Flannelwow, an entry without a hello sinners.00:02
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Flannelorifice: Howdy.00:56
LjLorifice, how about you change your quit message, it isn't entirely nice00:57
FlannelLjL: believe he's idle00:58
Flannelubottu: tell cooldude|away about away01:00
orificewell ok, I'll do that ...01:07
Flannelorifice: You can rejoin #ubuntu01:10
LjLwhat's going to happen to #kubuntu-kde4 now01:34
FlannelNot sure.01:35
Flannelorifice: Please don't idle here.01:35
FlannelYou can either do 4 and 3 support in the same channel, or make a -kde3 channel for older versions01:36
naliothkde3 support will be waning01:36
FlannelOnly another year of KDE3 support, yeah.01:36
naliothand that will be only for the folks who've not upgraded01:37
LjLwhich is why i'll probably be switching to something else anyway01:37
Flannelnalioth: Yeah, but we have plenty of people in #ubuntu who have older versions, they won't go away01:37
naliothFlannel: understood, but eventyally, they _will_ go away01:37
mneptokif wsa should come complaining, i refer you to: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/63089/02:12
mneptokoff for TV02:12
orificesorry.  02:40
Flannelubottu: tell oly562 about coc05:48
FlannelAnyone awake?06:34
FlannelJust asking for a second opinion, but you're not in #u, so don't worry about it.06:35
FlannelHe... already took the liberty of removing the doubt06:35
bazhang_without question. Toyota Corolla?06:36
FlannelThat's what got him kicked the first time.06:36
FlannelAh, and of course, he's a talker.06:37
bazhang_he is in PM? 06:37
FlannelNothing terribly witty though, unfortunately.06:38
bazhang_clearly not.06:38
Flannelgreat, ban evasion.06:45
mneptokFlannel: if you're going to be active for a while, just ban 119.11.15.* and be done with it ;)06:54
mneptok(then remove when you go idle)06:54
Flannelmneptok: Nah, second one wasn't from there.  Or at least, that I could see.06:54
mneptokEF_Codd was who i was talking about06:55
Flannelmneptok: right, same guy.06:55
Flannelcame back as that host06:55
mneptokso ban both >:)06:56
FlannelI did.06:56
mneptokwell, not the wildcard raw IP06:57
mneptokjuss sayin'. he's your ... project. :/06:57
Flannelif he came back, I'm sure it'd be with an entirely different host, etc.06:57
Flannelmneptok: olys been giving mild annoyances all day.07:02
mneptokyeah, i /lastlog'ed before admonishing07:03
mneptok!staff ylsid07:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about staff ylsid07:07
ubottuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)07:07
mneptokylsid just spammed #u, and is connected to a bunch of other distro channels07:08
mneptokokee, bedtime07:08
ubottuIn ubottu, sayedmohu said: nobody is bothered to answer me07:22
sayedmohucan somebody help me out07:28
Flannelsayedmohu: support happens in #ubuntu, this channel is for disciplinary and administrative things.07:34
sayedmohuso where should i go to get some help07:36
Flannelsayedmohu: #ubuntu07:36
sayedmohui'm already there.... but i'm not getting any satisfactory response07:36
Flannelsayedmohu: You weren't helping anyone to help you.07:40
sayedmohui'm a dummy in ubuntu... so how can i help07:40
Flannelsayedmohu: When people ask you questions about your problem, answer them.07:41
sayedmohudidn't u see that i answered???07:41
Flannelsayedmohu: Then they ask for more information, and you don't answer.  No one can fix a problem if they don't know what the problem is.07:43
sayedmohui answered07:43
Flannelblargh.  s/Sunday/Trollday/08:11
jussi01Flannel: is it not monday?08:13
Flanneljussi01: It's 1am, but I haven't gone to sleep yet, so it's still Sunday.  Also, it's the end of the day, and has been this way for an unfortunately large amount of time today.08:13
* jussi01 hugs Flannel08:14
FlannelI imagine it has to do with the upcoming release.08:14
Flanneloh, and if oly562 steps out of line, ban him.  I've given him many warnings, and had a nice discussion with him.  I imagine he'll wait at least an hour before trying something else though.  But he's really been given too many chances as it is.08:15
Flannelhmmm, jussi01, ubottu seems to be lagging08:33
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.08:33
Flanneloh wait08:33
Flannelnope, just a repeat factoid08:33
FlannelWhos awake with -ot ops?09:11
jussi01I dont have ot ops09:12
ikoniaFlannel: -ot lack of ops guys is something I may post about ont he mail list09:26
ikoniabeen caught out quite a few times09:26
ikoniacwillu: what's up ?09:26
cwilluwas about to gripe about the kick-troll in #ubuntu-offtopic.  More because he managed to bait a dozen folks, which defeated my ignore filter :p09:28
ikoniacwillu: looks like Flannel is sorting it09:28
cwilluover and done with, yes, thanks :)09:29
* cwillu wonders if he's supposed to leave the channel now :p09:29
ikoniathe elk was awake09:29
ikoniacwillu: type "/topic"09:29
elkbuntuis it back?09:29
cwilluah, missed that09:29
ikoniano no09:29
ubottuUbuntuHelper called the ops in #kubuntu ()09:29
elkbuntuoh dear09:29
ikoniaelkbuntu: I didn't se you deal with it just flannel hunting for someone09:29
elkbuntuyou lied09:29
ikoniaoh great09:30
ikoniajussi01: you'r up;)09:30
ikoniajussi01: remove him, he's trying it in ##linux09:30
ikoniahe's doing it in every channel09:30
Flannelikonia: I only got rid of him in #u when he brought that particular incident there. He's been grating on my in #u for at least four hours, slowly.09:30
elkbuntu!staff ^09:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about staff ^09:30
* elkbuntu scowls at ubottu09:30
* jussi01 scowls at elkbuntu - learn to use her! :P09:31
ikoniaI know that IP09:31
Flannelikonia: I didn't see anything earlier09:33
ikoniasame subnet was in my personal logs for some reason09:33
ikoniamaybe a typo on my part09:33
elkbunturiiighto. someone please hold me back in #freenode.09:34
Flannelelkbuntu: what happened?09:34
elkbuntui'm being told to /ignore a troll and leave it for the ops of ubuntu channels to deal with09:34
jussi01elkbuntu: mrhgh09:34
elkbuntuby a moron unaffiliated09:35
jussi01yay for christel :)09:36
elkbuntuchristel, note the scrollback, and i'll grep his stupidity from -offtopic09:37
christelthank you09:37
elkbuntuhe actually left when asked, but is being a serial pest everywhere09:38
Flannelelkbuntu: he timed out when asked, doubt it was intentional09:39
elkbuntuFlannel, it's not the first time he's done this09:39
Flannelelkbuntu: I'm sure.09:39
christelhas he also used a different nick? or is ubuntuhelper the only one?09:40
ikoniawhen he signs in it's ubuntu as he appears to be on a live cd09:40
elkbuntuchristel, see http://pastebin.ca/1237663 -- it's without context, but i'm not sure it's needed. can provide if you want.09:40
Flannelikonia: its actually U first, then he switches to Ubuntu, then UbuntuHelper09:41
elkbuntuchristel, he's only half-registered too09:41
ikoniaFlannel: so not a livecd then by the looks of it09:41
elkbuntu-NickServ- UbuntuHelper has NOT COMPLETED registration verification09:41
elkbuntuikonia, what did he do in ##linux?09:42
ikoniajust started trying !ops09:42
ikoniauntil the ##linux ops stepped in09:42
ikoniano reason09:42
Flannelikonia: I'd say no.  He was originally (earlier tonight) on as admin__09:42
jussi01he is back: 09:42
jussi01[11:39:06] <-- UbuntuHelper (n=admin@c220-237-186-71.frank1.vic.optusnet.com.au) has quit (Remote closed the connection)09:42
jussi01[11:40:11] --> U (n=admin@c220-237-186-71.frank1.vic.optusnet.com.au) has joined #kubuntu09:42
jussi01[11:40:38] <-> U is now known as Guest8436809:42
elkbuntuikonia, you'd probably have plenty of optus subnets in your logs. they're a major phone/isp company here.09:42
ikoniathen started to ask people how he could help, 09:42
ikoniaelkbuntu: this one was only a range up09:42
elkbuntuikonia, when you're bored, /who *optusnet.com.au and cry.09:43
ikoniaha ha09:43
jussi01elkbuntu: christel do you need the bit from #k just now?09:44
christelnah its ok, in there now09:45
christelhe's been in ##linux previously, though, at the time he was helpful 09:45
ikonialooks like he's been in ubuntu too as admin__09:46
jussi01ok, i spuriously called the ops in #kubuntu, when he didnt get anyone answering09:46
ikoniaas Flannel suggested09:46
christelwhich means goodchristels attempted mental explanation of them being just overentusiastic and new to irc wont work ;)09:46
Myrttihello |_ocke 09:46
elkbuntuchristel, sounds like someone who has imbibed a little more than they should have, to be honest09:47
elkbuntueither way, pestilence is not really a welcomed thing in busy channels09:47
* Myrtti coughs09:48
christelyeah, im just trying to work out whether its worth attempting to speak with them or not09:48
christel(im only 2 sips into my morning coffee, so i hope for their sake that its not!)09:48
ikoniakeep the faith09:48
elkbuntuchristel, give them the night off, if they come back idiotic, talk then09:49
elkbuntuthe -offtopic behaviour makes me think talk will do little09:50
bazhang_!idle | |_ocke chalcedony 09:55
ubottu|_ocke chalcedony: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.09:55
ikoniabazhang_: chalcedony been idle for days09:56
bazhang_ikonia, ah I see; any reason he is here?09:56
ikoniaI don't know him, Myrtti was asking about him yesterday09:57
Myrttiis |_ocke muted?09:57
ikoniahe's active in #ubuntu09:57
MyrttiI'm not that fluent with chanserv.py yet09:57
Myrttino, here09:57
ikonianothing in bt09:59
Myrttihe is muted10:00
Myrttiwith his ip10:00
ikoniaMyrtti: I don't see him getting muted in here in my log10:02
Myrttiikonia: /bans10:02
ikoniait's an old ban10:02
|_ockei got banned like a month and a half ago10:02
|_ockei was drunk and talking about some stupid chick10:02
Myrttis/some stupid chick/center of your universe/10:03
|_ockenonono s/center of my universe/center of my best friend's universe and someone i dont care about in the slightest anymore10:05
|_ockeits complicated and very weird, and very much over heh10:05
Myrttisi, if we let you back in #ubuntu-offtopic, will you be ranting about how the "chick" dumped you for your best friend?10:06
|_ockei dont talk about her anymore :P10:07
|_ockei did  buy her lunch yesterday i guess.. but other than that, she can piss off10:07
|_ockebesides, shes going to rehab next week10:08
|_ockecause shes a stupid little girl with no self control heh10:08
ikonia|_ocke: easy on the language please. 10:08
ikonia|_ocke: show you can use self control10:09
Myrttiintresting 10:09
|_ockeer, i mean she can ... nevermind just anyways no worries about that10:09
MyrttiI miss irssi and my aliases10:10
|_ockei never could get the hang of irssi10:11
|_ockewhich is why i run xchat210:11
|_ockei do miss some of the functionality of mIRC, but i would never run a native win app in my linux10:11
|_ockei refuse to taint my standard set of apps10:11
|_ockei'll play some random win games with WINE but never something i use regularly10:12
|_ockehence, i use transmission instead of utorrent10:12
ubottuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.10:12
|_ockeeven though i know utorrent is better :P10:14
bazhang_|_ocke, please dont idle here10:14
|_ockei'll leave as soon as someone lets me back in #ubuntu-offtopic..10:15
=== myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
bazhang_|_ocke, that is not the way it works10:15
|_ockebazhang_, but i was supposed to be banned for a month, i didn't come back till now, and its been at least a month an a half maybe 2 or 3 i dunno, i just put it out of my m ind for awhile10:17
|_ockewhy can't i get unbanned?10:17
bazhang_|_ocke, that is independent of idling here10:17
|_ockei didn't protest or try to fight it, i waited till long after.. i just want to get back in the channel10:17
* Myrtti coughs10:17
Myrttithe way I see this is.10:17
|_ockei really am part of the ubuntu community, i run it exclusively, i've converted at least a dozen people from win to ubuntu who still use it (a couple hundred more that i dont know the current status of) and I really love ubuntu, i just want to be part of it10:18
|_ockei just dont see why i should still be banned when its long after the ban was supposed to be removed and the reason for the ban doesn't even exist anymore10:19
MyrttiI *might* let you in the channel, but there seems to be a problem with your compulsiveness10:20
|_ockealso, i've helped at least 3-4 people in #ubuntu resolve their problems and had them tell me in /msg that what I told them fixed what they were having problems with10:20
Myrtti*if* I let you back in, you have to realise you're still on probation10:20
|_ockeyes i realize that10:20
|_ockei won't say anything really stupid or talk about anything that doesn't involve myself personally or computers/linux10:21
bazhang_|_ocke, you have also been offtopic in #ubuntu of late10:21
Myrttigoddamnit I spilt coffee on my bed10:22
|_ockebazhang_, honestly i would've been talking in #ubuntu-offtopic but i was banned :P10:22
bazhang_|_ocke, that is not an acceptable reason to be offtopic in #ubuntu10:22
|_ockebazhang_, it was just responding to other people though you gotta admit that10:22
|_ockei dont want to be offtopic in #ubuntu10:23
bazhang_then dont10:23
|_ockei want to be offtopic in #ubuntu-offtopic10:23
bazhang_|_ocke, you were not responding; you started out by being offtopic10:23
|_ockeif you guys unban me i promise i wont say anything irresponsible in offtopic and i wont say anything that isn't just asking an ubuntu-related question or helping with an ubuntu quesion someone else has in #ubuntu10:24
|_ockeif i do anything contrary, i submit to being permanently banned10:24
|_ockeand if i get to a point where i'm so intoxicated that i can't control myself at any point ever i'll disconnect this entire network for the remainder of the night10:25
|_ockenot saying thats a probability, just saying if it happens10:25
bazhang_not very re-assuring10:25
|_ockei'm just trying to cover all bases10:31
|_ockei have a lot of other stuff to do if i'm out partying, i just wanted to say that if i end up at home afterwards i wont bring it here10:31
|_ockeit'd be messed up to lie and say i don't get loaded sometimes10:32
|_ockebut when i'm on irc, i'm on irc, and its not gonna be for anything except computer related stuff, and just to chat, but i am in at least 15 other chans t the same time for that10:33
|_ocke#ubuntu* is for ubuntu related stufff and i'll use it for that only10:33
|_ockewell, except #ubuntu-offtopic, but thats still even somewhat tied to ubuntu10:33
elkbuntu|_ocke, i advise you to not ramble away this opportunity to re-enter the channel. it10:33
MyrttiI've lifted the ban from -offtopic. It'll go back in a heartbeat if I hear anyone complaining.10:34
Tm_TMyrtti: <310:34
|_ockeMyrtti, thank you10:34
Myrttiand I'm already hearing complaints on this channel, which isn't reassuring10:34
Myrttiso, behave10:34
|_ockei will10:34
=== |_ocke is now known as locke
MyrttiI've bought a book so old it doesn't have ISBN10:36
Myrttilocke: anything else?10:36
lockeMyrtti, whaa? whered you get that?10:36
lockewhat book is it?10:36
lockeMyrtti, other than that, no not really10:36
lockei thought all books had isbn since like the 1700s or something10:37
GaryMyrtti: is it hand printed?10:37
Myrttisee you in -offtopic then10:37
Tm_TMyrtti: you will keep a phone hearby today?10:38
Tm_Tnearby even10:38
MyrttiTm_T: sure10:38
Tm_Troger, I might call you or something, depends on stuff & co10:39
Tm_Tbut now another place, see you later dear sister10:39
Myrttioh, my phone is face down10:39
Myrttigood, no one has called10:39
Myrttilocke: *cough*10:39
Myrttilocke: if you don't have anything else...10:40
lockesorry i forgot10:40
elkbuntuhe's um, still not quite off the red cordial yet.10:58
bazhang_hi :)11:09
dennycan I get confirmation from a GC that glade88 can have an ubuntu cloak?11:09
dennysays it got stomped on by his donator cloak, I'm about to combine them if I get the confirmation11:09
elkbuntudenny, can he provide us with his launchpad login?11:11
elkbuntui mean, the launchpad username11:11
denny<glade88> sayakb11:14
Mezut-oh - AM report ;)11:14
elkbuntudenny, seems to be eligible.11:15
* denny wavicles and gets back to work11:16
bazhang_heads up on r0ach; been removed once for bad language/offtopic11:33
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)12:17
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)12:17
jussi01hrm... in #u: [14:17:32] <Arbe> DCC SEND startkeylogger 0 0 012:18
elkbuntujussi01, um, not wise to repeat those lines12:19
jussi01elkbuntu: oops. 12:19
ubottuIn #ubuntu+1, danbh_intrepid said: !ooo3 is <reply> Information about OpenOffice 3.0 on Intrepid can be found here https://launchpad.net/bugs/26737612:47
jussi01!scope > danbh_intrepid12:57
* Myrtti lols at Linus13:06
Myrttiikonia: http://torvalds-family.blogspot.com/2008/10/candyland.html13:16
jussi01hello genii13:24
* Myrtti drools at thinking of licorice ice cream13:29
ikoniascott__ and sam_ appear to be the same person 13:30
ikoniain #ubuntu13:30
ikoniaor 2 people in different locations connect from the same DSL line ???13:30
=== genii-2 is now known as genii
geniiHi jussi0113:38
ubottuIn ubottu, ziroday said: !xmms is xmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.13:45
ikoniacan someone with -ot ops ban forward eagles0513875 to ##fix-your-connection pelase14:11
LjLsure thing14:11
ikoniagratzie mille 14:12
LjLno T :)14:12
LjLan italian Z sounds like "ts" all by itself14:12
ikoniaI should go back to learning Italian 14:13
LjLactually i always found that pretty interesting14:13
ikoniaor mastering english first14:13
LjLin the sense that, as far as i could see, most italians don't in the least realize that the Z is really two phonemes14:13
LjLmyself, i've played a lot with the AmigaOS speech synthesizer when i was a child, and attempted to make it speak italian14:13
LjLit took me months to realize that "ts" was the thing to make it say for the "z" letter14:14
Myrttiyou geeky thing you14:25
jussi01Myrtti: I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself :P14:31
LjL!lt is <reply> Šiame kanale bendraujama anglų kalba. Jei ieškote pagalbos lietuvių kalba, prisijunkite prie #ubuntu-lt kanalo.14:38
ubottuI'll remember that, LjL14:38
LjL!lithuanian is <alias> lt14:38
ikoniaLjL: I wonder how microsoft's speech system would work with that as it is supposed to cover languages14:41
LjLikonia: Microsoft's speech uses sampled speech fragments from actual humans, it needs a database for every language it supports14:42
LjLsame as with Festival14:43
ikoniaLjL so does that mean there is an Italias database for it that would say tz = z14:46
ikoniaItalian even14:46
LjLikonia: not quite. there are two databases for each language. one is the actual speech fragments database, which basically has a soundfile for each sound (not really, it's got one for every group of three phones, but anyway)14:47
LjLikonia: then there is a set of rules that tries (and, in italian, generally succeeds, since there's a strong correspondence between writing system and actual phonemes) to translate written sentences into a list of those sounds14:48
LjLikonia: so, most likely, the italian database would already include a recorded soundfile for our "z" sound, not separate "t" and "s" sounds (since they're never used separately anyway)14:49
LjLikonia: when using a synth that generates sounds purely artificially (like AmigaOS's), then you'd still have two layers even there. the sound layer has a collection of phones and their corresponding speech generation parameters (these synths have parameters for mouth aperture, tongue position, etc)14:52
LjLthe other database would be the very same writing-system-to-phones translation one14:52
ikoniaI see what your saying14:53
ikoniaI didn't know it worked like that14:53
LjLikonia: you can't just use the same sounds database for all languages. a "t" in english really doesn't sound like a "t" in italian in most situations (it's aspirate in english, and the tongue is further back than in italian)14:53
LjLikonia: if you used an english phones database together with an italian writing-to-phones translation database (basically what i did on AmigaOS), you'd end up with a voice that speaks Italian with a very strong English accent, and vice-versa14:54
ikoniano of courrse not, I can see how that needs to be seperated14:54
ikoniaI can hear that in my head14:54
LjLthough you'd also have the problem of some phonemes simply not existing14:54
LjLthere is no "th" or "h" sound in italian, and there is no "gn" or "gl" sound in english14:55
ikoniathere is no th14:55
ikoniahow odd14:55
LjLikonia: most not-very-english-savvy italians would pronounce "th" as "s", "z", "f" or "v"14:56
ikoniaLjL can you give me a "word" example of that14:56
LjLikonia: "zey are", "vey are", or "everyfing", "everysing"14:56
ikoniaok 14:56
ikoniafew of them make sense when I hear a few italian friend speaking english14:57
LjLikonia: unless you're an italian with a lisp, in which case ;)14:57
ikoniaall bets are off14:57
MyrttiI guess that relates to how most Finns have difficulties pronouncing olympics14:58
Myrttiwell, in Finnish14:58
LjLikonia: although in italy (which lisp is present) the most common speech defect by far is not rolling R14:58
LjLalthough there are many ways different people with that defect will render their R14:58
jussi01Myrtti: I love the finnish "system" :P14:58
LjLMyrtti: why so?14:58
ikoniahow odd (to me) that not rolling an R is a defect14:58
MyrttiLjL: it's against the finnish phonemes to have o, a or u in the same word with ö, ä or y14:59
LjLikonia: there is a somewhat similar though less common defect in english... "i am woger wabbit"15:00
Myrttiso Olympialaiset is often mangled into Olumpialaiset15:00
LjLMyrtti: ah right, i read something like that on wp15:00
LjLMyrtti: yes, that brings me to another point --15:00
LjLwhich is that generally speaking, an italian *can* pronounce "th" or "h" if they're explained15:00
LjLbut they'll have difficulty actually placing those sounds in a sentence consistently15:01
ikoniaLjL I know the W defect15:01
LjLi'm giving english lessons to a girl for instance now15:01
LjLshe can pronounce "h" fine, if alone15:01
LjLbut she'll either say "i ave" or "hi have", not "i have"15:01
LjLi've given up on the "th" entirely15:02
genii"I ave" you could get by with as Cockney or so ;)15:02
LjLgenii: yeah most of the typical italian oddities when pronouncing english are found in a dialect or another. it's the mixture of them that makes you have an unmistakably italian accent.15:03
LjLthat girl also does the "it'sa got" thing, that really gives me the chills. itsa me mario, meh.15:03
LjLmind, my own english pronounciation is quite terrible, but.15:05
geniiLjL: My cousin was born deaf, he learnt to speak through a system which Alexander Graham Bell invented of diagramming the mouth/tongue/throat positions as they related to specific sounds15:06
geniiLjL: He is quite understandable now15:06
LjLgenii: not much different from what generation-based speech synthesizer do. there are a couple interesting ones even packaged in ubuntu, i think (interesting in the sense that they also come with GUI tools that actually show you the tongue etc. positions that they are simulating)15:07
ikoniaLjL: I was about to ask about your accent15:08
ikoniayou type and your gramma is excellent, I was curious to how your wording was15:08
ikoniagenii: that sounds unusual and quite an interesting topic to research15:08
LjLikonia: well, you can check that out. -ot people already did, and found it hilarious. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vowel15:08
LjLjust go to wherever the "spoken version of this article" tag is15:09
LjLor Consonant, too15:09
LjLactually even that venerable AmigaOS synth could output mouth parameters, although i think it only gave mouth aperture (so you could draw a mouth that would move with the speech), not other parameters15:09
ikoniaLjL is the spoken version you /15:10
ikoniaoh, excellent, I'll grab it now15:10
LjLikonia: and mind, which it's bad enough, i never could have actually recorded it like that. it's a collection of several pieces of sentences, some repeated *several* times until they came out decent15:10
geniiikonia: It's a system called Visible Speech which Bell and his father worked on15:10
LjLi've also made the Spanish version, http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocal15:11
LjLthat really sounds much better than the english version15:11
LjLeven though i've never studied any spanish15:11
ikoniagenii researching15:11
ikoniaLjL: just looking for headphones as I'm sure the office doesn't want to hear you15:11
LjLthat's for sure15:11
Myrttisounds so... young!15:13
Myrttimy patience is again running short on hynix/ASUS-tek15:57
ikoniaI thought he was banned15:58
Myrttithat would be too good15:59
ikoniaI thought he got banned ages ago16:00
Myrttihe was banned for a while16:00
Myrttiwas given a preach about derogative use of the word chicks16:01
Myrttialso about his nickchanging16:01
MyrttiI will not get myself angry again16:01
* genii hands Myrtti a soothing tea16:02
ikoniaI see no value in allowing people like him to contibute, as it's clear they just want a rise, nothign more, so why persist with the posturing of "allowing them to change"16:02
Myrttithe problem is that stupidity isn't strictly forbidden in the rules16:03
ikoniait's not stupidity16:03
ikoniait's causing offense and not being able to particiapte in a channel with other people16:03
ikoniaanyone know the indonisian loco channe l?16:07
LjjjLikonia: #ubuntu-id16:08
ikoniathank you16:08
LjjjLnot that there is anyone in there16:09
LjjjLikonia: look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList for other places to contact them16:10
ikoniaI couldn't see it on the list, and ubottu wasn't offering me the right trigger16:11
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia16:12
ikoniaahhh id16:12
Myrttiwhat did you try?16:12
LjjjL!indonesian is <alias> id16:12
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, LjjjL said: !indonesian is <alias> id16:12
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:12
ikoniain (india)16:12
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.16:12
LjjjL!indonesian is <alias> id16:12
LjjjLoh die16:12
Myrtti!indonesian is <alias> id16:12
ubottuBut indonesian already means something else!16:12
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia16:13
ubottuindonesian is <alias> id - added by Pici on 2007-11-05 00:30:3816:13
ikoniaoh, there we go16:13
ikoniashould have tried it as a full word16:13
ubottuNo matches found for!*@* in any channel16:36
ikonia@bansearch webas16:36
ubottuNo matches found for webas!n=peace@ in any channel16:36
geniiikonia: I think he just has ADD or so16:38
ikoniamaybe.... I see he's in #kubuntu to16:38
ikonia16:44 -!- Odo [n=odo@unaffiliated/odo] has quit ["Odo is tired... He goes to revert to his natural, gelatinous state to regenerate."]16:45
mneptokikonia: let's just hope he's not referring to the spermatozoa "natural state"17:10
ikoniaha ha ha ha17:10
ikonia17:27 -!- Blue-Omega [n=null@about/cooking/nakedchef/omelette/Blue-Omega]17:28
ikoniather has been some cool cloaks/part messages today17:28
ubot3In #ubuntu-cn, Darksair said: ubot3: whose bot is this?17:28
ikoniaubot3: tell darksair ubuntu's17:29
ubot3ikonia: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:29
ikoniadamn 17:29
Myrttiit would give the wrong answer17:29
Myrttithe correct in this case is nal17:29
ikoniawell it's hosted by "nal" I didn't realise it was actually his box17:30
ikoniaI thought you could use "tell" to tell anything17:30
naliothMyrtti: it's an ubuntu community bot17:30
ikoniadidn't realise you had to give it a  a factoid bot17:30
naliothikonia: no, just factoids17:30
ikonianalioth: yes, that was my view on it17:30
ikonianalioth: there goes the fun :(17:30
naliothnow "i" can have it say anything  :P17:31
naliothbut i don't.17:31
ikoniaand the fun comes back17:31
Myrttinomnomnom Salmiakki ♥18:12
Myrttijussi01: your bitlbee is still awol18:19
jussi01err whut??18:19
Myrttiabsent without leave18:19
jussi01I know...18:20
* Myrtti rolls her eyes18:20
Myrttimeh, now I ate all my salmiakki18:40
PriceChildMyrtti: ate?18:47
jussi01PriceChild: you do know what salmiakki is...?18:48
jussi01PriceChild: not salmiakki koskenkorva... :D18:48
Myrttisalmiakkikossu is prepared from salmiakki and kossu18:48
Myrttisalmiakki == ammonium chloride18:49
Myrtti(and more or less licorice too)'18:49
jussi01PriceChild: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/88/234041244_7815c027df.jpg?v=018:49
LjLsome fool must have crashed into a level crossing18:59
LjLor at least that's the only interpretation i can give to "*due to a car accident* at blah blah trains are delayed blah blah"19:00
LjLat least mine wasn't19:00
naliothanybody get any weird spam within the past couple minutes?19:16
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (tomecekd)19:40
Flare183I think we might have a problem we the bots20:12
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.20:16
naliothPriceChild: don't worry about it, if he didnt hang around to enlighten us20:17
PriceChildindeed, meh20:19
mneptokubottu: is your Jawa inhibitor securely fastened?20:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:31
mneptoki see that it is. eeeeeeeexcellent.20:31
jussi01mneptok: !!!20:31
jussi01be nice!!20:31
* jussi01 huggles ubottu20:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unf20:33
MyrttiSAND PEOPLE!20:34
mneptokubottu: unf is <action>shakes it20:34
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, mneptok said: ubottu: unf is <action>shakes it20:34
mneptokerrr ... i logged in, you moron.20:35
mneptokdamned faulty inhibitors.20:35
Myrtti!scope | mneptok 20:35
ubottumneptok: We don't need factoids for *everything* ;)20:35
mneptoksomeone added a factoid about not adding factoids. oh the irony.20:36
ubottuFlare183 called the ops in #ubuntu (joe_)20:40
* Myrtti pinches mneptoks cheek20:40
mneptokupper or lower?20:41
* Myrtti slaps20:45
MyrttiI'll start using Gentoo if you tease me like that.20:46
Myrttior FreeBSD.20:46
jussi01I just banned mattfury in #ubuntu, for a nazi reference 20:46
jussi01someone might want to look at scrollback and tell me if I was too harsh20:46
PriceChildi think he went in #freenode earlier20:47
PriceChildhe did indeedy, rape jokes20:47
PriceChildi say 'jokes'...20:47
Myrttirape jokes?20:47
Myrttiwhere's my electric cattle herder?20:47
jussi01ok, so It sounds like the right thing was done then...20:47
jussi01ouch!! careful with that!!20:48
mneptokthe only thing funny about rape is that whole "if you don't laugh at the human condition, and you have a conscience, you'll blow your brains out within 2 minutes on this planet" approach thingy.21:06
mneptok*sigh* what's *wrong* with people?!21:07
mneptok(laugh, Kurt, laugh. take the gun out of your mouth.)21:07
mneptoksomeone tell me it's all gonna be OK in the end21:08
* jussi01 huggles mneptok21:17
* Myrtti gives mneptok a hug mug of tea21:17
Seeker`hug mug?21:20
Myrttisorry, my laptop has these "creative pauses"21:20
mneptokthanks. sometimes humanity *really* disappoints.21:26
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, aubade said: !trolls is <reply> "Confound these wretched rodents! For every one I fling away, a dozen more vex me!"21:35
ikoniaevening gents21:57
ikoniaand ladies21:57
LjLis there network desynch?22:30
PiciIs there?22:30
LjLi don't know, the bots went all crazy earlier, and #ubuntu sort of looks wrong22:30
PiciI just got here recently.22:31
LjLmessages being sent at distances that would require a world record typist22:31
PiciTurns out, ssh and irssi don't work when the laptop is out of batteries22:31
Seeker`eugh, my scroll + caps lock keys keep flashing whenever I try to get to X22:32
Seeker`tried upgrading to intrepid, problem started, wont even boot off the intrepid install CD22:32
mneptokSeeker`: tried xfix?22:39
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (some help here)22:39
Seeker`mneptok: X just about starts, then everything freezes22:40
tomawThere are some still trying to connect22:40
tomawlook for bas? nicks22:40
mneptokactually, RI has the same behavior. but all have "_-{Ruben}-_ clonner v1.022:41
mneptokas realname22:41
LjLthey'll hit -unregged22:41
ubottuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)22:41
mneptoksee above inputline, bitte22:41
* tomaw waves at mneptok 22:41
mneptokheya tomaw 22:42
LjLwell spotted mneptok22:42
LjLalthough you didn't spot tomaw22:42
mneptokLjL: familiar trolls get a pass ;)22:42
tomawlooks to be done with it now anyway22:42
Seeker`mneptok: any ideas?22:47
mneptokSeeker`: did you try the "xfix" option from recovery mode?22:48
Seeker`I get "command not found"22:51
mneptokSeeker`: boot to recovery mode22:51
mneptokSeeker`: you will then be presented with a menu of options. one of them is "xfix." run that, see wha'ppen.22:51
Seeker`mneptok: I dont get a menu of options22:54
Seeker`I just get a root command prompt22:54
LjLyou should get a menu with 8.04, but then maybe it doesn't happen on upgrades22:54
LjLi've never personally seen that menu yet (never been in recovery mode in the past months either)22:55
Seeker`its definately a kernel panic on starting X22:55
Seeker`from the HDD or CD22:55
LjLwhy does wiivile2's nickname, combined with his comcast host, remind me of someone?23:13
LjLah no it reminds me of wii, but the comcast host is unrelated really.23:14
LjLnow about to ban evade23:14
LjLrejoined from rr.com23:14
LjL[00:16:11] --> wiivile2 has joined this channel (n=john@adsl-70-130-174-252.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net).23:16
LjLthis fellow has got plenty of hosts23:16
LjL(that was ##unavailable)23:16
LjL[00:19:58] <LjL> eliviiw: i can read your stupid nickname backwards, and upside down.23:20
LjL[00:19:58] <-- tobias has left this server (Read error: 113 (No route to host)).23:20
LjL[00:20:01] <MothOnLovesFlame> hspaans meet me in i2p then23:20
LjL[00:20:05] *** LjL sets mode: +b *!*@adsl-70-130-174-252.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net23:20
jussi01LjL: bestbot is funny - see -bots now... :D23:22
LjLi know :>23:22
ubottuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)23:22
jussi01what is it, troll day today?23:23
LjL"vilewii" in #ubuntu, ban evading as you can see above - repeatedly - now appears to be messing with me23:23
LjLby giving email addresses of mine in the channel (which aren't really mine but anyway)23:23
christellike everyday pinky23:23
christelLjL: (klined)23:24
christelshort expiry time mind23:25
LjLsure, thanks. he'll probably be back from another host before you know it anyway23:25
christelyeah, tends to be the case23:25
LjLchristel: he just has ;)23:26
tomawnot online23:26
LjLsorry, vilewii11123:26
LjLfrom cox.net this time23:26
Seeker`I give up with these kernel panics, night23:26
tomawhe's messaging you with crap so you know it's the same guy?23:26
LjLtomaw: ... no, i know he's the same guy because he just said "<vilewii111> you think i cant change my host?" 23:27
LjLalso, his nicknames are anagrams of one another23:27
tomawAh, he's not in any channels currently23:27
LjLbecause i just banned him from #ubuntu23:28
tomawmeh sorry23:28
tomaw<-- slow this evening23:28
tomawhe's gone23:28
* christel hands tomaw a garden gnome23:29
christel(tis your prize)23:29
LjLsorry i'm just being bitter because he's getting on my nerves23:29
LjLwill go smoke a cigarette instead of following his hostname changes23:29
tomawpfft, you should give up23:29
LjL@mark #ubuntu wiivile Known hosts used so far: *.pa.comcast.net c-24-11-171-94.hsd1.mi.comcast.net 129-60.200-68.tampabay.res.rr.com cpe-65-189-142-147.columbus.res.rr.com adsl-70-130-174-252.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net ip72-216-13-141.pn.at.cox.net - Nicknames changing, always an anagram/variation on "wiivile" - Ident & GECOS unpredictable - Hangs in -es, #macosx, #macdev, ##c - Mild troll when left alone23:38
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:38
LjLjrib, and you're even "helping" him meh23:40
* jrib lacks LjL's esp23:40
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, nubotu said: ubottu: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com23:48

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