kelemengaborhi all12:12
kelemengaboris 8.10.2 the final version that will go into intrepid?12:13
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mptkelemengabor, version 8.10.2 of what?13:29
kelemengaborwe finished it a few days ago, but it's not part of the package yet13:33
kelemengaborany hope fot another release before intrepid?13:34
kelemengaboror out translations will be visible only in a later update?13:35
emmajanepopey: I think I buggered that edit that you just got a notificaiton about. There are edit conflicts all through it. I've pinged Jorge as well...16:11
* emmajane backs away slowly from the hate-filled Wikimachine.16:12
popeyemmajane: :)16:22
popeyemmajane: I ignored them expecting someone else to resolve them, figuring that if I joined in it would become a horried edit conflict mess16:24
emmajanepopey: I can respect that. :)16:36
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