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slomopitti: can we get gstreamer0.10 and gst-plugins-bad0.10 synced again? :) the latter only is the final release now, no code changes only translation updates... the former is http://freedesktop.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/gstreamer/gstreamer/libs/gst/base/gstbasetransform.c.diff?r1=1.127&r2=1.128  (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=557649)08:09
ubottuGnome bug 557649 in gstreamer (core) "GstBaseTransform can cause ivalid memory references" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]08:10
pittislomo: default answer is "no, needs to go into SRU" now; slangasek coordinates CD builds now, so if it's super-urgent, you need to convince him :)08:18
pittislomo: but I don't think it's a release breaker, is it?08:18
slomopitti: no, it would be just nice to have... sru sounds good then ;)08:28
mvoseb128: did you get my mail about gnome-terminal ?08:41
seb128mvo: no08:41
mvoseb128: hm, let me bounce it to you again08:43
seb128or discuss on IRC directly?08:43
mvoseb128: is it there now?08:47
seb128mvo: I'm working on an evolution bug fix upload which has to land before the next publisher run in 15 minutes so wait08:47
mvoseb128: ok, sorry for being pushy, I was just a bit worried that my mail might be broken (or eating mails)08:49
huatsmorning all08:55
huatshey crevette08:55
huatso/ seb12808:55
crevettehello there08:55
seb128lut huats08:55
seb128mvo: ok, got the mail this time, I might have spammed it before by mistake or something08:57
seb128mvo: it's late now for changes, keeping the current version seems fair enough08:58
pochupitti, slomo: hello! gst-plugins-bad is not on the CDs ;)09:42
pochu(it's in universe)09:42
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Laneymvo: Hey, didn't manage to catch you before. I guess updating g-t is out (reading the above)?10:27
mvolaney: did you get my mail?10:29
mvolaney: unless I miss something the current version is good, no?10:29
LaneyI think it has a crash bug10:29
Laneybut other than that, basically yes10:29
mvolaney: hm, which bit (or commit) of 2.24.1 -> is that?10:30
mvolaney: I went through the diff and my impression was that its just a revert of the previous commit10:31
LaneyHold on, I'm just testing10:31
mvolaney: if there is a crash fix missing, I will do a SRU10:31
Laneymvo: It seems fine, my bad.10:35
mvoexcellent, thanks for testing laney10:35
mvoand sorry that this all took so long to resolve, but its busy times :)10:35
mvo(or time?)10:35
LaneyI understand10:35
Laney"it's a busy time"10:35
LaneyI expect a bug about the missing keybinding editor options though10:36
mvoright, we will have to point them to gconf (or you could do a version in your PPA or the gnome team PPA) with the editor10:37
LaneyI don't have access to the gnome team PPA10:39
Laneybut I'll just push what's in the bzr branch to mine10:40
* mvo nods10:41
LaneyOoh! Couple of interesting kernel talks at uni today10:42
Laneysomeone from redhat is here10:42
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tedgmpt: So, if we use "Available" should the "Offline" got "Unavailable" then?14:09
tedgI guess that's what busy is for.14:09
* tedg lines "disconnected" but that's probably too long.14:09
mptWhat's wrong with Offline?14:09
tedgIt seems like Online and Offline match.  Changing one should imply changing the other?14:10
mptbut no14:10
mptThat was precisely why Online needed changing: because it *wasn't* the opposite of Offline.14:11
tedgOkay, I can see that.14:13
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asomethingAnyone know what happened to gnome-font-viewer? I think it was part of gnome-control-center. I still have a desktop file for it in my menu, but the program doesn't appear to exist any more. I don't see anything in gnome-control-center's changelog about it being removed...16:10
dobeythere was never a gnome-font-viewer in gnome-control-center afaicr16:11
dobeyif there's a menu item still in your menu, it's probably because you customized/created it at some point, and it's till in your ~/.local/share/applications/ folder16:12
asomethinghmmm... the desktop file has these fields: X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Product=gnome-control-center16:12
dobeyhrmm. i don't know. perhaps it was a part of the fonts:/// vfs thing, and that was in control-center16:13
awalton__it was16:16
asomethingit is in ~/.local/share/applications/ folder, so it's not a bug in the upgrade process. I must have added it myself. Though I'd still like to the program. I guess I'll just have to use gnome-specimen or something. thanks...16:16
awalton__fontilus and the theme one too lived in g-c-c16:16
asomethinghmmm... gnome-specimen doesn't seem to be able to look at uninstalled fonts. any ideas for a  gnome-font-viewer replacement?16:21
seb128hey lapo17:09
lapociao seb12817:09
Keybukseb128: who is upstream for xchat-gnome?17:09
Keybukis there one?17:09
lapoI just upgraded to intrepid, nice work guys slick upgrade17:09
lapoKeybuk: David Trowbridge IIRC17:10
lapopurplecow or something on irc17:11
seb128Keybuk: nobody is really working on it nowadays, cassidy was working on it some months ago but stopped since apparently, chpe did code cleaning and update but he does that randomly on GNOME components so I would not call him a maintainer either17:11
seb128Keybuk: why?17:11
Keybukit really annoys me that when you focus the window, the notification icon goes away17:12
Keybukeven if you don't read the message it was notifying you about17:12
Keybukso I fixed it :p17:12
cassidyI think chpe is the one closer the be the new xchat-gnome maintainer17:12
Keybuknow the notification icon stays as long as you have unread messages17:12
cassidyas nobody else worked on it since months17:12
seb128Keybuk: bugzilla it17:13
Keybukit's sufficiently invasive that I didn't really want to do that without talking to the maintainer17:14
seb128Keybuk: try talking to chpe on the gnome irc then17:15
seb128mvo: bug #289950, can you look if you get the issue when using alsa? I bet that's another pulseaudio issue17:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289950 in totem "hangs when opening a spx file without a working soundcard" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28995017:22
mvoseb128: sure, give me a sec (you are quick!)17:26
mvoseb128: hm, does not seem to make a difference, but I get some debug output I think17:29
seb128mvo: can you get a stacktrace of totem while it's hanging?17:30
mvoseb128: hm, looks ike it does not honor when I switch with gstreamer-properties to alsa17:30
mvothe message is "gst_pluseink_prepare()17:30
seb128stop pulseaudio the time to try?17:30
mvokillal pulseaudio17:33
seb128ok, either gstreamer, alsa or pulseaudio then17:34
seb128I think I got the issue in a virt-manager while trying the rc too17:35
seb128I've no real clue what is to blame but since that's only an issue when trying to play sound on a machine which has no soundcard I think I'll not bother too much for intrepid17:35
seb128you can restart your pulseaudio ;-)17:36
jcastroIs packagekit a blessed gnome dependancy yet?17:59
dobeyjcastro: i don't think so18:02
crevettejcastro, nope18:02
dobeyjcastro: http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointTwentythree/ExternalDependencies18:02
jcastrothanks guys18:03
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