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smp4488what is there as far as touch screen friendly audio players?05:24
persiasmp4488, totem isn't too bad.05:30
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ian_brasildunno whether you follow maemo dev lists but there is a discussion about how maemo can better align with ubuntu and indeed debain http://wiki.maemo.org/Mainstream_Linux_Alignment12:07
ian_brasilany thoughts andor ideas on this would be great12:07
raslamcan ubuntu mobile work on my O2 Xda12:09
raslammy O2 Xda is running WM5 right now... So can I set up ubuntu mobile to run on it?12:10
persiaraslam, Launchpad doesn't have any ARM buildds.  You might try the packages from mojo.handhelds.org12:11
StevenKWindows Mobile works on Arm?12:12
persiaian_brasil, Personally, I'd like to see closer alignment.  There's a lot of Maemo packages that aren't in Ubuntu today, and to meet certain use cases xfce components were added.  Having everything run inside the hildon context is probably cleaner.12:12
persiaStevenK, ARM, PPC, and SH only I think.12:13
* StevenK attempts to update his memory12:13
persiaMight be ported to MIPS, but I think that was back when it was called "WinCE"12:13
persiaSH is nearly dead, but Hitachi still buys enough licenses.  ARM is the primary arch.12:14
ian_brasilpersia: interesting...xfce components...i did not know that...is there a list soewhere of these?12:16
persiaAt least thunar andmousepad.12:17
raslampersia: will ARMv5EL from mojo.handhelds.org work on O2 Xda?12:27
raslampersia: my cpu is OMAP85012:28
persiaraslam, Actually, I don't know which Mojo flavours work on which ARM chips.  I'm too much of a coward to format any of my ARM devices, although I think I've gotten my Zaurus replacement nearly in shape to do the Zaurus next month.12:30
ian_brasilraslam: i think that might work http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_architecture12:35
samjameaslam: I flashed my O2 XDa with Ranju's WM6 build so that I could use HDSD cards for linux. I've been running titchy-mobile.13:35
samjamI mean raslam not easlam13:35
loolian_brasil: Poke14:16
ian_brasillool: hi14:17
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ian_brasildoes someone know how to find the cairo version and/or source used on mobile19:49
loolian_brasil: It's the same as intrepid; you can either check launchpad, or if you have devscript, rmadison cairlo20:33
lool     cairo | 1.8.0-0ubuntu1 |      intrepid | source20:34
lool*devscripts even20:34
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