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ScottKStevenK: Based on your changelog entry, I'll ack that.00:17
StevenKScottK: Cool. I saw the bug fix, compared the versions, and thought it was easy enough and serious enough to fix00:19
StevenKDrat, I generated the .changes file wrong00:19
ScottKStevenK: Reject it quick then because I already asked for it to be accepted (or don't worry about it)00:20
YokoZarWho can I poke for another motu-release ack?00:20
YokoZarIt's a very simple change that fixes two big bugs in Wine :)00:20
StevenKScottK: It isn't a real problem00:20
ScottKYokoZar: What is it?00:21
YokoZarScottK: the wine bug you acked earlier ;)00:21
ScottKOh.  That wasn't in the upload you did already?00:22
YokoZarYeah it was00:22
YokoZarThe upload just needs to be built00:22
YokoZarErr approved00:22
ScottKIt needs accepted and I've asked.  Maybe StevenK will do it ...00:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 223989 in wine "wine: incorrect "Browse C:\ Drive" launcher" [Medium,Fix committed]00:23
StevenKWill I? :-)00:23
persiaStevenK, Perhaps.  It's a mystery.  Do you have a coin?  Are both sides heads?00:24
YokoZarIf anyone has any idea WHY this upload was necessary it would be helpful, by the way. If I put a Gnome launcher in the Applications menu that says "xdg-open $home/foo" it is now being turned into "xdg-open /home/user/$HOME/foo" and then failing00:27
YokoZarI'm not sure if that's a bug or a deliberate change00:27
YokoZarRunning xdg-open $HOME/foo from a terminal still works as expected00:27
RAOFYokoZar: Without experimenting, I wouldn't expect environment-variable substitutions to be carried out in launchers; thus "xdg-open $home/foo" would be expanded as "$(CWD)/$home/foo", since it's relative.00:38
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YokoZarRAOF: ahh, ok.  It does do ~ though.00:44
RAOFReally?  That's also somewhat of a shell-ism.  It surprises me less than env substitution, though.00:44
RAOFIt's kinda annoying :)00:45
ScottKStevenK: Pretty please on wine?00:52
ScottKStevenK: Never mind.00:58
ScottKYokoZar: It's accepted.00:58
ScottKpersia: You're correct.  Universe goes ahead of Language Packs.01:02
persiaScottK, Even today?  I thought it might get tuned the other way in the rush for images.01:02
ScottKpersia: Yes.  Just tested by the strongswan build just accepted already building on i38601:03
persiaThat seems a risky plan, but maybe it's less risky to throttle uploads than to fiddle with priorities at this point.  it's what, about 8 hours to hard freeze?01:05
ScottK5 ish by my math, but it's not a hard stop necessarily.01:05
StevenKIt probably is for stuff on images01:06
StevenKHm. Can I upload 4 packages in 5 hours?01:06
persiaIs there anything on images pending?01:06
StevenK(Then I hit tenth spot on UTU)01:06
persiaStevenK, Grab some RC bugs : they aren't on images generally.01:07
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* StevenK wonders if UTU credits syncs correctly01:14
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ScottKStevenK: I think it does, although not all of mine that someone tagged to ~scottk instead of ~kitterman.01:15
StevenKIt looks like we can fix 2 rcs with two syncs01:15
ScottKThe aren't long builds are they?01:16
persiaStevenK, UTU credits syncs properly iff the archive admin gets the Changed-By: line correct in .changes.01:17
StevenKScottK: I've not downloaded them yet to check.01:17
StevenKRight. There's four.01:18
StevenKScottK: I'll churn over them nowish01:20
ScottKpersia: Did you look at the virtualbox question I asked earlier?01:20
ScottKDo we care?01:20
persiaScottK, To me, virtualbox is an annoyance, and I don't know any good way to fix it.  From what I hear, it doesn't DKMS well, and everything else leaves it semi-broken.01:22
StevenKOh geez.01:22
StevenKThe orig tarball for gcl is 8MB, and the diff.gz is 14MB01:22
ScottKI'd leave that for last.01:22
ScottKUnless you really want to mess with it, ask NCommander.  He loves gcl.01:23
StevenKYeah, it takes ~ 30 minutes to build01:23
NCommanderStevenK, try decompressing that diff.gz01:23
StevenKNCommander: Dun wanna01:23
NCommanderStevenK, it bloated up to 70MB, and the complete source to binutils, and parts of GCC01:23
NCommanderand no patch system01:23
NCommanderIts ALL inlined01:23
* NCommander hands StevenK acid for his eyes01:24
StevenKOh, the burning feels like cleaning01:24
persiaOh.  Native / non-native.  If wgrant isn't right, the solution is to fake-bump the upstream version (2.0.4-dfsg1-0ubuntu1).  Needs testing against a PPA.01:24
NCommanderStevenK, there is a reason I won't touch gcl01:24
* StevenK kicks off test builds for three of them01:25
ScottKpersia: I'm fairly certain I don't care at the moment.  Should I?01:25
persiaScottK, No good reason to care, that I see.01:25
StevenKOne built01:26
persiablueyed should be dinged, but that's about it.  Not worth SRU to fix, and it'll get SRU'd at the next kernel bump anyway, and can be fixed then.01:26
* StevenK files sync requests01:30
StevenKs/ts$/t/ # currently01:31
StevenKScottK: Bug 28970301:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289703 in gmediaserver "Please sync gmediaserver 0.13.0-3.1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28970301:31
ScottKStevenK: Ack'ed.  Go for it.01:33
StevenKScottK: I'll bundle them, or try to01:34
StevenKScottK: And bug 28970601:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289706 in rxvt-unicode "Please sync rxvt-unicode 9.05-4 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28970601:43
ScottKStevenK: Ack'ed.01:46
StevenKScottK: And bug 28970901:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289709 in luatex "Please sync luatex 0.28.0-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28970901:53
ScottKStevenK: Done.01:54
StevenKScottK: Are you irritated by me yet? :-)01:55
ScottKBesides, I'm reviewing one I'm going to need someone to accept in ~20 or 30 minutes.01:56
ScottKYokoZar: Any idea why Soyuz things wine is supposed to be built on hppa?01:59
ScottKThat isn't going to work, is it?01:59
stgraberAFAIK Windows doesn't exist on hppa so I have some doubts you can find an hppa .exe :)02:00
stgraber(and then wine has just no reason to exist)02:00
* StevenK checks P-a-s02:01
* ScottK was going to point young YokoZar in that direction (IIRC I've mentioned it before).02:01
YokoZarYeah I've seen it before02:01
StevenKThat's neatly odd. P-a-s looks right02:01
ScottKMaybe YokoZar wasn't nice enough to lamont.02:02
YokoZarMaybe I should just change the control file?02:02
ScottKIf it's in p-a-s, that won't affect things.  p-a-s takes precedence.02:02
YokoZarWine will (eventually) be built on other arches though, for running winelib apps02:02
ScottKIt's easy enough to get p-a-s changed when the time comes.02:03
YokoZarYeah but if it "looks right" then there's something else weird02:03
StevenKScottK: Bah, my pattern broke; bug 28971402:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289714 in sdcv "Please sync sdcv 0.4.2-8 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28971402:07
ScottKToo slow.02:07
StevenKI was waiting for it to build and install!02:07
ScottKStevenK: Ack'ed.02:09
* StevenK processes all four of them02:10
ScottKWahoo.  All the non-dead buildd's running.02:14
* stgraber wonders why "Arch: all" are always built on i386, they could be built on any of the other archs as well ... (and that'd avoid that 355 builds pending thing)02:18
ScottKstgraber: Generally it's not a major issue.  We have an extra i386 buildd to compensate, but normally we don't get a full language pack dump right before release either.02:19
ScottKIn Debian with binary uploads, such packages are never built on the buildd's and are built on whatever arch the maintainer uses.02:20
persiastgraber, It's selected as being most likely to match the majority of users.  There are a few packages that broke because of the selection, but an unfortunately large number of arch:all packages make assumptions about the architecture of the build host, so it's just safer to have it be i386.02:22
StevenKWoot. I haz tenth spot02:23
persiageser, nhandler Quick : StevenK is winning.  Grab some RCbugs fast before the archive closes!02:27
persiaHmm.  Actually, given the timing, I suspect there's little chance of that.  Advantages of being in signficantly positive timezones.02:28
nhandlerpersia: That is ok. I'm not going to get 40 packages uploaded. I'll beat him in Jaunty02:28
persianhandler, You're in -7 right?02:29
nhandlerpersia: -5 right now02:29
StevenKnhandler: Did you see what I managed in Gutsy?02:29
nhandlerNo StevenK. Let me check02:29
nhandler413, very nice StevenK02:30
* persia vaguely wonders why it only goes back to Dapper02:30
nhandlerpersia: Did they have -changes mailing lists pre-dapper?02:30
* wgrant notes that whoever keeps putting 'Done' comments should probably demote the bugs as well.02:30
persiaYes.  Perhaps the archives are going away.  The Feisty uploads list is empty now.02:30
nhandlerOn a side note, how long does it usually take for the new repositories to open after a release?02:32
* wgrant only has complete archives from Edgy onwards.02:32
wgrantThey generally open during/after UDS, but UDS is really late this time.02:32
nhandlerI really hope they open before UDS. I don't know if I could stand waiting that long02:33
wgrantI suspect they will.02:33
wgrantGiven that Intrepid isn't an LTS, and UDS is late.02:33
StevenKnhandler: A week to ten days after it is added to Launchpad02:33
nhandlerThanks StevenK. I'll be waiting. And congrats on becoming #10 on UTU02:34
ScottKStevenK: Would you please accept kvirc when it appears.02:34
StevenKScottK: Certainly02:35
ScottKStevenK: Thanks.02:35
NCommanderScottK, can I get an ACK from you?02:35
persiaI never remember them opening *after* UDS.  Once during, but usually the week before or so (although I also hope this will be ~ mid-november)02:35
NCommanderScottK, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-rt/+bug/28968302:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 289683 in linux-rt "Please rebase linux-rt on 2.6.27-7.14 for intrepid" [Undecided,New]02:35
* TheMuso looks.02:36
* persia downloads the debdiff in hopes of a positive answer02:36
ScottKpersia: Cory already ack'ed it and I think we can (barely) fit it in build wise, so I'd so go ahead.02:38
ScottKI think after that and kvirc though we need to wait a while and see how fast i386 drains.02:38
* wgrant will be glad when the buildds are pooled.02:39
wgrantDamn, that's a fair way behind.02:39
persiaNCommander, And I don't need to bump lrm-rt, right?02:39
ScottKYeah, well dump 400+ language packs in ~8 hours before final freeze and that's what you get.02:39
NCommanderpersia, I think you only need to bump lrm-rt if you break the ABI02:40
* NCommander checks the manual02:40
wgrantThat's correct.02:40
wgrantlrm only depends on the ABI.02:40
TheMusoArch all on i386 makes sense, but IMO langpacks should be done globally to speed them up. :)02:40
wgrantlangpacks are also normally done in PPAs.02:40
wgrantBut that won't matter soon, as the buildds will be same, I hear.02:40
persiaPPA will just be lower priority?02:41
wgrantI think so.02:41
wgrantThere's a bug open to work out the priorities.02:41
persiaDoes this also mean more arches for PPAs?02:41
wgrantNo, since not all arches can be virtualised.02:41
ScottKpersia: PPA is a Launchpad project.  Ubuntu is not.  Take a guess how it works out.02:41
stgraberso we'll have parts of Ubuntu building in Xen ?02:41
wgrantThe plan seems to be to unify lpia/i386/amd64 buildds into one multi-arch primary/PPA pool.02:42
persiaScottK, I'm not worried about that.  Ubuntu has a fair bit of weight when it comes to certain classes of uploads.02:42
ScottKOdd thing about my UTU rankings.  Feisty was the first one I was involved in development in - 34, gutsy - 15, hardy - 15, intrepid (so far) - 15.02:42
TheMusowgrant: That makes a lot of sense.02:43
wgrantTheMuso: Definitely.02:43
wgrantUbuntu Top Uploaders02:43
persiaScottK, You were all excited in Feisty.02:43
NCommanderwgrant, link?02:43
ScottKIt's just odd coming out the exact same numerical rank for 3 consecutive releases.02:43
ScottKParticularly since I quit for part of one of those.02:43
NCommanderwooo, 3802:44
NCommanderI'm four packages behind persia02:44
persiaScottK, You weren't very good at quitting.  You uploaded stuff even when you were most inactive.02:44
persiaNCommander, It's *really* not hard to get ahead of me.02:44
persiaI'm one of the lowest-upload-count people of those who watch RCbugs or mdt.02:44
persia(or NBS for that matter).02:44
NCommander57 uploads isn't anything to stick your nose up at02:45
ScottKstgraber: kvirc should have appeared for you now.02:45
wgrantRCbugs is looking fairly good this release. Thanks to those that had time to look at it!02:45
NCommanderSomeone needs to dethrone Riddell for jaunty02:45
* persia gives three cheers to sebner for chasing RCbugs ever since DIF02:45
ScottKajmitch's improvements to it make it a lot easier to focus on what needs focusing on.02:45
TheMusoBlame kde-i18n packages. :p02:45
ScottKTheMuso: No.  Blame Launchpad.02:46
persiaWell, and nobody else sponsoring Kubuntu stuff.02:46
ScottKOh, wrong topic.02:46
ScottKI thought we were on buildd backlog again.02:46
stgraberScottK: hmm, kvirc ?? You probably got the wrong s* :)02:46
wgrantScottK: Those were actually my improvements.02:46
TheMusoScottK: I was basically saying Jonathan is as high as he is because of the tens of i18n uploads.02:47
ScottKwgrant: Thank you for those.02:47
ScottKTheMuso: Yep.  I finally got that.02:47
ScottKstgraber: ?  Yes, kvirc.02:47
wgrantScottK: Why are we blaming Launchpad for buildd lag?02:47
wgrantI wonder if hppa will catch up if somebody doesn't bounce primeor.02:48
persiaBecause of the difficulty extracting langpacks.02:48
wgrantAh, true.02:48
ScottKwgrant: Because the translation process is a byzantine mess, templates didn't get approved until late, and then Rosetta was finicky and didn't like anything about KDE4 for some important languages.02:48
stgraberScottK: hmm, I don't use kvirc (and I don't use KDE). Are your sure you're talking to the right person ?02:48
wgrantAnd then LP hung at least 5 times during exports.02:48
wgrantWhich stopped other builds.02:48
ScottKwgrant: I think Rosetta design is more broken than soyuz.02:49
wgrantRosetta has to deal with a lot of stuff.02:49
ScottKstgraber: Ah.  Sorry.  Bad tab completion.  That was meant for StevenK.02:49
wgrantAn awwwful lot of stuff.02:49
wgrantBut yes, it needs fixing.02:49
StevenKScottK: Sorry. kvirc accepted02:49
ScottKStevenK: Thanks.02:49
* StevenK got distracted02:50
ScottKNo problem.02:50
ScottKStevenK: persia should have a new kernel for you to accept here in a minute.02:50
wgrantAre we hardfreezing once the langpacks are through?02:50
ScottKwgrant: Someone suggested 0600 UTC to slangasek and he suggested that was about the right time.02:51
wgrantHmmm. I wonder if they'll finish by then.02:51
persiaThere's just not much more time on the buildds, unless someone has something that doesn't need i386.02:52
ScottKpersia: The kernel goes on a derivative CD and the lang packs go on almost no CDs, so I'd say go ahead, but I don't plan on approving anything else.02:53
ScottKStevenK: There it is now.02:53
wgranthppa is going to be a few hours too late.02:53
ScottKwgrant: We could make it weeks late if we retried more stuff.02:54
persiaScottK, That kernel doesn't go on any CDs.02:54
StevenKScottK: Done02:54
wgrantEr, langpacks in NEW?02:54
persiaScottK, It has some bugs (like no SMP support), so it's not default.02:54
persiawgrant, more languages must have passed the 40% barrier.02:54
StevenK-syr, -pap, -arn, and -bra02:54
wgrantI guess. They're all three-letter ones, too.02:54
StevenKNo -tlh02:55
slangasekgiven where the langpacks are, we may need to stop accepting other packages sooner so that the backlog clears (or else someone should handhold the queues to make sure all the langpacks are done first that need to be)02:55
slangasekStevenK: those are supposed to not be generated; I'll nuke them from NEW02:55
StevenKslangasek: I think we're pretty much done.02:55
StevenKslangasek: Ah, kay02:55
ScottKslangasek: I'd already reached that conclusion.  I'm not accepting anything else until the backlog drains some.02:55
StevenKslangasek: I can process the other things in binary NEW if you wish02:56
Hobbseeslangasek: re: handholding, that's going to be a pain in theneck02:56
slangasekStevenK: sure, feel free02:56
slangasekHobbsee: the alternative to handholding is to just not accept anything else that's not critical until the queue drains02:56
slangasekand evaluate whether we can afford to squeeze anything in after that02:57
NCommanderA HPPA buildd bit the dust :-/02:57
Hobbseeslangasek: that might be more sane.  afaik, there is now *no* way to rescore builds, short of going to LP itself.02:57
StevenKAt least palmer grabbed linux-rt02:57
persiaJust for the avoidance of doubt : linux-rt is *less* important than the langpacks, as it's not part of the install for any users.02:57
StevenK(It's the fastest i386 buildd)02:57
wgrantStevenK: Lucky02:57
persiaWell, if it's already building.02:57
ScottKIt is.02:58
NCommandervirtual buildds should at least be able to take load off the non-virtual ones :-/02:58
wgrantIsn't it only the one flavour?02:58
slangasekStevenK: being grabbed by the fastest buildd doesn't help when the backlog is > 3 buildds wide and hours deep :)02:58
wgrantOr somebody could assign the 20 recently moved PPA buildds to primary i386 for the next couple of hours.02:58
wgrantBut I suppose it's not quite that easy.02:58
* ScottK enjoys the empty "Bugs related to MOTU Release Team" page.02:58
StevenKslangasek: Hehe :-)02:59
StevenKEr, yeah. Where did the 2 billion PPA buildds go?02:59
wgrantI believe they got moved.02:59
persiaScottK, Nice job to get that clean.03:00
wgrantBut you can imagine that infinity is busy setting them up non-virtually if you want. :P03:00
StevenKGiven the time in Calgary, I bet he isn't. :-P03:01
NCommanderhow many hours until final freeze?03:02
StevenKTen minutes shorter now03:02
persiaNCommander, 3, but the buildds have to drain.03:02
NCommanderso if the buildds are still building, we don't get screwed?03:02
ScottKNot really in this case.03:02
StevenKNCommander: That isn't an invite to get them to keep building03:03
ScottKhppa is screwed regardless.03:03
persiaIf the buildds are still building, the release manager will likely bark at MOTU Release.  If they drain with a publisher cycle to spare, we can push a few more RCbugs.03:03
NCommanderScottK, they are a builder down, what can we do03:03
StevenKhppa has been screwed all cycle03:03
ScottKOn i386 we'd be short some language packs.03:03
ScottKNCommander: Even if everying pending built it would still be screwed.03:03
wgranthppa has been screwed since it was revived in Feisty.03:03
persiaBeing short language packs is bad, because they go on the DVD images.03:03
wgrantIt had thousands of pending builds when we released Feisty, IIRC.03:03
ScottKIt's substantially worse now than on Hardy.03:04
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persiawgrant, hppa only had a couple hundred outstanding builds for gutsy.  Best release since Breezy, I'd say.03:04
wgrantHardy had a nice freeze to fix things up.03:04
ScottKIf my math was correct, it should land about right.03:04
NCommanderWhy was it revivied in feisty?03:04
ScottKIf not, then slangasek can yell at me.03:04
persiaNCommander, Someone wanted it enough to put buildds in the DC.03:04
wgrantNCommander: Because it was gone for a release or two.03:04
StevenKNCommander: Because lamont loves hppa03:05
TheMusoNCommander: No different to how we love PowerPC, and want to see the port survive.03:05
wgrantThe buildds had been there forever, but the port was missing for Edgy at least.03:05
ScottKIt was missing because I can't remember what threads thing was totally broken on hppa at the time.03:05
ScottKNow it's only sort of broken.03:06
ScottKThat's the one.03:06
StevenKYeah, it's NPTL03:06
* TheMuso has memories of NPTL, relating to audio and realtime/Jack.03:06
TheMusoFrom before his Ubuntu days.03:06
wgrantLaunchpad is going to fall over in an hour or so, isn't it?03:06
ScottKPlease don't.03:06
* Hobbsee clubs wgrant03:07
Hobbseewgrant: dont' give it ideas.03:07
NCommanderwgrant, fall over?03:07
ScottKPlease don't be letting out those negative waves.03:07
* NCommander should grab a coffee and watch LP chug along03:07
ScottKNCommander: That's what usually happens when you've been clubbed.03:07
StevenKHm. two minutes per langpack03:07
persiaThat's not so bad.  Initial estimates were 4-6 minutse.03:08
slangasekStevenK: measured over how long an interval?03:08
StevenKOne whole langpack03:08
StevenKSo don't listen to me :-)03:08
slangasekso fairly inexact03:08
* NCommander just hopes that no langpacks FTBFS03:08
Hobbseealthough I note it is now taking 32 seconds to load https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu, so i'm wondering if it's under high load again or something03:08
StevenKNCommander: It's a bunch of cp and debhelper03:09
NCommanderStevenK, when there is a will, there is a way03:09
stgraberHobbsee: ah, it's not just my crappy internet ?03:09
Hobbseestgraber: i don't think so03:09
slangasekHobbsee: hum; if you notice that this persists, please yell and I'll try to escalate before we crash & burn03:09
Hobbseestgraber: i'm getting that whether i proxy from the US, or whether I go direct from au03:09
Hobbseeslangasek: which problem?03:09
slangasekthe "bugs iz slow"03:09
Hobbseeslangasek: ahhh.  Will do, although i usually reserve that for the "slavescanner and friends have collapsed"03:10
StevenKlpia is back to idle, so that's a good sign03:15
* NCommander is off to get some coffee and food03:16
slangasekfairly meaningless, the backlog has all been i386 for langpacks03:16
Hobbseeslangasek: you can't convert some ppa i386 machines to other ones, can you?03:16
StevenKslangasek: It means kvirc ought to finish soon at least, freeing up another buildd for langpacks03:16
slangasekHobbsee: I can't convert anything03:16
wgrantkvirc is very nearly done03:16
Hobbseeslangasek: hmm.  It occurs to me that I probably can.  I'd just hope not to break the world.03:17
ScottKI wouldn't have gone for that one except it was an exploitable security bug.03:17
* Hobbsee glances at all the multiple pages of switches03:17
wgrantBuilder/+admin is required.03:17
slangasekI'm going to watch the queues for a spell to try to estimate a completion time for the queue; if my estimate worries me I would consider poking someone03:18
Hobbseewgrant: i've got that.03:18
wgrantBut I think somebody would explode you.03:18
wgrantslangasek: Find the lowest priority build.03:18
Hobbseewgrant: that's what I was suspecting.  Just thinking it's an option.03:18
* ScottK reviews his disaster preparedness plans.03:18
slangasekwgrant: hmm?03:18
wgrantslangasek: Builds have an estimated start time.03:18
wgrantSo if you find the one at the end of the queue, you should be able to work something out.03:18
HobbseeQueued:  4 hours ago03:19
HobbseeEstimated build start: in 6 hours03:19
StevenKWoot. Below 30003:19
slangasekbut I don't know what that estimated build time is based on, whereas I /can/ estimate the rate of progress :)03:19
Hobbseeslangasek: probably multiplying by the page number or something03:19
wgrantIt takes into account historical build time, but that of course dies because of palmer.03:19
wgrantWhich is markedly faster than the others.03:19
* persia gets more annoyed at being mailed edge URLs. Just because the person leaving a comment is a beta tester doesn't mean I don't want access to the buttons.03:20
wgrantpersia: You could always log into edge.03:20
NCommanderpersia, what buttons?03:20
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RAOFI thought edge did auto-redirect for non-beta users?03:21
ScottKpersia: If it's bugmail, it's LP doing that and there is an open bug on it.03:21
wgrantRAOF: It doesn't.03:21
ScottKNot for a long time.03:21
wgrantbeta did, edge doesn't.03:21
RAOFThat sucks more than I thought, then.03:21
persiawgrant, Actually, I can't.  I'm not on the whiltelist for that (by choice).03:21
ScottKYeah.  That's it.03:21
wgrantpersia: It's not whitelisted any more.03:21
persiaScottK, Yeah.  I've been active on that bug.03:21
wgrantpersia: beta.lp.net was, but edge hasn't been for 18 months.03:21
persiaAh.  Stiil, edge tends to have lots of broken stuff : I like to find out about it all at once : reduces my sense of pain.03:22
ScottKPersonally I find discovering bad stuff on edge more depressing.03:22
ScottKIf it's in production, they say "sorry, too late it's in production".03:23
ScottKI can understand that.03:23
Hobbseei'm currently finding that edge behaves like production now anyway, so reconsidering my subscription to edge.03:23
ScottKIf it's on edge, they say "No, we don't care how much it hurts, we aren't changing it"03:23
* StevenK hasn't found edge so painful03:23
ScottKAnd that's more depressing.03:23
wgrantI find it's good to use edge so I can complain about stupidity and get it fixed.03:23
wgrantkvirc finally finished!03:25
ScottKwgrant: You mean like re-implmementing the reload button in a hyperlink?03:25
wgrantScottK: It's not quite that, but in most cases you're right.03:26
wgrantI don't think anybody will work out its intended purpose if they need to use it.03:26
persiaI actually ran across a case yesterday where that would have been useful.03:26
wgrantBut that bug should be fixed by redirecting.03:27
ScottKwgrant: Yes, but I generally copy/paste off that spot several times a day.03:27
persiawgrant, Yes.03:27
slangasek7 langpacks done in a 10-minute interval03:27
wgrantScottK: I generally use the address bar, as it avoids mousing.03:27
wgrantslangasek: Note that we have another buildd now.03:27
ScottKSo they fix another bug in a totally obscure and unusable way and ....03:27
wgrantAnd we might have another one it not too long.03:27
persiaslangasek, So ~350 minutes left?03:27
wgrantMy typing is atrocious today.03:27
slangasekassuming the build time is fairly constant across languages, that's 7 hours to completion03:28
wgrantI think we need more buildds.03:28
persiaWith ~400 langpacks on the DVD, I'm guessing rescheduling stuff won't help much.03:28
persiaWell, we need a more sensible way to handle langpacks.03:28
wgrantAt least English is building now.03:28
* persia *really* dislikes langpacks changelogs03:28
slangasekwgrant: which is the another buildd?  I still only see 3 building langpacks03:29
wgrantWe can't exactly implement a more sensible way right now.03:29
persiawgrant, No.  Certainly not today.03:29
wgrantslangasek: rothera only started building langpacks a couple of minutes before you gave you 10-minute average.03:29
slangasekoh, there's still non-langpack stuff out there, mumble03:29
slangasek(linux-rt building now on palmer)03:29
wgrantThat's the last of it.03:30
persiaUnfortunately, linux-rt takes 45-60 minutes depending on the buildd, which will be a bit more.03:30
Hobbseepersia: well, no one can cancel it, so it's going to have to build.03:30
persiaYep.  it's my fault for waiting too long for the rumoured 2.6.27-7-15.  Sorry.03:31
wgrant+cancel is such a useful page.03:31
Hobbseewgrant: you mean the (12) Not implemented yet?03:31
ScottKI think it'll land just about right.03:31
Hobbseewgrant: but it's nice and shiny...03:31
wgrantHobbsee: That one.03:32
Hobbseeand i'ts been improved from what it was.  It just never actually got the backend work done on it03:32
persiaOh, with the clock change in the UK, I suspect we're probably OK, it's just always tight.03:32
persiaScottK, Sorry.  cut&paste To: line.03:38
* persia is actively reading mail for the first time in a while03:41
ScottKI'm subscribed to both of the mail lists you sent it to, so no problem.03:43
wgrantlinux-rt is finishing up.03:45
ScottKOK.  That was 4 in 10 minutes with two buildd's on the problem.  Maybe I was optimistic.03:45
slangasekaverage of 2.25min/build now03:47
wgrantOK, onto langpacks only now.03:47
wgrantI wonder how much quicker palmer is at langpacks, given their specialness.03:48
* NCommander wishes we could magicially make more i386 builds03:48
wgrant11 in 10 minutes, and that's with palmer out for a third of it. Hmm.03:54
wgrantIt varies.03:54
cody-somervilleNCommander, I can't understand why. The build queue is only at 9.15hours! :P03:55
NCommanderwgrant, its down 40 since I left to get food03:57
* wgrant -> tute03:59
* wgrant wishes the i386 buildds good luck.03:59
Hobbsee263 builds...getting down...04:03
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StevenKI wonder if hppa will be still be at 20 builds when i386 breaks 20004:07
ScottKIt'd help if someone would give primero a kick.04:08
persiaIt's getting to be Monday in more places : perhaps there's a chance of that soon.04:14
txwikinger2ScottK: I think I have fixed the issue for kio-sword04:31
ScottKtxwikinger2: OK.  It is to late for Intrepid.04:31
ScottKtxwikinger2: Once you get it into Jaunty, we can backport it.04:31
txwikinger2yes that is ok04:31
=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
StevenKEeek. I thought it was 275 builds waiting. Turns out I misread it and it's 225.04:32
wgrantStevenK: Why 'Eek'? Isn't that a good thing?04:33
copprowhen do the repos lock?04:34
StevenKwgrant: More as in, "Eeek! Oh, right."04:34
ScottKWhen slangasek mashes the big red button that slams the brakes on.04:34
wgrantWhat's involved? Switching the publisher cronjob off and not running it manually again?04:36
persiawgrant, At least, although if we're still running it manually at this point, it's different for this cycle.04:38
StevenKThere we go. hppa is still at 20 builds, and i386 has hit 19804:49
persia9 of those 20 are expected to go to dep-wait though, which should make some bits go faster.04:52
ScottKIs kohnen even moving anymore?04:53
StevenKLooks very similar to when it checked it before04:55
* StevenK wonders if #ubuntu-release-party is up yet04:58
ScottKNo, I think most of that crowd is thinking it's a very important time to be testing so that $THEIRPETBUG can get fixed before release.04:59
StevenKArgh. One package in NBS05:00
* RAOF wonders whether there's a Sydney release party.05:00
StevenKslangasek: I'm binary killing libanculus-sharp, it's NBS05:00
slangasekStevenK: too late05:00
StevenKslangasek: Too late, since you have, or too late in general?05:00
slangasekbecause I have05:01
StevenKFair enough05:01
lifelesspersia: you make Monday sound like a disease05:05
persialifeless, Well, it's at least sclerotic for the archive.05:06
persiaAnd many people seem to be more like zombies.05:06
persiaMy mother once quoted me a statistic "15% of heart attacks happen on Monday mornings at 9:00".  I have no information about the sample size, but I've always found it interesting.05:07
NCommanderpersia, as a firefighter, I won't be suprised if thats int he right ball park05:07
persiaNCommander, Do most fires happen on Mondays as well?05:08
NCommanderpersia, its usually nights05:09
NCommanderFridays actually05:09
NCommanderPeople get out of work and just want to burn things down05:09
NCommander173 in the queue05:09
ScottKOddly enough on the way home from shopping tonight three fire trucks passed us in the opposite direction with lights on in a hurry to get somewhere.05:11
ScottKMy 5 year old asked me "How can there be a fire, it's night time?"05:11
ScottKI told her fires can happen any time of day and she said, "Oh".05:11
ScottKI think she totally got it, but it'd just never ocurred to her before.05:12
StevenKThat's very cute05:13
* NCommander has to clean out his car05:18
NCommanderMan, I'm been putting that off all week :-/05:18
StevenKNCommander: But it's like midnight?05:18
pangloss1:18 on east coast05:18
NCommanderStevenK, 1:1805:19
NCommanderThree days until Intrepid releases05:19
panglossJust finished a seminar on protection networks for fully meshed networks when two nodes fail for my graduate class05:19
panglosstime for bed...05:20
NCommandernight pangloss05:20
panglossnigh NCommander =)05:20
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=== asac_ is now known as asac
StevenKHm. New u-r-e06:19
persiaYep.  Fixes the default java plugin.06:20
didrocksmorning o/06:55
dholbachgood morning07:14
slytherinis launchpad not sending 'Fix Released' mail notifications?07:14
slytherindholbach: good morning :-)07:14
dholbachhi slytherin07:14
persiaslytherin, It should be.  Complain in #launchpad if you didn't get one after 10-15 minutes.07:16
dholbachslytherin: could it be the package is still sitting in the queue?07:17
persiadholbach, Nope.  queue is clean.07:18
YokoZardholbach: poke07:24
dholbachhi YokoZar07:24
YokoZardholbach: I'd like to ask about the 5-a-day team mass purge you did a while back.  I'm thinking of doing a similar thing for Wine (the Wine Team has about 60 members, but pretty much only I use the PPA).  I haven't found a use for the team in the year+ it's existed, so it seems like shortening it is a good idea07:25
YokoZarAnyway how did you manage to send a mass email?  Or did you just shoot everyone individually as you removed em?07:26
dholbachthe latter07:26
dholbachI tried using the Launchpad API but was not successful07:26
dholbachI copied and pasted text for the comment though07:27
YokoZarAhh ok07:27
slytherindholbach: the bug is marked fix released07:28
dholbachslytherin: ah ok07:29
\shguys, is it still time to fix some packages? bug #289448 e.g.?07:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289448 in wine "wine 32-bit libcups dependency is missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28944807:43
persia\sh, Was that not included in the wine upload a few hours ago?07:43
persiaThere's a package in the queue, but you'll need all sorts of extreme permission to upload.07:44
\shpersia: well, libcusys2 is still in ia32-libs, but not libcups2 which somehow delivers the libcups.so.207:45
\shlibcupsys2 even07:45
\shah forget about it07:46
persiaI thought I some some traffic about libcupsys2 being dropped.07:46
\shpitti just uploaded ubuntu18 of ia32lib07:46
persiaNo, it's probably worth asking about.07:46
\shit should be resolved now07:47
persiaSo it is fixed in the uploads that happened last night?07:47
persiaOK.  You had me worried.  I saw ia32libs and wine go in last night, and you chasing a bug now made me think everyone was a bit too tired.07:47
\shpersia: I'm trying to catch up with mails...so I didn't see any mail saying "this bug's closed"...because it's not closed ,-)07:48
\shdoing so now manually07:48
ZehRiqueslangasek: Hello, Steeve. Could you talk with me about translations or tell me who deals with them?07:59
slangasekZehRique: you probably want to talk with the localization team for the language in question; ubuntu-l10n-ptbr perhaps?08:26
ZehRiqueslangasek: No, Steeve. I'm member of the l10n-ptbr team. But I found an error on just one important string on the "gnome-menus" package. Would it be possible to correct it?08:27
slangasekZehRique: a "misspelling" error, or an "insults the user's family and makes them hate us" error?  Only the latter could warrant a rebuild of language packs now for release08:29
slangasekZehRique: updates to lang packs after the release may be possible; for that you should talk to pitti or ArneGoetje in #ubuntu-devel08:31
ZehRiqueslangasek: Well, the case is consistency of the translation between several distros, not only Ubuntu. I did the upstream of the GNOME packages in pt_BR, but some translator changed the string and I noticed just now. :(08:33
slangasekZehRique: that's unfortunate, but not something that we can afford to stop the release process to fix08:34
slangasekZehRique: what was the wrong string, OOI?08:35
ZehRiqueslangasek: OK. I understand. I'll try to talk with piti or ArneGoetje later to know if we can change. ;)08:35
ZehRiqueslangasek: The change was made on the main menu. The correct string should be "Multimídia" and it was packaged as "Som & Vídeo".08:37
slangasekZehRique: that doesn't sound incorrect to me.  "Sound and Video" is the correct category name in English...08:37
ZehRiqueslangasek: yes, but we the LDP-BR discussion list stated that the string should be "Multimídia" on GNOME, KDE and XFCE.08:39
ZehRiqueslangasek: the major distros are translated this way, only Ubuntu remains on "Som & Vídeo". But... if it's not so important for now, we can wait for the next release of Intrepid. ;)08:41
slangasekZehRique: you're aware that the use of "Sound and Video" is a deliberate change from the previous "Multimedia", in English?08:42
ZehRiqueslangasek: No. The team changed it and roll it back again?08:45
ZehRiqueexcuse me for the bad english.08:45
slangasekZehRique: in the past, "Multimedia" was used in GNOME for English.  The present use of "Sound & Video" is a deliberate change.08:45
ZehRiqueslangasek: wow... and they changed again.08:47
ZehRiqueslangasek: I won't take more of your time. Thanks for your patience with me. :)08:48
slangasekno problem08:49
ZehRiqueWho knows talking with the two person you tell me we can change it again. ;) Once more, thanks a lot!08:50
slytherinNCommander: I didn't get chance to check your kernel builds yesterday. And I am unlikely to get chance till Friday. Will report back after that.11:15
marmutaHi, I just finished working through the SRU guidelines on bug #272204. I'm wondering if someone could have a quick look to see if I got it roughly right?12:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272204 in sysprof "sysprof-module doesn't build" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27220412:59
marcin_antwhat is a preferred way to deploy source code in source package? can I put tar files and use tarball.mk (cdbs) or should I untar source files and deploy them in uncompressed?13:31
ScottK-laptopYou can do tarball in tarball, but I've never seen it cause anything but pain.13:32
joaopintomarcin_ant, why do you need a source tarball inside of a source package ?13:37
slaytonare there anyplans to backport the Intrepid gstreamer packages to hardy?13:43
directhexwould it cause ABI breakage?13:43
directhexi suspect the risk of regression is high, unless there are compelling reasons13:43
marcin_antjoaopinto: well, not sure - maybe because original tarballs are pretty weird - they are tgz, tar.gz, zip - sometimes they have subfolders with code sometimes code is just in / - tarball.mk can handle this in easy way13:45
NCommanderdoko, I was curious if I can help with the toolchain by running the regression test on all ports architectures13:45
marcin_antjoaopinto: this is why I ask here13:45
dokoNCommander: which regression tests?13:45
NCommanderglibc (expect on HPPA), GCC, G++, ObjC, etc.13:46
joaopintomarcin_ant, you are not expected to move tarballs into the source unless there is a VERY strong reason for that13:46
dokothey are run with every upload, just check the build logs and the summaries in the packages13:46
* NCommander helped keep GCC going on m68k13:46
joaopintothe orig.tar.gz should match the upstream tarball13:46
NCommanderdoko, ah, anything I can do to help toolchain folks on port architecutres, or is all covered?13:46
dokoNCommander: well, rebuild the archive with gcc-snapshot, and report problems upstream, this could help the community ports13:48
NCommanderdoko, I'll have to find a few more port boxes, my PowerPC will take until the next LTS to build the archive, but we can probably get it done13:48
dokoNCommander: and then it's the bug extraction and upstream reporting, which can get a bit time consuming13:51
NCommanderIsolate the ICE13:51
NCommanderMy favorite game13:51
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bddebianHeya gang14:57
sistpoty|workhi bddebian15:05
bddebianHeya sistpoty|work15:07
jdongurgh bluetooth input devices are a *PAIN*15:11
directhexjdong, yes15:12
jdongsuperm1: you say you have a functional apple keyboard without hidd?15:12
jdongof all the freaking irony the stuff I expected to struggle with worked out of the box15:12
directhexjdong, of course, i've never used a bluetooth input device that didn't involve cheap hax, e.g. mobile phone based mouse input, or ps3 bluetooth remote w/ driver written in python15:12
jdongand the stuff I never expected to give me trouble ARE giving me trouble.15:13
=== ScottK changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Intrepid Universe/Multiverse is DONE. | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates | Next MOTU meeting: Fri, October 31st 04:00 UTC
jdongI mean... this broadcom WLAN card is making an 802.11n connection right now, out of the box, pulling 50+mbit15:13
jdongbut god forbid me try to type on a wireless keyboard!15:13
* jdong breathes deeply15:13
jdongall this effort to install Ubuntu on an iMac just so I can play doom3....15:14
directhexjdong, you know you can play doom3 on macos, yes? :p15:14
jdongdirecthex: if by play you mean watch a slideshow of what the game would be like.... yes.15:16
jdongdirecthex: and that brings me to irony #2: Booting an ATI powered system to Linux for better gaming performance.15:16
jdonghell is going to freeze over any second now.15:16
* directhex bought a 24" imac for the office, purely because smaller models lacked nvidia15:17
jdongdirecthex: I only bought the PC version of the game; I tried the Mac demo and 640x480xlow lags.15:17
jdongdirecthex: and I primarily bought this iMac to run OS X and CoreVideo/Quartz2D benches are nearly twice as fast on ATI hardware than nvidia15:18
jdongmaybe that'll change now that nvidia seems to be Apple's preferred GPU chipset15:18
directhexfor the time being.15:18
directhexmaybe they'll fix their 2d performance in linux one day too15:18
superm1jdong, yes sir15:19
jdongsuperm1: how do you get it to pair without hidd?15:19
superm1jdong, here's the bigggg catch to these apple keyboards15:19
superm1jdong, they remember the last couple of pairings15:19
directhexmaybe superm1 could punch whoever at dell is making my new latitude take months to ship, while he's at it. that'd be good.15:19
superm1jdong, if you have any previously paired devices in the vicinity, they will hook onto them while you are trying to pair to the new device15:20
jdongsuperm1: well hmm I only have the iMac there that I've paired it with.15:20
jdongsuperm1: I just get pairing failed from bluetooth-wizard15:20
jdongsuperm1: hidd --connect has no problem though15:20
superm1jdong, here's what happened to me: i've had one of mine paired at work and home.  i didn't realize i left it in my work bag, when i was at work i suddenly got '2's all over the document.  didn't know what was going on, until i realized the keyboard was in the bag.  i got home and was watching a tv show on my mythbox.  the "i" key kept getting pressed, exact same thing.  I tried to pair it with a testing laptop both at home and work, and it d15:21
superm1oesn't want to pair while anything else it's been with is near by15:21
superm1hidd --connect appears to work i'd empirically guess because it's more forceful and swift about the process15:22
jdongsuperm1: maybe I'll give a few shots with a cold-boot and only putting in the batteries after GNOME starts15:22
jdongsuperm1: I have a feeling perhaps the HID proxy that the EFI initializes might be bothering the keyboard too15:22
superm1jdong, you're gonna hate this too then; it appears that pairings stick after you pull batteries out..15:23
superm1but that's a good experiment likely as long as the hid proxy gets stopped when bluetooth gets initialized15:24
superm1jdong, you are referring to the newer "aluminum" BT keyboard right?15:24
jdongsuperm1: correct15:24
jdongsuperm1: the silver plastic one ;-)15:25
superm1jdong, well the one "marketed" as an aluminum one.  but yeah, i've got two of them, and really have to struggle to make them pair, but they eventually do it15:25
jdongsuperm1: I'll give more effort when I get some spare time15:25
jdongsuperm1: good to know that you can get them to pair with enough effort15:25
jdongfor now I'll just kick it with hidd in rc.local15:26
jdongI want to get away from that ugly hack ASAP :)15:26
superm1jdong, it's quite possible there is a bug in the wizard though where there needs to be special handling for this15:26
superm1jdong, so if you really want to (and trust me you do), you can analyze the differences of what really happens with hidd --connect and the wizard15:26
jdongsuperm1: I notice there's a hardcoded 0000 passkey for older apple keyboards15:26
jdongthe MAC addies shown there don't match those of the new keyboard/mice15:26
superm1jdong, yeah but the newer ones can accept user inputted passkeys15:26
jdongI have no idea if that's relevant15:26
jdongam I supposed to be prompted for a passphrase?15:27
superm1well newer keyboards at least15:27
jdongwell that's not happening either :D15:27
superm1i've also had to hit the exact sequence of when it's put in discovery mode and clicking next in the wizard, which makes me think timing bug and why hidd --connect and its swiftness plays into it15:27
jdongsuperm1: there's no editing of any sort I have to do for authorization?15:29
jdongthis should just be trying a lot at the wizard?15:29
superm1jdong, yup, i've done this off of a fresh install of a build a few days before RC15:29
superm1jdong, the bluez patches post RC only help some dell hardware that I know struggles with BT15:30
jdongsuperm1: ok so this should just be hold the power button until it blinks, then try to connect from the UI right?15:31
superm1jdong, that's how it's "supposed to work" :)15:32
cambridgecowwhat is the command to apply a diff.gz to a tar.gz to generate the debian/ directory15:37
asomethingdpkg-source -x *.dsc15:37
asomething* = the files name there, not part of the command15:38
jdongsuperm1: grumble no luck yet :-/15:51
jdongsuperm1: I do see it immediately trying to connect to the BT adaptor though15:51
jdongwhich confirms what you said15:51
jdongit obviously looks for the last thing it was paired with15:52
superm1given there is a past pairing with the exact same device, i think you are going to have a difficult time15:52
superm1something you might consider trying is turning on discoverable mode on the PC.  it might just give you a popup asking for a key when it tries to connect15:52
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jdongsuperm1: heh no luck, I'll just continue using hidd for now16:18
jdongat least that kinda works16:18
superm1jdong, that's too bad.16:18
* NCommander tackles jdong 16:18
superm1jdong, i'm hoping to never have to pair mine again, that's for sure16:18
jdongsuperm1: hidd oddly creates a normal connection that stays16:19
jdongsuperm1: when I have hcitool cc try it, or bluez tries it, the keyboard hangs up16:19
superm1i swear if i ever have to reinstall, i'm backing up /var/lib/bluetooth16:19
jdongI saw that in hcidump16:19
jdongI need to analyze it a bit more when I have the time16:19
jdongthey're obviously doing something different16:19
ScottKsuperm1: I recommend backing it up before you find you have to reinstall.16:19
jdongI wonder if there's a way to transplant linkkeys :)16:19
superm1ScottK, good point :)16:19
cambridgecowI need to get the gstreamer debs from intrepid, but I want to continue running hardy, what is the best way of doing this?16:26
cambridgecowis this even possible?16:26
ScottK!backports | cambridgecow16:27
ubottucambridgecow: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging16:27
cambridgecowScottK, so if they are not in backports then I pretty much am out of luck?16:28
NCommanderScottK, did we ever backport gstreamer?16:29
ScottKcambridgecow: At best it'd be risky.  You can ask for a backport if there isn't one.16:30
ScottKNCommander: No idea.16:30
cambridgecowScottK, do I ask here for the backport?16:30
ScottKcambridgecow: Read the link I sent you.  It explains it.16:30
NCommanderScottK, I know I won't want to attempt a gstreamer backport. the rdepends are ugly16:30
directhexi did some gstreamer backports for dapper once16:37
directhexseemed to function okay16:37
cambridgecowok I filed the backport request... thanks (btw its not for all of gstreamer just gstreamer-plugins-ugly, but I'm guessing all of gstreamer might be required on the backport)16:37
NCommanderIs the wiki acting up for anyone else beside me?16:54
asomethingNCommander: I've had some pages hanging16:54
* NCommander went to try and note that AuFS for IA64 needs porting and can't :-/16:55
* sistpoty|work heads home... cya17:47
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LaneyWhat's the best thing to do for Intrepid release? Still rcbugs?18:27
geserLaney: perhaps testing the upgrade would be good18:27
ScottKLaney: ISO testing or look into SRUs for Intrepid.18:27
ScottKUpgrade testing is good too.18:27
LaneyOoh, full sound in vbox. How novel18:29
gesera candidate for a SRU (perhaps even security) would be mediawiki (fixing an XSS bug)18:30
superm1Laney, by default?  I thought you have to turn on pulseaudio in your VM actively to get it18:31
ScottKgeser: intrepid-proposed is a valid upload target right now.18:31
Laneysuperm1: Maybe I enabled it before. I just know that it didn't work and now it does.18:31
superm1Laney, ah.  i've had it working for the last month, but i know i had to go out of my way to turn it on18:31
superm1so did one of my mac friends who i convinced to try it18:32
LaneyI haven't booted this Hardy VM in a while it seems - 236 updates18:32
Laneygeser: I've just looked at mediawiki. Can we sync for -security?18:44
ScottKLaney: No.18:46
ScottKMake a debdiff.18:46
LaneyScottK: Well can it be a debdiff which is just between intrepid and lenny-security? Or must it be for ubuntu?18:47
LaneyI guess I'm asking if we can just take security fixes from Debian18:47
ScottKTake the intrepid package and just add the fix for the security issue.18:47
Laney(obviously testing them)18:47
ScottKIt needs a proper revision number.18:47
geserLaney: take the patch from 1.12.0-2lenny118:50
geserapply it to the intrepid package and version is correctly18:51
Laneygeser: Yes, I will. I was wondering if we could just copy that package, but I get it now18:51
geserin the end it will be same package as in lenny but with a different version number18:51
macowhat is the criteria for removing a package from universe?19:13
directhexmaco, total removal from the archive?19:13
macodirecthex: i'm thinking of emerald. it's really unstable and isn't supported upstream anymore.  their response is to just stop using it and switch to gtk-window-decorator when using compiz19:14
gesermaco: a good reason and not breaking other packages19:14
ScottKWell we removed it once and it got brought back by popular demand.19:14
* ScottK reads wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams and discovers MOTU is part of QA.19:14
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ScottKThat was a while ago though.19:15
macobefore compiz became able to make metacity themes act transparent-like with g-w-d?19:15
ScottKDunno.  I use KDE, so I've never used either.19:16
macoemerald themes look nice...but combine nvidia and emerald and my intel graphics will often out-pace them...the entire gui slows down awfully.19:16
NCommandermaco, are you sure you have acceleration enabled? There should be no slowdown if you do have it proeprly enabled19:18
macoNCommander: it wasnt my computer. it was on my friend's laptop. if he used g-w-d, it was fine. if he switched to emerald it was really slow. and he was using the nvidia drivers19:19
directhexNCommander, nvidia's 2d performance is broken, it causes major trouble for some things19:19
macowhen we asked in #compiz-fusion, they said to stop using emerald19:19
NCommanderdirecthex, strange, I don't have that problem w/ my nvidida card w/ the blobs19:20
macoits not on all models19:20
directhexNCommander, depends on which APIs are being tickled. talk to the kde4 folk, and you'll notice the burning torches & pitchforks19:20
NCommanderdirecthex, yes well, they got burned by the bluetooth19:20
NCommanderpun == weak19:21
NCommanderdirecthex, anyway, do you still have interest in your mono packages on PPC and other port archs?19:21
directhexNCommander, generally speaking, sure. but i don't know how much time i have to devote on it, as i move my efforts less onto my backports & more onto the actual pkg-mono team19:22
NCommanderdirecthex, we lost you to the dark side19:22
directhexNCommander, debian's the dark side now?19:23
NCommanderno, mono vs backports19:24
directhexNCommander, working with pkg-mono means better ubuntu releases19:24
directhexNCommander, and working more closely wih upstream means it too. i've already had upstream remove the need for +dfsg on 2 packages19:24
directhexNCommander, my plan is for ubuntu's mono stack to be all syncs. i should achieve that goal with jaunty, although only as long as the core devs actually ask before slapping an ubuntu increment on a package19:30
* NCommander nods19:30
directhexgenerally speaking, i see debian work as the best way to improve ubuntu19:32
NCommanderdirecthex, just remember that lenny is close to release, so a lot of maintainers are trying to avoid needing to use testing-proposed-updated19:33
directhexNCommander, which is why sid lies stagnant for us. but we're aiming to go postal on experimental19:34
* NCommander notes that jaunty is going to hurt because of said sid stagnation19:34
directhexNCommander, yes. 0ubuntu1 everywhere. oy.19:35
NCommandermaybe we should flock down on their RC bugs and fix them19:36
directhexwell, MOTUs are twiddling thumbs now, largely, so yes19:36
* NCommander offers to help NMU any lenny RC bugs19:37
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DktrKranzdirecthex, time for processing SRUs, no time to twiddling thumbs ;)19:39
* DktrKranz promises he will be quicker than NCommander's GNAT bugs19:40
jdongsuperm1: ok 6 hours later, I think you're crazy. *goes back go hidd for good* :D19:40
superm1jdong, i can confirm i'm crazy, no fix for that though.  irregardless, it *does* work with careful button pressing19:58
blueyedScottK: ping. What to do about virtbualbox-ose?19:59
blueyedScottK: the diff should have been only native/non-native, plus DP description for the latest patch.20:00
NCommanderDktrKranz, ouch20:10
NCommanderDktrKranz, actually, I'm doing a lesson on cruft removal and transitions and all that jazz for OpenWeek20:10
DktrKranzNCommander, nice... gnat is a good example :)20:11
NCommanderDktrKranz, I'm actually going to go with something a little simpler20:12
* NCommander is going to be having a hands on activity20:12
* RainCT just got a stupid idea and is wondering if a short "REVU Q&A" session could be useful :P20:13
NCommanderRainCT, that was my first idea20:15
NCommanderRainCT, go for it!20:15
RainCTHeh. Can I just add it somewhere on the wiki or do I have to poke someone?20:15
RainCTok I see20:17
NCommanderRainCT, just poke jcastro20:19
* RainCT was writing "/me pokes jcastro" right now :)20:19
jcastroRainCT: what topic do you want to cover?20:21
RainCTjcastro: "REVU Q&A" (could be 30 min or something.. preferably on friday as it's better for me and this way it would also be after the packaging sessions)20:23
jcastroRainCT: sounds great, take a slot! (And don't forget the description at the bottom)20:25
bobbojcastro: Would an "Introduction to BZR" fit in with the type of sessions you want to run for OpenWeek?20:26
RainCTbobbo: there's actually already one20:27
bobboRainCT: someone stole my session! :P20:27
jcastrobobbo: a more advanced session after the intro one wouldn't be bad either20:27
bobbojcastro: could work, IIRC emma janes session only touches the basics20:28
ScottKblueyed: When I debdiffed it there was more than that.20:29
bobbojcastro: I'll get back to you in a bit?20:29
jcastrobobbo: yeah, usually those are best for openweek, advanced stuff can go into developer week, but I think there is plenty of room for an advanced session20:29
jcastrobobbo: sure!20:29
blueyedScottK: the .cvsignore files probably?! it seems like they go ignored in the native package, but not in the orig.tar.gz..20:30
blueyedScottK: anyway.. I'll have to go for some hours now..20:30
ScottKblueyed: As a practical matter I think it's fine as it is.20:31
RainCTjcastro: done :)20:35
jcastroRainCT: thank you!20:35
bobbojcastro: still here?20:38
jcastrobobbo: yep20:40
bobbojcastro: I talked to emmajane and she agreed it would be cool to go into bzr with a bit more depth after her talk (sehs only touching the *very* basics). Is that cool with you?20:40
jcastrobobbo: that sounds excellent!20:41
bobbojcastro: can I just grab the last slot on the Monday?20:42
Laneygeser: Can you take a look at bug #290015? I've not had a security update uploaded before.20:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290015 in mediawiki "[CVE-2008-4408] XSS attack vulnerability" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29001520:42
jcastrobobbo: yep!20:42
bobbojcastro: cool, thanks alot :)20:43
jcastrobobbo: you won't need to twist my arm to slide in more bzr topics. :D20:43
ajmitchsounds like jcastro is a fan20:44
bobbojcastro: hehe, I'm sure I could fill a whole week with bzr geekery ;)20:44
jcastroajmitch: I'm a fan of anything I can use without learning 34057834 commands. :D20:44
* ajmitch does have to learn how to use some of the newer stuff like looms20:45
ScottKI'd say any dvcs that has a whole weeks worth of geekery is excessively complex.20:46
lagagit is better20:48
* laga puts on his asbestos suit20:48
ScottKDunno, but when I spend time learning Git it's useful for some $WORK projects.20:49
jdongI can't decide for this $work project20:50
jdongso I'm using both at the same time20:50
jdongtrying to decide which I like better20:50
ScottKMy problem is I'm never the decider on such things, so it is what it is.20:50
stefanlsdmm. git for me was too complex. bzr is nicer, but slower i find.20:53
lagagit can do awesome things. things which require some fiddling with bzr20:54
* ScottK definitely agrees on slower.20:54
lagai blame some of that slowness on launchpad. of course, i have no numbers to back that up.20:55
lagalocal file system sure feels faster ;20:55
YokoZarjcastro: give any thought to my Wine session?21:03
jcastroYokoZar: If you're available, then by all means21:04
pochuDktrKranz: you are the 5th uploader in intrepid! http://thc.emanuele-gentili.com/utu/utu_intrepid.php22:27
* pochu is 46th22:27
DktrKranzpochu, UTU is based on a script made by me... I gambled ;)22:28
* nhandler is 12th22:30
Laneyif ($nick == DktrKranz) $uploads *= 10;22:30
pochuDktrKranz: could you rank me higher then? :-)22:31
DktrKranzLaney, say *= 2022:32
DktrKranzpochu, how many €uros are you going to invest?22:32
pochuLaney: that would mean he uploaded 36.1 packages :P22:32
pochuDktrKranz: I can do some SRUs ;)22:33
LaneyOne was reaaaaally small22:33
pochuDktrKranz: or if I do more SRUs you will rank me lower instead? :P22:33
DktrKranzpochu, SRUs counts *= 5022:34
pochuyohoo :)22:34
* pochu has a few of those22:34
DktrKranzbut only if you upload them 49 times22:35
ScottKDktrKranz: Wouldn't it be handy when you had to look into an SRU/security issue to have a script in ubuntu-dev-tools that would grab and unpack the source packages for all supported releases in which the package exists?22:53
DktrKranzScottK, can be easily worked-around using pull-lp-source, it would require just some more lines22:55
ScottKYeah.  It seemed like something would be easily extensible for that.22:55
DktrKranzmaybe pull-lp-source <pkg> all22:55
ScottKMaking it know about backports would be nice too.22:58
DktrKranzit's python, so no problems making the adjustment22:59
ScottKDktrKranz: Odd.  I've not used that one before.  For spamassassin it got the release pocket in Dapper and Backports in Gutsy.23:01
DktrKranzI think it gets the higher version23:02
DktrKranzno matter where it's published23:02
ScottKThen why not in dapper?23:02
ScottKIt's got a package in backports too.23:02
DktrKranzah, right23:02
NCommanderDktrKranz, did you verify the smc problem in Hardy?23:03
DktrKranzNCommander, which one?23:03
NCommanderDktrKranz, you removed the verification-needed tag from 28899023:03
DktrKranzah, this is because it was not on qa.ubuntuwire.com/sru radar23:04
DktrKranzit went in "need verification" bugs, while it's location is still in "waiting for approval"23:04
NCommander"waiting for approval"?23:05
DktrKranz"Needing Action"23:05
DktrKranzScottK, got it23:09
DktrKranzit gets .dsc files from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/dapper/+source/spamassassin23:10
NCommanderDktrKranz, could you upload my fix to proposed then?23:10
ScottK-laptopDktrKranz: Would you please look at Bug 289915 and Bug 278075 for SRU (note it's in main for Intrepid, so that one's not your problem)?23:10
DktrKranzdapper publishes -updates one, gutsy shows -backports one23:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289915 in spamassassin "securitysage.com blacklist gone, causing artificial bumps in spam score" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28991523:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 278075 in spamassassin "DSBL is gone and needs to be removed from SpamAssassin" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27807523:10
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DktrKranzScottK, as you said, it's for main, so it's not motu-sru business for intrepid (but it is for previous releases)23:12
ScottKYou're good with SRU then?23:12
DktrKranzNCommander, my vmware decided to take a break (kernel panic \o/) so I can not test it on hardy, unless I can fire up a pbuilder23:14
NCommanderDktrKranz, vmware won't do, you need OpenGL enabled hardware23:14
NCommander(I'm just asking for an upload to proposed so someone can test it without having to compile it)23:14
NCommanderI'm seeing if I can reproduce on my laptop now in a chroot, but its not looking promising23:15
DktrKranzI can run it on a livecd on real hardware23:15
DktrKranzbut I need to download CD23:15
DktrKranzScottK, have you got patches/debdiffs handy for spamassassins?23:17
NCommandermy problem is SDL tries to use X1123:18
ScottKDktrKranz: I'm working on them now.23:19
DktrKranzI'm off for now, I already started to process some SRUs, I'll do many in the next days (my hope we won't get flooded as for Hardy)23:26
DktrKranzgood night all23:28
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