duanedesignwhat does everyone think of the new intrepid look.03:04
BHSPitMonkeyThere's a new look?03:24
DShepherdlook? new look? what you talking about03:26
* DShepherd gets excited about this new look thing03:27
duanedesigndiffrent default background03:51
duanedesignsome icon changes, cool new tabbed browsing in nautilus, eject icons next to cds and hot swappable usb devices04:03
CITguy08Does anybody know where I can download the DarkRoom theme? I don't want to upgrade to Intrepid.05:03
BHSPitMonkeyCITguy08, if you wade around packages.ubuntu.com you can find the theme package05:05
CITguy08Oh, I didn't think about that. Thanks.05:05
BHSPitMonkeymight have to actually pry open the deb and just take the theme from inside it05:06
BHSPitMonkeywith your fingers05:06
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xivulonthorwil: hi, I sent you a few suggestions14:36
thorwilxivulon: hi. yes, and i replied ;)14:36
xivulonah am in the office no gmail access here :)14:37
xivulonthorwil: ok I read it on another machine, agree on all points :)14:43
thorwilxivulon: cool :)14:43
xivulondo you plan to change anything?14:43
xivulononly thing in my mind is that the window looks a bit to autocaddish if you see what I mean14:44
xivulonthe window frame I a mean14:44
thorwilxivulon: yes. adding a few details and improving the landscape14:44
xivuloncool I'll update tonight then14:44
xivulonif I am still standing after the party14:45
xivulonlike one 3D autocad blueprint14:47
thorwilnot sure what to do there14:48
thorwilheh. i discarded that one as reference, since i never saw a window opening outwards in my whole life. also obfuscates the view a bit, this way14:53
thorwiland the white color is much harder to get across (on white ground)14:53
thorwilmaybe adding gradients to make the frame look slightly rounded, not plane will help14:54
xivulonI know but the opening outwords conveys more the feeling of gooing out, and maybe a slightly hinted white frame with proper shades and borders wouldn't be too bad14:54
xivulonmore importantly it takes less horizontal space, which is easier to place in the current web page design (which now uses a vertical image!)14:56
xivulonalso we could use a very stylized version as a logo15:03
xivulonI like the frame above but with only 2 panes per side, more like the other os logo15:04
thorwilxivulon: even if i would agree, at this point i'm not going to redraw the window15:52
xivulonthorwil: can we take the one above, cut it out, and use some filters?15:53
thorwilxivulon: no, due to copyright15:54
xivulonyep was hoping for cc15:56
xivulonit's in fact on sale...15:56
thorwilxivulon: should i even bother to finish my work, or do we declare it a failure?15:56
xivulonbut do you think that it would be that difficult to turn the window inside out? It makes the layout easier, and can be then turned into a logo15:57
thorwilxivulon: due to the realistic perspective, the 3d look, any other placement or angle requires everything to be redone. furthermore i think it's a bad idea, as common windows don't work like that15:59
xivulonthe point is that I'd have to change the design of the rest of the website as if the screensize is small, there is no way I can place a large object on the right hand side column16:01
xivulonlarge = horizontally large16:01
thorwilxivulon: sheesh, it's made to be 256px wide16:01
thorwilxivulon: if i resize my browser window to take not much more than half the screen width, the side bar on the wubi page is still wide enough for that16:05
xivulonthat's good then16:06
xivulonI will replace the heron tonight :)16:15
thorwilxivulon: ok, i will tweak it today and maybe tomorrow, you will see it in the repo16:17
xivulongreat, drop me an email if there is anything you wish to discuss. If you can try with a white frame too.16:18
xivulonthanks a lot for everything16:19
thorwilxivulon: no problem. i really thought the photo-mashup concept would rule out issues like these :)16:20
xivulonjust to be clear, I like your img a lot, just saw the other img today and it occurred to me that an outward white frame might have worked well too16:22
thorwilok. just a case of bad timing :)16:22
xivulonno big deal at all, just details, the core concept of an open window is really cool16:23
thorwiltoday i received mail from a 14 year old, asking me for advice on how to learn to design with gimp and inkscape. that's a first :)16:27
aantnthorwil: cool :)16:38
thorwilaantn: now i'm writing him that the tools are secondary and that he should draw and learn about the basics like perspective. hope i don't scare him away, but it is the best advice i can give :)16:40
kwwiithorwil: I was talking to guy once and he said "sorry, I have to go, my mom keeps yelling at me to clean my room"16:40
thorwilkwwii: better than "sorry, i have to go, my owner takes me for a walk" ;)16:41
kwwiithorwil: what do you think of this? http://sinecera.de/rockstar3.png16:41
thorwilkwwii: it has quite a bit of that rock quality it likely shall have. overall, the tone is too cool/gray, i think16:42
thorwilthe "can be a" is on the edge of getting lost16:43
thorwilthe type suggest that it's a rather gentle rock star. a bolder type could make clear it's a bout being a beast of a person ;)16:44
thorwilkwwii: does that help?16:45
kwwiithorwil: yes, that helps a lot, thanks!16:45
thorwilnp :)16:45

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