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davmor2morning heno11:23
henomorning davmor211:24
davmor2hello stgraber11:56
* heno does a sanity check of kub oem11:56
davmor2heno: check you got the right cd riddell only uploaded  an hour ago11:57
henook, thanks11:57
davmor2heno: made the same mistake the fiwes are in 1.10.8 of ubiquity12:00
davmor2heno: direct install works12:10
Zombieffhi all12:30
ZombieffI've just installed Intrepid on my Eee PC 701 and found eeepc-acpi-scripts package broken12:31
Zombieffit requires acpi-support package, which is not present12:32
Zombieffdoes anyone use 8.10 on Eee PC?12:35
davmor2acer aspire one12:36
davmor2but it works on that12:36
Zombieffok, this bug is already reported at launchpad12:40
davmor2heno: oem works here12:54
slangasekfirst candidate ISOs for final posted14:21
IrishDavidhow can i upgrade 8.04 to 8.10 RC1?14:24
* stgraber takes Ubuntu alternate amd6414:27
davmor2slangasek: Ahead of yourself aren't you ;)14:32
davmor2First candidate cd's......Wasn't expecting any till at least tomorrow :)14:33
slangasekthat means we're on schedule14:34
davmor2slangasek: is it only alt's at the minute then?14:39
stgraberslangasek: that's great, should happen more often :)14:39
slangasekdavmor2: yes, alternates always finish quicker14:39
slangasek(desktop CD build started at the exact same time)14:39
davmor2slangasek: Okay cool :)14:40
stgraberI take: Ubuntu alt amd64 -> erase disk / erase disk + lvm / LTSP / free software only / expert14:40
slangasekoops, kubuntu alternate oversized, respinning14:59
muibewlan works oddly - it takes many minutes until I'm able to get the connection14:59
muibemy wlan is atheros 500614:59
muibethe driver i use is madwifi-hal-
muibeit worked all ok before but i've had these problems since i upgraded the os yesterday15:01
slangasekmuibe: this is not the best channel on which to seek help for such issues; you may want to try #ubuntu-kernel instead15:06
slangasekmuibe: but if you upgraded the OS to Ubuntu 8.10 RC, there are known problems with ath5k in the 2.6.27 kernel - you're probably lucky that it worked at all(!)15:07
slangasekkubuntu alternate respun; first desktop images posted15:11
muibeslangasek: thanks for the advice ;)15:13
* heno syncs15:15
* davmor2 stops syncing as bandwidth is being killed by wubi upgrade15:17
* pedro_ syncing desktop i38615:19
* davmor2 thinks netboot can wait till I have bandwidth in the morning :)15:20
kwwiiok, someone tell me what to test :-)15:24
davmor2kwwii: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/all any of these15:25
kwwiidavmor2: cool, rysnc-ing now15:26
davmor2heno: How many minimum tests each?15:29
henodavmor2: we'll aim for two of each15:30
davmor2Cool :)15:30
* heno grabs some food15:32
slangasekxubuntu alternates got built with some out-of-date packages due to an archive sync issue; trying a respin15:43
slangasekok, xubuntu alternates appear fixed15:56
ad_hey anyone here16:21
davmor2ad_: yes16:33
ad_hey im trying to install yelp-dbgsym=2.24.0-0ubuntu2.8.10 to backtrace a bug on intrepiud but cant seem to install it16:33
davmor2ad_: That's cause it's not there.  I'm not sure if it got integrated into the yelp package itself16:37
ad_ok then well I run this could you taek a look16:37
ad_maybe you know whats going wrong16:38
davmor2Hmmm no hang on16:38
ad_is that correctly backtraced is my first question16:38
davmor2ad_: what's the bug?16:40
ad_edit will not function after upgrading to Intrepid from Hardy - either running gedit from the menu or terminal renders the same output.16:41
mvocould someone please check if the spx file in the example folder plays for them? I just did a test install on a system with no soundcard (VM) and totem hangs for me when I try to open it16:59
kwwiimvo: works for me17:12
stgraberhalf of Ubuntu alternate amd64 is now done17:13
mvokwwii: thanks, I think its because I have no working soundcard in the test system (somewhat unusual :)17:14
kwwiiyeah, that cannot be the way things should work17:16
tuxxy__hey anyone here, I wondering if my open/close compiz animations being faulty is worth a bug report17:22
davmor2tuxxy__: what happens17:23
tuxxy__none of the clos/opene animations work with this error in .xsession17:24
tuxxy__/usr/bin/compiz.real (animation) - Error: Animation settings mismatch in "Animation Selection" list for Close event.17:24
tuxxy__this was an upgrade17:24
davmor2mvo: ^17:24
tuxxy__/usr/bin/compiz.real (animation) - Error: Animation settings mismatch in "Animation Selection" list for Open event.17:25
mvotuxxy__: I check it out17:26
tuxxy__no bug then17:26
mvotuxxy__: thank you! did you change the animation settings or did you stick with the hardy defaults ?17:27
tuxxy__yes I enabled the new animations plugin and everything seems to work fine except open/close animations and also I get a little distortion with some effects when I minimize/maximize17:28
tuxxy__usually distortion is in the top window frame maybe an issue with emerald I dont kno17:28
tuxxy__I plan to fresh install again in 3 days so hopefully that should fix it all although I have my /home partition seperate so I hope it doesnt happen again17:29
tuxxy__*frsh install17:30
tuxxy__hardly any animations worked at first until I enabled the enw animations plugin in compiz then my minimize/maximize worked fine but not the open/close17:31
tuxxy__i also tried the old nvidia driver v173 but no luck17:33
* stgraber takes Ubuntu Desktop amd6417:36
mvotuxxy__: please add a bugreport just so that this information does not get lost and let me know about the bugnumber when its finished, I'm running a test to see if I can reproduce it17:36
tuxxy__ok will do, this is on AMD64 - nvidia 8600GTS17:37
tuxxy__upgrade to Ibux from Hardy17:37
tuxxy__mvo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/28996617:49
ubot5`Launchpad bug 289966 in compiz "Open/Close animations do not function after upgrade to Intrepid" [Undecided,New]17:49
ubot5`Launchpad bug 289952 in update-manager "[8.10] update-manager ignores sources.list during hardy->intrepid upgrade" [Undecided,New]17:56
stgraberOEM tests successful on both desktop and alternate (Ubuntu)18:12
henoI'm getting a black screen on kub oem 64-bit (kvm)18:29
henobut in a different place this time, after the user config18:30
henodavmor2 reported success earlier though18:30
henocould someone try that on hw, vm or vbox?18:31
henoto rule out kvm-isms18:31
* heno starts xubuntu 64 alt18:56
* stgraber takes edubuntu amd6419:06
stgraberslangasek: ^19:07
stgraberit tried to get packages from the internet (as usual)19:07
stgraberlibgsm1 and libavcodec5119:07
stgraberslangasek: what do we expect from the edubuntu addon ? being able to install without internet or just to install (I did have internet enabled when installing so I have it in my sources.list)19:08
stgraberheno: ^19:09
henohm, it worked here, but I had network19:10
stgraberyeah, with network it'd have downloaded these two packages19:11
stgrabermy question is: Is it supposed to install without internet ?19:11
stgraberIIRC it was supposed to but never quite did19:11
henohow ungracefully does it fail?19:11
stgraber(since we turned the recommends on)19:11
henoI guess you can install most apps individually19:12
stgraberheno: "Some softwares can't be installed because the installer is unable to get some needed packages" or something similar19:12
stgraberso only part of it won't be installed19:12
henoI guess those two packages should be seeded19:12
stgraberand I suspect that if I didn't have internet when doing the install it wouldn't even have tried to download these19:13
henosounds like a fairly simple fix - there is certainly space now19:13
stgraberyeah, IIRC we have some free space on the edubuntu CD19:13
henoWinFOSS has been removed now19:13
stgraberoh, ok I'll add that to my testcase change list, so they get removed19:14
henoI've counted removed winfoss as a PASS :)19:14
stgraberyeah because it was successfully removed :)19:15
mvobdmurray: do you think you could squeeze in a SRU verification ? (for #289855 and #255545)?20:08
bdmurraymvo: I'll get with sbeattie and see what we can work out20:10
bdmurraymvo: bug 289855 seems the more important of the two is that right?20:10
bdmurraymvo_: did you see my last msg?20:13
mvo_bdmurray: no, looks like I disconnected before :/20:18
* mvo_ kicks his network20:18
bdmurrayI'll get with sbeattie and see what we can work out20:20
bdmurraybug 289855 seems the more important of the two is that right?20:20
mvo_thanks! its hopefully really easy/straightforward20:20
mvo_the apt one is slightly more important, but they are roughtly equal20:20
bdmurraysbeattie: mvo was looking for some help with sru verification of a hardy2intrepid upgrade20:42
bdmurraysbeattie: actually 2 of them20:43
bdmurraymaybe we can split them between us?20:43
sbeattiebdmurray: sure.20:43
bdmurraysbeattie: actually dependent on each other20:44
sbeattiethe update-manager one and the apt one?20:44
bdmurrayhmm, actually they seem dependent on each other20:44
bdmurrayyeah, that's them20:45
bdmurrayI have a hardy vm I could do it with20:45
sbeattieI don't mind, I was going to do some more upgrade testing today.20:46
sbeattieif nothing else, it's also useful to an upgrade from a system with hardy-proposed enabled as well.20:47
bdmurrayIt might be good for the SRU screencast too - or maybe bug 270777.  I have hardware for that20:51

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