cuzntmy screen resolution is effed again00:03
cuznti tried to recover mode and fix xserver but i can get 800X 600 ish max00:03
l3dok I am having a big issue with kompozer web page maker app the images i add never show up on the final page. I only see the path to the pic and no pic why is that00:10
l3dI am using abyss webserver for linux00:11
NikkeIs it just me or is the kde 4.1 panel very buggy?00:13
Nikkeicons gets ugly and sometimes the panel gets smaller just like that :o00:13
l3didk much about it but I like the older version better00:13
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shadowhywindso there is no more kubuntu-kde4 channel?00:17
cuzntswhat im askin00:17
cuzntright when my screen resolution effs too00:17
Nikkecan i disable the effect when i do alt+tab ?00:17
shadowhywindso, any way to autohide the kde4 panel?00:17
JontheEchidnanot in KDE 4.1, yes in KDE 4.200:18
=== ubuntu__ is now known as dbarth
shadowhywindJontheEchidna: any clue when kde 4.2 will be out?00:18
JontheEchidnaNikke: system settings -> Desktop effects00:18
JontheEchidnashadowhywind: january 27th or so00:18
P-HellHi, I have a little problem.  KTorrent decided to start automatically when I start my session, and I don't want that.  It's not in the Autostart folder, where do I have to look?  I'm using Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE 300:18
cuznt i tried to recover mode and fix xserver but i can get 800X 600 ish max00:18
shadowhywindalso any ideas on how to make the panel more "friendly" when it is on the side of the screen?00:18
cuzntnvidia geforce5500 card00:19
ubuntu_i'm using a kubuntu 7.10 live-cd to try and repair my grub, I reinstalled windows and it killed my grub, anyway i start up grub in the shell, then I try the find command which doesn't find /boot/grub/stage1 , then i tried checking the geometry of (hd0) it appears to be my second sata drive but all OS-es are on the other IDE drive but grub doesn't appear to see it. I tried (hd1) but no help.00:19
Robb_Mhd0 and hd1 arent the right one?00:20
NikkeJontheEchidna, cant find any desktop effects there :o00:20
JontheEchidnaNikke: Oh, I assumed you were using KDE4 where there actually are effects00:20
Robb_Mweird...ive never heard of that happening...hd0 is your primary...which..by default grub installs to it........00:20
ubuntu_Robb_M: hd0 is my sata disk and hd1-7 are nonexistant00:21
NikkeJontheEchidna, i am using kubuntu rc00:21
Robb_Mso......it installed to a non-existent drive?00:21
JontheEchidnaNikke: the first section in the Desktop Section should be desktop effects00:21
ubuntu_ubuntu exists on my ide drive00:21
NikkeJontheEchidna, hehe stupied me.. sorry00:22
ubuntu_but now grub thinks my SATA drive is the only one00:22
shadowhywindlooks like there is a kde4.2 alpha out, anychance is it in the repos?00:22
JontheEchidnashadowhywind: too busy with releasing intrepid00:22
cuznt tried to recover mode and fix xserver but i can only get 800X 600 res max  nvidia geforce5500 card00:23
shadowhywindJontheEchidna: so take it its not in there then huh? hehe00:23
JontheEchidnaand then we'll be doing 4.1.3, so 4.2 alpha is somewhat low on the priority list right now00:23
shadowhywindJontheEchidna: intrepid comes out tomorrow right?00:23
shadowhywindJontheEchidna: *nod*00:23
JontheEchidnathough if you have been keeping up with updates you have it now00:23
ubuntu_the trick to not format any drives but select the rght ones in the installer doesn't work either because it refuses to proceed without formatting the root partition Robb_M00:24
shadowhywindJontheEchidna: should probably do a quick update right now, before the servers gets hit, hehe (did an update yesterday or the day before)00:24
JontheEchidnayeah, they'll be hammered alright00:25
shadowhywindJontheEchidna: i remember with gutsy it was like a good hour or two just to do updates after the install00:25
shadowhywindi mean hardy to upgrade from gutsy00:26
psycoanyone know where I get kde4-window-decorator?00:26
ubuntu_i guess nobody knows00:27
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:27
psycowhat is the program that auto installs .deb s ?00:28
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion00:30
mot_question...my gtk apps look really bulky/ugly (huge fonts) on kde 4.100:32
NikkeIs it just me or is the panel in kde 4.1 very buggy?00:32
mot_there's usually a kde 3.5.9 package that i install that has a bunch of fonts and whatnot that seems to rectify things00:32
mot_anybody know what i'm talking about?00:32
Nikkemot_, you have to set that gtk apps will use qt look00:33
jtechidnamot_: msttcorefonts?00:33
mot_yea i just installed kde 4.1 via ubuntu 8.10rc so i didn't have the gtk-qt-engine00:33
mot_jtechidna, it may be msttcf buuuuut there's usually some random kde 3.5.x package00:33
mot_let me get the theme engine and those fonts and we'll see what happens00:34
Nikkeanyway, my panel is very buggy, the icons for xchat, kopete and such are dissparing and the panel gets all black sometimes00:34
mot_are there gonna be any kde 4.1 improvements from 8.10rc to final?00:34
snailsare there any first person shooters for linux with a world war 2 theme?00:34
snailsor is UT2004 the only game for linux?00:34
Nikkesnails, urban terror :)00:35
cuzntUsing X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf". VALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.Device section "Configured Video Device" must have a Driver line.00:35
Nikkesnails, dont know about ww200:35
aloneahow do I get compiz to load on start? I have to load the compiz fusion icon and reload window manager when I start.00:37
jay__how do I get Kubuntu 8.06 to automatically start my wireless on bootup?00:38
jay__I currently use 'wireless assistant' manually each time to start.00:39
psycoanyone know where to get kde4-window-decorator?00:39
shadowhywindpsyco from the repo's?00:43
shadowhywindany ideas on how to fix key shortcuts?00:43
psycoshadowhywind: I cant seem to find it, its part of compiz00:43
AL3X^^(maniatic) 1:43 AM | 30 Octuber. Need K8.10 now !!! xD(!) Where is it ???  (/maniatic)   jajaja00:44
cuzntmy screen resolution is too small help me please00:45
dr_williscuznt,  tell the channel the kind of video card, monitor type/connection, and if you have installed the proper video card drivers yet.00:47
psycowhat is the best way to run an /rmp00:47
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)00:47
dr_willisbest is to NOT use the rpm and find a .deb00:47
psycoso I just read XD00:48
AL3X^^just use apt-get install00:49
AL3X^^it should do what you want00:49
AL3X^^what are you trying to install ?00:49
shadowhywindglobal shortcuts don't seam to work, any ideas?00:49
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waynewardits says intrepid launch for gnome is the 30th of oct is it the same for kubuntu?00:50
AL3X^^keyboard driver prob?00:50
AL3X^^@wayneward: yes00:50
shadowhywindi thought i saw something about it being broken in intrepid00:50
jtechidnaglobal shortcuts are... very iffy at best00:51
AL3X^^@shadowhywind: global shorcuts of what app?00:51
jtechidnastuff like alt+f2, crtl+esc works but printscr doesn't work, for example00:51
waynewardi just installed the beta :-( did nt realise it would be out so soon!00:51
AL3X^^@jtechidna: just configure properly your keyboard. works fine for me =)00:52
shadowhywindAL3X^^: for everything, for desktop effects/compiz for calling scripts from keyboar shortcuts, etc00:52
dr_willisfinal is due out tomorrow. :)00:52
ardchoillewayneward: as long as you keep the system up to date, you'll have the same thing as the release00:52
AL3X^^@wayneward: there is already an RC00:52
waynewardthats brill00:52
waynewardah right so just update and i have it!00:52
waynewardthats even better!00:52
AL3X^^@wayneward: yes, just wait 48 hours and do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ;)00:53
AL3X^^@shadowhywind: try going to contol center, and change keyboard type. (play with config)00:53
waynewardim on the RC version ill do that save all the reinstall hassle00:53
ardchoillewayneward: I do that nightly anyway00:54
waynewardnot a bad idea00:54
waynewardill do that00:54
AL3X^^@ardchoille: You're doing an "dist-upgrade" every night :S ?  why not just "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" ?00:55
ardchoillewell, I have this in ~/.bash_aliases:  alias updateall='sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade00:55
cuzntnow my max screen resolution can only be 640 x 480 50 hz00:55
AL3X^^@ardchoille: Nice ^^00:56
cuzntis there anyone who can help me with that?00:56
AL3X^^@cuznt: What G. Card do you have? (ATI or NVidia) ?00:56
cuznti did00:56
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:56
ardchoille!nvidia | cuznt00:56
ubottucuznt: please see above00:56
cuznti just did that00:56
cuzntand it made it smaller00:56
AL3X^^@cuznt: Just install envy ;) and it will do it all for you.00:57
cuzntit was 800 x 60000:57
dr_willisdid you reboot? are you using dvi/vga connection?  are you using a KVM switch?00:57
ardchoillecuznt: Can I Pm you?00:57
cuzntvga conn i believe00:57
cuznti did reboot00:57
AL3X^^@cuznt: Just do it the "envy" way.00:57
cuznti tried recovery x server00:57
dr_willisdid you install/run the nvidia-settings tool with 'sudo nvidia-settings' and try setting the res?00:57
cuznti am not sure dr00:58
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk00:58
cuzntsudo nvidia-xconfig00:58
dr_willisdont mess with envy untill everything else fails00:58
cuzntis what i did00:58
dr_willisand its nvidia-settings, not nvidia-xconfig for the gui00:58
dr_willisNO X = gui tool..  :) with a X = console tool.. figure that out..00:59
AL3X^^@rd_wills: Why not? Envy is way more easy that editing conf manually.00:59
dr_willisenvy is not supported.. and never has been.. its best to avoide using it IF the normal methods work00:59
dr_willisIf it works good for you.. if it blows up your pc.. well.. too bad.00:59
AL3X^^it had worked nice for me every time I needed it.01:00
dr_willisand its envyng normally these days.. not nv.01:00
cuzntit does not let me go above 640 x 48001:00
dr_williscount yourself lucky01:00
dr_williscuznt,  are you using a KVM switch? CRT monitor? LCD monitor?01:00
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/01:01
cuzntcrt i would guess01:01
cuznta dell tv like monitor01:01
dr_willisguess? YOu cant tell?01:01
dr_willisis it a flat panel? or a big TUBE like thing?01:01
cuznti dont know what a kvm switch is01:01
cuzntnot an lcd for sure01:01
dr_willisLCD+DVI makes X a lot smarter about knowing what res's to use.01:02
cuzntso i would say crt01:02
dr_willischeck the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to see what 'Driver' you are using.. there should be a  line like ------>  " Driver 'nvidia' " in it.01:02
dr_willisgrep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:03
dr_willis     --> should show at least one line with 'nvidia' in it.. not 'nv'01:03
cuznt    Driver         "kbd" Driver         "mouse Driver         "nvidia"01:04
dr_willisSo it does seem to be using the nvidia driver.. thats good. Its very likely you just need to tell it the modes to use.01:04
dr_williswhat release of ubuntu are you using anyway?01:04
cuzntplus kde 4.101:04
dr_willisWell given that a new releae is out tomorrow.. 'latest' is vague01:04
* cuznt is vauge01:05
dr_willislsb_release  -a01:05
dr_willisshows the exact info01:05
waynewardjust nothiced the debian version is lenny/sid  would have thought it would had been the ubuntu version?!01:05
dr_williscuznt,  you should proberly backup your xorg.conf just in case with ------>     sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old_working_copy01:07
dr_willisthen you can try tweaking the xorg.conf manually01:07
dr_willisYou may want to pastebin your current xorg.conf also so others can look at it..01:07
dr_willissudo apt-get install pastebinig01:07
dr_willissudo apt-get install pastebinit01:07
dr_willispastebinit  /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:07
cuzntE: Couldn't find package pastebinig01:07
dr_willispastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:08
dr_willisThats My working xorg.conf  for my nvidia system. :) for an example.01:08
cuznt^[[B^[[B^[[B^[[B^[[B^[[BThe following NEW packages will be installed:01:08
cuznt  pastebinit01:08
=== LjL changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Get Hardy Kubuntu (KDE3) CDs https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | RC is out, Help us test 8.10! http://www.kubuntu.org/news/8.10-rc | 8.10 Support in #ubuntu+1 - Party in #ubuntu-release-party
cuzntnow i got that01:09
cuznt!screen resolution01:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:15
cuznti do though01:15
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!01:15
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waynewardhow do you configure pastebininit ive ent a test but nothing happens01:17
dwidmann!resolution | cuznt01:17
ubottucuznt: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:17
dwidmannHmm, I've never used pastebininit before ... but this script works very well - http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/1172901:19
dr_willispastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:19
dr_willisworks for me. :)01:20
dr_willissomecommand | pastebinit01:20
dr_willisworks also01:20
cuzntthats mine01:20
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waynewardit doent give me a url? and i cant see my post  on pastebin01:23
dr_willisit should give a url.01:23
kabotageummm whats this? > bash: 0-ito-ang-kde4: command not found01:24
waynewardah it does on the 64bit box just doesnt on the x86 on the asus 701?!01:24
cuzntand what do i do with it now?01:24
cuznthow can i use it to fix my screen resolution01:25
cuzntcause 640 x 480 kind of more than sux01:25
dr_willisYou proberly need to put in a proper 'modes' line - so the system knows what monitor modes you can support01:25
waynewardworks on my main machine so that will do it give me the url on this laptop it just give me the patebim.com url01:25
dr_willissee example of such lines at   http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Linux/Administration/Q_22691344.html  cuznt01:25
dr_willisunder the 'Depth 24' line in your xorg.conf you proverly want a line similer to...01:26
dr_willisModes           "1280x1024"      "1024x768"      "800x600"      "720x400"      "640x480"01:26
cuzntno idea what you are splainin01:27
dr_willisYou need to add a new line to your xorg.conf01:27
dr_willishere is a correxcted xorg.conf01:28
dr_willisgrab the   http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=m4f1fa647   and replace your xorg.conf with that one.. and try restarting X01:28
legodudehi everyone, quick question, if I am running 8.10 beta, will simply running upgrade in adept get me to 8.10 RC?01:29
jtechidnalegodude: at this point you'd pretty much get final if you upgraded through adept01:29
waynewardlike we said b401:30
waynewardsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:30
legodudeis there a general "quick guide to 8.10" somewhere?01:32
legodudeI'm pretty familiar with linux generally01:32
legodudebut not at all with KDE 401:32
dr_williskde4 is a work in progress... explore it. :)01:32
legodudeand not with the ubuntu "way"01:32
cuznti can not edit it as root01:32
ubottuA desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training01:32
dr_williscuznt,  sudo nano /path/to/file01:32
waynewardjust install it in a virtualbox if you dont want to take the plunge!!01:32
jtechidnaor just use the livecd? :P01:33
legodudeno, it's not that01:33
legodudeI just feel that there are probably a lot of neat features that I am missing01:33
waynewarderm i thought that01:33
cuzntok then what01:34
legodudeI've been using it and submitting bug reports and whatnot01:34
waynewardive gained blogging from kontact to my wordpress blog - mosiac display - desktop effects - folder encryption01:34
waynewardloads of ace new features01:34
waynewardthast just a few!01:34
legodudestuff like that01:34
legodudeI don't know that it exists01:34
legodudeor where to find out about it01:34
waynewarddesktop wigdtes with mac desktop widget support01:35
waynewardon my asus 701 laptop i gained sleep to disk power scaling cpu support!!01:35
waynewardive gained so much!! im happy!!01:36
waynewardmy game performance has accelerated as well which i dodnt expect!01:36
ardchoillewayneward: If you want to gain more, look into writing your own bash scripts and kommander scripts. These two things can be of great help01:36
cuznthow do i edit ect/x11/xorg.conf as root01:37
dr_williscuznt,  sudo nano /path/to/file01:37
waynewardyes im going to start looking into this after i get xmas out of the way01:37
dr_williscuznt,  and CASE IS IMPORTANT01:37
cuzntwhat does that do?01:37
waynewardi was looking at kommander today01:37
dr_williscuznt,  it edits xorg.conf as root.. just like you asked...01:37
dr_willisand its  /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:37
cuzntit brings me to a blank screen01:38
dr_willishow what? It runs the editor as root..01:38
dr_willisUSE the proper path/name..01:38
dr_willisx11 is not X1101:38
dr_willissudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:38
cuzntnand that brings me to a new file01:39
cuzntpaste and exit?01:39
dr_willisyou should have an existing xorg.conf file in   /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:40
dr_willisedit it similer to the example xorg.conf i gave the url for earlier.. OR just download that xorg.conf i gave earlier and copy it to /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:40
cuzntbut when i sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf where is it then>01:40
cuzntits not in the terminal01:40
cuzntlets go back01:41
dr_willisthen you got somthing very weird going on..01:41
cuznti am on sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:41
cuznt^G Get Help  ^O WriteOut  ^R Read File ^Y Prev Page ^K Cut Text  ^C Cur Pos01:41
cuznt^X Exit      ^J Justify   ^W Where Is  ^V Next Page ^U UnCut Text^T To Spell01:41
cuzntthat shows on the screen bottom on my terminal01:41
dr_willisif you are getting a blank file with that command then either you did a typo.. or some how moved the xorg.conf/removed it01:41
dr_willisdownload the one i pasted and just copy it to  /etc/X11/xorg.conf is the easy way01:42
dr_willisall i did was add 1 line.. and commented out another.. (and added a comment)01:42
cuznthttp://pastebin.com/f7be2b3df is mine01:42
cuznti am trying to paste it in the file01:43
cuznt\but i can not write it with out being root01:43
dr_willisthats what 'sudo nano' does01:43
dr_willisor use  some other editor..01:43
cuzntThe document could not be saved, as it was not possible to write to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.01:43
cuzntwhat does it do?01:44
ardchoilleit's X11 not x1101:44
dr_willisor use the download link at the that URL i gave and just copy.xave it01:44
cuzntdoes the file come up in the terminal01:44
dr_willistry 'cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf' see if that shows the xorg.conf file01:44
cuznt http://pastebin.com/f7be2b3df is mine01:45
cuzntthat IS my file01:45
cuznti can pull it up01:45
cuznti can read it01:45
cuznti cant do anything to it01:45
dr_willishttp://pastebin.com/m4f1fa647   is Mine..01:45
cuzntdo i sudo nano in a terminal?01:45
dr_willisthat i edited for you.01:45
cuznti got your mans01:45
dr_willisYes you do sudo nano in a terminal01:45
cuznti got yours01:45
cuzntwhen i do it in a terminal i got no file to edit01:46
dr_willisuse the download link at the top.. save it to a file  called xorg.conf.from.irc01:46
tbr281what app can i use to make video cd's from .bin files besides k3b?01:46
dr_willisyou are doing a typo in the path/filename  i imagine then cuznt01:46
dr_willissave mine to  xorg.conf.from.irc , then 'sudo cp  xorg.conf.from.irc   /etc/X11/xorg.conf'01:46
dr_willisthen restart X.01:47
ardchoillecuznt: are you doing an uppercase "X"?01:47
dr_willisI gotta go to work.. good luck.01:47
cuznti cut and pasted your command01:47
dr_willisoh yea.. learn about the TAB key.. :) for name completion also01:48
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:48
cuznti cut and pasted your commad into a terminal01:48
xp-killerhow do i install compiz?and use it? i tink i went in adept and type compiz i see it install already so im confuse01:59
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion02:01
tbr281what can i use to burn video cd's from bin files?02:01
tbr281beside k3b02:01
kabotagewhich command to use on checking out kde version on terminal?02:02
cuzntoh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan02:05
cuznti am just as bad or worse off than before02:05
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:06
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draikWhen I run an app, it seems to be using 100% of CPU. It is a 3.2GHz Intel P4. Anyone know why it would do this? (Opera and kTorrent for now)02:13
draikHTOP confirmed the 100% CPU usage02:13
draikOpera was just "frozen" and using 100% of my CPU.02:16
ardchoilledraik: is that usual for your opera or is it hanging on a certain page?02:17
draikIt happens from time to time on various pages02:18
draikI cannot pinpoint it02:18
ardchoilleplugin problem perhaps?02:18
ardchoilledraik: Have you posted the problem to http://ubuntuforums.org ? Maybe others have found a fix02:18
draikardchoille: No plugins.02:19
ardchoillegood man ;)02:19
draikThe other thing is that I wonder if maybe this is the cause why I cannot use Firefox 3. I just decided to use HTOP to check on it and there it was... 100%02:19
xp-killerardchoille: how do i enable compiz to use it?in adept it look like it allready install02:19
draikThe thing is that I only have 1 CPU, yet it shows me as having 2.02:20
ardchoillexp-killer: I don't use compiz02:20
ardchoille!compiz | xp-killer02:20
ubottuxp-killer: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion02:20
legodudewhat is the command to search for a file across all packages?02:21
ardchoilleapt-cache search02:21
ardchoilleor, if you're looking for a name; apt-cache search --names-only02:21
geniilegodude: You mean a file contained within a package, or the packagenames themselves?02:21
legodudeboth really02:21
legodudewill apt-cache do all packages, or installed only?02:21
ardchoillebut if you're looking for a file in a package that isn't installed, you might want to install and use apt-feil02:22
ardchoillelegodude: do you use ~/.bash_aliases ?02:23
legodudeis there anyway to change alt-tab behavior so that shift is not needed to reverse direction02:23
legodudeardchoille: nope02:23
ardchoillelegodude:  alias namesearch='apt-cache search --names-only'02:24
ardchoillethen just use namesearch package-name-here02:24
legodudeI usually stick them in my .profile02:24
ardchoillethat works02:25
legodudeI think though I had a better way of doing this a while ago02:25
legodudeI thought I downloaded some program02:25
legodudeI don't remember having to update apt-file before02:26
ardchoillelegodude: http://ardchoille.nfshost.com/Linux/PkgMgr02:27
draikardchoille: Would you know why HTOP shows me as having 2 CPUs when I, in fact, only have 1 CPU.02:36
legodudeare you sure about that?02:36
legodudewhat cpu do you have?02:36
geniiPossibly hyperthreading CPU02:36
legodudedo a cat /proc/cpuinfo02:37
NikkeSomeone who can tell me why xchat icon isn transparant in kde but in gnome? :)02:37
ardchoilledraik: I'm afraid I'm not that knowledgable about htop02:38
geniiNikke: Because it's a GTK application02:38
ardchoilleyeah, GTK02:38
draikardchoille: Not a problem. Thank you.02:38
Nikkegenii, ok i quess i have to make a own transparant icon then?02:38
geniiNikke: Probably :)02:39
Nikkegenii, hehe okey02:39
ardchoilleNikke: Never turn down a chance to play in gimp :)02:39
Nikkeardchoille, sorry for make you sad now but im probably gonna do it in photoshop on my school laptop :)02:40
Nikkeanyway, my second question.. is it just me or is the panel in new kubuntu kde 4.1 panel very unstable?02:40
Nikkethe tray icons changes background and sometimes the whole panel just dies02:41
waynewardive noticed graphic corruption on the panel and the kick off menu is to big for my asus 701 :-(02:41
legodudeis there any way to remove the transparency from the panel?02:43
waynewardwell it was small on 8.4 when i upgreded to 8.4.1 the kick of menu went to big and i lost my log on notification02:43
waynewardwell i get a notification but its all broke up?02:43
waynewardthe sound02:43
waynewardive only just started testing so not posted because its release 2morro02:44
waynewardill test after upgrade and post all my bugs in one go02:44
mot_does kde 4.1 in 8.10rc run/render/draw "slow" for anyone?02:49
mot_my apps, my windows, minimizing/maximizing just seems to draw pretty slowly. i'm on a brand new laptop with a 512mb nvidia 9600m gt02:50
waynewardim thinking of upgrading my asus to 1gig of ram to run kde 402:52
waynewardits a bit slugigsh02:52
waynewardsluggish sorry02:52
geniiwayneward: Can't hurt02:52
waynewardyes i think it will be great then!02:52
waynewardhave you tried disabling desktop effects02:53
waynewardi have a nvidia 256meg 6600 and its fine with the latest nvidia driver smooth as a baby02:53
geniiwayneward: cpu is 6600 or video?02:54
Nikkei disabled desktop effects and now it runs great02:54
waynewardmy nvidia is 6600 and the chip is a amd 3000+02:54
waynewardare you using the nv driver or nvidia driver?02:55
mot_Nikke, how do you disable desktop effects then?02:58
waynewardim having this strange problem in kde4 after a while my machine starts slowing and i can see disk activity its like a loop i sometimes have ctrl alt del to kill the X server anyone else have this problem..03:10
waynewardcould do with a fix for it!!03:10
bobbo85I have two dvds here from blockbuster, and neither of them will play in VLC or Mplayer03:11
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:11
geniiwayneward: Likely your swap partition is being used a lot due to lack of ram03:11
* DaSkreech hands scary coffee to genii03:11
waynewardshould i turn of swap or just add more ram03:12
geniiDaSkreech: Yay, coffee!03:12
geniiwayneward: Turning off swap will likely worsen it03:12
DaSkreechwayneward: add more ram add more swap03:12
bobbo85I have the restricted extras package, and watched a dvd successfully before... just wierd that two separate DVDs wont play now, and even dolphin recognizes their titles and files03:12
geniiwayneward: So that leaves more ram, then enlarge the swap partition as well03:12
waynewardill just add a gig of ram im not meant to have swap on the asus as its solid state disk03:13
geniiAh. Yes, good plan in that regard then.03:14
waynewardi think a gig will be enough03:14
bobbo85Is there a difference between ubuntu extras and kubuntu extras?03:14
waynewardits been fine with 512 ram till i upgraded !03:15
waynewardfirefox chews loads of ram!   and konqueror just keeps crashin so im in a pickle!!  ha ha03:15
draikHow do I install from source? The instructions say "just type make". I did and I get errors. I'm trying to install PS3. Here is the link to the site/download:   http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Monitoring/ps3-6090.shtml03:15
jack__Are there any themes available for KDE out of the box, like Blubuntu for Ubuntu?03:16
dwidmannwayneward: opera?03:16
draikwayneward: I'm "forced" to use opera03:16
waynewardyes i may try that now03:16
waynewardcan i get that through apt?  why are you forced to use opera03:16
draikwayneward: It takes up to 2-3 minutes to load and then it's about 5 seconds of usage before it freezes for about 1-2 minutes... rinse and repeat.03:16
dwidmannwayneward: no, you get it from their website03:16
waynewardah ill take a look many thanks i tried renicing firefox which works03:17
waynewardi may create a launcher that just renices it03:17
ubottuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html03:18
geniiwayneward: If it's firefox, might be pages with flash content. I have this issue occasionally03:18
waynewardah yes thats a good point03:18
DaSkreechjack__: Huh?03:19
waynewardill remove the plugin from konquorer and test again03:19
draikI wish it was that easy for my Firefox issue. Google.com doesn't have anything major that would cause issues. I click on the address bar and then I can get a letter or two for the site address before it freezes on me.03:19
jack__DaSkreech: I'm using the default Crystal/QtCurve theme right now. What kind of themes would I download to replace Crystal/QtCurve.03:20
DaSkreechjack__: KDE3 ?03:20
draikHow do I install from source? The instructions say "just type make". http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Monitoring/ps3-6090.shtml03:20
jack__Installed just yesterday.03:20
geniidraik: The url entry bar of firefox, or the text entry field of google ?03:20
bobbo85What's this?  libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable.03:20
draikgenii: address bar03:20
waynewardgo to medibuntu03:21
waynewardadd the repos and install libdvdcss203:21
waynewardto fix03:21
draik!medibuntu | bobbo8503:21
ubottubobbo85: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:21
geniidraik: This hapens when you have like 10,000 urls you have typed in previously. It wants to try dynamically listing the matches letter by letter as you type them in03:21
DaSkreechjack__: kde-look.org03:21
jack__Yeah I'm there. But which section? Themes/Styles -> KDE 3.2 - 3.503:22
waynewardokee sleep time good bye my friends03:22
DaSkreechjack__: sounds good03:22
geniidraik: I occasionally use the Tools...Clear Private Data feature to clear it all out03:22
draikgenii: It's a new install. No addresses coming up. It's all cleared at the end of FF sessions. Trying "bash.org" or even "youtube.com" would let me put 2 letters in before the freeze.03:23
jack__Like, I like the QtCurve theme on the second page.03:23
jack__I'm downloading the .tar.bz2 right now.03:23
draikI was viewing HTOP and it drops CPU to 0.0%03:23
jack__Now is it easy to install themes like Ubuntu where I can drag them?03:23
jack__Or is there a different way?03:23
geniidraik: Hmm. I haven't seen that behaviour before03:23
DaSkreechjack__: It's harder than Ubuntu unfortunately03:24
jack__Boo. I'm reading the "README" in the archive.03:24
jack__The directions kind of...suck.03:24
draikgenii: Seems that nobody else has either. I've reported the bug and nothing.03:24
bobbo85thanks draik, which medibuntu repository should i add if i'm using kubuntu kde4?03:25
l3d  whats better then kompozer03:25
draikbobbo85: I don't think it matters. Honestly, I'd go with what seems compatible for your setup (32- or 64-bit system)03:26
geniidraik: Do you have some extension like URL Entry Helper    ?03:26
draikgenii: Nope. No extensions03:26
draikHow do I install OpenGL and SDL 1.2.5 or newer?03:27
draikSeems that I may be missing these03:27
bobbo85how do i find out what version of kubuntu i'm using?  like 8.10 ibex etc03:27
draikbobbo85: "lsb_release -a"03:27
=== snails is now known as theUnBanned
DaskreecHpyro_17: hello03:29
DaskreecHyou were asking about Typing programs?03:29
DaskreecHtry TuxType03:31
draikI think my real question is, How do I know if I've got OpenGL and SDL 1.2.5 or newer?03:31
* Danu is back.03:33
bobbo85thanks again draik03:34
draikbobbo85: Not a problem.03:34
genii/j #ubuntu-release-party03:35
geniibah too many /03:35
geniidraik: Bit nuts in there03:35
* draik knows where genii is going to be right now...03:35
NikkeHey someone with kde 4.1 and 22" who can print the font settings for me? i tried to set to to default but the font is.. hmmf very ugly :P03:38
Nikkei restarted x but nothing happens03:38
Nikkemy fonts in kubuntu are messed up, i tried to use the default button and restarted x. Bu the font is still messy :(03:59
geniiNikke: Did you ask in #kubuntu-kde4    yet?04:00
=== santiago-pgsql is now known as Guest74015
Nikkegenii, nope but i will now04:00
Nikke* #kubuntu-kde4 #kubuntu :Forwarding to another channel04:02
=== Guest74015 is now known as santiago-ve
ardchoilleyeah, it's close enough to the release04:03
ardchoillewe were told they'd merge soon04:03
geniiardchoille: Some warning woulda been nice .....04:03
geniiNikke: Apologies, did not know they merged already04:03
Nikkegenii, =)04:03
Nikkeis it stable version of kde in 8.10?04:04
ardchoilledepends on who you ask :)04:04
Nikkeit feels very unstable for me :P04:04
Nikkei had to disable all effects, but thats because my gfx card sucks04:04
Nikkebut it feels very unstable.. plasma crashes from time to time04:05
Nikkeit has crasched several times just in a couple of hours04:06
powertool08anyone know if mpd can play locally and stream at the same time?04:09
bibsthaNikke: which gfx cad?04:09
nekostarso what kubuntu is now officially kde4?04:10
bibsthanekostar: yeah04:10
bibstha:-) thats a good thing i guess, its really nice04:11
nekostarhow's k4intrepid04:11
nekostari ask because i'm tired of gnome's depreciations04:11
nekostarits fine if you wanna make the interface simple04:11
nekostaras long as you dont depreciate my ability to do what i would like.04:11
Nikkebibstha, 31578304:12
NikkeXFX GeForce 6200A 256MB :P04:12
Nikkeoups sorry04:12
Nikkepowertool08, shouldnt be any problem i think04:13
nickwinli luv it.. Does anyone know how it is that screen resolutions aren't being saved on-the-fly under x86, e.g. you have to go to System Settings -> C.A. -> Display to revert the prior saved res?04:13
nickwinli'm launchpadding it, now04:14
geniiSome of the launchpad and forums may be down due to server overload as people keep trying to get Intrepid04:16
nickwinlL.P. search is working, now04:18
Nikkebibstha, why do you ask?04:18
bibsthaNikke: coz u said it isn't stable04:19
Nikkebibstha, ah okey ;)04:19
bibsthaNikke: probably sth wrong with drivers,04:19
bibsthawrong with nvidia drivers04:20
bibsthado you guys have release party? at ur place?04:20
Nikkewitch drivers should i use04:20
Nikkehmm we had it when 8.04 came04:20
bibsthasame here, its al festival season and everyone's bg so no release party imo04:21
powertool08Nikke: do you know how to do it? When I set up streaming I lost the local audio04:21
Nikkepowertool08, im afraid not04:22
nickwinldoes anyone know of a modern GUI or CLI equivalent to displayconfig? Might answer Nikke's question at the same time, too.04:22
=== peter_ is now known as negercer
negerceranyone know, when is the realease of kubuntu 8.10?04:26
Nikkenegercer, soon04:26
Nikkewe hope :)04:26
negercerwhere can find advances documentation about Latex?04:30
genii!info kxgenerator | nickwinl04:31
ubottunickwinl: kxgenerator (source: kxgenerator): KDE X Server configuration utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.7+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 167 kB, installed size 656 kB04:31
* genii sips his coffee04:31
mot_when is 8.10 final hitting the repos?04:39
bibsthamot_: #ubuntu-release-party04:39
mot_i just bought a brand new laptop and decided i didn't like kde 4.1.2 (laggy, draws too slow - even with proprietary drivers)04:40
mot_however, i need 2.6.26+ (8.04 stops at 2.6.24) for wifi support =\04:40
mot_is it just me, or does kde 4.1.2 crash a lot, not retain settings, and render/draw windows slowly?04:40
mot_i'm on a brand new laptop (512mb nvidia 9600m gt)04:41
bibsthamot_: its fine in mine,04:41
Techlarihello, I'm kinda new to ubuntu, on live cd now, tried to install on hard drives but I get Err5, I checked if the cd was error free and it was, tried on both harddrives, it stops loading at 24%.04:41
bibsthamot_: poblems with nvidia gfx cards04:41
mot_bibstha, i'm using the proprietary 177 drivers from jockey-kde04:42
mot_things actually render better04:42
mot_before i install those drivers, but the colors are a tiny bit off if i don't04:42
mot_are there other nvidia drivers i can install besides the proprietary ones?04:43
ironmanhi how can i get permission to open a device?? have problems with a printer that genrates an error mss04:44
Techlariso anyone know what's wrong if one get Err5 when trying to install Ubuntu?04:45
ironmanunable to open device "hal:////........." permission denied04:45
ironmanno this problem is when try to print04:45
TechlariI'm not an admin or helper04:46
ironmanthis mssg is generated by the spooler04:46
ironmanah ok no problem04:46
ironmanis anybody alive here but Techlari?04:47
Techlarithere was 2 a min ago lol04:47
ironmanlol bad luck04:48
geniiironman: http://www.plasticboy.de/2008/06/01/unable-to-open-device-halorgfreedesktophaldevicesusb_device_-permission-denied/04:48
geniiI'm alive. Somewhat.04:48
Techlarigood luck :)04:48
Techlarican you help me as well maybe?04:48
bibsthadoes ibex have a graphical adsl/dsl connection manager?04:48
ironmantks geni04:49
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
mot_once i install envyng-core what command starts it?04:49
geniiironman: You're welcome04:49
bibsthamot_: dpkg -L envyng-core | grep bin04:50
mot_ahh i did -l not -L04:50
Techlariit's the first time I'm trying to install Ubuntu and I don't get it to work04:50
bibsthaTechlari: it should work on itself04:50
Techlariwell I get an error04:51
bibsthawhat kind of?04:51
Techlariand install stop at 24%, the error say it's a harddisk, or cd/dvd problem or cd is corrupt04:51
TechlariI did the cd error check and it was fine04:51
Techlaribut 1 of the harddisks have windows on it maybe, the other harddisk was supposed to be unformatted04:52
geniimot_: See paragraph beginning " 4)" here http://albertomilone.com/envyngfaq.html#A04:52
TechlariI tried installing on both harddisks but it was same problem on both attempts04:52
bibsthaTechlari: hardy or intrepid?04:52
Techlariwhat's those? hehe04:53
bibsthai mean which version of ubuntu?04:53
bibstha8.04 or 8.10?04:53
Techlariwhere can I check it? I forgot and the cd is unlabeled04:54
=== root is now known as HUYDQ
HUYDQhelp me!04:55
HUYDQi upgrade to Kubuntu 8.1004:55
TechlariI found version 2.22.2 Gnome Desktop *but not version of Ubuntu*04:55
HUYDQbut successful04:55
HUYDQnot successful04:56
HUYDQCan you help me to do a command04:56
HUYDQhave you live cd 8.1004:57
geniiHUYDQ: The servers are currently overloaded. Try again later.04:57
TechlariWhere can I find what Ubuntu version the Live CD is from the CD desktop thingy? Sorry HUYDQ, I don't know04:57
geniiTechlari: look in /etc/apt/sources.list04:57
Techlariif I find my way lol04:58
bibsthalsb_release -a04:58
HUYDQIt is RC04:58
HUYDQFor server , not desktop04:58
geniiTechlari: Alternately:   lsb_release -v04:58
TechlariI'm using the CD right now with Ubuntu on it04:58
bibsthabrb guys04:58
geniiTechlari:  lsb_release -r                    rather :)04:58
TechlariI don't know how to do commands etc very well, where_04:58
geniiTechlari: Do them in Terminal or Konsole04:59
geniiubuntu->Terminal     kubuntu->konsole04:59
TechlariApplications & Places & System?05:00
TechlariI don't think it's kubuntu anyway05:01
Techlarido I need to Add the Terminal program?05:02
Techlariah found the terminal05:02
geniiTechlari: You have regular Ubuntu then and not Kubuntu. But either way the command:     lsb_release -r            should tell you what distribution05:03
Techlaritrying to run the terminal but the Update (package) manager starts running and the terminal shut down05:04
Techlariit's like running on limited space and if not having enough space it cancels the new process05:04
geniiTechlari: Let the other thing finish or error out then05:05
Techlariit doesn't want to start, it loads for a bit and close down05:07
Techlarimaybe my hardware is too poor on this computer, not sure what speed the processor are, but I have 1GB ram put in05:07
geniiTechlari: When you hit alt-tab does it cycle through the apps?05:08
TechlariI just have Pidgin and this conversation window running05:09
geniiTechlari: OK. Another way. ctrl-alt-f1              then do the command:  lsb_release -r                   then, IMPORTANTLY:     alt-f7 to get back to desktop05:11
geniiTechlari: Or cycle thru consoles with ctrl-alt-f1 ctrl-alt-f2    etc til you hit the gui one05:12
TechlariI got terminal popping up for a second but it died again05:12
Techlariok I\ll try the other way05:12
genii(may not be on livecd that many consoles)05:12
=== ubuntu_ is now known as rgreening-dvd
Techlari8.04 Ubuntu05:14
geniiSo Hardy05:15
TechlariI was told to run the burn of the CD on slow which I did (can't remember exact speed right now though)05:15
geniiTechlari: You said the cd passes the self-check?05:16
geniiTechlari: You have less than 256Mb of ram currently?05:16
Techlari1GB in memory sticks05:16
Techlari512 x205:17
geniiTechlari: OK.05:17
* genii thinks05:17
geniiTechlari: Is it a Mitsumi cd drive?05:17
TechlariI tried the guided install with using whole harddisk space05:17
Techlarihm no compact disc05:17
geniiYes, thats usually the best safe option (entire disk, guided)05:18
geniiTechlari: I assume the disk is largr than 3Gb ?05:18
Techlari1 is 61Gb and other is 80Gb+05:19
Techlarigraphics card might be troubling though05:19
Techlaribut not sure it should effect the install05:19
Techlariand so far I haven't noticed gfx problems (mainly cause I haven't been running any programs with 3D)05:20
Techlariit's 2 Maxtor harddrives05:21
geniiTechlari: You could try during cd boot, at the menu it gives: f5   then before the "---" put a kernel option like       vga05:24
Techlariok just write there?05:25
Techlariok I'll try it, be back in a while I presume05:25
geniiTechlari: Yes, then hit Enter to use that as an additional option to use during boot05:25
geniiI'll be here :)05:25
TechlariThanks mate05:26
live_CD_userdoes anybody know, should and md5sum of a mounted image of a hard drive be the same as the md5sum of the original hard drive (image was made with dd)? or is there a better way to ensure the image matches the original?05:27
corigo1. Is there a website for the kdesktop project? 2. Does anyone have a blog or link to a good quick start with KDesktop 4?05:30
ardchoillecorigo: I would think  http://www.kde.org/  would be good seeing as kde4 is the default now05:31
rgreeningwww.kubuntu.org as well... if you are interested in the kubuntu-desktop under (K)Ubuntu05:32
rgreeningnm.. my brain is fried. forgot what chan I was on05:33
* rgreening need ssleep so bad05:33
geniilive_CD_user: You could do a small test. make a small swap partition. dd it. Then compare the md5sums05:36
geniilive_CD_user: You can also loopmount the dd image, then rsync the drive contents to it05:38
Techlarigenkii: ok I didn't find 'kernel' anywhere, did you mean High Contrast, Magnifier, Screen Reader, Braille Terminal, Keyboard Modifiers, On-Screen Keyboard ?05:39
live_CD_usergenii: great idea on the small image test, thanks.05:40
geniiTechlari: No. There is a way to edit the kernel load line, but it's been so long now. Not f5 apparently :)05:40
Techlarimaybe from the Braille Terminal_05:41
theUnBannedwould someone be so kind and ask in #remote-exploit why im banned ?05:43
geniitheUnBanned: You've already been told in #ubuntu of the steps to take. Stop persisting in this subject.05:44
theUnBannedgenii: i wasnt told shit in #ubuntu05:45
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:45
theUnBannedgenii: can't you just poke your head in #remote-exploit for me ?05:45
theUnBannedwell then fuck you nigger.05:46
theUnBanned(fuck'n nigger)05:46
genii /msg chanserv op #kubuntu genii05:46
ubottuuse @login05:47
ubottuThe operation succeeded.05:47
genii /msg chanserv op #kubuntu genii05:47
Techlari(05:48:26 AM) Ryan: Thats your issues, windows won't let it load the linux master boot05:48
geniiRiddell: Thanks05:48
Techlariok so any ideas on how I go around that?05:49
=== Cueball_ is now known as Cueball
geniiTechlari: Try f605:53
geniiTechlari: Wait, what was that from Ryan?05:53
Nikkeis there a qt version of firefox?05:53
Techlarihow is the kernel supposed to look like? oh he wasn't informed of the 24% loaded on the install, sec05:53
Techlari(05:53:52 AM) Ryan: Hehe, let me think on it for a sec. And see if I can recreate the issue on my lappy (Running Ubuntu 8.04)05:54
Techlarigenkii: he wasn't informed of the percentage already loaded on the installation05:55
l3ddudeso hows every one doing?05:56
Techlarihorriffic otherwise fine lol05:56
l3ddudeconsidering the month thats a good thing right05:57
Techlaribeen a rather horrific month overall05:57
Techlaribut I shouldn't complain, have been fortunate to not have to experience any natural disasters05:58
l3ddudesame here05:58
TechlariI'm trying to install Ubuntu 8,04 on my computer05:58
Techlaribut it stops at 24 percent saying Err505:59
l3ddudenot sure what that means06:00
Techlaricd, cdreader, harddrive problem06:00
l3ddudedoes it say anything else06:00
Techlaribut cd is fine, and cdreader should be fine06:00
Techlarino not really06:00
geniiTechlari: Research indicates error 5 means can't write to disk. Some bug report on launchpad regarding this suggests to turn off BIOS virus checking06:01
Techlarisomething with the harddrives I guess06:01
geniiTechlari: "can't write to disk" could also mean there is a bad sector or such06:01
l3ddudewell I guess I shall hit the bed kinda slow in here right now06:15
Techlarinight night06:15
geniil3ddude: Sleep well06:15
ardchoillewhat time is Intrepid stable actually going to be released for download?06:16
l3ddudenight all06:16
geniiardchoille: I don't think anyone actually knows06:16
TechlariI'll just burn another CD but a DVD instead, Ryan said that a DVD disc solved many ppls problems06:16
Nikkeardchoille, rc is stable :)06:17
Nikkei dont think they are gonna do some major updates before they releases the final06:17
ardchoilleNikke: good point06:17
ardchoillewould take a lot of work for a full spin06:17
ardchoilleI was just wanting to try the livecd06:18
Nikkeardchoille, =)06:18
geniihttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-8.10       shows 3 hours ago was supposed to have been06:18
Techlarilogging now, bye06:18
ardchoillegenii: thanks06:18
geniiardchoille: You're welcome06:19
Techlarioh and thanks for the help anyways :)06:19
Techlaribye bye06:19
ardchoillegenii: well I don't see any way to download 8.10. The download link at kubuntu.org allows downloading 8.0406:19
geniiSorry, had not refreshed the page :) 6 hours now06:19
ardchoilleI'll have to wait, the rc is the only thing available06:21
Nikkeardchoille, as i said rc is stable06:23
ardchoillegotta love wget -c06:24
ardchoille29 hours :(06:24
* genii blinks06:24
ardchoilleit's settling down..06:25
* ardchoille tries a diff server06:25
ardchoilleah, this is ore like it06:26
ardchoille160.39K/s   ETA  1:02:3606:27
geniiYes, that's livable :)06:28
ardchoillewhoa, just learned I could have a console as a tab in konversation06:29
niklauzrelease day, no?06:29
pan_in update-manager i have a lot of kde updates how do i get rid of it?06:29
geniiniklauz: In some time zones :)06:29
ardchoillepan_: you install the updates06:29
pan_its like a long list06:29
ardchoillepan_: you're going to install them eventually, right?06:30
pan_i dont even use kubuntu06:30
geniipan_: If you don't ue kubuntu why are you here?06:30
ardchoillethe package manager only updates the things you have installed, so evidentally you have some kde packages installed06:30
pan_i haven't given it a chance i have it cause i installed ubuntu ultimate 1.906:31
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate06:31
niklauzgenii: :)06:31
pan_kubuntu is loaded in sessions when i start up in gdm startup right?06:32
pan_or am i wrong?06:32
pan_i type in konquerer and it loads like a nautilus06:32
ardchoillepan konqueror also serves as a file manager in kde06:34
geniipan_: Any QT based application you use requires kde libraries behind it to load06:34
sba61hi, how do I search for stuff in the new adept? the search field doesn't seem to work06:34
delianare there any speed hinderances with kde4?06:35
=== rex_ is now known as Oidis
sba61delian: no, I didn't notice any speed issues. still quite some rough edges though (imho)06:35
b0nnIve just dist-upgraded, and lost X06:36
deliansba61: i'm using gnome; so it's just kubuntu-kde4-desktop, yes?06:36
ardchoillekubuntu-kde4-desktop , yes06:37
sba61delian: yep06:37
ardchoilleThat's what's in my hardy repos06:37
delianheh, and that's it?06:37
sba61might be kubuntu-desktop with ibex now :/06:37
bulbeccan somebody help me? i made a backup of my computer and i had to use it, i got KERNEL PANIC and now i cant reinstall the Kubuntu, it writes "Buffer I/O error no device sda, logical block 0. PLZ SOMEBODY HELP ME06:37
delianhmm. i'm on intrepid, i don't have the kubuntu-members-kde4/ repository, but the regular ones with backports/universe.06:38
ardchoilledelian: It's a meta-package.. it pulls in all the needed components of kde4. You'll see when you go to install it06:38
geniibulbec: That sounds suspiciously like failed hard drive.06:40
b0nnanyone have an idea how I can get X up and running on my laptop?06:40
b0nnI've tried dpkg-reconfigure xorg06:40
b0nnbut startx says "error no screens found"06:40
bulbecgenii i dont really know whats that. im new on this, cau u tell me plz how can i fix my problem?06:41
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=== james is now known as James
Jameshi all06:42
geniibulbec: Try removing that hard drive from the computer and replacing it with one you know is good. Then attempt installing Kubuntu onto this replacement drive.06:42
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=== Guest67073 is now known as JamesSVK
JamesSVKwhen will be 8.10 relase??06:43
bulbeci've installed it in another hard drive and its OK, but the other one dont want to work06:43
delianJamesSVK: some time today06:43
JamesSVKbecause i look for it on kubuntu homepage and still nothing06:44
JamesSVKohh and one simple question: I need some backup software, which will backup files and MYSQL database06:46
=== Cueball is now known as Cueball|Away
ardchoilleJamesSVK: tar can do that06:47
ardchoillethere's also a gui app called Keep that is supposed to be a good backup utility06:47
JamesSVKive tryed keeep06:47
ardchoilleI like tar.. it's simple, fast, and I can throw it in a cronjob :)06:47
JamesSVKand try to backup full system via root06:48
powertool08JamesSVK: I think acronis is backup software?06:48
powertool08JamesSVK: alot of people use tar or rsync it seems06:48
JamesSVKok i try it, thanks06:49
powertool08JamesSVK: http://www.acronis.com/ I don't know if its in the repos or free or much of anything other than it exists06:49
JamesSVKbut acronis is not OpenSource, isnt it?06:51
powertool08no idea06:51
powertool08I've just heard people say it saved their butt06:51
ardchoilleI don't see anything related to "acronis" i the Hardy repos06:52
powertool08guess its not there, like I said, it may be enterprise level stuff that costs, I'm just aware of its existence06:53
ardchoillemight be in the partner repo or something06:53
geniiNo, I have partner enabled and apt-cache draws a blank06:54
powertool08hmm, 15 day free trial from the website, guess its not free, oh well I'd look into tar/rsync then06:54
ardchoilleI just use tar in a cronjob and let the system get backed up while I sleep06:55
powertool08JamesSVK: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=35087 51 pages of backup discussion06:55
ardchoillepowertool08: hehe06:56
JamesSVKi got 10 same computers and i want to install ubuntu on both06:56
JamesSVKcan i copy partition + setup grub?06:56
powertool08wait... actually its 7006:56
ardchoilleJamesSVK: then I would look into use PartImage to make an image of the first install and then use that image to install onto the other machines. That's what I do and installing the image onto the others takes about 4 minutes per machine06:57
ardchoilleJamesSVK: There's a nice livecd that has a ton of admin tools on it including PartImage: http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page06:58
* ardchoille wonders if the bot knows about it07:00
ubottuSystemRescueCd is a Linux system on a bootable CD-ROM. It contains a number of admin tools including gparted and partimage. http://sysresccd.org/Main_Page07:00
ardchoilleheh, nice07:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about powertool0807:03
SkEmOta mañana! , que descansen o/07:03
powertool08ok. then07:03
JamesSVKthanks again07:05
JamesSVKyou save my time :)07:05
antonio23somebody online?07:08
antonio23do you know what hour 8.10 will be released?07:10
ardchoilleantonio23: You might as well download the rc, as far as I know there weren't any huge bugs that would have required a complete rebuild07:13
niklauzthe final07:13
niklauzthe final hour07:13
niklauzprepare yourself07:13
niklauzthe iterative release is nigh07:13
* genii makes more coffee!07:14
antonio23 I tried to upgrade my 8.04 system07:20
antonio23and now I cannot start it07:20
antonio23I am on my vista partition now07:21
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=== bibsth is now known as bibstha
geniiantonio23: Any informative error messages it gives?07:24
antonio23it starts, I can see the mouse but then appears a message just before I can log in07:25
antonio23and then appears a kind of DOS07:26
yurimxpxmananybody know if there'll be a (easy) way to keep KDE3 while upgrading the rest of the system to 8.10?07:26
geniiantonio23: Not any error. Just no graphical system.07:27
JamesSVKyurimxpxman: install KDE3 manuallz07:28
geniiyurimxpxman: If you have kde3 now, you'll have it afterwards07:28
JamesSVKyurimxpxman: install KDE3 manually07:28
yurimxpxmangenii: are you sure? I'm afraid it'll wipe out those old packages.. honestly, I *hate* KDE4. I'd sooner use GNOME07:29
geniiyurimxpxman: I'm sure. I had on my testing partition 8.04/kde3 which went to 8.10RC and kde3 stayed intact07:30
yurimxpxmangenii: well, that's good to hear.. but will it break anything, like default apps or something?07:31
geniiyurimxpxman: So far have not noticed any kde3 applications breaking. But I use generally just basic things07:32
yurimxpxmangenii: I haven't used KDE4 in a while.. how is it right now?07:32
geniiyurimxpxman: Some like it. I don't.07:32
yurimxpxmangenii: for me, it's not even that it's not finished yet. I really hate the new interface.. everything they changed, period.07:33
bibsthahow do i get ubuntu | kubuntu laptop stickers?07:34
geniiyurimxpxman: Well, can add "classic" kmenu which helps some. But I'm not crazy about plasmoids07:34
geniibibstha: Visit the store07:34
ubottuBuy some Official Ubuntu Merchandise & Professional Support. See https://shop.canonical.com/07:34
yurimxpxmanbibstha: they also come in the shipit cd packages07:34
geniiThey limit shipit now to 1 copy :(07:35
bibsthagenii: how come? previously it was order as much as you can..07:35
yurimxpxmangenii: I hadn't heard that :(07:35
geniiSad but true07:35
geniibibstha: Previously it was, yes07:35
geniiIn fact I ordered 25 CDs from them once07:36
yurimxpxmangenii: plasma's what I hate most about KDE4. No matter how many features they come up with, we'll still be stuck with plasma07:37
geniiHmm. I see in shipit now they have still multiple orders available but it's special request07:38
ardchoilleis there any way to turn plasma off or hide the panel altogether?07:39
bibsthaardchoille: just remove the panel?07:39
ardchoillethere's an idea07:40
yurimxpxmanardchoille: plasma isn't a panel. It's the engine that generates all the applets, panels, icons, etc07:40
yurimxpxmanardchoille: it's pretty much all the chrome material on the desktop07:40
ardchoilleI never liked all that eye candy anyway07:41
yurimxpxmanardchoille: I hate eye candy. That's all KDE4 is, imo07:41
ardchoilleguess I'll be using fluxbox :)07:41
sba61how do you make article fonts in akregator smaller?07:43
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bulbecHello, i cant start mu hadr disk, after typing dmesg | agrep ata5 i got a message that says@PS/2 appears to have AUX port disabled, if this is incorrect please boot with i 8042" can somebody tell me plz how to resolve my problem and make work the hard disk, im new on linux and im desperate08:33
=== word|away is now known as word
=== genii-2 is now known as genii
madhellI need help09:12
madhellI've spent 11 hours looking everywhere09:12
guaquayou have snowball's chance in hell getting help by "asking" like that09:13
jussi01!ohmy | madhell09:13
ubottumadhell: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:13
madhellI am frustrated09:14
=== Extrapan100 is now known as Extrapan100^BNC
guaquadoes the system recognize your bluetooth device?09:14
madhellthe device recognizes kubuntu09:14
guaquatried running kbluetooth?09:14
madhellit's a blackberry09:15
madhellok I am trying now09:15
guaquanow, it's a blueberry problem if your kubuntu system works09:15
madhellKBluetooth is already running.09:16
=== jePPe][MySa][23 is now known as jeppe
sivaji_what about ubuntu release ?09:35
marekthi i have a problem in one of the tutorials for making lirc working, there is a line "sudo apt-get source kernel-source-2.6.10" my kernek version in 2.6.27 when i try to do this command, it tells me uablo to find source.... can you help?09:36
aptanetdoes anyone know where the the Kubuntu network settings utility stores its configuration?09:52
aptanetif I dare to make any changes with it all interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces bar lo get deleted and, although kubuntu thinks they are configured, I have no networking09:53
thumperWTF? Why is the locale set to LC_ALL?10:17
CrazyKlompjesanyone know-when Kubuntu 8.10 will be released?10:39
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bentob0x#kubuntu-kde4 gone?10:41
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CrazyKlompjesbentob0x, the reason is that KDE 4.1+ is default10:42
CrazyKlompjesfor Kubuntu 8.1010:42
CrazyKlompjesSo no seperate irc channel is required10:42
bentob0xah nice :)10:50
bentob0xthx CrazyKlompjes10:50
CrazyKlompjeswelcome anytime :D10:51
bentob0xwhen is KDE 5 out?10:51
bentob0x(only j/k)10:51
CrazyKlompjeslol, I wish-10:52
CrazyKlompjesKDE 5 wont be out for a long long time-10:52
CrazyKlompjeswhen all of us use touchscreens and stuff -10:52
bentob0xor brain connectors10:53
bentob0xKDE 5 will be the interface in your head10:53
bentob0xand gnome will be used for small people10:53
nicolahi i have a acer aspire 5100 laptop10:54
CrazyKlompjesVery true10:54
CrazyKlompjesI mean-hello10:54
nicolaand i have problems with webcam firmware10:54
CrazyKlompjesdo any errors occur?-if so list em' :)10:54
CrazyKlompjeswhat webcam are you using btw?10:54
nicolathe webcam included in the laptop10:54
CrazyKlompjeslet me check10:55
nicolai try to install linux uvc drivers but it doesn't work10:55
bentob0xnicola, in a console type lspci -n10:55
bentob0xand paste the results in here: http://kmuto.jp/debian/hcl/10:55
CrazyKlompjesnicola-have you ever tried using the webcam program --"Cheese"?10:56
nicolai install it now10:57
CrazyKlompjesthat was the only app that worked with my Webcam-10:58
CrazyKlompjesmy built-in one :)10:58
amerigoI need a tip: somebody knows a program for voice recognition - to write text in kubuntu??10:59
amerigo... there's nobody???11:02
jussi01amerigo: Im not sure of a native one, but Ive been told dragon naturally speaking works great in wine.11:02
nicola_i don't see the webcam in http://kmuto.jp/debian/11:03
nicola_there are driver for graphical card, wireless card but anything about webcam11:04
nicola_you can see here the result11:05
amerigojussi01: i know dragon naturally speaking but it is commercial (or not)?11:06
jussi01amerigo: yeah its commercial iirc11:06
amerigojussi01: my problem is that i need of a program immediately, i got no time ti buy one...11:07
amerigoor a loose this work11:07
amerigoor i loose this work11:08
jussi01amerigo: do they not have direct buy from their website?11:08
amerigono have credit card11:08
amerigojussi01: I don't have ...11:08
jussi01amerigo: sorry, i cant help then.11:08
amerigothank you Jussi01, ever the best effort11:09
amerigofrom you11:09
nicola_but if i type lsusb i see Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0402:5602 ALi Corp. Video Camera Controller11:09
martijnhow do i install mp3 support? when i install libxine1-ffmpeg, amarok still tells me there is no support for mp3....11:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about speack11:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about speach11:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about speech11:11
amerigo! speech11:11
amerigo! voice11:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about voice11:11
pritamI had installed a second language on Kubuntu and after i tried to remove it , some menus stilll show up in that second language11:11
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:12
pritamcan anyone help regarding this11:12
CrazyKlompjesHave you tried going to the K control panel and changing it manually?Maybe after you got rid of the second language-the computer still thinks you are using it...and such...11:12
pritamu are right what you said11:14
CrazyKlompjesok :)11:14
CrazyKlompjesSo has it changed back to normal pritam?11:14
pritamno i cannot find K control panel11:14
pritami see System settings11:14
CrazyKlompjesalright, in the terminal type "kcontrol"11:15
CrazyKlompjesthen look for language in the search portion of the window pritam-11:15
CrazyKlompjesor System settings-General-Personal-regional11:16
nicola_bentob0x: http://rafb.net/p/2jtTU687.html11:17
pritamI followed your steps but i only see English language there11:19
pritamhowever, when i installed the second language i did it from this same place11:19
bentob0xnicola Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0402:5602 ALi Corp. Video Camera Controller11:20
bentob0xthat's it :)11:20
amerigo! text11:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about text11:20
CrazyKlompjespritam*Strange, I have never installed a second language, sorry it didn't work :(, what about changing to English UK then back to English USA?-could fix it :)11:20
pritamthe computer seems to think that i am still using the second language11:20
CrazyKlompjesHave you restarted your computer11:20
=== omayer is now known as DaHopi
CrazyKlompjessince you have installed and uninstalled the second language?11:21
amerigoI need a tip: somebody knows a program for speech recognition - to write text in kubuntu??11:21
pritamyeah i did11:21
bentob0xnicola_: are you going to update to 8.10?11:21
pritamalso another strange thing to tell you is11:21
bentob0xor upgrade I mean11:21
pritamthat even after i had changed my computer to non-us language, not all the menus showed in the second language11:21
bentob0xnicola_: 8.10 has the 2.6.27 kernel with some new generic webcam drivers11:22
pritamonly it showed in the few places11:22
HandcraftedWhen will they release 8.10, shouldn't it be today?11:22
bentob0xprobably today in the US Handcrafted11:22
pritamesp say when i try to browse a file which i have to upload as an attachement to a mail its then when the second language showed up11:22
bentob0xyou'll have to wait a few more hours :)11:22
CrazyKlompjespritam* oh...then what about the System Language?11:22
pritamalso th date and time shows up in the second language in some places11:22
pritamsystem language is set to US english default11:22
nicola_ok bentob0x11:24
nicola_i try with the new version11:24
pritamseems like a very strange bug11:25
CrazyKlompjespritam* With which programs does this bug occur?-all of the programs or is it only happening with a select few11:25
bentob0xnicola_: it seems the best solution as these results don't look too good for your webcam: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=0402%3A5602+ubuntu&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq=11:26
pritamonly with this language thing11:27
pritamrest everything is fine11:27
pritamok another error that i just got now is that when i do apt-get update it gives me this error,11:29
pritamE: Malformed line 65 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse)11:29
CrazyKlompjespritam: check http://www.kubuntuguide.org and copy their sources11:30
JuJuBeeIf I use dpkg --get-selections > file.txt, can I use that on another machine to rebuild it if the hardware is not identical? (after installing the OS from CD?11:30
CrazyKlompjespritam: they will give you steps on that site on how to change your sources list, and it will fix that problem of yours :)11:30
dr_willisJuJuBee,  yes.. but you have to watch out for it insxtalling things like nvidia drivers and other drivers you dont need.11:30
JuJuBeeOn the original I did not install and proprietary video drivers.11:31
JuJuBeeDoes it matter that one box is Intel and the other is AMD?11:31
dr_willisshouldent matter much. YOu can check the list and delete anything that you think may cause problems11:32
dr_willisnvidia and wireless drivers are the 2 things taht come to mind on my machines when i clone them that way11:32
JuJuBeeK, thanks11:32
a_c_manyone know of a nice tool to remove unused kernels ?11:32
a_c_mrun out of free space on /boot so need to do some house keeping11:33
dr_willisThe package manager should be able to do that.11:33
amerigojussi01: still here buddy?11:33
dr_willisI always keep 2 kernels..  just in case.11:34
a_c_myeah i plan to11:34
a_c_mbut was hoping for a idiots version, specifically for the task11:34
dr_willisbut i dont bother with a seperate /boot partion much any more11:34
a_c_mi dont use ext2/3 for /11:34
dr_willisHeh . 8.10 has a 'cruft' remover tool.. :)11:34
JuJuBeedr_willis : what about sata vs. IDE HD?11:35
dr_willisJuJuBee,  what about it?  theres no specific drivers for them if thats what you mean.11:35
JuJuBeeYes, that is what I meant  Thanks11:36
amerigojussi01: I found this : http://sourceforge.net/projects/cmusphinx11:36
dr_willisa_c_m,  now ya know why i plan on filing a bug on the 'name' of the tool/description. :) not everyone understands the word cruft... as in 'excess material/junk/dust'11:36
amerigojussi01: what do think about??11:36
ubuntoilHi, I have a macbook pro with an US English keyboard. I'm french and I need accent. I heard that there is an existing way to enable (somehow) to type accent like for example alt + ' + e11:36
amerigoIt is only a project11:36
a_c_mdr_willis: but no tool for doing that in 8.3 ?11:37
dr_willisa_c_m,  nope.. just use the package manager and uncheck the ones you dont need11:37
a_c_mhumm ok11:38
a_c_mdr_willis: k thanks11:39
=== echidnaman is now known as JontheEchidna
amerigojussio1: are you jussi01??11:40
krasha_c_m: what fs do you use? reiser?11:41
a_c_mkrash: XFS iirc11:44
a_c_mlol or could be ZFS :S how do you check11:46
ardchoilleI downloaded and played a bit with the Intrepid rc. kde4 isn't as bad as I thought it would be and the dolphin on Intrepid is quite nice. Better than the dolphin on Hardy11:46
a_c_myeah kde4's dolphin is nice11:46
JontheEchidnakde4 dolphin is waaaaay better than kde3 dolphin11:47
ardchoilleThe only thing I couldn't figure out was how to change the color of the panel11:47
JontheEchidnacurrently you'll have to get a theme in the color of your choice11:47
a_c_mkde3 dolphin = no resize of detail col's11:47
a_c_mwhich made it unusable imho11:48
JontheEchidnakde3 dolphin = a crashy buggy mess in general11:48
krasha_c_m: wow XFS? ain't that better for tons of bigger files?11:52
a_c_mkrash: erm, could be, i forget to be honest - made the choice quite some time ago, but remember at the time i did a fair bit of reading on it before i made up my mind11:53
dr_willisYou just dont rember why. :)11:55
krash*laughs* I'm a reiserfs fan, although I just recently learned about his jail time and killing his wife, now I admire him more hehe11:56
dr_willisI will stick with ext3 for now12:00
JontheEchidna"ext3 is fine for me"12:01
JontheEchidnaI'd try ext4 once it gets more mainstream though12:01
krashI dunno you have to admire any man whose got the gulls to actually kill his wife and bury her in the woods that is just gutsy12:07
krashI'm still trying to kill my wife with kidness... Not working yet :(12:08
krasherr kindness12:08
rgreeningmy luck, if mine died, she haunt me from the grave forever12:09
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ubuntoilHi, where can I modify my keyboard layout?12:23
krashunder system settings I think12:25
krashkeyboard & mouse12:25
krashHrmm although I don't see it there either actually12:26
JontheEchidnaregional and language perhaps?12:26
ubuntoilkrash: well in fact I want something a little more precise, I would like to tell my system This touch does this sign12:26
ubuntoil*this key I mean12:26
krashubuntoil: sign?12:27
ubuntoilkrash: symbol sorry ....12:28
krashubuntoil: May I ask, why?12:28
krashubuntoi: or you looking for like macros?12:29
ubuntoilwell, my keyboard is not corectly detected (MacBook Pro) and with the right option my key 'tilde' does not produce the correct symbol12:29
ubuntoilby option I mean in kcontrol -> macbook pro keyboard12:30
cuznti still have resolution probs12:30
krashubuntoil: ahh did you try googling it? most likely someone already had that problem before but by chance you are the first you came to the right place :)12:30
cuzntnvidia geforce550012:30
krashcuznt: you using the nvidia drivers?12:31
ubuntoilkrash: yes  tried...no result...I'll do it one more time to be sure12:31
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:31
cuznti did that12:31
cuzntthat made it worserest12:31
=== ghost is now known as Guest87210
cuzntim at 800 x 600 now it was 640 x 48012:32
krashcuznt: hrmm weird, what version ubuntu are you using?12:32
cuzntim on 3.x but i also have 4.112:33
krashcuznt: are you using the (I forgot the name, comiz?)12:33
cuzntand no12:34
jussi01!fixres | cuznt12:34
ubottucuznt: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto12:34
krashwell atleast I was close hehe been a rough morning12:34
krashwelp off to work fellers hollar ya need me hehe12:36
Guest87210help me guys12:37
Guest87210i am kinda new to irc chat so i would really appreciate it if any one can show me some few basic steps. i believe i was automaticcaly brought here after installin Konversasion12:38
Guest87210konverstion i meant12:38
RiddellGuest87210: you can use commands starting with / for various things12:39
Riddell /nick foo  will set your nickname12:39
Riddell /join #channel   will join a channel12:39
=== Guest87210 is now known as ghost
=== ghost is now known as Guest76582
Guest76582ok now what do the colors mean12:40
dr_williswhat colors?12:40
Guest76582then there is something about nick-names poping up12:40
dr_willisNot everyone sees the stuff the same - depends on the clients :)12:40
Guest76582ok? i use Konverstion12:41
dr_willisYou may want to check the irc clients docs, and google for some irc basics guides.12:41
dr_willistheres 100+ irc clients out there.12:41
Guest76582ok thanks12:41
Guest76582how do i register a nick name password and screen name if applicable12:41
dr_willis - /msg nickserv help12:42
dr_willisand read the help info from nickserv :)12:42
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Guest76582all i see is stuffs that look like this """[13:39] [Notice] -NickServ- REGISTER       Registers a nickname."""  how then do i use this12:43
dr_willis  /msg nickserv help12:43
dr_willisthen read the info nickserv tells you12:44
krashGuest76582: /msg nickserv register but it helps if you are signed in as the name you're registering :P12:44
administratortrue it does12:44
cuzntno change dr_willis12:45
cuznti was able to change the X config12:45
Guest76582i tried that command /msg nickserv register12:45
krashcuznt: I'm curios, is this a fresh install?12:45
dr_williscuznt,  sorry to hear that.. I suggest trying a live cd and copying its xorg.conf over  see if that helps12:45
Guest76582does this mean i need an e-mail to register12:45
dr_willisif the live cd xorg.conf works12:45
cuzntno not a freshy12:46
administratorJust type "help"12:46
krashGuest76582: hrmm you can't register guests I don't think try changing your name first :P12:46
administratorin the Ubuntu IRC room, not here12:47
* krash laughs12:47
Guest76582@ krash. if i cant register guest how then do i get my own nickname registered12:47
cuzntsudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.custom12:47
cuzntmd5sum /etc/X11/xorg.conf |sudo tee /var/lib/x11/xorg.conf.md5sum12:47
cuzntsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg12:47
cuzntis that all one command12:47
cuzntor 3 separate12:47
krashGuest76582: You have to change your name first, type /nick then your nickname12:48
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krashthen /mesg nickserv register :P12:48
delicowa@krash. just did that and changed it to delicowa12:48
krashdelicowa: can't register Guest names :)12:48
cuzntsudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart    <~~ how do i get back to kde after i get to the prompt12:49
dr_willisuse start  and use kdm instead of ?dm12:49
krashcuznt: ctrl alt f7?12:50
cuzntpray for my sorry butt12:51
delicowa@krash. just registered with e-mail but have not confirmed12:53
delicowawhat else do i need12:53
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krashdelicowa: that should be all you need *boggles*12:56
krashdelicowa: the nick already registered to someone else?12:57
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delicowa@krash hey i am still a newbie here12:59
krashdelicowa: ahh we all been there my friend13:00
krashdelicowa: It's just been a while since I been there, I don't exactly remember the process.13:00
delicowathanks krash13:02
delicowa@krash still reading the FAQ. hope that helps13:02
krashnot to mention I been drinking and am probably not the best person to answer questions this morning but I am trying :)13:02
* krash don't by krash for nothing.13:03
* krash can wreck things without wheels too!13:03
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xstThe jpeg quality when exporting a bunch of images to SimpleViewer has decreased dramatically. I guess this is a bug! Should I report it - or can I set the default jpeg compression level system wide somewhere?13:06
delicowa2..help. i use intel 945 GME and i have lots of problems with it.13:06
delicowai read some stuffs that says i need aiglx13:06
delicowabutt all i couldd find on the ubuntu ftp server is xserver-xgl13:06
delicowaplease how do i get aiglx for13:06
geekwhat kinda problems?13:06
Shadow_for how long will kubuntu hardy lts have updates?13:09
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delicowa-ghost@shadow 3 years that if you have LTS13:10
Shadow_for security too?13:10
geekShadow_: well other than KDE, 2011 for certain13:11
delicowa-ghost""3 years""13:11
OrnedanHi. WTF is console-kit-daemon?13:11
Shadow_thnx guys13:12
* geek seems to recall kubuntu hardy wasn't LTS for some reason13:12
krash09:13:22 up 2 days, 18:16,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.0213:13
krashbeautiful ain't it :)13:13
krashrarely do you see such load averages :)13:14
geek14:36 up 9 days, 23:14,  1 user,  load average: 0.01, 0.01, 0.0013:14
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geekthats my fileserver ;p13:14
krashnice :)13:14
geeki'd have longer uptimes but i'm still working out my needs13:14
krashyou think they adjusted the load averages for the wms?13:15
krashwindow managers13:15
geeki don't use a wm on that box now ;p13:15
delicowa-ghostawesome @krash13:15
krashI'm on kde that's a low load avg considering such :P13:15
geek(the joys of linux. i can run a modern DE on a 8 year old box)13:16
delicowa-ghostanyone knows the kernel version for intrepid13:16
delicowa-ghostanyone knows the kernel version for intrepid?13:16
geeki'm tempted to take that box down to try intrepid on it13:16
geekdelicowa-ghost: mine runs 2.6.26-1-68613:16
krashdelicowa-ghost: I belive it's 2.7 something13:16
m4vno, 2.6.27 something13:17
geekwrong box13:17
krashI knew it had a 7 in there somewhere :P13:17
geeksorry. i was SSHed into my lenny box and forgot ><13:17
krashcomputer nerds and alcohol don't mix trust me :P13:17
geeki'm not drunk13:18
krashI am :P13:18
KRFof course it mixes13:18
geeki'm just doing a half dozen things at once13:18
PeperJohnnydont drink and root :D13:18
galathalionamarok just died on me13:18
* krash laughs13:18
galathalionbeen using it for.. hm.. less than one day?13:18
krashI woke up drunk this morning going to be a fun day :)13:18
krashIf I get 1 thing done today I'll be amazed :)13:19
krashthat's why I am drunk though I did alot yester, laundry, dishes, cooking, and shopping alot 4 a man I tell ya13:20
Tm_Tkrash: we don't care13:20
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Guest33380sugeng ndalu all13:21
Tm_Thappy release day indeed13:21
krashTm_T: Neither do I, I'll just go back to afk now :P13:21
Havoc][hello together.13:21
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Havoc][are there any news about when 8.10 will be released?13:22
c3E_stAnd_prPPpiye kabare cah?13:23
Gonzo42Must have been asked like a thousand times today but.... when is the release?13:24
Havoc][14:22:14 <Havoc][> are there any news about when 8.10 will be released?13:24
Tm_T!ibex | Havoc][13:24
ubottuHavoc][: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!13:24
Havoc][*g* yes. i think it have been asked a thoused times.13:24
PeperJohnnytoday .. i would wait for a release announcement13:25
momalAnyone happen to know of a list anywhere that shows what isn't in kde4 that was in kde3xx13:25
Tm_THavoc][: also see topic13:25
Tm_Tmomal: well it's not possible to do that kind of list13:25
Tm_Tmomal: unless you really set rules what you count as "kde"13:25
faileasmomal: well from what i noticed, any major component thts not ready in kde4 uses the kde3 versions13:25
Tm_Tand even then13:25
faileaslike konversation and amarok on my intrepid install use the most recent kde 3xx ones13:26
krashmomal: everything that's in kde3 is in kde4 in my opinion but harder to find13:26
momalahh i see thanks :)13:27
noeit'll need some time before kde4 is really usable13:28
* krash couldn't agree more13:28
faileasactually thats one minor a annoyance with intrepid. i can't theme the KDE3 stuff to match kde413:28
Tm_Tdunno about you guys but KDE4 has been good for me for some years now13:29
krashkde4 is coming along quite nice, but still has as you said some annoyances13:29
faileassome years?13:29
faileaskrash: mainly things that could be fixed easily ;p13:29
krashyeah kde4 been out for a while now13:29
Tm_Tfaileas: feel free to fix then13:30
faileasTm_T: i thought its only been usable for ~ a year?13:30
krashfaileas: as always :)13:30
faileasTm_T: well sure, i just need to find a kde 3 themeing panel for intrepid ;p13:30
Tm_TI don't (:)13:30
ubuntoilHi, I wanna have accent on an US english macbook pro keyboard. Does anyone knows how to do that..??13:30
ubuntoilI mean without changing my whole layout13:30
Tm_Tfaileas: usable for who and how... I have been using KDE4 stuff since april 2006 (?)13:30
DaHopiis 8.10 out now?13:31
faileasTm_T: well not the whole DE though?13:31
faileasDaHopi: yes13:31
* krash recalls using kde4 on freebsd a couple of years ago as well.13:31
DaHopiuu thanx!13:31
Tm_Tfaileas: DaHopi NO13:31
Tm_Tit isn't13:31
Tm_Tuntil said otherwise in topic13:32
rgreeningubuntoil: Install keyboard layout switcher and schose a layout that has the required key (that's what I have done anyway for supporting English and Portuguese)13:32
faileaser.. if the cds are shipping...13:32
faileasok my bad ;p13:32
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Tm_Tfaileas: orders13:32
guaquargreening, ubuntoil: see xmodmap13:32
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DaHopiTm_T: faileas thanx..13:32
guaquaalso xev13:32
ubuntoilguaqua: what is that ??13:32
guaquaman xmodmap13:33
Tm_Tkrash: faileas: #kubuntu-offtopic for chatters please (:)13:33
guaquaman xev13:33
rgreeningxmodmap make a permanent change. Not what I wanted, but maybe ubuntoil does.13:33
guaquargreening: not any more permanent than a switched layout13:33
jonathan__i've a very, very big problem!13:33
jonathan__I updated from Kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 a few hours ago13:33
Tm_T!ibex | jonathan__13:34
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ubottujonathan__: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!13:34
rgreeningguaqua: the switcher is configurable to activate on keypress like the winkey (which is what I do).13:34
* krash kicks Tm_T in the (_(_ )13:34
ubuntoilrgreening, guaqua: no I wanna switch sometimes to have accent13:34
NauarchLysanderI'm sure someone has already asked this question, but the answer is not in the topic. Will the new Kubuntu version be released simultaneaously with the new Ubuntu 8.10 release today?13:34
jonathan__it's not a kde4 problem13:34
Tm_TNauarchLysander: sure13:34
rgreeningthen the switcher is the way to go.13:34
Tm_Tjonathan__: still13:34
jonathan__i have a problem with my xorg.conf13:34
Tm_Tjonathan__: see what ubottu said (;)13:35
ubuntoilrgreening, guaqua: right shift => switch to fr keyboard13:35
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rgreeningubuntoil: yeah.13:35
jonathan__it has nothing todo with 8.10 or kde i have had the same problem with 7.10 a long time ago ;)13:35
Tm_Tjonathan__: then spit it out (;)13:35
jonathan__may i ask the question now? :)13:36
Tm_Tjonathan__: spit it out (;)13:36
ghost__help please how do i upgrade to intrepid from kde13:37
jonathan__i have an ati graphic card, as you could imagine if i have a problem with the xorg.conf ;)13:38
JontheEchidnaghost__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu13:38
brazilian_joedaddy, are we there yet? (Intrepid)13:38
ubuntoilrgreening: http://forums.opensuse.org/archives/sf-archives/archives-miscellaneous/316445-shortcut-switch-keyboard-layout-kde.html#post146472013:38
Tm_Tbrazilian_joe: no, see topic13:39
jonathan__i installed the fglrx proprietar drivers via adept, without any errors. now i have to edit my xorg.conf that it loads the fglrx driver. How am i doing this?13:39
Tm_T!fglrx | jonathan__13:39
ubottujonathan__: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto13:39
rgreeningubuntoil: are you running Intrepid or Hardy? And do you have the probelm in that post?13:39
jonathan__ok thanks13:39
jonathan__an other question :)13:39
jonathan__since i tried to load the fglrx driver, kwin doesn't start automatically for any reason.13:40
ubuntoilrgreening: well, I wasn't able to switch (I use hardy) I tried that and that works great..!!13:40
jonathan__can i tell kwin to start on system startup?13:40
ubuntoilazerty qwerty13:40
brazilian_joeso, the devs were too busy playing Dead Space and Fallout 3... ;) the launch dates were all crammed together, some of the top priorities were postponed, as the day has 24 hours only...13:40
rgreeningah. cool. works under Intrepid flawlessly13:40
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roel_'/usr/bin/dcop $KONSOLE_DCOP_SESSION renameSession "$SERVER"13:41
roel_with this line i used to rename the tab of my konsole13:41
roel_when I connect to a server13:41
roel_by ssh13:41
roel_now, in kde4 dcop isn't used anymore13:42
roel_it has become dbus13:42
Tm_Troel_: don't use enter as punctuation13:42
roel_now does anybody know how i can rename my session in Konsole with dbus?13:42
ghost__help a newbie out-here13:43
JontheEchidnaroel_: edit -> rename tab13:43
ghost__how do i get a list of channnels on irc13:43
roel_yes, i know. But I put this in a little script so i need the console command to rename the session.13:43
Tm_T!list | ghost__13:43
ubottughost__: Hi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots13:43
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines13:44
roel_I have made a script that is called the server's name. When i use the script it automatically changes the sessionname, then it connects to the server with ssh and when i close ssh it automatically changes the session back to shell13:44
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ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots13:45
roel_This is possible with dcop but how can i do this with dbus?13:45
bazhang!irc | ghost__13:45
ubottughost__: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines13:45
bazhangghost__, check the last link13:45
roel_Does nobody have an idea?, or someone who has another sollution for my problem?13:47
geniiroel_: The point of changing the session name would be ..?13:49
* BluesKaj hands genii a mug steaming coffee :)13:52
geniiBluesKaj: Thanks. Was up til 4:30am in -release-party then got up at 7:30 for work :/13:54
* genii inhales the coffee13:54
BluesKajwow :)13:54
BluesKajsleep tonite then13:54
geniiOh, yes, I plan to.13:55
BluesKajthe word is , no release yet.13:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about quit13:57
BluesKajgenii, it's still cold here so ithought I might upgrade til it warms up, biut there's no upgrade in the repos13:58
scribbleswhats up with that?13:58
CrazyKlompjesnot out yet...delayed by 1 hour14:00
NauarchLysanderHow does the upgrade procedure work on KDE?14:03
ahoxNauarchLysander: adept is your friend14:05
NauarchLysanderahox: Ok, I just got it in the update manager.14:05
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jonathan__hello again :)14:11
jonathan__kwin is no starting automatically :)14:11
jonathan__but i've still the problem with installing the proprietary driver14:11
jonathan__in 8.04 i could simply do it via the hardware manager, i didn't have to do anything14:11
jonathan__but now, or lets sy until 5 minutes, the button in the hardware manager   that says "Activate ATI Driver" in 8.10 wasn't clickable.14:12
jonathan__now the hardware driver manager is completly empty!14:12
jonathan__any ideas what went wrong?14:14
victim[v]using Intrepid, in Adept how can I list all the packages (games, office etc) in alpha order. Currently they are in random order.14:15
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Riddell8.10 is out!  please torrent if you have bandwidth http://people.ubuntu.com/~jriddell/tmp/torrents/14:16
Riddelljonathan__: try  alt-f2  kdesudo jockey-kde14:16
trappistRiddell: woo!14:16
JontheEchidnaDIGG IT14:17
jonathan__i uninstalled the fglrx jockey identification package ;)14:18
jonathan__but it is still nothing happening if i push the "Activate" Button...14:18
geniiRiddell: For real and true?14:19
Riddellgenii: totally14:19
victim[v]jonathan__: I had a lot of trouble with the "Activate" button not working14:20
victim[v]I was trying to install the propiety Nvidia 173 drivers,14:21
victim[v]It suddenly worked after a restart, I had also reset xorg.conf and tried nvidia-xconfig14:23
SirPlease help.  I had compiz installed and i decided to remove it.  when i did, i searched for all packages with compiz in the name and removed them.  this caused the frames around all windows (the title bar with the "x") to no longer be there.  also, my task bar only shows one desktop and none of the programs that start automatically14:23
Aranelif I upgrade to 8.10, will my amarok/basket or some apps related kde3.5 be removed?14:23
faileasAranel: well... 8.10 uses KDE3's amarok...14:24
EruaranLet the seeding begin14:24
Aranelfaileas: ok, so it seems it doesnt remove kde3 libraries.14:24
Siralso, i can't get to adept manager to install anything else because that boot up automatically14:24
moenickeare vmware tools available as an ubuntu package elsewhere?14:27
faileasAranel: no. konversation and amarok are both kde3 apps, least on my install14:28
relasIs there a way to use kde 3.5 with kubuntu 8.10=14:28
KDeskPlease use torrent!!14:28
terrestreany kubuntu torrent out there?14:28
faileasmaybe if someone has a ppd14:28
relasI don't want to use kde 414:28
JontheEchidnajust a periodic reminds to DIGG IT: http://digg.com/linux_unix/Kubuntu_8_10_Released_refreshes_the_desktop14:28
JontheEchidnawe can't let Ubuntu beat us to the front page, lol14:29
faileasrelas: there;s one mentioned on the forum14:29
Bauldrickintrepid is out?14:29
PeperJohnnyhooray release anouncement =)14:29
faileasooh. i hadn't noticed that14:29
faileasthen again i have been running it all week *g*14:29
PeperJohnnyJontheEchidna: are there any torrent links? do you know something? :D14:30
PJimUpdate tht frontpage!14:30
JontheEchidnaPeperJohnny: download links should be in the news story14:30
vbgunz_anybody use ramlog? I installed the deb from the freshmeat site and no matter how much ramdisk space I allot to it, it never starts up on boot up... anyone know what the issue can be?14:30
JontheEchidnaoh, no torrent links14:31
JontheEchidnaI'll add them to the digg story14:31
PeperJohnnyyes :/14:31
PeperJohnnyok nice thank you =)14:31
momalwww.kubuntu.org is now updated14:31
vbgunz_could it be because I have several daemons writing logs? how can I get ramlog to run before anything else that may write to the logs?14:32
terrestreyou just can download the 8.10 with kde 3?14:32
GDRis there a final release yet?14:32
JontheEchidnaIntrepid does not have KDE3, except for a few apps that don't have KDE4 ports14:32
bazhangterrestre, 8.10 has kde414:32
momalGDR: http://www.kubuntu.org/ <-- 8.10 is out now14:32
bazhangGDR, yes14:32
terrestre  Kubuntu 8.10 - Featuring the mature KDE 3 and maintained until April 2010 <--- that said in the download page14:33
PJimFrom CD download page14:33
PJimWhich release do you want?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Kubuntu 8.10 - Featuring the mature KDE 3 and maintained until April 201014:33
PJimwhy KDE 3?14:33
terrestreyeah i ask the same14:33
PJimI see :)14:33
Tm_Twhat page says so?14:33
JontheEchidnahmm, ubuntu.com is getting hammered14:33
momalprob a typo14:34
rohani have kubuntu 8.04 installed, with kde4.1 packages from ppa. will it cause any problems during upgrade? kde3 will be automatically removed?14:34
EruaranJontheEchidna: use torrents, much faster14:34
PJimAnd when are you going to remove that huge 8.10 RC banner from frontpage?14:34
JontheEchidnaEruaran: the torrents are hosted on ubuntu.com ;-)14:34
stdinrohan: the new packages will replace the old PPA ones14:34
momalits already removed14:34
momalrefresh its says "kubuntu 8.10 released"14:35
PJimTm_T: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download says so14:35
rohanstdin: thanks. and kde3? will it be removed automatically?14:35
PJimmomal: finally!14:35
Eruaranumm... its a torrent file14:35
stdinrohan: most of it, some bits (like the core libs) will remain to allow some KDE 3 apps to run (like Amarok and K3B)14:36
JontheEchidnatorrent links can be found here? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/intrepid/14:36
JontheEchidnathe page seems down for me though14:36
stdincdimage will be slow, it's being hammered14:36
stdintry http://people.ubuntu.com/~jriddell/tmp/torrents/14:36
terrestre  Kubuntu 8.10 - Featuring the cutting edge KDE 4 and maintained until April 2010 <-- lol jajaja14:36
rohanterrestre: err. why is that funny?14:36
rohanstdin: ok, thanks is it removing because because i'll be using adept? i.e. if i use apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade to 8.10, kde3 won't be removed, right?14:37
momalits been updated to kde4 now instead of kde3 :p on that page14:37
BluesKajterrestre:  yeah and it's gonna take that long to make a lotta things right :)14:37
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Free 8.10 (KDE 4) CDs https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | 8.10 IS OUT - Party in #ubuntu-release-party http://www.kubuntu.org/news/8.10-release http://people.ubuntu.com/~jriddell/tmp/torrents/
stdinrohan: no matter how you upgrade, KDE 3 will be removed14:37
EruaranHello Riddell14:37
rohanstdin: ok, can you tell me how? is it marked as "Obsolete"?14:38
Riddellhi Eruaran!14:38
EruaranRiddell: do you get to take a break now ?14:38
BluesKajgoogle earth still doesn't run with the fglrx driver , no 3D or DRI ...this is an "upgrade" ?14:39
terrestrei think a fresh install is better14:39
rohanterrestre: why?14:39
stdinrohan: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu for full upgrade instructions14:40
arnlKubuntu 8.10 update tool crashing :/14:40
arnlRuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded14:40
terrestrei dont know now, but some have issues when they just upgraded14:40
arnlUnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 6-7: ordinal not in range(128)14:40
Riddellarnl: report a bug please, attach files in /var/log/dist-upgrade/14:41
rohanstdin: oh i read them. i just wanted to know the technical reason how kde3 is removed14:42
_Lemon_Hey, I have to use a proxy, however adept manager likes to crash when trying to use the proxy... is there a way I can upgrade to 8.10 from the command line?14:42
stdinrohan: it's not removed, it's upgraded like any other set of packages14:42
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Riddellarnl: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+reportbug  (running slow currently I'm afraid)14:43
rohanstdin: but kubuntu 8.10 release notes etc say that it doesn't have kde314:43
Riddellarnl: what language are you using?14:43
arnlRiddell: ok i will.  but cant I upgrade via terminal?14:43
arnlRiddell: Turkish.14:44
stdinrohan: it does not use the KDE 3 desktop, but has some KDE 3 libraries14:44
rohanstdin: is kde3 in 8.10 replaced by something like "empty" dummy packages?14:44
Riddellarnl: mm, Turkish has problems with pykde I seem to remember :(14:44
rohanstdin: ah ok. thanks.14:44
stdinrohan: no, eg: kdebase 4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1~hardy2 get's replaced with kdebase 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu414:44
rohanstdin: right, but then why does it say "it doesn't have kde3"?14:45
rohanwhat happens to kde3 desktop etc?14:45
LeeJunFanrohan: it get's replaced.14:45
stdinit' gets upgraded to KDE 414:45
arnlRiddell: any workarounds or something ?14:45
arnlRiddell: like command line :)14:45
Riddellarnl: download http://tr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/main/dist-upgrader-all/current/intrepid.tar.gz14:45
rohanstdin: exactly. that was what was confusing me - so now my system has two upgrade "paths" to KDE4. existing kde3->kde4 and ppa kde4 -> 8.10 kde4. how is that resolved?14:46
arnlok downloaded.14:46
Riddellarnl: extract and run export LANG=C sudo python dist-upgrade.py14:46
stdinrohan: all the old -kde4 packages from the PPA will be removed, as the ones in the official repository explicitly conflict/replace them14:47
NikkeI heard kde 4 as problems with nvidia?14:47
Tm_TNikke: not with newest drivers14:47
Nikkeand the newest drivers works with every card?14:47
GDRmomal: thank you14:47
rohanstdin: aha, that explains it. thanks14:47
Tm_TNikke: nope14:47
NikkeXFX GeForce 6200A14:48
Nikkethats my card14:48
Tm_TNikke: supported14:48
Nikkethanks =)14:48
Riddellarnl: but first save the files in /var/log/dist-upgrade/* somewhere so you can report a bug with htem14:48
Nikkeso ill use the newest driver14:48
wolfie2xhello.. why isn't this channel as busy as #ubuntu ?14:51
wolfie2xno one rushing to install kubuntu?14:52
=== johnny_ is now known as Guest18113
geniiwolfie2x: If you install Ubuntu you can apt-get kubuntu-desktop and have it as well14:52
CrazyKlompjesMaybe we are too busy downloading and installing our new operating system :)14:54
CrazyKlompjesfor me --still downloading14:54
wolfie2xgenii: do u have both installed?14:54
geniiwolfie2x: Yes as well as other desktops14:54
wolfie2xdoesn't the menu's get cluttered with aps from both?14:55
wolfie2xmain reason why i didn't do it14:55
wolfie2xi've read so on the net14:55
* faileas did a full reinstall14:55
faileasjust backed up everything that i felt i needed first (/home 's contents , and bookmarks/feeds)14:56
arnlRiddell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/29111514:56
arnlI'm not good at English, but I think i did it :)14:56
geniiwolfie2x: It can get frustrating. But there are a few tools to help sort out the different apps from each other14:57
wolfie2xgenii: any major changes from hardy to intrepid in kubuntu?14:58
faileaswolfie2x: the whole desktop environment?14:58
wolfie2xgenii: not much exciting in ubuntu (gnome) :(14:58
supert0nesya i would say there are some changes14:58
wolfie2xfaileas: I use gnome.. intrepid feels just like hardy to me :(14:59
faileaswolfie2x: well this *is*#kubuntu... ;p14:59
wolfie2xmaybe it's more stable.. but so was hardy for me14:59
supert0nesfaileas: i would like you see you try to make that face in person14:59
wolfie2xfaileas: I really want to try kubuntu/kde14:59
geniiwolfie2x: Probably in the kde4 side of things. But right now my main desktop is kde315:00
faileaswolfie2x: in my opinion, *some* apps are less stable. akrigator crashes a lo for me for one. however i liked it enough for it to replace hardy in both my main laptop and my backup system15:00
wolfie2xi tried a  kde 4.1 alpha and didn't like it very much15:00
Siegfriedany info about wubi?15:00
arnlRiddell: it works, thank you :)15:01
Siegfriedseems to link the old version still15:01
Riddellarnl: great15:01
wolfie2xdoes the tool bars on plasmoids still appear on mouse hover?15:01
faileasSiegfried: the 8.10 cd i have seems to have a copy of it15:01
Siegfriedah from the sourceforge page i can get it15:01
Siegfriedfrom the official site it links the wrong one i think15:01
faileasSiegfried: that and 8.10 isn't officially out long enough for them to update i think ;p15:02
Nikkewhats that app called when you put a iso on usb stick and install?15:02
wolfie2xfaileas: does the tool bars on plasmoids still appear on mouse hover?15:02
faileaslettme check15:02
supert0nesyeah when they are unlocked15:02
supert0nesthats why you lock them15:02
wolfie2xsupert0nes: but when it's locked u can't drag drop stuff to/from them?15:03
faileaswolfie2x: yeah, they seem to on mine15:03
supert0nesi can on folderview15:04
wolfie2xsupert0nes: ok.. that was a big annoyance for me..15:04
wolfie2xsupert0nes: is there a way to have the good old desktop without plasmoids?15:05
ljuwaidahis anybody downloading kubuntu desktop amd64 using torrents?15:05
supert0nesnot in 4.115:05
supert0nesbut in 4.1 you can15:05
supert0nesi mean15:05
earthI am downloading the altenate cd15:05
wolfie2xsupert0nes: 4.2 come in Jan 2009 ?15:05
Tm_Twolfie2x: there is, just don't use plasmoids15:05
supert0nesya but he would want the icons on desktop15:06
ljuwaidahi just wanted to check the hash, that's all15:06
Tm_Tsupert0nes: no he didn't say that15:06
wolfie2xTm_T: yeah i need icons n stuff15:06
Tm_Twolfie2x: can have in 4.115:06
Tm_Tjust add folderview15:07
* Tm_T had icons on desktop back in 2004 or so15:08
wolfie2xTm_T: if i just drag drop a picture on to the desktop from my browser where will it be saved?15:08
Tm_Twolfie2x: add folderview15:08
metbsdgive me link to an iso that has size less than 650MB15:08
wolfie2xTm_T: ok i'll try this15:09
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wolfie2xI'll have to imagine there's no gnome or anything else but only KDE 'n then try it hard ;)15:10
rohanhow do i remove the old kernel packages on my running system?15:10
* Tm_T slaps Eruaran|Seeding 15:10
faileas metbsd: mind a netinstall?15:10
Tm_TEruaran|Seeding: no awaynicks15:11
Eruaran|SeedingI'm not away15:11
metbsdhow about boot and then install from ntfs HD?15:11
Tm_TEruaran|Seeding: no statusnicks either, nor other nickspam15:11
metbsdor another cd?15:11
=== Eruaran|Seeding is now known as Eruaran
faileasmetbsd: you can use unetbootin for that15:11
Tm_TEruaran: thanks15:12
metbsdgod dam it i always hear this word unetbootin, wtf does it do15:12
metbsdhow does it help me15:12
Tm_T!ohmy | metbsd15:12
ubottumetbsd: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.15:12
faileasmetbsd: unetbootin is a programme that lets you bootstrap a netinstall from another OS15:12
faileasyou can run it from windows or linux, and it will download an absolute minimal installer, and get you started on a netinstall15:13
arnlRiddell: I have a question :) It says "upgrading ubuntu to version 8.10" but im using kubuntu?15:13
Tm_Tarnl: same15:13
metbsdok i have 2G usb pen, so i can use unetbootin?15:13
Tm_Tarnl: Kubuntu is Ubuntu15:13
wolfie2xarnl: but with a K in front15:14
arnlTm_T: thanks :) I was confused about KDE. I dont want to see GNOME as a surprise :)15:14
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wolfie2xfaileas: how much additional disk space would kde take on my ubuntu?15:15
=== kniolet is now known as kniolet_devdays
wolfie2xfaileas: i already have kdevelop so i guess some packages r already there..15:16
Tm_Twolfie2x: 200-2 000 MiB15:16
Tm_Tdepends what you get from it15:16
wolfie2xTm_T:  if i just do a "apt-get kubuntu-desktop" ?15:17
supert0nesplan for atleast a half gig15:17
Tm_Twolfie2x: hmm, hard to say, perhaps some 400 MiB or way less15:17
faileaswolfie2x: well i think you can use an apt-get install -s kubuntu-desktop to find out15:17
wolfie2xTm_T: i only have 2GB left on my partition15:17
Tm_Twolfie2x: it's enough15:18
wolfie2xTm_T: will it impact my performance? is the free space important for linux?15:18
supert0nesyou should have swap space15:18
faileaswolfie2x: no and as long as you have some15:18
supert0neson a separete partition15:18
* faileas has had kubuntu act wierd on a system that was TOTALLY full15:19
metbsdis 2G enought for kubuntu with kde4?15:19
faileaswolfie2x: run apt-get autoclean before and after you do the install15:19
faileas(that will clean up downloaded installer files15:19
metbsdi can't download unetinstallboot15:20
wolfie2xfaileas: I'm copy pasting all these cmds on tomboy ;)15:20
metbsdi can't dl it15:20
wolfie2xfaileas: I forget if i dont..15:20
faileasmetbsd: why not?15:20
metbsddon't know15:20
faileaswolfie2x: i use kate for that ;p15:20
metbsdmy crappy isp maybe15:20
faileaswhat kinda error?15:20
dr_willismetbsd,  http://voxel.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/unetbootin/unetbootin_292_i386.deb just worked here.. :)15:21
wolfie2xfaileas: does KDE have mono based apps as default apps?15:21
dr_willismetbsd,  as did http://superb-east.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/unetbootin/unetbootin-windows-282.exe15:22
chfwiggumhi all15:22
faileaswolfie2x: not as far as i know. it uses QT natively15:22
wolfie2xfaileas: does kdenlive work for properly?15:23
KDeskHow can I stop the hp-systray from apearing every time when I log in?15:23
wolfie2xcrashes always on my gnome.. both hardy and intrepid15:24
supert0neswolfie2x: right now that is a kde3 app15:24
faileaswolfie2x: i don't do video editing much ;p15:24
supert0neswhen they release a kde4 stable version backports will have it15:24
wolfie2xsupert0nes: so what's the app for it in kde4?15:24
supert0nesintrepid has it15:24
supert0nesbut its the kde3 verison15:24
wolfie2xsupert0nes: so kde3 apps still run on kde4?15:25
supert0neskdenlive for kde4 looks sweet i can't wait till they release it15:25
supert0nesi'm on konversation kde3 right now15:25
faileasas am i15:26
wolfie2xsupert0nes: yes it looks nice but crashes on every other mouse click15:26
faileassupert0nes: any idea how to change the themes for KDE3 apps on kde4? ;p15:26
supert0nesno i havent gotten further than making firefox look alright :)15:26
mirko_hello do you know how to stop the system check on my net? i remember once i modified a file15:27
wolfie2xsupert0nes: u using ff 3.1?15:27
supert0nesi have it, but don't use it15:27
ingmar_i want to do  $ mv last.fm- /opt/last.fm but it says i dont have permission.. how do i change that??15:27
dr_willisingmar_,  to mess with system directories you need to use sudo15:27
wolfie2xsupert0nes: not stable ?15:27
GreeneryWill Kubuntu 8.10 receive minor updates like 4.1.3 and so on or it can only be done through ppa?15:27
dr_willisingmar_,  to have root permissions15:27
ingmar_but the readme file said so ..15:27
faileasGreenery: there will be security updates, and you always have the option of backports15:28
dr_willis!sudo | scribbles15:28
ubottuscribbles: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)15:28
supert0neswolfie2x: stable enough i just like 3.03 enough to stick for now15:28
=== spiro is now known as spiro_spr
supert0nesi don't want to have to work to put all my addons in15:28
supert0nesi know i'm lazy15:29
wolfie2xsupert0nes: yeah i can't use any of my addons :(15:29
mirko_ingmar sometimes the use of sudo or root permission in general is so natural they don't write it in the readme15:29
dr_willisingmar_,  dosent matter.. under ubuntu. if you want to do 'root' type tasks. you need to use sudo.. or be in a root shell15:30
supert0nesGreenery: I would suspect 4.1.3 will come out for intrepid standard repos but 4.2 will require either backports or kubuntu-members repo15:30
wolfie2xsupert0nes: have to say memory management is superb though.. never stays above 50mb.. comes right back down..15:30
supert0nesand the new javascript engine/flash integration seem tons better15:30
dr_willisingmar_,  also many non-ubuntu type disrtos do not use sudo as much, or at all. :)15:30
wolfie2xsupert0nes: yeah it's super fast.. specially on gmail15:31
wolfie2xand facebook15:31
spiro_sprqqun parle français ici ?15:31
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr15:32
faileasc'est par la ;)15:32
=== Guest17231 is now known as PeperJohnny
spiro_sprmerci ;) ++15:32
=== azrael is now known as Guest1510
supert0nestoday is all about the install i wonder when questions about kde start coming up15:34
White_Pelicanrapidly I'm guessing :)15:35
faileassupert0nes: been using it for a while. so far other than my ethernet and bluetooth, no issues15:35
* dr_willis plans on installing jwm+Rox-Filer :)15:35
White_Pelicansadly for me, I can't upgrade to Intrepid15:35
dany_21a_i am glad, that 8.04 still uses 3.5.x and is LTS. The current state of KDE is really only for very curios users and mainly to get more developers into it (imho)15:36
stdinKubuntu 8.04 is not LTS15:36
* White_Pelican agrees with dany_21a_ 15:36
supert0nesright only ubuntu was lts15:36
scribbleshope nothing breaks today!15:36
dany_21a_stdin: oh... okay - thats true, but than i am at least glad it will still get supported some time15:37
White_Pelicanthat's disturbing15:37
supert0neskde4 is here to stay :)15:37
stdinthe upgrade to 8.10 will not be offered automatically, so one has to explicitly *choose* to upgrade15:37
dr_willisWoa.. heres an odd thing.. I got a lot of 'scripts' that are just simple commands.. ie: the script "ShowDisks" has one line..   -->  df -h -x tmpfs -x devpts -x usbfs15:37
dr_willis    its executable.. and Now i cant run those scripts..  i get this error..15:37
metbsdkde4 wil fit on 2G usb?15:37
dr_willismalloc: ../bash/dispose_cmd.c:241: assertion botched15:37
dr_willisfree: called with unallocated block argument15:37
mirko_do you know how to stop the system check on my net? i remember once i modified a file15:37
dr_willisbut if i put a #!/bin/sh at the start of the script it does work.. :) now.. odd...15:38
* dr_willis wonders what a 'system check' is....15:38
* supert0nes had to write his own malloc and free for class the other day ugh!15:38
stdindr_willis: because /bin/sh is not bash, and it's bash that seems to be borked somehow15:38
dr_willisstdin,  yea i was about to change sh to bash and see...15:39
dr_willisHmm.. #!/bin/bash makes it work.. #!/bin/sh works..15:39
dustdevilhi everyone15:40
dr_willis#!/dash works.. :) it just dont like it if theres NO #!/bin/whatever line.15:40
stdiniirc, if there is no #! line, bash assumes it's a shell script. maybe not though15:40
metbsdwow unetbootin is good ?15:40
wolfie2xsupert0nes: "sudo apt-get install -s kubuntu-desktop" didn't give me the size?15:40
dr_willismetbsd,  the 8.10 release has its own similer tool that can generate a live cd with a persistant storage space also.15:41
faileaswolfie2x: that was my suggestion... guess not. try doing an install and don't confirm then?15:41
supert0nesyeah thats a better idea15:41
wolfie2xfaileas: ok will try that15:41
metbsdi want to make usb pen and i can run linux from it15:41
metbsdi don't want to install linux, and then install another linux15:41
metbsdi don't want to install linux, and then install another linux to usb pen15:42
dany_21a_metbsd: and what OS are you running now?15:42
dr_willismetbsd,  then use unetbootin then.. but it wont have that persistant storage thing.. guess ya could mount the usb pen manually15:43
rhkfinCongrats everyone for the new release! Anyone know where to find a up-to-date counter like this: http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/counter/ (I'd like to have some 'it's out' -image)15:43
faileasunetbootin does installs to usb?15:43
mirko_do you know how to stop the system check on my net? i remember once i modified a file15:43
dany_21a_metbsd: probably you could boot with the livecd and than create the USB stick... dont know actually if that works15:44
* dr_willis still wonders what a 'system check' is....15:44
dr_willisfaileas,  it generates a bootable live-cd-on-a-thumbdrive setup :)15:44
wolfie2xfaileas: 120mb download; 460mb on HD.. got 1.6GB available free space.. looks ok to install?15:44
dr_willisfaileas,  not exactly the same as an install to a usb drive15:45
mirko_dr_willis the system checks if it is online, and there is a file to modify to stop this check15:45
faileaswolfie2x: no15:45
faileasdr_willis: ahh15:45
wolfie2xfaileas: why not!?15:46
faileaswolfie2x: er.. u mean ya15:46
faileasit looks ok15:46
faileasoops ;p15:46
faileastoo many windows XD15:46
wolfie2xfaileas: this will not interfere with gnome other than for the menus?15:47
faileaswolfie2x: other than additional software turning up, no15:48
wolfie2xfaileas: thx15:48
White_Pelicanfor how long will kubuntu 8.04 be supported?15:49
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.15:49
dr_williskubuntu was never a LTS tho I think...15:49
dr_willisor at least i seem to recall somthing about that.15:49
Nece228kubuntu 8.04 is not lts15:49
Nece228so it will be supported for one more year15:49
dr_willisyea right 8.04 was not..15:50
faileaswell, the core files should still get updated, just not the DE?15:50
White_Pelicanso when will support for it end?15:50
wolfie2xisn't kubuntu simply ubuntu with KDE?15:50
Nece228after a year there will be kde 4.315:50
dr_willisbasically wolfie2x15:50
faileaswolfie2x: yes15:50
dr_willispeople seem to get all stressed out about LTS. :)15:50
stdinwolfie2x: read "8.04 KDE packages are not LTS"15:50
faileasNece228: i though 4.2 first?15:50
supert0nesit has different default settings and apps15:50
dr_willisi dont worry about it.15:50
Nece228i said after 12 moths15:50
White_Pelicanin order to us interpid I need a new video card15:50
faileasnor do i ;p15:50
wolfie2xfaileas: so u install ubuntu for LTS and then install KDE.. same as installing kubuntu?15:51
faileasWhite_Pelican: i'm using intrepid on a 4 year old system15:51
supert0nesi get bored after 4 months so not too concerned15:51
Nece228White_Pelican: kubuntu 8.04 will be supported for one more year15:51
* supert0nes has been on intrepid since alpha 415:51
faileaswolfie2x: "kubuntu-desktop" is a metapackage for KDE + some apps...15:51
faileasso yeah15:51
stdinthe base is LTS and Gnome is LTS, KDE 3 packages are not LTS15:51
White_Pelicanfaileas, my video card is legacy and there are no drivers supporting it in intrepid15:51
Nece228White_Pelican: you can downgrade your xorg and kernel version15:51
supert0nesanyone looking lts won't usually install for 3 more months after release anyways15:52
White_Pelicanit's an old geoforce15:52
faileasWhite_Pelican: i'm running it on a ~5-6 year old system i think15:52
faileassome old ATI card15:52
Nece228stdin: i heard that kubuntu 8.10 should be lts15:52
stdinNece228: you heard wrong15:52
Nece228stdin: wikipedia wrote that :/15:52
Nece228stdin: never trust wikipedia15:52
White_Pelicanthere in lies the problem faileas , you have ati, which finally supports linux15:52
stdinthen wikipedia is wrong, shock horror :p15:52
wolfie2xNece228: after downgrading those two it's more or less hardy.. only new gnome.. nothing much there either15:53
dr_willisclaim they support linux. :)15:53
Nece228wolfie2x: well probably15:53
metbsdmy flash pen is booting ubuntu, hahahaha15:53
Nece228i shiped ubuntu 8.10 and kubuntu 8.10 cds15:54
Nece228after three ill get original cds15:54
Nece228*three weeks15:54
Nikkewich is the newest nvidia driver? 177?15:54
Nikkeah okey15:55
metbsdhmm no wireless in kubuntu!15:55
wolfie2xWindows 7 was demoed for PDC.. Ubuntu will have a strong challenge if it come on time.. reviews say it's sleek n fast15:55
Nece228omg kubuntu kde4 channel gone15:55
Nece228now there should be #kubuntu-kde315:56
metbsdhow do i connect the wireless? i'm in kde415:56
dr_willisthatss proberly where i will be from now on!15:56
metbsdhow can i turn the installation cd to fix cd?15:56
Nece228ok guys im off15:56
faileasmetbsd: knetworkmanager15:57
wolfie2xfaileas: is knetworkmanager totally different from gnome network manager? diff code base?15:57
metbsdi did that, nothing shows15:58
faileaswolfie2x: they are frontends for networkmanager15:58
faileasso under the hood no15:58
PeperJohnnyis there another textmanager that can be used when youre not in kde? something like nano15:59
Nikkewhere can i see wich nvidia cards that are compatible with newest nvidia driver and if my card works well in kde15:59
Nikkekde 415:59
faileasPeperJohnny: vi ? emacs ?15:59
dr_willisnvidia homepage/ !nvidia factoid have links to what drivers for for what cards..16:00
PeperJohnnyfaileas: thanks16:00
dr_willisIve seen quite a few people with issues with the latest 9XXX series video cards.. but i  dont know how rare they are.16:00
metbsdhey i can't get wireless to work16:00
wolfie2xfaileas: does every kernel upgrade bring driver incompatibilities like with nVidia case?16:00
metbsdim in kde4 screen16:00
faileaswolfie2x: depends16:01
stdinwolfie2x: only if you use the download from nvidia (not the packaged version)16:01
wolfie2xfaileas: but packaged ver has no 3D? what's the point?16:01
Maxadoes anyone know a command line program that can take a screenshot but does _not_ import it to a file, but on clipboard16:02
stdinwolfie2x: it does, it's the same as the download from nvidia. just packaged16:02
dr_willisThe repo version of the nvidia drivers DO have 3d.16:02
dr_willisthe 'nv' driver does not have 3d16:02
dr_willisthe repo versions may not be as up to date however.16:02
wolfie2xdr_willis: but on intrepid only nv works?16:02
White_Pelicanand they don't work with my card16:03
wolfie2xdr_willis: that sounds really bad16:03
dr_willisnv has worked for ages...16:03
dr_willisnv is the open sourced driver.. it has been around for ages.. it does not support 3d accell16:03
dany_21a_will it somehow be possible to use the recent kernel-packegs in kubuntu 8.04?16:03
dr_willisnvidia packages work fine for me on 8.1016:03
wolfie2xdr_willis: i c.16:04
metbsdhow to check kubuntu version?16:05
metbsdi boot kubuntu from usb pen, no wireless...16:06
ardchoillemetbsd: lsb_release -a16:06
wolfie2xardchoille: what does the lsb part stand for? I always forget that cmd..16:06
stdinLinux Standard Base16:06
dr_willisLinux Sexy Babes.16:07
wolfie2xstdin: thx16:07
metbsdso how do i get wireless to work?16:07
metbsdit says proprietary drivers are being used16:07
wolfie2xdr_willis: that'll be a good way to remember ;)16:08
metbsdthe device is Atheros hardware access layer16:08
metbsdsupport atheros 802.11 wireless LAN cards16:08
metbsdthey are both enabled16:08
metbsdbut nothing in knetworkmanager16:08
ardchoillemetbsd: That's Hardy, and afaiac, it's a great release :)16:09
metbsdbut how to get wireless to work plz?16:10
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:11
ardchoillemetbsd: ^^16:11
metbsdoh shit, reading starts already?16:12
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babeckdoes anyone know the url to upgrade to 8.10 via the command line?16:14
babeckthe url to the instructions that is.16:14
stdinbabeck: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/#Network%20Upgrade%20for%20Ubuntu%20Servers%20(Recommended)16:14
babeckstdin: awesome, thank you.16:15
benjaminis there not a torrent out yet for 8.10 final?16:18
dr_willisyes there are.. :)16:18
waynewardi was on the RC verion ive jut gone for a version upgrade and it just wants to update my kernel!?16:18
waynewardhappy days16:19
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benjaminah, i was looking on isohunt16:19
benjaminthanks :)16:19
dr_willisbenjamin,  it pays to look at official sites. :)16:19
dr_willisnot err.. .. well.. you know.. those kind of sites.. :)16:19
benjamini suppose :)16:20
enemabanditif i'm running the 8.10 beta will it automatically download all the updates for the full release?16:20
faileasenemabandit: yes16:20
benjaminsooner i get it torrented, the sooner i can seed it to everyone :D16:21
dr_willisi downloaded the whole iso in under 20 min.. actually 2 isos :)16:21
waynewardwow thats fast who ya connected with!!16:22
waynewardthat rapid16:22
|neon|kde4 got me running for the hills, is anyway i can use 3.5 with 8.1016:22
dr_willistorrents.. just torrents16:22
faileasdr_willis: any idea what's the DVD version got?16:22
dr_willis|neon|,  not that i know of .. at this time.. at least not that ive seen mentioned anywhere.16:22
stdin|neon|: no, just like you can't use kde 2 is 8.0416:23
kgxdoes the dvd only have extra languages or does it have any other extra stuff?16:23
kgx(this is regarding the kubuntu ISOs)16:23
stdinit has the graphical and alternate installer as well as a few other packages on the CD. but install is the same either way16:24
chfwiggumprobably asked many times before: is there a prob downloading kubuntu8.10 64bit?urls on several european servers not found.tia16:24
dr_willisI thought they had extra packages.. and some extra boot options.. not worth the extra download I always thought16:24
dr_willischfwiggum,  i got it from the torrents just fine.16:24
chfwiggumdr_willis: thx,ill try that16:25
faileasdr_willis: true but i got mostly DVDs at the moment ;p16:25
kgxdr_willis: yeah i've always downloaded the dvd, now i think its best i stick to the cd16:25
dr_willisI grabbed the dvd a few times int he past to see what it had..  or when i had no blank cd'16:26
dr_willisNow i use Unetbootin and dont even need blank cd's16:26
dr_willisnight all16:26
TychoHi all. I upgraded to the Kubuntu 8.10 RC a couple of days ago. Do i need to upgrade any further now that it's released?16:29
benjaminanyone know when openoffice 3 will be pushed out to us?16:29
Blues-Manhi all16:29
Tm_TTycho: no really, just keep your daily upgrades on16:30
Blues-Manwhich debian/ubuntu package I have to download in order to write kde4 plasma widget?16:30
Blues-Mani m not able to cmake the example in the tutorial on kde website16:30
waynewardi see that it upgrades the kernel packages on the RC version thats it!16:30
Tm_TBlues-Man: depends16:30
Blues-ManTm_T, i m reading this http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Plasma/GettingStarted16:30
Tm_TBlues-Man: read techbase carefully, most of the instructions are there16:30
TychoBummer :( KDE 4 is really messed up16:30
Blues-Manbut I can't cmake it for a plasma lib required i think16:30
benjaminis there a way to see which version of kubuntu i'm using? i think i've upgraded, but i'm not sure16:31
Tm_TBlues-Man: then see what is missing and install it16:31
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »16:31
ubuntu-dron<Blues-Man> i bet you miss the dev-packages of plasma...16:31
benjaminthe "Full upgrade" button is grayed out in adept_manager, how do i upgrade to 8.10?16:36
TychoI'm experiencing a lot of problems with KDE4 such a buggy splash screen, missing KDE sounds and crashes with dolphin and kwin. Whats the easiest way to wipe all kde packages and config files so they can be reinstalled?16:38
randryI need help ,please16:39
randrymy wireless is not working16:39
randryubuntu 6.0616:39
randryBCM 431116:40
DaHopihas anybody experience with partition resizing ? how long will it take to resize a 250G partition with 85% availible space to 2 partitions with 125G?16:40
KDeskPlasma has crashed, has it a log lo look at?16:40
victorjdhwhy do you not update your distribution16:40
pritamI am trying to upgrade from Kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 and i did kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel" and followed the steps but i could not find the Distribution upgrade tool that this process downloaded on my computer16:40
icycubewhat is better, alternate installer or graphic-one?16:40
DaHopii wanna clean install16:40
victorjdhdo you have many files in your hd?16:41
randryand another problem , I can''t access to ny networking manager16:41
DaHopiyeah i think.. java / php developer with many frameworks16:41
randryI entered the admin password but it refuses16:41
victorjdhtry to get a live cd iso16:41
victorjdhcan you?16:42
DaHopiy. im on live no16:42
randryany suggestion pease16:43
victorjdhget a live cd iso16:43
victorjdhand install the packages16:43
randrylive cd iso?16:43
randrywhat is that?16:43
randrywhat is live cd iso?16:43
victorjdha linux distribution, that runs at cd16:44
victorjdhnot at the hd16:44
victorjdhbut you can install it16:44
victorjdheasy than...16:44
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randryand how to solve the networking password16:45
victorjdhyour problem will be resolved16:45
victorjdhO.o    I didn't know it16:46
randryI entered the right password but it refuses16:46
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benjamindouble check your caps lock and num lock16:46
victorjdhwell.  can you download anything?16:47
NikkeMy graphics are still slow very slow, i got the new driver and a XFX Nvidia 6200A card.. i disabled all desktop effects, but still very slow16:47
randrysystem>admin>networking , I entered the admin password but it says password invalid16:47
randryI have checked several times16:47
metbsdcan i use windows unetbootin to make a usb pen and install software to it?16:47
randrydowload anything? yes I can through cable but not wireless16:48
victorjdhif you have a cable connection now, you have to get a new ubuntu version16:49
randrybut I love ubuntu dapper16:49
enzoi'd like to upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10, but i have a nvidia card, i've seen problem with package nvidia, do you know when it will be corrected ?16:49
randryis it not possible to solve this?16:50
victorjdhmaybe it will be resolved doing that16:50
victorjdhi dont know16:50
victorjdhother way16:50
victorjdhis your wireless card an BCM 431116:51
victorjdhplease, wait a moment ok?16:52
randryubuntu dapper16:52
victorjdhhey guy16:54
victorjdhthat card only works at the windows16:54
DaHopienzo: i'v installed nvidia-glx-173 without problem..16:54
faileasintrepid comes with dkms dosen't it?16:54
victorjdhbut you can try do a thing16:54
enzoyes i've seen that in the changelog in fact DaHopi, so my upgrade should be ok16:54
White_PelicanI read on slashdot that there is an update to nvidia "legacy" drivers that fixes the xorg 1.6 compatibility problem16:55
victorjdhaccess: http://    www.zcentric.com/blog/2006/12/get_the_broadcom_bcm4311_to_wo_1.html16:55
White_Pelicanwhen that will echo through to Intrepid I'm not sure16:55
victorjdhor http://hardware4linux.info/component/21943/16:55
memeemeeeI need help connecting to my router through static ip16:55
a_c_mwtf - no katapult for kde4?16:55
noam_what are the differences between using kubuntu and using KDE installed on ubuntu? i've noticed that, for example, firefox for kubuntu uses a different theme, one with KDE widgets. what else is different?16:55
victorjdhi just find it.16:55
White_Pelican1.6 s/b 1.516:55
Guest87319Hello, I would like to know if kubuntu 8.10 includes the e1000e kernel bug fix ?16:56
victorjdhI'm sorry for my english, i'm learning( im brazilian) :)16:56
victorjdhI'll leave the computer right now. I have things to do. ^^16:56
victorjdhSee you guy!16:56
faileasGuest87319: on mine i think the card is still disabled16:57
DaHopiafaik the module is disabled like in 8.10 beta16:57
memeemeeeI need help connecting to my router through static ip. can't ping the router. everything SHOULD work16:58
victorjdhI think was useful. Bye!16:58
Guest87319But linux mark this bug as fixed ?16:58
KDeskHow can I stop the hp-systray from apearing every time when I log in?17:00
sasocan anybody help me about sharing the files????17:00
tlukashey, how is kubuntu 8.1017:01
tlukasis kde4 finally usable in it ?17:01
faileasIMO yes17:01
PeperJohnnyhello can anyone give me please his sources.list . mine wasnt installed because of a messed up cd :<17:01
sasoplease contact me17:01
faileasPeperJohnny: for which?17:02
PeperJohnnyfaileas: intrepid17:02
memeemeeeI need help connecting to my router through static ip. can't ping the router. everything SHOULD work17:02
faileasPeperJohnny: gimme a moment. i can pastebin mine. i do have a few extras so... as always read through it first17:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about static17:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about staticip17:02
JuJuBeeWhat does this mean?  kernel: [15461.803795] lockd: server not responding17:02
PeperJohnnyfaileas: thanks17:02
tlukaswhat's the version of kde4 shipping with kubuntu now ?17:02
DaHopitlukas: 4.1.217:03
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Did you remember to set a default gw?17:03
tlukasDaHopi: do kde3 applications not available in kde4 yet work withotu problems there? (like konversation for example)17:03
Darthfrogmemeemeee: route add default gw <router IP address>17:04
enzocould you give me the page that explains the upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10 please ?17:04
memeemeeeok Darthfrog I'll try thanks17:04
DaHopitlukas: im writing you from konversation on kde 4.1.2 8.10 live17:04
faileasPeperJohnny: http://paste.ubuntu.com/64691/ i commented out proposed and winff ...17:04
PeperJohnnythanks =)17:05
faileassaso: might wanna learn a little about irc etiquitte...17:05
faileassaso: what kinda file sharing?17:05
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.17:05
memeemeeeDarthfrog, not working17:05
faileasPeperJohnny: still its modified a fair bit so.. take a look. i tried to comment any repos i added myself17:05
tlukasDaHopi: can you make me a screenie? I just can't wait for the torrent to finish :P17:06
Guest87319Can any1 tell me what is the exact kernel version of kubuntu 8.10 ?17:06
PeperJohnnyi will only use the default ones. thanks big time17:06
memeemeeeDarthfrog, when i type gateway it says I need it to be
DarthfrogGuest87319: Linux hyla 2.6.27-7-generic #1 SMP Thu Oct 30 04:12:22 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:06
DaHopitlukas: wait a minute..17:07
Darthfrogmemeemeee: USe this: sudo route add default gw
sasosharing files problems. need some help17:07
faileassaso: what kinda file sharing?17:07
Guest87319e -7- is kubuntu internal numbering, right ? That means they don't use the latest kernel ?17:08
memeemeeehow long should it take to complete Darthfrog?17:09
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Immediately.17:09
sasofaileas: but the problem arises when i want to upload/download files from stationary to laptop17:09
faileassaso: what problem and what protocol?17:10
Darthfrogmemeemeee: What network device (eth0?) are you using?  What static IP are you trying to assign to it?17:10
DaHopitlukas: http://www.hopi-x.de/screen.jpg17:10
sasoon laptop there is kubuntu17:10
sasoon desktop computer there is ubuntu17:11
sasolaptop can download/uploaf files from the other computer17:11
sasobut not vice versa17:11
faileasusing what protocol?17:11
tlukasDaHopi: nice!!! has also the glitty effects right ?17:12
memeemeeeso Darthfrog, it's eth0 and router is at
tlukasI got an nvidia 880017:12
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faileassaso: do you have a ftp server set up on the laptop?17:12
memeemeeeI now have default added to my ip table Darthfrog17:12
faileassaso: well thats what i'd check. still depends on the exact nature of the error too17:13
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Put this stanza in /etc/network/interfaces:http://paste.ubuntu.com/64696/17:14
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Then restart networking.17:14
memeemeeeDarthfrog, "Destination: default Gateway: Genmask: Flags: UG Metric: 100 Use: 0 Iface: eth017:14
tlukasthanks DaHopi17:14
sasofaileas: the problem is that when i try to upload7download from desktop computer writes the next:trying to conect 192.168....... connected to 192.168......17:14
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Leave out the line numbers I inadvertantly pasted. :-)17:14
enzocan you give me the page that explains how to upgrade from kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 ? i remember one bot of this chan can give this page, i don't remember the trigger17:14
faileassaso: and?17:15
sasothat's it17:15
DaHopitlukas: ive got a nvidia 6200 512MB PCI (yeah really).. it rocks with glitter :)17:15
sasonothing happens17:15
brazilian_joehow do I upgrade to Intrepid? update-manager -d is for ubuntu only I believe17:15
DaHopitlukas: u're welcome.. leaving now.. cya :)17:15
enzoand in fact i don't want to upgrade with a gui, but with apt-get only17:16
memeemeeeDarthfrog, [fail]17:16
faileasbrazilian_joe: any command that wotks on ubuntu will work on kubuntu17:17
sasofaileas:when i have got the ubuntu on the laptop i could only reach the shared folder, and the others too. From the other computer i could reach all files and folders17:17
bibsthasigh it finally came out :-)17:17
memeemeeeDarthfrog, "option with empty value"17:17
Darthfrogmemeemeee: From what?17:17
sasofaileas:is there a problem because i've got kubuntu based on wubi17:18
beta-guyI have a WPA wireless network how can I get kubuntu to connect to it?17:18
faileassaso: no. i think the issue seems to be with permissions17:18
Darthfrogbeta-guy: Use knetworkmanager.17:18
enzowill I be able to use k3b if i upgrade to intrepid ?17:18
memeemeeeDarthfrog, ifdown and ifup17:19
faileasenzo: i think so17:19
sasofaileas:any clue how to do it17:19
beta-guyDarthfrog: I thried it it appears to only support WEP17:19
enzohow can i be sure faileas?17:19
memeemeeeDarthfrog, what am I putting in my interfaces file? looked like a url??!?!!17:19
Darthfrogbeta-guy: Nope, supports WPA and WPA2.17:19
brazilian_joefaileas: the thing is, I don't know if running update-manager would turn my Kubuntu 8.04.1 into an Ubuntu 8.10, since it's listed as a Gnome app, flagged as a Ubuntu app in adept and is not even installed by default on Kubuntu (at least not on my system)17:19
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Click on the URL.17:19
faileassaso: not too sure. never set up FTP17:20
faileasenzo: i could test if i wasn't sitting in the dark ;p17:20
sasofaileas:thanks any way. i have to go now. bye17:21
faileasbrazilian_joe: i seem to recall between 7,10 and 8.04 i was asked to update graphically17:21
memeemeeeok Darthfrog so I already have all that in my /etc/network/interfaces17:22
brazilian_joehum nothing has shown up on my screen so far, and I have already updated my sources17:22
memeemeeethat's why I need help Darthfrog. because I still can't get it to ping the router!17:22
Darthfrogmemeemeee: OK, now "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart".  See if it works.17:23
memeemeeethat's what I've been doing17:23
memeemeeeDestination Host Unreachable :(17:24
waynewardi was on intrepid RC with the kernel linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic now im upgrading to the release version and it upgrading my kernel to linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic17:24
waynewardwhich is the same int it!?17:24
Darthfrogmemeemeee: do you have any other network devices in your system?17:24
memeemeeeu mean other computers attatched?17:25
Darthfrogmemeemeee: No.  in *your* system.17:25
enzosomeone has testes to upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10 with adept manager, all is perfectly working ?17:25
memeemeeesorry Darthfrog. I'm not sure what you mean17:25
waynewardmemeemeee uncomment any settings apart from loopback in your network/interfaces17:25
waynewardthen restart network17:26
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memeemeeenothing is commented17:26
Darthfrogmemeemeee: How many things in your computer can you plug a network cable into?  Any wireless network cards?17:26
waynewardtry ->  dhclient eth0 and try -> dhclient eth117:26
memeemeeeah. nope just the one ethernet port and no other cards. I actually just took out the factory modem because it was causing complications at boot Darthfrog17:27
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Check the network cable.  If isn't loose, replace it with a known good cable and try again.17:27
memeemeeeah Darthfrog good idea. I do have a cat after all ;)17:28
Nikkeis it impossible to get kde 3.5.10 on intrepid?17:28
faileasNikke: there seems to be a howto on the forums17:29
Nikkefaileas: okey thank you17:29
waynewardu might as well stick with hardy whats the point!? backport17:29
memeemeeeDarthfrog, should my /etc..interfaces have a network entry? what about broadcast?17:30
faileaswayneward: true17:30
* faileas has grown to love KDE4 ;p17:30
Nikkewayneward: yes true but i want to use KDE4 but i got big problems with my nvidia card17:30
Darthfrogmemeemeee: You did all that when you edited the file with the info I gave you in the pastbin URL.  That was supposed to be a permanent change, so that things are set up right upon booting.17:31
waynewardi been running it for a few weeks now and have seen some improvements in this time17:31
* faileas seems to be hearing that a lot17:31
memeemeeeDarthfrog, there was no info for broadcast or network. I've just seen them in a lot of online helps so wondered if i needed them17:31
waynewardi use a nvidia 6600 and cant have desktop effect on apart from that i have dula monitor working fime with the new version intrepid17:32
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Mind doesn't have either network or broadcast settings, I presume the default works. :-)17:32
memeemeeenew cable... works fine. "Destination Host Unreachable" Darthfrog17:32
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Have you tried dhcp?  Does it work?17:33
memeemeeenope. not working either17:33
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memeemeeethis all started when I tried to set static ip with Kcontrol17:33
Darthfrogmemeemeee: sudo ifconfig eth0 down && sudo dhclient eth017:33
Nikkewayneward: i got XFX GeForce 6200A17:33
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brazilian_joefound it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu :)17:34
Nikkewayneward: dont work so well, very slow17:34
waynewardshould be ok with desktop effects off?17:34
W8TAHhi how do i UNinstall a plasmoid that i installed from a file so that i can install the repaired version?17:34
waynewardmy network conf  copy this http://pastebin.com/f448883f717:34
NikkeW8TAH: can't you just click uninstall?17:34
W8TAHNikke, i can remove it from the desktop but i cant seem to remove it from the add widgets list17:35
administratorwhowas nikke17:35
W8TAHor uninstall totally17:35
memeemeeeDarthfrog, "no DHCPOFFERS received"17:35
Nikkeadministrator: ?17:35
NikkeW8TAH: hmm strange17:36
W8TAHi really like plasma -- but getting what i need to work is a bit tedious17:37
W8TAHsuperkaramba themes dont play right sometimes17:37
W8TAHand plasmoids dont fulfill the needs17:37
administratorpardon me, I was trying to explain to someone the language that is usable in IRC and just randomly picked something17:37
Nikkeadministrator: ah okey =)17:38
gustavoHello. After I upgraded(?) to v8.10, I can't access wireless nor wired networks. What should I do? I have no idea where to start.17:38
administrator  Just reboot and then hit esc and pick an earlier version17:38
beta-guy_gustavo: if you can't get wireless or wired how are you talking to us?17:38
Mixed432anyone knows how to configure the scroll wheel on a USB mousie?17:38
gustavobeta-guy_: this is another computer17:39
beta-guy_oh :)17:39
waynewarddo you mean to make it scroll the mouse17:39
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JuJuBeeWhat id the difference between this (     /home   nfs     soft        2       0) from fstab and this (sudo mount /home) ? besides the one from fstab being mounted at startup.17:39
Mixed432wayneward, yes, when I scroll the wheel up or down while browsing firefox i want the page to scroll up and down, just like it does in windows17:39
administratorturn on smooth scrolling i do believe17:40
waynewardah does it  scroll up and down in konqueror or a open office doc but not firefox?17:40
waynewardor no scroll at all17:40
waynewardtest oe konqueror and try scrolling a web page17:41
Mixed432wayneward it doesnt scroll at all but when i click down on the mouse it acts funny, it's as it I typed something in the URL and pressed "enter"17:41
waynewardyou basically need this line in your | etc | X11 | xorg.conf ->   Option         "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"17:42
waynewardin input device section17:42
waynewardmouse section17:42
grisu_Hi, dunno if this is already known. But http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download points to the wrong directory for alternate CD's. Guess that should be fixed.17:42
joshualhey folks, is there anything I can do to force ubuntu-amd64 to be a pure amd64 system (not install 32 bit libs etc)?17:43
Mixed432Option"ZAxisMapping""4 5"17:43
Mixed432wayneward, that's what I have in xorg.conf, it still wont work17:44
waynewardthats all right - have u tried pulling it out and trying in another usb slot17:45
waynewardis this on intrepid?17:45
Mixed432no, this is on ubuntustudio, let me try another USB slot then17:45
waynewardare you running kde on top of ubuntustudio17:46
Sirsomebody please help.  i removed all packages with compiz and now all programs that automatically boot will not show up in my taskbar.  because of this i can't get to adept manager to reinstall the package that may be causing my problem.  another problem is that the frame around my windows does not exitst, therefore i can't move or close them (without going to the file menu).17:47
Mixed432wayneward, i tried KDE for a while, right now im using gnome, it does the same thing on both17:47
kronomanI have a ext3 filesystem, I keep erasing files, yet reports 0 bytes free, what is wrong?17:50
JuJuBeeIs samba better than nfs?  Should I use samba to mount /home for my students or nfs?17:50
Mixed432kronoman, empty the thrash bin17:51
memeemeeeso Darthfrog. can we look back at the ip tables?17:51
kronomanMixed432: I'm using rm -rf to erase, not GUI commands17:51
kronomanalso erased .Trash already too17:51
memeemeeeor Darthfrog do you think it might have something to do with the /etc/networks ?17:51
waynewardtry opening a termnal and remove something using rm filename17:52
waynewardthen do df -h17:52
JuJuBeeAnybody?  nfs vs. samba ?17:52
waynewardsee if you delete omething17:52
Mixed432kronoman, maybe youre deleting on the wrong directory?  try "sudo fdisk -l"  so you can view your partitions17:52
Salzekronoman: I've had that before, too. Seems to happen (from time to time) with big deletes. Waiting a while or unmounting (rebooting) has helped for me.17:52
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waynewarddepends want any windows boxes to access your shares is so samba is pretty easy to configure17:53
kronomanI tried reboot, unmout, mount again, df -h, nothing, stills 0 bytes free17:53
kronomanmaybe the filesystem is corrupt?17:53
waynewardsounds like it unmount it and check it17:53
kronomangoing to try that, thanks17:54
sba61hi, how do I disable tooltips on the panel?17:55
simihi, if someopne can give me some advice in my problem with power management on a laptop please read this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6048506#post604850617:59
HandcraftedIs the desktop-x86 kubuntu 8.10 also a live disk?18:03
faileasunless its alternate18:03
killermachdoes anyone know if there is a dimdim channel?18:03
Nece228congrats on kubuntu 8.0118:03
Nikkeis it possible to go from kubuntu to ubuntu without do a new install?18:04
Tm_T!puregnome | Nikke18:04
ubottuNikke: If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »18:04
Nece228i shiped free kubuntu cds18:05
Nece228now ill look does kubuntu maked kde4 full featured desktop18:05
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Sorry, I was AFK for a bit.  You can try "sudo iptables -F" if you think that a firewall rule is the problem.18:08
Nece228anyway im goint to install amarok 2 beta instead of 1.418:08
sba61do you guys get ugly firefox tabs as well?18:08
Darthfrogsba61: I have the Colourful Tabs extension installed.  Looks nice to me. :-)18:13
faileasNece228: i'd suggest waiting on that18:13
KDeskHow can I stop the hp-systray from apearing every time when I log in?18:14
memeemeeeok Darthfrog. my ip table looks like this http://pastebin.com/d4f1dda3518:14
DarthfrogKDesk: If you never need it, delete it from the system.  Use Adept to search for it, then delete the installed package.18:15
KDeskDarthfrog: ok, thanks!18:15
Darthfrogmemeemeee: That's your routing table.18:15
isaacj87Hey everyone. Quick and easy questions...I'm currently running openSUSE 11.1 beta 3, but I can't stand YaST. Does Kubuntu 8.10 install KDE 4.1.2 by default? If so, will Kubuntu get the KDE matinence release updates?18:15
memeemeeeright. that's what i meant18:15
memeemeeewe were talking about it earlier18:16
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Looks fine to me.18:16
Darthfrogmemeemeee: I'm out of ideas, sorry.18:17
joshualanyone running kubuntu amd64? if so how did you install flash plugin ? I'm trying to figure out the best way, I use Opera browser.18:17
DarthfrogOther than trying dhclient to see if DHCP works.18:17
PeperJohnnyjoshual: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree18:17
memeemeeewow! no one can help me! I even got the network gurus at ##networking to look at it and they can't help!18:18
sba61Darthfrog: great, not that I need the colorful tabs but it solved my issues :)18:18
Darthfrogmemeemeee: Try this: sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop && sudo dhclient eth018:19
winterelfhi, i need to know if i m using the wireless driver iwl3945 , what is the command to check that out?18:19
Darthfrogsba61: They'll grow on you. :-)18:19
Darthfrogwinterelf:  lsmod | grep iwl394518:19
ubuntu_what error 17 means?18:20
winterelfDarthfrog: thanks18:20
joshualPeperJohnny: are you running kubuntu amd64? There are different methods for us... 3 different methods18:20
mankeletorhey there, how can I make work ath0 in kubuntu?18:21
winterelfDarthfrog: i got this message..... (sorry about the mass)18:21
PeperJohnnyjoshual: yes i am and the method i wrote is one very simple18:21
winterelfiwl3945                96244  018:21
winterelflbm_iwl_mac80211      242292  1 iwl394518:21
winterelfrfkill                  8596  2 iwl394518:21
winterelfled_class               6020  1 iwl394518:21
winterelflbm_iwl_cfg80211       33248  2 iwl3945,lbm_iwl_mac8021118:21
winterelfwhat is that mean? i m using it or not?18:22
Darthfrogwinterelf: Use pastebin for output.18:22
joshualPeperJohnny: I thought that there was a method that only installed the plugin so that you didnt have to install 32bit libraries?18:22
Darthfrog!paste | winterelf18:22
ubottuwinterelf: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)18:22
joshualamd I wrong?18:22
winterelfho, cool18:22
joshualI meant "am I wrong?"18:23
Darthfrogwinterelf: Yes, it means your kernel is loading that driver.18:23
PeperJohnnyjoshual: hmm ill look for it but i didnt heard of such a method18:23
Darthfrogmankeletor: Use jockey-kde to install the drivers for your Atheros card, then use knetworkmanager to set up wireless networking.18:24
winterelfDarthfrog: it means lsmod tells me about all the drivers that are loaded right now?18:24
joshualPeperJohnny: have you ever tried the free flash plugin alternatives, like gnash and swf-player?18:24
Darthfrogwinterelf:  Yes.  and use "modprobe" to load new ones and "rmmod" to remove loaded drivers.18:25
mankeletorDarthfrog: thx :)18:25
PeperJohnnyjoshual: though i read that gnash improved a lot18:25
TheFuzzballHi, How do I add Kubuntu to NTLDR's boot.ini?18:25
PeperJohnnyPeperJohnny: no i didnt18:25
winterelfDarthfrog: ok, thanks :)18:25
TheFuzzballGRUB has scewed me over again :'(18:25
joshualPeperJohnny: does one need to install gnome libs when installing gnash?18:25
PeperJohnnyjoshual: no. if you install flashplugin-nonfree you just get the plugin no additional libs at least aptitude told me that no libs are neccessary18:27
joshualPeperJohnny:  what about with gnash?18:27
PeperJohnnyjoshual: gnash needs some libs18:27
joshualin that case i'll just install flashplugin-nonfree thx18:28
PeperJohnnyyoure welcome18:29
joshualPeperJohnny: since I'm installing flashplugin which requires ia32-libs, do I need to specify that any other package i install is 64bit, or is it still the first architecture selected when installing packages?18:32
PeperJohnnyjoshual: everything will be installed so that it should work18:32
joshualPeperJohnny: what I mean is, will future packages I install be 64bit if there is a 64bit package available, or will it install 32bit even though there is a 64bit available because i just installed 32bit libraries?18:34
PeperJohnnyjoshual: no if 64bit is avaible it will be installed18:34
joshualah great thanks PeperJohnny, as you can tell i'm new to 64bit OS18:35
winterelfhi, need to know something... what's ipwraw ?18:35
PeperJohnnyyoure welcome18:35
PeperJohnnywinterelf: afaik its a driver for wlan cards18:38
winterelfPeperJohnny: afaik? u mean ipwraw? why did u called it afaik?18:39
PeperJohnnywinterelf: afaik= as far as i know =)18:39
dany_21a_does anyone use kubuntu 8.10 in a vmware?18:42
faileashas anyone run virtualbox in 8.10? is there a solution for the" Could not load the Host USB Proxy Service (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND). The service might be not installed on the host computer. " error?18:45
=== ubuntu_ is now known as fredde
Picifredde: virtualbox-ose does not have support for usb devices.18:48
xevixapachelogger, congrats on a great release =)18:48
Picifaileas: sorry see above ^18:48
faileasPici: not using OSE. using the version off the virtualbox site18:49
Picifaileas: Then perhaps #vbox would be a better place to ask?18:49
faileasPici: i'll ask there as well then.18:50
cumulus007hello, how do I get flash 10 working in Konqueror in KDE 4.1 x86 on Uubntu Intrepid?18:51
freddehello. i have just installed kubuntu on my laptop. its the first time on a laptop. the computer is a acer aspire 5024. now i have the kubuntu cd in my drive. now i want to take out cd from my cdrom. but the buttom on the computer dooesnt work. someone understand my problem and can help me?18:51
cumulus007fredde: hi, which version of kubunt are you using?18:52
cumulus007you can open the recently mounted applet18:52
cumulus007en then click the unmount button next to tthe cd drive icon18:53
freddecumulus007: im sorry. i didnt see this before. i cant even see the cdrom in dolphin.18:57
cumulus007fredde: in the system tray, you have to look for a computer icon18:58
cumulus007it's near the clock18:58
cumulus007click on it18:58
cumulus007do you see a list of mounted devices then?18:58
manishis it possible to group chat on KOPETE19:01
freddecumulus007: could it be this: a icon next to my harddrive in "storage Media". Remote Share (unionfs)19:01
PeperJohnnymanish: like everythin in one window with tabs?19:01
eeanjust upgraded to kubuntu 8.10. it shares a problem I had with 8.04: knetworkmanager doesn't start automatically19:02
manishno not with tabs but within a common window19:03
manishPeper Johnny: where 3 or more people   can discuss someting on a common platform19:03
PeperJohnnyah depends on the protocoll you are using19:03
freddeperheps its a comon problem with acer laptops. i will try to look for help on google. need to watch some hockey with the family now. bye and thanks19:03
jussi01!autostart | eean19:04
ubottueean: To make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory. For a complete guide, see http://jucato.org/kde/kde-autostart.html19:04
eeanthose are kde3 instructions19:04
manishPepper Jhonny: so what protocol am i using right now how do i know that19:05
jussi01eean: the first one is the same in kde419:05
PeperJohnnymanish: are you chating via msn icq or whatsoever19:05
jussi01ie. you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart19:05
eeanmy .kde4 doesn't have an Autostart19:06
manishin kopete i have my gmail and yahoo messenger contacts19:06
eeanI'll just create it and see if it works19:06
PeperJohnnymanish: so in jabber you can open multi user chats..dunno how it works with yahoo19:06
PeperJohnnymanish: gmail is using the jabber protocoll19:06
manishPepper Jhonny: how do i do it in then19:06
cumulus007how to use gstreamer in amarok?19:07
manishin jabber19:07
exobuzznice that the new kubuntu is out. shame it has some real nasty bugs. I would perhaps prefer to wait until some things are fixed19:07
manishPepper Jhonny: so how do i do it19:08
eeanexobuzz: whats wrong?19:08
PeperJohnnymanish: nah sorry i forgot :<19:08
manishPepper Jhonny: bcz i tried every possibel option therein the status bar but to no avail19:08
exobuzzeean: static ip configuration in knetworkmanager is broken (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/knetworkmanager/+bug/279409), dragging folder from quick access bar to desktop and choosing folder vew crashes plasma. and some others19:09
jussi01eean: did it work?19:09
eeanjussi01: dunno, I'll see next time I restart :)19:09
manishGenii: Do you know how to group chat in Kopete19:10
TimSAhh, 8.10 broke my ati drivers19:10
PeperJohnnymanish: you could still ask in #kopete19:10
jmichaelxOK, i just experienced a major upgrade fail. i just finished upgrading to kubuntu intrepid, but after rebooting, it stalls and stops. grub still says ubuntu 8.04/linux 2.6.24. i can get to a terminal, but it will not let me use 'sudo'. any advice?19:10
manishthanks Pepper Jhonny19:10
manishActionParsnip: do you know how i could group chat in kopete19:14
manishdoes any body know how to group chat in Kopete19:16
manishis any body home today...?19:17
=== sean is now known as psyco
psycohey guys,19:20
psycoI want to reinstall kubuntu, but I have a bunch of torrents on azureus19:20
psycohow do I reinstall and not lose that list19:21
psyco(so, what files do I need to back up)19:21
faileaspsyco: .torrents for those files + the data files19:21
DarkSmokeanyone tried intrepid yet? :P19:22
Bonaldo2000Hi, I burn the new kubuntu image (8.10) but when I try to install I get the error "Error reading boot cd"19:22
DarkSmokeBonaldo2000:  try to burn at a lower speed19:22
Bonaldo2000I have tried burning at 8x (the lowest my burner can do)...19:22
psycofaileas: I know but I dont want to have to restart all those torrents because that would take a whole day,19:22
DarkSmokeit can do x2 and x4 :/19:22
psycoI want to back up the file that says what that list is to azureus19:22
Bonaldo2000I have never had problems before with burning an image19:22
DarkSmokepsyco:  you can open multeple .torrent files at once if im not wrong...19:23
Bonaldo2000well, maybe I should try in linux, maybe it can burn at lower speed....19:23
Bonaldo2000I'll be back! (probably)19:23
psycoYeah but they are mostly music, and my music is in seperate folders so i'd have to open them sperately19:23
TimSBlasted Ubuntu update screwing with my X config! aticonfig is damn usefull :D19:24
manishany idea how to have group conversations on kopete19:24
faileaspsyco: you would need to check the torrents and then carry on19:24
faileaspsyco: i've even moved torrents from box to box that way19:24
psycofaileas: check the torrents and carry on?19:25
psycoWHat about the /home/.azureus/downloads.config   is that the file that I shoudl back up?19:26
faileaspsyco: yeah. IIRC if you point a torrent at a folder with the files already in it it rechecks and carries on19:26
faileaspsyco: no 1 priority should be torrents + data. anything else is secondary19:26
Caarrie|macis there a solution for the error "not starting K display manager;it is not the default"19:27
psycofaileas: I've already backed up all my stuff, now is just making my life easier by moving one file instead of rechecking all the torrents19:27
JenZhi all, just downloaded and installed the Alternate-version of Kubuntu (because in the desktop-cd my gfx-card was not recognized (ati radeon 9600 r300)19:27
JenZbut i still dont have a graphical interface19:27
JenZi'm able to go to tty1 to 619:27
JenZso entering commands works19:27
JenZhow do i get xserver working?19:27
ChrisMirtry X19:28
JenZwhen i try to edit (nano) the /etc/X11/xorg.conf it's empty19:28
ChrisMirai, that is no good19:28
JenZwhen i enter X i get 'fatal server error: is allready running on display 019:28
JenZbut when i revert i get video mode not supported?19:29
Caarrie|macFatal server error: no screens found19:29
ChrisMirlook for an X instance with 'ps aux' and kill it, then try to start x again19:29
JenZhow do i kill it Chris?19:31
ChrisMirJenZ: Hmm, just saw you installed alternate version. I'm not sure if that one has X installed as default19:31
Caarrie|mackillall X ?19:31
JenZsorry, pretty linux-noob19:31
ChrisMirnp. killall X could work, else kill -s 9 xxxx where xxxx is the PID number of the process19:32
NauarchLysanderI upgraded to 8.10 this afternoon, but now KDE is VERY slow. Especially the Desktop plasmoid. When I move my mouse over it, the desktop freezes for about five seconds. I can't work like that. Is there a way out of that?19:32
Nece228do you know what most important words about ubuntu19:32
jmichaelxOK, i just experienced a major upgrade fail. i just finished upgrading to kubuntu intrepid, but after rebooting, it stalls and stops. grub still says ubuntu 8.04/linux 2.6.24. i can get to a terminal, but it will not let me use 'sudo'. any advice?19:32
Nece228"and remember, the dog is everythink"19:32
JenZi'm not allowed to kill the process19:32
JenZi'll try sudo19:32
ChrisMirexactly :)19:33
JenZi did that19:33
JenZscreen went down19:33
JenZvideo not supported19:33
psycoanyone else know? What do I need to backup inorder to have azureus running exactly the same on my new install. I've already backed up .torrents and data. WHat is the file that tells azureus the list of downloads/uploads I have?19:33
ChrisMirhmm :(19:33
TimSHow do I open a root terminal?19:33
JenZi definetly want xUbuntu (i installed it over Windows Home Server19:34
ChrisMirwhat is the login manager in Xubuntu?19:34
JenZi meant x as in (any) ubuntu-flavor19:34
ChrisMirJenZ: Perhaps you could try sudo /etc/init.d/dgm restart19:34
ChrisMiror sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart if you have kde installed19:35
=== jason__ is now known as Tamagotono
gustavo_Why Kontact crashes when it's opened?19:35
JenZit all does something but .... my monitor says video mode not supported19:36
JenZtried another monitor btw19:36
JenZsame effect19:36
JenZtoo bad i can't edit xorg.conf :(:(:(19:36
NauarchLysanderI upgraded to 8.10 this afternoon, but now KDE is VERY slow. Especially the Desktop plasmoid. When I move my mouse over it, the desktop freezes for about five seconds. I can't work like that. Is there a way out of that?19:36
psycoGuys, Anyone using KDE4, are desktop effects decent or is compiz still WAY WAY better19:36
gustavo_This is the traceback when it crashes: http://pastebin.com/d7189c0e719:37
ChrisMirJenZ: But the best thing you can do to analyze xserver failure is to simply try to start X from tty1 and when it failes read file /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:37
manishpsyco: i thnk compiz is any time better19:37
O-Rangecan someone help me?19:38
psycoI know its better but I want to know how much,19:38
ChrisMirO-Range: Just put down your question, someone might pick it up :)19:38
psycolike any major flaws in kde4 effects?19:38
psycoor anything uber good in compiz (other than cube)19:38
manishhow do you quantiz it???19:38
O-Rangeim installed ubuntu 8.10 and when i logged in wih my un and pw i get a dark screen with some shadows and no more19:39
Caarrie|macany advice on getting kdm to start?19:39
JenZi'm trying to start it Chris, but it says 'fatal error ... allready running on display 0 then it says invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keygiving up19:39
manishya the smootheness of the system as a whole and the compatibility for various things19:39
manishhave to checked the working of power manager in K419:39
manishmine was a gr8 headache19:40
Under_WrapsCan somebody update the Kubuntu forums - www.kubuntuforums.net19:40
Under_Wraps"Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex (under development)"19:40
manishUnder Wraps: it is developed since 1 hr 11 mins now19:41
ChrisMirJenZ: there realy shouldn't be an X instance running before you continue testing, I think19:41
manish(Just kidding)19:41
NauarchLysanderI upgraded to 8.10 this afternoon, but now KDE is VERY slow. Especially the Desktop plasmoid. When I move my mouse over it, the desktop freezes for about five seconds. I can't work like that. Is there a way out of that?19:42
JenZi understand chris, but everytime i kill  the process it restarts itself19:42
JenZwith another pid19:42
ChrisMirJenZ: ok19:42
JenZand sends me back to the 'video not supported' tty19:42
JenZand i can only go back to tty119:43
JenZviewing that Xorg.0.log you told me19:43
ChrisMirJenZ: in tty1 do /etc/init.d/kdm stop19:43
ChrisMirprepend with sudo off course :)19:44
O-Rangenobody get the problem like me?19:44
JenZstopping KDM: kdm not runningkill: 187: operation not permitted19:44
JenZoops :p19:44
JenZsudo again19:44
JenZok, stopped19:44
ChrisMirJenZ: Look if any X instance is still running19:45
JenZbtw: tnx chris for helping me out19:45
JenZi DONT want to go back to WHS (spend 1 hour there :-)19:45
ChrisMirJenZ: Well, I'm trying :)19:45
JenZi wanna make a good Nas-sollution at home19:45
ChrisMirJenZ: I understand, that is what I have as well. with my ps3 in the living room as host19:46
ChrisMirerr... clietn19:46
JenZi have xbmc but we want the same :)19:46
JenZbut i remeber something19:47
NauarchLysanderI upgraded to 8.10 this afternoon, but now KDE is VERY slow. Especially the Desktop plasmoid. When I move my mouse over it, the desktop freezes for about five seconds. I can't work like that. Is there a way out of that?19:47
JenZoh no, i thought i installed 8.04 over here19:47
JenZbut that was on my other system19:47
ChrisMirJenZ: Did you check already if X is still running (ps aux)19:48
JenZnot running19:48
JenZwould xubuntu be a sollution? or does it use the same ubuntu-base which will give me troubles too?19:49
JenZstupid gfx-card :-( (radeon 9600tx)19:49
ChrisMirJenZ: Now X is not running anymore (because of kdt stop), you could try running X from the commandline and it will give feedback if it fails19:51
psycoNauarchLysander: WHat is your vid card19:51
joshualanyone know how to open a .sqlite file?19:51
psycoNauarchLysander: Ususally, a OS is never that slow because of specs. Try fooling around with drivers if you have nothing to lose.19:51
NauarchLysanderpsyco: Nvidia GeForce 8600M. I installed the newest restricted driver.19:53
rickestjoshual: sqlite319:53
psycoNauarchLysander: Hmm then I dotn knwo.19:53
NauarchLysanderpsyco: Ok, still, thanks.19:54
sfearssnowmoon-work: install sysv-rc-conf & make sure your bluetooth services are enabled?19:56
JenZChris, i'm not asleep but just trying another gfx-card19:56
sfearsif i remove the NetworkManager.conf & knetworkmanager.conf files from /etc/dbus-1/system.d my issue goes away but then knetworkmanager doesn't start on boot up and i can't connect to any wireless networks!19:56
joshualanyone tried the qt-firefox?19:57
JenZhmmm, chris, do i need to do anything special?19:57
JenZafter i get 'starting up' cursor keeps blinking but ... no boot19:58
JenZdo i need to start it in safe mode? :)19:58
enzoi've installed intrepid, all is ok except nvidia driver, what is the prog to launch to install driver ? the popup has appeared but it has locked19:59
rgreeningIs there a way to make Konqueror properly view svg files? Like in the adobe svg viewer plugin?20:00
cyrylкто знает русский20:00
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke20:00
joshualis there anyway to add a repo but only for a particular package? for example I want to use: http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ repo but only for the firefox-qt package...20:00
ardchoillethere's a qt version of firefox?20:01
joshualardchoille: yeah its very much in development stage though20:01
rgreeningalpha/beta only20:01
ardchoilleWell, it's nice that someone is working on it20:01
ardchoilleGood to hear20:02
joshualso is there any way to specify a package when entering a repository ?20:02
ardchoillejoshual: you can always enable that one repo, install what you want, then disable it again.. or disable it when you do updates20:04
joshualardchoille: ok, thats what I was thinking too.20:04
sba61joshual: something like described here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#With%20individual%20packages20:04
sba61doesn't solve dependencies though20:05
ardchoillesba61: He'd run into deps issues that way I would think20:05
ChrisMirJenZ: Heh, seems your system is pretty borked, which seems strange so soon after an install. Did you do check the md5sum of the install cd?20:05
JenZif i dont have a keyboard, how do ik access the start-menu?20:06
=== Tizz_ is now known as Tizz
sba61I still didn't figure out how to search for packages with the new adept... is there a way to do it?20:06
JenZsorry chris, i was pm'ing you :)20:06
JenZi installed an old geforce20:06
JenZand it works20:06
sba61I only get the packages that programs in the list20:06
JenZbut, the mouse isn't responding20:06
JenZhow do i access the start menu?20:07
ChrisMirNot so cool! :(20:07
JenZso i can close it down and eat my french fries with the angry misses :p20:07
JenZyou were way cool for helping me out20:07
ChrisMirNo problem ;-)20:07
ChrisMirBut let me think. I know there's a shortcut for the start button20:08
anoneemousehello, does someone here know how to configure multiple monitors on kde4?20:09
JenZno worries, hard shut down then20:09
JenZthank you a lot20:10
JenZttyl i hope20:10
anoneemousewhen i maximise windows they fill both screens20:10
xevixafter plasma crash i lost panel, i remove plasmarc stuff, restarted plasma, and panel is back, but now 3 apps (knetworkmanager, skim, and kpowersave) open up as floating tray icons, and don't sit in the tray like they used to.  how do i get them back in the tray?20:10
=== aakash is now known as smarty
smartyhi, how can i delete a directory20:10
Caarrie|macxevix: reboot a few times or restart x and they will go back20:10
smartywhen i try it says access denied or omsethin20:11
anoneemousewhere are the files located smarty?20:11
MrBallZare servers being raped atm ?? ... thinking of waiting until sunday to do dist-upgrade ...20:11
smartyanoneemouse : Documents20:11
anoneemousedid you right click and check the permissions?20:12
smartystill no luck20:12
anoneemouseread only is set?20:12
anoneemousehave you tried deleting them from command line?20:12
smartydir is not empty..20:13
smartywont delete20:13
smartytried indiv. deleting also20:13
smartywhen inside the folder, it doesnt give the option for moving to trash20:13
favrosmarty: to remove a dir on the command line is   rm -r /path20:14
ChrisMirJenZ: yeh, see you later maybe. Good luck with setting up your nas :)20:14
smartyok favro, i'll try that ... sec20:17
MrBallZhow many MB's is the dist-upgrade ?20:18
smartyfavro: "rm: cannot remove '<filename>'20:18
favrosmarty: thought you were removing a dir?20:18
smartyi am20:19
favrotry sudo rm20:19
smartyim already in root20:19
favrotry sudo rm -r20:19
ardchoillesmarty: looks like you might need sudo but be very careful with it20:19
smartygeneraly, it'll say perm. denied no? (if i wasnt root)20:19
favrosmarty: what does ls -l return for the dir?20:19
smartyah okay i got it now20:20
smartyTHANKS guys20:20
favrowhat was the issue?20:20
smartyi actually just rebooted the X server,20:20
smartyodd but yea20:20
ChrisMirsmarty: Perhaps some process has an open file in that directory. lsof | grep Documents could show you what process20:20
smartythanks though20:20
ChrisMirah wait. Killing X probably killed that process :p20:21
=== mike is now known as Maxo
smartythanks very much though. :D20:22
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=== dontlookatmynick is now known as Nece228
sYskkhow is it easy to pass from ubuntu to kubuntu ? Is it a completely different OS and you need to format and install the OS ?20:25
Tm_TsYskk: it's same20:25
ChrisMirsudo apt-get install kde-desktop20:25
Tm_TKubuntu is Ubuntu20:25
ChrisMirah yeas, soz20:26
sYskkoh ok... so kubuntu is ubuntu + kde ?20:26
risosYskk: yes20:26
risoyuriy: but without gnome20:26
ChrisMiryes, and with a fresh kubuntu install its without gnome20:26
ChrisMirinstalling kubuntu-desktop from ubuntu does not uninstall gnome, right?20:27
BleSShow to grow up a partition? only *temporary*20:28
risoChrisMir: if you do not uninstall it manually...20:28
ardchoilleChrisMir: no20:28
noaXessare the archive.ubuntu.com servs down for maintenance?20:29
ardchoillenoaXess: they're slow due to release day20:29
sYskkare GUI applications in ubuntu specifically written for kde or gnome or is it pretty much portable ?20:29
ardchoillesYskk: they're pretty much portable20:30
risonoaXess: 8.10 is out. everybody is downloading20:30
ardchoillekde apps run nicely in gnome and vice-versa20:30
Tm_Triso: I'm not20:30
sYskkok thx :)20:30
noaXessriso: me too.. just wait for kde 4.2 in january.. it will be more stable, mor functionaly and more usfull.. like kde3.520:30
risonoaXess: kde 4.0 is pretty unstable now :)20:31
=== riso is now known as turtlak69
ardchoilleriso: interpid doesn't have kde 4.020:31
Tm_TKDE is just fine for some people20:31
rgreeningKubuntu has 4.1.2 (soon 4.1.3) not 4.020:32
noaXessinterpid has 4.120:32
turtlak69Tm_T: too buggy (but I am using it)20:32
Tm_Tturtlak69: not here20:32
jmichaelxwell, i trashed my kubuntu install somehow in the upgrade process. i am now doing a fresh install of intrepid, but it is hanging at %82 'scanning mirrors'. does this just have to do with busy servers?20:33
turtlak69Tm_T: I will see after next upgrade :)20:33
ardchoillejmichaelx: likely20:33
rgreening4.1.2 is rock solid here for me, and what missing bits there are are available via kde 3.5.10 for intrepid (like konversation, k3b, etc)20:33
Tm_Tturtlak69: though I have KDE 4.1.71 (KDE 4.2 >= 20081023)20:33
jmichaelxok, makes me feel better. i have NEVER had these kinds of issues upgrading before.20:33
noaXessrgreening: the prob is some system settings, like key bindings, shortcuts and so on..20:34
turtlak69Tm_T: I am going to try something new but there is no time for that...20:34
ardchoillejmichaelx: release day is huge and you can expect things to be slow20:34
ardchoillejmichaelx: I just downloaded a 10 mb icon theme and it took almost 20 minutes20:34
Tm_Tturtlak69: I don't have time other than this but... meh20:34
rgreeningnoaXess: open bug reports for the missing bits, I'm sure someone will help write them in (like me)20:34
jmichaelxardchoille: no, the issues i am referring to have to do with how wrong things went when i tried to upgrade... i don't really care about busy serves20:34
ardchoilleah, ok20:35
turtlak69Tm_T: if zou have to, just do it :D or something like that. I do not know how to say it english :D20:35
jmichaelxardchoille: my system was completely unsalvageable after the upgrade.20:35
ChrisMirThats why I installed the rc release last week. hardly any difference and brought on par with updates20:35
jmichaelx(at least for me)20:35
ardchoillejmichaelx: I've never been able to do an upgrade successfully20:36
ardchoilleBut, then again, a fresh install cleans things out anyway20:36
jmichaelxardchoille: yeah, i guess i is no big tragedy. i had /home on its own partition.20:37
=== alfiu is now known as alfiu1
ardchoillejmichaelx: that saved you some headaches I bet20:37
turtlak69ardchoille: it is time to change it :)20:37
jameswfso 8.10 has been out half a day nothing blew up....20:37
ardchoilleI think I'm going to stick with Hardy until January, Hardy has treated me well, the devs did an excellent job there20:38
ChrisMirWhile I have a partition for all user data, I have two partitions for the OS. With every update I use the other partition for a fresh install. I have had bad experience with updates too :)20:38
ardchoilleChrisMir: Nice way to do installs :)20:39
jmichaelxardchoille: hardy was the best linu distro for me in a long time20:39
dan_I have installed 8.10 kubuntu, when logging in for the first time, I get the KDE splash screen, an image of a hard drive becomes clear then at this point it freezes. It is immediatley after clicking enter on my password, any suggestions?20:39
ardchoilleFor me, before Hardy, it was Dapper that was the best20:39
dan_I cannot logon at least in gui mode, I can get to console20:40
jmichaelxbut, i have intrepid on this laptop.... and even though i really resented having to switch to KDE4, i am really liking it20:40
ardchoilledan_: you might try "startx" in console to see if there is any useable error output20:40
dan_ok, ill try that now20:40
jmichaelxkde4 in intrepid is MUCH better than it was in hardy20:41
JontheEchidna^That was the point '-)20:41
ChrisMirjmichaelx: yep. This is the first release I'm giving a serious shot. Previously I fell back to 3.520:41
vorianJontheEchidna: nice work :P20:42
JontheEchidnavorian: you too :P20:42
dan_ardchoille: I did the startx and it fired up the login screen with the freeze after the image of the hdd20:43
ardchoilledan_: ok, is there any usable info in the console?20:43
dan_no just the frozen screen20:44
dan_kde 4.1 and the splash screen20:44
ardchoilleno, in the console where you typed "startx"20:44
ardchoillectrl+alt+f1 ?20:44
dan_it displayed some text but was too quick20:44
ardchoilleok, it was a shot20:44
ChrisMirwhen you get back to the console try: cat .xsession-errors20:45
dan_no reply from ctrl alt f1 but the mouse cursor still moves20:45
ChrisMirperhaps there is some info20:45
ardchoillenot sure about how to help. there are days I use tty1 with screen and other apps and don't even use x20:45
dan_ChrisMir: i'll try that now20:46
jpedrozaHas anyone been able to get desktop effects to work with the non-FOSS nvidia driver?20:46
ardchoilleless .xsession-errors20:46
ardchoillemight be ore usefull20:47
=== engel is now known as Guest54986
stabbeHi, i just installed 8.10. In my system tray there is a black square behind all of the icons exept the ones that was there from the start. Any advice what to do to get rid of it? Or is it a known bug?20:48
dan_ok, lots of output, .ooo-template.desktop is not compliant with XDG standard (missing trailing semi colan20:49
dan_lots of the not compliant20:49
dan_comms problem with kded it probably crashed20:49
JontheEchidnastabbe: yes, will be resolved in KDE 4.220:50
Nikkewhat is the meta package for ubuntu if i want to remove whole ubuntu, i did apt-get install kubuntu-desktop?20:50
stabbeJontheEchidna: Okey thanx for the quick answer :)20:50
JontheEchidnaNikke: removing ubuntu-desktop then apt-get autoremove should do it20:50
roberto_hi evrybody!20:50
NikkeJontheEchidna: it only removed libscollkeeper020:51
dan_when i try and login failsafe, i get "Xsession: unable to launch failsafe X session --x terminal-emulator not found20:52
NikkeJontheEchidna: hmm :P20:54
JontheEchidnayeah, I don't know how much you can do besides removing it manually20:54
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »20:54
dan_I have done a reinstall and same problem occurs20:54
dan_live seesion runs fine and I had 8.04 on this PC before20:55
=== galathalion is now known as Larynx
JontheEchidnadan_: can you log in normally?20:55
dan_just console20:56
Dashkalhrm, gnome and kde aren't playing nice anymore.  They seem to both be trying to run.  gnome's desktop appears when I log out and gnome's network manager starts on login.  Running the kde session and kdm20:56
JontheEchidnadan_: try this: update-alternatives --set x-session-manager /usr/bin/startkde20:56
=== Larynx is now known as galathalion
DashkalRunning 8.10.  System was installed as 8.04 ubuntu which I then converted to kubuntu by installing the kde desktop package.  I then upgraded to kde 4.1 by way of the ppa (since removed from my package sources)20:57
dan_done, what now a startx ?20:57
marcreichelthi there!20:57
marcreicheltdoes anybody know why "webdavs://mediacenter.gmx.net/" does not work in Konqueror?20:58
marcreicheltI'm using Kubuntu 8.04 (latest updates)20:58
dan_JontheEchidna: startkde do I type nopw?20:58
JontheEchidnadan_: I think you should be able to log in from the login screen now20:59
JontheEchidnaor at least, I hope you can20:59
dan_JontheEchidna: what is the key sequence to get back to gui, ctrl alt ?21:00
JontheEchidnacrtl alt f721:00
Nikkeis it just me or are the panel threat tray icons very bad? it looks like shit to me with different background and such21:00
JontheEchidnayou might want to restart X with alt-e after you get back to the login screen21:00
JontheEchidnaBy the way, the Xubuntu digg story has 6 more diggs than the Kubuntu story, so digg it: http://digg.com/linux_unix/Kubuntu_8_10_Released_refreshes_the_desktop21:01
DashkalNikke: nvidia?  I'm having that same issue21:01
NikkeDashkal: yepps21:01
NikkeDashkal: what card do you have?21:01
JontheEchidna^it's not nvidia related, btw21:01
=== alexbobp_ is now known as alexbobp
Dashkal6200 LE21:01
NikkeJontheEchidna: whats the problem then?21:01
DashkalJontheEchidna: Is there a fix?21:01
Rob71hi there21:01
JontheEchidnait will be fixed in KDE 4.221:01
JontheEchidnathe problem is sorta complicated21:02
Dashkaldrat.  ok then.  Any idea why gnome's network manager is determined to start?21:02
NikkeJontheEchidna: okey, nice to hear.. do you happend to know when 4.2 is going to be released?21:02
JontheEchidnajanuary 27th I think21:02
JontheEchidnabug 24739321:02
Nikkethanks for the info21:02
* JontheEchidna slaps ubottu21:02
Dashkalmeh, a pain waiting but since I lack the expertise to help with it I get to wait21:03
Nikkebe right back21:03
dan_JontheEchidna: ctrl alt f7 gave me nothing, I have done a reboot and tryed to log back in. It starts to log me in then I get the kde splash screen again and it still freezes after the image of the hdd becomes clear21:03
jpedrozaWhen trying to enable Desktop Effects I have the error: "Required X Extensions (XComposite and XDamage) are not available." This is with the new non-FOSS driver from nvidia. I added a line to xorg.conf for the card -- Option "RenderAccel" "True" but to no avail. Has anyone gotten this working?21:04
JontheEchidnaNikke, Dashkal: if you're interested here's the whole story: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15809421:04
DashkalI am, thank you21:04
dan_shall I try a different graphics crad21:04
JontheEchidnadan_: make sure the session is set to "KDE"21:05
dan_yes I did21:05
JontheEchidnahmm, then I'm all out of ideas21:05
dan_ok, thanks for trying, I'll try a different graphics card, get back to you21:06
blendtuxis it allso possible to put the new kubuntu on a pendrive21:06
DashkalIs there some sort of utility I can run that will tell me the process under the mouse cursor?21:06
=== jakub_ is now known as JamesSVK
JamesSVKhi all21:07
Rob71hi all21:08
turtlak69hi all a ahoj james :)21:08
marcreicheltdoes anybody have a solution for my problem with webdavs?21:08
Rob71is it kubuntu intrepid ibex already ready for download?21:09
martiendid any one try'd to install kubuntu 8.10 from cd .  i burnd two cd's and thay both have errors21:09
marcreicheltRob71: sure21:09
donavanmartien: works for me21:09
martiennow i am burning one at a lower speed21:09
PeperJohnnymartien: i386 worked w/o probs but havent tested amd64 yet21:09
martieni have a intel  p 421:10
BsimsSigh I'd upgrade but I don't like kde 4 dont trust it yet21:12
donavanI've installed both ubuntu (dual head works with the gnome config tool) and kubuntu, however, I can't even get close to getting dual head to not be mirrored, much less dealing with left of right of and different resolutions.  Anyone with suggestions?21:12
donavanKDE kind of offered to install flgrx (or what ever it is), but I don't think it worked.21:13
ubuntuHow shall I bind my habu mouse button to get to previous page in konquer?21:14
ubuntuIt works in gnome.21:14
ubuntuThis channel is kinda dead. :I21:17
Under_Wrapsis not21:18
inaetyhello i am trying to update to the new kubuntu, but my installer has froze at 9721:18
martiendamm the third cd i have burnd contains also 3 errors with the cd intigrety test21:19
olskolirchey folks can that kde4 gui be customized to another color?21:19
DashkalJontheEchidna: Just read the bugzilla re systray corruption.  Thank you.  Sounds like a nasty problem to resolve21:19
JontheEchidnayeah, I can't imagine21:20
DashkalNow that I understand it, I'm just glad it's getting patched in 4.2, even if the real fix is all the way upstream to the spec21:21
* archyslave is downloading 8.10 now.21:21
inaetyhello, my installer is at 97% "Searching for obsolete software" but seems to have frozen.  I am trying to update to 8.10.  what should i do?21:24
=== tarek_ is now known as tarek_on_the_fly
tarek_on_the_flycan get some help please?21:25
jussi01tarek_on_the_fly: please ask your question...21:25
olskolirci just tried to get an update and it didn't do it for me.  this means i have to download the iso or are they going to give us an auto udate later21:25
ardchoillemartien: how are you downloading these cd's?21:25
LinuxApeJust upgraded over the internet to 8.10 from 8.04, and the xserver won't start!! No screen found.  Any ideas?21:25
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
jussi01inaety: how long has it been like that?21:25
inaetyabout twenty minutes21:25
tarek_on_the_flyhow do i change my networking from "managed" to "monitor" ?21:26
jussi01olskolirc: the update willbe there later also - its kind of busy now21:26
inaetythe version upgrade was really weird, it only had liek three packages to upgrade?21:26
olskolircok thanks jussi01 ill wait21:26
martienfrom the kubuntu.org site21:26
ardchoillemartien: downloading with a web browser?21:26
jussi01LinuxApe: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg21:26
olskolirccan kde4 be customezed to another color other than black?21:26
martientwo times21:27
ardchoillemartien: Try downloading with wget i a terminal; wget -c url-here21:27
LinuxApejussi01:  I will try.21:27
jussi01olskolirc: the panel?21:27
martiena ok  thanks21:27
olskolircyes all of the black jussi01 especially the panel21:27
ardchoillemartien: web browsers aren't very good downloaders and can currupt files21:27
tarek_on_the_flyim triyin to change my wireless networking mode from "manage" to "monitor"......anyone to help please?21:27
martiena i see nice to now21:27
inaetyjussi01: ^ forgot your name21:27
jussi01olskolirc: yes it can, just right click the desktop, - desktopsettings - desktop theme21:27
olskolirci have kubuntu on hardy heron - how do i get kde4?21:28
=== iv_ is now known as iv
jussi01olskolirc: you can upgrade...21:29
tarek_on_the_flywell....no one?21:29
dan_ardchoille: JontheEchidna regarding my login issue, even running live I get the same error and now there is talk of cd errors I think I mya have the same as I download via http IE broswer while at work21:29
olskolirchow jussi01 ?21:29
=== Undefined_ is now known as deriox
ardchoilledan_: possibly, web browsers aren't good for long downloads, I recommend trying again with wget21:30
martienthe download servers are prity fast  i download at  1,41M/s21:31
fabriziojoin #kde-imaging21:31
dan_yes, I'll download again tomorrow, I have no media here to burn to. I'll report back either way, thanks for the help21:31
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:32
LinuxApejussi01:  reconfigure of xserver did not work.  Xserver core dumps after that.21:33
ardchoilleI'm wondering if a lot of these xserver problems are due to corrupt downloads21:37
Zerothiscan a dd made image be used, somehow, in virtualbox?21:39
nirnrootwanna install kubuntu latest but I have no cd burner but I have download the iso21:42
nirnrootany way to isntall it?21:42
victorjdhdo you have a friend that have it?21:43
victorjdha cd burner?21:43
aanderse* nirnroot there are tutorials on how to do this if you already have grub installed21:44
nirnrootyes I have21:44
nirnrootI don't have usb stick21:45
victorjdhthen burn the cd in his pc21:45
nirnrooti have no burner21:46
ChrisMiror use https://shipit.kubuntu.org/ and patiently wait :)21:46
kvarkGot bit of a problem here21:47
victorjdhi know21:47
victorjdhburn the cd in your friend pc21:47
kvarkquite new to kubuntu, was going to install vlc and i accidentaly edited some code21:47
kvarknow adept manager won't work as it is supposed to :p21:48
ardchoillekvark: what did you edit?21:48
kvarkadded a line21:48
Exilantmy ibex konqueror is painfully slow, must have happened in the last month or so, is that a common problem?21:49
Caarriehas anyone been able to disable the box switch with alt-tab?21:49
ArbyExilant: what do you mean by slow?21:49
ardchoillekvark: what was the line you added?21:50
Exilantneeds like 50 seconds to load launchpad21:50
ArbyExilant: that could just be launchpad, it is release day. does it happen on other sites?21:51
enjo13so I've updated to Ibex... everything works much better than the 4.1 packages I installed before. That's awesome:)21:51
kvarkardchoille: % sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-artsapt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-arts21:51
ArbyCaarrie: System settings > Desktop > desktop effects > all effects > window management21:51
enjo13I have an ATI 1600, tho, and the compiz effects are disabled. Is there a way to fix that?21:52
ardchoillekvark: ok, there are errors with that comand so it isn't going to work21:52
CaarrieArby: i have it _not_ checked yet i still have it21:52
ardchoillekvark: I was trying to help you get your sources fixed, you said you added a line21:52
ArbyCaarrie: that's a bit odd21:53
Exilantarby: yes, took just 23 seconds to load kernel.org21:53
Caarriethat is why i came here for help21:53
kvarkJust need it to be as it was :P21:53
ardchoillekvark: then you need to remove the line you added :)(21:53
kvarkIt won't let me21:54
kvarkthen how?21:54
ardchoillesudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list21:54
ardchoillekvark: But be careful as editing it like that is with rot privs21:54
ardchoilleyw :)21:55
ardchoilleI still think that all new releases should backup critical files during the inital install. Things like sources.list, menu.lst, sudoers, etc21:56
ArbyCaarrie: if you disable all the alt-tab effects does it go back to the old kde3 style alt-tab display?21:56
Caarriei tried that already :(21:57
Caarrieand i know it worked before as i had kde4 installed21:57
ardchoilleArby: I woldn't think so as there is no kde3 to fall back on21:57
Caarriei had no kde3 before installed and it worked as before21:57
Arbyardchoille: I just meant it _looks like_ kde321:58
ardchoilleah, ok21:58
ArbyCaarrie: was this a clean install or an upgrade?21:58
Caarriei had a clean install of the kde4 remix before with the "normal" alt-tab21:58
Caarriefrom kde421:58
enjo13anyone have any clue on how to get compositing working with a ATI x1600?21:58
ardchoille!ati | enjo1321:59
ubottuenjo13: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:59
enjo13I have the FGLRX driver (the binary one referred to in that article)... but the settings manager is quite convinced that my system can't support compositing22:02
enjo13the card, as far as I can tell, SHOULD work22:02
ardchoilleenjo13: which card?22:03
enjo13at x1600 mobility22:04
ubuntu-dronam I the only one having problems with Jockey while trying to install nvidia drivers?22:04
jb_good evening22:04
Dashkalok, that wasn't quite right.  I just had to ln -s libnss3.so.1d libnss3.so to get flash working again...22:05
jb_can kubuntu 8.10 read a windows partition on an usb hdd?22:05
legodudehow do I get changelogs for each package?22:05
Wickedim running the new kubuntu in virtualbox and its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow...it takes roughly 10 seconds for each screen refresh. anything i can do?22:06
ubuntu-dronIs there a way to install Nvidia Display Driver of kubuntu repo on 8.10, omitting the Jockey?22:06
Wickeddoesnt it use 3d effects be default? if so how can i disable them?22:06
DashkalWicked: system settings, desktop.  You can turn off 3d effects there22:06
Wickedthanks Dashkal! =)22:07
enjo13lol... I'll trade you problems Wicked:)22:07
Wickedlol whats yours?22:07
Wickedmaby we can haggle ;-)22:07
Githzeraiubuntu-dron: Which nvidia ?22:07
enjo13the exact opposite, I can't get the cool effects to work22:07
ubuntu-dron <Githzerai> 7600M22:07
ardchoilleyou two need to switch boxes :P22:08
ubuntu-dron<Githzerai> I bet its a problem of Jockey, but not hardware...22:08
Wickedhmm turns out my effects are off....22:08
Wickedso i wonder what is causing this issue then22:08
Githzeraiubuntu-dron: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17722:08
ubuntu-dron<Githzerai> thanx a lot22:09
Githzeraiubuntu-dron: np, however thanks to new xorg u must carefuly read the install output.  ;)22:11
=== zoombahoof is now known as yeltsinator
ubuntu-dron<Githzerai> what's so peculiar about that?22:12
enjo13is there at least a way to determine why I get the "compositing is not supported" message in settings->desktop->Desktop Effects?22:12
KDeskenjo13: maybe you have not DRI enabled or a wrong driver..22:13
KDeskIs it possible (like in Hardy I think) to auto erase the history of Speedcrunch automatically every time it starts? Or that it doesn't save the history?22:13
Freddy2how can i generate a xorg config file with an intel 945 video card?22:13
yao_ziyuancan anyone point me to a url of kubuntu 8.10's default wallpaper?22:14
Githzeraiubuntu-dron: well, it's new xorg which still has problems with non-free ati and nvidia drivers. I'm not saying that it will go wrong, just that it might, so be careful. Anything that doesn't seem to look right probably isn't ;)22:14
djouallahis kde4 on the ubuntu 8.10 dvd ?22:14
enjo13glxinfo reports : direct rendering: Yes22:15
enjo13fglrxinfo reports that openGL is ATI22:15
ardchoilledjouallah: kde4 is the default in Ubuntu and Kubuntu Intrepid downloads22:15
donavanCan I install KDE4 from a ubuntu 8.10 install where dual screens work?22:16
KDeskFreddy2: the xorg in intrepid should work as it is..22:16
KDeskFreddy2: But you can 'generate' one with:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg22:17
ubuntu-dronGithzerai: everything seems right... wish me luck22:17
Freddy2ok, thx22:17
favrodonavan: it should be ok - I would make a backup of xorg.conf just in case it gets overwritten22:17
LinuxApeJust upgraded over the internet to 8.10 from 8.04, and the xserver won't start!! No screen found. Any ideas?22:17
djouallahardchoille, what i want to know before downloading ubuntu 8.10 dvd, is kde4 is on it ?22:17
Nikkedjouallah: kde4 is default kde22:18
ardchoilledjouallah: yes22:18
DashkalLinuxApe: what video card are you using?22:18
Nikkedjouallah: its the only kde22:18
LinuxApeDashkal:  ATI mobile radeon 960022:18
Freddy2in intrepid there's only kde4??22:18
NikkeFreddy2: yes22:18
DashkalFreddy2: that is correct.22:18
Githzeraidjouallah: DVD is regular kubuntu cd with extra packages.22:18
LinuxApeDashkal:  I have been using the fglrx driver in 8.04 with no problems, the upgrade broke something.22:19
Nikkehmm i got an ati radeon 9800 here, maybe i will try that one on kde 4 =)22:19
ardchoilledjouallah: I wouldn't recommend downloading the dvd unless you're on a slow connection and can't access the repos well enough, but that would mean the dvd will take longer to download too22:20
ardchoilleEverything that is on the dvd is also in the repos22:20
donavanfavro: the xorg is plain as possible on the gnome install22:20
donavanKDE4 is likely the issue :|22:20
DashkalLinuxApe: I'm an nvidia user so I don't have any expertise there, unfortunately.  I'd direct you at the wiki page I saw for troubleshooting issues but I lost the link22:21
favrodonavan: well my view on the new way X works is full of expletives...22:21
joshualis there an easy way to turn off and on kde composite (wine doesnt like it)22:21
KDeskjoshual: Yes, with Alt+Shift+F12 I think22:22
joshualthx KDesk22:22
joshualKDesk: yup thats the one :)22:23
zer0ohi guys, by pressing "shift" a pop up window comes out with something and my pc speaker makes a weird noise, how do i avoid that? thx22:26
ardchoillezer0o: does it only happen when you hold down the shift key for a bit?22:27
KDeskzer0o: There should be a message you have to read it and chose the option that prevents it to happen again, I think you have to say yes or no.22:27
zer0ooh yes22:30
DashkalI can't seem to find a keyboard control module for things like default state of the numlock key and cursor blink, etc.  My "keyboard" section in system settings only has mouse and keyboard shortcuts.  Am I missing sometihng?22:30
ardchoilleaccessibility keys22:30
Freddy2hmm another reason for not upgrading from hardy :)22:31
CrimsonScytheanyone else here have serious problems with ATI cards in 8.10?22:32
weedarI just upgraded to Intrepid and now Knetworkmanager doesn't see all of the available wifi-networks - Running "iwlist wlan0 scan" I find 4 wlans, but Knetworkmanager only finds 122:34
weedarOddly enough, the one that Knetworkmanager claims to find is not among the 4 that iwlist can see - anyone had the same problem?22:35
ubuntu_hi, can someone help me.. ihave questions to partition for kubuntu22:36
ubuntu_i want three partition swap boot and root22:36
KDeskubuntu_:  Better boot swap and root.22:37
ubuntu_yes i know22:37
weedarubuntu_: what is your question?22:37
ubuntu_but the wuestion is shoud i install partitions as primäry partitions22:37
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
=== Timmy is now known as TimS
KDeskubuntu_: it is the same, I hve only boot as primary but I dont know why I have so.22:38
ardchoilleI've always done well with swap being on a secondary22:38
=== paolo_ is now known as faLUCE
KDeskubuntu_: Maybe with old bios you should use a boot in a primary,22:39
ardchoilleand that's the way the installer does it too22:39
weedarubuntu_: boot should be primary, the others can be whatever - but you can have 4 primary partitions so this isn't an issue for you anyway22:39
ardchoilleiirc, you can only have two primary partitions, but that was long ago22:39
ubuntu_okay i know so22:39
=== john is now known as Guest63709
weedarardchoille: you can have 4 primary partitions. I _think_ windows/dos only supported 3 at one point, but I don't think that is the case nowadays22:40
ardchoilleyeah, that was when Fedora Core 1 was released22:41
ubuntu_so i make sda1 as boot. swap andd root as sda5 and sda622:41
KDeskwindows is a problem... it needs to be in a primary partiyion the partition has to be happy, etc.etc.22:41
DarthfrogThree primary partitions and one extended partition.22:41
weedarubuntu_: Just make sure /boot is a primary partition, sda1 is fine. The others don't matter, your suggestion is fine, but you could also have sda1, sda2 and sda3 if you made them all primary22:42
DarthfrogPut /boot on the first primary partition.  The rest can go anywhere else you want.22:42
ubuntu_yes, but if j want to install another system i also net a primary22:43
jhutchins_wkweedar: Windows/DOS supports 4 primaries.  *nix used to allow 7 or more.22:43
DarthfrogYou don't need a swap partition anymore.  Linux does fine with a swap file.  And with the price of RAM these days, if you ever use the swap file, just add more RAM.22:43
ubuntu_but swap partition is faster than a file or?22:44
jhutchins_wkBoot on first partiton doesn't matter with current equipment/versions.22:44
jhutchins_wkubuntu_: Yes, simpler, one less layer.22:44
weedarjhutchins_wk: really? I was so sure I couldn't make more than 4 primary partitions with fdisk years ago.22:44
Darthfrogubuntu_: Only if the swap partition is on a separate hard drive from the / partition.22:44
jhutchins_wkweedar: I think they made it compatible with Windows.22:44
KDeskWitch is a good kde/qt  partitioner for kde/kubuntu?22:44
mot_where can i put startup scripts for programs/commands in kde4?22:45
DarthfrogKDesk: Gparted.22:45
mot_i nothing the ~/.kde/Autostart folder no longer exists...22:45
DarthfrogKDesk: You can use qtparted but gparted is better.22:45
KDeskDarthfrog: So if I delete my swap partition will the system use a swap file automatcly in /root?22:45
DarthfrogKDesk: Nope.22:45
weedarjhutchins_wk: hm, but I have a vague memory of windows-fdisk not letting me create 4, after the third the fourth automatically became an extended one.. Did you have to use another tool in *nix to create >4 partitions?22:46
KDeskDarthfrog: Do I have to do It manualy?22:46
DarthfrogKDesk: Yep.22:46
KDeskDarthfrog: Gparted is to gtkish... And the LiveCD installed compared to gparted?22:46
jhutchins_wkweedar: iirc if you try to create a fourth partition, windows makes the fourth partion the extended container and creates an extended partition in it.  You can theoretically have four primaries, but you can't have four primary data partions plus extended partitons.  THe "container" for the extendeds takes up the fourth primary.22:47
DarthfrogKDesk: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-add-a-swap-file-howto/22:47
KDeskDarthfrog: So I will never mada a swap partition again! :) Does the swap file grow automatcly?22:47
Ovidid anyone experience kdm freeze after an upgrade to intrepid?22:48
KDeskDarthfrog: thanks!22:48
weedarjhutchins_wk: then we agree on the windows part =)22:48
ubuntu_a swap partition is good if the computer make a braeak und go sleeping because i want to use truecrypt22:48
jhutchins_wkweedar: With gnu fdisk you can create four primary data partitions.22:48
KDeskOvi: I dont22:48
jhutchins_wkActually, older ms fdisk would do that too.22:48
viviahi... i have two issues in intrepid: 1) i run skype and it stays frozen, doing i don't know what 2) i have to manually rerun setxkbmap in order to get my us-intl layout working (using uim at the same time)22:48
weedarjhutchins_wk: then we agree on that too. But when/where could you then create 7 primary partitions in *nix?22:48
Oviwell, when i boot my system the keyboard and mouse are not working in kdm22:49
Ovii tracked the problem to kdm starting before hal22:49
jhutchins_wkweedar: I've never tracked that down, but the limit was something in DOS, and I don't think that Linux actually has a limit in the number of primaries it can see.  (I may be wrong about that.)22:49
jhutchins_wkI've been at this a pretty long time, things have changed.22:49
jhutchins_wkvivia: Have you considered using ekiga instead of skype?22:50
KDeskOvi: maybe it has also something to do with the way input devices are handelt in intrepid (xorg 7.4)22:50
* jhutchins_wk is on a new crusade to get rid of skype report questions in Open Source forums.22:50
viviajhutchins_wk: I would if I could move all my contacts to ekiga too :)22:50
OviKDesk: i know, the input devices are managed by hal now22:50
OviKDesk: but my startup scripts in rc2.d where S20kdm and S24hal22:51
ubuntu_thankl at all who helped me22:51
viviajhutchins_wk: yeah I understand you, but unfortunately many people only have an account on skype and I cannot contact them22:51
Oviso i moved S20kdm to S25kdm and it works fine now22:51
jhutchins_wkvivia: Because skype uses evil, closed protocols.  Anyway.  If skype is hanging, possibly it's a skype support question?22:52
Ovican anyone with Intrepid tell me how their start scripts for kdm and hal are configured?22:52
jhutchins_wkvivia: Not being unhelpful, but they don't exactly share support info.22:52
KDeskOvi: hmm, in my system is S24hal and S30kdm in rc2.d22:52
viviajhutchins_wk: It worked until a while ago when I installed uim-qt and reinstalled uim...22:52
OviKDesk: hmm this is really weird22:52
jhutchins_wkvivia: Possibly reinstall skype?  So it can accomodate the new versions?22:53
viviajhutchins_wk: And believe me, I am a developer of amsn so I know what it means to have to deal with closed protocols :(22:53
viviajhutchins_wk: did that already22:53
OviKDesk: so it's only a problem on my side, not the default22:53
KDeskOvi: why is now the default runlevel 2?22:53
DarthfrogKDesk: Cuz that's the Debian way.22:53
KDeskOvi: I have made a fresh install from liveCD. Tou?22:53
OviKDesk: I upgraded from 8.0422:54
weedaroooh, that runlevel-thing is annoying me to no end - why on Earth did they have to change that22:54
KDeskDarthfrog: ah, I didn't know that. Was in hardy also 2 the default?22:54
viviajhutchins_wk: I also installed those recent kernel upgrades but haven't rebooted yet, but this shouldn't be relevant right?22:54
DarthfrogKDesk: It always was.22:54
Ovii wasted like 3 hours before finding this problem22:54
KDeskDarthfrog: lol22:54
Ovireally anoying22:55
acemoWhen booting the kubunt 8.10 live cd it hangs with the message "* Checking battery state...      [ok]"22:55
Darthfrogweedar: They didn't.  Runlevel 2 is the default in all Debian-based distros.22:55
acemoanything i can do to get further?22:55
KDeskOvi: that is strange, isnt there in launchpad a open bug?22:55
DarthfrogIn Redhat-based distros, runlevel 5 is the default for a graphical login.22:55
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OviKDesk: there is, i submited this info22:56
=== Robb_M is now known as Alan_M
=== ubuntu__ is now known as mado-livecd
alexeiHello! It was anounced that kubuntu8.10 will have guest account by default and knetworkmanager settings will be applied systemwise without loading xserver.22:56
alexeiWhere is all this feaututres?22:56
alexei*where are22:56
KDeskalexei: I thing guest session is only in ubunut, and networkmanager should work22:57
=== Alan_M is now known as speeddemon8803
alexeiFor me netwrokmanager start to connect to wireless only after kde login.22:57
mado-livecdhi guys and gals ... can you guys help me with kubuntu 8.10? ... i know it just came out ... but i have some questions ... 1) as you can see when you look at my name i'm here with live-cd ... thing is ... i think i saw an error-message during the boot-process ... can you help me so that i can read it?22:58
mado-livecdas far as i heard those are "saved" somewhere22:58
weedarDarthfrog: bad choice of words by me. I mean, since my first experience with Linux runlevels meant something (still does for RHEL) and I like it. Don't see why Debian should be different :)22:58
Darthfrogmado-livecd: Press CTL-ALT-F1 (ALT-F7 to get back).  See if the report is on that console. If not, login there and type "dmesg | less".22:59
KDeskKnoppix was some years ago defaul in runlevel 5 I think, so debian should be in 5 also.22:59
Darthfrogweedar: You might ask RedHat why they don't do it the way that Debian does.  Debian is the heart & soul of Linux.23:00
Mr-Sweedar: it depends on the falvor: rulevel 4 on slackware for example. just someting you hav eto live with23:00
Mr-Sadn i cannor write at the moment, so it seems :)23:00
acemowhats the difference on run levels anways?23:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about runlevel23:01
mado-livecdthanks Darthfrog ... is it possible to look for something special too with this "demesg"-thing?23:01
weedarDarthfrog: I love Debian (or I wouldn't use Ubuntu) but I think usage of runlevels like RHEL/Slackware/others do it existed before Debian, though I might be mistaken23:01
mado-livecdbecause there are "countless" lines :(23:02
viviajhutchins_wk: rebooted, nothing happened...23:02
Darthfrogacemo: A runlevel is a specific set of services and commands launched when the system boots.  Different runlevels are used for different purposes. eg. runlevel 0 is reboot, runlevel 1 is single user maintenance mode, runlevel 2 is default graphical login, runlevel 6 is halt.23:02
Mr-Srunlevels are very important. it just the number which keeps changing.23:02
weedarMr-S: That I did not know, thanks for informing me :) And still, that is an improvement, because I assume that would mean you could change runlevels to "activate/deactivate" X23:03
DarthfrogYou can switch runlevels on the fly with the telinit command.23:03
weedarDarthfrog: But that doesn't really do anything on Debian, does it? Since default runlevel is 2 I would assume the only difference would be between runlevel 1/2 and runlevel to reboot23:04
Mr-Sthis is right. runlevel defines this. single user, multi user, gui login. it seems unnacessary at first, but it does have its advantage23:04
viviajhutchins_wk: but removing uim-qt (keeping uim-qt3) did the trick23:04
donavanheh, I can't install kde4 from a ubuntu 8.10 install, whines about drivers, I presume it is the ATI drivers23:04
mado-livecdDarthfrog: next thing is ... it was funny ... the first time i started the live-cd i got nothing but a black and empty screen ...23:05
weedarAll our servers at work are Centos (for now..) and though I prefer Debian I do like how CentOS handles services, "service --status-all" is a nifty tool. Does Debian have something similar?23:05
Darthfrogweedar: I'm not sure what you mean.  Of course it does something on Debian.  Telinit <runlevel #> will switch from the current runlevel into the new one.23:05
mado-livecdafter doing the "ctrl+alt+F1"-thing the system started but i still can't see the message i am looking for23:05
Darthfrogweedar: Ubuntu has the service command.  Use "apt-cache search service".23:05
weedarDarthfrog: Neat! Thanks23:06
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
weedarDarthfrog: let me clarify. If Debian uses runlevel 2 for both multi-user mode AND for graphical login, changing between runlevel 2-5 probably won't do much since every service is started/stopped in runlevel 223:06
Darthfrogmado-livecd: What did you see with dmesg?23:06
acemoWhen booting the kubunt 8.10 live cd it hangs with the message "* Checking battery state...      [ok]", what should be the next thing its trying to do?23:07
Darthfrogweedar: I don't know, I've not played around with them. :-)23:07
Mr-Sacdemo: have you plugged in the normal power source of your laptop ?23:07
acemoMr-S: its a desktop computer.23:07
mado-livecdmany many lines ... but i can't see the message i'm looking for ... is there a way to search for a specific word so that i can find it easier?23:07
Mr-Sin this case it is wired23:07
Darthfrogweedar: Tell you what.  Edit your /etc/inittab file and set initdefault to 0. :-)23:08
Mr-Sa desktop should not call on batery state at all23:08
mado-livecdfor example Darthfrog ... is there a way to copy the "demesg | less"-thing into kate?23:08
acemoMr-S: it didn't do that on 8.04 =)23:08
Darthfrogmado-livecd: dmesg > report.txt23:08
mado-livecdthank you Darthfrog :)23:08
Mr-Snormally this error messages are created by hardware issues....23:08
DarthfrogThen read the report.txt file.  But dmesg | less is all you need.23:09
weedarmado-livecd: use grep. Like "dmesg | grep word"23:09
Darthfrogweedar: Don't do that, BTW. :-)23:09
Mr-Si can boot the live cd on my dektop without any issues23:09
ravhello. i've been trying kubuntu 8.10 on a virtualbox. I change the oxygen cursor theme because I hate it, but when I restart the virtualbox, it's back. and also some applications switch back to oxygen. is this a virtualbox problem, or kde 4.1.2 problem?23:09
acemoMr-S: But it says [ok], so it should be done with the battery part.. any idea what its supposed to do after? or could u perhaps boot a 8.10 live cd n check whats the next thing its doing? :)23:09
mado-livecdthank you weedar :)23:09
weedarDarthfrog: don't worry, my ignorance is only a clever disguise ;-)23:10
Mr-Sit seems like kubuntu wants to check on the battery state. this is not common on a live cd. try downloding anothing kubuntu image. burned that one again, and boot on the new cd image23:11
Darthfrogweedar: So is mine.  Trouble is, is that it's becoming reality! :-)23:11
zabbadapprav: that happens to me too in 8.10beta on a real computer (have not tried final yet) .... also problems with downloading and installing icons and themes.23:11
mado-livecdwell ... here it is ... -> [   67.528764] uvcvideo: Failed to query (135) UVC control 1 (unit 0) : -32 (exp. 26).23:11
ravzabbadapp: thanks. I will try with final on the virtualbox before switching.23:11
mado-livecdi don't know what that means23:12
acemoMr-S: actually.. that was the first thing i tried23:12
mado-livecdi also don't really know most of the stuff demesg is showing me23:12
weedarmado-livecd: you don't happen to have a logitech webcam?23:12
Mr-Sif you have tried this one, and still get this issue. it points to hardware it cannot define or install.23:13
Mr-Show old is your desktop PC ?23:13
acemohalf a year or so23:13
mado-livecdi don't know ... but ... here weedar ... http://phpfi.com/37177223:14
Mr-Swhat kind of special hardware do you have: soundcard, network card, usb perapherals ?23:15
Wickedany ideas why kubuntu 8.10 will not work in virtualbox?23:15
mado-livecdit's a laptop integrated webcam weedar ... don't know who the manufacturer is23:15
acemoi bet they removed ps/2 support for my keyboard.23:15
mado-livecddoes this help you weedar?23:16
weedarmado-livecd: UVC is the webcam driver used by many new webcams, but somewhat broken for some cameras. In the case of a certain Logitech webcam the real problem was a broken firmware in the webcam that the windows-drivers could work-around23:16
Mr-Sremoved ps/2 keyboard ? by BIOS settings perhaps ?23:16
weedarThe error you see reminds me of the one I used to get, but either way I would suggest you compile uvc from source23:17
ravWicked: it works on my virtualbox23:17
acemoMr-S: iduno.. lol acording to what your saying they have removed support for some of my hardware23:17
Mr-Sdo you use a usb or ps/2 keyboard ?23:18
weedarmado-livecd: Of course, if you're using a live-cd that might be a bit bothersome to do everytime you boot..23:19
Mr-Sit shouldn't be an issue for kubuntu to detect your keybord. Anythinh special ablout your keyboard ? language, buttons, ....23:19
mado-livecdwell weedar ... i'm planning to install 8.10 :)23:19
mado-livecdbut do you think there could be more problems?23:19
acemoMr-S: nothing special bout the keyboard.. was just picking the keyboard as a random part that might be causing the problem lol23:19
weedarmado-livecd: what do you mean?23:20
ravWicked: do you get an error?23:20
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Mr-Sin case you have a standard us keyboard, this i snot the reason as kubuntu can handle it. looks like a hardware issue,a BIOS isue or a burning issue.23:21
Wickedrav, no23:21
mado-livecdwell weedar ... ... i know how to install kubuntu ... but i'm a bit afraid that there could be more problems as soon as kubuntu is installed ... i don't want to completely reinstall windows again ... or won't there be such problems?23:21
ravWicked: what doesn't work then?23:21
acemonvm the keyboard.. i really doubt its the problem23:22
Wickedrav, it installs it runs..but it runs SOOOOOO damn slow its unusable...i tried installing the guest additions which it said it instaled fine..but when i rebooted xorg was broken23:22
Mr-Scheck the live CD on another PC. In case it runs fine, you have a hardware issue, in caswe it runs bad, the image seems faulty.23:22
kvarkI need some help to install the nvidia driver?23:22
Wickedrav, and if i edit xorg.conf to use "vboxvideo" xorg doesnt work23:22
kvarkgot a 8600, and don't know where to start?23:22
acemoMr-S: Hardware issue specificly with kubuntu 8.10... since 8.04 works like a charm :/23:22
Mr-Syou just nether know ...23:23
ardchoille!nvidia | kvark23:23
Darthfrogmado-livecd: Why would you have to re-install Windows?  Installing Kubuntu won't touch your Windows installation.23:23
ubottukvark: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto23:23
ravWicked: I installed the 8.10-rc just fine23:23
Wickedrav, it takes upwards of 10 seconds for the screen to refresh..so i move my mouse across the screen and it takes FOREVER for the vm to catch up23:23
Wickedthis is my 2nd install of 8.1023:23
Mr-Si knmow this sound wierd, but there has to be a reason23:23
mado-livecdDarthfrog: ... i'm just ... a bit ... i don't know how you call it ... :)23:23
ravWicked: maybe not enough virtual memory assigned to the box23:23
Wickedi installed 8.10rc and then today i installed final 8.10. and ive been using vb for a while now..never had issues23:23
Darthfrogmado-livecd: Chicken? :-)23:23
acemoDoesn't sounds weird that there has to be A reason ;)23:24
weedarmado-livecd: Install Linux alongside Windows, on a separate partition. There shouldn't be any chance of it "damaging" your Windows installation23:24
mado-livecdmaybe :) ... yeah ... i guess that's the word23:24
=== ronnie_ is now known as amd-64
Wickedrav, there should be....i installed over a 8.04 vm and the 8.04 worked great23:24
xp-killerhow to be in admin root privilage?23:24
mado-livecdweedar: ... one more thing ... can you help me later with this compiling thing?23:24
Darthfrogmado-livecd: Well, back up all your data that you care about.  Then jump in the deep end. :-)23:24
Mr-Si know from expeperience that a wrong burning image may cause issues....23:24
PasNoxhi all23:24
=== junior is now known as junior_
weedarmado-livecd: sure, not sure how long I'll be online but I think it'll be a while - just highlight me by writing my nick and I'll respond if I'm here :)23:25
ardchoille!hi | PasNox23:25
ubottuPasNox: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!23:25
PasNoxi just switch to intrepid, with nvidia card, 3d acceleration is ok, but i can't enable desktop effect in opengl mode ( it works fine in xrender mode )23:25
weedarcompiling uvc is a sinch though, and I really mean that :-)23:25
ravWicked: Mr-S could be right, maybe the image is broken23:25
PasNoxwhat i can do ?23:25
mado-livecda what??23:25
acemorav: Mr-S is talking to me ^^23:25
Wickedrav, no errors during install.....so im prety sure the the image is good23:25
Wickedand im installing right from the iso image.23:26
mado-livecdsinch ... i can't find this word in my dictionary :)23:26
junior_good works guys -k.8-10 here23:26
xp-killerhow to be in root?23:26
mado-livecdwhat does it mean? ... something like "it's difficult" ?23:26
Darthfrogmado-livecd: Are you not a native speaker of English?  "Cinch" is idiomatic English.23:26
ardchoillemado-livecd: it was a typo, "cinch" means "easy"23:26
mado-livecduhuu ... and no .... i'm not a native speaker :)23:27
mado-livecdcinch is the only word i didn't know :)23:27
Darthfrogmado-livecd: :-)  "It's a chinch" means "it's very easy" or "It's certain."23:27
jmichaelxi have a virtualbox installation of vista (that i installed under hardy), and since i did a fresh install of intrepid, i can no longer access the floppy drive when using my vbox install of vist. anyone have a clue?23:27
Wickedwell this is a big letdown.23:28
mado-livecdso a peace of cake then :)23:28
antoranzHi, Guys!23:28
mado-livecdso ok then ...23:28
antoranzWhat do I have to do to enabled the nvidia driver ona presario V3317la?23:28
mado-livecdcan you Darthfrog and weedar hang on ... i want to keep this here open if that's possible ... so that i can ask you something if i don't know what to do during the installation23:29
jmichaelx!hi | antoranz23:29
ubottuantoranz: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!23:29
amd-64so 8.10 is released, not like that final trial thing?23:29
antoranzthanks, man23:29
mado-livecdand erm ... Darthfrog ... did i sound like a native speaker? :)23:29
xp-killerthe hardware manager saying my ati card not in use,when i try to enable it i tells me i need to be in root privilage or admin23:29
* jmichaelx ^.^23:29
Darthfrogmado-livecd: I can't guarantee my presence.  I come and go as life demands of me. ;-)23:29
PasNoxpersonne ne sait pour mon pb nvidia / desktop effects ?23:29
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr23:29
mado-livecduhuu ... i see Darthfrog ;)23:29
antoranzback in hardy, the vidio used to crash when I used heavy graphics (like compiz)23:29
Darthfrogmado-livecd: You have good command of English.  Better than many lazy native speakers using a keyboard! :-)23:30
jmichaelxDarthfrog: speak for yourself!23:30
PasNoxnobody know for my nvidia / desktop effects problem ?23:30
jmichaelxopps, sorry23:30
Eyelessis it possible to disable the 3d accelerated desktop in kd4? My GPU fan is driving me mad23:30
weedarxp-killer: use "sudo" to run commands as root, or just "sudo bash" to get a root shell23:30
xp-killermy pagages are break how do i clean it out to continue installing?23:30
jmichaelxEyeless: noisy?23:30
PasNoxit do'nt work in opengl but does in xrender, and my 3d accelerator is working fine23:30
mado-livecdDarthfrog: :) ... that flatters :)23:30
mado-livecdi hope i don't blush :)23:30
JontheEchidnaEyeless: System Settings -> Desktop -> Desktop effects23:31
jmichaelxEyeless: i am having the same issue.... and my card is brand new23:31
antoranzand now in intrepid, in the "proprietary drivers", I don't see anything about the nvidia card23:31
mado-livecdDarthfrog: thank you *smiling*23:31
weedarmado-livecd: I'll probably be here, ask away if you run into problems. We'll try to help, or at least reply with witty sarcasm :-)23:31
xp-killerwat do i type "sudo root" in the console?23:31
Eyelessjmichaelx: mine is a bit old but very powerhungry23:31
antoranzanyway.... what package should I install "by hand"?23:31
mado-livecdweedar: *laughing*23:32
zarlinohi all, in intrepid i want to set a screen resolution from the system settings23:32
jmichaelxEyeless: mine is two weeks old, but makes a very high pitched sound when compiz  is running... it' awful23:32
weedarxp-killer: if you want a root-shell, just write "sudo bash" in a terminal and you'll get root after writing your password23:32
zarlinobut at the next startup it is forgotten23:32
zarlinoany idea?23:32
EyelessJontheEchidna: thanks, i was looking in the pld kde 3 places :)23:33
weedarxp-killer: but for single commands you should just use "sudo <command>", like: "sudo cp something somewhere"23:33
Eyelessnow lets see if my gpu shuts up23:33
xp-killerweedar: ok but now i cant download n install no packs from adept there was a comand to clean it up broken pacages but i forgot it23:33
jmichaelxbad thing is that kde4 loses so much of its coolness without compiz23:34
Eyelessjmichaelx: im actuly considering getting a new card, maybe a fanless one23:34
ardchoillexp-killer: sudo apt-get -f install  ?23:34
weedarxp-killer: try running "sudo apt-get update" and possibly "sudo apt-get upgrade" to refresh your package-cache and upgrade any upgradeable packages23:34
amd-64hmm I see alot of issues bout 8.10 huh, makes me uncertain if i should wait to upgrade = )23:34
weedarxp-killer: if some dependency is broken apt-get will suggest a command to fix it, I don't remember it at the moment23:34
weedarxp-killer: yeah, what ardchoille said :-)23:34
ardchoillexp-killer: if you're going to update or upgrade packages, keep in mind it will be slow23:34
weedaramd-64: aw, come on! All the cool kids are doing it23:35
amd-64haha @ weed23:35
jmichaelxi do wish they had not totally done away with pseudo-transparency.... maybe they will bring it back. that would be much better for lower spec hardware....23:35
* jmichaelx likes his old junk hardware23:35
zarlinohow to set screen resolution in system settings permanently?23:36
amd-64well i'm hopeing there's many music programs, like 8.04, "IE" multi-trackers, synth effects, etc..etc...23:37
jmichaelxamd-64: i totally trashed my kubuntu installation on my desktop when i tried to uprade to intrepid. that had never happened to me before. the upgrade an my laptop went fine.... my suggestion is to make sure and backup, backup, backup before you upgrade23:37
xp-killerardchoille: a friend give me this kubuntu version cause mine is damage when i install this one i went in adept and im seing a lot of stuff install when i type compiz im not seing it in adept23:38
weedarjmichaelx: you should be able to turn off most of the eyecandy to increase speed, just uncheck everything under Desktop Effects23:38
ardchoillexp-killer: no idea, I don't use compiz23:38
xp-killerardchoille: beryl?23:38
jmichaelxweedar: yeah... but i need my transparency ^.^23:38
marekt hi can i somehow add special actions for right column in dolphin? i mean i would like for ex convert avi to divx player etc, i know it is posssible in nautilus but i use kde423:39
ardchoillexp-killer: I keep all effects turned off, they don't serve any prupose IMHO23:39
amd-64oh I'll just do a clean full install, after burning a cd, nothing on this , I already saved everything on 5 cd's  = )23:39
jmichaelxamd-64: then you're in good shape23:39
bulbecHello people!)23:40
xp-killerardchoille: ok. in my hardware driver they say my ati not in use i try to enable it then it went to look for drivers i tink then give me n error23:40
jmichaelxardchoille: i would shut compiz off, if i could still have some transparency... but that is not possible in KDE4 without a compositing manager running23:40
jmichaelx!hi | bulbec23:40
ubottubulbec: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!23:40
weedarDesktop Effects were fun the first time, but I got bored pretty fast. Give me a graytone console anyday. Even vim is too fancy if you ask me. And get off my lawn!23:40
bulbeci have a problem, can someone help me?23:41
amd-64yup =)  just take time to figure out a new desktop, same as 8.04 took me , awhile to get it the way i wanted = )23:41
jmichaelxlmao @ vim being too fancy23:41
replmanHi! Can i install kubuntu without a cdrom?23:41
Darthfrogweedar: Vim is too fancy?  Vim?  Fancy?  What are you smoking?!?23:41
replmanthere's already an old kubuntu installed but i want to make a clean installation23:41
* Darthfrog thinks weedar has been into the recreational pharmaceuticals recently.23:42
jmichaelxwell, i was REALLY pissed about being forced to move to KDE4 if i wanted to use kubuntu intrepid.... but i must sheepishly admit that i am really liking it (even though i ranted against kde4 on the forums023:42
Darthfrogjmichaelx: That's OK, a girl is allowed to change her mind.  <grinning, ducking and running>23:43
weedarHey, Vim is actually great. I hated vi the first time I tried it, but once you learn a few commands it is a very efficient way to edit textfiles, and vim is even better, especially for code23:43
zarlinohow to start compiz automatically in kde4?23:43
* jmichaelx throws a left-jab in Darthfrog's general direction23:44
JontheEchidnazarlino: System Settings -> Advanced tab -> Session manager23:44
panos4eversystem settings23:44
amd-64<--agrees wit jmichaelx, I wanted to keep this kde desktop too, just add the other stuff hehe23:44
xp-killerzarlino: how do u enable it if u know tell me cause it look like it install on my kubuntu already23:44
panos4everwhere are u from guys?23:44
DarthfrogYou guys know that kwin in KDE 4 incorporates much of compiz?23:45
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!23:45
weedarWhat DOES surprise me is the recent security-notice about "ed". I mean, really? Who uses ed?23:45
jmichaelxi cannot acces the floppy drive in my virtualbox install of vista since installing intrepid, and THAT is really making me mad23:45
amd-64took me so long to get used to, now it's back to being a blonde twit like i never used a computer, haha till i get da hang of it!23:45
bulbeci had kubuntu on my hard drive, i got kernel panic and after 12 houres of trying to make it work, someone "smart" said i had to install windows. I tryed, i got all formated but i didnt get the install((  when this hard is connected, it says IDE Channel 0 no 80 conductors installed, when i try to install kubuntu or windows it says "ata5.01 :status :{DRDY}      Buffer I/O error no devise sda. logical block 0       ata 5.01: exe[tion23:45
bulbecmask 0x0 SAct 0x0 Serr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen"     did I killed my hard disk? or maybe i still can make it work23:45
jmichaelxvim-related issues are never off-topic23:46
DarthfrogSystem Settings/Desktop/ Enable Desktop Effects.23:46
ardchoillejmichaelx: no, but asking where everyone's from is23:46
zarlinoDarthfrog: yes but kwin is slower an my integrated intel23:46
jmichaelxlol ardchoille, agreed23:46
replmanHi! Without having a cdrom-drive, is it possible to install ubuntu? I have an old one running (5.04)23:47
replmani want to make a clean installation23:47
zarlinoreplman: use unetbootin23:48
weedarreplman: you could install from a usb-drive23:48
marekthi is there any widget for kde4 with weather?23:48
zarlinomarekt: i'd like to know this too23:48
replmanweedar: also from a usb-stick?23:48
weedarreplman: yeah :)23:49
weedarreplman: checkout http://www.pendrivelinux.com23:50
amd-64i installed open_suse on a very old ibm thinkpad, just for mom to play frozen bubble on hehe, it took 3 freakin hours!!23:50
JontheEchidnamarekt, zarlino: sudo apt-get install plasmoid-weather ;kbuildsycoca423:50
Elgordo123You have probably been asked this 1,000 times..  nothing on forums..   How the heck do I change my IP on my NIC?23:52
Elgordo123Fresh install gave me dhcp, but have no idea where to change to manual IP.  Network manager runs through wizard but does nothing23:52
replmanDon't understand why installing from usb-stick must be so complicated23:53
ardchoillereplman: Isn't is a easy as copying the iso to usb key and booting from the usb key?23:53
bulbecDoes someone know if my hard disk will work again?23:54
bulbec i had kubuntu on my hard drive, i got kernel panic and after 12 houres of trying to make it work, someone "smart" said i had to install windows. I tryed, i got all formated but i didnt get the install((  when this hard is connected, it says IDE Channel 0 no 80 conductors installed, when i try to install kubuntu or windows it says "ata5.01 :status :{DRDY}      Buffer I/O error no devise sda. logical block 0       ata 5.01: exe[tion23:54
bulbec[19:45] <bulbec> mask 0x0 SAct 0x0 Serr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen"     did I killed my hard disk? or maybe i still can make it work23:54
bulbec[19:45] <bulbec> ?23:54
marektJontheEchidna but how can i check weather at my location - poland?23:54
JontheEchidnamarekt: weather.yahoo.com has a way I think23:54
replmanardchoille: no :-(23:55
Elgordo123How do I change from dhcp to manual IP?   Network manager doesn't change anything...23:55
beta-guyis there a way to change the display driver?23:56
JontheEchidnamarekt: use the city search, then go to the page. Your weather code should be in the url23:56
weedarElgordo123: you could add an entry in /etc/network/interfaces23:56
enzoi have intrepid and a logitech cordless keyboard/mouse MX 3200 with special buttons such as screen snapshot and calculator23:57
marektJontheEchidna thanks it works ;023:57
Elgordo123weedar: thanks. I'll take a look23:57
enzowhen i first installed kubuntu (it was the kubuntu before hardy), these buttons were working but not any more, what can i do to make them work ?23:57
marektit shows only current temp, can it show a forecast?23:58
JontheEchidnamarekt: it should gain that in KDE 4.223:58
JontheEchidnait should be much better then23:58
jonathan_hey has anyone seen that picture of Bill Gates, saying that he uses Linux haha.23:58
=== ronnie_ is now known as amd-64
marektJontheEchidna i found this one, giving a try ;0 http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/weatherforecast?content=92149&PHPSESSID=f8c31d87ded22423afb06be739a0724b23:59

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