spivjisakiel: it's basically a very very simple alternative to bzr_access :)00:00
jisakielhmm, I see00:00
jisakiellike *very very very* simple00:01
jisakielI kinda like more the original, as it allows for several repos00:01
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jisakielbut seems easy enough to extend00:02
jisakielwon't make any troubles because of the "bzr log" problem?00:03
jisakielI mean: right now, I'd just have "bzr init ~bzr/repo" and then push over the different projects there, but...00:03
spivSo long as you don't restrict the client from seeing directories they need.00:03
jisakieland you wouldn't have anything needed "up" unless...?00:04
spive.g. if you do bzr init-repo /bzr/proj && bzr init /bzr/proj/branch, then it's ok to limit the client to /bzr rather than /00:04
spivOr even /bzr/proj00:04
spivBut if you limit to /bzr/proj/branch, then the client won't be able to access the shared repository at /bzr/proj, and it will need to access it.00:05
jisakieland btw00:06
jisakielis there a way of checking out (like in svn again, it's just that I used to use it a bit before) the whole repo? IIRC checking out /bzr/proj would not work00:07
jisakielcould be wrong though00:07
spivNot really, no.00:07
spivYou could just "cp -a" it ;)00:08
jisakielconsider that as a suggestion as well ;)00:08
jisakielthat way you would be able to checkout not just "trunk", but all development branches as well00:08
spivYeah, we would like to have better ways to manipulate groups of branches.00:08
jisakiel*if* you use a shared repo to hold them (which seems logical)00:09
spivAt the moment shared repos are just a storage optimisation, rather than implying any semantic like "these branches are part of a group of related branches"00:10
jisakielwell, semantic seems implied from the storage optimization (if there are shared files between the branches as to make it worth it... they are definitely related)00:11
spivBut in practice, they usually are related.  So it is tempting to use shared repositories like that... but it's not part of our design yet, and we're wary of making design mistakes that will be hard to undo.00:12
jisakiellast year I didn't know of shared repos and end up with hundreds of megs of slightly different big branches00:12
* spiv nods00:12
jisakielyeah, I guess it could be considered independent enough00:12
jisakielas in "you could want to have a group of related branches without having them under the same folder"00:13
spivThe other thing in favour of using shared repos for a "group of related branches" concept rather than creating a new concept is it would be less concepts for users to learn about.00:13
jisakielit's kind of easy, yep00:13
jisakielI guess it brings new problems... I lost track a bit of launchpad enhancements, but I don't know if shared repos are compatible with development branches00:14
jisakielI seem to recall something from the rss related00:14
spivYou can use shared repos with any format except the really ancient ones.00:14
jisakielas to avoid having huge branches to checkout from the servers00:14
jisakielah, so I can just bzr init-repo shared, then checkout inside from lp?00:15
jisakieland if there is storage to be won it will?00:15
spivAh, you can, but that won't help you avoid downloading all of history ;)00:15
jisakielI guess I should have just branched from my existing branches, then pulling from the repo, but that was a merge-fest waiting to happen00:15
spivYou can do "bzr checkout --lightweight" and since 1.6.1 "bzr branch --stacked", though.00:16
jisakielwe used branches and not checkouts nevertheless00:16
spivBasically, if you already have the history locally, then a shared repo can help you.00:16
jisakielheh, --stacked functionality seems to overlap a bit with shared repos, doesn't it00:17
spivAn new (and thus empty) shared repo doesn't perform any differently to a standalone branch+repo.00:17
spivHmm, not really :)00:17
spivBut maybe I'm too close the implementation to see what you mean ;)00:18
jisakielsure you are! :D00:18
fullermd--stacked can give a result that superficially looks like the a result of shared repos in the short term.  How's what?   :p00:19
jisakielas in "--stacked saves storage? by reusing the common history? from the pointed branch" vs "shared-repo reuses whatever"00:19
fullermdReally, in much the same way and for the same reasons as hardlinking the repo.00:19
jisakielso, summing up (gotta go!), a plugin -and, possibly, modificating bzr+ssh behaviour?- would be needed to replicate svnserve functionality...00:22
jisakieloh, btw can't I use bzr over https (even if unefficient?) that's another way of authenticating (weaker, though) and having fine-grained permissions...00:23
spivThat is an option, and it should work.00:25
jisakielI might try that then as a first approach00:25
jisakieland afterwards try to bang the limit_path script until I get it to work as I'd like :)00:25
spivAlthough, hmm.00:26
spivIt might be a bit fiddly to set up.00:26
spivLet us know how you go :)00:26
jisakielwebdav shared folder, and .htaccess I guess00:26
spivOh, webdav.00:26
spivThat's probably not so bad, although I'm not familiar with the state of the webdav code.00:27
jisakielheh, that's easier00:27
spiv(Is that still provided by a plugin?)00:27
* spiv nods00:27
jisakielmod_dav irc00:27
spivOh, I meant, on the bzr side :)00:27
fullermdWell, no matter how you slice it, you can't set authority boundaries other than at repository boundaries.00:27
spivIf you have trouble with webdav, vila is a good person to chat to for help -- depending on timezones :)00:28
jisakieljust saw something related to https in the configuration section of the docs, so I guess it should more-or-less work00:28
jisakielheh, ok, txs for the info00:28
fullermdI'm not sure the webdav stuff still works.  It was broken at one time, and I didn't think vila had touched it in a good long while.00:28
jisakielI'll try just for the record then00:29
* fullermd nod.00:29
fullermd's the only way to be sure.00:29
jisakielas I think I had the webdav shared folders still working00:29
jisakielin fact00:29
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spivjisakiel: or if the users are using linux, you could get them to use http://dav.sourceforge.net/ to make webdav look like an ordinary filesystem ;)00:30
jisakielwhat I can't is trick bzr to push over webdav into plain http, can I00:31
jisakielas I was trying the webdav thing but I have it over http (yeah, I know, insecure etc ;))00:32
spivI don't know enough about the webdav plugin, sorry.00:32
spiv(I would have thought it would work, but I really have no idea :)00:32
jisakielbzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for http://jisakiel.dyndns.org/privado/.bzr/branch-format: Unable to handle http code 401: expected 200 or 404 for full response.00:33
spivI think you need to use http+webdav:// to use the plugin?00:33
jisakielthat's what I meant00:34
jisakielI'll try in other time, as I gotta go now00:36
jisakielquick last one: any *simple* (as in "grep") way of knowing which folders would a branch need to be accessible for it to work00:37
jisakiel(as the limit_path would perhaps be able to share from the upmost needed folder that way)00:37
jisakielwell, I'll have a look myself. Thanks so very much for the insights!00:39
jisakielgoodbye all... ^^00:40
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poolie_spiv: i presume you did test the autopack rpc? how did it go?03:15
spivpoolie_: it seems to work, although it's a bit of a hassle to test by hand.  I guess I could script "for i in seq 10 ; do bzr ci --unchanged -m 'foo'; bzr push bzr://... ; done"03:18
poolie_i think it would be wise to at least try that against both servers that do and don't supporti t03:21
* spiv nods03:22
spivI'll give it a work out, see what breaks.03:22
spivAnd look at that, it broke!03:22
* spiv fixes03:22
spivAh, but the full test suite does notice, I mustn't have run that as recently as I thought I had.  Hmm.03:23
spivLooks shallow, anyway.03:23
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spivYeah, just a last-minute snafu in the final quick-cleanup-before-hitting-submit revision.  I'm checking for other gotchas.03:33
poolie_spiv, i'm sending a partial review03:33
poolie_will be back on it in a bit03:33
spivpoolie_: thanks03:38
lifelesspoolie_: I'm going to catch a train before 5, to skip transit crowds going to a friends birthday04:32
lifelesspoolie_: I'll hack on the train04:32
poolie_sure, have a good trip04:32
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spivpoolie_: FWIW, working autopack rpc cuts the number of RPCs for the 10th push of 1 revision from 179 to 44.05:52
poolie_still a bit high but nice05:53
spivThe change to -Dhpss to make it dump call counts to stderr makes this sort of measurement much more convenient.05:55
vilahi all07:02
vilafullermd: I've got news for you :) webdav wasn't updated for a while but was finally updated and is now passing the test suite for some months (both against our internal test server and against a real apache2 server)07:08
vilafullermd: And since the bzr transport API is one of the most stable we have, the plugin doesn't need updates and I changed the requirement to be a simple bzr >= 1.607:10
vilaToo bad jsakiel seems already gone, but if he got a 401, he has to provide a user for authentication07:13
poolie_spiv, did you send the update to that patch?07:22
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pooliehi vila07:23
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Odd_Blokejelmer: Belated pong.08:53
thumperpoolie: ping09:33
* thumper hopes poolie is still around and lookng at his computer09:33
poolieon phone still09:33
thumperpoolie: ok09:41
pooliehi, i'm free09:41
thumperpoolie: I was going to ask about the auto pack bug with stacked branches09:42
thumperI hadn't realised exactly what the problem was09:42
thumperbut if it fails on all autopacks, that is very bad for LP09:42
pooliethumper: that would be bad09:43
poolieis there a bug # for this?09:43
* thumper pokes jml09:43
jmlthis is the check reference one, iirc09:44
* jml looks09:44
jmlthis one is related but not it, I think, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/28060809:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280608 in bzr "Stacked-on branch not unlocked when commit_write_group fails on stacked branch" [Undecided,New]09:45
jmlpoolie, thumper: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+bug/28059509:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280595 in launchpad-bazaar "RevisionNotPresent error when mirroring stacked branches" [High,New]09:46
poolieare you saying this is a knock-on effect from autopack not dtrt?09:49
thumperI think so09:49
thumperbut I don't have enough info just yet09:49
thumperI was only just told that it was related to autopack09:49
poolielaunchpad whitespace breakage ftw :/09:51
beunopoolie, in comments?09:52
jmlas you can tell from the comments, there are a lot of related, confusing bugs with serious sounding error messages10:00
jmland these are happening regularly among the Launchpad team, making the system seem flaky10:01
beunopoolie, I have a branch that may fix that, just need to do some further testing on it to make sure it doesn't break in other browsers10:04
beunomwhudson, I'm working on getting "head:" to be used by default in the URL if you're looking at the tip in LH10:23
beunoso people don't have top URL hack anymore10:23
pooliepresumably bug 280608 is just cosmetic, as losing the lock at that point should have no visible effect10:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280608 in bzr "Stacked-on branch not unlocked when commit_write_group fails on stacked branch" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28060810:24
poolieit's not physically held afaics10:24
beunomwhudson, not sure if this is fiddling too far down: http://paste.ubuntu.com/64537/10:24
pooliei'll merge that patch anyhow10:24
mwhudsonbeuno: is that in fix_revid?10:26
beunomwhudson, no, get_revno10:26
beunowe don't run revnos past fix_revid in many places10:26
mwhudsonoh right10:27
mwhudsonbeuno: basically, i don't know what a good ui is here10:27
beunoso, this would, in a way, make it impossible to get the actual revno, so it kinda sucks10:27
beunoI could start slapping fix_revid or something on URLs10:28
* beuno revertrs10:28
mwhudsonwhen someone clicks on the first revision on the changes pages, are they clicking on it because they're interested in the head revision, or because they're interested in that particular revision10:28
mwhudsonbeuno: certainly, i think when people click the 'files' tab, 'head:' is appropriate in urls10:29
mwhudsonbut this probably means we need to carry a bit more state around10:29
LarstiQjelmer: a branch got renamed in svn, and now bzr-svn thinks it's an entirely new branch. Can I just tell it 'no, it is actually _this_ branch'?11:32
jelmerLarstiQ, does it still use the same branching scheme?11:35
LarstiQthe new dir is a sibling of the old one, but let me check11:38
LarstiQjelmer: Guessed branching scheme: TrunkBranchingScheme(0), guess scheme to use: SingleBranchingScheme(foo)11:41
LarstiQjelmer: where foo is the path in the svn repository under trunk/, so that differs between pre and post move11:42
jelmerLarstiQ: if the branching scheme is different, there's no way to let it recognize the old history11:42
LarstiQand the SingleBranchingScheme is always tied to the exact location in svn repository, so moves will always impose a cut between bzr branches?11:46
jelmerLarstiQ, yes11:50
* LarstiQ grumbles11:53
jelmerLarstiQ, branching schemes suck, deal with it :-)11:54
* mwhudson waves https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/291046 around11:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 291046 in bzr "pushing branch6/packs5 to location with default stacking policy creates broken branch" [Undecided,New]11:54
LarstiQjelmer: I don't know how I'm going to deal with it yet, it seems to me there is enough information available to not break so horribly.11:56
jelmerLarstiQ, 0.5 no longer has branching schemes and deals with this properly11:57
* LarstiQ glomps jelmer 12:03
LarstiQjelmer: is there an ETA?12:03
* LarstiQ lunches12:04
* Jc2k must know how this magic works... =)12:04
gouris '--1.6.1-rich-root' safe format to use?12:10
* gour also wonders when we'll see some reduction in format number12:11
lifelessgour: if you're using rich roots at all, 1.6.1-rich-root is fine to use12:20
lifelessgour: its listed as supported after all12:20
abentleyjelmer: :pull is actually :parent, so "I'll consider changing the default ... to :pull, :parent" is a bit wrong.12:23
jelmerabentley, ah, ok12:24
jelmerLarstiQ, "when I have time"12:24
LarstiQjelmer: right :)12:39
LarstiQgour: but be warned that non-rich-root doesn't mix well with rich-root12:40
* jelmer wonders if rich root is ever to become the default..12:42
LarstiQjam: did you need any more information on bug 50568 ?12:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 50568 in bzr "'bzr push' does not preserve sgid bit on newly created directories" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5056812:43
gourjelmer: why not?12:47
goursome format(s) perform better?12:47
unenough i want to backup my repo. what's the easiest way to store the smallest archive with the whole repo in it?12:57
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jamLarstiQ: good morning. I haven't followed up on it, but I'll look at your script13:51
LarstiQjam: thanks13:52
LarstiQjam: for my immediate situation I've just setfacled13:53
LarstiQwhich works fine13:53
jamLarstiQ: well, for that particular one, I think you are creating a new branch, which is a bit different than pushing existing code into the repo13:56
jambut I'll admit that is probably broken13:56
jelmergour: it's not been happening for quite a while13:57
jamso I'm thinking we should open a new bug for what you are encountering13:57
jambecause it is probably a different fix than bug #5056813:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 50568 in bzr "'bzr push' does not preserve sgid bit on newly created directories" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5056813:57
unenoughis there a way to create an archive of my repo?14:00
unenougheasy way14:01
jamunenough: rsync my-repo copy-of-my-repo ?14:04
unenoughdoesn't that include a lot of redundant data?14:04
jamunenough: redundant in what sense?14:04
unenoughcopies of complete files  (the current working copy)14:05
unenoughthat happen to exist under the repo dir14:05
unenoughi don't know what to call them14:05
unenoughbesides, sometimes it's much more convenient to just have a .gz file of the repo14:06
jamunenough: well you can do "tar cvzf repo.tar.gz .bzr/repository" however that won't keep the branch pointers14:06
jamas they are kept in their individual directories14:06
unenoughthat's why i want a single command to do it14:07
unenoughlike, "bzr archive" :)14:07
jamI could help you write a plugin for it, but no there isn't something trivial that already exists14:08
Odd_BlokeSomething with 'find' would probably work.14:08
Odd_Blokejam: I think this was discussed in London, but I don't remember what the conclusion was.14:08
Odd_BlokeOr if, indeed, there was one.14:08
jamI think I need to alias ":e" to vi in my shell :)14:12
unenoughjam, Odd_Bloke there is this https://launchpad.net/bzr-gzipped-bundle14:15
unenoughbut it seems dead14:15
jamunenough: that is a really old plugin that has been replaced by builtin-code14:15
jamand it wouldn't do multiple branches14:15
jam(The current "bundle" format is bzipped anyway)14:15
jelmerOdd_Bloke, nevermind14:19
jelmerOdd_Bloke, I was going to mention there was another ITP open about bzr-xmloutput14:19
jelmerOdd_Bloke, but that seems to be assigned to you now14:19
jammarkh: ping14:39
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spivjam: I just sent an update to the autopack patch15:53
spivjam: now I'm off to try sleep despite the hot weather15:54
jamspiv: I thought it was cold there15:54
jamdid it suddenly switch?15:54
spivjam: It's been very variable the last two weeks.15:54
jamspiv: I also sent an update to your Graph change15:54
jamthough you are probably too tired to look over it now15:54
spivTomorrow is forcast to be 36 celsius.15:55
spivjam: I've taken a quick sleepy glance, and I like the look of it.15:58
spivjam: thanks very much for making a complete patch, rather than just comments.  That's very helpful at this point in the release cycle :)15:59
jamyeah, I thought it would be15:59
jamyou're certainly welcome15:59
* spiv -> zzzz16:00
jszakmeisterjelmer: you there?16:59
jelmerjszakmeister, yep16:59
jszakmeisterRan into a bzr-svn bug (I think)16:59
jszakmeisterEver see the error:17:00
jszakmeisterReadOnlyError: A write attempt was made in a read only transaction on KnitPackRepository17:00
jelmerjszakmeister, what version of bzr-svn?17:00
jszakmeisterI branched from an svn repo, made some changes, pushed into a shared repo, and then treied to push from the shared repo into a new branch of subversion17:01
jszakmeisterThe latest (0.4.13, I believe)17:01
jszakmeisterWait... I'm not so sure about that... hold on.17:01
jszakmeisterCrap.  0.4.1117:02
jszakmeisterLet me update and try again17:02
jszakmeisterI though I had installed the latest on this machine... but it was probably my desktop at home.17:02
jelmerplease try to reproduce with 0.4.13 first17:07
jszakmeisterYeah, I'm trying that now...17:15
jszakmeisterSorry, I thought I was at 0.4.13 already. :-(17:15
jszakmeisterjelmer: The error went away.17:35
jszakmeisterSorry for the noise.17:35
jelmeranother bug well fixed :-)17:37
jamjelmer: ping18:07
jelmerjam, pong18:08
jamI'm trying to build bzr-svn 0.4.13 so that we can have the windows installer18:08
jamand I'm running into problems at compile time18:08
jamsubvertpy\subvertpy\editor.c:140: error: initializer element is not constant18:08
jamsubvertpy\subvertpy\editor.c:140: error: (near initialization for `TxDeltaWindowHandler_Type.tp_deal18:08
jamI believe this happens when you set a static structure18:08
jamto point to a function18:09
jamwhich only exists in a dll18:09
jamwhich isn't legal on Win3218:09
jambecause the address isn't known until load time18:09
jam(This happens for trunk/0.4.10,11,12,13)18:10
jamDo you know if markh did some customization of bzr-svn that didn't make it back into trunk for it to build on win32?18:10
jamI also get a bunch of errors about: util.h:28: warning: ignoring #pragma GCC visibility18:14
jamjelmer: ?18:24
jelmerjam, sorry18:25
jamnp, we all get busy, I just didn't know if you read any of what I said or not18:25
jelmeryeah, I suspect Mark has a patch for that18:26
jelmerit should probably be upstream18:26
jelmerthe fix would probably be to add a (yuck) wrapper function18:27
jamjelmer: the standard python way is to leave the entry as a NULL pointer and then during the __init__ function18:30
jamyou populate it18:30
jamwell INIT_MODULE or whatever the specific function is18:30
jamI've done the hack for other stuff18:30
jamI just didn't know how he managed to compile it18:30
jamand thought maybe he mentioned it to you18:31
jamwell, I guess I was hoping he sent you a patch that you just forgot about until now18:32
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jelmerjam, not that I remember :-)18:42
jamjelmer: so if I was to try to make a fix to get a stable released bzr-svn packaged into a win32 installer, what branch should I use?18:54
jamjust do it off of the tag:bzr-svn-0.4.13 ?18:54
jelmerjam, yep18:55
=== Verterok_ is now known as Verterok
jamok, it wasn't ever clear to me what the 0.4 branch was versus trunk versus 0.5, etc18:55
jelmerjam, 0.5 (aka trunk) is not ready for use yet18:59
jelmerjam, the 0.4 branch is the stable branch from which all the 0.4.x releases are made18:59
jamjelmer: I think I have a patch19:15
jamit was actually a lot simpler than I was worried it would be19:15
jamjust 3 'dealloc' functions that need to be set at runtime instead of startup19:16
jamhowever, I don't actually have it running yet, because of dll load failures19:16
jambut I think that is just PATH issues19:16
jamthe build succeeded19:16
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jelmerany chance you can send me the patch?19:17
jamwell, I'm trying to see if I can actually get it to work19:31
jambut yeah, I'll send it to you19:31
jamI'm pushing it to lp right now19:31
jamjelmer: pushed, would you rather I sent you a patch?19:35
jelmerjam, no, thanks, I think know how to use bzr merge :-)19:35
jamjelmer: so... I am able to build it, but now I get a lot of:19:48
jamDLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.19:48
jamwhenever I try to use it19:48
jam(during import client)19:48
jamso no joy yet19:48
=== mw is now known as mw|food
jamjelmer: If I run from 'cmd.exe' instead of running under cygwin, I at least get the popup describing the dll that couldn't be loaded. Which seems to be "libapr.dll".19:57
jamAnd I can say that 'libapr-1.dll' is in the Subversion directory, but "libapr.dll" is not. Why would that be?19:57
jelmerjam, Not sure what's the problem there..19:59
jammaybe markh is a better person to ask19:59
jelmerjam, the windows specific bits in setup.py are beyond me..20:00
jamthough I haven't seen him around :)20:00
jamjelmer: what is weird is that the subversion-dev .zip file does indeed have a 'libapr.lib'20:00
jamso you have to supply "-llibapr" as you would expect20:00
jamhowever, it seems to correspond with a 'libapr-1.dll' but someone didn't tell it that20:00
jelmerjam, are you using setup.py ?20:00
jamjelmer: yeah, I'm using setup.py to build it20:00
jamon my home machine if I don't manually set the path, it dies because of a missing libsvn_client-1.dl20:03
jamif I put the Subversion dir first, it dies because of a missing libapr.dll20:03
jamit seems when someone was building subversion they got confused as to what dlls they were supposed to use20:04
awilkinsIt is rather tricksy, I'll have to say20:06
jelmerjam: lp:~jameinel/bzr-svn/0.4.13-win32, right?20:09
jelmer'morning Robert20:24
jelmerjam: my bzr and launchapd don't seem to recognize it20:26
jamjelmer: yeah, I'm using stacking and it didn't seem to propagate to the http:// side, though it worked for we to branch via bzr+ssh20:35
jammorning lifeless20:36
jamlp:~jameinel/bzr-svn/0.4.13-win32 should be correct20:36
jelmerjam, even fetching over ssh doesn't seem to work20:37
jamjelmer: weird20:40
jamI'm sure it worked here, because I had to install it on the shared windows host20:40
jamI'll just send you a bundle for now20:40
jelmerjam, thanks20:41
jamjelmer: so when I look at the dev files that that Subversion supplies, the libapr.lib seems to be claiming it will be building a libapr.dll even though there is only libapr-1.dll20:43
jamso probably someone built it incorrectly20:43
lifelessvila: awake?20:44
vilano :)20:44
lifelessvila: oh good20:44
lifelessvila: so the answer to why the chk of a file is not the sha of its contents is not related to the tests ;)20:45
lifelessvila: it is - the CHK for an object is the hash of bytes resulting from encoding it - there is a type header prefixed - not the hash of the thing itself20:45
vilaoh, so that the chk map can be used for anything20:47
lifelesss/chk map/chk store/20:47
lifelessbut yes20:47
lifelesswe should be able to scan it and determine the object type to call back to to parse and process data20:48
lifelessso for a files content the type is probably something like 'bytes:\n'20:48
lifelessbut it means what is hashed is still != the files content itself20:48
lifeless(not that we use CHK stores for file content today, or in my branch's planned scope at all)20:49
vilaright, the focus is on inventories right ?20:49
jamjelmer: I think I've sorted it out.... but it makes me sad20:50
jamIt seems that whoever is building the .zip files is doing it differently than the person building the Setup-Subversion.exe installer20:51
jamall of the _dev.zip files point to "foo.dll"20:51
jamwhile the installer points to "foo-1.dll"20:51
jelmerjam, Thanks, patch merged20:51
jelmerjam, Ahhhh20:51
jelmerjam, Yeah, there's different people providing patches20:51
jamebswift versus djh20:51
jamjelmer: any idea who I should poke with a stick?20:52
jelmerjam, saywha?20:52
jamjelmer: http://subversion.tigris.org/servlets/ProjectDocumentList?folderID=9120:52
jamebswift is the one making the .msi installers20:52
jamdjh is the one making the .zip flies20:52
jamand they don't talk to eachother I guess20:52
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lifelessjam: in case you didn't knw, cygwin's mingw is subtly different to mingw's mingw21:08
lifelessthe -1 different looks like libtool to me21:09
jamlifeless: well it works fine here, which is enough for me21:09
jamI'll see if that is the problem, though21:09
lifelesscygwin's mignw is a gcc cross compiler21:09
lifelessmingw's is a native compiler. IIRC21:09
=== thekorn__ is now known as thekorn_
jamlifeless: well, compiling against the 1.5.4_dev.zip and making sure the 1.5.4.zip dlls are first in my path means that everything succeeds21:13
jamso it is a _dev.zip + .zip having different pointers than the Setup program ...21:13
lifelessjam: sure21:18
lifelessjam: so I'm thinking they are using a different libtool21:18
jamcould be21:18
=== gotgenes_away is now known as gotgenes
jamjelmer: do you have a bzr-svn that doesn't cause every branch probe to completely abort when running bzr.dev?21:59
jam0.4.13 claims it is completely incompatible with bzr.dev and aborts the process21:59
pooliehello jam21:59
jamhi poolie21:59
pooliejam, spiv, lifeless, call in 1m if you like21:59
jelmerjam: the 0.4 branch works with bzr.dev21:59
jamjelmer: so just update?21:59
jelmerjam, yep22:00
jamI should say it only occasionally aborts, like when I'm checking out a new branch22:00
jelmerjam, only when bzr-svn comes into play22:06
jamwell, only when it *thinks* it needs to come into play :)22:06
jelmeronly when *bzr* asks it to probe a location for a bzr-svn branch (-:22:06
jamwhat happened to only issuing a warning?22:06
jelmerit only issues a warning when it's one version out of sync22:07
jelmerbut 0.4.13 is two versions out of sync22:07
spivpoolie: hi, I slept in.22:20
pooliehi, np22:20
pooliewant to join us now?22:20
lifelesspoolie: did you try me?22:20
poolietried it, didn't like it :-P22:21
lifelessnow why don't I remember tat22:21
fullermdHey, who used all my ether?22:22
lifelessdunno, you should check on ethertube.com22:22
lifelesspoolie: so, call then?22:22
lifelessspiv: you failed22:23
spivpoolie: starting skype now22:24
disturbedsaintIs there somebody with tortoisebzr experience around?22:30
pooliemhammond may be around in a bit22:31
poolieor you can just ask22:31
* markh is here!22:31
poolieoh hi22:31
markhhi :)22:31
markhdisturbedsaint: what's up?22:32
disturbedsaintjust triend tbzr but it doesnt seem to display anything22:32
disturbedsaintsince the included .txt's and wiki don't provide too much info I guess im kinda stuck22:33
disturbedsaintNot getting the nice context menu's a shown in the screenshots22:33
markhyou aren't using a 64bit windows?22:34
disturbedsaint32bit xp22:34
markhthere is optionally a diagnostic tool installed - 'tbzrtrace.exe' I think.  It's not installed by default though - you need to click the "diagnostic tools" option at install time.  Can you recall if you selected that?22:35
markhif not, would it be possible to re-execute the installer and select that?22:35
markh(oh - you aren't using bzr 1.8-lite are you?)22:35
disturbedsaintI branched22:36
disturbedsaintwhich might be the reason22:36
markhrunning from sources?22:36
disturbedsaintkinda doing 10things at the same time, sorry for unclear reaply22:37
disturbedsaintrunning from sources indeed22:37
markhso you have pywin32-212 and have registered the shell execution by executing "mtbzr/scripts/tbzr.py"?22:37
disturbedsaintand I ran the script22:38
disturbedsaintwith debug22:38
disturbedsaintbut the output in PythonWin/Trace Collector isn't all that helpfull22:39
markhso no tracebacks or anything?22:39
markhyou probably need to restart explorer too.22:40
markh(inno sends a shell notification that we don't when run manually - we should!)22:40
markhif you tell explorer to use a new process for each window, you can often avoid restarting - I tend to restart from the same command-prompt I registered with, which makes sure the env is setup correctly22:41
disturbedsaintah, got a traceback22:42
disturbedsaint<type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: No module named win32pipe22:42
markhah - python from sources too?22:42
disturbedsaintafaik not22:43
disturbedsaintbut is a long time ago I installed it22:43
disturbedsaintC:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\win32\win32pipe.pyd exists, dont know if its the right one22:43
markh"python -c import win32pipe" works?22:43
markhyeah, it will be22:43
markhso pythonpath is messed up in com which implies the registry.  Do you have the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\2.5\PythonPath?22:44
disturbedsaintimporting win32pipe in python shell works22:44
disturbedsaintyes,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\2.5\PythonPath is there22:45
markhit should have the default value of the default pythonpath - c:\python25\lib should be right22:45
markhit might have a couple with ';' seps22:46
disturbedsaintshould be fine22:46
markhso - maybe check that is the *first* traceback you see.  Otherwise I'd be inclined to add a 'print' somewhere to see what PYTHONPATH is22:48
markhalso, seeing if the scripts in shellext\tests work would be interesting.  I suspect they will22:49
disturbedsaintill rerun python tbzr.py --debug and see if I get a traceback22:51
markhI expect that to work.  I'm guessing somehow the PYTHONPATH isn't correct when python is loaded a a COM object - it seems to work when Python is loaded normally22:52
markhthose tests also use COM objects - but I expect them to work as it is Python loading the Python COM objects, so the pythonpath is likely to be correct still.22:52
disturbedsaintkind of complicated :P22:53
disturbedsaintyeah first traceback is missing win32pipe22:54
markhand that is only when trying to use the shell ext, or at registration time?22:54
markhbizare though - win32pipe isn't the first win32 module loaded.22:54
disturbedsaintafter registration when I browse a folder22:54
disturbedsaintby using notepad, open22:54
markhwhat are the last few lines in the traceback?22:55
markhhrnmph - that is insane.  The traceback must point at client.py22:56
markhahh - hg :)22:57
markhso that is very strange.  win32pipe is imported in those modules *after* pywintypes, win32api and win32event22:58
markhso its not a simple path issue22:58
disturbedsaintthere is no win32pipe.py23:01
markhbut it looks like a simple "python can't find module" error, rather than "found the module but failed to load it"23:01
markhwin32pipe.pyd is the correct file23:01
igcmorning all23:02
disturbedsaintbut there is a win32api.py and win32event.py file23:02
markhit is right next to win32event.pyd, which is imported directly before win32pipe!23:02
markhigc: good morning!23:02
disturbedsaintits middle of the night here :P23:02
igchi markh!23:02
markhdisturbedsaint: oh - you have something strange going on then :)(23:02
disturbedsaintill redownload pywin3223:03
markhI think py2exe might create stub .py files for .pyd files.  I can't imagine how they got there for you though.23:03
markhdisturbedsaint: you might need to uninstall and nuke the dirs too23:03
markhwhat dir is win32api.py in?23:03
markhigc: how are things?23:04
disturbedsaintin some shady temp-dir23:04
markhheh - nuke that :)23:04
markhyou tried to py2exe an isapi extension?23:05
igcmarkh: surgery was successful ... recovering slowly23:05
disturbedsaintnot that I know23:05
markhigc: awesome!! :)23:05
disturbedsaintcould have been part of something else though23:05
igcmarkh: more in 3 weeks time though23:05
markhigc: what is recovery prognosis?23:05
markhso one more in 3 weeks, then hopefully just recovery?23:05
igcmarkh: kind of - another 4 hr operation in 3 weeks, then recover from that, then a few months of chemo to wrap up23:07
igcmarkh: so a long journey23:07
igcmarkh: nice to be back online though!23:07
markhyeah :(  and yeah :)23:08
markhi expect its nice to know the first hit was a success23:08
markhmust be a weight from your mind23:08
igcmarkh: and how are you?23:09
markhI'm very well!23:09
markhhad about 10 days in china for my brother's wedding - was quite amazing!23:09
markhabsolutely fascinating place23:09
markhdisturbedsaint: this is one of the reasons that redoing the COM part in C++ is on the list of things to do...23:11
disturbedsaintmarkh: is it that much harder in python?23:11
disturbedsaintbtw test_iconoverlay.py is OK, test_contextmenu.py fails23:11
markhits probably just stale.23:12
markhdisturbedsaint: its much easier in python - python's more of a pain from a deployment and 'embedding in other random processes' POVs.23:13
disturbedsaintI see23:13
disturbedsaintwell I'm off to bed23:13
disturbedsaintif there's anything I can test or try I'll be here on the irc this weekend23:14
markhdisturbedsaint: sorry I couldn't get you going, but something very strange is going on with those imports - and we haven't yet got to anything tbzr related!23:14
markhI'll be on and off here too - just ping me23:14
disturbedsaintWell Ill do a clean python install to start with23:14
disturbedsaintprolly till tomorrow23:15
markhcheck there are no other dupes of 'wn32api' in your tree or on your PYTHONPATH23:15
disturbedsaintWill do!23:15
disturbedsainthave a nice day! (or night?)23:15
markhI'd try adjusting client.py and printing win32event.__file__ just before the win32pipe import23:15
markhit should print the file right next to win32pipe.pyd!23:15
markh10:15 am for me - about to make coffee no 2 :)23:16
markhgood night!23:16
disturbedsaintwill try that23:16
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chxafter bzr init I get Standalone tree (format: pack-0.92) I have bzr 1.8 installed is there something I need to do? bzr init --1.6 maybe? 0.92 seems very old.23:31
lifelesschx: thats fine23:33
lifelesschx: that just says that the default format was created in bzr 0.9223:33
lifelesschx: so you can use the repository / branch with bzr clients back to 0.9223:33
chxoh ok.23:34
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ccxCZhow do I convert relative path to file id?23:45
lifelesspoolie: do we do announcements on lp about bzr releases23:46
lifelessccxCZ: in python?23:46
ronnyis there any documentation about the metadata i can put into a bzr repo and how it worksß23:46
ccxCZlifeless: yup23:46
lifelessccxCZ: tree.path2id(relpath)23:46
poolielifeless: yes, we do23:46
lifelesshno has observed that there isn't a 1.8 announcement23:46
lifelessI haven't verified this23:46
ccxCZlifeless: I haven't noticed that, thanks23:47
pooliethat may be true23:48
ronnylifeless: what kinds of additional metadata about history is possible in bzr?23:54
lifelessronny: I'm not sure what you mean23:54
ronnylifeless: i mean extra information i can assign to revisions23:54
lifelessronny: at commit time bzr can record arbitrary key:value properties23:55
ronny(afair rich root + bzr svn do use stuff like that to keep clones able to communicate with the svn upstreams)23:55
ronnylifeless: and after commit?23:55
lifelessronny: there is no facility for editing a revision after its committed23:55
ronnylifeless: i dont want to edit, i just want to add stuff23:55
lifelessronny: that would count as editing :)23:56
lifelessronny: you could build a lookaside system on top of bzr's core I guess; what you're asking it pretty vague to me, I don't really understand your use case23:56
lifelessronny: the very very very deep level of bzr is a write-once key:value database23:56
lifelessronny: everything is built on the write-once aspect, because that makes distribution and transfer of data and integrity _much_ simpler than if we didn't have that23:57
ronnylifeless: i just want append-only metadata thats added after the actual commit23:57
Odd_Blokeronny: A text file?23:58
lifelessronny: so, we don't have a pre-canned mechanism for that today; you could write one using bzr's primitives, or even as odd_bloke says just use a text file23:59
ronnyno NOT files23:59
Odd_Blokeronny: Why not?23:59
ronnyits metadata about the history, not part of the actual history of the data im managing in the scm23:59
lifelessronny: I understand that23:59
ronnythink of it as rich tags23:59

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