AliTabuger7how do you "convert" an xmodmap file to evdev?04:31
mvoseb128: what is the status of gtkbuilder btw? can glade (or something else) read/write it now? or is a converter still required?09:43
seb128mvo: glade svn is almost there now, it will be ready in jaunty09:46
crevettemvo, I think you still need to convert09:46
crevettehello there09:46
seb128lut crevette09:46
mvook, so nothing yet in intrepid?09:47
mvothat can do read/write natively?09:47
mvoI got a patch for update-notifier to use .ui instead of glade and if that works well I will switch the other stuff too (synaptic)09:48
mvobut I think I want native read/write before that09:48
seb128just use the gtk converter, that's what most of GNOME do09:49
seb128that's stupid to keep a libglade dependency, using extra libs, etc just to not run the converter09:49
crevettemvo, other programs using gtkbuilder works well, I think you just need to run the converter at build time and voila?10:02
crevettes/works well/didn't run into issue/10:02
* mvo nods10:04
didrocksspeaking about .ui files with gtkbuilder, does someone knows if it is possible to export a tab in an another file (the goal is : you can embeeded an optional module with a dedicated tab created with glade)10:09
mvodidrocks: having that for our gnome-control-center patch would rock10:16
didrocksmvo: ok, so, if I can have have something like that for my personal project, I will let you know if I can adapt to gnome-control-center :)10:18
didrocksmvo: is the aim to suppress the right tree?10:19
didrocksleft, sorry ;)10:19
mvopatching glade/ui files is anoying, so having something a "#include "mytab.ui" would make patching the stuff a whole lot easier10:20
crevetteI think it is possible to load an ui to include it as a child widget in the ui10:22
crevetteat least I remember having to deal with such code10:23
crevettehttp://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/stable/GtkBuilder.html#gtk-builder-add-objects-from-file ?10:23
crevetteit is what you're looking for?10:24
didrockscrevette: I will have a look right now :)10:30
didrockscrevette: excellent! gtk_builder really rocks :)10:31
didrocksthanks a lot10:31
mvocrevette: oh, nice. thanks for this link10:41
* crevette knows how to read the doc, but not how to code :)10:41
crevetteI should apply as API finder helper10:41
crevettehappy that helps you10:42
didrockscrevette: do you have some function like !find !feature and also... easter egg ? ;)10:53
crevettegnii ?10:53
crevetteah :)10:54
crevetteI'm not a bot10:54
crevettehowever something like a bot to find functions from a sentence would be convenient10:54
mvohttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf/+bug/290995 <- strange, I wonder if that is releated to our gnome-network-preferences patch (also I fail to see how)11:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290995 in gconf "setting http proxy directly via gconf no longer works" [Undecided,New]11:10
crevettemvo, you can blame seb128, he is g-c-c maintainer :)11:19
* seb128 slaps crevette11:20
crevettemvo, at least, i really quickly read over the code I don't see a gconf_client_get_bool (USE_PROXY_KEY ...)11:26
crevetteso I would re-assign to control-center11:26
didrocks mvo: I noticed a lot of (250 on a basic installation)11:44
didrocks "_usr_share_...png" icon names in /usr/share/app-install/icons/. Is that11:44
didrocks wanted? (which has more than 3000 files)11:44
didrocks(sorry, for the copy and paste from -devel, I was unsure you read it :))11:45
didrocks(and my putty at work didn't handle EOL correctly...)11:46
mvodidrocks: that should be ok,12:35
didrocksmvo: what the point of having "casual icon names" and names with "_user_share..."?12:39
mvodidrocks: app-install-data has it so that gnome-app-install (and adept) can show the native icons of the applications12:41
mvoeven when they are not installed12:42
didrocksmvo: and what's the difference with the other icons (in the same folder app-install) with casual names?12:43
mvodidrocks: I think it only happens if the icon comes from a non-standard location and to avoid possible name clashes in this case12:45
mvodidrocks: do you think this could/should be changed/improved?12:45
didrocksmvo: maybe, I was surprised by this name when trying to locate an png file, thinking of a bad script to set up them :)12:46
didrocksmvo: if this is to avoid name collision, this is understable12:46
didrocksmvo: the script that generate/decide which package to select and show in app-install is in the app-install package ?12:47
didrocks(I do not know how it works. Is it a list? A tag in every packages and there is a script on the server that populate a XML file before packaging gnome-app-install?)12:48
mvodidrocks: there is a script in bzr for it called "archive-crawler"12:49
mvodidrocks: it goes over all debs in the archive and checks for desktop files, then it extracts them and adds meta-data12:50
didrocksmvo: this file which lists everything is embeeded in gnome-app-intaller package or retrieved from the archives when doing an update?12:51
didrocks(I don't think this script is run in every client install, because of the load ;))12:52
mvodidrocks: all data is embedded inside "app-install-data"12:53
mvodidrocks: otherwise the load would be too high on the archive and the data is very static12:53
mvowhen a release is done, we don't add/remove packages12:53
didrocksmvo: yes, I imagine :)12:53
mvoso its ok to have them in a package12:53
didrocksmvo: ok, I will take a look within those few days why there are those strange names, now that I have the goind pointers :)12:54
mvodidrocks: cool, thanks. keep me updated :)12:55
didrocksmvo: sure I will :)12:55
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* mpt drops a pin16:40
andreasncongrats on the new release guys16:45
seb128andreasn: thanks16:45
james_wmpt: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnomecc-list/2008-October/msg00006.html18:00
james_wmpt: Re: control-center discussion a few days ago18:00
mptjames_w, thanks, I saw that a couple of minutes ago :-)18:00
james_wah, cool :-)18:00
mpthttp://live.gnome.org/SystemSettings is what I've written at the moment (all research so far, no design)18:01
* mpt needs to reinstall Vista to have a closer look at how its Control Panel works18:04
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ftaseb128, was my debdiff bad ? (bug 251669)18:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251669 in totem-pl-parser "totem no longer able to play m3u playlists" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25166918:42
seb128fta: no, why?20:26
seb128fta: there is a new upstream stable version and we do upload GNOME bufix updates as stable updates20:26
ftaseb128, i saw you posted another debdiff20:26
ftaoh, i thought SRUs were requesting minimal changes20:27
seb128fta: that's the 2.24.1 to 2.24.2 update debdiff for the sru20:27
seb128fta: GNOME has a standing exception there too, we trust them to respect their freeze and not break things in stable updates (and verify the diff and test upgrades)20:28
ftaI didn't know that.20:28
seb128now you know ;-)20:29
seb128fta: btw want to do the 1.8.2 update as an intrepid sru?20:29

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