NillerzI was wondering if it's possible to make a default view for Thunar, so I can see image previews before I select them00:56
NillerzI occasioanally use Opera to upload an image and it'd be nice to browse what I'm uploading first00:57
NillerzNo ideas?01:01
favroin edit-preferences -view tab you can select to show thumbnails - is that what you're after?01:01
Nillerzit doesnt give me those options in the upload file prompt thing01:07
NillerzIt doesnt appear to allow any options01:09
favroahh - well that's not thunar then afaik01:09
Nillerzapart from show/hide hidden files01:09
NillerzThe file manager looks exactly the same but has more options available.01:09
Nillerzdo you want screencaps?01:09
favroI know what you mean but have no idea how to change those settings01:11
knomeisn't that opera specific?01:11
NillerzLet me check in FF quick...01:12
knomeNillerz, what does ctrl+1 do?01:12
Nillerznothing, if you mean while the prompt is open01:12
knomeok. then i think you can't even change that.01:13
Nillerzheh, firefox adopts GTK settings.01:13
Nillerzit looks neato01:13
Nillerzanyway, it provides the same prompt, same lack of options01:14
Nillerzdoes thunar have an irc channel?01:15
Nillerzor a forum I can ask?01:15
knomei suppose not01:15
knomeit's not even thunar specific01:16
knomebecuase the file dialogs aren't controlled by it01:16
knomeafaik at least01:16
Nillerzone second let me google afaik01:16
NillerzOH okay01:17
NillerzI thought t was a specific file manager for this job or something. :/01:17
knomethey are just random file dialogs.01:17
knomefrom gtk/some other "kit"01:17
Nillerzpretty sure it's gtk because it has the same shortcuts on the left and looks all the same, just less options01:18
knomethat's possible.01:18
knomei don't know opera.01:18
Nillerzsame as firefox01:18
Nillerzexcept slightly faster and more standards compliant01:18
knomeell ff is gtk01:18
knomei know *opera*, but i don't know about it's *file dialogs*01:19
Nillerzits identical to the one given by firefox. same program01:19
Nillerzi was joking about the faster/standards compliant thing01:19
knomewell i know... i'm a web designer01:20
Nillerzme too! :D01:20
knomehowever, can't really give any other advice than name your files better. :P01:20
Nillerzdamn, that sucks.01:20
NillerzI usually just download them as they'r enamed01:21
knomenot really.01:21
Odd-rationaleyeah, i think firefox uses the gtk file dialog. opera uses the qt file dialog...01:21
knomeyou dl and then ul? where's the sense :P01:21
Nillerzsame dialog01:21
NillerzHeres how I do it: I right click the image, save image as01:21
knomeNillerz, i understand.01:21
Nillerzthen click "okay" on the prompt without bothering to tell Opera where to putit01:21
Nillerzor renaming it01:22
Nillerzit's because I'm l a z y01:22
knomeNillerz, but i don't understand why you'd want to upload something you've just downloaded01:22
Nillerzever hear of an imageboard?01:22
Nillerzevery post is a repost of a repost of a repost01:22
knomeok, that makes even less sense. :P01:23
NillerzWell what if I want to start a thread about boats01:23
NillerzI google the image up, and save it01:23
Nillerzthen I have to find the file, and upload it to the imageboard01:24
knomethat leads to suspicious copyright activity.01:24
Nillerzoh waaah01:24
Nillerzwhoops wrong link01:24
knomeyes i read it and i *understand* it, just doesn't make any sense01:25
Nillerzno one really pays attention to copyrights on images, at least I don't. I'm not rebellious, I just can't find time in my busy day to worry about whether I'm allowed to upload this picture to a website01:25
Nillerzwhat doesnt?01:25
knomedl/uling images and making internet feel he's eaten a herd of horses once again01:26
Nillerzthat's how the internet works01:27
Nillerzactually, that's the point of the internet01:27
knomenot really...01:27
Nillerzyeah, it is01:27
NillerzThe internet was designed as a way to keep a network going and files available if one server goes down01:28
knomeyes, but if the original server goes down, how will i find the pic in the imageboard? you know, those are not really *actual* mirrors of sites01:28
Nillerzright but the file exists there01:29
Nillerzand lots of people downloaded the file from there01:29
Nillerzso if you need it, you can go to /r/equests and ask for it and if someone has it they'll give it to you01:29
Nillerzpost on an imageboard, www.frenchan.com is a good one, and you'll get it01:29
knomehow does jack the basic jerk know where to ask for an image?01:30
Nillerzit's not for jack the basic jerk it's for anon the average imageboard poster01:30
knomea-ha! but you said that internet was made for keeping files available if one server goes down01:31
knomewhat if jack wanted to go to a site where you have ripped a pic off?01:31
knomebut the server is down.01:31
knomethen you say that the imageboard is not for jack.01:31
knomejack feels soooo bad01:31
Nillerzwell fuck jack he's an asshole anyway01:32
knomeso you don't really think that internet is for keeping files available for *everyone*?01:33
Nillerzits for everyone who wants them01:33
knomebut jack wants them!01:33
Nillerzthen jack can ask for it on an imageboard or google image search it01:34
Nillerzchrist, if he wants the picture that much then there are surely about 1000 other people with the file01:34
knomeso how does he know about imageboards? do you reckon he should ask an image in all the imageboards in the net?01:34
Nillerzhow does he know about the picture in the first place?01:34
knomewhere can he find these people, if the images are randomly spread in the internet on imageboards?01:34
Nillerzchances are most people got it off the imageboard than off the original website01:35
knomemaybe he had visited the site the other day when it was still up01:35
Nillerzwhat do you want me to do about it?01:35
knomeso people don't know who to acknowledge the pictures for01:35
knomei was trying to capture the inner meaning of image boards.01:36
NillerzThey are mostly01:36
NillerzJust websites01:36
NillerzWhere users01:36
knomebut didn't really catch it ;)01:36
NillerzCan post pictures01:36
NillerzOf their dicks01:36
knomeisn't that called a lousy porn site?01:36
Nillerzbut there's a community aspect01:36
knomewhy would you like to post a picture of a ship in a porn site?01:36
Nillerzimageboard communities are usually VERY close when compared to bulletin boards01:37
Nillerzactually alot of posts on imageboards are stolen from porn sites01:37
knomebut the "messages" (read: images) posted are not created by their posters?01:37
Nillerzso imageboards = great way to get free porn01:37
Nillerzsometimes they are sometimes they arent01:37
Nillerzthe software doesn't care01:37
knomeno, but the original creators might do.01:37
Nillerzwhat do you want me to do about it?01:38
knomenothing, as i said :)01:38
NillerzIt';s a service.01:38
Nillerzthey provide a place to upload images and talk about images01:38
Nillerzyou're thinking about it01:38
NillerzWAY too much01:38
knomeyes. like stealing a candy bar from a shop and then giving it to a boy in the street?01:38
knomeit's like a service for the boy, isn't it01:39
Nillerzits more like making an exact replica of a candy bar and giving it to a kid on the street01:39
knomeand he doesn't know the candy is stolen, right?01:39
Nillerzits not stolen, it's copied01:39
knomeso, the *copy*rights have been neglected01:40
Nillerzyeah, who cares?01:40
knomethe copyright holders.01:40
knomei do.01:40
Nillerzthen wage a war on the internet01:40
NillerzI'm sure the internet cares01:40
knomei've done it.01:40
NillerzI'm sure you lost01:41
knomenot really.01:41
knomethe case is yet to be closed01:41
knomebut most of the laws around the world are on my side01:41
NillerzI highly doubt the internet cares01:42
Nillerzyou';ve inconvenienced them01:42
knomethe internet cares about you stuffing it full of the same junk food.01:42
Nillerzno it doesnt01:42
knomeyes it does.01:42
Nillerzthe internet doesn't care about anything01:42
knomeyes it does.01:42
Nillerzit's a series of tubes01:42
knomedon't hurt the internets feelings01:42
Nillerztubes = incapable of caring01:42
knomei actually know many *people* who are called "tube"01:43
knomeand they care01:43
Nillerzthen they can bawww over some pixels01:43
Nillerzare you saying you'd like stricter enforcement of copyights on imageboards?01:44
Nillerzbecause you're not gonna get it01:44
Nillerzthe mods aren't going to check for licenses on every file uploaded01:44
knomeno... not really.01:44
knomei was trying to catch the soul of the imageboards01:44
Nillerzif you're lucky they'll delete the image if you ask nicely but apart from that it's not a big deal01:44
knomeit's rotten.01:45
NillerzThe soul of the imageboards01:45
Nillerzit's for pictures.01:45
knomeyes, not blues or jazz. soul.01:45
Nillerzthis better be an intricate troll01:45
NillerzI'll be disappointed if it's not01:45
knomesure it is.01:45
Nillerzoh okay01:45
knomebut seriously, we as open source folks should even try to care about copyrights.01:46
NillerzI'm surprised you weren't raped by a bunch of GNU geeks over that candy bar statement01:47
knomei've decided to go the "right way". sometimes it restricts me from doing a lot of things, but it has it's own advantages01:47
knomewhy would i? i'm one of them;)01:47
NillerzI use Opera. I just do what is convenient01:48
knomemy "tubes" are already sweeped.01:48
NillerzIf I were a GNU open source person at heart I'd use Firefox01:48
Nillerzbut I straight up think Firefox sucks, so I use Opera01:48
Nillerza proprietary web browser01:48
knomei mean, my firewall doesn't let anything leftovers pass it01:48
NillerzI did an experiment once01:49
knomewhy aren't you one?01:49
knomethere is alternatives to firefox also01:49
NillerzI used an XP machine for about 3 months, no firewall, no antivirus and I scanned before a reformat01:49
NillerzI had nothing but tracker cookies01:49
NillerzBecause I don't feel like it.01:49
NillerzI could convert all my music to .ogg but I don't want to01:49
knomemay i ask why are you using xubuntu then?01:49
knomejust curious.01:50
NillerzOpera is, in my opinion, the best web browser ever01:50
Nillerzbecause it's free and fast and I need the *nix experience01:50
knomefor what?01:50
Nillerzmy chosen career path in general01:50
Nillerzplus I like being a pretentious linux user01:50
knomeif you're not going to use unix, why learn it?01:50
Nillerz"Get out of here, win-fag"01:50
NillerzI do, I am a web dev01:50
knomeyou don't have to know really anything about unix to be a web dev01:51
Nillerzno but ssh is fun01:51
knomeyou can ssh in windows also01:51
Nillerzbut only if you know what the hell you're doing01:51
NillerzI like the GTK themes too01:51
Nillerzeverything is all dark and stuff01:51
knomeyou can have a m$ web server ;)01:52
Nillerzalso not having to find cracks for all my software is nice01:52
Nillerzbut it's not as fast and most people dont01:52
Nillerzand it const monies01:52
TheSheepand gtk works on windows just fine01:52
knomewell you could *by* the software01:52
Nillerzright but not everything is gtk in windows01:52
Nillerzonly gtk apps01:52
Nillerzlinux, almost everything is gtk01:52
TheSheepNillerz: neither on linux01:52
knomein kde, not many things are gtk01:53
Nillerzmy pidgin matches my panels01:53
TheSheepnot even 10%01:53
NillerzI use xubuntu though so many things are01:53
knomeoh. tell us how the match ended then.01:53
knomedepends a lot on the software installed01:53
NillerzMy instant messenger matches my music player matches my image editor matches my desktop panels01:53
TheSheepknome: match?01:53
knomeTheSheep, match, you know, a football match01:53
Nillerzsame color01:53
TheSheepknome: you mean soccer?01:53
knomeTheSheep, which ever.01:54
knomethey are *matches* ;)01:54
knomealso, you can light candle up with a match01:54
* TheSheep puts knome out of his misery with a match01:54
NillerzActually I'm on xubuntu mostly for the pretentious factor01:54
TheSheeparen't we a little offtopic?01:55
NillerzI can be pretentious about using Linux, but some people use Ubuntu01:55
knomeno, we are at #xubuntu01:55
TheSheepNillerz: yeah we can tell01:55
Nillerzbut I can always be pretentious about using XFCE instead of Gnome01:55
Nillerzbecause gnome is teh sux01:55
knomeno! left.01:55
knomedefinitely left.01:56
knomea lot better.01:56
TheSheepNillerz: any thoughts on nextstep? :)01:56
NillerzPUN MASTER!01:56
knomenot really01:56
Nillerznone at all01:56
knomei usually sitdown when ircing01:56
NillerzBUH DUM PISH!01:56
TheSheepthis is getting really silly, lets move to ot01:57
knomeno, funny01:57
Nillerzstop being contrary for the hell of it01:58
TheSheepNillerz: we are having a party without you on #xubuntu-offtopic :)01:59
BlatzHello, I'm not sure quite what to do.  I installed xubuntu on an old P3 machine.  Everything seemed ok for awhile, but then the network card started to work sporadically, then just quit.  Since it was an old network card, I just ordered a new one.  Installed it, it worked for maybe 12 hours without any problem, then just stopped working same as the last one.02:26
BlatzSo I would like to know the next step I should take.02:27
knomeis there anything obvious that you might have done after it doesn't work anymore?02:27
Blatzafter it stopped working?02:28
knomeeh, before :)02:28
knomesorry, it's 4am here...02:28
BlatzWell, I don't know if some of the latest updates that were installed could have broken something, but I doubt it.02:28
BlatzFor one,02:28
BlatzThe second card I was using worked for awhile.02:29
knomethe first thing what comes in to my mind is that is your dhcp server working correctly02:29
knometry issuing "sudo dhclient" on terminal and see if that helps02:29
BlatzI think that someone else mentioned that, but all my other computers on the network have never had any troubles02:29
knomedid you try it?02:30
Blatzwell, actually this pc is upstairs, and I can't connect to it.02:30
Blatzbut I can go up there and try02:30
knomeit'd help the troubleshooting02:30
the-ermI wonder what you get when you run ifconfig02:30
the-ermWhat the ip is.02:31
the-ermIn theory if you type in ifconfig, and the ip is still there it's not the network card.  And something as simple as sudo /etc/init.d/network restart could fix it.02:31
the-ermI'd also check the /etc/resolv.conf and make sure it has the right dns servers in it.02:32
* Blatz is bringing the pc downstairs and setting it up02:32
knomeyay for the superman02:33
the-ermSpeaking of problems .. time to reboot the modem.02:33
daethshadowifconfig and set route ?02:35
Blatzok, when I run "sudo dhclient" I get No DHCPOFFERS recieved02:50
BlatzNo Working leasese in persistent database - sleeping.02:50
BlatzWhat am I looking for in ifconfig?02:51
omfgitsasharkhey anybody there02:51
omfgitsasharkim trying to figure out how to install a custom logon screen for xubuntu02:51
TheSheep!upstart | omfgitsashark02:51
ubottuomfgitsashark: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/02:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm02:51
TheSheep!usplash | omfgitsashark02:52
ubottuomfgitsashark: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork02:52
omfgitsasharkthis is the logon screene right... like i know for themes i had to make a .thmes file and it worked02:52
TheSheepomfgitsashark: for gdm just go to settings->login window and drag-and-drop the archive with theme there02:53
BlatzWhats interesting, even though I can't access the internet, xubuntu tells me there are x number of updates02:53
omfgitsasharkok hold on let me take alook02:53
knomeBlatz, it most possibly remembers that from the last time it was connected.02:54
BlatzOk, I changed my static address I set to dhcp02:54
Blatzbut that did nothing.02:55
Blatzany other thoughts?02:56
Blatzwhen I try "sudo /etc/init.d/network restart" says command not found02:57
Blatzhumm, any other suggestions?03:03
knomehum hum03:03
knomedon't know03:03
knomei suppose you have tried bootin03:04
Blatzyes yes03:04
Blatzoh, I read re-booting03:04
Blatzlol, okl03:04
knomeso, what is the card?03:05
* Blatz looks around for the box03:05
BlatzZonet Zen320003:05
BlatzShould be this product : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683313010703:06
=== Blatz is now known as Datz
favro<Blatz> when I try "sudo /etc/init.d/network restart" says command not found - would make using the network hard03:07
DatzI see03:07
favrohow do you reinstall networking tho?03:08
DatzI don't understand?03:09
favromy bad - it is sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart - not network restart03:10
Datzah, thanks03:10
Datzok, well restarting networking didn't seem to do the trick, thanks anyway.03:12
DatzThis problem couldn't be caused by a bad driver?03:16
DatzOr incompatible one?03:16
=== anon is now known as bloodboy
andre1hey, how can I set nautilus as the default file manager instead of thunar?06:04
nonie_need help guys i am trying to play dvd on my xubuntu system but it wont play07:26
nonie_installed the libdvdcss2 and wn32codecs07:27
nonie_i even installed vlc player but it still doesnt work07:27
nonie_any suggestions07:28
TheSheep!doesn't work07:29
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.07:29
TheSheepnonie_: for example, what's the message?07:29
nonie_when i load the dvd it should load an  icon to the desktop but it does not07:29
TheSheepdoes 'mount /dev/cdrom' do something?07:30
TheSheepin terminal07:30
nonie_i go to vlc media player and play the dvd, it reads the dvd but after that it gives me Audio cd- track1 display on the lower right.07:30
nonie_i will try it now.07:31
nonie_gives me this error07:33
nonie_mount: can't find /dev/cdrom in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab07:33
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
nonie_but if i load my xubuntu cd it shows the data files and the dvd icon appears on the desktop07:35
favro/dev/hdd        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto     0       0  - is what is in my /etc/fstab for the cd if it helps07:36
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jarnosHow do you give a list of packages from a file for apt-get?11:21
TheSheepjarnos: cat file.txt | xargs apt-get ...11:24
jarnosTheSheep: thanks11:27
knomehello vidd12:15
viddhello knome12:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about olleh12:32
viddhello sancas12:32
sancasI just installed and nothing more to update and upgrade upgrade install 3 more packages and theme12:35
sancasof xubuntuestudio icon and the subject normal but I am going too slow on pc12:35
sancasI have 1GB RAM with an Intel Centrino Duo processor12:36
viddso you did a clean install, installed 3 packages, a theme and xubuntu studio (whatever that is) and you are having lag issues?12:36
knomevidd, i think he means !ubuntustudio12:37
knomemeh, http://ubuntustudio.org/12:37
sancasI have reviewed the monitor's sitema and tells me I'm q occupied the processor12:37
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org12:38
viddsancas, im really not following....12:38
knomevidd, i think you could install that much the way of xubuntu-desktop12:38
knome+same *of=than12:39
chewitI have a question regarding gnome screensaver. Is it ok to uninstall it on Xubuntu 8.04?12:39
viddwhat item does system monitor show using the most cpu?12:39
knomechewit, sure.12:39
chewitwill not cause any issues12:39
chewitI'm trying to streamline my xubuntu install.12:40
viddchewit, if having no screensaver is not an issue for you...then no...no issues12:40
chewitok, gd. i currently just have a blank screen.12:40
chewithowever, i heard that gnome screensaver affects you locking your computer12:40
sancasSorry but I'm not speak english and dont understand12:40
sancasI have use google for comunicate with yous12:41
viddwhat language do you speak?12:41
viddknome, we have a -es channel?12:42
viddsancas, un minuto12:42
sancasin this channel not help12:42
knomeseemingly yes12:43
knomebut very quiet one...12:43
viddis #unbuntu-es a better choice?12:43
knomedefinitely yes.12:44
knomesancas, try #ubuntu-es12:44
mnemocsancas: yo te puedo traducir si quieres12:44
mnemoc(sancas: I can translate you if you want)12:44
viddmnemoc, ok'12:44
knomemnemod, vidd, sancas: you might still go to #ubuntu-es :)12:45
mnemocknome: :)12:45
knomeeh, #xubuntu-es12:45
knomeof course...12:45
viddknome, his issue appears to be that he is using all the bad-sectors-area on his HD as swap13:30
viddi wonder...why would someone have universal lag with that kind of set-up?13:30
sancaslol mnemoc, vidd13:31
sancasall problems has been solucionates for a restart13:32
viddmuy bueno13:32
knomeuna birra por favor!13:33
knome"one beer please"13:33
mnemocknome: birra is italian, in spanish it's cerveza ;-)13:33
knomeaha! cerveza13:33
viddthat i know!13:34
knomebeer is universal language13:34
viddi think he is still going to have issues down the line13:34
viddmaybe his kernel has mapped out all the bad sectors and is using the tiny area that isnt bad =]13:35
mnemocsancas: debes darte el tiempo de darle un formato de bajo nivel (low-level format) a ese disco, y simplemente comprar otro.... trabajar con discos dañado no es sano13:35
sancasen eso ando13:35
vidd(you'd never see M$ os's doing that kind of stuff)13:36
mnemocvidd: I didn't know linux does that magic13:36
viddits the way ext3 file format works13:36
viddjust like linux can recover data from a horribly corrupt, useless-for-windows hard drive13:38
mnemoceverytime I have needed recoverty, data has been destroyed by fsck (reiserfs and xfs) :13:39
mnemocI'll give a try to ext4 (or btrfs) on my next install13:39
viddyeah....they mess up...you dig out the off-system back-ups13:39
mnemocI learned to backup off-system the hard way :\13:41
viddyeah...so did i....13:43
viddthats usually the way the most dedicated-to-backing-up ppl learn13:43
viddi had a cascade failure with 3 servers13:44
knomei usually just shrug and redo the work13:47
=== wormsxulla_ is now known as wormsxulla
vidddoes the II update thing work yet?14:12
viddfor cli-only systems14:13
jarnosIs there any tool to display dependencies recurrently as a list of package names?14:45
jarnosIncluding Recommended packages14:45
jarnosapt-rdepends from universe does not work with Recommended.14:48
jarnosIs there any point to report a bug about a universe package?14:59
viddjarnos, its always a good idea to report bugs15:01
viddyou just want to make the report to the correct location15:02
viddif you check the package, it should tell you where to report the bug15:04
jarnosvidd: Do you mean maintainer in aptitude show pkgname output?15:13
viddthe maintainer is the one you should report the bug to15:15
oncl0ud9Hello can someone help me, how do I install sound mixer to the systray in xubuntu?16:16
alegoodpharmyou just want to add volume control to the panel?16:19
oncl0ud9yes please16:20
alegoodpharmwell, all i do is right click on the panel16:20
alegoodpharmhit add to panel16:20
alegoodpharmsorry "add new item"16:20
alegoodpharmthen look for volume control16:21
oncl0ud9awesome thanks :)16:21
alegoodpharmare you new to ubuntu or just new to xubuntu?16:23
oncl0ud9new to xubuntu and xfce16:24
alegoodpharmxfce is nice16:24
oncl0ud9yeah I kinda like it its nice16:24
alegoodpharmmuch faster16:24
alegoodpharmbetter on older systems16:24
oncl0ud9is there anyway to add graphical advancements to it?16:25
alegoodpharmsure, what do you want?16:25
alegoodpharmit supports compositing16:25
alegoodpharmor you can install compiz if you want lots of eye candy16:25
oncl0ud9are you using compiz with it?16:25
alegoodpharmi have installed it but i dont care too much for all the eye candy16:26
alegoodpharmso its off16:26
alegoodpharmi was just testing my compiz benchmark16:26
alegoodpharm2000+ fps on this system16:26
alegoodpharmintel cpu OC to 3.7ghz, nvidia 9800GTX16:26
oncl0ud9I am using a toshbia satellite laptop, and wanted to try something other then ubuntu.. but xubuntu really is quick. not sure if I want to play with quickness of it. My main pc is a vista box Q6600 24@3.6 4GB of ram and 8800gtx16:28
oncl0ud9do you play wow?16:28
alegoodpharmmy sister16:28
alegoodpharmnot me16:28
oncl0ud9ah ok16:29
alegoodpharmi do like crysis and far cry however16:29
alegoodpharmmore fps for me16:29
oncl0ud9do they run in xubuntu?16:29
alegoodpharmhmm you can check winehq to see whats supported in wine16:29
oncl0ud9any good apps u recommend?16:30
alegoodpharmit appears wow runs in wine16:31
oncl0ud9yeah not well though lol16:31
alegoodpharmwine allows you to run windows apps in windows16:31
oncl0ud9I know16:31
alegoodpharmi see that it works well16:31
alegoodpharmdepends on what version16:31
alegoodpharmsome are listed as gold or platinum rating in wine16:31
alegoodpharmwhat apps you want for xubuntu?16:31
oncl0ud9it still isn't the same16:32
alegoodpharmi'd not use linux for games16:32
alegoodpharmi run many os's16:32
alegoodpharmjust whatever os is best for the task16:32
oncl0ud9I run virtualbox on xubuntu if I need my quick windows fix16:33
alegoodpharmyup, i've got vmware server running on this xubuntu system16:33
oncl0ud92.0 or 1.0?16:33
alegoodpharmi dont care as much for 216:35
Owe1sorry to interrupt can wine run on low end systems16:35
oncl0ud9yeah 2.0 is meh16:35
oncl0ud9yeah it can16:35
alegoodpharmi guess so, i suppose it has to do with what the system requirements of the windows app you are trying to run in wine16:36
oncl0ud9yeah exactly16:36
alegoodpharmrunning calc will be fine. but wow would require more power16:36
oncl0ud9lol yeah, alegoodpharm : what do u mean by composition when I asked about enhancing the GUI16:36
oncl0ud9where do I find those settings16:37
alegoodpharmgo to the menu , the settings, then settings manager16:37
alegoodpharmhit windows manager tweaks16:37
alegoodpharmthen compositor tab16:37
alegoodpharmthis will only work if the composting extension is enabled in xorg.conf16:38
alegoodpharmi dont remember if it is by default16:38
oncl0ud9yeap its there16:39
alegoodpharmits nothing real wild, just some transparency and drop shadows16:39
oncl0ud9any good themes u recommend using?16:43
alegoodpharmhmm i didnt add anything extra, i just use some listed16:46
alegoodpharmi have clearlooks and Synthetic selected now16:46
oncl0ud9synthetic? whats that16:50
oncl0ud9just lost my bottom panel16:51
oncl0ud9how do I readd it :( lol16:52
viddoncl0ud9, you still missing your bottom panel?17:14
oncl0ud9no I found it lol17:14
jeannehi does anyone knows how to install mathematica on xubuntu ?17:31
Odd-rationalejeanne: is it a windows program?17:32
Odd-rationale!find mathematica17:34
mnemocisn't that something like matlab or maple?17:34
Odd-rationaleanother CAS i like i maxima17:35
jeanneit is for Linux 2.4 or later, 32/64 bit17:35
jeanneyes something similar like matlab17:36
jeannei have to work with mathematica so I have to install it17:36
Odd-rationaleyou HAVE to install mathematica? :(17:36
Odd-rationalejeanne: did you have to buy it?17:37
jeanneno it is free17:38
jeannefor students17:38
Odd-rationalejeanne: is it an exe they gave you?17:38
jeannerespectively my university has a license17:38
jeanneone moment17:38
Owe1there is a linux version of it. u can use the trial version and try to bring it to full version17:39
Odd-rationaleaccording to the !appdb, some people reportedly got it to work under wine.17:40
Odd-rationaleof course, native linux would better...17:40
Odd-rationalejeanne: what type of file do you have that you are trying to install? .exe? .tar? .rpm? .deb?17:41
jeannehm.... I have here an installer file17:41
vidda .exe?17:42
Odd-rationalejeanne: what is the file extension of the installer file?17:42
jeanneI guess it is a skript17:43
jeannethere is no .exe17:43
Odd-rationalejeanne: can you open it in mousepad?17:43
viddright-click on it and choose "properties"17:43
jeanneactually it is on a download server17:44
jeanneand then the text I see in the browser17:44
Odd-rationalejeanne: can you pastebin the text?17:44
jeannewhere to ?17:44
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)17:44
Odd-rationaleyeah, it is a shell script17:45
Odd-rationalejeanne: right click the link and select "Save file as..."17:46
Odd-rationaleso that you can have a local copy...17:46
jeannewhich extension should I choose ?17:46
Odd-rationalejeanne: .sh should be fine...17:46
jeanneand then ?17:47
Odd-rationalethen right-click the file, go to properties. and make it executable...17:47
Odd-rationalejeanne: then open a terminal in that directory..17:47
Odd-rationalejeanne: and run: ./script.sh17:48
Odd-rationalewhere script is the name of the script you downloaded...17:48
Odd-rationalethat should run the script...17:48
jeannenothing happens17:48
jeannemaybe because all the other files are on the server17:48
jeanneand the executer on my computer...17:49
Odd-rationalemaybe. what other files are on the server?17:49
jeanneall the files which belong to mathematica17:49
Odd-rationaleis the script inside a folder with all the other files?17:49
Odd-rationaledownload the whole mathematica_6.0.3 directory17:50
jeanneI should somehow map to the server location17:50
Odd-rationalejeanne: then go into that directory, open it an a terminal. and run ./Installer17:51
Odd-rationalejeanne: and if there are any README 's be sure to read them too...17:52
jeanneI have an other problem17:58
jeanneall the bars are disappeared on my computer17:58
jeannesince a while17:58
jeannedont know how to make them return17:58
jeanneand when I minimize a window it disappears too17:59
jeanneand is not shown minimised as a bottom bar17:59
Odd-rationalejeanne: you mean you have no panels?17:59
jeanneI dont know why17:59
Odd-rationalejeanne: try alt+f2. and type in xfce4-panel17:59
jeannebut like this it is too complicated17:59
jeannenow it is there again18:00
jeannethank you !!!! :D18:00
jeannenot sure that I will leave noob-area of linux sometimes18:00
Odd-rationalejeanne: you might want to save you session when you log out once18:01
jeannehow ?18:01
oncl0ud9how do I move launcher shortcuts into a panel?18:01
jeanneaah now I can minimize again my windows.... I was shifting them around... lol18:02
Odd-rationaleoncl0ud9: right-click panel --> add new item --> launcher18:02
Odd-rationalejeanne: when you log out, select save session.18:02
oncl0ud9perfect thanks18:03
oncl0ud9where are icon files located?18:05
viddoncl0ud9, usually in /usr/share/pixmaps18:05
oncl0ud9thanks vidd18:06
Owe1how do you lock the screen. i added a lock screen button on the panel but it doesnt work18:18
oncl0ud9yeah I cant lock my desktop either18:31
* mnemoc confirms that too18:33
viddoncl0ud9, Owe1 mnemoc y'all screensaver working?18:34
oncl0ud9havent even played with screensaver18:35
viddcan y'all right-click the "quit" icon, choose "lock screen" and it work?18:36
Odd-rationaleOwe1: oncl0ud9: try ctrl+alt+del18:37
oncl0ud9doesn't work18:37
Owe1doesnt work18:38
Odd-rationaleyou need to have xlock, xscreensaver, or gnome-screensaver installed18:38
mnemocvidd: that is what didn't work for me18:38
Odd-rationaletry gnome-screensaver-command -l18:38
oncl0ud9says screen saver not running18:39
mnemoc sudo aptitude install xlockmore18:39
mnemoc^--- that fixed the problem for me18:39
Owe1that worked for me18:39
Odd-rationalethen start "gnome-screensaver &"18:39
oncl0ud9how can I blank out screen so that it doesn't show contense of my desktop18:40
viddoncl0ud9, you need to enable gnome-screensaver18:41
viddwithout a screensaver, it cant blank the screen18:42
viddeven if you configure the screensaver to "none" it still needs to be running18:42
oncl0ud9how do install gnome-screensaver18:43
viddoncl0ud9, sudo apt-get install gnome-screensaver18:44
oncl0ud9ok and how do I configure it vidd18:44
viddi have my screensaver set to "Disable screensaver" and the ctrl+alt+del still locks the desktop18:45
viddoncl0ud9, applications->Settings->screensaver18:45
oncl0ud9yeah  but it will go to screensaver18:48
oncl0ud9but when I go to move mice18:48
oncl0ud9it shows my desktop18:48
oncl0ud9then I have to input password18:48
oncl0ud9I dont want it to show my desktop18:48
oncl0ud9I want it to be like a blackscreen18:48
viddoncl0ud9, when you hit ctrl+alt+del?18:48
oncl0ud9yeah c+a+d... goes to screensaver18:48
oncl0ud9shake mice18:48
oncl0ud9it comes with my desktop18:49
oncl0ud9and then I have to type password18:49
oncl0ud9but I dont want it to show my desktop18:49
oncl0ud9I want it to be blackscreen18:49
viddtry this:18:49
oncl0ud9with password prompt18:49
viddsudo apt-get remove --purge xscreensaver18:49
Odd-rationalei use slock18:49
viddoncl0ud9, did you upgrade to hardy or a fresh install?18:51
viddthen removing xscreensaver says its not installed?18:52
vidddo this:18:52
viddsudo apt-get install xlockmore-gl18:53
viddhello amorphous_18:53
amorphous_does xubuntu suport ppc (g3) on anything other than dapper?18:53
viddxlockmore is xlock + more =]18:53
amorphous_hey vidd18:53
viddamorphous_, they are working on the II version...havent quite got it hammered out18:54
viddthey have a hh version....but it is not "officially" supported18:54
amorphous_dapper seems a long way back... how can i get the hh version? I'll give it a go... at least I could let them know18:55
amorphous_although it is a g3 @ 233Mhz18:55
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ18:55
amorphous_what you think my odds are, vidd?18:55
oncl0ud9do u know what I mean vidd?18:56
viddoncl0ud9, install xlockmore-gl19:02
viddoncl0ud9, and you should be golden19:02
mnemocis https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad#Xubuntu%20and%20others  still the way in fuzzy ibex? (*g*)19:04
viddamorphous_, i should have that link for hardy's ppc in a few19:07
viddplease bear with me =]19:07
knomebear? what about wolves?19:08
viddknome, not animals....garments XD19:09
amorphous_wicked, cheers vidd... am reading up on it now - they're saying in the last link to install command line alternate & aptitude xubuntu...!19:09
amorphous_sounds pretty straightforward19:09
viddamorphous_, get the server instal image here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/hardy/release/19:09
viddthen once it is installed....run sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop19:10
vidd(or which ever -desktop you wnat!)19:10
amorphous_vidd, Done.19:11
amorphous_thanks :)19:11
viddamorphous_, enjoy19:11
viddamorphous_, the ii version install disks are still broken...no ETA on them....19:11
amorphous_I intend to.  Should please all the laptop-free people in the house that want to get online, too.19:12
viddbut you SHOULD be able to upgrade from hardy to intrepid via upgrade manager on schedual19:12
amorphous_all in all --- win-win :D19:12
oncl0ud9vidd whats the command again?19:12
viddbetter win-win then win-dows19:13
amorphous_...just out of interest.... whats the second i in intrepid19:13
viddoncl0ud9, sudo apt-get install xlockmore-gl19:13
amorphous_and you know it (doze)19:13
viddamorphous_, whatever critter they selected19:13
viddamorphous_, i never really pay attention19:14
amorphous_ibex... Hehehe...19:15
amorphous_gives it a bit of character, vidd19:15
oncl0ud9do I remove the non -gl version?19:16
amorphous_adn was that you being a grumpy old git, vidd?19:16
viddoncl0ud9, no...the -gl depends on the non -gl version19:16
oncl0ud9it is making me lock it twice19:17
oncl0ud9how do I remove19:17
oncl0ud9how do I remove xlockmore?19:17
viddoncl0ud9, sudo apt-get remove --purge xlock xlockmore xlockmore-gl19:18
viddoncl0ud9, then, sudo apt-get install xlockmore-gl19:18
mnemocvidd: there is an "xlock" package? I only see xlockmore19:36
viddmnemoc, if tab-complete does not give you xlock, then it is not installed19:37
mnemocvidd: "No candidate version found for xlock19:38
viddmnemoc, you do NOT want it installed19:39
viddthe app you want is either xlockmore or xlockmore-gl19:39
mnemocok :)19:39
* vidd recommends the -gl19:39
* mnemoc removing xlockmore to install xlockmore-gl19:40
viddmnemoc,  is your screen locking the way you expect it to?19:41
oncl0ud9how do I make it not save sessions and have a new session every time I log in19:42
mnemocvidd: with -gl it is.... xlockmore ignored my xscreensaver choiced, xlockmore-gl honors them :)19:43
viddmnemoc, hence why i recommend it =]19:43
viddoncl0ud9, when you log out, uncheck the "save session"19:43
viddoncl0ud9, but first, remove your stored session19:44
Owe1how do u remove the stored session19:44
mnemocvidd: there is any way to lock the desktop without chaning the semantic of the quit button?19:45
zoredachethe are in ~/.cache/sessions/*19:45
viddmnemoc, yes....ctrl+alt+del (the 3-fingered-salute)19:46
mnemocvidd: that's the first I tried, but not working here :\19:46
viddmnemoc, then add a second "quit" pannel applet...so you have one to quit, and one to lock the desktop19:47
mnemocvidd: nice trick :)19:47
viddbut it "just works" for me19:47
oncl0ud9can someone tell me how to remove last sessions19:48
mnemoconcl0ud9: rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions/* ?19:48
oncl0ud9I dont want it to load sessions anymore19:49
oncl0ud9want it to be a clean login all the time19:50
viddoncl0ud9, me too....19:50
zoredacheyou can adjust .config/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc and make SaveOneExit=false19:50
viddoncl0ud9, follow the command that mnemoc posted and you should be golden19:51
zoredachethat will make it so session are not saved by default19:51
oncl0ud9thanks guys :)19:52
oncl0ud9how do I make it so when my headphone plugs in that my laptop speakers dont work20:08
alegoodpharmhmm, most headphone jacks turn off the internal speakers when you plug something in20:08
alegoodpharmits not?20:08
oncl0ud9no its not working by default20:08
oncl0ud9it works in vista ok20:08
alegoodpharmi've not heard of that issue, sorry20:08
alegoodpharmgoogle helps me on most issues20:08
Odd-rationalei've heard of it happening... never happend to me though..20:09
oncl0ud9oh hmmph20:09
Odd-rationalesearch the forums...20:09
alegoodpharmperhaps it has its own channel20:09
oncl0ud9maybe lemme c20:09
Owe1is it possible to convert from ext3 to ext2 without formatting.20:10
Odd-rationaleOwe1: yes. just disalbe journaling...20:10
Owe1how do you do that20:10
HillshumI just installed Compiz but its empty20:11
Odd-rationaleOwe1: http://batleth.sapienti-sat.org/projects/FAQs/ext3-faq.html20:12
Owe1thanks odd-rationale20:13
oncl0ud9is there any way to auto minimize applications upon going on lock20:13
viddoncl0ud9, i have not found any way to do so20:25
vidd(would be helpful with those pwn vids!)20:25
oncl0ud9I work in IT so be good to be able to auto minimize20:26
Odd-rationalei usually switc desktop to a blank one before locking the screen20:26
oncl0ud9thats smart!20:26
viddOdd-rationale, is there a way to auto-switch on lock?20:27
Odd-rationalewell, idk, maybe with mcs?20:27
oncl0ud9hmmm lost my mini workspaces down in the panel20:28
oncl0ud9how do I add them back20:28
Odd-rationaleoncl0ud9: add a workspace switcher...20:28
viddright-click on panel and re-add them20:28
oncl0ud9dont see it there20:29
Odd-rationaleok. i got the soltion...20:30
Odd-rationale!info wmctrl20:30
ubottuwmctrl (source: wmctrl): control an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.07-6 (hardy), package size 21 kB, installed size 88 kB20:30
Odd-rationalemake a script that does "wmctrl -s 4; xlock"20:30
oncl0ud9what does that do?20:30
Odd-rationalethen link that script to the keybinding...20:31
Odd-rationaleoncl0ud9: read the link about wmctrl20:31
oncl0ud9lol k20:32
Odd-rationaleactaully, "wmctrl -s 4; xflock" might be better...20:32
Odd-rationale* -s 320:32
Odd-rationalecouts from 020:32
oncl0ud9lol im not a script kiddy :(20:33
knomelearn to type ;)20:33
knome^ Odd-rationale20:33
Odd-rationaleknome: :P20:33
Odd-rationalevidd: try wmctrl to switch desktop before locking...20:35
oncl0ud9ouch :)20:36
Owe1i dont know if this is helpful but if you press ctrl+alt+the left or right arrows you can quick switch between desktops20:37
oncl0ud9hmmm I cant get the workspace to come up anymore :(20:39
Odd-rationaleoncl0ud9: what workspace?20:40
oncl0ud9the icon that was below20:40
oncl0ud9with the workspace 1 and 220:40
Odd-rationaleidk what you are talking about.. :|20:41
Odd-rationalewhat did you do to make it disappear?20:43
oncl0ud9removed it from panel :(20:44
oncl0ud9u know the icon that shows your displays20:44
viddoncl0ud9, so re-add it!20:44
oncl0ud9the small 120:44
oncl0ud9I cant find it lol20:44
Odd-rationalevidd: where you able to get wmctrl to do what you want?20:44
viddadd new item->pager20:44
viddOdd-rationale, im not the one interested....20:45
oncl0ud9there we go20:45
oncl0ud9I was the one that wanted it20:45
oncl0ud9I have to play with it20:45
Odd-rationaleoh ok... i though i saw you ask...20:45
oncl0ud9I did make20:47
oncl0ud9but it says no target specified20:47
=== Pomiel is now known as DCPom
Odd-rationaleoncl0ud9: what are you trying to make?20:48
oncl0ud9downloaded the wmctrl-10720:48
oncl0ud9extracted it20:48
oncl0ud9now I am trying to make it20:48
oncl0ud9but it isn't working20:48
Odd-rationaleoncl0ud9: it is in the repos. sudo apt-get install wmctrl20:48
Odd-rationaleno need to compile...20:49
oncl0ud9im such a newb at this :$20:49
oncl0ud9I tried doing wmctrl -s 420:50
oncl0ud9but no luck20:50
oncl0ud9doesn't do anything20:50
viddoncl0ud9, how many desktops you have?20:50
viddoncl0ud9, then switch the 4 with 220:51
viddyou cant move to desktop 4 if you dont have a desktop 4!20:51
oncl0ud9im a newb lol20:51
viddand with that...im going home!20:51
Odd-rationaleoncl0ud9: actually use 1... counting starts from 0...20:51
oncl0ud9it works wmctrl -0; xlock ... but I don't think thats the screensaver I was using20:54
oncl0ud9ops I meant 120:54
Odd-rationaledoesn't xlock use a random one everytime or something?20:55
Odd-rationaleanyways... gtg bbl21:06
Owe1odd-rationale: thanks for the help21:07
jeronimuscould anywone tell me how i can get the version of my xubuntu install i did some time ago?22:24
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »22:24

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