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PiciOkay, irssi layout finally fixed so I don't do that again.12:40
MyrttiPici: do what again?12:49
Myrtti/layout save?12:49
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jspirohi all.  idea:  redirect #ubuntu-www, #ubuntu-web, and #ubuntu-webteam (currently all unregistered) to #ubuntu-website to make it easier for newcomers to find the channel without searching.18:41
jspiroPici from #freenode thinks it's unnecessary but delegates to you.  I think it's a great idea, because there is no cost and some benefit.  What do you think?18:41
jspiro*I meant Pici from here and #freenode18:42
jspirorepeat:  idea:  redirect #ubuntu-www, #ubuntu-web, and #ubuntu-webteam to #ubuntu-website.  good idea?20:06
naliothjspiro: we saw you the first time20:06
nickharperHey, is this the correct channel for help?20:33
jspironickharper: no.  see #ubuntu  :)20:35
nickharperThanks, already there.20:36
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