohan: then clean up with autoremove15:00
geniirohan: The kubuntu-kde4-desktop     with purge should take most of it out15:00
jussi01!ics | sfears15:00
ubottusfears: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php15:00
sfearsthank you15:00
rohanno, genii , it's just removing that single package15:01
jussi01sfears: yw :)15:01
eagles0513875jussi01: where can i download the intrepid rc iso15:02
jussi01!intrepid | eagles051387515:02
ubottueagles0513875: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!15:02
geniirohan: kubuntu-kde4-desktop  contains a bunch of smaller packages which are specific to kde4, this is what it's removing15:03
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rohangenii: it's not removing anything else except that one pacakge15:04
buko_rohan: then apt-get autoremove15:04
DarkTanok, still have no sound15:07
buko_DarkTan: maybe its in your kernel?15:08
DarkTani dunno15:08
buko_well, did you kompile it yourself?15:08
buko_or its the one that came with the distro15:09
DarkTanuummmm...i had some install issues15:09
DarkTani ran the alternative install distro, but only wound up with a text os15:09
buko_so no kde15:09
DarkTani installed the kubuntu WDM from the Ced tho15:10
buko_well i had the same problem, in kde3 i had no sound, but in kde4 all works well15:11
buko_maybe you got the same prob15:11
buko_2.6.27.3 kernel15:12
ArShAmhi all15:14
buko_ello there15:15
ArShAmI think I'm missing something15:15
ArShAmin intrepid , is the kde3 going to be removed?15:15
geniiArShAm: It will be kde4 by default there, but you could still install kde3 if you so wished15:16
DarkTanso, should i try an upgrade?15:16
ArShAmgenii, how can I keep my old kde3 then?15:16
buko_DarkTan: if you can upgrade, id say go for it15:16
buko_ArShAm: it stays by default, then you can choose15:17
DarkTanok, will try15:17
buko_KDE3 or 415:17
geniiArShAm: If you currently have 3.5 it will not wipe it out on you through a distribution upgrade15:17
jimmy51_hello, i'm trying to install kubuntu 8.10 on a virtual machine.  previous tutorials say to start with safe mode graphics, but the 8.10 installer doesn't have a safe mode option15:17
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories15:17
ArShAmin the repos , when I want to upgrade , so , there is kde4 then15:17
jimmy51_is there a kernel switch to do safe mode graphics?15:17
eagles0513875jimmy51_ ask in #ubuntu+115:18
buko_ArShAm: gotta add a repo, from kde website15:18
ArShAmok , thnx all15:18
jimmy51_oh... hit f4 :)15:20
DarkTanhmmm...used to have a "full upgrade" option, no more tho15:23
buko_DarkTan, you have kde4?15:24
DarkTani dunno if this comp will hold up under it15:25
buko_mm k15:25
DarkTan256 ram, 64mb G-force15:25
buko_oh ok15:25
buko_then prob alsa or oss problems15:25
buko_or no driver15:25
geekDarkTan: i'm running gutsy on a laptop with more ram, but otherwise similar specs15:26
DarkTankde 4?15:26
geekDarkTan: er... intrepid, kde415:27
geeknot gutsy15:27
geekit runs quite well15:27
DarkTanok, i'll try it15:28
DarkTanhow do i go about installing it?15:28
geekget the disk (i always use the alternate) and boot into it?15:28
geekgonna dual boot, or single os?15:29
DarkTani am out of CD-R's right now15:29
geekDarkTan: do you already have an OS on the box, and a network connection?15:29
DarkTanyeah, on the box now15:29
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geekDarkTan: take a look at unetbootin15:29
geekit takes longer but no disks needed. just a wired internet connection and patience15:30
geekDarkTan: its a programme that bootstraps a net install15:30
DarkTanhow do i do it?15:30
geekDarkTan: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/15:31
DarkTani just realized i havea sound plaster card lying around here somewhere15:32
l3dok I am running aybss webserver and using kompozer to make the page and well the images dont seem to show when i go to the site I was wondering why this would happen?15:32
DarkTani'm gonna try the sound blaster first, then that if it don't work15:33
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mot_will i be able to upgrade from 8.10rc to 8.10?15:47
mot_or better yet, 8.04.1 to 8.10?15:47
mot_i just bought a brand new laptop and i don't want to wait until thurs. to wipe it and do an install15:48
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eagles0513875!upgrade | mot_15:48
ubottumot_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes15:48
azucarI got 8.10 pre rc and it works fine15:48
eagles0513875azucar: wish i could say same for me im downloading rc after doing cdless upgrade but that seems to have broken somethings15:49
mot_also, amd64 is the install iso for all 64bit processors yea?15:49
eagles0513875mot_: yes15:50
azucar @eagles053875: ah  just did a full install, are you using 64 bit? also what filesystem are you using?15:51
azucarIam using ext315:51
azucar*  am15:51
* azucar is going back to classes, ick calculus15:54
eagles0513875azucar: that cant be that bad im doing discreet maths15:56
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* Zharf sighs16:14
Zharfcan I try to resume installation16:14
Zharfit said input/output error and then went to the live distro.. (this is why I hate installing from a cd and not directly from the net, but I couldn't get netinstall images to boot)16:15
faileasZharf: how about alternate installer?16:16
Zharfthat'd require me to download another image and waste another cd..16:19
genii!debootstrap | Zharf16:24
ubottuZharf: debootstrap is used to create a !Debian or Ubuntu base system from scratch, without requiring the availability of !dpkg or !APT. It does this by downloading !.deb files from a mirror site, and carefully unpacking them into a directory you can eventually !chroot into.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot for more information16:24
ZharfI did that once, too bothersome <.<16:25
Zharfdebian netinstall beats them all16:25
geniiZharf: You have several boxes with linux or just the one?16:27
Zharfgenii, four16:27
geniiZharf: I have followed previously the instructions found here https://wiki.koeln.ccc.de/index.php/Ubuntu_PXE_Install with much success to pxe boot and install a mounted iso image off a second box16:29
ZharfI wonder if I have any twisted pair cables..16:29
navetzdoes anyone know how to do some basic video editing in linux?16:30
emilsedghnavetz: search for kino16:36
navetzemilsedgh: thanks16:36
carlosgood afternoon. - Somebody can help me to form serial port com1?16:48
rickestcarlos: if recognized it should /dev/ttyS016:50
carlosrickest.....but you have a Copy paste of the instruction to form ttyS0?16:52
rickestcarlos: no, mine are recognized automatically at boot I guess16:53
carlosrickset ...no.. no automatically16:55
carlosrickset.. es Hardy 8.04 LTS16:57
rickestdon't know then, sorry16:57
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carlosrickest... Thank you very much16:58
jimmy51_on my home machine, i'm sick of losing stuff every time i upgrade.  do you guys ever make another partition and mount /home/whatever on that partition..... so an upgrade only wipes out / on sda1?17:11
NikLPthat's the sane thing to do, yes - run the custom partition tool next time you set up and you won't have that problem17:15
ubuntuHehe, kubuntu live cd + School with networked printers = Lots of fun!17:26
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azucar@Zharf: Why the pft?17:27
ZharfI\ve tried pretty much every installation method now and failed with all of them17:29
Zharfgetting tiredd17:29
azucarAh, try the alternate cd?17:30
ZharfI don't have CDs17:31
ZharfUSB refuses to bot17:31
Zharfand I fail at PXE17:31
azucarAh damn, I dont know how to help you but do you want some IP's for school printers to cheer you up?17:31
azucarOh ok17:32
CANTV-SUCKSZharf: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Alternative-Installation-Methods-for-Hardy-86977.shtml17:32
Zharfapparently my CD doesn't have install/netboot directory either17:35
* Zharf sighs and goes back to debian, less waste of time to configure the stuff by myself17:37
ArShAmhi all17:40
ArShAmI want to upgrade the distro , but I have a very slow connection17:41
ArShAmso I need the least upgrades17:41
ArShAmhow can I do that?17:41
GoanIs there any guide to install blackberry pearl drivers to my kubuntu machine?17:41
ArShAmbecause with the current tutorials, it gets me over 1400 Mb of data17:41
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Goanno one?17:50
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=== algarrobo is now known as wincide
sorush20time server is not updating17:59
jimmy51_how do i force an upgrade of any packages on my system from the command line?17:59
W_Sapt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade18:01
jimmy51_W_S: thanks18:01
Frekudist-upgrade ?18:02
Frekunot just upgrade ?18:02
sorush20my time server will not set to anything other than the bios time any help?18:03
=== joe_ is now known as devo
W_SFreku: yes18:03
Frekuok  i read man apt-get   dist-upgrade idd18:04
devohow can i get my webcam to work so that the person that i'm talking to can see me???18:04
devohow can i get my webcam to work so that the person that i'm talking to can see me???18:09
Frekunot that i know anything about webcams18:09
Frekubut maybe you should tell things like program you use18:09
devoi am useing kopete18:10
Frekuand kopete can see your webcam ?18:12
Frekuin settings ?18:12
=== adam is now known as Guest8578
devoyes in the settings18:18
devoi can't get my friend to see me through kopete on webcam and i don't know why but if anyone can help me out i would really apprecate it alot18:19
loicBonsoir :p18:25
loicc'est décidé je suis un linuxien :)18:25
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr18:26
loicooo excuse me18:26
elitrouI'm play around with KDE418:26
elitrouand I'm surprised to see two Xorg's running simultaneously18:26
elitroudoes anyone know why?18:27
loici repeat 'yehhh goodafternoon, i decide, i'm a new linuxian :p18:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about quit18:33
mr---t-I have a testing website that requires IE 5.0 or later. Can I run internet explorer from within kubuntu? If so how?18:37
ArkoldThosmr---t-: http://www.tatanka.com.br/18:40
ArkoldThostheres information about IEs4Linux18:40
mr---t-thank you so much18:40
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ubuntusudo -i18:48
DarthfrogShould KMail in Intrepid be working in ~/.kde4?18:52
=== kdedev is now known as JohnFlux
DarthfrogKmail won't launch cuz it can't find ~/.kde4/share/apps/kmail.  In Intrepid???18:54
DarthfrogI'm beginning to hate Intrepid.18:54
dwidmannDarthfrog: hmm, it shouldn't be, try symlinking that to ~/.kde/...18:54
DarthfrogHold on, it might be a bout of cerebral flatulence!18:55
DarthfrogIndeed it was. :-)  In the immortal words of Emily Litella, "Nevermind."18:57
srednadoes someone know about a up to date digikam package for kubuntu? (digikam 9.4 that would be)19:07
ArkoldThossredna: if it doesn't get updated with that tool you need to add some backport repository or wait for the actualization in ubuntu repostories19:08
srednaArkoldThos: i have backport repositories, but there is nothing useful in them19:08
srednaArkoldThos: it seems that there isn19:11
condonCan anyone help me with my window decorations (tried over in compiz-fusion but no one's answering.19:12
srednat going to be a stable digikam package in intrepid, since that version will not support kde 3 applications, and there is no stable kde 4 version of digikam. same for koffice and probably lots of other apps19:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dashboard19:12
DarthfrogNeither do I, Ubottu.19:12
DarthfrogDoesn't seem to do anything.19:12
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peter_is there a way to transfer multiple emailfolders (100+) of kmail to thunderbird19:25
adminsCan anyone help me remove/delete/uninstall the 'Power Manager' program down by the clock in 8.04? I am using KLaptop for my thinkpad, and do not need both running. Tks!19:26
dr_willisHmm.. no exit on a right click/menu item eh?   or could check the kde sessions tool and kill/stop it.. perhaps..19:27
adminsTks Dr Willis: I can right click and exit it, but I want it permanently gone and not to reappear after every startup. Any ideas?19:28
dr_williskde sessions settings...19:28
ubottuTo make programs start up automatically when you log into your KDE session, run all programs that you want to be started and close all other programs, then select 'Save Session' in the K menu. Alternatively, create a !symlink to the wanted program in ~/.kde/Autostart - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot19:28
dr_willisUnless somthing else is some how starting it19:29
adminsCool, but I don't see 'Save Sessions' in the K menu....where should I be looking?19:30
peter_is there a way to transfer multiple emailfolders (100+) of kmail to thunderbird19:32
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Drache76aha und jetzt19:34
peter_will Kubuntu II 8.10 also be released end of this week?19:41
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HeManHi! How can I change tabs in konqueror with keyboard?19:41
HeManctrl-pgup/pgdown doesn't seem to work in konqueror19:42
jussi01peter_: 30th19:43
peter_jussi01: thanks19:44
ejupinI'm trying to do updates via Adept and have issues with k3b, cant update until i satisfy k3b, however it wont let me update, delete or do anything to k3b.. ideas?19:48
sunshineHallo, ich habe hier komische >Probleme19:48
adminsI right-click exited Power Manager, hit Save Session in K-menu, turned off computer and upon restart the Power Manager was running again. Is there any other way to keep this program from running on startup? Tks19:49
adminsNever mind, I'll just remove Klaptop.19:54
freaky_thi all i have a problem. i have a keyboard which uses a bluetooth usb stick. every time i boot up i have to manually connect the keyboard back to the pc. is there a way i can automate this? I also have to pull out the usb stick and put it back into the usb port first.19:55
loichein ?20:00
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de20:01
loici'm not deutch faccia pain ! ! !20:01
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr20:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ns20:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pe20:02
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい20:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch20:02
favroloic: what are you after?20:02
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk20:02
loicfavro: going to my bed and you ?20:03
favroit's 6am here :)20:03
loichahaha i'm in corsica20:03
ChaseI'm trying to install the Kubuntu 8.10 RC on a thinkpad t60 amd64, intel gma 950 graphics20:03
loicit's my first time in irc, i try ubuntu for the first time too i'm a new linuxian :p20:04
Chaseafter selecting to install, X came up but all I see is the X mouse cursor20:04
Chaseotherwise, it's a black screen20:04
loici remove kde and instal gnome at this moment20:04
loicbut it take a few long time//...20:04
favroChase: it may need a boot option for the graphics20:05
Chasefavro, for what?20:05
loicChase: turn on your monitorscreen20:05
Chaseit seems X came up correctly20:05
Chasenothing in the Xorg log is suspicious20:05
Chasexrandr reports the right resolution20:05
=== ubuntu is now known as maxxou
Chaseit seems that whatever process was supposed to launch after X loads isn't doing so20:06
HeManI'm trying to watch a youtube video in konqueror but all I get is a white "block" where the video should be20:08
HeManwhat could that be?20:08
loicHeMan: reinstal flashplayer20:08
loicor reboot your navigator20:08
loici has the same probleme this morning20:09
Chasehmmm, I ran "sudo killall ubiquity" in the terminal and a new X spawned and everything seems to be loading right now20:09
HeManloic: it seem to work on other sites20:10
loicHeMan: so use dailymotion...20:11
HeManloic: what is dailymotion?20:11
favroChase: from google some thinkpads need the   vga=791   as a boot option20:12
Chasefavro, doesn't seem to be the case as it's now working20:12
Chasethat would only apply to the framebuffer anyways20:12
Chaseonce you're in X20:12
favroChase: fine then :)20:12
Chasethat's irrelevant20:12
HeManloic: odd, now youtube started to work...20:12
loicHeMan: good20:13
Chasefavro, thanks for helping though20:13
HeManhow can I change tab i kvirc with the keyboard?20:14
HeManisn't there any standard way of changing tab in kde?20:16
HeMankonqueror has ctrl+. and ctr+,20:16
HeManand konsole has ctrl-pgup and ctrl-pgdown20:16
HeManand kvirc seem to something else20:16
jimmy51_what do i need to do to enable MP3 playback?20:17
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:17
ronnie_is 8:10 released? or is that just a sample b4 the final release?20:18
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!20:18
ronnie_30th ok thx = )20:18
Maxairrc you can chance tabs in kvirc with ctrl+left/right20:20
ronnie_I'm still on 8.04 kubuntu, was wondering if any use clam ati-virus?, does it load virus definations automatically? or do I download updates from the internet?20:21
ronnie_srry klam i mean20:21
ronnie_testing..1..2..3..is this thing on? haha20:23
Maxaheh... well i havent had any viruses in windows for years.. not to mention linux..20:23
ronnie_oh so ya don't even need klam?, just use it to scan music & files I download, tho not sure if would even detect, spyware, malware or whatever else's out there hehe20:25
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org20:26
Maxaif you download windows programs.. then you probably need it. but i personally havent encountered viruses even then20:27
Maxabut of course its better to be safe than sorry20:28
ronnie_i just got a pirate copy of xp pro on my second HD, after finally seeing it, I prefer linux (kubuntu) 100%, not that bluescreen of death hehe20:28
condonCan anyone here tell me how/where to get the snow/cylinder plugins for compiz, compiz channel's dead.20:30
condonrunning 7.4, are they available for this version or do I have to upgrade?20:31
condon(compiz 7.4 on ubuntu 8.04)20:31
jimmy51_whoops, i thought 8.10 was ready to go and installed it20:31
jimmy51_so far so good20:31
condonhow do I upgrade to 8.10?20:32
Nasjella stalker20:32
condonor do I have to completely reinstall20:32
jimmy51_condon:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu20:32
jimmy51_it worked for me, except i told it to keep my menu.lst (to preserve my dual boot setup)20:33
jimmy51_that kept me on an older kernel and my video drivers puked when i rebooted20:34
condonah, no need for that here.  Clean install as of yesterday, just didn't see 8.1 on the site20:34
condonwas ina bit of a hurry tough, not really looking20:34
PovAddictfor the 100th time, I open a Kopete window and all of X crashes20:35
condonKopete gave me hell on Feisty20:35
condon(good year ago though)20:35
PovAddictit's not really a kopete problem, but X... it also happens about once in a hundred times when I open kdiff320:36
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PovAddictworst of all, Xorg.log points at nvidia driver, so it's not even code I can try to run under gdb20:37
PovAddict(stacktrace, I mean)20:37
blackflagsomeone knows wht is with medibuntu.org? Im not able to resolv it via DNS.20:39
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:39
TheFuzzballDoes anyone know why the Kubuntu 8.10 RC1 LiveCD boots into BusyBox?20:42
NeonFlossi installeld kubuntu within a windows partition. and angry family member deleted the file on this disk not uninstalled it (i dont now why because i like kubuntu). how can i get rid of the corrupted boot option, its still there. is this question in the wrong channel?20:44
favroNeonFloss: tried to rmove it from the ad/remove in the control panel?20:45
DarkSmokeNeonFloss: boot the winxp cd, choose recovery console (r) , and do this commands at the comand prompt "fixmbr" "fixboot"20:46
DarkSmokefirst fixmbr, then fixboot20:46
Maxabusybox.. as in "/bin/sh: can't access tty" ?20:46
jimmy51_i've got mp3 support working with kubuntu-restricted-extras.  however, i can't play them over the network (shared on my windows box).  i've opened a smb share and when i try to play mp3's over it, i get a "no suitable plugin" error.  is it possible to play mp3's in kubuntu/amarok from a samba share?20:48
NeonFlossDarkSmoke, thank you - how long should this take?20:48
PovAddictprolly very little NeonFloss20:48
PovAddictit doesn't have to go through your whole disk, just write a boot sector...20:48
DarkSmokedepends on how much you're pc takes to boot win xp  ? cause those 2commands take less then a second on my p20:49
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Bones122jimmy51_: I use Kaffeine20:51
PovAddictjimmy51_: I don't see why it wouldn't work... if you can play local mp3 and you can access remote files, playing remote mp3 should work just fine20:52
jimmy51_that's what i'd think20:53
jimmy51_i read an ubuntu form post saying it works if i mount the share20:53
jussi01jimmy51_: the forum post is correct, mount the share in fstab and it will work fine20:58
jimmy51_jussi01: ok.  how does that work, permissions wise?20:59
jimmy51_do i have to hardcode the un and pw?20:59
jimmy51_fstab entry:   //xpbox/music /mnt/music defaults 0 021:00
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peter_could somebody tell me where i find the configuration file for the X-Server? What happened to xorg.conf? i can only read about configured devices in there....21:10
peter_nothing that specifies anything21:10
W_Speter_: locate xorg.conf21:13
peter_no u got it wrong... take a look in your xorg.conf what can u read there... nothing that specifies anything...21:14
peter_in 8.1021:14
W_Swrite anything that specifies anything=)21:15
dr_willisX now uses a 'auto config' type feature. the xorg.conf can be very minimal - you however CAN still edit/tweak the xorg.conf file by adding in the proper lines, or by using an older xorg.conf21:24
Dragonathis there a music playing program that can match the visualizations of winamp?21:27
dr_willisI like bmpx, theres other players out there.21:28
dr_willissongbird is nice also.. but its not in the repos. gotta getit from their page.21:28
Dragonathcan they play the winamp ones too or is it just their own?21:29
dr_willisNo idea. I imagine winamp ones are winamp specific21:29
dr_willissome media players out there can or at least could use winamp skins.. not sure how many still do however.21:29
Dragonathok thanks21:30
jimmy51_dr_willis: so... how do you modify your setup from the cmd line?21:30
dr_willisjimmy51_  modify what excactly?21:31
jimmy51_dr_willis:  i'm using a KVM, which apparantly masks the true monitor in use to the system.  i was about to manually specify the monitor in xorg.conf, but it says Configured Monitor (and the settings are automatically configured, so the settings are ignored)21:31
jimmy51_where would i go to set that, if xorg.conf isn't the true config file for xserver?21:32
dr_willisive seen several people in here with KVM issues.. they have to add a 'modes' lne to the xorg.conf file21:32
dr_willishttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-276511.html has some examples.. of xorg.conf with modes  lines.21:33
dr_willisYou dont use the whole xorg.conf shown.. its just to see how mode lines are  defined and where they belong.21:34
jimmy51_so xorg.conf is still important?  i'm confused because the comments in the file make it sound like it's been replaced with some other store21:34
dr_willisX is very 'auto configuring' these days..  you can still use xorg.conf - and settings in  it will be used if found21:35
dr_willisevery new release of X - seems to make it better and better at auto configuring.21:35
jimmy51_ah, so is it a "configure on boot so it's not stored persistently" type of config, with the exception of making exceptions for xorg.conf settings?21:36
dr_willisyour KVM case is a special case..  the kvm switch is not giving X the infomation it needs to properly get the mode lines.21:36
dr_willisconfigures when X starts.. not exactly on boot.21:36
dr_willisYou are the 3rd person now in 2 weeks ive seen with KVM Issues. :)21:36
jimmy51_it does decent... it just flickers a lot when the screen needs updating21:37
dr_willisIm all DVI montiors/conectors now..  no kvm switches here.21:38
dr_willisor i use 2 monitors + syngery21:38
jimmy51_dr_willis: i'm off of kvm at home, but here at work i need to control 8 servers at once, in various states of OS setup (some are factory fresh and blank)21:41
jimmy51_time to go.  thanks for the modes tip21:43
hoontekeyikes, so I just rsynced up the daily cd live, and I did it a couple of days ago too.  it's taking *way* longer than usual.  Anyone know what all has changed so drastically on the disc?21:49
dr_willisserver load isent an issue? servers are a bit loaded right now.21:57
hoontekedr_willis: maybe.  but I actually received 135MB, as opposed to the usual 30-40.22:02
hoontekeit's probably just getting closer and closer to deadline22:02
dr_willisnormally when a new release is about to hit.. i update/upgrade a few days befor.. then wait a week or more befor i do the next update/upgrade. :) to avoide the high load/slow server tims22:03
TimSAww, I thought I was needed. Silly typos :p22:04
dr_willisThat will teach you to use a typo as a nick!22:04
* TimS needs to remove some old useless packages before the dist upgrade, it updates all the packages, which sucks, most don't change22:05
dr_willis - /nick hello22:05
TimS/nick the22:06
dr_willis /nick lol22:06
TimSdr_willis: Do you know if there is a kde front end for packagekit yet?22:09
TimSAnd is it safe to remove all old kernels22:10
dr_willisNo idea.. not even sure what 'packagekit' is22:10
TimSOh :p22:10
dr_willisI always keep at least 1 old kernel.22:10
TimSIll keep 21(current) and 20 in that case.22:10
ulaashi! how can i remove ubuntu-desktop from my kubuntu,,22:11
TimSSame with linux-headers dr_willis?22:11
dr_willisyou mean remove all the gnome-related files ulass? or just that one meta-package.. which wont really remove much of anything...22:11
dr_willisTimS,  i rarely have to worry about them. :)  if you are paranoid.. i would keep the older ones22:12
ulaasdr_willis: yes sir! all of them22:12
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »22:12
TimSFreed a gig of space :D22:12
TannI was wondering if anyone could suggest a utility for virtual machine software other the VirtualBox.22:12
dr_willisthats the big 3... if thers others.. im not aware of them22:13
Tanndr_willis: thanks22:17
SkEmOhow can i browse a directory in terminal?22:21
ardchoilleSkEmO: open a terminal and "cd /path" but here are some helpful tips https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal22:24
ardchoilledr_willis: Ah, he's gonna need ls too22:26
dr_willisor a few more links to bash tutorials22:26
ardchoilledr_willis: idk, that link is pretty good for starters22:28
ardchoillekommander is cool22:29
condonOK, just upgraded to 8.10, now compiz won't work (says Checking for Xgl: not present)22:29
keithHi brandon_!22:29
brandon_I need he;d with DVD playback22:29
ardchoillecondon: help for 8.10 is in #ubuntu+122:29
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:30
brandon_ok thanks22:31
keithMy girlfriends machine (on kubuntu) is having trouble connecting to our router. The router assigns her an IP, then kubuntu says its disconnected, and thats it.22:31
keiththe router still thinks she's connected, and she can manually d/c while connecting and it comes up in the logs as a deauth22:32
keithany clues?22:32
keithwireless sorry22:32
keithwpa\2-psk only22:32
keithG/N, the password is correct also22:32
keithi should say we're on intrepid22:33
ardchoillekeith:  help for 8.10 is in #ubuntu+122:33
mighty-dis there a package where i can get a kernel 2.4.26 for hardy or do i have to build it myself?22:33
mighty-dhmm, and have anyone got a wintv hvr 1950 working with pvrusb2 ?22:34
ardchoillemighty-d: that's kind of an old kernel22:34
brandon_Yeah I want to use my wintv in ubuntu22:34
mighty-dardchoille, yeah, my bad i meant 2.6.2722:34
ardchoilleah ok22:34
mighty-derr. 2.6.2622:35
ardchoillemighty-d: You'd have to compile it22:35
mighty-d27 has some weird issues with pvrusb222:35
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages22:35
mighty-dardchoille, ok, thanks22:35
kierenHey, any kdevelop fans? I'm having trouble linking my project22:37
kierenI keep getting duplicate functions errors and I can't figure out why22:37
keithwhats your function name?22:38
kierenIt's all the functions of a class22:38
keithyou'll need to give them unique names - which aren't listed in the kde/qt api22:39
kierenqt shouldn't be used as there is no GUI22:39
kierenI have uploaded the project if you would like to try compiling http://www.ukdragon.com/ami.tar.gz22:40
kierenI can compile the files manually22:44
brandon_Does anyone here reccomaned any games?23:16
jussi01brandon_: which genre?23:17
kierenWhat sort of games?23:17
brandon_like FPS, Raceing and Tetris games23:17
jussi01brandon_: I really recomend tremulous, its a lot of fun23:17
jussi01!info tremulous23:18
ubottutremulous (source: tremulous): Aliens vs Humans, team based FPS game with elements of an RTS. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.1.0-4 (hardy), package size 645 kB, installed size 1512 kB23:18
zer0ohi guys i'm trying to watch a part of a movie in reward, and i'd like to hear the sound also, with VLC u dont or at least im not able to. is there a way?23:18
jussi01!games | brandon_ also have a look here:23:18
ubottubrandon_ also have a look here:: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php23:19
dr_willisin 'reward' ?23:19
brandon_cool thanks ubottu23:19
dr_willisdepending on the audio codec. some playuers may need extra packages/w32codecs to play them23:19
jussi01ubottu: is a bot23:20
ubottuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.23:20
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »23:29
brandon_Wheres the device manger?23:31
brandon_on 8.0423:31
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yrjokindoes anyone know why ktorrent doesn't show in the panel when everything else does? I've tried running it from a terminal but it states it is running23:56

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