Jazzvagnomefreak, find . -name ".svn" -exec "rm -rf {}"00:01
Jazzvasomething like that should work00:01
gnomefreakeven with .svn gone it fails on .xpt00:05
gnomefreakFireGPGCall/ipc/public/nsIIPCService.xpt: failing again i may have to revert the fix in rules from last time00:09
gnomefreakill work on it this week sometime00:12
[reed]fta: some testing tool03:16
[reed]not exactly sure03:16
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ftaasac, as i said in pragues, sulphur is to flock what minefield is to firefox18:27
ftaso it's not a free branding, but a "dev" branding18:28
asacthats what i reemphasized in bug18:29
[reed]it's free in the sense we don't retain any rights to it18:30
[reed]but not specifically set aside to be the non-Firefox name18:31
ftai would not use a branding with a bomb in it as a free alternative to the main/non-free one18:31
ftait's fine for dev snapshots18:32
[reed]asac: plan Firefox stuff towards the latter end of the week18:34
[reed]as in, not on Monday or first part of Tuesday18:34
[reed]I'll probably get there Tuesday lunch18:34
asac[reed]: thanks18:35
asacwill try to get appropriate slots18:35
[reed]cool, thanks18:35
ftaasac, i crash a disk at work (and my home dir with it) so i experienced the 1st vanilla desktop, and a fresh ff3. the about:rights is broken18:36
[reed]and I'll take you and fta over to MoCo for a tour18:36
ftanice :)18:37
asacfta: which CD?18:37
ftanot a cd, an up-to-date intrepid18:38
asacin which way?18:38
ftamy system is fine, i just lost my data disk, including /home18:38
ftaxml error at line 3, at <!--18:39
ftai have a screenshot18:39
asacthats an old bug that was fixed18:39
ftayep, thought so, but it's still there18:39
asacfta: please paste the source18:40
asaci mean what you get by ctrl+u18:40
ftai lost my ssh keys so difficult to reach my box at the moment18:41
asacfta: works here.18:42
asacfta: try about.rights in your firefox-3.0 install18:45
asaci tried with a fresh user ... worked18:46
ftaasac, nm, hardy18:48
asacuff. thanks ;)18:50
* fta is trying to save some data from a dying hd19:27
plunHello, any songbird guru around...?    (fta repo)19:55
plun 19:55
ftawhat's wrong ?19:55
ftaplun, what's wrong with it?19:56
plunwrong...  ;)   no Songbird works great  !  but teh Album Arts addon gives this19:57
plunsbAlbumArtManager: _filterAlbums Called19:57
plunsbAlbumArtManager: No albums in the list!19:57
plun*** Blocklist::_loadBlocklist: no XML File found19:57
plunalbumArtHelper: [ERROR] - Unable to add Fetcher: @songbirdnest.com/Songbird/cover/metadata-fetcher;119:57
plunAddon broken or Songbird blocked ?19:57
ftathe native cover feature or an addon ?19:58
plunBoth seems to me "out of order"....  update is greyed out and maybe thats the problem ?19:59
ftathe "Drag album artwork here" is broken for me too20:00
plunOK... I check upstream if this is a known problem,  Thanks !20:04
ftaplun, just asked upstream, it is supposed to work20:06
ftaplun, i get this in the error console: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63388/20:08
plunfta: this is the addon I am testing20:08
plunfta:  "fetch missing covers" is also greyed out and I wonder if this also is blocked if main update is blocked ?20:12
ftaplun, is that addon supposed to work with that version of sb ? sb changed a lot since 0.620:14
plunWell, the download button was green  ;)20:15
plunYou can also right click and download from Amazon20:15
plunsbAlbumArtManager: No albums in the list!20:15
plunalbumArtHelper: [ERROR] - Unable to add Fetcher: @songbirdnest.com/Songbird/cover/metadata-fetcher;120:15
plunsbCoverDownloader: [ERROR] - Failed to extract the extension from : - TypeError: aURI.match(/\.[a-zA-Z0-9]+$/) is null20:15
plunProbably broken addon...20:15
ftahm.. upstream is preparing sb 1.020:16
plunI test others just for fun...  nothing is broken with your version at least !  ;)20:17
ftaplun, did you test instantbird?20:18
plunfta: yup it works but misses functions, I just did a "quick test". Pidgin "rules" for the moment ;)20:26
ftaplun, it's still young, i packaged it more as a matter of curiosity20:30
ftaplun, http://blog.songbirdnest.com/2008/10/22/mac-builds-updated-to-use-the-os-native-title-bar/20:30
plunfta: Yup, it looks promising, coordinate with Empathy maybe (mission impossible)....  ;)20:32
plunTB3 and Lightning "beats" everything nevertheless...  ;)     I am also testing "Weave".20:32
plunUp in the cloud world...;)20:32
ftaI'll probably do weave too. I want something i can setup on my own servers, not something hosted by a 3rd party is don't really trust20:33
plunYup, its handy with Weave, also using DropBox ...    about servers.. have you tested Dustin Ks Musica, Just great !  ;)20:47
plunSo simple and easy just to browse to your server... http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2008/10/announcing-musica-for-ubuntu-intrepidp.html    something for Mozilla-team to make even better ;)20:50
fta\o/ i recovered all my data21:36
asacfta: sounds like luck ;)21:52
ftaasac, i had to ruse. this disk made my desktop at work crash/freeze about 20 times today21:54
ftano log, no oops, no nothing21:54
ftatook me a while to find it was that disk and not something else21:55
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