obocamanthe same computer with the ubuntu 7.04 works perfect00:00
ds[de]so you took the same steps to gain internet access?00:00
ds[de]obocaman, can you ping your router?00:00
obocamani get ip addres from the dhcp server from the router00:01
obocamaneven i can do pingo to google.com00:01
obocamanbut with firefox i cant00:01
obocamanor the synaptic00:01
obocamanonly works the ping00:01
ds[de]well if you get a ping response but can't access the same server with firefox it sounds like a firefox issue to me00:02
ds[de]oh ok00:02
obocamanbut in other routers firefox works fine00:02
obocamani think is something with the router i have and the ubuntu 8.1000:02
johnjohn101what version of alsa will be included in ibex?00:02
ds[de]I'm out for a smoke, I'll get back at you in a couple of minutes00:02
obocamansay something when your back00:04
johnjohn101if i down load ubuntu tonight, can i upgrade to the released version?00:07
VSpikeMy video camera fails to create a /dev/video0 node when plugged in more than one time.  what package should this be reported against?00:08
copproudev perhaps?00:09
lucaxwill gnome global menu be included in intrepid?00:09
obocamands[de are you bsck?00:16
jribchsty_g4: my nvidia drivers work fine so you need to be more specific about your issue00:19
ASrock Hey, I just installed ubuntu 8.10 and the themes i normally use dont work right with it...on gnomelook.org what would be the proper section to look at for themes for ubuntu 8.10?00:19
jribASrock: what do you mean exactly by "work right"00:19
chsty_g4i've got a geforce3 ti200 (i think) and the old drivers that were in 8.4 (i think) aren't working anymore00:19
ASrockum i forgot the exact error message but they look really goofy like on my panels the ends are black and the middle stays white and transparent00:20
chadwhen i try to compile cairo-doc i get the following message `AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT' not found in library  does anyone know how to fix ?00:20
ASrockwhen i went to gnomelook.org i used the section "GTK 2.x" is that the wrong type to be working for or should i look for metacity or compiz?00:21
jribchad: you mean cairo-dock?00:22
jribchad: "aren't working"?  what exactly happens?00:22
jribchsty_g4: "aren't working"?  what exactly happens?00:22
chadjrib: sorry .. i got it :-D00:23
* jrib curses tab complete00:23
jribchad: you know cairo-dock is in the repositories right?00:23
jribASrock: should be fine.  Try a different theme00:23
obocamanthe gtk 2.x themes will work00:24
obocamanyou download it00:24
chadjrib:  yeah but i want the newest version from svn .. i need a bug fix in it00:25
obocamanopen system---> preferences-->appearance00:26
obocamanand drag the new theme into00:26
cobhey guys, having trouble with the ati xorg driver in 8.10, can't get any acceleration it seems...every boot it asks if I want to use low graphics mode or reconfigure/check logs/etc00:27
cobalso having to restart networking after every resume from suspend00:27
ASrockjrib: i had to manually tell the panel to use the theme...then it worked fine...exept my workspace switcher still lookes a little weird...is there any way i can edit how that looks?00:27
jribASrock: not sure about that00:27
obocamani cant acces internet with ubuntu  8.10 and a router zyxel prestige 64300:28
chsty_g4jrib, with default drivers, the geforce is unable to use the compiz effect00:29
chsty_g4when i run the nvidia x server settings, i am told that i do not have drivers installed anymore00:30
Optimus55does the new ubuntu drop tonight at 12?00:31
bloopletechI heard 220000:31
cobibex is going legit?00:31
obocamanit depends from where you live00:31
cobor you mean another beta build00:31
bloopletechcob: release I think00:32
cobwow, that was fast00:32
cobnot a very long rc00:32
bloopletechcob: join #ubuntu-release-party for more info00:32
LSD|Ninjayou guys are cutting this kinda fine, no? :P00:36
bloopletechWell, in my timezone they have a nother 12 hours00:37
Optimus55i feel special there... got invited to a release party... *sniff...00:37
cob06:00 in what time zone00:38
cobthat is a really important detail, lol00:38
LSD|NinjaThey go by GMT so they still have just under two days to make the 8.10 date but still... :P00:39
Rods_TigerThere's no point in rushing it if it's not ready00:48
Nergarhow can I use rsync to update an iso to the latest daily?00:49
Hoover_4000pliz help i deleted a panel and i cant get it bavk00:50
gamesianoi have upgraded to intrepid and now when i click in any option in sites menus it opens Rithmbox!!!!00:51
Volkodavwhich panel?00:52
Volkodavin the browser?00:53
gamesianoin the menu of gnome00:53
gamesianotop menu bar00:53
Volkodavstart it manually00:54
Volkodavdo gnome-panel in shell00:55
sendarkhi people, if i do update-manager -d now, will i be able to update to the actual release once it is out?00:55
gamesianook, Volkodav00:55
gamesianobut thats no the solution00:55
gamesianoto my problem00:55
gamesianoI want my sites like in hardy00:56
gamesianopreviously to upgrade to intrepid00:56
gamesiano"A panel is already running.00:57
cobif the current rc is similar to release, ibex has regressed on my machine :(00:57
Volkodavso you have bottom panel not the upper one?00:57
gamesianohow can i manually edit the sites menu ?00:57
gamesianothe truth is that i was playing with 2 monitors00:58
gamesianoand it is posible that that panel is not the original one00:58
gamesianothats the reason?00:58
Volkodavdual head is different00:58
gamesianomaybe intrepid get mad00:59
gamesianowith this panel00:59
gamesianoi erased the other panel00:59
gamesianomaybe the original panel00:59
Volkodavare you back to single head or still in dual?00:59
gamesianoDocuments Home Images alll opens Rythmbox01:00
gamesianotell me Volkodav01:01
Volkodavkill all panels and create bottom fist then add the top01:02
Volkodavand then restart X01:02
gamesianowell thanks01:02
gamesianoi will do it01:02
gamesianobut now i have to go to bed01:02
gamesianosee you next time here...01:03
michelecs_Hi Guys. Is the LPIA good for Atom processor? I mean: Is Atom belonging to the LPIA architecture?01:05
dekkongbloopletech: :) do you know @ what time the new ubuntu 8.10 will be released? :)01:08
DweditHow do I make my max resolution 1024x768?01:09
agitdd99is there anyone experienced static IP setup didn't work out in the late release of intrepid?01:09
bloopletechNo, it will be out when it's ready. You can hang out in #ubuntu-release-party for more info, however they might not like it if you sake when 8.10 is coming out01:09
agitdd99i got this problem when i run the beta version01:09
dekkongbloopletech: yeah01:09
ThedjatclubrockDo you know if I could take the Ubuntu LiveCD, replace the default GNOME backgroud?01:15
ThedjatclubrockI'd like to modify the default background for new users, and distribute it on a LiveCD01:16
ThedjatclubrockAnd maybe some other GNOME hacks01:16
powerkingI'm curious. Is the lack of packages in my repository due to Intrepid not being released yet or me on AMD64 Architecture?01:16
powerkingI mean I have some01:17
powerkingbut I'm missing like Konversation01:17
powerkingwhich is what I use on this PC to do IRC :)01:17
Thedjatclubrockpowerking: Is Universe enabled?01:17
powerkinguhhh....prolly not, I'll check after the updates are installed01:17
pipeline_how many hours left until final?01:18
Daisuke_Idopipeline_: thanks for asking, now it's two more than before.01:18
jtechidnapowerking: kdesudo software-properties-kde01:18
jtechidnamake sure universe is enabled01:18
pipeline_i got 8.10 BETA, and I've been steadily updating it ever since, would I want to reinstall when final is released? Or shall I just keep it, with the updates I've applied?01:18
karl5765765its not released yet , it says coming soon on th e site01:18
Hoover_4000Thedjatclubrock: you will have to extract the iso file01:18
powerkingwill that still work if I'm in gnome?01:18
jtechidnaoh wait, konversation is in main01:19
Daisuke_Idopipeline_: same thing, just keep up with updates and you'll be at final01:19
powerkingyea, it tells me its not in the repo01:19
pipeline_Daisuke_Ido: what?01:19
Daisuke_Idopipeline_: if you keep the beta updated, it will eventually be the same as the final release01:20
pipeline_Daisuke_Ido: hm.01:20
ThedjatclubrockHoover_4000: Where is the file, I have extracted it.01:20
Daisuke_Idopipeline_: that's what i'm doing :)01:20
Hoover_4000not so sure01:20
jtechidnapowerking: according to this it should have built on all architectures some months ago.01:20
pipeline_Daisuke_Ido: why i'm asking is because there are still a few bugs in place.01:21
Hoover_4000Thedjatclubrock: not sure guess you will have to check01:21
pipeline_Daisuke_Ido: but i guess they'll all be resolved with fixes, eitherway.01:21
jtechidnaoh, forgot to paste the link01:21
powerkingyea. I think this most recent update broke my installation.01:21
powerkingIt worked before >.>01:21
powerkinglets try a cold boot.01:22
powerkinggah. shit. same thing01:22
wamcveyikonia, any luck with testing intrepid with Xen on AMD64?01:22
jtechidnapowerking: maybe you could pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list?01:23
powerkingdoesnt matter now01:23
powerkinglatest update broke my installation.01:23
jtechidnaoh, nice01:23
powerkingNo. not really.01:23
* Daisuke_Ido strangles the people on launchpad that can't read01:23
Thedjatclubrockpowerking: How do you mean?01:23
powerkingI mean01:24
powerkingI boot01:24
powerkingit gets past grub01:24
powerking"Boot from (hd0,0) ext 3 gives some spam that looks like a hash of some sort01:24
powerkinggoes to the next line01:24
powerkingand does blinking cursor of death01:24
Daisuke_Idoposted my question about kaudiocreator's existence in *intrepid* and got https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdemultimedia/+question/4936001:24
Thedjatclubrockpowerking: Is your initd correct?01:24
powerkingsay what.01:25
Daisuke_Idoif you haven't touched it, there's no reason it shouldn't be, and a pretty poor sort of update if it's wrong01:25
powerkingI'll try to boot to the old kernel01:26
powerkingit installed a new kernel version01:26
powerkingOh, joy. The old kernel isnt there anymore.01:26
Thedjatclubrockpowerking: Is your HD alright?01:27
powerkingrecovery console works01:27
powerkingIt better be.01:27
powerkingthere, works from recovery console01:27
powerkingafter hitting "resume normal boot"01:27
powerkingheh. this is what I get for using RC :p01:28
ThedjatclubrockRC works for me :P01:28
powerkingget 133 updates, and it wont :p01:29
bsniderthere's nothing wrong with the rc01:29
powerkingat least for AMD6401:29
powerkingyou're right01:29
powerkingthe RC works. The updates to it break the install :P. At least it did this time. Maybe its a random problem.01:29
joshualdoes anyone know if I can run 32 bit applications on ubuntu-64bit ?01:29
powerkingyou can. afaik01:30
bsniderlike what?01:30
ArkoldThosjoshual: yea01:30
joshualbsnider: ermm not really sure what yet, just wondering if I should give it a go01:30
joshualcool thx01:30
ArkoldThosjust use something named getlibs or smth~01:30
ArkoldThos:P oki01:30
bsniderjoshual, all the repository stuff is available in amd64. 3d games are 32 bit but work anyway01:31
ArkoldThoswhen updates for final are coming :O?01:31
joshualhow about if I were to run a 32 bit game using wine or something?01:31
powerkingGAH. Now it booted to the version without the blacklisted PCI thing so wireless is borked01:31
bsniderthere's no reason not to use amd64 if you have the hardware for it.01:31
joshualah perfect :)01:31
joshualawesome thanks bsnider I'll do it then :)01:31
ArkoldThosjoshual: you need to install some 32 bits libraries and stuff01:31
joshualas soon as kubuntu 8.10 is released that is01:31
joshualArkoldThos: is there a meta package for that?01:31
Daisuke_Idojtechidna: yeah, that pretty much covered the question, i'll see if i can find it via another source01:32
bsniderlinus himself recently attacked some of the x devs for not using amd64.01:32
powerkingnormal boot works now. After I did it through the recovery console.01:32
jtechidnaDaisuke_Ido: if you can get the hardy deb you should be able to install it, I'd think01:32
powerkingI knew it was a random problem. Thats what it always is with me. The Linux gods do it to laugh at my angst.01:32
jtechidnayour mileage may vary (tm)01:32
ArkoldThosjoshual: nope01:32
Technovikinganyone else having weird re-drawing problems with gnome-terminal in Intrepid?01:33
joshualhrmm ArkoldThos ok, i'll look for a how to01:33
ArkoldThosis a package with some very important libraries01:33
joshualokee thx01:34
Daisuke_Idojtechidna: tried that and it wouldn't work, dependency not satisfiable (kdemultimedia-kio-plugins)01:35
jtechidnaah, right01:35
Daisuke_Idoi might see if i can grab something else01:35
Daisuke_Idoi just really liked that one :(01:35
Milos_SDHello to all ... I have one question about 64bit Ubuntu :)01:36
Daisuke_Idoripperx...  sounds dangerous01:36
Milos_SDWill be there any performance slowdowns when runing 32bit app on it?01:36
bsniderno there will not01:37
bsnideralthough it's questionable whether you'd ever need a 32 bit app01:37
Milos_SDfor exaple wine :)01:37
Milos_SDI compile wine, I'm not using precompiled version ...01:38
Milos_SDwill I have problems? :D01:38
bsniderthat's on you01:38
joshualso will 8.10 come out at 12am greenwich mean time... or?01:39
musikgoathi, anyone noticed a series of frequent system beeps when starting or shutting down or suspending (haven't tested hybernating), on an x64 upgrade from updated 8.04 to latest rc?   hardware: athlon64, nvidia n4force chipset and 9800gx2.   I'm noticing it around during when grub loads to the graphical boot01:40
musikgoator heard of it01:40
bsnidereverybody's had that issue01:41
bsnideryou can blacklist the snd_pcspkr module01:41
musikgoatis there a bug filed then?01:41
bsnideri think it's mostly fixed01:42
powerkingUgh. Why wont this driver start.01:42
bsniderwhat driver?01:42
powerkingatheros 802.11 wireless LAN01:42
powerkingwas working just fine, and then I did that update01:43
joshuali'm sitting here using ulteo until i can d/l a copy of 8.1001:43
bsniderpowerking, you need the backports package for that01:43
powerkingnow the system starts with it disabled, and wont enable it.01:43
powerkingwhich package is that.01:43
bsniderthe ath5k in the kernel was blacklisted in favour of a better one in the backports package01:43
powerkingyea. ath5k was working just fine >.>01:44
powerkingwhats the package name01:44
Daisuke_Idoripperx isn't terrible, but it's not the shining beacon of awesomeness i was hoping for :\01:44
powerkingsure? it said it couldn't find it. and I'm connected to a wired connection, and it works01:45
bsniderthat's the relevant part of the name. i'm assuming you're searching in synaptic01:45
musikgoat!bug 25559001:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255590 in linux "System beep goes nuts on start up" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25559001:45
powerkingno, that'd be the smart thing to do.01:45
musikgoat^^for anyone else that wants to reference it01:46
powerkinghehe, wrong IRC channel01:46
powerkingyea, synaptic found nothing01:48
bloopletechpowerking: sure that's not your sudo password?01:49
powerkingyeup :)01:49
bloopletechI'd change it if I were you01:50
powerkingsvn password to a project of mine (not on this server either, so :) )01:50
bsniderpowerking, linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic01:51
joshualwonder /j #linux01:53
powerkingapt get found it :)01:54
nkei0heya all01:57
voxi get this error when i try to use my webcam, it uses the OV511 chipset: can not open /dev/video0 (No space left on device)  any ideas?01:57
nkei0so, when i go to the gimp folder (it's in usr/share/gimp/2.0) why does it say 2.0?  when I type gimp to run it, it runs 2.6...01:58
bsnidermaybe because the folder name doesn't care about the minor revision number02:00
michelecsIs there any exact time for the Intrepid release?02:08
rwwmichelecs: no02:10
Prez00i guess there are many already upgrading.. i am upgrading and it is fairly slow going..02:11
dnb1997is there a channel for the release party?02:12
lobo235Can anyone help me get the java plugin working for firefox 3.0.3? I installed the OpenJDK Java 6 Web Start and the OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime but that didn't seem to do it...02:12
bsniderdnb1997, no, we're all just going to hop in a limo and head to vegas instead.02:13
rwwdnb1997: #ubuntu-release-party02:13
jtechidnadnb1997: #ubuntu-release-party02:13
=== burner1 is now known as burner
rwwlobo235: you also need the package icedtea6-plugin, I think02:16
lobo235ok, i'll try that02:16
storrgiewgrant: you here?02:22
linuxkrnok, need a guru to answer this.  I have a custom built initrd with a custom patched dmraid for my system.  Will upgrading to 8.10 break this?02:25
paul_muaddibHas anyone noticed ext3 file corruption?  I've installed on 3 different machines using manual partitioning and each machine I've used can't be backed up with Acronis True Image or Ghost32... They both say the file system is corrupt.... Did ext3 change since 8.04?02:26
firelovezweeeeeeeeeeee soooooooo nice no more windows on this laptop02:28
zerwasi think now we can talk about jaunty.02:28
fireloveznoobie in some need of help, i want xchat i type sudo apt-get install xchat and i get a response saying E: xchat not found02:29
firelovezE: Couldn't find package xchat02:29
rwwfirelovez: did you enable the universe repository? have you done sudo apt-get update recently?02:30
firelovezwill do02:31
Cameronlooks like intrepidś file chooser doesn't work consistently for all apps.  in some apps, all bookmarks are shown, in other apps only local ones, and other apps none02:31
firelovezsweet thanks rww02:31
rwwfirelovez: awesome :) which was it? universe or update?02:32
rwwah. yeah, someone else had that problem the other day and it took us forever to figure it out, hence me asking this time :D02:33
firelovezill be back in a few geting off this pidgin sweet02:33
Cameronany ubuntu devs in here ?02:35
unique_what dose rww stand for? is that like a admin or are you in every room i go to lol02:36
johnjohn101what alsa version ships with ibex?02:36
rwwunique_: It's my RL initials, and I'm not an admin, just someone who can pay attention to three channels at once :)02:36
rww!info alsa intrepid02:36
ubottuPackage alsa does not exist in intrepid02:36
unique_lol so that was you :-)02:36
unique_sorry im a noob02:37
rwwhmm, that's not right02:37
* rww thinks02:37
rww!info alsa-base intrepid | johnjohn10102:37
ubottujohnjohn101: alsa-base (source: alsa-driver): ALSA driver configuration files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.17.dfsg-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 214 kB, installed size 408 kB02:37
rwwyay, I guessed better :D02:37
johnjohn101if i download tonight will i be able to upgrade to the released version?02:38
unique_ok i do have a small problem i type iwconfig and my wireless card dose not show.... i goto hardware drivers in pref, it says its using support for atheros 802.11 wireless lan cards.....02:40
CanadianLinuxShould I have any issues with fglrx on my ATI Card after an update from Hardy to Intrepid? 3D support is what im worried about02:46
unique_also toshset says required kernel toshiba support not enabled...\02:46
rwwCanadianLinux: I'm using a Radeon HD 3450 and have fglrx working perfect :)02:46
CanadianLinuxthankyou very much rww, I cant go without Nexuiz lol02:47
CanadianLinuxI have the same card btw02:47
rwwCanadianLinux: hehe, yeah, only reason I need 3D support is for the games :D02:48
CanadianLinuxCheck out nexuiz rww if you are into the Quake series...02:48
BluesKajCanadianLinux:  depends which card...my elcheapo ati x200g no longer supports 3D or DRI after upgrading to 8.10RC02:49
unique_lol i just tryed it on windows for the first time its sweet im going to def get it on here02:49
CanadianLinuxI have a HD2400 and HD345002:49
rwwCanadianLinux: I will :)02:49
unique_they were talking about it on hak5 i was like oh yhea02:50
CanadianLinuxYea its pretty impressive, I'm actively involved in the Community02:50
BluesKajCanadianLinux:  I heard that ATI has slightly better supporth nvidia on 8.1002:50
CanadianLinuxok thanks guys for the Info, I just dont want to be stuck with 2d only02:51
unique_i was always a fan of ati02:51
unique_could any one make sense of ("required kernel toshiba support not enabled.") for me02:52
Prettoubuntu.com not responding?02:52
BluesKajprevious  releases have better nvidia supoort then ati m but the 8.10 has decided to got the HAL route on graphics so the xorg.conf file is practically totally uneditable02:52
unique_ubuntu.com is up on my end\02:53
Prettohere is not.. a lot of people talking about that on #ubuntu-br02:55
unique_pretto try http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc maby its just the home page02:56
Prettounique_, firefox just say: waiting for ubuntu.com... and no page at  all02:56
unique_can anyone else connect to ubuntu.com02:57
zerwasunique_, sure.02:57
dublpawsunique_: yes02:57
Prettounique_, maybe the route from Brazil is having some problem02:58
unique_thats what i was going to say....02:58
unique_you can try a proxy site and see if it can redirect you to a us based server.02:59
Prettothe last info i got was 22  gw0-0-gr.canonical.com (  359.775 ms * *03:00
Pretto21  gw0-0-gr.canonical.com (  359.876 ms (  359.877 ms  367.878 ms03:01
Pretto22  gw0-0-gr.canonical.com (  359.775 ms * *03:01
Prettosame router twice03:01
Prettoand stuck on the last03:01
unique_pretto try vostok.canonical.com03:02
crashsystemsdoes anyone know exactly when 8.10 goes live?03:02
unique_see if you still cant get thro03:03
unique_i wanted to know that same question lol03:03
unique_pretto any luck03:04
Prettounique_, tracing03:04
rwwcrashsystems: #ubuntu-release-party03:05
Prettostuck on 22  gw0-0-gr.canonical.com (  380.807 ms  374.841 ms  379.874 ms03:05
Pretto23  * * *  again03:05
mxweas_I hear that intrepid has built in support for broadcom wireless cards, is this true?03:06
mxweas_How buggy is it currently?03:06
jadamsI'm running intrepid.  Every ten minutes, my monitor dims.  This is not what it's set to do in power management03:11
Cameronin intrepid : file choosers show different items in the places list for different applications03:11
ArkoldThosawwwwwwwwwwwwww~ when updates are coming03:11
siduxi've got the no-keyboard-or-mouse at login screen problem...03:12
siduxjust did a clean install of Ibex...03:12
duanedesignrhythmbox crashes everytime I start downloading podcast in my feeds03:13
binarymutantis anyone getting seg faults with brasero when clicking on "New Audio Project" ?03:13
KDeskHow can I stop the hp-systray from apearing every time when I log in?03:13
talios'lo all - just trying to 'update-manager -d' into intrepid and am being told that the installer couldn't authenticate some packages, with 'base-files' being the failure - anyone seen that03:14
Prettounique_, i think  that gw0-0-gr.canonical.com is dropping packages from Brazil03:14
unique_thats what it looks like... maby a over whelm in 8.10 rc downloads03:15
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Hardy, and help keeping the servers' load low!03:15
chrislxAnyone using 8.10 on an Acer Aspire One?03:15
rwwI know it says hardy, but the same applies for intrepid: use mirrors!03:16
unique_thats all i can think03:16
duanedesignsidux: do you get a blank screen03:16
siduxduanedesign: no, i get the login screen...but mouse & keyboard unresponsive...03:17
mordib80hello, did anyone have a problem with 8.10 and nvidia 3d driver? As in the FONT on the desktop getting so humongous it takes up the whole screen???03:20
duanedesignsidux: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5964696#post596469603:20
=== rww is now known as rww_
=== rww_ is now known as rww
billybigriggerso how many more hows until release?03:22
taliosdarn timezones - the 30th is almost over here :(03:23
rwwthree hows and four #ubuntu-release-party!03:23
billybigriggerhehe i meant hours03:23
duanedesignmordib80: sounds like you have the senior citizen option checked in your preferences03:24
mordib80how can I fix it?03:24
Omar87The network connections icon does not appear on my notification area, how do I make it appear?03:24
duanedesignwhat nvidia card03:24
mordib80actually it was fine until i installed nvidia driver and restarted computer03:25
billybigriggerrww three hours for release or what?03:25
mordib80oh its a geforce 620003:25
rwwbillybigrigger: I was joking. Nobody in here knows when release is. Nobody in #ubuntu-release-party knows either, but you should ask there anyway :P03:25
chrislxAnyone using an Acer Aspire One?03:26
chocohoofany solution for the keyboard/mice problem?03:26
duanedesignso the generic "nv" driver worked03:26
rww!isitdone | billybigrigger, because ubottu says03:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about isitdone03:26
mordib80generic nv driver works great03:26
rww.. damnit ubottu, you're killing me here03:26
jadamsin totem, I don't have the mythtv plugin listed.  I have mythtv-plugins-extra installed.03:26
rww!isitout  | billybigrigger, because ubottu says03:27
ubottubillybigrigger, because ubottu says: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here03:27
rwwthere we go :)03:27
billybigriggerhehe k ill be sure to ask03:27
billybigriggerbut when its released does this chan get notified?03:29
Firelovezcould anyone help me to get my wireless card to work?03:30
billybigriggerwhat kind?03:30
chocohoofcould any1 help me to get my keyboard work at the login screen??03:32
Firelovezits a bulit in atheros card i go to hardware drivers and it has a green ball saying support for atheros 802.11 wireless lan cards....03:32
billybigriggerFirelovez: i would suggest typing lspci and finding a model number for your card and google it03:34
chocohoofcould somebody tell me why my keyboard and mice didnt working at the Ibex login screen???03:34
billybigriggeri have a broadcom so i can't give too much help03:34
sebsebsebchocohoof: USB mouse and keyboard?03:35
chocohoofnope, serial03:35
sebsebsebwith USB  I had similar issue like once, but I think that's more to do with my computer03:35
sebsebseb,but  all I had to do was take them out and plug back in again and then it would detect03:36
chocohoofbut its strange03:36
sebsebsebunplug and plugging back in again when it's on the log in screen may do it03:36
chocohoofif i start the recovery menu03:36
chocohoofi can navigate with the keys, but at the login screen it dies, ive tried plugging it out and in but no help03:37
sebsebsebby another  mouse and keyboard?03:38
sebsebsebdoes that computer dual boot with Windows by the way?03:39
chocohoofive tried it with my fathers one, same results03:39
sebsebsebif so does it work there03:39
sebsebsebyour fathers with Ibex?03:39
chocohoofyes it will dualboot with windows by the way, and it worx there03:39
chocohoofno mz fathers keyboard with my ibex03:40
scientushow do i add a dns server via command line03:40
scientus<scientus> network manager destroy my wired internet conenction cause it sucks03:40
sebsebsebah ha03:40
Firelovezthis is a said solution for the wireless problem "linux-backports-modules-intrepid" dose anyone know what it is03:41
sebsebsebI think  Ibex lacks a lot of older hardware suppourt and that could be your problem,03:41
sebsebsebprivate or here?03:41
sebsebsebyou started a private03:41
duanedesignin 8.10 rhythmbox crashes when I download podcasts in my feeds03:43
duanedesign The 71 and 96 series of proprietary nVidia drivers, as provided by the nvidia-glx-legacy and nvidia-glx packages in Ubuntu 8.04, are not compatible with the X.Org included in Ubuntu 8.10. Users with the nVidia TNT, TNT2, TNT Ultra, GeForce, GeForce2, GeForce3, and GeForce4 chipsets are affected and will be transitioned on upgrade to the free nv driver instead. This driver does not support 3D acceleration.03:44
e-framehow to view my onboard usb port type ? (usb 1.0 or 2.0) any suggestion ?03:45
pawanwhen is the new version coming out03:46
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Introduction and new features: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/810rc - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu - Discuss and party in #ubuntu-release-party (type also « /topic »)03:47
secret901I'm having trouble enabling Visual Effects. Whenever I choose it, it switches back to "None" and tell me that my graphics card won't work.  It's worked with Hardy.03:49
KDeskHow can I stop the hp-systray from apearing every time when I log in?03:49
thatguyless than 12 min03:49
e-framehow to view my onboard usb port type ? (usb 1.0 or 2.0) any suggestion ?03:52
secret901I'm having trouble enabling Visual Effects. Whenever I choose it, it switches back to "None" and tell me that my graphics card won't work.  It's worked before in Hardy.03:52
scientuswhy does drectory listing in nfs take forever, way slower than samba04:07
unique_i just got my wireless card to work now i cant connect to my network.... it keeps asking for the passkey i put it in and it just repeats04:08
e-framehow to view my onboard usb port type ? (usb 1.0 or 2.0) any suggestion ?04:09
anish sudo lsusb -v | grep bcdUSB04:12
a1lenHey guys. I installed compiz and my wlan status bar on my top panel dissapeared. Do you know how I'd turn it back on?04:13
=== IntrepidYAY is now known as CanadianLinux
fooriliousin ibex, I find that zsh is placing the cursor at the end of the line when I use up-arrow to recall the previous command.  How can I make it go back to putting the cursor at the end of the line04:18
* billybigrigger waits...04:20
KDeskHow can I stop the hp-systray from apearing every time when I log in?04:22
roxanwhich configuration file the new network manager uses?04:28
fooriliousI have a latitude e6500 and the trackpad is acting really awful.  I tried configuring it in system->preferences->mouse, but it didn't help.  I tried adding synaptics to xorg, but that sent me into failsafe mode and I could barely get out of that04:28
roxanfoorilious, this is not a soln to your problem but you could have used alt+ctrl+backspace to get out04:30
fooriliousroxan: no, I meant, that after that, each time I started X, it was in failsafe04:30
fooriliouseven after I reverted xorg.conf to the original04:30
LunksHow do I post a feature request to NM?04:30
roxanfoorilious, did you tried to reconfigure x?04:31
fooriliousdunno what you mean exactly04:31
roxanfoorilious, sudo dpkg-reconfigure X....04:31
Lunksfoorilious: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:31
fooriliousoh, I did eventually get out of failsafe04:32
fooriliousbut I still have a crappy trackpad :)04:32
Lunksfoorilious: is a mouse listed on xorg.conf?04:32
fooriliousLunks, no.  I reverted to the stock xorg.conf04:33
fooriliouswhich is now stripped-down by default, it seems04:33
LunksHmm I believe 8.10 doesn't need a pointer set on xorg.conf, right? I thought I didn't have a CorePointer entry on my xorg.conf, but I do.04:33
Lunksfoorilious: Just guessing, does 'Mouse Preferences' show a trackpad tab? And is the trackpad checkbox checked?04:35
fooriliousyes, and yes04:35
Lunkstouchpad, I mean. :P04:35
fooriliousI'm reading this now: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad04:35
fooriliousgoing to give that whirl04:35
LunksI can lend you my xorg.conf, if you want. The relevant section should help you out.04:36
LunksAs it's working here.04:36
fooriliousI might take you up on that, but first let me give the official instructions a shot.  Thank you.04:37
LunksWell, here it is: http://pastebin.com/f4fd4757404:37
fooriliouscool thanks04:37
DanaGActually, xorg.conf is no longer the correct place for touchpad settings.04:37
DanaGYou should use hal fdi files instead.04:37
nergarim tring out current daily04:43
roxan!hello | nergar04:44
ubottunergar: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1!04:44
nergarfresh install and bash-completion isn't installed, there is no ~/.bashrc , ~/.profile, ~/Examples/ and no ~/.bash_logout04:45
nergarbasically nothing from /etc/skel was copied. why is that?04:45
roxannergar, it is only copied for new users.04:46
nergarnew users?04:46
nergarthe account created in the installer is treated differently ?04:46
roxannergar, thats a new use.04:47
gwarki'm having trouble playing *.rm files.   Realplayer is jumpy, and totem is sound:OK, video:not showing up....   there IS a fix for it, i just cant find it. a lil help please? :)04:47
jameswfare we there yet04:48
nergarroxan: should I file a bug?04:48
roxannergar, i dont know. lets see what others have to say04:48
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
frybyehi all - looking for help with installing a usb-fax-modem? Any offers?04:49
crimsungwark: meaning using w{32,64}codecs and a xine-lib-based player/mplayer?04:49
kiyikoi just upgraded, but now it does not load the gui, just black screen, with text...what do i do?04:49
tharguyI upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 and my wireless stopped working04:50
* zambaboo giggles04:50
tharguyI have an ar5007eg wireless04:50
roxantharguy, do you see nm applet?04:50
BHSPitMonkeytharguy, define "stopped working"04:50
nergarwhat others?04:50
tharguyroxan, no04:50
gwark<crimsun>, im actually using 7.04, and all my vids work exept RM files04:51
roxantharguy, then you must have static ip?04:51
zambaboodoes anyone have steam working with codeweavers? it installed fine and it runs, but the window is invisible :/04:51
gwarkrm files play, but have jumpy playback04:51
tharguyroxan,  no I have a router that does dhcp04:51
BHSPitMonkeytharguy, try calling nm-applet manually, from a terminal or from alt+f204:51
BHSPitMonkeyroxan, nm-applet is always missing the first time you run 8.10 after an upgrade.04:51
kiyikoi was told i had to reconfigure X to fix, but i have n ieda what i am doing...04:51
roxantharguy, backup /etc/network/interfaces delete it and restart04:51
roxankiyiko, try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:52
BHSPitMonkeytharguy, try my easier way first :P04:52
Be1when is intrepid coming out?04:52
roxanBe1, there is #ubuntu-release-party.04:52
tharguyBHS, I got the applet but it only shows my wired connection eth004:52
danbh_intrepid!isitout | Be104:53
ubottuBe1: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here04:53
BHSPitMonkeytharguy, and the Hardware Drivers dialog hasn't revealed itself, eh?04:53
BHSPitMonkeyTry opening that up04:53
tharguyIt says im using support for Atheros 802.11x wireless04:54
BHSPitMonkeyHave you rebooted this install yet?  Networking acted strangely for me during the first run after upgrading.04:55
kiyikoi dont know if it did anything...04:56
BHSPitMonkey(Yes, I know that's like a canned Windows solution)04:56
tharguyI'll try that04:56
KDeskHow can I stop the hp-systray from apearing every time when I log in?04:57
kiyikoit took me through keyboard options, and such..and than said its overwriting customized data, and gave location of backup, and took me back to kiyiko@kiyiko-desktop:~$04:57
kiyikobut, didnot say anything else04:58
kiyikorestarted, and i still have no gui04:59
=== Ubuntuser is now known as tharguy
tharguyrebooting doesn't fix it05:01
tharguyWhat is the command to scan for access points?05:03
KDesktharguy: iwlist scan05:04
tharguyKDesk, It says all my interfaces (eth0,l0,pan0) don't support scanning05:06
xcercasince i dleda BETA about a week ago is there anything really that i would have to do to 'Update' from 8.10 Beta to the Stable, or just do apt-get update ?05:06
kiyikoum....what exactlly is this "configuring xserver-xorg" suposed to do?05:07
xcercaset up your keyboard, mouse , screen...05:07
zambabooso. sound inflash in ibex?05:07
zambabooany hope?05:07
sebsebsebkyiko:  set  the X server up properly so you can run Gnome/KDE or some window manager05:07
xcercasound inflash ?  or in flash ?05:07
kiyikowell, all it is doing is configuring my keyboard, then it stops05:08
sebsebsebkiyiko:  how much RAM?  how old is the computer?  Nivida or ATI graphics card?05:08
crimsunzambaboo: what about it?  We've fixed just about all the issues that we can.05:09
kiyiko768 ram, few years old, nvidia05:09
zambaboocrimsun, no sound in flash for me05:09
zambaboolike youtube05:09
sebsebsebkiyiko: did you have have  hardy heron on it before?05:09
sebsebseband everything worked fine there05:09
zambaboodo i have to do something to make it work?05:09
crimsunzambaboo: you shouldn't have to.  fresh install or distribution upgrade?05:09
kiyikomoslty. no major issues05:09
sebsebsebzambaboo: try this  open a terminal and:  killall pulseaudio05:09
sebsebsebthen try flash again05:09
zambaboohm now no sound and flash movies die after several seconds05:12
frybyeHi - I have installed this modem as shown in http://paste.ubuntu.com/64472/ - how can I now access it and use??05:12
crimsunzambaboo: please log out of GNOME and back in, and we'll continue to troubleshoot afresh05:12
kiyikoidk, it gives the same message, as whenn i do xfix from the recovery menue05:13
kiyikoi am unsure if it accually does anything05:13
kiyikoall it says is xserver-xorg postinst warning: overwriting possably-customized configuration file; cackup in /etc/x11/xorg.conf.200810300150805:17
kiyikonothing else is on the screen05:17
frybyewhat to do when efax is looking in /dev/modem for a modem on serial port and it is in fact on a usb-connection??05:18
tharguyHow do I find out the interface of my wireless card?05:26
tharguyIt was ath0 in 8.04.105:26
copprotharguy: iwlist scan05:27
jemarktharguy: iwconfig in terminal05:27
tharguyIfconfig says no wireless extensions for lo, eth0 and pan005:29
MANlACHi guys, having some problems with the behavior of my keys after upgrading. See http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/keyboard-shortcuts-not-working-after-dist-upgrade-to-intrepid-679710/ . Can someone help? Please?05:29
tharguyiwlist says all of the above interfaces don't support scanning05:30
kiyikoit does say kinit:trying to resume from *yada yada* ----   kinit: no resume image, doing normal boot05:30
kiyikothat have anyhting to do with no gi, or does it allways do that?05:30
a1lenHow do you do a force uninstall of something?05:31
frybyeseem to have got efax to work now.. just need to test...05:34
live_CD_userdoes anybody know, should an md5sum of a mounted image of a hard drive be the same as the md5sum of the original hard drive (image was made with dd)? or is there a better way to ensure the image matches the original?05:35
bd_a1len: why are you trying to force it?05:35
bd_live_CD_user: once you mount it with non-read-only mode (and sometimes even with read only) the md5sum will change05:36
tharguyWould the madwifi patch here: http://madwifi.org/ticket/1192 work under 8.10?05:36
macotharguy: did you try installing linux-backports-modules-intrepid?05:38
tharguymaco, no05:38
tharguyI will try05:38
live_CD_userbd_: oooo, so it wont work. unless... what if I mount both drives as read only? I already took the paranoid precaution of mounting the original drive as read only before I made the dd image. does that make a difference?05:39
macotharguy: reboot after its installed05:39
bd_live_CD_user: ext3 will try to replay the journal no matter what05:40
bd_so it's not reliable05:40
bd_diff -R will tell you about file data changes05:40
bd_but not metadata changes05:40
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
live_CD_userwell, its a windows drive with the usual partitions including the recovery part. But it also has an additional partition. It dual boots XP and XP (previous owner either knows much less or much more than I, as to why). so diff -R doesn't do partitions? (I'm a newbie+1/10000 experience here)05:46
=== Ubuntuser is now known as tharguy
tharguyThe backports thing made no difference05:49
a1lenbd_: I need to get rid of compiz.05:49
a1lenbd_: It's acting all buggy.05:49
macotharguy: um...odd.  its generally been that if the default doesnt work, that one does....05:50
dstambouhrmm, for some reason, my sound stops working after coming back from a suspend05:50
dstambouit happens randomly though. Sometimes it will keep workings... sometimes not05:50
tharguyI hate my wireless card soo much >:o05:51
jemarktharguy: which wireless card is it?05:52
pururuhate lead to darkside05:52
tharguyAtheros AR5007EG05:52
jemarktharguy: do: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-intrepid05:54
tharguyjemark, tried it no effects05:55
srihas anybody have problems with firefox 3 and hotmail (after it got upgraded from hotmail classic?)05:55
jemarktharguy: apt-get update05:55
srisorry this was in intrepid, just making sure that it's not intrepid related.05:55
sriotherwise, i'll take my question to #ubuntu05:56
tharguyjemark, except now it also lists support for 5xxx series atheros under restricted drivers05:56
jemarktharguy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6036963&postcount=405:56
tharguyCool, I used that in 8.04 and didn't now it is compatible with 8.1005:57
jemarktharguy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95868605:57
jemarktharguy: more ppl have the same prob05:58
tharguythanks jemark05:59
jemarktharguy: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/28814806:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288148 in linux-lpia "Disabling ath5k in 2.6.27" [Critical,Fix released]06:03
BHSPitMonkeyDid everyone get the base-files update?   (Please?)06:04
BHSPitMonkeyI allowed it to install, and the postinst is stuck doing nothing.06:05
BHSPitMonkeyI'm going to have to ctrl-c this upgrade.06:05
jemarktharguy: http://madwifi.org/ticket/119206:05
BHSPitMonkeyProcessing triggers for man-db ...   <- stuck06:05
tharguyjemark, I'm installing that right now thanks06:06
ArkoldThosBHSPitMonkey: me06:06
ArkoldThosbut i doesn't have that problem of postinst06:06
Camerondoes intrepid use selinux ?06:07
tharguyCameron, I don't think so by default06:07
Camerontharguy: hrm.. I am using a non standard dir for mysql's datadir, and it can't startup06:08
jemarktharguy: ok ,good luck. i gotta go now06:08
MANlACBHSPitMonkey: Yup. I did. Performed the upgrade. No issues with it. Last 2 lines read Setting up base-files (4.0.4ubuntu2.1) ... find: `/var/cache/anthy': No such file or directory find: `/var/lib/anthy': No such file or directory06:08
Camerontharguy: Oct 30 16:03:16 beast kernel: [58492.740115] type=1503 audit(1225346596.670:53): operation="inode_create" requested_mask="a::" denied_mask="a::" fsuid=0 name="/media/media/mysql/beast.lower-test" pid=7578 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld"06:08
MANlACBHSPitMonkey: if you are to abruptly cancel the upgrade, would not you have to run "sudo dpkg --configure -a"?06:09
Cameronthatguy: could be apparmor06:09
unique_unique@unique-laptop:~$ sudo toshset06:11
unique_required kernel toshiba support not enabled.06:11
unique_any idea?06:11
=== Ubuntuser is now known as tharguy
tharguy:-[ That madwifi patch worked, thanks everyone!06:13
unique_and everything will work as if i installed the full clean version?06:15
rohancan i use usb-creator in ubuntu intrepid to make a usb stick by running the ISO in a virtual machine, and making a physical usb stick?06:16
rohanthat way i can avoid burning a cd completely06:16
tharguyrohan,are you running ubuntu currently?06:18
rohan_sorry, i was disconnected06:19
rohan_can i use usb-creator in ubuntu intrepid to make a usb stick by running the ISO in a virtual machine, and making a physical usb stick?06:19
RAOFrohan_: As long as USB works in your virtual machine, that should work.06:19
rohan_that way i can avoid burning a cd completely06:19
rohan_RAOF: oh ok, thank you06:19
rohan_RAOF: i'll try06:19
kevin083does anyone know if a linksys wusb54gsc will work out of the box in 8.10?06:19
kevin083i thought i read a wile back that one of the focuses for 8.10 was wireless support06:20
macokevin083: i think it was specifically 3G wireless...06:23
crimsun(new Firefox start page is up for 8.10)06:23
erossstill says coming soon on the main page06:24
crimsuneross: no, not the Ubuntu home page.  The web browser's default start page.06:24
erossoh sorry06:26
unique_when is 8.10 going to be released!!!! SOON!!!!!!!!06:39
toddallenHi all.  I am trying to set up a dual monitor system.  Monitors are different sizes and I have not been able to figure out how to set them up as two separate resolutions.  Does anyone know if this is possible using gnome's new screen resolution features?06:40
RAOFYes, it's perfectly possible.06:41
RAOFDriver permitting, of course :)06:41
toddallenI have an ATI driver, 5955 express M or some such.  I had tried on previous installs to get the monitors working using aticonfig but was unable to figure it out.06:42
toddallenI was hoping the new gnome screen resolution thing would allow me to set up dual-heads without editing xorg.conf as I have broken X in the past by doing so.06:43
b0nnHi all, I've just apt-get dist-upgraded to intrepid from hardy06:45
RAOFI don't know if the fglrx driver supports XRandR 1.2, which is what that capplet uses.06:45
b0nnAnd X has died06:45
b0nnany ideas on what I should do?06:45
* BruceChang bow07:12
FlynsarmyHave the pulseaudio issues been fixed in 8.10?07:17
RAOFBut that question is really too open-ended to be answered properly :)07:18
RAOFThe default setup should pipe everything through pulseaudio, and everything should work with it.07:18
RAOFThat might be an answer to the question you wanted to ask?07:19
BruceChangRAOF: Hello. This is Bruce, new for Ubuntu 8.10. Do you know whom should I ask if I have the VESA question?07:20
Flynsarmyyep. in 8.04 my stuff is all set to alsa by default but when i change it to pulseaudio some stuff works some doesnt. for instance i'm not getting any sound in flash atm and i dunno  how to fix it07:20
Flynsarmy!ask BruceChang07:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask brucechang07:21
RAOFBruceChang: What is the VESA question?07:22
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=== bibstha is now known as mv
BruceChangRAOF: I can't install the Ubuntu 8.10 RC in P4 + VN896 platform and also unable to install it in VIA VX800 platform. However, I can install the Ubuntu 8.10 beta 2 in these platform. I wondere there is any change in VESA driver for RC.07:24
=== mv is now known as bibsth
=== bibsth is now known as bibstha
RAOFBruceChang: There may have been some changes?07:26
RAOFWhat doesn't work, and in what way doesn't it work?07:26
BruceChangRAOF: The system will hang during installation.07:27
RAOFAt what point?07:27
RAOFAnd what, precisely, do you mean by "hang"?07:27
BruceChangRAOF: I use Ubuntu 8.10 RC desktop version. The screen will become all white without any char when I switch back to console mode from X. And then system can't accept any command including CTRL+ALT+DEL. I doubt it's the problem of (1) OpenChrome GFX driver.07:29
BruceChangraof: the other is VESA.07:30
RAOFWhy are you switching to a console?07:30
BruceChangRAOF: OpenChrome driver doesn't support VX800 chipset. I need to change the xorg.conf to VESA before entering X.07:31
RAOFAnd the OpenChrome driver is being loaded by default?07:32
BruceChangRAOF: yes. default for VIA chipset07:32
jin_why is the package flashplugin-nonfree-pulse not in the repo? :(07:32
RAOFjin_: What would that package contain?  Has it _ever_ been in the repo?07:33
RAOFBruceChang: So, that would be a bug to file; X shouldn't be trying to load a driver that is known to not work.07:34
jin_nvm, flash works with sound :)07:34
jin_the package flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound says "For PulseAudio support, see flashplugin-nonfree-pulse."07:34
jin_but that package is not int he repo07:35
RAOFUm, is there a flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound package?07:35
BruceChangRAOF: I have filed in launchpad. But I think I need to try to find some solution.07:35
jin_yes, there is07:35
RAOFBruceChang: So, let's see if I've got this straight so far: You boot the desktop livecd, it goes to X, doesn't work, and when you try to change to the console the console is all white and unresponsive?07:36
RAOFjin_: Not in any repository _I_ have enabled :)07:36
jin_RAOF, then do a reload07:36
RAOFjin_: You may wish to run "apt-cache policy flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound"07:36
BruceChangRAOF: system unresponsive when going to X too. So I reboot and try to change the xorg.conf to VESA driver by switching to console mode07:38
RAOFBruceChang: "By going to console mode".  What do you actually mean here?07:39
BruceChangRAOF: And the screen become white and unresponsive07:39
BruceChangRAOF: It means I switch to console mode and try to modify the xorg.conf07:40
RAOFBruceChang: What do you mean by "console mode".  I'm not sure what you mean by that?  Is it "recovery mode"?07:41
BruceChangRAOF: CTRL+ALT+F207:41
RAOFRight.  It's quite possible that is broken by the drivers touching things they shouldn't.07:42
RAOFSo, you should be able to reboot in "recovery mode", which shouldn't start X _at all_.07:42
RAOFAnd by that I mean select "Recovery mode" from the grub prompt.07:43
BruceChangRAOF: then?07:43
RAOFThen edit your xorg.conf to your heart's content.07:43
RAOFIf _that_ doesn't work, then your hardware is broken.07:43
RAOF(Pretty much; there aren't really any drivers involved in a text console)07:44
vegawhaat, no "is intrepid out yet?!?!" questions visible on the screen?07:44
RAOFvega: Yeah.  We've trained 'em well.07:44
vegaso it seems07:45
BruceChangRAOF: So it's the installation issue? Is it possible a problem for FB/VESA driver/OpenChrome driver issue?07:46
scientuswhat no iceweasel?07:46
RAOFBruceChang: I haven't really _seen_ an installation issue here?  The issue you've described is "X doesn't work on the livecd", yes?07:46
RAOFscientus: Indeed.  We have a fully branded firefox (or an unbranded one, if you'd prefer).07:47
scientusbut there is no unbranded one, or is there "abrowser"07:47
RAOF"abrowser" is the unbranded one, yes.07:47
scientuso sweet, does it have all the anti-phishing stuff?07:47
scientusi find it funny that mozilla does all this stuff when it is actually a google service07:48
scientusm..maybe it was just a excuse07:48
* RAOF isn't really sure what you're talking about.07:48
RAOFWhat stuff does mozilla do?07:49
scientuspart of the EULA was thinking that they wanted people to agree with phishing browser services07:49
scientusbut that is a thing actually provided by google and developed by google engineers at mozilla07:50
RAOFYeah, but it has a EULA.  Which isn't the GPL.07:50
RAOFIt's not unreasonable for them to say "Oh, and that anti-phishing stuff?  That's a service, not covered by the GPL, has some privacy implications, etc.  Don't sue us".07:51
scientusbut im saying that has nothing to do with firefox07:51
RAOFIt _does_ have something to do with firefox.  Firefox integrates with the Google service.  Without the integration, nothing would happen.  Without the web service, nothing would happen.07:52
scientusand of course the GPL has a bunch of ITS not my fault thing07:52
scientusi guess the idea is an invasion without ones approval07:52
scientusbut it certainly isnt like the Sony BMG thing :)07:52
scientusi think thats what they are worried about07:53
RAOFscientus: Right.  By using that google service, you're submitting information; specifically, you're submitting all the URLs you're visiting to google.07:53
RAOFThat seems like something you'd want to notify the user about :)07:54
scientusbut mozilla should not be destructive to the FOSS world, they should just say tell your users, turn it off when shipped, or rebrand07:54
BruceChangRAOF: maybe07:54
scientusit IS part of googles constant invasion of privacy however07:55
scientusand mozilla seems to enjoy taking that side rather than that of their FOSS roots07:55
scientusand then google dislikes the pushback in the quality plugins to firefox so they create a browser with so little control over privacy that you have to give everything to google07:57
* RAOF , for one, welcomes his new Google overlords.07:58
* scientus admits that chrome is pretty fast and doesnt leak like firefox07:58
scientushopefully some hackers with take it apart and add some real cool and privacy-importand features07:59
RAOFChrome has that "privacy mode", right?08:00
verwilsthi guys!08:02
verwilstwe found out TKIP isnt available as an option to connect to secured wireless networks in intrepid08:03
verwilstany ideas on that?08:03
RAOFHow are you trying?  AKA: how sure are you that this isn't an option ever, rather than your wireless AP not supporting it?08:05
verwilstit worked in hardy08:05
verwilstnormally when you select the access point, it selects the TKIP option08:06
verwilstwhich isnt available now08:06
=== ahkun is now known as ahkunchan
RAOFRight.  Now it appears to automatically select the right thing.08:06
verwilsti can choose between Tunneled TLS, LEAP, TLS and PEAP08:07
verwilstno more TKIP08:07
ahkunchanHi all08:07
RAOFOh, right.  This is WPA2 enterprise.08:07
verwilstmyeah i only have WEP and WPA & WPA2 Ent.08:08
ahkunchanI got a demo board from VIA. But I failed to install the Ubuntu 8.1008:08
ahkunchanI found the X driver (openchrome as default) might be the root cause.08:08
mr_politeits thursday08:08
RAOFahkunchan: Yeah, someone's been in here suggesting that; please file a bug (pity it's so late, though)>08:09
ahkunchanAny parameter could help me to specify the Xdriver as default?08:09
mr_politeis the NVIDIA legacy driver ready?08:09
RAOFmr_polite: No.08:09
mr_politeno update for me08:09
RAOFahkunchan: You can explicitly set the driver in xorg.conf, as always.08:09
mr_polite::hugs 8.04::08:09
ahkunchanUH~~~~ may I set the default X driver to vesa, not openchrome?08:10
a1lenDoes anyone know how to set the icons at a bottom panel-type thing so it looks kinda like a mac?08:11
ahkunchanRAOF: Any idea? I don't want to file a bug, I just wanna Ubuntu installation well....:P08:11
RAOFahkunchan: You could install from the alternate CD; that won't try to start X.  Alternatively, you could start the desktop CD in recovery mode, which will drop you to a console.  You can then edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to set the driver to vesa.08:12
RAOFverwilst: Is TKIP actually a valid authentication system for WPA2 enterprise?08:13
mr_politea1len: avant window navigator. or just set the panel to not expand in the settings.08:15
ahkunchanRAOF: Thanks, I did that way before. I'm curious whether there are some boot opitions can let users to set ? Such as acpi=off, lapic=on|off?08:15
verwilstRAOF: it's the key type08:15
verwilstPEAP is the auth type in hardy08:15
RAOFahkunchan: You can certainly set those options; I doubt that they'll be very useful, though.08:16
ahkunchanRAOF: So, I'm think Ubuntu installation CD/DVD might have same option for users to set the default driver for X-window...08:16
a1lenmr_polite: Thanks08:16
ahkunchanRAOF: Is there booting option such as xdriver=VESA or xforceVESA in Ubuntu 8.10?08:17
RAOFOooh.  xforcevesa might work, actually.08:17
RAOFThat was a boot option at one point; I don't know if it still is.08:18
scientushow do i get a driver to compile08:18
scientusit keeps aborting08:18
scientusdo i need to chroot it?08:18
ahkunchanwait a minute, let me have a try.. I will let you know later.08:18
ahkunchanBTW, when will the official Ubuntu 8.10 release? I could only find the rc version now....08:19
ahkunchanRAOF: It seems to make me another failure... I also found a similar bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/285562/08:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285562 in xorg "xforcevesa doesn't work" [Critical,Fix released]08:25
MrD_Hello to all not sure if this has been asked a lot or im just a bit daft. Well ubuntu home page had a count down timer for when ubuntu was stable to download, now thats its the 30 it still says its for testing, does any one know when the stable version will be released.?08:59
rskino we don't know09:00
HagenaarsDotNuWell, the opening message in #ubuntu-release-party states that release is delayed 2 hours every time someone asks09:00
wgrantNobody knows.09:00
rskisometime today probably.09:00
MrD_ok thanks just was hoping it wont be another week or some thing like that09:01
MrD_rski, and thank you for the reply09:01
dns53it's still makes the deadline if it's 23:59 in hawaii09:02
rskiMrD_: well, the ml will give the exact date if you are subscribed to it09:02
rskiwhen the release announcment comes.09:02
kiyikoi am having issues installing ubuntu 8.10rc09:02
rskiok kiyiko what kind?09:02
HagenaarsDotNuAnd Kiyiko, which version of the installition disk09:03
kiyikoi am booting live session, from my flash drive, and when i click to install, from the desktop, there is nothing listed in the partition manager09:03
rskihm so it's not detcting the disks.09:03
rskidoes other livecd's or whatever work09:04
rskihas linux ever worked on your computer?09:04
kiyikoyes, i had 8.04, earler, and dud the distro update, but it did not go so well, so i a reinstalling with this09:04
HagenaarsDotNuIs the installation media recent?09:05
HagenaarsDotNu(i.e. downloaded the last 2 or 3 days)09:05
kiyikoyes, i just downloaded it a few hours ago09:05
HagenaarsDotNuThat's probably the release comming out today09:07
HagenaarsDotNuHave you tried running from a CD?09:08
kiyikoi cannot, my burner is total crap, and screws everything up, even on low speeds09:09
HagenaarsDotNuThis enables you to check the installation media for any issues09:09
HagenaarsDotNuIs Ubuntu 8.04 still installed?09:09
HagenaarsDotNu(And working properly)09:09
kiyikono, the update messed it up, somehow09:10
kiyikoi lost the gui:/09:10
HagenaarsDotNuThis is probably due to video stuff09:10
HagenaarsDotNuSo 8.10 is installed but non-functioning?09:11
selinuxiumhi all, I am trying to get an ICON 255 3g USB modem working. Downloaded and compiled HSO and zerocd but when I plug in the USB the laptop locks up...Any ideas?09:11
kiyikosorry, pidgin, crashed09:12
HagenaarsDotNuHi Kiyiko, so 8.10 is installed but non-functioning09:12
gnomefreakmvo: any type of upgrade need to be tested? i have a Hardy box i plan on upgrading today09:13
HagenaarsDotNuWhat you can do is use the grub menu to boot in to a rescue version of your current kernel, this gets you into a 'fix my ubuntu' type menu09:14
kiyikoi have been there.09:14
HagenaarsDotNuThis should enable you to fix 'x'09:14
mvognomefreak: nothing particular but feedback is always welcome - is it special in any way (e.g. uses nvidia/fglrx)?09:14
kiyikothat did nothing for me:/09:14
HagenaarsDotNuSo  you've probably tried the other fix options too?09:15
gnomefreakmvo: nvidia but no unoficial packages i dont think09:15
kiyikoand i did dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg aswell, and the config ended after keyboard setup09:15
kiyikowell, ive done alot, but to no avail09:15
HagenaarsDotNuhmm, what type of video hardware do you use?09:16
tapasok, since it doesn't seem to be possible to shut off the fscking pulseaudio09:16
mvognomefreak: ok, that sounds good, I'M looking forward to the test09:17
tapashow the hell does one at least tell it which of my three soundcards to use09:17
kiyikonvidia gforce 620009:17
tapasso that _i_get_to_hear_some_freaking_sound09:17
gnomefreakmvo: ok ill let you know sometime today. i have a meeting at in like 2hours and ill test when i get back09:18
tapasi wonder why for fsck's sake it has to install a virtual pcm device which then also makes _all_alsa_apps_not_produce_any_sound09:18
gnomefreaktapas: i dont think its your system.09:18
tapasgnomefreak: wud please?09:18
* gnomefreak has no sound either09:18
tapasyeah, it's just another fsck'ing soundserver09:19
tapassorry for getting excited over this..09:19
kiyikoit took me a few hours to get my sound set up......tho my card is not very well suported09:19
HagenaarsDotNukiyiko:which nvidia driver are you using?09:19
tapassound servers have never worked since i use linux09:19
gnomefreaktapas: than  maybe it is you09:19
tapasmy soundcards and their alsa drivers otoh work perfectly fine..09:19
gnomefreaki had sound until the other day09:19
kiyikoum....i have no idea?09:20
kiyikoi was using the restricted drivers, ubuntu got for me, and it worked fine09:20
kiyikoi dont know what happened, durring the update09:20
tapasi am a linux audio programmer and have contributed patches to ALSA, ardour, jackd and have release some of my own utilities..09:20
tapasi know how to use soundcards in linux..09:20
tapassound servers do have their right of existance as a way to provide an api that doesn't suck as bad as alsa's09:21
tapasbut please: give me a way to turn them off09:21
tapasi'm stumped that there's no way in gnome to turn the thing of except for killing the process09:21
HagenaarsDotNukiyiko:Well, the nv drivers aren't working for me either, have you tried uninstalling xserver-xorg-video-nv and using xserver-xorg-video-vga instead (ugly but functioning)09:22
kiyikono, i havent09:24
HagenaarsDotNuWhat I've also found is that using the framebuffer device does not work09:24
tapasi guess i might try uinstalling the big meta packages and see whether i can install the individual gnome parts and just leave pulseaudio out of it09:25
HagenaarsDotNu(question 1 or 2 of dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg)09:25
kiyikoyeah, ive done both09:25
kiyikobut like i said, it stops, after the keyboard configuration09:25
HagenaarsDotNuthat is very nasty09:25
kiyikothats why i am trying to reinstall, figure it would be easier09:26
HagenaarsDotNuBut uninstalling the nv drivers and installing vga or vesa might help you get X running09:26
HagenaarsDotNu(renaming xorg,conf to something else will let x auto detect)09:27
kiyikoor maybee i need different drivers?09:28
kiyikoits not REALLY nvidia09:28
GibbaTheHutttapas, have you tried changing prefs in system->prefs->sound ?09:28
kiyikoi just allways use nvidia drivers09:28
tapasGibbaTheHutt: yes. i set everything to ALSA09:28
tapasGibbaTheHutt: the only thing that works is killing pulseaudio09:28
kiyikoits accually PNY vertigo gforce 620009:28
kiyikoidk the difference09:28
kiyikoif any09:28
tapasGibbaTheHutt: i suspect the problem is that pulseaudio tries to use the one soundcard in my system that is _not_ connected to my mixer09:29
HagenaarsDotNutry the renaming of xorg.conf first, see if that helps (it's the least invasive)09:29
tapasand there seems to be no way to tell pulseaudio which device to use09:29
GibbaTheHutttapas, one thing I do for some apps (mainly skype), is I amend it so it runs "pasuspender skype", however then there may be the odd issue with mixing sounds from other sources09:29
kiyikook, i will try that09:29
dns53install the extra pulse audio apps and make sure you are sending to the right output and that has volume09:29
tapasbut i don't want to hassle with it09:29
tapasi want it switched off for good09:29
tapasi don't need no stinking desktop sounds..09:29
tapasall the apps i use know perfectly well how to use ALSA thank you09:30
GibbaTheHuttI must admit, I'm not a fan of pulseaudi either, seems like it has a way to go yet09:32
GibbaTheHuttalthough could be badly coded apps as well09:32
tapasno.. use the most simple alsa app possible09:33
tapasit uses the default pcm device (which is PA's virtual pcm device)09:33
tapasrun it -> no sound..09:33
tapaskillall pulseaudio09:33
tapasrun it -> sound09:33
tapassince i have several soundcards in my system09:34
tapasi guess it simply uses the wrong one..09:34
tapasbut besides fixing pulseaudio09:34
tapasthere _must_ be a way to turn it off09:34
tapasnot providing such a way is a bad thing [tm]09:34
tapasi need to run to uni.. i'll get excited some more tonight ;)09:35
kiyikocould not get video to work, but i think i have figured out the partitioner issue09:38
HagenaarsDotNuThat's nice :)09:38
kiyikoits working now, and i THINK it might be because all of my disks were allready mounted, but i am unsure09:38
kiyikobut, thanks for the help09:38
HagenaarsDotNuyou're welcome09:39
larsemilso i dont have a visile nm-applet(it is running). when running it in terminal it says no defined connections09:44
matiasshi evrebod09:46
matiasscan you help me with this problem when i tried to install the intrepid beta i got this error after i booted from the disc and went to Install , here is a picture of the screen  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96293609:47
patthey, if i install intrepid rc, will it update to final or will i have to download the "final" - cause i think all mirrors will be quite busy when its out...^^09:59
rskipatt: it will update to final no worries09:59
pattk, thx09:59
larsemilso i dont have a visile nm-applet(it is running). when running it in terminal it says no defined connections, why could that be?10:03
Lunar_Lamp.wub 4210:10
IrikoHi, why I.Ibex is not out?10:11
rskiIriko: not time for release yet.10:11
=== Hobbsee changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to the room that will be dedicated to Intrepid Ibex | Support and development issues only, please | Ibex should not break your system (but might anwyay) | General Intrepid release chatter is in #ubuntu-release-party"
chocohoofdo somebody know why my keyboard and mice do not work at the login screen of Ibex?10:20
GibbaTheHutthmm I had that at first, I managed to fix it, but can't remember how, think I did an update before the window login screen to fix it10:22
GibbaTheHuttI think there may also be a fix with amending xorg.conf, but may be a better way to do it10:23
cwilluHobbsee, not just punting everyone this release?10:23
chocohoofmm a little more specific please:D10:23
Hobbseecwillu: we will be, i assume, when it's actually released.10:24
GibbaTheHuttchocohoof, can you do anything like boot to a console where you have net access ?10:25
chocohoofum nope10:32
chocohoofi'm from the liveCD right now10:32
niadhHey, about what time is intrepid slated for release, or will it be 'when it's done'?10:32
GibbaTheHuttchocohoof, may be worth waiting for the release then as i think its fixed10:33
chocohoofkay thx10:33
chocohoofum ihave another question10:38
chocohoofhow can i manage to boot to different OS-s?10:39
=== Greenery_ is now known as Greenery
chocohoofi alreaady recovered GRUB after installing windows XP10:39
GibbaTheHuttgrub should give the options10:40
chocohoofum no10:40
chocohoofit just boot ubuntu10:40
chocohoofno chioce10:40
GibbaTheHuttwell assuming xp is on there somewhere you could probably reinstall grub, or amend the menu.lst file in /boot/grub and point it to the windows partition10:41
chocohoofive tried that, but. im form the livecd, and menu.lst is empty as i see, and i cannot modify it10:42
GibbaTheHutthttp://rafb.net/p/tlPDvc99.html thats my windows boot section10:42
GibbaTheHutterm just take the cd out ?10:43
GibbaTheHuttif you want to boot from cd, as if its live you don't have ubuntu installed, or am I misunderstanding10:43
GibbaTheHuttso if you have no cd, it will boot from xp no ?10:44
chocohoofi have it installed, but i ccannot log in because it doesn't sense my keyboard and mice10:44
scizzo-win overwrites the grub stuff.....its hard to get it working again10:44
GibbaTheHuttchocohoof, ah I see, so you need to run from the livecd to edit the install which doesn't work you mean ?10:45
scizzo-pretty much the mbr goes *poof*10:45
chocohoofyes yes10:45
GibbaTheHuttcouple of options then I guess, see if you can boot into /bash as an init I think or recovery console, see if you can mount the linux partition to somewhere like /media/ubuntu and see if you can go there and edit ...10:46
chocohoofhow can i do that?10:46
GibbaTheHuttor could try another livecd from another release or small emergency distro or something10:46
chocohoofi think i put back 8.0410:47
GibbaTheHuttthis is on a different pc to the one you are on ?10:47
GibbaTheHuttso how are you working now ?10:47
dliwhere is a howto for installing 8.10 from windows using usb-stick10:47
chocohooffrom the ibex Release candidate liveCD10:47
GibbaTheHuttdoh, so the livecd doesn't lock your mouse/keys up ?10:48
dns53insert any live cd, mount /mnt to your broken ubuntu, then chroot /mnt10:48
chocohoofit's working fine10:48
GibbaTheHuttyep, just mount the broken partition then10:48
GibbaTheHuttsorry I thought you had problems with both10:48
chocohoofi just cannot navigate with keyb/mice at the login screen of the already installed 8.10 login screen10:49
GibbaTheHuttok, so mount the already installed partition into your livecd10:50
GibbaTheHuttwhat drive/partition is it on10:51
chocohoofbut how?:)10:51
GibbaTheHuttis that a question or a statement :)10:52
chocohoofa question because i don't know how to check it10:52
GibbaTheHuttsudo fdisk -l may help10:52
chocohooffdisk i remember:D10:52
chocohoofso the ubuntu 8.10 is on /dev/sda110:53
GibbaTheHuttok, so you could try mkdir /mnt/ubuntu; mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/ubuntu under sudo10:54
GibbaTheHuttor some similar name you will remember10:55
chocohoofi have to sudo mkdir10:56
PJimkal_: What do you mean with that link?10:59
chocohoofokay i did that10:59
chocohoofi have to add the windows part to toe menu.lst at the new location?11:01
GibbaTheHuttyep which will allow booting of xp hopefully11:02
GibbaTheHutthttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/265029 I'm thinking thats maybe also the bug you have ...11:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 265029 in xorg-server "no mouse/keyboard when using evdev and autologin in gdm" [Undecided,New]11:03
chocohoofthe keyboard-mice bug?11:04
GibbaTheHuttso thinking you could switch to a different console, try an update, but also try those commands11:04
chocohoofokay thanks11:04
GibbaTheHutttry ctrl-alt-del if really stuck I think it will restart gdm11:04
GibbaTheHuttso may be able to login then also11:05
vmelohi, is there any usb communication issue about intrepid?11:07
larsemil_so i dont have a visile nm-applet(it is running). when running it in terminal it says no defined connections, why could that be?11:07
vmelomy laserjet 1018 is not responding everytime I need it11:08
chocohoofone more questin11:09
chocohoofwhere should i put the xp stanza in the menu.lst exactly?11:10
jbroome_mine is last11:10
Hobbseechocohoof: somewhere not in between the "begin automatic generated kernel entries" and "end automatically generated kernel entries"11:11
chocohoofright after the block of default grub root device?11:11
Hobbsee(or similar)11:12
Hobbseeapart from that, probably doesn't matter much11:12
chocohoofokay thx11:12
jbroome_!privmsg | chocohoof11:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about privmsg11:13
BUGabundo_workgood morning!11:15
Awsoonn*nom nom* gooood mornin'11:16
W8TAHi just ran the last upgrade that was available - so i should be up to the full release now, right?11:24
lemonadeW8TAH: might be if there are no updates before release11:25
lemonadebut anyways - it will be full if you keep updating it11:26
lemonadei guess there won't be many updates anymore, because mirroring web-images takes time11:26
lemonade*many updates (if any)11:26
dns53it's release day but they can change a few things if there are huge bugs11:27
agitdd99anyone experienced static IP setup not working on intrepid?i have tried it on beta.11:30
agitdd99was there any fix on RC release?11:30
dns53i could not get it working last time i tried11:31
=== Oric is now known as ubuntu-cn
aguitel_is intrepid avaleable ?11:31
lemonadenot officially11:31
agitdd99Network manager new look made me confuse11:32
joaopintoagitdd99, yes, but if you are going to upgrade with the update-manager that should not be a problem11:32
aguitel_lemonade: at what time ?11:32
lemonadeaguitel_: dunno11:32
lemonadetoday anyways11:32
lemonadeubuntu.com site will be updated when it's released11:33
agitdd99joaopinto:thanks for the info. i'll try it later11:33
=== Oric_ is now known as Ubuntu-cn
=== Ubuntu-cn is now known as ubuntu-cn
joaopintothere should be no updates today, so it should be safe to use update-manger right now :)11:33
=== ubuntu-cn is now known as ubuntu-zh
=== ubuntu-zh is now known as linux-cn
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about isitoutyet11:38
=== echidnaman is now known as JontheEchidna
dany_21a_when running a recent 8.10 (ubuntu or kubuntu) in a vmware, i always need a /etc/init.d/udev restart to get networking work.... can anybody confirm this bug?11:41
BUGabundo_workjoaopinto: actually there are!11:42
BUGabundo_workfrom ppa's11:42
X3wheres 8.10 final release?11:42
BUGabundo_workgwibber, NM dropbox etc11:42
SiebaZmy gnome does only start in secure mode... says smth pulse-session cant start or so11:42
danbh_intrepid!isitout | X311:42
ubottuX3: Ask in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here11:42
joaopintoBUGabundo_work, ppas ? I am talking about official repositories11:42
BUGabundo_workis anyone getting "floating point exception" on skype 64bits?11:42
BUGabundo_workI know you are11:43
BUGabundo_workjoaopinto: there is a Security Update by Scott James11:43
joaopintoBUGabundo_work, doesn't  that one go into -updates ?11:44
joaopintoerm, I mean, -security11:44
BUGabundo_workit did!11:46
joaopintoBUGabundo_work, so there are no updates to the regular repositories ;)11:47
BUGabundo_worksecurity is a REGULAR repo, is it not?11:48
joaopintono, security is dynamic :)11:49
joaopintoI wanted to mean release repositories, not regular :P11:50
Nece228ubuntu 8.10 today11:51
bahadunnthe site says "coming soon"11:52
bahadunnwhat does that mean?11:52
bahadunndoes that mean today?11:52
Nece228this means that it will be released today11:52
Nece228but they dont know what hour it will be11:52
Nece228i think it will be in night11:52
bahadunnI understand11:53
Nece228or evening11:53
bahadunnsounds good11:53
Nece228ubuntu intrepid dont have brand new icon theme11:53
Nece228ubuntu braked two promise two times11:54
Nece228ubuntu 8.04 shoulded have new theme, but they deffered it to 811:54
Nece228and here 8.10 but still no new theme11:55
Nece228i think that 9.04 will not have brand new theme too11:55
a00001hello, after upgrading to 8.10 i cannot get into graphical mode.11:57
a00001xfix just removes all drivers from xorg.conf, is that what it should do?11:57
a00001we're on x64/nvidia quadro fx 57011:58
zubatacsound intel help me, please11:58
BUGabundo_worka00001: did you read the release notes?11:59
BUGabundo_workdon't you have an old NVidia?11:59
a00001no it's a new one12:00
scizzo-zubatac: maybe explain what the problem is then someone might be able to answer12:00
a00001it is in the list of supported cards both by glx and the nv driver12:00
a00001but i cannot get into gdm with any of them12:01
scizzo-a00001: and what driver is installed?12:01
scizzo-a00001: dpkg -l |grep nvidia12:01
a00001last lines of xorg log: (II) NVIDIA Unified Driver for all Supported NVIDIA GPUs /// (II) Primary Device is:  /// (EE) No devices detected. /// Fatal server error: /// no screens found12:02
scizzo-zubatac: still does not help anyone12:02
a00001scizzo-: ive tried nv, glx173 and 17712:02
demontagerIs it 8.10 oficilaly relese could be downloaded?12:03
scizzo-a00001: wait.....in the driver section in the xorg.conf you have nvidia and not nv, glx or something like that12:03
scizzo-demontager: its not out yet12:03
scizzo-demontager: read the topic12:03
demontagerbut why say 30 october? So when?12:03
scizzo-demontager: well its still 30th october.....there is no _time_ set only date12:04
zubatacno sound12:04
s0u][ightdemontager: during today it will be released12:04
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, and #edubuntu are support channels.  To countdown to Intrepid release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseParties12:04
demontagerwhat time? In GMT?12:05
Picidemontager: When its done.12:05
scizzo-Pici: think he wants it in nano seconds also.... ;)12:05
demontagerok, i'll wait a while12:05
Picidemontager: You can await the release in #ubuntu-release-party12:06
scizzo-a00001: you should probably try to reconfigure the drivers....that is reinstall the drivers and check xorg.conf again12:06
kal_demontager : it's already released :  http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com/releases/.pool/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso12:06
demontagerno i need 64bit AMD12:06
kal_demontager : then see here :  http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com/releases/.pool/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-amd64.iso12:07
sunilcan anyone tell me how to install firefox 2 on ubunto 8.10?12:07
sunilI was able to install it on 8.4, but I can't find apt sources for it now12:08
demontagerso can I download it now? Is it official? http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com/releases/.pool/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-amd64.iso12:08
sunilI'm happy with ff3, but I need 2 as well12:08
kal_yep, it's just waiting for official announcement, but that will be this iso image12:09
RAOFdemontager: No, it's not official.12:09
* RAOF notes that it's not official until it's been officially announced.12:09
demontagerbut all changes already done?12:09
PiciPlease stop asking.12:10
RAOFWe won't _know_ that all changes are done until it's announced that all changes are done.12:10
kal_demontager : yep ;p12:10
* scizzo- wonders why its hard to wait for the announcement12:11
demontagera good, i'll better wait until announcment12:11
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reqqithello ubuntuers. I am running irritated ibex (any word on Jovial Jackal?) I am googling around and I cannot get word on configuraing scp max connections and TTL12:12
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cristobalcolonhey guys, ive installed ubuntu in a pendrive, i want to know if theres a way to update that installation from my HD installation... like using chroot or something...12:21
* SiebaZ is away (homeworks)12:23
cristobalcolonhow do i do it12:25
=== tux is now known as tck
Ciorapel Does anybody know if the RC has been changed in anyway since it was public for download ? I had a big problem with the RC and I want to know if is any chance for that problem to re-appear ?12:26
BUGabundo_workCiorapel: is it on LP?12:26
CiorapelLP ?12:27
Tesla|WorkCiorapel: compare md5?12:27
CiorapelI deleted the image I used to install the specific RC12:28
CiorapelMy problem with the RC : Ubuntu loads, but I encounter a blank screen instead of my desktop, from time to time, screen flickerd and the terminal appeard for 4-5 seconds; then blank again ... and so on ..12:29
=== tck is now known as botparty
unenoughso when is the release?12:29
unenoughthat i know12:30
CiorapelSo anybody had this problem before ? (I use ATI Radeon x1250)12:30
unenoughwhat problem?12:31
ktogiasWill #ubuntu+1 be closed down at some time for the release?12:31
CiorapelMy problem with the RC : Ubuntu loads, but I encounter a blank screen instead of my desktop, from time to time, screen flickerd and the terminal appeard for 4-5 seconds; then blank again ... and so on ..12:32
joshualwhy would it close?12:32
unenoughCiorapel, ah, i have the same card but didn't install the RC yet. Fortunately :)12:33
CiorapelI hope it has good ATI and Atheros support :|12:33
unenoughme too12:34
unenoughotherwise i'll stick to ubuntu-112:34
CiorapelNo, I'm the kamikaze guy :D12:34
CiorapelPlug-in the cable and take 8.10 for a spin :D12:34
ktogiasI am not sure if I remember well, but I think that just after every release #ubuntu+1 is closed down for a while in order for the chat about the new release to be transfered to #ubuntu and #ubuntu+1 get about the old ubuntu ++1 ...12:35
chadeldridgeHow long does it generally take to get a bug assigned and started ?12:35
bucket529chadeldridge: Depends on the bug, how well it's written, and the quality of supporting attachments12:36
bucket529chadeldridge: Why? You got a bug?12:39
chadeldridgebucket529: yeah a pretty annoying one that seems to be new in 8.10, it wasnt an issue in 8.04:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/29077412:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290774 in xorg "Rotation of second monitor produces screen artifact Ubuntu 8.10" [Undecided,New]12:40
firestormHi there. On intrepid 8.10 I find that if my wireless card is set to 'auto' in /etc/network/interfaces, ubuntu startup hangs. Anybody able to confirm?12:45
bucket529chadeldridge: Nice report. Looks to me like you've submitted it to four different teams. You might go back and 'Invalid' the non-compiz teams, since you narrowed it. You have a possibility of 'Confirm', too.  Looking through the list right now for possible duplicates12:47
bucket529Compiz has a lot of open bugs, of course.12:47
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Crusterhi all12:50
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Crusteris it safe to install yesterdays daily build and just upgrade later? Is there any big difference?12:51
jribCruster: that should be fine12:52
dns53there should not be any problems most of the time, especially this close to release, it may be the exact image they release12:52
reqqitCruster, they will be making hundreds of submits and changes at the last minute!12:52
bucket529chadeldridge: Didn't find any duplicates. Generally, you should hear from a triager within a week or so. Often much sooner.12:52
chadeldridge1bucket529: ok thank you .. its not show stopping because the config i have is very "odd" but hopefully they will figure it out.  I am almost sure its a bug in compiz12:53
Crusterhmmmm two different opinions....12:53
chadeldridge1bucket529: did i provide enough relevant detail in that post ?12:54
fr00dSince today my audacius ends with a segfault. Is that a known issue?12:54
bucket529chadeldridge1: Probably, but I cannot say definitely. I don't use compiz, so I don't know enough about it.12:56
chadeldridge1bucket529: np .. thanks12:57
botpartyHobbsee, its out you muppet13:00
botpartywhy did you ban me/13:00
Hobbseebotparty: trust me, it isn't.13:00
botpartyclick the link13:00
Hobbseei'm on the release team.13:00
Hobbseethey may not be final images.13:00
botpartywell they changed it in the last min hmm13:00
botpartythey had rc there 2 mins ago13:01
botpartyhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/8.10/release/ has changed too13:01
botpartyare you sure? its not out13:01
Hobbseeyes, i'm sure.13:01
=== botparty is now known as tux
Crusterwell, as you are in the release team you could inform us about thecorrect one :P13:04
HobbseeI could.  But i'm not going to.13:04
Hobbseebecause i'd prefer to let things happen in order.13:04
chadeldridge1*thinks everyone should just assign sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to every key on their keyboard and faceroll ... and stop asking13:04
noelferreirahow much time for the release?13:05
scizzo-chadeldridge1: create a script that runs it now and then ? haha13:05
chadeldridge1noelferreira: never stop asking13:05
scizzo-noelferreira: sometime today13:05
noelferreirado you know if the issue with xorg and nvidia drivers for old cards will be corrected in the final version?13:06
JontheEchidnanoelferreira: nvidia hasn't updated them, so no13:06
hankdogdaddyquestion... how do the server editions, in this case, 8.10 server edition, handle wireless?13:07
noelferreiraJontheEchidna, where can i check which cards are supported?13:07
s0u][ightnoelferreira: linuxwireless.org13:07
JontheEchidnanoelferreira: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81013:08
noelferreiras0u][ight, not me13:08
scizzo-JontheEchidna: its not out yet13:08
scizzo-JontheEchidna: its not official13:08
JontheEchidnascizzo-: those are the release notes which show which nvidia cards are supported13:08
scizzo-JontheEchidna: ops.....release notes sorry13:08
scizzo-JontheEchidna: haha13:08
scizzo-i'll just go and hide in the corner13:09
JontheEchidnanoelferreira: anyway, see the "nVidia "legacy" video support" section13:09
JontheEchidnadon't worry, I'm just as annoyed with the "omg is it teh releasedz???" as you13:09
noelferreiraJontheEchidna, geforce fx 5200 is one of the ones?13:09
rgreeningmeh.. install the RC and update from there.. no real difference13:09
chadeldridge1JontheEchidna: yar13:10
JontheEchidnanoelferreira: geforce fx 5200 seems to be supported13:10
ahuinkeranyone know how the server edition(no gui) connects to a wireless network?13:10
JontheEchidnachadeldridge1: yes, your card is supported13:10
* JontheEchidna just checked the driver description to make sure13:11
chadeldridge1chadeldridge1: huh ?13:11
noelferreiraJontheEchidna, it seems so. and do you think that nvidia will release some drivers for the other cards compatible with the xorg or shoud i think in stole other card?13:11
JontheEchidnachadeldridge1: oops, my bad13:11
rgreeningmvo: *** poke * poke * poke *** time to look at the apt fix I fwded :)13:13
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
scizzo-are there actually options to try out ext4 in intrepid RC+ releases or will that need a new compiled kernel?13:15
KRossKoWolfSo this is the Ibex support channel yea13:15
chadeldridge1KRossKoWolf: yes whats your question13:16
KRossKoWolfWell I am trying to get blackbox to work correctly, with menus and all, but no matter what I can't seem to get it to work13:17
KRossKoWolfnevermind, it seems to have decided it wants to work now, ohh well, thanks much13:21
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bsniderthere's nobody in that channel13:34
bsniderwe all hopped in a stretch limo and drove down to vegas last night13:34
bsnidernow we've got a huge hangover13:34
PrettoHobbsee, http://releases.ubuntu.com/intrepid/ isn't the final release?13:34
HobbseePretto: it may not be.13:35
Picibsnider: 504 people is nobody?13:35
Hobbseeit wasn't yesterday13:35
definitelyHello, i have one prob with nvidia-settings, when i try to save the configuration into Xorgconf file, the program closes13:35
bsniderPici, oops. i used the link in the topic. she's got double quotes at the end, so it ends up being the wrong channel13:36
Picibsnider: ah.13:36
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to the room that will be dedicated to Intrepid Ibex | Support and development issues only, please | Ibex should not break your system (but might anwyay) | General Intrepid release chatter is in #ubuntu-release-party
Picibsnider: fixed13:36
wolfie2xquestion on boot speed: how long do u guys experience from power-on to actual workable desktop?13:37
wolfie2xassuming u login immediately ~1sec13:37
wolfie2xit takes a good 1.5 mins for me13:37
bsniderwolfie2x, 30 seconds to login screen. 30 more seconds with compiz and awn, but less if you've got a plain desktop13:37
bsnidergnome does not get from a login screen to a desktop quickly at all13:38
chadeldridge1wolfie2x: around 30-40 seconds total13:38
wolfie2xbsnider: i got the 30 secs to login after turning off some services13:38
wolfie2xbut it takes a good minute more after that13:38
zomgzomgzomgzomg:( banned from 3ubuntu-release-party13:38
wolfie2xbsnider: is KDE faster?13:39
LjLzomgzomgzomgzomg: this is not the place to discuss that, ask in #Ubuntu-ops13:39
bsniderwolfie2x, that's very possible13:39
bsnideri don't use it13:39
vistakillerubuntu is out!!13:39
definitelyanyone  ?13:39
ubottuAsk in #ubuntu-release-party - we don't know here13:39
vistakillerno sorru :P13:39
bsniderDeFi, that's a known bug13:39
bsniderdefinitely, that's a known bug13:40
definitelySo it will be fixed soon or how ?13:40
xukunAnybody know how long it will take before we could download?13:40
bsniderdefintely, no13:40
definitelybsnider: How to workaround this then ?13:41
vistakilleredo einai13:42
HobbseeSame rules apply here as #u-r-p.  Sigh.13:43
s0u][ightjoin #ubuntu.tr13:43
definitelybsnider: umm ?13:43
bsniderHobbsee, nobody reads the topic, is the issue13:44
wolfie2xanybody using virtual box on intrepid experiencing frequent crashes lately?13:44
Hobbseebsnider: well, that's not really my problem, and maybe they will after they've been forbidden from reentering...13:44
Hobbseebsnider: no one's invented face-smacking-over-IRC yet, unfortunately.13:44
bsniderrigth, it's their problem13:44
=== DJTachyon_ is now known as DJTachyon
bsniderif only you could send hired goons after them13:45
xukunHobbsee, I,m missed the topic also, should not I download yet?13:45
bsniderdefinitely, you can try to create a custom xorg.conf by hand. sound like fun?13:45
definitelySound likes i have no expierence :D13:45
definitelysounds like''13:46
bsniderdefinitely, what do you need it to do? is this two monitors or some such thing?13:46
=== zomgzomgzomgzomg is now known as scientus
definitelybsnider: So set it automatically to use only 85 Hz, coz after reboot it resets to 6013:47
definitely60 is not very good for eyes13:47
chadeldridge1wolfie2x: none at all .. what version are you using OSE ?13:47
bsniderdefinitely, refresh rate is not an option in xorg.cinf that i'm aware of13:49
definitelybsnider: aa :( i though xorg can also control it13:50
chadeldridge1bsnider: you can control refresh rate in xorg.conf13:50
definitelyHow ?13:50
bsniderdefinitely, you could try adding a monitor section with horizsync/vertrefresh values, if you know them. i don't know if that would help. your monitor's edid is likely broken (a lot of them are)13:50
definitelyi dont know xorg at all..13:51
definitelyI'm always using same screen resolution and same refresh rate..13:51
bsniderdefinitely, is it also picking the wrong resolution?13:51
chadeldridge1definitely: just what bsnider said the options are located in the section "monitor" and listed as Horizsync and vertrefresh13:51
definitelybut refresh rate is going to be reseted afer reboot13:51
definitelyMy xorg.conf is quite empty.13:52
definitelywait i will pastebin it13:52
bsniderthere is no monitor section anymore. you'll have to add it manually13:52
chadeldridge1definitely: yeah in 8.10 is is13:52
td123hmm, can't wait till ibex comes out and all the servers' bandwidth plummet13:53
janaus1hi is intrepid and lvm on software raid booting borked?13:54
bsniderdefinitely, so you've got a monitor section. you can google xorg.conf and find examples of monitor sections. just copy what's there. dmesg should give yout he vertrefresh/horizsync values the nvidia driver found13:54
definitelywhat is dmesg ?13:54
joaopintodefinitely, open a terminal and type: man dmesg13:55
td123it displays errors that happened13:55
joaopintoit's the system log13:55
definitelyok thnx13:56
troal01Has anyone had any GUI glitches with 8.10?13:59
mphill'/join #ubuntu13:59
ktwohi i installed Xfce and KDE on ubuntu and now instead of the "ubuntu" bootscreen i get "kubuntu" anyone knows how to revert that?13:59
definitelyVertRefresh means Hz ?13:59
definitelyif i set it to 85 it will use 85 Hz always ?13:59
BluesKajktwo , uninstall kubuntu-desktop and install gnome-desktop14:00
td123troal01: yes but it happened in earlier releases (beta/alpha)14:00
troal01Is the version I got through the package manager 8.10 rc1?14:01
bsniderdefinitely, no, you're way off. google this and research it so you know what you're doing14:01
definitelybsnider:  ?14:02
definitelyHorizSync is Hz maybe ?14:03
td123hz = hertz14:03
definitely... doh14:03
wolfie2xcan someone just check if http://www.virtualbox.org/ is down.. weird..14:04
troal01wolfie2x: confirmed14:04
wolfie2xtroal01: thx14:04
KDeskHow can I stop the hp-systray from apearing every time when I log in?14:05
LjLINTREPID IS OUT - Party in #ubuntu-release-party - Support in #ubuntu - This channel is about to close14:11
LjLINTREPID IS OUT - Party in #ubuntu-release-party - Support in #ubuntu - This channel is about to close14:14

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