boredandbloggingdustin's interview posted to the fridge02:04
* cody-somerville wonders when his interview is :P03:40
johnc4510-laptopcody-somerville: hello03:43
cody-somervilleHey :)03:43
johnc4510-laptopyou got an interview hee hee03:43
johnc4510-laptophere  lol03:43
james_wthanks for posting the interview10:54
james_wI was going to draft it this morning, but you beat me to it10:55
james_wfor future interviews would you like to grab an interview with the person for the fridge at the same time?11:16
james_werm, for UWN I mean, though it obviously doesn't have to be there11:18
boredandbloggingjames_w: that would be great!14:23
james_whey boredandblogging14:23
james_wwould you use a set template, or tailor the questions for the person?14:24
boredandbloggingi try to tailor the questions a bit14:24
boredandblogginglike I knew beforehand that Dustin worked at IBM14:25
boredandbloggingand remember seeing his blog posts about travelling14:25
james_wthat's cool, so as we pick people we should contact you to get your questions and then approach them with the complete set of questions?14:26
boredandbloggingjames_w: sounds excellent14:26
boredandbloggingjames_w: also, if you would go through the exercise of joining the fridge LP team and all that so we know the process works14:27
james_wyeah, sorry I didn't do that in time14:28
james_wI definitely will for the next one14:28
boredandbloggingits a one time thing, so whenever you get time14:28
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james_w<kirkland> there's one paragraph bolded on http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/1701 that shouldn't be ....21:15
james_w<kirkland> (looks like bold is used for the questions)21:15
james_w<kirkland> From a server perspective, many machines today have hot-swappable disks. A thief can flip a latch, yank a disk out, and be on his way. That is perhaps a bit far fetched, but it happens. And if your server is running a RAID, it might be many hours or days before you notice a disk is missing. Again, without encryption, a thief has transparent access to all of your data.21:15
james_w<kirkland> that one's not a question, just part of my rambling answer ;-)21:15
james_wis someone able to fix that please?21:15
Slash_Networkcan we write any thing here ?23:26

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