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TheMusocrimsun: Any more feedback re the moving of the pulseaudio Xsession.d script to an earlier start point?02:55
crimsunTheMuso: a couple more positive acks, but I'd like additional testing.  In a few minutes, I'm going to send an e-mail to u-d-d and u-u02:56
TheMusocrimsun: ok02:56
TheMusoat this stage it will probably have to ben an SRU.02:57
crimsunTheMuso: sure02:57
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superm1crimsun, what about that g-s-r patch? you mentioned about pushing it to a PPA to test w/ pulseaudio some time last week03:47
crimsunsuperm1: no, I was referring to an alsa-plugin patch.  I'll dig it up now.03:49
superm1crimsun, ah03:50
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superm1pitti, given https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules/+bug/263097/comments/23, perhaps it would be worthwhile to add a third type of quirk to handle this behavior at some point04:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 263097 in jockey "wl vs. b43 are not properly configured" [Undecided,Fix released]04:29
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pittiGood morning06:35
StevenKMorning pitti!06:35
pittihey StevenK!06:35
* StevenK waits for i386 to dip below 50 builds06:36
pittiwow, it built faster than I thought06:36
* slangasek waves06:37
wgrantWow, it looks like it's going to not finish too late.06:40
pittisuperm1: oh, thanks for pointing out06:44
pittisuperm1: but didn't you say that loading b44 and wl wouldn't work at the same time?06:44
superm1pitti, strictly because of the order it's loaded06:50
pittisuperm1: I just posted a followup question; but if that actually works, it would be much better, yes06:50
superm1pitti, if you load wl before ssb and b44, you can apparently have it functional06:50
pittisuperm1: so for that we should put wl into /etc/modules then06:50
pittisuperm1: and could forget about all the blacklisting stuff?06:50
superm1pitti, well unfortunately that wouldn't solve it06:50
superm1pitti, ssb still loads from initramfs06:51
pittisuperm1: doesn't /etc/modules either?06:51
pittiah, maybe not06:51
superm1pitti, wl isn't available in the initramfs since it's restricted anyhow06:51
superm1I think the workaround that should work in this case would be in jockey when detecting b44 on the system, still blacklist ssb/b43/b44, but have a modprobe option to reload b44 after inserting wl06:52
superm1that's similar to what i've seen in the various forum postings that i've seen talking about it at least06:53
pittiah, good idea06:53
StevenKAh ha. i386 has less builds than hppa07:02
loolhppa had many give backs, it's laging a lot07:02
pittihey lool07:02
StevenKlool: hppa has been at 20/21 builds for the majority of the day, i386 has been dealing with a ~ 400-odd backlog of langpacks07:04
StevenKI think kohnen has choked on gstreamer0.10, too07:07
dholbachgood morning07:14
StevenKWoot. i386 is all done07:16
persiaDoes that mean it's time for the big shiny red button?07:18
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pittilool: are you more happy with obm now?08:05
loolpitti: I don't know for sure; I'd be more confortable if some security people could have a quick look08:06
loolpitti: You qualify though :)08:06
loolPHP isn't particularly well seen these days, and even if at some places the coding was ok or even nice, some things were quite surprizing08:07
pittidendrobates, zul: do you want to have obm in main for intrepid? is the server team committing to invest the necessary maintenance into it? (eww PHP webapp)08:19
slangasekpitti: isn't it a bit late to be making such changes?08:26
pittislangasek: that, too08:27
dholbachseb128: boohoooooooo, they rejected the epiphany-extensions upload I sponsored :'-(((08:29
seb128dholbach: oh, why?08:29
dholbachno idea08:29
slangasekbecause it's past the deadline08:29
seb128it's not on the CD08:29
slangasekis it on the DVD?08:30
seb128so it's too late for any upload now?08:30
slangasekany non-critical uploads, yes08:30
seb128slangasek: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=121349&action=view to fix a frequent evolution crasher would be accepted?08:31
slangasekhow frequent?  I don't see a targeted bug for it in Ubuntu08:32
seb128slangasek: bug #28713608:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 287136 in evolution "evolution crashed with SIGSEGV in e_flag_set()" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28713608:32
seb128does anybody know how the xorg default keymap is set?08:34
slangasekin /etc/default/console-setup08:35
seb128slangasek: but is upstream xorg using that or do we have some trick calling setxkbmap using the values there?08:36
slangasekno idea08:36
seb128slangasek: I'm trying to debug bug #27595708:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275957 in libgnomekbd "Unlock dialog never shows (gnome-screensaver-dialog crashed with SIGSEGV)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27595708:36
seb128slangasek: that happens 100% of the time on french installations08:37
slangasek275957 does?08:38
loolIndeed, I just got a crash, but then was able to type password and unlock ss08:38
seb128slangasek: I've been discussing it with upstream on gnome bug #55391508:38
ubottuGnome bug 553915 in Config "gnome-keyboard-applet crashed with SIGSEGV in gkbd_indicator_reinit_ui()" [Critical,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55391508:38
seb128he thinks the xorg config is really weird and I was asking how we are setting the keyboard config if it's not in xorg.conf08:39
seb128lool: luck you, for most people the dialog is not showed08:39
slangasekseb128: bug #287136> if that's a confirmed fix for the bug and you can upload in the next 30 minutes, yes08:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 287136 in evolution "evolution crashed with SIGSEGV in e_flag_set()" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28713608:39
seb128slangasek: ok doing that now then08:39
seb128slangasek: are you sure e-e can't be accepted in the basis it's a GNOME 2.24.1 update and is not on the CD? ;-)08:40
seb128calling "setxkbmap -model pc105 -layout fr -variant oss -option ''" workaround the crasher08:40
seb128it should be the same config than the default one08:41
pittihey mvo, good morning08:41
pittimvo: any idea about bug 135752 ?08:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 135752 in language-selector "language support list not available if network is not available during install" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13575208:42
slangasekseb128: grmbl; accepted, since we're waiting for evolution anyway08:44
mvopitti: this should be fixed with the latest upload in the sense that a dialog will pop up and ask for a network update08:44
slangasek(which doesn't make me happy, either)08:44
seb128slangasek: thanks08:44
mvopitti: but let me test08:44
slangasekmvo: you saw the latest follow-up, reopening that bug?08:44
pittislangasek: ok, I'll reject human-theme then and reupload as an SRU08:46
slangasekpitti: I think that's better for the case of a theme change this late, yes08:47
mvoslangasek: hrm, that is bad :(08:47
slangasekif it was good, we wouldn't need to talk about it on release week ;)08:48
asacsuperm1: could you set your nm branch to "merged" so it disappears from the active branch list? thanks!08:49
seb128slangasek: evolution uploaded now08:54
mvoMirv: are you there? could you give me the output of "ls -l /var/lib/apt/lists/" on a fresh networkless install please?08:56
mvoslangasek: in my artificial test setup the dialog comes up jsut fne, I'm doing a fresh install now to figure out what is wrong09:01
Mirvmvo: not fresh since I did apt-get update already09:01
mvothanks Mirv09:02
seb128cjwatson: hi, do you know how the xorg keymap is set exactly?09:14
cjwatsonseb128: /etc/default/console-setup and a hal thingy that reads from it09:19
seb128cjwatson: whatever is setting the keymap is xorg upstream code or some ubuntu trick?09:20
cjwatsonseb128: this is different from upstream; I wouldn't expect them to be familiar with it09:20
seb128cjwatson: trying to debug gnome bug #55391509:20
ubottuGnome bug 553915 in Config "gnome-keyboard-applet crashed with SIGSEGV in gkbd_indicator_reinit_ui()" [Critical,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55391509:20
seb128cjwatson: svu who is the upstream for xkeyboard-config, libgnomekbd would like to get details on how we set the keymap because he says there is something weird there09:20
cjwatsonand /usr/lib/hal/debian-setup-keyboard09:21
cjwatsonit's just a bunch of hal-set-property calls to make the console and X keymaps sync up09:22
seb128looks like that will not be easy to debug09:22
seb128using setxkbmap works correctly and fixes the crash09:22
cjwatsonyou should be able to replicate the same thing by putting equivalent Xkb* settings in xorg.conf09:22
cjwatsonunless it's a bug in the hal glue in X itself I suppose09:22
seb128well, passing the same options to setxkbmap doesn't lead to a broken config09:23
seb128I'll try to edit xorg.conf directly09:23
seb128the issue leads to bug ##27595709:23
seb128which is gnome-screensaver-dialog crashing in some locales09:23
seb128which means you can't unlock your screen09:24
seb128anyway thanks for the info, will try to continue debugging based on that09:24
ftaseb128, is it too late for a bug fix ? (totem-plparser)09:25
Mirvmvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63164/09:25
dendrobatespitti: let me talk to zul.  The push for obm in main isn't coming from me.09:25
MirvI've now also a snapshot saved straight after install09:25
seb128fta: likely, you can ask to slangasek but only bugs important for the CD images now should be fixed, I guess a totem-pl-parser fix is rather sru material now09:26
ftaseb128, ok, thanks09:26
seb128fta: what is the fix about exactly?09:26
ftaseb128, bug 25166909:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251669 in totem-pl-parser "totem no longer able to play m3u playlists" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25166909:27
seb128fta: right, not an intrepid blocker issue09:27
ftavery low risk, but high annoyance if not fixed09:27
mvoslangasek: fix is ready, will upload in 5min09:27
slangasekmvo: ok, thank you09:27
slangasekfta: --> SRU, sorry09:28
slangasekpitti: I thought the justification for allowing openoffice.org-emailmerge into main was that python-uno was already on the CDs?09:28
slangasekpitti: it wasn't on the CD for RC09:29
slangasekpitti: can we trim that back out again and reclaim 100K?09:31
ftaslangasek, so nomination to intrepid-updates + sub ubuntu-sru ?09:35
slangasekpitti: hmm, need more drastic cuts than that though, so let's skip that one for now09:35
slangasekfta: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates09:36
pittislangasek: hm, I checked the manifest files and found it there, weird09:37
pittislangasek: but yes, if it causes any trouble, let's cut it09:38
slangasekpitti: ah, it might have been there for desktop but not for alternate09:38
slangasekthat's fine, it's alternate that's oversized and we have langpacks to play with there09:38
pittislangasek: right, I just checked desktops; but weird09:38
pittislangasek: let's hope that the new langpacks don't grow the next desktops...09:39
slangasekwe can hope that it really was just KDE stuff missing09:39
pittislangasek: alternates> want me to look for a package which lzma's well? or just cut langpacks?09:39
mvoMirv: when you select finish as default language, are there any language packs/language-support packages installed (I guess not because they are not on the CD)?09:40
slangasekpitti: just cut langpacks; it's late to be rebuilding packages09:42
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mvo_Mirv: hm, did my last msg made it to you before I disconnected?09:44
pittimvo_: yes09:46
pittimvo_: no answer from Mirv yet09:46
pittihey robbiew09:46
pittislangasek: hm, you did zh->ja for i386, but didn't cut amd64; I'll drop -de from amd64, ok?09:50
slangasekpitti: already done && committing09:50
pittiah, good09:50
directhexhm, intrepid's wallpaper is less neat than the vector heron for hardy09:52
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directhexoh, wait, the eta wallpaper sucked. running a dist-upgrade, it suddenly looks neato10:14
cjwatsonseb128: does bug 288494 need a hardy task, while we remember?10:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288494 in totem "the youtube code needs to be updated" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28849410:23
seb128cjwatson: right, I added an hardy task now10:32
pittisistpoty|work: hey10:43
geserHi sistpoty|work10:44
pittisistpoty|work: I threw away your u-d-a@ email, since it is not relevant any more, FYI; if you send something to u-d-a@, please ping a moderator immediately10:44
pittimvo: I figure we can bin bug 241431 now?10:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 241431 in update-manager "edgy to feisty upgrades fail due to use of old-releases" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24143110:47
mvopitti: I think so :)10:51
pittimvo: sorry, seems you are the target of all my woes today ... u-n complains about package information being 10 days old; howver, I have the daily cronjob, and did an explicit update 10 minutes ago; want a bug report for that? or known?10:51
pittimvo: 241431> yep, closed10:51
mvopitti: do you have a entry in your sources.list that causes it to issue a warning or a error?10:51
mvopitti: it only updates if the update is complettely successful10:51
* pitti does an apt-get update by hand10:52
mvopitti: (there is a bug about this open that it should print both the last successful one and the last not-fully successful one10:52
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sistpoty|workhi pitti and geser11:09
sistpoty|workpitti: ah, k... thanks... didn't know you were a moderator as well11:09
pittisistpoty|work: a bunch of people are; cjwatson, mdz, me, slangasek, probably more11:11
sistpoty|workpitti: good to know, thanks... back then I only pinged the first two11:11
pittisistpoty|work: ah, so you did? ok; wasn't sure whether you were aware of moderation at all11:12
Mirvmvo: hi. only English langpacks, no else.11:14
Mirv(and English language-support-en)11:16
jibelHi all, has anyone bug 289091 on it's radar ?11:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289091 in ca-certificates-java "package ca-certificates-java 20080712ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28909111:17
jibeldoko: You're around ?11:17
cjwatsonjibel: you aren't the first to raise it11:17
cjwatsonit's on the release team's radar11:18
jibelcjwatson: ok, just worrying because dups are increasing quickly.11:18
slangasekjibel: under what circumstances did you encounter this bug?11:19
cjwatsonliw: what happened to moving system-cleaner to system->administration?11:22
cjwatsonliw: does this just need sponsorship?11:23
jibelslangasek: referring to duplicates, most of them occurs when installing ca-certificates-java during a dist-upgrade.11:23
slangasekjibel: a dist-upgrade from what?  A previous version within intrepid?11:23
jibelslangasek: sorry, hardy to intrepid11:24
* Hobbsee notes those files exist in the hardy version of ca-certificates (whcih is a dep), but not the intrepid version11:24
liwcjwatson, it's part of a set of changes I'll want to include in intrepid, the others being the name change and translations; I'm reviewing all the new bugs that came during the weekend to see if there's anything else, and then I'll prepare a package and ask for review+sponsorship11:25
cjwatsonliw: if you want to include it in intrepid, it needs to be RIGHT NOW11:25
cjwatsonmake a fuss if you need something included11:25
liwcjwatson, ack11:25
cjwatsonliw: what can I do to make this go faster?11:27
liwcjwatson, give me 15 minutes?11:28
* Hobbsee offers cjwatson a lighter11:30
cjwatsonHobbsee: ?11:32
Hobbseecjwatson: setting people on fire can make them go faster?11:34
cjwatsonoh :)11:34
Hobbseecjwatson: no, i know you don't smoke :)11:34
mvoMirv: thanks, that will be jaunty material, but should be fixed early IMO - please nag me about it11:37
pittimvo: oh, as for your question, apt-get update doesn't complain about anything; I have some PPAs, though11:49
mvopitti: could you give me the output of "ls -l /var/lib/apt/periodic" please ?11:52
pitti-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 2008-10-26 09:58 update-stamp11:53
pitti-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 2008-10-17 08:40 update-success-stamp11:53
mvopitti: and the output (full) of "sudo apt-get update -o Debug::acquire::http=true" please?11:54
pittimvo: is anyone using ubuntu-vm-builder in hardy-proposed? there's a plethora of pending fixes in the current SRU11:54
pittimvo: coming11:54
mvopitti: not sure, the trouble iwht it was that one of the previous versions had a regression, but I fixed that11:55
C0p3rn1c´╗┐would it be possible to develop a open driver standard that all operating system could use and incorperate into there OS?11:55
pittimvo: http://pastebin.com/f3a1c6b011:55
cjwatsonC0p3rn1c: we're very close to release and dealing with urgent issues here. I'm afraid this is not the place for bluesky discussions11:56
pittiC0p3rn1c: not all OSes, but we are working on establishing one for the Linux world11:56
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C0p3rn1cpitti, nice! but most drivers are available on windows and the EU could force microsoft to join this standard11:58
C0p3rn1chypothetically speaking11:58
wgrantI don't think 4 days before the release is the time for hypothesising about such things.11:59
C0p3rn1c´╗┐imho this is the only reason that linux in general hasnt really breaked though to the main public12:00
Hobbseeand still, completely the wrong place and time for this discussion.12:00
C0p3rn1ck sorry to disturb you12:01
pittiseb128: argh, bug 204770 was still not applied to intrepid :(12:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204770 in tracker "[hardy] gdmsetup cause intensive disk activity and take a very long time to open" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20477012:01
danbh_intrepidC0p3rn1c: join #ubuntu-offtopic, and Ill try to dredge up a link12:01
seb128pitti: ups12:03
mvopitti: could you please check if you have a file "/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20packagekit" ? I think that kills it12:08
mvopitti: it == the update-stamp12:08
pittimvo: yes, I have that12:08
slangasekliw: how's system-cleaner coming?12:09
mvopitti: ok, if you remove that, it should work again, I check now for a fix12:09
pittimvo: if I run that command from a shell, it succeeds12:09
liwslangasek, running into packaging problems, but should be done momentarily12:09
pittimvo: right, if I move it away, update-success-stamp is current12:10
pittimvo: rock, thanks12:10
liwcdbs isn't running my makefile by default in build; how can I make it happen?12:23
StevenKAre you including makefile.mk?12:23
StevenKThen that's probably why it isn't. :-)12:23
liwdebian/rules:5: /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/makefile.mk: No such file or directory12:24
liwoh, class12:24
StevenKIt's a class12:24
StevenKliw: :-)12:24
pittiogra: is bug 199675 fixed in intrepid? (was a hardy SRU)12:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 199675 in ltsp "configure-x.sh generates broken xorg.conf files from lts.conf" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19967512:25
ograpitti, well, throught not using an xorg.conf by default anymore, but parts of the breakage are usolvable by design in the script ... some of these parts are not yet replaced completely in new Xorg so in some circumstances you still have to use the script and have to deal with the issues12:26
pittiogra: but is the fix which got applied in hardy-proposed applied to intrepid, too?12:27
liwbzr: ERROR: Pack 'ed385405e56c3ed9703f02a0f2638f20' already exists in <bzrlib.repofmt.pack_repo.RepositoryPackCollection object at 0x324ce90> -- hrmphgh12:28
ograpitti, apart from the xkb options (which are used via a different way anyway now by using xsetxkbmap in the login manager after X is up), yes12:29
pittiogra: so, so it can be closed in intrepid, too? (or if there is still an issue, the hardy task be reopened as well)12:30
ograpitti, it should be closed and if only to make jwz file separate bugs :P12:30
pittiogra: ok, please do that then :)  thanks for the update12:31
* ogra sets it to wontfix in intrepid12:32
slangasekliw: is that bzr error blocking your upload?12:35
liwslangasek, no, just pushing it12:35
liwok, it's on my PPA, now I need a sponsor and a release team acceptance12:36
slangasekcan you give me a full url for grabbing it?12:37
liwslangasek, cjwatson: ping -- 1.10.4-0ubuntu1 on https://launchpad.net/~liw/+archive (https://launchpad.net/%7Eliw/+archive/+files/system-cleaner_1.10.4-0ubuntu1.dsc)12:37
liwthat was a very long fifteen minutes :(12:37
* directhex claps12:42
directhexintel wifi link 5100 support in intrepid?12:43
directhexi thought those drivers only existed about 3 weeks ago in a private git tree12:43
slangasekliw: what's this line?  Not mentioed anywhere in the changelog, that I can tell: +       self.apt_cache._depcache.ReadPinFile("/var/lib/synaptic/preferences")13:00
liwslangasek, oh. that reads in Synaptics "Lock package" settings, in an effort to have cruft-remover not remove locked packages; it doesn't seem to have any effect either way, though; probably should not have been included in trunk yet13:02
* liw goes review the entire commit log since the previous release13:02
* wgrant curses people confusing package managers with touchpad manufacturers.13:02
* liw notices himself typing Internetese, where apostrophes are optional13:04
slangasekliw: have you tested what happens if /var/lib/synaptic/preferences doesn't exist?13:04
liwslangasek, I think I did (=> nothing happens), but let me make sure13:05
liwslangasek, works fine13:06
liwslangasek, whew13:09
slangasekliw: uploaded; now, do you want me to tell you about the bug I think I found that I didn't stop to let you fix, or would you prefer to not know? ;)13:10
liwslangasek, do tell13:10
slangasekliw: no upgrade handling to migrate /var/lib/system-cleaner to /var/lib/cruft-remover13:10
liwslangasek, oh, you're right. should I fix that for the release? the minimal change would be to move the file in question in postinst, I guess13:11
slangaseknot for release13:11
slangasekI think it should be cleaned up down the line; at this point it might as well be an rm -rf /var/lib/system-cleaner on upgrade, once this version hits people's systems13:12
liwslangasek, ok, I'll file a bug so I don't forget13:12
slangasek(example of why not to change names around at the last minute, though...)13:13
liwslangasek, yeah13:13
aboganisuperm1: Are you around? May i disturb you for a minute about bug 286961?13:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 286961 in fglrx-installer "fglrx not working on rt kernel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28696113:23
cjwatsontop tip: turns out that if you try to zero out the boot sector by zeroing the first 512 bytes of a disk, it zeroes the partition table too. who'd'a thunk it.13:34
* cjwatson hits self13:34
liwcjwatson, heh, to zero out the partition table is the usual reason why I do that13:37
cjwatsonin this case it was because there was an old boot sector interfering with usb-creator13:38
cjwatson(I speculate)13:38
mok0cjwatson: what tool did you use? dd? Just curious13:38
cjwatson(I don't need help, I was just being an idiot)13:39
* Hobbsee hands cjwatson a large cup of coffee13:39
Hobbseeor should that be beer?13:39
liwis there another non-interactive command line tool for zeroing out the partition table (and just that)?13:39
mok0cjwatson: did you save a copy of the 512 bytes?13:39
ograHobbsee, to early for beer yet :)13:39
cjwatsonmok0: no. it's not hard to just rerun usb-creator13:40
Hobbseeogra: but it's gone lunchtime!13:40
ScottKogra: It's always after 5PM somewhere.13:40
ograHobbsee, true, but we need cjwatson sober in that pre-release wrangling ;)13:40
Hobbseeogra: that depends.  Does he make better decisions when sober?13:40
cjwatsonhistory suggests yes13:41
cjwatsonfor which I am rather grateful13:41
mok0cjwatson: usb-creator?13:41
Hobbseehmm, OK, better be the coffee, then.13:41
cjwatsonmok0: apt-cache show usb-creator13:41
cjwatsoni.e. the tool I am currently testing13:41
mok0cjwatson: hmm, not in hardy13:41
cjwatsonmok0: indeed13:41
cjwatsonthat's sort of why I'm testing it13:41
* mok0 is chicken not to update production workstation13:42
ScottKmok0: If it's Kubuntu then you're not chicken.  I recommend working with the live CD to see if KDE4 has what you need (I find it does, but some won't).13:44
directhexmy boss now has a fresh intrepid RC on his new laptop13:45
mok0ScottK: I've been running kde4 for some time, now. I like it a lot13:45
directhexit worked better than hardy did13:45
aboganisuperm1: The fourth comment is sufficient to put the fix for 286961 into SRU queue?13:45
ScottKmok0: Great.  I just warn people because there are still some things that KDE3 can do that KDE4 doesn't.  I like it a lot too.13:45
mok0ScottK: Is the intrepid kde4 version newer than the ppa version?13:46
ScottKmok0: They are both 4.1.2, but there are differences in the packaging.  I've never run the Hardy KDE4, so I can't tell you what.13:47
ScottKmok0: We could do with PPA -> Intrepid upgrade testing if you want to join us in #kubuntu-devel.13:47
mok0ScottK: Oh? I thought the ppa was a "preview" of the intrepid packages13:47
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Plagmanhi there14:16
Plagmando you guys know how to get the exact CFLAGS that were used to compile the repo binaries from the source packages?14:17
PlagmanI got the source package, now I guess there's some kind of script to build it exactly as it was built for the repositories?14:17
directhexPlagman, there are no global cflags. anything not explicitly set in the debian/rules of a given package is just gcc default14:19
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Plagmancool; debian/rules is what I was looking for14:21
Plagmanthanks, directhex14:21
directhexdebian/rules is the makefile used for package building14:21
Plagmanthanks a lot14:25
NCommanderhey directhex14:27
directhexmornin' NCommander14:27
directhexwell. afternoon14:28
directhexclose enough14:28
superm1abogani, have you gotten verification that actually will work (other than just compile)?14:31
aboganisuperm1: No14:32
superm1abogani, can you post the results of that debdiff to a ppa and ask the reporter to test it?14:32
aboganisuperm1: Ok14:33
superm1abogani, i'd prefer that we know it will be working14:33
aboganisuperm1: I understand. Thanks to you, Mario.14:33
PlagmanI need a word with whoever is maintaining the X server package14:37
Mirvliw: jipii, now it works: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/system-cleaner/+imports14:40
liwMirv, cool14:41
Mirvliw: it means that full translations can eventually be supplied via updated language packs14:41
liwMirv, very cool14:41
superm1Plagman, you'd be best off joining #ubuntu-x and posing your question there.  they might be afk right now, but idle in there and they will see it eventually14:42
Plagmanalright, thanks14:42
slangaseksuperm1: mythbuntu alternate candidates for final are posted14:43
superm1slangasek, okay great thx14:43
superm1pitti, re that comment i made earlier, here's the exact workaround that has been posted a few times for when b44 is in the mix: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6042421&postcount=1314:47
heno*** alternate and some desktop candidate images (for 8.10 final) are up on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ Please help test them - join us in #ubuntu-testing to coordinate ***15:18
rtgsuperm1: no joy with 'alsamixer -c0'. Though it shows the discrete controls, adjusting them has no effect on audio output.15:28
KeybukI finally fix xchat-gnome's most annoying misfeature (that the notification icon goes away when you focus, even if you don't read the message) and I can't test because the network is down :o(15:32
Keybukasac: why does NM always pick exactly the wrong network in Millbank15:45
Keybukdoes it rste by signal strength, or just pick alphabetically?15:46
Companyso who here is at fault for ubuntu getting slower?15:47
broonieIt's certainly not alphabetic from the looks of it.15:48
ograCompany, i heard its all swfdec's fault15:50
Companyogra: ha, i made sure it's none of my software15:50
Companyogra: apart from the gtk benchmarks, the radiobuttonthing might have been...15:50
ograCompany, truely i think its the kernel and its an upstream thing ... i'm pretty sure they'll find the same comparing FC7 with FC1015:51
Companyogra: yeah, i'm not blaming you guys - i just thought you'd have an idea who we should kick15:51
* Company only kicks cairo people all the time15:52
ograi heard something about linus' scheduler implemntation decisions a while ago that were known to make it a bit slower but had more stable code or some such15:53
ograbut i might be wrong15:54
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NCommanderogra, I remember hearing that too16:03
asacKeybuk: i think the heuristic is a bit more advanced, but in general it should to be a mix of signal strength and some hash order16:14
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Riddellpitti: jockey works so well on today's Kubuntu CDs is manages to download and install the broadcom driver without even an internet connection16:43
davmor2Riddell: that's cause it is already there just needs switching on ;)16:44
ogradavmor2, it doesnt need the firmware anymore ?16:46
davmor2ogra: It's worked for me each time with the new broadcom driver in I'm guessing restricted16:50
mvoRiddell: that sounds like pure magic :)16:50
davmor2what package do you need to install in order to get dbgsym's working it says yelp-dbgsym but the package doesn't seem to be in the repo's16:51
mvodavmor2: there is "deb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/ intrepid main" for this16:55
davmor2mvo: thanks16:55
superm1Riddell, yeah its a bit of a misnomer that it's "downloading and installing".  if your hardware supports only wl, it's already activated (I filed a bug on that), if it supports wl and b43, it will blacklist b43 and then claim wl is activated16:58
blackbirdhello everybody17:05
blackbirdguess i'm the bug whore. found another one ;)17:05
blackbirdguess the problems with the iwl3945 driver are known here, but apparently they got a lot worse with intrepid17:06
pittiRiddell: broadcom wl? yes, that's expected :)17:06
blackbirdfriend of mine is kicked out of vpn (cisco concentrator) because of bad performance and the connection goes down to less than 500kb17:06
seb128doko: do you know if there is some uptodate subversion backports for hardy somewhere?17:16
dokoseb128: there must be ;) I got bug reports about python-setuptools not supporting 1.5 in hardy17:17
dokobut I didn't do one17:17
seb128doko: and you don't know where, ie which ppa for example?17:17
NCommanderseb128, there is17:17
NCommander1.5.1 was backported to hardy17:18
dokosomething like "show me all duplicate packaged subversion packages in the PPAs" would be nice17:18
seb128NCommander: right, that's not uptodate though17:18
NCommanderseb128, yes it is. 1.5.1~hardy2 and 1.5.1 I think17:18
seb128ok, not interested17:19
seb128there is a GNOME sysadmin who is using that and is trying to update to the current version based on this backport17:19
seb128would have been easier to point him to a current version if there was one somewhere rather than explain him how to do packaging17:20
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Keybukbryce: bug #28532318:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285323 in gnome-power-manager "Losing keyboard and mouse control when changing screen brightness with fn + arrow under intrepid" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28532318:14
Keybukwhy would the apparent patch that broke it cause keyboard and mouse to stop working?18:14
Keybukthat patch looks to me like it just makes g-p-m ignore key presses without keycodes18:15
Keybukis it returning something that makes X a doofus?18:15
bryceKeybuk: well, what I'm wondering is if something is causing the keyboard to be stolen away from X18:17
Keybukthat sounds plausible18:17
bryceI know on some hardware the hotkeys are provided via a separate device from the regular keyboard; in other cases they're combined; in some there is an overlap18:18
Keybukcould g-p-m not processing the key be ticking another bug where something else grabs it?18:18
brycepossibly yeah18:18
Keybukhow would someone debug that?18:18
brycewell, looking at 'xinput list' would show what devices are present and might indicate how the hotkeys are mapped in18:19
Keybukcould you sugget that on the bug?18:19
=== RainCT_ is now known as RainCT
jdongnote to self: ext4dev doesn't boot. shame on me.18:19
ograbryce, if thats how xinput list is how its supposed to be, mine is broken ... for me that lists all devices that were ever plugged in, it doesnt clear them on removal here18:21
ScottKdoko: Speaking of Pyhon 3.0, is there going to be a Python3.0 python-central anytime soon?18:21
bryceKeybuk: sure, although I'd really like to see someone more skilled in gnome-power-manager look into this18:21
dokoScottK: yes, prepared, although I hope it won't be necessary mid-term18:22
Keybuktedg: ? :P18:22
tedgKeybuk: Could it be compiz trying to show the brightness up down graphic thingy?18:23
ScottKdoko: So if I want to do porting work to support upstream on Python3.0 transition, do you recommend using disutils installs and not Debian packages for now?18:23
Keybuktedg: dunno, have you read through the bug?18:23
dokoScottK: we'll have 2.6 and 3.0 packages in some PPA for intrepid, in about two weeks18:23
ScottKdoko: Great.  A new Python Interest Group just started up in my area and I'm hoping to get some porting work going there.  A signficant fraction of the people at the first meeting use Ubuntu.18:24
tedgKeybuk: Haddn't gotten to the end.  Basically working keysym code seems to have broken it?  Otherwise the keysymbols wouldn't work.18:27
Keybukit's odd to me that it breaks all keyboard and mouse after18:27
tedgI'm betting that it was ignoring those keys before, and responding to them is the problem.18:28
bryceogra: probably you should file a bug upstream about that.  I'd guess it's a hal issue rather than X since xinput unplugs properly for me.18:30
ograbryce, well, i only see it with my wireless kbd, it doesnt go away even if i remove teh dongle, probably related to that specific hw18:31
tedgKeybuk: I commented on the bug, but basically that by removing the code GPM doesn't see the keypresses.  Not that it fixes it, it just makes no more code execute.18:32
bryceogra: in that case, could also be a kernel issue or something.18:34
ogranot critical anyway18:35
ograi was just noticing that i still see the wireless kbd when i tried your command above and i unplugged the dongle yesterday already18:35
superm1Keybuk, isn't that the same problem that keyrelease events aren't showing up when pressing FN+some key18:38
superm1and hence causing GPM to hang on focus?18:39
bryceogra: ah, gotcha.  xinput's codebase is pretty minimal, and really just prints stuff reported by deeper layers18:39
brycemaybe wireless devices get "held onto" longer since by nature they're not as definitively connected.  but you'd think if the dongle was removed, it'd clear it out.18:40
infinitois still possible to fix this before release? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez-gnome/+bug/28067918:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 280679 in bluez-gnome "bluetooth-applet shows tray icon with "never display icon" enabled" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:44
ograpitti, you give proper upstream docs for CK and PK ... where is the one for SecurityHole ? :P18:44
calcjcastro: ping18:45
calcshouldn't the wiki still list dapper and gutsy on the (Current + Stable) section?18:45
ograinfinito, its not like that here on any of my systems ...18:45
superm1infinito, not in time for release, but it can be done shortly after as an SRU18:45
superm1infinito, in the meanwhile, can you submit it upstream?18:45
infinitosuperm1: sure18:45
ograsuperm1, ?? all my installs have "display when adapter is present" ...18:46
jcastrocalc: pong18:46
superm1ogra, that option is available, but from reboot to reboot i believe it doesn't stick because of that bug18:46
calcjcastro: the wiki changed and seems to be missing some important data18:46
jcastrocalc: whereat?18:47
calcjcastro: not sure if it was intentional or if someone 'defaced' it ;-)18:47
ograsuperm1, weird, its always been like that for me18:47
calcjcastro: the main page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/18:47
jcastrocalc: ! Let me find out18:47
calcjcastro: it only lists Hardy and Intrepid now, not the other two supported dists18:47
calcjcastro: not sure if the rest of the changes are ok or not, but it looks quite a bit different from what i remember18:47
jcastrocalc: yes it is18:48
jcastrolet me ask around18:48
calc"With the launch of the "release candidate", I have now replaced the home page with the version developed under Home/PageDiscussion"18:49
calcso it looks like it was discussed but maybe not well enough ;-)18:49
calcthe main change happened on Oct 25 (change #187)18:50
jcastrocalc: yeah it doesn't look very finished at all18:51
calci can't seem to pull up the discussion page about it either18:52
calcthough i might be doing something wrong18:52
calci assumed it would be: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Home/PageDiscussion due to how the change described it18:52
pittiogra: that's s3kr1t18:53
calcah its there its just that is the exact same page copied to the main page (or looks like it)18:53
bdmurraypitti: bug 280931 seems to be a duplicate of bug 283316 but interestingly it has a workaround18:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280931 in udev "Tray retracts automatically after eject with 2.6.27-6 and -7 (dup-of: 283316)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28093118:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283316 in linux "opening /dev/scdN causes tray to be closed" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28331618:54
jcastrocalc: I'm all for cleanup but this seems a bit too unfinished to roll out to the live page, try pinging mdke or something.18:54
jcastrocalc: I can follow up later once I get some openweek scheduling out of the way18:54
infinitosuperm1: is fixed upstream http://git.kernel.org/?p=bluetooth/bluez-gnome.git;a=commitdiff;h=4d56f10dc2a065d60724ccce8496d173fa0dc85a18:55
calcmdke: ping ^18:55
apwsuperm1: hey ... i hear you are intrested in experience of intrepid on dell studio 15's18:55
superm1infinito, okay great thx18:55
jcastrocalc: while I have your attention: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek18:55
superm1apw, yeah kirkland just mentioned you were having a single issue with it.  could you poke me later in the week though?18:55
superm1apw, say like thur or fri18:55
calcjcastro: i'll be in Beijing all next week18:56
apwyeah sure ..18:56
jcastrocalc: ah right.18:56
superm1apw, okay thanks.  sorry just busy week :)18:56
calci'll be back Nov 11 :)18:56
calcer which is a US holiday18:56
calcso Nov 12 :)18:56
apwsuperm1: i wonder why that is :)18:57
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pittitseliot: still remember http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18215648/jockey-gtk.png ? I can reproduce it \o/19:52
* directhex adds pitti to a gtk liststore a few times19:53
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pitti|pitti|pitthello|hello|hello :)19:54
=== pitti|pitti|pitt is now known as pitti
mvothat looks like a gtktreeview setup is run multiple times :)19:54
liwis there a reason why #268803 isn't marked "Confirmed"?19:55
dokohmm, do we set LC_ALL by default during the install somewhere?19:56
liwdoko, one would hope not19:56
dokoliw: see #ubuntu-bugs19:56
tseliotpitti: how?19:56
pittitseliot: I updated bug 27807119:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 278071 in jockey "jockey-gtk weird installed driver display" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27807119:56
pittitseliot: clicking on the tray icon multiple times while the app is open19:57
tseliotpitti: does it affect the kde version too?19:57
mvopitti: if you could have a look at the srus for bug #289855 and bug #255545 that would be much appreciated19:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289855 in update-notifier "incorrect quoting makes intrepid CD detection fail" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28985519:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255545 in apt "requires uncompressed Packages files on CDs" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25554519:57
pittimvo: retroactively done 2 hours ago19:58
* mvo hugs pitti19:59
* mvo hands pitti the rockstar award19:59
* pitti hugs mvo and handles him the bug squash gold star20:00
tseliotpitti pitti pitti: I'll see if I can reproduce it (and fix it) with the kde version here :-P20:00
pittitseliot: "install three drivers in parallel"20:01
tseliotpitti: too bad apt won't allow us to do it. Damn lock...20:02
pittibdmurray: thanks for digging out, I'll have a look20:05
superm1ah pitti|pitti|pitti, i've seen that too, but could never reproduce it either, so I didn't file a bug : )20:10
superm1tedg, bryce, bug 285323 sounds like possibly effects of bug 26172120:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285323 in gnome-power-manager "Losing keyboard and mouse control when changing screen brightness with fn + arrow under intrepid" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28532320:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261721 in linux "X never sees brightness key release events" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26172120:19
pittitseliot: just gotta love crashes like this: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18645982/Traceback.txt20:22
brycesuperm1: interesting, so is 285323 a dupe of 261721?20:23
tseliotpitti: LOL -> Failed to execute program /usr/lib/dbus-1.0/dbus-daemon-launch-helper: Success20:23
superm1bryce, not necessarily, I think you need to look at a 2.6.24 kernel with the newer gpm pieces to verify gpm isn't at fault too20:24
brycesuperm1: ok added a comment to that effect20:29
* lool waves 'night20:47
calcdid pdf printing get dropped with intrepid?20:47
calcer the pdf printer, print to pdf option is what i am talking about20:47
sbeattiecalc: there should be a print-to-file option now that replaces the pdf target20:49
calcsbeattie: oh just in gnome apps, ok20:52
* calc reinstalled cups-pdf20:52
superm1bryce, what other pieces sit in the chain for those key press and release events though?  oddly enough adding 2.6.24-21-generic i'm not getting key releases, but I do off of a hardy disk20:52
superm1this is going as far back as running showkey in a console20:53
brycesuperm1: hmm, I mapped that out at one point, let me check my notes20:56
bryceTraditionally - in the kernel, it maps raw scancodes to internal keycodes.  hotkey-setup does a mapping (now replaced by HAL IIUC).  At that point you can see what X is seeing via xev20:58
superm1bryce, another platform close to the one that I sent you (done by the same ODM and BIOS teams) exhibits the problem along with a whole slew of others, perhaps can you see if you reproduce it there too?20:59
brycefrom there, there's an xmodmap mapping20:59
superm1so this is all happening before you even get to X though20:59
superm1if you boot into "recovery mode" and choose root, showkey shows it there21:00
brycewhich hardware is this again?21:00
bryceok, I'm able to reproduce it21:05
brycehmm, showkey doesn't show any output for the brightness keys21:09
brycesuperm1: is that what you're referring to?  It does set the brightness correctly, and doesn't seem to steal the keyboard21:10
superm1bryce, oh you need to manually setkeycode in recovery mode21:11
superm1bryce, since hal hasn't done that for you21:12
bryceah, what's the command for that?21:12
superm1bryce, setkeycodes e006 NUMBER21:13
brycehmm, no go21:14
kirklandslangasek: so are your Europish hours over yet today?21:19
slangasekkirkland: yes, I'm now in "Europish workaholic afterhours"21:20
kirklandslangasek: okay, here's a heads up....21:21
superm1bryce, not seeing the problem with no keyrelease or not seeing anything?21:21
superm1e006 only maps to brightness up21:21
kirklandslangasek: we're testing a fix for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/open-iscsi/+bug/289470 that would require an upload of open-iscsi21:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 289470 in open-iscsi "open-iscsi user-space does not match kernel module version" [Critical,In progress]21:22
superm1bryce, e005 is for brightness down21:22
kirklandslangasek: soren is done for the day, and asked me to find another core-dev and release team member to sponsor21:22
kirklandslangasek: mathiaz is our server man in London, but also done for the day21:22
slangasekkirkland: first question is, if this breaks iscsi, why wasn't this detected sooner than yesterday?21:23
kirklandslangasek: if you can't do it, can you point me to someone else21:23
brycesuperm1: maybe I'm picking NUMBER incorrectly; what should I be using there?21:23
superm1bryce, i just put 200 or so21:23
superm1bryce, its just a keycode you are assigning to it21:24
superm1you can always just start hal instead and let it do it for you (unless of course hal is at fault!)21:24
bryceaha (I'd picked 255)21:24
brycesuperm1: ok, with that set, brightness is no longer changing.  the keyboard seems to still be functioning fine.  What am I looking for here?21:25
superm1bryce, so now run showkey21:25
slangasekkirkland: can I do the upload - yes.  Am I willing to include this as a last-minute change a full day after the drop-deadline - less certain21:25
superm1and you'll see that keypress events show up21:26
superm1but keyrelease dont21:26
brycesuperm1: ahhh, yes21:26
kirklandslangasek: understood.21:27
slangasekkirkland: that debdiff really looks unhappy with all of its packaging changes.  is there something we can cherry-pick here, or is that not known?21:28
kirklandslangasek: i have not uploaded my debdiff21:29
slangaseksorry, s/debdiff/diffstat/21:29
slangaseklet's see your debdiff then :)21:29
kirklandslangasek: i have spent the last 8 hours on this basically.  the current debian package is a mess21:29
kirklandslangasek: what i did was rebase on upstream (above debian)21:29
kirklandslangasek: and applied our ubuntu changes to that21:29
kirklandslangasek: plus 2 lines of build fixes21:30
kirklandslangasek: as i said, EtienneG is testing it for regression, and that it fixes that kernel/userspace alignment issue21:30
slangasekhow confident are we that we have any meaningful coverage of regression testing, when this bug went unnoticed as it did in the first place?21:31
brycesuperm1: interesting, so it sounds like from one of the bug commenters that the fix for 280646 exposes this bug21:32
superm1bug 28064621:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280646 in gnome-power-manager "ACPI brightness events no longer work on ThinkPad T61" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28064621:32
brycesuperm1: which indicates g-p-m is not being smart about handling lack-of-key-release situations or something?21:32
superm1bryce, well this lack of keyrelease doesn't only affect brightness though21:33
superm1eject and battery status should be effected too21:33
kirklandslangasek: EtienneG is regression testing it with the scenarios that he's familiar with, from a Canonical-support perspective21:33
brycesuperm1: hmm true21:33
brycesuperm1: ok I see that killing g-p-m does indeed make the issue go away21:37
kirklandslangasek: <EtienneG> kirkland, I cannot promise no regression; my test case is very simple: does the iscsi disk show up?  Can we mount a file system on it?  Can we write to the filesystem?  So far, it is yes to all three, but that's it21:38
superm1bryce, yesish, the hang is gone but the key events keep firing until you press another key21:41
wgrantAnd if you turn off key repeat, it works fine.21:44
slangasekkirkland: I'm reviewing the debdiff now; is there any sense at all in looking for a cherry-pick fix for this issue, or does tht just increase our risk of regression?21:44
kirklandslangasek: hrm, i went by: http://www.open-iscsi.org/index.html#download21:45
kirklandThe current devel release: open-iscsi-2.0-870-rc3.tar.gz   ... This adds support for 2.6.26 and 2.6.2721:45
slangasek... wait, seriously?  There's a CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED option available in the kernel, and we're not setting it?21:46
slangasekcorrection, CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V221:46
kirklandkirkland@t61p:/tmp/open-iscsi.debian$ grep CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED /boot/config-2.6.27-7-generic21:47
kirkland# CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2 is not set21:47
slangasek"the previous semi-stable release" - "semi-" is only an acceptable modifier for the sweetness of chocolate used in baking21:47
kirklandslangasek: :-D21:48
superm1wgrant, well fine in the sense that the events dont keep firing as repeats, but gpm still steals focus and hangs onto it21:51
wgrantsuperm1: True.21:56
EtienneGhey slangasek!21:57
EtienneGslangasek, kirkland tell me you are looking at the new open-iscsi package; I have helped test, if you have any question ...21:57
brycesuperm1: so I'm getting fairly convinced this is due to quirky logic in g-p-m's code22:01
brycesuperm1: IIRC the code that handles this is relatively fresh, so perhaps this is just a corner case they didn't account for22:01
slangasekkirkland: looking at the diff, would it not be sufficient to pull in kernel/2.6.26_compat.patch and avoid all the other development changes22:08
slangaseki.e., I think this is the commit that adds compatibility with 2.6.27: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/mnc/open-iscsi.git;a=commitdiff;h=55896174c0242e6a68ff4e91173acab8d1be8a7c22:09
kirklandslangasek: hmm, i can try to test that22:09
slangasekkirkland: ok, thanks - if that works, it would seem to let us contain the delta much better22:10
kirklandslangasek: understood22:10
slangasekI'm afk for a bit now22:10
crimsunbdmurray: regarding your query for bug 289621, about 18 hours ago I committed a fix in my PPA22:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289621 in gnome-media "Sound Recorder - microphone recording regression in Intrepid Ibex (dup-of: 282316)" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28962122:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 282316 in alsa-plugins "erratic elapsed time count in "sound recorder" " [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28231622:22
crimsunbdmurray: I've since commented in the master bug and asked people to use the fixed one22:23
crimsunsuperm1: ^22:26
TheMusocrimsun: probably a pulse alsa plugin issue, I know about it and alsa-plugins git has a fix for it which I intend to apply as an SRU.22:27
crimsunTheMuso: that's what's in my PPA22:27
TheMusocrimsun: Right.22:27
bdmurrayTheMuso: so that bug should be targetted to intrepid-updates?22:33
TheMusobdmurray: Well there are actually a few bugs reporting similar issues, so whatever bug is actually filed against alsa-plugins should be.22:34
crimsunbdmurray: the master bug mistakenly has a gnome-media task; I added the appropriate culprit (alsa-plugins)22:35
YokoZarWhoa massive failure trying to install 8.10 for me: Ubiquity didn't display any partitions when it got to the partition step  (using the RC image)22:35
seb128crimsun: you should rather change the component when it's incorrect than adding a new one22:36
crimsunseb128: yes, I probably should have, but I hadn't read /all/ the duplicates22:36
seb128ok, just saying it in case, some people close the task as invalid and add new one but that means that people subscribed to the component which has the close task still get mails22:38
* TheMuso wishes that component changing could be done via email... Unless it can and I don't know about it yet. :)22:42
bdmurrayTheMuso: I don't think it can, however you might be able to script it with python-launchpad-bugs22:48
ScottKTheMuso: /me suggest filing bugs.22:51
TheMusoScottK: Yeah I think I will once I've checked to make sure there is not a bug already about that.22:51
* TheMuso finds the email interface 10 times more efficient.22:51
* ScottK may have already filed that one. Don't recall for sure.22:52
slangasekkirkland: how goes it?23:00
kirklandslangasek: i just got it to build23:00
kirklandslangasek: frigging limits.h23:00
kirklandslangasek: that's bitten me one too many times this dev cycle23:01
kirklandslangasek: i had to modify the Makefile too, obviously23:01
kirklandslangasek: you reckon this bit of the makefile is necessary?23:03
kirkland+       for module in $(ko) ; do \23:03
kirkland+               dpkg-divert --rename /lib/modules/$(KERNELRELEASE)/$(INSTALL_MOD_DIR)/$$module ; \23:03
kirkland+       done23:03
kirklandslangasek: i left it out23:05
NCommanderkirkland, what are you trying to build specifically?23:06
slangasekabsent a specific rationale, please do23:06
kirklandslangasek: looked kinda forceful, inappropriate23:06
kirklandNCommander: open-iscsi23:06
slangasekdpkg-divert --rename without --divert is nasty and probably incorrect here23:06
kirklandslangasek: another question ...23:07
kirklandslangasek: this package does not currently have a patch system23:07
kirklandslangasek: shall I add one?  it's already carrying one minor bashism fix in the diff.gz (nasty, again)23:07
slangasekIf there are already upstream changes in the diff.gz, I wouldn't bother adding a patch system23:08
slangasekbesides, the kernel/ directory effectively *is* a patch system :)23:08
kirklandslangasek: yeah23:08
kirklandslangasek: current state is http://people.ubuntu.com/~kirkland/open-iscsi/23:09
kirklandslangasek: i'm moving on to testing it now23:10
slangasekkirkland: hrm, I'm looking closer and suddenly fearful that nothing in that directory is used if we're not building the kernel modules, which we aren't23:14
slangasekso I may have led you on a wild goose chase :P23:14
kirklandslangasek: empirical testing of this deb has confirmed that it is re-broken again23:15
slangasekright :/23:15
kirklandslangasek: okay, how about I leave my -870 package for Mathiaz's regression testing tomorrow.  he's in London for the release sprint23:16
kirklandso he's also one your pseudo-Europish time23:16
kirklandslangasek: i'm going to inform dendrobates that i've taken it as far as I can23:18
kirklandslangasek: and that I'm going to leave it for mathiaz to pick up tomorrow; and it'll be up to the release team as to whether or not it's accepted23:18
slangasekright, thanks23:18
slangasekI'll putz around with the package itself a bit more; to see if I can either isolate the key fix, or come to terms with the whole diff23:19
bdmurrayapachelogger: mvo recently added a quirk to update-manager that might handle bug 289611 if I understand it correctly.23:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289611 in kdebase-workspace "Hardy KDE 4 remix to Intrepid is incomplete" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28961123:25
NCommanderlamont, ping23:25
=== doko_ is now known as doko

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