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darkscreamzHey guys, hoping someone can help me out. We have a launchpad account for an Ubuntu mirror we run, however I'm unsure of the login details or the e-mail address that was used for the account, hoping someone can help me out with recovering this info?03:56
iahello, everybody. could you tell me please, where can i get, if that possible, sources of launchpad? :-)04:06
spmia: at this point in time you can't04:07
iaspm: I see. Well, could you tell me, please, does canonical have plans to release code, so anyone can take this, compile, run it at some server for some personal aims/projects? it's just a curiosity, not some critical necessity :-)04:12
spmia: sure. I *believe* the timeline is mid 2009 to have the codebase for LP open sourced. But that's my possibly faulty memory at work. :-)04:14
NCommanderia & spm it was one year from May-July04:21
* NCommander can't remember specifically which month04:21
stgraberIIRC it was announced at OSCON or really near OSCON, so that was in July04:22
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spmwgrant: you were right :-) Too much.05:46
wgrantspm: It'll get at least 10 times as fast a few minutes after release.05:46
wgrantIt is completely impossible to read it often.05:46
wgrantScreenfulls in a few seconds.05:47
spmI was starting to worry about disk space from the auto-irc-logging... ;-)05:48
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stefanlsdDoes LP have the feature to upload multiple attachments at once?07:39
wgrantstefanlsd: Only via email, and perhaps the API.07:40
RAOFOh, does attaching multiple attachments work now?07:40
RAOFLast I heard that would fail because not all the attachments were GPG-signed?07:40
wgrantI'm not entirely sure.07:41
wgrantI think that only failed if you attempted to make modifications while attaching.07:41
RAOFThe only time I try to upload multiple attachments is when apport is filing a crash :)07:43
stefanlsdAnyone have an idea as to why im getting u'Package wireshark not published in Debian' while trying to do 'Also affects distribution/package'.   packages.debian.org does indeed list the package.08:08
wgrantstefanlsd: It isn't published *in Launchpad*.08:08
elmoactually it should be08:08
wgrantBut that would seem to be a bug, and it worked just a few days ago for me.08:08
wgrantelmo: Oh, it's being gina'd on prod now?08:09
wgrantBut publisher won't be running.08:09
elmowhich probably explains this breakage08:09
elmowell, yeah, we don't publish it08:09
wgrantThey'll all be PENDING.08:09
elmostefanlsd: file a bug, and subscribe cprov08:09
wgrantThis could be regarded as a rather severe regression.08:09
stefanlsdelmo: ok. can do.08:09
stefanlsdWill leave package name blank for now08:10
wgrantAh, I see it was only imported today.08:10
wgrantAnd... wow.08:10
wgrantThat's confusing.08:10
wgrantIt has a Published date, but is still pending..08:10
wgrantelmo: Are the statuses going to be faked at some point so that Debian isn't entirely pending and having very little useful on its SP pages? It'd be nice to be able to see the versions in each series right there.08:12
elmowgrant: pass (to cprov)08:13
wgrantelmo: Sorry, you just seem mildly knowledgable on this sort of stuff most of the time.08:14
elmooh, I don't mind you asking, I just genuinely don't have a clue :)  I just know cprov turned it on because he wanted my rubber duck to do so08:14
wgrantelmo: Some duck needs to fix the lenny and sid names.08:15
stefanlsdk. bug #29099308:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290993 in launchpad "Launchpad 'Also affects distribution/package' unable to find Debian package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29099308:15
wgrantWe now have Debian Debian Sid and Debian Debian Lenny08:15
elmowgrant: that can be some duck not busy with the release ;-)08:16
wgrantelmo: Good point.08:16
* wgrant cracks the whip.08:16
wgrantI find it a bit strange that one would gina an entirely new distro less than 24 hours before release, but it seems to have survived remarkably well!08:18
wgrantI note that there's no way to notice stable updates without diffing Packages now :(08:19
wgrantSince everything is now done by copies, which don't notify the changeslist.08:19
wgrantI think I filed a bug on that a while ago.08:19
highvoltagehi launchpadders08:56
mwhudsonhello highvoltage08:56
highvoltagewe want a PPA for our loco team, is there a way we can limit uploaders to the PPA (we don't want all our members to be able to upload), or should we create a seperate team and PPA?08:57
highvoltagehey mwhudson08:57
mwhudsonhighvoltage: ppas are tied to a team08:57
beunohighvoltage, create a new team?  :)08:57
highvoltageok, I'll create a new team then, thanks08:58
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wgrantI've heard that there are plans to untie upload rights from the basic membership right in the foreseeable future...09:00
beunomwhudson, just forwarded you an email in spanish09:09
beunowhich may interest you09:10
beunoheapy on bzr-xmloutput09:10
mwhudson10 megs of "dict of RLock" ?09:13
beunoaccording to heapy, yes09:14
beunoVerterok_ has been poking at the memory issue as well09:15
mwhudsonpretty sure bazaar doesn't take out RLock's :)09:16
beunoright, that's probably the rpc or something09:17
beunomwhudson, also, I left my laptop running the whole night, no requests to LH, and it kept it's 400mb of ram09:23
beunoreleased them as soon as I killed it09:23
wgrantWoo, leaks.09:23
beunoyeah, loggerhead is a bit gready09:27
wgrantLike all those people in #ubuntu-release-party09:28
beunomaybe, are they taking ram and not giving it back unless you kill them?09:29
wgrantNo, they take sanity instead.09:29
ajmitchI doubt they had sanity09:34
mwhudsonthat's why they need to steal it?09:36
ajmitchgood evening Hobbsee09:59
hernadhi, can somebody help me12:13
hernadthere is strange think with this repos https://launchpad.net/~hernad-ooo-ba/+archive12:13
hernadbuild process started 1,5 day ago12:14
hernadand according to the infos on web interface it's never ending story :)12:15
beunocprov, ^12:18
kikohernad, the builds only just started, 2 minutes ago12:20
kikohernad, expand the table and see the actual builds12:20
kikohernad, you're asking about OOO right?12:20
kikolook at the individual builds12:21
hernadit was in something like wait pool for 1,5 day ?12:21
hernadit is strange becase the other libs were built almost instantly12:21
hernadI am aware that ooo needs one day but ...12:22
kikohernad, maybe a dependency was missing?12:22
Hobbseehernad: looks like a bug in the ppa software12:22
Hobbseekiko: not according to that log, i don't think.12:22
Hobbseedpkg: ../../src/packages.c:191: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.12:22
hernadI have dependencies to the other ppa12:22
kikothe log says it started the build a few minutes ago though12:23
Hobbseeoh, and more 404's.12:23
Hobbseekiko: yes, and failed.12:23
Hobbseegot set back to needs-build12:23
HobbseeFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/hernad-b-out-ba/ubuntu/pool/main/d/debhelper/debhelper_7.0.13~hernad~ppa1_all.deb  404 Not Found12:24
HobbseeFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/hernad-b-out-ba/ubuntu/pool/main/p/poppler/libpoppler3_0.8.7-1~hernad~ppa1_i386.deb  404 Not Found12:24
HobbseeFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/hernad-b-out-ba/ubuntu/pool/main/p/poppler/libpoppler-dev_0.8.7-1~hernad~ppa1_i386.deb  404 Not Found12:24
HobbseeFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/hernad-b-out-ba/ubuntu/pool/main/s/saxonb/libsaxonb-java_9.0.0.4+svn20080322~hernad~ppa1_all.deb  404 Not Found12:24
hernadI have made a successful  build on my machined12:24
wgrantMust have hit that tiny period where the PPAs are out of sync.12:24
wgrantI don't see that happen too often.12:24
hernadand these dependencies are from the other ppa12:24
kikohow strange12:25
hernadhah I am master of strange things :)12:25
hernadthese libs are build few days ago ... a week ago I think12:26
Hobbseehernad: based on those addresses, i'd say it's not looking into the right place.12:27
kikothere's something wrong with your hernad-b-out-ba12:27
Hobbseehernad-b-out-ba is not a user of launchpad12:27
kikoit has no pool12:28
hernadi don't get12:28
hernadhm I see now there is no pull12:29
hernadbut why ?12:29
kikocprov, bigjools: why would a PPA have no pool?12:29
hernadlet me clear something about these acounts12:30
Hobbseekiko: why would a ppa exist, where a user doesn't?12:30
jameshHobbsee: if a user had previously existed?12:31
wgrantBecause the user got renamed, maybe.12:31
hernadi think12:31
hernadI know12:31
kikoHobbsee, the user exists. what are you talking about?12:31
Hobbseejamesh: i was wondering about that.12:31
hernadit is renamed12:31
wgrantI probably still have an old semi-PPA sitting around from before my rename.12:31
Hobbseehmmm.  when i checked that, it didn't exist.12:31
kikoit's interesting that it was renamed though12:32
hernadI have used both of the accounts12:32
hernadhernad-b-out-ba is for the customized packages of bring.out.ba12:32
kikohernad, it sounds like something cprov needs to look at12:32
cprovkiko: renaming will be always a problem, the pool/ was remove because it was empty.12:33
hernadand the hernad-ooo-ba is meant for customez openoffice.ba packages12:33
cprovkiko: after the renaming (you got it)12:33
kikocprov, but there is stuff in the published files?12:33
hernadI have prepared packages on both accounts12:33
kikocprov, I mean, dists/.../Packages isn't empty12:34
hernadI think there was pool after renaming12:34
cprovkiko: yes, in fact pool/ was never created with the new repo path.12:34
hernadmaybe some cleanup procedure delete that12:34
kikocprov, ah. needs some manual fixing?12:34
cprovkiko: the index might get re-generated because of a removal .12:35
cprovkiko: yes, I will fix it as soon hernad decides which account he wants to use.12:35
kikocprov, both12:35
kikoand the other one too12:36
kikohernad, you could have created a new team to avoid having too account12:36
hernadas I sad there are two projects which we work on:12:36
hernadbring.out.ba => hernad-b-out-ba12:36
hernadopenoffice.ba => hernad-ooo-ba12:36
cprovhernad: what are the old names of those PPAs ?12:37
hernadthe renamed is hernad-b-out-ba12:38
hernadhmmm I can't remember :(12:38
hernadsomething with ernad ... I can serach in my notes12:39
hernadkiko, you suggest team settings12:39
kikohernad, yeah. you should have only one account on LP -- what you want is a team for your second PPA.12:39
cprovhernad: yes, PPA can be owned by teams12:39
hernadis it problem to explain in few words that organization12:40
hernadok than, I have to make bring.out.ba team and ...12:40
kikohernad, not at all. just visit launchpad.net/people, select "create new team", and then you can enable a PPA for it12:40
hernadand what you suggest with these  accounts ?12:41
kikohernad, and then merge the accounts.12:41
hernadaha I am going to do that immediately12:42
cprovhernad: and please give me the details so I can move your packages around.12:44
hernadok cprov12:49
hernadcprov, I have made team bring.out.ba12:52
hernadsould I merge account or you ?12:52
kikohernad, you can!12:52
hernadi have merged hernad-ooo-ba into hernad-b-out-ba12:58
hernadso now hernad-b-out-ba is the "integrated one" ?12:58
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hernadI have also activated team's PPA13:00
hernadshould I merge/transfer all to the team ?13:00
hernadI must say, I am not clear with relation team's PPA <-> individual account PPA's13:03
cprovhernad: http://ppa.launchpad.net/hernad-b-out-ba/ubuntu/ has your latest OO upload only, I need to know the previous name of you account13:04
cprovhernad: all members of the team will be able to upload sources to the team PPA.13:04
cprovhernad: only team administrator will be able to delete packages.13:05
hernadok, should/we can we transfer existing libraries to the team PPA ?13:05
hernadthe old repos name was ernad-husremovic13:06
hernadthan it was renamed to hernad-b-out-ba13:06
cprovhernad: good, wait a sec.13:08
hernada little digression: dput openoffice.org sources from the host which is located on vpslink.com was incredibly fast13:10
hernadit is at the same datacenter/location or what ?13:10
hernadi thought something was wrong with the upload but later on I have seen it on launchpad really uploaded ...13:11
cprovhernad: I can't really say if it's same location13:12
cprovhernad: your repository should be fine now.13:12
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cprov-afkhernad: will be back soon, if you have doubts.13:13
hernadok thank you13:13
Ursinhawgrant, do you think it's nice to play with trolls like that? I don't13:14
beunoUrsinha likes dolls better13:15
Ursinhabeuno, I really mean that13:15
wgrantUrsinha: It's not my bot, but it isn't too bad. The channel has been fairly tame this time.13:15
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cprovhernad: ping14:04
hernadtu sam14:04
hernadsad on my language :)14:04
hernadcprov, I see openoffice sources are there14:05
hernadbut they are not on the list of packages14:05
hernadare they going to be ?14:05
cprovhernad: no, that's what I was going to tell you.14:06
cprovhernad: oo wasn't uploaded to that PPA, right ?14:06
hernadno it was on hernad-ooo-ba14:07
hernadsuppose you have to start build manually14:07
cprovhernad: I can't14:08
hernadis there limit with an archive size ?14:08
cprovhernad: you will have to upload it again :(14:08
cprovhernad: yes, there is a limit (1Gb, by default)14:08
hernadcprov, can I somewhere reduce number target architectures ? (ie. only i386)14:27
hernadto reduce size of the archive14:27
hernadcprov1 I have uploaded to hernad-ooo-ba but I am afraid of breaking limit14:35
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JaspsoftI'm getting PPA rejection email saying 'Section "libs" is not allowed in jaunty.' Why is it? Thanks.18:20
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rom1vI subscribed to "ubuntu" on launchpad to receive mail notifications19:18
rom1vI would like to disable it, I don't find the option anymore :(19:18
* mpt told rom1v where to find it19:53
Robb_MI just received Error ID: OOPS-1034G3068 trying to view https://launchpad.net/~bugsquad/+members......was that just a server "burp"?21:03
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bdmurrayI tried an advanced search for ubuntu bugs about the 'main' component and I'm not finding any which seems odd21:31
bdmurrayIt seems to work on staging though21:32
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