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NCommandermorning amitk & BenC 07:05
amitkmorning NCommander 07:33
ganesi compiled the config file 2.6.18 to kernel source 2.6.26 as .config & ran make oldconfig ., then also it is asking questions .. why10:09
amitkganes: because 2.6.27 have LOTS of newer options that weren't in 2.6.2810:10
ganesamitk, i copied the config file of 18 to kernel source 2610:11
ganesamitk, not kernel source 2710:11
amitkganes: same answer... there is a large difference between config options of 2.6.18 and 2.6.2610:12
ganesamitk, cant i supress the newer options by copying the 1810:13
amitkganes: why would you want to do that? and I know of no way to do that either.10:14
ganesamitk, since i didnt know what to select in that newer option..10:15
ganesamitk, lot of good features provided by the config file ubuntu server8.0410:16
ganesamitk, if i give just enter to the newer option .. what happen 10:16
ganesamitk, will it take the oldone10:16
amitkganes: the defaults are usually good. 8.04 doesn't use either 2.6.18 or 2.6.2610:16
ganesamitk, sory ubuntu server10:17
ganesconfig file10:17
ganesamitk, with that config file .. i just gave enter to the newer option .. will it affect the existing one ..10:18
ganesamitk, thanks10:45
bsnideri wondered if a patched ath9k is being developed for inclusion in a future version of the intrepid backports package?14:32
rtgbsnider: are there deficiencies with the current ath9k in LBM ?14:33
bsniderrtg, hahahaa. sorry. i didn't know ath9k was in lbm at the present time. i thought only ath5k was there14:33
rtgbsnider: it was there last time I tested, though I couldn't say how bulletproof it is.14:34
rtgI'm working on the next version of LBM14:34
bsniderso that's preferable to the one that's in the regular ubuntu kernel? i'm talking about the connection issues everybody's had with ath9k14:35
bsniderrtg, you're tim gardner, correct?14:36
rtgbsnider: live and in person14:37
bsnideryeah, so i'm talking to the right person14:37
rtgperhaps :)14:37
bsnideri was reading bug reports yesterday about this, and i can't for the life of me find them now14:37
rtgbsnider: well, I think the ath9k in 2.6.27 is a little steamy, and I completely disabled ath5k.14:38
rtgthats why I'm recommending LBM.14:38
bsniderbut the connection issues were fixed by a patch that was on luis rodriguez's bug tracking site for the actual driver. on launchpad, i think it was sack who asked you to look at that patch. i'm wondering if that patch was applied to the one that's in LBM now (or if not, what other differences would there be?)14:40
bsnideri read all the changelogs for the LBM package this months and never saw ath9k mentioned14:41
rtgbsnider: LBM comes from upstream compat-wireless which is essentially Linville's wireless-test tree. So, its far more advanced then what is currently in 2.6.27 (and I'm almost positive it would include the ath9k pathc)14:42
rtgpatch, even.14:42
bsniderrtg, that's right! that'14:42
bsniderthat's who had the patch it was john linville14:42
bsnideralright, so i definitely need to switch14:42
rtgbsnider: do you have a reference for that bug? I guess I need to start some SRUs already.14:43
bsniderrtg, like i said earlier, i couldn't find it last night after having read it yesterday afternoon14:43
rtgbsnider: well, asac has likely assigned it to me, so I'll stumble over it eventually.14:44
asacbsnider: ?14:45
bsniderbut i think bug 259157 should be closed and marked as fixed in the current LBM package14:45
asacok ;) ... being not lazy and scrolling back helps14:45
rtgasac: isn't it about release party time for you?14:46
asacrtg: yay ;)14:46
bsnideri think sack was the one that pointed you to linville's patch. but i cannot remember where i saw that post (other than it was on launchpad somewhere).14:46
asacrtg: i will take off tonight and celebrate ;)14:47
rtgbsnider: bug 259157 is in reference to ath5k, not ath9k14:48
rtgasac: yeah, I was up late working on a -security kernel (already), so I'm gonna quit early.14:48
bsniderrtg, the bug was opened by an ath9k user14:48
asacrtg: i remember that i had issues with firefox updates that were supposed to go out a day after release, but then we noticed that archive was completely locked for some copy operation ;)14:49
asaci hope you won't face the same ;)14:49
asacisnt really nice to work all night and day and then find out that you cannot technically release14:49
rtgasac: all I had to do wasthe packaging. The actual upload has to be done by kees, so I'm outta the loop.14:49
bsniderrtg, Bug #26971114:52
rtgbsnider: well, try LBM in the interim.14:55
bsniderrtg, right, i'll test it and get back to you15:29
bsnideri'm also going to get hollocher to test it when i get ahold of him15:30
bsniderrtg, how does the backports package work? does it overwrite the kernel version or set up a dpkg-divert?15:55
rtgbsnider: no, it just creates new kernel modules that get loaded by modprobe.15:55
bsniderso i don't have to blacklist ath9k after installing lbm?15:56
rtgbsnider: it should load the ath9k from LBM15:56
bsnidervery well15:57
danbh_intrepidhey rtg I was talking to bsnider about the ath9k drivers.  He asked me to test the ones in lbm, and to report any problems I have.  Connection on login works fine, but attempting a reconnection results in allot of timeouts (between 5 and 10 get listed on dmesg before I get connected again.  Only 1 timeout for the login connection.) (Im reconnecting with network manager).  Would you like me to report this in anyway?16:58
rtgdanbh_intrepid: once you're connected, does it manage heavy traffic?16:58
danbh_intrepidrtg: yeah16:59
rtgso it seems more like a connection issue. I have a couple of ath9k's, so I can test as well.17:00
danbh_intrepidrtg: I may have had a problem with that once or twice with the old driver, but that was very hard to pin down.  It sprang up with double the traffic I have now, and tons of bittorrent connections going.  It was pretty rare17:01
rtgits likely gonna be a day or two before I can get to it. got some key repeat issues to explore.17:02
danbh_intrepidmk, well, if you need testing, just post to that [MASTER] bug17:02
danbh_intrepidrtg: does that repeat key issue have to do with evdev?17:03
rtgdunno yet, just getting into it.17:04
danbh_intrepidis there a bug you are working off?17:04
rtgBenC: do you remember the key repeat bug number?17:05
danbh_intrepidI was just curious if the bug I filed is a dupe: bug 26419617:05
danbh_intrepideh em: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/26419617:06
Yasumotohey guys, I'm trying to run make pdfdocs to build the documentation for the kernel, but seem to be missing some dependencies. I've tried apt-cache searching for docbook-type stuff, but haven't been able to find a solution yet, does anyone happen to know what packages are needed to build kernel docs?17:23
NCommanderYasumoto, you need docbook-utils, xmlto, and a few others. The list of build-dependencies can be found in debian/control17:24
rtgYasumoto: try 'apt-get build-depends <PKG-NAME>"17:25
rtgYasumoto: correction, its 'apt-get build-dep'17:29
Yasumotortg: thanks rtg17:32
Yasumotohere's the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/64703/17:32
bsniderrtg, that ath9k definitely has some issues, although it seems to connect faster. couldn't use skype with it because it kept dropping the connection, dropped the msn connection etc. the one in the regular kernel is definitely better at this point.17:57
BenCrtg: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/28406620:28
kyle___I have two sata drives, sda and sdb. Ever since after ubuntu 7.10 ubuntu doesnt even see sdb. windows xp and other linux installs recognize it. is there a way to downgrade kernel sata drivers?21:52
CarlFK#0  0xb7f8a430 in __kernel_vsyscall () No symbol table info available.22:15
CarlFKis there a .deb to install debugging symbols?22:16
CarlFKnever mind - got what I need22:18
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BUGabundoCall Trace: \n [<ffffffff8024e9b4>] warn_on_slowpath+0x64/0x90 \n Pid: 7019, comm: wpa_supplicant Tainted22:41
BUGabundomeans anything to anyone?22:41
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apwBUGabundo: that tells you the kernel was warning about something22:46
apwthe rest of the stack trace is neeed to know _what_ was reported22:46
apwalso there will be a line around there with the text of teh warning22:46
BUGabundoreporting now22:47
BUGabundofull logs there22:48
BUGabundohuuuu what a nice bug id... 291 291 ROFL22:48
apwheh yeah22:57
CarlFKI have a stackdump in my dmesg: [   13.408211] Pid: 2513, comm: modprobe Not tainted 2.6.27-7-generic #1  http://dpaste.com/87877/23:39

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