DanaGnvidia has very firmly placed themselves on my "never buy" list.00:00
penDanaG: so you use Ati?00:02
TheInfinityDanaG: and what would you like to buy? ati? intel? and if its a laptop you justdont get without nvidia? ;)00:02
DanaGWell, my GOOD laptop has an nvidia 7600, which can use the working 177 drivers.... but the LCD in it has died, and I have no external monitor to use.00:02
DanaGSo, I'm temporarily stuck with an old NV17-based laptop.... which has no video drivers.00:02
penDanaG: how does it died?00:03
* djdarkman goes to make a coffe as hard as h3ll00:03
DanaGStarted getting more and more lines down the screen (at one point, the banded area was like 100 pixels wide), and then it finally ceased to show anything.00:03
DanaGOne of the flex-ribbons in the thing must've failed -- the one that goes from the LCD's controller board to the panel (as in, the array of liquid crystals and transistors) itself.00:04
DanaGFor my next laptop, I'm going ATI.  At least there's some hope there, and at least they attempt to support open-source.00:04
TheInfinityDanaG: you know that ATI does not support radeon 9200 and less? ;)00:04
DanaG9200 and lower are open-source, though.00:04
TheInfinityyea,  but not good quality00:05
DanaGAs well as everything up through HD2-series now.00:05
DanaGI'd take "not good" over "utterly shit", as nv is.00:05
DanaGExcuse the profanity, but when I can't even watch a video without it breaking the colors by inverting two of the three color channels... that sucks.00:05
DanaGAnd the drivers have been broken for various reasons (starting with Fedora 9 users) for like 4 or 5 months.00:06
Daekdroomati driver finally supports my X200 on ubuntu 8.1000:06
DanaGI'm coming up on the 6th week of a 10-weeks-plus-finals-week quarter, and once the quarter ends, I shall get myself a new laptop.00:06
DanaGI'm going to be amused (in a "look at how horrible that is" way) if nvidia hasn't fixed those drivers by then.00:07
DaekdroomLike one month and 10 days left, then.00:07
DaekdroomWhich is way too short to fix something like crappy drivers00:07
DaekdroomDepending on how "fix" means in that case.00:08
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DanaGWell, I define "fix" as "fix the ABI version disagreement".00:08
DaekdroomLooks easy to fix when said like that.00:09
DanaGIsn't that something that would just take a simple recompile?00:10
DaekdroomI thought of something like a little typo in the code.. But, heh. Isn't there any PPA repo for the driver?00:10
DanaGNo new driver exists -- even non-packaged beta.00:11
DanaGs/even/not even/00:11
crdlbDanaG: you mean the xserver 1.5 change?00:11
chris1Any had any luck getting pptp vpn working in 8.10 ?00:12
DanaGcrdlb: yup.00:12
crdlbit was more than just an ABI change00:12
djhashhey.. is there a Screen and Graphics panel in ibex?00:15
chris1djhash: like a screen resolution app ?00:15
djhashchris1: no.. the app, where it shows you the screens you have, and you can choose what model/make monitors, and what graphic drivers to use..00:17
chris1djhash:  ahh not sure, with nvidia you have that, but not sure about the base osd00:17
Randomskkhey everyone, I'm installing kubuntu 8.10 RC via the alt disk, setup partitioning manually with encrypted lvm, when it gets to "configuring apt sources" it then asks me to insert media ("please insert disk labeled: kubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_...")00:19
Randomskkthe disk is already in and it's been installing from it up to that point00:19
djhashchris1: oh.. cause one would load up in 8.04 when you have improper xorg configured... but when I upgraded to 8.10.. i get useless dialogs that basically tries to do everything automagically.. and fails miserably..00:19
Randomskkselecting cancel causes continue to be selected and pressing enter on continue does nothing (no disk activity)00:19
Randomskkpressing eject on the drive doesn't release the disk either00:19
chris1djhash:  i know the screens you speak of, what graphics card do you have ?00:19
djhashintel 830MG00:20
Randomskkmost of what I can find on google is people getting that message post-install when trying to apt-get something and it asks for the disk because it's in the sources list00:21
Randomskkbut I can't get to any kind of command line as far as I can tell00:21
Volkodavhow do you get OOo-3 to the menus? It is not showing up and is somewhere in /opt ?00:21
chris1djhash: may want to drop into your xorg.conf file and replace the graphics driver with vesa so you can at least get into your x system to fix it with the correct drivers,  let me see which driver your card needs (it should be one already provided being intel)00:21
RandomskkI've no idea where to go from here, does anyone have any suggestions?00:22
legend2440Randomskk: is intrepid installed?00:25
Randomskklegend2440: no00:26
Randomskkthis is still on the alt install disk00:26
djhashchirs1: my problem is that the screen shows absolutely nothing.. just a cursor that does nothing, then all of a sudden the screen either shutsdown, or gives me the dying colors effect.. when I connect an external monitor, i can see and use ubuntu properly.. I first though maybe resolution issue, but even with the lowest resolution (640x480) it doesnt fix it. xrandr: shows me a list of resolutions on LVDS and VGA, and they are all00:26
djhashright.. except in LVDS, it shows 0mmx0mm while the VGA is 3xxmm x 3xxmm something like that..00:26
lucaxammm, im trying intrepid, and couldnt get direct rendering in two sessions at the same time, im using an intel gma... is it possible?00:26
Randomskkthe hard drive is freshly formatted so nothing is installed00:26
legend2440Randomskk: oh ok not sure then unless it was a bad burn and the cd is defective00:28
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b3nwhow do you restart pulseaudio outside of a full system reboot?00:29
lucaxno idea where i can find some help on enabling direct rendering for two users on intel gma?00:29
djhashchris1: also.. i've simply copied the xorg.conf from 8.04 to 8.10 and it simply just wont work. and it was set to vesa.. anyways.. dont waste your time.. i'm reinstalling 8.04.. i'll wait for liveCD.. (hopefully it'll work, even though 8.04 liveCD didnt load, and i have to use alternateCD..)00:29
Daekdroomdjhash: There won't be many stability improvements till final.00:33
djhashDaekdroom: yeah.. i thought so.. the thing is I think its because ubuntu 8.10 dropping legacy driver support..00:35
djhashDaekdroom: although it clearly states that 830+ should work fine and I have 830MG..00:35
RAOFb3nw: Run "pulseaudio --kill" to kill the current daemon, then "pulseaudio".00:36
ThedjatclubrockWill Ibex have OO.o 3?00:40
RAOFBarring backports.00:41
maxb_Hmm... intrepid gnome-keyring-daemon appears to be ignoring the gconf setting telling it not to be a ssh-agent, and doing it anyway :-/00:41
RAOFThedjatclubrock: No; OOo 3 will not be in teh final release, since it's not in there now.00:42
Volkodavdoes skype support video for conferencing?00:42
ThedjatclubrockRAOF: Why?00:42
remiI've upgraded to Intrepid Ibex from Hardy Heron and I've heard about the new ~/.Private folder, but how do I use this feature after the upgrade (do I have to manually create the folder?)00:43
RAOFremi: The release notes describe the process of creating such a folder; I forget the details right now, but it's something like running the "private-folder-user-setup" command or somesuch :)00:44
nkei0hello all00:45
legend2440remi: http://dustinkirkland.wordpress.com/2008/08/06/encrypted-private-directories-in-ubuntu-intrepid/00:45
RAOFThedjatclubrock: Because it wasn't released early enough to get in, basically.00:45
DaekdroomDamn OO devels :(00:45
ThedjatclubrockRAOF: Will it be an update?00:46
remilegend2440 RAOF: thank you both, I've also found it on http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta#Encrypted%20private%20directory00:46
RAOFThedjatclubrock: Not in main, no.  It'll probably be in the backports repository pretty quickly, though.00:46
Volkodavthere is only audio for conference and no video00:48
ThedjatclubrockIf prefs->screen res doesn't let me choose, where do I go?00:48
RandomskkI've just checked the CD here and it's named "Kubuntu 8.10 amd64" while the installer asks for "Kubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ Release Candidate amd64 (20081022)"00:51
Randomskknot sure if that's why it's not happy or what, but I don't know what I can do about it00:51
b3nwRAOF: pulseaudio -kill = W: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.00:52
DanaGOh yeah, for the encrypted thing... how does it deal with password changes?00:55
HobbseeRandomskk: it shouldn't matter...00:56
Randomskkany ideas on what I could do to figure out the problem or skip around it? I can't seem to give it any input at all - I get cancel or continue and hitting cancel just loads the same screen with continue selected00:57
Randomskkhitting continue does absolutely nothing00:57
RAOFb3nw: That's not an error.00:57
RAOFb3nw: I'm not sure what that warning's doing, but it's just that; a harmless warning.00:58
Randomskkjust md5sum'd the disk, it's valid00:58
HobbseeRandomskk: uh oh.  That doesn't sound good.00:58
HobbseeRandomskk: (can you file a bug about that please, and give me the number?)00:59
RandomskkI just found this IRC log http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/10/08/%23ubuntu+1.txt where cup0spam has the same problem and apparently solves it by swapping out the optical drive01:00
nkei0Anyone want to walk me through deleting a partition and bringing it in on my current partition?  I'm a newbie and the other partition has a bad install of 8.10 on it too.01:00
Randomskkbut I've not got any spare optical drives...01:01
Hobbseeswapping out the optical drives...now there's an interesting thing...01:01
RandomskkI can't see why it'd work up to that point and not beyond though01:01
Randomskkit loads and unpacks everything else fine from the disk, it's only when it gets to "configuring apt sources" that it messes up01:02
HobbseeRandomskk: neither.  Based on the fact that two people have now hit it, i'd say that's a bug.01:02
RandomskkI wonder if it's looking in /cdrom when my drive is for some reason mounted elsewhere01:02
Randomskkand swapping for another drive which does mount in /cdrom could potentially fix that01:02
mini-manSound broken, chose to keep my alsa conf in the upgrade process, apparently a bad idea. Ideas?01:02
HobbseeRandomskk: indeed.  Add that to the bug too :)01:02
Randomskkit does say it's looking for /cdrom01:03
nkei0nevermind, hah i figured it out01:03
RandomskkI'm gonna test it quickly using a guided install, whole disk, really standard since cup0spam had a software raid setup and I'm using encrypted lvm, in both cases I'm guessing we're doing manual partitioning01:03
HobbseeRandomskk: give it a sec...it's being sent to other channels01:04
Hobbseethis feels like irc-tag.01:04
kirklandScottK sent me here to help someone with an alternate cd installer issue?01:06
kirklandRandomskk: you, perhaps?01:06
Randomskkyea :p01:06
HobbseeRandomskk, meet kirkland.01:07
RandomskkI get to "configuring apt sources" and it asks me to insert the disk labeled "Kubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ Release Candidate amd64 (20081022)" in the drive '/cdrom/'01:07
kirklandRandomskk: so i've never installed Kubuntu from the alternate cd, but i've installed encrypted lvm and worked on the server/alternate installer a fair amount01:07
Randomskkif I hit Continue nothing happens at all (drive doesn't spin up), if I hit Go Back it just selects Continue01:07
kirklandRandomskk: hit ctlr-alt-F401:08
Randomskkapparently cup0spam had the same issue http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/10/08/%23ubuntu+1.txt with normal ubuntu01:08
kirklandyou might see some error messages there01:08
Randomskk"the following NEW packages will be installed: installation-report"01:08
kirklandRandomskk: and, fyi, you can get to a command prompt with ctrl-alt-f201:09
kirklandRandomskk: back to the installer screen with ctrl-alt-f101:09
Randomskk"use of uninitialized value $x in scalar assignment at /usr/share/perl/5.10/utf8_heavy.pl line 242, <GEN0> line 1"01:09
ArkoldThosanyone know why scim-gtk got installed via automatic updates?01:09
Randomskkuse of uninitialized value $x in pattern match (m//) at ...heavy.pl line 24301:10
Randomskk..value in split at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/FrontEnd/Passthrough.pm line 6801:10
Randomskklast one repeats01:10
kirklandRandomskk: hmm, those might be warnings01:10
kirklandRandomskk: shift-pageup will scroll up the screen01:10
Randomskkin console I can cd /cdrom and see the disk and all the files are there01:11
Randomskkshift-pgup doesn't seem to work01:11
kirklandRandomskk: any chance you ran the cd integrity check?  (long chance posibility your burn was bad)01:11
RandomskkI've md5sum'd it on my laptop and it's fine01:12
kirklandhm, okay01:12
DigitalFizis there a way to connect to radmin in ubuntu?01:12
Randomskkcup0spam apparently solved it by swapping out his optical drive on that log I pasted a link to01:12
RandomskkI've not got an optical drive handy to test with though01:12
kirklandRandomskk: ?01:13
kirklandoh, that irc log01:13
mini-mananyone? :( speaker-test doesn't show any errors...my volume is maximum...01:14
kirklandRandomskk: when you did the installation, what did you select?01:14
kirklandRandomskk: to choose Kubuntu01:14
Randomskkas in what of the initial options?01:15
Randomskkjust the first one, "install kubuntu" iirc01:15
kirklandRandomskk: so it sounds like your installation options are requiring a package that's not on the alternate-cd itself01:15
RandomskkI originally was using encrypted lvm over two drives but the same problem happens with just a guided whole disk install01:15
kirklandRandomskk: is the machine connected to the internet?01:15
Randomskkand dhcp worked01:15
Randomskknot sure where apt's sources list is though01:15
kirklandi'm surprised it didn't just pull that file from the network, then01:16
kirklandRandomskk: can you file a bug in Launchpad?01:16
kirklandRandomskk: and then, just to get you up and working, start the installation over, but don't add any additional options01:16
kirklandRandomskk: you'll end up with a minimal install01:17
kirklandRandomskk: then you can just do "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"01:17
RandomskkI hadn't added any options, but this is the kubuntu disk01:17
kirklandRandomskk: and it'll install the rest of the packages over the interent01:17
kirklandRandomskk: hrm01:17
Randomskkwhat package do I file a bug under?01:17
kirklandRandomskk: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer01:19
kirklandRandomskk: debian-installer01:19
kirklandRandomskk: that'll get it close enough01:19
VSpikeThe upgrade seems to have left a number of obsolete packages behind - should I report this as a bug?01:21
Randomskkit suggests this bug from last year https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/15594401:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 155944 in debian-installer "Alternate installer fails, asks for Gutsy CD" [High,Invalid]01:21
Randomskkit never got solved but was closed when the guy's machine broke01:22
RandomskkI previously had feisty installed from the alternate disk, and never tried gutsy01:22
ConstantineXVIAfter updating to RC from beta, my Eee's Atheros card suddenly isn't detected.  Anyone know what to do?01:25
deathzorzMy nvidia-settings are not saving to my XOrg file when I use gksudo nvidia-settings. When I click it, it closes the whole window and the settings revert upon restarting my computer. Anyone have similar problems or a solution?01:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 289702 in debian-installer "Installer can't proceed after asking for media change" [Undecided,New]01:29
lenioshi everyone, i'm trying to install ubuntu mobile on eeepc, install is ok, and after a reboot i'm trying to apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, and in the middle on of process, i'm getting errors file system is read only, and then errors everywhere01:34
leniosi actually did this two or three times, same issue01:35
Randomskkkirkland: having the terminal open as it installs lets me shift-pgup scrool, it says "found label 'kubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Release Candidate amd64 (20081022)', installs a signature from the disk, makes a source list entry and writes it01:41
Randomskkthen "skipping non-existing file /cdrom/dists/intrepid/main/binary-amd64/Packages" and a few others01:42
Randomskkquite a few others, maybe 5 or so01:42
Randomskkthen in-target: locate cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locate, no such file or directory01:42
Randomskkgenerates locales01:43
Randomskkperl falls back to C01:43
Randomskkit says the following NEW packages will be installed: installation-report01:43
Randomskkand then those perl warnings and the install screen asks for a media change01:43
BHSPitMonkeyAnything special about setting up a tablet in 8.10?01:43
BHSPitMonkeyI notice that my tablet's name at least shows up as a choice in supporting apps and applets01:43
BHSPitMonkey(Wasn't the case in Hardy).   I still don't know how to actually make it effective, though.01:44
Randomskkthat's also trying while telling it to not configure networking01:46
Randomskksame thing, in other words01:46
Guest365448.10 current release candidate is running extreemly slow reminds me of win 95 any ideas on why this is?01:54
a1lenHey guys. In the wubi install, you allocate however much space you want to be available in the virtualbox. Is there anyway without reinstalling altogether to increase that allocation?01:54
Guest36544none atol no confirmation or contradicition ?01:58
ConstantineXVIa1len: nope01:58
gaelfxsince updating yesterday, my machine has been hanging on shutdown, and I suspect the hang occurs when it is trying to shut down alsa because when I restart, sound is not working because either PCM or Master is muted/set to 0, can anyone help me with this problem?02:00
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andresmhtotem hangs when doing youtube searches, any idea how i can debug it?02:05
acee12345 has anyone had issues with kubuntu 8.10(current release candidate) running extremely slow ?02:06
ldiamondI installed 8.10 server, installed gnome, set up my NIC (worked properly).02:07
ldiamondThen I rebooted (Monitor would not turn on after waking up from sleep), and its not detected anymore02:07
ldiamondif I do ifconfig -a, I now have eth1 (which I didnt have, I had eth002:08
LSD|Ninjaheh, why bother installing Server if all you're going to do is throw a GUI on afterward?02:08
ldiamondI'm only putting the GUI on there, not all the other stuffs02:08
ldiamondI figured it might be easier to go from there than removing everything afterwards02:09
LSD|NinjaA large part of the point of Server is that it doesn't have the GUI02:10
ldiamondbut I want the gui, not the rest.02:10
gaelfxnevermind, found the bug reported: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/28053402:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 280534 in alsa-driver "[intrepid] alsa is broken" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:11
ldiamondI'm not here to debate on wether or not its best to start from scratch and install what I need or get ubuntu desktop and remove what I dont need02:11
Randomskkhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/270461 seems to be the same problem I'm having02:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 270461 in debian-installer "Alpha-5 alternate installer fails" [Undecided,New]02:12
Randomskkand seems to be fixed using a SATA drive rather than IDE02:12
ekigohi, could anyone help me configuring ekiga? it detected a symmetric nat, and i've tried running the script found in http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Ekiga_behind_a_NAT_router to forward the ip... but i get an error saying a directory is nonexistent (and it exists)..02:12
gaelfxRandomskk: are you trying to install alpha-5 or just experiencing that bug?02:13
Randomskkexperiencing that bug02:13
RandomskkI'm using the kubuntu rc alt disk02:13
gaelfxRandomskk: oh, sorry, got no experience with kubuntu :S02:14
Randomskkit seems to be the same bug as ubuntu has :P02:14
RandomskkI would test the ubuntu disk but don't have any more CD-Rs lying around, just a stack of DVDs02:14
Randomskkbut the other people who had the problem were all using ubuntu02:14
gaelfxRandomskk: you did run the check for defects tool, or is that not on the alternate CD?02:15
RandomskkI've md5sum'd the CD on my laptop and got the right checksum02:16
gaelfxoof, that's a heart wrencher02:16
RandomskkI can't go back or continue D:02:17
gaelfxyou said you're using an IDE drive?02:17
Randomskknot got any SATA CD drives to test with, either, and I'm not even sure I have a spare SATA port02:17
Randomskkthe motherboard is four years old or so02:18
gaelfxman, that's rough, I would have expected it to give errors like that on SATA, but not IDE, I got no idea what you could do02:18
Randomskkironically it seems to be working when people switch to sata drives02:18
legend2440Randomskk: if you have hardy disc you could install that and then upgrade02:18
Randomskklatest I've got is feisty, somewhere02:19
Randomskkany way to do a net install from the alt CD?02:19
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:19
Randomskkthere's the minimal CD which makes everything be downloaded from the net but I can't find that for 8.10 RC02:24
Randomskkcan't see any way to use the alt CD to install all packages from the net rather than the CD02:24
ekigo could anyone help me configuring ekiga? it detected a symmetric nat, and basically, i need to do port forwarding but i have no idea how to..02:25
RandomskkI like www.portforward.com02:26
Randomskkit has good guides for pretty much every router and application02:26
Randomskkprobably not for ekiga itself but if you know what ports it needs forwarded and can find out your router make it should work02:26
ekigooh, thanks02:26
danbh_intrepidekigo: yeah, do you want your router to forward ports?02:27
gaelfxI can't get my bluetooth mouse to work, I ran the setup new device wizard, and it says that it configured properly, but the mouse has absolutely no functionality whatsoever, can anyone help me figure out what's wrong?02:27
danbh_intrepidekigo: usually, thats where port forwarding happens...02:27
ekigomm, i think i can have my computer doing it, but the router may work just as well02:27
ekigoi've tried going to the router menu, but i haven't found any port forward menu02:28
danbh_intrepidwhat are you trying to do in the first place?02:28
danbh_intrepidallow incoming connections?02:28
ekigono, ekiga detected a symmetric nat, and it said that if i have STUN i could forward the port to my machine to fix the problem (it needs a cone nat)02:29
ekigoi have no idea what this terms mean though, i'm just repeating what i've read02:30
siavash_so what's up with network manager in intrepid?02:32
siavash_it's showing duplicate versions of my network adapter02:33
siavash_and it'd constantly keep reconnecting02:34
siavash_so I had to deactivate it and I now use ifup/down02:34
siavash_anyone know a way to fix this?02:34
danbh_intrepidsiavash_: have you tried clearing out /etc/network/interfaces?  save the first two lines concerning lo?02:35
siavash_it worked fine at first02:35
siavash_but after a restart i ended up with two auto ethernet options02:36
danbh_intrepidekigo: http://www.asteriskguru.com/tutorials/sip_nat_oneway_or_no_audio_asterisk.html02:37
ekigoi'll take a look at it02:40
siavash_anywho, i just upgraded to RC1 from hardy yesterday, and except for the network manager problem everything went through without a hitch02:40
ekigoi'm trying to use firestarter to do the forward, but on the policy tab it appears disabled... anyone used firestarter before and know how to enable the option?02:50
tsedreytHi guys, anyone have any idea why sometimes I do have sound, sometimes I don't, and when I do, I can't plug speakers in?02:52
crimsuntsedreyt: can you be more verbose/precise?02:53
tsedreytcrimsum: (you've helped me before) I will try.02:54
tsedreytI am on Ibex, and everything worked fine until they released the RC. You gave me a terminal fix that gave me sound, but sometimes it works and then it will stop working as I continue to use my computer, but when I restart, it works again.02:55
tsedreytHowever, I can never plug in speakers when it is working02:55
bofh80tsedreyt, plug in speakers? do you mean a headset? headphones?02:56
tsedreytheadphones, speakers, anything into the typical midi jack.02:57
bofh80tsedreyt, you have a laptop?02:57
tsedreytI am on a thinkpad, so it has internal speakers, but nothing works other than that02:57
bofh80tsedreyt, ohh stinkpad. EOF . lol02:57
tsedreytyeah yeah, I won it, so I'm not complaining, but...you know.02:58
bofh80tsedreyt, i woulda complained ;p02:58
tsedreytfree computer? nah, ill take what I get.02:58
tsedreytso crimsum/bofh: any idea?02:59
bofh80tsedreyt, yey, i spose they had trouble selling it ;p02:59
bofh80tsedreyt, i can't think of any reason why you would get no sound from the standard jack ports. does the sound on the laptop stop when you plug in the speakers / headphones?02:59
tsedreytnope, it keeps going after I unplug it03:00
bofh80tsedreyt, in your volume preferences, you might find some extra options you can tick that will apear in the switches tab, one of them should do it03:00
ArkoldThossomething that is going great for me is kubuntu, with that solid thing03:00
tsedreytbofh: speakers are checked, but headphones are not, checking the headphones might do it?03:01
bofh80tsedreyt, had a similar problem on an old compaq machine with front jacks, had to find the option in there . . that one might do it . :)03:01
smil3yanyone know why atheros ar5001x doesnt work with restricted drivers on intrepid?  it worked in hardy and feisty03:02
tsedreytgreat! any idea why sound stops working sometimes?03:02
bofh80tsedreyt, are there any indications that using certain applications is causing the sound to stop?03:02
gaelfxI've occasionally had problems after a hung shutdown03:02
tsedreythmm, not that I can think of. although sometimes when I open amarok, it says 'xine: no audio drivers found'03:03
crimsuntsedreyt: what fix did I give you?  when is sound inaudible?  what's the url that the alsa-info.sh script gave you?03:04
ArkoldThostsedreyt: amarok1 or amarok2?03:04
tsedreytexcuse me 'xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers.'03:04
tsedreytamarok 103:04
rippssmil3y: have your tried linux-backport-modules?03:05
ArkoldThosyou should try without that .xine or smth file03:05
ArkoldThosor in amarok config folder03:05
ArkoldThosthere is a file, forgotten it's name03:05
bofh80tsedreyt, use audacious if you like winamp. or sigh rythmbox. i really find amarok to be a lot like azereous, i know people like them, but they do not appear to be very clean to me.03:05
ArkoldThosbut usually works if you delete it03:05
ArkoldThosit just regenerate it03:05
tsedreythm, I'm a recent itunes convert (sadly I was bound by an iphone) but I returned that, so I am trying new things out.03:06
tsedreytcrimsum: I believe it was "sudo mv /etc/X11/Xsession.d/70pulseaudio /etc/X11/Xsession.d/59pulseaudio"03:06
bofh80tsedreyt, hahaha, i was going to say amerok makes me think og itunes. which i hate. it's nasty stuff on windows. they should stick to mac i think hehe03:07
tsedreytwhich media player do you recommend?03:07
SilentDisgreetings.  Kubuntu 8.04 user here.  I figure i might as well upgrade to 8.10 now and hopefully spread out the server load a bit in doing so.03:07
macohey guys, anyone use evolution and upgraded from hardy to intrepid in the last few days?03:07
ArkoldThosamarok pwn03:07
ArkoldThosamarok 1 is NICE, amarok 2 have a long way to go but im using it already~03:08
woodyjlwim having lots of luck with ubuntu 8.10 even tho im still a new to linux and got lots to learn but I do have question about suspend mode for laptops03:08
rippsmpd - Media Player Daemon. Favorit music player03:08
crimsuntsedreyt: ok, so the issue is that pulseaudio appears to be dying nondeterministically?03:08
smil3yripps>  well i have backports enabled, what else would i need to do?  restricted drivers are now installed, and only one shows for the intrepid kernel03:08
SilentDisquestion: Kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10.  I assume it's recommended to go in and disable all 3rd party repos first?03:08
macowoodyjlw: if you have nvidia or ati, failing to resume is a known issue in 8.1003:08
RubinSilentDis, the upgrader does it automatically for you :)03:08
bofh80tsedreyt, another good question. totem is the defauult movie player you see. mplayer is nice. xine is err gone. VLC or ogle should handle anythin that doesn't work in the first two. i miss bsplayer, totem started out well, but i don't know went like rythmbox i bit03:08
SilentDisRubin: ahhh, rock on, thank you :)03:08
woodyjlwok I have 200 mobile ATI03:08
ArkoldThosSilentDis: well, packages of that repositories will not get updated due to dependencies and stuff if packages arent made for intrepid03:09
rippssmil3y: linux-backports-modules is a package, I don't think it's even in the backports repository.03:09
tsedreytcrimsum: yes.03:09
macoripps, smil3y: it's in main03:09
macosmil3y: linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic03:09
bofh80tsedreyt, i spose it depends what sort of files you generally play03:09
smil3yripps>  duh never mind i just scrolled down a little more and saw it lol, ill try that thanks03:09
crimsuntsedreyt: won't be able to address that for 8.10 final, then.  will have to wait for -updates.03:10
tsedreytbofh: I just want something that shows/handles my pretty large library, can sync an ipod, and doesn't suck....haha. I mostly use it as a music player, and I have all kinds of types...03:10
smil3yripps>  i just assumed it would be fixed by now i guess, 2 days from release and all oh well03:10
ArkoldThosthey should change the release date <.<03:10
ArkoldThosby a week03:10
bofh80ArkoldThos, heheh, it's always like this i spose03:10
ArkoldThosbofh80: oh, havent been using ubuntu seriously before hardy and intrepid03:11
tsedreytcrimsum: I understand, and thank you for your time, first thing I do every morning is update to hope something is tossed my way, its like of like Christmas....but usually it lets me down03:11
bofh80but them look at windows, it takes 3 service packs before the OS they sell you works properly, at least with this it works out of the box with only bugs to correct03:11
ArkoldThosdebian user since 4-5 years ago here xd03:11
woodyjlwwill there be a fix for the suspend mode on the laptops with ati / nvidia video ?03:11
ArkoldThosthings are released when they are done xd03:11
wgrantwoodyjlw: That largely depends on the manufacturers fixing the proprietary drivers, I'm afraid.03:12
bofh80ArkoldThos, hjehjehje. 'when it's done' lol. hehe debian always rocked compared to it's rivals.03:12
woodyjlwoh ok03:12
ArkoldThosanyway used Sid (unstable) Debian all time03:12
SilentDisthis kinda thing always makes me glad i'm using *ubuntu.  In the windows world, you usually have to pay to get assistance with an upgrade.  here, there's a whole community happy to help. :)03:12
bofh80ArkoldThos, Ximian was a nice step forward on debian, pity about Xandros03:12
ArkoldThosdidn't have many problem with that xd03:12
bofh80SilentDis, yes i would charge you lots of money to help on windows problems. hahahahaha03:13
macoso, any evolution users that upgraded from hardy to intrepid in the last few days?03:13
SilentDisbofh80: good!03:13
SilentDisbofh80: then again, i've not used windows for nearly 3 years now... lol03:13
ArkoldThosmaco, like a week and an half ago here :p03:13
ArkoldThosusing kubuntu03:13
bofh80but with ubuntu i give it for free.03:13
ArkoldThosnothing is better than help people if you can03:13
macoArkoldThos: did your contacts survive the upgrade03:13
ArkoldThosthats what i think03:13
ArkoldThosmaco: all survived03:14
bofh80if you want ubuntu on yer pc i come install it for free. cos it means i never have to visit and sit for 2 hours fixing your damned windows box every month03:14
ArkoldThosall configurations03:14
tsedreytanyone and everyone: favorite music player on linux?03:14
ArkoldThosincluding kopete ones03:14
crimsuntsedreyt: in the meantime, you can modify the amarok launcher to unconditionally restart pulseaudio prior to invoking the binary ;-)03:14
ArkoldThostsedreyt: amarok03:14
smil3ytsedreyt>  amarok here03:14
macoanyone else?  i'm trying to see if anyone else lost their evolution contacts when they upgraded from hardy to intrepid RC03:14
SilentDistsedreyt: don't worry, there'll be someone who says "iTunes under WINE" just to get your dander up :D03:14
bofh80audacious rocls03:14
ArkoldThosaudacious doens't rocks when having more than 27k of songs xd03:15
tsedreytsilentdis: if I had admin powers, id boot them03:15
SilentDistsedreyt: roflmao03:15
bofh80maco, what you would probably want to look at instead is the versions of evolution that have been upgraded. see if there is structure change, if you have to maybe rebuild or convert your old data ?03:15
tsedreytcrimsum: is that very hard/03:16
macobofh80: not my data. i'm trying to see if anyone can reproduce the bug i'm looking at03:16
woodyjlwI have missing video driver in xp on the virtual box and since virtual box is in control of assigning the hardware how do you know what drivers to install to get the video working correctly ?03:17
macobofh80: the reporter thinks the conversion fails for the new database, so i'm trying to find someone to reproduce. if it's an isolated event, that's a bit different from if it happens on many upgrades03:17
smil3yripps>  ok, the backports worked, its showing hardware drivers now, thanks03:18
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
tsedreytI will be back in 5 I have to do laundry, if I wait any longer some dbag is going to take my bedsheets out of the washer and leave them on the floor.03:19
CarlFKvmware-player was in dapper-multiverse - seems it is no longer anywhere - anyone know of a repo I can apt-get it from?03:19
bofh80o0 reminds me . .  Anyone use a Chrome9 HC video card in here?03:19
X4Dhello, how can I make so that ubuntu doesn't change my fstab automatically during boot? I wrote it as root and made the necessary changes and saved but once ubuntu reboots the file is back to the messed  up state it was when I installed ?03:22
tsedreytQuestion: why does my pulse audio manager always say connection refused?03:22
bofh80there's a pulse audio manager? :P03:23
lastelement0hey everyone, i have just recently upgraded to Ibex, and i cant seem to turn of the system beeps03:23
Cahanso right, I upgraded to intrepid, and it's all find and dandy apart from one tiny thing, I cannae connect to my wireless network anymore, iwconfig doesn't show any encryption settings being saved when I try to set them, doesn't work with wicd either, using an ipw220003:23
bofh80lastelement0, roflamo, same here, i never thought to ask tho03:24
lastelement0i checked every sound option i can think of yet none of them seem to turn of the beep03:24
lastelement0bofh80, its so damn annoying03:24
bofh80lastelement0, don't you have a colume control marked 'System Speaker' ?03:24
bofh80lastelement0, i just saw it and muted it, i dunno if it's worked yet.03:24
tsedreytbofh: ...Yes? Am I missing a linux joke?03:25
tsedreytWhy is it say connection refused? could that be why I don't have sound?03:25
CarlFKX4D: huh?03:25
lastelement0bofh80, i looked yet don't seem to have on03:25
bofh80Cahan, are you attempting to use command line to connect? does the network manager applet in the system tray top right not work?03:26
bofh80lastelement0, if you go into the preferences, maybe you can tick it  to show it?03:26
bofh80tsedreyt, no joke, waht's the command?03:26
tsedreytjust in my applications > sound and media > pulse audio chooesr03:26
lastelement0would master or pcm be one of them bofh80?03:26
X4DCarlFK: ubuntu automatically builds the fstab during boot, I want this to be disabled so it respects the changes I made03:27
bofh80lastelement0, it should be right next to them. if not, hit the preferences button, and maybe it's the list, you can tick it to display it nex tot hem ?03:27
Cahanbofh80: well, I use Wicd usually, but that was uninstalled during the upgrade, but network-manager wasn't reinstalled, so I tried connecting via the command line, but that didn't work, currently plugged into router, reinstalled wicd, that doesn't work either03:27
macoX4D: unless major changes happened, no, it doesn't03:27
lastelement0bofh80, i dont see one that says "system"03:27
macoX4D: it definitely should not be doing that03:28
bofh80Cahan, PC Speaker sorry03:28
CarlFKX4D: what would it build it from?03:28
macoX4D: have you turned on a flag in your filesystem so that changes aren't saved over reboots?03:28
bofh80lol i'm getting confused03:28
maco(i have no idea how to do that, but i think it's possible)03:28
bofh80lastelement0, , PC Speaker sorry03:28
X4DWell what I'm trying to is to add 3 hard drives to the fstab so they are mounted in the correct directories, after rebooting the drives are not mounted and the fstab has changed03:28
X4Dignoring all the changes I made03:29
CarlFKX4D: what is the date/time of fstab?03:29
lastelement0bofh80, still nothing03:29
bofh80Cahan, o0. all the network in intrepid is designed to work with network-manager now i believe, set to try and ignore the /etc/network/interfaces. etc. try and install it?03:29
tsedreytbofh: you've got 4 questions at a time03:29
X4Dthe date is from a few hours ago03:30
CarlFKX4D: like when you booted, or installed, or what?03:30
CarlFK(or edited...)03:30
X4Dyes, the date/time is the same as the last reboot03:30
macoX4D: just for debugging, can you try "sudo chattr +i /etc/fstab" and then reboot, but hit "e" on your GRUB kernel option and turn off splash.  see if some init script is trying to edit it?03:31
gaelfx1what's the irc command that I can use to re-identify as my appropriate name?03:31
macoX4D: er, chattr *after* you fix it how you want it03:32
X4Dok, i'll try it03:32
macogaelfx1: /msg nickserv ghost user password03:32
macogaelfx1: then /nick user03:32
=== gaelfx1 is now known as gaelfx
tsedreytokay, does anyone know why pulse audio manager is refused connection to anything and would that be a reason why my sound is shotty?03:33
gaelfxmaco: wow, thanks man03:33
bofh80tsedreyt, i don't have it . and i can't see it in synaptic. i did a clean intrpid beta install . . .03:33
gaelfxfastest reply this side of Rosedale03:33
tsedreythm, bummer.03:34
tsedreytdoes this help?E: alsa-util.c: Error opening PCM device hw:0: Device or resource busy03:35
tsedreytE: module.c: Failed to load  module "module-alsa-sink" (argument: "device_id=0 sink_name=alsa_output.pci_8086_284b_sound_card_0_alsa_playback_0"): initialization failed.03:35
LoCusFI recently upgraded to Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex (last friday) and created another session like always to :1, now my mouse doesn't work at :1 but it does work at :0, what could be wrong?03:36
ArkoldThosno clue, is just wierd :s03:37
LoCusFyep, thats what I'm thinking as well :D03:37
EruditeHermithi, does fglrx in intrepid only support some ATI chipsets?03:38
gaelfxEruditeHermit: you should check out the package details at packages.ubuntu.com03:39
RAOFYes; I forget where the cutoff is.  It should support all the X-series cards, though.03:39
gaelfxit should tell you there which chips it should support03:39
X4Dmaco: ok so I made my changes once again and rebooted, the changes were kept this time, the only different thing I did this time was to include the top line of the fstab "proc /proc /defaults 0 0" which I had forgotten before...03:39
Cahanbofh80: huh, it seems network manager randomly works when wicd and command line tools don't, oh well, thanks for your help03:40
tsedreytso if anyone knows anything about alsa, I have a question. What does this mean:03:40
tsedreytE: alsa-util.c: Error opening PCM device hw:0: Device or resource busy03:40
tsedreytE: module.c: Failed to load  module "module-alsa-sink" (argument: "device_id=0 sink_name=alsa_output.pci_8086_284b_sound_card_0_alsa_playback_0"): initialization failed.03:40
X4Dthanks for your help03:41
EruditeHermitgaelfx: the information there is outdated03:42
bofh80lastelement0, go into System > Preferences > Sound, The Sounds TAB, then untick "Play Alert sound"03:42
gaelfxEruditeHermit: really?03:42
EruditeHermitgaelfx: I think they got a beta version from ATI and now my card is no longer supported03:42
bofh80lastelement0, apparently that works too03:42
lastelement0bofh80, thanks but that hadn't worked03:43
EruditeHermitgaelfx: no other distro has Xorg 7.4 support and even the driver from their website doesn't have it03:43
gaelfxEruditeHermit: oh, sorry03:43
lastelement0bofh80, i had done that and it still played but i found a fix on the forums03:43
EruditeHermitgaelfx: canonical got a special drier03:43
EruditeHermitjust wondering where the cutoff was03:43
bofh80lastelement0, ah cool03:43
lastelement0bofh80, it basically removes the pc speaker all together03:43
Dedicatedi memory leak here around like shit03:43
lastelement0"sudo rmmod pcspkr"03:44
Dedicatedplasma leaking, firefox leaking, clamav leaking03:44
bofh80lastelement0, think we found the same post :P03:44
DedicatedX too03:44
lastelement0bofh80 yup good ol ubuntuforums comes through again03:44
gaelfxEruditeHermit: well, the list is probably pertty similar to the one in the ubuntu standard repos03:45
andresmhis there a utility to do zooming like the Enhanced Zoom Desktop that comes with Compiz but that doesn't need Compiz? That's the only thing I need from Compiz....03:50
bofh80andresj, yes but i haven't figured out how to use it. can you see under Applications > Universal Access > Orca ... .03:52
bofh80andresmh, , yes but i haven't figured out how to use it. can you see under Applications > Universal Access > Orca ... .03:52
andresjbofh80: im guessing u meant andresmh haha03:52
bofh80andresj, sorry chap lol.03:53
andresmhthanks bofh80, i'll give it a try03:53
andresjbofh80: no worries, chap. lol03:53
td123does anyone know what a triaged bug is?03:54
macotd123: it means the information the developers need is there03:54
td123maco: thank you03:54
macotd123: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status for more info03:54
tsedreytOne last question for anyone, if I am going to make a media partition for my media, what kind of partition should I make it? (nfts, fat32). I'd like it to be usable by windows03:56
RAOFext3 is usable by windows (with the driver from fs-driver.org, IIRC).03:56
macoand NTFS works for both as well03:57
X4Dtsedreyt:  with FAT32 you would limit yourself to 4GB file sizes03:57
macoNTFS is actually probably better since it's journalled in both OSes.  the journalling is not supported with Windows using that driver for ext3...it treats it like ext203:57
tsedreythm...okay. thank you guys.03:58
gaelfxyeah, I got pretty good Ext3 support in windows from a prog named Ext2IFS03:59
gaelfxoops, guess he's gone now03:59
Dedicatedanyone else experience alot of memory leaks with kubuntu?03:59
DanaGI actually use ext2fsd, a different piece of software; I set it to read-only mode.  That way, I can guaranteeably always read the linux partition, with no chance of corruption.  When writing in Vista with it, it does tend to corrupt stuff.04:00
DanaGBut I'd rather have always usable read-only than have sometimes-writable and sometimes "do you want to format it?"04:01
admin_masu3701do anybody know a channel for networking04:03
bofh80admin_masu3701, networking in what sense? general questions can be asked here. ask away what the problem or question is, and we can direct you04:05
admin_masu3701bofh80: am just about to start learning networking..so i though there was a networking chennel04:06
SilentDisgrrr.  make teh download go faster! *gets out and pushes*04:07
gaelfxI know a lot of people have been having trouble with bluetooth mice not reconnecting after reboot, and I did get mine to connect once, but it had no functionality, and now I can't get it to be recognized any more, can someone help me? I suspect it has something to do with the fact I have sdpd in my /usr/sbin04:07
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X4Dwhy am I getting permission denied with sudo ?¿04:16
shirishhi all, my motherboard doesn't support/have bluetooth although the service bluetooth is on . I disabled the service this session 'service bluetooth stop' but isn't there a GUI with which I can say which services to start and stop each session?04:17
zerwasshirish, don't know GUI but... sudo /etc/init.d bluotooth start should do it04:18
zerwasX4D, because you don't have the permissions? ;)04:18
shirishzerwas:  I don't want to use bluetooth (my motherboard doesn't have bluetooth facility) , I want to keep it stopped every session, know how?04:19
zerwasshirish, sure, there is also a GUI04:19
shirishzerwas:  know the name of that utility?04:19
gaelfxshirish: in system->preferences->session04:19
zerwasshirish, but i don't know the english words... go to system -> administration -> services04:19
NaisenuTrying to figure out how to make my 5.1 sound work. Alsa has already been told it's got a 6 channel system. A "speaker-test -Dsurround51 -twav -c6" tells me I have front left & front right channels.04:20
X4Dzerwas: i did sudo gedit /etc/fstab, cant save... then I tried sudo cp /etc/fstab2 /etc/fstab... permission denied04:20
zerwasX4D, huh?04:21
zerwasX4D, cd /etc04:21
zerwasX4D, sudo touch test04:21
X4Dzerwas: created the file no prob04:22
zerwasX4D, ls -lhas /etc/fstab04:22
shirishgaelfx: zerwas: thanx, there is a utility which stops or starts services so next time while booting up the services wouldn't start or stop at all.04:22
zerwasshirish, right.04:23
shirishgaelfx: zerwas: the System>Preferences> Sessions just makes sure that its not in your session, its per-user stuff, not global04:23
X4Dzerwas: -rw-r--r-- root root 59804:23
gaelfxshirish: yeah, my bad04:24
shirishgaelfx: zerwas: I know there is a utility to stop or start services globally (not user-specific) just not knowing the name.04:24
gaelfxshirish: zerwas's services thing should work though04:24
zerwasgaelfx, looks good. sudo nano /etc/fstab also does not work?04:25
zerwasi mean X4D04:25
ArkoldThosi have downloaded a source package, how can i make a deb package with it?04:25
zerwasArkoldThos, with checkinstall for example.04:26
X4Dzerwas: nope nano gives me the same permission denied04:26
zerwasArkoldThos, sudo apt-get build-dep packagename and then ./configure && make and then sudo checkinstall ...04:27
zerwasX4D, umm ... don't know, sorry. can you do "sudo -s"?04:27
shirishanother query, the comp. I have doesn't have cpu frequency scheduling, so is it useful for me (powernowd) ?04:27
X4Dzerwas: well thanks for the help anyway, "sudo -s" didn't work either04:28
dougbis it pretty easy to install flash player 10 on the amd64 version of ubuntu 8.10?04:29
zerwasX4D, did you change something with the permissions?!04:29
ArkoldThoszerwas: sudo apt-get build-dep doesnt do nothing :o04:29
darksynsanyone know which drivers to use for nvidia nforce 430 geforce 650se04:29
zerwasArkoldThos, sudo apt-get build-dep packagename was what i wrote :)04:30
zerwasArkoldThos, depends if the package is also available in an older version in the repositories or not.04:30
ArkoldThosi put it :p04:30
ArkoldThosdavid@arkpc:~/ubuntu$ sudo apt-get build-dep yatc04:30
zerwasArkoldThos, ok then it's not available and you will have to solve dependencies on your own04:30
darksynshelp with this nvidia card please04:31
zerwasdougb, search google.04:31
ArkoldThoszerwas: the tar.gz includes debian folder04:31
zerwasdarksyns, hello. no.04:31
zerwasdarksyns, ;-)04:31
darksynsu dont know which to use?04:31
ArkoldThosdougb: yes, is very easy04:31
zerwasdougb, there is a script here for example: http://meandubuntu.wordpress.com/2008/08/20/flash-10-rc-on-ubuntu-amd64/04:31
darksynsim having a hard time with any nvidia driver04:31
X4Dzerwas: no didn't try messing with the permissions04:31
darksynsolder ubuntu versions would just download it for u04:31
bofh80darksyns, System > Administration > Hardware Drivers ?04:32
darksynsdoes nothing04:32
zerwasX4D, any strange constellation with your hard drives or partitions?04:32
zerwasX4D, did you have the problem since the installation?04:33
darksynsim also using virtualbox04:33
darksynsis that a problem?04:33
zerwasdarksyns, you are running Ubuntu in Virtualbox?04:33
bofh80darksyns, vitualbox does not support 3d drivers.04:33
zerwasdarksyns, yes this is indeed a problem.04:33
X4Dzerwas: "Operation not permited" while trying to change permissions, i did not have this since installation, the last thing I changed before this happened was the owner of a drive "sudo chown -R /username:root /media/hd201" and then this came up04:35
X4Dzerwas:  */username:root -> username:root04:36
ArkoldThosin what package the opengl dev headers are?04:36
frosterrjwow, intrepid on Aspire One, VirtBox with TinyXP and my cisco vpn connection.  8 gb drive and 512mb ram.  XP is damn fast.  This could really be my travel machine!!!04:37
X4Dzerwas: drives and all permissions have been changed well, there's no problem with the previous changes or anything out of the ordinary04:37
zerwasX4D, have a look in the /etc/sudoers if everything is right04:37
frosterrjoh, and with the atheros wireless working...it's gotta be the shiznit fo sho!04:39
NaisenuIs 5.1 sound an issue in Ibex? (or just my machine)04:40
X4Dzerwas: "(User privilige specification) root ALL=(ALL) ALL"04:40
frosterrjnite all....04:40
zerwasX4D, btw hope you used sudo visudo04:41
X4Dzerwas: I just looked at the file with nano, didn't do any changes04:41
gaelfxNaisenu: have you tried googling that?04:41
ArkoldThosat package contains GLICT dev files?04:41
zerwasX4D, is there no %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL ?04:41
Naisenuit's not pulling up much of help04:41
gaelfxthat would suggest to me that the problem is on your machine then04:42
Naisenui also have my previous notes on what i did for Hardy ... but the same option that i used last time isn't available now04:42
X4Dzerwas: it's there below the commented lines04:42
DanaGoh, PulseAudio doesn't default to surround by default.04:42
DanaGYou have to edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf to set default-sample-channels=6.04:43
NaisenuI had a "Spread Front to Surround and Center/LFE" option and it's not there04:43
crimsunor however many channels you have.04:43
DanaGOh yeah, I've noticed really odd behavior with mplayer under PulseAudio.04:43
DanaGif you pause and resume repeatedly, such as by using frame skip, eventually playback hangs.04:43
gaelfxNaisenu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/219081 looked at this?04:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 219081 in linux "no 5.1 sound on sound blaster live" [Low,Incomplete]04:43
DanaGIt may be after just two frame skips ('.' key).04:44
crimsun*sigh*  I wish people would stop abusing asoundconf, but I suppose that's what happens when people don't understand runtime alsa-lib configuration.04:48
gaelfxDanaG: did you figure out your bluetooth problem ever?04:48
crimsunNaisenu: 5.1 is not a problem under 2.6.27, no.  What troubleshooting steps have you done?04:49
DanaGI'm using the mplayer pulse plugin, specifically.04:49
gaelfxcrimsun: by the by, I logged before you gave me advice last time about my PCM being off, Hobbsee told me though, so thanks much!04:50
Naisenucrimsun: enabling 6 ch in Alsa mixer (HDA Intel (Alsa mixer)) and made sure those volumes are up04:50
crimsungaelfx: yw.04:50
DanaGOn my 'good' computer, it works better with the openal plugin, oddly enough -- but not on this old computer.04:50
crimsunNaisenu: please save and run http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh04:50
Naisenucrimsun: And on Hardy, I had a "Spread Front to Surround and Center/LFE" option and it's not there now.04:51
Naisenui'd love to run it ... but it doesn't want to run04:53
Naisenuyay for husbands ... it gave an error though04:55
Naisenuerror = http://pastebin.com/m2185fc9b04:56
RAOFNaisenu: You probably want to run that as "bash alsa-info.sh" if you're not going to mark it as executable.04:59
hex4def6Hi -- I'm trying to compile guile on ibex, but its breaking due to D_FORTIFY_SOURCE. How do I change Ubuntus defulat CFLAGS?04:59
Naisenuthanks :)  that worked: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=291981b819da540359d9521cb89d0a692ddf44db04:59
RAOFcrimsun: ^^^05:00
crimsunNaisenu: / RAOF: thanks05:00
crimsunhex4def6: add -Wno-error to the CFLAGS05:01
crimsunhex4def6: (it has been reported upstream; that's how it's worked around in intrepid)05:01
hex4def6crimsun: I assume you mean in the guile Makefile? In general, though, where is Ubuntus set of CFLAGS? I assume there must be some .conf somewhere...05:03
shirishgaelfx: zerwas: I was talking about bum05:09
shirishubottu: bum05:10
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto05:10
shirishinfo bum05:10
gaelfxshirish: oh, ok,never heard of that one I'll check it out, thanks!05:10
gaelfxgood circuits everybody, I'm out!05:11
crimsunhex4def6: you can, yes, or just invoke make with additional CFLAGS, or pass additional CFLAGS to configure05:11
hex4def6the thing is, part of my issue is I'm dealing with a cross compiling enviroment, and I want to modify ubuntus CFLAGS directly, just to see if they're the ones being used by the crosscompiler05:13
hex4def6So; throw me a bone: where are they stored? :)05:13
RAOFhex4def6: In the environment, if anywhere; I don't believe we actually set default CFLAGS.05:14
RAOFWe have default CFLAGS while building packages, but they're explicitly set with dpkg-buildpackage.05:14
crimsunNaisenu: in a Terminal, does `pasuspender -- speaker-test -c6 -Dplug:surround51' work as expected?05:16
Dulakhex4def6: afaik cflags are set in the source package per package, nothing global05:16
hex4def6Oh, ok. Hmm.05:16
hex4def6Ok, I'm a bit of a n00b at this, but I don't understand then: passing -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=0 to configure seems to fix the compile issue, but that flag is supposed to be an 8.10 feature. This program, though, doesn't seem to set -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE to anything in the Makefile. So where is it coming from?05:21
RAOFProbably from configure?05:23
Tukonasked the other day about an adept problem05:24
Tukontrying to install koffice-kde4 (the koffice2 beta)05:24
Tukonbut when i add the line to third party sources05:25
Tukonit still doesnt update the package list05:25
Tukonwhat'd the console command to manually do it?05:25
crimsunhex4def6: see http://patches.ubuntu.com/g/gcc-4.3/extracted/gcc-default-fortify-source.dpatch05:25
hex4def6This is a patch against gcc itself? so this is then set by default whenever gcc is invoked, unless explicitly *disabled*?05:28
crimsunhex4def6: correct.  It was enabled back in June, and it was tested during the hardy development cycle.05:29
hex4def6Things are starting to make sense then. Thanks for the insight05:29
wiivile2if i want a live usb install of ubuntu for my laptop, should i use the current release or wait for 8.1005:53
ChadAyersanyone have any tips on improving video play back on ubuntu 8.1?  when i do full screen DVD or flash it looks kinda choppy.  I've activated the current 177 driver for my nvidia card and played with the quality settings but still looks horrible.05:53
ChadAyersHello?  this thing working?05:54
RAOFChadAyers: Yah.05:54
ChadAyershmm..  I'd hate to go back to Vista, but my video playback was much better05:55
RAOFWhat is it that you have tried?05:56
ChadAyersI check that I used the current recommended driver and played with the quality/speed adjustment for my nvidia card05:56
RAOFAh.  That switch isn't going to do anything useful.05:56
RAOFBut others might.  For example, flash won't do GL-accelerated video scaling while Compiz is active.05:57
ChadAyersis compiz the desktop enhancment?05:58
RAOFDesktop effects, yes.05:58
ChadAyersits off.. i haven't turned it on yet05:58
RAOFIt'll be on by default.05:59
ChadAyersnon of the functions for it work05:59
ChadAyersthats where ya can do like Windows key + tab right?05:59
RAOFNot by default, I think.06:00
ChadAyershmm  well when i used it before i had to turn it on after install and then the affects worked.  non if it is on right now06:00
RAOFPress Alt-tab; if you see thumbnails of your open windows you've got desktop effects enabled :)06:01
ChadAyersjust the icons no thumbnails of windows06:01
RAOFOk; strange.  I'd've thought you'd get compiz by default.06:02
xcercadoes gnome-do actualt start programs faster ?  how do you use it ?06:02
ChadAyersnot with the nvidia card i have.  you're required activate it because drivers are restricted.06:03
RAOFxcerca: <super><space> (type something, get some item) <tab> (type something else, get some action) <enter>06:03
xcercadoes that start porgrams faster ?06:04
RAOFxcerca: You probably want to enable some plugins, too; they do interesting things.06:04
RAOFDepends on what you mean by "faster".  It's quicker for me to type <super><tab>"te"<enter> to get a terminal than it is for me to go up to the menus, yes.06:05
mike-soliduskwin crashes on startup and gtk apps are unthemed, anyone know how to fix this?06:06
RAOFIt also does other stuff; I particularly like selecting some text, <super><space>sele(cted text)<tab>(send to )Paste(bin)06:06
apparle8.10 has OSS sound support ??06:06
RAOFapparle: Ish.06:06
xcercaRAOF , isn't Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V a bit easier...  i think it is06:07
apparleRAOF: what?06:08
RAOFxcerca: I don't find it so; that requires me to start a browser, add a new tab, go to a pastebin, paste the text, and hit the "submit" button.06:08
RAOFxcerca: With Do, I just select the text and get back a URL06:08
RAOFapparle: There's kinda OSS support, in that both pulseaudio and ALSA kinda support it.06:09
RAOFapparle: It is, however, impossible to properly support.06:09
jscinozjust wondering06:09
xcercao, cool06:10
jscinozon the intrepid alternate installer, when you choose what packages to install, there is a new one "ubuntu-mobile", what does this entail? the netbook specific stuff or is it for embedded mobile platforms?06:10
DanaGPulseAudio can't use oss4.... or rather, oss4 breaks the API so PulseAudio can't use it.06:13
jjgalvezis there any disadvantage to updating from 8.04 using the alternate iso rather then updating online?06:25
RAOFjjgalvez: Not really.  You'll likely need an internet connection anyway, though, as the alternate iso is unlikely to have _all_ the packages you've got installed.06:25
jjgalvezRAOF: Thanks, I just like having the ISO for the bulk of the update so I was hopping that it was basically the same thing either way06:27
wiivile2if i want a live usb install of ubuntu for my laptop, should i use the current release or wait for 8.1006:28
nekostari went to the lower nvidia driver and this seems to be better06:28
nekostarstable around 140MB for Xorg06:28
nekostarwiivile2 get the current one06:28
nekostarfollow directions at pendrivelinux.com06:28
jjgalvezwiivile2: I'd wait, it will be out very soon06:29
wiivile2what's wrong with 8.106:29
nekostarand then redo the iso side but not the persistant partition06:29
nekostarjjgalvez this one's not gonna be done for a bit i think... gonna be lots of updates for a couple months..06:29
jjgalvezwiivile2: well it looks like you're better off with the current release then06:30
firestorm__i updated to 8.10  im now geting a whole bunch of end_request i/o error,  on dev sr0 on sector 85000ish and buffer i/o on sr0 on logical sector 101000ish on boot, at the start of when it shows the text, it also does it when it loads drivers, and mounting local filesystem fails, but i appear to boot fine06:39
firestorm__logical block*06:41
Dediim sooo tired of usb stops working for newly plugged in devices06:50
Dediits a pain with a usb switchbox06:51
admin_masu3701hello there06:53
admin_masu3701do anybody know when is ubuntu 8.10 coming out?06:53
admin_masu3701is it today?06:53
rwwadmin_masu3701: 4 days to go :)06:54
rwwadmin_masu3701: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule06:55
admin_masu3701rww: will it be alot differentn from beta version?06:56
rwwadmin_masu3701: feature freeze was at the end of august. Theoretically, most of the changes since then were bug fixes, rather than new features. Therefore, no, probably not.06:57
rwwadmin_masu3701: although, if you were affected by a bug that's since been fixed, you'd see a difference :)06:58
admin__ubottu is wh06:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is wh06:59
admin__ubottu hello06:59
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1!06:59
admin__ubottu thanks06:59
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)06:59
admin__ubottu send me this back admin_07:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:00
admin__ubottu is cool07:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is cool07:00
rww!fishing | admin_07:00
ubottuadmin_: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:00
jon_high9000hi there. i have been trying to resolve a screen resolution problem on intrepid. i cannot seem to get any higher than 800x600.07:03
admin__whats different from 8.0407:04
DigitalFizyay my handycam works in 8.10!07:05
rwwadmin__: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex/TechnicalOverview#New Features since Ubuntu 8.0407:07
admin__how can i add more storage to a parttion i still have unallocated space07:07
admin__how do i become a channel operator07:14
admin__how do i become a channel operator07:15
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nekostarok lets see if we can get kde going this time07:24
UbuntuHelperanyone have UBUNTU Question07:27
* Uzzi saluta tutti07:53
acusterHey all, what's the correct way to remap keyboard keycodes these days? My old script works for a while and then no more.07:53
acusterI had:07:53
acusterxmodmap -e "clear Lock"07:54
acusterxmodmap -e "keycode 66 = BackSpace"07:54
acusterxmodmap -e "keycode 22 = Caps_Lock"07:54
acusterxmodmap -e "add Lock = Caps_Lock"07:54
acusterwhich I add to the Sessions -> Startup Programs07:54
acusterany alternatives?07:54
chuxxssshi all08:00
chuxxsssI'm still having problems with the fence_tool on start up have to wait 300 sec to start08:07
acusterhey all, in the release notes there is a description of the evdev being incompatible with xmodmap, anyone know where I can get more info?08:13
SilentDishello.  Just upgraded to Kubuntu 8.10 RC.  my screen seems to 'flicker' every once in a while, like it goes black for a split second, then comes back.08:23
acusteranyone know how to remap keys on 8.10?08:23
geremydoes anybody know if tv out is supported on the intel 945's in intrepid?08:43
bhueyCan I apt-get upgrade to this latest release ? howto ?08:45
TheInfinitybhuey: dont use unstable software if you cant google this for you alown.08:47
cypherdelicwhat will the next release be named?08:49
TheInfinity-> topic08:50
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bhueyTheInfinity: I'm a Linux kernel developer. Does that qualify me ?08:54
TheInfinitybhuey: then you would know how to read topics ;)08:54
bhueyI'm just looking for a apt source to upgrade since I'm old school08:55
bhueyI don't trust the GUI tools as a matter of principal08:55
bhueyand there wasn't much on that at any of the public links that I saw08:55
alanbshepard70I heard that the pre release of 8.10 was destroying NICs, do I need to be concerned about installing the 8.10 RC on my PC?08:56
AstralJavabhuey: `sudo do-release-upgrade -d` for CLI release upgrade.08:56
bhueyAstralJava: thanks, got it, so the apt-get method has been deprecated ?08:57
TheInfinitybhuey: yes08:57
apwbhuey: i believe you can just change your hardy to intrepid in /etc/apt/sources.list08:57
TheInfinitysince a few versions already08:57
bhueyapw: that's what I'd normally do08:57
apwand then update.  but the gui does do more than just that08:57
lchhi, how do I request that a security fix for a package in the intrepid repositories is being applied? It already is in the Debian source repo, I'm just not sure about Ubuntu08:57
bhueyTheInfinity: didn't know that08:57
bhueyapw: I'll just follow the instructions08:57
apwand i hate gui's but i did use update-manager -d08:57
bhueyit's simple enough08:57
apwto do my update and it seemed to work pretty well08:57
AstralJavabhuey: Sort of. That's the equivalent for update-manager, just for CLI. Includes all sorts of hooks Ubuntu developers created for smoother upgrade experience.08:57
bhueyAstralJava: yeah, I'll use that since I don't want to repair a broken upgrade or something like that. I don't have the time to waste on it08:58
apwalanbshepard70: that was probablaly the e1000's that were getting wiped, that should be fixed in the current kernels09:00
AstralJavabhuey: But then you might wanna wait until Intrepid is released, plus a couple of days for the first SRUs have sunk in.09:00
Randomskkdoes anyone know if I can use the alt disk to install but have it fetch packages from the internet rather than the CD?09:00
AstralJavabhuey: If you do that, get rid of the -d flag from the command.09:00
bhueyAstralJava: jessu christ this upgrade is huge09:00
alanbshepard70apw: Ok thanks I just wanted to make sure I had nothing to fear. I love Ubuntu and wanted to get the latest release.09:01
AstralJavabhuey: Naturally. There's a whole lot of stuff changed.09:01
bhueyAstralJava: I just won't reboot my machine just yet09:01
bhueyAstralJava: yeah, it seems to get larger and larger after every release, scary and impressive at the same time09:01
AstralJavabhuey: You have UPS and the like to guarantee that? Redundant PSUs and stuff? :D09:01
bhueyhello no09:01
bhueyhell no09:01
bhueyI mean, I use to work on enterprise file systems so I'm kind jaded by software in general09:02
AstralJavabhuey: That is true, but not necessarily the topic for this channel. Lotsa people have opinions about the growing base.09:02
AstralJavabhuey: Understood.09:02
bhueylike I know better now to not trust anything09:02
lchanybody? how do I request that a security fix for a package in the intrepid repositories is being applied? It already is in the Debian source repo, I'm just not sure about Ubuntu09:02
AstralJavalch: #ubuntu-bugs for starters. Have a bug number handy.09:04
lchAstralJava, I have a bug number from the Debian Bugtracker, and a link to the Debian sid package page, is that okay?09:05
betzimy keyboard isnt working after i updated to new 8.10. touchpad is working09:06
AstralJavalch: Most likely not. At this phase of the release cycle, they're gonna need everything played by the book. An LP Bug filed, etc. They'll walk you through the process there.09:06
betzihow can i fix it?09:06
lchapparently the XSS problem was announced in the Ubuntu Mediawiki Maintenance Team email list, too09:06
lchok thanks09:07
AstralJavalch: No prob. Also be aware that only release critical uploads will enter the repos until the release happens. Everything else will happen as SRUs.09:08
betzimy keyboard isnt working in X11 desktop after i updated to new 8.10. touchpad is working fine...in the virtual terminal the keyboard is working.. can someone help me?09:09
Greenerywhen I play video, its plays but the video is flickering with black spots all over it. Any idea what's the problem? I'm using Kubuntu 8.10RC09:36
dliGreenery, sounds like video driver issue09:39
Greeneryhow do i find out witht he video driver issue?09:39
betzimy keyboard isnt working in X11 desktop after i updated to new 8.10. touchpad is working fine...in the virtual terminal the keyboard is working.. can someone help me?09:40
woden1Why is the guest account only able to be accessed from the Fast User Switch Applet in the upper-right hand corner?09:49
definitelyHello anyone was able to start Cairo-Dock on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex AMD64 ?09:51
Greeneryguess xv is causing the problem09:53
definitelywhat is xv ?09:53
Greeneryoh i was referring to my problem09:54
mnemochi, how can one know what package owns a given file?10:05
=== mvo_ is now known as mvo
apwif the file is installed then dpkg -S <filename> will look it up10:11
woden1How do I get flash working in Ubuntu?10:13
mnemocgood, but likes to eat tons of CPU :(10:13
lchwoden1, install flashplugin-nonfree10:15
woden1lch: do I also need libflashsupport10:16
lchno, unless it's a dependency10:16
punzadaQuestion, any ideas on how to control my fan on my gateway laptop mx400? google seems pretty unproductive everything involves me invoking a FAN0 from echo 3 > /proc/acpi/fan/FAN0/state but there is no FAN0 there.10:17
punzadano fans listed at all under /acpi/fan10:17
chuxxsssHi al the new update is dropping the eth0 connect on auto?10:19
chuxxsssafter 3 to 4 hours10:20
mnemocapw: thanks10:21
mnemocapw: thanks, worked :)10:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pci10:21
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about acpi10:22
woden1what is the audio support in ubuntu 8.10?  oss, alsa, or pulseaudio?10:23
punzadasupports all three, default is pulse10:23
punzadaand in my experience pulse support has greatly increased10:24
filo1234i guys, i have a curiosity, so i have see wich ibex work without xorg.conf too, so question is in case of graphic problems, where i can put hands?? where is configuration file??10:29
amroafter updating packages a couple of days ago, I have this annoying bug where hitting alt-f2 leaves alt "pressed" permanently, so I can't type or click on windows10:30
amroonly thing that fixes it is switching to a tty and killall kdm10:30
apwmy understanding is that there is a fallback mechanism in the X server should its chosen driver fail, i also think that you can have a file should that be helpful10:31
filo1234apw: is your answer for me?10:31
apwyep sorry10:32
filo1234apw: ok, sure i can use an xorg.conf too, but if i remove it?? :)10:33
apwfilo1234: its more that the file is now optional, without it it probes for everything as if you have a file with no details in10:33
filo1234apw: ok and i ahve another question, there is some new command for configure X??10:35
apwit doesn't really seem you need one, as everything is probed.  if you do need to override decisions, then you change xorg.conf as normal10:37
filo1234ok thanks a lot apw10:37
woden1How do I remove my user from the sudoers list (after unlocking root account) ?10:38
apwwoden1: remove yourself from the admin group10:40
woden1apw: I did not see any admin group in /etc/group10:40
apwin my /etc/sudoers file i have %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL10:42
apwand i am listed in my groups file under admin10:42
apwwhats in your /etc/sudoers file?10:42
woden1apw: here is my /etc/sudoers:  http://paste.debian.net/20092/10:48
apwthat is the same as mine pretty much which implies you are getting sudo ability through the admin group10:49
apwmy login appears in /etc/group in admin and lpadmin groups10:49
woden1apw: I don't appear to be in the admin group though10:52
apwthen its not clear how you are getting sudo priv10:52
apwwhat groups are you in10:52
woden1apw: here is my /etc/group:  http://paste.debian.net/20094/10:52
woden1apw: Oh I see.  I had to log out and log back in.10:53
woden1apw:  Now it says I am not in the sudoers file.10:53
apwahhh you had changed it10:53
woden1apw: So now how do I tell Ubuntu to let me run system configuration stuff?10:54
apwhaven't you just told it you don't want it to let you by removing your sudo access?10:54
woden1If I go to System --> Administration --> Users and Groups, I get an error:  You are not allowed to access the system configuration10:54
woden1apw:  it should prompt me for the root password now.10:55
apware you saying you want it to do that, or that documentation says it will10:55
woden1Sorry, I am saying that I want it to do that.10:56
apwwoden1: hmmm10:57
samurdhacould anyone help me install madwifi drivers on intrepid ibex?10:59
woden1apw:  You understand what I am saying of course, yes?10:59
wgrantWhy precisely are you dealing with a root password?11:00
woden1apw:  BTW, this is the default behavior on Debian.  Root is unlocked and regular user is not in admin group and has no sudoer privilege.  When you launch a system config utility, it prompts for your root password.11:00
woden1wgrant:  Because this is how I prefer to use the system.11:00
wgrantThat's very strange of you.11:00
woden1wgrant:  define strange.11:00
apwi would not be supprised if it uses another group to allow su access11:01
apwand if debian has it its likely still in there...11:01
samurdhacould any1 help me with my wlan?11:02
betzimy keyboard isnt working in X11 desktop after i updated to new 8.10. touchpad is working fine...in the virtual terminal the keyboard is working... where can i start to fix the problem?11:03
wgrantbetzi: Try moving /etc/X11/xorg.conf out of the way, and restart X.11:05
betzinow i got a kernel panic: VFS: Uanbel to mount root fs on unknown-block11:06
betziah wayne on, i will reinstall ubunut -.-11:06
samurdhadoes any1 know how to install madwifi?11:07
Opr8iVeIbex broke my system..  LOL.. Not really.. just fun to complain..11:15
Opr8iVeId did some odd things, however.. was wondering if there were some gurus in here willing to help out a semi-newbie11:15
Opr8iVeStrange thing: Using the latest kernel (installed by the Ibex upgrade) system hangs at boot, unless Im pressing a key.. (Capslock, for instance)11:17
Opr8iVeStranger thing: it broke all my other previous (working) kernel builds11:17
Opr8iVeStrangest thing: When doing the dpkg command at the recovery screen, it finally eliminated all my older kernels from the system (and took them out of menu.lst11:19
Opr8iVefark.com: system still works fine, once you get pas the boot. "Ta Da!"11:19
Opr8iVeoh, and as an aside.. You may want to adjust the settings or whatever to not indicate (in update manager) theres a new dist version available, until its out of beta..11:21
wgrantOpr8iVe: It won't say that unless you pass -d to update-manager...11:25
Opr8iVeOh cripes.. thats what that switch is for.11:26
* Opr8iVe apparently knows only enough to be dangerous 11:26
Opr8iVeIn other news, it all looks like its working quite well.. Other than the boot issue11:27
Opr8iVePlus, I cant seem to get the -rt kernel to boot at all11:27
Opr8iVeI tried the nolapic workaround, but when I do that, it doesnt seem to be able to see my hd11:28
Opr8iVeso, am I really in the wrong place to ask about help? the #ubuntu channel sent me here..11:33
Opr8iVeor (in yoda voice) is the "strong in here, idle is"11:34
aLeSD_hui all11:36
aLeSD_I'm tring to install the rc of 8.1011:36
aLeSD_I triend with Xubuntu 32bit - desktop edition and ubuntu 8.10 amd64 desktop edition11:37
aLeSD_but I'm in troubles with networking11:37
aLeSD_I mean I cannot connect with wired interface11:37
aLeSD_tring to run the dhcpclient by terminal it gives errors like no buffer space available or message too long11:38
aLeSD_has someone the same problem ?11:38
graingerthow is ibex beta and rc...?11:40
aLeSD_graingert it's the ibex beta ... just downloaded it 1 hour ago11:40
graingertbut it can only be in beta or RC11:41
graingertnot both surely?11:41
Opr8iVetopic for this channel calls it "810rc11:41
aLeSD_ok ... sorry11:41
mercutio22Opr8iVe> when was the last time you updated?11:41
graingert"Ibex is still beta software"11:41
Opr8iVeAbout 30 minutes agi11:41
graingert"Intrepid Ibex Release Candidate Released"11:41
graingertcan't both be true?11:42
aLeSD_ehm ... is it a known problem ?11:42
Opr8iVe1+1 = .. .. 1?11:42
aLeSD_1+1 = 1111:42
graingert1+1= window11:42
Opr8iVeAh.. Gotcha11:42
dr_willisRC is just cleaning up little issues.. (hopefully) befor the final release...11:42
graingertI know that you know that, but the topic does not11:42
danbh_intrepidI'm surprised at all the little things that aren't fixed at this point11:42
aLeSD_... ehm ...11:43
dr_willisFrom the smaller and smaller # of updates I seem to be having every day.. RC is getting closer and closer. ;011:43
Opr8iVeI think Im having the goofy kernel issue where (amd64 + Broadcom driver + nvidia mobile = kernel hangs on boot)11:43
danbh_intrepidIsnt RC about only cleaning up major issues?  dr_willis  I think you got it backwards11:43
wgrantdanbh_intrepid: Not necessarily.11:43
dr_willisdanbh_intrepid,  from all the freezs  id hope all the major issues have allready been caught11:44
wgrantNow we are in release freeze it is only omg-bbq-critical issues.11:44
dr_willisbut they could always delay the releae..11:44
wgrantgraingert: Yes, but it's more often used an obscure acronym next to OMG11:44
dr_willisI have to wonder what sort of 'omg-bbq-critical' issues were in the language pack updates i saw...11:45
wgrantWe hadn't entered release freeze then.11:45
wgrantAnd language support is critical.11:45
Hobbseedr_willis: the lack of translations?11:45
graingertdr_willis: someone spelled somthing wrong11:45
dr_willis:) seems every update theres some spelling corrections then.11:46
wgrantThere hadn't been complete language pack updates for quite some time due to a Launchpad bug or several.11:46
Opr8iVemercutio22, after checking, about 1 hour ago. The last upgrade I did, installed new kernel headers for the 2.6.27-3-rt, but didnt touch the only (working) 2.6.27-7-generic kernel (Im running as we speak) the -3-rt kernel still wont boot11:47
vbabiyDoes any one know how to turn off system beeps in 8.1011:47
dr_williswelli just got some when i updated/upgraded.. but this laptop has not been updated/graded in a about 2 days11:47
aLeSD_.... help...11:47
dr_willisvbabiy,  i tend to use 'xset b 0 0 0 ' for most of them. :)  but some apps still try to beep.11:47
wgrantdr_willis: Yes, they have been published over the last 10 hours or so...11:47
J-_What command will tell me the specifics of my ethernet card I have?11:48
vbabiyit use to be on the sound app in preferences now its gone.11:48
dr_willisJ-_,  install/try ethtool - its got some neat info11:48
danbh_intrepidOpr8iVe: Im reading that there is no rt kernel in this release.  Maybe thats why the package doesnt work?11:48
J-_!info ethtool11:49
ubottuethtool (source: ethtool): display or change ethernet card settings. In component main, is optional. Version 6+20080227-1 (intrepid), package size 65 kB, installed size 236 kB11:49
mercutio22Opr8iVe> So the upgrades didn't brake everything? You can still log in, is that it? I am updating as we speak. I hope it doesn't break my system this time11:49
wgrantdanbh_intrepid: We have a -rt kernel now, but it's not installed by default, and has some issues.11:49
danbh_intrepidthough, the message isn't completely clear11:49
wgrant It only appeared recently.11:49
zirodayvbabiy: you can rmmod pcspkr which removes the pcspkr module11:49
danbh_intrepidI see11:49
Opr8iVemercutio22, I have to hold down a key at boot time, when it stalls. But once booted, it all seems to work fine11:49
vbabiyziroday: thanks, so there is no UI for this any more?11:50
zirodayvbabiy: no clue, thats how I have done since ever :)11:50
Opr8iVedanbh_intrepid, the automated update to ibex put that rt kernel in my system, so I just assumed it was the 'working latest kernel'11:50
zirodayvbabiy: if you want to re-enable it you need to do modprobe pcskpr11:51
J-_dr_willis:  Not what I want. :) I want to know if I have an e1000e Gigabit card.11:51
dr_willisJ-_,  check dmesg output perhaps..11:51
vbabiyalright thanks ziroday11:51
wgrantJ-_: Why do you want to know that? That issue was fixed ages ago.11:51
J-_Oh, it was? hrm11:51
* J-_ chuckles11:51
wgrantA day or two after betarelease, IIRC.11:52
aLeSD_ok ... I can't set my ip address manually11:53
aLeSD_the driver is broken11:53
Opr8iVemercutio22, Im on the laptop I upgraded, right now.. No other special tweaks to it, other than having to hold down a key at boot time. (I personally have been holding down CapsLock)11:53
danbh_intrepidOpr8iVe: how/why did you get the rt kernel in the first place?11:53
danbh_intrepidaLeSD_: what driver?11:54
* Opr8iVe is an audio guy.. Recording / remixing / Dj'ing11:54
aLeSD_marvel technology 88e8039 PCI-e fast etherner contriller11:55
graingertwhy is evolution being removed?11:55
Opr8iVert kernel reduces system lag for I/Os, most helpful for recording over pre-existing audio11:55
graingertvia a partial upgrade11:55
aLeSD_ifconfig eth0 gives11:55
danbh_intrepidOpr8iVe: I see, yeah, well, there is a release note about UbuntuStudio not having the rt kernel in this release.  But, someone said earlier that there was a last minute edition.  So, I guess all that applies to you.11:55
wgrantgraingert: Because you need to wait a couple of hours.11:55
aLeSD_no buffer space available ... cannot assign requested address11:55
danbh_intrepidgraingert: dont do the upgrade11:55
Opr8iVedanbh_intrepid, Hmm11:55
inflexIs there a tool/app for configuring X where I can select my GFX card and my screen resolution?  Because the auto-configures are NOT working (Ubuntu 8.10, Radeon 9250).  Been an X/linux user since 1996, normally I can use xfconfig etc.   Xorg -configure  just hangs/dies11:56
graingertwhy should I wait; this is ibex beta -> ibex RC11:56
aLeSD_graingert ... it's sky2 module11:57
* inflex tries removing xorg.conf and running startx to see what the log gives... bbiab11:57
wgrantgraingert: Erm, because evolution would be removed.11:57
wgrantinflex: That will often work.11:57
Opr8iVedanbh_intrepid,  Perhaps im kinda SOL at this point for a rt kernel (due to my own lack of research) Hopefully the next LTR will be better?11:57
graingertwgrant: but why did they remove evolution11:57
wgrantgraingert: They didn't.11:57
wgrantgraingert: Just wait a couple of hours.11:57
graingertwgrant: I don't even use it anyway, I use gmail11:57
danbh_intrepidgraingert: it happens when they upgrade a set of packages, and put break directives in the new packages, breaking the old packages, AND THEN, only uploading half the packages.  The updaters compensate by trying to remove anything broken.  You just have to wait11:57
Opr8iVeinflex: You wouldnt happen to be into R/C, would you?11:58
graingertoh... ok11:58
wgrantOpr8iVe: 9.04 should be OK, but -rt was organised altogether too late for 8.10.11:58
danbh_intrepidgraingert: evolution does more than that, and might be essential to your computer.  I've been told that is has some important databasing stuff11:58
graingertdanbh_intrepid: gah what a paint11:58
graingerti'll just do a basic package upgrade rather than an uninstalling upgrade thingy12:00
graingert(it's only a vm btw)12:01
danbh_intrepidheh, then do a save state! and have fun!12:02
graingertdanbh_intrepid: xD12:03
graingertsave states on virtualbox seem to do more harm than good; once I save a state all writes to the disk are ignored; :-p12:04
graingertdanbh_intrepid: I just don't put anything important on12:04
mercutio22Opr8iVe> thats the weirdest workaround I ever heard of12:05
mercutio22Opr8iVe> how did you discover it?12:05
graingertwhat is the workaround and what is it for?12:05
Opr8iVeHold on, its a known issue, Letme digup the bug report12:06
inflexokay, this is going to get fun12:06
mercutio22Opr8iVe> brb. I have to reboot to apply the changes. Lets see if it happens here as well12:07
graingertyay lets open the shampane12:07
graingertshun shampain, demand real pain12:07
graingertlol @ mercutio2212:07
Opr8iVeinflex : Its me.. Mendnwngs.. dont logoff so quick, lol12:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 272247 in linux "System freezes during boot, unless I hold a key down" [Undecided,Invalid]12:07
inflexsorry, had to jump out to get the log start of Xorg12:08
inflexseems like I need to get X11-drm going but it's not in the list I can se12:08
Opr8iVe...mendnwngs.. friend of NDflicks..  probe your memory..12:08
dr_willisI wonder how one discovers the system would boot IF a key was held down....12:09
inflexyes, big erm... Zero wasn't it that you have now hanging up on your ceiling :)12:09
graingertthat is a weired bug12:10
aLeSD_hi all12:11
aLeSD_I'm back12:11
aLeSD_I found the problem12:11
aLeSD_dhclient is locking the moduke12:11
inflexOpr8iVe: I've got the Xorg log if needed12:11
aLeSD_I had to rmmod the module12:12
inflexXorg log -  http://pastebin.com/m6da4759b12:12
inflexnotice how dri/drm fails12:12
aLeSD_and set the interface by hand by ifconfig, route12:12
Opr8iVeinflex, Okay, checking...12:12
inflexOpr8iVe: just upgraded from 8.04, was working nicely in 8.04,  now when it came to fire up X, just hangs and gives up12:12
inflexI don't really need outright performance, so I'm fine to run in VESA or crippled mode, so long as I can run at 1920x120012:13
Opr8iVeinflex, have you tried booting to your old (working) kernel?12:14
inflexnot yet12:15
* inflex notes that there's no drm/dri module loaded atm12:16
aLeSD_ok ... just a final question12:16
samurdhadoes any1 know how to install madwifi drivers?12:16
Opr8iVeinflex, odd.12:16
samurdhaim having problems installing it12:16
inflexmm.. just manually loaded it with modprobe drm12:16
Opr8iVeWonder if nihil would have any inout12:16
aLeSD_I have the 8.10 working more or less ... if I'm upgrading when the officila one is out12:16
Opr8iVe /inout/inout12:17
Opr8iVeinput.. darn12:17
aLeSD_I'll have a officil one or something of strange ?12:17
Opr8iVe"o" key keeps moving around on me12:17
aLeSD_I mean ... if I upgrade the 8.10 beta ... I will have the same system that someone that install directly the stable one ?12:18
aLeSD_am i alone ?12:20
graingertaLeSD_: no, becuase you would keep your documents; but the freshman would not12:20
zinedaLeSD_: you're not :)12:20
graingertaLeSD_: otherwise the same12:20
knioletaLeSD_: it would be the same12:20
aLeSD_nice ... thanks12:21
graingertaLeSD_: if you made a new user with a fresh HomeDir then they would not be able to tell12:21
samurdhaa guide says: For Debian, Ubuntu and related systems run as root: apt-get install build-essential perl12:22
knioletgraingert: they would be able to keep their docs if they had a separate /home partition ;-)12:22
samurdhawhen i type that it says couldnt find package build-essential12:22
aLeSD_<graingert> did you read my problem with the ethernet module ?12:22
graingertkniolet: to me that is not a fresh install12:22
graingertaLeSD_: I think that is one of the features of the new kernal12:22
aLeSD_and I have an eeepc 701 ... I'm thinking to install ubuntu mobil ... what do u think ?12:23
aLeSD_cause the xubuntu windows are too big for the display12:23
zinedhowdy guys, i'm having a problem with my intel 945GM, suddenly after a reboot `glxinfo` says "direct rendering: No", so compiz won't start anymore... any clue there? should i reinstall/remove some mesa-related packages?12:23
knioletsamurdha: thats odd, thats a standard package, try build-common then maybe?12:24
wgrantsamurdha: Your sources.list is wrong.12:25
wgrantOr you need to apt-get update12:25
graingertaLeSD_: yes ubuntu mid looks good12:26
graingertaLeSD_: also tell us if mozilla fennec works well on it?12:26
samurdhakniolet or wgrant: could u explain plz? im a linux newb12:27
knioletsamurdha: run 'sudo apt-get update'12:27
knioletsamurdha: then 'sudo apt-get install build-essential'12:28
knioletand see if that works12:28
samurdhano internet on the pc..12:28
wgrantsamurdha: Why are you trying to build things?12:28
knioletyeah you need internet for that to work12:28
samurdhatrying to install madwifi drivers for my wifi card..12:28
knioletsamurdha: you probably need to plug the computer directly in to the network to get that stuff installed with a reasonable amount of effort, it could be done otherwise but it would be a pain in butt i think12:30
samurdhamy pc only has a wireless card :(12:31
samurdhaand it doesnt work properly with the current drivers12:31
graingertsamurdha: no ethernet, what madness is this?12:31
knioletwow that sucks12:32
graingertsamurdha: go and get an ethernet card right now!!12:32
* kniolet suggests getting a USB ethernet thingy12:32
samurdhai was using vista before.. had no probs with this12:32
J-_Anyone else getting distorted sound? Is there a fix?12:32
J-_I'm on the intrepid beta CD.12:33
knioletsamurdha: are you using the 8.10 beta, the madwifi drivers are not normally needed with it12:33
samurdha8.10 RC12:33
marcohi, is there any "official" or suggested repository to have OOo 3.0 and ekiga 3.0 in Ibex?12:34
samurdhamy network manager detects the wireless networks around me but i cant connect to them12:34
knioletok, i guess your network card is one of the ones that the new driver doesnt suport. i used to have to use madwifi, but i dont anymore12:34
knioletsamurdha: really? thats strange12:34
dr_willismarco,  i belive i saw where its going to be in the backports or PPA repos  for OOo312:34
knioletsamurdha: there may be another problem then12:34
J-_Everything works really well right now except my sound. I'm hoping there's a fix.12:34
knioletsamurdha: usually if you needed to install the madwifi drivers you wouldnt be able to even see the other networks12:34
samurdhai have 8.10 RC on my laptop and it connects fine12:34
J-_I'm running the Ibex LiveCD12:35
marcodr_willis: is there a special repo for "backports"? or I just have to wait and hope? :)12:35
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging12:35
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP312:35
marcodr_willis: thanks12:35
samurdhakniolet: what do u think might be the problem if it isnt the driver?12:35
danbh_intrepidmarco: bug 26737612:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267376 in openoffice.org "Package OpenOffice.org 3.0 for Intrepid Backports" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26737612:36
inflexTurns out the fglrx package was installed, removed it and now everything boots/starts 100%12:36
cbkm`Hi guys - upgraded to the Intrepid RC last night and have a problem with gnome-keyring-daemon not being able to read the config values from gconf, gives the following:"gnome-keyring-daemon: couldn't lookup ssh component setting: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/ for information. (Det12:36
knioletsamurdha: it _could_ be the driver, but i have never seen one do that before... are you using encrytion on the wifi network?12:37
samurdhano encryption12:38
samurdhaas my laptop connects with the same settings/OS i figured it must be the driver12:38
J-_Since I'm on the LiceCD, should I do a partial upgrade to see if my sound is fixed? I have 2gb of RAM. there's roughly 350mb of data to download.12:39
J-_livecd even12:40
mercutio22who was I speaking to?12:40
knioletsamurdha: thats pretty odd, i would suggest filing a bug report then... if you do, open up terminal and run 'lspci | grep Atheros' and paste that into the report. (you do know for sure its an Atheros network card, right?)12:40
mercutio22I got no issues with the update12:40
samurdhakniolet: USR card with atheros chipset12:41
ghatakHi, I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.10 on Macbook pro, the install works fine. However after reboot I just get a Flashing Question mark and never get to Grub. Has anyone else faced similar issue?12:41
samurdhakniolet: same thing happens for me on ubuntu 7.0412:42
marcodanbh_intrepid: thanks12:43
=== knitt1 is now known as knittl
J-_wooo, sound works perfect now.12:43
J-_Going to install Ibex12:44
J-_I can definitely tell how much Ubuntu has improved from Hardy to Intrepid.12:45
J-_On the LiveCD12:45
samurdhaand where do i file a bug report?12:45
knioletJ-_: i think its much better too12:45
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:45
danbh_intrepid!ooo3 is <reply> Information about OpenOffice 3.0 on Intrepid can be found here https://launchpad.net/bugs/26737612:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 267376 in openoffice.org "Package OpenOffice.org 3.0 for Intrepid Backports" [Undecided,New]12:47
danbh_intrepidgood luck to the ops!12:47
J-_With compiz-fusion enabled I get 2192 frames in 5.0 seconds = 438.353 FPS in glxgears. Is that good?12:48
J-_This is with a GM956 chipset.12:48
danbh_intrepidheh, can you play tremulous at 90fps with that?12:48
marcothanks for OOo 3.0, anything about Ekiga 3.0? current version is unable to handle my webcam (while other programs do)12:49
danbh_intrepidno idea12:49
marcoI think is a V4L2 problem12:49
J-_I'm not sure. I don't play tremulous12:49
danbh_intrepidmarco: is your webcam v4l or v4l2?12:49
marcodanbh_intrepid: how can I tell? I suppose v4l212:50
=== Dulak is now known as dulak
J-_My network card runs a lot better too. The light for it actually turns on(on the laptop)12:50
J-_Hardy it didn't.12:50
knioletJ-_: i dunno about with that chipset, on my intel 910 chiset i get ~950fps on glxgears while running kwin in compositing mode12:51
danbh_intrepidI dunno, but I would think v4l is where you would have trouble on ekiga.  v4l2 should work I think.  It works for me.  and there are bugs being worked on concerning v4l.  I got confused by the bug though12:51
marcodanbh_intrepid: you using ekiga 2.x? Kopete shows webcam preview fine, ekiga not... I think kopete supports v4l212:51
danbh_intrepidmarco: yeah12:52
danbh_intrepidand my webcam is v4l212:52
J-_kniolet: Composition meaning, Compiz-fusion correct?12:52
knioletJ-_: compositing is the x11 stuff that makes all the effects possible, compiz fusion takes advantage of that, so does the kde window manager (kwin) in kde412:54
J-_Cool, thank. :)12:54
wgrantBut Internet Explorer is the Internet!12:56
ConstantineXVIokay, so what exactly broke my AR5007 over the weekend?12:56
IdleOnefalling off the desk?12:57
platiuscosmic ray?12:57
shmengiethe cosmic ray fell off the desk?12:58
IdleOneConstantineXVI: maybe it said F it and decided to move on to the next level of existence12:58
IdleOneDo we look like psychics@12:58
shmengiethen it would have been the micro blackhole12:59
shmengiecreated by the shc12:59
IdleOneConstantineXVI: describe the problem and maybe someone can help12:59
ConstantineXVIFriday morning I updated, rebooted this morning and it wasn't in networkmanager anymore12:59
ConstantineXVIinstalled the linux-modules-backports and it worked again, but what broke it in the first place?13:00
IdleOnemaybe the linux-modules-backports did not get updated friday13:00
* Hobbsee notes that sounds like atheros13:00
J-_I can't believe how powerful Ibex made my wireless card. I can see a wireless network about 12 houses away from where I am.13:01
ConstantineXVIHobbsee: AR5007 == atheros13:01
HobbseeConstantineXVI: because it got blacklisted in the kernel, and different modules got added to l-m-b, iirc.13:01
J-_Couldn't see it before in Hardy. Not even to an extent it is now.13:01
shmengiedoh, I have a laptop here, w/ar242x and it's not working either.13:05
shmengieatheros stuff looks like it went through a big change.  ath5k.ko absent in latest kernel modules.13:11
platiusmy desktop is has ar2413 and is current on update and it is still working13:17
joaopintoConstantineXVI, the ath5k is now disabled on the regular kernel modules, that was a planned change13:17
joaopintook, Hobsee already replied :P13:18
Bl4ckP0pehi, can someone please help me run a .js script on Ubuntu 8.10 x64 (noob-level) ?? thanks13:18
raddyHello Everybody13:19
samurdhadoes anyone know of a good wireless lan card fully compatible with ubuntu?13:19
Bl4ckP0pehi raddy13:19
raddyIt seems Ubuntu 8.10 too would contain the boring old artwork :(13:19
Bl4ckP0pedo you know how to run .js scripts from CLI?13:20
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: intel13:20
samurdhaall of them?13:21
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: specifically, the intel 496513:21
ConstantineXVIafaik, the 4965 does a/b/g/n, so you should be good for a while with it13:21
joaopintoBl4ckP0pe, there is no javascript command line interface as far as I know, there is a JS shell provided by SpiderMonkey, but still, for a web development context13:21
Bl4ckP0pe@ samurdha - yes, Dell 1500, wireless a,g,n with BCM4328 chip works great in Ubuntu with wl driver by Broadcom13:22
samurdhaConstantineXVI: does it need to be configered?13:22
* Hobbsee likes the intel 3945 cards13:22
samurdhaim new to linux i need something that will work right after I plug it in13:22
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: just pop off you case, slot it in, done13:23
Bl4ckP0pethen dont get Broadcom13:23
samurdhagood, thx alot13:23
ConstantineXVIHobbsee: afaik, the 4965 is the successor to the 394513:23
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: http://www.directron.com/4965agnmm1wb.html13:23
Bl4ckP0pejoaopinto - it is an .xpi webmail extention for Thunderbird, when it extracts, there is install.js ... what do I do to run this??13:24
ConstantineXVIBl4ckP0pe: don't extract .xpi files, open them in thunderbird13:24
Bl4ckP0peah, ok, standby, I will try that, thanks!13:25
joaopintoBl4ckP0pe, to install an xpi you just need to drag an dropt it to the addons dialog box13:25
samurdhaknow anything PCI? i got no PCIe13:25
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: hold on a moment, is this a desktop or laptop?13:25
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: oh, that changes everything13:26
samurdhaand i only have PCI slots13:26
HobbseeConstantineXVI: that's true13:26
HobbseeConstantineXVI: but a whole lot of laptops still sell the 3945's.13:27
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833315041 is pretty good, but you'll have to install the -386 kernel to keep it from crashing all over the place13:27
Bl4ckP0peGreat, that worked! Thanks for the tips!13:28
mickephi, pretty often I get a square on my screen that does not update (see http://hurf.mine.nu/mickep/Screenshot.png). It disappears after a minute or two. Any ideas?13:29
Bl4ckP0peBTW, has anybody installed VMware Workstation 6.5.0 on Ibex x64??13:29
ShackJackHi everyone. Lately I've been getting some keyboard/X "hinkiness"... After a while the keyboard will not respond as well right-clicks or main menu pressess. I've checked processess, etc... and nothing unusual going on. Dunno if it's the same as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/254840 which indicates it was fixed however...13:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 254840 in xorg-server "[intrepid] mouse and keyboard stop working under gdm and gnome" [Medium,Fix released]13:29
samurdhaConstantineXVI: i386?13:29
ShackJackHeehee thanks  "ubottu" - just wondering (this is for the humans) if you've still been hearing reports of this issue?13:30
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: there's the -generic kernel that installs by default, and the -386 kernel that doesn't have things like multiprocessor support13:31
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: which causes problems with that specific card (which I have)13:31
samurdha how difficult is it to do that?13:31
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: maybe 5 clicks and your password13:31
samurdhaalso pls keep in mind that the system has no internet connectivity13:31
platiussamurdha; I have a Belkin desktop pci wireless G F5D7000 version 5000 has to be this version.  Works out of the box on hardy, ibex13:32
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: you can download it from another machine13:32
samurdhalinks to any guide?13:32
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: don't need one13:32
platiussamurdha; bought it at Wal-mart13:32
Bl4ckP0pewhich kernel is the best for Ibex?? My 'uname -mors' = Linux 2.6.27-7-generic x86_64 GNU/Linux13:32
Bl4ckP0peIs this the most stable for sound etc?13:32
samurdhaConstantineXVI: how do i do it?13:32
samurdhaplatius: k13:33
vegaBl4ckP0pe: the kernel that ships with it perhaps?13:33
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: since you're new, it'll be a bit easier to buy the one platius reccomends, but all you have to do is find the package on packages.ubuntu.com, download it, copy to thumbdrive, and double-click it on the ubuntu machine13:34
Bl4ckP0pethat's 2.6.27-4-generic, correct, but it keeps updating itself?13:34
Bl4ckP0pewhich Kernel will ship with the final 8.10, anybody?13:35
samurdhaConstantineXVI: k, just in case could u tell me the exact name of the package i need to download?13:36
joaopintoBl4ckP0pe, the current one, unless it get's some fix meanwhile13:36
Bl4ckP0pethnx joaopinto, I'll stick with that one then13:37
shane2peruhey, quick question, observation.  I'm working on a laptop with Intrepid, and noticed when I unplug the power cord, it doesn't recognize I'm on battery, any ideas?13:37
ShackJac1Soo... any IRC ppl hearing any reports of keyboard crapping out under X (along with some menu functions-right click). It just happened again on my notebook...13:37
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: linux-image-38613:37
shane2perudo I need to boot with the acpi option?13:38
raddyAnybody there???13:38
ConstantineXVIsamurdha: but i'm not sure, intrepid might have fixed it's crash-happiness in the default kernel13:39
shane2peruraddy a few of us, but looks like we are all asking questions. :)13:39
joaopintoraddy, don't you read us ?13:39
Bl4ckP0pehas any one a Broadcom wireless card on Laptop? On my machine the wl driver loads if I select the 2.26.27-4 kernel from grub @ bootime, but if I go with the kernel I mainly want to use, ie 2.26.27-7, the module is not there. How can I fix this?13:39
raddyIt seems Ubuntu 8.10 too would contain the boring old artwork :(13:39
dna__where can i find a preview of ubuntu 8.10? or a list of new features?13:40
joaopintodna__, www.ubuntu.com13:40
Bl4ckP0peRaddy, you said that already 10 minutes ago, try turning up screen brightness ";0)13:40
ConstantineXVIdna__: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc13:40
shane2perudna__: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc then scroll down13:40
dna__thank you sires13:41
shane2peruafter all the mirrors you can find info about it.13:41
ShackJac1Any IRC ppl hearing any reports of keyboard crapping out under X (along with some menu functions-right click). It just happened again on my notebook.  Keyboard under GNOME stops working and there are no brightness/volume indicators as well. Any ideas?13:41
joaopintoShackJac1, no13:42
ShackJac1joaopinto: That's one "no" how about the other 282 ppl ;-)13:42
joaopintoShackJac1, if they don't bother to answer you can assume it's a no ;)13:43
ShackJac1joaopinto: Or that they're not active in the chat :)  I've seen an issue on this (relating to XServer) but it's marked fixed...13:44
samurdhaplatius u there?13:45
bsnidermichael larabel ran a benchmark test against the last 4 ubuntu releases and found that performance has gotten a lot worse since feisty.13:45
shane2perudo I need to boot with the acpi option in the boot menu to get my laptop to report a battery?13:47
ConstantineXVIshane2peru: normally, you shouldnt have to13:49
ConstantineXVIshane2peru: normally, you shouldnt have to touch the boot menu13:50
shane2peruConstantineXVI: ok, what do I need to do to get it(the battery) detected?13:50
ConstantineXVIshane2peru: it should just happen13:50
shane2peruConstantineXVI: right, and always has for me, that is why I know nothing about it, however it isn't detecting the battery now.13:50
graingertthe icon for network manager scales badly13:51
W8TAHmost of the icons in the systray look rather nasty right now13:51
shane2peruConstantineXVI: should I fill out a bug report?13:52
nemoSomething weird after my update, said the "smooth" engine for gtk (used by the resilience theme) could not be found - hunting in package manager, couldn't find it there either13:53
nemowhere might it be?13:53
nemothe art manager is neat though.13:53
louisewhich ubuntu architecture should I choose for an eeePc 700? 64bit or 32bit?13:53
louisei need to know which iso to choose13:53
KR-datawhat settings do I need to reset for my knetworkmanager to work? I seems some of my old settings makes things block13:53
graingertlouise: probably 32, and use unetbootn13:54
shane2perulouise: isn't that a mac?  I think there is a specific one for that.13:54
slaytonI'm having a weird keyboard issue on my intrepid install13:54
nemoshane2peru: isn't a mac13:54
nemoshane2peru: is that tiny lil' PC13:54
slaytonI get to the login screen but I can't use my keyboard or mouse13:54
slaytonI can CNTL+ALT+F1 to get a terminal13:54
shane2perunemo: ahh, not sure in that case.13:54
slaytonwhat can I do?13:54
nemoshane2peru: I've been tempted, I just wish they wouldn't waste all that space on a touchpad13:54
slaytonI've read that I should changed my xorg.conf, but other places I've read that you should no longer edit xorg.conf in 8.1013:55
shane2perunemo: one second I'm getting the command to run to find out.l13:55
nemoslayton: copy your xorg.conf to a pastebin so we can look13:55
nemoslayton: er.13:55
nemoyour Xorg log13:55
nemowell, the .conf too I guess, just in case ;)13:55
nemoslayton: is there anything special about your keyboard and mouse?13:55
slaytonwell I can't copy any of it as I can't use the keyboard on the computer13:55
slaytonno its new hardware13:56
shane2perunemo: ahh, I guess you need to have an ubuntu, or Linux installed for this:  uname -m13:56
slaytonits a t400 laptop13:56
nemoslayton: well, if ctrl-alt-f1 works13:56
nemoslayton: means it is only not working in X13:56
jonaskoelkerHi all.  I just upgraded my thinkpad t43p to Intrepid; the keyboard config is somewhat screwed.  For one, the keycodes are not what they used to be.  Left arrow gives 113, which ralt used to give.  ralt gives 108 (sym KP_Enter).  How do I get the keycode mapping I had before?13:56
nemoslayton: so, sign in at a terminal, and scp it to another machine13:56
nemoslayton: or, ssh into the machine. whatever.13:56
louisewhere can I get a 32bit iso image of intrepid ibex from?13:56
slaytonbut the network card isn't working either...13:56
shane2perulouise: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc13:56
slaytonits brand new Lenovo hardware its really painful13:56
louiseshane2peru, thanks13:56
nemoslayton: btw, even with kbd/mouse screwed, you can probably get a graphical env on that machine using ssh -YC or nomachine.13:56
slaytonb/c most of the stuff doens't work13:57
shane2perulouise: no prob13:57
nemoslayton: did you check linux compatibility *before* buying it? :)13:57
slaytonnemo, how do I setup the eth card in the terminal?13:57
nemoslayton: what is the model?13:57
slaytonso actually it isn't my laptop its a guy I work with, and no he didn't13:57
slaytonits the lenovo t40013:58
nemoslayton: why not ssh in from another machine?  would be easier13:58
nemoslayton: you could run your graphical utils13:58
slaytonnemo, but I can't log in13:58
nemoslayton: or setup nomachine on it13:58
nemoslayton: DUDE13:58
slaytonhow can I run the graphical utils without the keyboard13:58
nemoare you being deliberately dense?13:58
nemoslayton: I said ssh in13:58
nemoslayton: ssh -YC13:58
slaytonbut the network isn't working13:58
nemoheh. fine.13:58
slaytonfrom above: nemo, how do I setup the eth card in the terminal?13:59
nemothen connect in on a terminal I guess, going to be more painful13:59
nemoslayton: odd that the ethernet card would need "setting up"13:59
shane2peruslayton, you have no keyboard and no eth0?13:59
slaytonshane2peru, correct13:59
shane2perunemo: on my new laptop I didn't have a eth0 network either13:59
shane2peruslayton: wow, that is not good.13:59
slaytonwhen I switch to the terminal and run: ifconfig all I get is the loopback14:00
* nemo looks up the specs on the lenovo t40014:00
nemoslayton: ifconfig eth014:00
shane2peruslayton: did you try to install Hardy?14:00
slaytonyes, but the hardware isn't supported by hardy14:00
shane2peruslayton: you at least need a keyboard to get work done14:00
slaytonshane2peru, I know14:00
slaytonits a really bad situation14:00
nemoslayton: atheros wifi?14:00
slaytonI've told the guy to wait until the official release of Intrepid14:00
nemoslayton: no cable?14:01
nemoslayton: going to have to manually copy over the madwifi stuff. ugh14:01
slaytonyes but for some reason that doesn't work either14:01
jonaskoelkerno help?14:01
bsniderslayton, which atheros chip?14:01
slaytonits a new intel gigE card that has made current headlines (ubuntu wiping the firmware and all) so I've been really careful with the eth adapter14:02
nemoanyway, not a machine I'd pick to install linux on if you don't know your way around the terminal - looks like specialised hardware and few other users14:02
bsniderslayton, that bug was fixed weeks ago14:02
tlacuachehey, i was about to upgrade to and play with the intrepid RC, but i've read a few rumors about the restritcted nvidia drivers breaking X. can anyone with personal experience confirm or deny?14:03
bsnidertlacuache, you heard wrong14:03
slaytonright so the reason I came here to ask for help wasn't really with the network adapters. I'm pretty sure I can fix those. I was more looking to find out what was going on with the keyboard in X14:04
nemoslayton: odd. no reports of kbd/mouse issues in X for the t40014:04
nemoslayton: and this is a fresh install right?14:04
Bl4ckP0pehas any one a Broadcom wireless card on Laptop? On my machine the wl driver loads if I select the 2.26.27-4 kernel from grub @ bootime, but if I go with the kernel I mainly want to use, ie 2.26.27-7, the module is not there. How can I fix this?14:04
slaytonbut I guess I can't fix that without a NIC14:04
slaytonor atleast get the xorg.conf of14:04
U238Willymy nvidia drivers are broke14:04
nemoslayton: anyway, can you copy that xorg log to a USB drive so we can look?14:04
tlacuachebsnider: ok, cool. i kind of figured since it would be a pretty big deal it that were true. thanks.14:04
slaytonyes I'll give that a try14:04
nemoslayton: maybe at same time as you are copying over the madwifi-ng stuff14:04
nemo(erm, assuming that's the right card - you did say atheros)14:04
U238Willybut have fun and good luck tlacuache14:05
tlacuacheU238Willy: sorry, missed what you said first. hm... well, that's not promising.14:06
bsniderU238Willy, how do you mean 'broke'?14:07
slaytonnemo, yes it is the atheros card14:08
evandarhi, is it normal that since upgrade xorg is running on tty9?14:09
bsnidertlacuache, what's your hardware?14:11
tlacuachedell precision m6300 laptop, quadro fx 1600M graphics processor14:13
tlacuachecurrently running nvidia driver 169.1214:13
bsnideryou shouldn't have any issues then14:13
bsniderthat's a workstation laptop. must have cost a fortune14:14
tlacuachethe company bought it. :)14:14
atlefjust did an upgrade to ibex, and all is well14:15
tlacuachei think i'll bite the bullet, then. i guess the worst that can happen is i disable the proprietary nvidia drivers or (complete worst-case) re-install 8.04.14:16
U238Willybroke as in the initial upgrade looked good but kept going to 1600x1200... so i d/l'd the proprietary drivers as requested... that left me with a broken kdm and nothing but a tty14:16
bsniderU238Willy, what's your monitor's native resolution?14:17
U238Willywherein i backtracked to a vesa driver and switched out the xorg.conf so it would work... then I d/l'd the direct linux driver from nvidia14:17
U238Willywhich didn't compile.. i think because i had the latest kernel and it couldn't find or create kernel components14:17
dulakthis is nifty, I can't get to a tty since going to 8.1014:18
U238WillyI don't know what my native is.. but I know what I've used on this screen since 6.1014:18
bsniderU238Willy, what hardware do you have?14:18
U238Willywhich is 1024x768.... nvidia geforce2-gts/pro14:18
U238Willythe old 71 driver14:19
bsnideroh. that hardware isn't supported anymore. the old driver won't work with the new x server. if you want to continue using that driver, use hardy.14:19
U238Willyor so i was told by nvidia.. which as I said wouldn't compile or didn't have kernel components to compile though I did d/l the restricted modules...14:20
bsnideranything >= geforce 5k will work with the new x server14:21
bsniderso if you havet he opportunity to upgrade the hardware, you can get it to work that way14:21
U238Willythat's an interesting stance14:22
bsniderthat's the truth. i don'14:22
bsnideri don't work for nvidia14:22
U238Willybut ubuntu or linux infact was never so... upgrade/hardware specific.14:23
bsniderhas nothing to do with ubuntu specifically14:23
dulaknvidia are bastards14:23
U238Willythe point was that people could recycle older hardware and keep it running via linux14:23
tlacuacheyou can. :) hardy is LTS.14:23
jonaskoelkeranyone care to help me a little?14:23
bsniderfurthermore, the new x server requires sse, so older cpus won't work with it14:23
shmengieHow many compiz-decorator instances should there be?14:24
atlefjonaskoelker: ask, and you shall receive. :-)14:24
jonaskoelkerI'm on intrepid, thinkpad t43p; in X, my scancode-keycode mapping is screwed.  How do I unscrew it?14:25
tlacuachewell, thanks for the input. ttyl14:25
jonaskoelkerwhen everything you have is a screwdriver... ;)14:25
jonaskoelkerscrewed means that with a sane keyboard layout (dvorak), a lot of the non-letter keys don't map from scancodes through keycodes to keysyms that match wath the label on the plastic says14:26
atlefjonaskoelker: not sure what that means, sorry14:26
jonaskoelkerokay... anybody else?14:26
shmengieSystem->preferences->keyboard ?14:27
jonaskoelkerhang on, I'll just reinstall the xserver version that starts up14:28
atlefjonaskoelker: have you had a look in the keyboard item under preferences?14:28
jonaskoelkerexactly what should I do in there?  I can choose a keyboard model for thinkpad t60-something14:29
jonaskoelkerthat's not what I have, and that's not what works14:29
U238Willywell... no offence but I think your biased as the main ubuntu page for 8.10 doesn't state what you say for X... and neither does x.org... so if you're correct.. then they're being duplicitous14:29
atlefjonaskoelker: synaptic offers "keymapper", see if that helps14:30
slaytonnemo, here is xorg.conf14:31
xxploitanyone know if there was some kind of update to packagekit, mine seems to be borked now14:31
jonaskoelkeratlef: AIUI, the problem isn't the keymap (which maps keycodes to -syms), but the model (which maps scancodes to keycodes)14:32
jonaskoelkeranyone, is my understanding of the significance of xkbmodel correct?14:32
atlefjonaskoelker: ok, then i am at a loss14:32
NET||abusehi all. i wanted to sync my tomboy notes between my 2 laptops and my work desktop.. how can i do this ? I have a web server i can use, ssh up to a file in a user account or something?14:33
NET||abusei open up conduit and i'm finding it a little unclear how to define the sync destintion..14:34
NET||abuseand scp data provider would be nice, doesn't seem to be available.14:34
NET||abusescp/sftp whatever14:34
NET||abuseother than that, i have a small list of issues with my new eeepc 1000h :)14:35
bsniderU238Willy, http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=121444 read zander's message14:36
bsniderthat message was left 7 days ago14:36
bsniderbut if your cpu doesn't have sse it still won't work, and you can't blame that on nvidia14:38
U238Willywell p4 1.4ghz14:38
U238Willysse maybe?14:38
bsnideryeah, so it will work on your system14:38
bsniderbut you still should upgrade14:38
bsnidertheir new opengl 3 driver will require geforce 8k or greater14:39
U238Willyi have a 'newer' windows machine...this box which I went to linux for wasn't for speed, newness, or power, but to run the many simple programs without sapping the stronger machine with menial tasks.14:40
U238Willysuch as email, messaging, irc, rss, torrents, notes, etc.14:41
bsniderso basically, all of your computing tasks14:41
bsniderdo you use the windows machine as a doorstop?14:41
U238Willyno.. this machine doesn't have the power to really run h.264 video or other graphically intensive tasks14:42
bsnideri c14:42
U238Willybut checking email isn't graphically intensive.14:42
U238Willyor sending emails the the copier for printing isn't either.14:42
bsniderlinux is better for video playback than the other platforms though14:42
U238Willy*to the14:42
bsniderbut obviously not for playing games, if that's the issue14:42
U238Willyi don't play games14:43
bsniderthat being the case, i don't see the point of using windows14:43
U238Willyhowever another thing which is out of my control is that the database service (real estate) requires IE to login...14:43
bsniderno problem. set up a virtual machine and load xp into it14:43
U238Willynot going to fiddle with things that far14:44
U238Willyno point.. it works and it does what it needs to do.14:44
bsnideractually xp is far more stable and quick running in virtualbox than it normally is14:44
U238Willyso does this linux box14:44
U238Willysuffice it to say there's more programs which are xp specific and I'm not going to waste time trying to get them all to work properly.14:45
bsniderif you say so, sir14:45
U238Willy*on a linux/wine/VB14:45
jamesishHey folks; I upgraded to intrepid and I'm getting a problem in evolution whereby all of my incoming email for the second email account I set up is receiving a "Junk Check Failed". I don't have junk checking enabled. Any ideas?14:45
vmelohi there, is there any trouble with usb devices after recent updates?14:47
U238Willyto those who want to take the time and go that route... more power to them.  XP works for what I need it to do.. and linux does too.. add quicksynergy and I'm doing great *this slight video issue notwithstanding*14:47
Bl4ckP0pehas anyone Broadcom wireless card on Laptop, BCM4328? On my machine, the wl driver loads if I select the 2.6.27-4 kernel from grub @ bootime, but if I go with the default kernel I want to use, ie 2.6.27-7, the module is not there. How can I fix this?14:47
Bl4ckP0pevmelo, no problems with all updates 2dy for USB14:48
vmeloBl4ckP0pe: my printer presents communication troubles after updates :/14:49
slaytondid support for intel 82567 get disabled in the latest linux kernel?14:50
=== slayton is now known as cambridgecow
Bl4ckP0pe@ Bsnider - did you try sound playback/recording on XP.sp3 inside vBox 2.0.2?? It was very bad 2 days ago14:51
bsnideri wouldn't record sound in xp. sound playback was fine last time i checked14:51
Bl4ckP0pedid you try install VMware 6.5.0?14:52
bsnideri view xp as a second-rate service whose purpose is to run win32 programs. i wouldn't do anything serious on xp (like sound recording or editing).14:52
Bl4ckP0peI wanted to use Dragon voice recognition inside vBox, but the sound out was crap and in was worse14:53
Bl4ckP0pedid you try install VMware 6.5.0? does it have better interface to Ibex?14:54
bsnidervmware is harder to set up than vbox14:54
Bl4ckP0peI am stuck tryingg to set it up, which kernel is best?14:55
bsnideri don't know14:55
joaopintovmware is very easy to setup14:56
bsniderisn't there a forum howto about that?14:57
Bl4ckP0peok, joaopinto, pls help me, does it work for latest ibex kernel?14:57
joaopintoBl4ckP0pe, didn't tried yet14:57
joaopintobut please go with vmware 1.x, I have founder 2.x slower and hard to use for desktop virtualization14:58
Bl4ckP0pedo you have it running? which kern?14:58
joaopintoI have it running on hardy14:58
cambridgecowCan anyone tell me why an intel 1000e adapter isn't showing up under intrepid?14:58
Bl4ckP0pehow is audiocard interface, any extra crackles / noise / lag??14:59
Bl4ckP0pethat 1000e card is blacklisted from kernel I think14:59
Bl4ckP0peit can get damaged until a fix for driver is produced14:59
bsniderno it is not15:00
bsniderthat bug was fixed weeks ago15:00
bsnidercambridgecow, which version of intrepid are you running?15:00
Bl4ckP0peoops, maybe I'm wrong15:00
cambridgecowa build from thursday15:00
bsniderwhich kernel?15:01
Bl4ckP0pejoaopinto, how is audiocard interface on your Hardy VMware setup, any extra crackles / noise / lag??15:01
cambridgecowbsnider, 2.6.14-1615:02
cambridgecowbsnider, 2.6.24-1615:02
eagles0513875where can i download the rc iso from15:02
bsniderwrong kernel15:02
cambridgecowso where do I get the correct kernel?15:03
joaopintoBl4ckP0pe, tested it with a few games, worked fine15:03
joaopintoeagles0513875, www.ubuntu.com15:03
bsnidercambridgecow, you've got some issues, sir. the latest kernel is 2.6.27-715:03
Bl4ckP0pewhat's the difference with VM 1.0 v 2.0?15:03
cambridgecowbsnider, is that kernel in the RC?15:03
bsnidercambridgecow, yes it is15:04
cambridgecowwhy would I get 2.6.24 in the beta?15:04
joaopintoBl4ckP0pe, read on the vmware site :)15:04
bsnidercambridgecow, you downloaded an iso image?15:04
eagles0513875the problem is i have upgraded from hardy to intrepid rc and things r acting screwy which has always seemded the case for when i do a network upgrade over internet from one release to another15:04
cambridgecowfrom ubuntu.com15:04
eagles0513875cambridgecow: where did u download it15:04
Bl4ckP0peyo, ok!15:04
eagles0513875im not seeing anything for an rc though15:05
cambridgecowk I'll try the RC candidate15:05
joaopintoeagles0513875, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc15:05
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/15:05
Bl4ckP0peanybody know about broadcom LKM 'wl' for 802.11n wireless cards?15:06
eagles0513875Bl4ckP0pe: hate to put a damper on this but broadcom is notorious for not providing linux drivers thank god there are some people who are reverse engineering them15:07
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx15:07
Bl4ckP0pehow to get prebuilt 'wl' module from Intrepid repository?15:07
eagles0513875Bl4ckP0pe: dunno15:07
Bl4ckP0peNo, they have released a new driver in July I think, with Dell + Canonical assistance15:08
Bl4ckP0peit replaces bcm43xx15:08
eagles0513875Bl4ckP0pe: what bout people like me on my older laptop that has a 4306 wifi card15:09
eagles0513875what gonna happen then15:09
Bl4ckP0peit works great with kern 2.6.27-4, but I cannot find it under 27-715:09
Randomskkhi everyone, I've got ubuntu installed and set up encrypted lvm over two drives, installation was fine but on boot grub tries to boot from hd0,0 instead of 1,0 (it tries 0,0 by uuid), I can fix that from grub15:09
Randomskkwhen I then boot up15:09
Randomskkit asks for the passphrase for one drive and unlocks it15:09
Randomskkthen waits for the root file system to be available15:09
Randomskkwhile lvm can't bring up the root filesystem since the logical group is over two encrypted drives15:10
Randomskkin short I need to get it to ask to unlock the second drive as well as the first so lvm can come up15:10
RandomskkI get a busybox shell15:10
Bl4ckP0peI think it is for BCM4312 series chips, 4328 also works fine, 4306 I think not, sorry15:10
eagles0513875Bl4ckP0pe: u scared me cuz i thought they would be discontinuing the driver and for that particular card15:11
Bl4ckP0peeagle, maybe drink less kofi?15:12
Bl4ckP0pejust joking, I know you are a pious Mormon ";0)15:13
Bl4ckP0peBroadcom new wireless driver for Linux -- http://www.linux-archive.org/ubuntu-user/173630-new-broadcom-wi-fi-drivers.html15:15
eagles0513875kool Bl4ckP0pe15:16
Bl4ckP0pe [ubuntu] installing Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA driver  --- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=599661415:19
Randomskkhow can I edit files from within busybox?15:19
MiescoHi my computer randomly crashes... I cant hit ctrl+alt+F1, cant do nothing, my mouse wont move, have to cold boot.  Is this happening to anyone else?15:19
MiescoIs there a way to troubleshoot this?15:19
MiescoIt happens a while in, I stopped cron and my screensaver...15:21
BigPapaJHello there! I've got some trouble with the grafical Hardware Manager in ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex - i would like to install the nvidia drivers now over the terminal - anybody ideas who i can do this? sry my english is pretty bad ^^15:22
MiescoK hopefully this upgrade will fix it :)15:24
MiescoSo how do I set up my xorg.conf now?15:26
glade88hi.. can someone help with kubuntu? I accidentally set OpenGL mode to Fallback and now X restarts on attempt to start. I have created a new user (Was guided at #kde for the same), but it would be really good if I could use the old account as it is. How do I change settings for desktop effects?15:31
void^BigPapaJ: just install the driver package you want, nvidia-glx-177 for example15:34
U238Willyglade88 -- two things... first part, i dunno (ask in #kubuntu-kde4 maybe?) 2nd part.. desktop effects is in system setting -> desktop -> desktop effects15:34
BigPapaJvoid^: thx!15:35
glade88U238Willy: thanks, but I cant access that as my X is not starting..15:36
linuxpoetI just upgraded to the latest beta and now I can't ssh to any clients (was working perfectly in hardy)15:37
U238Willyah... that's was in your first part. no idea there.  I know you can run 'sudo systemsettings' but it'll probably complain that it can't find X.15:38
linuxpoetjust hangs here: debug2: callback done15:38
linuxpoetdebug2: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 3276815:38
shmengieisn't  /etc/compizconfig/config for enabling/disabling?15:40
atlef!ccsm | shmengie:15:42
ubottushmengie:: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion15:42
harisundI am sorry if this topic has been beaten to death already, here or elsewhere, but in any case how do I run 8.10 as a VirtualBox guest? Why does it not recognize the hard disk / iso image inside VirtualBox?15:42
atlefharisund: do you have any other os'es installed in virtualbox?15:44
shmengieubottu: is it okay to install both?15:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:44
atlefshmengie: compizconfig-settings-manager will give you more options15:45
shmengieI have that15:45
shmengieBut I can't figure out how to stop the alt-tab icons from getting garbaged15:45
shmengieI could disable screen saver :-/15:46
shmengieBut I also have  a computer that won't load X.15:46
atlefshmengie: then #compiz-fusion is the right place to ask your question.15:46
shmengieWell It loads X, but crashes shortly after the startup drum beat.15:46
shmengieI tried to disable compiz w /etc/compizconfig15:47
=== photon2 is now known as photon
shmengiephoton: don't u feel small15:48
harisundatlef: No ... On my Windows host, VirtualBox has no other guest OSes, but on my Fedora Core host, I have a Ubuntu 8.04 VirtualBox guest15:49
photonshmengie: I have a mass of 0, so yes :(15:49
atlefharisund: ok15:49
atlefharisund: then i do not know. maybe try to install 8.10 in your fedora15:50
harisund8.10 guest gives the same error irrespective of the host .. :( I even tried it on 8.04 host15:51
Randomskkanyone good with lvm here?15:54
linuxpoetAnybody having problems with ssh after intrepid upgrade?15:54
linuxpoetAll of a sudden, I can't get a shell anywhere15:54
linuxpoetI can however auth15:54
eagles0513875linuxpoet: i didnt15:57
eagles0513875i got shell and everything15:57
eagles0513875im having other issues and im backing up all my data off my server and doing an clean install15:57
NET||abusehey all,, i made an ubuntu live usb stick and now i need to revert it back to a blank usb stick and restore the files I backed up from it before.. how do i re-format it?15:59
graingertNET||abuse: mkfs15:59
NET||abusegraingert: mkfs.. hm15:59
graingertNET||abuse: gparted might even do it15:59
NET||abusedon't seem to have gparted..16:00
eagles0513875NET||abuse: sudo apt-get install gparted16:00
NET||abusedoing so :)16:00
NET||abusegrr, passwords16:00
NET||abusewow, if you have half a clue, gparted is damn easy16:07
NET||abuseeagles0513875: thanks again, that's twice this weekend you've helped me :)16:08
NET||abusegraingert: and to you too :)16:08
eagles0513875NET||abuse: :) no prob pro16:09
eagles0513875thats what the open source and linux community is about16:10
randomskkanyone here using kubuntu 8.10 with dual screens?16:10
NET||abuseright, on to seeing how to sync my tomboy notes between the eee and the work desktop16:10
NET||abuseeagles0513875: you use conduit?16:10
eagles0513875NET||abuse: no i dont16:10
eagles0513875NET||abuse: join #eeepc16:10
eagles0513875lol its for eee pc people they might help u out with certain things as well16:11
lbthi - we just upgraded to 8.10 to help test. The hibernate isn't working. I suspect it is because I upgraded the RAM to 3Gb and there isn't enough swap. However it does seem to try to hibernate and eventually just powers off.16:11
NET||abusethanks, ok i have.. i'll chase up my eee related stuff there.. thanks.16:11
eagles0513875NET||abuse: no prob16:11
wolfie2xquestion Power Manager: How does it consider if the machine is *inactive*? when no mouse clicks or keypresses?16:11
graingertNET||abuse: np16:12
IdleOneNET||abuse: gparted is easy to use but can be intimidating for fist time user. I know I was very worried the first time I used it to partition16:13
ad_hey im trying to install yelp-dbgsym=2.24.0-0ubuntu2.8.10 to backtrace a bug on intrepiud but cant seem to install it any help guys?16:13
IdleOnead_: any errors?16:14
ad_E: Version ‘2.24.0-0ubuntu2.8.10’ for ‘yelp-dbgsym’ was not found16:14
NET||abuseIdleOne: ahh, altering file systems doesn't scare me. I used ot do nutso things like be a tester for the linux-ntfs project, so if recompiling kernel level support for file systems doesn't phase me, gparted isn't much to worry about.16:14
compilerwriterI installed TkDiff from the repos but it is not showing up in my menu, even after a restart, is there a way for me to add it manually or will I just have to fire it off from a terminal window?16:14
ad_i run gdb gedit 2>&1 | tee gdb-gedit.txt16:15
ad_(no debugging symbols found)(gdb)16:16
wolfie2xintrepid issue: Power Manager thinks the system is inactive when I'm copying files over the network.. bug?16:21
ShackJackHI all - here's a weird one... When in the GUI, if I adjust my screen brightness on the laptop (using a Fn/Key Combo), the keyboard input and certain gui menu functions go dead. I can get it back by toggling command line/GUI (Ctrl-Alt+F1/F7)... Any tips on how to correct?16:23
lbtOK, I'll log (another) hibernate bug then :)16:24
wolfie2xShackJack: I have a similar issue.. whats ur laptop?16:25
ShackJackwolfie2x: A Dell Inspriron E1505... aka 600 0Series... Tried changin kb layout in setting to no effect...16:26
wolfie2xShackJack: wait i'm looking for the bug report i logged16:27
wolfie2xShackJack: mine is a Inspiron 940016:28
KimfI have a quite non standard problem, but might be related to a more general problem. I have vista on a raid 0 on sata 1,2 and a non raid disk on sata3 (nvidia bios raid). I'm trying to install intrepid to the non raid drive and at the moment booting it from grub4dos from the vista boot menu with the menu.lst that is generated and in /boot/grub/ but I just end up with busybox at initramfs16:28
wolfie2xShackJack: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/28857916:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 288579 in ubuntu "[Intrepid] On DELL Inspiron 9400 some Fn+keys don't work (instead creates a tight loop of KeyPress/KeyRelease events in xev)" [Undecided,New]16:28
ShackJackwolfie2x: IS it dpkg-reconfigure kbd or something to reconfig keyboard?16:28
Kimf(Installing from the alternate build from the 22.10 at the moment)16:29
wolfie2xShackJack: sorry i'm not an expert either16:29
wolfie2xShackJack: does ur other keys battery,wifi working?16:30
ShackJackwolfie2x: Checking - what does the battery one do anyway?16:31
wolfie2xShackJack: I think it should show an on-screen-display with battery level just like the brightness OSD16:31
wolfie2xShackJack: does the wifi show an OSD?16:32
ad_should I make a bug report for the open/close animations not working on my Intrepid?16:32
aLeSD___hi all16:32
lbtso I used gparted and extended my swap from 1.8Gb to 4Gb (3Gb RAM) and did a hibernate again. It went to text mode with a flashing cursor, lots of disk then (as when it failed b4) I got the message: btusb_intr_complete hci0 urb f600a000 failed to resubmit (2). It wouldn't restore :(16:32
aLeSD___I can't find vlc or mplayer in the repository of ibex.16:33
ShackJackwolfie2x: The Fn volume ones work - not battery (though I don't know if ever did) and the Fn Keypad one's don't work...16:33
aLeSD___is it normal ?16:33
aLeSD___and ... I added the medibuntu repositoru16:33
wolfie2xShackJack: here's another bug report but it seems to be thinkpad specific    https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi/+bug/27229216:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 272292 in acpi "[Intrepid] No on-screen display for volume or brightness control on Thinkpad T60" [Undecided,New]16:34
aLeSD___but no googlearth in ... I mean 64bit ibex16:34
wolfie2xShackJack: I've been trying to find a fix for the brightness problem for weeks but no luck16:34
aLeSD___r u sure that the ibex will be oficially in 3 days ?16:34
wolfie2xaLeSD___: that's the plan16:35
aLeSD___i found a bug on the networking16:35
aLeSD___a big bug16:35
aLeSD___I think dhcpclient cause it ...16:36
lbtI used gparted to change the swap file and it appears to have changed the UUID and not updated /etc/fstab - so it's not using swap on the next reboot.16:36
wolfie2xShackJack: can you add a comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/288579 describing ur issue?16:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 288579 in ubuntu "[Intrepid] On DELL Inspiron 9400 some Fn+keys don't work (instead creates a tight loop of KeyPress/KeyRelease events in xev)" [Undecided,New]16:36
KimfAnyone know anything about my problem? Or where else to look/ask?16:36
aLeSD___I don't know but the interface module ... i think enter in deadlock16:36
aLeSD___or something like16:36
aLeSD___I need to reload the module16:37
aLeSD___and set it by the terminal16:37
aLeSD___if I use dhclients it goes crazy16:37
wolfie2xaLeSD___: have u filed a bug report?16:38
aLeSD___I have the same problem with 3 computers16:38
aLeSD___I mean it's not a hw specific stuff16:38
aLeSD___different hw16:38
wolfie2xaLeSD___: log a bug report16:39
aLeSD___where ?16:39
ShackJackwolfie2x: Work stuff - brb16:40
wolfie2xaLeSD___: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/16:40
aLeSD___is canolical offices in south america ?16:40
wolfie2xaLeSD___: no idea16:41
aLeSD___stupid question16:41
wolfie2xaLeSD___: u can also post ur issue here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=34616:41
wolfie2xaLeSD___: forum for intrepid testing16:42
wolfie2xaLeSD___: people there usually know if it's known bug or will help u with reporting a new bug16:43
alphaCan someone please help me out with this issue.  I have 2x 24" Dell monitors that i want to use  with 8.10.  I have the newest nvidia software loaded and both monitors are displaying data.  The issue is that monitor 2 needs to be setup to rotate 90deg counter clock wise since it is set to display in vertical position and not horizontal.  Anyone know how i can do this?16:43
alphashmengie: i have it installed already there seems to be no option to rotate though16:46
alphaunlike the windows version16:46
shmengieMight need to run both terminals on separate X windows.16:46
shmengieErr separate displays.16:47
alphashmengie: i can do that, just cant drag windows between them then .. right ?16:47
shmengieright  I believe.16:47
shmengieI haven't worked with them much16:47
larsemilcan i do a netinstall of the RC of 8.10?16:48
alphawell i will try that once all thse updates finish16:48
shmengieupdate-manager -d16:49
shmengielarsemil: I think that's the command16:49
maxbWhat is the proper way to disable an entry in /usr/share/gnome/autostart/*.desktop on a per-user basis?16:54
mnemoclarsemil: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/16:55
maxbgnome-session-properties, it turns out17:03
Dr3mroany one here tried ubuntu 8.10 what about boot speed improvement17:03
nemoodd. why does this one machine not have an "art manager"17:03
nemobut my other machine does?17:03
nemostill puzzled as to where all my gtk themes went too17:03
nemoperhaps they were from medibuntu17:03
mini-manHi, having some problems running wolfenstein ET, I get "could not load OpenGL subsystem", so I did glxinfo, and I get a bunch of "Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"."17:07
nemohm. if I search synaptic for gtk engine, I don't see them. sooo, they must have been dropped or elsewhere.17:07
nemothe art manager thing is odd though17:07
mini-manI had the mesa headers... but just in case I installed the nvidia-177-dev package, but that didn't seem to help..17:08
nemomini-man: pastebin your xorg log17:08
nemoand your xorg conf file, such as it is17:08
mini-manfrom glxinfo?17:08
nemo /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:08
nemoor somesuch17:08
nemoand /etc/X11/xorg.conf17:08
mini-mannemo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/63309/17:09
Dr3mroany one here tried ubuntu 8.10 what about boot speed improvement17:10
nemoDr3mro: I'm on it, but didn't really pay attention, and not going to reboot just for you :)17:10
nemoI suspect others fall into a similar camp17:10
Dr3mronemo, i did no ask any one to reboot17:10
nemoDr3mro: anyway, biggest boot speed improvements IMO are from parallel startup17:10
sam__hi when i boot 8.10 i just geta  boot soncole17:10
Dr3mronemo, i just wanna know17:10
nemoDr3mro: just explaining lack of answers17:10
TedCThe intrepid upgrader seems to ignore my sources.list and tries to download all of the packages it needs from archive.ubuntu.com.  Is that how it's supposed to work?17:11
nemoTedC: updater does override your source list17:11
nemoTedC: you can reenable it after17:11
Dr3mronemo, so did it improved form last version 8.0417:11
sorush20how do I update the ntp server in gnome 8.1017:11
Dr3mrois it faster than 8.0417:11
nemoDr3mro: seems so to me17:11
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)17:11
TedCnemo: That's annoying.  I have a full mirror on my local LAN.  When everyone tries to upgrade next week, no-one's going to be able to.17:12
sam__anyone know why im getting a boot console17:12
nemo(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)17:12
nemomini-man: ^^^17:12
Dr3mronemo, can u roughly suggest no less than 30 sec or more up to minute or more than 1 minute17:12
nemoTedC: meh. could do the update yourself17:12
mini-mannemo, so what do I do? I have the latest nvidia-glx-177..17:12
mini-manshould I downgrade?17:12
nemoDr3mro: I wasn't at my computer when it rebooted. so no clue.17:12
nemoDr3mro: I thought when you meant "faster" you meant in general17:12
TedCnemo: hmmmm17:13
nemoDr3mro: I haven't even checked to see if it has parallel startup enabled by default17:13
nemomini-man: are you sure?17:13
* nemo reads the log some more17:13
Dr3mronemo, ok thnks17:13
nemoah. yep. libglx does seem to be from nvidia17:14
nemonot the nv driver17:14
mini-mannemo, positive17:14
nemomini-man: what's your card?17:14
sam__can anyone helpme :<17:14
nemothat's in there too17:14
nemoI need to get better at log reading :)17:14
nemohm. not that different from my card17:15
=== adam is now known as randomskk
ulaasi have 24" mac-tel aluminum,  i have no sound at all. but i can see many devices with the volume-control. tried all bars up :) i am on intrepid17:16
sam__is there a safe mode on ubuntu?17:16
randomskkI've got two encrypted partitions and together they make the volume group that holds my root partition17:16
randomskkbut at bootup, it only tries to decrypt one of them17:16
nemomini-man: mine's a 7300 LE - and using identical driver. hum.17:16
randomskkas a result, it fails to mount the root partition and dumps me to a busybox shell17:16
mini-mannemo, :]17:17
DaekdroomWell. Here I go.17:17
randomskkif I manually decrypt the second encrypted partition in the busybox shell (cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdb2 sdb2_crypt) and then exit the shell, it can boot normally and everything works17:17
randomskkso I need to get it to ask for both passphrases before trying to mount root17:17
nemomini-man: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-177/+bug/285565 - your bug I 'spose.17:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 285565 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-177 "NVIDIA Binary Driver 177.80 does not work. GLX module bails out saying no compatible driver found. " [Undecided,New]17:17
acustercan anyone expand on the Release notes' evdev keymapping issue?17:17
DaekdroomHow do I make udev not try to modprobe a module? Blacklist doesn't work.17:17
randomskkI can find the part that's actually asking for the passphrase but I can't find what calls it, which is where the list of encrypted partitions is17:17
randomskkI think it's trying to just decrypt one volume to get at the root drive with the intention of decrypting the other one later17:18
mini-mannemo, so nothing I can do?17:18
randomskkdoes anyone know where I could look to get it to decrypt both?17:18
mini-mannemo, besides running W:ET in wine :D17:18
sorush20my ubuntu is not updating time to uk time help17:18
nemomini-man: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=966d89aa9842763063518cacc5f0c80a&t=6568517:18
nemomini-man: that one is your exact card17:18
sorush20I have set the server . any idea what is happening/17:18
nemomini-man: he got his working. not same system as you, but the steps might be applicable if you understand them17:19
mini-mannemo, well seems like he couldn't even get the basics working... i do get the nvidia splash screen at bootup and such17:20
mini-manso would that help?17:20
nemomini-man: for example, he fixed a "driver_aliases" which does not exist in ubuntu17:20
nemomini-man: well, since it does initially load the driver, that's not that surprising17:21
alteregoahouston i got a problem17:22
alteregoaif i start mc, with ssh it looks like crap17:22
alteregoalooks like a wrong ansi charset17:22
nemousing UTF-8?17:23
alteregoabut if i try another ubuntu server it looks right17:23
alteregoai don't know17:23
alteregoai got ssh from windows17:23
alteregoaand it works with another ubuntu server17:23
mini-mannemo, well, trying to see if i can try somethings he did, but just did a nvidia-xconfig, I'll try restarting X now17:23
mini-manor would that not help?17:23
alteregoaonly on terminal17:23
sam__is there anyway to upgrade from 8.94 to 8.1017:24
alteregoai think there is something with the termcap17:24
shmengiesam: update_manager -d17:24
nemomini-man: can I see your xorg.conf ?17:25
nemomini-man: before and after nvidia-xconfig actually17:25
mini-mannemo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/63313/17:26
mini-manthis is after17:26
sorush20I'm not sure how the dns might be affected by my network17:26
sorush20can anyone help17:26
mini-manyou have before from my previous paste17:26
nemomini-man: oh. it was at the bottom17:26
mini-mannemo, aye17:27
ulaasis there a specific channel for apple owners?17:27
mini-manhere's sidebyside if you need it17:27
mini-manold and new17:27
nemomini-man: don't see anything helpful in the reconfigured one17:27
mini-mannemo, did some searching, and apparently even if i wanted to, i can't successfully use the 173 drivers with intrepid?17:28
nemomini-man: I suppose you've tried dpkg-reconfigure already17:28
mini-mannemo, on nvidia-glx-177 yes17:28
nemomini-man: well, there appears to be a patch...17:30
nemomini-man: odd, since googling for your exact card name reveals other people using it just fine17:30
nemo(with 177.80)17:30
nemomini-man: you using the right kernel?17:31
nemo2.6.27-7-generic personally17:31
mini-manminiman@minibox:~/Scripts$ uname -sr17:31
mini-manLinux 2.6.27-7-generic17:31
sorush20apple owner go here #mac17:32
sorush20also I@m running the show here..17:32
sorush20that why I will help anyone17:32
alteregoaso can someone check what the hell error it is17:33
mnemocoh, people still use mc17:33
alteregoaof course17:35
alteregoagnome commander mc nc or tc17:35
nemomini-man: trying to see if there is a list of supported GPUs on the nvidia site17:35
nemomini-man: I have no clue on how to check that from the nvidia driver itself17:35
mini-mannemo, FWIW, when I run nvidia-settings, I get 'You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X config file...'17:36
nemowell. sure.17:37
nemo'cause it got unloaded on startup17:37
nemoand fell back to vesa17:37
nemomini-man: nvidia 6150 LE is in the readme as supported17:37
nemomini-man: try reruning dpkg-reconfigure on xorg.conf I guess :-/17:38
alteregoaso how can i change the termcap stuff?17:38
mini-mannemo, on what now? o.017:39
mini-mannemo, which package?17:39
nemomini-man: dude. the instructions on how to do it are in your xorg.conf17:39
nemo# If you have edited this file but would like it to be automatically updated17:39
nemo# again, run the following command:17:39
nemo#   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg17:39
vmelohi there, is procps broken??17:39
nemo(that's from the pastebin you sent me)17:39
mini-mank done, restarting X17:40
KimfI have a quite non standard problem, but might be related to a more general problem. I have vista on a raid 0 on sata 1,2 and a non raid disk on sata3 (nvidia bios raid). I'm trying to install intrepid to the non raid drive and at the moment booting it from grub4dos from the vista boot menu with the menu.lst that is generated and in /boot/grub/ but I just end up with busybox at initramfs. (installed with 8.10 alternate amd64 from 22. oct17:41
alteregoause this rescue linux stuff17:42
mini-mannemo, want the new log or..17:48
nemomini-man: if it hasn't fixed it, naw17:48
nemomini-man: I figure the issue is the same17:48
mini-mannemo, yeah didn't fix17:48
nemonot sure *why* it is happening though17:48
nemomini-man: p'raps something non-standard about your env17:48
mini-mannemo, in 640xsomething-or-the-other atm with horrid graphics :P17:48
nemomini-man: you can always use nv  for now I 'spose17:48
nemoalthough that won't help with wolfenstein17:48
mini-manguess i'll try 17317:49
mini-manjust for kicks17:49
mini-mana few days ago, someone reported that X borking up at boot, and I did have the exact same errors as they did but I didn't write them down so i forgot them :)17:49
mini-manthat's when I was asked to select drivers, and 177 wasn't enabled.. so I'm assuming 173 will bork again..17:50
billybigriggerwill OO.org 3 be included in ibex?17:51
U238Willywhen i dpkg-reconfig xserv-xorg.. it writes about 12 lines (no joke) which drops your X to the most minimal settings ever.17:51
U238WillyI ended up doing some research in my etc/X11/ dir to find a more suitable and in-depth xorg.conf backup from 8.04 and used that instead.17:53
U238Willyand a known bug for 8.10 (atleast from ubuntu.com) is that certain nvidia drivers are 'configured' at upgrade which aren't the proper drivers for your equip.17:54
mini-manit worked17:56
mini-manreinstalled 17717:56
U238Willyif i can ask... what card do you have?17:57
mini-mangeforce 6150 LE17:57
louiseI need some help pretty quick: in order to install ubuntu on an asus 701 eee pc, shouldn't it suffice to make a "usb startup disk" or do I have to somehow make a live cd usb key? (assuming they are distinct)17:57
louiseI think the usb start up key creator application is not doing its job properly18:01
louisewhen i boot the pc it says there's no o.s. in the key and goes on18:02
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases18:04
Lunar_LampOnly 4 days left in October - when is Ibex scheduled for release?18:05
Lunar_LampDaekdroom: thanks18:05
admin_masu3701hello there!! do anyone if there is a C programing channel?18:07
maxbYou can try ##c18:07
admin_masu3701maxb: thanks18:09
jblackhallthere's a bug out there for Intrepid that I think could use a little developer or triager feedback.  I'm pretty sure it affects all desktops running Intrepid: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/28093118:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 280931 in udev "Tray retracts automatically after eject with 2.6.27-6 and -7" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:14
jonaskoelkerHi all.  My keyboard configuration is the brokenness in intrepid; with xkbmodel=pc105, layout=us, variant=dvorak, I get uparrow(label) to be printscreen(effect), Alt_R is KP_Enter, some arrows are NoSymbol...18:24
jonaskoelkerI could use some help in restoring my keyboard to normality18:25
jonaskoelkerit's possible to hack something together with xmodmap; some keys don't repeat or not according to my desires (fixable with xset r on a key-per-key basis).  But this is dirty, and C-M-Up becomes C-M-0x6f to gnome-keybinding-properties, and metacity then complains when I --replace it18:26
jonaskoelkerno one?18:27
jonaskoelkerare you all here to ask questions just like me?18:27
DaekdroomHave patience18:27
DaekdroomWe're not paid to help and we're not watching the channel full time. Plus, it's not like everyone knows how to help you.18:28
andresmhin gnome, how can I disable the animation that happens when a  window is minimized?18:31
Daekdroomandresmh: you mean the effect?18:32
andresmhyes Daekdroom18:32
Daekdroomandresmh: System > Preferences > Appearence > Effects tab and then turn off the effects18:33
DaekdroomNot sure if the tab name is Effects. I'm not on Ubuntu right now.18:33
andresmhDaekdroom: i already have Visual Effects set to None18:33
chairmani got 8.10 upgrade. how can i get the adobe flash player to work on youtube?18:33
Daekdroomandresmh: Then what effect are you talking about? Fading?18:34
andresmhDaekdroom: it's hard to describe it with words but basically it shows the black border of the window as it minimizes...18:35
Daekdroomandresmh: A black square where the window was?18:35
andresmhyes Daekdroom18:36
DaekdroomI never noticed such thing. What's the video driver you're using?18:36
andresmhand the black square gets smaller, leaving a short trail as the window goes into hiding to the panel18:36
andresmhDaekdroom: how can i check the video driver?18:36
Daekdroomandresmh: pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:38
andresmhDaekdroom: http://paste2.org/p/9303918:39
Daekdroomandresmh: Checked System > Preferences > Window18:41
andresmhthere are only 3 options there18:42
andresmhWindow Selection, Titlebar Action, Movement Key18:42
jonaskoelkerI don't think it can be disable18:42
Daekdroomandresmh: Is xserver-xgl package installed?18:43
jonaskoelkerbut I'm not a 100%18:43
alteregoais there anybody aware of change the termcap stuff?18:43
andresmhDaekdroom: apt-get returns E: Couldn't find package xserver-xgl18:44
Daekdroomandresmh: I can't think of anything that might cause the problem, or any configuration, sorry.18:45
andresmhno problem Daekdroom18:45
legend2440andresmh: to get rid of the minimize animation read post #5 and 6. worked for me  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3866218:45
chairmanI need help please18:45
DarthfrogI'm beginning to hate Intrepid.18:46
jonaskoelkeroh, you too?18:46
DaekdroomDarthfrog: join the club. It'll be released in 3 days and I can't boot it.18:47
alteregoayou cant boot it18:47
andresmhlegend2440:  that worked!!18:47
DaekdroomIt's frustrating. The same damn module always cause me trouble when trying to update ubuntu.18:47
alteregoajust change the apt resource18:48
chairmanIntrepid ok. remember it's still in beta and i like it18:48
DarthfrogI just re-installed cuz Firefox wouldn't use any name services.  DNS was fine but Firefox wasn't.18:48
Daekdroomalteregoa: The module makes modprobe crash during udev.18:48
jonaskoelkerlegend2440, andresmh: wtf... the *panel* does the animation?18:48
Daekdroomalteregoa: I can't fix that.18:48
chairmanbut guys i need to get my flash palyer working18:48
chairmanone of the lil mishaps when you upgrade to a new OS18:49
alteregoayeah stop overclock the cpu18:49
DarthfrogAfter re-install (saving my home directory), things were fscked-up.  I had to move .kde to .kde.saved and try and get things working again.18:49
=== maco_ is now known as maco
DaekdroomI don't overclock.18:49
DaekdroomMy motherboard doesn't even let me chance the CPU multipliers or FSB o.o18:49
alteregoamust be viastic spastic18:50
DarthfrogIntrepid might work fine for a new install but methinks it could be problematical for upgrading.18:50
alteregoai upgraded intrepid from a hardy alpha18:50
alteregoai had no problems18:50
alteregoaonly those graphic card issue with xorg and nvidia gf 418:51
squid0hi. I'm having serious issues with intel driver! crashing X often :(18:51
squid0mentions something about planes18:51
squid0"intel(0): tried to update DSPARB with both planes enabled!"\18:51
legend2440chairman: do you have  adobe-flashplugin installed? its in synaptic18:52
freaky_t3 days to go :D18:52
platiuschairman; let me boot into intrepid and see if I have flashplayer working18:52
squid0also, when X crashes, I get a recurring message about ipw2200 on any tty console logins18:52
squid0I'm otherwise really liking Intrepid, but I can't function like this... please can someone help18:52
chairmani tried to do it in terminal18:53
chairmanbut it said administration locked18:53
platiuschairman; I think I did apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras then the player appeared in synaptic package manager18:54
chairmandid you do it in terminal?18:54
chairmanu did it like sudo apt-get like tht/18:55
legend2440chairman: did you sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin?18:55
platiuschairman; yep18:55
NauarchLysanderWill the new OpenOffice be included in Ubuntu 8.10 via the Update Manager? (That is, will there be an upgrade between the realeases of 8.10 and 9.04?)18:56
chairmanP, it's  loading it up.18:56
andresmhlegend2440; one more question about UI settings, how do I change the default size of the gnome terminal?18:57
jonaskoelkerhi all.  xorg seems to not apply my mouse configuration to my logitech marble mouse.  xorg.conf and xorg log at http://rafb.net/p/Ah0c7C55.html and http://rafb.net/p/MCZ0TR76.html.  xev says the buttons I want to be 8 and 9 are 4 and 5.  What gives?  How do I map the buttons around so I can use emulatewheel?19:00
ubottusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto19:01
chairmanPlatius,I'll keep you posted and let you know what happened19:01
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad19:01
legend2440andresmh: read #1  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=11927119:01
platiuschairman;  ok19:01
chairmanright now it's at 17%19:02
sorush20hi my time server is not updating19:03
sorush20 any help guys19:03
sorush20I'm behing a proxy cache.uwe.ac.uk19:04
sorush20with authentication19:04
sorush20but I already do that through the web browser and the connection becomes active19:04
sorush20after that.. have ntp server installed but it not updating19:05
jacobw-ukhi there19:09
jacobw-ukdoes anyone know if banshee can sync with a creative zen mosiac?19:09
jacobw-uki assumed it was a mass storage, but it doesn't show up19:10
DJonesA week or so ago, I was going to upgrade using "update-manager -d" but after starting the process, I got the warning about my nvidia card not having a supported driver so when given the option, I cancelled the update, I've just started the update again, and after it removed landscape-client and nvidia-gflx it went to processing triggers for libc6 its sped through getting new packages, installing the upgrades and has been on cleaning up for 30 mins+,19:18
echinos_odd problem after upgrade: When I click on the other desktops in my workspace switcher, nothing happens. :/19:20
outbriechinos: what window manager are you using?19:20
ArkoldThoswhat whas that program to make a deb file easily?19:21
dr_willisechinos_,  try disable/reenable compiz/meticity perhaps?19:21
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!19:21
echinos_outbri, dr_willis: I just turned off GL desktop, working now19:22
ArkoldThosthanks dr_willis19:22
outbriechinos: great19:22
echinos_I'll fiddle with itand see if I can get a combo that works19:22
echinos_my other issue is no sound or wireless :/19:22
echinos_I'll google some on those ones19:23
AirBenderHey guys, is it true that until intrepid release there will be lot of broken packages in hardy?19:23
brandon_i'm having an issue where i cannot log in anymore. i type the password, i see a black screen, and then the login screen again. it doesn't say the login failed or there was incorrect information.19:23
AirBendercan't believe that19:23
Almindorhi I mean19:23
Almindorhow do you save network settings in ibex?19:23
buck_workI have just updated to Ibex from Hardy. I so far have noticed 2 major issues (to me at least). 1: Where are my console vtys? If I hit C-A-F1 to go back to console, there's nothing. Alt-F2, F3, nothing. No vtys anywhere.. 2: My secondary desktop is now dead. It starts a gnome session, but as soon as I try to run anything, I get a blank Error dialog with no buttons and gnome-panel starts chewing up 100% CPU time. x.x19:23
frosterrjanyone got pointers for slimming down memory footprint?  running aspire one with 512mb.  In gnome and xfce with only desktop up I get 120mb free in gnome, 150 free in xfce19:24
Almindorthey always go back to dhcp/auto for me in the applet, and the old network settings app is no longer available19:24
outbriAirBender: even if it was (which I have no idea), the release is only 3 days away.19:24
AirBenderwith network manager you can save configs19:24
AlmindorAirBender, what network manager? :D19:24
AlmindorAirBender, if you mean the applet thing, it doesn't seem to save it19:25
nemobuck_work: unlike you I finally have a console19:25
nemobuck_work: before, I just had blank screens due to some vid mode detection issue19:25
AirBenderAlmindor, but have you explicitly saved them?19:25
AlmindorAirBender, by doing..? I don't see "save" anywhere in this thing19:25
outbribuck_work: what video card are you using? nvidia-settings should fix the secondary desktop issue if you're using a nvidia card19:26
AirBenderoutbri, the sad part is that I was on intepid since a long time, and did the change to hardy today because I had a problem with flex-old, and it  was messing up with dpkg to install packages...19:26
buck_workoutbri - nvidia. 8600 GT19:26
eagles0513875hey guys how do i get my network card to use a static ip19:26
eagles0513875NET||abuse: hey im back and i reinstalled as well19:26
AirBenderAlmindor, right click, then edit settings, or something(My intrepid is gone...)19:26
AlmindorAirBender, yes well there's no "something" :)19:27
AlmindorAirBender, in good gnome tradition19:27
AirBenderyou will se all your interfaces, VPN networks, mobile networks, and so on19:27
outbribuck_work: I have the same card (mine's a dual dvi), it didn't work when I first upgraded to 8.10, but it was easily fixed through nvidia-settings19:27
buck_workoutbri - It's not that my secondary monitor doesn't display anything... it comes up. and in nvidia-settings it appears correct.19:27
Almindorright, I edited the auto eth0, but there's no save button19:27
AirBenderAlmindor, sorry for my bad memory, but I'm withoput intrepid right now19:27
eagles0513875how can i add my connection to use a static ip19:27
AirBendermay be it's just with the wireless networks Almindor19:28
eagles0513875i right clicked on knetowork19:28
AlmindorAirBender, nope, if it was I wouldn't be chatting19:28
outbribuckwork: so it shows your background and all, you just can't do anything with it?19:28
eagles0513875and set it up from there but yet my router is giving it a static ip19:28
eagles0513875i rebooted machine and it still is using router dhcp19:28
AirBenderwell if you want static IPs, you'd better to do it in /etc/network/interfaces19:28
buck_workExactly. The background comes up. The panel launches. I can CLICK on panel launcher items. But as soon as I do that, I get a blank error box, with no buttons, and gnome becomes unresponsive. If I have a terminal open before that happens, top shows that gnome-panel is using 100% CPU time.19:29
Almindorthat's a damn nice backpedal from 8.0419:29
eagles0513875there is nothing in there besides lo19:29
Almindoryup, same here heh19:30
AlmindorI guess this is the great new network manager heh19:30
eagles0513875i found it on google19:30
eagles0513875iface eth0 inet static19:30
eagles0513875 address
eagles0513875 netmask
eagles0513875 network
eagles0513875 broadcast
eagles0513875 gateway
eagles0513875thats what u put in there19:30
eagles0513875network manager is borked19:30
Almindorwell my ips are a bit different, but thanks for the format19:30
eagles0513875or if config19:30
eagles0513875those arent mine those r in tutorial i found on google19:31
outbribuck_work, weird. never heard of that before, I'm not sure how to fix it. sorry19:31
Almindorthey DO hope to fix the damn thing right?19:31
eagles0513875i hope so19:31
Almindorwell they better hope so :D19:31
Almindorit's enough to be stuck with this sucky ati driver19:31
buck_workNo problem, outbri. The danger of running beta releases, I guess =) Maybe I'll do a full reinstall once Ibex is final.19:31
* Almindor wonders if older ati drivers can live with .2719:31
eagles0513875i just did a full reinstallation19:32
eagles0513875after upgrading from hardy19:32
eagles0513875the upgrade is broken as always19:33
peterererhmm, so some slashdot-linked-article says it's slow :o19:33
Almindorwhat's slow?19:33
peterererubuntu since 7.04, heh19:34
Almindorsee phoronix19:34
Almindorit's the kernel IMHO19:34
Almindor+ crappier and crappier ati drivers19:34
Almindorwhere are dns servers specified?19:34
maxbeagles0513875: I have happily upgraded dapper->edgy->feisty->gutsy->hardy->intrepid ....19:34
peterererati drivers don't have a lot of bearing on some of those stats19:34
Almindorpetererer, yes but it doesn't help they are getting worse19:35
Almindorpetererer, even 2d is becoming slower, they broke powerplay on notebooks since 8.8 too19:35
Almindorfriggin moronic AMD, what would you expect? :D19:35
eagles0513875maxb: i wish i have had same luck from edgy19:35
eagles0513875when i upgraded from hardy to intrepid rc19:35
eagles0513875i had to manually imput my ns ips in resolv.conf19:36
eagles0513875and the networkmanager wasnt working right19:36
xerosis]has anyone had any problems with virtualbox since the last kernel update? seems DKMS hasn't recompiled the module?19:36
Almindorbrb, going to check boot again19:36
Almindoroh and19:36
Almindorwho was the damn fool which made the logout change?19:37
AlmindorVista-inspired or what?19:37
eagles0513875Almindor: get busy and make something to replace it19:37
Almindoractually no need, I just need to use the other applet apparently19:37
Almindorbut consistency consistency :)19:38
Ravenmy wifi disappeared19:38
Ravenit was working fine yesterday, today i turn on laptop19:38
Ravenand the interface is gone19:38
Ravenso i type modprobe ath_pci, and it spits some errors in dmesg about unknown symbols and stuff doing with ath_hal19:39
Ravenso i modprobe ath_hal and it doesnt seem to exist19:39
Ravenmodules seem to be unloaded19:39
Ravenwut shud i do19:39
esachi guys, running intrepid, i am getting 1-10 second pauses while simply pinging my wireless router. i have an intel 4965 and i have tried both default and backport drivers. i have a windows laptop sitting right here pinging at the same time, and it does not see the issue. any ideas?19:39
xerosisRaven: ath_hal is the madwifi drivers right?19:40
Ravenyeah, i believe so19:40
eagles0513875Raven: ur problem sounds like my laptop with vista lol19:40
xerosisas they're not installed manually, you must have compiled them yourself?19:41
Ravenin my experience ubuntu tends to not be like vista19:41
Ravenxerosis: i installed from a script, i believe it either had precompiled ones or compiled them itself19:41
Ravenim on an eee, there's a script pack, and i used the wifi script in that19:41
xerosisRaven: if you update your kernel you then need to recompile them19:41
eagles0513875Raven: my issue on the laptop was heat issue which fried the card19:41
Ravenxerosis: didnt change my kernel afaik19:42
xerosisRaven: are you on intrepid?19:42
chairmanplatius,the distributor license for java came up19:42
Ravenrunning 2.6.27-7 gen19:43
xerosisRaven: then you probably did have your kernel upgraded ;)19:43
Ravengrr :p19:43
Ravenim gonna run the wifi installer script again19:43
Ravensee if that rectifies things19:43
eagles0513875im on that kernel 2 but there is a newer version of that kernel19:43
eagles0513875at least a new image19:43
VSpikeSeem to me like when I open something like Firefox with compiz running, I get a momentary display either of a blank window with an X in it, or maybe some pixel garbage before the contents appear... I see this on my other (nVidia, 7.10) machine but this oldish laptop with intel graphics has always been smooth as butter.  I think that 8.10 is worse in that respect19:44
eagles0513875y the hell even after specifying my device in network interfaces file does it still show the ip from dhcp19:44
VSpikeTrouble is, that kind of thing is quite subjective19:44
VSpikeWhat themes should I have as standard in Appearance Preferences dialog?19:45
buck_workI see that as well, VSpike. Whenever I launch Opera, I get a flash that appears to be old video data from other windows before it repaints.19:45
VSpikebuck_work: interesting - what video hardware?19:45
buck_worknvidia 8600GT19:46
AirBendereagles0513875: have you restarted the networking services?19:46
VSpikebuck_work: like I say, my nVidia based system has always done it, but this machine I don't think it did until the upgrade to 8.1019:46
eagles0513875AirBender: yes19:46
Ravenit is still broken19:46
Raveni need my wifi so i can listen to music while i clean ;p19:46
buck_workVSpike: I didn't notice the issue in 8.04.1, only in 8.10 with the new nvidia driver. Haven't tried the old one.19:46
Ravensomeone halp?19:47
VSpikebuck_work: yeah I'm still on 7.10 on the box with nvidia in :)19:47
chairmanplatius are you still there or anybody?19:49
Ravencan someone please save me from my ubuntu19:49
chairmanit finish downloading the flash plugin and the license sshowed up19:49
Ravenscrew ubuntu, im using my ipod...19:50
* Raven angry19:51
AirBenderRaven so your wifi doesn't work?19:51
e\ectro_Is there going to be a new version of perl released that fixes the MASON issue?19:55
e\ectro_I see that debian unstable has a new version and was just wondering if it was going to get pushed to Ubuntu19:55
freaky_thi all i have a problem. i have a keyboard which uses a bluetooth usb stick. every time i boot up i have to manually connect the keyboard back to the pc. is there a way i can automate this? I also have to pull out the usb stick and put it back into the usb port first.19:56
petenixhaving trouble expunging a deleted mail message in evolution19:57
petenixgoing to "empty trash" or ctrl+E both breaks my system19:58
petenixor rather19:58
petenixit just doesn't delete19:58
curtis_Desktopwhen i type a message in pidgin it closes this is in ubuntu 8.1019:58
petenix(evolution:1281): camel-local-provider-WARNING **: Didn't get the next message where I expected (0) got 15215 instead19:59
petenix(evolution:1281): camel-WARNING **: Error storing '~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox (mbox)': Summary and folder mismatch, even after a sync19:59
SebbohI seem to have a lot of scim-panel-gtk processes laying around.  Uhm, well, I only speak one language, and I only have one keyboard, and that's the only way I expect to input data.  Can I disable all this scim stuff?20:02
Ravenairbender: my wifi worked less than 2 days ago20:06
Ravenand now it has suddenly stopped20:06
Ravenhavent done anything on the laptop since then20:06
=== Raven is now known as EyesOfARaven
Tominatordoes anyone know whether nvidia 96 will be released for the new X and when?20:10
EyesOfARavenwifi aid plx20:19
ConstantineXVIEyesOfARaven: we cant help you if you don't tell us what the problem is20:20
EyesOfARaveni did :p20:21
EyesOfARaveni have an atheros card running a version of madwifi on my eee20:21
EyesOfARavenand today i turned it on20:21
EyesOfARavenand suddenly the wlan0 is gone20:21
EyesOfARavenand i cant modprobe ath_pci due to some odd errors with20:21
EyesOfARavenunknown symbols having to due with ath_hal20:21
EyesOfARavenand if i try modprobe ath_hal it says it doesnt exist20:21
EyesOfARaveni tried reinstalling the drivers via the script that installed them in the first place, rebooted, didnt help20:21
EyesOfARaven this was working two days ago20:22
EyesOfARavenand i havent used it since it was last working, so nothing shud hav changed20:22
ConstantineXVIEyesOfARaven: http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-backports-modules-2.6.27/linux-backports-modules-2.6.27-7-generic_2.6.27-7.4_i386.deb20:22
ConstantineXVIEyesOfARaven: install that package on your eee20:22
chairmani still need help20:22
EyesOfARavenConstantineXVI, i will be switching the comp im on now from wired to wireless so i can use the wired on my eee for this, i will disappear for a moment, excuse me20:23
=== Raven is now known as EyesOfARaven
Winkiehey guys, what would the process be to get a52 support re-enabled in libasound2-plugins? trying to install libavcodec-dev gives me a problem in that libavcodec-unstripped-51 is in intrepid and conflicts with libavcodec5120:25
scorch_Got a High latency problem...  My internet connection (when I am d-loading from the repos) consistanly fluates from 5000B to 371Kb per/sec.  No problem in windows when downloading.  Any ideas?20:27
billzhow can I upgrade from ubuntu server 8.04 to ubuntu RC 8.10 server?20:28
alphaHas anyone been able to get xvidcap to run in 8.10 ?20:29
EyesOfARavenConstantineXVI, installed and rebooting, might i mention that that is my current kernel version20:29
EyesOfARavenwhat do u want20:29
EyesOfARavenu hav to tell us :p20:29
ConstantineXVIEyesOfARaven: that wasn't your kernel, it was drivers for the kernel20:30
EyesOfARavenyes, i know20:30
EyesOfARavenjust making sure it wasnt supposed to be some older version20:30
chairmani can't get no adobe flash plugin for some reason20:30
EyesOfARaveni havent used backports before20:30
alphachairman: are you using the nonfree one ?20:30
EyesOfARavenit is finishing booting now, so we'll see if that did anything...20:30
chairmantht what i was told to get20:30
EyesOfARavenConstantineXVI, i do believe that did it! let me just verify that i can ping google..20:31
EyesOfARavenConstantineXVI, yes, thank you! can u please explain how you knew what backports package to use for this? I'd like to know how to fix it myself if this happens again20:32
EyesOfARavenchairman, goto the flash player plugin, download and install not working?20:32
EyesOfARavenflash player page*20:32
ConstantineXVIEyesOfARaven: i had the exact same problem this morning, and found that in a forum post20:32
EyesOfARavenwhat browser do u use?20:33
chairmanfirefox 320:33
EyesOfARavenConstantineXVI, what did u try searching for? mine were fruitless20:33
EyesOfARavenchairman: u shud be able to install the flash player from the adobe page for that browser20:33
ConstantineXVIEyesOfARaven: ar5007 intrepid20:33
silvexHi all, having trouble getting second display going on ati9250 clone. new install 8.10rc, xorg.conf is empty , is that normal? in 8.04 it was configured.20:33
EyesOfARavenConstantineXVI, thanks mate20:33
EyesOfARavenbeen a big help ^^20:33
chairmani did that and nothing happened20:33
IdleOne!upgrade > billz20:34
ubottubillz, please see my private message20:34
EyesOfARavenchairman: u downloaded the package and installed it, but did u restart the browser?20:34
curtis_Desktopmy sound does not work in 8.10 after updating from 8.0420:34
curtis_Desktophow can i get it to work?20:34
chairmanno.not yet.20:34
EyesOfARavencurtis_Desktop, going to need to know what sound card, etc20:35
EyesOfARavenchairman, u need to or it won't work20:35
curtis_Desktophow can i find out ?20:35
EyesOfARavencurtis_Desktop, lspci | grep audio20:35
EyesOfARaveni'm not 100% if the phrase "audio" will do it20:35
EyesOfARavenbut that's generally what u want20:35
IdleOnelspci will list all devices20:36
EyesOfARavenah, make sure u capitalize the A20:36
EyesOfARavenIdleOne, yes, but that could be a lot of output for someone to parse thru by hand20:36
curtis_DesktopEyesOfARaven, it just goes to the next line20:36
EyesOfARavencurtis_Desktop, do it with a capitol A, my apologies20:36
IdleOneEyesOfARaven: true, always good to see what the command will do first and then learn to pass arguments :)20:37
chairmando u want me to restart the browser or the PC. i clicccked off and on and notthign happened20:37
EyesOfARavenyou've an ICH7 family intel onboard audio20:38
EyesOfARavensee that third line20:39
EyesOfARavenif u grep for "Audio" it've brought that up20:39
jonaskoelkerhi all.  X configures my logitech usb marble mouse against my wishes.  xorg.conf @ http://rafb.net/p/vGAygx36.html, Xorg.0.log @ http://rafb.net/p/5bgJNd49.html.  Note how the log sees the marble mouse at /dev/input/event12, exactly where i've configured "Configured Mouse" to be; yet the EmulateWheelButton is not 8 as I asked for.  How can I beat my xserver into submission?20:39
curtis_DesktopIntel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) PCI Express Port 1 (rev 01)20:39
EyesOfARavencurtis_Desktop, i'm not an expert, so the specifics for how to fix it i am unaware of, but that info will be necessary for someone else to help u20:40
IdleOneEyesOfARaven: you know anything about getting  Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01) to work?20:41
EyesOfARavenIdleOne, indeed i do..20:41
EyesOfARaveni have that very card that just didn't work myself20:41
EyesOfARavenand i just had help fixing it :p20:41
IdleOnewell share the love :)20:42
EyesOfARaveninstall http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-backports-modules-2.6.27/linux-backports-modules-2.6.27-7-generic_2.6.27-7.4_i386.deb20:42
EyesOfARavenand it will magically come back to life20:42
curtis_Desktopis that for me?20:42
EyesOfARavenno, curtus20:42
calcwhere did the pdf printer go in intrepid?20:42
EyesOfARavenIdleOne, happen to have an eee 900? :D20:42
EyesOfARaventhat's where my AR242 is20:43
IdleOneacer 431520:43
IdleOneEyesOfARaven: what do i put in the SSID box in network manager?20:45
* IdleOne is new to wireless20:45
chairmani need serious help to get adobe flashplugin please20:47
chairmani rebooted the browser ..nothing..rebooted my laptop..0..20:48
EyesOfARavenIdleOne, ur ssid :D20:48
IdleOneERRR I meant BSSID20:49
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)20:51
IdleOneerrrr now I have gone and forgotten my router pass :/20:52
IdleOneI'll fix this when I get back from vacation20:52
scopecreepyou can google for router default passes20:53
EyesOfARavenIdleOne, skip it20:53
scopecreeplinksys = admin or linksys20:53
scopecreephit the reset button on the router to get it back20:53
IdleOneEyesOfARaven: skip the BSSID? the ok button stays greyed20:53
EyesOfARaventhere is no spot for bssid on mine20:53
EyesOfARavenjust network key, auth type20:53
chadeldridgeEveryone, I am having a serious issue with multiple monitors in 8.10 I have even tried my xorg.conf file from 8.04 and the issue still persists.  I have 2 monitors both 24"  1 of them is vertical the other horizontal.  The vertical monitor is rotated correctly now but the graphics only draw as far down as the grphics on monitor 0.  I can move the mouse below the graphics line and still see it but i cannot drag folders or anything below that backgro20:54
EyesOfARavenand sec type20:54
EyesOfARavenand ssid20:54
IdleOnewhat network manager are you using ? the default?20:54
EyesOfARavenmebe ur accessing it wierd20:55
EyesOfARavenwhat i do20:55
EyesOfARavenis click on the little computers on the panel20:55
EyesOfARavenand then select my network in the menu20:55
EyesOfARavenand then it pops up a box if it needs sec20:55
IdleOneI am only seeing wired network20:55
IdleOnenote to self: do not request a network address while being helped with network issue20:57
BUGabundoeheh IdleOne20:57
IdleOnelike I said. I will worry about this after vacation20:58
chadeldridgeEveryone, I am having a serious issue with multiple monitors in 8.10 I have even tried my xorg.conf file from 8.04 and the issue still persists.  I have 2 monitors both 24"  1 of them is vertical the other horizontal.  The vertical monitor is rotated correctly now but the graphics only draw as far down as the grphics on monitor 0.  I can move the mouse below the graphics line and still see it but i cannot drag folders or anything below that backgro21:00
ElTimoanyone know anything about drivers for the logitech quickcam e2500 in intrepid?21:02
BUGabundoElTimo: please look on LP. there has been a lot of changes due to kernel21:03
BUGabundoElTimo: just today mine got fixed! yay21:03
ElTimoo really? do you have the same one though?21:03
ElTimoor something similar?21:03
technopaganhi! anyone experiencing intrepid not saving settings of e.g. the session (running programs) or mouse-settings?21:03
ElTimotechnopagan: yes I have21:04
BUGabundono.. I have a generys21:04
technopaganElTimo: So it's Intrepid, not me.21:04
ElTimoeither that or we're doing the same things wrong :P21:04
IdleOnetechnopagan: it probably is you but that is a whole other story :P21:05
technopaganIdleOne: lol21:05
ElTimolol I've actually had that problem a bit in hardy too, but only under gnome21:05
savvashas anyone else except me noticed the "ekiga 3.0" mentioned at http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntu-8.10-desktop ? :P21:06
technopaganI switched to a fully encrypted /home and thought maybe it's that ... but now that I know it happens to you guys too, I'll just wait for it to be fixed. :)21:07
ElTimotechnopagan: can't say I have21:08
ElTimodoes it look any good?21:08
technopaganElTimo: The encrypted /home?21:08
ElTimoyea, does it work as fast as an unencrypted one?21:09
technopaganElTimo: I have yet to move around some larger files, but until now it seems fine21:10
ElTimohmm, I might have to try that21:10
ElTimodid you do encrypted swap too?21:10
joaopintoencryption as a performance penalty, it may be relevant or not :P21:10
technopaganElTimo: Yes.21:11
ElTimogood call21:11
technopaganElTimo: There's a really good tutorial for using LUKS + LVM21:11
ElTimoI usually just do a folder ~/Private and use ecryptfs on it21:11
technopaganElTimo: Decryption on Login and such... really smooth!21:12
ElTimoo shat21:12
ElTimothat's awesome21:12
technopaganElTimo: I'll dig out the URL21:13
ElTimotechnopagan: awesome, thanks21:13
Skiessi!info portaudio19-dev21:13
ubottuportaudio19-dev (source: portaudio19): Portable audio I/O - development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 19+svn20071207-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 111 kB, installed size 500 kB21:13
technopaganElTimo: http://blog.gnist.org/article.php?story=EncryptedSwapAndHomeUbuntu21:14
ElTimoah I think I saw that one before21:14
Kwiwaahello, i've no sound with 8.10 RC, can someone help me please ?21:14
ElTimoKwiwaa: gnome or kde?21:15
DaSkreechcan someone right click on a directory in nautilus and tell me if you get an open with option under Properties?21:15
ElTimoKwiwaa: not sure, I use kde21:16
technopaganElTimo: It was a little intimidating at first ... but after some reading I got the hang of it. So just dive in! ;)21:16
ElTimoKwiwaa: have you tried double-clicking the volume icon and making sure nothing important is muted?21:17
ElTimotechnopagan: eh, drive formatting never scared me ;P21:17
redwhitewaldohi, folks. how come neither skype nor gizmo works in ubuntu 8.10 RC anymore?21:17
redwhitewaldoplesae help21:17
redwhitewaldois it a audio software problem?21:18
redwhitewaldoplease help a newbie21:18
ElTimodefine "doesn't work"21:18
redwhitewaldoElTimo: i click on the skype icon in my panel (or go type "skype" in terminal). and my cpu power is high, but it doesn't load21:18
ElTimohmm, I've had the high cpu load, but I can usually get skype to load21:19
redwhitewaldoElTimo: you are using skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_i386.deb, the file from skype.com right?21:19
technopaganI had to copy the common files of a freshly setup user as root. Afterwards they of course were owned by root. I then chowned them to be owned by me. Is there anything wrong with doing that?21:20
ElTimoskype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_x64.deb, but it's the same version21:20
pantsmancan somebody please send me their ndiswrapper.ko ? thanks21:20
ElTimopantsman: what version? 32 bit or 64 bit?21:21
pantsman32-bit, please21:21
ElTimocan't help you >.< I'm on 6421:21
pantsmanor where else might I be able to get a copy? I tried installing ndiswrapper from source and the install removed my ndiswrapper.ko21:22
TheInfinitypantsman: packages.ubuntu.com21:22
joaopintopantsman, ndiswrapper is available on the repositories21:22
technopaganredwhitewaldo: Have you tried starting Skype via a terminal and looked if there's any output in the terminal?21:22
ElTimopantsman: you could try just uninstalling ndiswrapper, doing a sudo apt-get clean, and then installing it again21:22
redwhitewaldotechnopagan: no output via terminal21:23
redwhitewaldoit's just blank21:23
technopaganpantsman: Where's it located?21:23
technopaganredwhitewaldo: Damn.21:23
redwhitewaldotechnopagan: can we make it verbose?21:23
ElTimoskype -v most likely21:24
technopaganpantsman: I'm on 32Bit.21:24
chairmanhow do i get the adobe flash plugin please21:24
pantsmanI can't even find where it was deleted from now21:24
technopaganpantsman: I'll look for it.21:25
pantsmanmaybe it'll be in my bash history21:25
pantsmantechnopagan, thanks21:25
pencould anyone tell me why kernel panic?21:25
pantsmanI realised my error and installed it from the packages, but it isn't working because of that missing file21:25
rwwchairman: if you have the multiverse repository enabled, you can install it with sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree21:26
penthis is getting more and more annoying21:26
pendid anyone get kernel panic?21:27
rhkfinAnyone have had problems installing from usb stick? It tries to use a cd -> fail..21:27
technopaganpantsman: I hope it helps21:28
pantsmantechnopagan, thanks, could you let me know where you found it?21:28
dr_willisrhkfin,  ive installed from bootable usb sticks ive made with 'unetbootin'  on several machines.21:29
chairmanok how do you get that.go to adept and then repositories?21:29
technopaganpantsman: /lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic/kernel/ubuntu/ndiswrapper21:29
pantsmantechnopagan, thanks21:30
technopaganpantsman: you're welcome21:30
penis there a fix for the kernel panic? or can I downgrade my kernel?21:30
rhkfindr_willis: intrepid? I have kubuntu altenate 64-bit.. Will check unetbootin..21:30
dr_willisrhkfin,  yes.. 64bit 8.10  - :)21:30
rwwchairman: I'm not familiar with adept (I use Gnome rather than KDE), but yeah, there should be a repositories option somewhere that'll let you enable multiverse. Then, you can install flashplugin-nonfree.21:30
rhkfindr_willis: ok21:30
dr_willisrhkfin,  ubuntu however.. not kubuntu21:30
chairmani meant adept installer rww21:31
DaSkreechcan someone right click on a directory in nautilus and tell me if you get an open with option under Properties?21:31
savvaschairman: search for flashplugin-nonfree in adept21:32
technopaganDaSkreech: Yes.21:32
rhkfindr_willis: so I download unetbootin, point it to the downladed image and it'll create me a live usb?21:32
DaSkreechtechnopagan: Thanks21:32
pantsmantechnopagan, you're my saviour, just ran modprobe and it found it and my wireless works now :)21:32
joaopintoDaSkreech, which type of dictionary ? I am not aware of a standard dictionary file format21:32
DaSkreechjoaopinto: Re read21:33
technopaganpantsman: congrats! :)21:33
darkphaderthinkpad t20 probs - no network, no keyboard, no mouse21:33
chairmanit said i got it installed21:33
joaopintodarkphader, ops, sorry :P21:33
joaopintoDaSkreech, sorry21:33
pantsmanif anyone's interested I've got 8.10 working great on a new Asus Eee box :)21:33
dr_willisrhkfin,  yep.21:34
rhkfindr_willis: thanks21:34
technopaganAgain: Is anything wrong with chown-ing everything in my home via root-console to be owned by my user and unreadable by everybody else?21:36
DaSkreechtechnopagan: ignoring .directories shouldn't be too much of a pain21:36
rwwtechnopagan: shouldn't be. I've done it before and not had problems.21:36
penhow can I fix the kernel panic?21:36
icewatermanhm, is there a way to forbid firefox to use orbit for tcpip?21:37
icewatermanbecause in my scenario that doesnt work21:37
rwwchairman: sorry, I had to step away for a minute. did you get the flash plugin thing figured out, or are you still having problems?21:37
dr_willistechnopagan,  not that i am aware of.21:37
technopaganrww: I am unable to delete some themes I've installed recently and thought it might be that... So it isn't?21:37
bhueyfolks, I'm getting a hang dealing with ldconfig on upgrade21:38
dr_willistechnopagan,  your user can change the modes on their own files to restrict oterhs from reading them.21:38
technopagandr_willis: Thanks21:38
bhueyrestart the upgrade process ? or am I screwed ?21:38
penno one experience this problem?21:39
rwwtechnopagan: shouldn't be, since the gtk theme manager runs under your user account, afaik21:39
void^pen: try a more verbose description of your problem21:39
penvoid^: I had kernel panic for no reason at all (or reasons I don't know)21:40
chairmansawas i did tht an it said i got it installed21:40
penvoid^: I'm using the lastest kernel I think is 2.6.27..21:41
technopaganrww: Hm, ok. Still I cannot delete a theme once I've installed it. I just tested it again. Strange.21:41
chairmanstill having probs rww21:41
dr_willistechnopagan,  depends on who/how you installed it i guess.. I just copy mine to my users .theme directory21:41
rhkfinBefore reinstalling just a quick: anyone have tips for failing X that doesn't give any errors in the Xorg log files. nvidia 9600gs with glx-177 and various xorg configs (&KDE4)21:41
rwwtechnopagan: try navigating to your ~/.themes/ directory and deleting them manually?21:42
technopagandr_willis: I'm using the usual theme-manager.21:42
dr_willisYou are not using a KVM  are you rhkfin ?21:42
rhkfindr_willis: no21:42
dr_willistechnopagan,  try rww's tip21:42
technopaganrww: Definitely a possible solution. But it's still odd that theme-manager isn't able to, isn't it?21:43
rwwchairman: okays. Where are you up to? Did you add the multiverse repository? Did you install flashplugin-nonfree?21:43
rwwtechnopagan: Yeah, it is. I might do some testing on it when I get time.21:43
rhkfinhmm.. at least I think I'm not.. processor does support it but I haven't installed that stuff from what I know..21:43
technopaganrww: Thank you!21:43
penwhat kernel are you guys using?21:44
rwwtechnopagan: maybe try chmodding your ~/.themes/ directory to give everyone write access? i know it's not good security-wise, but it'd establish whether it's a permissions thing21:44
chairmani don't know the url to tht rww and it said i got the playerrri installed21:44
Kwiwaacan someone help me please with a sound problem ? (no sound at all)21:45
chairmando u have the url21:45
technopaganrww: I'll try opening up the restrictions step by step + see at what stage it'll start working.21:45
rwwchairman: I'm not sure what you mean by URL. Do you mean the URL of the multiverse repository?21:46
rwwchairman: if you have the URL of the main, restricted, or universe repositories, it should be the same as them, only replacing main/restricted/universe with "multiverse"21:47
chairmani mean APT line rww; sorry21:47
technopaganrww: It's the group.21:47
technopaganrww: My group needs to have write permit.21:47
rwwchairman: my apt-line for multiverse is "deb http://ubuntu.cs.utah.edu/ubuntu/ intrepid main restricted universe multiverse"21:47
rwwtechnopagan: huh, that's odd21:48
technopaganrww: Tell me about it ... ;)21:49
chairmangot it.now i got to wait n see21:49
rhkfinStill can't run the usb-installation, it keeps looking for a cd.. weird..21:51
rhkfinhmm.. this solved my original upgrade porblems: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/28748821:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 287488 in kdebase-workspace "xsession not set to kde, cannot start desktop with message xsession failed (dup-of: 281950)" [Undecided,Fix released]21:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 281950 in kdebase-workspace "KDE Cannot start from kdm or gdm" [Medium,Fix released]21:58
Daisuke_Idoso what replaced kaudiocreator in intrepid?21:58
NET||abusehi guys. having same issue with skype on 2 machines, both intrepid, one is 64bit desktop, other is 32bit eeepc, both when i try to make the test call or answer a call or any call really, just pops up "problem with audio playback" on the call dialog and closes after a second.21:59
scorch_Got a High latency problem...  My internet connection (when I am d-loading from the repos) consistently fluctuates from 5000B to 371Kb per/sec.  No problem in windows when downloading.  Any ideas?21:59
joaopintoNET||abuse, what device for input have you selected on the skyp config dialog ?22:00
dr_willisservers are experienceing quite a bit of load the last few days.. that could be the issue.. also could be windows is lieing about the speeds. :)22:00
NET||abusejoaopinto: i will check that out, one sec.22:00
scorch_dr_willis: well i am pinging www.google.com and it has not gone aboce 41.5ms for the past 30min22:00
joaopintoNET||abuse, I had some headaches until figure a working config for skype :\22:00
NET||abusejoaopinto: yeh, just says default device.22:01
NET||abusedrop down has a few options.22:01
joaopintoI am using "pulseaudio" for playback, and I have selected the hw device for the input22:01
joaopintodefault device did not work for me22:01
dr_willisgoogle.com is a set to be random google servers I belive..  - so that may not be a good test.22:01
NET||abusejoaopinto: so for "sound in" and "sound out" just select pulse?22:01
joaopintoNET||abuse, yes, assuming you are also using pulseaudio in general (selected on system options sounds)22:02
scorch_dr_willis: well it has bee a consistant return for the past 30min22:02
Daisuke_Idoyeah, this is nuts :\  no kaudiocreator :(  and i have no clue if soundjuicer uses cdparanoia22:02
NET||abusejoaopinto: that was easy!!! awsome, thanks.22:02
scorch_dr_willis: so i think its good...  do have another server sugestion22:02
joaopintoNET||abuse, ;)22:02
NET||abusejoaopinto: darn, no mic plugged in... grr.22:02
NET||abuseif it works on my eeepc, that would be AWSOME! and the webcam, would be bonus.22:02
dr_willisnormally when a new release is about to hit.. i update/upgrade a few days befor.. then wait a week or more befor i do the next update/upgrade. :) to avoide the high load/slow server tims22:03
joaopintomy webcam is working fine on skype, logitech E350022:03
NET||abusejoaopinto: eeepc 1000h built in webcam22:03
scorch_dr_willis: i mean another server to ping22:03
dr_willisping tests are not really a good test of download speeds.. there are those download test sites i guess ya could try22:03
joaopintoNET||abuse, you know that there is a specific ubuntu version tailed for eeepc, right ?22:04
scorch_dr: I have been using speakeasy...   no problem there22:04
joaopintoerm, tailored22:04
NET||abusejoaopinto: yeh, i thought about that.. but just doesn't seem right ot be using a niche version, if i can get stuff to work on the mainline distro, then it would negate the need for fargmentation ofthe distro22:05
NET||abusei'm kind of against the splintering, or branching of ubuntu for supporting specific systems.22:05
joaopintook :)22:06
KimfI'm having a rather non standard problem, that might be a more general problem. I'm running vista on a (nvidia fake)raid 0 and installed ubuntu 8.10 on a 3rd drive (nonraid). I'm booting this from the vista bootmanager with grub4dos and the menu.lst file from the ubuntu install. But I only get a busybox in the initramfs and a message that it can not find /dev/sdc1 (where it is installed)22:06
penI wonder if anyone know why sometimes 8.10 has kernel panic22:08
Daisuke_Idoso is there a recommended cd extractor that replaces kaudiocreator *and* uses the cdparanoia backend?22:09
rwwpen: there are lots of different reasons for kernel panics. usually, there's text before the actual panic that would narrow down the cause for us. next time it happens, please write down this text and put it in pastebin so we have an idea of where to start helping you.22:09
penrww: where is the text?22:09
penrww: when it happen I can't move anything and the cap lock led is flashing22:10
KimfI sometimes get this on my laptop when booting, but just a black screen22:11
dr_willisive noticed if i jump to the console as my laptop is booting/starting X.. some times I have a black screen when i go back to X.22:13
dr_willishad to restart X server to get it back22:13
captaincwhat is the compiz-decorator program? do i configure that to use emerald instead of metacity or just replace the WM line in CCSM?22:16
Elektrikzyo guys, wanted to know, when it the best to upgrade ubuntu, couple of days before the release, or to wait for the final release so I dont expirience any problems while doing it or afterwards?22:16
pen_I just have a kernel panic....22:17
jinwhen you click on the desktop or any where on your screen the  volume bar does not disappear. Is this a change in gnome or  bug?22:17
pen_how can I diagnosis22:17
jinam I the only one experiencing this?22:17
captaincElektrikz: I'm running just fine. I'd download the cd now from torrent so that you can beat the rush.22:17
dr_williscompiz is the 'window manager' that can run several of the decorators, emerald is one window decorator, theres also the gtk/gnome one and the kde one.22:17
jinI have Rc1 and I just did an upgrade form Hardy22:17
captaincElektrikz: I installed this past weekend.22:17
dr_willisemerald --replace  -> will switch to the emreald decorations22:17
dr_willisyou may want to use the 'fusion-icon' tool - if playing with compiz.22:18
captaincdr_willis: In CCSM, under the window manager section, it uses the command /usr/bin/compiz-decorator . I was going to replace it with emerald --replace, but I haven't seen this before and wanted to gain more insight first.22:18
=== pen_ is now known as pen
Elektrikzcaptainc: I'm asking coz Iam kinda afraid of problems (losing all the data,or f*cking up something) while upgrading and so22:19
dr_williscaptainc,   imagine the  compiz-decorator is some sort of link to the system default decorator.. which is one of those 3 i mentioned earlier.22:19
captaincElektrikz: I would back up important data before any upgrade.22:19
dr_willisNo need to mess with that setting really. I would just use the fusion-icon tool22:19
captaincdr_willis: installing now...22:20
penno one ?22:20
penhow can I diagnosis kernel panic?22:20
Elektrikzcaptainc:  ye,ofc,I will do that... so you say its okey if I do the upgrade with RC1?22:20
DaekdroomCaps/Scroll/Num Lock leds flick like crazy22:21
a1lenHi everyone. I was wondering, how do I associate python to .py files? And once I do that, how do I run it using the terminal?22:21
icewatermanthere is a serious bug with hal22:21
icewatermantodays update broke network connection22:21
captaincElektrikz: yeah, it seems stable and good to me. I'm running just fine.22:21
penhow can I diagnosis kernel panic?22:21
icewatermanin order to reconnect to the network after reboot you need to disable hal and set all the settings manually. after that you can update (if there is a fix)22:21
Elektrikzcaptainc: pretty new to upgrading, I started using ubuntu (linux) with hardy...22:21
Daekdroompen: Caps/Scroll/Num Lock leds on keyboard flick22:21
Elektrikzcaptainc: never used it before, so i wanna be sure to do something before doing it:)22:21
penDaekdroom: well, I just had that22:22
penDaekdroom: I don't know how to stop it22:22
captaincdr_willis: I selected emerald with fusion-icon, and it replaced the command line in CCSM with "emerald --replace"!22:22
Daisuke_Idocaptainc: why do you sound so shocked?22:23
Daisuke_Idothat's how emerald gets launched22:23
DaekdroomHow do I make udev not modprobe a module?22:23
captaincDaisuke_Ido: cause I was just going to do that by hand before.22:24
Daisuke_IdoDaekdroom: blacklist it?22:24
DaekdroomDaisuke_Ido: Fine. Tell me how to REALLY blacklist it. Because it didn't work.22:24
Daisuke_Idocaptainc: that's why fusion-icon is nice :)22:24
dr_williscaptainc,  magical eh? :)22:24
dr_willisprograms working together to set the same settings in a standard way22:24
Daisuke_IdoDaekdroom: nice attitude there.  you just asked how to stop a module from being loaded.  you didn't five any other information22:25
Daisuke_Idoanyway...  i'm just a tad bitter at the moment22:25
captaincyes, very nice22:25
DaekdroomDaisuke_Ido: Sorry. It's because I been with this question up in the past 3 days. Well. So.. I should put blacklist (module name) at /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, right?22:25
Daisuke_IdoDaekdroom: in theory22:26
Daisuke_IdoDaekdroom: my apologies, i wasn't aware it was a long-standing issue :)22:27
underwraps_2kafter installing Nvidia drivers 173 for an FX5200 should glxinfo still have "OpenGl vendor string: Mesa Project" in it?22:27
DaekdroomDaisuke_Ido: The plan B would be fill a bug report about the module and wait? o.o22:27
Daisuke_IdoDaekdroom: unfortunately, that seems to be as good a plan as any22:28
pen_I just had another kernel PANIC22:28
jinwhat is wrong with the gnome dev team?22:29
x1250so, what is it with the _unfriendly_ cruft remover, aka system-cleaner? It shows a window with no info, with a bunch of packages "marked". Does this mean they will be removed or not removed? Pretty confusing peace of software.22:29
Daisuke_Idopen: when did these start?22:29
=== pen_ is now known as pen
penI don't know22:29
penIt starts randomly22:29
Daisuke_Idono, when did you start having them22:29
jinwho do they changed the behavior of the volume bar?22:29
dr_willisx1250,  i think it just does that apt-get autoremove  thing...22:29
Daisuke_Idoa day ago, a week ago22:29
penDaisuke_Ido: after new kernel like .27?22:29
dr_willisx1250,  it removed a few packages the other day for me.. when i tried it.22:29
Daisuke_Idodr_willis: it does a bit more than that22:30
condongood evening, just upgraded to 8.10 and now my compiz isn't working - says "Checking for Xgl: not present."22:30
condoneverything else passed22:30
dr_willisDaisuke_Ido,  its rather 'limited' in its info as to what it was doing.. :) but if you say so.22:30
Daisuke_Idodr_willis: i just compared the autoremove list to the system cleaner list22:31
dr_willisI find the use of the term 'cruft' to be a bit err... possibialy confusing to non-english speakers also.. but thats not really a big deal22:31
condonAny idea how to fix this?  Compiz was working beautifully on 8.0422:31
condonother output says "/usr/bin/compiz.real (video) - Warn: No 8 bit GLX pixmap format, disabling YV12 image format"22:32
x1250it wants to remove w32codecs package :)22:32
jincondon, try to reinstall the driver22:32
dr_willisI noticed just now that medibuntu dident want to 'update'22:32
jincondon, yes22:32
jincondon, asuming you have a nvidia card22:32
x1250wohooo, E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1), crappy Cruft Remover died on me.22:33
penno one knows how to prevent kernel panic22:33
penI'm sad22:33
Daisuke_Idokernel panics can be caused by literally MILLIONS of things22:33
Daisuke_Idoit's not a simple "do this and life will be good" thing22:33
penbut it was working fine in older kernel22:33
dr_willisheh.. the term 'cruft remover' in the menus  - could definatly be more specific.22:34
keithMy girlfriends machine (on kubuntu) is having trouble connecting to our router via wireless. The router assigns her an IP, then kubuntu says its disconnected, and thats it. She can manually d/c while connecting - and the router logs it as a deauth.22:34
Daisuke_Idooh niiiiice22:34
Daisuke_Idoi ran the system cleaner22:34
Daisuke_Idoit removes any packages you've installed manually22:35
dr_willisits def. NOT the same as 'apt-get autoremove'22:35
Daisuke_Idothat's BULLS***22:35
dr_willisits showing some old kernel versions here..22:35
Daisuke_Idothat too22:35
dr_willisid did not install those manually :)22:35
Daisuke_Idoi had installed something from a deb package22:35
Daisuke_Idoit removed it22:35
Daisuke_Idono, that's only part of what it does22:35
Daisuke_Idoold kernel versions, manually installed packages22:36
dr_willismakes one wonder how it knows that you installed it that way..vs other ways...22:36
Daisuke_Idowhat they decide is cruft, in other words.22:36
dr_willisone of those tools that people will overlook.. or notice and break things :)22:36
penhow do I downgrade kernel properly?22:36
SilentDishello :)22:37
penI took a guess22:37
keithAnybody had the same issues with wireless?22:37
keithits quite frustrating!22:37
Daisuke_Idohopefully people will overlook it, because it broke things for me.  it said specifically (.deb) package22:37
Daisuke_Idoso okay, it's going to remove the *package* file22:37
Daisuke_Idobut noooo22:37
Daisuke_Idoit removes the software...  leaves the .deb22:37
Daisuke_Idoabsolutely smashingly stupid.22:38
keithlol awesome22:38
ozatomichey guys, i've been having problems with gnome with updating to 8.10 and i've jsut been waiting to see if updates fix the problem which they have not been able to. Is there anyone here that could help me out thanks.22:39
dr_willissee i dident even think of it that way.. :)22:39
dr_willisthey need a link in the word 'cruft' to point to a doc defining what its going to remove :)22:39
rhsanbornDoes anyone know the package name of the new network manager? I just did a dist upgrade and I don't think it's available because I had wicd installed prior to upgrade./22:40
KimfI'm having a rather non standard problem, that might be a more general problem. I'm running vista on a (nvidia fake)raid 0 and installed ubuntu 8.10 on a 3rd drive (nonraid). I'm booting this from the vista bootmanager with grub4dos and the menu.lst file from the ubuntu install. But I only get a busybox in the initramfs and a message that it can not find /dev/sdc1 (where it is installed)22:40
dr_willishas anyone tried the 'create usb startup disk' feature yet?22:40
rhsanbornfound it network-manager-gnome22:41
keithdr_willis: it works with non cheap flash drives22:41
rhsanbornand yes, it was wicd or that.22:41
dr_willisit seems to create a usb-bootable thumb drive with some sort of persistant storage area.. :) wondering if it worked.22:41
Daisuke_Idolooks like an automated persis... what you said22:42
x1250for what I just saw, the Cruft Remover attempts to uninstall every package that has no dependency on it, and doesn't exist in repositories. Something like obsolete packages in synaptic; like w32codecs, for example.22:42
dr_willisi was wondering how it compared to unetbootin tool.22:42
Seeker`I'm having problems with installing intrepid22:42
keithdr_willis: it works fine, but you need to have a flash drive with 512kb blocks22:42
Daisuke_Idobut...  it probably makes your pc blow up, if the "cruft remover" is any indication22:42
x1250I didn't like the tool, though.22:42
Seeker`If i use the "install ubuntu" option from the CD menu, it gets as far as loading the wallpaper, then freezes22:42
Daisuke_Idox1250: or anything installed manually22:42
Daisuke_Idofrom an outside source22:42
dr_williscant say that i  ever noticed the block size on my usb drives..22:42
Seeker`I believe it is kernel panicing, as the scroll + caps lock keys are flashing22:43
Seeker`I tried booting without the splash screen, and there aren't any obvious errors coming up before X starts22:43
penHow to narrow it down?22:43
penkernel panic22:43
keithdr_willis: its kind of like... if it doesn't work you've got the wrong block size, i don't think there is an easy way to find out. but the program is easy to use otherwise22:43
dr_willisHmm..  ive never seen/heard of that limit with useing unetbootin. but it could be my 3 thumbdrives all have proper limits22:44
keithpen, how are you connecting to the net?22:44
keithdr_willis: they're basically the same thing, unetbootin has that problem too22:45
x1250I hate the system cleaner.22:46
Daisuke_Idox1250: so far that's pretty much universal22:47
Daisuke_Idoit's even worse for someone who comes over from windows and installs software from outside sources.  they go to clean things up and all of their custom-installed software is gone22:47
x1250Daisuke_Ido, right!22:47
Seeker`anyone got any ideas?22:47
DaekdroomUbuntu is always released too premature :/22:48
Daisuke_Idogranted, that's probably a pretty unlikely scenario, but i guarantee it's going to happen at least once.22:48
seij0 does anyone know how to get DWL-520+ wireless working in Ubuntu 8.10? I installed the driver using ndiswrapper. I'm not sure what the problem is. I also can not see wireless configuration on the network manager, all I see is dial-up. The card is seated properly, and I have restarted. Here is the lspci information: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63430/ Please help I have no idea what to do22:48
Daisuke_IdoDaekdroom: it hasn't been released yet :)22:48
DaekdroomYet, we won't have big changes untill the release22:48
maxbIt is a hard balance to set. Time-based releases drive development well.22:48
dr_willisits not flagging the w64codecs package here.. :)22:48
geoaxishello people, i just want to get the feel that how much work will the ubuntu dev team be doing from now till 30th22:49
x1250Daisuke_Ido, I don't think that would be too rare :)22:49
condonalright, reinstalled the nvidia driver, didn't work, tried the other driver (the one I had installed before upgrading) and get the same result.22:49
Prez00i have internet connection via gprs on my cell phone, linux based moto ming a1200, should I be able to use it as a modem and connect with ubuntu ibex, specifically?  what stuff should i get from my carrier to make this work?22:49
scopecreepgeoaxis, id imagine theyre busting their tails22:49
versushi i installed intrepid on my hardy using the intrepid repos but I missed to to a dist upgrade using sudo update-manager -d when I use the update manager by now (a lot intrepid files are already installed) it tells me: An upgrade from 'intrepid' to 'hardy' is not supported with this tool. what can I do to make him install the updates left?22:50
Elektrikzyo,guys ,what is the best way to do an update from hardy to intrepid?22:50
penkernel panic22:51
penhow do I start diagnosis this?22:51
penis there a log for this?22:51
seij0 does anyone know how to get DWL-520+ wireless working in Ubuntu 8.10? I installed the driver using ndiswrapper. I'm not sure what the problem is. I also can not see wireless configuration on the network manager, all I see is dial-up. The card is seated properly, and I have restarted. Here is the lspci information: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63430/ Please help I have no idea what to do22:52
condoncompiz reports "Checking for Xgl: not present." - Reinstalled the nvidia driver and then installed the original I had with22:52
versusElektrikz basically sudo update-manager -d and then the dist upgrade button22:52
condoncompiz reports "Checking for Xgl: not present." - Reinstalled the nvidia driver and then installed the original I had with22:52
condonversion 8.0422:53
condonsorry for the repeat, numpad acting funny22:53
dr_willisI dident think nvidia drivers used xgl..22:54
crdlbharmless warning22:54
condondon't know, trying to run compiz --replace22:54
crdlbit's idiotic that compiz-manager bothers to mention that, but I have no control of that :/22:54
condonlast message says "/usr/bin/compiz.real (video) - Warn: No 8 bit GLX pixmap format, disabling YV12image format"22:55
crdlbalso completely normal22:55
dr_williswarnings are warnings.. :)22:55
condonthen why won't compiz run?22:55
dr_willis'warning! this is a warning!'22:55
crdlbit is running22:55
condonkeeps defaulting back to KDE manager22:55
penkernel panic22:55
dr_williskde manager? or kde window decorations?22:55
condonwindow deco22:55
dr_williscompiz + kde4 ?22:55
dr_williscompiz is the window manager,  the otehr tools controll the decorations22:56
dr_willisemerald --replace, and so on.22:56
condonit was working fine before I upgraded from .04 to .1022:56
dr_willisand i know better then to try to mixx kde4 + compiz. :)22:56
crdlbbut the default is one that mimicks kde's decorations22:56
condonBut I'm getting no effects, no wobble, cube, nothin.22:56
crdlbcondon: how about windows key + E?22:56
dr_willisinstall/try that ccsm tool? see if they are just disabled.22:57
condonk, that worked.  Just need to tweak it again?22:57
condonhell, let me go play.  Thanks guys22:57
=== jgoguen is now known as jgoguen|away
maxbDoes anyone know where (if anywhere) gnome-keyring-daemon as started by pam_gnome_keyring would log to?22:59
SilentDishelp me obi-wan-ubotu, you're my only hope!22:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lan22:59
dr_willis'dont give in to the dark side'22:59
SilentDisI'm looking to setup a Kubunut 8.10 machine with a static IP on a home lan, no router.  (just so 2 'puters can talk to each other)23:00
SilentDisnot finding what i need to get this to go, and i'm just not sure where else to look23:01
SilentDissuppose i could go hack it in the back end, but i just know there's an 'elegant' way i'm overlooking23:01
penHow do I diagnosis kernel panic?23:03
versusany ideas how to sort this out: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/281359 ? I couldnt find a solution yet?23:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 281359 in ubuntu "ubuntu 8.10cannot update desplayer ''An upgrade from 'intrepid' to 'hardy' is not supported with this tool.''" [Undecided,Incomplete]23:04
dr_willisset up both machiens with a static ip. or install a dhcp server on one.. perhaps SilentDis23:04
SilentDisdr_willis: the DHCP server was what i was gonna do... i really don't wanna add the overhead.  I've tried dropping a static IP on this machine using knetworkmanager, but it won't activate for some reason.23:04
dr_willisive used the network managers to set static ips befor..23:05
dr_willisbut it seems network-manager under ubuntu/kubuntu can be...  picky at times23:05
dr_willisi think theres some configs in /etc/ one can edit also23:05
dr_willisthere are mini-dhcp servers out that dont take much  space/reso.23:06
=== echidnaman is now known as JontheEchidna
alteregoaclose your eyes and touch your nose23:06
dr_willisudhcpd - very small DHCP server23:06
dr_willis!info udhcpd23:06
ubottuudhcpd (source: udhcp): very small DHCP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.8cvs20050303-2.1 (intrepid), package size 24 kB, installed size 156 kB23:06
SilentDisahhh, that'll do nicely in fact.23:07
SilentDiscentrilize the setup, that works :)23:07
dr_willisi used that at work for a small lan for me and some guys.. :)23:07
dr_williswas easier then setting everyone to be static23:08
silokoanyone else got a severe performance hit with xorg on 8.1023:10
silokomine sometimes uses 35 per cent cpu watching a game of chess on an internet client23:10
silokocpu usage in 8.04 for the same task aroun3 - 4 per cent23:11
silokopretty much makes ibex unusable for me :(23:11
dr_williswell ya know those chess games get very intense...23:13
dr_willisWhat are you watching them with?23:13
Daekdroomsiloko: If the driver Xorg is using has changed, thats it23:14
dr_willissounds like it could be a flash issue also.. if using flash23:14
silokoDaekdroom: how to change that?23:15
DaekdroomIt depends23:15
silokodr_willis: eboard!!23:15
silokodr_willis: a very lightweight application23:16
doggymenzI heard that only nvidia177 is for latest xorg in 8.10, and that earlier drivers dont work? when will they work?23:16
DaekdroomIf the driver changed during the update, probally because it couldn't use the same driver as before23:16
* solarion hopes the elantech driver gets in the mainline kernel for ubuntu+2.23:16
underwraps_2kIn hardware drivers, when I click on 'Activate' nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Nvidia accelerated graphics driver (version 173) is greyed out and lower left it says This driver is not activated23:16
silokoDaekdroom: I just have a standard centrino laptop (915 chipset)23:16
doggymenzunderwraps_2k, only 177 exists for newest xorg used in 8.10, nvidia havent updated the 173 :(23:17
doggymenzi wonder when they will23:17
doggymenzsolarion, elantech?23:17
Daekdroomsiloko: Oh well. Intel driver is very stable. I have no idea what it might be. Did the software version change? (eboard)23:17
silokoDaekdroom: nope . . .23:17
silokoDaekdroom: this is an xorg problem - it overwrote my xorg.config with a new version and the way xorg handles multiple screens has changed23:18
silokoDaekdroom: my previous xorg.cong now crashes the server23:18
silokoDaekdroom: xorg.conf23:18
Daekdroomsiloko: You just did a sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg to get a new xorg.conf?23:19
silokoDaekdroom: just did an upgrade, reboot and the server hung asking me what i wanted to do - I said start from scratch23:19
silokoDaekdroom: I then noticed the performance hit - exchanged my backed up xorg.conf for the new won - rebooted the server and it hung23:20
silokoDaekdroom: so now I am stuck with this version23:20
Daekdroomsiloko: Pastebin both Xorg.conf23:20
underwraps_2kdoggymenz: does this mean I will have to wait for nvidia to release an updated driver before I can use 8.1023:20
Winkiereposting from before: hey guys, what would the process be to get a52 support re-enabled in libasound2-plugins? trying to install libavcodec-dev gives me a  problem in that libavcodec-unstripped-51 is in intrepid and conflicts with libavcodec5123:23
ianliu_88Youtube is not working with firefox and Totem doesn't play any sound from youtube videos. Anyone experiencing that?23:24
silokoDaekdroom: ok, posted to one file - ibex followed by gutsy - gutsy xorg.conf mostly written by hand:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/63446/23:24
DaekdroomWow. That is kinda of a big xorg.conf for 7.323:25
silokoDaekdroom: I've had an incremental upgrade since 6.04 :)23:26
Daekdroomsiloko: When Xorg hungs with the old conf, does it say anything about the error? (never looked at the new Xorg crash screen)23:27
silokoDaekdroom: Just flashes a lot and then tells me the server crashed - I haven't looked at the logs (opps)23:28
silokoDaekdroom: I have my old system mirrored on another drive so can restore to that if this is resolvable :)23:29
Daekdroomsiloko: Are the screens set as two different desktop areas?23:29
silokoDaekdroom: in the current system xorg seems to treat them as one virtual space - i think this is the p[roblem23:29
silokoDaekdroom: I don't know how to revert to my old system . .23:30
silokoDaekdroom: given the config options for outlining two screens are no longer available23:30
silokoDaekdroom: also worth noting, I unconfigured the second screen and just used the native laptop screen - it was an improvement but not by much, and was still much worse than the previous setup23:31
Daekdroomsiloko: Do you have 3D support and such?23:31
silokoDaekdroom: no23:31
Daekdroomwith the current conf, I mean23:31
silokoDaekdroom: no23:32
DaekdroomDid you have it with the old conf?23:32
silokoDaekdroom: no effects, no compiz, no nothing :)23:32
silokoDaekdroom: in either setup23:32
Daekdroomsiloko: It never worked or you never tried?23:32
silokoDaekdroom: no it worked but compiz was a bit sluggisjh in the old setup and i prefer a responsive interface23:33
silokoDaekdroom: I haven't enabled it in Ibex23:33
DaekdroomI see. Does it work now? (just test it)23:33
silokoDaekdroom: no it doesn't work!!23:34
silokoDaekdroom: "Deaktop Effects could no be enabled"23:34
silokoDaekdroom: excuse typos23:34
Daekdroomsiloko: Try putting Driver"intel" after Identifier"Configured Video Device" (in the current xorg.conf)23:35
silokoDaekdroom: it flashed a bit as though the system was trying things out and then bailed23:35
silokoDaekdroom: ok - then i'll reboot the x server so will be gone for a bit23:35
nemogetting weird visual artifacts with my title bar in 8.1023:39
nemoif I click focus off and on this gnome-terminal, every once in a while it won't redraw correctly23:40
nemoit'll redraw as a flat empty area the background colour - with no buttons and even the shadow not drawn, so the title seems too large23:40
nemothe icon in the upper left *is* drawn23:41
nemoif I click again, it is drawn correctly23:41
nemoanyone else notice this?  using compiz and nvidia23:41
nemographics card isn't anything special, but didn't use to have problems23:41
ianliu_88I'm having a bug with Rhytmbox and Firefox&Flash. When Rhytmbox is running, Flash movies aren't able to play sound and sometimes it just crash23:42
Daekdroomianliu_88: Are you using ubuntu 8.10 or 8.04?23:42
DaekdroomThat seems a 8.04 situation23:42
ianliu_88I didn't installed the RC, but I suppose the Beta upgraded to the RC version23:43
ianliu_88I tried opening firefox by terminal, but no errors are printed23:43
Daekdroomianliu_88: The audio bug is because flash tries to lock oss all for itself, but Rhythmbox is using it through Pulseaudio. About the crashes.. Does FF crash or does Flash itself?23:44
gabiI am trying to install ibex on an asus eee pc23:44
ianliu_88only the flash. For eg. on youtube, I can interact with the flash movie. If I hit play it plays 3 seconds and stop23:44
ianliu_88and no sounds23:45
EyesOfARavengabi: i hav it on my eeepc 900, perhaps i can help u23:45
ianliu_88let me test something..23:45
gabiEyesOfARaven, did you get the netbook remix package going?23:45
gabiEyesOfARaven, and wireless?23:46
EyesOfARaveni installed parts of the netbook remix package23:46
EyesOfARavennot all of it23:46
ianliu_88some time ago I switched the sound drivers to OSS, since the AutoDetect wasn't working. Maybe its this?23:46
EyesOfARavenand yes, my wifi works23:46
EyesOfARaventhe wifi was working out of the box until today's updates23:46
EyesOfARaventhere's a package u can install to fix it now23:46
Daekdroomianliu_88: Probally23:46
Daekdroomianliu_88: but how wasn't AutoDetect working?23:46
gabiEyesOfARaven, cool23:46
EyesOfARavenits the backported kernel modules for the new version23:47
EyesOfARavenpackage is called..23:47
ianliu_88Daekdroom: dunno, it simply wasn't. I searched the web and people said switching to OSS would work, and it did. Let me switch back to autodetect than I report if it is working23:47
silokoDaekdroom: ok so putting the extra driver line crashed the server - i commented out the identifier line (the error says I can't have both and used 'i810' instead of 'intel', and i'm back up and running23:47
EyesOfARavenit's on the ubuntu servers23:47
EyesOfARavenif u are using one of the cusom kernels from array it might not work23:48
EyesOfARavenim using the stock one23:48
silokoDaekdroom: no improvement in performance though . . .23:48
Daekdroomsiloko: Still no 3D support? (compiz/glxgears)23:48
gabiEyesOfARaven, I am using the regular generic kernel23:48
EyesOfARaventhen it shud work for ya23:48
EyesOfARavenoh, and u will need the wifi drivers too duh23:49
ianliu_88Daekdroom: hey it works now ;)23:49
EyesOfARavenlemme link u that23:49
gabiEyesOfARaven, sometimes the ok button of some dialog windows wont show, does that happen to you?23:49
silokoDaekdroom: no23:49
EyesOfARavengabi: no23:49
EyesOfARavengabi, http://code.google.com/p/eee-ubuntu-support/23:49
EyesOfARavendo NOT install all of it23:49
EyesOfARavensome of it makes things worse, since this was designed for 8.0423:49
silokoDaekdroom: should I try with the intel driver?23:49
EyesOfARavenjust install the wifi, kernel modules, and clock23:50
silokoDaekdroom: will it make a difference23:50
gabiEyesOfARaven, what makes things worse?23:50
gabiEyesOfARaven, ok23:50
EyesOfARavenif u install the video drivers from that pack it stops supporting the resolutions correctly23:50
silokoDaekdroom: glxgears works - no compiz23:50
=== echidnaman is now known as JontheEchidna
EyesOfARaveni dont think the sound driver breaks anything, but u dont need it23:51
Daekdroomsiloko: I thought you put that on the new xorg.conf, did you?23:51
silokoDaekdroom: no i put 'i810'23:51
DaekdroomOn the new or on the old xorg.conf?23:51
silokoDaekdroom: new23:51
silokoDaekdroom: I'll try with inetl23:51
Daekdroomsiloko: Wait a sec23:52
gabiEyesOfARaven, ok, thanks23:52
EyesOfARavengabi,  the netbook remix packages are part of the repository now, so u just hav to find out what parts u want and install them with apt-get or synaptic23:52
Daekdroomsiloko: Put this on Section "Device"23:53
Daekdroomsiloko:     Option "ForceEnablePipeA" "true"23:53
Daekdroomsiloko: Driver is intel23:53
silokoDaekdroom: with the driver section still included?23:53
Daekdroomsiloko: Yes23:53
silokoDae ok23:53
gabiEyesOfARaven, so how do I install only the parts you mentioned?23:54
alteregoahüle gülle23:54
EyesOfARaventhat tells u the name of the packages for the netbook desktop, and u can choose whatever or all u want23:54
silokoDaekdroom: so current xorg is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63453/23:55
silokoDaekdroom: does that look about right?23:55
gabiEyesOfARaven, should I see lots of netbook packages in synaptic?23:56
EyesOfARaveni dont use synaptic23:56
EyesOfARavensorry, so i dunno23:56
Daekdroomsiloko: Yes. Is your screen resolution 2560 x 1024 anyway?23:56
silokoDaekdroom: no23:56
gabiEyesOfARaven, or with apt-cache search...23:56
silokoDaekdroom: that res is the combination of the two widths of my two screens plus the maximum height23:57
EyesOfARavenjust look there23:57
EyesOfARavenand apt-get install whichever u want23:57
silokoDaekdroom: the virtual resolution23:57
Daekdroomsiloko: So they're working as only one screen, is that you it's meant to be?23:57
silokoDaekdroom: yes23:57
DaekdroomI guess the xorg.conf seems right.23:57
DaekdroomIt's about restarting X and praying now xD23:57
silokosiloko: that's how my previous setup was . . . but i had to configure the two screens manually - to work as one23:58
silokoDaekdroom: ok BRB :)23:58
gabiEyesOfARaven, so I should add some lines to the sources.list file I suppose23:58
EyesOfARaveni dont think i had to23:58
gabiEyesOfARaven, ok I see them now23:59

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