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Hobbseeis launchpad under high load again?03:10
Hobbseeit is now taking 32 seconds to load https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu03:10
Hobbseeintellectronica: any ideas?  (was it you who asked me to report this?)03:10
wgrantIt's 5am in LP land, isn't it?03:11
wgrantOr is epic over?03:11
Hobbseeno idea03:11
spivwgrant: it's still going... it's epic!03:14
wgrantspiv: Is it epic because it's long, epic because there are lots of devs there, or epic because it means people aren't here to fix LP when it breaks epically?03:15
spivwgrant: yes03:15
wgrantGood answer.03:15
spmHobbsee: have had a look around; we're actually pretty lightly loaded atm. But I do agree that that link above is not super fast.03:25
Hobbseespm: hmm, OK.03:25
Hobbseespm: i'm not the only one to have noticed launchpad being slow today.  Strange.03:26
spmhmmm. O03:26
spmbleh - wrong damn key again - sorry - what I was about to say was: we're the lightest loaded in about a week. Have been all our morning.03:28
Hobbseespm: oh well, cool.  :)  I wish some of that extra pedal power can get shoved towards building langpacks or so03:29
spmheh. If only it worked like that. :-)03:30
Hobbseei know,i know...03:30
spmHobbsee: I know you'll probably hit me for suggesting this when we finally meet: But am thinking that perhaps a bug report 'gainst the slowness you're seeing - in particular that link - would be worthwhile??? If only to help get some focus before it gets really bad?03:32
wgrantGetting really bad won't matter in a few hours.03:33
persiaThat's actually probably worthwhile, in part because EeeBotu hits that page fairly often.03:33
Hobbseespm: well, i've now got a bug from the, erm, repeating breakage over the week, but I could do that.03:33
Hobbseespm: I can try reporting a bug, and will hope for more success than the last one.03:33
wgrantLP can feel free to collapse soon. Maybe it can do all of its collapsing before Jaunty even opens.03:33
Hobbseewgrant: *snort*.  don't give it ideas!03:34
spmwgrant: I was thinking more 6-12 months - it could be like a query that (now) needs optimising; or similar03:34
Hobbseespm: when do we finally meet, btw?03:34
spmDunno. OSDC? I'm coming up for that.03:34
Hobbseenot UDS?03:34
Hobbseehm, wasn't going tothat03:34
spmUDS? No. Aprt from manging servers et al, don't have a lot to do with Ubuntu itself - per-se.03:35
spivspm: Oh, you'll be at OSDC too?  Cool.03:35
spmspiv: how could I miss the opportunity to heckle all you folk talking! ;-)03:35
wgrantLP people are normally at UDS, aren't they?03:36
wgrantBut you're not LP...03:37
spmnot really no. support LP, but not part of LP. We (losa's) also support landscape.03:41
wgrantYou're technically part of IS rather than LP?03:42
NCommanderspm, question, is there a way we could manually move one or two of the PPA builders to the regular pool (to help combat the langpack builds before final freeze)03:54
wgrantI don't think that's a LOSA question.03:55
wgrantI think that's an infinity question.03:55
wgrantAnd I think slangasek will do something if he feels it necessary.03:55
spmwgrant: NCommander: pretty much my understanding too.03:55
* NCommander paints a sideways eight on a spotlight and shoots it into the sky03:55
cody-somervilleNCommander, just use a PPA to do your building. :P03:56
NCommandercody-somerville, no, its a matter of getting the langpacks built so we can enter final freeze03:56
cody-somervilleNCommander, final freeze is for wimps.03:57
Hobbseeso's -security03:59
persiacody-somerville, hardy is for wimps.04:02
antono_anybody can help me to understand my fault with ppa packaging?05:09
antono_trying to build my first package 8 hours long05:10
stdinantono_: if you look at https://launchpad.net/~antono/+archive/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all you can see it's waiting on a missing build-dependency05:24
stdin"Missing dependencies: gconf-2.0-dev"05:24
stdinmaybe you mean "libgconf2-dev"05:25
antono_anybody can help me to understand my fault with ppa packaging?05:56
antono_trying to build my first package 8 hours long05:56
stdin[05:24]<stdin> antono_: if you look at https://launchpad.net/~antono/+archive/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all you can see it's waiting on a missing build-dependency05:57
stdin[05:24]<stdin> "Missing dependencies: gconf-2.0-dev"05:57
stdin[05:25]<stdin> maybe you mean "libgconf2-dev"05:57
persiaantono_, as stdin sat, it's waiting on the gconf-2.0 package which doesn't exist.  It will wait forever.  Upload a new version.05:57
antono_yep i'll try05:57
antono_rightnow i fixed it05:58
antono_and waiting for new build05:58
antono_can i say to debhelper to extract build-depends from configure or something similar?05:59
RAOFantono_: No, there's no such funtionality.06:01
antono_it isn't possible at all or it's just missing feature?06:02
RAOFIt's pretty much not possible at all.06:02
antono_i think it isn't possible koz configure knows nothing about apt06:02
antono_am i right?06:02
RAOFYeah, that's about the right ballpark06:03
antono_it would be nice to have clever build system06:03
antono_something like packagekit with different backends06:04
antono_E: Couldn't find package libgnomeui-2.006:05
antono_i'am stupid06:05
RAOF"aptitude search" is likely to be useful for you.  As is 'apt-file search gnomeui-2.0.pc', for example.06:07
antono_is tere any way inform dput about default upload ppa?06:11
persiaAlso, you don't necessarily want to give configure *every* package it wants.  Sometimes you want to not have some features because they are especially buggy or break other features you do want.06:11
persiaYes.  Set [DEFAULT] in your dput.cf06:11
antono_am i stupid? i spen all night building one package06:16
antono_is it normal learning curve for new debian packager?06:17
RAOFthis is pretty normal, yes.06:18
persiaJust one night is fairly good.  Some people spend a couple months.06:18
antono_persia, i not finished yet ;)06:20
glade88where will be the Jaunty UDS located at?07:28
persiaMountain View, CA, USA, but why ask here?07:28
glade88persia: lol.. coz I saw this https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-jaunty07:29
persiaHmm.  sprints should probably belong to projects or distros.07:29
glade88yea.. one can propose a blueprint for the sprint afaik07:31
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stefanlsdDoes anyone know why im getting an AssertionError - https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~stefanlsd/mplayer/hardy09:35
stefanlsdActually it may be related to - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+bug/27237209:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 272372 in launchpad-bazaar "Cannot manually stack Bazaar branches on Launchpad branches" [High,In progress]09:36
stefanlsdAlthough i thought branch stacking was fixed in the latest LP09:37
beunothumper, mwhudson ^09:37
mwhudsonstefanlsd: yeah. its exactly that bug09:37
mwhudsonthe fix just missed the last rollout09:38
mwhudsonstefanlsd: i can provide you with some gobbledygook to make the branch work if you like09:39
mwhudsonor actually, i can fix it09:39
stefanlsdmwhudson: previously, i was able to do - b = bzrlib.branch.Branch.open('bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~username/treename') \n b.set_stacked_on_url('/~teamname/originaltreename')  which doesnt seem to make it work09:39
stefanlsdused to work actually, not anymore09:39
mwhudsonstefanlsd: oh right, that's what i was going to suggest09:39
stefanlsdmwhudson: let me try it again just to confirm09:40
thumperstefanlsd: your branch urls are missing a third part09:42
mwhudsoni get09:42
mwhudsonbzrlib.errors.UnknownErrorFromSmartServer: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', 'Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and try -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)')09:42
stefanlsdmwhudson: im getting this - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/63168/09:43
stefanlsdlooks like ssh host key verification failing...09:43
spivmwhudson: that's a wacky error to get from a smart server!09:43
mwhudsonspiv: yes09:43
spivThe "Host key verification failed.09:44
spiv" bit is particularly curious.09:44
stefanlsdyeah, let me try move my known_hosts09:45
mwhudsonspiv: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/63169/09:45
mwhudsonspiv: i think thats a message from the server09:45
mwhudson(say, i'm glad i fixed the sftp server!)09:46
stefanlsdheh. it asked me if i accept the new key, i accepted and same error.   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/63170/09:46
spivmwhudson: noice09:46
mwhudsonoh um09:46
mwhudsoni bet the codehosting user on the server has a key for vostok aka bazaar.launchpad.net in it's ~/.ssh09:47
mwhudsonbut i don't think the key changed recently09:47
mwhudsono/ never mind o/09:47
spivCuriously, I just get 'bzrlib.errors.NotBranchError: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~stefanlsd/mplayer/hardy/"' when I try to open that branch the same way stefanlsd did (at a Python prompt).09:47
mwhudsonspiv: bzr version?09:47
spivmwhudson: 1.7.1 and bzr.dev09:48
mwhudsonspiv: you don't have launchpad.Edit on the branch :)09:48
mwhudsonstefanlsd: i can fix your branch with lftp, want me to do it?09:48
spivmwhudson: so my session looks at the mirror rather than the hosted one?09:49
mwhudsonspiv: right09:49
spivmwhudson: Also, why has https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~spiv/bzr/bug-270397 been failing to mirror with KeyboardInterrupt?09:50
mwhudsonspiv: it might be to do with a buggy version of squid in the data centre09:52
spivmwhudson: joy.09:53
mwhudsonspiv: yes09:53
spivmwhudson: does intrepid have a better squid?09:53
spivmwhudson: KeyboardInterrupt is a really crummy way to communicate that :P09:54
mwhudsonspiv: a fix is available, which doesn't answer your question09:54
mwhudsonspiv: yes, there's a bug about that somewhere09:54
mwhudsonspiv: i've handed the squid problem to IS, bug them :)09:55
stefanlsdmwhudson: if you could fix the branch, i would appreciate it09:59
stefanlsdmwhudson: do you know why i am getting that host verification problem?09:59
mwhudsonstefanlsd: the problems are because the bzr process _on the server_ is trying to open the branch over bzr+ssh10:00
spivBecause the stacked-on URL starts with bzr+ssh://...10:00
mvo_hm, when I use the "+contactuser" and click on "send" I get a 403 (Not allowed here)10:00
stefanlsdmwhudson: k. why would that key of changed then?  possible to delete the known hosts from my user side on the server then?10:00
mwhudsonstefanlsd: it's not a problem on your side, at all!10:01
mwhudsonstderr on the server gets echoed to your terminal10:01
spivstefanlsd: no, fixing the server configuration is not possible as a user :)10:01
spivstefanlsd: we have admins for a reason ;)10:01
stefanlsdheh. i realise its server side. so the request is that an admin remove the known hosts from my user on the server so it gets the updated key?  (although still unsure why the key would of changed)10:02
mwhudsonthe fix is to stop the server trying to open the branch10:03
stefanlsdmwhudson: ok. i can do that :)10:03
stefanlsdalthough that method used to work for fixing my own branches.10:04
mwhudsonyeah, i'm not sure what's changed10:04
stefanlsdkk. not that critical. can wait till the next LP release.10:05
mwhudsonspiv: can you think of a way i might be able to see the serverside traceback?10:05
spivmwhudson: I would expect there to be log files...10:05
* mwhudson finds a new bug in our sftp server...10:05
mwhudsonspiv: har har10:06
spivmwhudson: which traceback are you thinking of, though?10:06
mwhudsoni guess thats a point10:06
stefanlsdmwhudson: would it be possible for you to fix that branch for me?10:06
mwhudsonspiv: i would like to know the 'traceback' up to the point the error gets sent to the client10:06
mwhudsonstefanlsd: it's just now fixed10:06
stefanlsdmwhudson: great. thanks :)10:07
spivmwhudson: I actually would expect that to be captured into a log file.10:07
stefanlsdstacked branches are great for us south african low bandwidth people10:07
spivmwhudson: I'm not sure which one (maybe ~/.bzr.log?  surely not...), but ISTR seeing a log file like that at some point.10:08
spivmwhudson: my memory may be faulty, of course.10:08
mwhudsonstefanlsd: sure, that's the point :)10:08
mwhudsonit's my job to make sure they work smoothly!10:09
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doggyyyi am trying to load this page for more than 10 min, the page say to let you guys know >> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mysql/mysql-server/mysql-5.1/files11:04
* Hobbsee tries loading it11:05
Hobbseeah yes, it's broken.11:06
beunoit's a known performance bug with loggerhead on big branches11:06
beunowe have to restart it now and then11:06
beunomwhudson loves doing that11:06
wgrantcron ftw.11:06
beunowell, ideally, we find that bug and squash it11:07
beunorockstar has started work on it11:07
Hobbseeoh nice, it got through the queue!11:07
beunowell, it's been worked on a few times already11:08
beunowe keep plugin holes, and it still bloats11:08
beunoit's much better than before11:08
beunobut there's still something going on11:08
Hobbseeand someone fixed primero, but then artigas broke.  At least it wasn't on the same arch :P11:08
beunostarting to suspect it's a bzr issue11:08
wgrantHobbsee: I just noticed that... but will gstreamer kill kohnen now?11:08
Hobbseewgrant: I hope not.11:09
Hobbseeoh, wait.11:09
Hobbseeyep, i'd say it alreayd has.11:09
wgrantSomebody should tell infinity and get somebody similar to supersede the build.11:11
wgrantOr I guess he could notice, but it might be too late.11:11
doggyyyguys the page is sill not loading, i just looking for a copy of mysql-5.1.29 am i looking at the right place ?11:15
mwhudsondoggyyy: it should work now11:17
thekornhi, are there any plans to fix staging? - and if so is there a ETA?11:17
* rockstar reads backchat to see what he's supposed to be working on.11:18
wgrantrockstar: Fix Loggerhead kthxbye.11:19
rockstarwgrant, "Fix Ubuntu kthxbai" is about the equivalent.11:19
wgrantBut we're frozen, so I have an excuse.11:20
rockstarwgrant, if you make me a machine that can even slow down time, I could get more of it done.  :)11:20
elmowho keeps marking hppa builders not ok?11:20
Hobbseeelmo: sorry...but aren't they not?11:20
doggyyyguys how do i use lauchpad to download mysql 5.1.29 brache ?11:21
doggyyyokay i found the files at : http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mysql/mysql-server/mysql-5.1-5.1.29-rc/files << how do i export them ?11:27
elmoHobbsee: I guess so; just if I catch them early enough, manually disabling them just means I have to manually enable them11:28
doggyyydoggyyy, is there a lauchpad client ?11:28
Hobbseeelmo: right.11:28
Hobbseeelmo: didn't know you were around, sorry11:28
elmoyeah, I should have mentioned unwedging it on the channel, sorry about that11:29
wgrantGiven that primero was gone for hours.11:29
mwhudsondoggyyy: you use bazaar11:29
wgrantAt least we're almost up to date now.11:29
rockstardoggyyy, use bzr11:29
Hobbseeelmo: you're forgiven.  Just don't decide to set me on fire or something.11:29
mwhudsondoggyyy: this post looks relevant http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/articles/getting-started-with-bazaar-for-mysql.html11:29
wgrantHobbsee: But setting you on fire gives us a good reason to push you into a pool.11:30
Hobbseewgrant: neither are overly fun...11:30
wgrantThe latter probably makes the former more fun than otherwise, however.11:31
gordanyone know when staging.launchpad.net will be back online?12:20
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affluxbug 183685 is getting quite annoying. From comment #94 onwards (last one currently is #344) they are all either: out-of-office responders, unsubscribe requests or people telling other people how to unsubscribe.12:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 183685 in compiz-fusion-plugins-main "compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18368513:00
wgrantWhat particularly confuses me is why these people think sending 'unsubscribe' will work.13:01
wgrantI haven't seen any list software do that for a long time.13:01
Hobbseebecause you're supposed to be able todo that for mailing lists, iirc.13:02
wgrantAnd if they're clueless enough not notice an unsubscribe link or read instructions, they should be too new to know about old list managers.13:02
wgrantCan we get a DBA to drop their subscriptions, or something?13:05
wgrantIt's getting ridiculous.13:05
wgrantIt has probably made it into the top 5 ever commented bugs by now.13:05
thumperwgrant: I don't think so13:08
thumpernot top 513:08
* thumper goes to lunch13:08
* wgrant checks.13:08
wgrantMine made it into the top 3 or so with only a few hundred.13:09
wgrantIt's #7 of all time.13:13
wgrantSo not quite #5 yet, you're right.13:13
wgrantBut it'll get there.13:13
asachi. could someone please look at OOPS-1031EA73 (me trying to add network-manager team to modemmanager team)14:08
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beunoasac, it seems the invitation has been declined before14:13
matsubaraasac, you seem to be hitting bug 16520514:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 165205 in launchpad-registry "OOPS changing team ownership to a invited member" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16520514:13
matsubaraasac, oops, not that one14:13
matsubaranevermind me. it is what beuno said14:14
NCommandermorning elmo14:15
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asacmatsubara: and now?14:25
asacmatsubara: i first tried to "add memeber", then i didnt see how to accept that invite14:26
asacthen i saw "add onw of my teams" and used that -> OOPS (1st. dont have the id)14:26
asacthen i found the "accept" decline and declined14:26
asacand used "add one of my team" -> OOPS again14:26
matsubaraasac, is there an option to see the invitation and change it to accept rather than declined?14:27
asacmatsubara: i can try that. just thought that it might be better to keep it at this state until someone looked into it14:31
asachmm ... cant see the old invite anymore14:33
asacmatsubara: ok readding and accepting invite worked14:34
asacso nm ;)14:34
matsubaraasac, cool.14:36
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algaHow do I go about if I want to host my project on LP, but it is already registered by the Registry administrators?16:31
algaSearched the docs, to no avail.16:31
salgadomrevell, see alga's question above17:23
* mrevell looks17:23
mrevellalga: I can help you with that. Send me an email to feedback@launchpad.net with details of the project and something that shows me you're the project owner.17:24
hernadhi cprov, can wi now test upload17:35
hernadwi -> we17:35
algamrevell: Thanks, I already found a pointer on the Registry admins description and filed a question on launchpad.17:39
BjornWHi there. I recently registered a project on Launchpad and I wonder how to use the blueprint feature without access to an external wiki. Is Launchpad going to get a wiki.18:03
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BjornWSorry, what I meant: Are there plans for a wiki in Launchpad?18:04
thumperBjornW: kinda, sorta, sometime18:28
thumperBjornW: well, there will be a public wiki that can be used with Launchpad18:31
matsubarathumper, there is already!18:36
thumpermatsubara: which one?18:37
thumperI was actually thinking of wiki functionality built into LP18:37
matsubarathumper, dev.l.net, isn't that one you're referring?18:37
thumperis that ready for people to use now?18:37
matsubaraafaict, it's open already18:37
matsubarathumper, mrevell has been moving some stuff over there18:38
mrevellthumper: It's there and ready but we're not making much noise about it until beuno's theme is applied to it18:39
LEW21Hi, how to make empty translation of a string in Launchpad Translations?18:50
jordileave it untranslated18:51
jerrykHey everybody.  If I want to do a query via the Launchpad WADL API to get "all bugs modified since insert-date-here", is that possible in the current form of the API?19:05
jerrykBeen browsing the docs and bug db to try to find evidence for or against this possibility.19:06
BjornWthumper: so where is this 'underground; wiki to be found ;)19:08
thumperBjornW: dev.launchpad.net19:08
thumperBjornW: apparently19:08
thumperBjornW: it still needs a nice style added to it19:09
BjornWthumper: aha, it seems to be more geared towards the launchpad devs then?19:10
thumperBjornW: I'm not sure, I think it is supposed to be a general availability thing19:10
thumperBjornW: it is very new19:10
BjornWthumper: ok, if it is to be for the 'general public' and integrated with Launchpad I'm a very happy person :D19:11
thumperBjornW: I think that is the plan19:11
BjornWthumper: I don't need it right away, but it would be a great addition for our plans.19:11
BjornWthumper: Cool, is there a specific place/list to watch for announcements regarding this?19:12
thumperBjornW: the launchpad-users mailing list, or planet ubuntu, or news.launchpad.net19:15
jerrykWhen one does a query in launchpad for "most recently changed" bugs, what's the criterion applied on the server end that qualifies something as "most recently changed?"19:18
thumperjerryk: probably edits or new comments19:25
jerrykthumper:   Is there any notion of how that's limited?  i.e. the last at most N for N some number?  The ones updated in the last certain amount of time?19:26
thumperjerryk: sorry, not my area so I don't know the details19:26
BjornWthumper: thank you for your help. Much appreciated. Gonna check out the things you mentioned19:26
jerrykthumper:   gotcha, thanks.  Any notion of who I might be able to bug about it?19:27
thumperjerryk: BjornT_ should know19:27
Romarioi've just read the following feature description in quite old launchpad release notes19:27
jerrykthumper:   thanks.19:27
Romario"Translation credits are now automatically handled by Launchpad by    listing all contributors in Launchpad along with credits coming from    the PO files"19:27
Romariowhere do i find this function at launchpad?19:28
jerrykBjornT_:   Thumper tells me you're the guy I ought to ask about how queries in teh launchpad API are made/interpreted?19:28
thumperjerryk: to do with bugs that is19:28
jerrykthumper:   thanks19:28
thumperjerryk: had you asked me about branches, I could have helped :)19:28
jerrykthumper:  I'll note that in case I develop a need to know about branches in the future. :)19:28
thumperjerryk: you should look, bzr rocks19:29
jerrykthumper:  Indeed, messing with the launchpad API is my very first exposure to it!19:29
Romariocan anyone please give me a hint?19:34
jerrykOK!  Obnoxious bug posts / feature requests submitted. :)20:04
jerrykIs there a one-true-canonical source for the WADL file descripting the Launchpad API?20:33
jerrykWhere should one go to get the latest/greatest?20:33
rockstarjerryk, the edge server has the latest and greatest.21:22
jerrykrockstar:  What's Launchpad itself implemented in?21:29
jerrykrockstar:   and thanks for the info21:29
rockstarjerryk, what do you mean, what is it implemented in?21:29
jerrykThe server software that implements the Launchpad bug database...  what's *that* written in?21:30
rockstarAh.  Zope.21:31
* rockstar notes that Launchpad is more than just bugtracking... :)21:31
LarstiQAnd that, Python.21:31
rockstarLarstiQ, yes.  I guess I should mention that for people who wouldn't know that.21:32
LarstiQrockstar: I was a bit amazed when Halting State (a novel I'm currently reading) started on the first page with a Zone/Python 3000 programmer21:33
LarstiQZone being a VM for distributed MMORPGs21:33
rockstarInteresting.  I have not read that.21:33
rockstarI've been absorbing Gaiman recently.21:34
LarstiQrockstar: it extrapolates current technological changes ~10 years into the future.21:34
LarstiQrockstar: always a good choice :)21:34
rockstarSo, python 3000 is old skool then?21:34
LarstiQrockstar: still actively being recruited for21:35
LarstiQrockstar: but when one recruiter replies "Yeah yeah, we believe you have all the Java apis memorized" the character thinks to himselve the recruiter is obviously dated21:36
rockstarOh, that's too funny.  I don't know if I'd like it to be that real.  I prefer a high level metaverse, in which code is talked about, but only in generalities.  :)21:37
rockstarPlus, being able to kill someone in Second Life might make me want to use it.21:38
LarstiQrockstar: there hasn't been any actual coding yet (I'm on page 72), I do like the book, after I got used to the style21:39
rockstarI'll have to check it out.21:39
* rockstar adds it to the backlog21:39
LarstiQand mad props for the well investigated Dutch scenes :)21:39
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wgrantCan some person with DB access /please/ remove Fritz Raddatz's structural subscription to malone?23:55
wgrantHe plainly has no clue what he got himself into or how to get out.23:55

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