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PlagmanI'm looking for someone who knows anything about 107_fedora_dont_backfill_bg_none.patch14:44
PlagmanI suspect it's only there to help with Xgl, which is largely unused nowadays14:44
PlagmanPretty much every driver provides its own texture_from_pixmap implementation14:44
PlagmanThis patches introduces graphical corruption with compositing enabled; we've had quite a bit of users complaining about it14:45
superm1Plagman, I can't comment on the patch particularly, but the people who would be responding to it later would probably ask, we being Ubuntu users?14:46
tjaaltonPlagman: it's still shipped by fedora, and was added to the package a long time ago, so no-one here knows the details why it was added14:47
Plagmanwe equals NVIDIA X driver team14:48
PlagmanPeople like to say it's our bug as well. :/14:49
tjaaltonPlagman: any way to reproduce with 177.80?14:50
Plagmanyou'll need a compositing manager running 14:50
Plagmanbasically, any newly created window should briefly flash black14:51
Plagman(or random colorful corruption if you're using InitialPixmapPlacement=2)14:51
Plagmanif you start firefox, you should get a black square before the first expose14:51
superm1i've seen that particularly with bigger windows like FF on my nvidia cards but never thought much of it14:51
tjaaltonright, me too with FF14:52
Plagmanpeople don't usually complain about it with default IPP settings14:52
Plagmanbut with InitialPixmapPlacement=2, the graphics memory isn't initialized so they get whatever was there at the time14:52
Plagmanwhereas the contents of the backing pixmap should really be initialized to whatever is behind it14:53
Plagmanusing that block that's removed by the patch I'm talking about14:53
tjaaltonit was added to the fedora xserver version
tjaaltonby krh14:54
Plagmanoh, okay14:55
PlagmanI'll just email him then14:55
superm1tjaalton, but it didn't actually land upstream?14:56
tjaaltonsuperm1: nope14:56
Plagmanof course not :/14:56
Plagmanit removes functionality14:56
Plagmanas I see it, it's mostly an ugly hack to make Xgl faster at the cost of correctness14:56
tjaaltonactually, I did drop it from 2:1.2.0-3ubuntu1, but re-enabled because people complained about performance regressions14:56
superm1with what drivers did they see regressions?14:57
tjaaltonheh, can't remember.. it was 1,5 years ago14:57
tjaaltonand the changelog entry doesn't help either14:58
tjaaltonmunckfish: hey, the daily ps3 image doesn't work :)14:59
superm1perhaps it will be worthwhile to test via an SRU for regressions against a handful of drivers then after Gold14:59
munckfishtjaalton: the desktop one doesn't nope - I just tested it this weekend15:00
munckfishbut the alternate one does15:00
superm1and if perfromance regressions are still present just drop the SRU.15:00
tjaaltonmunckfish: damn, another 2h download it is then :)15:00
PlagmanI'll contact Kristian about the original intent of the patch and its meaningfulness as of today15:00
munckfishusplash is knackered for some reason and the desktop installer didn't have it disabled15:00
munckfishlast time it was built15:00
tjaaltonPlagman: that would help15:00
PlagmanIf we agree that it doesn't make sense to keep it, who do I copy here to make what you said happen?15:00
tjaaltonmunckfish: but shouldn't "install" run the text-mode installer?15:01
munckfishtjaalton: other than that once it's up and running it's really quite nice15:01
munckfishtjaalton: no it runs ubiquity I think15:01
tjaaltonPlagman: me and bryce for instance15:01
tjaaltonmunckfish: bah15:01
Plagmansounds good15:02
Plagmanthanks for the quick feedback15:02
Plagmandamn, krh is off on vacation15:19
tjaaltonyou could try ajax then15:23
PlagmanI guess I could15:24
PlagmanI'm not really familiar with the Ubuntu release/update management process; even if this patch was proved to be harmful, would there be a realistic hope of the X server in final 8.10 not having it? Or maybe in a subsequent update? I realize it's pretty late for that right now.15:28
tjaaltonno chance to get in the final release15:29
tjaaltonbut an update is possible if dropping it doesn't break anything15:29
PlagmanI see.15:31
tjaaltonafk for 4h ->15:31
Plagmanwell, ajax doesn't want the patch gone16:12
Plagmanapparently most drivers suffer from this16:13
Plagmanit's not a performance problem on our side, though; we'll discuss options internally16:14
Plagmanthanks for the help16:14
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jcristautjaalton: welcome :)18:41
wgrantHrmm. X doesn't like having key repeat settings set with HAL managing devices.21:56
tjaaltonjcristau: thanks :)22:27

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