l3onHi all...10:43
l3onSomeone can help me? I'm traslating IntrepidReleaseNotes/it ... there's something that I don't understand, like this:10:44
l3onThis may cause the system to drop to a busybox initramfs shell on boot with a "Gave up waiting for root device." error.10:44
l3onwhat means "busybox" ?10:44
l3on"system waiting for a reply from initramfs" ???10:44
l3onmdke: are you there?10:45
mdkel3on: (In case I'm not around at the moment, please provide a bit of information about what you want and I will respond when I get back)10:45
newz2000hi, doe anyone know if there's an equiv of this page for intrepid? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements11:45
Burgundavianewz2000: afaik, it hasn't changed12:22
Burgundaviawe still require a 3D card due to compiz, basically12:22
newz2000I don't suppose you (or someone) would have some time to update the wording on that page to indicate it's relevant to 8.04 and newer would you? I'm going to be linking to this page directly from the download page starting with this release12:23
Burgundaviawill do it right now12:24
newz2000thanks a bunch12:24
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kirklandmdke: search engine updated on your search page;  are we pretty much "there"?15:05
tuxx67who do i contact in relation to reporting typos on a website?16:07
tuxx67http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/810features/music/  -> 'avaiable for purchse'16:07
tuxx67i do now have a launchpad a/c so if someone could log that as a bug or something :)16:08
Slash_Networkhello all19:41
Slash_NetworkI wanna ask one question19:41
Slash_NetworkI'am now running ubuntu hardy 32 bit, I want to upgrade to intrepid 64 bit. is it possible without loosing my programes installed hardy on I should do a new install ?19:41
jjesseSlash_Network: this is not for suppor ask in #ubuntu19:46
Slash_Networkah okey, excuse me for the disturb19:48
jjesseno problems19:48
jjessejust w2aqnt to make sure you get the help you need19:49
Slash_Networkthank you very much jjesse :)19:50
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