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superm1xivulon, for our daily builds process, is there a URL that will pull the latest wubi in all instances to make sure we get that on mythbuntu disks?03:52
superm1514 appears to work correctly (at least using an ISO in the same directory) for me03:53
xivulon_davmor2, would you mind testing http://wubi-installer.org/devel/minefield/Wubi-8.10-rev515.exe as stand-alone?08:59
davmor2xivulon_: Yeap can do.09:01
evandcjwatson: usb-creator uploaded09:24
* evand reads the rest of the scollback09:24
davmor2xivulon: did you see the bugs coming through about issues with updating wubi?09:25
xivulonevand I have a rev 515 for wubi, including mythbuntu verification key/artwork and new translations09:27
xivulonI left a msg for slangasek in #ubuntu-release yesterday night not sure if he saw that09:27
xivulonI also have a new rev for umenu adding mythbuntu. it's not critical for that to be on the ubuntu CD of course. I noticed that there are some new translations but did not get the tgz from rosetta yet.09:28
xivulondavmor2, do you mean kernel upgrades to fat32? yes I am aware of that. Changes will be too invasive, we'll do it in next release and publish a workaround09:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 258379 in linux "Wubi'd Hardy fails to boot after upgrading to Intrepid (dup-of: 268123)" [Undecided,Incomplete]09:31
davmor2xivulon: ^09:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 268123 in busybox "Intrepid: it is not possible to mount ntfs partitions from the initrd" [High,Fix released]09:31
xivulonah no did not see that09:31
CIA-2usb-creator: evand * r50 usb-creator/debian/changelog: releasing version 0.1.1009:31
xivulonyes I did09:32
xivulonI asked for more info but did not get a reply09:33
xivulondavmor2, it would be good though to try and upgrade wubi 8.04.1 to 8.10, just in case09:34
davmor2xivulon: Yeah no probs I'll do that after rev515 test09:34
davmor2I got a feeling it might be the new uuid naming do loops keep the same id?09:35
evandpersia> it's probably missing features rather than a bug.  The linux support is a bit lacking, but it's not as simple as just cp -r as it needs to be able to merge from multiple sources.09:36
xivulonuuid is used for the root device, and it should be the same issue whether he is using wubi or not09:36
xivulonin the case of wubi the root device is then mount moved as /host, but if you cannot mount in the first place, it should not be a wubi issue09:37
evandcjwatson: thanks for the fix on 28754709:48
cjwatsonnot a problem, wasn't doing anything else while on the train ...09:49
davmor2xivulon: right rev515 up and running any preference as to install?10:01
xivulondavmor2 what would be the options?10:02
davmor2xivulon: ^10:04
persiaevand, ?  ENOCONTEXT10:05
evandpersia: sorry, the migration-assistant issue10:07
evandwhereby it didn't offer to import anything10:07
cjwatsonxivulon: is wubi supported on DVDs?10:07
cjwatson(just yes/no, I'm not saying we should add it if it isn't there already; proof-reading DVD sleeve text)10:08
persiaevand, Oh, right.  No worries then.  If it's not supposed to do that, no need to keep the traces :)10:08
evandcjwatson: no, we removed it a long time ago on cdimage because it's horrendously slow10:09
xivulonyep extracting a 4GB ISO does not sound like a good idea10:09
evand                        if [ "$CDIMAGE_DVD" != 1 ]; then10:10
evand                                (fetch "$(find-live-filesystem "$arch" wubi)" \10:10
evand                                        "$LIVE_OUT/$arch.wubi.exe" || true)10:10
evand                        fi10:10
evandumenu is on the DVD though10:11
davmor2xivulon: So any preference as to which desktop I install?10:18
davmor2xivulon: myhtbuntu fails but I'm guessing that is the key issue from earlier10:25
xivulondavmor2: to install mythbuntu you need to have a mythbuntu backend running10:27
xivulonthat only installs the frontend10:27
davmor2xivulon: ah right :)10:27
xivulondavmor2: go for ubuntu10:27
davmor2ubuntu is installing as we speak10:27
xivuloncool, they haven't upload the metalink / metalink md5 and signature yet for mythtv so cannot test that (I tested the key separately via gpgv though)10:40
CIA-2usb-creator: evand * r51 usb-creator/ (bin/usb-creator setup.py): Bump to 0.1.1111:01
CIA-2usb-creator: evand * r52 usb-creator/ (debian/changelog usbcreator/backend.py):11:02
CIA-2usb-creator: Strip null bytes from the CD label when parsing it from an ISO file11:02
CIA-2usb-creator: (LP: #287318).11:02
davmor2xivulon: 1 Ubuntu install everything seems fine11:06
xivulondavmor2: thx, pls let me know if you have any issue upgrading from 8.04.1 -> 8.1011:20
davmor2xivulon: np's that's next :)11:20
xivulongiven that the dates are a bit tight, is there a possibility that 8.10 becomes 8.11? As the version number is hardcoded in wubi/umenu.11:46
cjwatsonextremely unlikely.11:48
CIA-2usb-creator: evand * r53 usb-creator/ (3 files in 3 dirs):12:02
CIA-2usb-creator: * Fix small issue where enlarging the main window would have a different12:02
CIA-2usb-creator:  expanding effect on the top listview from the bottom listview.12:02
CIA-2usb-creator: * Add gnomevfs support to use gnome device labels and icons. This should12:02
CIA-2usb-creator:  make things more user friendly.12:02
davmor2xivulon: Finally everything finished downloading.  Everything works here I can only assume they did upgrades midst kernel updates15:54
xivulondavmor2 cool thanks a lot!15:58
xivuloncjwatson any chance for 289791 ? (I know we went through it already)15:59
cjwatsonxivulon: no, sorry17:01
cjwatsonit's too late17:01
xivulonnp didn't have much hope anyway17:01
xivulonis it also too late for the wubi build with the mythbuntu key? (superm1 signed it)17:02
xivulonin case we can have a different build for mythbuntu cd17:02
xivulonhopefully we can include that in the stand-alone though17:02
cjwatsonwubi should be easier, but the first round of images have *already built*17:07
cjwatsonso it's only if they need another spin17:07
xivulonsounds good to me, if possible cool, otherwise having a separate build for mythbuntu cd + standalone would be less elegant but same thing in practice17:11
cjwatsonI'm afraid I don't know the buttons to push to pull a new wubi build though17:12
xivulonthat's up to evand :)17:15
cjwatsonoh, yeah, it does need evand17:20
evandwill do17:27
xivulonevand, wubi-selfextract in http://people.ubuntu.com/~evand/wubi/ is jun 2417:30
xivulonis that the one that goes onto the cd? that looks a bit dated17:30
evandxivulon: ignore that17:30
evandno, it is not17:30
evandthey're all self-extracting17:30
xivulonah was scared17:30
cjwatsonit's the stable link there17:30
xivuloncool the standalone should not be self extracting (and definitely rev 515)17:31
xivulonthe cd should be selfextracting17:31
cjwatsonstable -> Wubi-8.10-rev513.exe17:31
xivulonthe mythbuntu guys will probably need a link to rev51517:33
evandI'm working on building 515 and re-pointing the stable symlink to it now17:33
xivulonmight be worth scanning it with http://www.virustotal.com/ or http://virusscan.jotti.org/ just in case17:34
xivulonforgot to do that17:34
xivulonthe joys of the windows world17:35
superm1evand, there's a handful of *gcj* packages and an openoffice.org filter that are getting removed in the RC dvd even with all the language packs preseeded17:39
superm1evand, any ideas why they'd be getting flagged?17:39
evandsuperm1: removed as part of what? the blacklisting?17:40
superm1at the very end when it does that lastish step to check for packages to remove17:40
cjwatsonbecause live-dvd includes some stuff that isn't in desktop17:41
superm1how come it isn't persisting into the resultant install then?17:42
cjwatsonlike icedtea6-plugin17:42
cjwatsonbecause we have no infrastructure to make that happen ...17:42
cjwatsonwe don't have a "desktop-for-live-dvd"17:42
superm1then arguably should it really be in the dvd livefs?17:42
cjwatsonI wouldn't mind looking at the logs in case it isn't what I think it is though17:42
cjwatsonmaybe not, but it's sort of useful to have icedtea6-plugin somewhere17:43
superm1well i just started a factory install run here, i'll have a log in about an hour17:43
evandnote to self, don't ctrl-R commands involving linux device nodes after a reboot17:44
evandthankfully I just filled up /dev17:44
superm1what about that incomplete language support comment i had posted last week?  even with all language packs preseeded I'm getting that still..17:45
evandxivulon: new wubi is up and linked17:45
xivulonevand thanks a lot17:45
xivulonsupemr1 ^17:46
superm1thanks xivulon and evand17:46
evandArcaVir  17:49
evandFound Trojan.Small.Ji17:49
* evand rolls his eyes17:49
cjwatsonsuperm1: I think that got fixed post-RC17:50
cjwatsonsuperm1: at this point it would really be best to test daily builds if you aren't already17:50
cjwatsonthey will not be any less stable than RC17:50
superm1cjwatson, ah didn't realize there was a new daily for DVD at this point17:51
superm1cjwatson, will grab that then and verify17:51
cjwatsonoh, maybe not DVD quite yet17:52
cjwatsonit was building last I heard17:52
superm1okay, will hold off for that then17:53
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cjwatsonsuperm1: DVDs are up18:24
cjwatsonerr, maybe still publishing18:24
cjwatsonamd64 is there, seems to be taking its time18:24
cjwatsonit's on the master, maybe just taking ages to sync18:24
bdmurrayIf I enter the wrong proxy information when using the alternate installer what should happen?22:38
bdmurrayThe same incorrect information was set in my install which seemed odd.22:39
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