||ChAoS||LjL: can you explain why thats a bad idea?00:00
darkvertexsfears: /var/log/syslog00:00
FlannelFormode: If you plan on using IRC a lot, you'll probably be better off getting a real IRC client, such as Xchat00:00
Miyavix31I've had problems with Hardy and getting the internet to work, do you think it will be able to work with intrepid? (DWA-552 D-link wireless N router)00:01
puffFlannel: I prefer emacs erc mode :-).00:01
axtrosiris: Take a look at conky, http://conky.sourcesforge.net00:01
osiristhank-you axtr00:01
FormodeFlannel, I have xchat as well. :) I just want to be able to leave #Ubuntu up without having an entire other application open. :-P00:01
jennacan someone tell me what is up with zattoo?00:01
ComputerI am trying to get a pcmcia network card working. I am not sure that the PCMCIA is working properly because the network card LED does not light up. pcmciautils are installed. Base system is installed from the Ubuntu 8 CD.00:01
seelehmm.. seems like a waste to download a complete iso.  the package has to be listed on launchpad *somewhere*00:01
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seekingtruthubuntu 8.10 is out today, im so happy00:02
Formodeseekintruth, 4 more days, actually.00:02
Formodeseekingtruth, 4 more days, actually*00:02
seekingtruthFormode: hmm 3 days it says00:02
axtrosiris: http://conky.sourceforge.net/00:02
Formodeseekingtruth, Ah. xD I checked it 2 hours ago. :-P00:02
seekingtruthFormode: hhe ;)00:02
LjL||ChAoS||: because you shouldn't normally run programs from a random place in your home, unless you're doing something special. the prefix "./" makes it clear that you actually want to do it (and doesn't take very long to type, for sure), while just typing a name doesn't, and its effects is only predictable given you know the contents of your current directory, which is quite scary.00:02
Formodeseekingtruth, But I am in PDT. :-P00:03
popeyjenna: you're better off asking zattoo themselves00:03
Formodeseekingtruth, GMT -8.00:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pdt00:03
* djdarkman goes to make a coffe as hard as h3ll00:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gmt00:03
djhashComputer: unplug the card, then plugit back in then type "dmesg"00:03
SaberZonly thing I throw in my /home directory is my Music folder and wow00:03
Miyavix3Formode: Do you think my card will be supported naturally with Intrepid? (D-link wireless N adapter DWA-552)00:03
seekingtruthdjdarkman: why do you drink drugs?00:03
Formodeseekingtruth, Time. :-P00:03
LjL!fishing | seekingtruth00:03
ubottuseekingtruth: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".00:03
bahIt is now Sunday October 26 2008 08:03:46 PM UTC-4 (EDT). (24 hour time is 20:03:46). 1225065826 seconds since 00:00:00 UTC, January 1, 1970. (Not counting leap seconds.)00:03
Info73Now is 17:03:19.00:03
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)00:03
SaberZwhat IRC client do you recommend? Currently using xchat Gnome00:03
jennapopey, that is right. you also got that problem?00:03
Flannelseekingtruth, Formode: it comes out on the 30th.  If you have questions about Intrepid (support, etc) those belong in #ubuntu+1, if you just want to chat about it, #ubuntu-release-party is the place to be.  Thanks.00:03
seekingtruthljl pl00:03
mrz0girssi is graet for ssh and screening it for long logins and stuff00:04
seekingtruthFlannel: rofl :)00:04
popeyjenna: no, but I have heard others complain today00:04
FormodeMiyavix3, I don't know. :) You can try it by downloading the beta, or by checking the hardware compatability page on the help wiki. :)00:04
jennapopey, ok. thank you for the information00:04
sfearsdarkvertex: that's not the whole thing.  i'm looking for the entier boot up00:05
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LifesaGardenHow does someone handle fonts in Hardy?      I want to delete the   ttf-Larabie-Uncommon     * Participants ttfs00:06
jennapopey, just did so. :) i asked zattoo directly.00:08
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lucaxdo i need emerald for using window reflections?00:10
BachiirI'm having an issue with my flash player and it's imperative that I find a solution quickly, so any help is greatly appreciated. Flash works fine, but I cannot get keyboard input to work. I can select the fields I want to enter information into, but I can't use my keyboard to enter it.00:10
kerinhi - when I try to play h.264-encoded video, my player crashes.00:10
kerinlucax: yes.00:10
HaSHhello all. im trying to compile mupen64plus so it has nogui support and it needs libsdl-dev to compile..but when i goto install it i get this: http://pastebin.com/m536e2d8700:11
lucaxkerin, wont work with metacity at all?00:11
graemeI was messing around in my setting and I reset my graphics card now when I boot up It wont load the GUI00:11
kerinlucax: metacity and emerald are completely different window managers.  if you want to use the features of one, you have to be using it.00:11
keringraeme: reset your graphics card?00:11
graemechanged the driver for it00:11
graemeso How do I pick the driver in the terminal00:12
sfearswhile booting my system halts to wait to see if there is a resume image.  is that because hibernation is enabled?00:12
keringraeme: how did you change the driver in the first place?00:12
ANTOINEhey guys, how can I apt-get a 32bit package on a 64 bit system (to have it installed into /usr/lib32)?00:12
graemei was trying to find the one for my card and I picked the wrong one00:13
keringraeme:  in the Screens and graphics panel?  okay, i know how to help you.  :)00:14
djhashgraeme: where u using the GUI interface to pick the driver?00:14
graemeoh yes I was00:15
Computerdjhash, unplugging and replugging the pcmcia network card does not create any new output from dmesg00:15
BachiirAnyone have any ideas on my flash issue?00:15
kerinrun "ls /etc/X11 | grep xorg.conf" for me and tell me what results you get, okay?  that will help me determine whether there's a backup of your old (working) configuration.00:15
keringraeme: last post was to you, sorry.00:15
djhashComputer: and "sudo lshw" does not show the card?00:15
KenBW22Bachiir: which issue?00:15
FezzlerI have two HD in my computer.  How do I find their total capacity and free space in Ubuntu 8.04?00:16
graemewell I am on my desktop right now00:16
BachiirI'm having an issue with my flash player and it's imperative that I find a solution quickly, so any help is greatly appreciated. Flash works fine, but I cannot get keyboard input to work. I can select the fields I want to enter information into, but I can't use my keyboard to enter it.00:16
juliananyone know how to get flash to work on vuze using 64 bit hardy00:16
KenBW22Fezzler: Places > Computer. Right-click the drives00:16
keringraeme: it might be an idea to have access to your machine while looking for support on it.00:16
graemeand I had just installed it before I changed the setting so there isn't any back up00:16
kerinin that case00:16
kerinrun this command00:16
KenBW22Bachiir: what browser?00:17
graemeokay I'll be back in a few minutes with the results00:17
kerin"sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak"00:17
kerinand then try booting00:17
FezzlerKenBW22: Then Properties?00:17
KenBW22Fezzler: yea00:17
kerinit'll give you a low-res GUI and you can reconfigure with the graphical tools00:17
KenBW22Bachiir: try Firefox00:17
BachiirDoesn't work there, either.00:18
ANTOINEanyone? installing 32 bit package on 64 bit system? :)00:18
KenBW22Bachiir: i have problems with Opera and Flash00:18
FezzlerKenBW22: Is the one labeled Filesystem my first drive?00:18
KenBW22Fezzler: that's your ubuntu partition, yes00:18
kerinFezzler: generally, Filesystem includes all your drives.00:18
FezzlerKenBW22: I see one labeled File system and one labled 96.6 9 media00:19
KenBW22Bachiir: what v of flash?00:19
Computerdjhash, pcmcia shows under firmware capabilities but that's it00:19
KenBW22Fezzler: ilesystem is your ubuntu partition, the other is the other HD00:19
Fezzlerkerin: So again, how can I see drive ATA0 and ATA1 and their free space00:19
FezzlerI have two hard rives00:19
kerinFezzler: df -m00:20
KenBW22Fezzler: as stated above00:20
BachiirThe site that I need to run the applet on won't let me use firefox, it's really silly. I can access it on epiphany, though. I have the same problem with either browser anyway. Flash is apparently
KenBW22Bachiir: it cant be :/00:20
masque7is there DOSBox for linux?00:20
ubuntu4meGreetings.  Is ubuntu (livecd) able to boot the underlying OS, via some VM software?  The wife still need WinXX for iTunes..00:20
kerinmasque7: yes.00:21
BachiirMaybe... LNX, then?00:21
KenBW22Bachiir: makes more sense. whats the site?00:21
kerinubuntu4me: you'd be better off running Frostwire in linux00:21
djhashComputer: it might be possible you have a problem with the card itself.. but dont take my word for it.. i'm just a noobux..00:21
ubuntu4mekerin:  thanks00:21
ubuntu4mekerin:  let me google00:21
kerinubuntu4me: agh!  wait.00:21
sdxi have a directory index with images how can i get them all with wget?00:22
kerinubuntu4me: my bad, i'm an idiot.  thought you said winMX, which is a filesharing client.00:22
KenBW22Bachiir: no way for me to try it?00:22
Fezzlerstill confused - one of my drives in a 200gig but I don't see one being reported with nearly that capacity with DF -m00:22
kerinubuntu4me: does she need itunes for the itunes store or ipod sync?00:22
BachiirI don't think so.00:22
lucaxdirect rendering for two users logged in on intel gma not supported yet?00:22
ubuntu4mekerin:  itunes store..00:22
n8tuser1sdx did you man wget, perhaps it has some tips on how to retrieve everything?00:22
ubuntu4mekerin:  Starbucks give out free music weekly w/ her coffee..  :(00:23
KenBW22Bachiir: i cant help sorry00:23
KenBW22Bachiir: this is why i hate flash00:23
kerinubuntu4me: ah.  well, you could run windows through a VM inside ubuntu but you can't just boot the windows on your hard drive inside linux.00:23
BachiirYeah, I hate flash, too. One of my courses requires that you do online homework via their flash applet. It works fine on my debian box, but it's currently out of commission, so I'm doing it on this (my ubuntu laptop). I didn't realize that it had this issue until just now.00:23
hatemtmtmhi i'm new use at ubuntu , can i hack by ubuntu?!!00:23
kerinubuntu4me: i've heard itunes works in Wine, but as far as I can tell that's a filthy lie.00:23
ubuntu4mekerin:  Sure you can... w/ VMWare, but it's not on the ubuntu livecd.00:24
KenBW22Bachiir: you could try upgrading to flash 10 from adobe's site00:24
ubuntu4mekerin:  ok..  sounds like I'm SOL w/ the livecd then?00:24
kerinubuntu4me: if you tried that with VMware, i'm pretty sure there would be configuration issues from booting into virtualized/different hardware.  for instance?  activation.00:24
kerinubuntu4me:  kind of.  how adventurous are you feeling?00:25
joseanyone speaks spanish00:25
FezzlerKenBW22: Check out my Pastebin00:25
KenBW22Fezzler: so what do you want to know00:25
Flannel!es | jose00:25
ubuntu4mekerin:  I don't want to hack VMWare, via a nfs share or anything like that, if that's what you're asking.  Too much *nix at work.  I just want it to work.00:25
ubottujose: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:25
jlgshkes aqui ubuntu en español00:25
kerinubuntu4me: because if you had a flash drive, you could make an ubuntu live-USB stick with data persistence.  which'd let you install software, etc00:25
jlgshk ubuntu español00:26
josea chat server like this00:26
KenBW22Bachiir: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash&promoid=BUIGP00:26
FezzlerI thought I had my first drive which was a 10-20gig as the "system HD" and the second one, the 200gig set up as /home00:26
Flanneljlgshk: /join #ubuntu-es00:26
Chris_Brittonis it ok to ask openoffice.org questions in here or do I use a different channel00:26
BachiirOkay, I'm going to try updating..00:26
joseI'm new in Ubuntu00:26
FezzlerI wanted to see how much space is left on both drives00:26
hatemtmtmhi i'm new user at ubuntu can i hack by ubuntu??00:26
joseI want to use compiz00:26
FlannelFezzler: df -h00:27
l337ingDisorderhey folks, I've downloaded a custom usplash theme but I can't seem to find any decent documentation explaining how to use the them.. can anyone tell me how to install/use it?00:27
Chris_Brittonhatemtmtm, that would violate the terms of the user license agreement00:27
ubuntu4mekerin:  ok, thanks for the sugguestions.  Would be a cool project if I had time..00:27
kerinubuntu4me: i'm still not convinced that you can actually, you know, VMware the windows partition without the guest OS flipping out and going "whoa, all my hardware is different."  same reason you can't just pop a hard drive with XP into a different machine and expect it to boot.00:27
Flannelhatemtmtm: Yep.  Ubuntu is very condusive to programming in a number of languages.00:27
hatemtmtmhi i'm new user at ubuntu can i hack by ubuntu??00:27
Chris_Brittonhatemtmtm, that would violate the terms of the user license agreement00:27
kerinubuntu4me:  it shouldn't be terribly time consuming.  if you google for ubuntu liveusb utility you should find a slick GUI tool to do all the heavy lifting for you.00:27
ubottua free and open source office suite, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components.  To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #users.openoffice.org00:27
FezzlerFlannel: Cool.  df -h did it.  Why is my 200gig only showing as 93gig?00:28
kerinFezzler: i told you df -h ages ago, man.00:28
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hatemtmtmchris_britton : can u tell me some programs for hacking, or book00:28
evan_help i cant use my space bar, im getting crazy copie pasting!00:28
kerinFezzler: and, your partition could be formatted improperly00:29
Chris_Brittonhatemtmtm, why do you need that type of information ?00:29
Flannelhatemtmtm: Python is pretty easy to learn: http://diveintopython.org/00:29
ubuntu4meFezzler:  fdisk -l00:29
huyhoaI have problem with installing wireless card driver. My card is AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter. When I tried installing madwifi by "make" and "make install", I received an error "./kernelversion.c:13:30: error: linux/utsrelease.h: No such file or directory00:29
huyhoaMakefile.inc:91: *** KERNELCONF: /lib/modules/2.6.24-21-server/build/.config does not exist..  Stop." in "make" command. I also tried installing by Sysnaptic, but it still didnt work. I'm new to Linux, could anyone help me?00:29
evan_I switched my sceen, the must have been altered by nvidia-xconfig00:30
Chris_Brittonhatemtmtm, I need to know why you need such information and verification that it is for a legitimate purpose00:30
Fezzlerkerin: All due respect, dude, you said "df -m" not "df -h"00:30
Fezzlerubuntu4me: fdisk -l dangerous?00:30
FlannelFezzler: nope, but you'll need to sudo it.00:30
gregheresuggestions on a "sidebar" app like in Vista that I can customise in Ubuntu00:31
ubuntu4meFezzler:  nope.  Not w/ the -l00:31
hatemtmtmbecause my friends  can hack with windows to other computers and i want to say i can hack by linux00:31
kerinFezzler: still gives the same info, just in megabytes.00:31
hatemtmtmand i want to be different00:31
kerinFezzler: df is neat like that.  has a man page and everything.00:31
TigranGIs there any way to change the resolution that the boot screen uses? the orange bar, its really low resolution right now and it wasnt like this before00:31
kerinTigranG: yeah, there is.  gets a little dicey based on your hardware, though.00:32
DropKickPhoenixA few hours ago I asked if there was a way to run Vista inside linux. I'm dual booting and I'm too lazy to shut down to use programs on the other partition that I don't have on this one. Is there a way to run my vista partition from Ubuntu?00:32
Chris_Brittonhatemtmtm, why are your friends hacking ?00:32
FezzlerFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63072/00:32
TardisHi! I just changed computer, and just plugged in my old hard drive because i want to copy my novell evolution files to my new ubuntu install, but when i try to copy the evolution folder i get the message: "The folder "pop" cannot be handled because you do not have permissions to read it" anyone know how i can solve this problem ?00:33
ubuntu4meDropKickPhoenix:  I just asked that same question.  :)00:33
kerinTigranG: google "bootsplash resolution ubuntu", there's an excellent post about it - very comprehensive.00:33
TigranGkerin: http://swik.net/Ubuntu/Only+Ubuntu/Fix+boot+GUI+resolution+in+Ubuntu/b5iro is that okay? or is there a change of completlely screwing up  my system00:33
huyhoaMakefile.inc:91: *** KERNELCONF: /lib/modules/2.6.24-21-server/build/.config does not exist..  Stop." in "make" command. I also tried installing by Sysnaptic, but it still didnt work. I'm new to Linux, can anyone help me?00:33
djhash!offtopic | hatemtmtm00:33
ubottuhatemtmtm: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:33
hatemtmtmjust to tell other i hack on on other computer, to proud him self00:33
DropKickPhoenixUbuntu4me: Good to know it's popular. did you get an answer?00:33
kerinTardis: you mean your sonic screwdriver didn't work?  Try sudo chown [username] on the files.00:33
esavis this the place to ask questions?00:34
kerinesav: yes.00:34
* DropKickPhoenix grins00:34
Chris_Brittonhatemtmtm, why would you want to hack in the first place and what is there to be proud of it ?00:34
FezzlerFlannel: I have no idea what I have going on.  I thought I had a 6gig that was my boot HD, and a 200gig that was mounted as /home00:34
kerinTigranG: you can screw up your system, but not irrevocably.00:34
ubuntu4meDropKickPhoenix:  I think we're SOL.  One suggestion is to try out VMWare..  I'm not sure it will work..00:34
Chris_Brittonhatemtmtm, you know you could be sent to jail for doing that type of thing00:34
slevenapt =?00:34
TigranGkerin: ok00:34
TigranGkerin: im trying it00:35
FlannelFezzler: what does df -h show?00:35
FezzlerFlannel: My idea was the data on the 200gig would always be safe from a problem with the HD100:35
DropKickPhoenixI installed virtualbox but it runs from a file that expands in size not a partition, the previous answer I got was VMware as well.00:35
FlannelFezzler: right, thats the benefit of a separate home.00:35
jgoguenChris_Britton: technically no, "hacking" is a good thing...it's "cracking" that you get in trouble for00:35
huyhoaI have problem with installing wireless card driver. My card is AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter. When I tried installing madwifi by "make" and "make install", I received an error "./kernelversion.c:13:30: error: linux/utsrelease.h: No such file or directory00:35
huyhoaMakefile.inc:91: *** KERNELCONF: /lib/modules/2.6.24-21-server/build/.config does not exist..  Stop." in "make" command. I also tried installing by Sysnaptic, but it still didnt work. I'm new to Linux, can anyone help me?00:35
ubuntu4meDrop:  Virtualbox isn't able to read directly from the partition?  Have you googled?00:35
BachiirOkay, so I updated to flash player 10 and keyboard input still does not work.00:36
jgoguenChris_Britton: but is sounds like hatemtmtm wants to do things along the "cracking" lines :(00:36
hatemtmtmyes i know , but i want to be professional , and i want to do every thing by computer, not just hacking computer but hacking any  system00:36
Chris_Brittonjgoguen, most definitely, and usually with the least amount of effort and/or understanding00:36
FezzlerFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63070/00:36
DropKickPhoenixubuntu4me: I piddled with it shortly and couldn't get the system to recognize another partition, only singular files.00:36
jgoguenhatemtmtm: what specifically do you mean by "hacking"00:37
ubuntu4mehatemtmtm:  Try this:  "pkill init"  I heard that's LeeT.00:37
hatemtmtmi'm at last year at faculty of engineering00:37
Flannelhatemtmtm: this really isn't on topic, you were already given some hacking resources, but do you mind taking further discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic? thanks00:38
kerinhatemtmtm: i do all my hacking in DOS, personally.  more leet cracks, more mainframes to hack.00:38
b33rhatemtmtm, gtfo asking people to teach you how to "hack" wont do you any good =D00:38
Flannel!gtfo | b33r00:38
ubottub33r: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:38
FezzlerFlannel: Did df -h tell you anything?00:38
esavone of my partititons is unmountable from debian, I was able to mount it from a livecd and all the filenames were garbled, if I look at it from testdisk though I can see all the filenames properly00:38
b33rFlannel, bleh00:38
Formodeb33r, This channel is for support, not rudeness. :(00:39
b33rFormode, <b33r> Flannel, bleh00:39
hatemtmtmi'm sorry for every one , i want just to know , to be professional , like i see at movies00:39
ThedjatclubrockWill 8.10 use OO.O 3.0?00:39
FlannelThedjatclubrock: #ubuntu+1 can answer that question00:39
djhashhatemtmtm: what you see in movies is fiction..00:39
FezzlerI notice in Computer - FIle Browser 96.6 GB shows up as a Place.  I wonder if my 200gig is partitioned in half.  One half as /home and other as 96.5 gb00:39
jgoguenhatemtmtm: what you see in the movies is usually not "professional" or even accurate00:40
Flannelb33r: Please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:40
ubuntu4meFezzler:  What does "fdisk -l" show you?00:40
Flannelhatemtmtm: Again, please take this topic elsewhere.00:40
hatemtmtmyes i know , but u can do some00:40
jgoguenhatemtmtm: let's take this to #ubuntu-offtopic for more discussion00:40
||ChAoS||b33r: Hacking from a clasic mac with a ms-dos command prompt is in the movies so people dont get any ideas.00:40
b33rFlannel, please drop the subject or you don't have anything better to do? ;)00:40
Tardiskerin, i think i have to chang batteries in that :P thanks ... i will try it00:40
Fezzlerubuntu4me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63072/00:40
Formodehatemtmtm, Hollywood lies are not all true. :)00:40
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hatemtmtmok , i'm sorry00:41
esavis anyone savvy to the problem I am having?00:41
kerinTardis: good luck, doctor.  ;]00:41
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mrrcphow can i access my files through the wireless network with windows pc?00:41
Fezzlerubuntu4me: That tell you anything?00:41
meeeroi've got an issue here i can't resolve. there seems to be a connection problem of some weird kind here. i've got a ftp-server up and running, which worked fine until i restarted that system recently, since then i'm getting error-messages from ftp-clients, saying `ftp: bind: Address already in use` when connecting using active mode. but i am positive that nothing is blocking that port 21, even when changing to another port i'm getting00:41
meeero that error. any ideas what to do? i really ran out of ideas00:41
ubuntu4meFezzler:  ok, what does that tell you?00:42
huyhoaDoes anyone have any suggestion for my above problem?00:42
slevenI have a question. Can you make money programming Linux-software? Is there any chance people would pay for a program(free as in free speech, not beer)?00:42
DropKickPhoenixubuntu4me: It seems Virtualbox is intended for you to create a file.vdi and install vista onto it. it doesn't leave an option to select a full partition to boot from.00:42
b33rFlannel, some people are just lame go ahead ban me please haha00:42
ubottumrrcp: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209800:42
ubuntu4meDrop:  ok, so we're still at square one?00:42
Formodesleven, Yes. :) ID Software does it. Also, alot of people will donate to open source developers. :)00:42
FlannelFezzler: Why are you only using a small portion of both of your harddrives?00:42
Fezzlerubuntu4me: Okay, it tells me I have two HDs:  one sda and sdb00:43
Ca{P}RiCoRNb33r: i upgrade to 8.04 and now my wireless card is not working :(00:43
Vantraxsleven: you can, but you have to find better models for sale than windoes00:43
DropKickPhoenixubuntu4me: have you checked VMware?00:43
b33rCa{P}RiCoRN, sorry to hear that ;s00:43
Ca{P}RiCoRNb33r: u remeber : i was having flash player problem in the evening00:43
leitaoMy Ubuntu 8.04 is crashing everytime there is flash application with some kind of sound. Any known bug about it?00:43
Ca{P}RiCoRNnow wat00:43
FezzlerFlannel: I have no idea - someone here help me set it up00:43
Formodesleven, If you want an example, games like ETQW are highly successful. http://community.enemyterritory.com/00:43
mrrcpdjhash,  is there a gui to config it?00:44
Ca{P}RiCoRNi have to do some work on linux and i m stuck00:44
FlannelFezzler: Alright, is this a fresh install? or what?  You're not trying to do anything else with these harddrives are you?  You just want your home on a separate drive?00:44
LetterRiphi all my sound quit working recently00:44
LetterRipany suggestions for troubleshooting/fixing the issue00:44
flemitayou got 64bit architecture?00:44
FormodeLetterrip, this boot?00:44
LetterRipmay have happened up to a week or two ago00:44
LetterRipusually have the sound off00:44
FormodeLetterrip, Try this: sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload00:44
xaronIs there a way to disable caching of files (images, text, videos, whatever) completely in gnome and nautilus?00:45
Ca{P}RiCoRNsuggest me some thing00:45
FezzlerFlannel: I had lots of trouble upgrading Gutsy to Hardy so I did a clean install of Hardy and remounted the old 200gig as /home again00:45
FlannelFezzler: so this is more or less fresh?  Do you have a liveCD you can use?00:45
ubuntu4medrop:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=82387600:45
FormodeLetterrip, It reloads Alsa, it can help with your sound cuts out after sleep or such.00:45
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FezzlerFlannel: Yes and yes00:45
FlannelFezzler: Freshness doesn't actually matter, we should be able to fix this without any dataloss, etc.00:45
esavone of my partititons is unmountable from debian, I was able to mount it from a livecd and all the filenames were garbled, if I look at it from testdisk though I can see all the filenames properly00:45
esavso does anyone know how to use testdisk to resolve that?00:45
LetterRipFormode - ah well it wasn't working after a reboot so00:45
LetterRipthat isn't the issue00:46
FlannelFezzler: Alright, boot the liveCD, run gparted, and expand the first partitions on each drive (sda1 and sdb1) to be the entire drives, right now you've got more partitions on there, that are taking up space.00:46
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FormodeLetterrip, Hmm, that's really strange.00:46
FezzlerFlannel: "should"  :)  how about losing all my mapping00:46
ubuntu4meDrop:  but that won't help me, since I'm trying to do it from the Ubuntu LiveCD.00:46
hatemtmtmi want to install google earth at linux00:46
LetterRipFormode i get "lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/tom/.gvfs00:46
LetterRip      Output information may be incomplete.00:46
darmouhi all, I'm trying to compile php4 with a particular version of postgresql does anyone know how I would do that?00:46
FezzlerFlannel: So I need to drop off this to do that, right?00:46
FormodeLetterrip, Yes I get that too.00:46
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azucarHello everyone :-)00:47
FezzlerFlannel: Is gparted easy to use?  A menu selection off Live CD or command line?00:47
DropKickPhoenixubuntu4me: it certainly does help me though. I'll keep looking in to virtualbox though... one question: Why would you want boot a native system through a cd run OS?00:47
FormodeLetterrip, test out your sound for me. Please. Restart Audacious/whatever you use and try to play something.00:47
zacheraI am seriously pissed to hell right now.00:48
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zacheraI tried to do apt-get autoremove for some software, and it gets errors when it tries to remove it.00:48
mneptokzachera: sorry to hear. but please watch the language.00:48
BachiirOkay, so I've gotten that page to load in firefox, but keyboard input still doesn't work.00:48
FormodeLetterrip, any luck?00:48
zacheraHow do I remove the software when it has errors upon attempting to remove it?00:48
Randall(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (NVIDIA X driver not found)00:48
Randallthat is the only error i get when i run cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log how do i fix it?00:48
LetterRipFormode nope00:49
FormodeLetterrip. Sorry, then. :-/ It's out of my ability.00:49
LetterRipk thanks anyway00:49
LetterRipwill try going to an older kernel00:49
FormodeLetterrip, Try someone who knows everything, like Flannel. :)00:49
symptomdo you have to partition the hard drive to install a new machine with virtualbox00:49
FezzlerFlannel: Still here?00:49
wsaRandall: umm, unstall the NVIDIA X druver?00:49
FlannelFezzler: Gparted is really easy to use, yes.  And menu should be there, under admin, "Gnome partition editor"00:50
okidogiHi,all. I'm new to fetchmail, but where it stores my mail on my local machine?00:50
darmouI know you can use  ./configure --with-apxs2=/usr/bin/apxs2 --with-pgsql=something00:50
FlannelFezzler: and yes, you need to boot from the CD, since you can only modify unmounted partitions00:50
darmoubut I'm not sure what something should be replace00:50
darmou with00:50
RandallWSA i think i did00:50
Flannelokidogi: Whereever you tell it to.00:50
wsa(*install the NVIDIA X driver)00:50
lu31415hi everyone00:51
Randallwsa: I think i did how would i check though? and if it isn't installed how do i do it00:51
wsaRandall: can you pastebin both your xorg.conf and the output of lsmod for me?00:51
FezzlerFlannel: So boot with Live CD, gparted is a menu item, select used entire drive for partition, save/close, reboot?  No data loss, no paths loss?00:51
BachiirDoes anyone have any idea how to get keyboard input working in flash? Keyboard input does not work in my flash player. I just upgraded to flash 10 in an attempt to fix this bug, but had no luck.00:51
ThedjatclubrockIf prefs->screen res doesn't let me choose settings, where do I go?00:51
okidogiFlannel: I use this command fetchmail -d0 -vk pop.gmail.com And I just configure the ~/.fetchmailrc withourt telling where to store.00:52
lu31415can someone help with getting an ati hd2400 pro to work in hardy heron?00:52
FlannelFezzler: No data loss, no path loss (since they're still sda1 and sdb1).  You'll end up needing to first delete the rest of your partitions, and then expand the first partitions.  But more or less, those steps were correct, yes.00:52
Flannelokidogi: It's in the default storage location then.  Either in your mail spool, or somewhere in your homedir (perhaps ~/Maildir)00:52
billybigriggeranyone here good with html/css? how do i change the icon displayed on the pages tab??? or even know what this is called?00:52
wsa.last wsa00:53
wsahaha oops sorry00:53
Flannelbillybigrigger: That's the favicon, and you just need to make/set one.00:53
Formodebillybigrigger, That is a favicon :)00:53
FezzlerFlannel: Last question - The 6gig is getting loud.  Is it possible to move my Hardy install to the 200gig and not loose00:53
billybigriggerthanks Flannel and Formode00:53
obi-wan_necesito saber si es posible desde un shell installar una distro y como lo hago desde un cd00:54
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FlannelFezzler: 6Gig is rather small, yeah. 20G would be better.  However, yeah, there is. you'll use more or less the same instructions for moving to a separate home, except you'll be moving your /00:54
Flannel!separatehome | Fezzler00:54
ubottuFezzler: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome00:54
Formodebillybigrigger: http://www.w3.org/2005/10/howto-favicon00:54
FlannelFezzler: it's likely you'll have to update grub too, which is the first link here.00:55
Flannel!grub | Fezzler00:55
ubottuFezzler: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:55
FezzlerSound hard guys00:55
NuroI can't get electric sheep to run in fullscreen.00:55
NuroI did some googling and found out it is possible to get it to run in fullscreen if you run it in mplayer. But, my problem is that when I try that it doesnt work for some reason.00:55
Nuroit just says terminated00:56
FlannelFezzler: Not terribly, but if you do have a relatively clean install, backing your personal settings up and then doing an install would be simpler/faster00:56
Randallwsa: xorg file: http://pastebin.com/m849ecf1 and lsmod output: http://pastebin.com/m1b9e670600:56
FezzlerFlannel: Maybe I'll have someone walk me through it.00:56
FezzlerFlannel: Someother night00:56
BachiirOkay, new development: I can ONLY get keyboard input from the number pad. The rest of the keyboard does nothing, but the number pad seems to work fine. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here?00:56
Daxxwhat the terminal cmd to update wine?00:57
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Flannel!away > cooldude13233|aw00:57
ubottucooldude13233|aw, please see my private message00:57
DropKickPhoenixBachiir: Sounds like a mapping issue00:57
Randallwsa: xorg file: http://pastebin.com/m849ecf1 and lsmod output: http://pastebin.com/m1b9e670600:57
lu31415i really need some help with my ati hd2400, i've tried different things, but nothing has helped - is this the right place to ask, or is there another channel more specific to this?00:57
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DamienMirandaHello my box hangs during start up at NFS common utilities00:57
mrrcpwhere is the samba user list stored00:58
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Daxxdoes anyone know the terminal cmd to update wine?00:58
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DropKickPhoenixsudo apt-get update wine?00:58
hatemtmtmi have bin file for google earth how can i install it00:58
FlannelDaxx: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wine00:58
ubuntu4meDrop:  What aps are you trying to run w/ Wine?00:59
Flannelhatemtmtm: don't.  Get the deb from medibuntu instead of using the bin00:59
DropKickPhoenixubuntu4me: Replying to someone else. I'm still trying to configure VMware :)00:59
CitizenSNIPSlets all quit!00:59
Randallwsa: xorg file: http://pastebin.com/m849ecf1 and lsmod output: http://pastebin.com/m1b9e670600:59
hatemtmtmubuntu4me, how00:59
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wsaRandall: thanks, I saw it01:00
FormodeCitizensnips, No thanks. :)01:00
wsaRandall: so you are trying to use the open-source nvidia driver, then?01:00
RandallWSA: I have a Nvidia geforce4: MX 420 and want to do 3d animation01:00
hatemtmtmflannel , how01:01
RandallWSA: but in the hardware driver options and enabling it always sends my comp into low-graphics mode after restarting01:01
DamienMirandaMy nfs common utilities fails to start up01:01
hatemtmtmflannel , how01:01
Flannelhatemtmtm: http://packages.medibuntu.org/hardy/index.html  download the googleearth deb (4.3 and 4.3-data) and then install them01:01
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mini-manHi, just upgraded to intrepid and my sound is broken, but when upgrading alsa in the upgrade process i chose to keep my conf, what should I do? I realize there's a special channel for intrepid but I can't remember what it is so if someone would be so kind.. :)01:01
wsaRandall: follow this howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia01:01
Flannelmini-man: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support01:02
mini-manFlannel, thanks01:02
RandallWSA: I have tried that01:02
hatemtmtmtnks flannel01:02
wsaRandall: also it looks like you don't even have X running -- or do you?01:02
wsaRandall: so nm about using the gtk tool01:02
lu31415wsa: could you help with a similar problem, with ati?...01:03
Randallwsa: what do i do to check?01:03
SamanthaGothLoveHi can somebody please help me with setting up a small office network connection?01:03
sleveni still cant do python myscript.py from anywhere. i have the script in /user/local/bin/01:04
Flannelsleven: You'd have to do python /path/to/myscript.py or just myscript.py (may need +x)01:04
Randallwsa: how do i check that i have everything properly installed for my video card cause i've tried everything and like nothing works01:04
nyquist_lo.. i know is OT but does anyone here have a newzbin acct?01:05
wsaRandall: okay well the first thing to do is to is change your xorg.conf to be like so, but don't start X again yet01:05
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Flannelnyquist_: That's offtopic yes, try #ubuntu-offtopic01:05
wsaRandall: like so: http://pastebin.com/m1ecde86b01:05
richarduswill users of a vanilla 8.04 machine be prompted to update to 8.10 when it's released?01:05
sleven+x ?01:05
Flannelsleven: make it executable01:06
Ca{P}RiCoRNi got screwed by 8.04 and also flash player01:06
slevenFlannel: yes but cant i have a directory which i can launch from anywhere?01:06
LjLsleven: after you make it executable, you'll be able to do that.01:06
slevenFlannel? i cant laucnh a script from anywhere? people seemed to think so before(even though they couldnt make it work)01:07
Randallwsa: after i change that what do i do?01:07
slevenok how do i make an exe out of a pythonfile?01:07
Flannelsleven: Yes, but you have to type the name of the script, not start the python interpreter.  Stuff in your path is only executable from everywhere, not accessible from everywhere.  If I put myfile.txt in /usr/bin/, I don't expect to be able to type nano myfile.txt and fave it open that file regardless of my cwd01:07
Flannelsleven: er, have.01:07
LjLsleven: chmod +x filename01:07
wsaRandall: then "sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`"01:08
SamanthaGothLoveI have two computers and both have 2 LAN card's each installed, and I have a motorola SurfBoard broad band cable modem that has a USB and LAN connection so I have connected both computers with a 50" CAT5 cable and one computer is connected to the modem using a USB and the other is connected with a CAT5 LAN cable? so now both computers have internet but the network connection isn't working,...01:08
SamanthaGothLove...so here it is how do i fix this please?01:08
slevenif i do script.py i get permission denied01:08
Flannel!ics | SamanthaGothLove01:08
ubottuSamanthaGothLove: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:08
Flannelsleven: that has to do with its permissions.01:08
slevenyes but it is in my path01:08
LjLsleven: it must be executable for *your user*. what does "ls -l /usr/local/bin/script.py" say?01:09
gaping_goatsewhere would I go to report bugs only for intrepid?01:09
sleveni dont get it should i make it an exe or is it possible to do script.py from anywhere if i change the right sutff?01:09
LjLgaping_goatse: usual plage01:09
Flannel!bugs | gaping_goatse01:09
LjLplace, even.01:09
ubottugaping_goatse: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots01:09
gaping_goatsethought so. thanks01:09
SamanthaGothLoveNo I just want to know how to have the cables and all set up i can do the programing from there just want to know is i've wired everything ok or not?01:09
sleven-rw-r--r-- l01:10
Randallwsa: it told be it was already the newest version01:10
sleven-rw-r--r-- l user 31201:10
LjLsleven: then you haven't made it executable at all01:10
wsaRandall: sweet01:10
LjLsleven: i told you you need to chmod +x filename01:10
slevenso how do I?01:10
wsaRandall: now try 'modprobe nvidia'01:10
slevenah it worked, thanks!01:10
Randallwsa: FATAL: Error running install command for nvidia01:10
DigitalFizis there a way to connect to radmin in ubuntu01:11
slevennow do i have to do that spearately for each file or can i do it fo the whole dir?01:11
wsaRandall: mrrrr?  that's strange; hang on01:11
LjLsleven: each file (although you can certainly use wildcards)01:11
slevenchmod +x /usr../* makes all executable?01:11
LjLsleven: yes01:11
LjL!cli > sleven    (sleven, see the private message from Ubotu)01:12
slevenk thanks01:12
ubottusleven, please see my private message01:12
ytooxwhat package brings kcontrol on ubuntu?01:12
Randallwsa: sudo modprobe nvidia worked i believe (it did nothing)01:12
hubarIs it a good idea to "update" from hardy to intrepid?01:12
wsaRandall: haaay good catch!01:12
yoyonedsleven: chmod +x /usr../* could be dangerous.  onlu chmod the files you move there01:12
hubarI mean using apt-get.01:12
ytooxwhat package brings kcontrol on ubuntu?01:12
slevenyoyoned, k01:12
wsaRandall: now do this 'lsmod | grep nvidia'01:13
wsayou should see it there01:13
wsa(modprobe is usually silent on a successful insertion)01:13
Randallnvidia               3932108  001:13
Randallagpgart                35016  2 nvidia,intel_agp01:13
andershubar, i and many others have already, make sure to backup your data if something goes wrong and just try01:13
slevenyoyoned, why is it dangerous anyway, could open a whole into my computer?01:13
wsaokay try starting X again -- if it works, that does not mean that we are done -- but tell me if it works01:13
hubaranders: What did you do ?01:14
Randallusually it messes up and i have to completely restart comp and i'm on wireless :(01:14
yoyonedsleven: there are some files that are not meant to be executable.01:14
hubaranders: and is it ok to upgrade distribution even when the official has not been released?01:14
ytooxwhat package brings kcontrol on ubuntu?01:14
Flannelhubar: If you don't mind (and are comfortable with) using a development version of the software01:15
wsaRandall: if that was really the only error, then it *should* work01:15
yoyonedsleven: in general, it's a bad idea to elevate permissions for no reason01:15
ytooxwhat package brings kcontrol on ubuntu?01:15
slevenyoyoned, i see01:15
andershubar, the rc is out, and the final release is in 4 days, however, if you aim for maximum stability i don't see the point in upgrading01:15
hubarFlannel: hmm, I will wait then. :)01:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kcontrol01:15
hubaranders: Did you use any gui interface to update?01:16
DamienMirandaMy nfs common utilities fails to start on start up01:16
slevencan u do most of the thinhgs u can with linux terminal with win command prompt?01:16
Flannelsleven: not easily, no.01:16
slevenit seems a lot easier and more powerful, have never used wim prompt much01:16
wsasleven: not even close01:17
andershubar, do update-manager -d and you should have a gui to guide you through the process01:17
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:17
Arcticfoxokay guys I need to know how to get spore up and running on Ubuntu i have the disk and CD key but when i open it It says could not run auto run01:17
hubarFor the official release, I do a update-manager --dist-upgrade right?01:18
yoyonedsleven: the comand line is like you said.  Fast and powerfull.  it is a bit to learn, but well worth it01:18
Flannelhubar: You need to set your preferences to non-LTS only upgrades (in software sources/properties) and then it'll let you know automatically through update-manager01:18
FlannelArcticfox: You'll need to use wine, and you'll have more luck in #winehq01:18
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hubarFlannel: preferences? from synaptic?01:19
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Coutauxhello, i just managed to setup a poptop (pptp) vpn server on my ubuntu server, and connecting/logging in seems to work on my home PC. but after that i can not open any websites nor use IRC or email... seems like no data comes through or something. does anyone know what's going on?01:19
Flannelhubar: Um, I think it's software repositories or software preferences or something.  Not Synaptic preferences.  It also has its own menu entry in administration.01:19
wsawinterelf: do you know that you shouldn't irc as root?01:20
slevenhow do i untar from the command line?01:21
csilksleven, tar -zxvf01:21
wsawinterelf: if I can exploit your irc client right now, I have root access to your box; you really ought to consider signing off and reconnecting as a limited user01:21
winterelfi need to check something so please some1 addres me "winterelf: something..."01:21
ddmdlltsleven .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 or .tar01:21
Flannelsleven: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression#Command%20Line%20Usage01:21
auckla_Hi, I'm sure you guys have been asked this question a million times.01:21
lu31415getting ati hd2400 to work in hardy heron, can anyone help?01:21
tim167hi, i have copied files from my laptop on usb harddisk, now i want to copy them to another computer but i get 'permission denied' i can't read the files, what can i do ? thanks01:21
csilkddmdllt,  yeah I guess I should of asked that before giving him that command ;)01:22
xtiankinda new to ubuntu, does anyone know of some good programs to rip dvd's using x264?01:22
auckla_In the themes panel, I tried turning on all the cool effects. And now my desktop for that user is all garbled.01:22
tim167xtian, dvdrip01:22
auckla_How do I set it back to the miniium so I can use that user account again?01:22
winterelfi need to check something so please some1 addres me "winterelf: something..."01:22
ddmdlltsleven: oops, Flannel has answered well01:22
hubarFlannel: ok. I have release upgrade in software sources -> updates.01:22
xtiantim167: ill take a look at that, sounds pretty straightforward, haha01:22
Gneawinterelf: it's someone, not some1.01:23
jo4What client do i use for the vnc server that comes with ubuntu and does it has a windows alternative?01:23
hubarFlannel: LTS means long term release?01:23
winterelfit's not working!01:23
xtiantim167: does dvd rip handle dvd protection, like css?01:23
thiebaudeLTS=long term suport01:23
hubarYeah that is what I meant. :)01:24
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gaping_goatsecan people check my bug to see if anybody else has it? Stupid brightness bug... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/28970101:24
hubarThere are never -> Normal Releases -> LTS.01:24
winterelfi'm using irssi and i  did some highlight window but now all the messages writen in a little box in the upper side of the screen, that's sux01:24
hubarin show new releases.01:25
Flannelhubar: yes.01:25
gwarqwa  /join #linuxcranks01:25
hubarwhich one should I specify?01:25
JulioNetoHow can I close a Zumbi process? (In my case it is FF :/)01:25
RyanPriorJulioNeto: you pray.01:25
Flannelhubar: If you want to go to intrepid, you want non-LTS as well.  Otherwise you wont be notified until 10.0401:25
csilkwinterelf,  are you using the root user account right now?01:25
hakrwhoa fuck01:26
hakrinstant lag01:26
FloodBot2hakr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:26
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:26
hubarFlannel: what if I just want the official relase?01:26
hubarFlannel: Do I needto change anything?01:26
winterelfcan't fix it to work ! i want that only people who addres me as winterelf will be shown in the little screen  but instead everybody is there in the little screen, anyone have an idea?01:26
auckla_In the "Appearance Panel" Under the tab "Visual Effects". I set it for extra to see what it would do. And it made the screen on one user account all garbled. How do I restore it back to its original settings? :) All help is greatly appreciated.01:26
niccholaspageCan someone please help me01:26
Flannelhubar: What are your three options?01:26
Gneaniccholaspage: what's the problem?01:26
hubarFlannel: never/normal releases/LTS only01:27
niccholaspageWhen I start Firefox and compiz is on, I don't see my window bar and I need to press F11 Twice to fix it.01:27
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Flannelhubar: you want normal releases01:27
RyanPriorJulioNeto: then you find the PID (ps aux | grep firefox) and kill it (kill -9 thepid)01:27
Gneaniccholaspage: what happens if compiz is off?01:27
niccholaspageGnea: It is fine.01:28
||ChAoS||what package would I install to get System -> Preferences -> Sound.... cant configure my audio card in mythbuntu01:28
Gneaniccholaspage: what happens if you turn compiz off, launch firefox, then turn compiz on while firefox is running?01:28
niccholaspageGnea: Let me see.01:28
niccholaspageGnea: The Window Bar stays.01:29
jo4i want to connect to my ubuntu desktop with a vnc client from windows, but i need to connect to THE desktop (:0) so that rules tightvnc out.. can i use the default vnc server that comes with ubuntu?01:29
Gneaniccholaspage: what is the 'window bar'?01:30
winterelfok, i will ask in another way... someone knows what this dude did to his irssi in this link? --> http://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi01:31
winterelf(and how)01:31
niccholaspageGnea:The bar with the Minimize,Maxamize,CLose etc.01:31
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winterelf(From the big picture of his screen and so on)01:31
Flannelwinterelf: At what point? There's a lot of stuff going on01:31
xaronCan ubuntu work with root mounted as read only?01:32
winterelfheh just for fun, u know01:32
RyanPriorwinterelf: This is not a good place to ask that question. If you have a particular bug, or need help understanding a term or something, that's one thing; asking us to read an article and explain it to you is not in the scope of the help we provide, really.01:32
auckla_In the "Appearance Panel" Under the tab "Visual Effects". I set it for extra to see what it would do. And it made the screen on one user account all garbled. How do I restore it back to its original settings? :) All help is greatly appreciated.01:32
wsahey Randall how did it go?01:32
Flannelwinterelf: you mean when he creates a highlight window?  You want to get rid of that?01:32
Randallwsa: didn't work01:32
simprixWhat package provides MagickCore.h01:32
Gneaniccholaspage: okay. now what happens if you turn compiz back off - does it all reappear?01:32
niccholaspageGnea:Let me see01:33
Randallwsa: crashed and when i reloaded it told me to run in low-res mode and my resolution is off now01:33
winterelfFlannel: yes01:33
wsaRandall: the driver at this point is successfully installed -- it may not load after a reboot however01:33
winterelfRyanPrior: u right sorry01:33
niccholaspageGnea:My window bar is still gone after I switch to metacity.01:33
Flannelwinterelf: first you'll want to move to make that window active, and then /wc for window close01:34
Randallwsa: also when it crashes here is where it always pauses before telling me that i need to boot in low res:    running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)01:34
Gneaniccholaspage: okay. is this a new installation or have you been running ubuntu for awhile now?01:34
Flannelwinterelf: so `/window highlight` should make that one active, and then /wc01:34
slevenanyone know assembler/FASM?01:34
Randallwsa: what do i need to do to make it work properly and um check everything is installed right?01:34
niccholaspageGnea: I did a reinstall like 2 days ago, So it is new.01:34
slevenim trying to run an assembler program , i have the FASM.exe untared but i get no command found when using it01:35
slevencommand not found01:35
Gneaniccholaspage: and has this problem been occuring since the first time you turned compiz on?01:35
mneptoksleven: .exe are Windows executables01:35
niccholaspageGnea: No. I have always had Compiz on.01:35
wsaRandall: the proprietary nvidia driver is installed at this point01:35
Gneaniccholaspage: so this just started happening witin the past hour?01:36
winterelfFlannel: tnx, i just start to use rssi , don't know everything, but it's still good sssoft01:36
niccholaspageGnea: Yes.01:36
RyanPriorsleven: If you install Wine and mark it as executable (chmod +x), then you can run it.01:36
wsaRandall: 'modprobe' loaded it into the kernel -- if your kernel does automatic module loading, we are done, if not, we need to add a line that says 'nvidia' to /etc/modules01:36
Gneaniccholaspage: what happens if you make a new account, logout and login to the new account, turn on compiz and then run firefox, in that order?01:36
Randallso what do i do to fix it?01:36
wsaRandall: well I don't know why it crashed at this point01:37
niccholaspageCan I remove the .compiz folder first?01:37
mneptokRandall: how did you install this nvidia driver? what card do you have?01:37
ddmdlltsleven: are you trying to use fasm specifically or do you want just a working assembler?01:37
RandallGeforce4: mx 42001:37
wsaRandall: can you pastebin your Xorg.0.log again and remind me what nvidia card you have?01:37
Coutauxhello, i just managed to setup a poptop (pptp) vpn server on my ubuntu server, and connecting/logging in seems to work on my home PC. but after that i can't connect to anything... seems like no data comes through or something. does anyone know what's going on?01:37
okidogiHi,this is my question about fetchmail, can somebody help me?01:37
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mneptokRandall: and how was this driver installed?01:37
Gneaniccholaspage: what .compiz folder?01:38
Randalli'm not really sure anymoe01:38
niccholaspageGnea: In the home directory01:38
simprixIs there a way to find out what package provides a certain file.01:38
wsamneptok: he installed linux-restricted-modules01:38
Gneaniccholaspage: in which home directory? yours or the new accounts?01:38
Flannelsimprix: dpkg -S /path/to/file01:38
mneptokwsa: that does not install graphics drivers01:38
niccholaspageI renamed it01:38
niccholaspageAnd still01:38
niccholaspageFirefox does the same.01:38
Gneayou what?01:38
Uplinki cant find whats my bluetooth model01:38
wsamneptok: according to the description of the package it does01:39
mneptokwsa: nm. i read "ubuntu-restricted-extras"01:39
mneptokRandall: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx01:39
Randallwsa: Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/m2d8f283201:39
niccholaspageGnea: I deleted the .compiz folder in my home folder, And nothing different happened01:39
Gneaniccholaspage: no no no, you need to make a whole new account, from scratch - renaming isn't going to prove anything. what we need to figure out is whether the problem is system-wide or just with an account setting.01:39
mneptokRandall: does that tell you "package already installed?"01:39
ncfi1013_is kde3 still supported, namely k3b? or is everything kde4 now?01:40
beytahelp me please... i want to install a software from tarball, but i stuck on 'make' command.. when i enter make, terminal shows me bashL: ***./make: no such file or directory... why?01:40
Flannelncfi1013_: It is still supported.  KDE in Hardy will be supported for another year or so.01:40
mneptokncfi1013_: *nothing* KDE4 is officially supported01:40
Randallmne: i'm pretty sure mine is a legacy driver01:41
joaquinmniccholaspage: whats exactly your problem ?01:41
Uplinkbeyta: what? u cant compile something from tar ball01:41
Randallmne: so would it be all that stuff -legacy01:41
beytaUplink: yes.. i can't compile it.01:41
Uplinkbeyta: ...01:41
Randallwsa: if you didn't see the pastebin of xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.com/m2d8f283201:42
Uplinkbeyta: why would u want to compile something on .tar? i dont think you can... =\01:42
mneptokRandall: ah right. you said a GeForce4 MX. -legacy is what you want.01:42
beytaUplink, i want to install.. i have extract...01:42
Randallmne: tells me nvidia-glx-legacy is newest version01:42
mneptokbeyta: what software is this?01:42
ncfi1013_then why can't i get k3b to burn discs on either a dvdr or dvdrw?01:42
ddmdlltbeyta: pastebin what appears on your screen may help ;)01:42
Uplinkbeyta: then extract...01:43
mneptokRandall: reboot. boot to recovery mode. run the "xfix" option from there.01:43
WelshDragonbeyta, you need to type make, not ./make01:43
Randalli've tried that01:43
Randallmne: after running xfix what should i try01:43
beytaUplink, all software i want to install... i just want to make manually.. download the tar ball, extract and type cd.... ./configure.... make..... but make command stuck me for all software...01:44
mneptokRandall: after that, boot normally, and look at System > Admin > Hardware Drivers01:44
Randallmne: is there anything i should uninstall as well01:44
mneptokbeyta: what software is this?01:44
ncfi1013_then why can't i get k3b to burn discs on either a dvdr or dvdrw?01:44
beytaWelshDragon, i have try make also...01:44
Uplinkbeyta: what sw01:44
ddmdlltbeyta: have the configure step worked correctly?01:45
beytabut terminal still show command not found... sometime 'no such directory'....01:45
Flannelbeyta: What are you trying to install though?01:45
* mneptok stares01:45
Randallmne: as well as uninstalling conflicting things (give me an idea) do i enable it in in hardware drivers after xfix01:45
mneptokRandall: correct01:45
mneptok!info ettercap01:45
ubottuettercap (source: ettercap): Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.7.3-1.2ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 187 kB, installed size 420 kB01:45
Randallmne: what things would conflict possibly and mess it up01:45
Flannelbeyta: That's in the repositories, yeah.01:45
mneptokbeyta: install from the repo01:46
Flannelbeyta: sudo apt-get install ettercap01:46
Volkodavhow do I install flash 10 ?01:46
beytaFlannel, i know about apt-get... just i want to install manually...01:46
Randallmne: sorry last question will i have to go through getting the driver installed again? by adding nvidia into xorg.conf?01:46
mneptokbeyta: why?01:46
mneptokRandall: you should *never* manually edit xorg.conf01:47
scuniziRandall, finish typing a nick with TAB otherwise the person you're talking to won't get your message to them highlighted increasing the chance of not seeing your message.01:47
mneptokbeyta: why not install form the repo?01:47
slevenddmdllt: i just want to try assembler01:47
beytamneptok, repo?01:47
Randallscunizi sorry explain?01:47
* wsa has only ever used xorg.confs that he has written himself01:47
niccholaspageGnea: It is not System-Wide, The other user was fine.01:48
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mneptokbeyta: sudo apt-get install ettercap01:48
scuniziRandall, your conversation to mneptok you always type mne.. and thats it..  on his side it's not highlighted..01:48
Randallmneptok: : so i won't need to do anything after the reboot and should just try enabling and see what happens01:48
niccholaspageGnea: You here?01:48
Randallscunizi: ok got it01:48
beytamneptok, i just don't want because i want to try manually... learn everything... apt-get i know... but tarball i failed...01:48
ddmdlltsleven: trying using the gnu assembler may be a better choice ;)01:49
mneptokbeyta: if you don't know why make won't work for you, and you don't know what a repo is, you're really not ready to be compiling software yourself yet. walk before you run.01:49
scuniziRandall, np.. TAB helps complete nicks.. type the first few characters and hit tab..01:49
mneptokbeyta: there's no bragging rights inherent in compiling.01:49
mneptokRandall: quite right.01:49
Flannelbeyta: doing it manually won't give you a whole lot of information, instead of sudo apt-get install ettercap, you just configure, make, make install.  one command vs three, not a whole lot of insight.01:49
Randallmneptok: k, going to give it a shot :)01:49
mneptokRandall: via con dios :)01:50
=== schmick_ is now known as Schmick
beytaFlannel, i try make form tarball, because, maybe sometime i don;t have connection internet... so i need to install from tarball.01:50
csilkFlannel, he'll probs go back to app when ge realises he needs several dependencies :)01:50
mneptokbeyta: that makes no sense01:51
Flannelbeyta: If you don't have an internet connection, you're not going to magically have the source.01:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emulator01:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emulation01:51
wsamneptok: there are 'the object code uses the full instruction set of the cpu it runs on if I have compiled it correctly' rights01:51
auckla_Hi, is anyone currently available to help me? :)01:51
beytaFlannel, i download tarball from somewhre and back to my room then install it..01:51
MachinTrucChoseare there any gameboy advance emulators that work fine on Linux?01:51
RyanPrior!virtualization | MachinTrucChose01:51
ubottuMachinTrucChose: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !kvm is the preferred approach in Ubuntu.  See also !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications01:51
wsawhich isn't anything to sneeze at01:52
Flannelbeyta: you can do the same with debs, actually.01:52
mneptokwsa: packages from repos do the same thing.01:52
scuniziMachinTrucChose, open synaptic and search for gameboy.. you should come up with references.01:52
Flannelbeyta: Synaptic will even generate a download script for you01:52
wsamneptok: are you telling me that if I have a core 2 chip then the packages in the repos will be optimized for a core 2 chip01:52
Guest36544im having lots of performance issues in kubuntu 8.10 there is a 5 second lag just to open terminal does anyone know if ubuntu is equally hobbled?01:52
slevenddmdllt, does it come with ubuntu? how do i call it?01:52
mneptokwsa: this is why there are separate repos for i386 and x86_64 and PPC and Sparc and ...01:52
||ChAoS||having problems getting my sound card working.  Nfroce2 chipset, hardware test detects the card, but I get no audio during the test01:53
SiON42XGuest36544: Go to #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid advice.01:53
=== hiptobecubic^ is now known as hiptobecubic
MachinTrucChosescunizi: no GBA emulators in Synaptic/apt-get. Only GB and GBC. There are some on Google though.01:53
ddmdlltbeyta: and you can see the script to guess what you have to downlaod (from a windows machine if you can't do otherwise)01:53
wsamneptok: note that I said core 2 and not "generic x86_64"01:53
mneptokwsa: are you telling me that the Core chips expand upon the i386 instruction set in ways that are not compliant with the i386 instruction set?01:53
ddmdlltsleven: try "man as"01:53
VantraxMachinTrucChose, run a windows one through WINE if you want to use a gba emulator01:53
mneptokwsa: same for x86_6401:53
scuniziMachinTrucChose, check http://getdeb.net.. they might have what you're looking for.01:54
Flannelwsa: The kernel does the optomizations at runtime, yes.01:54
Vantrax!WINE | MachinTrucChose01:54
ubottuMachinTrucChose: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.01:54
kapacei made a link to my home folder and now i want to get rid of it01:54
ddmdlltsleven: and install build-essentials if not already done01:54
kapaceif i put it in the trash it will delete my home folder right?01:54
mneptokwsa: plain and simple. *any* performance gains in terms of time spent will be more than made up for over the life of the package as the compile process.01:54
army12bcisn't cedega better than wine?01:54
scuniziVantrax, but he's looking for a gameboy emulator.. gba01:54
auckla_In the "Appearance Panel" Under the tab "Visual Effects". I set it for extra to see what it would do. And it made the screen on one user account all garbled. How do I restore it back to its original settings? :) All help is greatly appreciated.01:54
SiON42Xkapace: If it's a symbolic link, just rm it.01:54
MachinTrucChoseVantrax: that waas my next objective. But it's sad that we can't even get a native GBA emulator running properly on Linux.01:54
kapaceSiON42X, i can01:54
kapacei can't remember01:55
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SiON42Xkapace: Open terminal, go to the dir where the link is, ls -ltr.  If it's a symbolic link you'll see it in the perms and the -> arrow.01:55
thinkpaduseranyone using pm-utils?  i want to run a script between memory and disk functions with s2both01:55
wsamneptok: that may be the case for general use but you shouldn't sneer at people who compile things themselves01:55
mneptokwsa: IOW, an app compiled on your machine specifically may give you 45 seconds back during your use of the software. compiling will take >45 seconds. and when libraries get updated, expect breakage.01:55
slevenddmdllt: i cant find build-essentials, no man page no apt-get01:55
Vantraxscunizi, gba stands for gameboy advance01:56
VantraxMachinTrucChose, probably could, but i doubt the demand is there with wine being able to do it01:56
SiON42XI have a mobo with 4 SATA ports and fakeraid...trying to decide between using the hardware fakeraid, using software RAID during Ubuntu install, or just using the disks separately (one for kernel, one for /usr, one for /home, etc).  Any thoughts?  I was going to do 0+1.01:56
scuniziVantrax, so what you were suggesting was to run an emulator made for win via wine?  ok.. got it..01:56
wsamneptok: yeah don't do this here; you're talking to a gentoo user right now; I am not going to say that ubuntu sucks because you use pre-compiled binaries optimized for a broad range of cpus, don't tell me that my way sucks01:56
bimberisleven: build-essential  (no s at the end)01:57
mneptokwsa: i don't sneer at them. i sneer at the idea that using gcc "teaches me about Linux"01:57
keithclarkHow to test if fglrx is installed and working properly?01:57
wsamneptok: nobody said that01:57
mneptokwsa: just like i never used the word "sucks"01:57
scunizikeithclark, type glxgears into a terminal01:57
ddmdlltsleven: yes bimberi is probably right01:57
keithclarkscunizi, thanks01:57
scunizikeithclark, np01:58
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bimberiprobably,  it's rare though ;)01:58
SiON42XBy the way, Visualboyadvance is in Synaptic.01:58
SiON42XAnd is a full GBA emu.01:58
slevenyes i had it already01:58
scuniziMachinTrucChose, see what SiON42X said above01:59
auckla_Thanks for all the help. :*(01:59
giorgiohi guys, i've been in trouble, trying to install cisco aironet 350 on my T30.01:59
giorgiodoes anybody can help me out01:59
SiON42XMachinTrucChose: Go to Synaptic, search for visualboyadvance.  Best GBA emu for linux.01:59
SiON42XSo, anyone here know anything about RAID with Ubuntu?02:00
army12bccan anyone tell me where to get cedega02:00
ddmdlltsleven: don't hesitate to google the web about gnu assembler, syntax is a bit different from other ones02:00
army12bcget-apt doesn't work02:00
wsa20:53 < mneptok> wsa: are you telling me that the Core chips expand upon the  i386 instruction set in ways that are not compliant with the  i386 instruction set?02:00
ddmdlltsleven: (order of operands for example)02:00
Flannelwsa: It's over, please drop it.02:00
Flannelwsa: Or at least take it elsewhere.02:00
SiON42Xarmy12bc: Transgaming.com02:00
ldiamondI installed Ubuntu Server, then I setup my network card by adding stuffs to /etc/networking/interfaces and to /etc/modules02:00
ldiamondBut now it wont work anymore.02:01
Gnea!raid | SiON42X02:01
ubottuSiON42X: raid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto02:01
Flannelarmy12bc: cegeda isn't free, but wine is.  Are you sure wine won't work for you?02:01
ldiamond(it says no such device)02:01
SiON42XGnea: Yeah, I know that, looking for some advice on configuration.  ;)02:01
SiON42XGnea: Thanks though.  :)02:01
army12bci just wanted to look at cegeda02:01
sleventhe asembler in the linux-kernel is it written in gnu assembler?02:01
GneaSiON42X: oh ok - wish i could help ya there.. i'm sure someone else knows, sooner or later :)02:01
slevenand when u learn one assembler do you learn all assembler-dialects kind of(even if gnu is a bit different)?02:02
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giorgioi need help with cisco aironet 350, pls02:02
Gneaarmy12bc: it's just wine with extra stuff to make it work better under the hood02:02
ddmdlltsleven: probably not written in assembler02:02
slevenno C mostly but some assembler, or so ive heard02:02
ddmdlltsleven: yes dialects are not so different02:03
ldiamondI need help setting up my NIC, it used to work, now its not working anymore.02:03
SiON42Xldiamond: What has changed?02:03
ddmdlltsleven: haven't look at the code, but sure it doesn't use microsoft assembler02:03
ldiamondSiON42X, nothing.02:04
ldiamondI put my laptop in sleep mode, then woke it up and my screen wouldnt turn on. So i had to reboot it... then no more connection02:04
SiON42Xldiamond: Are you using network manager or something else?02:04
SiON42Xldiamond: Hardy?02:04
army12bcon cegeda its not free and neither is crossover?02:04
slevengrammar question, in english a and an is chosen by sound not actual spelling right? or it hat wrong? a (J)Unix or an Unix?02:05
SiON42Xsleven: I have a Unix box.02:05
ldiamondSiON42X, I installed ubuntu 8.10 Server edition. My PC was offline during the install, so I skip the networking setup02:05
Flannelsleven: #ubuntu-offtopic02:05
SiON42Xsleven: You have an awesome unix box.02:05
scunizisleven, an is used before a word that begins with a vowel02:05
ldiamondSiON42X, now tho, I have gnome installed too02:05
ubottuldiamond: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - WARNING: lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu02:05
ldiamondSiON42X, I might have removed Evolution too, before rebooting.02:06
SiON42Xldiamond: Networking changes big big between Hardy and Intrepid.02:06
SiON42Xldiamond: For some cards anyways.02:06
luitescunizi: an hour, a unique ...02:06
SiON42Xldiamond: I'd try #ubuntu+102:06
ddmdlltscunizi: "u" is not a vowel?02:06
army12bcanyone know about crossover?02:06
calchmm lots of broken software between RC and release, not too likely ;-)02:06
Gneaarmy12bc: right, not everything is free - the license provisions that it doesn't have to be - but i can tell you that both are worth it, depending on what you need to do02:06
scuniziluite, didn't say there weren't acceptions  :)02:06
ldiamondk, thanks02:06
SiON42Xcalc: Ubottu's a pessimist.02:06
calcSiON42X: heh :)02:06
andresmhis there a way to figure out which application is using the sound output?02:06
Gneaandresmh: lsof | grep libasound02:07
* calc is syncing up all of his intrepid images02:07
giorgiosomebody can help me with cisco aironet 35002:07
SiON42Xgiorgio: What about it?02:07
giorgiothanks sion02:07
SiON42Xgiorgio: Don't thank me yet, I don't know if I can help.  :)02:08
Musashimaruhello all. anybody tried to ru alfresco on ubuntu?02:08
giorgioi tried to install driver for aironet 350, but i cant02:08
giorgioi tried with ndiswrapper02:08
SiON42Xgiorgio: Define can't...do you get an error?02:08
giorgioit doesnt work02:08
groceryheisthello! can i have some help from someone who knows a lot about grub and drive mounting?02:08
giorgioi dont know which driver do i have to use02:09
scunizi!fstab | groceryheist02:09
ubottugroceryheist: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:09
scunizi!grub | groceryheist02:09
ubottugroceryheist: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:09
cougar_hello can anyone help me with02:09
groceryheistya i know what those are02:09
andresmhthanks Ginea, wow, the randomest  processes use libasound02:09
giorgioi downloaded from cisco aironet 35002:09
scunizigroceryheist, what have you got going?02:09
cougar_hello can anyone help me with X, and Nvidia02:09
ddmdlltgroceryheist: you should better ask your questions ;)02:09
jjdiamondcan some help me with network sharing02:09
SiON42Xgiorgio: Do you know what firmware your card has?02:09
redvamp128no control panel?02:09
giorgionot exactly02:10
redvamp128there is a command to install that... if you setup-- the restricted drivers..02:10
redvamp128or if you are looking to overclock?02:10
giorgioi thought was cisco aironet , when i do lspci | grep wireless02:10
SiON42Xgiorgio: Can you see networks at all?02:10
giorgiothat what i got, cisco aironet wirless02:10
giorgiothe wired, yes02:11
groceryheisti was dual booting xp and ubuntu, i installed grub on my xp drive by mistake, i can no longer boot into either XP or ubuntu.02:11
giorgiobut the wireless02:11
jjdiamondi have 2 computers on my network one with windows vista ultimate and the other with ubuntu.  i'm trying to figure out how to view a shared folder on the vista machine via the ubuntu machine02:11
redvamp128I could not get the trick to work in the control panel-- but compiling nvclock worked for me..02:11
army12bcafter installing inside vista i have decided to make ubuntu fully on my hd. is there a way to take over the vista partition when ubuntu is installed inside?02:11
groceryheisti think i want to back up some files from my xp drive then install ubuntu on it02:11
SiON42Xgiorgio: Okay, so you can't even see networks via wireless.  Thanks, just a moment.02:11
alanbshepard70Long story short I was traveling with my new laptop for the first time and instead of re-installing Ubuntu using LUKS I tried to follow online instructions to install and use encfs + fuse to encrypt my Home dir. Well I never quite finished the process as I ran out of time and could not get everything to work right so now I can't login. When prompted for my username and password at the Ubuntu login screen I get an "auth error". I recie02:11
groceryheisti get errors 17, 18, and sometimes 16 from gub02:12
SiON42Xarmy12bc: You mean overwrite your Vista?  When you install Ubuntu you can just erase the Vista partition.02:12
giorgionot wireless, but wired02:12
giorgioi'm XUBUNTU02:12
army12bcl don't want to loose what i have done to ubuntu inside bista tho02:12
SiON42Xgroceryheist: You can use a live cd to rewrite the MBR.  Can't remember how though.02:12
redvamp128cougar what is your nvidia problem?02:12
alanbshepard70Crud I forgot to add my question. How do I fix the above error?02:12
scunizigroceryheist, you could boot the live cd, mount both drives, copy what you need to the ubuntu drive then reinstall grub to the drive you want.. or just do the grub thing and boot to do what you need.02:12
SiON42Xarmy12bc: Oh, you want to turn your VM into a real machine?  Don't know that you can do that easily.02:12
groceryheistgrub> setup (hd1,0)02:13
cougar_hello can anyone help me with X, and Nvidia card?02:13
groceryheistalready tried that02:13
groceryheistdid not work02:13
redvamp128cougar go ahead and ask02:13
army12bccougar what u need02:13
army12bci just did it02:13
||ChAoS||anyone have time to help witha  soundcard configuration issue?.. cant gt sound out of my card that is detected.02:13
groceryheisti tried editing fstab02:13
groceryheistbut i don't know if i did it right02:13
scunizigroceryheist, the link from ubbotu previously will help setup grub..  maybe you should set grub to hd0,0  ... grub can be in many locations at the same time.. doesn't hurt..02:13
jjdiamondi have 2 computers on my network one with windows vista ultimate and the other with ubuntu.  i'm trying to figure out how to view a shared folder on the vista machine via the ubuntu machine02:13
redvamp128Most common issues for that one are --- no Nvidia control panel or How do I overclock.. but what other problems do you have?02:14
cougar_i have a 9600 and for some reason X won't keep my settings, i.e two screens02:14
army12bcyes i had that prob with my 8 series02:14
redvamp128Do you have the nvidia control panel installed?02:14
groceryheistscunizi and SiON42X: i have put it on both hd1 and hd 002:14
SiON42Xjjdiamond: Download openfiler and make your life easier.  ;)02:14
scunizigroceryheist, were you trying to edit fstab to make grub work?  that's not the right way.02:14
groceryheistputting it on hd0 my have been what screwed it up02:14
jjdiamondSiON42X thanks.02:14
cougar_yeah i have the latest drivers 177 i think02:14
groceryheistscunizi and SiON42X:  i edited fstab to try to mount my xp drive02:15
army12bcenvyng cougar02:15
redvamp128but also the control panel with the nvidia label02:15
army12bconly way to fix02:15
groceryheisti don't have anything important on the ubuntu drive, but i have a few important docs on my xp drive02:15
SiON42Xgiorgio: Maybe this will help you:  http://icebreaker.wordpress.com/2007/11/03/wireless-ubuntu-710-love/02:15
army12bc!envyng cougar02:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about envyng cougar02:15
giorgioand on Application->sistem -> windows wireless drivers, i tried to installed with that applet, but that is asking me for a xxx.inf02:15
cougar_yeah i have that too, basically i save it to x conf file in the control panel but when i restart x it just goes back to a single screen...02:16
army12bcback up ur config02:16
redvamp128? cougar? do you have the Nvidia control panel?02:16
army12bcin termical02:16
cougar_yeah i do...02:16
groceryheisti added this line to fstab:        /dev/sda1 /media/The Almighty ntfs-3g force 0 0        The Almighty is the name of the drive02:16
scunizigroceryheist, you need to say.. 'The Almighty' .. with the little ticks around it..02:17
scunizigroceryheist, linux handles spaces differently02:17
SiON42Xgroceryheist: Bad spaces!  Bad!02:17
alanbshepard70I was out of town for about 5 months and in that time I managed to forget my Ubuntu password. Is there any way to fix this? Can I just use a live CD to mount my old filesystem, copy off my personal files and then just install the latest version of Ubuntu and remember the pass this time?02:17
army12bc sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf_BACKUP cougar02:17
Flannelgroceryheist: or The\ Almighty02:17
groceryheistscunizi and SiON42X: it says the line is bad02:17
Flannelalanbshepard70: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword02:18
scunizigroceryheist, also did you create a directory in /media called The Almighty?.. if not you'll need to do that as well.02:18
jjdiamondSiON42X where can i find openfiler?02:18
Flannelalanbshepard70: nothing that drastic needed, you can just reset your password02:18
cougar_ok thats done02:18
groceryheistscunizi: oh02:18
groceryheistscunizi and SiON42X: 1 sec02:18
SiON42Xjjdiamond: openfiler.com.  It's an open source solution that allows you to set up network shares.02:18
jjdiamondfound it02:18
systmI have mounted a windows share, and I have my Tmo G1 connected via SSh to the box with said share, where is this share located in the FS (in terms, where is it mounted to?)02:19
alanbshepard70Flannel: Thanks, you're a lifesaver. I thought Ubuntu would make it darn near impossible to get to my files since Linux users are very security aware.02:19
Flannelalanbshepard70: physical access is always a weak point.  And there's really very few ways of securing against it.  (you can always do what you just said, boot a liveCD and copy off files, etc)02:20
=== jesse_ is now known as Guest49853
wesentboa noite02:21
Atomic_UEi get not tab completion after typing 'sudo ' in a shell. I used to but no more02:21
jjdiamondi didn't know there was an ubuntu ultimate OS.  i think i'll get used to plain ubuntu before trying out ultimate.02:21
wesentBrasileiros no canal#?02:22
||ChAoS||anyone around that can help with my sound card problem?02:22
ASTURIASI downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 Live CD and when I try to install it and it is loading it stops and nothing else happens. Is there a way to install it from the using the existing Operating System Ubuntu 7.04 and inserting the disc?02:22
alanbshepard70Flannel:  Oh I see. I think in that case I'll reset my pass, wait for 8.10 to come out and then use LUKS to make physical access less risky. Of course I could up forgetting my pass again and end up in a bad way. lol. Thanks again for the help.02:22
haydnCan anyone help me find a way to make my panels Glass.02:23
Flannelalanbshepard70: Do you regularly have strangers walking around your tower?  changing BIOS stuff to not boot from media and/or locking your doors might be a better choice.  Certainly less troublesome (requiring a password to just boot)02:23
legend2440Atomic_UE: http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/01/28/turn-on-bash-smart-completion/02:23
haydnThe transparency trick is growing old02:23
Atomic_UEhaydn, as far as i'm aware you can't, unless you use compiz and transparency, but that will make your entire panel see through, including icons/buttons etc, not just the panel background02:24
ASTURIASI downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 Live CD and when I try to install it and it is loading it stops and nothing else happens. I'm installing in on an Acer AMD 64.02:24
Atomic_UEASTURIAS, try selecting Safe Mode from the menu02:25
systmwow, there are a lot of people here, its kinda funny watching them all scroll by on my G102:25
flamedryadi needs help02:25
ASTURIASAtomic_UE: I tried that and it is still stopping while loading02:25
haydnAtomic: http://screenlets.org/images/c/cf/69013-cap.jpg02:25
Atomic_UEASTURIAS, then i'm not sure, sorry02:26
giorgiosion, i remove the network manager, but still wireless conection doesnt appear on the network setting window02:26
systm_motook, done loading02:26
flamedryadubuntu keeps logging me out02:26
cusquinhohaydn: too much windows for me :)02:26
Atomic_UEASTURIAS, oh you could probably stick the cds in when you're booted into 7.10 and i beleive it has an autorun thing that'll ask if you want to upgrade your isntall?02:26
ASTURIASIs there a way to upgrade Ubuntu 8.04 using the Live CD?02:26
haydnYeah I know, I don't want the pearl just the transparency02:26
alanbshepard70Flannel:  I'm sure I could find a less painful to secure my comp with, LUKS just seemed like a sure fire solution.  If you don't mind can I ask you another question since you're being helpful and informative? I just traveled with my laptop for the first time and after failing to properly implement encfs + fuse due to time constraints and incomplete online directions I can no longer login to the Linux partition of my laptop. Imediately02:27
Atomic_UEhaydn, oh that's probably a PNG image with tranparency (alpha channel)02:27
SiON42Xgiorgio: Yessir?02:27
Atomic_UEhaydn, kinda like a gif imag, but better02:27
Flannelalanbshepard70: You got cut off at Immediately02:27
haydnAtomic: that was my fear02:27
haydnThanks guys02:28
sshoc1how come in nm-editor (NetworkManager) everything is grayed out and there are no networks?02:28
alanbshepard70Flannel: .... Imediately after typing in my password ubuntu says authentication error and won't  even let me type my password to login. How do I fix it?02:28
sshoc1also, nm-tool shows: print_devices(): didn't get a reply from NetworkManager.  There are no available network devices.02:28
rainbowinfinityhow come when I minimixe my windows they dissappear, not minimize to the bottom taskbar, and how can I fix it??02:28
giorgioSION, i did, but still, the wireless setting, doesnt appear in the network settings windows02:28
SiON42Xgiorgio: I'm sorry, not sure how to help you from here.02:28
Flannelalanbshepard70: No idea.  I've never dealt with encfs personally.  I'd try a liveCD and mounting it manually once youre in the OS, etc.02:29
siavash_how do i see what drivers are installed for my network adapter?02:29
giorgiothanks any way02:29
kc8pxyok, i have too many devices in my sound area, and half of them are not working right.02:29
sshoc1I've been manually switching between networks with network-admin, but I'd like to start using NetworkManager02:29
ASTURIASIs there a way to upgrade from Feisty (7.04) to Hardy Heron (8.04) using the Live CD since it stops while loading regardless that I select Sfe Graphics mode etc?02:29
siavash_is there  a way to see which drivers have been configured?02:29
phaetonno bitchx in ubuntu?02:30
Flannelphaeton: No, it's been removed because it's dangerous.02:30
phaetonFlannel: dangerous how?02:30
Piciphaeton: No. Its no longer supported upstream.02:30
Flannelphaeton: privledge escilation holes left wide open, etc.02:30
Guest49853set theme fear202:30
Piciphaeton: irssi is still in the repositories  though02:31
alanbshepard70Flannel: Ok I'll give that a shot. Maybe my two screw-ups are good excuses to go through the effort of installing 8.10 and getting a fresh start. You've been a big help, I certainly appreciate it.02:31
flamedryadany help please02:31
phaetonPici: thx02:31
siavash_what's up with network manager in intrepid?02:31
Picisiavash_: #ubuntu+1 for intrepid questions please.02:32
siavash_i had to deactivate it and use ifup/down now02:32
siavash_pici: thx02:32
* phaeton is new to this whole ubuntu thing02:32
systmwhere do i get smbmount02:32
rainbowinfinityany ideas anyone??? it used to work just fine, but my kids were messing with the computer, and now when I minimize screens they dissappear02:32
kudakguys, how do i run a LSB executable file ?02:32
Picirainbowinfinity: You're probably missing the window list applet on your panel.02:33
rainbowinfinityPici:can you help me fix it??02:33
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
ASTURIASI Installed Feisty to later Upgrade and the Wireless is not working, just a Dial up Modem shows... How cn I get wireless, I have an Atheros card and it is an Acer Laptop AMD 64 ...02:34
Picirainbowinfinity: Right click on your panel, go to +Add to Panel... and select Window List02:34
Wobert__Hey guys, if i have a msg like : tty1ٿ  in my /var/log/faill do you think i have a problem ? :/02:34
rainbowinfinitythanks a bunch...sorry i'm a real newbie02:34
siavash_the intrepid channel is dead02:35
kudakguys, i downloaded a file that when i do 'file <name>' says "ELF 32-bit LSB executable", i cant seems to understand how to run it tho02:35
flamedryadubuntu keeps logging me out suddenly02:35
rainbowinfinityanyone have any experience with WINE...can't seem to get anything to run under it?02:36
trumpetmicanyone using ubuntu for a media center?02:36
Grey_Lokirainbowinfinity, you'd be better off asking in #winehq02:36
ASTURIASAny experts here?02:36
rainbowinfinitysorry...really new...how do i get there??02:36
scunizitrumpetmic, there's a distro for that.. mediabuntu02:36
lu31415hi all02:37
Flannelrainbowinfinity: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine02:37
Flannelrainbowinfinity: and also, /join #winehq02:37
lu31415can anyone help with getting an ati hd2400 pro working with hardy heron?02:37
ASTURIASTrying to Install Hardy Heron on an AMD 64 Acer and it stops while loading, regardless of the Safe Graphic mode etc02:38
systmhow would i mount a remote Windows Share to a folder?02:38
scunizi!samba | systm02:39
ubottusystm: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209802:39
tarelerulz1I am setting at hp laser jet 1020 and I need to print of a google map.   What can I do ?  I try ,but it did not work.  It does work I had windows computer print off it.02:39
danbh_intrepidASTURIAS: have you tried the 32bit version?02:39
systmthanks scunizi02:39
ASTURIASdanbh_intrepid: No02:39
scunizitarelerulz1, go to http://localhost:631   that's the interface for cups.. check and make sure it's set up correctly there..02:40
ASTURIASCan I use a 32 bit version on a 64 bit?02:41
Kudidoes anyone know how to make master volume the defaut02:41
RedeemedO.o (first time on IRC) and i've had Ultimate Edition 1.9 for a whole week how is everybody?02:42
scuniziASTURIAS, you mean run 32 bit ubuntu on a 64 bit machine?  Yes.02:42
danbh_intrepidASTURIAS: absolutely.  And I think the 32bit tends to have less bugs.  So, if its not too much trouble, I think its worth a shot02:42
ASTURIASOk, Thanks, I wil download it02:42
FlannelRedeemed: You shouldn't use the "ultimate edition", you should use a real version of Ubuntu02:42
RedeemedReally? whys thats?02:42
Redeemedi know windows inside and out but know jack about linux other than its fun!02:43
siavash_Linux is fun yay!02:43
hansengelHi, recently for some unknown reason all of my media players stopped being able to output sound, except for Last.FM.02:44
FlannelRedeemed: well first off, the Ultimate edition isn't well supported, the second part is it has some things set up poorly and dangerously to your installs long term health.  You likely won't be able to successfully upgrade, etc.02:44
hansengelI've tried opening MOVs with VLC - no sound. Also MP3s with VLC and Rhythmbox aren't working.02:44
hansengelBut Last.fm works fine.02:44
sshoc1ok, I deleted all the interfaces in my /etc/network/interfaces; now I am getting somewhere...02:44
flamedryadubuntu keeps logging me out suddenly02:44
jjdiamondis there a media player that supports .shn files?02:44
hansengelI already tried reinstalling all of the GStreamer packages, and VLC too.. no change02:45
hansengelCan anyone help here?02:45
hansengel(Flash in my browser can also output sound, now that I think about it.)02:45
Redeemedwhat about the differnt verisions of unbuntu like...kunbuntu and such?02:45
Redeemedare thoes guys bad ideas too?02:45
scuniziRedeemed, any of the downloads that are available at ubuntu.com are ok.. the other are let up to experience.02:46
FlannelRedeemed: Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Mythbuntu, and Ubuntu are all a-ok.02:46
cougar_hello can anyone help me with X, and Nvidia card?02:46
sshocknow I've got networks showing up in nm-tool, and when I left click on the nm-applet icon; however, still nothing shows up when I right-click on it and go to Edit wireless networks02:46
Slackhow do i copy a file from my desktop to /var/www as root02:46
t35t0rsudo cp ~/Desktop/ /var/www/somewhere02:47
t35t0rsudo cp ~/Desktop/someFile /var/www/02:47
bobbob1016For some reason, firefox only starts in full screen mode.  It isn't actually full screen though, since I can still enable full screen mode.  Any ideas?02:47
FlannelSlack: a better way to do it is: sudo -u www-data ~/path/to/myfile /var/www/whatever02:47
army12bcf11 i think bobob02:48
=== nick__ is now known as skky
Redeemedalso...i got all these funky dash marks on my screen any ideas why that has happened??02:48
skkyanyone know of a good app to capture/record audio output on my laptop?02:48
jjdiamondany media players with .shn and .flac support?02:49
scuniziskky, audacity02:49
Wobertanyone inhere that can tell me what ^@ means in a faillog ?02:49
jjdiamondit would be nice if winamp was open source02:49
MrExceptionjjdiamond: see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=600781 for shn files02:50
lu31415ati hd2400 driver problems, can anyone help?02:50
Redeemedi like itunes more than winamp02:50
fr500does ubuntu use GPUs as nvidia cards to decode video?02:50
fr500I mean is it possible?02:50
jjdiamonditunes is awful02:50
Redeemedis it?02:50
Redeemedi like all the podcast02:50
Commie_Carywhats the point of running firefox under wine rather then the native port02:50
jjdiamondMrException thanks.02:50
skkythanks scunizi02:51
hansengelCommie_Cary: Some plugins are Windows-only02:51
scuniziskky, np :)02:51
hansengelCommie_Cary: Other than that, no idea why it would be done :P02:51
=== csx is now known as dnb1997
Commie_Caryhansengel, but there are VERY few.02:51
flamedryadubuntu keeps logging me out suddenly02:51
CarlFKwhat is the repo's I can get vmware from?02:51
bobbob1016fr500, It is possible, I think you need to use gl or something.  As in I use my nvidia card for decoding on my mythbuntu PC by putting "-vo -gl" in my mplayer line02:51
MrExceptionjjdiamond: and most things should be able to play flac, mplayer for sure, also check out audacious if you want something that acts like winamp02:51
flamedryadpleade help02:51
fr500i see, thanks bobbob101602:51
scuniziCarlFK, if you want vmware get it directly from vmware.. It'll be up to date02:52
Redeemedso nobody has any ideas about the dash marks all over my screen?02:52
flamedryadi know it a software issue02:52
hansengelCarlFK: Don't think it's on a repo.. copyrights prevent that. Check out http://vware.com02:52
hansengelvmware.com, sorry02:52
bobbob1016fr500, I'm pretty sure it'd work for all video cards though02:52
* rocknlnx I jave a file I downloaded called GalleryRemote.1.5.Linux.VM.bin Can someone please give mt the terminal sytaax to install it on to my system?02:52
scunizihansengel, vmware player is in the repos. but most need server02:52
Commie_Caryhansengel, heck, there isnt a linux port, theres a windows port ;)02:52
scuniziCarlFK, you should also look at virtualbox..02:52
CarlFKvmware-player is what I am looking for, but can't figure out what repo it is in02:52
hansengelrocknlnx: Probably `sh GalleryRemote.1.5.Linux.VM.bin`02:53
hansengelCarlFK: There's a .rpm that installs that package on VMWare's site02:53
CarlFKhansengel: there is a repo somewhere - either ubuntu, vmware or maybe a helpful  person - been over a year sense I used it02:53
CarlFKI nomally use qemu, but trying to help someone out with running ubuntu in vmware, so I need to use vmware :)02:54
hansengelCarlFK: Why not just download it from the site so you don't have to search for a repo?02:54
scunizihansengel, CarlFK .rpm's you don't want to install on a .deb system.. get the tar and install it .. it will compile itself02:54
hansengelscunizi: I downloaded the .rpm and used Alien to convert to .deb02:54
CarlFKscunizi: compile.. that's so 1900's :)02:54
FlynsarmyI downloaded OOo_3.0.0_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz. How do i install it? there is an update script but when i run it i just get lines of 'Skipping deselected package <package>'02:55
rocknlnxhansengel: no tha did not do anything02:55
oly562gotta a question for people that know VMing02:55
hansengelrocknlnx: Okay then, if that didn't work you'll have to check out the README or INSTALL file02:55
scunizihansengel, that's not recomended.......  CarlFK no.. if you want it .. it's sudo ./vmware-install.pl or something and it looks for the compiler and does it automatically.. not like a self compiled program..02:55
rocknlnxunfortunatly there isn't any02:56
Gneaoly562: ask anyway, might be able to help ya02:56
tarelerulz1scunizi, I try the http://localhost631 and changed the driver02:56
=== dmsuperm1n is now known as dmsuperman
scunizitarelerulz1, don't forget the colon ":" between localhost and 63102:56
tarelerulz1I try resetting the driver and it just don't do anything02:57
csilkreset the driver?02:57
scunizitarelerulz1, how is it connected.. lpt cable or usb?02:57
scunizitarelerulz1, have you checked HP's site for their linux driver?02:58
* rocknlnx okay how about this one. I want to use terminal to find all jpeg files on my pc (internal drives/external drives and then I want to move all of those files into a new directory on my deskyop???02:58
trumpetmicso is mediabuntu the best way to go if I want to use this computer for my media center, watching tv, listening to music, browsing the web, etc..?02:58
oly562what is a good software that i can load on ubuntu or linux in general, say centos or suse, that i can connect to via the net and open virtual machines. i have virtualbox running on a few diff servers, but it appears that the nat issue is not going to let me do what i want. at least from what im reading... so with out question, what open vm solution should i use to run multiple vm's based on an IP:PORT combo, so that if i have one lap t02:58
scunizitrumpetmic, it's one way02:58
=== The_JoKeR is now known as SplinTer0616_
oly562ubuntu = debian lol i dont get this whole nelson mendella bit lol02:59
scunizioly562, vmware server ,,, also virtualbox.. but vmware might be easier02:59
trumpetmicscunizi: is there a better way?02:59
oly562whatever happened to the little beer swilling tux lol02:59
Flynsarmyon ubuntu what is the path to the openoffice installation? /etc/openoffice ?02:59
oly562vmware costs money? right02:59
Flanneloly562: #ubuntu-offtopic would be the place to go for non Ubuntu support questions03:00
oly562or will can i hack a solution03:00
Chris_BrittonFlynsarmy, you asked in the OO channel how to install it03:00
oly562ill ignore that you said that flannel03:00
scunizitrumpetmic, mythTV is another but that is not a distro.. google is your friend here.. also check out www.ubuntuforums.org03:00
Chris_BrittonFlynsarmy, did you figure it out03:00
trumpetmicthanks scunizi03:00
* trumpetmic goes off to find ways of having fun with ubuntu03:00
FlynsarmyChris_Britton, I asked on the OO channel and noone responded03:00
Chris_BrittonFlynsarmy, you unpack the program by typing: tar xvf <packagename>03:01
scunizioly562, vmware server is free to download and use.. you need a license to activate.. they provide that for free too.  there are two versions 1.x.x and 2.x beta.. you can read about them on vmware.com03:01
Flanneloly562: Please respect our channel guidelines03:01
oly562k sc03:01
woodyjlwis the suspend mode on laptops still broke ?   I installed ubuntu 8.10 on hp amd 64 laptop and suspend is still broken03:01
csilkFlynsarmy,  http://download.openoffice.org/common/instructions.html#other_linux03:01
oly562opps scunizi03:01
Flannelwoodyjlw: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks03:01
Chris_BrittonFlynsarmy, did you do that ?03:01
FlynsarmyChris_Britton, It's already unpacked. there is an update script. it says to type ./update <path to oo installation> i dunno what that path is. is it /etc/openoffice?03:02
Chris_BrittonFlynsarmy, I've not heard anything, anywhere about an update script03:02
CarlFKhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2006-June/084275.html looks like it used to be in the ubuntu repo, but isn't any more?03:02
oly562ic,, i can goto vmware.com and they have a universal to run on ubuntu... i would image03:02
oly562i thought vmware.com stuff costs money lol03:02
Chris_BrittonFlynsarmy, you may have downloaded a package that contains malicious code - did it come from a .cz or .cn ?03:02
oly562good to know03:02
okidogihi, I have problem with fetchmail. I run the fetchmail and it seems working correctly, but I cannot find the copy under /var/mail/.  http://pastebin.com/m2590279303:03
FlynsarmyChris_Britton, It's just a bunch of .deb files, a file called 'update' some licences and a readme which doesnt tell you how to isntall it. Chris_Britton I got it from my ISPs file mirror. it's not malicious03:03
oly562i been using virtual box on ubuntu, and its easy and all, but,,, ya know i can't open multiple vm's to this laptop running linux03:03
Chris_BrittonFlynsarmy, type: locate openoffice.org | more03:03
oly562about the tap interfacing on ubuntu03:03
csilkFlynsarmy, please follow the link I pasted, it gives short and easy to understand instructions03:03
okidogiCan somebody help me... :(03:03
Chris_BrittonFlynsarmy, that should show you where OO is installed03:03
FlannelFlynsarmy: OOo 3 installs to /opt/03:03
oly562im used to centos of late... i believe i saw something on ubunto 6.0 manual about that03:04
Ony1sheesh, took a long time to update update manager03:06
=== cary__ is now known as commie_cary
=== willwh|afk is now known as willwh
rainbowinfinitynow i can't eject the installation disk...it says it can't unmount the volume because an application is preventing it...but there's nothing running at all except chat03:08
Flynsarmycsilk, That link has RPM and mac stuff on it. Flannel there is nothing in my /opt directory when i did a ls -a. Chris_Britton most of what was returned was /home/user/.openoffice.org03:09
scunizirainbowinfinity, hit enter03:09
csilkFlynsarmy, that tutorial will work for ubuntu03:09
FlannelFlynsarmy: Do you still have the debs?  Do this: dpkg -L packagename03:09
danbh_intrepidFlynsarmy: its easier to get OO 3 on intrepid03:09
FlannelFlynsarmy: but, OOo has a deb (its actually a tarball of debs, like 30 of them)03:09
Chris_BrittonFlynsarmy, /home/user is only the place for configurations - it doesn't usually contain any binaries03:10
uofm49426anyone working on 81003:10
Flanneluofm49426: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions03:10
suranim trying to install ubuntu.   im using software raid in the install.  grub-installer  says,  wrong number of arguments.  How do I use grub-installer ?03:10
uofm49426yeah why is 8.10 in the hardware driver does it not have nvidia03:12
Flanneluofm49426: #ubuntu+1 not here.  Thanks.03:12
=== RaIith is now known as Raynes
uofm49426have a c810 geforce 2go having tought time getting it going with xubuntu 8.10 beta03:13
scuniziuofm49426, 8.10 questions belong in the appropriate channel.. /join #ubuntu+1 to get there.03:14
groceryheisti was dual booting xp and ubuntu, i installed grub on my xp drive by mistake, i can no longer boot into either XP or ubuntu.03:21
=== Raynes is now known as RayneGoSleepy
mytheory2salut tout le monde03:22
kapacegroceryheist, whats in your boot menu.lst?03:22
mytheory2(ca fait 6 ans que j'ai pas fais du IRC...waw, old days)03:22
groceryheistone sec i will pastebin03:22
Flannel!fr | mytheory203:23
ubottumytheory2: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr03:23
bephey guys. im trying to share my wired network over wireless to my wii. i just installed the madwifi drivers, now how do i bridge the interfaces and create an ap?03:24
Flannel!ics | bep03:24
ubottubep: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php03:24
groceryheistalso, you should know that i cannot access my xp drive from live cd, it cannot be mounted03:25
kapacegroceryheist, did you try to force mount it03:25
Flannel!caps | rainbowinfinity03:25
ubotturainbowinfinity: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:25
rainbowinfinitysorry ....didn't mean to shout...hit the wrong button03:25
groceryheistdon't know if i did it right03:25
rainbowinfinitystupid fingers03:25
kapacewhat command did you use?03:26
scunizirainbowinfinity, is xchat being run from the live/install cd?  if so close it then eject03:26
the9a3eediHi. I'm trying to mount /dev/sdc4 as swap. but for some reason I get this error when I try to do 'sudo swapon /dev/sdc4' .. swapon: /dev/sdc4: Invalid argument. I'm pretty sure /dev/sdc4 is a swap partition03:27
angel12-eeehey guys, anyone using evolution for exchange 2007?03:27
groceryheistmount -t mtfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/The Almighty -o forece03:27
TardisI want to install nvidia drivers, but the install script tells me that it is not possible to do it in X, anyone have any experience how to do this ?03:28
rainbowinfinityno...i mean what if i can't understand the techno lingo....i'm trying so hard to make ubuntu work for me because i hate windows, but i'm a totally point & click type person???03:28
wartalkerTardis: envyng03:28
Flannelrainbowinfinity: point and click is fine.  What specifically are you having trouble with?03:28
angel12-eeethe9a3eedi: use gtkparted to see what partition is your swap03:28
=== w4ett is now known as w4ett-away
DatzHello, I'm not sure quite what to do.  I installed ubuntu on an old P3 machine.  Everything seemed ok for awhile, but then the network card started to work sporadically, then just quit.  Since it was an old network card, I just ordered a new one.  Installed it, it worked for maybe 12 hours without any problem, then just stopped working same as the last one.03:28
abstortedmindsi decided to resize my ubuntu partion to be moved to the left and let it grow from 27.95GB to 228GB, however since sda2 (my old mac partition was deleted) it seems that i do not have choice when booting up anymore03:28
kapacegroceryheist, mtfs?03:28
kapaceok, do you know if you have to escape that space?03:29
angel12-eeeTardis: you need to kill x and install via the command line for the nvidia released packages. its easier/ better to use the ubuntu prebuilt packages IMO03:29
Flannelrainbowinfinity: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Standard%20installation those are four steps (just the first section) to install.  Once installed, https://help.ubuntu.com/ walks you through most of the regular-ish tasks, and we have lots of pages for other stuff too, you just have to ask here and we'll be ableto direct you.03:29
rainbowinfinityi just feel like i've lost a lot of functionality that i used to have...half my websites i can't go on because of flash, java or directx problems, and my kids are screaming to get vista back03:29
KattollikisdA music messaging session has been requested. Please click the MM icon to accept.03:29
Flannel!flash | rainbowinfinity03:29
ubotturainbowinfinity: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:29
Flannel!java | rainbowinfinity03:29
ubotturainbowinfinity: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository03:29
groceryheistthat is the menu.lst in /media/disk-1/boot/grub03:30
Flannelrainbowinfinity: Those pages will walk you through how to install flash and java, be sure to ask if you have questions.03:30
groceryheistkspace: I don't know if i escape the space03:30
groceryheistkspace: i did not try it03:30
Flannelrainbowinfinity: but also, that help.ubuntu.com link has a lot of good information.03:30
the9a3eediangel12-eee: I already have /dev/ps3da2 (I'm on a PS3) mounted as swap. I have an external hard disk connected, and one of its partitons is a swap partition.. and I'm trying to mount that as a second swap partition. But for some reason it's giving me an error03:30
kapacegroceryheist, ok you might need to do that03:30
abstortedmindsgroceryheist, is this a grub issue:?  i decided to resize my ubuntu partion to be moved to the left and let it grow from 27.95GB to 228GB, however since sda2 (my old mac partition was deleted) it seems that i do not have choice when booting up anymore03:30
scunizirainbowinfinity, threre isn't anything to do about direct x.. java is in the repo's and installable from synaptic as is flash-nonfree03:30
kapaceor to avoid confusion, don't use space in folder name03:31
kapacegroceryheist, in grub, tab autocomplete root (hd0,03:31
Tardisok, thanks... i will try it :)03:31
angel12-eeethe9a3eedi: what error is it giving you exactly? and ive never heard of mounting two swap partitions at once...03:31
angel12-eeethe9a3eedi: and it wont help performance much if its an external drive03:31
scunizithe9a3eedi, you'll have nothing but problems with 2 swaps.. only use one..03:32
groceryheistkspace: abstortedminds: there are some grub aspects to this i issue, i should probably let you know that i put grub on hdo (my xp drive) and hd1 (ubuntu)03:32
scientuswhy does ifconfig run over at 4GB?03:32
=== suparjo_parmin is now known as amad_bedot
scientusthats ahrdy much of a measurment03:32
damronhey guys... i had to compile and install alsa to get audio working properly on my laptop, but doing so has made speedstep not work on my laptop, i'm new to irc and dont know where to go so if someone could point me in the right direction03:32
kapacegroceryheist, waht did you get when you autocompleted root (hd0,03:32
LoCusFI recently upgraded to Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex (last friday) and created another session like always to :1, now my mouse doesn't work at :1 but it does work at :0, what could be wrong?03:33
waanIs it ok to disable the gdm service without affecting anything else? I'd prefer to log-in via console03:33
FlannelLoCusF: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions03:33
Flannelwaan: Yep03:33
the9a3eediangel12-eee: ah no.. can't explain, but basically the PS3 hard disk is pretty slow, so I was thinking to help make performance slightly better by mounting an external hard disk that's faster03:33
waanFlannel: thanks03:33
rainbowinfinityhow can i tell if i have a firewall installed??03:33
Flannel!firewall | rainbowinfinity03:33
ubotturainbowinfinity: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:33
waanFlannel: It just warned my of "data loss" or something when I disabled it. Kind of silly03:33
rainbowinfinitythank you03:33
angel12-eeethe9a3eedi: its only as fast as the usb controller, which is slow compared to an internal drive period03:33
Flannelwaan: There's no data loss for disabling gdm... unless "disabling" means something unusual.03:33
kapacegroceryheist, do you know how to autocomplete in grub?03:34
the9a3eediangel12-eee. Well, I'd like to try and see for myself03:34
=== willwh is now known as willwh|afk
the9a3eediangel12-eee: anyway the error is: "swapon: /dev/sdc4: Invalid argument"03:34
angel12-eeethe9a3eedi: like i said03:34
angel12-eeeit will be slow03:34
groceryheistok i think i got sudo mount to work03:34
ksakjaswhen i do lsusb i see Bus 002 Device 002: ID 041e:401d Creative Technology, Ltd WebCam NX Ultra but i have no /dev/video0 is there suppose to be a /dev/video003:34
groceryheistforced mount reset logfile03:35
groceryheistlet me see if i can get on it now03:35
ksakjaswait there is nvm03:35
the9a3eediangel12-eee: ok, say it was an e-sata hard disk. I still want to mount it as swap03:35
senlishey, if I can change my screen resolution to 1680 x 1050 and set visual effects to high, does that mean my NVidia drivers are installed correctly?03:35
groceryheistkspace: nope, the directory is gone now03:36
senlistnx, too bad I can't seem to get cedega to work very well03:36
ksakjasi have vlc runing on my ubuntu box, i want to take teh webcam stream coming from /dev/video0 and push it to computer on my network. how do i do this, thanks for any assistance03:36
kapacegroceryheist, which directory?03:36
angel12-eeethe9a3eedi: try google03:36
groceryheistthe directory to my xp drive03:36
LoCusFFlannel: ok03:37
groceryheistshould i try grub auto complete now?03:37
ksakjasalso this must be command line if possible03:37
kapaceyes try that03:37
Kattollikisdsomeone here tried so run this game "Crysis" on WINE?03:37
the9a3eediangel12-eee: hmm.. might as well..03:37
kapacelets just see what you have there03:37
kapaceor what grub thinks is there03:37
joaquinmKattollikisd: i doubt cyris could run on wine03:37
waanFlannel: so is gdm just a wrapper for xorg with a visual login or something?03:37
groceryheistkspace: what was the command syntax again?03:38
abstortedmindsis it ok to have sda1, sda3, sd4  ?  (with no sda2)03:38
=== douchius is now known as _burlap
Flannelwaan: Sort of, yeah.  gdm is the login screen.  By disabling it, you disable the login screen (and then X never starts)03:38
ksakjasi have vlc runing on my ubuntu box, i want to take teh webcam stream coming from /dev/video0 and push it to computer on my network. how do i do this, thanks for any assistance. also this must be done by command line03:38
Flannelwaan: so you'd do it manually afterwards, etc.03:38
kapacegroceryheist, first get into grub by typing grub in terminal03:38
groceryheistim in there03:38
kapacethen type in root(hd0,03:38
kapacethen tab03:38
scunizikapace, isn't it sudo grub?03:38
joaquinmyes it seems to run in wine, allways check the wine site03:39
groceryheisttab isnt working03:39
kapaceworks with out sudo for me.. but yea sudo grub03:39
groceryheistim in sudo grub03:39
rainbowinfinityhas anyone here tried to play games on pogo.com and been successful??03:39
_daqingwhere's ubuntu's default desktop wallpaper?03:39
senlisdoes pogo.com use flash for it's games?03:39
senlisthen in theory it should work03:39
rainbowinfinitykeep getting errors saying it can't connect to server03:40
senlisafter all, java is multiplatform03:40
groceryheisttab is not doing what it is supposed to03:40
_daqingi cannot find it in Nautilus03:40
Guest49853set theme fear2.theme03:40
waanFlannel: which leads me to another question, is there a reason tty1 is reserved?03:40
kapacegroceryheist, ok, open up gparted03:40
Flannelwaan: It's not reserved.  Or, shouldn't be.03:40
senlis@ rainbowinfinity, I don't know about that03:40
kapaceor try root (hd1, *tab*03:40
Guest49853set theme fear203:40
genefitz_daqing: right click on the desktop. Choose "change background" then it will bring up the choices. One of them wioll be the original desktop03:40
Flannelwaan: Could have something to do with your dmesg output, but traditionally that's on tty2, might have changed I guess.  But I'm not aware of it"reserving" that tty03:41
the9a3eediangel12-eee: found out the problem. I should've mkswap'd the partition first03:41
senlis@rainbowinfinity, I'll try pogo.com real quick and see what happens03:41
groceryheistit is scanning devices03:41
waanFlannel: It was just never available for me to use, always had to use tty2. Maybe I should reboot after disabling gdm03:41
_daqinggenefitz: I know how to change the background, i want to know the file path of the origin desktop image03:42
sleveni tried again to make a script executable from anywhere so i did:03:42
groceryheistunable to open /dev/hda read-write (read only file system) /dev/hda has been opened to read only03:42
abstortedmindsafter i use gparted to expand a partition do i need to do anything else? or should it work03:42
groceryheistsame message for hdx and fd003:42
=== UB_ is now known as fj0008
slevensudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/podgrabber.py03:42
groceryheistit sees The almighty mounted to /media03:42
magikidIs there a way to make ubuntu wait longer before dimming a window for being unresponsive?03:42
groceryheistin /dev/sda103:43
slevenbut it reads it and amd cant recognize the commands03:43
slevenso should i add something here: sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/podgrabber.py03:43
groceryheistits loaded my harddisks03:43
groceryheistthose error messages were for flash drives i have plugged03:43
senlis@rainbowinfinity I tried to load it, but it says I haven't installed java (which I haven't)03:43
senlis@rainbowinfinity I need to install java anyway, so give me a sec03:44
uofm49426hey trying to install ubuntu on my desktop why do i get ata4.00 error03:44
senlisbtw, how do I wisper to people in irc?03:44
rainbowinfinitythanks for your help....much appreciated03:44
uofm49426is that a unsuported cdrom drive03:44
rwwsenlis: /msg personname message03:45
groceryheistkspace: there is a flag on /dev/sdb1 (my ubuntu drive) it says unable to find mountpoint unable to read the contents of this filesystem because of this some operations may be unavailable03:45
rww!msg | senlis03:45
ubottusenlis: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.03:45
genefitz_daqing, go to your home folder. Under "view" check the bopx that says "show hidded files"03:45
ubottugparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:45
FezzlerUbuntu PC in downstairs office.  Epson printer upstairs connected to iMac.  Printer not available when IMac goes to sleep.  WOrk around?03:46
groceryheistkspace: what now?03:46
tarelerulz1scunizi , thanks a lot for your help.  Most the time I come into here it is just to answer stuff I am playing with.  This time I need to print out  google map direction to a place I need to go . Your life saver .03:47
kapaceim kinda busy right now03:47
kapaceuh, is your xp partition were it should be?03:47
kapacelike hd0?03:47
lu31415...anyone can help with ati hd2400 driver problems in hardy heron?03:47
scunizitarelerulz1, did they have a driver that worked?03:48
=== chattan1 is now known as oneIeaf
groceryheisti don't know03:49
groceryheistlet me check grub03:49
groceryheistit looks ok from gparted though03:49
kapaceno in gparted, is there a ntfs partition in hd 0?03:49
kapaceoh ok03:49
hellhoundhow can I rename my Windows Partition under places from "60.0 GB Media" to "WinBlows"03:50
tarelerulz1They did not have the driver ,but they had link to a site that had the driver and auto installer script .  I did not think  drivers for  Linux could be as easy as it is for windows.  Get goes to show Linux is better and better every.  Great job to the Ubuntu people .03:50
genefitz_daqing: usr/share/backgrounds03:50
scunizitarelerulz1, I'm glad it was an HP and not a lexmark..03:50
andresmhis there a utility to do zooming like the Enhanced Zoom Desktop that comes with Compiz but that doesn't need Compiz? That's the only thing I need from Compiz....03:50
groceryheistgrub cannot find /boot/grub03:51
tarelerulz1scunizi:  I am too.  I thought as it is a lot of the time when you are trying something new . I thought it would be hours of chatting and googling stuff.  My Dad was like it don't work  because your using Linux.  I got to show him up haha03:51
slevenso should i add something here: sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/podgrabber.py03:51
kapacegroceryheist, can you find /boot/grub?03:52
kapaceyou might need to install it03:52
scunizitarelerulz1, I'm probably your dad's age so old dogs can learn new tricks.. :)03:52
lu31415hmm, just checking - can anyone read me? not sure if my irc connection is ok...03:52
groceryheistkspace: error 15 file not found03:52
groceryheistlu31415 you r good03:53
scunizilu31415, did you say something?03:53
kc8pxylu31415: good to go03:53
lu31415groceryheist: thanks :)03:53
tarelerulz1I scunizi I all most thought the same thing .  I really did see hours of research. I mean I did not see myself fixing it  anytime soon.  The game was on the line and I got it working . I would love to thank they guy who wrote the driver and the other guy for making such a nice installer.03:54
hellhoundhow can I rename my Windows Partition under places from "60.0 GB Media" to "WinBlows"03:54
scunizitarelerulz1, and the adventure continues.. welcome to linux land.03:55
kapacegroceryheist, try http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/03:55
tjab_hello. :) does anyone know if Acronis Trueimage files (.tib) can be mounted and read on linux?03:55
groceryheisti just remounted my ubuntu drive03:56
groceryheistchanged it from media to /03:56
waanFlannel: yeah it seems dmesg just hogs tty1 on boot, so I have to switch to tty2 to log-in03:56
groceryheisti think it worked03:56
groceryheistnow i will reinstall grub03:57
tarelerulz1scunizi I am use to the adventure ,but not when I really need it to work.  I broke vista and the hotel computer is down and the front desk women need her computer for an hour .  All I had to help me was you guys .03:57
kapacegroceryheist, why was it mounted to /media??03:57
Kattma1I need to use apt-get to grab a bunch of dependencies , but save them to a empty folder for later use.03:58
scunizitarelerulz1, always good to carry a live cd or live usb key for those situations.. ..03:58
groceryheisti don't know03:58
groceryheistwell now grub does not see my drives03:58
=== jesse_ is now known as Guest76357
scuniziKattma1, check out apt-on-cd03:58
groceryheistso i cannot reinstall it03:58
groceryheistim going to see what happens when i reboot03:59
kapaceyou have livecd incase right?03:59
groceryheisti have 2 computers03:59
groceryheistso im staying with you03:59
groceryheistGRUB loading stage1.5.04:00
groceryheistGRUB loading, please wait04:00
groceryheisterror 1704:00
kapacesounds good04:00
kapaceoh ..04:00
r00tintheb0xGood evening all.04:00
groceryheisthang on im going to try booting off my other drive04:01
groceryheistgrub loaded fine04:01
kapacetry autocompleting there04:01
groceryheistubuntu won't load, error 22 no such partitino04:01
alanbshepard70How do I use the Ubuntu recovery boot option if it's been deleted from my menu file? Is there something I can type in at boot time?04:02
tarelerulz1scunizi , how would that help  to have live cd or usb key ? if you don't have the drivers you don't have them04:02
groceryheistit gives me partition num: o, filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83 and partition num: 4, filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x8204:03
hellhoundHow can I rename my Windows Partition under the PLACES from "60.0 GB Media" to "WinBlows"04:03
kapaceok, try those in your boot menu04:03
kapaceor manually put in the commands04:04
scunizitarelerulz1, You can make one with the drivers.. or just get them and load them in the live cd system.. however, I was thinking about being in a hotel with the computers down.. It's typically a software issue and booting to a live cd gives you almost everything you need.04:04
groceryheistlike boot(hd0,0)04:04
groceryheistit says kernel must be loaded before booting04:05
kapacewell you need to put the commands in again04:05
kapaceor chainloader +1 etc04:05
groceryheisti don't know how to do that?04:05
kapaceok, your at grub prompt yes?04:05
smm289I have a network issue, think I might get some help in here, or is there a network specific room I can go to04:05
tarelerulz1scunizi , that would have been cool to have the not booting windows computer running linux live cd .  Just leave it here and have someone find it and be like wow That made it work. I wonder what Linux is04:06
kapacelook inside you menu boot.lst04:06
kapacethen put in the commands for the os you want to boot inside, with the updated values04:06
groceryheistfile not found04:06
groceryheisti did find boot/menu.lst04:06
PokolokoHello all04:06
smm289anyone like to tackle a port-forwarding issue.  Or point me to the proper room04:07
waanIs dmesg supposed to release tty1 after bootup? I've never been able to use tty1 to log-in04:07
ksakjasstreaming to the network with vlc, anybody have any experince doing this?04:07
waangroceryheist: /boot/grub/menu.lst04:07
e-frameksakjas: join #videolan04:08
waangroceryheist: use, locate menu.lst, to find files04:08
ksakjase-frame: im in there but now one is beign active04:08
uglyfroghey, what do you guys use to download alot of rapidshare files in linux?  need a recommendation04:09
waanuglyfrog: what is rapidshare?04:09
groceryheisti did find /boot/grub/menu.lst04:09
PokolokoI recently installed my dvb card and its says when i dmesg | grep -i dvb  that it is found in colod state and fw isnt found do you know in which location is should place the fw ?04:09
groceryheistit gave me hd0,004:09
spuopoloksakjas: did you try #vlc ?04:09
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
groceryheisti did setup hd004:10
groceryheistit worked04:10
hiltonHello all. I am a Linux newb; Ubuntu was recommended to me for friendliness.... I'm having a few problems.04:11
waanuglyfrog: Can't you use your browser?04:11
Tardisanyone know any good ssh client that can save account info ?04:11
hiltonI downloaded and installed the ubuntu ultimate 1.4 dvd.04:11
hiltonHaven't changed anything other than adding a 2nd user, and a theme change.04:11
hiltonDuring login (after entering my password) I get asked for another password - I think it asks for the root pass.04:12
hiltonShortly afterwards, I get told sudo won't allow it, so bootscript.sh can't run.04:12
groceryheisti still can't boot to windows or ubuntu04:13
waanTardis: like username and passwords?04:13
uglyfrogwaan:  yea but if you have over 400 files for example.. kind of gets old04:13
uglyfrogi'm sure there is a download manager that will handle it * looks around*04:13
groceryheisti can boot to ubuntu04:13
Tardiswaan, yes... that would be nice if there is any...04:13
waanuglyfrog: whatabout ftp or wget?04:13
groceryheistif i edit the command in grub to root(0.0)04:14
groceryheistthis is progress!04:14
waanuglyfrog: if it doesn't allow directory listing than it probably doesn't want you to download that many files at once04:15
uglyfrogwaan: haha , on the contray.  dont worry about it .04:15
hiltonCan anyone tell me why a fresh Ubuntu install is acting up so badly?04:16
hiltonI'm trying to switch my family PC off of XP... don't let me fail. :P04:16
mkartichey, how do i mount a folder in another folder?04:16
rmarianskiI'm using xchat-gnome and I can't find a way to auto identify my nickserv password04:17
rmarianskiam i missing something? or is that feature not in xchat-gnome?04:18
rippsmkartic: it's called symbolic linking, "ln -s foldername"04:18
ltz28mkartic: mv /home/me/folder/ /home/me/anyfolder04:18
waanrmarianski: If it's not in server list -> edit, then I guess not :(04:19
waanrmarianski: xchat-gnome is crappy anyway imo, just install the regular xchat04:20
hiltonNobody can tell me why a fresh Ubuntu install is saying I can't do anything administrative?04:20
=== crzyboi_Laptop is now known as hidemail
rmarianskiwaan: gotcha, thanks04:20
csilkhilton, any specific errors or examples?04:20
=== hidemail is now known as crzyboi_Laptop
r00tintheb0xhilton: you have to use the sudo command04:21
hiltoncsilk: Yes... the main one I'd have to logoff and logon again though. After logon, before the desktop appears, I get told bootscript.sh requires administrative privelidge or something, and asked for a password.04:21
r00tintheb0x!sudo | hilton04:21
ubottuhilton: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)04:21
hiltonThen I get told that sudo won't allow the change, that I'm not allowed to use it or something.04:22
PokolokoCan anyone help me out with a dvb problem ?04:22
Viking667hilton: ahh, you're here I see.04:22
ArkoldThos i downloaded a source package (apt-get source ...)but i want to repackage it, how i'll do it?04:22
Viking667hilton: did you get much help?04:22
n8tuser1hilton are you sure you have a completed install?04:22
hiltonn8tuser1: It said I was done...04:22
kapacegroceryheist, works?04:23
kapacesorry i as afk04:23
macohilton: can you use sudo for other things?04:23
Viking667strange thing is: doesn't sound like the sort of install I had, it seems to differ from mine.04:23
hiltonmaco: New to linux, so I don't know.04:24
n8tuser1hilton-> which version of ubuntu is this?04:24
hiltonEarlier someone asked me to try 'sudo -i' and I got no reponse to the command - went straight back to prompt.04:24
Viking6677.04 or 7.10 seemingly04:24
macohilton: it didnt ask for the password?04:24
macohilton: did it change to "root@.... #" for the prompt?04:24
r00tintheb0xhilton: type "groups hilton"04:25
r00tintheb0xSee if you're in the "admin" group.04:25
hiltonTHIS time it asked for a password... sudo -i, Password: (entered), but then it still showed hilton@04:25
macohilton: wait, 7.04? you know that hasnt been supported for the last week, right?  why'd you install such an outdated version?04:25
Viking667yeah. I suspect hilton's not in the sudoers list either.04:25
r00tintheb0xIf not, you need to add yourself to it.04:25
hiltonif I use 'su' I can go to root04:25
macohilton: su? you set a root password?04:25
r00tintheb0xNo, the admin group is allowed to use the sudo command in Ubuntu.04:25
Viking667hilton: huh??? You CAN??04:25
r00tintheb0xIts not on a per user pasis.04:25
hiltonI remembered su from years ago...what's the diff from su and sudo?04:25
hiltonhilton@hilton-desktop:~$ groups hilton04:26
hiltonhilton : hilton adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner netdev lpadmin powerdev04:26
macohilton: well, ubuntu has the root account locked, so there's no password for su04:26
macohilton: it just wont accept any passwords if you su04:26
Viking667maco: unless you unlock it and actualy provide one...04:26
darksynswhy cant i get nvidia cards to work with ubuntu these last couple of distros04:26
Formodemaco, It is possible to log on as Super user. :)04:26
macoViking667: yeah...but thatd require using sudo04:26
hiltonwith 'su root', it will only take the proper password.04:26
hiltonAnything else says 'Sorry.'04:26
nnullhilton¬ su temp makes your the super user, and sudo executes a command as super user afaik04:26
=== FrozenFire__ is now known as FrozenFire
macohilton: but thatd require setting a root password. and if you cant sudo, how the heck did you set a root password?04:27
Viking667see why I don't think his install was the same as mine04:27
darksynsanyone know which driver to use for a nforce 430 Geforce 650se?04:27
macoFormode, Viking667: im confused as to how root got a password with hilton unable to use sudo to begin ith04:27
hiltonmaco: I was in the Users & Groups app under System. (in GNOME)04:27
alanbshepard70how if possible can I get to a command prompt from the ubuntu login screen. I lost my GRUB recovery boot option and need to reset my password using the command line.04:27
macohilton: howd you get to that without sudo rights?04:27
hiltonmy understanding was having a password-less root was bad idea, so I set one.04:27
macohilton: it's not passwordless. it's just plain locked. no matter what password you try--brute force til the end of time--itll never work04:28
=== kano is now known as kanito
hiltonTHAT would be the question, wouldn't it? Seems that setting that password has disallowed my primary account from doing anything - the Users & Groups app has even disappeared from the list.04:28
macohilton: you took yourself out of teh admin group then04:28
FlynsarmyWhen trying to install openoffice.org3.0-debian-menus_3.0-9354_all.deb it says it conflicts with openoffice.org-core. This is a problem. If i try to uninstall openoffice.org-core it'll uninstall ubuntu-desktop won't it?04:29
hiltonso how do I fix that?04:29
nnulli remember back in the old days ppl would run tutorials on irc from time to time, weird we dont see that now with ubuntu04:29
darksynshelp on a video card04:29
macohilton: ah, yeah, only adm is shown there. i suggest you switch to root, then do "nano /etc/groups" and add yourself back to admin04:29
oly562maco i disagree04:29
n8tuser1hilton look in your sudoers file,  login as root and visudo04:29
KDeskis openoffice 3 better than 2.4?04:29
macooly562: regarding?04:29
oly562brute force comment04:29
hilton... /etc/groups is empty04:29
hiltonso I have no idea what to put in there. :P04:30
macooly562: locking an account sets an impossible hash. no matter what passwords you try, you simply cannot reach that hasg04:30
n8tuser1empty? then you are sol04:30
NaisenuTrying to figure out how to make my 5.1 sound work. Alsa has already been told it's got a 6 channel system. A "speaker-test -Dsurround51 -twav -c6" tells me I have front left & front right channels but that's it.04:30
n8tuser1hilton re-install to get a nice complete one04:30
macohilton: it cant be if "groups hilton" had output04:30
hiltonI su root'd, now have root@hilton-desktop:/home/hilton# as my prompt04:30
hiltonthen did nano /etc/groups04:30
hiltonand it says New File04:31
macohilton: er, group, sorry04:31
macohilton: not groups04:31
oly562impossible hash.. sounds good04:31
hiltonah hah04:31
hellhoundHow can I rename my Windows Partition under the PLACES from "60.0 GB Media" to "WinBlows"04:31
hiltonSo which group am I going back in? adm?04:31
Socialoutcastany of you guys put Ubuntu on a Eee PC 1000HD?04:31
hiltonI've got a line that says: adm:x:4:hilton,adrienne (adrienne being the 2nd account added)04:32
n8tuser1hilton match it with the group you specify in /etc/sudoers file04:32
macohilton: admin04:32
macohilton: i think debian uses adm as their admin, but ubuntu defaults to admin04:32
oly562hilton is having problems with sudo?04:32
hiltonNot sure how the sudoers file works... I see:04:33
hilton# Members of the admin group may gain root privileges04:33
hilton%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL04:33
hiltonso that is the group?04:33
n8tuser1so add your user hilton to group  admin04:33
oly562assign yourself to the admin group04:33
oly562grep -i admin /etc/group04:34
macooly562: hilton set a root password and simultaneously removed hilton-self from the admin group so then hilton couldnt sudo04:34
Viking667ewww. Is _that_ what happened?04:34
* hilton hides in shame.04:34
macohilton: aw its not that bad04:34
Vantraxalanbshepard70: you still have your livecd?04:34
oly562i assigned a pw to root, and my "user" can still sudo04:34
Viking667good grief. You could doworse things.04:34
hiltonOkay...added "hilton" to the "admin:117:" line.04:34
oly562he must have down something wrong04:34
Viking667huisx: English, please04:35
hiltonSo that should do it?04:35
crimsunhuisx: ubuntu-zh04:35
macooly562: he didnt do it from CLI...maybe users-admin is funky?04:35
macohilton: yes, just save it04:35
Viking667unless he said "ni hao" I haven't any ideas.04:35
oly562sounds buggy04:35
hiltonDid... do I need to logout/login in gnome now?04:35
oly562gets out his raid04:35
macoViking667: first one was "middle"04:35
Viking667maco: remember, this IS 7.04 we're talking about here04:35
hiltonnothing is showing up (ie. the users app)04:35
n8tuser1hilton open up another xterm to test it04:35
oly562no hilton04:35
macoViking667: which *is* unsupported as of last week04:35
oly562jump to another term04:35
hiltonsudo -i puts me in root@04:36
oly562cntrl - alt F304:36
oly562work in there04:36
macohilton: you really ought to upgrade soon.  that version of ubuntu stopped being supported (no more security updates!) last week.04:36
oly562log out and back in from there, not gui04:36
=== FrozenFire__ is now known as FrozenFire
oly562whats does that mean maco.. supported?04:36
oly562i hate that term04:36
macooly562: no more security updates at all04:36
macooly562: and pretty soon, no more repositories04:37
oly562do you own tightening , grap your own pkgs04:37
oly562so forth so on04:37
Vantraxmeans they are forgetting it ever existed04:37
macooly562: yeah, uh, i think thats a bit beyond most folks...quite a bit04:37
oly562there will always be a way to grab a file from somewhere04:37
oly562thats to problem, people are not really learning the system04:37
macooly562: all mirrors will go down soon...not sure how long. i know edgy's are barren04:37
Vantraxeven from the new repositorys:P04:37
oly562what ver?04:38
macooly562: feisty04:38
oly562thats the flavor04:38
oly562what ver?04:38
Viking667hah. I'm on Hardy here...04:38
Vantraxshould be using 8.1004:38
Vantraxor 8.0404:38
macooly562: you mean what number? 7.0404:38
oly562im on 6.x04:38
Vantrax8.04 is lts atm04:38
Viking667Vantrax: assuming 8.10 is even released yet. What's the name of tat one04:38
oly562no i said what version04:38
macooly562: .x doesnt mean anything. there are 2 per year04:38
oly562not flavor04:38
macooly562: what do you mean by version?04:38
macooly562: 6.06 is still supported. 6.10 is not. 7.04 is not. 7.10 is supported until april.04:39
oly5626.10 has issues?04:39
macooly562: 6.06 is supported on the desktop til june. on the server til june 201104:39
macooly562: its old04:39
Vantraxintrepid ibex04:39
oly562debian is old04:39
macoVantrax: edgy04:39
hiltonNow that wasn't nice.04:40
oly562well i see you point though04:40
macooly562: ubuntu releases get 18 months of support, except long-term-support releases, such as 6.06 and 8.04. those get 3 years desktop, 5 years server.04:40
slevenso should i add something here: sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/podgrabber.py04:40
hiltonSending a noob into something like that with no idea how to return to the gui. Meanie.04:40
oly562when 7 and 9 died on redhat. i felt that04:40
Viking667apparently Lenny has gone "Stable"04:40
oly562hilton: if you want to get back to gui, press alt - F704:41
macoetch is oldstable now?04:41
hiltonOkay so the prompt I get during login is04:41
oly562;) opps04:41
hiltonThe command 'sh '/something/blah/bootscript.sh'' requires administrative privelidges to runil04:41
ArkoldThoswhat package contains GLICT dev files?04:41
oly562oh and thats a basic linux skill that he must know04:41
hiltonso I had to enter the root password04:41
hiltonThis time I didn't get the denial though.04:41
oly562sorry forgot to put the F7 to get back. shrugs04:41
slevenso should i add something here: sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/podgrabber.py , i want to make the file executable form anywhere04:42
hiltonoly562: heheh. Jerk. :)04:42
sleveni have t working for one file but now i cant make it work for this one04:42
hiltonSo why do I have to enter the root pw to login as hilton?04:42
oly562no malice i assure you, just tired, been working on vming all day and yesterday and..... blah blah04:42
macohilton: how are you telling it to run?04:42
macohilton: wait, what?04:42
oly562confused ... hilton04:43
macohilton: to login as hilton, you have to use root's pw instead of yours?04:43
hiltonI login as me04:43
macohilton: using your own pw?04:43
hiltonDuring the login, before the desktop appears, I get told bootscript.sh need admins privs04:43
oly562just log in hilton, stop messing around04:43
pan_is there a way where i can add a frequency04:43
macohilton: what is bootscript?04:43
hiltonHow the hell should I know?04:43
hiltonUbuntu installed it.04:44
macohilton: it's not some script you just added yourself? oh04:44
oly562he is loggin in via a 3com pxeboot lol04:44
pan_im running 800 1600 and 1800 mgz was wondering if i can add a frequency some how?04:44
oly562who knows04:44
oly562pan_: cmos?04:45
n8tuser1hilton re-install to get a nice complete one04:45
hex4def6Hi everyone -- I've been searching the documentation, and can't seem to find the correct location: Does anyone know how to edit the default ubuntu CFLAGS? I want to remove D_FORTIFY_SOURCE04:45
macon8tuser1: complete what?04:45
oly562bbiab... busy04:45
pan_i have an AMD64 laptop04:45
sleveni have t working for one file but now i cant make it work for this one04:46
slevenso should i add something here: sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/podgrabber.py , i want to make the file executable form anywhere04:46
macosleven: yeah, thatd make it executable04:46
zezuI extracted a toolchain and when i try to run one of the bins it says file not found, like it doesn't exist ...04:47
slevenmaco: but when i run it it complains : import: command not found and so on for every row04:47
n8tuser1zezu-> use the full path?04:48
slevenmaco ^04:48
zezun8tuser1, doesn't help !04:48
hiltonHow can I view running processes?04:48
macosleven: import?04:48
n8tuser1zezu-> give an example, where you have the toolchain installed, and the command you used04:49
macosleven: that's because your script is just plain broken04:49
slevenmaco: import re04:49
macosleven: or.....hrm it starts with #! /usr/bin/python, doesn't it?04:49
macosleven: it looks like it's trying to run it in the shell instead of as python04:49
slevenmaco: lol ofc, after i change it ;)04:49
zezun8tuser1, http://rafb.net/p/dXke8E52.html04:50
hex4def6So... anyone know where the default CFLAGS are? I'd hate to have to do a text search of every file on my drive... :)04:50
macosleven: so the first line has the #! stuff?04:50
slevenyes i changed that now and it works, thanks :)04:50
n8tuser1zezu-> use the full path?04:51
slevenim interested in hiltons question, how do i view all running processes?04:51
slevenand their pids04:51
n8tuser1sleven->  ps -aux04:51
macosleven: ps -e04:51
hex4def6or top04:52
zezun8tuser1, doesn't help at all : bash: /home/zezu/bleed/tools/arm-2008q3/bin/arm-none-eabi-addr2line: No such file or directory04:52
zezustrange eh ?04:52
n8tuser1zezu-> do another ls -la  and repaste the results of this04:52
hex4def6zezu: is this beagle related? :)04:52
slevenis: kill PID dangerous? can it cause trouble closing a process like that?04:52
zezui'm thinking its a hard link or smth, b/c there is another dir that has the same tools w/o the prefix04:52
n8tuser1hex4def6-> you've got a beagle?04:53
zezuhex4def6, yes04:53
hex4def6I though't I'd seen you in #beagle04:53
zezutrying to build my own setup for it.. playing around some04:53
macosleven: no, that just sends sigterm, so it's telling the app to close itself nicely04:53
hex4def6yeah -- having trouble building stuff at the moment in OE (again004:53
HorizonXPhey, is there a way to see the progress of cp on the command line? I'm trying to backup files using the LiveCD, and it's painfully slow. I'd like to see how long it's going to take04:53
peepsalothow can I do the same action as middle-click paste with a keyboard?04:53
hex4def6zezu: are you using the codesourcery toolchain/04:54
zezun8tuser1, -rwxr-xr-x 1 zezu zezu 480520 2008-10-01 11:30 arm-none-eabi-addr2line04:54
csilkHorizonXP, try cp -v04:54
n8tuser1HorizonXP-> dont know, but man cp and see if there is a -v  for verbose04:54
csilkalthough that might not print status till after the copy04:54
csilknot sure04:54
zezuhex4def6, yes, i built one but im not ready to try it :)04:54
hiltonOkay... one last annoying question. I started an upgrade window, which said it encountered an error and halted, so I closed the window. Now I want to start downloading updates, but it says another package manager is in use (probably from the cancelld window).04:54
hiltonIs this a running process that I can find and kill, or was a change made to a file somewhere to say it's in use ..?04:54
macohilton: in a terminal, try "sudo dpkg --configure -a"04:55
kkathmanGreetings all - I have both ubuntu and kubuntu-desktop installed on my system, if I do the upgrade will that update both?04:55
macokkathman: yes04:55
zezueveryone has read/exec idk wtf the problem is04:55
kkathmanmaco reliably?04:55
antonohello, anybody can help me to understand my fault with PPA packaging?04:55
slevenmaco: ok sometimes on windows when i runa program of mine it eats up all the memory and it even freezes the task manager so i cant close it. i have heard that linux-systems by default kill such processes as soon as they eat up to much resources, true? such things never happens on linux then?04:55
hiltonkg: status database area is locked by another process04:55
hiltonerr, dpkg:04:55
HorizonXPthanks fro the suggestion, going to try it :)04:56
macokkathman: yes04:56
kkathmanmaco ok - thanks...I've just had some probs in the past with dual upgrades04:56
macokkathman: well, if you use one of the supported methods. and you dont hit a bug i dont know about. but yes, itll update everything that's instaled04:56
oly562kkathman: will apt-get update update all files? i don't see why not...04:56
LimCoreis it safe to reset mysql root password on a running live server host?04:56
HorizonXPyeah, it's at least showing me what files it's copying currently. good enough, thanks!04:56
macokkathman: if you do dist-upgrade instead of using "do-release-upgrade" or update-manager, it should be fine04:56
kkathmanmacd,  what is the "supported" method then??04:57
macokkathman: backwards04:57
antonodo anybody knows why PPA buildd doesnt install buid-depends for my package?04:57
macokkathman: *don't* do apt-get dist-upgrade04:57
kkathmanmaco  ahh ok04:57
macokkathman: either use update-manager or run "do-release-upgrade"04:57
n8tuser1zezu-> dont know, try another xterm and relaunch it04:57
hiltonmaco: dpkg: status database area is locked by another process04:57
ArkoldThossomeone that haves experience doing packages and so?04:57
kkathmanmaco I did the dist-uprade before - changed the sources.list and did that04:57
macokkathman: yeah, that hasnt been recommended in a few years04:57
slevenmaco: ok sometimes on windows when i runa program of mine it eats up all the memory and it even freezes the task manager so i cant close it. i have heard that linux-systems by default kill such processes as soon as they eat up to much resources, true? such things never happens on linux then?04:57
zezun8tuser1, still does it !04:58
ArkoldThosi have an application, i have compiled it but it doesnt have INSTALL feature, it ask me to move and copy files and stuff04:58
macosleven: i have no idea04:58
ArkoldThosi want to add install feature into itr04:58
antonohilton, you should close another package managers before04:58
oly562ok so if i do a sudo apt-get update --do-release-upgrade on 6.6 it will upgrade to 6.10? lol04:58
hiltonantono, none are open.04:58
macohilton: bleh, ok try this: ps -ef | grep apt04:58
oly562or jump to 8.x04:58
macooly562: 8.04. 6.10 is dead.04:58
antonohilton, do you have htop installed?04:58
oly562i wonder if i can do a 2 version jump ;) with apt-get, that would be impressive04:58
oly562yes maco you said that earlier ;)04:59
macooly562: stop saying 8.x  All ubuntu releases have 2 digits after the .04:59
antonohej hey, is there anyone PPA owner?04:59
kkathmanmaco so you do the do-release-upgrade from the Alt-F2 ?04:59
hiltonantono: Seems so.04:59
macooly562: and skipping releases (other than LTS->LTS) is not supported04:59
macokkathman: do-release-upgrade is a terminal thing, so i think you'd want a terminal in case it wants to throw an error05:00
antonohilton, try to find in htop and kill'em all one of (update-manager, synaptic, packagekitd, aptitude, dpkg) :)05:00
kkathmanahh ok...is that a sudo command then ?05:00
macooly562: because if you sa 6.x it could mean either 6.06 or 6.10 which were *very* different. those aren't "point releases" they are *full* releases05:00
hiltonantono: I started an "upgrade" script which then had an error and shutdown...now I'm trying to update and I'm being told another manager is in use.05:00
n8tuser1zezu-> thats a script right? check with  file arm-xxxxx05:00
hiltonmaco: What am I looking for with that ps command?05:00
oly562its linux to me, and most linux distros if not all, use a number then a dot then a number or two,,, but i see your point... but relating to my question, its a complete 2 version jump regardless05:01
macohilton: seeing if there are any apt or synaptic processes running05:01
antonohilton, seems it leaves .lock file somwhere in /var/run ...05:01
oly562back to my question... would it allow from 6.whatever to 8.whatever.. yes or no05:01
macooly562: i said "other than LTS->LTS" both 6.06 and 8.04 were LTS releases, and that is *not* a 2 release jump. that's a 4 release jump05:01
antonohilton, or follow maco's way.. .try to find other packagemanager05:01
oly562sorry i dont know what LTS means05:01
=== FrozenFire__ is now known as FrozenFire
oly562yah got it... 4. so would it, yes or no05:02
Dulakoly562 long term support05:02
zezuits a 32b elf05:02
macooly562: Long Term Support...i mentioned it earlier. 3 years desktop, 5 years server05:02
antonooly562, Lts = long term support05:02
oly562thanks Dulak05:02
zezui guess that is the problem05:02
n8tuser1zezu-> you're trying to run it on a 64bit?05:02
macooly562: do you know how ubuntu's numbers work?05:02
zezun8tuser1, yes05:02
oly562not really interested05:02
antonohej, do anyone have personal package archive?05:02
n8tuser1zezu-> that will not work then, lest you have the correct libraries05:03
macooly562: 8 is for 2008.  04 is for April05:03
zezun8tuser1, i didn't e ven think about that really05:03
antonoi can't get my package builded05:03
oly562naming conventions... yawn05:03
macooly562: the one coming out in a few days is 8.10 the 2008 October release05:03
n8tuser1zezu now you have..:P05:03
macooly562: oh thats not the naming conventions...thats just versioning. for names we use alliterative adjective+animal combinations.  from Dapper Drake onward, they are alphabetica05:03
FlynsarmyWhen trying to install openoffice.org3.0-debian-menus_3.0-9354_all.deb it says it conflicts with openoffice.org-core. This is a problem. If i try to uninstall openoffice.org-core it'll uninstall ubuntu-desktop won't it?05:03
hiltonyes there is an apt-get running05:04
oly562so.... would it jump from 6 to 8? yes or no, and if yes, do i have to add a -switch to apt-get?05:04
hiltonI can't get htop to kill it ... how else?05:04
zezuhow can i set it up in ubuntu to be able to run 32b apps as well ?05:04
macohilton: youd need to be root to kill it05:04
DulakFlynsarmy: ubuntu-desktop is a meta package, you can install it without hurting anything05:04
hiltonfrom ps -ef: root      6413  6370  0 21:45 ?        00:00:01 apt-get upgrade -y --allow-unauthenticated05:04
DulakFlynsarmy: uninstall it I meant05:04
hiltonis one of those numbers a pid?05:04
oly562<< drapper05:04
Dulakhilton: 6413 is the pid05:04
oly562whats in a name someone once said05:04
n8tuser1hex4def6-> is the beagle worth the 150 bux? am contemplating getting one..05:04
macohilton: first number05:04
macooly562: dapper...as in well-dressed05:04
slevenis their some license you can take, like "Linux system architect"?05:05
oly562i tried debian back in 199905:05
Vantraxim waiting for masturbating monkeys to come out:P05:05
oly562i stuck with redhat since05:05
oly562dont ask why05:05
macosleven: LPIC-1?05:05
slevenfedora vs ubuntu, pros cons ?05:05
oly562oh and freebsd of course05:05
mr_politeredhat was my first attempt at running linux05:05
Vantraxi like freebsd05:05
hiltonthank you05:05
oly562i never used fedora more than a week05:05
macosleven: Linux Professionals Institute Certification05:05
Robb_Mum....guys.....keep the channel family friendly please ;)05:05
Dulaksleven: reverse dependencies and a much faster release cycle05:05
Robb_Mand stay on topic  ;)05:05
oly562i miss the beer swilling tux though05:05
macosleven: -1 is "junior sysadmin", -2 is "intermediate"...you can get ubuntu certified after you pass -105:06
oly562i dont get this whole mandella theme05:06
Robb_Mrandom chatter needs to move to #ubuntu-offtopic05:06
VantraxRobb_M: its a quote from linus, the creator of linux05:06
hiltonIs it safe to install any update the Ubuntu Update Manager throws at me?05:06
oly562whats all this certification stuff... lol05:06
Ashexwhat's the quickest way to generate an md5 of a word?05:06
Robb_MVantrax: its OT...as its not related to anything "support".......05:06
hiltonEven the "NOT AUTHENTICATED" items?05:06
oly562something to put on your wall05:06
Ashexfor a word*05:06
macohilton: yeah, pretty much05:06
macohilton: uh, what's not authenticated?05:06
hiltonhmm...quite a bit05:07
Demihow can i reinstall ubuntu on a computer that has ubuntu already? i cant find this anywhere05:07
macohilton: thatll show up if you're installing something from a third-party repo instead of just from the official repos. if thats the case, install it if you trust the source05:07
oly562so... im sorry maybe i missed it, can i use apt-get to upgrade to 8?05:07
oly562from 6?05:07
macohilton: could also be that its happening because you're using an unsupported version of ubuntu...the keys might be gone05:07
oly562yes or no, and what switch do i need05:07
n8tuser1Demi-> its possible, you want to install on another partition?05:07
Dulakoly562: not directly no, you'd have to upgrade through the intervening releases05:07
macooly562: lemme find the wiki page05:07
Dulakoly562: you're better off doing a clean install05:07
hiltonassorted stuff for libpam, libfreetype, libcairo, libsqlite, openssh, and a bunch of other stuff05:08
macoDulak: not true05:08
Demihow can i do a clean install on a computer that has ubuntu?05:08
macoDulak: you can upgrade from dapper to hardy just fine05:08
oly562intervening? you mean do one, then upgrade to another? why... yah exactly05:08
oly562just wondered, thanks05:08
macoDulak: they're both LTS05:08
macooly562: he's wrong05:08
Ashexso, anyone05:08
n8tuser1hilton i have advised you earlier do a fresh re-install...saves you tons of time..05:08
n8tuser1Demi-> its possible, you want to install on another partition?05:08
slevenmaco: i see, but its more of an admin exam it seems. im thinking kernel developer, is there something for that?05:08
hiltonn8t: What is this, Windows?05:08
Ashexsetting up mpd and for lastfm, wants an md5 of the password05:08
Dulakmaco: i missed they are both LTS05:08
macohilton: and if you do a fresh install, do it of a recent version so things actually work05:08
wbmjmaco > the LTS upgrade can be problematic05:08
=== FreeDreamer_ is now known as FreeDreamer
Demino, i just want to reinstall because the current install hangs05:09
dgandhiIs there any way to block an apt-get depenancy, specifically I want to install links2 on a console only system, but links2 has a dependency to an X11 library which depends on X, so installing links2 installs a full X-windows system, any way around this?05:09
macowbmj: ive never let myself get out of date enough to find out...but did you try at first release or after things settled?05:09
slevenIm 18 and Im more of a selflearner than "go-to-uni" so i was just wondering if this could be something for me05:09
n8tuser1hilton-> you want to be a smart alec? go ahead attempt to recover what you got..05:09
hiltonWhen I downloaded this last week I was under the impression this WAS the latest, since 7.10 was not marked as a stable release or whatever they call it.05:09
spuopolomaco, hilton: what is this ubuntu ultimate 1.4 dvd anyway?05:09
Demiits been awhile since i've used anything linux, i cant remember anything05:09
macodgandhi: you can get the deb then in dpkg there's a flag to force it and ignore the dependencies05:09
oly562Linux version 2.6.15-51-server (buildd@rothera) (gcc version 4.0.3 (Ubuntu 4.0.3-1ubuntu5))05:09
oly562#1 SMP Thu Dec 6 21:37:18 UTC 200705:09
oly562thats what i have05:09
macospuopolo: someone's random remix05:09
oly562i didnt do the -52 upgrade,, broke my vm05:09
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:10
dgandhimaco: so I have to go manually download packages and then use dpkg?05:10
oly562i think i will just load up 8.whatever and go from there05:10
hiltonspuopolo: http://ubuntusoftware.info/ultimate/index.html05:10
macodgandhi: yeah05:10
oly562dont want to burn or use one of my precious cd's lol05:10
Demiis there a command i can use to reinstall ubuntu?05:10
oly562prolly set up a net bood05:10
spuopolohilton: in the future, stick with downloads directly from ubuntu if you can...installs will go cleanly and you can add software you like later05:10
n8tuser1Demi-> you have the liveCD ?05:10
n8tuser1!who | Demi05:10
ubottuDemi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:10
hiltonspuopolo: So what is the 'safe' website?05:10
macooly562: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades05:11
oly562is demi a female? and if so, where from ;)05:11
macooly562: NOT COOL05:11
oly562maco:  thanks05:11
Vantraxbad boy05:11
oly562what who me?05:11
n8tuser1Demi insert your liveCD into your drive and reboot, then just follow the install procedure05:11
oly562i want to marry a linux techy chick... get real05:11
Daxxim having problems launching Regnum... anyone play it that could help?05:11
macooly562: on behalf of the other women in this channel, i am asking you to refrain from asking that again05:11
zezuuh.. seems more difficult than just getting 32b libs ;|05:11
oly562are you a woman maco?05:11
hiltonhmm. Thanks for all your help everyone.05:12
hiltonGood night.05:12
spuopolohilton: besides, starting with 7.04 you will have to update to 7.10, 8.04 and 8.10 in a few days...05:12
n8tuser1zezu-> you can install the 32bit version of ubuntu on your 64bit machine05:12
hiltonspuo: Seems I was on an outdated web site which looked like the proper one at the time. My bad.05:12
hiltonI'll take care of this now.05:12
hiltonGood night.05:12
SaberZGood night all05:13
zezun8tuser1, sure but if it requires reinstalling that pretty much sucks05:13
Daxxcan  anyone help me with Regnum Online launch errors?05:13
mkartichey guys, can you suggest some good player for my songs? [gnome, am having problems with amarok]05:13
macooly562: my gender has no bearing on my ability to answer linux questions, now does it?05:13
n8tuser1zezu not so bad, 45 mins perhaps05:13
Chris_Brittonif someone is sending me a file via sftp, is there a way for me to view the current status and transfer rate?05:13
oly562not my point05:13
oly562and where did you get all that from?05:13
zezun8tuser1, if getlibs trashes my system then i guess i'll have to !05:14
macooly562: that thus makes it irrelevant and not something you need to be asking05:14
Robb_M!stop | oly56205:14
ubottuoly562: NOTICE - Please stop this discussion NOW. See !offtopic for things that are inappropriate to discuss in this channel. Continuing will result in action being taken.05:14
riz0nHello, I need some assistance setting up postfix. When I type sudo apt-get install postfix, I get an error: postfix: fatal: /etc/postfix/postfix-script: No such file or directory05:14
n8tuser1zezu-> if you have another couple of partition, you can use those?05:14
Daxxis there a channel for Regnum help?05:14
=== anon is now known as bloodboy
Vantraxahh flannel is lurking:P05:15
zezun8tuser1, nah the machine its on atm only holds one hdd, and its only an 80gb its got windows, ubuntu, gparted, a swap part. and a dev. linux partition, its pretty maxed out05:16
Demihow do i boot to a cd from ubuntu?05:17
macoDemi: uh, you dont do it from within an already-running OS05:17
n8tuser1Demi-> you have to tell your bios to boot from cdrom first05:17
DulakDemi: you do that from the bios of the computer, not from ubuntu05:17
Demibleh, i just need to boot from the livecd05:18
Demigot it05:18
Chris_Brittonif someone is sending me a file via sftp, is there a way for me to view the current status and transfer rate?05:19
DulakChris_Britton: nope, not afaik05:20
n8tuser1Chris_Britton-> if you are creative enuff, with using netcat perhaps05:20
Dulakn8tuser1: even netcat would just show encrypted garbage for sftp05:21
n8tuser1Dulak he is only looking for status, not monitor the clear text05:21
kernandodoes ubuntu have any support whatsoever with webct & blackboard??05:21
Chris_Brittonn8tuser1, I thought maybe using netstat but I'm not sure how to use that yet05:22
Chris_Brittonn8tuser1, too lazy to read the man page05:22
Dulakn8tuser1: he would only be able to tell if the file is still transferring or not, no real status05:22
mr_politekernando: i used both softwares in school with grand canyon uni05:22
mr_politekernando: my wife starts class tomarrow and they use blackboard05:22
Chris_BrittonI put a post on the forum - feel free to contribute if you think of anything: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=604110405:22
Demianyone have an article on how to manually format a drive for ubuntu only?05:22
kernandobut with what webbrowser in ubuntu?05:22
macokernando: Bb is fine with firefox05:22
n8tuser1Demi take your pick from  fdisk  or sfdisk05:23
n8tuser1man fdisk or man sfdisk05:23
Demii'm using w/e comes on the livecd05:23
n8tuser1!who | Demi05:24
ubottuDemi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:24
Demii think i may have formatted the drive wrong or something and thats why its hanging05:24
n8tuser1liveCd has the fdisk command05:24
FlannelAlso has gparted05:24
Demiwhat is this !who business? i've been away from irc and linus too long05:25
kernandoim haveing troubles with the audio from this website http://www.language.berkeley.edu/ic/gb/toc.html05:25
=== cew_gokil is now known as nana_20
kernandowasnt actually webct just a link to this site05:25
FlannelDemi: Busy IRC channels work best when you prefix your messages with the person you're talking to.  Their clients highlight it and it makes it easier to follow for the parties involved05:25
Demihow can i prefix my msg? whats the commande05:26
PulpieIm trying to get linux on my laptop, google doesn't say if its supported or not... I am not sure if my graphics card is supported, when ever I try to boot it up in linux it shows lines on the screen. my laptop is a  http://explore.toshiba.com/laptops/satellite/L300/L305-S589605:26
FlannelDemi: just type the name of the person you're talking to.  Usually you can type a few letters and hit tab, and your client will complete the name for you.05:26
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:26
Demioutbackwifi thanks05:27
outbackwifiDemi: that was Flannel05:27
DulakDemi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation05:28
Demilol, i'm a mess tonight, maybe i'll break from this linux business05:28
Daxxanyone running Regnum?05:28
outbackwifiDaxx; whats that05:29
Pulpiecan anyone help me in this issue please?05:29
outbackwifi!ask| Pulpie05:29
ubottuPulpie: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:29
Pulpieoutbackwifi: i did this05:30
PulpieIm trying to get linux on my laptop, google doesn't say if its supported or not... I am not sure if my graphics card is supported, when ever I try to boot it up in linux it shows lines on the screen. my laptop is a  http://explore.toshiba.com/laptops/satellite/L300/L305-S589605:30
bullgard4"In earlier times" (TM) there was a project /Documentation/Configure.help, which apparently explained the meaning of the switches in the config file (/boot/config-2.6.24-21-generic). What file explains today the meaning of the switches CONFIG_VT=y, CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y und CONFIG_VT_HW_CONSOLE_BINDING=y?05:30
outbackwifiPulpie: are you trying to get ubuntu on that laptop?05:31
Demiwhen i'm formatting the partition that ubuntu is being installed on what shoudl the mount point be?05:32
csilkDemi, /05:32
Demicsilk thanks05:32
outbackwifiDemi: / (also known as root partition)05:32
Pulpieoutbackwifi: in trying to get ANY linux including ubuntu/kubuntu or anything on it05:32
n8tuser1Demi i suggest 3 partitions,  /  /home and /swap05:32
outbackwifiPulpie: and when you tried to install ubuntu 8.04 using a CDROM you got these lines?05:32
Flanneln8tuser1: just "swap" it doesn't actually live inside the filesystem.05:32
n8tuser1right..my fat fingers..hehe05:33
Demin8tuser1 how big should each be minimum?05:33
Pulpieoutbackwifi: yes05:33
zezuooh looks like i might be getting a reinstall for sure05:33
xcercais there a wine channel ?05:33
outbackwifiPulpie: at what stage did you get those lines?05:33
Flannelxcerca: #winehq05:33
zezuthink i just replaced libstdc++ with a 32b version05:33
n8tuser1Demi-> /  id put to aroung 5-8 gigs, swap at least 2x ram size, the rest /home or if you can spare another partition for future use05:34
DulakDemi: how big is your hard drive?05:34
Demidulak its 30gb05:35
Pulpieoutbackwifi: when it was booting up about 1/6 of the load bar05:35
itai_michaelsonhi, if i install 8.10 while its still in beta, will it upgrade itself to stable in a few days?05:35
Flannelitai_michaelson: yes05:35
DulakDemi: how much ram you have?05:35
outbackwifiPulpie: and the whole process just ends there? or does it boot up completely after some time05:36
Demidulak like 348 or something05:36
Demii just reserved 1.5gb for swap05:36
DulakDemi: I'd do like 1 gig swap, 12 gig /, rest on /home05:36
Pulpieoutbackwifi: it boots up into what I can tell somewhat is the login screen of gnome05:36
DulakDemi: 1.5g is good for swap, probably overkill but it can't hurt05:36
Pulpieoutbackwifi: but its basically missing HUGE gaps05:37
ebethy how are you05:37
=== a is now known as Chad
itai_michaelsonFlannel, thanks05:37
Demidulak this computer's files will mainly be stored on an external to host my videos on the network05:37
outbackwifiPulpie: if you hit ctl+alt+- at this time do you get a lower resolution screen?05:37
Demidulak can i just make it all / and 1.5gb for swap?05:37
=== Chad is now known as ChadAyers
ebetok i wiil try to find05:37
DemiDulak will that run fine?05:37
DulakDemi: yup, that'll run great05:38
DemiDulak thanks05:38
DulakDemi: splitting /home off makes upgrades and fresh installs easier is all05:38
=== mergul is now known as Mergul
ArkoldThosi happen to want to make a install file of some package that just get compiled by writing make on it05:39
ArkoldThoslike makeinstall or smth05:39
itai_michaelsonIf i upgrade ubuntu , will vmware still be able to read its virtual OSs?05:39
Pulpieoutbackwifi: let me check05:39
Flannel!checkinstall | ArkoldThos05:40
ubottuArkoldThos: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!05:40
cabrioleuritai_michaelson, yes. guests are saved in separate files, so it won't be a problem.05:40
Pulpieoutbackwifi: no it doesn't05:40
Pulpielet me take a photo05:40
trumpetmicwhere do I set hd0 as my default boot?05:41
trumpetmicright now it keeps trying dh1 and failing05:41
Flanneltrumpetmic: in your BIOS05:41
cabrioleurtrumpetmic, /boot/grub/menu.lst05:41
trumpetmicso i edit and boot from hd005:41
itai_michaelsoncabrioleur, i'm upgrading from gutsy to ibex , will the different version of  vmware make any difference?05:41
RefrusAnyone have a moment to help out a new Ubuntu guy with connecting to network shares?05:41
cabrioleuritai_michaelson, no, images are compatible.05:41
Flannelitai_michaelson: You need to upgrade to 7.10 to 8.04, and then from 8.04 to 8.1005:42
ChadAyershello all!05:42
itai_michaelsonFlannel, i will fresh install05:42
Vantrax!hello | ChadAyers05:42
ubottuChadAyers: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:42
trumpetmicthanks cabrioleur and Flannel05:42
Pulpieoutbackwifi: you still there05:42
outbackwifiPulpie: yes05:42
Vantrax!samba | Refrus05:43
ubottuRefrus: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209805:43
outbackwifiRefrus: if you want to connect to windows shares, you need samba; else you need nfs/sshfs05:43
ChadAyersis there a legal way to run os x in Ubuntu?05:44
trumpetmicso i want to edit my menu.lst05:44
DulakFlannel: that's strictly not true, 7.04 -> 8.04 should be a possible upgrade05:44
trumpetmicwhen i try to save it, it says no permissions05:44
ArkoldThosFlannel: make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.05:44
VantraxChadAyers, i think you can do it under VMWare05:44
FlannelDulak: nope, you can only upgrade one release at a time, except for LTS05:44
FlannelDulak: that is, LTS to LTS05:44
outbackwifitrumpetmic: sudo before your edit command05:44
trumpetmici know that i could su gedit or something... but is there a slick way to say, edit this file with su or as root, from within the gui?05:44
itai_michaelsontrumpetmic, you need to use sudo ,probably05:44
Vantraxtrumpetmic, open it by doing alt f2 and gksudo05:44
itai_michaelsonsudo nautilus05:44
Flanneltrumpetmic: alt-f2 then gksu gedit /path/to/file05:45
Pulpieoutbackwifi: http://imagebin.ca/view/F4WvZD.html05:45
Flannelitai_michaelson: Always juse gksu (or gksudo) with graphical apps05:45
DulakFlannel: 6.04 is LTS not 7.04...  duh.  I'm retarded.05:45
FlannelDulak: 6.06 actually, but yes.05:45
itai_michaelsonFlannel, why?05:45
Vantraxtrumpetmic, alt-f2 gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst05:45
Pulpieoutbackwifi: thats the lines I get when I boot up, I cant ctrl+alt+delete or ctrl+alt+f1 or ctrl+alt+-05:45
Refrusthanks for the info, Checking out the links for Samba.05:45
trumpetmicalt-f2... are you saying, go to a terminal?05:45
[yan]goot evenink05:45
Vantraxyes trumpetmic you have to run gedit from terminal as root05:45
ChadAyersVantrax, I've seen instructions to download a hacked copy of osx buy i rather use the retail copy i purchsed do you know where i could get information on doing this?05:46
outbackwifiPulpie: did you do a media check on the disk?05:46
Flanneltrumpetmic: no, if you hit alt-f2 it brings up a run dialgo05:46
VantraxChadAyers, i think there was something called the openosx project to do with that05:46
Pulpieoutbackwifi: yes I checked it and tried several different burns05:46
Pulpieoutbackwifi: all turn out the same05:46
MindhazingsquidI'm trying to fix my video drivers.  I turned them off, restarted, turned them back on and now the desktop is bigger than my monitor and when I try to change the resolution it say "The X Server does not support the XRandR extension.  Runtime resolution changes to the display size are not available."05:46
ChadAyersVantrax, thank you.  I'll check it out05:47
[yan]i have a problem with postfix. im trying to get mdadm errors out using postfix to gmail, but it keeps bouncing. is there some pre-requisites regarding my hostname and domain before mail will work?05:47
trumpetmicoh, thanks Flannel05:47
outbackwifiPulpie: i would also suggest that you do a check on hcl to see if your laptop is supported ; though i see  that the graphics card you are using is intel; also try to do a text install using the alternate cd05:47
SantaCruzhello everyone05:47
SantaCruzI need help05:48
outbackwifi!hcl| pulpie05:48
ubottupulpie: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:48
Pulpieoutbackwifi: I dont want to install but have it not work05:48
SantaCruzI can not install ubuntu on my laptop .. I don't know what is the problem05:48
t0rxI want to delete ubuntu off my laptop.. i'm curently dual booting with xp, If i delete the linux partitions and fix the mbr should I be fine?05:49
itai_michaelsont0rx, yes05:49
Flannelt0rx: yep05:49
SantaCruzI have done it with my new laptop but can not start it on the old one .. is it because of my RAM ?05:50
t0rxanyway to add that space back into my main disk?05:50
Vantraxt0rx use partition magic05:50
itai_michaelsont0rx, with gparted05:50
firestorm_so i just updated to 8.1005:50
t0rxok thanks guys05:50
Vantraxitai_michaelson,  I though gparted didnt always play nice with gparted05:51
Vantraxer with NTFS05:51
Vantraxbeen a long day05:51
itai_michaelsonVantrax, you can add it as a FAT32 partition05:51
SantaCruzI have 224MB of RAM .. thats inadequate am i right?05:51
itai_michaelsonSantaCruz, you can use the alternate version05:51
ChadAyersanyone have any tips on improving video play back on ubuntu 8.1?  when i do full screen DVD or flash it looks kinda choppy.  I've activated the current 177 driver for my nvidia card and played with the quality settings but still looks horrible.05:51
Pulpieoutbackwifi: its not on the laptop list.05:51
Vantraxjust worth noting not to resize ntfs05:51
Pulpieoutbackwifi: but it seems like it should work with just a few adjustments05:52
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:52
itai_michaelsonVantrax, even on windows i dont use ntfs05:52
FlannelChadAyers: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions, thanks.05:52
outbackwifiPulpie: i know i have also seen people installing on previous versions of the l30505:52
SantaCruzwhat are the recommended requirements to run ubuntu smoothly? Processor/RAM/HD Space?05:52
ChadAyersFlannel, thanks!05:52
oly562whips out dictionary05:52
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
Pulpieoutbackwifi: i guess I might just have to wait a few months for them to work everything out huh?05:53
outbackwifiPulpie: can you turn off acpi and try?05:53
Vantraxitai_michaelson, I only use it for back up images, larger than 64gb so doesnt work well on fat3205:53
MindhazingsquidPlease, can anyone help me?05:53
Pulpieoutbackwifi: acpi?05:53
VantraxSantaCruz, it depends on what you want to run05:53
itai_michaelsonSantaCruz, it really depends....05:53
Pulpieoutbackwifi: ill check in the bios05:53
VantraxSantaCruz if you add in compiz, emerald, and awn it will need more05:53
firestorm_im now geting a whole bunch of end_request i/o error,  on dev sr0 on sector 85000ish and buffer i/o on sr0 on logical sector 101000ish05:53
outbackwifiPulpie: before it boots there should be an option to turn acpi off (on the livecd)05:53
firestorm_on boot05:53
itai_michaelsonSantaCruz, you can try Xubuntu with the alternate installer05:53
wiivile2oats and beans and barley grow05:53
Pulpieoutbackwifi: oh ill look for that05:54
firestorm_and i get it while its loading drivers05:54
VantraxSantaCruz else any pc bought in the last 5 years shoudl have np05:54
cloud-ieeeGood evening... does anyone know if there is a Ubuntu Security channel?05:54
firestorm_and it also said mounting local filesystem fails05:54
firestorm_but it seems to boot fine05:54
Vantraxcloud-ieee, never heard of one05:54
cabrioleurPulpie, when you start live cd, edit the line in grub, and add: noapic nolapic acpi=off pnpbios=off05:54
cloud-ieeeMaybe we shall make one?05:54
Vantraxcloud-ieee, sounds interesting tho, do tell:P05:54
Pulpiecabrioleur: edit by hitting esc?05:54
oly562Flannel: i read the doc, i expect others to follow it to the T as well05:55
itai_michaelsonSantaCruz, though if you don't mind the possible extra work , Debian or Sidux are bound to run faster05:55
ubottuanindya: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:55
SantaCruzwhat do you think of that .. Processor 1.5 MHz + 1 GB RAM .. should it be fine?05:55
oly562i keep things techy05:55
cabrioleurPulpie, yes (or one of the f(x)), the instructions will be on the screen. Just add it to the end. I also advise to remove quiet so you will see more output of what is going on.05:55
itai_michaelsonSantaCruz, yes05:55
Pulpiecabrioleur: ok ill try that thanks very much05:56
SantaCruzok .. thanks alot05:56
* outbackwifi runs ubuntu on an asus eeepc 701 @ 600 MHz, 1GB RAM and 4G SSD05:56
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.05:56
VantraxSantaCruz, thats more than enough05:56
VantraxSantaCruz, long as it has a decent graphics card you should be able to run all the fancy features too05:57
jemarkfspot is still flickering when pressing slide show. i have a X3100 video card in my laptop05:57
admin__hi Raiku05:57
cabrioleurcloud-ieee, there are security channels for linux. Ubuntu is just a linux distributions, therefore the same rules and solutions apply.05:57
Raikudo I know you admin?05:57
Pulpiecabrioleur: this made it boot up into a safe mode bash prompt05:57
Pulpiecabrioleur: what should i do?05:58
SantaCruzOK .. I just bought 1 GB RAM yesterday so let me install it & try :) .. thanks alot guys05:58
Raikuthis is moving fast05:58
RaikuHi kevin guy05:58
hotmonkeyluvRaiku:  hi gavin guy05:59
Raikukiosk sale!05:59
firestorm_i updated to 8.10  im now geting a whole bunch of end_request i/o error,  on dev sr0 on sector 85000ish and buffer i/o on sr0 on logical sector 101000ish on boot, at the start of when it shows the text, it also does it when it loads drivers, and mounting local filesystem fails, but i appear to boot fine05:59
admin__can someone help me choose from either to download AMD UBUNTU OR INTEL Becouse i have a amd X2 6405:59
kiosknick bobbie05:59
Zibow_its my second time on irc05:59
cabrioleurPulpie, I will give you detailed informations outside of the forum, as some solutions will be "non-conservative" here. Do you mind personal messages?05:59
RaikuWho wants to be kicked first?05:59
sarthorHi, I seached too much about pppoe-server installation/configuration for my lan, but no success. a request, please can any one help me.05:59
Zibow_i was trying to get ubunyu on my pda05:59
Vantraxfirestorm try #ubuntu-1 for intrepid support05:59
cruddpuppetThe audio output is in use by another application. Please select another audio output in the Multimedia Systems Selector. You may want to consider using a sound server.05:59
Zibow_but i cant write in the #handheld channel...06:00
cruddpuppetHow would I go about re-enabling my sound without restarting?06:00
Flannel!pppoe | sarthor06:00
ubottusarthor: Setting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE06:00
Pulpiecabrioleur: feel free to pm06:00
Flannelsarthor: Have you seen that page?06:00
Pulpiecabrioleur: thanks for asking06:00
admin__how do i get wireless drivers06:00
sarthorFlannel, opening.06:00
outbackwifi!wireless | admin__06:00
ubottuadmin__: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:00
admin__thanks UBOTTU AND OUTBACK WIFI06:01
sarthorFlannel, really strange, its about my 4rh day i am searching on the internet. i never find this page, let me read, may be it will help me.06:01
FlannelRaiku: please stop06:01
outbackwifi!ask | Raiku06:01
ubottuRaiku: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:01
sarthori will be back if there was any problem. thank you Flannel06:01
firestorm_Vantrax no ones in there06:01
admin__how would i join this to help other people06:01
Zibow_can i be read please?06:01
FlannelZibow_: Ubuntu won't work on your PDA06:02
outbackwifiadmin__: you are already here; just go about helping06:02
Zibow_ah i can be read :>06:02
cruddpuppetHow do I restart my sound server? Or at least enable it again? D:06:02
sarthor Flannel its only dialer setup. i want to configure my computer as pppoe-server,06:02
Vantraxfirestorm_, unlucky >.< this is not supposed to be for 8.10 but you can probably still get some help06:02
Zibow_well, there is a project06:02
RaikuI am new06:02
Zibow_its called mojo06:02
admin__so do i just wait if anyone needs help06:02
firestorm_it may not even be related to 8.1006:02
Zibow_in #handhelds06:02
Zibow_but i cant read or type there06:02
Zibow_i dont know why06:02
outbackwifiadmin__: yes just keep reading the requests and start helping out06:03
lyyI dual boot,and my windows was working fine, but now, it's screwed. how do format it such that I can use it in my linux partition now?06:03
admin__THanks a lot outbackwifi06:03
Vantrax!ask | Zibow06:03
ubottuZibow: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:03
outbackwifilyy: use gparted06:03
Zibow_ah ok :P noob i am sir06:03
lyyoutbackwifi: thanks06:03
RefrusJimnew ubuntu user question/problem  - trying to browse windows network -> workgroup, and nothing comes up in the window. any assistance available?06:04
sarthorHi, I seached too much about pppoe-server installation/configuration for my lan (ubuntu), but no success. a request, please can any one help me.06:04
r00tintheb0x!pppoe | sarthor06:04
ubottusarthor: Setting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE06:04
outbackwifiRefrusJim: do you have samba installed and configured06:04
Zibow_How do I view this MOTD thing to then register my nick to then be able to join or read/write or whatever the  #handheld channel so I can get ubuntu on my pda?06:04
outbackwifi!samba| RefrusJim06:05
ubottuRefrusJim: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209806:05
r00tintheb0x!samba | RefrusJim06:05
RefrusJimas far as I can see, Samba is installed, and configured..06:05
Raikui am new06:05
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: what guide did you follow to configure it06:05
RefrusJimbut i'm new and could have missed something.06:05
sarthorr00tintheb0x, ubottu its only dialer setting.06:05
r00tintheb0xah sarthor06:05
Flannel!register > Zibow_06:05
outbackwifiRaiku: dont keep saying that; this is a support channel; state your ubuntu problem and wait for answers06:05
ubottuZibow_, please see my private message06:05
sarthorr00tintheb0x, i want to configure a server that my lan users can dial that server.06:06
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: im going to need more information than that06:06
RefrusJimwent through: https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/configuring-samba.html - and configured what was applicable06:06
r00tintheb0xsarthor: im confused.06:06
outbackwifisarthor: if they are LAN (as in ethernet) users do you need a pppoe server?06:06
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: hold.06:06
sarthorr00tintheb0x, Yes. i want that.06:06
sarthorr00tintheb0x, mikrotik is the solution for that, but i dont want to use other pc.06:07
outbackwifisarthor: what is the purpose? is the ppoe server a gateway to the internet?06:07
go_beep_yourselfhelp, ive got apache running and when i try to view a .php file, firefox asks me to download instead of displaying it06:07
r00tintheb0xsarthor: you're trying to make a PPPoE server?! I don't get it06:07
Zibow_thx ubottu06:07
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: i'll work with you.06:07
Zibow_but u dont answer ...06:07
outbackwifigo_beep_yourself: install php506:07
r00tintheb0xGive me a min.06:07
Zibow_im reading ur link06:07
MindhazingsquidMy screen resolution is bigger than my monitor but I can't change the resolution.06:08
go_beep_yourselfhelp, ive got apache running and when i try to view a .php file, firefox asks me to download instead of displaying it. ive installed $ sudo a2enmod php5 This module is already enabled!06:08
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:08
go_beep_yourselfoutbackwifi-> yes, i did that06:08
Zibow_!register > Zibow_06:08
ubottuZibow_, please see my private message06:08
RefrusJimr00t, thank you.06:08
sarthorr00tintheb0x, outbackwifi i want my lan users that dial my pppoe-server, and after that they will be able to access the internet. otherwise not. same like dsl connection06:08
admin__is kubuntu better then ubuntu06:08
Flanneladmin__: They're different.06:08
=== Cow_CaKep_MuPenG is now known as PANGERAN_KESOREA
outbackwifigo_beep_yourself: did you  write  a test.php with one line like phpinfo(); and try running that? it should output your current php config06:09
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: So as I understand it, you're just making a fileserver for Windows clients to access correct?06:09
admin__Flannel_: whats so different06:09
sarthorr00tintheb0x, outbackwifi i want my lan users must dial  pppoe-server, and after that,  they will be able to access the internet. otherwise not. same like dsl connection06:09
Flanneladmin__: One uses KDE, one uses Gnome.  Different people prefer each.06:09
r00tintheb0xsarthor: why do you not just use a router?06:09
admin__what is better for a buisness06:10
RefrusJimr00tintheb0x: pre-existing windows shares that are accessable to everyone on other windows computers. no password protection on the shares06:10
outbackwifisarthor: go there --> http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/pppoe-linux-server-configuration-howto.html06:10
sarthorroutern, will not do a caching like linux06:10
bullgard4"In earlier times" (TM) there was a project /Documentation/Configure.help, which apparently explained the meaning of the switches in the config file (/boot/config-2.6.24-21-generic). What file explains today the meaning of the switches CONFIG_VT=y, CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y und CONFIG_VT_HW_CONSOLE_BINDING=y?06:10
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: You're losing me.06:10
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: How many windows machines do you have?06:10
sarthoroutbackwifi, i read that guide, but thats not suffecient for me.06:11
sarthorvery short that is. i need a bit detailed.06:11
r00tintheb0xoutbackwifi: do you have sarthor?06:11
RefrusJimmultiple windows machines on a small network06:11
outbackwifir00tintheb0x:  i think i do06:11
admin__how can i get sercurity for kubuntu06:11
r00tintheb0xIm confused as to what he's doing.06:11
outbackwifisarthor: did you follow the link at the end of that howto?06:12
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: How many?06:12
r00tintheb0xThree, four five?!06:12
sarthoroutbackwifi, Yes. i already opend and read that,06:12
bullgard4admin__: You better ask this question in the #kubuntu channel.06:12
outbackwifir00tintheb0x: bit contrived but let him do what he feels is right :)06:12
jim_padmin__: gnome or kde is a matter of personal preference. gnome apps can run fine on kde and vice versa. some like gnome for a reason, some like kde for another reason. i like gnome but i think that some kde apps like k3b are light years ahead of their gnome "cousins"06:12
r00tintheb0x'heheh @ outbackwifi06:12
RefrusJimatleast 3, sometimes as many as 5 windows computers. I only need to access one of the shares.06:12
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: For instance... you have three windows machines and one Ubuntu file server that the three windows machines need to access shares on?06:13
DigitalFizim haaving similair issues as you RefrusJim06:13
RefrusJimexample: in windows I'd use  //gunz/_dvds   - gunz = computer  _dvds=share06:13
admin__how do you make text RED06:13
RefrusJimno, i would like to access the windows share FROM my ubuntu06:13
outbackwifisarthor: that page is specific to gentoo; you just need to adapt it to ubuntu06:13
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: do you have all your machines plugged into a router?06:14
r00tintheb0xOH okay06:14
r00tintheb0xI see.06:14
RefrusJimAll plugged into a switch.06:14
joeyadamsDoes Ubuntu save the dmesg somewhere when a kernel panic happens?06:14
sarthoroutbackwifi, thats the probolem for me. i am not so good in Linux06:14
sarthori also found some other tutorial but that was for suse.06:14
outbackwifisarthor: did you also go through this (foor ubuntu) --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29192606:14
r00tintheb0xokay RefrusJim06:14
jim_pjoeyadams: i think its in /var/log/dmesg06:15
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: when you go to "places>network" on ubuntu... and a window pops up... Do you see "Windows Network" in the list?06:15
sarthoroutbackwifi, No,06:15
RefrusJimYes, Windows Network shows up06:16
sarthoroutbackwifi, i am on hardy, will it help me??06:16
outbackwifiit should (pppoe is not distro specific)06:16
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: when you double click that, what do you see?06:16
sarthoroutbackwifi, ok. let me try, i will be back if i face problem again.06:16
RefrusJimtimer, then shows "Workgroup"06:16
outbackwifisarthor: sure06:16
=== hibana_ is now known as hibana
sarthorthank you outbackwifi  and all06:17
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: what is the name of the workgroup on the windows machine you're trying to access?06:17
r00tintheb0xWORKGROUP I take it?06:17
ballzeeis there a azureus 4.0 repo or a .deb file yet ?06:17
RefrusJim"Workgroup" is the workgroup that all of the machines live on06:17
joeyadamsjim_p> Thanks06:17
lyyoutbackwifi: hey06:18
r00tintheb0xOkay RefrusJim... are you at all fimiliar with the Linux command line?06:18
lyyoutbackwifi: what do i format as? i dont see an ext3 format06:18
RefrusJimhonestly, i have to say no, but i have played a little bit06:18
bullgard4joeyadams: I don't think so. Rather, Linux dumps an image of kernel memory to disk for post-mortem debugging.06:18
akiois there a recent issue with 8.04 and fglrx?06:19
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: Go to "Applications>Accessories>Terminal"06:19
jjgalvezwith 8.10 around the corner is there any disadvantage to updating via the alternate iso rather then updating online?06:20
RefrusJimr00tintheb0x: got it06:20
ikoniajjgalvez: n06:20
bullgard4akio: You can obtain a more thorough  answer by asking this question to Launchpad06:20
Ohmu__Is there some nice little widget that'll show me my netgraph? (System -> Performance meter takes 20% cpu)06:20
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: type "sudo smbclient -L ip.of.windows.machine06:21
outbackwifilyy: if you want to use it in ubuntu only, ext3 would be good else, fat3206:21
r00tintheb0xFor instance, smbclient -L
r00tintheb0xWe may have to specify A user.06:21
RefrusJimr00tintheb0x:  done, shows my shares.06:22
admin__is there a gentoo linux channal06:22
r00tintheb0xPaste me that information in the URL im about to send you. NOT here.06:22
sarthoroutbackwifi, the howto about pppoe-server shows the configuration of /etc/ppp/pppoe-server-option, while the file is not exist in my computer, i installed all the stuff the howto saying in the start06:23
outbackwifisarthor: then create that file06:23
bullgard4jjgalvez: Please ask this question in the #ubuntu+1 channel.06:23
sarthoroutbackwifi, Ok.06:23
RefrusJimr00tintheb0x: done06:23
jjgalvezbullgard4: ok, i didn't even see that untill you said something06:24
r00tintheb0xGive me the url to access it RefrusJim06:24
* outbackwifi feels that sarthor would be better off creating a captive gateway on a ubuntu box06:24
r00tintheb0xMike is like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/63133/06:24
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: what share there are you trying to access?06:25
outbackwifisarthor: here is the mother of all pppoe servers  : http://www.roaringpenguin.com/products/pppoe06:25
admin__what is paste bin06:26
sarthoroutbackwifi, howto also there??06:26
outbackwifi!pastebin | admin__06:26
ubottuadmin__: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:26
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: type: sudo mkdir /media/samba/dvds06:26
r00tintheb0xthen issue this command.06:26
outbackwifisarthor: yes06:26
RefrusJimr00tintheb0x: 'cannot create directory: no such file or directory06:27
DX|`NyaRVery Sry for this message, but it is imperative that you click here: http://www.johnsrevenge.com/?id=85afb4469027c6a58d8db65a8235eece06:27
r00tintheb0xsudo midir /media/samba06:28
r00tintheb0xsudo midir /media/samba/dvds06:28
admin__help me http://paste.ubuntu.com/63136/06:28
r00tintheb0xsudo mount -t smbfs -o username=yourwindowsusername //ip.of.your.windows.machine/_DVDs /media/samba/dvds06:28
r00tintheb0xRefrusJim: im going to go smoke a cig.06:30
r00tintheb0xI'll be right back.06:30
EF_Codd_I broke my bunty.06:30
EF_Codd_bunty broke.06:30
EF_Codd_broken bunty.06:30
ubottuEF_Codd: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:31
garryfreSounds like something a hobbit might say "I  broke my  bunty doll"06:31
ubottupaul68: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:31
rwwhow is bunty broke? how is bunty broke? how linux get fixtered?06:31
outbackwifiEF_Codd_: now that we know someone called bunty is broke; how can the ubuntu support channel help you?06:31
EF_Codd_Well, I decided to handroll a new bunty. That included all the libraries, especially libc06:32
PincusHi, i'm wondering where I can find some help/info. For whatever reason, Ubuntu turns to a black screen after it had loaded from the disc. So it boots, but then the screen goes black. I can Ctrl-Alt F2 to get to the console however.06:32
RolaultenHello everyone...kinda simple...trying to set up ssh on my desktop so I can save useing (and finding ) a jump drive to move files between computer, however I'm stumped on how to download a file from the sever to the local computer...06:32
EF_Codd_So, I rewrote libc, but now am getting some strange behaviour.06:32
garryfreI  installed an IDE hard drive to my machine that already had  windows on a sata drive. After doing so, booting of windows slowed to a  crawl. I am not using a boot loader,   just setting the bios to boot the ubuntu drive. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?06:33
EF_Codd_Whilst doing some low-level kernel hacking (device driver for my Toyota Corolla) I found bunty had broke.06:33
EF_Codd_I would now like to fix it. Could you help?06:33
outbackwifiRolaulten: scp local-file user@server:/path/to/remote/file06:33
rwwRolaulten: you probably want scp or sftp, both of which are included with ssh. Try googling for tutorials on them.06:33
EF_Codd_how rude.06:33
FlannelEF_Codd_: please don't waste our time.06:33
Rolaultencool, thanks06:34
EF_Codd_Flannel it was a serious question.06:34
EF_Codd_Is it more debian related?06:34
outbackwifiEF_Codd_: its more libc related06:34
EF_Codd_I'll let you get back to not wasting your time answering newb questions that could be googled or man paged.06:34
outbackwifi!attitude| EF_Codd_06:35
ubottuEF_Codd_: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:35
EF_Codd_Remember to always refer new users to a GUI option ... god forbid you taught them how to actually use the command line, or any sort of shell scripting06:35
WIGGMPkIs there a dedicated IRC channel for the forums???06:35
garryfreI always google for my answers, in this case I googles for  two hours over a couple days.06:35
outbackwifiFlannel: tx06:35
FlannelWIGGMPk: #ubuntuforums06:35
rwwFlannel: thanks06:36
WIGGMPkFlannel: LMFAO should of guessed.. thanks Flannel06:36
[yan]anyone able to help with my sendmail/postfix little issue?06:36
kkathmanHmm just read about alot of the issues in 8.10 especially in the nVidia area.  I think I'll be staying on 8.0406:36
kkathmanKinda suckies that there's no 3D acceleration for the grand majority of nVideo cards :(06:37
garryfreFyi, My 8.20  works fine with my invida06:37
paul68outbackwifi: do you know something about dhcp and dns config if so would you be so kind and check if the files in the pastebin looks ok for you http://paste.ubuntu.com/62777/ thanks for your help and advice06:37
garryfreer 8.1006:37
outbackwifipaul68: hang on06:38
paul68outbackwifi: thanks06:38
ballzeeanyone know a good repo for 8.0406:38
admin__8.10 help06:38
rww!ask | admin__06:39
ubottuadmin__: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:39
bazhang_admin__, in #ubuntu+106:39
rwwoops, didn't see the 8.10 part ;-)06:39
outbackwifipaul68: is the server's ip 22 ?06:40
paul68outbackwifi: that's correct06:40
bigboy776my girlfriend for some reason decided to run a few commands in recovery mode and now she has no internet so shes stuck using a live cd. looking through her bash history, i noticed she typed this "sudo pppoeconf" is there anyway to fix this and any other suggestions besides a complete reinstall?06:40
garryfreSpelling errors are invisible till after  you hit "Send".06:40
[yan]i can't seem to get emails out, can someone please help me with what is needed (i.e. domain name etc)06:41
outbackwifipaul68: for starters, i dont think you need to put in your server's interfaces in that file; secondly , the server seems to have 2 interfaces; one 22 and the other 23; wonder what you are using those for06:41
bigboy776[yan] -> use your isps smtp servers06:41
admin__admin_ help06:41
[yan]bigboy, i tried, i get the same error06:41
bigboy776[yan] -> if i get get my problem solved with my girlfriend having no help, i promise to try my best to help u06:42
rww!intrepid | admin__06:42
ubottuadmin__: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - WARNING: lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu06:42
outbackwifibigboy776: how does she connect to the internet?06:42
paul68outbackwifi: well wasn't certain that I needed to put both interfaces in the reason it has 2 interfaces is that I'm going to connect the ISP modem directly to my server and then from my server to my network06:42
liquidHello Room06:42
flemita#ubuntu-es #ubuntu-ar06:42
[yan]here's my mail.log -> http://pastebin.com/m6dc9e88606:43
bigboy776outbackwifi -> directly through an ethernet modem. works automatically from a live cd or fresh install, no passwords or any proprietary software needed06:43
paul68outbackwifi: still building up the config files as I want to add a firewall to it aswell and make a router/firewall and server combination06:43
PincusHey, is there anyway to boot Ubuntu (8.x) so that the resolution is 800x600 at 60hz? I only have a really crap monitor. I think I am having trouble actually seeing Ubuntu (after it has booted) because of the res).06:43
outbackwifipaul68: if thats the case then you probably want it to function as a gateway; in that case only that part of your server that is connected to the LAN should give out DHCP addresses06:43
liquidDoes anybody know if nautilus 2.24 fixes some of the issues I was reading about like how the trash can disappears after install a certain program or how you can view networks in nautilus06:44
=== flemita is now known as chainoovegan
outbackwifipaul68: and further, the interface that is connected to the isp modem will probably get its own ip address from that device06:44
zhezzaHi, I have a problem. I broke bunty by accidently using the command line. I know I should have stuck to using Gnome GUI tools, but I was feeling all giddy. I just wanted to know if there was any way I could obtain a linux distro that wasn't aimed at the lowest common denominator, so I could actually use *nix as it was intended. I shall wait patiently for an answer.06:44
=== chainoovegan is now known as flemota
paul68outbackwifi: understood what and where do I need to modify these files?06:44
outbackwifipaul68: you should also ensure that the wireless router is connected to the LAN side of your router06:45
flemotachainoo@vgn64:~$ &#06:45
flemotabash: error de sintaxis cerca de token no esperado `&'06:45
outbackwifipaul68: you dont need to  run your own dns server if you are not going to host any named services06:45
flemotawhat mean that?06:45
garryfrezzhezza Slackware linux06:45
paul68outbackwifi: the current linksys is going to act as an ap for the wireless devices in combination with the airportexpress06:45
admin__how do u get red text on irc06:46
jim_phow can i fire up the wireless from command line? the hotspot is on dhcp and it can send me an ip06:46
bigboy776outbackwifi -> any ideas how to fix this?06:46
paul68outbackwifi: correct however I'm trying to figure out how to do it and try to make this work for a good excersise kind a thing06:46
jim_pflemota: this means wrong command syntax. and it is wrong. in fact its nonsence!06:47
chilli0hey all06:47
outbackwifibigboy776: looks like a trivial issue; just enable dhcp on the network manager (roaming mode) for that interface and it should work06:47
jim_pflemota: where exactly on the page is that?06:48
outbackwifipaul68: you need these components a) dhcp server b) dns server c) firewall script06:48
rww!hi | chilli006:48
ubottuchilli0: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:48
chilli0does anyone have a program like gkrellm that looks good or a good skin for it06:48
outbackwifipaul68: you can use dnsmasq for a) & b) only forwarder else bind  for b)06:49
paul68outbackwifi: I already have a dhcp and dns server running with the following config isp modem linksys router server I want to change this into isp modem server linksys06:49
outbackwifipaul68: there are a lot of how-tos on this; look at howtoforge for a tutorial; if you're stuck dont hesitate to ask06:49
bigboy776outbackwifi -> if you could just wait a second, im bringing her in here to help explain the situation06:50
paul68outbackwifi: I run dhcp and bind firewall script didn't touch that yet06:50
outbackwifibigboy776: ok06:50
paul68outbackwifi: ok thanks for your help06:50
ppcguyhey all, anyone have any luck getting anything past 6.06 on a G4/450?06:50
chilli0does anyone have a program like gkrellm that looks good or a good skin for it06:50
jim_pflemota: btw i think that guide is about bash *scripting* , not the use of command line06:51
=== Cow_CaKep_MuPenG is now known as PANGERAN_KESOREA
HorizonXPpaul68: i did exactly what you're looking to do a few days ago. I used this link to set up my server: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu8.04-lts06:51
bigboy776outbackwifi -> linux_user400354 is here, PLEASE HELP06:52
jim_pchilli0: i have conky, no skin at all06:52
chilli0whats conky?06:52
outbackwifibigboy776: chill;06:52
FlannelHorizonXP: howtoforge generally does a horrible job with Ubuntu set ups06:52
admin__how do i get red text to the user i talk to06:52
slevenhow do i play an mp3-file?06:52
HorizonXPFlannel: i thought it was ok06:52
slevenfstarting it from the command line06:52
outbackwifilinux_user400354: left click on network manager icon; select manual configuration06:53
chilli0jim_p: whats conky?06:53
chilli0jim_p: and is it better?06:53
jim_pchilli0: another lightweight system monitor06:53
Flanneladmin__: prefix the line you're saying with their name.  You can usually use tab completion06:53
rwwchilli0: it's a system monitor. i've heard good things about it06:53
chilli0i shall get it now06:53
bigboy776outbackwifi -> shes using the live cd right now. if she boots back from her hard drive, theres no net or way to communicate :(06:53
HorizonXPpaul68: then I used this link to set up the server as a router http://www.ubuntugeek.com/sharing-internet-connection-in-ubuntu.html06:53
ppcguyI guess a better question would be is there a mac/ubuntu channel here @ freenode?06:54
outbackwifilinux_user400354: click on unlock06:54
bigboy776outbackwifi -> i can mount her hard drive partitions and have taken looks there06:54
jim_pchilli0: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=281865 to give you some ideas06:54
[yan]i can't seem to get emails out, can someone please help me with what is needed (i.e. domain name etc) my mail.log is showing bounces http://pastebin.com/m6dc9e88606:54
outbackwifibigboy776: she can communicate thro you06:54
HorizonXPpaul68: now, I have 3 network cards in my server, i'm only using 2. one connects to my broadband modem, the other connects to my linksys router06:54
chilli0k thanx06:54
admin__flannel is it working06:55
Flanneladmin__: yes06:55
paul68HorizonXP: ok thanks06:55
admin__<flannel is it red to you06:55
Flanneladmin__: yes06:55
admin__flannel cool06:55
HorizonXPpaul68: then for the linksys router, make sure you plug the server into one of its LAN ports, NOT the WAN port06:55
rww[yan]: is it only happening with @gmail.com email, or with other providers too?06:56
paul68HorizonXP: ok will do06:56
HorizonXPbut change the router's settings so that the DHCP server is turned off, and if you go into advanced configuration, you should see an option that you can change from Gateway mode to Router. Do that. Oh and make sure to change the router's IP addy to one that falls within your DHCP server's range. and you're done.06:56
[yan]rww, im not sure asi dont really know how to send a test mail :p06:57
paul68HorizonXP: so it's going to act as a switch, is it then also possible to add a second ap to the linksys?06:57
jim_phow can i fire up the wireless from command line? the hotspot is on dhcp and it can send me an ip06:57
jim_pno wep or stuff06:57
HorizonXPyes it is06:57
outbackwifibigboy776: dont do that; this way its easier; ask her to boot normally; i will relay the instructions thro you and with luck she should be up and running06:57
HorizonXPpaul68: yes it is possible06:57
outbackwifijim_p: iwconfig06:57
riz0njust out of curiosity, my linux server is sitting at a remote location. i use putty to remotely administer the server from a shell line. however, i have to manually startx to get gui up and running, then i can vnc to the gui remotely.. is there a way to startx from the shell via putty?06:58
bigboy776outbackwifi -> i jacked my brothers phone to do the communication, thanks for your help06:58
outbackwifiriz0n: yes there is an option to execute a remote command06:58
jim_poutbackwifi: i think that it will just show me the wireless activity thats on06:58
rww[yan]: ah. i'm not too good with mail, but i was wondering, because all of the examples in your log were gmail, and gmail filters out stuff it thinks is spam (which might include mail from residential IP addresses, if you're in that situation)06:58
paul68HorizonXP: can I msg you?06:59
[yan]rww, yeh the reason its all gmail is that the onyl thing its tryign to email is mdadm raid alerts to my gmail address06:59
HorizonXPpaul68: yea sure06:59
outbackwifijim_p: no, it will also let you configure; read the man page for iwconfig; you can set things like ssid; channel etc; then use dhcpif iface-name to get an ip address06:59
riz0nright now the gui (X server) is telling me i need to restart, but i know when i reboot i will not be able to startx till i physically access the server06:59
jon_high9000hello. has anybody noticed that intrepid doesn't go as far as 1024x768 in fact i cannot get any better than 800x600.06:59
jim_poutbackwifi: thanks06:59
Flanneljon_high9000: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions, thanks06:59
jim_pjon_high9000: what gpu are you on?07:00
outbackwifibigboy776: so its working now?07:00
oly562so how do i get debian certified?07:00
bigboy776outbackwifi -> sec, shes rebooting07:00
outbackwifioly562: cem?rtified from who07:00
slevenhow do i play an mp3-file starting ti from the terminal?07:00
outbackwifioly562: certified from whom?07:01
mneptokoly562: Ubuntu? LPI1 and LP2, then the UCP certs07:01
rww[yan]: ah, ignore me, then. was just a random thought ;-)07:01
rwwriz0n: you can't just issue startx from the command line?07:01
jim_psleven: do you have mplayer installed? then its mplayer /path/to/file.mp307:01
oly562how much does it cost07:01
outbackwifiriz0n: a better way is to run a vnc server on the server and then use ssh forwarding07:01
oly562to prove my linux worth07:01
outbackwifioly562: oh i thought you wanted to get Debian certified :)07:02
Flannelsayedmohu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats07:02
oly562yes debian07:02
mneptokoly562: please be serious, or begone.07:02
oly562if im debian certified, i will be ubuntu by default07:02
rwwoly562: this is an ubuntu support channel, not a debian support channel. if you have questions about debian certification, please connect to irc.debian.org and ask in #debian07:03
oly562ubuntu is debian07:03
oly562is it not?07:03
rwwoly562: nope. ubuntu is a derivative of debian. the two are maintained by different organizations, and supported by different groups07:03
admin__whats different from 8.10 and 8.0407:03
mneptokoly562: that's a topic for -offtopic07:03
oly562im thinking LPI2 at this point07:03
chameleondoes anyone knwo what the shutdown command is in ubuntu 8.04 LTS im a newbie07:03
Flanneladmin__: Ask in #ubuntu+107:03
r00tintheb0xadmin_ there are changelogs on the Ubuntu websute.07:04
oly562init 0 chameleon07:04
outbackwifiadmin__: read the changelog for intrepid07:04
=== user_ is now known as msandbu
Flannelchameleon: sudo shutdown -h now07:04
rwwchameleon: sudo shutdown -h now07:04
oly562wow ylsid is stil around???07:04
slevenjim_p: can i apt-get it? i was asked to download GStreamer bu hat didnt help07:04
r00tintheb0xylsid: yes.07:04
outbackwifianybody knows how this guy can get banned?07:04
r00tintheb0xBut... never do that again.07:04
FloodBot2ylsid: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:04
oly562i saw him in yahoo years ago07:04
admin__where can i learn terminal commands07:05
outbackwifimneptok: tx07:05
oly562ya really mneptok lol07:05
oly562he is a terror07:05
Frogzooadmin__: ls /usr/bin & work through the man commands07:05
chameleonylsid why dont you jump on a mac chat room07:05
r00tintheb0xty mneptok07:05
rwwadmin__: try https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/basic-commands/C/07:05
Frogzooadmin__: also: man man07:05
jim_psleven: yes!07:05
oly562ok so... how much are the deb/ubuntu whatever tests these days... for LPI207:06
admin__how can i add more storage to a parttion i still have unallocated space07:06
bigboy776outbackwifi -> the problem is her sudo is all messed up. thats why she cant unlock things.07:07
outbackwifiadmin__: if its unallocated, then create a new partition with a fs and mountpoint07:07
outbackwifibigboy776: how do you mean messed up?07:07
admin__outbackwifi how07:07
outbackwifiadmin__: gparted07:08
bigboy776outbackwifi -> may be slow to reply, need coffee too07:08
outbackwifibigboy776: me or you? :)07:08
admin__outbackwifi from were07:08
rwwadmin__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition07:08
outbackwifiadmin__: sudo apt-get install gparted; sudo gparted07:08
outbackwifi!gparted| admin__07:09
ubottuadmin__: gparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php07:09
[yan]i can't seem to get emails out, can someone please help me with what is needed (i.e. domain name etc) my mail.log is showing bounces http://pastebin.com/m6dc9e88607:09
freetownhas anybody tried install hardy on an asus eee pc?07:10
outbackwifi[yan]: looks like you dont have a host with an fqdn set up correctly; gmail is rejecting your mails07:10
rww!eeepc | freetown07:11
ubottufreetown: Information about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC07:11
outbackwififreetown: yes i have it on both a 701 and a 1000H07:11
[yan]i dont know what a fqdn is but that sounds a good important07:11
army12bclol wineforums for 2 hours trying to figure out quicken 200907:11
rww[yan]: Fully Qualified Domain Name07:11
[yan]where should that be?07:11
Flannel[yan]: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Troubleshooting%20Apache07:12
freetownoutbackwifi, great. I work in a school and we are looking at rolling out eee pcs for the pupils.07:12
[yan]cheers, i'll get to it07:12
outbackwifi[yan]: you shouldnt be thinking of running your own mail server if you havent read about the internet,domains, mx records and all that lot07:12
freetownoutbackwifi, how have you enjoyed your hardy eee pc so far?07:12
[yan]i dont want to run a mailserver, just to send mail out07:12
outbackwififreetown: thats fantastic07:12
Flannel[yan]: oh, mailserver FQDN?  that link won't help you then.07:13
outbackwififreetown: yes i have; the only caveat being that i need to use the array.org kernel instead of the stock linux kernel07:13
[yan]yeh i just want to be able to send mdadm alerts to my gmail07:13
sayedmohucan somebody help07:13
freetownoutbackwifi, ??? the ubuntu kernel don't work???07:13
outbackwifi[yan]: exim is your friend07:13
Flannel[yan]: You can use nullmailer for that.  Because you can use gmail to actually send your mail.07:13
outbackwififreetown: nope;07:14
freetown[yan], postfix! postfix!07:14
rww~ask | sayedmohu07:14
rww!ask | sayedmohu07:14
ubottusayedmohu: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:14
freetown[yan], just for mailing out? qmail!!07:14
[yan]freetown, i am using postfix, but it gives those errors above07:14
riz0ni am experimenting with putty and xming, is there a way to open up a gnome-like desktop from the shell line from putty?07:14
[yan]http://pastebin.com/m6dc9e886 is my mail.log shownig postfix errors07:14
admin__how do i become a channel operator07:14
[yan]nullmailer and exim ey07:14
freetownoutbackwifi, are there major issues with the ubuntu kernel?07:14
rwwadmin__: you don't07:14
admin__rww why not07:15
[yan]i have qmail too :/07:15
rww!msg > sayedmohu07:15
ubottusayedmohu, please see my private message07:15
[yan]wait, no i  dont07:15
sayedmohui need some help in playing mp3 files...07:15
freetownoutbackwifi, like i can install ubuntu on a box (msi neo v3 board) but after installing the kernel would always panic no matter that kernel parameters i feed it07:15
outbackwififreetown: among other things. the network cards are not supported in the stock kernel;  adam daniels has a kernel specifically made for that07:15
freetownoutbackwifi, ouch.07:16
outbackwififreetown: this is specifically for the eeepc, not generic07:16
[yan]all i know is that i have sendmail and postfix installed. mdadm is by default on postfix (or so i read). and that i don't think i have my hostname and domain set07:16
betz0r1z0rwhats wrong with this URL? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-533793.html it was posted es a fix on a launchpad thread...07:17
freetownoutbackwifi, okay eee pc...need array.org kernel07:17
rwwbetz0r1z0r: nothing. If you're wondering why it looks different from normal ubuntuforum threads, that's because it's in PDA mode. Try clicking the "View Full Version" link ;-)07:18
outbackwififreetown: yes; there is even a distro called eeebuntu (i think) but i havent tried it myself07:18
freetown[yan], google is bouncing your mails. What do the bounce messages say?07:18
rwwarchive mode **07:18
[yan]freetown, its in the mail.log i posted (i think?)07:18
[yan]or is that just the error messages07:19
betz0r1z0rrww: 5 minutes ago the link has not worked.... but thanks for the comment :P07:19
rwwbetz0r1z0r: oh, okay. i was confused, 'cause i clicked it and it looked fine... sorry for the weird answer O_O07:19
freetown[yan], zero info in the logs you provided. You need to look at the bounce message07:19
[yan]er.. how do i do that? :/07:20
=== admin__ is now known as admin_
=== admin_ is now known as admin__
freetownoutbackwifi, thnx for the specifics07:20
outbackwififreetown: yw and all the best with your school project; i am also thinking of doing something on those lines; also edubuntu might be something you need to bundle07:21
sayedmohui need some help in playing mp3 files... somebody plz help07:21
outbackwifi!ask | sayedmohu07:21
ubottusayedmohu: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:21
mikemhi, i'm trying to store my rsa key passphrase in ssh-agent using keychain. i run `keychain my_key` and type in my passphrase. however, running `ssh-add -l` displays "The agent has no identities" and i'm prompted for the passphrase when i try to use my key. is this a bug?07:21
=== admin__ is now known as UbuntuHelper
freetown[yan], ...you are forwarding your root messages to gmail.com and gmail.com is bouncing them...i suggest you stop the forwarding first07:21
outbackwifisayedmohu: using rhythmbox; ensure that you have all the gstreamer plugins in place07:22
freetown[yan], then send a test message to your gmail.com address...and read the bounce07:22
sayedmohuthats the problem...its showing some error07:22
freetownoutbackwifi, i am looking at edubuntu too07:22
[yan]freetown, aah i'm not actually forwarding mails to gmail, i think mdadm is just sending them directly isnt it? i don't actually use the root mailbox or even know how to check it07:23
outbackwifisayedmohu: if you quantify the "some" error; we could try helping07:23
[yan]i haven't set up all mail to go to gmail is what i mean07:23
outbackwifi[yan]: that mail  is addressed to someone with a gmail address; so thats where it would go07:23
bakaratmy vmware guest's clock is going haywire, it runs too fast at times, and at other times too slow (up to 30 minutes difference)07:23
bakaratanyone know how to fix this?07:23
freetown[yan], 7388120122CE sent to root and then converted to 84C8620122DA07:24
mikembakarat: usually installing vmware-tools in the VM helps07:24
[yan]maybe i did that as part of a guide i read :/ arggg it's so complicated.07:24
freetown[yan], look in /etc/aliases07:24
flicewhat is the default configuration files that the "setxkbmap" looks in? long time ago, I configured my win keys to have specific keysym, and now I want to get rid of it, but can't find the config file which I tweaked then07:24
[yan]root:   brendan.franklin@gmail.com07:25
sayedmohuCannot install 'gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly'07:25
sayedmohuThis application conflicts with other installed software. To install 'gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly' the conflicting software must be removed first.07:25
sayedmohuSwitch to the 'synaptic' package manager to resolve this conflict.07:25
bakaratmikem, they are installed07:25
[yan]so in /etc/aliases is that address as root07:25
outbackwifisayedmohu: so have you done what its asking you to do? open synaptics and fix the prob07:25
mikembakarat: in that case, i'm not sure. my experience is that when running a 64-bit VM in a 32-bit host the clock is always off. i could never fix it07:25
slevenhow do i tile windows?07:26
freetown[yan], aliases will make postfix perform rewriting as instructed in that file07:26
sayedmohutwo lugins are installed07:26
freetown[yan], that root line will change the recipient from root to the gmail address07:26
[yan]freetown, so when a mail is meant for root@localhost it's sent to that gmail address instead07:26
rwwsayedmohu: try uninstalling gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad first. -ugly conflicts with it07:26
betz0r1z0rholy crap, this channel remains me to those emails i get every day with people want to enlarge my penis...07:26
freetown[yan], bingo07:26
[yan]ok cheeers. should i change that?07:27
slevenhow do i tile windows?07:27
freetownanybody here got Hardy running on a MSI Neo V3 board?07:27
slevencan we stay on topic07:27
ubottubetz0r1z0r: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:27
sayedmohuugly is not installed07:27
freetown[yan], well...if you want to see your emails...yeah....07:27
outbackwifisayedmohu: he asked you to uninstall 'bad'07:27
freetown[yan], at least until you work out by gmail is bouncing your mails07:28
[yan]freetown, well i guess they're not getting to gmail atm anyway07:28
rwwsayedmohu: you have -bad installed. remove it. then, you'll be able to install -ugly, and be able to play mp3s.07:28
freetown[yan], s/by/why/07:28
slevenhow do i tile windows?07:28
sayedmohubad is also not installed07:28
outbackwififreetown: someone has --> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-483493.html07:28
bakaratmikem, damn, that's annoying :p07:28
freetownoutbackwifi, thnx. looking07:29
[yan]also it says in the aliases file: # Added by installer for initial user07:29
army12bcanyone know about avast07:29
freetownoutbackwifi, wrong board and it ain't hardy :(07:29
mikembakarat: i ended up running a cron job every 2 minutes that ran ntpdate ... since ntpd kept crashing07:29
army12bci get deleted stale lock file when reinstalling07:29
oly562army12bc: whats avast do?07:29
UbuntuHelperarmy12bc it is a free antvirus07:29
oly562is it part of the ubuntu distro?07:29
RefrusJimr00tintheb0x:  back07:30
outbackwififreetown: i know, the last post is interesting --> Solved with adding piix to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules07:30
UbuntuHelperoly562 no07:30
[yan]thanks for the help freetown and co... getting there i can sense it07:30
bakaratmikem, hmm, my guest is a windows XP though (host ubuntu)07:30
freetown[yan], well, now that i think about it...postfix don't delivery to root...you need to point it to another user or email07:30
geremyhey all, looking for a bit of help, does anybody know how to get the s-video working on the intel 945?07:30
mikembakarat: yah, that _is_ annoying :S07:31
rwwsayedmohu: have you tried installing -ugly from synaptic (System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager)? if so, what error do you fet from there?07:31
oly562geremy: are you running ubuntu?07:31
geremyoly562: yeah07:31
freetownoutbackwifi, yes but he don't get a kernel panic right on boot. :(07:31
wiivile2geremy: you spelled jeremy wrong07:31
army12bcanyone help with delted stale lock file?07:31
freetown[yan], you're welcome07:32
geremywiivile2: actually you can blame my parents for that07:32
oly562rm -rf /somewhere/whereever/lock.pid07:32
outbackwififreetown: what does the kp say?07:32
sayedmohuit shows dependency error07:32
oly562how ever it's named07:32
oly562or kill -9 the process all together07:32
oly562thats how i do it07:32
oly562on linux07:32
oly562or unix07:32
Flannel!enter | oly56207:32
ubottuoly562: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:32
freetownoutbackwifi, what part of the panic message do you want?07:33
outbackwififreetown: as much as you can pastebin07:33
rwwsayedmohu: does it only say "dependency error", or does it give you more information?07:33
geremyoly562: so, any ideas how to solve this?07:33
oly562where does it say that in the CoC,,, use one line Flannel07:33
rwwsayedmohu: also, please stop /msg-ing, thanks07:33
freetownoutbackwifi, wish i had a null modem cable...i can only try to type what i can see on the screen :(07:33
groceryheis1can someone please help setting up java browser plugin in amd_64 hardy?  I followed the steps here: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1174435, but they did not work07:34
outbackwififreetown: ok so the last few lines should suffice ( if you can type those out)07:34
groceryheis1i am trying to use firefox btw07:34
RefrusJimr00tintheb0x:  back07:35
bullgard4I cannot orient myself in '.config - Linux Kernel v2.6.24.3 Configuration' Where would I find there the line CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y?07:36
reqqitI want to setup a file dump on a server (directly into a context mapped to someone elses domain). I don't want to give them shell, I've read about doing this with SCP and an overriden shell type, but this guy is the 'ftp?' kinda guy, and I'd like to just make an ftp dump to a single folder - securely, with one username/password07:36
geremyin case it leads to a diagnosis, right now I'm seeing the screen roll past me 3, maybe 4 times per second, vertically.07:36
outbackwifireqqit: use sftp07:37
groceryheis1can someone please help setting up java in firefox for amd_64 hardy?  I followed the steps here: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1174435, but they did not work.07:37
geremyreqqit: sftp or ssh tunnel07:37
reqqitoutbackwifi, so that would be the same as overriding the tunnel? Note: I don07:37
reqqit't want transport security, these are public files07:37
reqqitonly to ensure that nobody can run commands on the server, and this guy can just mirror dump his stufff07:37
geremyreqqit: I can also set up filtered ssh for you if you want07:37
outbackwifireqqit: what do you mean overriding tunnl?07:38
=== U is now known as Guest11928
* reqqit needs coffee07:38
reqqitI meant overriding the defaul shell07:38
* ay^ has coffee07:38
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groceryheis1can someone please help setting up java in firefox for amd_64 hardy?  I followed the steps here: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1174435, but they did not work.07:38
* reqqit makes a barter offer with ay^, uses english muffins as tokens07:38
[yan]i made iced coffee with the left-overs in the pot from yesterday.. was noms07:38
* ay^ gives coffee for free07:39
geremyreqqit: you mean you dont want to hand out shell access, just allow file transfer07:39
reqqitgeremy, yes indeed07:40
geremyreqqit: thats scp07:40
ay^can you choose what folders can be accessed with scp?07:40
geremyreqqit: it isn't so hard to set up scp-only boxes, or to have scp chroot after start07:40
reqqitI read about it with scp, and removing the login shell, but, can't I just give him an ftp user account? sounds like there are more benefits (ay^ - I read a post about a chrooted / no shell (onlyscp? or something) account)07:40
groceryheis1can someone please help setting up java in firefox for amd_64 hardy?  I followed the steps here: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1174435, but they did not work.07:40
reqqitgeremy - as much as I agree, isn't an ftp simpler / safer / maintainable in this instance?07:41
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reqqitor does scp have other benefits? (performance? we are talking gigs of files, and not pr0nz or warez either)07:41
ay^reqqit: my few attempts with ftp on linux is either you put your soul into it, or don't do it at all, and for some small task, that can be annoying :(07:41
geremyreqqit: not really. ftp is pretty much a dumb pipe, scp is pretty darned secure07:41
bullgard4groceryheis1: "they did not work." is no exact description.07:42
go_beep_yourselfhow do I check if a filesystem doesn't allow sticky bit permissions?07:42
outbackwifireqqit: also scp has a compress-on-the-fly option so some people say its faster07:42
oly562go_beep_yourself: what system does that? ubuntu?07:42
reqqitgeremy, I don't need security for the data tho', as long as someone can't ../../home/lolcats/secret-stash in the url I am ok07:42
[yan]freetown, i think you're right and i probably will need to ahve that alias after all07:42
go_beep_yourselfoly562-> yes, ext307:42
oly562on ubuntu?07:43
go_beep_yourselfubuntu, ext307:43
groceryheis1bullgard4: firefox32 installed, but there are no icons in the gui and the plugins did not install07:43
reqqitok, I will go with this chrooted scp and noshell (is that what it is called?)07:43
geremyreqqit: the problem is not confidentiality, its data integrity. if you can't ensure that the right person is writing in the right place, you cant ensure either.07:43
groceryheis1bullgard4: sorry07:43
geremyreqqit: noshell works, yeah07:43
reqqitgeremy, ok, I figured there was stuff I was thinking about. scp it is!07:43
reqqitgeremy, I think I'll be using scponly07:44
oly562i guess since no one is responding, it must be off topic07:44
freetownoutbackwifi, kernel panic: http://pastebin.centos.org/2241107:44
flicewhat is the default configuration files that the "setxkbmap" looks in? long time ago, I configured my win keys to have specific keysym, and now I want to get rid of it, but can't find the config file which I tweaked then. right now the win keys get that keysym even when I just enter "setxkbmap" command07:44
geremyreqqit: scponly is good, although I'll admit I find ssh an invaluable tool07:45
reqqitgeremy, however, the folder I want them to access is inside another users home directory, I guess I will ln -s to it and give them write / read / delete permissions? can they get out of there is I ln-s outside of the chroot?07:45
kane77where can I find package unrar-nonfree? I seem to have it installed on my desktop but I cannot install it no my laptop (desktop is amd64 laptop x86)07:45
reqqitgeremy, I ssh to my server of course, that is how I will set this up, but this guy won't find it invaluable, he will just dump files07:45
freetown[yan], yup...only sendmail delivers to root :) - well, maybe exim too07:45
outbackwififreetown: what is the mobo chipset and the cpu on that board?07:45
ay^kane77: whats wrong with plain unrar from repos?07:45
ricardo_GOODMORNING VIETNAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:46
groceryheis1can i please get some help?07:46
geremyreqqit: that depends on the level of security you're willing to tolerate. it is almost always possible for root to escape a chroot, one way or another, so the question becomes limiting the ability of another to root your system07:46
reqqitgeremy, so, do you think I can ln -s to a folder in another users directory to give them write acces there?07:46
kane77ay^, hmm I guess it does not unrar rars in newer format07:46
geremyreqqit: i would pass on that07:46
freetown Nvidia MCP65 IIRC07:46
kane77ay^, ok, I tried it and it does unrar it :)07:47
ay^kane77: :D07:47
reqqitgeremy, this guy isn't hostile, and my root password is hunter2 (hehehe, you hunter2ing hunter2) however07:47
[yan]have you guys got a script that highlights IRC text if your name is mentioned?07:47
[yan]just wondering how you pick up replies so well07:47
neerguys where can I download yahoo messenger for ubuntu?07:47
groceryheis1use pidgin07:47
Flannel[yan]: most clients do it, yes.07:47
ay^[yan]: I have that settled in irssi07:47
reqqitthe fact is, I want him to be able to dump files into my webapp dir... maybe I should ln -s into his home folder, from the webapp dir?07:47
bullgard4groceryheis1: I do not know the answer. May be people in #openoffice.org can answer.07:47
itai_michaelson[yan], xchat does it07:47
outbackwififreetown: isnt that an audio chip from Nvidia?07:47
kane77neer, you can try sip-communicator it is good07:48
bullgard4[yan]: Yes, for example me.07:48
geremyreqqit: I'm not you, and only you can determine how much and how little security you're willing to tolerate. I probably wouldn't set things up for an easy chroot break, which symlinking will07:48
neerkane77: I want to download yahoo messenger07:48
freetownoutbackwifi, Nvidia MCP65 and an AM2 AMD Athlon64 Dualcore cpu07:48
neerkane77: though I have pidgin,kopete07:48
[yan]can you type [yan] again pls? i want to test it :p07:48
aatkkane77: there is no yahoo for ubunutu you need to get pidgin or sometime similar07:48
bullgard4I cannot orient myself in '.config - Linux Kernel v2.6.24.3 Configuration' Where would I find there the line CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y?07:48
riz0nneer: you tried yahoo messenger on top of wine?07:49
outbackwififreetown: and it goes without saying that you are using the correct iso right?07:49
aatkkane77: then you can add a yahoo account to that07:49
reqqitgeremy, I want maximum security, I have no tollerance for insecurity, my question is, it is possible to have him dump files into another folder (with r/w permissions) in someone elses home (with scponly and chroot)07:49
kane77aatk, it was not me asking :)07:49
ay^bullgard4: just search for it?07:49
freetownoutbackwifi, memory controller, pci express bridge...everything is marked MCP6507:49
[yan][yan] test07:49
aatkkane77: sorry I don't have my glasses on07:49
geremyreqqit: then here's what you do07:49
neerkane77: if I use pigdin or some other format, I cannot voice chat07:49
freetownoutbackwifi, 64bit iso yes. Alternate installer.07:49
[yan]works! thanks ay07:49
bullgard4ay^: What do you mean by "just search"?07:49
ay^[yan]: np :) doesnt highlight own lines07:49
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ay^bullgard4: well, in most apps you can search inside a file for stuff07:50
geremyreqqit: first, compile a static scp binary and a locked down chroot07:50
reqqitto which folder?07:50
* freetown wraps [yan] in SPAM and prepares a big roast pit07:50
reqqitthe one in the other users home dir?07:50
ay^bullgard4: just open the file in a texteditor that can, if this is a textfile which I assume07:50
geremyreqqit: doesn't matter- preferably someplace that isn't widely used07:50
geremyreqqit: ie, not /var/log, and not /root07:51
reqqitgeremy - ftpd rooted to /home/lolcats/webapps/mirror is sounding simpler / as secure07:51
bullgard4ay^: Excellent! I am speaking about a program and not a file.07:51
neerI haven't used wine before07:51
reqqitcontinue though, I chroot it 'anywhere'07:51
ay^bullgard4: okay, then what program? or is the program called ".config"07:51
reqqit(empty) and then, ln -s from the webapps folder?07:51
ay^bullgard4: or am I tlaking to the wrong person here? (goes checking)07:52
UbuntuHelpercan office 2007 run on wine07:52
moDumasshey all, i moved my machine, physicly 9 feet, now my NAS drives wont mount on my desktop07:52
moDumassi can log into the nas07:52
outbackwififreetown: is the MSI part no MS-7369?07:52
moDumassbut i cant access any of the content07:52
neercan I install yahoo messenger using wine?07:52
geremyreqqit: next, use lcap to remove the ability to gain root access, to chroot, and to modify network configs07:52
riz0ni dont know i have never tried07:52
OxDeadC0deneer what's wrong with pidgin?07:52
moDumassneer, you can use pidgin to do that07:52
riz0nhe says he cant voice chat07:52
kane77UbuntuHelper, I have had MSO 2003 running, but I'm not sure about 200707:52
neerOxDeadC0de: no voice chat07:52
geremyreqqit: also, to load modules, if you can. that's a good one.07:52
neerOxDeadC0de: I want voice as well07:53
reqqitgeremy - why would this be a necessity? I take it this method you are talking about is a well documented, best practice?07:53
moDumassneer, could skype?07:53
UbuntuHelperkane77 THANKS07:53
bullgard4ay^: The program's name is '.config - Linux Kernel v2.6.24.3 Configuration'. I have clearly stated that in my question at the outset.07:53
neermoDumass: i have only yahoo07:53
freetownoutbackwifi, is that on the board?07:53
reqqitgeremy - wouldn't noshell / scponly obviate the need for all of this work?07:53
neermoDumass: with the help of which I talk to my friends07:53
moDumassneer, cool, can you voice chat with yahoo in pidgin anyone?07:53
geremyreqqit: its pretty much the best way to ensure that a chroot is never going to be broken, since it removes the kernel's ability to grant superuser permissions, form chroots, etc. no- this is for the terminally paranoid07:53
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete07:54
freetownoutbackwifi, i see a (601-7369-010) on the box label....07:54
kane77moDumass, no you cannot07:54
UbuntuHelpernick serv help07:54
ay^bullgard4: hehe, you don't expect me to know the name of every program ever written, do you? To me that seems like the .config file for a kernel. Anyhows, good luck ;)07:54
neermoDumass: we cannot voice chat in pidgin07:54
groceryheis1can someone please help setting up java in firefox for amd_64 hardy?  I followed the steps here: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1174435, but they did not work.07:54
[yan]freetown, i changed the postfix main.cf to have jass.mydomain.com and mydomain = mydomain.com07:54
moDumassskype it is, or windows07:54
bullgard4ay^: Enjoy Ubuntu!07:54
freetown[yan], okay...07:54
* freetown gets the fire going07:55
kane77moDumass, you can have voice on jabber and sip as well07:55
reqqitgeremy - it sounds like just adding layers of illusionary security - unless there is a bug in scponly / noshell, those steps are redundant, correct? I do agree that it is 'correct' though - except unless it is well documented, and a best practice, you are more likely to introduce more issues than you plug, because it is one instance of code, run and tested once...07:55
ay^bullgard4: yeah.. That I am.07:55
christianphi all07:55
outbackwififreetown: should be on the box it came in. if it is, that board is supported and listed in the linux hcl07:55
geremyreqqit: once you've done that, the only way to abuse the chroot is with a preexisting socket- so you're not going to pipe out, you're going to pipe in. get a program to sync the contents of the chroot from outside of it, to a known location07:55
reqqitthat is, logically, removing the possibility of kernel to escape is one thing, unless, like I said, there is a bug there - just like there could be a bug in scponly / no shell07:55
reqqitso on the equation, do you trust the lcap code more than scponly?07:55
UbuntuHelperhi everyone07:55
[yan]freetown, bah didnt work. still says orig_to=<root@jass> in the error07:55
freetownoutbackwifi, well...i know the livecd and the installer work07:56
darkness3477Hi all. I've just put in a 8600gt video card, and have installed the driver for it through the hHardware Drivers... thing. However, my resolution is at 640x480 and it's as high as it can go. I've loaded up Urban Terror and am getting 125fps (As high as the game allows), so the cards working. Any idea on how to fix this?07:56
reqqitgeremy, so in this scenario, the guy would have shell access?07:56
outbackwififreetown: oh i thot the livecd was kp'ing :)07:56
geremyreqqit: not to point anything out, but we just had a MASSIVE ssh vulnerability that went undetected for what, a year and a half? two years? bugs happen. security flaws happen. count on them.07:56
christianpi need (on my 8.04) to install a nautilus with tabs. I read somewhere next nautilus release (on 8.10) it has this feature. Is there a way to add it to my 8.04 distro?07:56
geremyreqqit: they have access only to whatever you put in the chroot07:57
jim_pdarkness3477: do you have a proper xorg.conf?07:57
freetownoutbackwifi, nope. the LiveCD and the alternate installer had no problems at all :(. It was after installation was completed that the kernel decided to give me a surprise07:57
reqqitgeremy, thanks for the info - I saw a HP lockdown seminar a while back when they were pushing some linux flavor, it had a nice kernel app that meant root couldnt' do anything either, and a few nice hardware, localised to the machine ways of opening security again.07:57
darkness3477jim_p, I've just let Ubuntu set everything up, so if it does it properly, I assume so :P07:57
freetown[yan], you need get a copy of the bounce reason from gmail.com07:57
geremyreqqit: its built into the kernel. its called lcap.07:57
reqqitgeremy, that was the limited keyspace?07:57
reqqitthat was a bug in the transport security then I guess07:57
neerhas anyone used yahoo msg in ubuntu?07:58
kane77christianp, why don't you wait for intrepid, it's out in few days07:58
geremyreqqit: yep07:58
[yan]freetown, is there a root inbox somewhere i can check? i know nothing of mail checking apps07:58
freetown[yan], that is the only way you can try to work out why they are rejecting your emails07:58
hughHi, does anybody here know of a way to get dual monitors working with two different graphics cards?07:58
Dulakneer: I use pidgin to do yahoo messenger07:58
jim_pdarkness3477: if you left the os to do the job, i am sure it did half of it. open up xorg.conf and search for resolutions07:58
hughThey're both nvidia geforces, if that helps07:58
outbackwififreetown: can you boot with livecd, mount the boot and check if the kernel and initrd image its using the same as that on the livecd?07:58
reqqitgeremy, when you say they will only have access to what is chrooted - are you saying they still have a shell? I am looking for a workable, 10 minute solution / best practice / if something goes wrong I'll hear about it on slashdot/ solution07:58
freetown[yan], just create another user on your box and point root to that user in aliases07:58
darkness3477Opened up the xorg.conf now. Under plug n PLay, it's only at 640x 480@60.07:58
outbackwifihugh: you need to spawn two x servers; one for each card07:58
jim_pdarkness3477: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep Modes07:58
[yan]freetown and then what would i use to look at that users mail?07:59
freetownoutbackwifi, sure07:59
darkness3477Not sure what resolution it should be at though07:59
freetown[yan], mutt07:59
geremyreqqit: you want real security in 10 minutes? ain't gonna happen.07:59
hughCould you explain, or link me to somewhere explaining how to do that?07:59
freetownor is it pine on ubuntu? :D07:59
[yan]freetown, cheers will install07:59
* freetown dons asbestos armour07:59
jim_pdarkness3477: do the above command at a terminal07:59
christianpkane77, have i to install all 8.04 distro, or i can add only  nautilus?07:59
reqqitsomeone with a security iq a few factors greater than mine. Someone who codes in a basement, and has a rack of electromagnets and micro explosives set in case his mum tries to gain access to his mp3 collection07:59
roganunable to install new virus definitions in ClamTK scanner error you must be root to install updates.. how do i do this07:59
darkness3477jim_p, have done =].07:59
UbuntuHelperis there a channel for gentoo linux07:59
geremyreqqit: ?08:00
zirodayreqqit: do you have an actual question?08:00
jim_pdarkness3477: and? nothing returned?08:00
Dulakreqqit: I don't know if I qualify, I just have thermite plugs on top of my drives with a high temp fuse...08:00
jim_pUbuntuHelper: #gentoo08:00
jim_pdarkness3477: only that!?!?!?08:00
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darkness3477jim_p, that's all =[08:01
jim_pdarkness3477: btw, are you on crt or tft?08:01
bullgard4I cannot orient myself in '.config - Linux Kernel v2.6.24.3 Configuration'. Where would I find there the line CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y?08:01
darkness3477crt unfortunately.08:01
* freetown peers at [yan] and realizes he is not a yam. Roasts only SPAM in roast pit instead08:01
OxDeadC0dewho else thinks cairo-dock is really cool with compiz-fusion?08:01
roganhow do I become "root"08:01
jim_pdarkness3477: kane you give me the model and i will make that line for you08:01
freetownsudo bash08:02
Dulakrogan: sudo su -08:02
reqqitziroday, I want to let someone dump files onto my server, either with ftp rooted to the webapp /files folder, or, scponly setup, or what geremy explained (which sounded wrong in terms of /real/ security practices that I would adopt, i.e., if millions use it, you can try it to, although -> windows :p)08:02
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zirodayOxDeadC0de: offtopic in #ubuntu-offtopic please08:02
Dulakfreetown: sudo bash is not a full login shell, sudo su -08:02
bullgard4rogan: prefix your command with 'sudo' or 'gksu'.08:02
darkness3477Trying to figure out what size it should be. It's an old Packard Bell (Like... 5years maybe :P) with no model number. Am gettnig a ruler to measure the diagonal08:02
jim_progan: sudo passwd root to give it a pass08:02
FlannelDulak, freetown: sudo -i, or sudo -s, neither sudo su, or sudo bash.08:02
freetownDulak, you want him to have the full path to /sbin/*?08:02
outbackwifibullgard4: grep CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE .config08:02
jim_pdarkness3477: lmao!08:02
hughanyone know how to spawn a new x server for a new graphics card, then dual monitor using dem?08:02
zirodayreqqit: just create a user and give him rights to that folder only08:02
[yan]freetown, i'll be back after hockey to continue the struggle :p08:02
LSD|Ninjarogan: why do you even need the root password?08:02
Flannelrogan: But you want to use sudo to perform whatever action you're using instead.08:02
freetowncya [yan]08:03
ay^outbackwifi: he's using a program called .config - Linux Kernel v2.6.24.3  Configuration08:03
jim_pdarkness3477: there is some nvidia app that tells you what model it is08:03
reqqitziroday, will he have a shell though? Or just set his shell to scponly?08:03
jim_pdarkness3477: that... nvidia control panel or whatever08:03
ay^outbackwifi: not the actual .config of the kernel08:03
reqqitziroday, the other question is, the webapps folder is inside the 'appserver' users home directory08:03
roganim tryint to install new virus definitions and its says "unable because you are not root"08:03
outbackwifiay^: is there a prog like that? hmm08:03
Flannelrogan: What command are you using?08:03
ay^outbackwifi: he says so.. :)08:03
jim_progan: how do you try to install them?08:03
zirodayreqqit: he will have a shell, but if you set his permissions correctly he/she won't be able to do anything in it08:04
reqqitziroday, would this cause a problem, I could ln -s a link to that folder in his home, and he should not be able to escape it right?08:04
darkness3477jim_p, where do I find the nvidia control panel? If I have to download it, might take awhile. Kinda might of gone over my download limit. Damn you shaped connections08:04
DulakFlannel: that's slick, I never knew about -i08:04
roganjim_p: the ClamTk option08:04
jim_pdarkness3477: wait if someone knows08:04
reqqitziroday, sounds like I will go with removing shell too - thanks08:04
bullgard4outbackwifi: "~$ grep CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE .config" does not produce any output.08:04
zirodayreqqit: erm that may be a problem, however you should be able to set the file permissions on the folder so he can only access that folder even if it is in  someone elses home dir08:05
jim_progan: can you launch clamtk with sudo and update again?08:05
Flannelrogan: if its a GUI program, use gksu or kdesu08:05
darkness3477It's roughly 17inch on the diaganol. Will google for the similar reso for that. I can probably play around until I get it08:05
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ay^bullgard4: are you in th dir of the .confg?08:05
freetowner...not lvm tools in livecd?08:05
darkness3477Then I'm gonna have to do this for th big flatron tv too :P08:05
reqqitziroday, that is what I thought - do I have to set this up with groups, or just add him as an owner there?08:05
bullgard4ay^: Just a moment. Checking ...08:05
zirodayreqqit: just set him as owner of the dir08:05
jim_ppeople... does anyone know the command that brings up nvidia control panel? i am on ati and... i dont use a control panel for it!08:05
outbackwifibullgard4: are you in the /usr/src/linux folder ?08:05
hughsomeone herp me preese?08:05
reqqitziroday, can the appserver user also be an owner?08:06
e-framei have a >3GB .iso file. but when i mount it, then check the mountpoint, it's empty. how come ?08:06
jim_phugh: sure, hit it!08:06
zirodayjim_p: if you have the package nvidia-settings installed the command is nvidia-settings08:06
geremyreqqit: <shrugs> you say you want maximum security, I was telling you how to do it. You don't have to be nasty.08:06
ay^bullgard4: else as I said, open the .config in a texteditor such as gedit or vim, there you can search for that line08:06
darkness34771024x768 sounds about right.08:06
hughHow do I spawn a new x server for a new graphics card and dual monitor wit it08:06
zirodayreqqit: no, then you have to create a group08:06
hugh*wid it08:06
jim_pdarkness3477: try nvidia-settings at the terminal08:06
outbackwifie-frame: after mounting look at dmesg for errors08:06
reqqitgeremy, sorry you thought I was being nasty - what exactly did I say to make yo uthink that?08:06
jim_pthanks a lot ziroday08:06
reqqitgeremy, I thought what yo usaid was good, but a little specialised, and more likely to do harm than good (in my case!)08:07
freetownoutbackwifi, any lvm tools on the LiveCD?08:07
darkness3477jim_p, am downloading it now. iirc, an xorg.conf chains requires a restart, yeah?08:07
Guest64252Guest64252 is UbuntuHelper08:07
geremyreqqit: well, the whole thing about /real/ security was a tipoff- but as I say, nothing I'm telling you is mandatory, as long as you don't complain if somebody manages to break your chroot08:07
=== Guest64252 is now known as UbuntuHelper
jim_pdarkness3477: they require an X restart. crtl+alt+backspace08:08
bullgard4outbackwifi: The /usr/src/linux folder does not exist.08:08
darkness3477I haven't played around with much stuff since I installed Arch awhile back.08:08
reqqitgeremy, the /real/ security means 'real world' not 'zomg l33t' security ;-) as in, you make do and if you aren't the guy who wrote the book, you use what others are using, and hope for the best :p08:08
ay^bullgard4: have you installed the sources?08:08
reqqiti.e. comprimise08:08
e-frameoutbackwifi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63153/08:08
darkness3477Have been using windows, as I get a far better fps on it. Which goes against everyones elses experience08:08
jim_pdarkness3477: you installed arch and you got to ubuntu afterwards?!?!08:08
FlannelHey guys, mind taking the general security discussion elsewhere? (#ubuntu-offtopic, perhaps), you've sort of veered off topic for here.08:09
misteralexanderHow do I selectively STOP a non-responding process in Ubuntu?08:09
outbackwifibullgard4: ok lets do it nice and slow; change to the folder with the linux kernel source and then run that command08:09
hughnvidia-settings doesn't realize I've stuck in another graphics card08:09
geremyreqqit: <shrugs> I asked you how much security you wanted, and you said "maximum". I was telling you how to do it.08:09
reqqitgeremy, my point was, if I did all that compiling, I would most likely leave a huge hole in the system, but feel secure because I did this configuration. But if I do some simple steps that 99% of people do, I am 'most likely' secure, and at least as secure as the others :p08:09
jim_pmisteralexander: killall firefox08:09
aatkmisteralexander: killall <name_of_process> in a terminal?08:09
reqqitgeremy, yes, and I thanked you =)08:09
darkness3477jim_p, I've used Ubuntu for awhile now. Tried Arch for something different. I liked it, but I had to tweak too many things, and my skills aren't up to that level :P08:09
zirodaymisteralexander: you can find the pid of the process with the command ps -ax | grep <commandname> and then use kill -9 <commandpid> to kill it08:09
misteralexanderjim_p:  LOL -- How'd you know it was Firefox?  Okay, let me try it.08:10
jim_phugh: you mean you instaled a whole other video card, or just one more, like sli?08:10
aatkmisteralexander: you might need to use killall firefox-bin08:10
jim_pmisteralexander: i am a psychic :P08:10
bullgard4ay^: I have installed the DEB program packages 'linux-source' and 'linux-source-2.6.24'.08:10
hughI installed a whole other vidger card08:10
geremyreqqit: that doesn't really make any sense. the danger isn't in compiling it, the danger is in risking a broken chroot. static compilation just makes it simpler to make your chroot08:10
reqqitkillall firefox, and 'its never lupus'. Two battle cries of the 00.5's08:10
UbuntuHelperWHEN IS KDE 5 OUT08:10
freetownoutbackwifi,  hmmm...it appears that there is no lvm support on the LiveCD. :(08:10
darkness3477model - NCI NEC CI A727 (Crt-1 on gpu-0)08:10
outbackwifibullgard4: also install the headers08:10
misteralexanderjim_p:  Nope, "killall firefox" worked.  Thanks!08:11
outbackwififreetown: hmm08:11
reqqitgeremy, human error (me being the human) is always the biggest danger08:11
geremyreqqit: which is why lcap is important08:11
Flannelreqqit, geremy, please see above.08:11
Flannel(about moving elsewhere)08:11
=== U is now known as ubuntu
reqqitgeremy, i.e. great what you said, but I would screw it up, and I don't have that much time to invest to help this guy out, in face, I've burned what I did have this morning... :/ I'll find that thing on google again and follow it (scponly) thanks geremy, Flannel and ziroday08:12
geremyflannel: I'm sorry?08:12
freetowngeremy, he means go private for your OT chat08:12
jim_pdarkness3477: are you there?08:12
Flannelgeremy: Taking the topic elsewhere, since it's been not-really-about-ubuntu for a while now.08:12
darkness3477jim_p, yes08:12
reqqitgeremy, he means, offtopic (i.e. we are being offtopic, and should topic or gtfo or whatever linux people say)08:12
darkness3477Did I miss something? Hard to follow on ith such a low res :P08:12
geremyflannel: gotcha08:12
jim_pdarkness3477: is nvidia-settings there too?08:12
Flannelmerely take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, or anotehr channel of your preference, etc.08:12
darkness3477I've downloaded it, and the display is coming up as08:13
* reqqit joins #cagefight08:13
hughplease don't leave me08:13
ay^bullgard4: I don't really know what you are trying to do, so maybe I should stop helping you :)08:13
jim_phugh: yes08:13
darkness3477jim_p, model - NCI NEC CI A727 (Crt-1 on gpu-0)08:13
jim_pdarkness3477: thanks08:13
* jim_p opens up google08:13
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=== r00tintheb0x_ is now known as r00tintheb0x
UbuntuHelperwhat is a free word prossesing package besides openoffice linux compatible08:14
zirodayUbuntuHelper: koffice or abiword08:14
geremyso, does anybody know how to get s-video working on the intel 945 chipset?08:14
bullgard4outbackwifi: ":/usr/src/linux-source-2.6.24$ grep CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE .config; grep: .config: No such file or directory"08:14
freetownoutbackwifi, i'll tackle this tomorrow...time is up for work today08:14
aatkUbuntuHelper: abiword is good, lightweight and has enough features :)08:14
r00tintheb0xok RefrusJim is fuxed up.08:14
hughMay be useful to note, the original was a geForce 6200 256mb, the new one is a nvidia RIVA TNT208:14
UbuntuHelpercool sstk08:14
Flannelr00tintheb0x: Please watch your language.08:14
ay^bullgard4: for that command to work, you need to be in the folder where your .config file is08:15
hughSo nvidia-glx won't recognize it because it's a legacy card08:15
outbackwifibullgard4: have you run make menuconfig or make xconfig yet? if not, that file wont be there08:15
jim_pis there a nec official site? or did sony bought everything including the toilets?08:15
hughbut Synaptic won't let me install the nvidia legacy drivers without uninstalling the latest drivers08:15
bullgard4outbackwifi: No, not yet.08:15
r00tintheb0xFlannel: i meant to say fixed.08:15
outbackwifibullgard4: then please do that08:15
jim_phugh: uninstall them then!08:15
=== ricardo_ is now known as odracir34
hughbut.. then my GeForce 6200 won't work08:16
slevenhow do i tile windows?08:16
moppedAll of my fullscreen videos are lagging (vlc, flash) - anyonek now how to fix this ?08:16
jim_phugh: how many cards you you have there installed now?08:17
darkness3477jim_p,  am gonna try going 1024x76808:17
slevenmy xchat and terminal are overlapping, how do i tile them?08:17
darkness3477Sounds about right for my size screen. I can fiddle with it anyway08:17
boringmopped: me too08:17
outbackwifisleven: like this --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=470160&highlight=tile+windows08:17
jim_phugh: how? one must be like pcix and the other is agp08:17
moppedIs it a common problem boring?08:17
hughYeah, my computer has an AGP slot and 4 PCI slots08:18
bullgard4outbackwifi: I have run 'make menuconfig'. I obtain (among others) "scripts/basic/fixdep.c:107:23: error: sys/types.h: No such file or directory"08:18
boringmopped: i have to turn everything else off then the lag. i dont know.08:18
jim_phugh: which one is pci?08:18
boringmopped: i mean the lag is minimized08:18
hughThe old one, the TNT208:18
UbuntuHelperdoes anyone no how to play mp3 files on ubuntu 708:18
outbackwifibullgard4: you havent install headers like i said before; also do you *Really* want to compile your kernel??08:18
jim_p!codecs | UbuntuHelper08:18
ubottuUbuntuHelper: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:18
gd_hello? what command to load my parallel port module ?08:19
outbackwifigd_: modprobe -v parport08:19
jim_phugh: is it shown in lspci?08:19
outbackwifigd_: modprobe -v parport_pc08:19
gd_thank you. outbackwifi08:19
hughI'll check08:20
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages08:20
darkness3477jim_p, changing it to 1024x768 and then alt+crtl+backspace did nothing. I've still got the same resolutions08:20
bullgard4outbackwifi: I am hurrying to install header files. Just a moment. --  No, I do not really want to compile my kernel. I want to learn what exactly is meant by the term' "the Linux console".08:20
gd_outbackwifi, but I cann't find the /dev/lp0.08:20
jim_pdarkness3477: did it pop a message like low graphics mode?08:20
hughIt would appear not08:20
outbackwifigd_: does your pc have one?08:20
jim_pdarkhamm: what exaclty did you add?08:20
jim_phugh: :|08:21
spazmI am trying to upgrade from Gutsy to Hardy... and it says I need to use the *.14 kernel instead of *.15 kernel to avoid it hanging... how do I choose which kernel to boot in grub and when/where?08:21
ay^bullgard4: the terminal?08:21
gd_outbackwifi, yes, i have a paraport08:21
outbackwifispazm: /boot/grub//menu.lst08:21
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:21
hughbut when I plug my monitor into it the "NO CONNECTION" thing goes away08:21
gd_outbackwifi, have no printer ,now08:21
hughSo the compooter knows it's there08:21
outbackwifibullgard4: how will searching for that configuration item teach you that?08:21
darkness3477jim_p, I removed 640 x 480 and added 1024x768@6008:21
outbackwifi!meaning of life08:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about meaning of life08:21
darkness3477err, brb again08:22
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about w23codecs08:22
ay^bullgard4: what do you mean by the console?08:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about w32codec08:22
hugh!hollandaise sauce08:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:22
UbuntuHelper!free formats08:23
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:23
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".08:23
spazmoutbackwifi: thanks... but how do I know which one to edit... there are many similar ones in there at the bottom08:23
darkness3477jim_p, didn't work still. I had a capital x before08:23
gd_outbackwifi, I cann't see the device name before I connect a printer ?08:24
=== U is now known as ubuntu
=== ubuntu is now known as Ubuntu
gd_outbackwifi,  or I will find the /dev/lp0 after modprobe parport08:25
geremyif anybody knows how to get s-video working on the intel 945 chipset I'd really appreciate some help08:25
=== Ubuntu is now known as ubuntu
=== ubuntu is now known as U
Umsg NickServ identify me08:25
=== U is now known as UbuntuHelper
UbuntuHelpermsg NickServ identify me08:26
ay^shift + 708:26
jim_pdarkness3477: sorry i was on the phone08:26
jlsparlez en français08:26
Flannel!fr | jls08:27
ubottujls: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr08:27
ay^at least in swedish keys08:27
spazmI am trying to upgrade from Gutsy to Hardy... and it says I need to use the *.14 kernel instead of *.15 kernel to avoid it hanging... how do I choose which kernel to boot in grub and when/where?08:27
darkness3477No Worries. In nvidia-settigns, my resolution comes up as 640x480 pixels. I've changed it in xorg.conf and restarted x. Still no luck08:27
ay^spazm do you have the *.14 kernel installed?08:27
UbuntuHelperi have kde 4 and it comes up black screen then goes back to logon08:27
jim_pspazm: do this first to check if its installed                 dpkg -l | grep linux-image08:27
spazmit's not in the /boot/grub/menu.list...08:27
Flannelspazm: After your POST screen you'll see in the top left "Press escape to see grub" or something like that, push escape, you'll see a menu with a few kernels to pick from, choose the 14 one08:27
boringdarkness3477: i had the same problem...08:28
jim_pdarkness3477: what did you add there?08:28
bullgard4outbackwifi: i.) The directories /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-21 and /usr/src/2.6.24-21-generic exist and did exist before. I do not know why I obtained the error message "scripts/basic/fixdep.c:107:23: error: sys/types.h: No such file or directory". --  I have been told that in '.config - Linux Kernel v2.6.24.3 Configuration' I should select the option 'CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y', then press 'Help' and obtain a help thext for it. But I ...08:28
bullgard4... cannot find the 'CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y' entry (and the teller had to go to school and has left the chatroom).08:28
ay^bullgard4: what exactly are you doing dude?08:28
spazmjim_p & ay^: it wasn't...08:28
darkness3477jim_p, 1024x768@6008:28
ay^spazm: :)08:29
darkness3477boring, how'd you fix it =]08:29
jim_pspazm: wasnt? in grub? install it then08:29
gd_outbackwifi,  can u help me?08:29
boringdarkness3477: i changed nvidia-settings while root. i $ sudo nvidia-settings. dont blame me tho if it dont work. ive been using linux for just a year ;)08:30
spazmjim_p: don't know what to search for... I mean.. what is the keyword for apt-get that *.14 kernel?08:30
darkness3477I can only see half on nvidia-settings. Perhaps there's a drop down box with the resolutions I can't see08:30
boringdarkness: that's right i had to tab tab then spacebar then guess how many tabs to click apply ;)08:31
jim_pspasm: i will tell you the proper line. what is your uname -r now?08:31
spazmjim_p: 2.6.22-15-38608:32
sami_salut les linuxiens08:32
ay^spazm: sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic ?08:32
jim_pspazm: sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.22-14-38608:32
paul68!fr |sami_08:32
ubottusami_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr08:32
ay^or .38608:32
darkness3477boring, jim_p: I just tabbed down to reso. Still only 640:480 in the list :(08:32
jim_pbonjour sami_08:32
sami_j'ai besoin de vous08:32
ay^bah, I seem to fail a lot at making sense..08:33
spazmay^ & jim_p: hehe thanks :)08:33
e-framei have a >3GB .iso file. but when i mount it, then check the mountpoint, it's empty. how come ?08:33
Flannel!fr | sami_08:33
sami_mon micro ne fonctionne pas apparement08:33
ay^spazm: np glhf :)08:33
sami_quoi fr08:33
boringdarkness3477: sorry, that's as far as I go.08:33
sami_ahh ok08:33
darkness3477boring, thanks for the help anyway. It could of worked =]08:33
sami_bon see you soon ^^08:33
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs08:33
jim_pdarkness3477: what does this say     /var/log/Xorg.0.log | tail 2008:33
KR-datawhat is the best way to work remotely on my Ubuntu box?08:33
KR-datavia the internet08:34
ay^KR-data: ssh08:34
jim_pKR-data: if you can stand command line, ssh08:34
KR-dataI need graphical programs :(08:34
bullgard4[Ubuntu 8.04.1] On one computer a symbolic link /usr/src/linux exists, on another it does not exist. What is the reason?08:34
e-framessh -X08:34
abcdefghKR-data: VNC08:34
ay^KR-data: VNC08:34
jim_pKR-data: any specific one?08:34
hughY'all should make your own ice cream08:34
KR-datajim_p: eclipse :)08:34
hughSo much better than store-bought crap08:34
spazmjim_p: and then after it is installed... I just reboot and hit ESC to chose it?08:34
ay^hugh: even better than ben & jerry?08:35
hughOoh, there's a tough one..08:35
jim_pbullgard4: different pcs maybe?08:35
jim_pspazm: yes08:35
KR-dataabcdefgh, ay^ > ok thanks :)08:35
ay^spazm: you could check you menu.lst first, to see if its been added08:35
hughBut Ben & Jerry's is expensive08:35
spazmay^: ok, good idea :)08:35
ay^hugh: money is not an option when it comes to ice cream08:35
ay^hugh: or so my wife says..08:35
hughI think if you put the effort in with the flavours and stuff, it could be better than Ben & Jerry's08:36
bullgard4jim_p: Yes, they are PCs of different manafactureres.08:36
ay^hugh: you're hired!08:36
hughThis home-made Whittakers Dark Chocolate ice cream tastes like Haagen-Dazs chocolate but better08:36
spazmay^: it was... restarting now... brb!08:36
ay^spazm glhfdd!08:36
FlannelUm, guys, take the icecream elsewhere please.08:36
hughNah man, Ben & Jerry's have an excellent set of flavour makers and tasters, the trouble is that it's made in a factory and shipped to your store08:36
jim_pbullgard4: then different hardware, then different stuff the kernel has to do08:36
hughThere's no love involved08:36
hughCan't have good ice cream without a good measure of love08:37
hughWord is born08:37
hughBut yeah, there's the love factor; the freshness factor; and then there's the lack of preservatives and additives, and you know exactly what's going in your ice-cream08:38
ay^time and money08:38
ay^is ubuntu cola allowed? :S08:39
Flannelay^: It's not support related.  Take it to #ubuntu-offtopic08:39
boringhello UbuntuHelper08:39
spazmay^ & Flannel: nothing happends when I hit ESC during boot... it still chooses the *.15 kernel... even though I hit it repeateadly08:40
ay^spazm: you could change which it chooses be default in menu.lst08:40
ay^but the esc should of course work..08:40
spazmit says "hit ESC bla bla" but then just continues08:41
ay^spazm: or you could tell grub to not show the "press esc.." and display the actual menu08:41
geremyif anybody knows how to get s-video working on the intel 945 chipset I'd really appreciate some help08:41
spazmay^: that would be better I guess, cause Im not sure what to edit in the menu.list... how do I do that? having to chose which kernel every time? :)08:42
bhueyhow do I upgrade to the new beta ?08:42
bhueyurl ?08:42
ay^spazm: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst08:42
Flannelbhuey: #ubuntu+1 is the place for intrepid stuffs, they have instructions in their topic08:42
=== Odo is now known as Guest40901
spazmay^: I can do it in vim?08:43
chilli0hello all08:43
ay^spazm: scoll down to line 12 (in mine at least) and edit hiddenmenu to #hiddenmenu08:43
abid-linux_how are u all08:43
ay^spazm: sure08:43
=== ubuntu is now known as luxman
ay^just do sudo vim /....08:43
chilli0does anyone have a transparent theme?08:43
=== |sonic|1 is now known as |sonic|
outbackwifispazm: sudo vi /boot/grub/menu.lst08:43
boringgood and hungery08:43
chilli0or just a really good theme08:43
abid-linux_is ther any body who can help me in using irc chat..08:43
ay^abid-linux_: this is it08:44
spazmay^: ok :)08:44
bhueyFlannel: thanks08:44
=== _odo is now known as Odo
UbuntuHelperhow do you in IRC make the other user see text as red08:45
ay^UbuntuHelper: depends on what irc-client you use I think08:45
boringUbuntuHelper: type his name08:45
bartzakHow to route everything from interface ppp0 to eth0 using iptables? I just need the command08:45
chilli0does anyone have a realyl good theme?08:45
outbackwifichilli0: gnome-look.org is the place to go08:45
chilli0o okie08:46
chilli0im on there08:46
chilli0but yeh08:46
FloodBot2chilli0: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:46
boringjhing: hello08:46
ay^boring: that would make stuff green in my case :)08:46
FlannelUbuntuHelper: I answered that for you two hours ago.08:46
UbuntuHelperYes but its not working08:46
FlannelUbuntuHelper: just prefix the line with their name08:46
jhinghello to all08:46
jhinggood evening08:46
boringay^: i dunno - avocado ice cream? maybe j/k :)08:46
FlannelUbuntuHelper: by typing their name08:46
UbuntuHelperlike this08:46
UbuntuHelperboring hello08:46
spazmay^: worked :) thank you very much for your help... now I guess I can just continue with the upgrade as explained on the upgrade-help on the webpage08:46
boringyeah thats it :)08:46
ay^spazm: do so, and once again glhfdd :)08:47
boringgerald: hello08:47
spazmay^: eh, but now it started in low graphics mode... dunno why..08:47
UbuntuHelper how do you in IRC make the other user see text as red08:47
UbuntuHelperstill not working  how do you in IRC make the other user see text as red08:47
geraldYeah boy!08:48
bartzakI need help with iptables. Can anyone help? The problem is too specific to talk about it here08:48
ay^spazm: probably your graphis driver is for the other kernel08:48
spazmay^: ah ok.. then I will just go ahead with the upgrade anyway08:48
imawhello world08:48
boringimaw: hello imaw08:48
geraldHello TALABA08:48
ay^UbuntuHelper: what client are you using?08:49
geraldimaw guid ah08:49
ToznoshioHi community, how can I extract a screenshot / frame from an AVI movie in Ubuntu? Which software does this?08:49
UbuntuHelperLogi_Khoo HEllo08:49
Toznoshiobartzak, I have just a little bit of exposure to iptables, how advanced is your isue?08:50
orventalabaw na yan..08:50
jim_pToznoshio: you can press print screen while it plays08:50
jhingo andito pala c manny08:50
Toznoshiojim_p, thanks, I'll try that08:50
ubottuJoin #ubuntu-ph for tagalog08:50
ay^UbuntuHelper: http://konversation.berlios.de/docs/color-msgs.html08:50
ay^I'm off to studying, ta-ta!08:51
boringay^: bye :)08:51
jhingoh hi gerald08:52
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=== icewaterman is now known as waterman
UbuntuHelperubottu hi08:55
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:55
UbuntuHelperubottu color08:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about color08:56
UbuntuHelper hi08:56
UbuntuHelperhow do you Kick08:59
FlannelUbuntuHelper: best to take the non-support questions to #ubuntu-offtopic08:59
go_beep_yourselfhow can i make my amarok look like this one? http://amarok.kde.org/screenshots08:59
[nab]MikiHi, its 4 weeks ago i posted this tread : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=928897  . Its about my network-card giving up. Anybody got any ideas? :)09:00
ubunt1hello friends i have a sytem which is compatible with debian system but it is having some issues with unix o.s .......so what are the things i need to take care of and if possible there are any tutorials please give me the link for the same...09:02
ubunt1is that i need to port the linux driver to the unix????09:02
boringgo_beep_yourself: that is the default look of amarok ... :/09:03
Flannelubunt1: Ubuntu is Linux, just like Debian09:03
UbuntuHelper GOT the color09:03
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:03
ubunt1hello friends i have a sytem which is compatible with debian system but it is having some issues with unix o.s .......so what are the things i need to take care of and if possible there are any tutorials please give me the link for the same...09:04
Flannelubunt1: Ubuntu is Linux, just like Debian09:04
LoneShadowCan anyone confirm if they "can't" play all the new US dvd titles on their ubuntu, even after following the multimedia/ubuntu instructions ?09:04
ubunt1Flanne: yeah i know that i am asking that how to port from linux driver to unix???09:05
Flannelubunt1: that's not really the topic of this channel.  You might try a unix channel instead.09:05
go_beep_yourselfboring-> no im serious mine doenst look like that by default, its ugly dull looking09:06
=== timmy is now known as Guest81954
boringgo_beep_yourself: ok let me check...09:07
boringgo_beep_yourself: how does it look?09:11
go_beep_yourselfboring-> the shade of blue is different for one. ive got a screenshot u can make a comparison09:12
go_beep_yourselfboring-> see the difference? http://img207.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot1ye6.png09:13
boringgo_beep_yourself: i am confused... it looks the same ...09:15
go_beep_yourselfboring-> you dont see a difference in the blue colors at all?09:16
HorizonXPdoes anyone have any idea why a LiveCD would take forever to load, and then upon loading, would have to be accessed every time I typed a key or moved the mouse?09:16
boringgo_beep_yourself: no sorry. it looks the same too me...09:16
RrandyIs there a step-by-step guide for getting ISA PNP cards to work in Ubuntu 7.1 (specifically, a Creative Vibra 16X sound card.)09:16
toddoonhi i would know why i cant lrun my proftpd server ( i have up to intrepid yesterday)?09:16
jim_pHorizonXP: bad mn5sum or bad burn on the disk09:16
voxhow do i edit the part of the gnome menu? when i click on Places->Home Folder(or anything for that matter), it tried to open the directory with vlc.. how do i stop it?09:17
bullgard4HorizonXP: "would have to be accessed every time I typed a key or moved the mouse?" is no exact description.09:17
jim_pin what package is lspci in?09:17
boringgo_beep_yourself: no no no scrap that. it does look different09:17
jim_phow come, i installed lspcmcia on the laptop although i dont have ANY pcmcia stuff, and i forgot lspci!09:18
boringgo_beep_yourself: you must have configured amarok to use the "current KDE scheme" :)09:19
HorizonXPjim_p: that's a possible explanation, though the disk looks clean09:19
b75Hello everyone, I have a problem with vpn client on kernel Firstly, I noted that the CiscoVPN directory had not been created under /lib/modules/ and when issuing the vpnclient start the following error is produced :09:19
jim_pHorizonXP: can you ckech the disk integrity?09:19
yangfananyone can help me about the webcam!!09:19
go_beep_yourselfboring-> what does it use in that screenshot?09:20
jim_pyangfan: can you repeat?09:20
jim_pin what package is lspci in?09:20
b75Starting /opt/cisco-vpnclient/bin/vpnclient: insmod: error inserting '/lib/modules/2.6.24-21-generic/CiscoVPN/cisco_ipsec.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module09:20
b75Failed (insmod)09:20
HorizonXPbullgard4: but it's exactly that. opening the applications menu takes forever. opening terminal takes forever. typing commands (let alone executing) takes forever. all because it keeps accessing the CD. it's like it's not loading anything into RAM09:20
HorizonXPjim_p: i could, but the livecd's all loaded, and i'm afraid if i restart the comp it won't come back again09:20
boringgo_beep_yourself: it's using the default gnome theme i think... i am also running amarok on gnome and mine looks exactly like yours...09:20
HorizonXPjim_p: i've been suffering through this for over 16 hrs now (i've left and come back many times while it copied files, i'm not that insane)09:21
toddoonwhen i run my proftpd server it didnt send error msg but i dont see it in ps -e09:21
jim_pHorizonXP: how long did it take to load?09:22
HorizonXPjim_p: i'd guess between 20 and 30 mins09:22
geremyif anybody knows how to get s-video working on the intel 945 chipset I'd really appreciate some help09:22
jim_pHorizonXP: well unless you are on a pc that has 128MB ram and a 0.5Ghz cpu, thats a great amount of time! i am sure its a bad burn though09:23
HorizonXPjim_p: it doesn't really matter now tho, i'm just using it to backup my cousin's laptop cuz her Windows install has crashed. i think i got all her documents09:23
HorizonXPjim_p: you're probably right. if I had just burned another CD, this could've been avoided. oh well09:24
peciskhi there, where Seahorse keeps mine signing key? I have to restore my computer, but I didn't backup it usual way, so I have to restore it from /home/user backup09:24
Rrandyjim_p: pciutils is the package you want, I believe.09:25
jim_pHorizonXP: well next time dont use a live cd with loads of stuff to load! parted magic loads on my laptop in less than 2 minutes and i go insane waiting for it. its 50MB iso and it boots from ram. perfect for saving situations09:25
bullgard4HorizonXP: Does 'dmesg > dmesg.log' in a terminal work? Can you read then the file dmesg.log in an editor?09:25
jim_pRrandy: thanks, let me check09:25
[nab]MikiHi, its 4 weeks ago i posted this tread : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=928897  . Its about my network-card giving up. Anybody got any ideas? :)09:26
HorizonXPjim_p: can I use it to access NTFS partitions, and then copy files to a USB hard drive09:26
HorizonXPbullgard4: hold on, lemme try09:26
* boring gets a marlboro to smoke. brb. rest your eyes, look up, look down, look left then lookit ur nose!09:27
|_ocke[nab]Miki, get a new net card they're only like 5 b ucks09:27
Oprtzhow to male VLC player as default player for streaming videos ? in ubuntu 8.0409:27
* |_ocke rolls a smoke too09:27
|_ockeboring, good idea09:27
[nab]Mikil_ocke are you sure its the card? :)09:27
boring|ocke: ^_^09:28
|_ocke[nab]Miki, no, but a new card cant hurt and probably will fix the problem09:28
|_ockejust get a different chipset09:28
|_ockeunless your networking is entirely screwed09:28
jim_pHorizonXP: yes! although you may have to edit its fstab a little if the partition contains files and folders with non english characters. i do that because of greek :(09:28
|_ocke[nab]Miki, honestly i didnt look at any info from your url09:28
[nab]Mikiwell go and check it out plz :(09:28
RrandyMiki: do other pcmcia cards work?09:29
[nab]Mikiposted 5 weeks ago, still no reactions ...09:29
|_ockebut if its a netcard issue i can't imagine anyone running ANY linux distro doesnt have at least 15 other network cards lying around unusued09:29
|_ockei know i have at least 20 or 3009:29
simon1245Can someone give me a tip that i can do in Ubuntu09:29
BlackDesignIemand enig idee waarom ik zwarte kubussjes krijg over mijn scherm als ik een spel wil spelen? (bvb Lincity)09:29
simon1245I'm really bored09:29
|_ockealright i guess i'll look but let me smoke my cig first hehe09:29
simon1245Like try something or09:29
bullgard4Oprtz: System > Preferences > Preferred Applications > Multimedia > Multimedia Player09:29
unitedpotsmokersdont smoke cig, smoke weed09:29
|_ockesimon1245, google the wanda fish easter egg09:29
|_ockethen do that09:29
|_ockethat'll kill 5 mins09:30
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!09:30
|_ockeunitedpotsmokers, i would but i dont have any and dont ahve any money for it09:30
|_ockeunitedpotsmokers, which is why i'm drinking my 2nd 40oz09:30
simon1245What's that i_ocke09:30
digitalvectorzAnyone know where /if i can change the default x,y coordinates for Archive Manager's 'Extract' window? (or does anyone know how I can prevent it from opening from the bottom left of the screen?)09:30
HorizonXPjim_p: i'll keep that in mind for next time :)09:30
unitedpotsmokersdont buy, but plant it... hydrophonic09:30
|_ockesimon1245, you wanna know? google it :P09:30
HorizonXPbullgard4: the command's running09:30
Oprtzbullgard4:  in custom there is ( wxvlc ) written there09:30
HorizonXPbullgard4: it could take a while09:30
unitedpotsmokersit is open source...09:30
|_ockeunitedpotsmokers, it's legal to grow it or have up to an oz here09:30
|_ockebut i dont entirely own my place yet so i'm not doing anything that isn't approved otherwise09:31
|_ockei gotta pay it off first09:31
[nab]Mikiand ocke : http://www.pixmania.be/be/nl/1395938/art/linksys/pcmcia-wifi-kaart-rangepl.html?srcid=1284&Partenaire=vergelijk&CodePromo=oui09:32
[nab]Mikiits 40 for one, not 5 bucks :P09:32
voxhow do i edit part of the gnome menu? when i click on Places->Home Folder(or anything for that matter), it tried to open the directory with vlc.. how do i stop it?09:32
bullgard4Oprtz: Try to enter the command line of your choice there.09:32
|_ocke[nab]Miki, you mean you're running a laptop only and need a wifi card eh09:32
[nab]Mikieerm yes?09:32
|_ockei thought you were talking about a 10mbit ethernet cad09:32
[nab]Mikinoes wireless09:33
Oprtzbullgard4:  i dont know the terminal commands, i am new09:33
[nab]MikiI have this one |_ocke http://i00.twenga.com/p/14/26/1426vb.png09:33
|_ockei just run a router connected to my SU which is fixed frequency and channel to the access point on denali tower :P09:33
|_ocke[nab]Miki, did it ever work in ubuntu?09:34
[nab]Mikiread the tread09:34
|_ockeincidentally i installed the AP on the tower too :P09:34
[nab]Mikiit stopped working in ubuntu, with web radio :O09:34
|_ockebut thats just cause i was a founding member of my ISP09:34
|_ockeso i get free unlimited 2mbit up and down wireless for life hehehe09:34
bullgard4Oprtz: Write there 'vlc %U' and give it a try.09:36
|_ockewell.. free as long as i live in anch alaska09:36
Oprtzok thnkx09:36
|_ockeor i guess if i moved to mcgrath id have it too..09:36
|_ockebut you know09:36
|_ockeif i leave alaska i gotta pay cash money for internet09:37
Oprtzbullgard4:  without quotes? and after that i need to restart ubuntu ?09:37
Flannel!offtopic | |_ocke09:37
ubottu|_ocke: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!09:37
|_ockealso, i'd have to pay rent09:37
|_ockeFlannel, yeah i know, you've warned me 20 million times before i'm done09:37
|_ockei think you banned me a couple times before too09:38
|_ockei'm still banned from ubuntu-offtopic09:38
unitedpotsmokersah come on dont be so strict09:38
bullgard4Oprtz: Yes, without quotes. --  No, you do not need to restart Ubuntu. But you will probably need to restart GNOME: Do 'Ctrl+Alt+BckSp'.09:39
Simon1245Someone know what i can do?09:39
Oprtzbullgard4:  thanks alot09:39
unitedpotsmokersrestart gnome?09:39
unitedpotsmokersnever hear09:39
=== Raymond_CN is now known as Raymond_CN_away
dennybullgard4: ctrl-alt-backspace kills X in a rather abrupt manner09:40
bullgard4denny: This is true.09:40
dennyyou can usually achieve the same effect by logging out and logging in again - that restarts everything from GDM up, and usually re-reads your xorg.conf in my experience09:40
nnulldoes ubuntu need hdd defragging like windows?09:42
BlackDesignAny idea why the screen flashes black in games like Lincity... After 15 seconds the game closes too...09:42
bullgard4denny: He has gone already. Yes, he could have tried logging out and in.09:42
bullgard4nnull: No.09:42
dennynnull: not really, no - totally different filesystem09:42
BlackDesignI first thought it was because of AWN but that wasn't the problem...09:42
nnulldenny¬ bullgard4 : okie thx09:43
khussein78i am searching about how to write a good technical documentation for new service we will provide, if any one can guide me where to find this09:44
yogeshcan any one help me running android on QEMU09:45
xHemlockWhat kind of document?09:45
slevenhow do i tile windows?09:45
unitedpotsmokersa baby from sweden his name LInux09:46
* ntinos_ is away: im going to away from keyboard09:46
yogeshany Android guy there?09:46
Flannelkhussein78: You might try #ubuntu-docs, or #ubuntu-offtopic09:47
bullgard4khussein78: A 'ggod technical documentation' is not so much dependent on Ubuntu. May be you will find enough answers by feeding Google with "a good technical documentation" and "write".09:47
boringsleven: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=470160&highlight=tile+windows09:47
xHemlockIs Android a good phone system? Anybody develop on it ?09:47
Oprtzbullgard4: hi again, thanks for the terminal command, VLC is now my universtal player, BUT streaming videos dont open, :( do i need win32 codecs? if yes, what is the command in terminal to install it ? thanks09:47
woden1why is the guest account only able to be accessed from the Fast User Switch Applet in the upper-right hand corner?09:47
Flannelwoden1: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions, thanks09:48
bullgard4Oprtz: Earlier or later you will certainly need w32 codecs. I advise you to install the DEB program package 'w32codecs'. I do not know if you will havew to install some other packages yet.09:50
OrsHi there, I seem to be unable to open the Synaptic package manager.  As soon as it opens it closes immediately.  Could anyone help me?09:50
ikoniaOrs: run a quick test for me, fromt eh command line run "sudo apt-get update209:50
ikoniaOrs: run a quick test for me, fromt eh command line run "sudo apt-get update"09:50
xHemlockmaybe you can try apt-get synaptic09:51
ikoniaxHemlock no09:51
Oprtzbullgard4: thanks for the advice, i am searching on google how to install w32codecs09:51
ikoniaxHemlock: why would that do anythingf09:51
bullgard4Oprtz: Use the program Synaptic for that purpose.09:51
Oprtzokie :)09:52
TANATHOSHello, I have a new computer and all UBUNTU installs (unless those on VM under windows) crash, any ideas ?09:52
ikoniaOprtz: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html09:52
|_ockeOprtz, or open the terminal and type "sudo apt-get install w32codecs"09:53
Orsikonia: A few are ignored (probably due to my non English ubuntu) the rest is found09:53
|_ockemuch quicker09:53
ikoniaOprtz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats09:53
Oprtzthanks guys for information09:53
ikoniaOrs: thats ok, so that works, that doesn't complain about anything09:53
|_ockeplus, screw GUI for installing an app you already know the name of09:53
JohnFlux2Hey all09:53
ikonia|_ocke: what ?09:53
Orsikonia: No, it does not09:53
bullgard4TANATHOS: My idea is that you describe the output on the screen when you are trying to install Ubuntu.09:53
JohnFlux2is it possible to mount an nfs partition so that all the files are owned by some user?09:54
xHemlockI'm also a newbie to UBuntu.09:54
ikoniaOrs ok - lets find out what happens when you do "gksudo synpatic" from teh command line, there should be some warnings, then something fatal if it closes09:54
Oprtzit says " Package w32codecs is not available, but is referred to by another package.09:54
OprtzThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or09:54
Oprtzis only available from another source09:54
FloodBot2Oprtz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:54
RrandyIs isapnptools still available as a package?09:54
TANATHOSbullgard4: there isnt any it just freezes the only error I get is the ACPI one at the start.09:54
Oprtzi am sorry FloodBot09:54
ikoniaJohnFlux2: NFS permissions are defined by the permissions where it is stored09:54
=== LV is now known as LordVorp
ActionParsnipyo yo yo09:54
|_ockeerm.. oh you need more repositories prolly huh09:55
bullgard4TANATHOS: The exact wording of the ACPI error message is important to analyze what is happening with your computer and your Ubuntu. Report it here.09:55
Orsikonia: The thing is that I am trying to install timidity.  I am not sure whether you are familiar with that...09:56
TANATHOSbullgard4: It say that can't locate ACPI, and I am starting it with noacpi function at boot time. At the time I reach partitioner it freezes, I have S-ATA drivers 500Gb09:56
ActionParsnipOrs: sudo apt-get install timidity09:57
slevenwhy the hell does sourceforge force you to do so much clicking?09:57
ikoniaOrs no, I'm not. I'm justy trying to investigate your synaptic issue09:57
ActionParsnipsleven: email them to ask09:57
ikoniasleven: nothing to do with ubuntu09:57
bazhang_!it | nunzio09:57
ubottununzio: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)09:57
Orsikonia: The same, it opened and then it closed again after a flash09:57
ikoniaOrs: now in the terminal you typed the command, can you pastebin the output please.09:58
ActionParsnipOrs: does it install from cli rather than synaptic??09:58
bullgard4TANATHOS: A difficult case! Does your BIOS enable ACPI?09:58
TANATHOSyes, but I think it's a newer mb and that's why ubuntu kernel does not find it09:59
ActionParsnipbullgard4: check his kernel version too ;)09:59
bullgard4Oprtz: Probably the needed repository is not enabled.09:59
SpinachHeadEagerful Eagle10:00
bazhang_!ask | SpinachHead10:00
ubottuSpinachHead: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:00
jeeves_Mossmorning all10:00
ActionParsniphi jeeves_Moss10:01
bullgard4TANATHOS: May be you will find help by googling for "Ubuntu" and the name of your motherboard.10:01
jeeves_MossActionParsnip, looks kinda quiet in here tonight!10:01
ActionParsnipjeeves_Moss: lil bit, its 10am here dude ;)10:02
jeeves_Mosslol, I've got you beat!  it's 3:02am here!10:02
ActionParsniphow is that "beat"?10:02
jeeves_Mossanyone want to take a shot @ helping me join a box to a domain and get the shares working?10:02
Oprtzbullgard4: how to enable it ? i am totally confuse,10:03
ActionParsnip!samba | jeeves_Moss10:03
ubottujeeves_Moss: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209810:03
bullgard4Oprtz: Just a moment...10:03
Orsikonia: There is no output to paste.  It only gives the command line again10:03
jeeves_MossActionParsnip, thanks.  I was thinking a little more interactive walk through!10:03
ActionParsnipjeeves_Moss: its massively impractical, hence the guides10:04
ikoniaOrs: I find that hard to beleive as it should at least complain about some fonts not being available to the root user etc etc10:04
jeeves_MossActionParsnip, thanks.10:04
ubottuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information and installation instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer10:04
jeeves_MossI've got to battle an external DNS issue first10:04
bazhang_SpinachHead, this is ubuntu support; do you have a support question?10:04
Orsikonia: I am sorry but it is true10:04
bullgard4Oprtz: In Synaptic, open Settings > Repositories. A dialog window 'Software Sources' will appear. Right?10:05
ActionParsnipjeeves_Moss: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83202310:05
bazhang_!br | IgOl10:05
ubottuIgOl: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.10:05
ActionParsnipjeeves_Moss: bottom post10:05
ActionParsnipjeeves_Moss: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20260510:05
conb123hi im using ubuntu 8.10 and i am trying to burn windows xp to a dvd but i think it has to have that specific name VRMPVOL_EN is there a linux app that will allow me to give my cds specific names10:06
bazhang_#ubuntu+1 for that conb12310:06
xHemlockBye, everybody.10:06
ActionParsnip!burning > conb12310:06
ubottuconb123, please see my private message10:06
Oprtzbullgard4:  i am there the window is open10:06
OrsActionParsnip: I have tried to do it from Terminal with apt-get install timidity and it says that 13 access denied and asks whether I am root?10:07
Oprtzbullgard4:  proprietry for restricted drivers is cheked10:07
ActionParsnipOrs: sudo apt-get install timidity10:07
ActionParsnipOrs: you need sudo10:08
conb123oh yes k3b thank you actionparsnip10:08
OrsActionParsnip: OK10:08
ActionParsnipOrs: ANYTHING to do with packages is an install or uninstall and is therefore an admin tasks, users are not allowed to remove or add software10:08
|_ockek3b ROCKS10:08
ActionParsnipOrs: by not using sudo yuo ran the app as you (user)10:09
OrsActionParsnip: It says that 50% segment error building10:09
|_ockei would never install any KDE libs if not for k3b10:09
ActionParsnip|_ocke: i like kde rather than gnome, but kwin is ghastly10:09
bullgard4Oprtz: Select the tab 'Third-party Software' and activate/check the entry 'http://package.medibuntu.org/hardy/ free non-free > +Add > Close.10:09
jordlI am trying to compile KDE and I get this: + ALSA, 1.0.14a: current alsa-lib is needed for dmix and virtual device listing <http://www.alsa-project.org/>10:09
jordlI am not able to figure out what package is that in10:09
jordlthere is no libalsa-dev package10:10
|_ockei just really like gnome, its usable10:10
bullgard4Oprtz: Restart Synaptic10:10
jordlnor anything similar10:10
ActionParsnip|_ocke: fluxbox for me :)10:10
|_ockewell, i like enlightenment better but it just isnt as well integrated10:10
ActionParsnipjordl: ried sudo apt-get install alsa-lib10:11
jordlE: Couldn't find package alsa-lib10:11
bullgard4Oprtz: When talking to me, please prefix your message to me with my nick. (There are so many other discussions going on in this channel at the same time (simultaneously).10:12
ActionParsnipjordl: type up to alsa then press tab twice10:12
WIGGMPkAnyone familiar with NoScript who can run me thru some good solid settings to apply. Im not really big on understanding scripts. I release some things are going to be useful I just would rather another opinion10:12
Oprtzbullgard4:  i copy the link (http://package.medibuntu.org/hardy/) and paste it in ADD but nothing happend10:13
Oprtzbullgard4: the add source button is OFF (not enable) when i paste the link10:13
jordlActionParsnip: I have a bunch of packages possible to install10:13
RrandyMy Creative Vibra16X is detected by the system, but not automatically configured.  modprobe sound and snd_sb16 enables the card.  What file must I edit to make changes permanent?10:13
jordlbut none of them seem to be development10:13
error404notfoundcan someone help me that why the alias interface is not being shown here: http://pastebin.com/m7b4624410:13
ActionParsnipjordl: one may be the right one, im still websearching10:14
ActionParsnipjordl: http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/hardy/sound/alsa-lib10:14
bullgard4Oprtz: Note a space between / and hardy in http://package.medibuntu.org/hardy/ and note the rest of the line.10:15
jordlI have libasound2-dev installed10:15
ActionParsnipjordl: you want lib64asound2 or lib32asound2 depending on the architecture of your installed OS10:15
=== sdfsd is now known as hyuk
pogztimzhow do i use ssh to connect to another computer?10:16
hyukis there a command to know my sysm mac address?10:16
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: eth0 in your config is your primary network adaptor? gets you out to the net?10:16
bazhang_hyuk, ifconfig10:16
Oprtzbullgard4:  u mean to write http://package.medibuntu.org/ hardy / free non-free > +Add > ?10:16
hateball!ssh | pogztimz10:16
ubottupogztimz: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/10:16
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: yes...10:16
SlimeyPetepogztimz: "ssh <address>"10:16
bullgard4Oprtz: No.10:16
SlimeyPetepogztimz: or "ssh <username>@<address>" if you have a different username on that computer10:17
Oprtzbullgard4:  i am sorry if i bother u, this is  because i am not used to linux installation procedure10:17
jordlActionParsnip: I already have libasound2 and libasound2-dev10:17
jordlbut still same problem10:17
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: did you even do "sudo ifconfig eth0:0 up"?10:17
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: ypu10:18
bullgard4Oprtz: Does there appear the line 'http://package.medibuntu.org/hardy/ free non-free' at present or not?10:18
ActionParsniperror404notfound: try sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart10:18
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: are those options "name Ethernet alias LAN card" necessary, I have never used or seen them.. explain your network layout10:18
ActionParsniperror404notfound: and see if any errors are displayed10:18
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: do you want me to tell you the error on sudo ifconfig eth0:0 up? "SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address"10:18
error404notfoundActionParsnip: tried...10:18
hyuki really dont know what is happening to my wireless network in Ubuntu. I can see the ESSID of my network. When I put in all the ip and DNS details, it still cant connect to it.10:18
ActionParsnipjordl: well the package site says thats what you need10:19
pogztimzslimepete: tnk u10:19
Oprtzbullgard4:  NO10:19
jordlOk, maybe I can blame the kde cmake file10:19
bazhang_hyuk, is it encrypted with wep, wpa, wpa2 etc?10:19
ActionParsnipjordl: try getting those packages i said. I cant advise further than that as the link I gave you is the official ubuntu one10:19
frogscottAny help trying to xchat into a server and it constantly disconnects me10:20
ActionParsniperror404notfound: anything useful in the output to screen or in dmesg?10:20
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: DSL line eh? have you tried using a different IP scheme.. im not sure but I dont think the gateway for eth0:0 can be on a different subnet10:20
hyukbazhang_: WPA/WPA2-Personal(PSK)10:20
eightfold_anybody running ubuntu on an "acer one"?10:20
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: nope...10:20
jordlActionParsnip: thanks a lot10:20
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: not DSL line...10:20
ActionParsnipfrogscott: is your www link solid? are you on intrepid? do you have latest xchat client? do you have correct network drivers10:20
bazhang_hyuk, are you trying to connect via gui or cli10:20
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: why would you set the MTU lower then 1500 if not DSL?10:20
hyuki provided that password, but still then it wont connect. its really eating my head. :-D i am a newbie to ubuntu.10:21
bazhang_command line interface hyuk10:21
ActionParsnip!cli > hyuk10:21
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: my rest of network uses this... don't know why...10:21
ubottuhyuk, please see my private message10:21
hyuki tried connecting though GUI10:21
frogscottAction: I dont know what version of Xchat I have but my server info is correct10:21
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: explain???10:21
bullgard4Oprtz: Ok. Then please press the button '+Add...' and insert there 'http://package.medibuntu.org/hardy free non-free'. Then press Close. Does this work?10:21
ActionParsnipfrogscott: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade10:21
ActionParsnipfrogscott: make sure you are fully updated10:22
frogscottk thanks10:22
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: what interface is peth0? i dont see it declaired in /etc/network/interfaces10:22
ActionParsnipfrogscott: you could also run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:22
bullgard4WIGGMPk: It should read eth010:22
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: that's Xen's interface...10:22
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: whats your ultimate goal?10:23
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: are you on that machine now?10:23
esunin sources.lst, what's  "backports and "proposed" ? is stable release? my english is pool,sorry10:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gspca10:23
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras10:24
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: I have a domU which has DHCP, with ip, and that machine can't access internet... I am creating my own network in xen...10:24
frogscottAction what all will that install?10:24
bazhang_http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 hyuk here is the cli guide on how to set that up10:24
ActionParsnipfrogscott: latest updates for your currently installed apps from your listed repositorys10:24
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: hmm.. its been a while since I setup static interfaces10:25
esuni want to know,what's proposed? what's backports? --in sources.lst10:25
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: something is telling me that gateway needs to be on the same subnet though.. But im not for sure10:25
ActionParsnipfrogscott: its good to get all updates before trying to resolve stuff as newer apps may have resolved issues pertaining to your problems10:25
frogscottso same as doing an update in synaptic Action?10:25
karmacoderhi, how can i install firefox 2 in 8.10 rc, it has been removed from aptitude?10:26
TANATHOSWIGGMPk it does not need to be on the same class but it has to be on the same subnet class10:26
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: yes, but I don't want to use the ip scheme rest of network uses. Create my own DMZ inside he existing network with its own gateway, dns, dhcp, squid,mail and etc..10:26
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: what is the result of "sudo /etc/init.d/networking down" then up again10:26
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: or stop / start i forget10:26
WIGGMPkTANATHOS: thanks for that.. i had IP scheme's that make my head hurt10:26
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging10:27
bazhang_esun, ^^10:27
Simon1245How to use vnc on Ubuntu?10:27
bullgard4esun: Please read the Wikipeida article on "Backporting".10:27
bazhang_proposed are not fully vetted apps esun10:27
esunWikipeida? url=??10:28
ActionParsnip!vnc | Simon124510:28
ubottuSimon1245: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX10:28
esuni don't know Wikipeida url10:28
ActionParsnipesun: wwww.wikipedia.com10:28
bazhang_en.wikipedia.org esun10:28
ActionParsnip!hhi | flishlee10:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hhi10:29
ActionParsnip!hi | flishlee10:29
ubottuflishlee: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!10:29
hischildGood morning.10:34
=== |_ocke is now known as locke
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: still here?10:35
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: some guests are here, can you please hold on for some time?10:35
WIGGMPkerror404notfound: no promises but ill hang out10:35
error404notfoundWIGGMPk: thanks10:36
Oprt1bullgard4:  i m back, and i search on google abt medibuntu, and there i find a command used in terminal to ADD the source for medibuntu, so i add the source10:36
Oprt1bullgard4:  now what to do ?10:36
cryingtuxcan i upgrade gnome to latest version on hardy?10:37
hyukhow can i connect to a wireless network through CLI?10:37
hischildOprt1, Update your system.10:37
bullgard4Oprt1: if your command line command worked correctly, you should find a corresponding line in Synaptic. Is this the case?10:38
GABYHi there, I have run sudo aptitude -f to fix broken packages, and I have received: Got SIGSEGV, dying!  What shall I do?10:38
bazhang_hyuk, did you see the link I gave you?10:38
=== GABY is now known as Gaby
Oprt1hischild:  system is updated10:38
bazhang_hyuk, you need to associate with the ap (wifi hotspot)10:38
hischildGABY, Have you tried to update your system?10:38
Oprt1bullgard4:  i dont get ur point ....10:39
hischildOprt1, As bullgard4 wasn't responding i thought he was AFK. Please follow his advice.10:39
Oprt1hischild:  okie :)10:39
SuperATPhi, i have installed vnc4server and can connect over ssh, but is there any way to get my full desktop (as if im sat at the machine) instead of just a console ???10:39
Oprt1bullgard4:  so i need to search for w32codecs in synaptic again ?10:40
bullgard4Oprt1: And I do not understand what you cannot get on my message. Please be more specific.10:40
Gabyhischild: I have, but it does not help, when I open it, it closes quickly10:40
hyukbazhang_: no, i got disconnected10:40
hischildGaby, have you tried to update via command line? --> sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade10:40
bazhang_http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 hyuk10:40
bullgard4Oprt1: First make sure that your command line command was effective and changed your Synaptic configuration.10:40
Oprt1bullgard4:  now i can see w32codecs in synaptic, can i instal it now10:40
bullgard4Oprt1: Yes.10:40
hyuk有中国人吗? ?10:41
hischildflishlee, Please speak english in this channel.10:41
bullgard4!cn huyk10:41